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"Fucking up the OP is a Crime" Edition

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>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread Question
Let's hear some mistake stories: What critical lapses of brain power have cost you or those around you games. Any times someone has fucked up big time and still gone on to win?

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I had Selvala, a few cantrips in my hand, and was ready for an explosive play. I forgot turn order, tapped Selvala in my upkeep, my friends laughed at me and told me that if I was going to be /that/ dumb I deserved it. And I did. Couldn't get the mana to cast my hand, passed turn to the Zurgo player, who swung at my poor elf face.

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Countering a Riku with Overwhelming Intellect when said Riku player had a Sphinx out. I had a split second of happiness because I love Intellect as a jank card and then I realized the fuck up. Oloro still managed to win that goddamn game

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I let Narset land a swing because I forgot Teysa was flying at the time. Ended the whole game on the spot.

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Consecrated Sphinx should be banned.

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you know your jokes are not funny right?

>> No.54316877

What, you mean the fact that my first attempt to create an OP this morning went so badly that I had to delete it and try again rather than letting that crap stand?

But in any case I'm fully aware that I am whatever the opposite of gifted is when it comes to humor.

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>first attempt to create an OP this morning went so badly that I had to delete it and try again rather than letting that crap stand?
i just woke up and did not know that, i was talking about the "edition" though. they are not funny

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So normally I buy a box of each set but HOU is just awful and I don't even want to pay money for it. Aside from the white "fuck you all your shit is 1/1s" enchantment and the scarab god what other singles should I buy?

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The Invocation Doomsday looks baller.

>> No.54317006

The other bug gods are probably good calls.

Most of the Hours are playable, but Revelation in particular looks to be a staple. Maybe scrape together Promise, Eternity, and Devastation if they're cheap since some decks will want them. You can probably skip Glory though mono-black exile removal isn't a huge set of cards to choose from.

Torment of Hailfire seems like a typical "Tuned for 20 life formats so bad in EDH" call but it can do disgusting, disgusting things with Black's top ramp. At 10+ for X (not all that difficult to hit)

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>TFW got a scarab god invocation for 60
>TFW it's now pushing 100

>> No.54317087

Ramunap Excavator, it's fucking cradle on a body.

Why aren't people hyping this thing? It's going to spike like fuck later. It's only $6 right now.

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I once made the mistake of thinking that everyone else would help me take down the guy who had an infinite combo ready. My only regret is I couldn't target all of them at once.

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Your mom's ass should be banned

>> No.54317119

The cards I can see having a future in EDH this set are:
>Angel of Condemnation
>Apocalypse Demon
>Banewhip Punisher (At least in Scorpion Decks)
>Beneath the Sands
>Bloodwater Entity
>Leave / Chance
>Crested Sunmare
>Cycling Deserts
>Dunes of the Dead
>God-Pharoah's Gift
>Hour of Devestation
>Hour of Eternity
>Hour of Promise
>Hour of Revelation
>Mirage Mirror
>Neheb, the Eternal
>Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh
>Nimble Obstructionist
>Obelisk Spider
>Overwhelming Splendor
>Pride Sovereign
>Ramunap Excavator
>Ramunap Excavator
>Razaketh, the Foulblooded
>Scavenger Grounds
>Swarm Intelligence
>The Big Bugs
>Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign

I'm admittedly being generous on a lot of those.

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cause like everything thats tied to a creature its to easily dealt with. your sitting down with 3-5 other people, you really dont think one of them doesnt have a board wipe or a kill spell?

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>What critical lapses of brain power have cost you or those around you games.

>Playing Ulasht against Prossh and Ruric Thar
>I cast Vicious Shadows and end my turn
>On his turn, Ruric Thar player casts Molten Disaster for 3
>Prossh has 6 creatures, me and Ruric have none; Ruric has 3 cards in hand and is at 21 life
>Vicious Shadows triggers when those 6 creatures die, target it all at the Ruric Thar player for 18 damage
>Ruric Thar player gets surprised as he thought the damage from Vicious Shadows only gets dealt to the owner of the creatures that die, but is relieved he's still alive and is down to 3 life
>Prossh player points out the 3 damage to all players from Molten Disaster kills him

First time in a long time seeing the Ruric Thar player miscalculate. Good thing he was a sport.

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>being a tripfag
>being irredeemably stupid
Checks out

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The set only properly released today. Don't expect it to keep going up, anon, prerelease prices don't matter unless it's either overhyped or underhyped, and there's 0 chance of Scarabu being underhyped.

>> No.54317168

I meant Crucible.

>> No.54317176

>Mirage Mirror
>copy time vault
>extra turn each turn

>> No.54317179

>He doesn't play reanimator

>> No.54317250

But its much easier to get on the board by tutoring for it, can block and attack.
Also most people in my playgroups seem to be packing similar amounts of artifact hate than single-target creature removal. If someone uses a Wrath just to get rid of my enabler to cast lands from my graveyard (instead of just running graveyard hate) theyre pretty stupid desu

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>Mirage Mirror costs 3
>perect Workshop cost
Goofy but it makes me want to brew Workshops with Time Vault in Vintage.

>> No.54317260

If you play Excavator you're playing GBX with graveyard shenanigans anyway so why would you care if it gets killed?

>> No.54317261

Everyone point at him and laugh. Now.

>> No.54317273

>and there's 0 chance of Scarabu being underhyped.
Don't be so sure. Grixis control is great in standard.

>> No.54317279

Time Vault is banned in EDH, anon. There are a lot worse things you can do with it than Mirage Mirror.

>> No.54317407

Personally I bought the bugs, razaketh and two copies of claim//fame.

Pride sovereign looks sweet if cats really become a thing.

>> No.54317571

Except they don't have priority before you actually play a land card, so at the very least it's a Restore. Plus it's also easily tutorable and easy to recur and any deck playing Crucible of Worlds is going to want a second copy.
You're just being contrarian.

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Do standard players actually buy the masterpiece cards for their decks? I was under the impression that they were more for Modern/Legacy/EDH players who have motivation to pimp their decks thanks to the formats not rotating.

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>Let's hear some mistake stories: What critical lapses of brain power have cost you or those around you games. Any times someone has fucked up big time and still gone on to win?
forgetting I have doublestrike when holding tainted strike in hand
kill me

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Arms races ruin EDH
prove me wrong

>> No.54317762

Arms races are the best part of EDH
prove me wrong

>> No.54317780

The base price of the card will affect how pricey its masterpiece version is. Take look at Torrential Gearhulk, which went from a low of $25-$30 up to $90-$100 as people started playing it in earnest, and has since coasted down to about $40-$50.

