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>Dis pal a mine is a supah rare monstha!
>Time for ya ta hit da bricks!

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>young donald trump

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Why did they give him a Brooklyn accent if he lives in Japan?

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I fucking love yugioh

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What you mean?

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Trump is from Queens, not Brooklyn

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Heh..., nice Joey, but I'll play this card, which allows me to pick up and look at the top 2 cards of my deck. Then, I'll add them to my hand. I do not have to show you these cards and my deck is not shuffled. I then place this card (not the 2 cards I drew, but rather the original card I played) in the graveyard. These cards I picked up from the top of my deck and added to my hand can be used this turn, as if they were in my hand all along.

Some would consider this, drawing 2 cards..

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>not drawing 3

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duel links is easily the best mobile game in recent memory

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*blocks your path*

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So are toon decks good now?

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>he doesn't have ygopro on his phone

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Not really but they can sneak out a really sacky win every now and then.

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Why was Red Eyes so much worse than Blue Eyes?

Even Summoned Skull was better.

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Are there any more cameo-cards like this?

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>Joey Thread

Great taste OP.

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"good" doesn't really mean much.

even online people play whatever the fuck they want.

it's about having f u n

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>got the Joey structure deck because I liked how the Red-Eyes Dragon looked like
>got beat by everyone with the Kaiba and Yugi deck

Thankfully he recently got a lot of support.

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They should retrain this into a monster that makes Pot of greed playable at all

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>Not weevil
Fuck off

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i remember that there was this card that made the other player constantly draw from his deck wich would be the shittiest card in the world except the player loses when he doesnt have any more cards
and it was used in the anime but it was also part of the game
man what a fucking cool card but then the other player has exodia and you just fucked yourself

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>face up
How to lose 101.

Anyhow, what's the hottest online Yugi game as of now? I don't like nor understand the new stuff so I'd prefer something like Joey The Passion etc.

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literally duel links.

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>there are fags in this thread RIGHT NOW that unironically prefer weevil over "EYY YOOGEY"

I kys you my friend

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They are the meta in duel links.

He has fusions and Blue eyes didnt at the time.

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What's good about it?

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>duel links
Isn't it limited to 3 monster/spell slots?

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Fuck you. Weevil is the only guy who beat exodia

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No XYZ, no synchros. Earn basically everything by playing NPCs if you want. Not having a billion cards in it so you can learn them all easily. You don't have to worry about super broken cards existing because the real card game tests everything for us.

Yeah and I thought it was dumb at first but now I like it. Characters also have special effects based on their personally from the show just for them making them special.

They are also very generous with the currency as you can literally farm it.

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There are a ton of these little fucks. Search light machines. They actually became good when honest came out but honest was too good.

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I see. Thank you

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How can other cards even compete?

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He loses to Joey in battle city after cheating. This guy is a fucking joke. Everyone cheats vs Joey and mops them up.

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Quick, post a card with your fetish.

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Why has there never been an anime/manga that actually delves into the world the card game takes place in, and not just cover people who play the game?

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me on the right

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>cards you forgot existed

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This card insta-wins because the person will quit before deciding to read all that shit.

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They went into a videogame world Kiba made that was about YGO lore and shit. He even made his brother into a princess.

You have good taste. I can't think of any cards with femdom on it.

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I win bitches.

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Synchros in Duel Links when? You know it will happen.

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Joey was a fucking bro. He would fuck your shit up if you talk smack about his friends.

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Like maybe late 2018

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At what age should you stop playing yugioh?

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They limited special summons from the Extra deck. Still good though.

Maybe next year. We don't have Marik yet and we still have GX to cover. Im sure they wont release the cards that let you summon more than one in a single turn either.

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Too bad the drop abilities are such a fucking pain in the ass to farm out. I already ran out of all of my normal gate keys and I don't feel like grinding for more.

And Duel Links is hardly generous when it comes to it's gacha currency compared to most other mobage. If you're just starting out there are tons of staple/semi staple cards you want to have that are scattered throughout multiple different sets and each takes several hundred packs to dig through. Also new sets come out way too often. There is basically no way to play this game on a semi-enjoyable level without paying for packs.

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I never understood this card. If someone destroys toon world magic card with a trap or whatever, are you fucked seeing as all your toon cards are useless?

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I don't get it? It has 0 stats and can only send shit to the graveyard or help summon more of it?

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I'm 25 and only started playing this year

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It really is great. I just wish there was a master duel game equivalent to it.

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When you want. I stopped playing the physical game when they limited DAD. Started Duel links when it was released and Im happy about it.

they have an option to auto duel for keys and if the abilities weren't rare we would be getting too many gems from regetting them. Also the things you think are staples are not staples. Things like Sphere kuriboh are great but you can get enemy controllers for free and mini boxes at least let you make a full deck for cheap. I got two of the new phoenix with 500 gems.

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Man I wish Noble Knights were better. I really like the art and ideas.

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Google the combo and see why they needed to nerf special summoning.

