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Have you ever liked a character so much that you applied with them to multiple games?

Link Repository: https://pastebin.com/JLu5xXML
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

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Yes, her name was 'Rinka'

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Does your character wear a hat? What kind of hat?

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I did. To be fair, the game he was originally made for crashed before apps were to be picked.

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What villains has DHB wrote besides Talathel? I remember him doing something for Rory's bamboozle game.

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He wears all the hats.

All of them.

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Yes, a comically large witch's hat

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Usually don't apply with the same character (unless the game dies before anything happens), but I do create variations on a character. Characters with similar name, along with some shared themes/motifs

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Does it count as re-using if it's the second incarnation of the same game, and you improved the character?

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How was your weekend, /pgg/? Do anything fun or exciting, game-related or otherwise?

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>tfw no thicc brown Android waifu

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Nope. Saturday game session got cancelled.

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Serial Killer-kun! So manly! So handsome!
I wanted to PM Serial Killer-kun!

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I want a thicc, brown, red-headed android waifu with a flamethrower

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It was fun until we realized that the module that was supposed to be a one-shot has gone for three full sessions now

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Lost FNM
My co-worker party got raided by like, a /pol/-tier satire of what muslim immigrants are like
Got sick saturday night and still haven't recovered

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Never fun when that happens. Do you know what to expect next weekend?

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Surely, that shouldn't ruin the enjoyment? A quick session can easily stretch into more sessions if everyone's having fun.

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Not really, but I hope it goes well.

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Well, hopefully the next one weekend will go smoother, and your illness won't stick around.

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I only apply with any given character to one game. Non-serious seeming games get less serious apps. I always have unique names, though given the nature of PF builds may end up being similar.

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Hey /pfg/, help me win a bet. You guys actually like 5e more than you like Pathfinder right?

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5e is okay I guess

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I have carefully conditioned myself to despise everything.

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2hu please

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5e has some good ideas, but it's apples to oranges.

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I prefer Pathfinder.

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5e does a lot of things right that PF did wrong, but the reverse is also true, so not really.

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What did he mean by this?

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A magical top hat

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I prefer pathfinder, but it's mostly because I really enjoy the number crunching

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Does he look hilarious in it?

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Side session for Shadowrun fell through due to players having to deal with real life.

Saturday, one of the players couldn't show up, another showed up late and left early, and 2 were fairly quiet. It was basically the GM, the Undine, and I progressing the plot leisurely while everybody else watched. I was pretty okay with that, though depression showed up, so I struggled to keep it together.

Sunday, a player cancelled on main Shadowrun session, so the players did the side session stuff, which involved shooting a man in an alley, then threatening to shoot him some more after reviving him.

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What about you? Did you convince your buddies to see Spiderman with you?

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Is Sigmund "Nodachi Knight" Gulbrand the DMPC of Tuvarkz' Wrath of the Righteous?

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Bleh. Homebrew time, but this one I'm personally not sold on. Turns out there's a bunch of vehicle rules in the game which are all kind of annoying to deal with, and on top of it I'm having trouble adding to the list of abilities. But, here it is anyway in an incomplete form, maybe someone will find something salvageable from it.


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>That plush thigh fat


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Finest specimen.

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Well, sometimes it's nice to have a smaller session once in a while. As for our movie plans, we couldn't connect over the weekend, so we're going to try for a Tuesday showing instead.

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Game that accepts Homebrewanon's draph race when?

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>no fang

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What are the stats on the Draph?

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Sturm and Amira totally have them, you just can't see it.

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They're not!dwarves.

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That's nice! I hope it goes well for you.

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Who's the one that's clearly enjoying her headpat?

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+2Str/Con -2Int
Gore attack, perma 30 base MS, and powerful build

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God, I'd love to play one of those.

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I wouldn't even care if they had shit stats, I wanna have the power of delicious chests, thighs, and horns on a shorty without some pass for human tiefling rip

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I think my character may have met a really swell guy.

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But these aren't shit stats, these are the stats of MIGHTY WARRIORS.

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I said even if, baka anon!
The fact that the stats are good only makes it better!

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Then make them dwarves with like powerful build and a gore attack or something?

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The one who calls someone baka is the baka, you goofus! Now go out there and make a fat-chested cutie with handlebars!

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Oh? How do you mean?

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Who indeed.

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Anyone ever have a really good idea and you are really excited about it but then when you start to put it down into sentences it just falls apart and then you dont want anything more to do with it?

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>she uses her primal energies to cut down all who dare approach the object of her affection.

So she's looking so intense while getting headpatted because she's really, really liking it?

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Way too often.

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Vira a shit anon.
Scatty has finally dethroned the whore.

It's not the same!
It needs to be official!

I-I'll try...

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I think she looks ridiculous, but people seem to think she's cute anyway.

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Any hopes for the Kingmaker CRPG?

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Official how? An official Paizo and Cygames/Granblue crossover event and PDF?

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Vira has an angry vein there. She's NOT liking it.

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Pfft, Scatty will die in obscurity like Yuisis. She can enjoy her one poll of fame.

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>die in obscurity like Yuisis

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A few, but they're dwindling. On the bright side though, if all the kingdom building shit is pushed onto a computer it might actually be fun instead of keeping track of dozens of numbers and variables.

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Angry vein doesn't necessarily mean she's enraged at the headpat, she could just be really... REALLY liking it!

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The angry vein might indicate jealousy that other girls get headpats too, I mean look at Anila next to her she's still basking in the afterglow.

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Who are her party members?

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Would you play a Yuisis?

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I can't hear you over magna wind being made even better!
Fucking roaches getting all the nice shit.

A DM approving the homebrew to use, and not just me retooling another race like a silly

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Yuisis is really cute, though.


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Played the first session of Rebels with a couple of friends, there was only two of them so I let both of them either play as two characters or gestalt and they chose two characters.