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Thread question:
>Hannah, ship's navigator
>Labman main wincon
>Tap out to mill myself at the end of previous player's turn
>Realize labman isn't in play
>Realize I don't have any cards to give him flash in play
>Realize I don't have any way to bring back and play my cards to give him flash
>Draw and lose

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>Thread Story
every single time I play Avenger and forgot to play my land AFTER he hits the board

>> No.54317984

I play daxos/lovisa/Mina and denn and I want to build something new. I don't really like tier one unless it is fun. Leaning towards the scorpion god or neheb the eternal, but I don't know what to work on. Any ideas?

>> No.54318054

OG Daxos or Blaxos?

>> No.54318073

>I don't like changing my deck because it ruins muh creative masterpiece

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yes, unironically this exactly.

>> No.54318133

>hey lets make a format where I can play all my bulk rares
>hey you know what would be even more fun?

>> No.54318163

>social format
>don't socialize through deckbuilding, that's wrong

>> No.54318186

>social format
>treat it like a competitive format

>> No.54318225

If I summon a creature with X tokens (of whatever kind) where X is the additional cost you paid for it, like Walking Ballista, and later I blink it, what happens?
It comes back with all its tokens or it doesn't get any (thus, in the case of the Ballista, it dies immediately since it would be a 0/0)

>> No.54318236

OK, I'm going to correct your terminology, but first I'm going to answer your question: If you flicker Walking Ballista it comes back with nothing.

>> No.54318304

speaking of ballista, when is it's price going to go down?

>> No.54318313

Do you mean Magic terminology or just english grammar/sentence construction?
Because of the latter I've noticed some errors, effectively (made mostly because English isn't my first language), and I'm completely new in the former, since I've always played Magic with my friends with little "help" from Internet, so I never learned most of the terms commonly used

>> No.54318366

The only problem I see is that
should be

>> No.54318378

Now for terminology.

Summon, oddly enough, has not been reinstated in this world us using flavorful words in rules text. You cast a creature spell. This will be kind of relevant later.

They're not tokens, they're counters. This is actually rather important since tokens are a thing (basically independent fake cards that only exist on the battlefield) that is totally different from counters (Little countable modifiers to an object, sometimes with innate rules)

"Blink" and "Flicker" are slang -- what you are actually doing to the recipient of such an effect is exiling it, then returning it to the battlefield. When something leaves the battlefield, it ceases to be the game object it was back when it was on the battlefield, so nothing about the old version is 'remembered'. The X of Walking Ballista was only really defined while it was on the stack, and while undefined X is 0. Therefore, when it enters the battlefield from exile, where you didn't (and couldn't) set any value for X, X will be 0 and it will enter with 0 counters (and, in most circumstances, immediately be placed in its owner's graveyard)

Now, if X wasn't involved -- say for Graft creatures like Pic Related that have a fixed number, their enters-the-battlefield ability will work normally and give them their starting counter value (Two for Pic Related, no matter how many she had before), because the issue is not that flickering something makes it not get counters, it's that flickering will remove the old counters (Since it ceases to be the object that had the counters) and nothing on Walking Ballista will place more than 0 new counters when it enters the battlefield from exile (or in any other circumstance that didn't define X).

There is one exception to the "Zone Change? New object? Counters go away." rule: Skullbriar, the Walking grave. The fact that Skullbriar explicitly keeps its counters when moving between public zones should suggest that such is not standard behavior.

>> No.54318379

Late 2018, when Aether Revolt rotates.

>> No.54318386

neheb looks fun, I'm going to build him I think

>> No.54318407

This is why I don't go into LGS

>> No.54318435


>> No.54318436

yikes dude go breathe some air

>> No.54318439

I find that answering in the pedantic fashion is the best way to be sure the point gets across to clear up rules confusion. I don't get autistic about game terms when communication is going fine.

>> No.54318440

Yes, some people actually enjoy playing vintage power level cards alongside jank. It's 100% playgroup related, and anyone who spergs out over the way other people play or demands the banning of random cards needs to develop the social skills to communicate properly with their playgroup.

>> No.54318448

It's also being played in Tron variants isn't it? If yes, I doubt it's going down much, fucking modernfags spiking prices right and left.

>> No.54318478

its being played in tron, eldrazi tron, counters company.
however its going to be stalled by Solemnity, thought that will also spike

>> No.54318482

And some Abzan Company decks, but when it rotates out it'll still lose some value.

>> No.54318488

arms races dont usually end up containing jank
my play group certainly didnt.
im just glad we put a stop to that before we got to cEDH levels
krenko, mld zergo, stax selvala, slightly slower 5c hermit druid these lists are bad enough as it is

>> No.54318498

Ordered a Wound Reflection for my Kaervek deck, what would you guys suggest to take out in its place? Also should I run Scorpion God and Kulrath Knight for maximum jank?


>> No.54318531

I would say waste not since you aren't full on discard

>> No.54318549

just, like, don't play in to it cuz.
talk to your group about power level.
get different decks with different power levels.
if someone pulls out an FU deck just pull out your mono (you) deck with clique or teferi, all the cards are cheap. and they can just be counterspell and voltron.

>> No.54318554

Scour from Existence is pretty weak, wound reflection can safely replace that.

Nice list though man, would love to play against it.

>> No.54318782


>> No.54318858

So you've got WB Enchantments, mono Red Creatures, and RG Lands. I'd say go for the permanent type and colors you don't have. Blue Artifacts. Padeem or Muzzio.

>> No.54319030

I love EDH but I'm tired of the fucking spergs that plague the format

Most of the people are really nice and normal but yesterday I had the massive unpleasure of playing with ThatGuy and honestly I need a break

Is Standard better? Is Modern better?

>> No.54319061

seriously I would suggest playing a different card game rather than playing a different format
EDH really is the pinnacle of fun in mtg and frankly everyone needs a break every once in a while

>> No.54319106

What did "ThatGuy" do?
Magic is full of assholes and people with social disorders, theres do format to escape them, you gotta learn to roll with the punches and laugh at the bullshit.

>> No.54319111

Get a playgroup, rather than running the risk of random twats.