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Sending shit to the graveyard is useful in 99% of decks. It's level 4, which is almost always the best level for a monster to be. The extra ones you summon using its effect can be used for xyz summons. The archetype it's a part of has a gimmick where you can xyz summon using just one monster on top of that.

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It was a combination of reviaval jam, jam defender and a spell card I can't remember but jam defender has a life point cost iirc.

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I remember there was a Yugioh card that looked like a magic card. Anybody know what I might be talking about?

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*blocks your road*

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It was this. It's banned now, of course.

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what the fuck

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Hi /tg/ what up fuckboys

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I don't think they like Yu-Gi-Oh! around these parts.

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>thinly veiled politics threads are allowed to reach bump limit
>yet yugioh threads get deleted


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Dude, Yugi was cheating in the first season too, Yami basically called the card he needed everytime to the top of his deck.

>when you have to go listening captcha because image captcha is in infinite loop
Fucking captchas nowadays

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It didn't get deleted. It got moved to the board it technically belongs on.

I mean yugioh really has better video games and that is why yugioh threads are usually more discussed on /v/ but it is still a card game.

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>Not using Legacy captcha

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Not much pal hows it hangin'

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Doesn't Red-eyes get a bunch of evolutions and fusions instead to make it better?

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What's the most over the top looking monster?

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I remember quiting it more than a decade ago when i was a brat in middle-school because i realized i spent too much money on it.

Now i'm out of loop with all the new shit that's out there and rather waste my time shitposting here.

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one of the odd eyes

>> No.54321729

Will we ever get 3D/VR/AR game?

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Red eyes has a bunch of directions. I don't even know where they are going with it anymore.

Red-Eyes and blue eyes got similar support at some point but blue-eyes generally is better.

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why do mods always move this thread or delete it?

>> No.54321755

First time I see a mod moving a thread

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The effect sounds pretty good but is it useful in the current game?

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Card games are not vidya, and while these mostly start about the games they quickly become pure TGC discussion threads.

>> No.54321771

They usually delete for no reason. Theres plenty of yugioh games.

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>is it useful in the current game?

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RIP THREAD. I'll wait for a new thread on /v/

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Oh I see

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get niggd

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>How to lose 101.
>not being behind 3 mirror forces
Are you a retard

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You activated my trap card, bottomless trap hole

>> No.54322526


...wait, you summon that thing to your opponent's side of the board? What's the point of that? Removing important pieces of the opponent's field?

>> No.54322536

Mirror force isn't that great right now but copious amounts of back row is still the best way to go if you aren't playing a meta deck

>> No.54322564

Basically, it's almost unstoppable removal, you need specific sideboard cards to prevent your opponent from killing an important card by sacrificing it to a kaiju, it's kind of like a target-able edict

>> No.54322756


Right, so it's what I thought it was. It's an interesting idea and I imagine it gets around most forms of protection.

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File: 1.62 MB, 687x1013, ToadallyAwesome-INOV-EN-ScR-1E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yugioh right now is just swarming with cards with crazy protection, this card for example can pitch an aqua monster from he hand or field to negate any removal you use on it

>> No.54322888

>then you can set it to your field

>> No.54323010


I'm sorry, I missed everything you said due to being distracted by that amazing card name.

>> No.54323040

This frog is the spawn of Satan, fuck this frog

>> No.54323085

How are people even able to come up with any decks when there are like over 8000 cards out there? Even Duel Links is starting to be too much for me.

>> No.54323121

Magic has a bigger cardpool, that and a large chunk of Yugioh cards are garbage and therefor can be safely ignored

>> No.54323256

But how can you know that a card that seems bad is not actually good combined with a different card?

>> No.54323328

If you know the mechanics of yugioh you can tell if a card could potentially be used for an otk or something, also if you aren't building a rogue deck then most cards come in what's known as archetypes which are a relatively small set of cards that synergize together and you can usually build a functioning deck from there

>> No.54323343


Old cards are trash except for a few cards that have been staples or used in specific decks over the past years, people who have been playing just know them

A lot of decks are just archetypes where you can just go to the wikia and go through all the cards in the archetype.

>> No.54323347

Yami and Yugi beat an Exodia deck with three copies of every part in the second duel of season 2 when he duels the rare hunter that took Joey's Red Eyes.

>> No.54323390

I mean vanities emptiness was around for a long time before someone realized it shat all over the meta, sometimes you ca find neat tech among some of the old cards

>> No.54323411

>can draw
I don't see how this kills anyone

>> No.54323445

There was a mill deck that made your opponent draw all their cards, it just wasn't that card

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File: 1.37 MB, 1200x900, Dungeon Dice Monsters.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FOOLISH ANONS! You're in my world now, and you can't rely on your Duel Monsters skills in order to save yourselves! If you wish to survive, you must prevail against me in a true test of strategy, willpower, and luck...


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Nah let's play some fucking competitive D&D

>> No.54323549

What would a Yugioh style world look like if it was based on TTRPG instead of cardgames?

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So it's just like Duel Monsters right?

