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>Unearthed Arcana: Greyhawk Initiative


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>Previous thread:

Unearthed Arcana will be focusing on subsystems for the next few months. What subsystem of the game are you most excited for Mike Mearls to work on next?

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Death and dying. Mostly because the current rules are boring and hitting 0 isn't punishing enough when the Paladin/cleric can just put you back at 1 for basically nothing.

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>Mostly because the current rules are boring and hitting 0 isn't punishing enough when the Paladin/cleric can just put you back at 1 for basically nothing.
This has been a problem as long as D&D has had 0 hit points not be instant death.

In 3.5e you die if you take just 10 points of damage past 0, but any healing above 0 puts you back at normal capacity.

In 4e you make the same death saving throws but it still had negative hit points, but you are still back to full capacity.

People are always nervous about implementing death spiral stuff from other systems into D&D, and for good reason.

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>3 threads currently in catalog
Fucking stop.

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>In 4e you make the same death saving throws but it still had negative hit points, but you are still back to full capacity.

In 4e healing is very limited though.

Your leader has 2-3 heals and that's basically it.

In 5e, you have as many heals as 1st level slots at least.

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Last thread was a shitfest.

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Playing revised kensei. Whats a better pick whip or longsword proficiency at level 3?

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Is an elder elemental a viable patron for a Warlock?

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What would a senile old wizard name a construct he built to cook his meals for him?

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Wee Jas is a silly name for a god.

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The Iron Chef.

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I've heard him talk about design on a few podcasts. He's well spoken to the point that it's not surprising how he got where he is. I've heard he's got some major DMing chops too, as of that live stream event they did not long ago.

But I'll be damned if he doesn't look like some cliched and very unflattering example of "lead tabletop RPG designer" that you would see in some piece of media or another.

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In a setting where a lot of climbing and exploration is to be expected, what are so good magic items to give the players?

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Agreed. Made the mistake of making mention of him as a potential threat. Didn't even make it a whole session before I needed a new name instead. Fucking "weedass"

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Mearls is going to be what kills 5e and causes another Pathfinder situation.

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>Weapon breakage
Could it be...
Dark Sun?

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I feel like exploration could stand to be revamped. It currently comes down to "I roll perception to search the room" and auto-ignoring difficult terrain. Surely there's a way to make Ranger-ing more meaningful without people just wanting to flat out skip those parts of the game.

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Mr. Stone Stove

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How do bard instruments not break all the time anyway?

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>fucking the martials even more!

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Whatbtype of action is putting away a weapon and then equipping another?

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A different name every time he spoke to it

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Is the construct just a cook or does it already come with a built-in stove, refrigerator, blender and other general kitchen appliances?

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How would you guys do gestalt in 5e? I was just thinking about it and I don't think there's a way to do it without breaking things way more than gestalt usually would.

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Drawing a weapon can be done as part of an attack. Putting a weapon away (not just dropping it) is an action.

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Well, they're definitely going to leap into either Dark Sun or Eberron after the Mystic makes it through its development pipeline (though obviously Eberron would need the Artificer to be in a good place too).

I'm hoping for some sort of setting omnibus with three or four settings in it. A 30-40 page write-up of each setting complimented by a list of all the rule variants to use out of the DMG and/or Xanathar's Guide, and boom, you're off to the races.
It'd probably presented by Elminster, a well known reality hopper and a natural bridge from FR. If not him, then tie it to Planescape.

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Just a cook. He's a Warforged.

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Nah, he's a Kitchenforged.

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Perhaps a free level in another class, every so often.
Ultimately depends on what exactly you want to accomplish.

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Why wait for Mearls? I made this so we won't have to!

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Nah he's me, Bender!

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That's about what I was going for.

I still don't know what class to make him.

I've narrowed it down to bard and barbarian. I think bard fits better but I don't want the +1 strength Warforged get to go to waste.

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You get one free item interaction per turn. Drawing and stowing a weapon both qualify for this. Any additional item interactions require your action.

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Only apply ASIs from a single class.
Other than that, it should be simpler than ever, since BAB no longer exists.
The only issue you'd have it spell slots. The best solution is not to gestalt two spellcasters. If gestalting a full caster with a half-caster (or whatever), use whichever gives you more spell slots.

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Fighter would make the most sense, unless you want to go warlock or druid.

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This is pretty a pretty good homebrew, but I do wish there was an official well put together Strength Monk.

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Divination Wizard's Portent at 2nd level seems awfully OP. Is it?

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I can't play fighter. I don't know why. Every time I try to make one I just lose interest halfway through making the character sheet and I never look back.

How would warlock or druid fit, in your opinion? I'm not arguing with you, I really want to know. I think a case could be made for most classes, honestly. Chef is a pretty broad thing.

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Please stop posting this shit. It honestly almost makes me think you're just whoever made it.

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...I'm a bad person for actually liking this right?

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Minor corrections - Sensible THAC0 should be 20 - proficiency modifier.

I see no evidence for your fears.

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It's certainly strong, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it overpowered. Fun and effective, feels good to use, but it doesn't break anything or make any other characters less empowered by existing.

And usually the good rolls are better off being used on friends rather than yourself, anyways.

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Every time he refers to him either make up a name, have a generator, or roll 1d20:
1: Alfred
2: Geoffrey
3: Jeeves
4: Giles
5: Higgins
6: Jarvis
7: Symthe
8: Jenkins
9: Edwin
10: Winston
11: Raymond
12: Sebastian
13: Smithers
14: George
15: Edgar
16: Barnabus
17: Roland
18: Theodore
19: Percival
20: Hobbes

That's not bad although it would give way too much advantage to throwing fighter on for the ASIs. I also think it may be best to take the better of anything with casting (i.e. if one half of the gestalt gives more spells at a level take that for that level and if one half is pure warlock then short rests regain spells).

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valor bard?

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I feel like a warforged, or warforged servant is kind of limited in what he would be able to accomplish on his own. Going from butler to barbarian feels really odd but I guess you can write anything. Warforged fighter just feels natural to me.
The cool thing about becoming a warlock is it can happen to pretty much everyone and druid feels more like a spiritual awakening than any other class.

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I'm pretty sure that unless someone requests something specific, nobody ever posts anyone else's homebrew.
For example, the last time this anon posted his Pugilist, I retorted by making unarmed archetypes for other classes, which is what he should have done to begin with. And as implied, I will now shill them as well.

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kys my man

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heyyy I remember telling you that I thought you should give the brawler unarmed defense, back in the glory days

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I feel dirty... but maybe I'd put Warlock in Priest and Monk in Warrior. Something about actually having Fighty guys better at attacking then other classes feels reasonable.

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But don't worry, I'm not going to post this twice a day like PugilistFag. In fact, if other people get mad, I'll remove it from this thread. I truly don't want to be a nuisance.

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Valor bard was something I considered but if I'm being honest I don't know a whole lot about it. I considered having the "great hero" he draws his inspiration from just be the shitty wizard who slapped him together.

I was going to flavor the barbarian rage as going into a sort of culinary trance when he's met with an enemy. Like a sort of programming that takes hold as soon as he's faced with something he's meant to cook.

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As specified in the FAQ, classes that didn't exist in 2e aren't going to fare well in a system designed to emulate it.
That said, it's a fucking homebrew. Do whatever you want - your ruling is as valid as mine.

Of course I remember, anon! Good times.
I'm still trying to think of a better Bear Warrior capstone, though, if you've got any thoughts on that.

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It's no big deal. What are they going to do, complain?

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Party just beat the biggest crime lord of a major city. He slowly rose to power after stealing a dwarven magical sword and impressing underlings and enemies with his 'combat prowess'
The PCs now have this sword.
Is this too strong for a level 7?

Master Rapier
Every weapon that meets it in combat rings in subservience to it.
+1 to atk and dmg rolls
Once per long rest, you can use your reaction to cast Blade Ward but the spell's duration lasts for a number of rounds equal to your proficiency modifier

>> No.54261688

Nope. That's fine for a low-mid level magical weapon.

>> No.54261696

The only real problem is
>dwarven sword

>> No.54261705

Yes, but see, I have low self-esteem and I don't like bothering people.

This tbhfam

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Fuck that's true. Longsword it is then

>> No.54261762

For added dwarven flavor, call it a broadsword (but use longsword stats).

>Warforged druid
>Spiritual awakening
Pic related????

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I kinda hate the initiative ua, only for that it doesn't account for Dexterity.