All in all everything went remarkably well, and the characters WBL is still alright since pretty much every item you can find in the first building they actually wanted/needed, so every character got something and nobody was left out. I was worried about the flow of battle and character decisions with each player controlling two characters, but both of them are long time players who know how to keep things moving so it never felt like people were being left behind or things were being forgotten.

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Rebels what?

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>Korwa Windmemeing is even better

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We had our first pathfinder game today. it went much better now that I'm using an online map

They also didn't die shockingly. they had less than 5 points of damage total despite fighting a poisonous pterosaur

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Hell's Rebels. It was a bit stressful though what with the initial protest almost ending with a "party wipe", what with 3 of the 4 characters nearly going down to the thugs and guards and having to be dragged away from the violence either by Good Samaritans or the last remaining party member, but I made it work well enough to get them to good ol' Rexy boy.

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So they've been going on these adventures together, and he plays up the bad boy act, but he's actually really cute and a very attentive lover when you get past his rough exterior.

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You know it buddy.
It's her/Daddy/Korwa for the ultra enmity clusterfuck combo now.

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Granblue /pfg/ Roll20 game WHEN?

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I love the races, I don't care for the setting. Something original that uses the races would be ace.

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I kinda like the floating islands and sky ships honestly.

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It's all going to be humans/erunes/draphs though, isn't it?

>> No.54260345


What do you dislike about the setting?

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There is literally nothing wrong with fat-chested Draph and booty Erunes with Human hunks!

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A very foolish group of adventurous souls.

>> No.54260437

Well Harvins are trash.

>> No.54260457

Foolish, but probably friendly!

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Some are too friendly for their own good. It will destroy them someday.

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I want to play a HUEG musclegirl mage who can't control her strength because she doesn't have martial training!

>> No.54260511

Sounds like Steelfist Commando with Elemental Flux.

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how many encounters do you expect a group of players to get through in two hours?

>> No.54260574

She'll be a Life Oracle! Her innate magic manifests in her body by keeping her healthy and strong! Too strong for her own good! Accidentally tearing iron doors off their hinges strong!

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...should the GM include the microtransaction nature in the game?

Granblue Fantasy uses a gacha system wherein players effectively gamble; rather than buying new characters outright, players spend money to get a crystal for 300 yen (~2.67 USD), then get a random "drop" from using the crystal.[10] Buying crystals in bulk provides a discount. Thus, characters and equipment are acquired randomly; any one crystal only has a certain percentage chance of being a desired character.[11] This system has proven lucrative, as some players compulsively attempt to get desired characters via spending money on repeated random character acquisitions. It was so effective to the point of raising worries of government regulation to stop exploitation; the Japan Online Game Association, a federation, self-imposed stricter restrictions on the industry after a player streamed themselves spending around 700,000¥ (~6,000 US dollars) attempting to get Anchira, a new and heavily advertised character, on December 31, 2015.[11] There was a time-limited period where Anchira's appearance rate increased, with her becoming more difficult to acquire on January 3, fueling "delirium" and peer pressure on players to attempt to get her immediately.[10] Frustration and claims of Anchira's "drop rate" being less than advertised from other players as well led developer Cygames to offer refunds to people caught in the incident, a promise to set up a system to automatically give a drop after too many "misses", and an apology from the management.[12]

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What kind of shitty party loses to the first fight of an AP?

>> No.54260595

2 if it is online. 4 if it is RL. But of course it depends on the group and the types of encounters.

>> No.54260596

But for WHAT GAME?


I've been in a party like that, before.

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She doesn't have a game yet! She could be from anywhere! It depends on the setting of the game I use her in!

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Added a fair bit of meat to the Soulforger. One Aspect is done and the others are sort of hinted at what they do, at least.

>> No.54260650

Look man, when 3/4ths of the player characters couldn't roll above 10 to literally save their lives and the enemy was hitting almost every strike with high damage rolls, it escalates pretty quickly.

The only one that didn't go down was the monk who literally one-shotted every guy who approached him with nonlethal FoB.

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Have you decided on a look? A personality? A hopes? A DREAMS?

>> No.54260660

Maybe, maybe. One would hope that they'll be able to buy her time to run.

>> No.54260667

What sourcebooks/places have some interesting locations that I can shamelessly plunder? I'm looking to fluff out a map and I've never used Golarion and probably won't get around to it.

Varisia's cliff/rise in the east is an interesting idea, but I haven't looked at the region in detail

>> No.54260688

I want to play a Void Prophet ex-paladin sundered from his god by contact with the hollow hunger, but still taking joy in spreading happiness today instead of tomorrow!

>> No.54260726

Can cartridges for advanced fire arms be re used? Especially in something like a revolver, the casings would be saved, and you're paying for powder and bullets separately already.

>> No.54260745

But who will buy their time to run?

>> No.54260765

> "All is ruin!"
> "Liberating, innit?"

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>> No.54260801

Sometimes, luck just isn't on your side mang.

>> No.54260807

It hardly matters. A heroic end, for th'sake o' someone like her? It'd be no trouble t'cap things off that way. Abadar knows it's a fair trade.

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>tfw you stay up to 6am for homebrews and nobody gives you feedback
why even

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Her appearance will probably be hinge on whichever ethnicity she is which in turn will be based on campaign setting! She'll probably be freakishly tall though, even though I'm a little worried about her being compared to and accused of copying Onryou!

She hopes to find adventurer friends and help them survive on their adventures! Like a healslut, but without being a slut!

She dreams of being a great adventurer renowned throughout the land for her heroism and daring deeds so people will remember her fondly when she's gone!

And she'll have the Wrecker Curse to reflect her accidental destructiveness from being too STRONK!

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(From the Saturday campaign I GM, Stjarnagardr)

The group got back on the road! After finally splitting up their acquired wealth from the Young Black Dragon's horde, they're headed to the seat of the local county to treat with the local Lord, and get their Cleric-friend's son legitimized.

