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Post characters who literally did nothing wrong

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so much bait already

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Poisoning a room full of people "in self defence", my kinda nigga.

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>Cast Spell: Reveal Irish

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Not b8

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Ones that can do the Giga Attack.

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Watchmen didn't age well. We didn't need a space squid in the real world to avoid nuking each other.

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that just means ozymandias was wrong

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It takes a special kind of incompetence to accidentally prove your villain right.

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She did multiple things wring though.

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It's almost as if his name was a clue.

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One of the sides didn't have a demigod during Cold War as far as CIA tells us.

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Get the fuck out normie.
I want to call you a faggot, but your trips are a very convincing argument.

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Sawagoe did nothing wrong.

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Anasûrimbor Kellhus did nothing wrong.

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Antagonist might be a better word, but still, Kane will always hold a special place in my heart.

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Shame his games got worse while Red Alert series has the most star studded cutscene cast ever.

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Some of that was a side effect of watchmen starting life as a repurposed justice league story. Giant killer space squids falling to earth was about par for course for them, and alan moore's later plan, the one that ended up in the movie, about lex luthor pretending that superman flipped out and destroyed metropolis to get his fellow world leaders to chill out about sabre-rattling wouldn't have flown quite as well.

I do wish they'd kept the bit at the very end where ozymandius asked doctor manhattan if he'd really done the right thing, though.

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It's true, Red Alert had an amazing collection of stars to shine, but damn if Kane didn't always inspired that "You're the bad guy but I kind of love you!" feelings in my chest.

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Literally nothing and you all know it

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Keep /a/ in /a/ faggots

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>admiral proudmoore

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It looks weebish

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>That old Nevada-tan reference
>Realize she's about 24 now
Jesus, this kills me.

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You realize if we kept this only to /tg/ we would not have any characters to use right?

Outside of dungeons and dragons and warhammer.

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And yet no ones even posted Raistlin yet.

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Raistlin did everything wrong. Little faggot should have made sure to keep some humans in storage in case he accidentally killed the world. Fucking dumbass wizard didn't even plan for something that obvious.

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I don't see you as a constellation in the sky.

Raistlin & Mannimarco bros forever.

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I hate to break it to you anon

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You really want to stick with that answer? Shitposting is a bannable offense you know.

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Granted, I haven't read that third trilogy yet...

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Even wears a fucking helmet proving he's smarter than all his brothers and 99% of other special characters.

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I can SEE the kids getting more inbred as it goes downwards.

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It makes him look even more of a badass than any idiot without his helmet.

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autochthon did nothing wrong, fuck the other primordials

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Didn't do anything right either, though.

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did he do anything wrong /tg/

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Gr8 feckin b8 m8

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Literally did nothing wrong

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I only know the books, so TV shit doesn't count on my list

Sends Jorah away
Let's crazy sheeplady curse/kill her husband, unborn son & everything she loved
Sells out to Warlocks & only survives because of bad ass dragons
Trusts literally only bad guys/girls
Actively distrust anyone who actually wants to help her
Tries to forcibly change a culture's culture with murder, while trying to also be super socialist
Let's a plague kill her people without trying to stop it
Marries one of the guys actively trying to destabilize her rule & also murder her
Fucks around with a sells word that just wants bragging rights for fucking her
Locks her dragons up
Fails to lock up the worst one
Turns down the Prince of Dorne
Doesn't get the fuck out of Meereen
the list goes on.

Also here is my entry.

Poor Birdperson

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Hey, Belwaz wanted to help.

At least I think he did. It's been a while.

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He died for our sins

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What exactly Did he do? All that I can remember was that involved time travel.

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Fat Belwaz is cool.

I'm talking about the edgy gold toothed faggot that molests his own daggers. Dario of whatever

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Well, not Our sins per se but somebody's sin.

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>implying hizdhar was the harpy
>implying sending jorah away wasn't a mistake, guy was nuts
otherwise right though

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Our sins or our SINs.

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He was tricked by his omniscient enemy into an impossible position as the scion of balance and the last vampire alive: he could either sacrifice himself, restoring the world but dooming his race to extinction, or keep on living, ensuring the survival of his species but dooming the world to destruction in the long run. He chose the latter, and over several centuries created a vampiric empire and brought humanity to the brink of extinction.

The time travel shenanigans are his attempts at preventing that situation, after centuries of studying the timeline looking for a way to defeat his omniscient nemesis.

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I wonder if he'd still have won under the name "Dollmaker"?

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Okay but did you kill a giant fucking silver dragon monster with your bare hands and no special space armor?
That and imperium secundus.

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>inb4 Tukayyidposting and "all Clanners are furfags"

Fuck off freebirths.

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>Went full retard and charged off without support into the middle of the entire III Legion
>Gets beheaded

Ferrus was Retard Strength: The Primarch. Couldn't even stop his own sons chopping their wanking hands off.

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Prove me wrong fuckers.

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The retard also needs his name on his armor. Doubt any other Primarch needed his name on his armor.

