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Last time on Song of Swords:
Some Audatia cards
New Update Soon
Jimmy single-handedly genocides the uruk race

Song of Swords is a a tabletop RPG centered around realistic medieval fightan' with a ludicrous variety of weapons and fighting styles, centered around a dice pool system. It's currently in beta, and can be used for both fantasy and historical games. The Kickstarter was nearly 300% funded, and we're on the fast track to kicking ass baby.

Call of the Void: Ballad of the Laser Whales is a pulpy sci-fi tabletop RPG about fighting space-nazis and hunting giant whales with harpoons made out of the moon. Its combat system is more modern, based in the early 20th century, but can probably handle combat up to the present day.

MEGA folder containing current version of the game and all supplementary materials.
Note that the latest version of the game is v1.3. The next update will probably be called v1.4.

Here's a wiki detailing SoS's fantasy setting, getting filled up bit by bit as Jimmy reveals more details:

There's also a roll20 room where new players are encouraged to try the rules, test new rules, and find game breaking issues: https://app.roll20.net/join/346755/hRKd4w
If you're looking to learn, post here in the thread.

We also play Guy Windsor's card game Audatia in the room, but now we have a much better way to play Audatia: Tabletop Simulator! The (official!) mod for Audatia is now up and running!

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Previous thread

What did you guys do for Free RPG Day?

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I deliberately made 10,000 promises and then broke them.

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Where's the update announced for "this weekand or sooner"? Has thrace been right all along?

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Where's the update announced for "this weekend or sooner"? Has thrace been right all along?

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It's only satuday, there's still sunday for jimmy to procrastinate

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Claymore is actually holding the doc right now, for further proofreading.
t. Jimmy

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What's this about an update?

>> No.54228685

Jimmy said to expect an update this weekend! He always tells the truth, so get hype

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>A workhouse
>Strength within the human limit

Jimmy what the fuck is this

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Wew. That don;'t make sense.

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They have bonuses to MOB and CAR based on their size and quadruped nature. Don't get your panties in a twist. 7 is significant STR

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>zero punctuation

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Can we at least get a teaser of what's changed?

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As far as I can remember, talents, maneuvers, toughness, and some other stuff. So really, pretty much everything

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What would a SoS-inspired 17th-18th century setting look like? Think like a third setting spun off to fill the period between the two existing ones. I love the vibe both settings have but I also want muskets, fundraisers, and gold braid.

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*cuirassiers not fundraisers

>> No.54232707

Oh man. It'd be something weird like Pirates of the Caribbean meets Sunless Sea meets Potop.

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So would you guys use the Mount rules or the Monster rules for war elephants and such? Perhaps a weird combo of the two?

Man setting an one-off in not-India is weird.

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>Timothy, you put that face protection on right this second!
>fuq u u aren't my real dad anyway

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The only truth you've ever told us.

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By teaser I mean a picture or something. The threads are dying without new content.

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I am straining at the bit to get this thing out, I'm sorry for the delays but this one needs to be perfect and some of the changes were hueg.

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I really want to print out a version to use to introduce local gamers to it, make it a good one.

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>central game mechanics are overhauled
>trying to make release perfect
Pick one

>> No.54239273

Precious few hours Jimmy. Will you keep your promise?

>> No.54239363

Venezuelan issues are at 100 days now.

>> No.54239401

We're trying our best here man, there's a lot of stuff to juggle here.

Shadows of Mordor shit right here.

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Their struggles will be resolved before the update comes out.

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So, new update. What's opinions on this Luck stuff and the revamped Talents?

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Kept you waiting, huh?


Send comments here for permanent archival.

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Good start.

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Hrm, I wasn't sure I was overly fond of Noble Schools only having 3 proficiencies max, but Unorthodox Fencer's 6 proficiency max makes up for it well enough.

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>1.9.8 -> 2.0 -> 1.9.9 -> 1.2 -> 1.3 -> 2.0
Computer program labeling was a mistake

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The new Talents are fucking great.

