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Paizo Games General /pgg/

Devouring Beast Edition:

If you introduced Ungermaws into your campaign, how would you do it? A curse brought on by a discovered spawn of Rovagug? Maybe a relatively benign strain of ghoul fever? Or just a very very hungry person?

/pfg/ Link Repository (Pathfinder): https://pastebin.com/JLu5xXML
/sfg/ Link Repository (Starfinder): https://pastebin.com/3GfJKi0y
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old thread: >>54200465

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Why are dragons so hungry?

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Something something Seven deadly sins. Something something personification... yadda yadda.

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We were on page 7 you autist!

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Post more dragon princesses.

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As a new deadly addition to the capabilities of gigantic alchemical monstrosities created by a certain kingdom.

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So! Who all's looking forward to the weekend? Any big plans, game-related or otherwise?

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how about a queen?

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Hoping to actually finish a bit of solo, pre-joining the party that the DM has me doing. It would be really nice to actually meet the party next session.

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I want to blow a big raspberry on DP1's stomach and play with her belly fat!

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There would be multiple sources. Rovagug's hunger would certainly make sense. Linking it with one of the Seven Deadly Sins is flavorful, but the Void is also an option. The void is sometimes portrayed as endless hunger, so it works well as tapping into its power. It's probably the most neutral of the sources. I would be open to player input, obviously.
Tomorrow, I'm going out with friends, then hopefully playing Pathfinder all night. Then, I sleep for a few hours and run a Shadowrun campaign that has been on hiatus for 2 weeks because a player was moving. Finger's crossed, last Pathfinder session got cancelled.

I'll check here to see if any interesting games pop up, but I don't have much faith anything will stick out and not be filled with lewds and anime, so whatever.

What about you? Any fun plans?

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Even better!

Saturday night game is happening and I'm hyped!

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What are you hyped for?

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Will your character be joining them on good terms?

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Could I use the SF rules to run a PF campaign? Is anyone else thinking of doing this?

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Please don't just post images. Include them with messages, but you'll eat up post and image limit with just images.

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What exactly do you mean? Like replacing combat rules of PF with those of SF? If you're using all of the SF rules, you're just running SF in a different setting. Which parts are you thinking about porting over?

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We don't know how easy it'd be yet, as we don't have access to Starfinder rules until August 17th.

For the moment, though? I'd say it's quite likely to work.

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Inb4 harvest festival horseshit

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Classes are going to be pretty tricky for something like that.

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How about a prince?

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None besides the weekly game at the moment. I may try and gather some friends to go see Spiderman.

What sort of game would you be interested in?

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Should be on neutral to good terms, yes. I seem to be in the area that they're going to be headed for, though my solo bit is set "before" the current events of the party, so it looks like I'll have been closer to their location after my solo bit, and lead them back to the stuff I'm doing now.

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That's entirely fair,

The book itself lists an example of "Eating a devouring beast out of desperation and being forever changed by it. Like a Mimic."

That's always an interesting look at it. Really eating something you shouldn't have is a very good way to become an Ungermaw.

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No prey big enough to fully satisfy their apetites.

>> No.54208146

Gonna hunt some werewolves probably.

I got a few myself.

That works too.

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Well mine at least is PLD

>> No.54208165

That's not really any better, anon.

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There are Ungermaws in my campaign, and how they come about varies depending on the Ungermaw. The Tarrasque Spawn of the desert often become Ungermaws because it's just their nature to consume everything, and many try and seek out where their progenitor is imprisoned to try and gnaw him free. The humanoid abominations called the Smiling Elves occasionally become Ungermaws through dark rites to The Lord of Teeth, although they generally prefer Shifters instead. Very rarely a member of a more normal race will be one thanks to either extraplanar corruption, strange rituals, or some freak accident of birth. Its a pretty rare class in the world, and most folk don't even know what an Ungermaw is, but to a select few cults and scholars they are a subject of great interest.

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Depends on which of my campaigns, but would probably reserve it for one I'm working up where everyone is gestalted with Henshin Hero (and henshin hero gets adapted to work off the key ability scores of the other class). Then the ungermaw is just a power they get, whether from transforming or being a monster of the week.

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Fair enough

>> No.54208222


Werewolves are a fearsome foe. Have you made preparations?

>> No.54208229

Make a sacred vow to kill an eat a stronger creature every week.

its the most noble way to become an Ungermaw.

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I was interested in the talk of a super hero vigilante game. If that anon chooses to run it, I'd be happy to apply. I mostly avoid lewd games, as I've ERP'd with people before, and I generally find it boring. I only do it when I'm drunk now, since it makes me laugh. I'm not fond of ripping anime archetypes wholesale. When somebody goes tsundere or something else, their speech is very... predictable. And it doesn't feel organic. Not to say it's bad, it's just not something I find engaging in roleplay. If apps are leaning more anime, I usually don't bother, since I don't want to be a buzzkill if I get in. For something comic booky, though, I'd be more forgiving, since they're kinda campy anyway.

I hope your friends go see it with you. Sounds like a good time.

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The party is ready for them. Plus, this isn't the first time me and my buds dealt with werewolves.

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I'm making a tech dungeon delving treasure hunter type for Iron Gods. Mechanically human or android both work well and either could fit the setting pretty nicely. But I'm not too familiar with androids, are they totally emotionless? Normally I imagine treasure hunting rogue-ish types to be very animated.

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convince me why I shouldn't play an android flamethrower girl in Starfinder

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Posting Hushabye also brings up monstrous races that are usually predators by nature. They have a shark lady of some sort that devours everything in the canal where she lives.

If the campaign is high enough level that you get the power to eat spells, it could actually be considered a form of anti-mage spec ops. Units moving against powerful casters consist of at least 1 Spell Eater. The hunger could be a result of being implanted with some sort of demon parasite that is known to allow the devouring of spells if fed enough to reach the necessary level. There could be side effects to this that affects the personality, ability to empathize, and such. They could be feared for the rumors swirling around about them. I... could get behind this.

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No, because I want you to play an Android flamethrower girl in Starfinder.

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Why would we? That sounds great.

>> No.54208332


Why would I do that? That sounds like it could be fun, and you should probably do it the minute you are able.