>> No.54319263

Thanks. I'll probably toss the waste not since scour, while expensive, is spot removal against enchantments. The deck does do solid work but I also play with a group who is salty of tax effects so it rarely wins

>> No.54319542

You're insane, but closest thing I can see kinda making sense is some godawful mashup between Vaultcast and Workshop Slaver.

>> No.54319548

Fatal Push and Balista will go up when Revolt rotates out of print.

>> No.54319616

Longterm, yes. However, there will be a shortterm blip where Standard players offload their copies and supply suddenly skyrockets into the waiting hands of a significantly reduced demand.

>> No.54319677

Post lonely cards you try to include whenever possible.

>> No.54319748


Laughed and talked really fucking loud. Started laughing when I didn't knew what a card did. Commented every play me and other guy did because we were inexperienced and never shutted up through the whole game, either mumbling under his breath or loud enough it could be heard 2 blocks down. Condescending, rude and really annoying.

I made a mistake, got killed early and couldn't have been happier about being able to just leave. I hope one of the other guys won.

>> No.54319770

You are the sperg here anon, that's just banter, and if your fragile ego can't handle it, I suggest you play something else.

>> No.54319799

Not everything is banter, anon. Some people are just obnoxious cunts.

>> No.54319808

>so put off by trash talk that you bitch on a Laotian crocheting forum

>> No.54319844

Wow you're so easily offended and you post here?

>> No.54320014


That was not banter, I love banter, but not when not spoken over 100dB and that goes over half an hour of play.

You don't get it man. I'm fine with people telling me I'm fucking bad and that I should have done another play. It actually makes you learn and helps you understand better. It's like tough love

I'm not fine with a fat greasy asshole yelling, snorting and thinking out loud while treating other players like shit for no reason. That ain't banter m8, that's just being an autistic little shit about a fucking card game.

>> No.54320149

So.. what is the best lifegain card?

>> No.54320238

The ones where lifegain is an secondary effect to another more powerful effect, like Sphinx's Rev. Pure lifegain cards are pretty bad unless you have effects that give you bonuses for gaining life.

>> No.54320304

Aetherflux Reservoir

Both a lifegain source and a win condition on it's own.

>> No.54320377

>wotc forgets EDH exists, the card

>> No.54320387

I mentioned this right by the end of the last thread. I straight up played an Ashen Rider with my own Hushwing Gryff on the board. Thankfully after we laughed at my idiocy an opponent bolted my Gryff in response so I could exile a bigger threat on the board.

>> No.54320557

Sorin Markov and Magister's Sphinx

>> No.54320581

Those were before EDH was an officially recognized format.

>> No.54320595

Tbh I think the resevoir is more powerful than either of them.

>> No.54320656

They're both alright. They're expensive and life at 10 isn't the end of the world

>> No.54320732


pic related or scourge of the throne
scourge SEEMS good but it never really fits

>> No.54320734

even if i made a deck without any other creatures, this dude would be in it

>> No.54320761

>bloodgift demon
dude is a manwhore , putting his cock in literally every casual deck that can cast double black spells

>> No.54320777

i would put hatred in every deck if i had more than one

>> No.54320847

Is this guy any good? I took him out of an early draft but the draw seems nice on top of eating small fliers

>> No.54320896

yeah hes solid as fuck. great blocker or attacker with card draw plus he can kill an opponent with 1 life

>> No.54320934

>tfw every time I cast magister sphinx that one guy plays reverse the sands afterwards

Magister sphinx with panharmonicon is fun tho

>> No.54320939

on curve flier that has a phyrexian arena stapled to it is fantastic until you get to the highest tiers of play but very few people play those kinds of decks anyway
as far as the /edhg/ is concerned its an all-star

>> No.54320944

Its a 5/4 flyer for 5 that is also lets you draw a card during your upkeep for the low cost of 1 life. Yes is good.

>> No.54320969

I've found myself cutting Sorin but keeping Magister's in the decks that it can be played in.

>> No.54320978

I want to play mono-red, but not the typical artifact-value-train kind.

What's a good commander for a red-control deck with a bunch of Land destruction?

>> No.54321006

really fun with Sphinx of the Steel Wind I would imagine.
Fuck SotSW is a great card

>> No.54321018

People will say Zo-Zu the punisher but I find Heartless H. to be a better commander assuming you can churn him out with acceleration then start the LD plan
personally my favorite mono colored deck

>> No.54321102

Alara sphinxs are pretty cool.

>> No.54321103

I think you forgot Ramunap Excavator. Requires mentioning.

>> No.54321144

Neheb is all-around good because he gives you pretty easy ramp, but I'd probably go with Heartless Hidetsugu because the guy keeps shit in check. Nothing like holding the whole table hostage with Big Dick Hidetsugu and a Furnace of Rath.

>> No.54321175

simply devilish

>> No.54321249


i dont think obelisk spider is playable

whenever you put 1 OR MORE counters, you drain 1

so i dont really think you're gonna be able to abuse that very well, maybe im missing some awesome combo though

>> No.54321252

>used to love the Sphinx back when playing Sharuum
>Eternal Masters
>me and friend each buy 6 packs, only mythic is Sphinx, he gets Force of Will

And thats how I learned buying packs over singles is a mistake.

>> No.54321267


>swords to plowshares targetting heartless hidetsugu
>he responds by activating
>in response, k-grip furnace

sweet attempt at not winning

>> No.54321285

I like Kazuul, or mono R Grenzo.

>> No.54321366

I budget 300 dollars to build with, made Purphoros (can be Krenko or Kiki too), Brago (technically could be Lavinia or Ephara, though probably not as well), and now I'm looking at a Golgari deck for around $100. Any suggestions?

>> No.54321485

if this happened in a game of edh I would be really happy thats some fun ass interactions here

>> No.54321496

Jarad is a fun one because no one expects a 20/20 Lord of Extinction being flung at their faces until it's happened at least once. Glissa artifacts is also fun.

>> No.54321497


Nath, Meren and Gitrog can be made to be opressivly strong.

I'd personally make Meren or Hapatra Infect

>> No.54321505

>Lord of Extinction
>$100 budget
hes more of a phitotitan guy I think

>> No.54321520


it happens to me every game i try to do something crazy with a 2 card combo

>> No.54321528

To be fair, you can get Lord of Extinction for like $16 and the rest of the deck could be pretty cheap. Won't need expensive color fixing or ramp either since he's in Green.

>> No.54321546

My most mechanically interesting EDH deck is Gitrog Monster. I love cycling a land for 1 to draw two cards.Self mill, which then makes me draw. All sorts of stupid stuff.