Night came, and the Rogue failed her Perception check (Natural 1), failing to notice a pack of coyotes (including a Dire Coyote, which was a reskinned Dire Wolf) that were rummaging through their food and gear. Third watch spotted the creatures, and combat broke out.

It was a fun session, and the group all seemed very happy to be back in the swing of things after a few weeks of break.

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Are you waiting for a campaign that strikes your fancy to app with her?

>> No.54260920

Preferably one where the fate of the world won't be at stake, but there will still be a reason to actually go adventuring, but I'm not super picky!

>> No.54260940


Glad to hear it went well. What's the situation with the illegitimate son?

>> No.54260968

Personally, I'd rather use the other homebrewanon's deer race, just to ensure plausible deniability

Welcome to the shanktown, where good rolls can allow a low level party to steamroll everything

>> No.54261000

How do people feel about Eternal Guardian discipline?

>> No.54261021

I personally love the discipline since I love attack of opportunity builds.

>> No.54261030

Make her an Agathion Blooded Aasimar.

>> No.54261070

She'll probably be a human or a half orc! I like those races! I have nothing against Aasimars, but I really like humans and half-orcs!

>> No.54261111

Is there another discipline that synergizes well with it? Something with good aoo?

>> No.54261140

Cursed razor for the cursed status synergy

>> No.54261177

cursed razor in particular stacks great with it due to curses. golden lion, black seraph, and scarlet throne are solid choices too.

>> No.54261286


I don't see why not handloading is a real thing RL

>> No.54261305


Ulfric (former character of one of the players) was quite the lady's man in his youth. One of the amorous adventures he had before leaving to study at the Temple of the Sun, devoting himself to become a Crusader Cleric of Pelor.

The girl he had this tryst with got pregnant and gave birth to his bastard. Thankfully, Ulfric's family was close with the child's mother, and accepted him as one of their own.

Ulfric's father was an Aeldorman (essentially the Baron-Governor of a town), and passed away, leaving Ulfric as the head of the family. While he was away on various campaigns and missions for the Faith, the child grew up and Ulfric's mother and sisters stood in as Regent while Ulfric did great and good things for the world.

Fast forward to present day in the campaign, and Ulfric returns home, discovering the existence of his now-adult bastard. Ulfric is a good man, and accepts the boy with open arms, as he resembles a young, blond version of Ulfric; and also has a similar Birthmark on his shoulder that Ulfric has on his forehead.

So, the party is headed to Ulfric's liege, the local Thane, to deliver the formal request, and hopefully have it approved (after doing a favor for the Thane, obviously. Because that's how these things work).

Ulfric's stayed behind to educate his son on how to rule, as well as actually doing so himself.

>> No.54261342

What are some good feats I should take for two-handing stuff if I've already got all the obvious ones?

>> No.54261372

Lunge, faggot

>> No.54261373

What weapon are you using?

>> No.54261387


>> No.54261395

Battleaxe or Butcher Axe?

>> No.54261413

Oh shit, I forgot about that motherfucker. I've should build something for that glorious sumbish.

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Hey /pfg/ just wanted to ask for some feedback. I've posted in a few threads before to gauge interest in a variety of campaign ideas I've had that I've been considering running for /pfg/. I've compiled them along with some elaboration and influences into a pastebin for easy reading. If you guys don't mind I'd appreciate some feedback. The basic options are:

>Monster Hunter style kill all the big things campaign where monster parts can be used in gear crafting

>Privateer/Pirates game that starts with Skull&Shackles or Serpent's Skull and diverges into some golarion freedom for exploration

>Lamashtan cult/cosmic or body horror urban campaign involving themes of transcendence of flesh

>A Jade Regent styled romp in Golarion's Minkai

>urban organized crime campaign involving the building of a guild/gang with a focus on gang warfare/politics and law enforcement

For full explanations and recaps from the last thread where I elaborated on it, here's the pastebin I created:


>> No.54261477

Who is Sigmund Gulbrand?

>> No.54261493

A real human being, and a real hero.

>> No.54261498

Monster Hunter and Minkai romp sound lovely

>> No.54261530

>trying to find good guide for Barbarian
>Find that Jolly made one
>nothing on Savage Technologist in it
This is not Dynamite

>> No.54261547

Organized Crime campaign, no question. Preferably with rival gangs with stupid as fuck gimmicks, like elf greasers.

>> No.54261575

So I want to make a high powered goat animal companion.

I have my reasons. Tips for companion buffing?

>> No.54261595

Strong Jaw. Greater Magic Fang. Some kinda... AC thing.

>> No.54261596


Sounds like you're making something for Iron Gods anon, what do you need to know?

>> No.54261629 [SPOILER] 

Play a Hunter, the whole class is built around companion buffing

Suggested feats and feat progression for a Savage Technologist Barbarian/Desperado Warlord. Also to know if there are any feats I can ignore due to the Maneuvers from Desperado

I wanna warrior who can fight robots super good, doesn't afraid of anything, and will make all those white bees look tame tonight

>> No.54261632

I want to play a character but I'm a DM. what do I do

>> No.54261639

apply for one of the many /pfg/ games recruiting all the time!

>> No.54261644


How many levels of each are you taking? Is one just a dip?

>> No.54261645

BBEG or BBGG? Possibly a BBNG

>> No.54261668

It's your world now, you're the man!
Be sure to do it IN HIS FIIIIIGHT

>> No.54261697

Well, I have notes for 38 different gangs. and a number of them have a gimmick attached to them.

>> No.54261707

I had this idea that if the party makes it past the first adventure I'll have the next one start with a bar fight that ends with the bar burning down and the bartender ends up becoming a BBNG who wants revenge for his ruined livelihood in spite of the fact that it leads him to greater success than he ever would have had as a bartender

>> No.54261739

Make a DMPC, but don't make them like a full character, and instead make them the plucky supportive sidekick of the party.