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> waiting for a non-erp, normal, yet well-designed game to start

It's not going to happen is it.

>> No.54208335

do it faggot

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Human Incanter 1
Abilities: 7,11,14,20,13,8
Spheres: Creation
Talents: Change Materials, Expanded Materials, Alchemic Mastery, Exquisite Detail
Drawbacks: Skilled Casting[Knowledge (cuisine)]
Feats: Cantrips, ???

What should the last feat go to? He's supposed to be an expert in transmuting things that are edible (though not creating. I only kept creation so he could weaponize food science), but he needs to know how to use something culinarily in order alter it

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I'm actually building a character for one right now.

>> No.54208356

Mine is just a very unique Cacodaemon

>> No.54208362

Is she going to be a redhead? Or is she going to have that synthetic hair like they have in the Technology Guide where you color it like rising flames.

It's going to happen, just not as non-ERP as you might like - I mean, it really does depend on what you consider ERP. Do you consider a particularly well-endowed woman to be ERP?

>> No.54208375

>"Anyone else want to head to the bakery later? I could go for some cake."
>"you just ate 3 ogres, and an ox. how are you still hungry?"
>"Yeah but i could go for some real food."


Categorizing a character's party members by taste.

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>Do you consider a particularly well-endowed woman to be ERP?
Yeah, people making characters for lewdshit is pretty cancer tier.

>> No.54208383

You wont. Pussy.

>> No.54208384

Large breasts does not a smut character make. You could have a completely normal character with tits the size of their head.

>> No.54208397

Despite the racial trait and the really dumb Paizo FAQ androids do have emotions, they're just dulled quite a bit compared to humans.

>> No.54208401

It's the motivations of the person making it that worry me.

>> No.54208402

How do I make this guy

>> No.54208415

I don't like that they made eating corpses evil, but didn't make shoving somebody into a stomach dimension to be digested evil. That seems odd to me.

>> No.54208419

Probably Synthesist Summoner or Aegis. But BnHA is better served by other systems, honestly. Maybe Mutants and Masterminds.

>> No.54208424

>You could have a completely normal character with tits the size of their head.
Microcephaly is a real nasty thing.

>> No.54208443

What sort of intentions would you be worried about? Because the wanton seductress with a sharp tongue and heavy bosom isn't quite uncommon in fiction.

>> No.54208447



I most certainly will

You bet

A large-chested pleasure bot who was press-ganged into service by pirates, and now enjoys burning things just as much as she does boning them

Can't tell me how to live my life bitch

>> No.54208459


Eating the corpses of your foes is only evil when viewed by the town guard. has Skyrim taught you nothing?

>> No.54208463

Because numeria doesn't have flamethrowers

>> No.54208467


I'm reading through the people of the stars now. It sounds like the sense motive penalty could be played off in a fun way, taking things very literally for example.

>> No.54208468

They're just making their character porn bait. I would be wary of anyone playing up their characters bust size unless I've played with them for a while.

>> No.54208478

>A large-chested pleasure bot who was press-ganged into service by pirates, and now enjoys burning things just as much as she does boning them

If she doesn't have an endless stream of fire-based innuendos when dragging a party member to bed, you might as well shelve the concept right here and now.

>> No.54208503


What's a little cannibalism between friends?

t. Completely Innocent Ungermaw

>> No.54208514


But does it? I doubt anyone really considers it ERP if you happen to be playing a woman who is sexy, or has a sexual background, or even profession. Human beings are sexual creatures. It's just part of life. But it gets into ERP when acting out sexual scenes is a required part of game play.

If the GM is explicitly asking how close to ERP you're willing to get, that's a pretty clear signal. If the game intentionally pushes sexuality as a core theme, that's another. In those sorts of games, the GM clearly wants someone willing to act it out.

I don't mind that people want that sort of thing. It's just not what I want. I want adventure. Exploration. Stabbing dragons in the neck. Being big god damn heroes... or die trying. Lewd can be a tasty side dish instead.

>> No.54208517

Well, for one thing, one way or the other you lose friends

>> No.54208527

>What's a little cannibalism between friends?
My thoughts exactly!

>> No.54208538

>if you happen to be playing a woman who is sexy, or has a sexual background, or even profession
I kinda do, maybe not ERP but I don't want that at my table.
>Lewd can be a tasty side dish instead.
I don't want lewd at the table at all. That's the thing.

>> No.54208551


Then you might be a fucking prude anon.

>> No.54208564

How foolish of me! I apologize.

Ungermaw will actually struggle with Freedom of Movement until Jotunjaw, which is a bit unfortunate. They have no good way of dealing with it in a timely manner. I sorta wish they had something like the Tetori's ability to surppress or dispel as a Swift or Immediate instead of a Standard, since that would allow them to shut down FoM before the opponent could give them the slip. It makes the Draw Breathe option for consuming more appealing, really. Since you can get them down in one turn. And with Projectile Puke, a dexmaw is actually incredibly viable. You don't need str to damage if you're firing off enough metal to deal 160d6 damage.

>> No.54208567

"You know, I was originally built to help keep beds warm~."

"Baby, you're like the fuel to my pilot light- I'm burning, but you get me started~"

"Think you wanna put that poker of yours to the chest? C'mon- I've got a mound you can use it on, but you better be able to handle the heat!"

Suggetions are certainly welcome

>> No.54208584


You just don't want sex at the table at all? That's a huge part of the human condition that you're putting away. There are ways to use it while not detracting from core game play. Jokes. Flirtation. Fade to black tavern and camp scenes.

There's a woman in my current party who I'm pretty sure has never gotten laid at any point ever, but tosses out raunchy humor at regular intervals, and it's always a good laugh. I can't see how that's a bad thing.

>> No.54208587

Make one for Iron Gods

>> No.54208596

She doesn't mind, you know.

>> No.54208606

>Then you might be a fucking prude anon.
I just want RPG time and happy ecchi porn time separate. If that makes me a prude, than a prude I am.
>You just don't want sex at the table at all?
No. I'm fine with jokes and stuff like that but I don't trust /pfg/ to not obsess over sex to the point that it detracts from the core game play.