>> No.54261788

>if you've got any thoughts on that.
I've looked over the capstone, among other barb capstone, but I've not played any high level games so I'm just spit balling. Some ideas have are, make the dealing of STRmod+rage automatic, no bonus action, while keeping the second current benefit, so to keep that free BA relevant. Maybe be able to attempt to grapple as a reaction on a missed attack?

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I don't understand why people see "Oh here's the 5E thread full of people that like 5E. That must be the perfect place to shit on it."

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Hey guys, how about instead of the initiative system, which is already bad, or this Mearls initiative which is worse, how about this:

When combat starts, roll a d20. If you roll your Dex score or under, you go before the monsters. If you roll over it, you go after them.

>> No.54261808

It's based on rules from the era of minute-long rounds. Using dexterity, the attribute of quick reactions, didn't make sense back then.
That said, it's questionable whether it makes sense now. Being quick is not the same as being decisive.

Those are good spitballs. I especially like grappling on a missed attack.
>Man attacks bear
>Sword stuck in hide, harmlessly
>Bear grabs man
Let me see what I can cook up.

>> No.54261820

What 3-4 settings would you like to see anon?

>> No.54261849

>I especially like grappling on a missed attack.
Thank you, got the idea from the berserker archetype, which can make a reaction attack when it takes damage

>> No.54261852

I'm not a fan of the setting omnibus idea, simply because they've already shown that they can write a whole goddamn book on the Sword Coast.

>> No.54261878

In addition, they also want to add on to existing lore. The problem with 3.5 and 4e was that they wrote like one handbook for a setting that just regurgitated the fluff from 1e and 2e.

>> No.54261896

Actually, the berserker raises a good point. Barbarians aren't about avoiding damage. I think it might make more sense to make the reaction grapple when hit than when missed.
And then for some icing, grapple as an opportunity attack.
Something like:

Bear's Frenzy

At 14th level, the spirit of the bear takes you over so completely that it produces minor physical changes in your body while you rage. When you make an unarmed attack, you can choose to deal slashing or piercing damage in place of bludgeoning damage.

Additionally, when an enemy hits you with a melee attack or leaves the reach of your unarmed attacks, you can make a grapple attempt against that enemy as a reaction.

>Firefox autocorrects "berserker" to "berserk"
>TFW backwards etymology wins out over the original term

>> No.54261921

Any hope for a Paladin or Ranger Unarmed Archetype? I'd love to see those, you seem to have a good grasp on 5e design.

>> No.54261927

D6 and modifier is better.

>> No.54261944

>Actually, the berserker raises a good point. Barbarians aren't about avoiding damage.
That's a good idea, didn't think of that, I did like the imagery of your example though, so maybe just, makes a melee attack against you be the trigger? That might raise some balance concerns though. However the average barb will only have two hands for grappling, so maybe not

>> No.54261984

Would a STR based valor bard be at all viable or would I be gimping myself by not going DEX?

Also, what class would pair well with a stone sorcerer?

>> No.54262002

1. On a grapple build, just have 14 DEX though
2. Maybe Hexblade?

>> No.54262021

>Man attacks bear with sword
>Bear roars in anger, ignoring sword
>Bear grabs man and crushes him
Still works!

Aw shucks.
I was actually considering those two, but wanted to focus on the most important ones (in my opinion) first. But I absolutely wouldn't mind working on ranger and paladin as well, if I had a good fluff/mechanical niche concept for them.
For the paladin, I can see a "holy fist" archetype, based around unarmored defense and unarmed smiting. The main problem is that paladin archetypes are oath-related, and I'm not sure what the oath here would be.
For the ranger, I'm drawing a blank on both fluff and mechanical direction.

>> No.54262034

What about grappling makes a str-based valor bard work, exactly?

Is it just that grappling is strong in general?

>> No.54262078

Well it would be optimal to grappling build, because you take expertise in athletics so you have good chances to grapple enemies and prone them. Since they're grappled they can't get up from bring prone without breaking the grapple, you immobilize one target and give all melee combatants adv. to hit them.

>> No.54262089

you could do a str bard, but outside of grapple memes with athletics expertise they just benefit less from strength than they do other stats

valor and sword bards only get medium armor prof, so you're most likely going to want 14 dex anyway for the ac

valor bard does better with bows because they can grab swift quiver, while everything sword bards do is limited to 1-handers that are as good dex as str

theres nothing stopping you from doing a valor bard using a 2hander, haste, and pam/gwm, but why not just be a paladin or even stone sorc at that point?

>> No.54262098

>The main problem is that paladin archetypes are oath-related, and I'm not sure what the oath here would be.
I'd also imagine that any oath based off of unarmed fighting for paladins would be oozing monk flavor as well, with asceticism and all that

>> No.54262122

Yeah. Honestly, with how the paladin is currently set up, it would make more sense to make a monk archetype with paladin abilities than the other way round.
Like, ki smiting or something.
Then again, maybe something like "Oath of Perfection" could work, but it's a bit goofy.

>> No.54262149

Grappling is strong, but you need to meet a few conditions to use it effectively:

- You should be STR-focused.
- You should have Expertise in Athletics.
- You should have a source of STR check Advantage.
- You should have Extra Attack.

Valor Bard is the only single-class that meets all those conditions. Now, Barbarian dipping Rogue or vice versa can do it better (as Rage advantage is reliant on Concentration + it provides damage resistance, Cunning Action aids mobility, and Sneak Attack improves 1h damage), but Valor Bard is functional.

That said, if you want to actually be effective in combat outside of that tactic, Valor Bard doesn't really offer much by itself... DEX-based works, as you can poach Swift Quiver with your 10th level Magical Secrets (con: not until 10th level), as does a Paladin multiclass where you only dip two levels for the Fighting Style + Divine Smite, but I reckon that's about it for any primarily-Bard build.

>> No.54262155

>currently thinking up other characters I want to make for the hell of it while my necromancer doctor is on standby during the pause in weekly sessions.

>Want to make a dwarf possessed by a fey mood, collabing with whatever dm is stick with him to make some elemental item of a sort, decide to go with fighter and go to eldritch knight because he would assume making something attuned to the elements would require a bit of magic.

> Also think it would be interesting if he still runs in to creative blockages because of an unquiet mind from constant fucking vision dreams, so start looking for a class that might be interesting to multi in to if it ever gets there for him to learn to keep himself level. End up going with monk and WOT4E because it ends up fitting rather well with what I'm trying to do with him.

>Mfw It takes me a moment to realize I've made a build desperately trying to be a caster in a matrial body AND is more than likely utterly shit

>Still want to do it anyway because it would make for a fun character and story to play out

Tell me /tg/, when are the times you chose the unoptimal dumbass option because you wanted to do story stuff.

>> No.54262184

>it would make more sense to make a monk archetype with paladin abilities
sounds like a much better idea, than a paladin with monk abilities
>"Oath of Perfection"
I was thinking maybe Oath of Humility

>> No.54262191

Hmm, that makes sense. Thanks for the info.

I'm not even really stuck on bard necessarily. I'm just playing a race with a STR modifier and I'd hate to see it go to waste, but I really don't have any fun playing things like barbarian or fighter. I get bored easily and I hate having to commit my entire build to being half as useful as a wizard or a sorcerer that isn't even optimizing.

>> No.54262201

Today I will remind them.
your game sucks

>> No.54262210

Longsword because d10 >>> d4

Get whip later once your martial arts is at least a d6

>> No.54262227

I'm playing an Aasimar Barbarian because I want to do shit with reconciling the wild spirituality of the Barbarian Tribe and the Celestial Heritage.

>> No.54262245

Are you taking 14 dex for medium armor at least? If you don't want to do that, the Heavily Armored feat is an option. Extra useful if your strength score is an odd number.

>> No.54262265

>Oath of Humility
Ooh, that sounds a lot less douchey. A sort of noble oath of poverty/respect towards others.
I'll see if I can think of some decent class features.

>> No.54262273

What class kill fiend fast?

>> No.54262308

Except there's already a UA Paladin archetype that's about humility or something. They don't wear armor and they only use simple weapons. Can't remember the name of it...

>> No.54262325

Baladen :-D:-D

>> No.54262334

Oath of Redemption

>> No.54262346

>we're going to be focusing more on subsystems, less on new options
Oh boy, the thing they can't get right because 5e's design goal is to be so simple everyone's brains turn into mush.
I'd rather get more archetypes thought up in five minutes, at least those are hit and miss.