Well, this will sound hirribly unoptomized, but I'm starting wit 2 in Savage Technologist, and 1 in Desperado. The next level will be another in Desperado, then I go unto Savage Tech until I hit level 5 then spend the rest in Desperado. Either that, or just alternate between the two until I hit 5 in Savage Tech then the rest in Desperado.

Really it will be up to Whoever pick the character up
This is going to be one to 2 or 3 characters I will make for Iron Gods, that I will put up for "Rent" for other players to take an use themselves, because I never have the right scheduling to play them myself. Each charater sheet will have the character's background, and a written guide for what to take and pursue at the later levels, while still allowing freedom to customize and alter should the player decide to. Basically I'm making "insta-character kits" for giving out to players. My gift to the players, and my chance to actually give my characters life and a chance at being used rather than collecting digital and mental dust for all eternity

The other character I plan on building for rent will be an android wielding a sapient ghost sword

>> No.54261744


A commendable goal.

>> No.54261747


What class, or build, is most likely going to have the finest ass? My bet that its a close race between dervish dancer and transmuter wizard

>> No.54261758

tried, they immediately saw what I was doing and chose the alternative

>> No.54261759

Pitborn Paladin of Kurgess.

>> No.54261760



>> No.54261774

Look up the Guide class from Gonzo2

>> No.54261784

Whichever one is playing a Draph

>> No.54261793


There is a case to be made for pitborn

>> No.54261799

Wizard is cheating. Also, the true answer is some kind of Improvised Weapon type of fighter who uses Stilletoes. Preferably a Martial of some kind so you can get that perfect blend of QUALITY traits and good Con

>> No.54261819

Unarmed class with one of homebrew anon's skirt styles and stilettos/thighhighs?

>> No.54261837

Material Manipulator Mesmerist.

>> No.54261841


Common place guns means that firearms are martial, I'd suggest dropping desperado warlord and making a Primalist/Savage Technologist. Chances are Irongods will have a gunslinger and that means they can craft advanced firearms for you.

Since power attack is already free as well as deadly aim all you need to do is get TWF, then later the merged improved version. I would try if at all possible not to delay Savage Technologist levels if you actually want this character to fight with a gun.

>> No.54261847

Im discounting the body mOdification class for fairness

>> No.54261890

Kobold anything

>> No.54261892

Is it possible to lewd armor?

>> No.54261905

Do you mean is it possible to have mechanically-supported lewd armor?

Or are you asking if it's literally possible to fuck one's own armor?

>> No.54261915

Seconding both of these questions

>> No.54261934

If the former just ask for your GM to okay gloryborn armor from 3.5's Dungeon Master Guide II. It's not that expensive and doesn't really provide a good enough benefit to be broken. Or just get it glamered if money isn't a problem.

>> No.54261958

Post some.

>> No.54261968

>Primalist/Savage Technologist.
Not seeing that archetype, unless you're talking about the Bloodrager one. Also, do I really need Greater TWF if it already comes kinda prebuilt into the archetype? I mean, since GSlingers of Porphyra is allowed, my Gun can now be Light even if its a shotgun, so I Probably don't need to improve on the TWF stuff.

Plus, it looks like if I do decide to drop the Warlord, I might be bette to invest some of those feats into the Snap Shot line and Combat Reflexes

>> No.54262005

I was going to play a barbarian with my goat companion, with the necessary Mad Dog archetype. Losing some rage powers will be a steep price, but Helgi Dwarfpunter must have Heidrun. The goat of legend that provides the mead of the gods.

Should be good roleplaying fun. I wouldn't be surprised if this character dies, but that's kind of what he's trying to do.

>> No.54262012


It's the DSP Barbarian archetype, it gives you maneuver progression and infinite rage. Greater TWF is merged with Improved as per the feat tax rules so there is no reason not to take it.

>> No.54262013

Would /pfg/ ever play in a West Marches living world?

>> No.54262022



>> No.54262026

Distant Shores

>> No.54262029

Remember to take the Ferocious Companion Rage Powers

Not him, but the DSP achetype is called Primal Disciple

>> No.54262040

What is West Marches?

>> No.54262041

Primal Hunter is incompatible with Savage Technologist

>> No.54262048

>living world

>> No.54262069

What should I name my lady knight?

She is is love with the female elf (fuck anything) bard who spurns her affections. She doesn't realize that the scrawny wizard she protects is crushing on her, and uses him as a shoulder to cry on when she is repeatedly turned down.

>> No.54262073

Ferocious Companion, protip

by-the-by, do you think PFS would allow me to have a dire goat instead of a normal goat? Really, it doesn't matter. Just a bigger goat for a bigger dude.

>> No.54262074

on a certain island, Draph rain from the sky

>> No.54262075

>She doesn't realize that the scrawny wizard she protects is crushing on her, and uses him as a shoulder to cry on when she is repeatedly turned down.

>> No.54262084

The problem is
>a. The DSP barb is Wis Based, and I'm sick of always making Wis characters, so I'm trying to make this guys Cha
>b. Since Savage Tech just gives me an extra ability that merely functions as TWF, that would mean I would have to spend even more feats to get the original TWF then the Greater version at level 6-ish, which seems lika kind of a waste since I already have something that functions as it

>> No.54262085

A monk specializing in Keijo fighting style.

>> No.54262088

So I figure I have four sessions left this adventure, that's 2-4 weeks to prepare the next adventure.

My players are in shanktown, and I don't know if they'll survive or even keep playing. How do I prepare?

>> No.54262138

Started the long journey towards barley farming.

>> No.54262151

Rude would be if she was doing it on purpose. She was simply hired as his bodyguard so she never let herself see him as anything more than a client. First rule of bodyguard detail: Know where your body is. So they share accommodations and frequently talk into the night.

>> No.54262165

How would you give your character a new look after a timeskip, /pgg/ies?

In my case, my guy's outfit and gear at the moment is basically pic related, and I'm interested in making it look less rank-and-file.

>> No.54262166

Only if it's PLD Living Lewd

>> No.54262179

Fuck me, of COURSE I forget to attach the pic.