>> No.54208622

Yea but how do I make a flamethrower-using android girl in Pathfinder? What's a good Dex/Int class that does fire-based burninating and isn't gimped by adamantine? Should I make her a psion or what?

to the test* not to the test, autocorrect c'mon

>> No.54208624

I know, and that's what makes it worse.
She's too soft and lovely.

>> No.54208645

> I don't trust /pfg/ to not obsess over sex to the point that it detracts from the core game play.

Yeah I get it. That's why I'm hunting for a non-lewd game. If the lewd factor has to be pointed out, I'm pretty sure that's the point of the game, if you know what I mean.

>> No.54208653

> I don't trust /pfg/ to not obsess over sex to the point that it detracts from the core game play.
I'll clarify that I wouldn't trust randoms to do that too. I'd be fine with a group I trust making raunchy comments on occasion because I know that's not where their primary interest in the game and their characters lie.
That's how I feel.

>> No.54208662

>I think Kineticists of Porphyra is allowed. You could try Jolly's int kineticist with a fire focus. I don't know if it stacks with the Elemental Scion but if it does then you've got extra burning.

Plus the more she burns the more disoriented and ditzy she gets

>> No.54208673

How much does Radiation get involved with Iron Gods. I can't help but recall a book giving an archetype for radioactive kineticists...

>> No.54208675

C'mon, anon!

>> No.54208678


That's actually a really cool idea.

>> No.54208682

You are shit out of luck. Not only are blaster wizards, alchemists and kineticists pretty much only flamethrower types while others just kinda burn there is not a single flamethrower tech weapon. There are plasma and laser cannons but no flamethrowers

>> No.54208683

>Should I make her a psion or what?
>good at blasting

>> No.54208690

As somebody who was messaged daily for ERP in my last game that was going to have "mature themes," I can completely understand not trusting people to be mature about it. I told the player no multiple times, but they just would not stop. One of them tried to take my character forcefully, but she was a grapple monster and could have easily killed him, so he didn't get far.

>> No.54208695

>tfw you take the burninator home after a particularly harrowing battle and tucc her

She's a pure cupcake that just happens to be wonderfully masochistic and good for tying.
I want to take care of her forever.

>> No.54208705

>You could try Jolly's int kineticist with a fire focus
That archetype is ass though. Which is a shame. There really aren't any good Int based blasters outside of Sphere combos.

>> No.54208717

Heroes of the Darklands but it's a pretty shit archetype.

>> No.54208723

>Suggetions are certainly welcome

>Something something fire-crotch
>Something something real heat between the sheets
>Something something her massive "fuel cells" need some "stimulation" to "get her worked up."

>> No.54208728

Should I roll up an incanter, hedge witch or sphere alchemist? My character is basically supposed to be Edward Elric meets Gordon Ramsey

>> No.54208729

I'm going to play a radiation focused character
>In an AP about fighting robots

>> No.54208747



>> No.54208756


Ungermaws being a sort of bioweapon designed to take down mages and big baddies sounds perfect.

Especially with the side effects.

>Became an Ungermaw for King and country.
>Stayed an Ungermaw for the "Free" food

>> No.54208759

Pick up war sphere with Battlefield Manipulation drawback and Position Rally, move as an immediate action.
Pick up warp sphere with Self-Only and Emergency Teleport to achieve the same effect.
Or to save spell points, haste yourself with the Time sphere.
Or take a level of incanter with Destruction specialization to get the ability to move 20 feet as a swift action a bunch of times a day.
The time and warp books will probably provide more ways to do it as well. Then you can be mystic assault with your two-hander all you like (or just use a bow).

>> No.54208777

That she certainly is. Though you're omitting one particular quirk she likes to abuse.

>> No.54208796

How is the Blaster archetype for Armorists?

>> No.54208815

Thanks! I might... fiddle with this idea.

>> No.54208817

Pretty bad, but it would fit what you want.

>> No.54208854

I only ever want to nibble.
No eating.

>> No.54208868

Gotta be a lot of nibbling to keep her satisfied...

>> No.54208900

I'll satisfy her with bully and loving cuddles.
Along with tight bondage and brutal fucc, but only on occasion

>> No.54208931

Jesus fucking christ why is the healing sphere so shitty? You can never increase the dice of your healing. At best you can get a tiny bonus. You can't revive people either

what kind of retard designed this

>> No.54208944

>Keep telling myself to stop applying to games. Not much time available, don't even like Pathfinder
>Can't stop thinking about new character ideas

>> No.54208946

Are you talking about the life sphere?

>> No.54208956 [DELETED] 

>"You think your coolant's gonna be enough to keep my core icy cold? I'd love to see you try, sweetheart~!"

>"You're gonna be burning up tonight- you and I between the sheets, your legs between mine~. Hope you brought some water~"

>"I've got high-capacity fuel cells- and they need big, strong hands in order to prime them before we see action. Why don't you come with me tonight and help me out?"

>"Big fires need big pokers- think yours is good enough to stoke my embers and get me roaring hot?"

>"I've got thermal cameras and a convection sensor- I can see something /else/ rising by you, besides the hot air~"


There IS this, which gives me spells I could potentially use. Would relegate me to a support role though.

>> No.54208978

>What we've got here is a flashpoint, why don't you and I find somewhere quiet and light a match~?

>> No.54208981

The life sphere is great. You just have to know how to use it.

>> No.54208994


>> No.54208999

>You can never increase the dice of your healing.
But you can? It's just tied to random life sphere talents that affect things BESIDES the base healing, for whatever reason.

>> No.54209012

What would be the best unarmed class?

>> No.54209027


>> No.54209029

>Oh look, a white girl. This means they've hit their "white people" quota... No white guys, I guess.

>Everlife Adaptation Corporation and the Spellsight Cooperative

Okay, those names are pretty fucking stellar, I was worried everything would be uninspired like "AbadarCorp" or "Aspis Consortium."

>> No.54209036

yeah, my bad

how? It seems like it's only useful for an incanter who has enough talents and feats to max out the healing bonus and then still pick a better sphere. I can't see using it as a mid caster and still doing anything worthwhile besides healing

>> No.54209038

First-party? Unchained Monk.

Third-party? Self-pact Avowed, you can take your pick from Steelfist Commando, Aurora Soul, or Stalker with good discipline picks.

