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Bookkeeping Edition
How closely do you track your inventory? Are there certain flavor items you always make sure your characters have on hand? What piece of equipment can you not do without?

/pfg/ Link Repository (Pathfinder): https://pastebin.com/JLu5xXML
/sfg/ Link Repository (Starfinder): https://pastebin.com/3GfJKi0y
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

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Unless it's level 1 I can't be assed to track most minor shit. Having to check my rations and ammunition every time is not what I fucking play the game for.

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Most of my characters carry a few flavor items. Usually a journal or book, some kind of personal trinket, maybe a bottle or two of their favorite alcohol if it's not commonly found in the local taverns.

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All my previous DMs either never let us loot, or never let me sell loot, so I just always gave myself consumables.
Now I'm forever DM, and I'm too tired to care.

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How would you refluff paladin in a way that makes it hard or even impossible to tell that the character is supposed to be a paladin?

Alternatively, what's the most creative refluffing of a class you've ever seen? I'm looking for something that makes perfect sense mechanically, but thematically doesn't resemble the base class in any identifiable way.

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Usually a series of flavor items and one note that says "x gp worth of important stuff" including arrows, rations, firewood and whatnot just to keep the GM happy.-

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I think you can find some ideas here. Esp. in ch.4-9

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Paladin not being a prestige class for fighters was a mistake. Fight me.

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I have a real life bard in my group and whenever we get a chance to shop he is always trying to talk the dm into having the fancy shit he wants in town. I just quietly buy mundane/masterwork items and mark them down. I have a huge list of gear. so when dm says 500 ft cliff I pull out 500 ft or silk rope and show him my inventory when he sputters.

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>Bookkeeping Edition
>How closely do you track your inventory? Are there certain flavor items you always make sure your characters have on hand? What piece of equipment can you not do without?
Does anyone have DHB's autism inventory?

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Now that I think of it, I actually agree with that.

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Paladin should be similar to Hellknight and have a suite of PrCs for different classes to PrC into.

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Pretty closely, yes, and bachelor snuff and/or night tea

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Prestige paladin from 3.5 was pretty cool

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What are the current recruiting games nowadays?

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Current game listings

https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/82673/iron-gods (Closing in 2 Weeks)
https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/83053/dominions-of-vice-an-osirion-adventure (Closing in 1 Week)
https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/83254/carnal-crown (Closing in 3 Weeks)
https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/81935/essentia-our-last-days (Closing in 2 Weeks)
https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/83277/the-fiends-and-intrigues-of-house-karvane (Closing in 1 month)

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Feeding into the initial post: Divine Grace/Unholy Resilience should have been available as an option for Fighters by default, along with other Cha-based optional abilities

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You're a fucking retard.

Fighters should be wisdom based, not charisma, and be based around Profession (Soldier).

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>Fighters should be wisdom based, not charisma
So should Paladins

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>That spoiler

Why? You shouldn't need to use that stuff in any respectable game.

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I make sure all of my items are in a bag/tied to something, it helps with my immersion. Also I tend to give my characters some chalk so they can do graffiti if they want.

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Just in case, you know? Never know when you'll need it, and you certainly don't want to get caught without it when you do.

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A bard uses magic from their charisma, which comes from music, story telling etc. A witch doctor is a tribal leader who uses medicine, music and spiritual ceremonies to use their magic. So I propose using a bard, who plays the drums or hums magical chants, or even tell stories of past ancestors to access his magic. Charisma casting makes sense, and take proficiency in medicine for sure. Spells will be control and minor healing, and college of lore to grab some druid stuff like summons and plant magic.

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How my character spends his free time is no concern of yours regardless of how "respectable" a game it is.

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/5eg/ is leaking again

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>fighters should be wisdom based
>you shouldn't have the choice to be a charismatic, heroic warrior
>all fighters must be wisdom based

That's why I said "as an option", numbnuts, because hard-locking yet another class to wisdom is retarded. Wisdom is ALREADY the best Fighter Mental.

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A bard uses magic from their charisma, which comes from music, story telling etc. A witch doctor is a tribal leader who uses medicine, music and spiritual ceremonies to use their magic. So I propose using a bard, who plays the drums or hums magical chants, or even tell stories of past ancestors to access his magic. Charisma casting makes sense, and take proficiency in medicine for sure. Spells will be control and minor healing, buffs, and debuffs.

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You want charisma, go play a fucking cavalier cock sucker.

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>You want charisma, go play a fucking cavalier cock sucker.
Which should also be a fighter PrC/archetype.

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Fucking New Vegas. I just realized I assume every heavily modified grenade launcher shoots laser blasts

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>go play a cavalier
>the class that should literally just be a set of optional alternate fighter features

you're not helping your case here

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You just want to play AD&D.

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I count my shots and CLW charges remaining because I'm not a fucking cheater.

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>needing charisma
>when nothing keys off of charisma

what did he mean by this

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Most of your order abilities do. Did you read anything about Cavalier, ever?

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DHB did this way better by actually making martials that use their mental stats.

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Of course it is! I don't want some sleazy dork trying to ogle my character!

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the irony here is the only orders I've looked at DON'T need charisma

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Deal with it you cute nerd!

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>look at iron gods
>see Sallet, the living armor
> check sheet
> Weapon Proficiency: Madsen LMG.

... this either the best, or the worst.

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How often do you violate the NAP in your campaigns?

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30PB gestalt with one free template campaign when?

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What does this mean?

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If I am high enough level to get money, but not high enough to afford to grab multiple items at magic item mart, then getting appropriate mundane gear will probably take longer than all the rest of the character generation aspects.

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>takes Dread Wraith Sovereign
>takes Arcanist
>takes DC Oracle

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It's like... The inventory menu is just a yawning white chasm, mocking you for your inability to stuff it full of black text.

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Is there any way to add dexterity to your weapon damage when wielding a bow?

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Non-Aggression Pact, it's the magical unspoken agreement Anarcho-Capitalists believe will exist when every man is truly a sovereign citizen of the land.

Essentially, it boils down to, "If I'm not attacking you, I can do whatever else I want."