>> No.54262186

If she doesn't give him the V, she's a bad person and deserves to be fired.

>> No.54262193

How much of a timeskip are we talking?

>> No.54262200

Which one is that?

>> No.54262212

Like two to three years. We're only going up by a level, but I'd like to assume some adventures will be had in the interim.

>> No.54262220

Generally add on to the base, maybe give him fancier clothes, a gaudier shoulder armor, a nicer shield, ect.

>> No.54262226

Rip off a sleeve and wear the scarf around it.

>> No.54262228

Unironically look at the changes fate/go does between stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3

>> No.54262244

I'll consider that--one of my other ideas was to upgrade from a scarf to a cape, maybe make the chain shirt he usually wears more obvious.

Something like the second from the right here.

>> No.54262259


>> No.54262268


>> No.54262271

i'm just saying

>> No.54262294


>> No.54262302


>> No.54262329

Not me though

>> No.54262333

stage 1

>> No.54262340

Can someone dump adventure's guide?

>> No.54262348

stage 2

>> No.54262352

and stage 3

>> No.54262360

It's in the trove

>> No.54262559

Tell me about your characters. Are they good listeners?

>> No.54262595

They will get there eventually.
Aiteann Drochbhéasach is her name. Roughly rude cunt, in Irish, since I do see any other suggestions coming.

Any buff lady knight and shrimpy wizard art out there?

>> No.54262604

My cute redheaded gadgetslinger couldn't care less what other people have to say, unless it helps them feel better, or has to do with her creations.

>> No.54262650

Phenomenal listener, but absolutely atrocious at comprehension. Quick to offer support and encouragement, but never, ever expect any serious intellectual content to pierce that skull.

>> No.54262671

What is their fondest childhood memory?

>> No.54262721

Probably the moment she made her first pocketwatch.
And then proceeded to swindle an innocent passerby into purchasing it for an unreasonable price.

>> No.54262728

Her father teaching her to ride.

>> No.54262753

If they died right now, is there something they'd regret having not said? If so, what and to whom?

>> No.54262792

What game can I play fake C3 in?

>> No.54262800

He likes to think he is, but he doesn't really share the same philosophy as other people, so he probably doesn't come off that way. They're realists, he's still clinging to the idea that everybody can be built up to greatness with just a little praise.

Helping his mum bake, back when she was still alive.

Gods, where to even start? Probably first and foremost never getting the chance to ask someone for their hand, following that never telling his homeland's rulers to shove a longspear up their fundaments.

>> No.54262806

C3 deserves to be killed. Hopefully the Ensoulment Heroes will destroy her.

>> No.54262827

She hardly know what she wants to say as she's saying it. She's got too much on her mind to ever contemplate stuff like regrets.
Or so she'd have everyone believe

>> No.54262830

How loopy are your characters while Int/Wis/Cha-damaged/drained?

Pic related?

>> No.54262836


Rory stop.

>> No.54262853

Nigga Rory took meds and went to bed, witch hunter Anon is just back at it again

>> No.54262866



>> No.54262895

"I miss you."
>to whom
Her husband

>> No.54263029

What was the name of the caster/psion that burns INT for casting, mentioned in the fuckbot thread?
I need to know for science.

>> No.54263035

I have two players that just made level 3.

One is a Hidden Blade (Rogue) / Evoker.
The other is a Ranger/Druid of Lurue.

Both are gestalts, and are temporarily staying in a small fishing village waiting for tinctures to distill. What can I use to challenge them before they travel back to the big city to sell them?

I want to get them used to my game before having them fight in the 12th Seros War.


>> No.54263053

What are you hoping for from Ruins of Azlant /pfg/?

>> No.54263060

New to Pathfinder. How can I be a giant weeb and go full Emiya?

>> No.54263116

There is a psionic arsenal thing that gets a swarm of blades, you should look into it. I can't remember what psionic class gets it.

>> No.54263126

Found it. Give this a look. It's a High Psionics Psychic Armory Soul Knife.


This is probably the closest you'll get. Maybe try and add in some maneuvers on top of it somehow.

>> No.54263180

Literally the armorist archetype in the Creation handbook playtest.

>> No.54263181

Looking for some input

Trying to decide between a Heavens Oracle or a Starsoul Sorcerer. Race is going to be Ganzi, Character concept is as follows

His father was a traveling performer. The kind that left a trail of broken hearts behind him. One day he awoke to find a child in his room. While a bit of a scoundrel, he wasn't a bastard so he decided to raise the child, under the assumption it was the product of one of his many misadventures. He taught him the various tricks of his trade, both the legal, like juggling, and the not so legal, like pickpocketing. It quickly became clear that this child had many talents of his own as he began displaying many maigcal feats. He began to work this in to the act, and they lived quite prosperously until the father died. Haven't decided how yet. He's now adventuring trying to find who and where his mother is. Haven't cleared it with the GM, but I'm thinking she is going to be a powerful spellcaster, who had a one night stand before heading off on an expedition to the Maelstrom. Being but an embryo at the time, he was highly susceptible to the chaotic energies which is what made him a ganzi

Appearance wise, at a distance, he looks human, but the more you look at him, the more you realize he isn't quite. His skin is black, unnaturally so, the more you look at it, the more you see a vague indigo hue to it, like a night sky. His arms legs and torso are marked with a handful of small white spots, like stars, that seem to change location from one day to the next. He has one larger white mark on his forehead that stays in place. His eyes look like slowly churning galaxies. He appears to have shoulderlength dreads, adorned with with beads and cuffs. Hands on inspection reveals that they are actually small thin tentacles, kinda like twilek or asari, but much thinner and a lot more of them. He wears a bandana to disquise the fact that he doesn't have a hairline.

>> No.54263230

You know what, I think it could be done well, if you twisted into a sort-of Kingdom Building game.

Play as Monster races pushing back the 'Humans' and fortifying, only for things to start getting weird amdntwisty as we approach.