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>Thread asking for characters
>People post characters
>"but not those characters"

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Why are you on an anime image board?

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He lost.

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Dunkelzahn isn't Dollmaker. Dunkelzahn was Mountainshadow the Far-Scholar in the Earthdawn days, and Ghostwalker was Icewing the Dollmaker.

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The ONLY right answer for 40k.

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He did nothing. Prove me wrong. Oh wait, you can't.

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You'd think that after the first two extinction level events mortals would get the picture but nope. Even the first really... Though after the third they caught on. As to him being in the wrong, probably. The Court did rule over what was literally a realm of chaos but what is actually really interesting is that he is one of a few characters in all of Fable that when you track back his reasons for doing a lot of what he did you find he's mostly neutral. He's been cited as helping in one case and harming during another.

I like Jack. He's one of my most favorite villains of all time. He's almost certainly a cunt though.

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>didnt help Russ against the Alpha Legion

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>didn't engage in an obvious diversionary battle and chose to go to terra instead, following the original orders
Russ was retarded anyways, he already made it to terra and decided to go after Horus instead of manning the defenses. If he had left even half of his legion there it would have made a huge difference

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Ferrus would still be alive if he followed Guilliman's example.

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Oh crap, you're right. Nevermind!

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I liked jack

In fable and fable LC he was great

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These "villains" are the reason you have modern medicine and electricity and probably won't be killed horribly by monsters.

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Fucking off to Elsewhere and cutting off his access to sustaining his life was the stupidest thing he could've done
Going asleep hoping he'll be awoken by humans in case of emergency without telling first what the emergency would be was stupid
Also, I'm pretty sure Primordials could only be killed because he weaponized his own mortality as Exaltation shards

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>implying C&C3 wasn't good
You go straight to hell sir!

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They are also the reason we have cancer and people in the third world are starving.

The issue with 'These guys control what reality is' is that it leads to 'Everything bad is also their fault'

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Hasn't done many things full stop yet, but killing Space Marines wholesale is right in my book.

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>Marries one of the guys actively trying to destabilize her rule & also murder her
Fake news

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This is good bait, well done.

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He slept too long.

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Fuck you. We're still paying for his tiny dick.

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>some last century politician
Could I get a quick rundown?

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Keep Reddit in Reddit faggot

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He dropped the only Atomic Bombs ever used in war.

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Fuck's sale is this a meme I missed or something?

Every watchmen thread there have to be retards like you two

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Prove me wrong

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>Excellent scholar in many fields.
>Offers employment for all sorts of poor and downthrown adventurers. Plus the villagers.
>No afraid to get his hands dirty.
>Knows how to throw a mean party.
>Popular with the ladies.
>Despite being estranged from them, his thoughts go to his family in his last moments.

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Oh. Well, whoever posted this >>54364226 needs to google "Operation Downfall". That would have killed a lot more people than both nukes combined.

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Eh. I feel fucking sorry for him. But what he did was wrong. His actions could have caused the destruction of his people. Just because he didn't want to go explore by himself

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Nigga, even he knows he's in the wrong when he has a meltdown at the end of the season. He's wrong, he knows it, but he either doesn't want to admit it or just doesn't care

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"Is this my amour?"
"Uh, I'm not sure, Father. It's kind of too big for any of us"

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Human supremacy

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It wasn't that he didn't want to go exploring by himself, it's that no one would even try to see things from his perspective. No one gave a shit about him, not even his dragonsister. It's not like he asked and people were like "naw" they were like "why would we leave there's so much cool shit here, stop being a bitch and teach us shit"

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Kid did plenty wrong, but he more than made up for his mistakes.

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The Clans were a mistake.
Behold a man who truly did nothing wrong .

Blake Eleison!

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well tiberian wars had that chick who also played in House MD

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Both of them were the victims of cruel gods.

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Celebrimbor did nothing wrong.

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He didndu nuffin wrong

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Poor bait, my friend. I would have gone with someone a bit more debateable, like Lorgar maybe.

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Someone is in the wrong here...

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>The Frog is shown to attempt murder of unsuspecting animals for its own nefarious gain
>The Frog is symbolic of demonic impure spirits originating from false prophets and those opposed to God
>The Scorpion comes from the Gods, battling a Hunter who wishes to kill all animals for their own reputation and ego, and kills the Hunter at the cost of its own life
>The Scorpion comes from a River Bank, tricking a Frog who wishes to kill animals for their own gain, and kills the Frog at the cost of its own life
>Due to the distortion and exclusion of facts, the Scorpion is called a treacherous being by nature
Daily reminder the Scorpion is a good-hearted Martyr by nature and objectively did nothing wrong.

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That would be Tzeentch and the Emperor.

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And of course Horus.

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But Birdperson did do something wrong

He was friends with Rick

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Sorry, Johnny Rebel.

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Rick was a good friend to him. His only mistake was trying to find love & start a family before he got too old.

Damn that bitch Tammy

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