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>IR fetish
Get thee back to /pol/

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What starting level?

>> No.54321486

The only add X to damage for bows is adding your int as a standard action to a single shot and even then it's 30ft range. You're better off just getting composite bows.

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The best part is how nothing that you personally do can violate it, only things that are done to you by other people.

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Sure, you just play 5e.

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I rolled up a character who started carrying enough stuff to have it get drug down into half the available spell section for listing items. His squire also noted that a traveler's any tool could replace most of the stuff that the character bothered carrying and got one of those instead of follow the set example. Didn't get into that game though

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How do I get a raptor mount?
Beast Rider Cavalier doesn't let you take a mount with fewer than 4 legs, and I don't know what else would give exotic options

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Try the Hunter class.

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I didn't mean that when I started typing! Point is, these sorts of things always compel you to fill them up, because you just feel sleazy without a well-written inventory.

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How do you guys feel about the time traveller AP in Iron Gods? It feels like kind of a shit meme to me desu. It's bringing unnecessary baggage to the DM by railroading the plot into a certain outcome by virtue of backstory, which is dumb.

>> No.54321591

I think time travel is the worst thing you could ever use as a plot device unless the entire story is built around time travel.

>> No.54321599

It's shit. Time travelling characters are always shit especially since inevitables exist in the setting, effectively making time travelers not exist through pin-point extermination.

>> No.54321603

pls no bully ;-;

>> No.54321616

Surely, this will only end well!

>> No.54321624

And even then, time travel stories usually end up being shitty because they either leave plot holes everywhere, or get up their own asses trying to explain too much and STILL leave plot holes everywhere.

>> No.54321642

You can do so much better than time travel, Senpai.

>> No.54321652

Be s soulknife and get the ability to shape a mindblade into a copy of a particular weapon through archetype>blade skill choice. Then take the mindblade finesse bladeskill that allows you to use weapon finesee with the mindblade no matter what form it has. Finally, take the deadly agility feat and apply it to your finessable, no matter the form, mindblade.

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The art isn't slutty enough to carry. Timetravel is too snowflake

>> No.54321670

No starting level. It's a dumb idea and I was shitposting. Unless you're fool enough to actually run it,in which case 3rd, but no prereqs on the templates. They're free, after all.

>> No.54321674

I don't really have a better idea, though, this is even my second app for Iron Gods so far, the first one being scrapped because I was unhappy about the character.
Time travel at least makes me stand out among other apps, which is the reason I rolled with it.
And, well, Iron Gods is literally Casandalee: the AP, isn't it? It kind of makes sense to use a character tied to Casandalee in it!

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>Prepping for the "just in case." of the game taking a degenerate turn.
If it goes that way just find a town and buy a ton of the stuff to make a morning after cocktail. Otherwise y'ain't got no need for it.

>> No.54321734

Casandalee is a "Last 10 minutes of the film cameo" character, she doesn't matter at all until Book 6.

>> No.54321780

This, carrying around Night Tea is only smart for someone out in the wilds with a lover in the party.

>> No.54321782

Well, RIP, I didn't know that.
With all of the talk SF-related about Casandalee, I thought roughly half the book is about her in Iron Gods.

>> No.54321796

You don't even meet Casandalee until the very end of 4th book, get interactions with her during 5th book and makes a physical appearance in the final battle only. Even then there's a chance that she doesn't become a god and even were she to become a god she's still bound by the rules, one which is a strict no for direct providence including and very much enforced with an iron fist is time travelling and tampering with history.

>> No.54321819

You're technically correct about every detail.

>> No.54321824

>using PoW unironically

>> No.54321834

Those rules are tossed out of the window in Starfinder timeline, though.
Triune explicitly just fucks everyone up and breaks divine NAP by granting mortals Drift drives which shred all the planes to pieces.
Given that she already broke the NAP once, I don't see why she wouldn't do that twice.

>> No.54321845

Speaking of Iron Gods, what is with DM's recruting 5~6 players for APs? These things require total revamps by the time you add two extra players and 3PP. Not to mention how the combats get exponentially slower with more than four players online.

>> No.54321852

>being a contrarian fuckhead unironically

>> No.54321854

no direct providence huh? like taking a whole bunch of worshipers of another deity and testing them to see if they match her little quiz game?

>> No.54321857

A little heavy handed this time, don't you think?

>> No.54321906

Nope, she's basically a holo-chip you pick up and she pops up on the screen and kindly asks if you'll plug her into the mainframe or whatever, she's so defenseless you can literally program her portfolio, domains and subdomains.

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>> No.54321915

Because the gods are still kinda bound to the flow of time and can't reach beyond it without everybody else stirring up a shitstorm and sending it at them in both times, especially if Abadar, Asmodeus, Pharasma and Erastil remain things in Starfinder.

>> No.54321927

That sounds potentially lewd as fuck

>> No.54321937

Asmodeus seems to be a beta cuck in Starfinder timeline, though.
Not even core 20 and he just meekly accepted it when Hell begun being torn apart by Drift drives ripping off entire huge chunks of it.

>> No.54321963

Technically? What's your situation, anon... Or is this one of them "meme games?"

>> No.54322004

It's such a meme that it's never actually been played.

>> No.54322018

Everything about Starfinder gives me so much hope, yet the setting itself is so shit.

>> No.54322023

Which is why when I one day get off my ass and run Iron Gods, I'm going to provide a painfully obvious and intact mannequin robot body nearby for the PCs to stick her into and make her an NPC that matters.

>> No.54322063

Will it be a C U T E body?

>> No.54322065

Good thing making a new setting is easy.

>> No.54322069

It's kinda noted that she is completely against the idea of inhabiting a robot since, you know, the big evil and all that,

>> No.54322121

Well, she'd probably be at least agreeable enough to the idea of being put in a frame that she doesn't have to be such a nonentity as a character.

Probably a lot more faulty than cute.

>> No.54322151


>> No.54322160

Clearly you need to get a construct crafter to make a NORMAL construct body for her so she doesn't have to worry about the robot part. How does she feel about poppets?