>> No.54263245

Ability scores wise after racial, I've got 9, 16, 16, 12, 13, 16. We used dice pool. We're starting at level 3, I'm considering splashing in some rogue for flavor, but I don't know how much I would benefit from it other than the skill ranks and class skills. He's likely going to wind up the face of the party, my other party members were looking at Brawler and Fighter/wizard/cleric (don't ask). Our other player just had a kid and won't be back for some time. The GM is letting the Brawler play an Ogre so he's got our melee front completely covered. I don't forsee the Fighter/wizard/cleric accomplishing anything, so I'm going to have to be able to cover a lot of bases.

>> No.54263317

Sounds a little like how Overlewd was touted.

>> No.54263347

Have you ever used something like pic related in your games, /pfg/?

>> No.54263368

Yeah, I got reminded of it after I posted

How has it gone?

>> No.54263414

Pretty good. Levels are coming pretty quick so far, but then, it is a biweekly game so things have to move at a good clip.

Plus getting to the sweet spot faster means the PCs get to fight bigger shit faster.

>> No.54263478

Why would someone create a defective android? Sounds incredibly cruel.

>> No.54263513

A whole bunch of the Androids on Golarion are physically defective. Aside from the bodies that survived the initial crashes during Starfall the few still functional manufacturing facilities often produce models that aren't entirely as they should be.

Iron Gods itself has a few examples of this.

>> No.54263532

Speaking of iron gods, how would you tier the apps!?

>> No.54263538

Because everyone wants a 2B

>> No.54263580

Speaking of Android booty, how would one write up Yoko Taro if he were a deity? What portfolio, favored weapon, domains, and subdomains would he have? What about his Deific Obedience?

Or are there some other deity who fills the position already? I mean, come to think of it he does come across as a more benevolent aspect of Groteus

>> No.54263599

Most of them are WIP and none of them really come off as all to interesting to me so far. No really strong memes or stand out characters.

>> No.54263645


Well lets first see what are actually finished or close to

>Conall Cernach
Human male, Dexterity based reach fighter (Deadly Agility Reeeee). Is sad, but also kind and good natured, speaks in limericks, local ties of Baine.
>Vesha Egelsee
Android female, also a dex/int character but this one ranged focused. Only "Alive" for a short amount of time before the events of the game, pissed off the technic league, wants to learn about herself.
>Uirel ??? Jesus christ this bit on names
Elf female, psionic caster. Obsessed with magic she comes to Numeria to investigate tech items, which she thinks are in fact, magic. Your typical haughty elf mage personality here.
>Semzaya Baine
Aasimar female, summoner. Daughter of a crusader, raised by Baine. She hates the technic league and grew up scavenging alongside her adopted dad, wants to save him. Tons on personality, prideful, greedy, but also charming, when she's scamming people. Eidolon is a little girl.

I'm taking a break because I hate reading backstories.

>> No.54263735


I'd hate to see what you consider an interesting character because of what is up currently there is basically a bit of everything. Many have setting ties as well. So maybe you just don't find the setting interesting?

>> No.54263790

Question I am building a 20 point buy Wildsoul Falconine human for a PFS game any tips on what feats and talents I should take?

>> No.54263804

Its ok man, I don't like reading backstories either

>> No.54263869

Covet Charge (Ex) At 1st level, a techslinger can spend 1 grit point to use 1 charge fewer than normal when firing a technological weapon (minimum 0), as long as the weapon has enough charges remaining to be fired at least once. This deed replaces deadeye.

Why am I even surprised but who the fuck wrote this? It has no listed duration, does it let a techslinger fire for the whole round at -1 charge? Or just 1 shot per 1 grit spent? RAW you'd spend 1 grit and consume 1 fewer charges forever.

>> No.54263923


Does this mean a level 11 gunslinger with signature deed could shoot off a railgun infinitely?

>> No.54263935

Technically each time you fire a weapon, you use a charge, so by RAW, you would be spending a point of grit every time you shoot.

>> No.54263962


>> No.54263972


Yes but to get there you have to be a techslinger in Iron Gods, which means trying to get to level 11 without quick clear. AKA you can just kill yourself because your guns will all be broken all the time.

>> No.54263985

Nah you can grab your first tech gun by at least the end of the first book, and that doesn't need quick clear

>> No.54264003


That thing costs 500 GP to reload

>> No.54264007

well yeah

>> No.54264026

Yes, but thats where you use the covet charge ability

You would never have to reload it again by RAW!

>> No.54264027


And it's worse than a musket 99% of the time

>> No.54264030

c-come on man, fire damage

>> No.54264044


I'm getting so fucking mad at Paizo, of course it was Jacobs that wrote all this shit! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.54264064

>>Uirel ??? Jesus christ this bit on names
Heh, my blurb on names might have been a bit autistic.
I felt like it's appropriate for a haughty mage app to add some name autism.

>> No.54264124

What historical books would serve as inspiration for a 15th/16th century frontiersman character to adopt the trait student of philosophy, and seek a master/more books?

>> No.54264258


The Mabinogion, The Book of Deeds of Arms and of Chivalry


The Prince, Journey to the West, Martin Luther's 95 Theses, Declamation on the Nobility and Preeminence of the Female Sex

>> No.54264515

I'm multiclassing into bard, what can I do to make her metal as fuck?

Bonus points for dance bard?

>> No.54264520

be a skald instead

>> No.54264531

I may multiclass into that as well, but I want the dervish dancer's + to dance.

>> No.54264535

What was your first class?

>> No.54264549


>> No.54264569

>Declamation on the Nobility and Preeminence of the Female Sex

>> No.54264741

I was going for dazzling desplay, but I can't think of much more besides that.

>> No.54264987

Are there options to avoid the 13 int requirement for

>> No.54264996

There's a feat, I think it's called Dirty FIghting. Or there's the Brawler's CUnning class feature.

>> No.54265005

Thanks, that's super helpful.

