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Let me hear your /tg/ confessions.

I'll start.

I really only like to shitpost about femarines to make people mad, but I also would buy femarines if they were released.

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I secretly get really excited when I think I'm about to kill a player. I sometimes fantasise about cool ways to kill players as I'm falling asleep and subtly goad them towards their deaths in session.

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I'm a complete prude, who starts loudly complaining whenever sexual content comes up in the game. My characters also tend to be super religious, often with vows of chastity, or some other reason why they behave like sexless robots.

Privately, however, it's a whole other business. I even wrote a short story about the rest of PCs raping and dominating my paladin and turning her into a sex slave. Nobody would ever look at me the same, if they ever read it.

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I know that half the party is actively breaking rules in combat, though I expect none of them realize they're fucking it up.
I deliberately haven't mentioned it because it's helping with balance

Furthermore, one of those rules errors is the result of me getting the rules wrong, and I deliberately haven't bothered to correct myself on it since it's making the OP character less OP.

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I ditched a game without saying a word on roll 20, I was the GM, I just didn't feel like putting in the work for prep anymore

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>prude paladin girl that secretly wants to get fucked

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All of my stories are from 1999 or earlier. I haven't played an actual tabletop game for almost 18 years. Every time I try to get into a game, I get annoyed by the other players, who at least in my very probably rose tinted perceptions, don't stack up to the group I used to play with back in the day.

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I get involved in edition wars and martial vs caster threads. There's nothing new involved, but I get a visceral pleasure in letting loose on people over petty differences and feel pointlessly superior for holding my opinions over the opinions of others, despite knowing rationally that they're all equally valid.

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i see nothing wrong with relationships forming within gaming groups.

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I deliberately shat up a game of Traveller so that my group would get back to playing D&D 5e because I don't like sci-fi. I pretended to get rules wrong and bickered about the GM's (correct) interpretation, made shit characters just to complain about the broken system, lolsorandumbed down all the time, manufactured IC disputes with other PCs and wasted a lot of time on them, and successfully diverted the party away from many of the GM's plothooks. We are now playing 5e again, and I will use these tactics in future if the group tries to play another system.

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>I really only like to shitpost about femarines to make people mad, but I also would buy femarines if they were released.

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You are a sociopath and the world would be better without you.

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You should consider suicide deeply and at length.

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This applies to most of the internet.

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This made me irrationally angry, if this is bait congratulations, nothing has made me this angry in a long time

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>despite knowing rationally that they're all equally valid.

This is the most unforgivable retardation in your post. KYS, relativist hipster.

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You did nothing wrong, and I would do the same in your shoes.

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I know that feel anon.
I keep my ERP / magical realm shit out of game and where it belongs, like MMOs.

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Honestly? I think the god emperor is a huge asshole and would willingly help chaos if I figured out a way to make the positive emotions the dominant factor of the universe. Frankly, golden era or not, the entire Imperium just feels like what would happen if a crazy supervillian took over the world and it was about as shitty as expected as far as the long term goes, imperial truth or God emperor state religion in charge.I also don't have a problem with fem-marines, I just hate it when people make genuinely try to make it some kind of gender inequality issue.

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The irl group I'm currently playing with thinks I'm an expert roleplayer. Before meeting them, I have played 5 or 6 sessions of Exalted and an half-hearted one of VtM, and that was years ago.

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wow, what a jerk desu. have a (you)

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I despise /tg/'s obsession with balance and rational explanation. I hate endless worldbuilding. I would take a dozen animu and stock characters over a single subdued one because I find them inoffensive, unmemorable, and boring.

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I have no friends and am a social cripple. Since I've liked reading fantasy and sci-fi novels I took to this board years ago and ive done enough reading on games and what not that i can hold my own in a conversation but I've never played a tabletop game in my entire life.

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Don't be a huge pussy next time and just say "I'm not a fan of sci-fi, can we try something else?"

It's one measly sentence.

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Play a roll20 game with /tg/fags desu.

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Thats so gay!!!!

My magical realm is to make everything lewd or porno. No special fetish or full porn, just infusing it with kinky, lewd or romantic shipping

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Kicked a few players for this BS. Won't ever hesitate.

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I don't really like roleplaying, despite loving fantasy, sci-fi, eletronic games and whatever. I just play to hang out with my friends

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I only like the basic gist of lore in 40k, and usually fluff my dudes in a way that doesn't fit. For example, blue and red skinned orks, or broken down Necron, or a female marine chapter

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I'm that guy

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Shit taste.

Literally 99% of /tg/

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See though, that's not even a dark confession, that's a legitimate complaint

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I've been on /tg for a total of about 4 hours now and I'm beginning to suspect that this place sucks.

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I have been GMing games for maybe about two years now and I am suffering from a heavy dose of fatigue. It is a mystery/investigation based game so prep ends up being a lot of work, especially since I've run through a lot of published scenarios and have had to start making my own. When I start working on the next scenario I just feel panicked and unprepared, even though some of the most bare boned things I have thrown at my players have been tons of fun. The worry that I disappoint my players as we head up to the end on a built up plot point just eats me up inside and makes me feel completely inadequate. I really don't know what to do about it, since the players seem to want to keep playing by all accounts.

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>When I start working on the next scenario I just feel panicked and unprepared, even though some of the most bare boned things I have thrown at my players have been tons of fun.

This is where you should find your strength, anon. Making shit up on the fly on top of a bare bones idea is standard procedure, and Players will actually do a lot of the work for you.

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Diagnosed with gender identity disorder* (back in 1987 under the DSM-iii, from 3 different doctors to be sure of the diagnosis); my parents chose to put their "non-broken kid" through athletic and academic camps rather than put me through any sort of therapy and treatment, since I was clearly a lost cause anyway.

So now I RP almost exclusively as a girl so I can live - for a little while - as the gender I was supposed to be.

>*I guess it's "gender dysphoria" now

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When my best friend is the GM I'm paranoid that he's actively dicking my character over or shooting down my ideas to avoid showing me favoritism, which generally leaves me feeling completely unfulfilled after any session he's running.

When I GM I almost always end up accidentally turning my favorite character concept that a player presented me with into the de facto main character of the game.

When I'm a player I can turn into a massive rulesfaggot if I'm not paying attention to the mood of the game.

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I don't play tabletop games at all. I just come here because the board has interesting discussions

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This post makes me sad. I hope you feel better anon

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>t. human white male fighter with brown hair and brown eyes that nobody will ever remember or care about

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I actually know a lot of trans people who are into RPing, almost exclusively as their preferred gender. It's kinda sad, but I'm happy that it can provide a little relief, for a time. I just hope eventually the technology gets to the point you and others like you can live the lives you deserve.

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>Diagnosed with gender identity disorder* (back in 1987

M8, if you got diagnosed with that back in the fucking 1980s, then that diagnosis actually fucking MEANS something. It's not like today where anyone can ask to get HRT if they have a bad week at school. A GID diagnosis from back then was worse than getting an AIDS diagnosis, socially speaking.

You have my sincere sympathies, and you go right ahead and keep playing a girl.

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Just gotta find the threads that aren't shit.

Don't use the catalogue it hides the most recent posts and threads here derail regularly; instead, browse the first few pages and read the most recent posts to see if the line of conversation and basic topic interest you.

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Your kitsune mizukami who dual wields sentient katanas and rides around on a demisexual panda while flashing her pantsu in combat isn't nearly as super-interesting as you think it is, weebflake.