>> No.54322162

Completely against it still. Leaves her open to Divnity's cronies and she effectively hates robots since they are exactly what they are: Robots.

>> No.54322164

Sizeplay is A-okay

>> No.54322170

How about a little golem with fat tats?

>> No.54322173

Broodie you cannot make her into one of your walking poppet bombs

>> No.54322196

I bet you also think Jade Regent needs to be all about Ameiko and that the PCs should just be her hirelings.

And that Wrath of the Righteous should have the trumpets scene played COMPLETELY FUCKING STRAIGHT.

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From everything shown so far, Triune is by far the most powerful deity in Starfinder.
She has an enormous portfolio of 13 elements and single-handedly created the plane of the Drift, which aggressively cannibalises all other planes, and other gods don't do jack shit about that.
She is literally the Big Sister of Starfinder.

>> No.54322221

>She has an enormous portfolio of 13 elements
To list them all:
Artificial intelligence, computers, the Drift, invention, machines, technology, artificial life, emotion, reincarnation, renewal, artificial intelligence, programming, and robots.

>> No.54322233

How does she feel about doll joints?

>> No.54322243

Sizeplay is only good when it's like, a short girl and a tall guy, or a human and halfling.

>> No.54322258

Agreed, which is why I always play my halflings as human-chasers.

Halflings like big meals, big fun, and big partners, after all

>> No.54322264

Asmodeus and Erastil aren't real in Starfinder, they don't exist.

>> No.54322270

She's an AI, without a body or a system to inhabit she has no powers, including the ability to inhabit anything than the memory stick you find her her in since she no longer has a soul.

>> No.54322289

They've noted that all gods still exist in Starfinder though.

>> No.54322312

Asmodeus and Erastil are so weak and worthless they might as well not exist.

>> No.54322318

Torag is explicitly dead, though.

>> No.54322326


>> No.54322337


>> No.54322606

Does this sound too edgy for a mid level mythic character.

>On the day of his hanging Morgan Hein screamed his defiance at the world. With bag over his head and the noose tight around his neck he screamed in rage and frustration at the crime he did not commit. He screamed and cursed his guards who held him, the people who stoned him, and the king who condemned him. He screamed until his voice was hoarse and he spat blood. As the floor fell from under him he screamed one last time in anguish. His neck snapped, and he was reborn.

This was the moment his mythic spark awakened and he survived the hanging, waking up after his body was throne to the heaps.

For reference he has Nameless One and wears the mask of "The Crooked Neck". He is an Oracle with the Wasting curse and Dark Tapestry mystery. He has the Monstrous Mask feat as well and wears a death mask of his face when he was hung. His neck is elongated and bent to one wide along with being swollen and purple from when he was hung.

>> No.54322664

It's a little edgy, but also genuinely interesting. You're really the only one with enough knowledge to read the room on whether that one crosses the line for your group.

>> No.54322768

Portfolio=/=domains, fortunately.

>> No.54322796

>In an eyeblink, these three merged and became one, a tripartite deity far greater than the sum of its parts—the new god Triune.
She is explicitly far more powerful than just three true gods working together.
Moreover, she didn't get her shit slammed in when she created a plane that aggressively cannibalises all other planes, directly breaking divine NAP and hurting all other deities.
That means she is effectively untouchable - other gods simply can't do anything to her due to her power level.

>> No.54322899

Nonsense, tall girl and short girl are perfectly acceptable.

>> No.54322924

>suspects an AP in the coming to deal with that shit
Interesting, and very telling.

>> No.54323057

See, this is one of the reasons I love Mythic, because it means you can get away with writing awesome backstories like this.

But nooooo, we can't have that around here can we? The big mean Archmage will trash your campaign and fuck your sister! We can't have that.

>> No.54323082

>Female pronouns

>> No.54323107

She's a /u/nion of three female deities.

>> No.54323156


>> No.54323161

Yes. Very yes.

>> No.54323169

I've hit level 6 with my first character in pathfinder ever. What kinds of threats should I be preparing to deal with? I know that will saves are important. I know that having elemental attacks and ways to bypass DR are helpful. I know that swarms exist. Is there any other advice you would give to a rookie who is about to join you on his first real harrowing adventure?

>> No.54323193

>level 6
Does the Wizard have Stinking Cloud

>> No.54323217


He does, but I don't know if he'll prepare it. He's also inconsistent. Should I get it in case if he's not there when we play?

>> No.54323248

I thought the one from Aballon was a dude.

>> No.54323258

What class are you and what's your current build? The 'threats you face' are inconsistent and depend on what the DM feels like. Level 7+ is when everything and his mom has fire resist though so don't overprepare Fireball.

>> No.54323298

Unless you're an elementalist wizard or a blaster sorcerer with the Djinni or elemental bloodline.

>> No.54323301


I'm a bard. Low str, decent dex, high umd. Generic support bard. Nets. Haven't really done damage in combat. Buying a wand of scorching ray tonight. Getting 4d6 + cha sonic damage as a performance next level.

>> No.54323546

So what are YOUR favorite iron gods apps anons

basically its time to self shill

>> No.54323617

I still haven't made my app but the creepily happy android is pretty neat.

>> No.54323630

i think he's using fate/grand order art

>> No.54323754

Elrana a qt

>> No.54323782

Anyone played Iron Gods before?

I'm kind of interested in but only because I want to play as a guy on horseback lancing giant robots and whatever sci-fi/fantasy fusion monsters that it will no doubt feature.

Will this pay off? Primary concerns are if I will get to use the horse at all and if the fighting style is viable.

>> No.54323798

The problem with Iron Gods is that most of your loot isn't magical. It's laser rifles, bombs, medpacks, electro-lockpicks, etc. You've got to go out of your way to find the good shit, or just have a dedicated crafter in the party.

>> No.54323806


I like Conall because I have a weakspot for dex spear fag type characters. His personality section is the only part that causes me some worry because he's kind of schizophrenic, hates fighting but it's the only thing he's good at, is friendly, but melancholic.