>> No.54265026

>applying to a game with a premade character like a retard

>> No.54265193


can confirm, I crashed superhard like four hours BEFORE that image was posted. It's witch-hunter anon.

>> No.54265241

Disappointment all around

>mention to DM I wanted to be a lich
>he says k
>almost 2 years later and a whole bunch of skill checks
>character comes back out from process
>isn't a lich
>get told the process went wrong
>he used the Lich corruption mechanic
>all that time wasted for a poorly implemented mechanic by paizo

I would preferred a straight up no when I asked for lichdom instead of this.

>> No.54265263

I prefer playing a complete game like Pathfinder even if it is bloated than an incomplete game like 5E where I have to houserule in a bunch of rules to cover the most basic of situations.

>> No.54265294

For a reason that's not at all connected to any lewdgames, I have a question.
What races, classes, feats and spells are the most suited for a caster who specializes in ability drain, and can it be combined with an option where the character suffers ability drain as part of a normal encounter?
The ability score is INT. I wouldn't get mad if you mentioned effects that accomplish much the same without the mechanical ability damage, either.

>> No.54265312

Today's the day. What will Tuv's picks be?

>> No.54265329

5e is shit, and I don't just say that to fill the bingo box.
The only reason to play 5e is your group is a bunch of irredeemable munchkins, and that because 5e has no real choices you can make with regard to character builds.

iirc Swashbuckler dip lets you use charisma instead of int.

>> No.54265417


>Swashbuckler Finesse (Ex)

>At 1st level, a swashbuckler gains the benefits of the Weapon Finesse feat with light or one-handed piercing melee weapons, and she can use her Charisma score in place of Intelligence as a prerequisite for combat feats. This ability counts as having the Weapon Finesse feat for purposes of meeting feat prerequisites.

>> No.54265439

>irredeemable munchkins

A pathfinder player complaining 5e players are munchkins -kek.

You realise limiting character choices actually creates more of a semblance of balance than giving players thousands of abusable options whose end goal could only be to munchkin because if you need mechanics to roleplay you're doing it wrong.

>> No.54265448

I have a few characters designed specifically so that they can be reused, and I'm not gonna lie, they've almost universally been more enjoyable to play than one-off characters made for just one game.

>> No.54265463

I don't think you read that in the tone I intended..
5e is the "fix" for munchkins because there's really nothing thay can min-max.
They cap their main stat, they take the good subclass, and... that's really it.

>> No.54265475

>5th level Umonk
>Have Fort13, Refl14, Will10
>Escaping from a kraken's poisoned ink that destroyed our ship?
>Nat1 in Fort
>Against a ghost fear effect?
>Nat1 in Will
>Against a mummy fear effect?
>Then rot?
>2...but thank god I'm immune to that shit
Fuck you too, universe

>Inb4 but surely you are rocking in attack and skill rolls, right?
HA! I fucking wish

>> No.54265483

You're not multiclassing hard enough then

>> No.54265486

that they* I just woke up.

>> No.54265498

This sounds like a story I've heard before. Did you also happen to be some sort of sorcerer beforehand?

>> No.54265527

No, I was an arcanist

>> No.54265530

Good fucking job failing to even include any references to Pathfinder in the fucking OP, you tremendous faggot. I couldn't find it with either Pathfinder or /pfg/ and almost started a new thread.

>> No.54265550

Yea he fucked up the link repositories.

>> No.54265566

The checks for the apothesis occult ritual are so low that I don't see how they could be failed by any midlevel scrubber with prep time. The only quibble is having a lower level phylactery though which makes it more susceptible to enemy magics/being broken if it is even found.

>> No.54265611

The transformation failed because of DM fiat he thought it was too OP.

>> No.54265649

Except for burning through grit at an enormous rate.

>> No.54265650

At what level did you make the attempt? If it took 2 years, I assume somewhere around 15

>> No.54265659

Declamation is the opposite of a proclamatoin, so it's basically saying "they aren't all that."

>> No.54265675

Literally wrong.

>> No.54265688

Hahaha hahaha.... No

>> No.54265848

About to start a 5th level game with 25 point buy
Is this good for a paladin before racial bonuses and 4th level bonus? 16, 12, 12, 10, 8, 17

>> No.54265879

25 point buy and 12 con?
I'd go to at least a 14.

Having that much charisma is a waste unless you plan on doing Hospitaler archetype to be a passable healer outside of being able to hold the wand.

>> No.54265933

My first choice was 15, 13, 14, 10, 10, 16 before racial and putting the +1 from 4th level into Str.

>> No.54266056

Tier 1 and Cyrielle.

>> No.54266081

Between a d10, heavy armor and Lay on Hands, 12 CON is perfectly fine - 14 will make you meaty, but it won't be necessary for most fights.

17 Charism, though? That's a waste. You only need 16 Natural to be a mighty mighty Paladin-man, so lower Charisma and drop the extra into Wisdom; Divine Grace shores up a poor Wisdom score, but you know what does better? A good Wisdom score AND Divine Grace.

>> No.54266086

Not Cyrielle, Tuv's gonna go with tits over substance. Maylayna fills that role and also brings a top-tier attention whore to the game, so that would be where the smart money is.

>> No.54266099

Maylay's tits aren't even that large, if he wanted a solid rack to ogle he'd be going for that dual-wielding half-Elf who enjoys boning her teammates.

>> No.54266123

If a guy were to drink Night Tea, what'd happen?

>> No.54266128

>muh attention whoring

>> No.54266136


>> No.54266143

Also not Leofric, since Slow is unavailable Wednesdays.

>> No.54266146

16 12 14 10 8 16 would be better overall, with all your level boosts going into strength. Or you could bump wis down to 7 and con up to 15 if you're really determined to spent that 5th level point on an odd ability score for whatever reason.

>> No.54266162

He'd grow a womb, which would then deactive itself for the duration of its existence.

>> No.54266164


>> No.54266178

4th* whatever, I'm smrt people, I sware.