>> No.54209039


>> No.54209099

Is she anything more than just a "militarized sex-bot?" Did the pirates do it because they found the idea hilarious, or was it because they were starved for "warm" bodies on their raiding parties.

Maybe she started out as a social worker turned sex bot turned murder droid, like the natural conclusion of pic related.

>> No.54209114

>how? It seems like it's only useful for an incanter who has enough talents and feats to max out the healing bonus and then still pick a better sphere. I can't see using it as a mid caster and still doing anything worthwhile besides healing
Greater Healing is usually the way to go if you're a full caster, as it adds your CL to the amount you heal. Out of combat, you're going to be using Revitalize.

>> No.54209158

Yes you can?

A bunch of talents give you additional dice.

And revival's in Advanced Talents, you goomba.

>> No.54209173

More than likely the pirates needed some extra hands for their raids- and they had recently plundered a state-of-the-art fembot from a convoy- so using their advanced pirate technologies (/s) to add in combat AI and some extra "armor plating" to her, along with removing some of the manners from her AI routines.

They thickened her up, gave her some more chest, and turned the slender, pretty feminine servant-bot into a thick-bodied, bad-mouthed, pirate woman

>> No.54209180

Has anyone ever done a "living campaign"? Did you have fun, enjoy it, was it blah?

>> No.54209183

Now, for the real question.
Did they leave any backdoors or easily accessible subroutines?
A command word operated mute for if she gets too mouthy, a limb lockup for transport, etc?
Chancing across one of those would be quite the fortunate occurrence.

>> No.54209185

They're shit

>> No.54209219

Holy shit, don't do it. Is there one you're looking at? I might have been in it, and I can tell you more accurately why you shouldn't do it.

>> No.54209232

It is this one on roll20. Any particular reason why they are bad?


>> No.54209237

They're almost universally shit for the simple reason that anything with a staggered application cycle is going to leave people in the dust in terms of understanding or even caring about the plot.

Sounds like someone could hack into her subroutines and either associate certain activities with certain physical reactions, or maybe just crank up "Anger" to maximum or set "lust" to maximum and "sensitivity" to minimum" and see just how angry this girl can get.

>> No.54209262

Yes, why wouldn't they? All sorts of command phrases for her, available in an easily accessible text file stored in a data drive implanted in her person which she isn't able to access or change


It's certainly possible. Maybe the pirates associated some common phrases said to her with certain reactions? Such as "real pretty girl" with "get horny" and such? It's not out of the magical realm of possibilities

>> No.54209284

Well now you guys have got me wanting to run the Starfinder equivilant of PLD.

>> No.54209286

does anyone know of a traditional dungeoncrawl adventure for 4th level characters?

I'll take dnd if I have to

>> No.54209291

Just how strong is she, anyhow?
I'm certain there's secure restraints for keeping bots under control, so setting her lust and sensitivity at certain levels could be absolute loads of fun.

>tfw some of her more basic command prompts could be coded into everyday conversation that might come up like 'Shut up' actually silencing her, 'bend over' forcing compliance, and other kinds of fun interactions with a hotheaded fuck machine

>> No.54209292

What would PLD: Starfinder edition even look like?

>> No.54209296

I miss when the Starfinderfags had their own thread to jerk off about their shitty ideas

>> No.54209318

I actually haven't been in that one. Huh. Anyway, LWC or LC are generally shit because of how they work. LWC require multiple GMs and loads of players to be any good because they attract people with shitty schedules, people with lives, and a handful of no-lifers, and somebody needs to be on for any sort of roleplay to happen. If it's dead at certain times, people will show up and wait for something to happen, and nothing happens because they are all waiting, so the aim is to have at least a few people on at all times so players feel they can jump in.

This runs into the problem of no vetting. Anybody that applies can get into most any LWC. I think there's one I was in that vetted, and it still had shitters. And GMs don't want to kick because they may not have the whole story, or kicking may cause others to sour if they felt it was unjustified, which can lead to them dying.

They need a bunch of GMs because they're huge and need constant events, and nobody can run that shit by themselves. This runs into the problem of shitty communication between the GMs and GMs that don't know what the fuck they're doing. This is a HUGE problem, and a lot of the creators of these don't know the fucking rules, thinking they can shanghai some poor sap into doing the heavy lifting for them while it is still "their" game.

You usually come in at level 1, so if you don't get in on the ground floor, you're dealing with people of a higher level than you, and this can cause disputes. A level 15 wizard demands you apologize for walking in front of them, and if you don't, they'll make your level 1 life a living hell.

They L O V E rolled stats, and if you roll shittily, sucks to be you. I know somebody that rolled -2 PB, and they're now stuck with that.

But the biggest reason they usually die is because they're boring after a while. After you've met everybody in town and told them all your ebin backstory... the only thing left to talk about is new stimuli.

>> No.54209320

Adventuring the known and unknown universe. Getting captured and plowed by space pirates, bedding beautiful aliens, learning all about the biology of extraterrestrial wildlife, etc.

>> No.54209323

Is it fine to put new players in a level 1 adventure? I'me having trouble finding a good beginner adventure at a higher level

>> No.54209324

>how strong is she

Strong enough to carry a heavy flamethrower around. I'll ask for a +STR/CHA -INT android variety soon

Trials in Tainted Space

>> No.54209341

Masterwork transport bindings would hopefully suffice, but issuing some commands to keep her compliant would probably help out.

>> No.54209342


>> No.54209353

I'm not even joking, I preferred the autistic argument from this morning to jerking off to IMAGINARY SPACE PORN CAMPAIGNS

>> No.54209361

I would unironically apply to this even without the smut. A more adult, less wealthy rendition of Rogue Trader is just what I've been wanting in a SF campaign.

>> No.54209364

Are you implying there are real space porn campaigns?

>> No.54209365

That's because Flamethrower is in the Modern Firearms list

>> No.54209375

Kill yourself

>> No.54209384

Attributes are going to be absurdly cheap in Starfinder, something like a +4 every four levels and a +1 almost every other level.

If I remember correctly, Paizo wants to move away from obsessing over items to be effective, and more towards the characters themselves being heroic.