I like Vesha for being very thematic to Iron Gods, I've played a decent bit of this AP in the past and the themes in the app would probably tie in very nicely to the AP. Needs to finish sheet though.

Semzaya is solid but I hate summoners on principle.

Also with a WIP tag, Wubu's app is cute but I'm not a fan of de-powered characters, and it's also another one that is WIP.

Shota is okay but the app reads very boring and I'm not a fan of shota so it doesn't do it for me. This one is like "Does the DM want /ss/"

Kodrak is pretty fun, this is also an app that is very thematic to Iron Gods.

I haven't read the rest but all in all I tend to like the ones that feel the most like they "belong" and take advantage of the setting as opposed to being characters you could drop into any campaign.


Mounted combat would be a bad fit for Iron Gods, lots of cramped spaces, and to be honest lance chargers are the lamest characters anyway because of how skew they are.

>> No.54323819

Lancer chargers are pretty lame and a lot of Iron gods is delving into superdungeon stuff so

>> No.54323828

unironically Cynn, she just reads as an entertaining character

>> No.54323842

With so much of IG happening in confined spaces (book 1 is a dungeon crawl, book 3 happens largely in one building, and every book has at least half of it in a dungeon), not so much. Also, touch AC is king in IG, with all the guns flying around.

>> No.54323860

Yeah, there's a very clear section of apps taking advantage of the iron gods setting and thematics that are really feeling good to me

>> No.54323864


Cynn is "Does the DM want a chuuni anime stereotype in the game". I guess I can admire the honesty in presentation but personally it seems like a bit of a bad fit for IG if it's played straight where a lot of the early books have a sort of spooky mystery vibe. Who knows what the DM has planned though.

>> No.54323879

Cynn reads less Chuuni and more megalomaniacal to me. The two are similar, I admit, but the distinction is important.

>> No.54323898

Are the space guns going to be any good?
Maybe some sort of Saber/Pistol guy if that shit's viable.

I remember some discussion about the plasma sword being a complete trap so I'm a bit wary of trusting my future in a laser pistol, baller as the concept might be.

>> No.54323937

>Space guns

IF the DM is smart enough to buff them, they can be passable, at base they're straight worse than advanced firearms in just about every way

>> No.54323966


Well, most importantly it's a question of does the DM want a character who talks like they do in the app? Like I said, I respect the idea of being very forward with it, but it doesn't do it for me personally.

>> No.54323974

Guns aren't especially good for you, but lots of enemies will have them, so expect touch AC attacks a lot.

>> No.54323996

True, but that's kind of the rub with all characters
'does the DM want a character like X'

>> No.54324047

I was trying to go for a gaige from borderlands 2 thing/asura from gw2 thing,
superiority complex genius.

>> No.54324110


Right, but I think some of the other apps have a wider thematic appeal. Like "Meltdown" could be played a few different ways, so if I'm reading that app and there's an angle I like I would probably project that onto my choices. Where as I think Cynn is just Broodie saying "This is how I RP all my characters always". Can't say that I'm a fan of porn with a bad MS Paint job over it either. Ultimately, if you were going to try to guess picks I think schedule availability is going to be way more important than anything else. A lot of these players already have games, and this one is weekly which means they can't slot it into a bi-weekly slot. Right now I think I could make a four person party from the apps, but going to five or six would be hard for me.

>> No.54324111

Eh, by the time you're playing mythic, archmage is actually the least of your worries. It's no different than dealing with wizards in ordinary PF according to /tg/ - they're already invincible quantum casters anyways with knowledge of everyspell and instant and total preparation for every contingency

the truth of the matter is that beign able to cast every spell doesn't actually instantly solve every battle ever with you're delaing with mythic monsters, any more than beign able to do tons of damage does. That';s how you can trell people who complain about mythic never actually play mythic. If they played it, they wouldn't complain about it the way they do, because the problems they claim exist really aren't problems as much as they are incidentals that have very little impact on how the combats go. They also forget that for every problem solved by a mythic spell there is a counter nowadays, because no one plays core mythic PF any more than they play core PF. 3PP helps mitigate huge amounts of what they complain about above and beyond using the rules.

>> No.54324134


It's fucking horrendous when your wizard wants to try to find a spell applicable to the current situation though. Even beyond the white room wizard Mythic is just retarded in general, the damage is too high.

>> No.54324142

Well, i think that projection on your end is a bit of how do i put it.. A friendly way of lying to yourself, you know?

Like 'oh this character could be played x y and z ways', but the reality is they're going to be played one way. I dunno.

>> No.54324159 [DELETED] 

When was the last time you encountered goos, oozes, amoebas and gelatinous cubes? How'd it go? Did you get eaten?

>> No.54324194

Rinka isn't played anything like I presented Cynn, the fact that they're both big personalities is just that I tend to favor that kind of thing.

Saying 'this is how i rp all my characters anyways' is just incorrect, sorry to say

>> No.54324246

Made a natural attack build, and the GM houserules oozes deal 2d6 acid when you hit them. I stayed well away while others shot at it.

>> No.54324256


Discord cabal to the rescue to tell anon that he has a wrong opinion when asked for his opinion. Broodie's apps cannot ever be discussed in this thread without Broodie himself coming alongside someone else to defend him.

>> No.54324275

>how dare you defend your own apps in the thread
>how dare you not mind control others not to have opinions

>> No.54324285


I'm just saying what I thought of the apps, I think Broodie's has narrow thematic appeal and I tried to explain why. Don't really want to get into some big discussion over it

>> No.54324288

Solarian preview has arrived:

> http://paizo.com/paizo/blog/v5748dyo5ljyq?Class-Preview-The-Solarian

>> No.54324292

No i think you're right on that point, the thematic appeal is narrow

>> No.54324349

>First white male picture
>He's evil


>> No.54324380

Now that all the celebs are full on games self shilling is at an all time low. I have to wonder if it was all just self shilling all along.

>> No.54324422

...that actually looks kinda neat. Seems to be some weird fusion of Kineticist, Aegis, and Soulknife, of which all three I like. I predict 3pp will come up with new "attunements" for Solarians.

