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what are some examples of fuzzy, adorable and yet seriously dangerous creatures?

doesnt matter the system or setting, just throw some entries and bestiaries at me

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Poison frogs. Imagine a shitload of them around a rainforest pool at the bottom of which there's an item the party has to retrieve. The frogs are on rocks and plants all around the edge, on leaves and branches overhead, in the water too.

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I don't have bestiaries for you but I have a few pictures to bump your thread. Maybe someone can put them into context later.

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I have pet orchid mantis, and I they're adorable.


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I hate cute things.


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Assuming you're just talking about normal poison dart frogs, how would you run that encounter? Just describe it and let players freak out?

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Where do you live and how did you get them?

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Jumping spiders. Scale them up a bit so they're dog-sized, ignore some physics, and you've got one hell of a monster. You could have it stalk the party for hours and wait to pounce until someone separates from the group to take a leak or gather firewood or something.

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I really like Blood Apes, but I take inspiration from Orangutans more than Gorillas.
If you don't know, Blood Apes are red colored apes from the D&D 3.0 Monster Manual 2 that travel in bands led by an alpha male capable of growing to Huge size eight times a day.

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>Send the warforged in

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I ordered them from breeders within the US.

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I don't think I've ever heard anyone describe Best Dad as "Cute."

Not saying you're wrong though.

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nanachi did

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Mother fuckin Tonberrys

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and who's that again?

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a dad to surpass mr. Tucker

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Impressive. Shou set that bar pretty high. And then he fused the bar into his dogter.

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Well he didn't flay his daughter alive, removed all but brain, half a lung, the heart, quarter of the liver and enough intestine to power that, wrap it up in the flayed skin and put it in box to serve as a living lightning rod for supernatural variety for compression sickness, sufficiently alive to feel the pain but too simple to ever die.

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Yeah he didn't do all that, that's true. And he at least got her a dog.

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imagine if bondrewd would've gone even fluffier after further perfecting his already perfect body

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>wear a glove

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Little dragons are the best.

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Ahhh... a classic.

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