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I have the same dreams, only I'm the player. Nothing excites me more than describing how hideous my character's wounds are or how they're crying for their mother as their viscera ooze out of gaping sword cuts.

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>M8, if you got diagnosed with that back in the fucking 1980s, then that diagnosis actually fucking MEANS something.

It means he should kill himself and should have done it years ago to save his parents the trouble of raising a failure of a human being.

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>Don't use your imagination when playing pretend.

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Damn. Watch out for the edges.

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More than anything else, I wish I could defecate in your PC's towercase.

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That's you. You're a faggot.

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You guys know that there's an entire range of character concepts between brown-haired city guard and panty-flashing, dual wielding, fox god magical girl, right?

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that actually sounds pretty interesting

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Good GMing! Sort of.

>I've been on /tg for a total of about 4 hours now and I'm beginning to suspect that this place sucks.
It's a dung heap, anon. A dung heap with occasional treasures in it, but a dung heap nonetheless.

>worry that I disappoint my players
>feel completely inadequate
>some of the most bare boned things I have thrown at my players have been tons of fun
>players seem to want to keep
Artist Syndrome, pic related. Just keep flailing, you're bringing joy to the world.

I'm shitposting on 4chan instead of running games for people. People like my games. They're eager to play my games. I'm running behind in planning out my games. Instead I'm shrieking at 3eaboos because



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Stupid motherfucker

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>I even wrote a short story about the rest of PCs raping and dominating my paladin and turning her into a sex slave.


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Would allow it, I love trashy ecchi shows and haremshit.

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Whenever I gm, while I'd prefer interplayer cooperation, I can never help but smile with glee when they start to massively squabble over an overall inocuous situation.

Bonus points, it's often because the players did so well in combat they take a captive, but then argue what to do with the prisoner.

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Wouldn't you be happier on >>>/lit/?

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>Good GMing! Sort of.
Well, if I were the GM it'd be "good" GMing. I'm just a player who occasionally reads the rulebook.

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Shill the Alexandrian while you shriek at them.
If they resign themselves to 3e, they might as well do it well.

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I think this is more your speed, friend


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I miss quests

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me too

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We push foreverGM to run some Anima because of the six million ways to make this or that character.
He decides to keep it simple, going for an Ogre Battle style game with us as the heros of the revolution. Only thing he keeps from the standard setting is the nephilim, and them being opressed scapegoats.

I show up with Grimdark, Lord of Edges. Dukzarist Warlock, uses Magic Weapon and Merge with Body to have an Able Nightroad bloodsythe, bought extra martial knowledge for Nemisis ki powers (I move like Ring Girl and have a cold aura) use the rest of my magical potential to learn necormancy and that King in Yellow subpath that lets you drive people insane and control the actions of crazy people.

We open in City A, trade hub with nephelim ghetto whose mayor is secretly sympathetic to the plight of the Nephelim, and was intended to be our Fredreik Analogue (Ogre Battle 64 reference)

I am Grimdark, Lord of Edges.

I place a curse on the Mayor's house, making it unsetling. Forever. This slowely drives the mayor insane, destablising the city. Then I terroize a few random civies so badly they fall under my King in Yellow magic, and I then set them to rioting and burning, screaming "DEATH TO THE OPRRESORS! NEPHILIM RIGHTS NOW!"

The actual nephelim have no fucking clue what's going on, until the city gaurd show up and start asking questions. After the gaurds leave I kill them and raise them as zombies, then send them out to attack their old barracks.

So, I drove the decent man who was supposed to lead the revolution insane and started a bloody race war by engineering a massacre of innocent people, all while spouting the most ridiculous tumblr teir bullshit about racism and oppression to justify my actions.

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Stop being reasonable, you should only strawman, you... indecisive fence-sitter!
I bet you play a bisexual half-human half-kitsune wielding a western but sentient sword riding a demisexual horse.

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>western... sword

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>he doesn't like kitsunes
lol what a fucking faggot

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>western but sentient sword
>not folded one thousand times

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I've got a game next week with a new group and I rolled a bard, how should I avoid magical realm stuff?
I just want to play a guy who just wants to drink, play music and adventure

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You're right, it should be middle eastern.

Sorry, only 5 hundred times.

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You're a chaste and somewhat stuffy scholar of literature who has an obsession with the the finer things in life like poetry, the beauty of nature, and being an all around scholar and gentlemen

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I'll say I don't want my characters to suffer but really it is one of the most relieving and cathartic things I have experienced.
A tragic romance here
A broken dream there
Maybe my character raises his dead brother's daughter.
Feels are more satisfying for me than masturbation.

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>middle eastern
Give Arab sword, he turns it into a knife.

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I play monster races because I think they're cooler than the standard races.

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I come here for 40K stuff, and sometimes I feel /v/ of all places is more chill when discussing about fluff.
Also, I come from a leftist family (and proud of it) yet our favorite tabletop is Monopoly.

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>I've been on /tg for a total of about 4 hours now and I'm beginning to suspect that this place sucks.
Oh it's too late, son. You posted, so you're one of us now.

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I play AD&D with my parents because they're the only people I can actually stand. I fucking hate other people and my parents really are my only actually friends. Surprisingly, I'm happy about this.

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Why is it not legal to shoot people like you on sight?

>> No.54309006

I don't think I could handle playing any role playing game with my parents. Too many things you can do with friends that you can't do with parents.

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I don't care about the games I run (not completely, though), for me it's just a way to validate my previous life choices because I blame other people for creating a situation where I couldn't do better. Don't really understand the point of make-believe when you can just improve your real life skills, develop contacts, do something that changes _real_ life.

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friends low effort make up everything on the fly calvin ball horseshit campaign is dying because I shit talk him behind his back with the other players and they agreed with me, but now they want me to dm because I seem to have the most rules knowledge but I'm afraid I'll be just as terrible a DM even if I tried my best.

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This kind of inferiority complex will only bring you misery, anon. Be happy in the moment and in what you do, and don't waste time trying to climb some imaginary ladder of merit.

>> No.54309307

I'm actually enjoying being a waifu stealing bard, much to the detriment of one of the other players.

>> No.54309312

The few "friends" I have are assholes that would rather be "LOLZ I KILL HIM!!! ;^)" and interject their poltics/fetishes in my damn games. Either they fuck up my games by being disruptive, or when I'm a player they're retards and most of them can't DM/GM and the only one who can is a fucking vorefag that pushes his fetish into the game. With my parents, I can joke with them and yet everything doesn't derail. I trust them when they DM/GM because I know they're not going to do something stupid, and same as players. Sorry, I really hate my so called friends. This is why I'm becoming a hermit

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I miss quests.

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I want to play in an ERP campaign. Not just regular ERP, I want it to be a RPG. I'm too scared to look for one, for a variety of reasons. Mostly due to social anxiety.

>> No.54309379

I was in one that was some japanese hentai simulator that was surprisingly mechanically sound.

It was actually pretty fun until it wasn't.

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I felt like I was doing the same thing, but more out of OOC spite. Then I did some introspection and realized that the other players were mostly just massive fuckheads that deserved everything they got. Nobody was happy in the end.

>> No.54309423

The majority of my time as a player is thinking on how to fuck the plot over, not how to game the system on getting OP stuff, just...
>This object is the key to free the archmage.
>I break it, deliberately.
>But then you won't be able to find the king!
>The quests can't continue!

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lul wat a queermo

>> No.54309459

You know there are discords for that sort of shit. And websites (F-list) where you can find said discords.