>> No.54262354


>> No.54262372

Ah well. Everything I was coming up with was more monk-like anyway.
Maybe I'll just make the smitin' monk archetype instead.

>> No.54262389

Which build is more of a meme, warlock/paladin with shillelagh or sorcerer/paladin spamming divine smite?

>> No.54262435

sorcerer/paladin because it's actually good

>> No.54262436


Does anybody know why when I "get PDF" on homebrewery it comes out black and white instead of having the 5e background? Is it because I'm using Microsoft print-to-PDF, or am I missing a setting?

>> No.54262451

better be careful or else someone's gonna call you a buildfag

>> No.54262466

Dark Sun fucks casters pretty well too

>> No.54262467

>Microsoft print-to-PDF
Did you check the options? There's a checkbox for background graphics.

>> No.54262494

How this spell list look? Is for a halfcaster focused on utility with divine, divination and enchantment as main schools, with option of fire or radiant damage and a little of healing.
What should I take out or put in? The theme is a medium and/or priest.

>> No.54262511

Is this a fair estimate of how long it would take from A to B, considering parts of it are by foot, some with a boat and some with a wagon, as well as difficult terrain?

>> No.54262531

Does bard/paladin work too? Or is there something special about sorcerer?

>> No.54262560

bard/paladin is also good

>> No.54262579

Do people actually care about realistic travel times? I'm not saying you shouldn't, but at least our party just want's to get there and not bother with small details.
As long as it's consistent there's no problem.

>> No.54262599


>> No.54262602

What are some character ideas you think would be fun but you haven't had the chance to play them yet?

>> No.54262624

I'm using the official rules and tried to be consistent in when and where to use a vehicle, and when to walk.

>> No.54262652

Hexblade for sure.
But another fun combo is to take a level or 3 (depends on the build) of Bard. You get a couple extra cantrips, and a ton new useful spells.

>> No.54262668

Let's see.

Tabaxi Fighter 2/Barbarian 5/Monk 10/Moon Druid 2/Alchemist Artificer 1. Take the Mobile feat. Have a spellcasting friend that knows Haste.

30 (tabaxi base speed)
+10 from Barbarian (Fast Movement)
+20 from Monk (Unarmored Movement)
+10 (cast Longstrider on yourself from your Druid levels)
+20 (drink a Swift Step Draught from Artificer)
+10 (Mobile)
+30 (boon of speed)
+30 (wild shape into a warhorse, wild shape explicitly lets you use features you gain from your class and race)
(Our land speed is currently sitting at 160)
+160 (dash as a bonus action using Step of the Wind from monk)
+480 (dash as an action three times using your normal action, Action Surge, and Haste from a friend)

That leaves us with 800, which we are going to double three times (once from being a tabaxi, once from Haste, and once from our Boots of Speed), leaving us with 6400. This is about 727 miles per hour, which is about 40 mph short of breaking the sound barrier.


>> No.54262674

Well, what race are you using, and what is it that you wish to do with it? Gish?

>> No.54262690

Yes, it is.

>> No.54262692

You can't wear the Boots of Speed as a horse, can you?

>> No.54262704

horseshoes of speed?

>> No.54262708

I'm new to DnD, is this an overpowered class? Any standout reason a DM would choose not to allow it? I'm 99% sure it's a homebrew thing.

>> No.54262726

For some reason, the only options I see are for paper size and orientation (including when I press "advanced").

Not particularly
>reason a DM would choose not to allow it
It's literally a joke archetype and the DM may dislike the flavor it brings with it

>> No.54262732

Only 99%? It says that it's homebrew in the credits box...

>> No.54262733

Is hexblade str based or dex based?

>> No.54262741

Now grapple an enemy and drag him back and forth through Spike Growth for several thousand magical piercing damage

>> No.54262749

It's not really overpowered, at least not until level 18 and effectively getting Unlimited HP Works from Aura of Solidarity. Even then, I wouldn't put it that much above other paladins, which are a very strong class. The issue is with flavor

>> No.54262756

But he has no burrowing speed?

>> No.54262761

It's whatever you want it to be, baby.

>> No.54262774

Oh, it's you again.

How's the family?

>> No.54262793

Hexblade's CHA based.

>> No.54262851

Lame. My character has the charisma of a dead animal.

>> No.54262863

How should a wizard go about permanently capturing demon lords as prizes? Failing that, how should a wizard go about permanently killing them?

>> No.54262867

What should the stats for scythe arms be?

Ideally I'd like to add interesting effects to all of them like the "break shit with fists" without getting to effects on par with magic items, so stuff that can be replicated by mundane items, but the Pike arm is already probably too strong with Reach.

Maybe the scythes can give a climb speed of 10 feet on surfaces it can bite into with the "hand" part?

>> No.54262873

Hexblades are designed to use charisma, but most of their stuff is not dependent on it. You'll mostly lose the +cha to dmg bonuses and shit, you could still use your weapon with either str or dex.

>> No.54262874

Are you talking about your sorcerer or bard? Either way that makes no sense since CHA is the main stat for both those classes

>> No.54262890

Scythes are not weapons. Advantage on farming checks.

>> No.54262896

1d8 slashing damage, cleaves into one extra enemy within 5ft dealing slashing damage equal to str mod

>> No.54262922 [DELETED] 

Anyone who thinks "cleaving" after attacking an enemy has literally never used a weapon.

>> No.54262927

>basically a big fucking gauntlet

>> No.54262931

Please tell us about all those people you've killed with swords, anon

>> No.54262937


anyone who thinks cleaving doesn't belong in d&d, doesn't belong in d&d

>> No.54262946

I mean, anon has a point. There's really no such thing as a pure sideways attack that carries all the way through an enemy in a wide enough arc to hit someone else, unless you're literally doing a whirlwind dance with a claymore, which is a retarded combat technique.

"Belongs in D&D" since 2000, sure.

>> No.54262951

Oh. Oops. I wasn't clear enough and everyone misunderstood me. Now I feel dumb.

When I said ā€¯pairs well with" I didn't mean multiclassing. I meant in the same group as... Like a sidekick or a teammate.

My bad.

Man I feel dumb.

>> No.54262967

2000 was 17 years ago.

>> No.54262987

Mantis arms is a better name really but I might as well go all out with the edgy names. "Counts as Woodcutting Tools" for cutting through trees and such could fit though.

STR burning blade mite b cool.

Mechanically speaking. Otherwise it's literally a flat-out better Maul instead of just normal Maul with some out of combat fluff.

>> No.54262990

And D&D has been around since 1974, so cleaving has existed for less than half of it. And it's a purely optional rule in 5e, too.

>> No.54263017

"Dagger" weapon deals twice the damage of a regular dagger.
And I agree with >>54262927. None of these should be "two-handed" when you have one on each hand.

>> No.54263018

If I'm a Paladin/Ranger can I put smite in Conjure Barrage/Volley?

>> No.54263032

I'm pretty sure Fighting men could destroy multiple lesser enemies with one attack for quite a while now.

>> No.54263057

From a pure optimization standpoint which is better, fighter or barbarian?

>> No.54263064

Yeah Dagger was given to me by the DM. And them being on both arms is just for fluff, functionally they're meant to be the same as normal ones, so no off-hand attacks or grappling and attacking with them.

I've been given a decent bit of leeway for making these but even still I'd rather not make anything stronger than "Normal weapon+Ribbon".

>> No.54263066

I hate THAC0 but the idea of classes getting different attack bonuses seems interesting.

Would having it divided into the following groups be alright?

Warrior (highest): Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Barbarian and Monk

Priest and Rogues (medium): Rogue, Cleric, Bard, Artificer and Warlock.

Mages (lowest): Wizard, Sorcerer and Druid

I planned to have it basically -1 for Mages and +1 for Warriors.

Any one know any other ideas for variant rules to use for an OotA game coming up.

>> No.54263067


>> No.54263075


>> No.54263083

>2000 was 47 years ago

>> No.54263104

Divine Smite: Starting at 2nd level, when you hit a creature with a MELEE WEAPON ATTACK...

>> No.54263107

But Warlocks and Rogues are direct damage classes, anon.

>> No.54263127

Can someone explain to me how feats work in 5e like I am a retard?

>> No.54263129

The only truly optimized martials use GWM/Shapshooter feats.

Fighter takes the cake on any Sharpshooter build, by a long shot (pun intended)

For GWM builds, Barb tends to be superior to fighter until level 11, where Fighter's extra attacks give it the edge in damage.