>> No.54323572

It's like duel masters

>> No.54323578

You'd be dragged in to a "shadow dungeon" by the weekly antagonist and try to survive in the body of your character.

>> No.54323603

I'm more interested in the kaiba corp equivalent or the duelist academy, imagine a society run by TTRPGS

>> No.54323641

Particular japanese accent which is depicted as brooklyn, texan, scottish, or others.

>> No.54323660

Everybody plays a multi-classing wizard

>> No.54323669

The protagonist plays a martial yet is still somehow useful

>> No.54323700

Maybe it's double thing you learn to both build and run dungeons and it's a race to see who can finish who's dungeon first.

>> No.54323731

What's to keep GMs from stacking the odds against the other team? maybe there's some kind of point system for how much you can put your opponent through?

>> No.54323756

Yeah like make it still card driven but you also draw out a few pre-set maps on a point budget.

>> No.54323786

So is roleplaying just a thing people don't do considering the competitive nature of the game? also I don't see why the game would still be card based

>> No.54323832

Judges give points for good roleplaying.

>> No.54323899

So for a match to be official you need a certified judge?

>> No.54323928

Just start reading here already

>> No.54323935

Joey's Australian, right?

>> No.54323955


That sounds abso-fucking-lutely nothing like an Australian accent.

>> No.54324011

I can imagine judges being controversial when judging games between nations, there might be an order of international judges that preside over games between world leaders to ensure foreign relations are conducted fairly

>> No.54324078

IDK man he sounds a lot like the crocodile hunter

>> No.54324221

What if Yugioh was exactly the same, but Kaiba and Joey swapped roles.

>> No.54324237
File: 408 KB, 1066x1600, yugioh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They did that once before card games took over

>> No.54324258

this deck goes +5 on turn one IIRC
if you ever want to bitch about wizards being shit at balancing just look at how long konami let zoodiacs run.

>> No.54324306

They actually did it again at the very end of the manga during the Egypt flashback arc. I can't remember how the anime did it.

>> No.54324317

The problem is that Yugioh lacks a resource mechanic like lands and that they don't have a rotating format so new cards have to get increasingly more powerful

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File: 304 KB, 445x446, Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 23.27.07.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The idea was supposed to be that Red-Eyes had dozens of variants with effects and shit, allowing it to do things the raw power of Blue Eyes couldn't do. But then they gave a shit load of effects to Blue Eyes variants making the whole idea redundant.

Anyway, here's a piece I'm working on to make Kanna Kamui into Madolche Puddincess

>> No.54324367

>card sleeves and game mat included

Why the fuck doesn't MTG release sets like this?

>> No.54324387
File: 58 KB, 506x752, GaiatheDragonChampionBAN1-JP-C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How was Yugioh when cards looked like this?

>> No.54324434

I had the fucking Dungeon Dice Monsters GBA game, unironically better than the card game, I played the shit out of it

>> No.54324502

>Kaiba is a cold, rude and insular guy but also highly intelligent and cares deeply about his sister and his friends
>Joey's a rich idiot who's highly competitive but a real good sport and invests in new card gaming systems because he loves to see his brother smile


>> No.54324547

Joey would make Battle City not to show off or get rare cards, but because he thinks it'd be fun.

>> No.54324586

There are multiple Joey vs Kaiba fights,and the two have a kind of rivalry separate from Kaiba's beef with Yugi.

How would flipping these two affect this stuff?

>> No.54324627

Kaiba resents Joey for having everything despite being an idiot, over time he learns to warm up to
Joey as Joey helps Kaiba with his sister

>> No.54324632

The best bit it they would still fucking hate each other because Kaiba would resent how this rich botch takes everything for grated and is living proof it's better to be lucky than smart.

I'd also love to see Kaiba's constant angry encouragement with occasional flashes of how much he cares.

>> No.54324662

They did good for a few years though.
The few years between e-dragon ban and LVAL the power level was pretty balanced because they focused on new mechanics and play styles instead of new secret rares.

Of course konami is greedy fucks so they couldn't go TOO long making the game balanced, but it is possible.

as much as I like MTG their sealed products are absolute garbage.

>> No.54324675

cards never looked like this, this is a fake or a weird promo.

>> No.54324691

MTG has limited which Yugioh doesn't have but otherwise I agree

>> No.54324734

Probably humorously referencing how things usually are.

Kaiba being angry that Joey wastes Wheelercorp's money on ccg machinery. While he wishes he could concentrate more on having fun, while he's working to make money to help Serenity Kaiba.

Joey thinks Kaiba's missing the forest for the trees. Instead of Kaiba sacrificing everything for Serenity, he should just be there for her. Like he is for Mokuba Wheeler.

Also, Joey would totally pay for Serenity's operation, but Kaiba would refuse to take a handout, wanting to help her with his own strengths.

Neither has raised the subject of how those three rare Blue Eyes found their way to Kaiba, obviously.

>> No.54324771

>Need a dispensah here!