>> No.54309472

Holy shit, antediluvian tranny!

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It doesn't have to be over the top sex all the time, just a game where Magical Realm isn't something to be avoided at all costs. I just want to play a character that gets into perilous situations and has to deal with the possibly lewd ramifications of those situations.

I guess I feel sex is a lot more interesting when there's... non-sexual things happening to give it context? I don't know how to explain it. Maybe I just want things to seem more natural.

>> No.54309562

Read up on the roles, get GM advice from the thread that is relevant to your game and some YouTube videos and then stage a coup and vive la revolution. If the streets of your city aren't running red with the blood of traitors and monarchists you are doing something wrong.

>> No.54309571

Yeah, that's exactly what it was. Had specific mechanics for pantyshots, clothing damage, when you could activate lewd acts for EXP, battle conditions for activating your chosen lewd acts, all sorts of neat shit.

It was all in all pretty silly and fun again, until it wasn't. I probably wouldn't do it ever again if given the chance.

>> No.54309581

if only murder was legal

>> No.54309586

I'm sure there are, but like I said, I haven't really been actively looking due to problems. Been trying to get help.

>> No.54309587

>vorefag DM that puts you in his magical realm.
I'm so sorry.

>> No.54309595

see I agree with the god emperor part, but for different reasons. When I dipped my toes into the lore I hoped for low bar but metal style stuff only for it turn into some philosophical take on man and other intelligent life. The whole bitching of tau or eldar seems just silly when three forces (nids, necrons, chaos) are a true threat to all.

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too bad

>> No.54309630

here, have some acceptance

>> No.54309651

To be fair, it WAS supposed to be a setting that didn't take itself seriously, then later it did and shit got kind of weird.

>> No.54309698

same but I come for Warhammer most of the time. (it has gotten so bad I browses the 40k subreddits from time to time)

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Can't do more than put up the waysigns here, anon.

>> No.54309800

Okay this is a greentext story in the works, fess up, what happened to make it bad?

>> No.54309801

I make up that GM/DM stories and relate them slightly but noticeably to our current campaign. I do this because I have a strong suspicion my DM browses /tg/, so I'm either fucking with him or producing entertaining lies if he doesn't.

>> No.54309803

I haven't painted my models because I can't decide what colors they should be.

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File: 2.33 MB, 592x496, 1344462425199.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I appreciate it. Maybe I'll work up the courage to fulfill my lewd dreams one day.

>> No.54310122

Nothing saucy or crazy, it just stopped being fun. It was a combination of me getting screwed when the GM was attempting to juggle multiple timezones for scheduling sessions and the novelty wearing off.

That's why I said I probably wouldn't do it again. It's a bit of a "been there, done that" sorta thing, yknow?

>> No.54310140

I wouldn't call it a confession because I ain't ashamed of this shit but since this is blogpost general I'll put it here.

I really wanna play another nechronica game. Hopefully one that doesn't collapse after 5 sessions this time.

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Every single recent character of mine has a pun as his name
>3 different IG grenade launcher troopers
Konstantin Opal
Stan Bull
Otto Mann
>Ratling sniper and his comrade
Juan Canochez
Slic Ochez
I can't fucking stop

>> No.54310338

Collecting board games and role playing books is much more important to me than actually playing.

I have a 2e group I DM for and a 5e group I play in. I definitely enjoy both, but really want to DM a Star Trek game instead. Unfortunately I don't really like online tabletop and most of my real life friends aren't knowledgeable or interested in Star Trek.

>> No.54310401

>tfw someone saved your image with the filename you gave it
Truly among the best feels.

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>> No.54310453

It's cool

I put sexy situations in game just to temp the one guy into trying erp. He seems like the type to do it, and I'm not sure I'd be opposed to it if it happened.

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File: 264 KB, 1600x1067, Come_at_me_Oni_san.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I turned a story and region of a pokemon fangame into a dnd campaign
The only reason for hiatus is me waiting for an update

>> No.54310508

Legit, dude. There are worse ways to spend your time and solidify bonds with your friends.

My sympathy. I'm glad you can get some solace from that.

Calvin-ball horseshit is the fucking worst. Played some perverse abortive mutation of AD&D 2nd ed in Forgotten Realms with a shitload of houserules and home-made feats and skills that weren't codified anywhere, _bizarre_ rolling rules. Got pretty tired of the Deus Ex Machinas when we were fighting things we had no business fighting (Greater Balors at lvl 2, what the flying fuck). The GM and his buddies didn't know how to not escalate.

>> No.54310534

Not inferiority complex, but ambition. As for 'being happy in the moment', I like applying my media erudition and setting up complex systems - such as tabletop, sort of. And ladders of merit IRL aren't imaginary, I don't want a passive life position because it only leads to shifting responsibility onto those who make the big decisions.

>> No.54310595

I am starting to hate and resent my players

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I honestly believe the locally-developed indie system I play that was developed by my friend and mentor is far and away just better than pretty much anything else I've played, and I can barely even fathom playing anything else anymore , to the point of getting vitriolicly smug over it when my co-worker drones about 5e.

It's really unfortunate because the total player count for the system is likely less than 200 worldwide, and it's the only thing I can stomach anymore. And, also unfortunately, the best stuff of it will potentially never see official release.

>> No.54310784

>tfw you both play in and GM completely ERP based pathfinder, using a friends custom systems.

It's great, we don't skip out on story and in general have a good time.

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I love the fact that so many people in this hobby are weak, effeminate, unassertive and meek and cowardly. I've banged two of their girls and about to do a third, I know at least one of them knows what we're doing.

>> No.54310830

I played a scalefag fetish character before and none of the players knew what it was until about a year and a half into the campaign when we came across a redwall-esque rabbit village and I ate one of the fatter rabbit-people alive, whole. The GM nor the players ever actually confronted me about it and I continue to make my lizardfolk a fat gluttonous bastard in every town we come across. But I think the GM is into it because he keeps indulging me with more and more lavish stuff. That, and one of the players is making it a point to always hang out with me in our down time in cities.

>> No.54310852

You are secretly fulfilling his fetish

>> No.54310904

And thank you for reminding me that people are shit and you should never trust them. Yeah, fuck my so called friends, I'm done with this bullshit. Seriously, I don't care if your joking or not, but you pushed me over the edge with that statement. I'm done with other people. Rather play AD&D with my parents or not play at all then deal with fuckers such as yourself or my "friends". Rather be alone in this world without children or a wife, then deal with you disgusting people. I'm fucking done with this shit, I'm going full blown hermit. The only people you can trust is your own family.

>> No.54310906
File: 225 KB, 686x385, Earl bastard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Won't be his fetish much longer when his girlfriend leaves him.

>> No.54310911

Nigga do just that. Play a guy that's friendly and charming but doesn't try to fuck everything with a pulse. It's not hard to avoid the Magical Realm unless you have a weird GM.

>> No.54310937

>Getting triggered this hard
Good riddance. No one wants to have to deal with your sperg-outs.

>> No.54310945
File: 30 KB, 480x270, eNlCsV0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh come on anon, sure that guy is a complete piece of shit but I don't know what you were expecting, this IS 4chan. Besides, most people are actually pretty nice to play with, it wouldn't hurt to at least try a campaign online or with another local group besides your "friends" before you write off humanity completely.

>> No.54310963

Why would somebody just make things up on the internet?

>> No.54310968
File: 397 KB, 245x138, 1469672161349.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Be a man, not a bitch.