>> No.54243782

>Me on the way to get SoS 2.0

>> No.54243790

>happy hottest month of the year to everybody else
Jimmy, there are English speakers in the Southern Hemisphere too, you know?

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>Chapter 09.1: Melee Weapons
>1. Added Easy to Aim to Crossbows & (some) Firearms
>2. Updated Reloading Rules for simplicity and to fit new system
Gotta reload those melee weapons guys


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Oh yeah man, this is Fox News levels of fair and balanced.

>> No.54243834

Here's the PDF guys

>> No.54243851

if they were ands it'd be MSNBC levels of fair and balanced.

>> No.54243862

>Chapter 13: Wounds & Recovery
>4. Addition of Level 0 Wounds
We Bovine now?

>> No.54243873

We Ballad now.

>> No.54243886

>implying I'm Australian
[angry flightless nocturnal bird noises]

I'd personally change the way that's written to be "Simplicity, and ONE of Flowing Water...". Just to idiot-proof it.

>> No.54243887

>Soot Macross, one of the infamous Macross Sisters, is trying to climb a 30-foot tall fortress wall escape capture.
Is this the first time we've gotten a name for one of these sisters? Also there are grammar mistakes in the example, shame on you Australian editor

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Huh, is Deep Draw Cut gone on purpose?

>> No.54243909

>I'd personally change the way that's written to be "Simplicity, and ONE of Flowing Water...". Just to idiot-proof it.
I agree completely.

No, it's down here on swing. It's like power attack now.

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hey wait a second


>> No.54243940

Got it.

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>can't use Pommel Strikes after throwing the pommel away
What if I want to belt a blaggard with the pommel-less end of the hilt?

>> No.54243978

Whoa, arc gain is way down

>> No.54243995

It is literally impossible to do such a thing. At the quantum level there are an unlimited number of universes which explore every possibility, like islands upon the ocean of probability. On none of those islands is a world where you can pommel strike after throwing away your pommel.

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>I'm sorry for the delays but this one needs to be perfect

>> No.54244040

Ya blew it

>> No.54244094

Also noticed that the Willing to Learn feature is different in the character section for humans and the schools section. The former says that the first two proficiencies are free, the latter says they cost 1 Arc each.

>> No.54244111

Hey, there's a big discrepancy here.

On the humans racial abilities page, it says they get the first 2 proficiencies in their school for free.
In the proficiencies chapter, it says humans buy new proficiencies for 1 arc instead of 3, and also get a free talent.

Which is it?

>> No.54244144

There was a short test-fecht the other day with the new rules in the Roll20

>> No.54244187

Oh shit guys, the drawback to Rules of Nature is a lot more lenient. You might actually do it more than twice now. That makes O-dins even more dangerous.

>> No.54244287

A River of Blood is weaker and Sartur Hungers! is better. For some reason I was thinking the Chosen were getting overhauled, but they're basically the same.

>> No.54244298

Why are Prodigious boons still in the table? They're not in the book

>> No.54244450

New Berserker boon.

>-Increase your WIP by 4 for the purposes of Damage and Pain Reduction.
Doesn't that just mean +2 Grit? Why wouldn't you just say +2 Grit? Does Opaque think we still subtract WIP from Pain?

>> No.54244511

Frail is where it should be alphabetically in Banes, but Robust is at the end of Boons and not where it should be.

>> No.54244543

I am afraid

>> No.54244580

WIP indeed

I am too, but probably for different reasons than you

>> No.54244619

One of these things is not like the other. Do you see what I see, /tg/?

>> No.54244654

Why isn't Withdraw Amount listed as 1gp (20sp), 2gp (40sp), 3gp (60sp) like Liquidated Amount is?

>> No.54244776

>Dane Axe no longer has swinging slots
Thank God

>> No.54244910

This bit from Mounted Combat isn't updated. Closing Void and Dart Out no longer exist

>> No.54245064

Oh what the fuck is this

>> No.54245221

Hey it sure would be nice if SDB was actually explained anywhere. It sure isn't here. What the fuck is it?