>> No.54263138

Yeah but Warlocks can use saving throw cantrips and Rogues have a way of securing ADV frequently.

The other option was to just make it for weapon attacks.

>> No.54263162

If a player stands up from prone and takes the dash action should their total movement be equal their usual speed (twice their speed halved) or one and a half their usual speed (half movement, then their usual speed).

>> No.54263178

I could see unarmed ranger drawing from "spirit path" concept they used when they first tried to revise the ranger in UA- have the ranger channel the energy of different beasts into martial art forms to rip and tear into his foes

>> No.54263216

That sorta sounds like more of a druid thing. Or even another monk archetype.
Rangers are mystical outdoorsman, not nature wizards. Any archetype has to relate to the hunter/tracker/pathfinder image to some extent.

>> No.54263260

Check with your DM if feats are allowed since, by the book, they're optional. That aside, the main way to get feats is when your class grants you an Ability Score Increase (ASI). Instead of taking the +2 or the +1/+1, you can take a feat instead.

However, like the first point, talk with your DM: a reasonable one might allow you to train for it (RP sessions, straight downtime devotion, etc.).

>> No.54263271

First one.

Dash doubles your movement after deductions.

So halved then doubled would give them normal movement.

>> No.54263297

>A reasonable DM might give you a feat for free
Let's say a "nice" DM, because free PAM is anything but reasonable.

Standing up from prone costs "an amount of movement equal to half your speed." It does not reduce your speed.
By taking the dash action, you get to increase your movement for the turn by an amount equal to your speed.
In the case of 30 speed, you gain another 30 for a total of 60, and then use 15 to stand up. 45 left to go, baby.

>> No.54263328

>player wants to pick variant human cause free feat
>sure that's fine, no problem
>but you can't take any of the "obvious" feats like PAM, GWM, CBE, SS, etc...
What do you pick when the DM doesn't let you take the mechanically "superior" feats? And more importantly, is this a dick move?

>> No.54263331

anyone have the maps made by Elven Tower ? would be great to have when running SKT module.

>> No.54263333

>for free
I never said for free, though.

>> No.54263335

>He thinks he can cheat by breaking up dash and movement

Its all one pool with various modifiers.

>> No.54263351

Dash: "you gain extra movement for the current turn. This increase equals your speed."
Standing up: "costs an amount of movement equal to half your speed."
Speed =/= movement. Dash doesn't alter your speed. Standing up doesn't care about your movement left.
Go sarcastically greentext wrong interpretations somewhere else.

>> No.54263367

>Standing up doesn't care about your movement left
>Yet it costs half your movement and can't be performed if you don't have any movement left

>> No.54263373

Anon, I love you. When can we expect the variable EXP PDF?

>> No.54263377

>What do you pick when the DM doesn't let you take the mechanically "superior" feats?

Tough. Mobile. Skilled. Linguist.

>is this a dick move?

I haven't gotten any complaints but then again... I don't allow variant humans in my game and give a free feat to everyone, but I ban stuff like PAM, GWM, SS, etc. until the player's first ASI.

>> No.54263400

>people banning Spell Sniper but not War Caster

>> No.54263412


>he assumes War Caster isn't banned just because it wasn't listed despite posters adding "et cetera" at the end of their lists to imply more is banned than just what was listed

wew lad

>> No.54263413

>it costs half your movement
Here's where you're wrong, kiddo. It costs "half your speed," not "half your movement."

>> No.54263415

>Yeah but Warlocks can use saving throw cantrips

They get Poison Spray and Chill Touch.

It's like you're purposely ignoring that they have 2 invocations and a unique spell that synergize with a cantrip that only Warlocks get.

>> No.54263428

To be completely honest, never. I'm not interested in that sort of granularity of class balance. Plus, there's no way to make such a document that won't trigger 99% of everyone who sees it because they think sorcerers should level up twice as fast as wizards or whatever.
And that's before considering archetype balance...
I'm glad you enjoyed my work, though!

>> No.54263434

No it doesn't you silly boob. It's an amount of movement equal to half your speed.

>> No.54263440

what kind of instrument would a halfling bard use? would they normal human instruments like a lute and drum, or something more weird like panpipes?

>> No.54263442

Warcaster or Resilient.

It's fine. If you ban GWM and SS the game for martials changes entirely in terms of builds, and it's not a bad thing.

>> No.54263454

Am I gimping myself if I use Armor of Shadows instead of medium armor as a Hexblade? If so, how hard? I would prefer to be unarmored for character reasons but this campaign is kinda brutal (I'm replacing a dead character) and I want to be in reasonably top shape.

>> No.54263459

Jew harp.

>> No.54263460

So, to recap.
I have 30 speed, and am prone.
I stand up. This costs "an amount of movement equal to half [my] speed," meaning 15.
I have 15 left.
I use dash. This gives "extra movement... the increase equals your speed, after applying any modifiers."
Since there AREN'T ANY MODIFIERS on my speed, I gain 30.
I now have 45 left.
I really don't see how this is difficult for you.

>> No.54263470

>when you Conjure Barrage with a thrown sword

>> No.54263480

Sorry, I'm someone else nosing in on your conversation because I wanted to correct that guy. I'm on the same page as you.

>> No.54263483


I expect you're telling the 40kfags the same thing in all 20something threads they put up.

You are intellectually consistent, aren't you?

>> No.54263495 [DELETED] 


>> No.54263502

Gotcha. You should have really replied to >>54263367, then.
Thanks for the pic related.

>> No.54263503

Which sword has the thrown property? It's not in the PHB.

>> No.54263506

So i see that they finally put out psionic a while back. I was out of contact for a while and i missed it. Did it stop the bitching or was there a shitshow over it?

>> No.54263521

Does anyone have the cthulhu homebrew classes? One of my players wants to check it out.

>> No.54263527

Is it a weapon with the Thrown quality or a weapon that is thrown?

>> No.54263530

Bitching about how good/bad/over-powered/under-powered/nonsensical/do-all it was, yeah.

>> No.54263549

There was a shitshow. General consensus is that it's extremely overpowered at low levels, then falls behind full-casters mid game and late game (like most everything that's not a full-caster does).

There are still a couple fanboy weeaboos that defend it as a valid and balanced class because they want to play anime characters, but they're easy enough to ignore.

>> No.54263556

The basic mechanics are probably fine, but the specifics are extremely raw and don't seem particularly well-tested. The class also has way too many archetypes who accomplish wildly different things, instead of having some sort of actual mechanical identity.

>> No.54263558

Is a two-handed weapon a weapon with the two-handed property or a weapon I'm holding in two hands?

>> No.54263570

Depends, how's it written? Does it say "one two-handed weapon" or "one weapon held in two hands"?

>> No.54263579

What do you hate fun?

>> No.54263596

Monk was a class in 2e, they brought it back in The Scarlet Brotherhood. Uses Cleric THAC0. There were also some kits that do monk-ly stuff, I believe.

Not him, but Spelljammer, Mystara, Birthright, and Ravenloft.

>> No.54263612

>Delsenora, Rupert, and Rath
>Haunted Halls of Eveningstar

>> No.54263623

It's likely not meant to work RAI. But fine, here's some fun for you: Technically there's nothing in the spell saying that the thrown weapon (i.e., weapon with the thrown property) used as the material component has to be the same weapon (any weapon) you throw into the air to perform the spell. RAW if you hold a dagger in your left hand as the material component, you can throw any weapon at all from your right hand and create a volley of it.

>> No.54263632

Don't listen to anyone bitching about Mantle of Command, they didn't read the PHB.

>> No.54263640

Regular speed plus half makes more sense to me as well but apparently Dash shouldn't be seen as a distinct action. As long as you got up from prone you're at half speed.

If you want to be exactly by the book it's any weapon with the two-handed property. Any reasonable DM should count versatile as two handed however. Which explicitly is only counted as two handed for *melee* attacks however. Read the summary. Nice try though.

There is in theory nothing stopping you from using a two handed weapon the thrown property, but that's immaterial as there isn't any

>> No.54263655

>like most everything that's not a full-caster does
With interestingly, Monk and Warlock being the notable exceptions.

Which is odd people call them weak when at high levels I'd much rather have an invincible Monk of stunning then bill the guy with a pike who hits hard #4.

>inb4 someone says no one plays high levels
Then why do you bitch about casters being better then martials?

>> No.54263659

I didn't come across The Scarlet Brotherhood, but good to know. I suppose that's where Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale got the rules from?
I do remember the priest kit. We played with it once. It was pretty awful. Good times...