>> No.54324822


Is the first episode Joey accidentally hitting Grandpa with a car and then holding an exhibition match for an elderly charity and paying for the damages? Naturally Kaiba takes this as Joey being insincere and using his money as a shortcut.

>> No.54324871

Sounds about right.
Kaiba probably works part time in Yugi's grandpa's shop to pay the bills. So he takes this also somewhat personal, encouraging Yugi to pay that cowardly dog a lesson.

>> No.54324933

I think Kaibas deck would be a lot different in this version, like he has a super cruel anti meta deck since it's the most efficient deck he can make on a budget

>> No.54324995

Yeah, probably a pauper deck, but with attempts to be like his traditional deck.

Also just imagine Mai attempting to flirt with him.

>> No.54325053

He'd need an in depth knowledge of the game, since he can't rely on big flashy cards.

>> No.54325101

Pauper isn't a thing in Yugioh, but Burn, Stall, Lockdown, and Stun are usually cheaper to make

>> No.54325134

>getting fucked over by Marik sent him on a lifelong quest to get rid of all brown people

>> No.54325178
File: 343 KB, 1664x1480, Smug_mado.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He pay Madolches because they're good but is sickened by the aesthetic
>After some time someone asks why he hasn't switched now that he's successful but Kaiba refuses to answer

>> No.54325211

>Serenity got him the cards for his birthday.

>> No.54325228

I was thinking more chain-burn, people hate him for it but he does what it takes to succeed

>> No.54325259

Because it was Joey's dragon so it literally had to be worst than the Dark Magician and the Blue Eyes who belonged to the protagonist and the rival respectively.

>> No.54325260
File: 361 KB, 310x450, Vampire Hunter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54325267

Maybe he plays the madolche variant of chain-beat?

>> No.54325335
File: 500 KB, 600x432, Believe in the Heart of the Cards.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54325391

>Everyone gets frustrated by Joey, since he's so happy go lucky.
>When Mokuba was captured by Pegasus, he somehow manages to helicopter onto Duelist Kingdom, and acts like he's picking Mokuba up from a club or a friend's house.

>> No.54325509

>Kaiba begrudgingly gives Joey deck building advice after he hears about Mokuba in order to beat Pegasus
>Joey's money combined with Kaiba's knowledge trash Pegasus
>Alternatively Joey ignores Kaiba's advice and builds a flashy theme deck built around Red-eyes

>> No.54325511


Holy fuck, I never played MGS when I was younger and never put two and two together. Thats awesome

>> No.54325571

>Alternatively Joey ignores Kaiba's advice and builds a flashy theme deck built around Red-eyes
This and it would have 100% worked but Pegasus counters his supernatural luck with the Millennium Eye.

>> No.54325639

Kaiba realizes what Pegasus is doing and then plays a lockdown deck where knowing what cards your opponent has doesn't matter

>> No.54325721

I don't think Kaiba fights Pegasus in this scenario though if him and Joey are switching roles.

Oh, this means Kaiba gets hit with all the cheaters Joey had to take on then. Hell, aside from I think Kaiba and I think Yugi, pretty much all of his Duelist Kingdom opponents were dirty cheaters

>> No.54325745

I like the idea of Kaiba as protagonist if only because he's more interesting than Yugi

>> No.54325778

>Joey loves fusions.
>He specialises in Red Eyes and fusing it for different purposes.
>When Pegasus takes control to make a Red Eyes Toon Dragon, Joey gets distracted by how awesome it is.

>> No.54325810

So why did Kaiba tear up the 4th Blue Eyes rather than just keep it for himself?
Is it just Rule of Yugioh that you destroy cards while cackling menancingly to establish dominance?

Also why does the protagonist get through so many seasons where his basic dueling style is playing combo, rng dependent effects (like magical hats) where he can completely manipulate the RNG of his deck and what he draws?
Granted yugi didnt know he was doing it and thought it was "the power of friendship" but still he legit bullshitted his way through the whole thing

>> No.54325835

Which would be fun. He's so straight laced and dour, all those cheaters would piss him off.

Also Joey, if he picks up Kaiba's scepticism, just views Duel Monsters as a game. Fun, but he really doesn't understand all the supernatural stuff going on.

>> No.54325850

The copy limit in Yugioh is 3 and he didn't want another card in circulation, I guess he just didn't trust his ability to keep the card to himself

>> No.54325853

Tributing a monster doesn't count as destroying it or targeting it, and can't be negated. It basically lets you get around pretty much every form of protection in the game.

Your opponent spends a whole turn and 5 cards to get out a huge threat that can't be targeted or destroyed? Hold on I'mma sacrifice that to replace it with a large but much less threatening monster and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

>> No.54325892
File: 852 KB, 477x695, TimeWizard-LDK2-EN-C-1E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


But all three cards were weaker than TIME WIZARD

>> No.54326027

That actually might be true, any idea of any of the original boss monsters in the anime saw play until their recent support

>> No.54326074

Nah, one of Joey's main points was how protective he was of his sister.