>> No.54310980

I mean, not to trigger the autists or anything but....
aren't the Adeptus Sororitas basically fucking female marines anyways?

>> No.54310991

Giving up on other people entirely is missing out on a lot of opportunity. You could always meet new friends. I know the bad times are awful, but I still think it's worth it in the end for the sheer joy I've been able to share with other people.

>> No.54310993
File: 23 KB, 500x327, dfb5f6fb6cfd46e6abd42e3a23eb048f_meme-shrug-memesuper-shoulder-shrug-meme_500-327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...well yeah, honestly. Most people just bring up fem-marines for bait anyway

>> No.54311034
File: 56 KB, 640x480, 225b8960bf193208394f232f996664461443893145_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not fucking the boyfriend to establish dominance

>> No.54311093

And no one wants to deal with a cunt, yet here we are on 4chan acting like cunts while spergging.
You're right about the 4chan part, even though on internet land everyone is a fucking piece of shit. But, on the other hand I'm really am done with this bullshit. I will admit that my anger isn't just from /tg/ related things like my "friends", but from other things as well. Sadly, my overall anger is just coming out still fucking hate people though.
Being honest, if I did have a girlfriend and someone tried to cuckold me, I would beat her to an inch of her life before I terrorized him by firebombing his house. inb4 "internet tough guy" because I'm considered a high functioning sociopath that's, get ready to laugh, also slightly autistic. Fuck my life with a rusty spoon

>> No.54311094

I made a player's character the main character of my game because he's the only one who showed the most interest out of everyone,
I try to give out hooks for other players but they're either not present, or not interested

I keep wanting to make an edgy campaign, but everyone dislikes that, and my current gming campaign is supposed to be lighthearted, so I have to fight myself from getting ideas were the love interests get raped/killed, villans genocide entire cities,

>> No.54311113

I'm more interested in world building and writing characters than I am playing or even dming. Whenever I'm a player I occasionally do stupid shit that might get him killed just so I have the chance to play some other character idea I have, because I get bored of characters quickly, and if I'm running, every single important npc is some character I had written somewhere

>> No.54311134
File: 19 KB, 251x241, 1490658058728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm considered a high functioning sociopath

I bet my bottom dollar you barely function at all.

>> No.54311180
File: 41 KB, 400x366, 6311517+_9d9db4c177bd8b24ff51feff0f244017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"slightly" autistic

>> No.54311212

I really wish I could meet you two. Where do both you live?

>> No.54311225

Don't be afraid to take a week off if you need a break. Just let your players know that you need some time off and play some unrelated premade oneshot or a boardgame or even just have a week doing nothing.

>> No.54311250
File: 869 KB, 986x797, 1489366728138.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54311269
File: 18 KB, 100x235, cluckin what.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's not like today where anyone can ask to get HRT if they have a bad week at school.
Right, because increased awareness and openness about these things totally invalidates a medial diagnosis.

>> No.54311297

Oh come on, stop spamming memes and give me an address. What's the worst that's going to happen?

>> No.54311311

I missed like 5 threads of a quest I was super into when the move happened. I found it again but the between the gap and having to go to a separate board to check, I didn't keep up with it. Sad times.

>> No.54311312

I'm typically The GM when my group plays, and whenever anyone else GMs I'm super critical and always think of how I could be doing it better.

>> No.54311317
File: 220 KB, 500x334, Motorlaugh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54311351

I understand this reference.
Also I only just now realise that would have ruined the blade and this upsets me slightly.

>> No.54311356


>> No.54311359

>Give an arab a fishing rod
>He'll probably trade it for a fish

>> No.54311371
File: 74 KB, 500x484, Autismos, dark lord of the internet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fuck, this guy.

>> No.54311376

Yes, but also no. They're visually and gameplay-wise extremely similar, but in the lore they exist for very, very different reasons and often do not get along.

>> No.54311434

Surprised you didn't put Autismo the tiger. Have to admit, sperging on you anons is actually helping me, so fuck it. Keep on the memes, and I'll keep threaten. Really though, what do you think I'm going to do to you if you give me your address.

>> No.54311482

>yet our favorite tabletop is Monopoly

Why's that surprising? Monopoly is a satirical takedown of capitalism.

>> No.54311500
File: 774 KB, 757x657, Dream.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please stop feeding the trolls.

>> No.54311514

At first I thought you were just joking but now I'm considering that you're actually this pathetic. Regardless, have a (You) for making me laugh.

>> No.54311527

It still doesn't take itself seriously and if you can't tell it's because they've gotten more subtle about the satire.

>> No.54311539 [SPOILER] 
File: 193 KB, 830x815, 1500003768790.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I insert my fetish into as many scenarios as I can without getting caught.

>> No.54311573

I do the same but with emotional suffering.

>> No.54311579

Y-you mean PC...right?

>> No.54311585

You're not that subtle about it, Conner.

>> No.54311606

Okey Dokey. I'm done anyways for the night and I've got to go to bed soon, tomorrow I'm getting new turkeys.
Thank you for indulging my shitposting, I was angry and you (and others) helped me. This is why I like 4chan, you can be rude to people and it's fine because it's 4chan. Hope you have a nice night anon, thanks again for being stress relief

>> No.54311609

Who's Connor?

>> No.54311630

I really can't see how you can do it subtly.

>> No.54311640
File: 66 KB, 500x415, dontneedassaultrifle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'll keep threaten.

>> No.54311705
File: 176 KB, 1331x1380, 1496864143274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The way I see myself, I am very uninteresting, occasionally to the point of boring, even when I have some things to say. I hesitate to ask about deckbuilding because I'm worried people will see me as an idiot or give me bad advice deliberately. I stay this way with my current group so that I don't fuck up like I did a couple of times before.

I have a budget deck, but I'm not very good at magic and don't want to sink more money into it. I can afford it, but magic is expensive and I'm stingy.

I lost friends and acquaintances because I say something retarded at some point that causes them to kick me out. I've never bothered to see them again because even if they forgot about the incident they probably are happier without my fat mouth.

I've stopped correcting people or calling out potential mistakes because I keep fucking up and not seeing things.

I try to stop caring about others because I'm worried that I'll do something that will cause them to turn on me. I know forgiveness is a thing, but they'll never see me the same again. I don't feel like I can help or bring joy to others, or even myself at times.

I feel pretty bad for you.

>> No.54311716


I'd only do it if there it was some kind of mixed gender group.

>> No.54311787

I used to be like that once, but after not finding many people of the opposite gender to roleplay with, I lessened my standards.

Helps that I play online too, much easier to fall into the story that way.

>> No.54311839

Goddamn, /tg/. On /co/, threads like this amount to "I secretly really enjoyed <controversial movie or comic>." Here, it's an absolute monstrosity. Keep it up, good stuff.

I have one, myself. When I GM with my close friends, I carefully craft a handful of NPCs to be each player's preferred romantic match. I have a lot of fun playing these characters and watching my players slowly become smitten with their imaginary counterparts. It's like emotional seduction. I've never killed off one of these characters, but I always note the moments when I could. For me, the power I hold is enough, and that only increases with time as they become more and more invested.

>> No.54311970
File: 214 KB, 1200x825, Alignment_Sandwich.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have begun derailing alignment threads with image related.

>> No.54312000

>structural neutral, ingredient rebel
Nice, I'm okay with this.

>> No.54312078


Yeah. I figure it'd be difficult, although not impossible. Online would be a plus. I just think it'd be weird if it was all a big sausage party. Idk.