>> No.54245243

an extra , ? that's all i see

>> No.54245262

it's a static number equal to half your strength says so right in the thing you posted

>> No.54245279

Okay you've got me there, but it's still not in character creation anywhere.

>> No.54245290

High Freemen are the only ones who can't take Hale and Hearty

>> No.54245296

Drugs are bad for you.

>> No.54245341

Okay but that doesn't answer my question. What do I do if I want to hit a guy with the bit where the pommel used to be attached?

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>> No.54245495

Am I stupid, or is this slightly confusing? I'm guessing it means 10 months for RS 10, 20 months for RS 11, etc.

Also, for the That Which Stares Back tests, how many hours of analysis are you assumed to be doing per day for the things that take multiple days/weeks? Say for RS 8, is that a week of 8-hour days, and I can get it done faster if I pull longer shifts, at the expense of being more likely to be noticed?

How about with breaks? If I have an RS 6 device (12 hours), can I analyse it in two-hour chunks over a week and not really have to worry about being spotted?

>> No.54245520

Oh God what the fuck is that font

>> No.54245560

Google Chrome encountering Times New Roman, I think. It replaces it with Papyrus for some godless reason.

>> No.54245578

It only seems to do it in PDFs, though. I've had it do it to a couple of other ones as well.

>> No.54245589

That sounds like an April Fool's joke

>> No.54245639

I'd think that too, if it hadn't been doing it for fucking months.

>> No.54245721

I don't think that's papyrus, mate. It's some kind of chicken scratch

>> No.54245754

Honestly, I don't know what it is. I can't exactly check, either, because it appears normal in Acrobat.

>> No.54245760

>> No.54245963

How do you stat a whip? What proficiency would it use?

>> No.54246019

What's your favorite talent tree, /tg/?

>> No.54246052

sounds like since it's 10+Rs and it says x10 per RS in months that it'd be 100months for 10 110months for 11 etc

>> No.54246063

Six weeks to eight years is a hell of a jump.

>> No.54246076

I miss good form

>> No.54246094

What do you think is a good time to learn how a warp drive works? 8 years sounds generous to me

>> No.54246383

I'm really digging the Light Armor tree.

>> No.54246655

Can you use The Basics to apply to a shield?

>> No.54247284

Shield Tactics 2 is a worthless piece of garbage. You went me to spend 2 talents so that in a very specific circumstance I can make them pay one more die? That's awful. Shield Tactics 2 and 1 should be combined into a. Ew Shield Tactics 1. Shield Tactics 3 is super sweet though.

>> No.54247322

RAW no, because shields do not have a proficiency and are treated as distinct from weapons.

>> No.54247605

Well, we asked for it hard, and we definitely got it hard. Time to get to work.

>> No.54247677

Where are the penalties for being Prone?

>> No.54248202

Oh, sorry, it's Page 266.

>> No.54248870

What happened, give us a rundown. of the quick variety.

>> No.54248892

someone died

>> No.54248999

What is this?

>> No.54249054

Jimmy started making an jrpg some times ago.
Out of public demand he might actually continue doing it someday.

>> No.54249628

>Out of public demand he might actually continue doing it someday.
Everytime we demand something from Jimmy, we get Bikini Elves and bodyhorror instead.

>> No.54249798

>Everytime we demand something from Jimmy, we get Bikini Elves and bodyhorror instead.
Maybe it's because in essence that's what we are demanding?

>> No.54250002

Good form's still pretty much there though, as Specialist

>> No.54250681

hey don't forget the two south africans

>> No.54251203

Okay so is there no way for two allies to attack an enemy simultaneously with Engage or Charge or whatever to make sure they can both be in the bout in the same round? It looks like if you want to team up on someone SOMEBODY has to attack them first and survive a Melee Round before anyone else in the initiative order, friend or foe, can join them.

>> No.54251302

Also I can't seem to find anywhere in the book that actually tells you which advanced maneuvers you can access due to proficiency.