>> No.54321655

Thanks for the advice. Anyone have experience with Varolz? I might look into him as well.

>> No.54321680

I don't have much experience with him, but I'd imagine he'd be some sort of voltron deck.

>> No.54321687

I made a tiny leader deck with him. It was gross scavenging phyrexian dreadnaught and death's shadow, but I did it anyway

>> No.54321705

Here's some of my braindead moments, I've only just started playing magic

>opponent has a karador and a full yard
>keeps reanimating sun titan and karmic guide
>start of his turn
>pongify is karador
>ok I cast for 3
>counter it
>he checks grave yard
>I cast for 3
>I card in hand he summons mindalicer and sacs it to ashnods

>playing vs ghave
>he has infinite tokens and draw with skullclamp and ashnods
>cast path to beat within on ghave
>ok in response
>makes a billion tokens at instant speed
>still lose to blood artist

I really need to understand my opponents gameplay better, but I never have mana open t3 when shit starts hitting the board. It's a difficult balance

>> No.54321823

Sounds like you're playing in a really competitive meta if this stuff is happening turn 3.

>> No.54321892

Finally completed my 5 variations on Blue. In order of creation:

>Bruna, Light of Alabaster
>2/5 competitive, 3/5 fun
Typical voltron bullshit, was my first EDH deck. Could be better with some cash investment, but all the good auras are outside my casual ass's price range.

>Melek, Izzet Paragon
>1/5 competitive, 4/5 fun
Started out as just "If it has an izzet watermark, throw it in the deck" to go with the promo. No effort has been made to fine-tune the deck's capabilities, it's just been shove crazy shit in. Casual as fuck, and really embarrassing for others at the table when they lose to it (generally from it turning a bunch of tokens into dragons).

>Grimgrin, Corpseborn
>3/5 competitive, 4/5 fun
Playing zombies, sacing zombies, swinging with zombies, hoping desperately the opponent doesn't lock me down with Enchantments or artifacts. Works a lot smoother than my Bruna deck, though with a 5 mana general is still subject to having to rely on the rest of the deck to win.

>Edric, Spymaster of Trest
>3/5 competitive, 3/5 fun
Trying to take a political slant on him, he's worked decently but my lack of actual finisher cards has really let me down. Need to get my hands on Beastmaster's Ascension and other good mass buff spells/enchantments. It's fun playing opponents off each other, but the deck is still clunky.

>Muzzio, Visonary Architect
>3/5 competitive, 4/5 fun
Oh god so many artifacts, everywhere, all the time. I've gone several turns where I didn't play ANYTHING from my hand, just activated abilities and cheated things into play. With some properly good artifacts (darksteel forge, dark/blightsteel colossus, some good X outlet for all this mana) I could probably get this to 4/5, but for now it's still stuck in my NEET casual pile.

I'm halfway tempted to make a "Everyone is on fire" Purphoros deck on the cheap for a nonblue deck, but honestly until I get a regular playgroup again it's probably not worth it.

>> No.54321899

For years I've known of this amazig card and I just realized I'm not running it in Karador. Time to decide what to cut.

>> No.54321905


It Happens, what Deck are you playing?

I play a Similar deck to your opponent with Teysa, Oezhov Scion. But I usually just Drop some of the "I Win combo Cards" like Exquisite Blood or Darkest Hour out depending on what power-level opponents I am playing.

Its Really important to get rid of the obvious Combo-pieces before they go off. A cheeky Mana-tithe helps if theyre tapping out given that you are in White. Don't be afraid of teaming up too

If I resolve something like a Annointed procession with said Teysa Deck I become the archenemy pretty quickly

Also Graveyard hate is super super important run it

>> No.54321992

>Grimgrin, Corpseborn
Shame on you.

>> No.54321993

What do you guys think of watermarks? I prefer them on my cards and it annoys me when the precons and reprints have them removed.

>> No.54322024

Why? Is he secretly super competitive or something?

>> No.54322073

What combo does teysa have with exquisite blood? Or are you just running exquisite blood + sanguine bond as a finisher?

>> No.54322097

Same. It's kind of shitty that commander precons/Masters set just remove the watermarks.

I also don't like it when flavor text is removed like with niv-mizzet but that is probably just me.

>> No.54322103

Yes. My 5c wall deck can't compete and it's not fair.

>> No.54322139

Mazirek or Jarad, because I don't see them often enough.

>> No.54322140

UB deserves better than tribal.

>> No.54322158

When you use any effect that puts -1/-1 counters on multiple creatures, it will trigger for each creature, so something like Carnifex Demon can become absurdly painful.

>> No.54322201

Maybe if I had any of the good stuff in it that might be the case, but I've still got Haunted Dead in it because I just can't get another good "comes back from the grave" card to put in (having Reassembling Skeleton and Mortus Strider as the other two, since I don't want to throw down like $5 for Gravecrawler), I've got no tutors, and I don't even have the good zombie horde creating cards. Still fun, but lacks the raw power the deck could have with the right cards.

>> No.54322228

Possibly, but it's fun and my only viable UB commander. Not going to play "try to mill 3 other players with 100 card decks", which is basically my other option there.

>> No.54322282

Ninjas or rogues with Vela or Sygg is fun

>> No.54322306

Scarab God is the UB commander we need. He's capable of both tribal and mill, yet so much more.

>> No.54322316

>mill 3 other players with 100 card decks
We can do it bb

>> No.54322343


I Run Both.

It doesnt combo with Teysa directly but with alot of the pieces I'd be running anyway. Like Blood Artist/Cliffhaven Vampire etc
Also running a Vampire Drain Subtheme which will probably get shifted off to its own deck soon,

>> No.54322355

One of the many reasons that reprints are for scrubs.

Better to remove the watermark than make the cards white bordered.

>> No.54322376

I've done it, actually.

>> No.54322385

Why do people play competitive 1v1 commander

>> No.54322403

Lack of friends.

>> No.54322405

>than make the cards white bordered.
This. I hate hate hate hate having to include a white bordered card in my deck. It always looks wrong.