If Mokuba Wheeler was kidnapped, you better fucking believe Joey's going on a one man rampage through Duelist Kingdom to get him back.

>> No.54326354

Anyone want to write this stuff up? I would but I've only done creative writing for school

>> No.54326657

The VR episodes showed absolutely nothing relating to Duel Monsters lore, all it did was present a genetic fantasy world with Duel Monsters slapped in there.

>> No.54326782


For his duel monsters skill and business sense, kaiba's eye for writing and game design left a lot to be desired

>> No.54326828

I think that's more the writers fault

>> No.54326830

The text also implies that the kaiju archetype gets benefits from your opponent controlling a kaiju monster, is that right?

>> No.54326886

Everyone in Duelist Kingdom cheated.

>> No.54326888
File: 24 KB, 300x229, princess.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else thought it was weird that Kaiba had an NPC that was a female version of his brother?

>> No.54326911

Mai didn't cheat, or at least, she do anything that was as bad as throwing a dude's cards into the ocean, stealing a dude's proof of entry, keeping three copies of exodia in your deck, or using a millennium item.

By comparison, using perfume is almost legal and she stopped using it after she lost to Joey.

>> No.54326973

There's duel terminal, but that's never getting any anime

>> No.54327029

Maybe he asked to be the princess character.

>> No.54327047

It lets you stack your deck and know what card is in your hand without looking. It's cheating on par with Yami's magical ass pulls.

>> No.54327122

Yet after Joey beat her, she stopped using it for the rest of the series yet still consistently makes it to the final stage of each tournament she participates in.

I mean, sure she ends up getting her ass kicked but considering the people she ends up fighting have magical duel monster shit, I think she ends up doing fairly well for a non-magical duelist.

>> No.54327313

Kaiba corp had secret agents and a militia right? Joey might not even duel Pegasus, he might just storm the place

>> No.54327338

Yep, they're designed to feel like kaiju movies, it's a shame that they're mostly just used as removal rather than playing the whole archetype

>> No.54327877 [DELETED] 

>not mokuba

>> No.54327892

The idea was that Kaiba and Joey switched lives

>> No.54330109

Wasn't one of the big things that happened in the DK arc that Kaiba's employees betrayed him since Pegasus was trying to take over the company? IIRC that's why he jumped out the window in that one scene before he made his way to the island

>> No.54330215

This is still the yugioh universe. Remember their creating myth.
Card Games >>>> EVERYTHING else

>> No.54330236

Good point. And of course he's more willing to use violence than Kaiba was.

>> No.54330883

Yeah, he had to sneak back into his own front yard, go into his secret bunker, and hack into the Duelist Kingdom system to interfere with Yugi's duel against Fake Kaiba.

>> No.54331351

How much is this card and where I can I buy it? I haven't played yu-gi-oh since synchro was first introduced, and this is now my favourite card.

>> No.54331357

I had physical version of that, it seems like it would have been pretty fun to play if it was supported in literally any capacity.

>> No.54331369

How does that game work physically?

>> No.54331443
File: 49 KB, 410x308, 8524ddd1857ae43fb6d3af4ed786a73a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There should be a constant Yugioh thread up on /tg/ I don't know why there isn't. Can't let magic have 4+ constant threads and none for yugioh now can we

>> No.54331503

I always thought /tg/ hated yugioh so I only looked on /v/ for threads.

>> No.54331509
File: 49 KB, 500x415, DungeonDiceMonsters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The game used a folded up blank grid for a board with two spots for the monster lord locations. It also came with a little abacus thing to track the non-summon crests, and you got quite a few dice (that I unfortunately can't find) that were of different "levels" and had different faces occurring more or less frequently depending on the "level" (colour) of the dice.

To summon a monster you had to roll two of the summon crests, which allowed you to build the playable area with what were basically weird tetris block things. From memory it seemed very close to how it was portrayed in the series, and I really liked the idea of building the play area as the game was going on.

>> No.54331516

Meanwhile Joey just steals his own Helicopter and dropkicks the fake Joey.

>> No.54331520

I remember the episodes were they played Dungeon Dice Monsters involving a lot of overly complicated technology.
Like the dice were selected out of a huge pool and then given to you via that device and the monsters which came out were random

But this looks really fun.

>> No.54331590

Ah, in the game you just get to pick three each turn. So if you didn't want to summon something and just wanted resources, you could roll the highest level dice and hope to get whatever resource you need since they have the lowest amount of faces with the "summon" crest on them.

The cards are there to keep track of abilities and you use the little red damage counters to keep track of how much life they have. The "base" game is enough for two people to play the "basic" version of the game, but if you bought booster packs there was an "advanced". Which adds a second roll per turn, includes item cards that are essentially "traps", makes the playing field bigger, and allows you to summon a monster 1 level higher than the dice you rolled if all three were summon crests, as well as increasing both players card limits to 10 as opposed to 3 (which is shared between monsters and items).