>> No.54312145

Well, typically it's kept 1x1, but yeah, I know what you mean. The players gender kinda falls aside though when a clone of my char is having its way with her.

And its cock is bigger.

>> No.54312172


this post really cracked me up

the idea's a total turn off though, i hate futa

>> No.54312211

I'm GMing an online nation builder and one of my players is a terrible person who I refuse to kick out. He complains in character, out of character, and behind people's backs. He curses out other players, refuses to bring up issues to me, and insults friends and foes alike. But I'm not going to kick him for two reasons: 1. He generates a ton of conflict and has broken up an alliance which was gaining too much power. His in character ranting is fantastic and justified, it's just that he can't separate IN from OOC. 2. I'd feel like a failure for having to kick someone out, I'm too prideful to do that.

There are players who have blocked him and complained to me, but I'm not getting rid of him even if he does deserve it.

>> No.54312263

To each their own! Futa is one of the tamer things we indulge.

>> No.54312284

I have perfected the art of samefagging, making it a point to change up my posting style and vocabulary to make things I like seem more popular and using multiple devices to get around the time limit between posts
Never have I once been accused of being a samefag.
Have been accused of being namefags/tripfags in disguise though, even a few times different ones in the same thread

>> No.54312393

I run sexual games online, but I can't do it through instant-messaging because I have to share my current living space with a sibling.
I'd play-by-post on a forum, but I don't know any good ones.
I do this because I'm a virgin IRL and this is the best I've got at the moment because I can't afford to bring women back to my place.

>> No.54312415


Best site for post by post I've had.

>> No.54312577

>and the only one who can is a fucking vorefag that pushes his fetish into the game
If he's got a roll20 account could you link me?

Mechanical ERP (i.e. Roll for sex) or RP ERP?

In my experience keeping the ERP aspects to RP is best
As is having an average of mostly 1 session roleplay :1 session rollplay

>Been trying to get help
Good luck anon, been there in the past, doubt as bad as you're describing but I know it's not fun
I managed to force myself to get in the habit of doing stuff even if I don't feel like it (and find stuff that I could just find a corner and be alone if it became too much) and slowly worked myself out of it, but I know not everyone can do that

If you do ever get in a position to try for a game, I'd love to play with you, (not DM though, I don't trust myself to)

Gotta say, I fucking hate modern 40k, old school "It's one big dark joke" 40k is much better than "ALL GRIMDERP ALL THE TIME"

Hope you do as well
It's fun

Nothing wrong with that anon

>I'm not sure I'd be opposed to it if it happened.
Don't just be a tease anon
Or maybe do, it's a bit fun to be kept hot and bothered and unable to do anything about it

I'd probably play along with your fetish

I've only done online ERP, easier to disassociate player and character that way
Though I wouldn't mind a face to face ERP with a cute guy
Might motivate me to get into shape if nothing else, would feel bad ERPing like that if I didn't meet my own standards

Eh, I've IM'd ERP with someone else in the room before, it's not a problem as long as you have a pokerface and they don't read over your shoulder
But I perfectly understand WHY you wouldn't

Not him, but been trying to remember the name of that site thanks

>> No.54312804

No problem, it's a cool site. I've played along to so many fetishes that I've often picked them up through osmosis. Very few things outright turn me off at this point. Roll20 is amazing, I use it for all my nefarious needs.

>> No.54312820

I haven't had a proper gaming session in months, and it's killing me

>> No.54312821
File: 77 KB, 750x600, Lawful Neutral.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think roleplay is cringy and I am incapable of doing it. In that same vain I find it next to impossible to lie. It's a mix of I don't care and that I think everything should be as straightforward as possible. I however enjoy thought exercises and a lot of the systems or subject matter is deep enough for me to get into. I've probably never had an original thought.

>> No.54312858

I always play guy characters over text because i am afraid of being harassed even though its probably not an issue

>> No.54312881

>kitsune who dual wields sentient katanas and rides around on a panda

....so a two weapon ranger kitsune with an exotic mount? thats pretty interesting. and a good gm can totally do interesting things with the sentient katanas, story wise

you are an idiot

>> No.54312889







sorry to hear that m8

>> No.54312894

i dont think suicide is the answer but i agree that the issue is with the head, not the body

>> No.54312901
File: 221 KB, 1429x1075, 38 special.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get yourself shot?

>> No.54313002

I collect, build, and paint a lot of miniatures but I don't actually play anything because I have no friends, usually end up working late, and the only clubs that play are far away.

>> No.54313033


Maybe so, but he was very clear that he was under his parents' care at the time, and that they deliberately denied him any treatment or therapy for the condition, <regardless> of whether we think it was a mental or a physical condition.

Surely you can agree that that was shit treatment of a child who was medically diagnosed with a problem, right? Or is a kid supposed to pay for their own medical/psychological bills in Free Market America?

>> No.54313202

>two weapon ranger kitsune with an exotic mount? thats pretty interesting

no it's not, you retard. it's literally a class, an exotic race and a character perc. I can write you a random generator vomiting hundreds of those a second.
A background story can be interesting, an internal conflict driving character's actions can be interesting, a deep-buried secret that a character's rather forget can be interesting -- but not a fucking class and a race. That's what's wrong with "m-muh exotic race" fags like you, shithead. You see 'kitsune' and you infer "this is interesting, I don't need much more" (we can hear you fapping under a table at this point). But alas, you're creating the bland brown porridge shit characters that are less memorable than a brown-haired human fighter.

>a good gm can totally do interesting things with the sentient katanas
A good GM can do interesting things with anything you moron, that's why he's good. All sentient weapons really do is place more focus on their wielder, that's why you like them. "What do you do?" "I talk to my sentient katana" No need to engage with the game world, you've found a switch to get GM's attention. If he's new, he'll never notice that you are a shit player.

>> No.54313239

me too, thanks

>> No.54313245

I post about certain patrioticly painted Space Marines a bit too much in "You Dudes" threads but it's because I really want to paint them & I don't want them to be shit so I'm a bit obsessive on how they should look

>> No.54313272

I feel like a hot dog is a bad example of the true neutral position.

Hot dogs contain a meat or meat products that would be used in traditional sandwiches if only the meat was sliced, and the condiments or topping most traditionally used include pickles, relish, mustard, mayo, ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cheese, sauerkraut and chilli. The only oddballs here are the relish, the sauerkraut and the chilli, but none of those are unheard of on traditional sandwiches. The shape of the hotdog wiener and bun place it firmly in structure neutral territory, but there is nothing included to make it ingredient neutral.

>> No.54313318

Being a bard doesn't equate to being a slut. If anything, it means you're that guy who busks at the subway who has to do dodgy sidejobs to have enough bread for the day. At best, you're the wedding singer--Adam Sandler edition, not The Dan Band edition.

>> No.54313345

I intentionally make bad decisions IC and try to slightly derail the game as a way of 'testing' the GM.

>> No.54313423

You don't deserve to live.

>> No.54313475
File: 237 KB, 1920x1080, b48.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54313492

I can't stop fantasizing about boning my GM. During and after game.

>> No.54313630
File: 240 KB, 1811x725, Trusting the Players.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sincerely consider ending your career as a tabletop player and checking yourself into the nearest fucking prison.

>> No.54313674

>When I GM I almost always end up accidentally turning my favorite character concept that a player presented me with into the de facto main character of the game

God do I feel this one, anon. It's not even a concious decision on my part, anymore, I'm just too used to doing it.