>> No.54266180

That's boring...

Someone give this anon a raise!

>> No.54266188

Same thing that happens if a guy takes hormonal birth control.

>> No.54266198

What DOES happen? Surely it fucks up something about him.

>> No.54266212

Are there any ways to get my hit dice for things like defic obedience?

>> No.54266213

...10 Wis and 18 Cha (due race) is the same as 8 Wis and 20 Cha (due race) though.

>> No.54266227

Fuck now I need to know.

>> No.54266229

He gets the shits real bad.

>> No.54266237

RP-wise, how would you justify a character having 20+ Int but still be dumb as a rock?

>> No.54266244

For the most part it just makes guys moody, but it can lead to weight loss from muscle shrinkage, and decreased sex drive, and if taken in high frequency, can cause the development of male breast tissue..

>> No.54266259

Night Tea wouldn't do anything, it would simply taste like frothy, vaguely sour tea to them.

Calistria's Kindness is the hormonal birth control, not Night Tea. Kindness you rub on your girl-bits to ease cramping from your period, and when used for 30 days stops them entirely (but they start back up as soon as you stop.)

Night Tea is just a liquid girl condom and abortion drug, nothing more. It doesn't do any of the other hormonal stuff the Pill does.

>> No.54266305


>> No.54266333

And then anon died.

>> No.54266355

You don't.

>> No.54266366

You kind of can't, that's more a matter of wis than int, the closest you can really get is someone completely naive about the world by investing in basically no skills.

>> No.54266371

>how do I justify a character being smart, but being dumb

I don't know nigger, maybe don't try to justify an inherent contradiction

>> No.54266410

This would be my hope, but Tuvarkz hasn't really given us much reason to hope, so I fear it will probably be something more along the lines of >>54266086 or >>54266164

>> No.54266469

I've never really understood the pfg obsession with who gets into games. There were some quality apps to WotR that will probably not make the final cut, but why does it matter? DMs are either just gonna choose whoever they think sounds cool or fun, or the people whose schedules magically align. Why all the stress?

>> No.54266481

But Darkstar is a canon-breaker whose only real assets are a thick ass and fat tits.

And presumably an inclination for risky unprotected sex, if we're going with the Lamashtu angle.

>> No.54266500

its mostly interest to see what gets selected honestly

>> No.54266504


>> No.54266515

>whose only real assets are a thick ass and fat tits.

>> No.54266550

People don't want to get rejected from a game and see someone they hate get in instead.

Of course, they could just be excellent to each other.

>> No.54266552

Because they have no games themselves so they have to project into certain people to think that they have a game. Also autism

>> No.54266557


>> No.54266610

But that's literally wrong you idiot
Lammy killed her senpai, Desna is conspiring with Nocti-chan to murderfuck Lammy

>> No.54266644

>now Half-Elf with extra parts as a result of divine tampering
>With extra parts

>> No.54266670

I'm afraid it's worse than that
It's demon tentacles

>> No.54266671

>implying any character deserves to be subjected to Tuv's garbage DM style

>> No.54266676

What's wrong with those groups?

>> No.54266690


>> No.54266693


>> No.54266710

>0 hours played
>member since today
[sockpuppeting intensifies]

>> No.54266712


>> No.54266716

Demon Tentacles are stupid and I don't see why people find them pleasant. If hentai didn't corrupt our innocent minds with the belief those things will turn our pupils into heart-shapes than we'd see they're gross.

>> No.54266724

>Tuvarkz applied to Dominions of Vice
>Literally just a fucking nodachifag

When will it end?

>> No.54266735

>not being a nodachifag

>> No.54266746


>> No.54266747

I dunno, with the self-shilling they've been doing I'd say both Halae and Jane deserve whatever they get.

>> No.54266748

Let me guess. It's a Lawful Neutral/Evil Knight person, probably with some kind of noble blood connection, and/or worships Asmodeus.

>> No.54266750

It gets even worse
She has Lethal Locks as well meaning she can grow her hair to 10 feet long and control it as well as her own limbs

>> No.54266761

That's less interesting.

>> No.54266767

Speak for yourself.

>> No.54266768

Why can't people just be normal sluts, these hyper-sluts are a bit too rich for my simple tastes.

>> No.54266788

The best part is that Leona tries her best to remain pure despite her alter ego being literally powered by succugod

>> No.54266829

>Tries her best to remain pure

I think purity goes out the window the moment she starts boning the other party members.

And I doubt it'll be the cute stuff - oh no, she's probably into the freaky shit.

>> No.54267043

> his skin is a dark hue, though not as dark as his human father's
Yo, elves are dark skinned unless they live in the tundras, and I'm pretty sure they don't often bother with hat shit.

>> No.54268230

Another day passes where i'm gratefull for my Roll20 group and their normal behaviour.

>> No.54268440

If a reading of anything technological in pathfinder sounds like it would be powerful or broken in the overpowered sense, READ IT AGAIN. Because you didn't read it right at all.

As >>54263935 states, it costs 1 grit per shot. Note the words "spend 1 grit point ... when firing"

So, if you only do one attack, and your weapon has at least one charge left in it, you can spend a point of grit to use no charges.

UNLESS you're autofiring. Then you use 9 instead of 10.

UNLESS the weapon uses multiple charges per shot. Then you're wasting, say, 3 instead of 4 for that one shot.

UNLESS it's a rocket launcher. Then the charges don't matter, it's a self contained weapon that can never be reloaded or recharged (use call weaponry for that one).

Besides, technically, anyone using the majority of technological weapons is less optimized than someone who is not. You cannot clustered-shots fire damage (well, you can but it does nothing since it's not against DR). You cannot ignore Electrical Immunity by enchanting the weapon to +5. It looks great at level 2 when you ignore the barbarian's DR/-, but you eventually get to that point where everyone and everything has 10 resist of two or three energy types and immunity to two others, and there's fuck-all your weapon can do about it all.

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