What do you mean by "distinct action"?
Both getting up from prone and using dash clearly manipulate your movement left, based on your speed, without affecting your speed itself.

>> No.54263668

What's the best way to handle a short and aggressive siege in terms of mechanics?

Essentially I built a lot of the campaign in advance (skeleton framework for building as we go). I put in a small sidequest where players would deal with an orc settlement that keeps raiding everyone, but then one of the leading players made a half-orc whose main thing is that he wants to help orcs become free and independent, so now they're defending the orcs. It's good fun.

But now the humans are going to launch an attack on the orcs to wipe them out, and the party will be involved in preparations and then defending during the siege itself. There are only about 50 orcs and the humans will have to come up a narrow cliff pass a few at a time, so it's just about plausible that I could use normal combat rules, but it could take a while and get a bit slow.

Is the Mass Combat UA worth looking at or is there a better way to do this?

>> No.54263678

Casters have way more options for interacting with and affecting a story than amrtials do by like... level 6. At level 6, the fighter can hit things with swords one extra time. The wizard can fucking FLY. Tell me who just got more agency in how they deal with obstacles in the campaign.

Psionics just keep up with full-casters a bit better than the typical martial. Till about level 10 or so. That's all.

>> No.54263679

>Any reasonable DM should count versatile as two handed however.
Cool, my monk just lost the ability to use a quarterstaff with Martial Arts.

Also, we're not even talking about two-handed weapons or the two-handed property. It was a rhetorical question meant to answer a question about the thrown property.

>> No.54263685

I think you mean "assault," not "siege." A siege is a prolonged campaign that involves sitting around and cutting off supply lines.

>> No.54263691

Hey /5eg/ do your gish characters use shields? Or do they have a free hand? If they do have a free hand why?

>> No.54263699

>Fallen Aasimar comes from a noble family that was destroyed by something and he is the sole survivor.
>Is taken in by a hag who abuses him until he runs away at 16
>Takes to drinking, sex, lying, stealing, and killing when he has to to get by.
>Runs into a goliath fighting a few barbarians
>Sits by to watch the fight, he'll kill the weakened winner and loot them all.
>Goliath wins, runs up shakes the Goliath's hand.
>Thunderwave, stab him while he's down until he's dead.
>Loot bandit, find alchohol yes.
>Go to loot giant, clerics show up
>Run into town, giant is brought back to life
>Giant starts fighting peasants as he squashed five looking for the Aasimar
>18 Charisma, convince the giant I'm a friend, stab two peasants to prove it.
>"Yeah that checks out"
>This is the start of the story of how I became the greatest hero of all time.


>> No.54263710

Also technically using a component pouch means you don't need to even be carrying weapons on you to use it.

>> No.54263711

Warcaster kinda eliminates the need to have a free hand. Although I've run Great Weapon Eldritch Knights and Paladins a few times because Great Weapons blow everything else out of the water once you get their Feats online.

>> No.54263715

Sword college bard here, I get bonuses for having said free hand. And it's more aesthetic. If it was real life I'd be wearing medium plate, a shield, a nice streamline helmet and the longest weapon I had at my reach.

>> No.54263725

Sure, assault. Whichever involves heavy weaponry, breaking through walls, all that jazz.

>> No.54263730

>fallen anything
>sole survivor of anything
>killing to get by
>killing for absolutely no reason
>murdering some more
You know exactly what our thoughts are.

>> No.54263742


>Killing a party member
>Sole Survivor
>Kills innocents
>Mad charisma
>How I became the BBEG

>> No.54263746

If this was real life, you wouldn't be wearing plate with a shield.
That said, one hand free is the most aesthetic look there is, and I'm really bummed that there are so few options in D&D (any edition) that really make it viable, particularly for a martial character.
4e rogue was pretty cool in that regard.

>> No.54263751

>I suppose that's where Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale got the rules from?
Not quite, the TSB monk has some thief abilities as well. On closer inspection, it looks like they forgot to say what group the monk's saving throws and THAC0 fall under. I'd guess Priest, their prime req. is Wisdom and they use the XP and HD progression of clerics.

>> No.54263763

Yeah, peasant funds will do that to you. I'd have a spear and I'd scream loudly in fear and anger at anything that came at me.

>> No.54263765

This is what I'm thinking.
Now for you, I understand due to you lacking shield proficiency, but if you had it would you use it? It would not affect your Duelist feature due to it not being a weapon.

>> No.54263775

Dude if I learn how to use a shield you bet your ass I will.
But... I'm also nearly maxed on charisma and I'm playing a very anime-vibed speaks a lot character. I dunno asthetic might help the rule of cool for me.

>> No.54263792

Yeah, if you run with a two-handed weapon, you technically have a free hand, you can just take one hand off the weapon hilt to cast, same as a wizard using a two-handed staff.

>> No.54263794

>peasant funds
No, I mean plate armor is literally the reason people stopped using shields. It made more sense to have two hands on your weapon, because you didn't need as much protection and you could do fancy shit with a two-handed sword grip.

>forgot to say what group
Haha. Well, my group's approach worked well enough anyway (we literally just wrote down the features from Baldur's Gate 2).

>> No.54263832

I believe in you kid

>> No.54263835

Actually, looking at my writeup of the Baldur's Gate class, it does have thief abilities.
Priest class, human only, dex and wisdom primary.
Find Traps/Move Silently/Hide in Shadows.
No armor, same weapon availability as thieves.
AC starts at 9, goes down by 1 every two levels. Gets lots of attacks per turn eventually. Can hit creatures as though fists are +1/+2/+3 depending on level.
Stunning Blow, Quivering Palm. Magic resistance.
Is that similar to what you're looking at?

>> No.54263838

You're right, I guess I was more so going for the whole "MAXIMUM protection" thing, but get me a longsword and plate armor and I'd be safer

>> No.54263839

What proficiency/feat/skill would you, as a DM, give to a PC that keeps track of a journal, writes down details of every city and other environment and publishes books about the lore?

>> No.54263861

Observant or Keen Mind.

>> No.54263897

Could anyone here clear something up for a new player?
I'm planning to play a phoenix sorcerer in my first campaign soon and I'm slightly unsure as to how the mantle of flame +charisma modifier on fire damage works.
>Whenever you roll fire damage on your turn, the roll gains a bonus to equal to your Charisma modifier.
Now by my understanding of that if I were to cast a fireball it'd only apply that bonus damage once per affected creature despite rolling 8d6 because all 8 dice rolls are done as one single roll yeah?
Wheras if I were to cast scorching ray it'd apply on each individual beam because they're all separate instances of damage being rolled separately correct?
That's the conclusion me and my group came to at least. The unclear point is if one of those rays crit, is the extra crit damage counted as a separate roll and would it also benefit from the +cha modifier damage so the attack would essentially double dip, or is the crit damage roll counted as being contained in the initial damage roll?

>> No.54263928

I think crit damage is part of the regular roll. The example in the PHB involves critting with a dagger and rolling 2d4 instead of 1d4.
It's also notable that ability modifier doesn't get doubled on a crit, which signals about the RAI of Mantle of Flame (to me, at least).

>> No.54263930

Scorching Ray would add the damage on every beam because of the way it's worded. Look at level 6 Dragon Sorcerer's ability, it would only apply to 1 ray because of the way it's done.

Static modifiers to attack rolls are NEVER doubled by a crit. Only all dice are doubled full stop, end of story.

Both good questions though, have fun playing anon!

>> No.54263940

How do multiclass into fighter?

>> No.54263947

Could you be more specific?

>> No.54263950

You are better off multiclassing out of it. You get CON as a good save (important for casters), heavy armor and action surge; all things that are really good on a caster.

>> No.54263954

Instead of adding another level of your class, add a first level of fighter.

>> No.54263960

Like, hypothetically I want to go from a caster class in which I have learned how to use a blade I'd like to multi-class into a finesse fighter.

What archetype would be best for that?