>> No.54322452

that one guy Caleb something white bordered his play set of all guru lands

>> No.54322535

>friends get tired of the cutthroat EDH games and decide that we should do a fat pack limited and everyone agrees on Hour of Devastation
>order HOU for $20 mainly due to having another friend who is inside of one of the stores that buys bulk product and gives me big discounts
>2 guys in group bitch because the value of HOU is low and they don't want to lose money and say we should get SOI packs instead
>no good for me since I already got my pack in the mail
>everyone grumbles and says they don't want to do it anymore so I open my bundle myself
>pull a fucking ugly thoughtseize, nicol bolas, foil neheb, and 3 ramunap excavator

Now my only problem is figuring out if Bolas deserves a spot in breya or if I should rebuild nekusar

>> No.54322599

Build bolas tribal with nicol bolas as the commander, include nicol bolas planeswalker, nicol bolas the deceiver, nicol bolas god-pharaoh, the three gods and that one combo where you can turn planeswalker bolas into an equipment to attach to creature bolas so he can beat people up with himself.

>> No.54322619

Its a lot of fun seeing how powerful the decks can get ill give it that

>> No.54322644

He's not as fun as Gisa and Geralf who can constantly bring a grimgrin in the 99 back.

>> No.54322665

This one.

>> No.54322684

Holy shit this level of delusion. Modern players dont spike cards in value. Its the EDH whale autists who feel the need to pimp out every deck that spike every card under the sun because nearly everything is at least playable in EDH. EDHfags are the worst when it comes to spiking cardboard prices.

>> No.54322755

>generally from it turning a bunch of tokens into dragons
I always wanted to make Dragonshift work somehow, do you just make a bunch of Pyromancer's tokens and turn them into dragons?

So somehow a normal Ballista will spike in price if a dozen deckpimpers buy promo and foil versions of it?

>> No.54322759

While that does seem interesting to being the pinnacle of jank I would rather have some way to use him in a moderately to high powered deck

>> No.54322772

then brew it yourself?
what are you looking for exactly? for someone to hold your hand?

>> No.54322773

Can you use Kentaro's ability to get around tax effects?

>> No.54322778


You are deluded friend. It's pretty clear that the more expensive a card is, the more likely that it is played outside edh

>> No.54322799


No, kentaro's effect is an alternative cost. When you cast something for an alternative cost, you still play additional costs

>> No.54322810

>You may pay Variable Colorless rather than pay the mana cost for Samurai spells you cast
still casting them so no

>> No.54322820

Modern is very homogenous, same with Legacy. The cards that are good are already good and played, and most shit in Modern isnt even good in EDH like Goblin Guide and Tarmogoyf, its EDH whales that spike shit like Oracle of Mul Daya and Grave Pacts

>> No.54322822

In that case test him in breya, does not seem like he would do much in nekusar to be honest.

>> No.54322825

Damn, thought he could be worth something. Into the trash.

>> No.54322892


None of what you said supports your point at all, except oracle of mul daya and grave pact being somewhat expensive

If you control for size of print run, number of reprints, rarity, etc, the cards played in modern are like 100x more expensive than ones played in edh

>> No.54322894

>Oracle of Mul Daya
Ah, lol, I looked that card up earlier and I was baffled at the price.

>> No.54322900

Any spicy tech I can use to make nightmare tribal more of a thing?

>> No.54322938


>> No.54322975

>doubling season sees no play in any other format
>still 50$

>> No.54323026

It's in fringe modern combo decks involving planeswalkers.

>> No.54323028

>I always wanted to make Dragonshift work somehow, do you just make a bunch of Pyromancer's tokens and turn them into dragons?
That, goblin makers, and some drakes from Talrand. Going from 5-8 ignorable 1/1s to 4/4 fliers tends to kill someone that tapped out to hurt someone.

>> No.54323035

>he doesnt know about the modern doubling season combo deck
its not tier one but it does exist
>meme atraxa decks still wont die
they arent even good

>> No.54323048


Cards that are played in modern cost more than $50 despite being reprinted multiple times

>> No.54323071


Doubling season is a unique card. It's not even played that heavily in edh, it's just a card that everybody wants to own because no other card is like it

Although I grant you it spiked due to atraxa

>> No.54323102

Devoted Druid is a $10 common thanks to Modern. If that's not price spiking, I don't know what is.

>> No.54323119

Against karador I was playing my newzuri deck. Does blue or green have any gy hate?

Against ghave I was using a friend's sram deck

>> No.54323155

Please define "jank." Is it more than the typical english definition?

>> No.54323173

That fucker in the mind vs might warrior deck. Goblin warrior cunt

>> No.54323181

I did not consider one deck to be the cause of it being 50$ but fair enough I guess.

>> No.54323204

>hurhur chainer is a cool guy and I want my dudes to get +1/+1 with jankshit
Chainer is reanimator, not tribal.
But knock yourself out and get exiled.

>> No.54323230

I wasn't looking for an answer from you faggot

I'll give it a spin and see how it works, if it doesn't work I'll look into other grixis commanders

>> No.54323246

As >>54323102 pointed out a single combo deck caused a spike and I don't even think it made a lot of waves. The cards from the Trough the Breach deck also went the same way. And on top of all that, price memory is a bitch.

>> No.54323265

>GY hate
Green has Scavenging Ooze and Night Soil plus the shuffle graveyards back into library cards like Primal Command and Loaming Shaman.
Blue has Time Reversal effects that shuffle graveyards back in as well as Trinket Mage to tutor up Tormod's Crypt/Relic of Progenitus/Grafdigger's Cage.

>> No.54323269

There is a lot of graveyard Hate that is artifact Based, grafdiggers cage, relic of progenitus etc

Also stuff like Acidic Slime helps against combo-pieces

>> No.54323286

Jank means poor quality or unreliable. It means basically the same thing in this context, but more along the lines of "better stuff is out there, but I use this." Better could mean more consistent, fewer requirements, more streamlined, anything. It's using Soul's Attendant and Sanguine Bond in Ghave instead of Blood Artist.

>> No.54323290

I'll take a look at these cards

Is it worth it to run vedalken orrery in a newzuri deck? It just seems too good to pass up, same with the blue skyline although that's harder to cast than orrery

>> No.54323303

pic related for U

>> No.54323304

Okay should I go with Ixidor or Partners for Morph Tribal?
If Partners, what combination of them?
Blue is a.must, Sidar Kondo allows morphs go Unblocked.

>> No.54323327

You're in green, you can mana fix for double blue, and starting with a Leyline of Anticipation in play is good advantage.

>> No.54323332

Vedalken Orerry is good in every deck

>> No.54323338


>> No.54323384

Definitely run the Orrery. It lets you cast Ezuri on the last end step before your turn, so you minimize the chances of him getting removed before you can start building up your experience counters.