>> No.54252317

The text on superior maneuvers might be explaining it:

>Superior Maneuvers always count as Advanced, even if the basic Maneuvers were Universal--meaning you cannot use them with weapons that fall outside of the Proficiencies within your School.

>> No.54252515

That would be correct. I'd assume a GM should allow players in consecutive initiative order or even same initiative act accordingly, but yeah, RAW there is no way using Engage or Charge for multifechten.

>> No.54252671

>Cannot be a complete monster
>implying empathy is the key to strange kung-fu
Dammit Jimmy, why do you have to make me sad. Side note, I'm gonna punch a motherfucker to death

>> No.54252718

Hey fuck you cunt. I'm arguably the only one I'm willing to call people around here. After all, I don't have proof you actually exist and aren't some gestalt botnet made of dickstabs and sepsis

>> No.54252799

With the way proficiency schools work now, you probably could just homebrew a Esoteric School of the Way of the Edge

>> No.54252928

You resolve all melee at the end once everyone has resolved their movement, so allies engage at the same time.

I don't know if that's how it works RAW, but it should be.

>> No.54253202

No that's saying you can't use Advsnced Maneuvers if you're defaulting.

Maneuvers limited to proficiencies are gone now. All Maneuvers are available to all proficiencies.

>> No.54254119


>> No.54254819

Why do the mail ventails still have different stats? The visor mail ventail does not have the Mail special rule, is 0.5 wt lighter, and 1sp more expensive.

>> No.54255211


>> No.54255460

Specialist was already in the old one and only applies to advanced.

>> No.54255471

That's why I said pretty much. The way things are now shouldn't make that much of a difference

>> No.54255553

Washing machine gameplay is still alive and well
Superior Hew still lets you utterly wreck shields

Thorfirr dual wields a battleaxe and a hand axe. He Double Attack Superior Hewed. The rapier & buckler opponent girl decided to all-in Joint Thrust at the face instead, just to see what would happen. Thorfirr got a combined 5 BS, which meant:
3 SDB + 2c + 2 BS = 7
3 SDB + 2c + 3 BS = 8
7 + 8 = 15 damage, enough to destroy the buckler. History is shit at SoS.

Thanks to all the stun inflicted by the axes inherent Shock combined with the [BS] stun from Hew, the all-in Joint Thrust got only 5 successes, doing a level 2 wound. Face piercing wounds do very little stun, so Thorfirr had dice in Action 2 - bonus dice for Momentum - and singly Swung the battleaxe at the neck. Did a level 4 to the shoulder, essentially ending the fight. Next Round was ~19 dice vs 5, so a Double Attack to the neck finished her off.

>> No.54255636

It brought up the question of what range you move to when you succeed with a Double Attack with two attacks of different ranges. In this case, it's a battleaxe at Medium and a hatchet at Short. The rules don't say.

>> No.54255760

I maintain that Shields should enjoy their own AV.

>> No.54256771

There are different parts at work to shield destruction, and they do not combine harmoniously. Standard Hew reduces a shield's Durability when it hits, but doesn't do enough damage to destroy it outright. The damage inflicted is a fixed number, however, so an axe and a misericord are equally adept at degrading a shield with repeated Hews. Thus, repeated strikes from an awfully weak weapon can destroy a shield. Superior Hew inflicts the full damage of the attack, rather than the fixed value, which enhances the power of large powerful weapons to ruin shields, but leads to situations like this where a metal buckler is ruined with two typical-BS axe swings from a realistically strong man. Thus, only a couple strikes from typical hand weapons can destroy even metal shields.
If shields were to employ their own AV against Hew attempts, without changing anything else, it would be as if their Durabilities were all raised by 6, 8, or 10. Then virtually no one will be able to destroy one in one hit, and hacking away at them with standard Hew would be worthless. There would have to be sweeping changes to get a good system; changing just one thing will mess things up.