>> No.54263981

Thanks guys, I was kind of hoping crits would double dip on it since using a once per long rest ability and having some truly spectacular crits would be fun but I can see why it doesn't work like that. I'm hype as fuck to play this game. I've DMd once to moderate success but the game fell apart due to real life stuff. I'm slightly worried about being the face but we're all inexperienced in this group so it'll be a fun learning experience for us all

>> No.54263989

You could just skip the whole process and play a bladesinger or eldritch knight, but there's really nothing more complicated to it than that. If you're multiclassing bladesinger probably isn't the best archetype for wizard since a lot of features would be redundant though

>> No.54263991

Is the When Armies Clash/Battlesystem UA good? I'd like to run a game with slightly more tactical mass combat

>> No.54264000

I was looking at the BG wiki and they didn't mention that stuff. TSB monks also get Climb Walls and Hear Noise (I don't think those are actually in BG/ID), move bonuses, and whatnot. They're also LE-only, due to the Scarlet Brotherhood being who they are. Here, have a PDF. TSB also brought the Assassin class back, for what that's worth. Nowhere near as much detail as the 1e one, but it's trivial to forward-port 1e stuff to 2e.

>> No.54264005

Actually, though I said they forgot to say what group, it's pretty strongly implied by the (priest class) bit after the name of the class.

>> No.54264009

So that you don't have to look for it

>> No.54264020

Can you rephrase that in a way that makes sense?

>> No.54264024

Guys, running a large scale battle full of adventurers at the end of the week. Give me a bunch of ideas of gimmicky builds to have as background NPCs during the siege, level 5 tops
Magic items shenanigans are fine

Just need inspiration for crazy shit going on in the background of a full on battle... full of murderhobos

>> No.54264031

Him am magic-man. Magic-man am learn sharp stick. Magic-man want learn how to be speedy fight-man.

>> No.54264040

Is PAM paladin of vengeance 15/eldritch Knight fighter 5 a good combo?

>> No.54264046

Anyone here who's actually tried the Greyhawk initiative? Seems like it would make the game feel less turn based and a bit more realistic I guess. How's it in practice? Does it slow down the game or fuck with any other class abilities such as stuff saying "creature that hasn't taken a turn yet"?

>> No.54264047

So with Warcaster, can you cast while using a 2handed weapon?

>> No.54264051


>> No.54264056

Sweet, Eldritch Knight with a glaive, here I come.

>> No.54264059

Thanks, anon! They're comparable, but not identical, probably because they're both inspired by the same source. But it's been years since I actually flipped through the 1e PHB.

Pretty strongly implied indeed.

Anyway, it's long past my bed time. Good night!

>> No.54264065

You don't need Warcaster for that. You can do it without because you can hold a Two-Handed weapon with one hand, you need Two-Hands to attack with it though.

>> No.54264081

You can literally just let go of the weapon with one hand to cast, then put that hand back on your weapon to attack with it. You don't need Warcaster.

That being said, Warcaster is still super useful for advantage on checks to maintain concentration, especially if you're gonna be in melee alot.

>> No.54264086

variant human fighter with GWM and PAM equipped with a glaive.

>> No.54264088

You can even cast with sword & board, it just means you gotta juggle with your free interaction to sheathe/unsheathe at the start of your turn.

No. Paladin already gives you Extra Attack and has better spell progression, so no reason to go EK 5, and in fact EK barely does anything as an archetype for a Paladin. Are you that desperate to get Shield?

>> No.54264123

Action surge and another extra attack

>> No.54264130

>Stone Sorceror 17/ Hexblade 3
>Charisma for attack and damage
>Booming Blade + Greenflame Blade Boost
>Constitution for AC
>Increased HP
What would you change about this?

>> No.54264132

It's shit and edgy, are you 14?


>> No.54264152

Starting a new campaign soon. OotA.

My baseline is allowing all WotC stuff, with multiclassing, as my starting point.

"No Multiclassing" is out. If something needs a blanket multiclass ban, it needs a blanket ban in the campaign, period.

My group is fairly reasonable and won't cheese things hard, if I tell them to skip a particular combo, they will do so.

>What classes/feats should I blacklist entirely, either because it's shit, or because it's OP?

>What particular combos should I keep an eye out for and disallow?

>> No.54264172

>What classes/feats should I blacklist entirely, either because it's shit, or because it's OP?
Loremaster Wizard. Tone down Mystic a few notches.

>> No.54264191

You only need 2 levels for Action Surge.

Extra Attack doesn't stack.

>> No.54264192

Just run everything raw from the books. The games perfectly balanced. Only thing I'd disallow is unearthed arcana crap.

>> No.54264205

Not much point shitting on 5e in a 40k thread.

>> No.54264217

Hexblade 5 for smites if I wanted to gish harder.
Hexblade 2 if all i wanted was Eldritch Blast + Agonizing Blast (which is generally going to be better than wacking with the SCAG cantrips).

>> No.54264228

Oh. Thanks I didn't know that

>> No.54264252

5 Levels will also give me 3rd level Warlock slots for more buff spells, and I still keep stone's edge. Good call anon!

>> No.54264265

Time to gamble.

Brand new campain tomorrow. High fantasy. It is illegal to be dragonborn so naturally the group has two already.

Im trying to do something totally unexpected. So without any clues, tg, pick my class and "stick"

>> No.54264277

Loremaster Wizard
Theurge Wizard
Every version of Mystic
Moon Druids

Elven Accuracy (UA feat)

Warlock + Darkness + Devils Sight
Abjuration Wizard + Svf... some kind of Rock Gnome race (infinite ward charging)
Abjuration Wizard + Warlock + Armor of Shadows (infinite ward charging)

Monster races
Races with natural Flight (sword coast adventures tieflings)

>> No.54264308

I'd like to see more reward systems fleshed out than just XP personally, XP just makes you tougher and stronger in combat so rewarding it for exploration/RP is not something I want. Inspiration is ok to reward RP, but there's currently nothing to reward exploration, puzzles and so on without just resorting to XP. Also weapon breakage sounds like cancer.

>> No.54264327

>Moon Druids
Only if playing at level 2-4, come level 5 they're not as bullshit. I'd also say warlock darkness combo is intended and isn't too good since it's a team game, svirfneblin feat is barely better than increasing int IIRC and is a nice synergy but nothing insane, charging the ward infinitely isn't that big a deal unless you have tons of combats every day.

>> No.54264330


>> No.54264335

Mystics are extremely broken at the lower levels and will over-shadow any non-mystic characters in the party. Lore Wizard and Theurge are both extremely over-powered mid-level and late level.

Most of the other UA stuff should be OK with proper tweaking.

>> No.54264338

Everything anon said except Moon Druids

>> No.54264350

Moon druids aren't bullshit so much as their entire character concept revolves around playing templates of other creatures. They're powerful in one of the most boring ways possible.

Plus every time they transform, they gain a new HP bar out of nowhere. THAT part is a little bullshit, but easily tweaked so that it takes a percentage of the new creature's HP from the druid's base HP to transform in the first place.

>> No.54264384

I can agree they're too reliant on other creatures but I can't imagine how you'd do the concept of transforming into animals without doing that.

>Plus every time they transform, they gain a new HP bar out of nowhere. THAT part is a little bullshit, but easily tweaked so that it takes a percentage of the new creature's HP from the druid's base HP to transform in the first place.
That's an interesting tweak though I don't know if hp is the way to do it. It would just disincentivize the higher hp forms while the higher AC ones, or ones that focus on control/damage more than tanking up, are better in comparison. I played a moon druid from level 7-10 and took almost no damage in my normal form so idk if it's much of a nerf either, unless of course you're brought low enough that the damage would knock you unconscious.

>> No.54264398

If anything I'd say the reason moon druids are kind of boring is because there are so few viable forms. The ankylosaurus is way better than the +4 to hit, grapple without restrain, poison damage, giant scorpion. Lower level at least using a flying form and such may be worth it at times, but when you choose between a huge CR3 dinosaur and a CR1 giant eagle, it's too bad to ever use in combat basically. More possible forms from splats without power creep would be great.

>> No.54264418


Shapeshifting in general is extremely powerful at low levels. And leads to situations where a druid will be better at stealth than a Rogue with expertise just because the druid can wildshape into a flea or something. Granted this applies to all druids, not just moon druids.

Somewhat fixable by disallowing Tiny creatures and telling the druid their animal forms have magical markings that make them stand out from "normal" instances of that animal, but neither of these fixes the other huge problem that they're basically relying on templates of stuff that's NOT their character in order to do anything.

Druids won't break your game, but they'll do alot of stuff that slows the game down or makes people roll their eyes. "I can transform into any animal I want" plays more like something from a Mutants and Masterminds game than DnD.

>> No.54264440

Without unearthed arcana there will be no game. The group really complained about the shortage of options in the PHB, and I don't want to run pathfinder.

I will keep that in mind for the ban list. Thanks.

Oota runs 1-15.