>> No.54209385

If adventures aren't frequent enough, you're just roleplaying talking about nothing. Playing stupid games. Typing out how you tend to your crops or whatever. This gets boring fast. Since there's constant recruitment, eventually you'll get to a level where you can't go on missions with low level characters, so you get left out until the low levels get up to where you are. But then people start to retire their PCs because they want something new to talk about, so you're the only one at a high level. Then you wait longer. It's a constant cycle of nothing ever happening at your level, so you eventually retire or quit the game, since there's nothing to fucking do.

They're cyclical. Decent for staving off boredom for a while, but eventually you'll hit a wall where nothing is happening for your character. Then it's just twiddling your thumbs.

Oh, and because GMs don't kick shitty players, good players that don't want to put up with shitty players eventually leave, and the playerbase just gets worse and worse. Eventually, the game dies because even they don't show up. Then somebody high on nostalgia of the fun they had decides they can do it better, and 3 more LWC pop up. Thus, the cycle begins anew. They're shit. Unless you just want some pointless roleplay to fill the time, don't bother.

>> No.54209391

Yep. It's certainly a possibility. She'd likely end up with a party after her handler, a sweet young boy, defects and takes her with him as his bodyguard

>> No.54209397

>Paizo wants to move away from obsessing over items to be effective, and more towards the characters themselves being heroic.


>> No.54209401


>> No.54209412

>Fuckbot is also a murderbot is also a mombot

>> No.54209413

Rolled 4, 2 + 2 = 8 (2d5 + 2)

Well clearly we know what we have to do here

>> No.54209416

Can I start my players at lvl 1? lvl 4 doesn't have any good adventures

>> No.54209422

At most it's just poison if I recall, so, basically easy to deal with

>> No.54209423

You can, but be careful. you can very easily completely destroy players at that level with reasonable encounters and tactics.

>> No.54209442

Sweet young boy, huh?
Be straight with me, anon.
Is he getting some /ss/ action? Or is he putting those backdoors to work and helping himself to her intended function?

>> No.54209462

maybe I should give them autosave for the first adventure?

>> No.54209467


>> No.54209480

Thick-bodied, hot-headed, red-haired murder/mom/fuckbot. It'll be great. Starfinder comes out in a month.

What do you think? Yes. But it's only practice so that he can get a real girlfriend. In public they pose as "mother" and teenage son.

>> No.54209503

Setting takes place on an ancient FTL relay station that has grown so large it started collapsing on itself, but still manages to generate atmosphere. Ships can no longer fly in and out of the gate safely, having to take dangerous, circuitous paths through the three dimensional ghetto infested with reavers, bandits, and vagabonds of every sapient race and several non-sapient races.

There used to be a shared hallucination of virtual reality which coordinated the atmospheric nanomachines, but that's been going on the fritz. Now they're rebuilding the station seemingly at random, even corrupting the maco-builders and doing RNA recombination to "heal" injuries with alien DNA.

PCs have to track down the so-called "Void Walkers", strange beings that seem to be echoes of heroes past able to traverse through the remains of the virtual reality, and control the builders and seemingly wield the ancient magics of ages past. Their day-job is ostensibly "handy-men" for the various interstellar gangs jockeying for territory in the area.

>> No.54209538

B-but yes to which one, anon?
Or is it both?
It'd be sweet and quite hot if he gets tired of her doting on him and bossing him around every so often and uses command prompts to take direct control, to remind them both who really holds the reins.

>> No.54209540

Can I play me red-headed flamethrower fuckbot in this setting?

>> No.54209547

I want everything to die

>> No.54209551

How exactly are new Androids made?

>> No.54209555

they aren't

>> No.54209556

>rocks fall

>> No.54209560

Rory pls

>> No.54209561

Yes to both, anon. I agree with you.

You see, when a fembot and a masbot love each other very much...

>> No.54209572

No i mean like everyone in this thread

Stop jerking off in the thread itself, what the fuck is wrong with you people

Stop encouraging this shit you fucking attention whore bitch. Your settings are shit, your writing is shit, your homebrew is shit, your characters are shit, literally slit your throat.

>> No.54209575

They are but they tend to come out "wrong".

>> No.54209582


So all the androids the currently exist are the ones that are available? That seems limiting in terms of backstory.

>> No.54209590

maybe you should fucking read the android page on the SRD and understand how they work you absolute fucking mongoloid.

>> No.54209593

My man.
A normally boisterous, commanding flamefuckmurdermombot being dominated by her young charge every so often is as good as it gets.

>> No.54209598

If Starfinder makes a (mostly) complete and better ABP, I'm totally back-porting it

>> No.54209602

Stop jerking off in the thread, go to fucking /d/ you worthless sack of shit

>> No.54209609

I'm looking at the SoP Fighter archetype War Hero. While the duration of your War totem auras are clear, what isn't clear is how long "greatness" lasts. When you gain greatness, you may activate an aura as a free action, and you don't have to activate your aura on your turn.

This has led me to two interpretations: once you "achieve greatness", you have it until you activate an aura, or alternatively, the moment you gain greatness, you must spend it as a free action, or else it's lost. Any indication as to what the right ruling is?

>> No.54209633

This is pretty much /d/ though????
We're in the pathfinder thread, on /tg/.
Lurk more

>> No.54209669

You know what, no, last thread wasn't /d/, last thread was actually a fucking pathfinder thread
Its amazing that the thread gets called /pgg/ and INSTANTLY turns to shit from faggots jerking off to their /d/ tier ideas
Don't you faggots have discord and shit so you can fucking ERP there and jerk off and not in the fucking thread? Holy fuck do it there

But I guess if the fucking 'MUH FALEMTHROWRE FUCKBAWT' is actually Rory, its to be expected, because that stupid fucking sack of shit only has one brain, and its in his lower head. Holy fucking shit why do you ENCOURAGE these cunts?

>> No.54209688

Is the King's Gambit GM here? Or any of the others who applied?

I just put in an application

>> No.54209691

What do you think the odds are of Tuvarkz picking Vult for WotR in a desperate attempt to keep shitposting about his nearly irrelevant game?

>> No.54209694


>> No.54209714

Rolled 7, 1 + 5 = 13 (2d10 + 5)

I know EXACTLY what you need, brother

>> No.54209719

You sound kinda mad buddy.