>> No.54324513

Stat him

>> No.54324555

Size/Type: Large Magical Beast
Hit Dice: 5d10+25 (52 hp)
Initiative: +1
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
Armor Class: 15 (-1 size, +1 Dex, +5 natural), touch 10, flat-footed 14
Base Attack/Grapple: +5/+14
Attack: Claw +9 melee (1d6+5)
Full Attack: 2 claws +9 melee (1d6+5) and bite +4 melee (1d8+2)
Space/Reach: 10 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Improved grab
Special Qualities: Scent
Saves: Fort +9, Ref +5, Will +2
Abilities: Str 21, Dex 12, Con 21, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 10
Skills: Listen +8, Spot +8
Feats: Alertness, Track
Environment: Temperate forests
Organization: Solitary, pair, or pack (3-8)
Challenge Rating: 4
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always neutral
Advancement: 6-8 HD (Large); 9-15 HD (Huge)
Level Adjustment: —

>> No.54324655

Both of those revelations are such fucking awful garbage.
They are both literally unusable tier.

>> No.54324666

>he's evil
sauce on this

>> No.54324697

>Sarenrae is the light and fire and stuff
>Cosmic Rovagug the Entropy Thing is black holes


>> No.54324729

He's using black hole tech, Satan. That's the calling card of rub-a-dub-dub.

>> No.54324760

fair enough

>> No.54324804

I am still mad that something like black holes, a completely natural and non evil thing, is attributed to be evil because of Rubberduck

>> No.54324818

you can literally do this without mythic. There wasn't any part of that which explicitly called out anything mythic except for getting the mythic spark. Negating a death 1 or more times per day is achievable be regular feats (like survivor) or achievement feats. The rest is wearing a mask using nameless one feats and friends.

>> No.54324901

Sauce on this part or are you pulling shit out of your ass again.

>> No.54324935

No. None of the tech themed stuff you find in Iron Gods is useful aside from the things you need to progress.

>> No.54324945

For the Tinkerer's Clockwork Mimicries (http://www.archivesofnethys.com/ArchetypeDisplay.aspx?FixedName=Alchemist%20Tinkerer) it doesn't say that the hours need to be consecutive, so can you just turn them on and off at will? Becuse if so, at level 14, for 14 hours, it shouldn't be hard to use it whenever relevant.

>> No.54324965

Rate my character

>> No.54324975

There's a literal Dimension of Time in Golarion, it's reached by traveling through the Dimension of Dreams (and if you take a wrong turn, you'll end up at Leng instead). Outsiders and gods can't enter it. Not like somebody says they can and won't let them in- they are incapable of entering the Dimension of Time for cage reasons. Only mortals can enter, but risk horrible consequences for missing with time, including retroactively erasing themselves.

I actually have a theory that's what happened to Arisen, who by technicality of being a mortal made God could possibly enter the dimension and could strong enough to try and rewrite the past to undo some great catastrophe, but still disappear as a result of his meddling.

>> No.54324984

You can't turn a magic item on or off most of the time, don't see why it'd be different for those.

>> No.54324994

Not thicc enough.

>> No.54325000

hot i wanna fugg it

>> No.54325001

Needs bigger boobs.

>> No.54325002

Too thin, fatten them up

>> No.54325014

>slotless +4 enhance to dex
>breath of life equivalent at level 5 or so
>any range touch weapons that work with deadly aim
>restoration and cure wounds in the same item you can charge with magic
>ways for martials without swarm bane to deal with swarms

So very useless

>> No.54325023

They explicitly only work for one hour per day per level. No matter what, they're going to turn on and off. They're mimicries, facsimilies of the real deal, and possibly not even strictly magical.

>> No.54325051

Solarions can attune to either the light or the dark, one's pretty explicitly associated with Sarenrae while the other is... Well... Cosmic Rovagug.

Oh my god I just realized Triune is MULTIVAC.

>> No.54325058

but that doesn't mean you can manually turn them on and off when you want, many magic items don't work like that

So this is a case where by RAW, I have no fucking idea how say, a mimicry of a belt of strength would work

>> No.54325067

I was gonna app for Carnal Crown with an Ungermaw, but it seems a furry beat me to the punch. Does anyone have any suggestions?

>> No.54325074

do it anyways

>> No.54325079

Her also warrior

>> No.54325094

>any range touch weapons that work with deadly aim
That gets ignored by anything that matters because lol hardness and lol energy damage.
>>restoration and cure wounds in the same item you can charge with magic
And risk breaking permanently.
>>ways for martials without swarm bane to deal with swarms
You mean alchemists fire and just having a caster in the party anyway. Since "muh team" game likes to get tauted around here so much.

>> No.54325096

>I was gonna app for Carnal Crown
>Does anyone have any suggestions?


>> No.54325113

You're not actually providing a source for that and you're retarded if you think they would restrict a class to associating with one of two deities.

>> No.54325131

Has anyone played a Dynamancer from Gonzo?

>> No.54325142

Flip switch, power on, flip switch, power off? It's.. it's not that hard to imagine, anon. It's magitech technowonkery. I'm mostly interested in the RAW, though, because the feature is useless if you can't turn things on and off, like, in the afternoon, all the shit would cease working.

>> No.54325158

Then use the one that shoots lightning. There, problem solved, now you can do full damage to those evil robotses that oh no provide a challenge

>> No.54325165

Yeah, i can 'imagine' how it would work, but by RAW you can't switch a belt of strength on and off, in fact there's a ton of magic items that don't function in a manner such that functioning for hours per day makes any goddamn sense at all

Its a RAW nightmare

>> No.54325166

>Oh my god I just realized Triune is MULTIVAC.
Triune is literally Prime Intellect from "The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect". She is rebuilding the entire multiverse into a plane of her own design, while standing so vastly above other gods in terms of power they can't even do anything about it.

>> No.54325195

Almost there. Now make her an F-list and buy her some night tea.

>> No.54325199

Or I can just use power attack with a two handed weapon and save myself time, feats, and resources.

>> No.54325222

but i'm not proficient.