What makes mystic so op at low levels? Avatar mystic looked good, and the game lacks a normal warlord class.

What tweaking, specifically, are you advising?

What about things to ban for being shit?
>PHB ranger.
>w4e monk
What else?

>> No.54264444


Choose my class and race, fag.

>> No.54264452

>>w4e monk
Bladelock. Next up is like berserker, champion and sorcerer, I wouldn't ban those though there's little reason to play any of them.

>> No.54264453

DnD being a team game is exactly why Warlock + Devils Sight + Darkness is cancer.

Sure, YOU can see in the darkness... but you've just fucked over your entire team at the same time. Even races with Dark Vision can't see in MAGICAL darkness.

>> No.54264454


>> No.54264459

>"I can transform into any animal I want"
There is a variant in which you can only transform into a limited set of creatures. By raw you have to have seen the animal but that's a very loosey goosey restriction.

>> No.54264464

So it would be good in a more competitive, Drow intrigue type campaign?

>> No.54264469

Right, I can agree it's unfun, I thought you were claiming it was as OP as loremaster and shit.

>> No.54264473

Make a bunch of gishes and have them get absolutely destroyed by ordinary soldiers.

>> No.54264484

>What makes mystic so op at low levels?
They're basically a "build a class" type of character class. Mystics can do pretty much anything in the game better than a character who would specialize in those things. Theres a nomad talent thats strictly better than the knowledge cleric's Channel divinity because it grants 2 proficiencies instead of 1, for an indefinite duration. The Mystic Charm Person doesn't alert the target if it fails. Mystic disciplines don't have any verbal, somatic, or material components meaning a conscious mystic can't be disabled or even reacted to like any other caster can, and the fact that mystics disciplines are specifically NOT spells means they can't be counter-spelled or dispelled.

Mystics are basically the "make an anime character" class. The only thing that brings them down late game is that they don't have access to the higher-level wizard spells that REALLY break the game.

>> No.54264495

What's the most metal bard you can think of?

>> No.54264510

Don't forget how nobody spellchecked the document and Psionic Darkness has infinite duration, their claw attack has no action specified and is basically a free action RAW, and about half their skills apply secondary effects even if the opponent PASSES a save. Holy fuck, what a clusterfuck. It's obvious Mystic was only released to appease whiny Dark Sun fanboys who wouldn't shut the fuck about their psychic-pokemon class basically got shafted to third-party garbage material nobody ever used (for good reason).

>> No.54264517

skalds, but they only exist in pathfinder currently.

>> No.54264519


>> No.54264524


>> No.54264525

So it would need a series of nerfs in many areas before it was reasonable.

You know, I could have gone for a new initiative system, but not the 2e one. Give me owod initiative.

>> No.54264536

You'd pretty much have have an easier time rewriting the entire document from scratch to be honest. All 20+ pages of it if you're using the latest version.

>> No.54264545

There's a ton of shit to sort through.

Honestly, if you don't have a good feel for it, just ban all UA except for Revised Ranger. Maybe let in the races if your table likes being multiethnic, nothing really bad there except Yuan-Ti.

From the PHB, get rid of Great Weapon Master, Sharpshooter and Grappler. The former two are so strong they're a no-brainer that hurts martial diversity, and the latter is a trap.

Way of the Four Elements Monk is awful. Borderline unusable.
Berserker Barbarian is likewise borderline unusable. Either tweak exhaustion rules (all gone with a single long rest) or get rid of it.
Beastmaster Ranger is the absolute worst thing, but you should be using the UA Revised Ranger.

That's about it.

There are a few combos that will seem really strong at a glance, due to the way many classes are frontloaded in terms of features, but they have their cons so ultimately it's nothing extraordinary.

Like for example, Sorcerer with 2 levels of Warlock gets Eldritch Blast+Agonizing Blast, which with Quickening metamagic can cast twice per round. This is positively amazing damage, but it doesn't get to shine until level 8 at the earliest - and if the sorlock wants to commit all their resources to dealing damage, I say let them.

Or mentioned by someone else, Abjuration Wizard with Armor of Shadows. It sets them back two levels by taking a class that has no other synergies, so if the *freaking wizard* wants to delay the source of their power in order to have more HP between fights, sure, whatever. That's two more levels you have before worrying about them accidentally derailing the campaign with 6th+ level spells.

Really, besides higher level wizards, nobody has the potential to break the game. All you have to worry about, then, is a player trivializing one another in terms of role/performance, and if you get rid of SS and GWM then that won't happen beyond players themselves being really obtuse in how they play their classes.

>> No.54264558

He means shtick.

>> No.54264626

My Dm wanted us to run a short module (8-10 sessions) so I convinced him to let me make a "one shot" character. We home brewed a Dryad race and mucked with the Acorn of far travel, so I could adventure. The dump part comes when she became a Barbarian who refuses to use equipment. Because of backstory shit (she's over 500 years old, she refuses to change how she does things, think grandpa with an old radio he won't switch out) I'm now playing an character that doesn't pick up gold or jewels and won't use anything made by "flesh creatures". But the Dm did just give her a goblin follower so that's nice.

>> No.54264632

Whats the consensus on the initiative system?
IMO kinda cool but slow as FUCK and hard on the DM

>> No.54264642

Yuan-ti is in Volo's so that's not UA but they should still be banned. SS and GWM are required for weapon type balance, if anything nerf PAM so that polearms aren't everyone's best weapon choice. I don't like the -5/+10 but banning the feats wholesale is even worse. If you want to ban weak feats, about half of them are too weak to ever take so you'd want to ban more than grappler.

>> No.54264649

>complained about the shortage of options in the PHB,

How I hate players. They need a gazillion different overpowered options and a hundred different furry halfbreed races to feel like special snowflakes instead of you know, roleplaying a character.

I think my next game is going to be human only with the only classes being rogue, fighter, wizard and cleric and no feats either and I bet it would be a better game as a result where players actually roleplay.

>> No.54264663

It's awful. Initiative is supposed to measure reactions, how fast you can get your wits about you and act, and the core system does this even if it's far from "realistic" and very simplistic - but it's streamlined and fast, which is what they were going for. The new one complicates it without adding anything close to realism for the simulation crowd, fucks up the balance of the game (bye monks), *and* slows combat down even further. There's no type of player that will like it, even those that like planning because you're deciding what you'll do on your turn 6 seconds before it happens and it's dumb as pointed out in the UA examples themselves.

>> No.54264664

Unnecessary hassle.

>> No.54264669

Does anybody have a pdf copy of the spellbook cards?

>> No.54264677

People said this was shit. We wait a month for new test material. He puts it out anyway. People still say it's shit.

Why is the fluff guy allowed near the rules.

>> No.54264680

You can make your own

>> No.54264712

Thanks. I'm planning on printing these out. Any recommendation on what kind of paper I should use? Card stock? Regular A4 glued to old MtG commons?

>> No.54264737

I printed them on regular paper and just laminated them before cutting.

>> No.54264744


These are pretty good.

>> No.54264792

These are really cool.
Thanks for sharing.

>> No.54264816

How do you roleplay someone with high wisdom, but low intelligence?

>> No.54264871


Adjust the DC for Perception depending on how broadly they examine the room.

Trying to find a hidden key by searching the whole room? DC 20

Trying to find a hidden key by searching a specific half of the room? DC 15

Trying to find a hidden key by searching a desk? DC 10

>> No.54264900

He never read a book in his life, and he's not planning to, but he's full of folsky wisdom. An enlightened redneck!

>> No.54264907

Wisdom is more streetwise and common sense. Int is being book smart

>> No.54264978

Unless there's some sort of time constraint in-game or via something like random encounters for however long you spend doing something there's no reason all the players can't simply declare they search every inch of the room painstakingly. Even if it means saying 'sure I painstakingly search the desk, and the walls, and the chair' or just ' 'i search each individual item and object in the room and the walls and the ceilings ' etc.

I think the tricks in having them find interesting things that can be interacted with in interesting ways beyond mechanics and getting them to solve them.

>> No.54265043


Sure, if they say they say they take the time to look through every nook and cranny. According to the OP though, they're just saying "I search the room" and roll.

>> No.54265074

So you're saying you want gameplay to devolve into.