>> No.54257081

-1 Void TN Ohanedin
-1 Void TN Light Armor 3 talent
-1 Void TN Esoteric school Biting Wind
-1 Void TN Unkindly

DTN 1 Flee

>> No.54257119

Make superior hew regular hew, create a new clause for superior hew, maintain the current system of degradation for attacks that penetrate shield AV in regular combat, maintain the current system for Total Block.

>no one will be able to destroy one in one hit

>> No.54257169

>Reading Profession skill rules
>Profession is normally used to see how well-

>> No.54257261

>maintain the current system of degradation for attacks that penetrate shield AV in regular combat,
That's actually not there anymore. Shields only lose Durability from Hew.

Sort of. I have almost no knowledge of how shield breaks or degredation work in real life - how much force it requires, how often it happens by accident or chance, if a specific attack to destroy a shield is even a thing you can do, etc. But from a gameplay standpoint: If you know their Hew isn't going to destroy your shield, then the only threat caused by the Hew is its [BS] Stun. It's an open invitation to attack the Hewer, as they can't Feint out of it and all they're going to do is some Stun.

>> No.54258389

>Shields only lose durability from Hew
A gross mistake.

To wood shields, it happens, but over the course of an entire battle or engagement. Striking one in twain right out is a feat of legend or legendary figures. Solid metal shields, almost never destroyed, but not immune to damage.

>> No.54259683

1) There are no Prodigious boons anymore. Why does this example mention them?
2) Only +15 now, not +30, good to note.

>> No.54261293

As always, Mike Loades is here to help.


>> No.54262112

Goblins got nerfed. They used to get -1 MOB, but now they get -2 MOB.

>> No.54262117

They're still too good.

>> No.54262845

There's a double period on Debt 4

>4: Moderate. You owe an amount of money equal to half again your starting Wealth, not including Assets..

>> No.54262868

>> No.54262924

>Short bane can be removed
Did you know midgets are liars and they could become full grown at any time?

>> No.54263101

Just gotta stand tall and walk hard nigga. If you do so, even the king of manlets can become a real man

>> No.54263319


>> No.54264016

>when the midget stands up, and stands up again

>> No.54266450

Does Feint still give a +1 TN penalty?

>> No.54266858

Quick rule check: Is the TN the number that the dice have meet or exceed, or is it exclusively exceed? That is, does TN 7 mean that you get Successes on 7s, 8s, 9s and 10s, or only 8s, 9s and 10s, for example?

>> No.54266904

Yeah, at TN 7 you count 7s and above as successes

>> No.54266961

So your money bag feels heavier

>> No.54267101


>> No.54267535

7,8,9,10 is TN7

>> No.54267842

You forgot
>Within Realm of Expertise

>> No.54267943

Fine, just for you then

>> No.54268292

What if you have Short and then get extra-long prosthetic legs?

>> No.54268602

For some reason this is really funny to me.

>> No.54270329


>> No.54271282

Dystopian underground cyberpunk elf dating simulator.

>> No.54272309

IT doesn't say so, so no. Instead quick defense has a +1 TN penalty.

>> No.54272357

So basically the entire point of Feint now is to add dice after maneuver declarations, huh?

>> No.54272486

Did you notice you have to feint from a swing or thrust proper? It can't originate from any maneuver anymore, only those two. You can still pull off tricks with it.

>> No.54272520

I didn't even notice it since, for some reason, I never actually used feint outside of regular Swing/Thrust.

>> No.54274079

The combat is terrible but Jimmy's writing is pretty good. It's actually a bit jarring to see it in something other than 4chan text. Apparently his favorite thing in the world is writing 200+ dialogues for NPCs so that you won't ever see them say the same thing twice.

>> No.54274226

Hey Jimmy, fix this shit. The same weapon shouldn't have multiple names.

>> No.54274362

>Woman (male)
>Male woman

>> No.54276553

Who gave you access to my porn

>> No.54277981

The Profession: Game Writer roll was pretty poor on Jimmy's part right there.

>> No.54278145

Rincewind the elven Unkindly?

Can elves even be Unkindlies?