>> No.54209730

I am kind of mad, this thread is so incredibly shit because its literally /trash/ tier jerking off to OCs

>> No.54209747

You must be new here. Or you are just upset it is not your OC.

>> No.54209751

Rolled 7, 6 + 5 = 18 (2d10 + 5)

>discuss builds?
>talk about APs or upcoming content?
>discuss playtests?
>nah let's bitch about the thread meta itself

>> No.54209752

Pretty good if Tuvarks is smart, Vult is a attention whoring machine.

>> No.54209765


>> No.54209768

Honestly it wouldn't bother me so much if it wasn't literally MY FUCKBOT MY FUCKBOT MY FUCKBOT
at least try to be subtle about it

>> No.54209781

I was gonna say this is new but then I remembered it's been like this for almost a year now.

Fuck that game for dragging this in here. The worst part is knowing that nothing really changed, retards just learned they're in good company.

>> No.54209786

it was shit before too, just instead of random people's OCs, people just wanted to fuck Greta

>> No.54209796

>dude asks about other things
>people narrow in on backstory to the exclusion of everything else
>gives up on trying to steer it away since clearly nobody cares about anything else

really makes me think

>> No.54209801

You can't discuss anything because it gets drowned out by tits, drama, and shitlibs getting mad at alt-right autists.

>> No.54209809

You forgot your avatar

>> No.54209810

Maybe said dude should take a step back and stop talking about his fuckbot's backstory, but he didn't, he kept talking about it, because its Rory, and he's an attention whore


>> No.54209814

The ABP is available in one of the blogs that discuss how attributes work. Also, and this is something I'm amazed was never put into Pathfinder, weapons scale in power according to their make and model, not just magic.

It's absurdly simple when you think about it, isn't it? A knock-off laser pistol does less damage than one made by a sterling triple AAA corporation for top dollar clients, even though both are made with quality materials. Extend this to Pathfinder, where a masterforged longsword crafted by the Azlanti does more damage than that well-made longsword by the local blacksmith.

>> No.54209818

> people just wanted to fuck Greta
It didn't dominate discussion like this unless the thread was dying and even that was rare.

Like 4chan is raunchy but this thread has been exhibiting Gaia tier behavior since October.

>> No.54209825

I yearn for the days we had Original Character General for these trash talks.

>> No.54209827

It does suck asking questions or looking for help and you get drowned out with cheap cop out replies

>> No.54209832

If Tuv is that smart it's guaranteed. It's mutually beneficial since Vult is a top-tier attention whore and using his shit homebrew in a game would be cherry on the reacharound. If it happens, we'll never stop hearing about that game despite the fact that nobody not involved gives a single fuck about it.

That's a big if, though. Tuv is dumb as a rock.

>> No.54209837

Vult basically tailor made Tuv's fetish as far as I can tell

>> No.54209841

I suggested this in a thread like a few months ago and people REEED hard.

>> No.54209845

>since october
something something check the archives to see how bad /tg/ was something something

>> No.54209848

I think RotJR was a problem, but honestly the death was definitely PLD, there's no way we can come back from having a literally /d/ tier campaign.

Tuvarkz may be as dumb as a rock, but given his lust for attentionwhoring so far, there's no way he doesn't get vult in, and we'll get a greentext about it EVERY. WEEK.

>> No.54209853

I distinctly recall the raunchiest we've ever gotten in a Greta discussion is an in-depth look at Winter Wolf culture concluding that she prefers to have sex doggystyle, and even that was lauded as "too much."

>> No.54209867

I mean the bot's got a pretty fleshed out backstory as it is, now it could just be used and tailored to a game whenever Starfinder comes out. I don't expect any more shitposting about it after this. All we CAN do about the bot is discuss backstory because we don't have any Starfinder mechanics available to us yet. And backstory's done, you know.

>> No.54209878

We're not REEEing now. Sell it to us again, and I'll likely beg to see it in the next meme game.

>> No.54209879

Now we have literal fucking rape transformation campaigns.

Kill yourself Rory, you're a fucking plague, all your characters are fetishbait shit.

>> No.54209886

>we'll get a greentext about it EVERY. WEEK.
I've seen a glimpse of our future:
>10:56:01 WotR LOGS WHEN?
>10:57:03 Right now: https://pastebin.com/wOTRTrash

>> No.54209893

Fucking kill me now. I can't believe people took the bait on that game so hard, not surprised by primadonna Vult at all though.

>> No.54209915

>Not posting Rory and Aurora's Shower Funtimes.

m8, do you even shitpost?

>> No.54209917

Honestly, would you rather get weekly greentexts or weekly pastebins for a game? Not PLD or WotR specifically, but games in general.

>> No.54209930

The only reason people took the bait was because of that magical CharGen Tuv is offering, someone needs to run a competent game using that spread and they'll never want for quality apps.

>> No.54209933

I'd rather not hear about them at all, I don't fucking care about your game, or your characters. Insisting on posting it to the thread unprompted is basically jerking yourself off in public, extreme attention whoring.

>> No.54209946

I legitimately don't think you can run a competent game at 30pb gestalt mythic

>> No.54209957

Whatever happened to that GM with the desert world game?

>> No.54209959

Not him, but it may be because between fetish bullshit and Discord inner-circle-jerking, /pfg/ deserves 150% of the smug disdain it gets.

And one of the common responses is, "Well, complaining anon, why don't you talk about something else then?" and then what happens is someone posts something about Pathfinder or Starfinder, and it gets buried under mountains of fetish bullshit and Discord inner-circle-jerking. So, yeah.

>> No.54209967

It was a pretty basic bitch suggestion along the lines of
>basic 1 to +5 weapons, along with certain enchantments like Keen are now considered non magical. A +1 sword is mere a very, very good blade

Nothing profound, and nothing certainly as drastic as changing dice. But I'm a lot more intrigued by the Starfinder system.

>> No.54209973

Greentexts are fine as long as they're only done when interesting shit happens. We don't need a greentext of your night at the harvest festival.

>> No.54209976

A skilled and dedicated GM possibly could.

Unfortunately the person offering the game is neither.

>> No.54209979

>smug disdain
That was pretty definitively furious anger, but I suppose you can call it what you want.

>> No.54209992

That was Rory, anon.