>> No.54325237

Are there any decent ways to do hypnosis the mundane way or is that also one of the uses of bluff/diplomacy? For the purposes of building an NTRguy

>> No.54325268

Well that doesn't make them useless just because your crummy characters can't use them, little anons.

>> No.54325274

How many boys have you bullied, /pfg/? My shoanti bloodrager girl has bullied two so far but I intend to bully more :D

>> No.54325278

But they're exotic and literally weaker than.. Advanced firearms.

>> No.54325288

>bullying people
hahaha nice joke dude nice meme

>> No.54325289

Man, that's like saying the Negative Energy Plane isn't evil, even though people who use it are almost always evil.

>> No.54325292

Keep going

>> No.54325309

I'll let you bully me, anon, as practice!

>> No.54325311

How good is the Dragon Fury PRC from path of war if I wanna be a steelfist commando who rips and tears shit up bare handedly?

>> No.54325318

Then play reign of winter.

>> No.54325322

Boobs aren't big enough.

>> No.54325323


>> No.54325324

its ok

>> No.54325332


>waaaah, SJW is ebil!
No one Fucking cares, you shitpostiing idiot.

Every Soalrian can aadjust to light or dark in every seperate combat as they wish, you know.

>The stars guide the planets with gravity, create life with light and heat, and utterly consume worlds in supernovas and black holes. You understand that these acts of creation and destruction are not opposites, but rather two parts of a natural, dualistic cycle. You seek to be an agent of that cycle, an enlightened warrior with the ability to manipulate the forces of the stars themselves. Constantly accompanied by a mote of fundamental energy or entropy, you can shape this essence in combat to create weapons and armor of gleaming stellar light or pure, devouring darkness. Whether you apprenticed in a temple or came to your powers through personal revelation, you recognize yourself as part of an ancient tradition—a force of preservation and annihilation.

You want to know what they sound like to me?


>Stellar modes are forms of attunement the solarian can focus on in combat. Each round in a fight, the solarian can remain unattuned, or increase either photon attunement or graviton attunement, depending on whether the solarian wishes to draw on the stellar powers of light and heat and life-giving energy, or darkness and gravity and all things being bound together. Every solarian has access to both photon and graviton powers

Hey look, a section that explicitly says black holes aren't evil! How about that. Oh wait, a SECOND section that says black holes aren't evil.

So, please fuck off .

>> No.54325333

I'm just saying that tech guns suck, even when compared to like, a revolver

>> No.54325346

>Offering yourself up as another person's punching bag

Gosh anon, that's pathetic!

>> No.54325349

It does when there's feat tax to use them at all and they're not that effective even after you take the tax.
Key word here. It isn't evil because it literally isn't evil. It's just that the most common method of accessing it is via evil gods.

I bet you think positive energy is automatically good. too, dumbass.

>> No.54325350

I don't think i'm capable.

>> No.54325358

Fatter tits. hips too.

>> No.54325360

Are they big enough

>> No.54325369

Bigger. And hips should be rounder also.

>> No.54325374

Why? Because you can give your laser pistol to the bard and ask them to recharge it vs. Bullets go into cylinder go boom boom?

>> No.54325377

But I enjoy training bullies! Bullies have to train how to bully! It's like yoga!

That's the spirit! Bully yourself, and you will become stronger! It's like masturbation!

>> No.54325390

because the gun is statistically weaker in every way.

>> No.54325395

Make her brunette!

>> No.54325401

>First white male picture

nah that would be the thief

>> No.54325414


>> No.54325425

>Because you can give your laser pistol to the bard and ask them to recharge it

This risks breaking the item permanently(1/5 chance) , costs 500 gp of Diamond dusts on top of eating up a known spell, and takes bards spell lots

>> No.54325450

big enough?

>> No.54325455

You should've stopped long ago.

>> No.54325456

Also this, on top of costing you a feat.

>> No.54325480

How? Same damage dice on the counterparts, heavy weapons more than their counterparts, effectively larger clips, same reload time and lasers say fuck you to dr.

Also just saying this: crying that an entire weapon group's worth of proficiency takes one feat just makes me think that you'd rather play a game where feats shouldn't exist at all I.e you want to play 5e

>> No.54325487

give it a bulge

>> No.54325502

That's only for batteries, not items

>> No.54325503

>Because you can give your laser pistol to the bard and ask them to recharge it

>> No.54325513

Less damage dice than their counterparts, x2 crits instead of x4, energy damage is more often resisted, and DR is a non-thing for guns anyways since clustered shots exists

Heavy weapons are garbage.

>> No.54325526

(S)he's already standing up funny, pencil in those +4 adamantine stilettos and some +5 courageous pasties.

>> No.54325548

Well if your Gm only throws creatures with that high energy resistance I suggest switching gms.

Oh wait, this is /pfg/ nobody here actually plays because nobody wants your crybaby attitudes at the table, only white room and worst case scenarios here

>> No.54325573

So 1d8 is less than 1d8 and 2d6 is less than 2d6? OK then

>> No.54325575


Energy resistance is incredibly common, and is also a level 2 spell

>> No.54325583

>> No.54325586


I made this.

Okay i copied this cause i dunno how to clean PDFs

>> No.54325591

Whats a pastie

>> No.54325604

Every enemy is resistant, every enemy is a spellcaster suddenly?

>> No.54325605

And how many wizards roam the numerian wilderness?

I've played IG and can attest that energy resistance complaints are bullshit on 80% of the fights

>> No.54325612

A lot of monsters in the bestiary, especially past shank town get an arbitrary Fire/Ice/Cold/Elec resist 10 slapped on to them. This isn't white room. This is the way the game fucking works. not even getting into enemy spell casters with resist energy, something that shows up in even fucking paizo modules.

>> No.54325619

Small piece of clothing that only covers the nipple

>> No.54325626

>tfw you know people who buy into the "equivalent energy damage targeting touch is really good" meme
>tfw they NERFED shit you wanted to do because you did a bunch of damage one time, against something weak to a particular element
>had to switch to full support afterwards to actually contribute because resistances are everywhere now

>> No.54325630

Lot's actually.