>> No.54323441

My manabase is budget, so I run mostly tap duals and basics, fixing for double blue isn't super easy
Is it worth to run both leyline and orrery?

>> No.54323465

Are you running Sakura-Tribe Elder?

>> No.54323488


>> No.54323502

If you have both, then run them both. It's deceptively powerful to be able to take your turn during everyone else's.

>> No.54323503

why are you so mad, like wtf?

>> No.54323540

>Thread Question

I cast a Twilight's Call when an opponent had a huge boardstate. I thought I had a Cataclysmic Gearhulk in my graveyard so I could wipe the board. But the thing that had killed the Gearhulk last turn had actually exiled it instead of just destroying it. So all I did was seal the game for the player that was way ahead.

>> No.54323607

>have a foil Doubling Season since Ravnica
>seriously pondering to sell it now its $100+

I.. it could get higher.. right? Right?

>> No.54323614

Yes I run a pretty solid amount of ramp I think

Here's my decklist if you'd like to recommend some changes


>> No.54323626

>Devoted Druid $10
>Quillspike is $4

Are people just now finding out about this combo? Or is it something entirely different because I don't play 60 card formats outside of legacy

>> No.54323627

wait a few weeks to see if the new SJWalker makes the Deck better then Sell it

>> No.54323632

>inb4 doubling season is in the precon this year.

>> No.54323657

It's because of the Vizier that goes inf with Druid. I don't know if Quillspike is used on the same deck as a backup combo but could be because of that too.

>> No.54323662

This came out and costs 1 less in a format where Bolt's relevance is waning.

>> No.54323673

I didn't even mention Chainer though?

>> No.54323683

Is that like Saffron Olive tier jank?

>> No.54323691

no its "new modern archetype" good

>> No.54323707

No, because you can hit vizier and druid off collected company.

>> No.54323710

You can get your whole combo off a coco so no it's really good and consitent

>> No.54323718


Am I wrong to think Locust God is fucking broken and people already hate him? I like the card, but I don't want the be that guy.

>> No.54323719

Also Walking Ballista means they have something to actually do with infinite mana and oneshot by making a fuckhuge one.
>counter company
Nigga it tops.

>> No.54323732

I think it's not more hateable than any other UR commande

>> No.54323745

Quillspike isn't used because it has to deal with summoning sickness. Usually it's used with Walking Ballista because it's really easy to find with other cards summoned by CoCo and because you can kill the enemy without attacking

>> No.54323768

He's not broken but he's going to be popular longterm. He's the only infinite mana sink that blue/red can have in the command zone that doesn't require haste to use immediately (Nin).

>> No.54323799

CoCo at EoT dropping it technically dodges haste but yeah I understand.

>> No.54323882

Just make them all white border, like me.

>> No.54324020

Its a 1st ed foil m8. That fuckers locked in.

>> No.54324093


>> No.54324125

>having borders at all in a card

>> No.54324130

If you can get Scourge out early enough in Xenagod, he can put in some work. 33 damage across two swings is hurty.

>> No.54324223

I want this so bad as a mana sink for my muzzio, but modern and standard have driven the price past what I can justify.

>> No.54324228


>> No.54324269

Paying to play and tournament style edh is the cancer

>> No.54324290



cards without borders are hideous 100% of the time

>> No.54324336

All of my decks have blue in them, whats a good commander to build around that does not have blue?

>> No.54324350

Ruric Thar. Admit the errors of your blue ways.

>> No.54324399

Somebody BGx Graveyard-y. Meren or Karador, maybe.

>> No.54324511

Same, my brother. >>543218
I've been considering Purphoros, Jor Kadeen, Olivia, and Alesha. Not a big fan of green, and it's basically part green or red with what I have.

>> No.54324551

>not running neheb with hidetsuga in the 99.

>> No.54324569


>> No.54324624

Omnatg of rage

>> No.54324639

lel what a bitch

>every format can be competitive except this one!

Absurd. Don't call it cancer just because you don't like it. Play for fun if you want but thinking that depriving people of prizes will make this format less toxic is dumb. There will ALWAYS be those thay play to win, not to fuck around. Don't enter tournaments. Play on the sidelines, or with your pals in your dining room.

>> No.54324640

I mean, Voltaic Key does the same job for less mana investment. Clock of Omens, Filigree Sages, or Mind Over Matter can let you untap Vault multiple times in response to removal (other than Krosan Grip).

>> No.54324667

now that crucible is affordable, what are some sic sac/recur land combos? amulet of vigor is fine, too.

>> No.54324678

strip mine

>> No.54325041

All of what you said only applies to foils.

>> No.54325312

thread question
>am at 3 life
>had a mind over matter and a pair of swiftys on the field
>about to drop arcanis and going infinite everything
>cast commander
>grimgrin is now infinite power trample life link
>opponent asks:'are you going to combat?'
>'yes, ill attack you with grimgrin'
>tmw forgot to equip the swiftys
>no swings and die horridly after

to be fair, I wasn't even mad for being tricked into attacking as I destroyed him the previous game because he overlooked steel hellkites firebreathing ability.

>> No.54325410

Saffi Eriksdotter

>> No.54325426

Fetchlands are the best with Crucible. Glacial Chasm also gets much more powerful, just sac it and then replay it to totally protect yourself from creatures.

>> No.54325486


Jaya Ballard

>> No.54325495

This is the true answer. Strip Mine, Glacial Chasm, and Azusa to just keep the pain train going.

>> No.54325555

Horizon Canopy or even Cephalid Coliseum for card draw.

>> No.54325581

>Horizon Canopy costs more than Savannah
I noticed this when I just bought a Horizon Canopy and it makes me think I should just get another Savannah for a GW deck.

>> No.54325913

>horizon canopy

According to mtggoldfish, well that is fucked up.

On the other hand a near mint savannah still costs more than a near mint horizon canopy on magiccardmarket. Anyways wizards should reprint this stupid thing, together with scalding tarn.

>> No.54325940

Horizon Canopy was a Future Sight card, right? When are we getting the associated set? We've gotten a lot of those already (Theros, Khans, New Phyrexia, Amonkhet).

>> No.54326030


Never, we must protect the collectors!

>> No.54326099

>Thread Question
Last week my friend was playing Olivia Voldaren and I cast Medomai the Ageless on my turn without thinking. So that was stupid.

>> No.54326172

>Horizon Canopy was a Future Sight card, right? When are we getting the associated set?
They would never print a cycle of lands with the effect.