>'I search on top of the desk - roll'

>I search under the desk -roll'

>I search the first drawer of the desk -roll'

>'I search the second drawer of the desk -roll'

>'I search under the carpet - roll'

>'i search the carpet by lifting it up and shaking it -roll'

>'i continue to search the carpet by cutting into five foot squares and searching inside-roll'

>'i search the first five foot square of cut up carpet -roll'

>'i search the left wall -roll'

>'i search the right wall -roll'

>'i search this first five foot of ceiling -roll'

>I search this second five foot of ceiling - roll'


Because that sounds awfully dull and like it would take a very long time to resolve for every room in a given area but exactly what you're encouraging.

>> No.54265099


>Taking things to illogical extremes to try and prove a point.

C'mon, nobody wants that, obviously. Have your (You) and be quiet.

>> No.54265173

Can't you just infinitely cast alarm as a ritual and get your ward up for free?

>> No.54265219

>Wanted to make an Immortal Mystic Grappler
>No idea how to start
>Apparently Mystics are OP anyway


>> No.54265231

At that point you might as well just take a short rest, since rituals are 10 minutes pr cast and you'd be doing this repeatedly.

>> No.54265361

Can /5eg/ say something good about adventurers league?

>> No.54265365

Adventurers League doesn't allow Mystics.

>> No.54265424

What about class features what interact with initiative?

>> No.54265461


Not them, but using Planescape and Spelljammer mechanics to introduce realm-hopping and then stocking it with Eberron, Dark Sun, Feywild/Shadowfell, and Jakandor sounds like it could be the greatest DnD supplement of all time *and* get a few of their red-headed step children out of the way on their unlikely quest to re-release all the existing settings.

>> No.54265465

Somehow they topped Trap Making as a shitty UA. Didn't think it was possible.

>> No.54265471


>> No.54265482

They already did that with Mystic V3.

>> No.54265505


>> No.54265506

They already did it with the overpowered campaign destroying UA ranger.

I just ban all UA content. Problem solved.

>> No.54265535


Disregard multiclass restrictions, start at level 2 and use milestone leveling but only to even numbers, keeping the levels evenly split between the two classes each time, but using the XP budget of a character 1 level lower to compensate for lack of synergy. So at lvl 6 a rogue/sorc would be Rogue 3/Sorcerer 3 but count as a Lvl 5 for encounter design. Otherwise keep everything the same.

Should put you in the ballpark and capture a lot of the "feel" of gestalt without completely abandoning 5e mechanics. Not kidding about dropping the difficulty a level though, if anything you might have to drop it farther because 5e is absolutely merciless to almost all even-split multiclass builds.

>> No.54265570


Wizards are under-appreciated as a support class in 5e . A generous team-player of a wizard can almost double the effectiveness of a group, easy.

>> No.54265571

Can't cast it while traveling? Like walking from place to place?

>> No.54265601


Trolls taking advantage of the fact that we're being loosely moderated at the moment, nothing more.

>> No.54265606

I'd assume part of the ritual is actually inscribing the area you want to ward or something.

>> No.54265630

>I have my own ideas about balance and testing but we can only ever play 100% according to the rules as written and any deviation is heresy
I bet you still do item interactions wrong and forget to tell the two-weapon Rogue that he can't draw both weapons at the start of combat until he pays his feat tax.

How hard is it to not be a fag and just tone down the UA stuff you feel is too strong? The only thing anyone should be banning outright is Lore Wizard.

>> No.54265665

It sounds simple when you put it like that, but being on the receiving end is a bitch. If I go into a campaign wanting to play a wizard, for example, and the DM tells me I only learn 1 spell per level and have to pick 3 oppositions, I'm gonna be pretty pissed that his idea of "balance" basically gutted my character. I;d rather he had told me the class was just banned.

Then again 9/10 mystic defenders are just weeaboo garbage that wana play anime characters, and I probably just took the bait by replying to one.

>> No.54265677


You'll drive yourself nuts trying to calculate it all out. Measure with a piece of string, compare to the map scale, and then assume a "normal" pace for the whole trip, since that builds in the assumption that the rough going is about equal to the easy going.

>> No.54265682

>forget to tell the two-weapon Rogue that he can't draw both weapons
Both the rogue and me conveniently forgot this right at the start and now it's too late to change it.

>> No.54265692

A game is not a good game if you have to ignore a majority of the rules for it to be good. Mystic is a class where you have to ignore or change a majority of it for it to be good.

>> No.54265711

Anon, you are awesome!

>> No.54265712

It's really not. I've played a Mystic (V2) and been in groups with multiple V3s. They're fine, but neither I nor my friends are faggots who'd do nothing but abuse Mind Vault / Nomadic Mind and nova with Animate Weapon + Lethal Strike + Knock Back for the two turns your PP holds out for that. Will they be toned down in a future version? Yes. Do you need to "ignore or change a majority of it"? Fucking no, you hyperbolic cock gargler.

>> No.54265730


I could see fluffing it as "thing is so stupid big and unwieldy that all your other hand can help you do is keep your balance."

>> No.54265746

A chainsaw is something you can hold in one hand. You can't do much other than hold it, though.

>> No.54265755

What do you hope to fix by this?

>> No.54265766

>It's fucking nothing the UA

>> No.54265779


I wanna play a Mystic and not be an overpowered faggot.

What should I avoid?

>> No.54265784


>> No.54265811


Underrated instrument, honestly, but hard to solo on.

>> No.54265824

That is reflected in weapon proficiency and extra attacks. Priest and rogues and mages have limited access to good weapons and usually not as good str/dex for weapon attacks.

>> No.54265831


Both, because Versatile weapons are a thing. The mechanic should specify which it means. An argument could even be made that any weapon can be wielded two-handed, but only Versatile weapons get the damage die boost from it.

>> No.54265868

It's shit.
Play the Free Market Capitalist Paladin instead.

>> No.54265896

Pole arm master, Great weapon master, Crossbow expert and Sharpshooter hold one thing in common.
They boost damage output so they ruin CR at low levels.

The DM is right to do so.
At lvl 6 or higher it stops mattering so it's okay to allow them.

>> No.54265954


I like that not everything in 5e has to be an always-right answer. It's great for zoning out isolated casters/snipers and can be very useful for splitting up large groups for divide and conquer strategies, but it can't be spammed because of the drawbacks. Sounds like it's exactly where it needs to be to me.

>> No.54265982


Adds a bunch of dice fondling for no benefit to the game. Takes something other games have done well (rollover initiative w/ action costs) and screws it up just so Mearls can say it's "his" version. Biggest disappointment since Mass Combat and for the exact same reason.

>> No.54266001


I can only imagine that it's so Crawford can prove to him that's he's shit at the rules so he'll quit trying to interfere in them.

>> No.54266020


I never have to put up with their bullshit again.

>> No.54266022

I managed to keep my group fairly spooked while playing Death House. Anyone got tips for keeping em spooked through the rest of Strahd.

>> No.54266035

Imprisonment. 9th level spell.

>> No.54266110

Fitting music plays a great part. Use the tips the campaign gave as well: Mage Hand is a skelly hand, Alarm is a terrible scream in your head, stuff like that.

>> No.54266112


All side initiative variants make the same tradeoff: loss of tactical depth in exchange for an increase in play speed. They also have the same perverse-incentive trap in that the DM has to be careful not to send every enemy after the same high-value PC.

Once you get some rules-of-thumb to break yourself of that, it's pretty slick. I'd say I run 60-70% of my combats with side initiative and save rolled initiative for the really tactical stuff.

>> No.54266119

new thread


>> No.54266182

I agree with this. I hate when the party is 90% furries and crazy elves from some unknown backlands that I've never heard of, using some strange combination of acrobatic mathematics that makes their character impervious to 8 different damage types and 25 AC, while I'm the only sword and shield fighter human in the party

>> No.54266236

Underrated post

>> No.54266516

>It still takes the bulette longer to kill you if you're getting healed.
Not necessarily. It depends on some random factors, but because damage past 0 is usually wasted, an enemy that hits hard can hit over the healing amount and some or all of that healing was useless. Basically, if you heal someone for ten, but they get knocked out without dropping to ten or less, you did nothing. Same if you win the fight without them dropping to ten or less. You can try to stack more heals together to give a noticeable buffer.

It's more likely to help when the attacks deal less damage, and can save someone from getting murdered by a few weak hits when they're low on hp.
Bards can't inspire themselves.

>> No.54267003

have it be about surviving with nothing or maybe sustainability? Maybe to understand you quarry you must fight like them?

>> No.54267198

Why not anon?

>> No.54267354

>Maybe to understand you quarry you must fight like them?
This is totem warrior for me. It already covers the martial shamanistic archetype fairly well IMO.

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