>> No.54331621

Yugioh's homeboards are clasically /v/ and /vg/, there is always the duelist network general on /vg/

>> No.54332315

I never read or use cards with more than 3 lines of text in them.

>> No.54332512

What is this duel links shit everybody always mentions here?

>> No.54332676

Wasn't there one official duel a guy won because he just went over and beat the shit out of his opponent?

>> No.54332844


>> No.54332920

For what anon's talking about I have no idea, but I will point out the VERY FIRST DUEL in the yu gi oh manga that predated the show and the official cardgame-

Was actually a fistfight. A fistfight that took place with the participants wrists tied together, and they each had to hold a knife in their teeth. It was Joey Wheeler vs some dude who had beat up Yugi, and Joey was protecting his friends.

Originally the Manga was centered around multiple games (and usually games where the penalty for losing was death), in a manner similar to Akagi. Duel Monster cards didn't even appear until later, but was so popular it took over the series

Things Yugioh did:

the aforementioned fist knife fight which was called the One Inch Death Punch (yes, Bruce Lee was referenced)

Yami Yugi tricking Kaiba's little bro into eating poisoned food in a 'poisoned food roulette' game of wits that played similar to the princess bride

The group having to ride on a scary rollercoaster with no one screaming or else the car would electrocute them to death

Laser tag with trained gunmen/mercenaries where getting shot would result in them being electrocuted to death


>> No.54332947

Good thing they abandoned all that edgy shit.

>> No.54332970

Also don't forget Yugi saving Tea from getting raped.

>> No.54332977

Yeah Tea was basically fanservice the character. I jacked it to dem titties anon, fucking water park chapter boi

Didn't Yugi literally have to win at cards to save his grandpa's life?

>> No.54333065

fuck you, game of the week was more interesting

>> No.54333092

It was also pretty funny watching Mokuba get deadly diarrhea

>> No.54333093

I am rewatching the first season and damn the way they duel makes no sense.

>Weevil plays Cocoon and it gets 2600 DEF
>yet yugi attacks it with Gaia who only has 2300 ATK anyways and then gets surprised when it doesn't work

>> No.54333194

It was in the series where there was a card that let people make up a rule. One dude used it to declare himself a monster and beat the shit out of his opponent, causing him to lose life points and lose the match.

In that same series a duelist had an attack helicopter blitz his opponent to throw him off his game.

>> No.54333215

Duelist kingdom was more free form RP with card than an adaptation of the card game.

>> No.54333265

Is there any season that follows the actual card game rules with no asspulls?

>> No.54333354

Wasn't that Battle City? Aside from when the God cards got involved anyway

>> No.54335158

Joey's willing to just punch people on occasion though.

>> No.54335580

Are yugioh cards still worth nothing? I have some cards that were pretty rare (at the time, at least) and they're all in mint condition. Would love to sell them if I could get a decent amount of money for 'em.

>> No.54335599

Top decks have a similar price to standard decks, they don't hold value though because of power creep

>> No.54335661

Yugioh is getting really fucking cheap. Psy-Framelord Omega used to be $40+, the reprint from Light's Revenge is like $6. Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon used to be $50+, the reprint is like $10. Break Swords are like $3.

The only expensive shit is the stuff from meta decks. Even those are cheaper than previous meta decks. Nekroz of Brionac was like $150+ at it's peak, Zoodiac Barrage didn't even reach $100.

>> No.54335708
File: 57 KB, 634x317, IMG_1963.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't wanna be a furry

>> No.54335846

>what is thiiiis???

>> No.54335847

Isn't it funny how Duel Links, where cards are virtual, is more expensive?

>> No.54335936

>big brother is it time for my cameo yet?

>> No.54335943


So shit like original holo Blue Eyes White Dragon, original holo Exodia, etc. are all worthless?

>> No.54335969

No idea, I mostly check prices for meta stuff

>> No.54335986

Probably not, depends on the set and condition.

>> No.54336103



>> No.54336119

Wait, it doesn't reference Frog the Jam at all.

>> No.54336172

What set are they from?

>> No.54337037

They amended the jam, and removed that text from frogs.

>> No.54337252

This almost looks real. I honestly wouldn't be that surprised if it was

>> No.54337885

His vocabulary, mannerisms and accent in Japanese point towards a rural bumpkin who stumbled his way into he city
Brooklyn is low-class New York

>> No.54337968

You can't sell the card game that way.

>> No.54338406

That's because the anime is an adaptation of the manga, with some changes. When the manga was written, the rules weren't finalized yet. The rules for the card game weren't completed until Battle City. The rules for duelist kingdom were actually very different.
For example, each field was a grid where the position where you played a card mattered, and they moved around the field I think. Different parts of the field could also be different pieces of terrain, so you could play 1 monster on the grass and 1 in the forest.

However in the anime adaptation, they changed the duels to be more like the actual card game. That means that while the general flow of the duels was the same, some parts just stopped making sense. The giant soldier of stone being stuck on a rock and attacking the moon? That made a whole lot more sense when the field could actually change and the position of cards on the board mattered, as the equip spell of the moon was lying next to the golem.