>> No.54326187

Not necessarily a cycle, but just the set that has it. None of the other Future Sight cards are cycles.

>> No.54326188

You can get the canopy for 80 and Savanah for closer to 60, but yeah it is pretty shocking.

It shows you that GW is much better in Modern than it is in Legacy/Vintage/EDH. If you look at painlands (10th edition for instance) prices it's the same way, Brushland is like 15$ while Yavimaya Cost is only 2$. That's pretty crazy.

>> No.54326229

wotc hasn't had the guts to make sets with the Future Sight lands except for Graven Cairns. I truly hope that they will someday though. Nimbus Maze and River of Tears would both be totally safe to do and there is no excuse for wotc ignoring them. Grove of the Burnwillows was made GR because healing your opponent should be a bigger drawback for aggressive colors but it ended up being a combo with a red card and Modern could handle a full cycle of them. Horizon Canopy is very strong but I don't see the problem with giving the effect to all colors.

>> No.54326249

Scrubland is pretty cheap too, makes me happy that orzhov is my prefered colour combination. followed by esper, screw underground seas price.

>> No.54326301

Underground Sea is brutal. I bit the bullet and bought 2 recently though and it feels good. If I ever needed the money desperately it would be no trouble to sell them and the price will just go up. [spoilers]meanwhile I still have no Scrubland or Badlands for EDH[/spoiler]

>> No.54326370


>tfw every dual but Volcanic Island
>only deck I have built right now is UR

>> No.54326653

dont post my secret tech fgt

>> No.54326679

Holy shit i have so many of these i had no idea it was a money card.

>> No.54326697

Is well of ideas worth it for Locust God?

>> No.54326717


Just buy more. It's cheap.

Do every Howling Mine effect desu ne.

>> No.54326749

It's a pretty amazing card. The price should go down slightly when it rotates from Standard but I expect it to keep seeing play in every other format. The only one that I think it isn't played in is Legacy.

The coolest thing I've seen with Walking Ballista so far is using it as a kill in the bomberman (Auriok Salvagers+Black Lotus or LED) combo. Ballista is both an artifact with cmc 1 or less and an infinite mana outlet that wins the game. Some Vintage Bomberman decks have used it and it's definitely relevant in EDH too since with LED you discard your hand but Salvagers can return the Ballista. You can use it for removal in the earlygame and even in your graveyard it is still a combo piece.

>> No.54326768

>Every Howling Mine Effect
Thats supposed to be because I'm going to get more value out of the extra draws, right?

>> No.54326783


>> No.54326825

Is that a yes or a sarcastic yes?

>> No.54326837

That's a yes. In any case, Well of Ideas is a pretty asymmetrical effect all things considered and draws affect you more than other players due to token generation. With a sac outlet or ETB exploitation you can make them even more powerful.

>> No.54326883

I have a couple of sac outlets (Goblin Bombardment, Ashnod's), what ETB stuff is there, besides Pandamonium?
Also, thanks!

>> No.54326946

Purphoros, Impact Tremors, Altar of the Brood, Warstorm Surge, Mana Echoes. Also get tap outlets in there (Opposition, Kyren Negotiations) to fully exploit sac outlets. The last sac outlet I'd suggest is Skullclamp. I'm also thinking Faces of the Past for tap and sacrifice shenanigans.

>> No.54326994

Phyrexian and Ashnods Altar also work really well with draw X spells

>> No.54327040

Also allows you to Banefire/Comet Storm as a finisher.

>> No.54327043

Finally finished foiling out Maelstrom Wanderer, I'll post pics once I finish these dank Fruit Loops.

>> No.54327074

And both go infinite with Skullclamp

>> No.54327271

>"don't crack an Hour of Devastation box anon, you'll lose money and get straight garbage."
>buy one anyways because I'm bad with money
>highlights include Bolas, Invocation Lord of Extinction, two Magus of the Crucible, hour of devastation, solemnity, scarab god, and four foil full art lands
>totaled $240 Canadian on a box that cost $150 with tax
>all my friends hear, go buy a box each
>one guy hits a box like me, another barely makes their money back, five more crack a bunch if sammut and jank

>> No.54327375


>> No.54327399

Saskia the Unyielding

>> No.54327555

did you foil your dream halls fellow wanderer bro?

>> No.54327624

>not BLACKED and gob waifu partners

>> No.54327765


Lucky you. Keep the Scarab and Lord of Extinction and make a cool deck.

>> No.54327880

Sidar Kondo and Vial Smasher.

>> No.54327939

>buy from this shitty reseller online because they had an FTV Jitte for 20$ instead of 25
>receive package
>its an original foil kamigawa jitte

>> No.54327955

>sidar kondo
>not thrasios or kraum

pls. most of the partner commanders are jank, but vial smasher's effect pairs really well with someone that either draws cards or really likes card draw.

>> No.54328089

So you're going to flip it, right?
The point was to not be in blue, which means Sidar+Vial Smasher, Tana+Ravos/Tymna, or Ikra Shidiqi/Reyhan+Bruse/Akiri. Tana Tymna is likely best.

>> No.54328111

Hey Guys, me and my playgroup are just getting into edh and Im looking to build a UW deck. now I know from previous experience that my playgroup is very cutthroat, and we have all set a budget of around 300 dollars for our edh decks.

Keeping in mind that this will be multiplayer with tryhards, is grand arbiter augustin IV or brago king eternal a stronger general? Ive already built an augustin deck on tappedout, happy for any suggestions from more seasoned players:


>> No.54328157

Got Damn that is a difference of about 200$

>> No.54328160

Brago full on STAX. Flicker your Mana Vault/Crypt/Stoneforge/Tanglewire etc and make sure you're the only person allowed to play.
Augustin IV fits in fine in the 99.

>> No.54328184

would they contact me to have it back if they realize? what could they do?

>> No.54328247

They're both good. Augustin is probably better in a cutthroat environment while Brago is more of a pubstomper. If everyone playing is bringing a good amount of removal then they will just remove Brago before letting him attack someone.

If you really like blinking and etb effects then you could still go for Brago but you have to build him more seriously with less value and more protection.

>> No.54328252

So is brago really better than augustin? I feel like being entirely reliant on quickly connecting an attack in order to get any value is a pretty big weakness, wheras augustin is not 100% commander reliant

>> No.54328262

I'll take "Things That Never Happened" for $200.
Or pics, those would work too.

>> No.54328268

Literally nothing. You got lucky and should just enjoy.