>> No.54210006

wasn't his 'blood mountain' horseshit just a shittier version of Broodie's wild west game?

>> No.54210028

No, that wasn't me. I tried to run TSS.

Funny enough, no. Broodie was writing Wild Weird West before I started Blood Mountain, I started my project, they finished WWW and posted it, and then I shelved my stuff for my own project because people would just call it a ripoff of Broodie's stuff.

>> No.54210041


If you have characters with any level of system mastery you just can't run a good Mythic game without saying no to 95% of player choices.

I was in a game. Mythic 2 Level 12.

The ranger killed a tarrasque with one full attack action.

The barbarian had flyby attack and mythic vital strike for an 180 ft range average 200 damage attack, followed by a swift action 90 ft range 150 damage attack.

I had a staff of lesser wish and a Gargantuan sized Adamantine Dragon animated object construct.

The game was not salvageable. The GM started adding arbitrary hundreds to the boss' hp.

The final boss had 2400 HP, and 9th level casting, as well as Mythic 9.

He took us 8 rounds to beat.

>> No.54210043

Reminds me of a discussion about a monofilament blade falling into Golarion from a scifi setting and somebody thinking it's some +10 weapon. Crossing over science with fantasy is fun. Well, can be fun. Best done in a "worlds collide" sort of style as opposed to "magitech world", IMO.

It depends on what you meant by competent. "Fun"? Possibly. "Balanced"? In theory yes, but in practice probably not. "Something everybody will like"? Impossible.

Funny, weren't people saying just a few threads ago they like Harvest Moon-esque arcs? Well, not that that's what you're saying anyway.

>> No.54210054

I was fucking DOWN with changing +1-+5's to just be nonmagical qualities of weapons and armor, fuck.

>> No.54210059

>Funny, weren't people saying just a few threads ago they like Harvest Moon-esque arcs? Well, not that that's what you're saying anyway.
>/pfg/ is just one person

>> No.54210075

I agree this isn't really science thing though beyond "this weapon is better than that weapon because craftsmanship".

>> No.54210102

My current DM is thinking about making an all evil campaign and is asking everyone to come up with what kind of character they would make. I was thinking of making something with a tengu assassin. Never played an assassin before, any suggestions on what I should try?

>> No.54210105

Did we ever hear back from that one anon who accidentally gave one of his players a +8 magic weapon? Did Shane ever get his comeuppance for refusing to give it back?

>> No.54210112

If /pfg/ was just one person, it'd be the most self-hating, delusional person alive.

>> No.54210140

HONESTLY, what I'd really like to run for /pfg/ sometime would to be to create what I'd call something similar to darkest dungeon.
Basically let people post characters, grab people first come first serve for short mini campaigns (2-3 sessions), and keep everyone at the same level and WBL overall so anyone can jump in.

And tie it all into a big meta-plot about the world, you could even sort of set it up as a town fighting for its survival and people could all take roles in the town
However since it would be semi-living world I feel like i'd run into problems of giving certain people cool loot or abilities and stuff and other people would feel fucked over, I dunno. Its some thing I want to do without knowing if it can realistically be done.

>> No.54210152

Achieving greatness is an action you can perform under certain circumstances. When it triggers, you may use a free action to turn on an aura, it has no duration.

Really, 'achieving greatness' is just a way of saying 'when you do one of the things that lets you activate an aura'. It's a lot like regaining grit, when you can regain grit, you do, you can't choose to regain grit later.

>> No.54210153

Hedge Witch is always a safe bet when it comes to casting.

>> No.54210179


>> No.54210200

Slayer is Paizo's Assassin class, and ooh boy is it strong.

>> No.54210223

Yeah, I could dig that idea. It allows more granularity in the quality of mundane weapons that just whether it's masterwork or not. You know you've found a swordsmith of legend when he turns a +5 keen weapon out of his forge for you.

I just said that's not what you were saying, silly.

Reminds me of an idea that got spitballed in my IRL group, where everybody makes a bunch of 20 level characters for different classes, all these characters being members of a guild or something dedicated to destroying the Codex of the Infinite Planes. The extra characters are backup PCs because the campaign would be highly lethal.

Like, shit, have you seen this damn thing? It's my favorite artifact. If I ever ran a game like that though, I'd make my own table of catastrophes.


>> No.54210243

honestly it probably appeals to me because i enjoy building characters like mad

>> No.54210274

>greentexting about a pathfinder game in a pathfinder thread is wrong

>> No.54210281

>Yeah, I could dig that idea. It allows more granularity in the quality of mundane weapons that just whether it's masterwork or not. You know you've found a swordsmith of legend when he turns a +5 keen weapon out of his forge for you.

The best part is you don't even need to really alter anything in the rules for this, you just need to say a +2 is not representative of a moderately magical weapon anymore, but rather an exquisitely crafted blade.

If you can't figure out smart ways to describe it, just use the Dwarf Fortress method.

>> No.54210293

I think posting unprompted masturbatory posts about your pathfinder game every week is wrong, yes.

If something really cool or big happens, go for it, but I really don't care about the vast majority of your game, nobody does, and you're just masturbating.

>> No.54210315

Maybe. I want to play a traditional alchemist (i.e. transmuting substances, not creating potions) but I still want to be able to do the things an alchemist can do like heal, buff and blast

>> No.54210323

Plenty of people in this thread read and follow the greentexts posted in here. Just because you don't doesn't mean they're wrong.

>> No.54210327

Can I get a show of hands: who would be interested in a game with the following CharGen:
>Level 10 start
>30 PB
>1PP + DSP, SoP, FFS, Jolly and other 3PP on case-by-case basis

Where the the PCs have just been double-crossed by a local prince who is actually a Vilderavn. He knows that they know his real identity, but doesn't know they've narrowly escaped his trap. The PCs must take some time to gather their power before eventually returning home to liberate their homeland from the grip of the malicious fey creature.

>> No.54210364

Literally an obvious thread meme bamboozle

i'm pretty sure level 10 gestalt PCs with 30pb would obliterate a vildravn in combat as is, so your villain isn't even intimidating

>> No.54210374

>nobody does

That's some serious projecting of your own views onto the thread in exactly the same way you're accusing the players of.