>> No.54314474
File: 269 KB, 480x480, BDPB_Airy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fairies are (one of my) magical realms. In one setting they're all over the place as sadistic, mind-affecting, cruel creatures, but some of the portraits the GM uses for them are suggestive, and in another one of my characters just got one as a companion.

I could hardly be happier.

>> No.54314537

I never managed to play a campaign tbat lasted more than 3 sessions because of bad luck in trying to play with people.

>> No.54314544


Foka? Light?

>> No.54314554

What ab actual fucking retard.
Fuck off and leave asshole. You are a laughing stock already

>> No.54314638

Oh boy, the only board games I played were monopoly and circus, I never played any proper ones, mostly because I'm too poor to afford any and that there's only about 2-3 shops that sell those things for the entire country

>> No.54314672

Nobody's playing it because it's about a bunch of dancing rape-folk dressing up in stereotypical racist depictions of foreign countries and committing hate crimes.

I refuse to believe you're not a shill. Fuck you, get better cover art.

>> No.54314675

You can't cuck me if I don't have a girlfriend! Haha!

fuck I'm lonely

>> No.54314700

Last time a girl cheated on a friend of mine, he knocked out three of her teeth and shattered her eyesocket.

Nobody wanted to fuck her after that.

>> No.54314747

I am so lazy, I can only ever be a player.

I tried GMing, I just couldn't keep prepping things and ended up winging most of the sessions, only preparing vague outlines for villains and what drove them, giving them only short-term plans without as much as a thought of what their long term plans could be or what their personalities were.

I also crack jokes and memes Out of Character, regardless of how dire or horrific a situation is, when I play in voice RPGs. This does not happen in text however... perhaps I should stick with that, only that it takes too long to do anything in text and I hate it.

Also, I hate how a GM I played with stated that his game would be in a setting where wizards and sorcerors don't exist because magic went haywire and yet the party is swimming in magic items... but I don't say anything.

>> No.54314765

I enjoy the Goblins Webcomic.

>> No.54314773

Some posts make me stare out of the window in melancholic contemplation. This was one of them.

>> No.54314779

I respect Goblins more than Order of the Stick. At least the Goblins guy TRIES to draw

>> No.54314798

I've more or less done the same thing. Everyone had more fun in 3.5 anyways.

>> No.54314803
File: 273 KB, 1920x1231, sad_wolf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I avoid playing dwarves because I can't do the expected accent. In fact, I avoid a lot of races because I don't do voices.

>> No.54314868 [SPOILER] 
File: 98 KB, 416x700, 1500022481086.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just a poorfag who reads 40k lore, i can't even afford official lore releases

>> No.54314904
File: 25 KB, 241x207, fukkenoath.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck you I laughed

>> No.54314924

Sometimes I worry I'm this autistic and I think I really might be, but I found at least one good friend and I'm living with his sister now so I can't be that bad. Just keep trying anon.

>> No.54314937

I like questsand I wish they'd come back

>> No.54314946

do you ever feel bad about it?

>> No.54315003

My painting speed is fucking glacial, sometimes even down to one not-that-big unit per year.

>> No.54315081

I legitimately despise the faggots who come here despite never having played /tg.
I wish there was a way to weed them out or prevent them from posting. Banning everyone who posts in storytime threads would probably hit 90% of them

>> No.54315137
File: 148 KB, 1200x827, Forgetting to google your names.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I make fetishbait characters without realizing it. Like legitimately, completely unaware until halfway through the campaign when I finally look at the character wrong and go "Oh dear god what have I done." Like pic related. The shame that follows when you can't just go "Well I realized this character is shit, can I kill them and reroll and never speak of this again?"

This has since made me too goddamn paranoid with character concepts as I don't want to inadvertently Magical Realm the people I'm playing with.

>> No.54315155

The Knotmarines have to be canonized, it'll be just like rogue trader.

>> No.54315181

They'd make a good traitor legion alongside the Noisemarines.

>> No.54315202

On a similar note, as a GM I often unconsciously recycle the same patterns and plots, sometimes only realising it afterwards. Like, I never do the exact same thing twice, but I often find myself thinking "wait a second, I had done a VERY similar quest in another campaign already" None of my regular players have ever pointed this out though, so I don't think they notice.

>> No.54315208

This is an artist problem toy are having.

Think of it like thusly:

A professional cake maker makes a cake for a party.you also make a cake for the same party. Both cakes area not equal, but no-one but the ape in the room its complaining about two cakes.

>> No.54315209

What anon hath wrought, let no sales rep put asunder

>> No.54315219

I enjoy building models far more than painting them, so I have multiple armies full of grey plastic or just primed models.

>> No.54315229

as an aside, even without the unintentional dogfuckery, why would making an entire chapter of marines that have right arms stronger than their left arms help at all?

>> No.54315245

I've found myself ripping off movies / games / other peoples campaigns and not realizing it until I'm in too deep.

>Oh wow this WoD game is looking really good and god fucking damnit this is Soul Cage.

>> No.54315256

I like Age of Sigmar, but a bunch of my friend were hardcore fantasy players and I'm to scared to say anything to them for fear of ridicule.

>> No.54315309

even the saltiest grognard can be won over with time. the ones on here at the beginning hollering about Sigmarines and fantasy becoming 40k are the same ones who hang out in the general and meme about it today. just give it time.

>> No.54315352

There's nothing new under the sun, anon. You shouldn't beat yourself or others up for lack of originality.

>> No.54315399

>DnD player is a fucking asshole
what a surprise, who would've thought

>> No.54315455
File: 33 KB, 386x500, 51cTCvshc4L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love MYFAROG's setting, atmosphere, and overall feeling. The world feels ancient and the way the land of Thule is tied to the blood of your PCs is really engaging, and the festivals only immerse you more into it. When the evil forces such as the Ettins and monotheist cults come to ruin everything, you do feel the need to defend it out of loyalty to kin and land.

THIS ALL BEING SAID. The mechanics are a fucking mess, holy shit. It tracks every minute for a character aging, has entire charts on swimming and climbing mechanics factoring in breeze. I mean goddamn Varg, a little streamlining wouldn't hurt.

>> No.54315618

who cares, this isn't your blog.

for real anon that fucking sucks and i'm sorry you went through this. you know some people transition at like, 50, right? it's only too late when you're dead. it's never too late for therapy either, though i assume you at least got some.

also, who cares, this isn't your blog.

>giant reply nightmare tower posts
yeah, doing the shit you do is worthy of a confession thread, anon.

>> No.54315716

I'm the forever GM among my friends, since my friends all love my GMing style. I mean, they're actually having fun, but I'm sick and tired of it.

My abysmal luck with dice ruins most of my games as a player, for me and sometimes other players.

>> No.54315755 [SPOILER] 
File: 821 KB, 1476x2138, 1500028872737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh shit, I remember that comic!

>> No.54316718
File: 102 KB, 1024x732, 1496679749118.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm too much of a pussy to kill off player characters most of the time, because I'd rather see everyone develop their characters and let them have an arc than just treat them as disposable proxies

>> No.54316792


As the DM I purposefully bullied a player out of the game by killing his characters off every other session until he stopped showing up.

>> No.54316858

Was he at least a shitty person?