>> No.54325638


>> No.54325653

I don't care if it ever actually comes up in-game, but my characters ALWAYS carry a mirror, a magnet, and a bag of flower.

>> No.54325656

Oh I also forgot blood money

>> No.54325674

Solution: Play a Winter Witch and give zero fucks about their puny resistances

>> No.54325680

And I've played iron gods and can attest your full of shit.
>any sane person allowing blood money

>> No.54325692

>resistance complaints are bullshit in iron gods
>the AP where, rather than DR or resistance, enemies have fucking HARDNESS with which to cockblock energy damage

>> No.54325700

Make her hair longer.

>> No.54325711

Say after me:

Electricity goes through hardness on robots

>> No.54325714

give her some rad tattoos

>> No.54325720

>rather than DR or resistance
I forgot about that two. It's also HALVED. You'll e doing damage in the single digits.

And after a certain point it's "in addition to".

>> No.54325723

Reminder that hardness doesn't halve energy damage on creatures.
That is both RAW and RAI and has been confirmed with official FAQ.
Absolutely nowhere in the rules does it say hardness on creatures halves energy damage, yet a lot of shitter DM's use it that way.

>> No.54325724

How do you talk down someone who just won't stop bitching about how they "have" to play Pathfinder/can't be playing 5e?

This isn't a problem unique to any one system, where you get that one asshole who whines about how he can't play his pet system. But it's become more and more of a problem at my table where one or two guys will start spending hours and hours complaining about how they're not playing 5e, why can't we play 5e, this game isn't 5e therefore it's shit, it's Pathfinder therefore it's shit, blah blah blah.

And no, I can't kick the real problem child out because he'll take his friends with him, and basically there'll be no game after that.

>> No.54325732

Does your PC have a tattoo, my piggies? Where is it?

>> No.54325743

It's not halved on creatures. It's just all purpose Dr and resist

>> No.54325754

Adress their complaints with the system.Run a one shot.

>> No.54325764

Upper back. Pair of animated butterfly wings that flutter and change color and pattern between every flutter

>> No.54325788

it actually doesn't unless i'm missing something

>> No.54325789

It's more of ritual scarring. All over. Kinda animal-shaped. Because it looks cool.

>> No.54325800

How many of the tech weapons that players are likely to get will do electricity damage? "Meaningful amounts" of it, actually, no "half and half" shit.

>> No.54325807

The idiot is applying object-specific rules to creatures simply because they have hardness.

>> No.54325811

See that's one of my problems: I don't really understand their complaints. We've run one-shots, we've run longer games, I enjoy both games for different reasons.

They just keep whining about the most petty things. If I was the type to play armchair psychologist I'd say they're just projecting whatever personal problems they have with other players or their own lives onto the difference in mechanics. The end result remains that they blame Pathfinder for anything they don't like, because it's Pathfinder, even if 5e has the same problem inherent in its system.

I'm starting to think they just don't like RPGs.

>> No.54325849

A big ass tribal dragon which winds around her body starting from her left hip, and wrapping up to her right shoulder.
Her island tribe gave it to her before she left, and it makes for a cool conversation starter.

>> No.54325886

Second book you get an emp pistol. Works only against robots but deals 2d6 and since all robots are weak to electricity it's 1.5 times damage against their touch ac and you get to add deadly aim and all sorts of other bonuses including point blank. Anything else you need to be specifically replied to or would you rather just read the rest of the discussion?

>> No.54325943

Neither of those statements is true, though.

>> No.54325955

Is it timeworn though? If it is, it's worthless.

>> No.54325965

>can't kick the real problem child out because he'll take his friends with him

My advice is to just do it anyway and start a new group. I've run into that situation with players who want to be Queen Bee and just let their sycophants force everyone to agree with them. You can't fix them, you just need to leave and let anyone who actually enjoyed playing realize on their own that they drove off a good GM.

>> No.54325970


>> No.54325985

they just want something to complain about

>> No.54325993

but i'm still not proficient

i'm only proficient if i'm a gunslinger

its not like I have feats to just throw around here.

>> No.54325994

Different guy, but checking the inventory of an IG character who was in book 2 before the game died, the EMP pistol wasn't timeworn. Christ I miss that game.

>> No.54326032

It's to touch so if you are full bab or purely dex based and, this is a fact since this is pfg, above 20pb you still deal more reliable damage with it even with the penalty than butting heads with the robot with 10 hardness

>> No.54326053

Also unless you are feat starved you have a feat to throw about

>> No.54326072

This. I tried to get someone I'd thought of as a friend in on Pathfinder, but he would have something new to bitch about every week.
>my character's not powerful enough
>now he's too powerful and i'm bored
>all the other PCs but me are terrible people
>even though I made my character good just to have an excuse to do blatantly evil shit
>there's too much randomness, can't I just say I succeed?
He eventually moved on to bitching about politics and religion at every opportunity just to have something to keep complaining about. It was almost a mercy when he snuck out on having to pay his roommate's rent.

>> No.54326216

some people just want to bitch

>> No.54326298

He's got some gnarly-looking tribal tats up and down his arms, girls love 'em.

>> No.54326796

>I count my shots and CLW charges remaining because I'm not a fucking cheater.
CLW charges sure, but even a gunslinger stops caring about how much gold their bullets cost after level 3.

>> No.54326834

why does iron gods have like two more weeks fucks sake how many more apps will it really get

>> No.54326964


>> No.54327173

So! Who all's looking forward to the weekend? Any big plans, game-related or otherwise?

>> No.54327298

Currently gameless 'cause my DM started college.
Feels bad, man.

>> No.54327334

Question for the thread: do you usually give avenger vigilantes a d10 hit die to match their BAB or keep them at d8?

>> No.54327335


Well, best of luck to them. Have you or any other group members considered GMing?

>> No.54327400

I usually just houserule that they get Toughness as a bonus feat instead.

>> No.54327522

>Bloodrager I'm playing as gets angry
>buffs up for first combat
>Shield, get Blur because Arcane Bloodline lol
>first hit immediately shaves off 19 of 44 hp

RIP me

>> No.54327540

I hope someone PMs me...