>> No.54340533

Didn't they brought back a little of this with the new Link Summon rules?

>> No.54342733
File: 1.45 MB, 1237x450, fun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love these cards.

>> No.54343045

That one-off comment during the ceremonial duel that mentions this was added to the anime by the show's production company. The only time he cheats during the manga is to help Joey in his first duel in Duelist Kingdom.

>> No.54343275

The season most accurate to the IRL real life game is VRAINS, which uses the most up-to-date rules. The writers still make a lot of mistakes, though

>> No.54343403

I remember a earlier version of this deck that used mausoleum and stuff to cheat out similar cards, how does the deck compare to other versions of stun?

>> No.54343598
File: 2.27 MB, 2000x1568, 935-.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Generally yeah, a shame really.

>> No.54343678

Did rules even exist back then? I was under the impression that the actual irl game was developed after duelist kingdom and that's why Kaiba introduces "new rules" that suspiciously make the tv game look closer to the actual card game.

>> No.54343768

But that's because it was RISKY and that was Joey's kind of deal. He was allowed to have nice things as long as it involved gambling.

>> No.54343818

It really depends on luck of the draw. Sometimes I completely dominate my opponent, other times I brick. Monarchs Stormforth and Soul Exchange are also good if you can't draw Sinister Yorishiro.

>> No.54343852

There was an episode where Yugi and Tea had a date (but I think Yugi was cucked by the Pharaoh the whole time). The world looked just like anime modern Japan. I don't even remember the futurist technology applied to anything unrelated to games.

>> No.54344214

Wasn't it established from the start that she was pretty good? She was on pair with Raptor and Weevile who were world champions or some shit (and cheaters but they probably didn't cheat as much in front of thousands of people and cameras).

>> No.54344277

>Yami basically called the card he needed everytime to the top of his deck
You don't understand. It's official canon that the millennium puzzle's power is that it gives the wearer a luck boost in all games.

>> No.54344314

Isn't using magic items cheating by itself?

>> No.54344365
File: 37 KB, 311x450, 1480007593624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>remember buying yugioh cards like 15 years ago and loving them
>lost and damaged many of them because I was a dumb kid
>decide to rebuild my old collection treating them right this time
>look up the old starter decks and booster packs
>they all cost a fortune
Dammit, please tell me they didn't stop printing the old cards.

>> No.54344373

Are you implying that Pegasus cheated?

>> No.54344439

Is this something you brewed yourself? You could use star blast or mausoleum of the emperor if you need more ways to get your monsters into play

>> No.54344632

Anyone pumped for links? I still dont really understand the new rules.

I've been messing around with metalfoe varieties.

>> No.54344700

I remember getting it, it was a fun game. Wish they put more effort into it.

>> No.54344770

Honestly, I've never liked how they just keep adding more gimmicks to the game with each new generation. Pendulum summoning was particularly terrible imo.

>> No.54344814
File: 1.88 MB, 698x1019, latest[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I threw this in a deck of mine and really gave someone a hard time in ygopro. They had one of those decks where they had to send a lot of cards to the graveyard to summon and use effects.

Then once it became my turn I XYZ Summoned Utopia the Lightening and he surrendered. Utopia the Lightening is also a game winning card at times, and it's so easy to summon.

>> No.54344828

I really liked the mechanics of pendulum summoning and made a few decks around it. They're not hard to beat if you know the ways to take them out.

>> No.54344841

occasionally I'll make one if theres no yugioh thread. Now that I've seen this I'll make one from now on.

>> No.54344853
File: 251 KB, 600x239, 1470500127125.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But it ruined the aesthetics of the game board.

>> No.54345047

This triggers my autism

>> No.54345240


>Time Wizard ages your Dark Magician to death
>Hehehe no it doesn't he becomes a Wizened dark sage of course!

>> No.54345300

Yeah, mausoleum's good too. I just didn't mention it because it was brought up.

>> No.54346084

The newest version of the rules fix this. The outermost spell and trap zones now double as the pendulum zones and two link zones are added between players' fields. We went from being able to have 8 s/t cards on the field at once (5 in the s/t zones, 2 in pendulum zones and 1 in field zone) to seven monsters at once if you can make a perfect link to claim both link zones


>> No.54346309

You can't claim both link zones, as soon as you take one, the other automatically belongs to your opponent.

>> No.54346351

You can claim both zones through EXTRA LINK.

>> No.54347095

Yu Gi Oh duel links
Get an android emulator

>> No.54347718

I don't remember vore being a major part of Yugioh.

>> No.54347889

That'd be weird. A world that revolves around card games should be best left unexplored so that you can bullshit whatever you need.

>> No.54347941

>people seriously recomending shitty Lite nu-YGO phone game probably just because it's free
You poorfags would hold onto a hot steamy shit if you could download it free.