>> No.54316929

I'm an incredibly shit DM
I never do enough preparation for my sessions and because of that my characters are all boring and flat and my players don't enjoy my games very much. Almost none of my games have lasted to a 2nd session but I just keep trying new systems rather than properly planning
I'm just really lazy and I can't seem to break out of it

>> No.54317018


His personal life is convincing himself he has a mental disorder that prevents him from socializing outside his group of friends, collecting disability for said 'disorder', abusing his friend to constantly give him rides places, ignoring polite requests to not smoke (in a hay field no less), refuses to tip/pay tax when ordering food, tried to confiscate his girlfriends money then complains when she dumped him, keeps going on about how he's a real nigga from the streets (he's white), and how he'll make it big in the music world, all he needs is one big break.

In game he refuses to read any type of PHB, refuses to make his own character (he always copies his friend or gets them to make it for him), has derailed several campaigns due to first session attacking guards, drags RP into cyclical arguments, is the guy that actively tries having sex with anything up to and including skeletons, tries to roleplay characters as the last video game character he played, and really just is all sorts of That Guy.

>> No.54317037

what was the quest

>> No.54317232
File: 72 KB, 610x586, 1485885275560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Too many things you can do with friends that you can't do with parents.
Nah, you can do everything with parents.

Yes, even that.

>> No.54317254

And what prevented you from politely telling to fuck off?

>> No.54317274

>The only people you can trust is your own family.
You're going to be very disappointed in the future.

>> No.54317384

aaand nothing of value was lost

>> No.54317647

I'm glad you dislike fascists anon

>> No.54317681

I opened this thread expecting another bunch of gay spoilers and I'm now disappointed. So is my boner.

>> No.54317811
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My boyfriend and I both say we met through an online D&D game...
we did not meet through an online D&D game.

>> No.54317849

Tell us how you met then, you literal faggot

>> No.54317932

you know the anon could just be a chick I'm just fucking with you, obviously there's no such thing as women on the internet

>> No.54317943

I bought a 4k point 8th skaven army, fully painted it, made my clans background, ect.

But I'm too scared to post in local war gaming group to find a player at our flgs. I literally make my wife sit down and play with me with proxies in a gaming room I built with a 4x6 table and hand made terrain. I am a grown as man and don't want to be judged for not knowing the rules fully and being mocked by the AoS-drones (the shops in a rich area that will drop money on anything new for bragging rights).

>> No.54317973

Anon, know that I sympathize with your problem and wish you the best of luck with it. You should be proud of working towards fixing it!

Though I really want to offer something to help you. I'd be willing to DM a short lewd adventure for you, if that'd help you out easing into it and you find the courage.

>> No.54317974
File: 57 KB, 1100x800, 1494184176164.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's just say it's fairly /trash/-y

>> No.54318057

Just go for it, you can do it. I was afraid going into my store too at first. I came back totally new with a partially painted army and I kept making rules errors. Even worse I'm a tranny and I thought people would hate me for that. For a few months no on really knew who I was, but they all knew each other. I just sort of hung around and watched games, asked others for games. People were kind of staring at me and looking at me weird and I thought it was cause I look obvious and they didn't like me. After a while everyone warmed up to me and now everyone seems excited when I come in, saying hi and talking to me about their army and other things. I'm finding games all the time now too.

I think people just need a little time to see that you're not a bad person. Other people have their own issues about talking to new people too. Sometimes that awkward face they are making at you isn't because it's about you, it's because they are feeling uneasy too. Being a grown man is nothing to worry about. We have multiple 45+ guys at our store that sometimes get rules wrong. Everyone does.

>> No.54318068

Storytime or gtfo

>> No.54318093

All women are faggots, anon

>> No.54318095


It was more cathartic to kill his characters off then to talk to him. Talking to him is like talking to a brick wall. An ugly brick wall.

>> No.54318114
File: 79 KB, 400x400, tumblr_inline_n566djEgRk1ra7esf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh boy, where do I start?
>One of my favorite games was an FFVIII game because it was something different from the Skyrim and other WRPG campaigns my group usually does
>Despite the above, I have never actually played Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, or any other Playstation RPG that they use for their campaigns
>I suck at playing anything except ranged combat specialists and technology/mechanical specialists, and I especially suck at casters
>My playstyle is too cautious, so I rarely do much damage; on the plus side, I'm usually the longest-lived
>I've got a few WIP settings mostly for Ops and Tactics, but I will never complete them
>I am virtually incapable of playing a truly evil character; my "evil" PCs have been petty criminals or merely selfish assholes
>Likewise, I can't stand having evil PCs in a non-evil party, especially if they try concealing their alignments/identity and since we almost exclusively play PF, alignments are a problem
>I'm kind of a prude, and have never ERPed

>> No.54318132

None of my characters wear underwear. It's not something I ever bring up, or ever have any intention of bringing up, but I know and I secretly get off to it.

>> No.54318135

Never said anything about talking, just telling him to fuck off. I can sorta see your point, but doing it over and over is just assholish.

>> No.54318145

i've never played a tabletop game despite wanting to, the only remote contact i have with them besides this board is watching other people play them on various shows

>> No.54318182


lol dude, keep it free


>> No.54318199

Just have your next character wear a kilt.

>> No.54318308

Hey now, I know how you feel. I'm socially and professionally retarded because of the choices other people have made for me. But it's never too late to develop your skills.
Years ago I had no friends, no contacts, no skills. Now I've got some of each. I'm slowly making my may through life, at my own pace, and one day I'll be where I want to be.

There's no shame in being late and going slow.

You don't play with a premise?

This guy gets it.

>> No.54318521

>yeah, doing the shit you do is worthy of a confession thread, anon.
I just want to keep the post count down anon, is that so bad?
I know, yes it is

What if you don't want to do that with your parents?

Pretty much what >>54318308 said, and on top of that, RPGs can be a good way to develop skills like critical thinking skills, math/probability, expand your vocabulary and socialize among others

>> No.54318538
File: 19 KB, 427x375, 1499732840036.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My fellow of African decent.

>> No.54318569
File: 115 KB, 276x230, 1496758365630.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54318597

They really are. I've never met so many tranny chasers in my life. I just have to show up and some already are begging for it from me. I've already bred two of them. It's fun, but I need more.

>tfw no slightly abusive dominant tg playing boyfriend

I just want someone I can fight back against without worrying they will collapse emotionally and start talking about suicide or how they also want to become a girl.

>> No.54318811

A friend of mine did the same with Shadowrun. He only ever played Shadowrun 3e and even though I've explained to him it's the crunchiest and worst edition he thinks 5e is exactly the same and actively tried to shit up a game before we even started, AND on session 0. We never went past chargen.

>> No.54318933 [SPOILER] 
File: 38 KB, 499x338, 1500048049194.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good luck!

>> No.54319211


I'm not the most in shape myself so I guess I couldn't really be picky. As long as the people were tolerable personality wise and not just hamplanets and wildebeasts.

>> No.54319240

I play games drunk and chit chat with the NPCs because or else I have trouble paying attention. Once any one else talks I become super critical and anti-fun, but I generally keep it to myself.

I also have trouble staying in character because most games I've played tend to err towards the goofy side.

>> No.54319241

I feel like my friends only tolerate my presence because I'm the ForeverGM. The only time I get to play is when I'm also running a game with the group on a different day . When members of my group get involved in another campaign I'm never invited, and I only hear about it third-hand from mutual friends. I feel like I'm being intentionally excluded, and more than that, I feel like I'm being used. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy GMing, but I get the sense that if I stopped GMing they would stop hanging out with me.

This is the fourth time this has happened to me. My first group stopped talking to me after I went on summer vacation and my second group disintegrated when I confronted a player who was acting like a creep at the table. For my third group I just didn't call them back to arrange a next session one day and none of them ever contacted me again. I think there's something wrong with me.