>> No.54328276

This. Pics or it didn't happen. This one is easy enough to prove.

>> No.54328280

Well I'm a bit biased in that I've played someone with that deck a few times, and its like pulling teeth every goddamn time.

>> No.54328292

Check the seller's site, or wherever you bought it from. They might have a clause pertaining to incorrect shipments, but in all likelihood, legally, it's their fault for not realizing it. Possession is nine tenths of the law and all that. Morally, you should report the mistake, and if you want a totally clean conscience then you should return it. I wouldn't, and even if I did I'd try and get store credit and shipping costs.

>> No.54328294

Yes this was my initial feeling as well, he would just get poe or condemned or whatever, completely screwing the gameplan.

I somehow cant fully understand why everyone says brago is so strong, I mean it seems good on paper, but if youre in a multiplayer setting with even semi- serious decks I fail to see how he could ever go off.

Dont get me wrong, he seems strong and most of all very fun to play, but still.

Ah I see. Why not just add cheap removal / prison effects to stop him?

Also, any thoughts on the augustin list? kind of a beginner to this, but so far enjoying the actual deckbuilding immensely.

>> No.54328338

I did have fun once when I Black Sun Zenith'd Brago into an 0/1...
Then he Helm of Awakening/Rest in Peace'd me lol

>> No.54328339


Keep it and if they claim they sent you the wrong thing call them liars.

Fuck the man.

>> No.54328350

sorry for the nail. unsure if the camera caught the foiling

>> No.54328464

Yeah I put that combo in the augustin deck too, seems pretty crazy. If you have access to black in the deck you play vs brago, why not add things like dismember / go for the throat or maybe even slaughter pact? that should stop him fast enough one would think, right?

>> No.54328531

You're running Darksteel Mutation. Why is that card good? Because without enchantment removal, whatever you put it on is gone. Just out of the game. It's 0/1, so it can't do damage, it's got no abilities, and it's indestructible. Kill Brago and he's coming back in a turn or two, maybe with Swiftys or Greaves. Make it so that he can't do damage and now your opponent has to waste permanent resources to get him active again.

>> No.54328559

It also gets hit by sacrifice effects and certain boardwipes- two of which were just printed.

>> No.54328577

Yeah, also imprisoned in the moon (admittedly worse than darksteel, but similar effect.)

I see your point. However, what I meant to say was that brago often seems reliant on quickly gaining the upper hand; if the table recieves some more time to stabilize and prepare for a swing from him, I do feel it would become much tougher for the brago player to establish total dominance.

>> No.54328590

This is true. Song of the Dryads / Imprisoned in the moon are better because lands are hard to deal with, but 'destroy all nonland permanents' or 'destroy all lands' still hits them. Darksteel mutation is still a really good answer to most commander-reliant decks(like atraxa) and should be run if you and your group don't mind stepping on toes to win a game.

>> No.54328914

They're also part of the best combo, the one that lets you perma-fuck opposing commanders.

De-creatureize the commander with Song or Moonjail. Artifact them with Mycosynth Lattice or Liquimetal. Make them an equipment with Bludgeon Brawl. Equip to a token with Magnetic Theft on a stick or Grip of Phyresis or something. Phase the token out: Vodalian Hypnotist will do it. Token ceases to exist and since the commander phased out indirectly they never come back. It's pretty much 100% too much effort to ever be technically worth it but if you pull it off you can walk away from the game with a moral victory no matter the results. Easier, but requiring an opponent misplay, you could return-at-EoT flicker a commander then drop Sundial of the Infinite or otherwise end the turn to fuck the return trigger, but that's not QUITE as eternally gone as phased out indirectly by a token.

>> No.54328949

Or just play Mindslaver

>> No.54329898

What mana rocks are necessary for an average two-color deck?

>> No.54329908

Signet, Mind Stone, Hedron Archive are my basic necessities.

>> No.54329918

That it?

>> No.54329943

OP's edition is fine, fuck off.

>> No.54330012

I want to put together a Jori En tribal Merfolk deck and focus playing lots of cheap spells and cantrips and stuff. There's no way to make this competitive, right?

>> No.54330164

Sol Ring, maybe Thran Dynamo and Gilded Lotus if you don't have green. If you have green then just include Skyshroud Claim.

>> No.54330173


>> No.54330239

If you're playing allied colors, Talismans are neat.

>> No.54330259

Yeah they are. I have two foiled Talisman of Dominance from building Modern Utron. Too bad I'm building an Izzet deck.

>> No.54330673

Are Tronlands mandatory or just for very high curve or monobrown decks?

>> No.54330721

Tronlands are a pipe dream. Only run them if they have absolutely no chance of hurting you, meaning you'd need to A. Not worry about colored costs and B. Not worry about nonbasic land hate. You'd probably be better off picking any random utility land, or just straight up playing Wastes in most situations.

>> No.54330747

Sounds about right. An employee at my LGS once told me that they were EDH staples when I was looking for them once, so I was a bit curious.

>> No.54331000


That man lied to you.

>> No.54331119


>> No.54331147

On a side note, Nimbus Maze cycle would be sweet and not frighteningly powerful for standard enviroment.

>> No.54331162

>proving me wrong in the last minutes of the thread
In any case, what about a cycle of Horizon Canopy lands that don't sac for draw but instead various effects (even though Canopy's effect is off-color)?

Same with River of Tears.

>> No.54331229

Im making rakdos vial smasher. How crazy is it to just play just vialsmasher because I want to keep the deck 2 color?

>> No.54331327

Not at all crazy but if you don't have U you're missing a fuckload of spells she could abuse

>> No.54331392

you might as well add another commander, even if you never play it.

>> No.54331438

I've had shit like that happen to me before. I was sent an expedition Bloodstained Mire instead of a foil one from Tarkir. I didn't say anything.

I feel slightly guilty, but I enjoy having an expedition bloodstained mire moreso.

Mistakes were made.

>> No.54331521


The Professor is so moe

>> No.54331544

>The Professor is so moe
I actually like the guy. He's just cheesy as fuck. But there's nothing really objectionable about him.

>> No.54331597

Yeah he's great.

>> No.54331895


He has raped at least two women.

>> No.54331903

Kek, really?

>> No.54331908



>> No.54331993

Actual rape or SJW rape?

>> No.54332037

I cant think of a time I fucked up bad but a friend of mine did heat shimmer+dualcaster combo after he had attacked with something insignificant

>> No.54332596


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