Buy Legacy of the Duelist on Steam. For $20 you have thousands of cards, campaign mode following the YGO series with the decks used in the anime (or your own if you prefer), unlockable harder challenges, both older and newer cards of all kinds, you can duel with friends and online or NPCs, and most important of all, you are actually playing YGO not a ridiculous Lite version.

>> No.54349718
File: 109 KB, 300x371, Players Don't Read the Rules, Come Up With Plan Anyways.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cheating is a time-honoured tradition.

>> No.54349839

Gonna need more info on this

>> No.54349843

Or you know, you could just not be a steamcuck and download YGOPro.

>> No.54349923

>supporting bootleg shit instead of going for an official release with official updates and official support
Nah, fuck you cheap ass faggot.

>> No.54349970

>paying for inferior shit like a retard just because it has an """""oficial""""" stamp on it
Good goy.

>> No.54350821

Pff, haha. I pity you poorfags, for you have never been able to enjoy better things that only money can give you.

>> No.54350895

Just because you waste money on a product doesn't mean that it's always worth the price.

>> No.54350908

Ok, one question first. Have you tried it?

Because otherwise you are just making excuses to always go to the cheaper shittier option of things.

>> No.54351144

>Ok, one question first. Have you tried it?
I did, and other then having more particle effects and a single-player mode I didn't give a fuck about, it was basically the same as YGOPro but worth $20 as opposed to free.

You might be satisfied by all that shit but let's be honest here, the draw (pun unintended) of any fucking TCG is the ability to play against other people's decks with your own. I don't give a fuck about using Yugi's deck to beat Pegasus at duelist kingdom, I just care about building decks and playing against other people to see where I stand against other duelists.

In terms of playing the game, Legacy of the Duelist doesn't really offer anything that can't be found in cheaper alternatives.

>> No.54351176

Except if you don't care about playing against people's cheesy decks.

>> No.54351235

>Except if you don't care about playing against people's cheesy decks.
Why the fuck are you playing YGO in the first place?

>> No.54351249

Because I like YGO, but not the current meta.

>> No.54351262
File: 352 KB, 309x450, Relinquished-MIL1-EN-C-1E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>*steals your monster*
>"Nothin personnel kid."

>> No.54351270

So you don't actually like YGO.

>> No.54351310

That Kaiba kid needs to get laid.

>> No.54351521
File: 43 KB, 321x242, ironic sheev.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54351651


I want to see Joey and his Red-eye autism jet...

>> No.54351717

Yugioh has bad rep because youth cringe and niggers.

>> No.54351822

>Pff, haha. I pity you poorfags, for you have never been able to enjoy better things that only money can give you.
Fuck off, Kaiba. Go back to jacking it to your dragons.

>> No.54352210
File: 882 KB, 476x695, MaidenwithEyesofBlue-LDK2-EN-UR-1E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With pleasure.

>> No.54352710

Blueyes represents raw power, Redeyes represents potential power. Blueeyes was designed to wreck shit turn one, red eyes takes more work than that.

>> No.54352768
File: 584 KB, 409x595, KozmoSoartroopers-BOSH-EN-SR-1E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Entire archetypes

>> No.54352895

>Gyakutenno Megami
>Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca

>> No.54353031

>Gyakutenno Megami
Something Goddess?

>> No.54354120

Shingeki no Bahamut.

Tried the game, the first few battles die just from tapping the screen, boring aas fuck.
The anime is a light hearted fantasy adventure about the rivalry between a rogue and a knight getting tangled up with necromancers, demon-angel hybrid snowflakes and the end of the world as we know it. It's a blast.

>> No.54354398

place down
draw 3 cards
sac for summoning

Do you even card games, bro?

>> No.54354913

So, Shingeki no Bahamut is dead. It got a sequel game called shadowverse. Its a pretty okay hearth stone clone

>> No.54356336

Kozmo is two references in one.

>> No.54356436

It's not fake or weird. Before the current TCG existed, there was nothing. Yugioh was a regular manga with no TCG to shill. So a few companies like Bandai were given the go-ahead to print their own cards that looked like the cards in the manga. I bought one of the Dark Magicians from the early era and it is rad.

Later on though, the TCG finally came out with Starter Deck Yugi and Legend of Blue Eyes etc.

>> No.54356684

Me second from the left

>> No.54357141

I can't read any of that. Do they have some sort of special affects?

>> No.54357184

Two of them are equips for the other two.
Basically they boost the other card.

>> No.54357400

Here's a list of the cards. They're all pretty rad. The rules are okay but not very balanced


>> No.54358395
File: 554 KB, 1200x900, yugioh_40000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54358409
File: 555 KB, 1200x900, in the 41st millennium there is only card games.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54358439

>Yugioh but they play 40k

Fuck it, I'd watch it.

>> No.54359189

I always like these cards, they have a certain charm to them.

>> No.54359213
File: 118 KB, 673x968, 1492097586981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blue-Eyes doesn't look very different from his modern counterpart.

>> No.54359219
File: 1.36 MB, 688x1008, 1488044311180.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54359276

I'd like to think I got the army choices down, but eh, this sort of thing is open to interpretation

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