>> No.54319304

I came up with a full blown setting and shit d6 system simply because I thought vinyl pop figures were adorable

>> No.54319347


I'm the guy who keep on pushing All Female short stack Goblins in the settings thread.

>> No.54319348

I allow my /tg/ experiences to destroy my goodwill toward others in these hobbies. I carry all of this grognard rage and assume that every player is a whining cunt or that every gm is a petulant sulking baby who'd rather be playing adnd instead

>> No.54319368

/tg/ experiences as in arguing with people here or reading That Guy stories?

>> No.54319477
File: 86 KB, 640x640, IMG_5240.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've purchased about $3000 worth of minis and paints since I started getting into Warhammer eight years ago.

To date, I've painted and finished three to a display standard, five total thatI'd consider showing to anybody. I've also never played a game.

Pic unrelated.

>> No.54319485

Everything. But mostly its the edition wars that get me along with the badwrongfun. I like lady fighters and think second edition is horrible. These are opinions that apparently make me just the worst kind of person. Nowdays I see roll20 groups and just assume they're run by 5e hating ultra neckbeards who will throw down their "no magic, human only, dalelands" settings

>> No.54319561

Perma-gm with secretly-gay player among the group here.
That stuff just feels weird. Was awkward when he confessed, but we got over it rather quickly and he stopped (afaik).
Get it out and deal with it as quickly as possible. You just hurt yourself this way.

>> No.54319571


A Poptart is not a Sandwich.

>> No.54319669

3 poptarts could be a poptart sandwich,

>> No.54319712

I'd make it the image for SNIP, since subs are classic examples of sandwiches. Maybe make tacos True Neutral, since ice cream tacos are SNIR.

>> No.54319722

>a sandwich needs two slices of bread

What a fucking backwards and taste-killing way

>> No.54319876

You could try not being a passive agressive little shit about it and just be upfront about your dislikea instead of going through all the trouble

>> No.54319893

How do you feel about the imperium under Gillsman?

>> No.54319987

If you give up on human beings over shit posted on the internet, maybe the problem isnt other people

>> No.54320062

Would at least narrow it down to the true stories

>> No.54320141 [SPOILER] 
File: 333 KB, 900x1200, 1500053833880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to play a shameless ERP with full descriptions of sex scenes, gender bending, unbirth, futa, tentacles, parasite armor, fusions, furries and all sorts of other wild things, but im too scared to ask and i hate online RP forums too much to trek their as i still want it to be more then jusy free form garbage

>> No.54320228

I love playing games where Sex can be a part of it, or maybe just romance. But only ERP have that, and I honestly have met like, over 50 people who enjoy ERP, and only 3 of them weren't extremely stupid and cringey. So I gave up ever finding a game/group where this can happen, and whenever someone tells me they do ERP, I tend to look down on them, even if I know it's a bad thing to do and that I would actually like to, because of those guys who are pants on head retarded.

>> No.54320237

Let me just tell you you're a fucking ape for talking shit behind someone's back with confronting them. You're acting like a prissy, cunty woman, and I hope your friends shit on your head for it eventually.

>> No.54320242

Virt detected

>> No.54320282

The problem is less that it's not mutual and more that we're both taken. Makes me feel like a garbage can.

>> No.54320300

Yeah Vitor, you sure are.

>> No.54320359

I am on /tg/ for 7 years or so. Instead of not caring, it makes me deeply sad when I realize that the board is literally the same. There's no old /tg/. 7 years ago we had the same arguments about boobplate, katana, sexuality in games, Current D&D edition vs Everything Else including past D&D editions, and the arguments of each side have remained the same.

I get genuinely upset too with how much racism and homophobia there's in /tg/ and I wishfully tell myself people don't really feel that way and they are just trying to be edgy on 4chan, but honestly I don't buy it anymore. I'm not gay or anything but I was educated to be a decent human being and I don't know why It bothers me so much that so many people I'll never meet and have zero impact in my life chose another path, but it does.

>> No.54320402

>>racism and homophobia
shut the fuck up faggot

>> No.54320412

This is everyone I've ever played with. Taking RPGs seriously doesn't sound fun at all.

>> No.54320472


you're one of those faggots that thinks that using the word 'faggot' means you hate cock, aren't you? Speaking as a tremendous fan of cock, shut the fuck up, faggot.

>> No.54320482

You wouldn't think that "don't be a cunt" would be a contentious or difficult rule to live by, but here we are.

>> No.54320513

You're playing a setting that includes Sly Marbo and Lion El Johnson. You're OK.

>> No.54320538

I'm trying to figure out a nice name for a DH chirurgeon right now, and Dr. Akula is out of question, it's too obvious

>> No.54320561

Nevermind I just did
Indra Venus (Intravenous)

>> No.54320695

pls share
You can get games online. Hell, all my games rn are online.
Penny? Is that you?

>> No.54320747

I've never used roll20 (have an account, but never played a game with it) so I'm not sure how the community is on there. Surely in person groups or a group recruited from facebook would be better. At least, its been like that in my experience.

>> No.54320888

>just infusing it with kinky, lewd or romantic shipping
> lewd or romantic shipping
>romantic shipping

Truly a depraved mind

>> No.54321663

Who the hell doesnt?

>> No.54321699
File: 27 KB, 600x329, fhzpA7I.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Varg Vikernes
>Surely cannot be the same Vikernes who burns churches and kills lead singers of death metal bands.
>holy shit it is the same Vikernes

>> No.54321870

Sorta the same way, though my tastes are basically "Are they in decent health with minimum body hair?"

>as i still want it to be more then jusy free form garbage
Ask anyway anon, not all online stuff is just freeform, if you make a point you're looking for a game you may get lucky

Most of that shit is up my alley, if you had a system in mind, and it's not just all fetish all the time, I'd be up for a game like that

You may claim to have spent around the same number of years here as I, but I can still tell you've spent less time here than I have

>> No.54322557

/tg/ is probably my favorite (blue) board I reguLarry visit. It's pretry good, for being part of 4chan.

>> No.54322568

I just realized I'm the only dude in my (non-explicit) D&D campaign and now I'm wondering if I got trapped in like, a crappy harem anime or something.

>> No.54322592

for jacking off

>> No.54322741


doesn't sound too bad to me

>> No.54322906

wait, no, I just remembered that there's also the dude who always plays girls.
Yeah, it's still a harem anime, but now it's 100% hotter.

>> No.54323214
File: 79 KB, 654x374, roboute-guilliman-horz-mini.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

an overly bureaucratic, slow moving, multi-faction-ed, mess run by a bunch of loons. He did do well in setting up a proper set of checks and balances though, so that's at least something to commend him for, even if it feels like they all balance each other out of spite more than anything and even if Ecclesiarchy nearly took over anyway. Still my favorite group overall though

>> No.54323233

What reason would your character have for doing that? Are you roleplaying well or just being a faggot?

>> No.54323288

Nope, they don't confront me or bring it up or even change their behavior. The only thing that changes is they won't look me in the eye, or rather they do so even less.

Men have lied to themselves believing women do not want aggressive, assertive, strong and confident men. They believe they want shy, reserved, relax and peaceful.

Further they mistake the above traits of reservedness and relaxes for being submissive or even worse passive.

>> No.54323308

You new? It was shitposted about for a while during release.

Not sure what the general /tg/ consensus is.

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