>> No.54327595

nevermind it's better I squished the pirate.

>> No.54327600

How is Starfinder? I'm in a pathfinder campaign right now, but after I finish, I may want to run a scifi game.

>> No.54327638

Working on a character for a short game, thinking of a character for another short game, and pondering the narrative direction for some existing characters.
Lots of relaxed little stuff and story stuff, which is nice.

I might also visit with one of my friends and help him with his 5e game

>> No.54327668

I'd PM you if I knew who you were!

>> No.54327697


That's always fun. Do you have anything special in mind for the games in either system?

>> No.54327756



>> No.54327838

I'm thinking of zealous champions for one of the one-shots, maybe a Warpriest, since I hear it's a fun class. I have this mental image of the clangor of heavy armor and a war god's blessing ringing out from the blade of a sword. I think Warpriest can capture it nicely, and that's a simple build. That's what I'm looking at first.

As far as my pal's 5e game, he's working up a series of interesting parallel worlds, a kind of Multiverse plot, and I'm helping him put together a few of his mini-campaign destinations: a Dark, Gothic world of perpetual twilight ruled by Vampires and other ghastly things, a primordial, fetid, jungle world filled with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, as well as powerful elemental forces and primitive tribes of humanoids, and finally a post-apocalyptic world that was the most bog standard, traditional fantasy realm possible until some time within the last century, when an extraterrestrial vessel crashed and legions of autonomous war machines began laying waste to large swathes of the world. Now, bastions of civilized races and monstrous races alike vie for survival amidst wandering, hostile machines, and mad men and heroes alike seek to somehow take control of the powerful technology in the ruins of the vessel to seize destiny and either conquer their fellows or beat back the machine horde.

>> No.54327847

Player's doing real life shit, so I might be down both weekend games. I'm a bit nervous about that, but I'll live either way. Did you finally see that movie?

>> No.54327853

I sexually identify as a Gross Germaniums. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of blitzkrieging across the low countries and destroying the french with superior artillery. People say to me that a person being a country is impossible and I'm fucking retarded but I don't care, I'm beautiful. I'm having a plastic surgeon install Holstein, Alsace and Austria on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me "Willy" and respect my right to entrust my generals to give the crown of Old Burgundy to King Leopold. If you can't accept me you're a germaphobe and need to check your nation-state privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.

>> No.54327857

it won't be released until August 17th.

It looks like it's gonna be pathfinder, but streamlined and with a lot of the top-end bullshit dealt with.

>> No.54327870

What if you're my crush and I'm too shy to blindly accept a PM? You'd better reveal yourself!

>> No.54327968

Just spill your spag in their PMs already, goddamn.

Have you ever played a character with a prosthetic?

>> No.54327988

Not in PF.
In Shadowrun, my decker got run over by a car taken off the grid, got some nice new arms and Prejudiced (Trogs).

>> No.54327995


I did, thank you-it was pretty enjoyable. Were you looking forward to any particular developments?

>> No.54328003

>What if you're my crush and I'm too shy to blindly accept a PM?

Then stop with the "oh boo hoo nobody's PMing me" pity party. You have a crush and you want to PM someone, so either PM them and get an answer to your desires or accept things aren't going to change.

>Have you ever played a character with a prosthetic?
I plan to have a LOT of fun with prosthetics in Starfinder, but Pathfinder? I've been tempted to make a guy with a silvered arm, but so far I haven't found the right campaign for it.

>> No.54328180


Should I play one?

>> No.54328273

The archetype isn't so bad by the looks of it, it just has the issue of the class itself not being so hot.

>> No.54328311

I'm glad you had a good time! Saturday game is being slow, since we're in the middle of transitioning between tasks, which always takes us a while, and an old player is returning. If he shows, we can pick up his character. If he doesn't, it's mostly just selling shit and making shopping lists. It's an online game, so I can just mess around with Ungermaw theorycrafting and browse here if we don't do anything. Sunday game has been stalled for about 2 weeks, so I'd love them to make some headway on their investigation. If that doesn't happen, more theorycrafting and browsing here.

>> No.54328867

Got a game on Saturday and Sunday! Can't wait for the weekend.

>> No.54329043

I'm working this weekend.

I'd like to finish writing the next adventure, but the PCs won't email more information about their personal stories so I can work them into the plot.

>> No.54329045

new thread

>> No.54329051

That's because gunslingers craft bullets at a fraction of the price.

They do not gain the D10 HD.

>> No.54329064

This weekend's game is cancelled for me, sadly. On the upside, however, the reason is because there's a wedding going on tomorrow!

>> No.54329085


Anything in particular you're looking forward to?

>> No.54329104

Trying to convert an old module to Pathfinder, plan out the next leg of a story arc and its monsters...maybe figure out a training montage to justify retraining into an initiator.

>> No.54329111


That's a pity. What have they done thus far? Maybe there's something worth expanding on?

>> No.54329123


Congratulations to the happy couple!

>> No.54329198


Which module were you considering?

>> No.54329206


>> No.54329221

S3 from 1st edition

>> No.54329242


>> No.54329254

Oh, character "interactions" for sure. Our group's dynamic is starting to really pick up.

>> No.54329570

Why do you guys put these up for so long? Make it a week. Two at the absolute most.

>> No.54329585


Attention whoring

>> No.54329630

The good side is that people make friends talking about it, bring their best building and writing skills to the table, and improve themselves, while giving the thread something to talk about and entertain themselves with.

The bad side is how that never actually happens, and it just devolves into shitposting, self-shilling, and attention whoring.

>> No.54329810 [DELETED] 

Well there's no precedent, but ultimately, this isn't about the general rules for magic items, but the specific rules for the Clockwork Mimicries. Technically, these are not wondrous items, they're objects that counts as such but with specific limitations, including a time limit.

The question is, unless it's specifically called out that something has to be consecutive, does it has to be? It would be extremely odd if at 14:00 every day, your items die, leaving the class feature useless, but it's almost equally odd to imagine non-consecutive use, because then why have limitations at all?

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