>> No.54278521

Jimmy specifically said the Unkindly dodge power stacks with the Ohanedin dodge power, so I assume so!

>> No.54278611

Humans, goblins, wood elves, and iron elves can consume spawn blood to increase their power.
High elves are too delicate of constitution to tolerate spawn blood, ascendant are prevented by their gods from being sullied so, paleolithic elves are too powerful to take power from spawn, and star vampires already *are* spawn.

>> No.54279190

What about dwarves?

>> No.54279241

Jimmy forgot about them while writing the lore, as always.

>> No.54279333

What about Zells?

>> No.54279422

zells are for the sea

>> No.54279562

"Hitler was a great man with some sad failings"

-Jimmy Rome

>> No.54279629

Doesn't look like this is in the unofficial discord. Is he turning the official one into a PR holocaust now too?

>> No.54279735

Ignore troll posts.

>> No.54279779

"I'm a gullible idiot who believes unsourced claims on the internet."
- Anon

>> No.54281396

Well that's not actually quite that far off to what he said in one of the last threads.

>> No.54281480


>> No.54281543

So this thing can be taken multiple times, right?

TOU isn't all of a sudden arbitarily capped at 5


>> No.54281959

I mean. Usually a boon explicitly states if it can be taken multiple times. Chances are this one cannot. However it is pretty goddamn expensive so if you can convince your GM to let you raise tou by 1 for 8 arc a pop then go ahead. Maybe add a bounded cost to it, double cost for every point you buy.

>> No.54283186

I hope not. 8 arc is cheaper than if you were to increase your TOU back in the day, since you'd need to pay 12 arc in attributes

>> No.54284892

What do overlapping skills in packets do? If it's listed twice, do you get two levels each time you buy the packet? And how does overlapping work between two packets with repeating skills?

>> No.54286114

Boons cannot be taken multiple times unless they say so.
I think it's supposed to be two levels for ones like Surgeon or Hunter, because there's no subclass of Surgery or Hunting.

>> No.54286144

You must have missed it. The big change here is that you no longer use STR and TOU is no longer (STR+HLT+END)/3. Instead of STR you use STR/2, now called SDB. Instead TOU is fixed at 4, with a +1 or -1 for Robust or Frail, and a +1 TOU for every Dwarf.

>> No.54286177

The table for abnormal Social Classes has the wrong amounts of gold listed. Also the Skills section is missing its bookmarks.

>> No.54286921

You cannot purchase it a second time. The highest Toughness a mortal player character can have is 6.

This is a good change.

>> No.54287463

>This is a good change.
[Citation needed]

>> No.54287815

If I have two schools, and stop leveling one of them, do I still get its bonuses?

>> No.54288386

It's strange that after so long, SoS has never had official solutions for how to deal with two schools. I'd do it this way: the schools are like fighting styles. They have their own level, talents, and Superior Maneuvers, even if they have overlapping proficiencies. You pick which you're using at the start of each Round, just as in previous editions you'd pick which Proficiency you're using with your weapon at the start of each Round. (People didn't do that often, but it's one of the benefits to having a Spear,Polearm or Dagger,Sword.) So the two schools would be entirely separate and only be in effect when you choose to use them. That's probably not realistic at all but it is playable.

>> No.54290906

>> No.54291793


>> No.54291814

Anyone have the Jimmy elf fetish screencap?

>> No.54293340

>tfw you will never smash the teeth
>tfw you will never cut the eyes
>tfw the men of rahoo will never rule the skies

>> No.54294373

1000 hours in MSpaint

>> No.54294645

>forgetting Sword,Blunt
What about the Grit boost from Soldier, would that go away?

>> No.54294664

Yes it would.

>> No.54294901


>> No.54296643


>> No.54298826

Are dangerous

>> No.54299474


>> No.54299879

>If Rats forged Steel

>> No.54300674

What game is this artwork from?

>> No.54301079

Artsy as hell, really cool. But also expensive as fuck. No idea how good it is mechanically though.

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