>> No.54210380

The Vilderavn is also a Harbinger or OD/ZS Warder gestalt, there ya go, now he's fearsome.

>> No.54210388

Template stacked elder vilderavn maybe?
I know I'd be interested, because I never ended up getting to app for JttW

>> No.54210389

Ah, but what if HE's ALSO gestalt?


>> No.54210398

Aren't they all?

>> No.54210405

I'm game, level 11 might be fun for 6th level maneuvers.

Though I do need to say that the plot you mentioned seems awfully... Low power(?) for the CharGen you're offering. Level 10 characters are typically people that command respect and admiration throughout an entire kingdom; the greatest chieftain of Belkzen is a level 10 barbarian while the high Admiral of Taldor's Navy is level 10, for example. This is to say nothing of what gestalt insinuates.

How open are you to modifying the plot? Because you could easily tweak this to be the heroes or even leaders of various tribes, nations and city-states banding together to stop the invasion of a vast empire controlled by the Vilderavn!

>> No.54210417

Even then, 4-5 level 10 gestalt PCs could probably obliterate it, like you have to remember at around level 10 PoW characters are able to take on threats at like +9 CR

>> No.54210421

Well, the Archaic Alchemist is available if you want to play with spheres - it's basically the Sphere conversion since there is no Sphere Alchemist. There's also the Combat Engineer (but it loses a lot of the alchemical stuff) and the Essentialist is in playtest (but it loses bombs).

>> No.54210430

Will Starfinder be adapted to an online SRD like Pathfinder has? Is Paizo cracking down on that so we have to spend $200 on their books as god intended?

>> No.54210475

That's what he needs to stack up templates.
Advanced Chosen One Elder Youthful Demonborn OD/ZS Warder/Druid anyone?

>> No.54210480

I'm still trying to convince the guy that Essentialist having both Essences and Mutagen is kinda redundancy.

>> No.54210491

I dunno it mostly just seems like someone is posting a bait meme campaign like the original fluffy tales


>> No.54210498


Looks like that could be fun to play with. I was thinking about taking the alternate racial traits that gives the tengu glide and a claw attack so I could jump down from high places and attack with my feet.

>> No.54210525

>Because you could easily tweak this to be the heroes or even leaders of various tribes, nations and city-states banding together to stop the invasion of a vast empire controlled by the Vilderavn!

>The intrepid heroes fighting against subterfuge, sabotage and invasion before launching an attack themselves upon the very capital of the evil empire to slay the Emperor, who is in fact a pathetic puppet of the Vilderavn

This sounds like something out of my Japanese animes.

>> No.54210546

Time to play a loli ungermaw with the goal of swallowing the vilderavn.

Yes I'll gestalt with a Fool's Errand initiator or something to suppress its freedom of movement

>> No.54210603

>He thinks the Vilderavn will ever be alone
Anon, a Vilderavn is a moderately scary creature, but not end of game terrifying on its own. The scary thing about a Vilderavn is if it has had time to set down roots, set up a network of spies and agents, and prepare itself to take on all challengers.

>> No.54210624

I guess I just don't see the appeal in level 10 gestalt characters with absurd point buy.

>> No.54210674

To be honest, all I really want to do is make my oc real

The idea was that his only power was that he could change how things tasted, but since the change was physical and not mental anything that could cause a flavor was fair game

Making the air spicy turns it into tear gas. Cheap gunpowder can be made from just sugar and curing salts. The chemicals that cause fatigue are the same ones that give sour cream and seltzer their tastes. Even electricity is fair game, since early experiments proved electricity could simulate bitter tastes in the mouth. Did I forget to mention that the romans sweetened their wine with powdered lead?

Later on he'd unlock the greatest secret of all: he can apply this to the "flavor charge" of atomic nuclei (yes this is a real thing), which is the only thing separating a lead atom from a gold atom

>> No.54210697

People like opportunities to really shake off the shackles of low-level character generation and build something that is not only "online," but supercharged.

>> No.54210698


congratulations, your OC is a fucking cantrip.

>> No.54210703

The most useless thing I could imagine a high level alchemist doing is cracking open a philosopher's stone and dumping its contents into an elixir of life they made.

>> No.54210706

So pgg/pfg, what would your ideal game be?

The setting, theme, goals, and so on. What's your ideal campaign pitch in a nutshell?

>> No.54210707

Nobody wants to break the narrative over their knee and invalidate the plot, but. Games where you can build to that powerlevel and the GM is capable of properly challenging you are amazing.
Battles become intricate strategy affairs with high impact cinematics. When all the overcomplicated rules of PF weave together nicely into a single sequence of clashes, threats, suspense and victory, it feels like you're experiencing PF at its best.

>> No.54210714

they really don't, I've never seen level 10 become more strategic, only less

>> No.54210727

You haven't played enough then, because I sure have.

>> No.54210731

Gosh, that's a complicated question. I don't even know. I don't think I could know; I wouldn't enjoy the game as much if I knew what it was all going to be about beforehand, plot-wise. The "ideal game" has more to do with the other players (DM included) than anything else, I think.

>> No.54210747

I know what I don't like but not what I like if that makes sense?

Like if you pitched something at me, I'd know if I'd like it but I couldn't tell you what I'd like.

>> No.54210757

I know anon, but there is no way I could get away with all that using just a cantrip. No DM in the world would let me unless I'm the DM. Besides, it doesn't allow you to replicate spell effects and is limited to a single pound

>> No.54210758


Wait, would that make dragons aligned with Slaanesh?

>> No.54210767

Starfinder with all the magic classes/gear/options banned. I want some goddamn proper sci-fi and even the DM that promised me such failed horribly. Fucking goblins with wands shaped like guns.

>> No.54210808

>proper sci-fi
Why not play a system based in "actual sci-fi" or that can do that?

>> No.54210812

Something using >>54210327 CharGen focused around... Well, shit, that's a question I'd really have to think about. There have only been three games ever advertised that really got my blood pumping, and those were thus; Heroes of Golarion, posted on Myth-Weavers, where the party were each indomitable heroes of their respective regions who would band together on occasion to fight world-ending threats, but otherwise enjoyed solo campaigns or brief pairings with another player.

The second campaign was the Undead Apocalypse one posted around here, where Tar-Baphon has returned a veritable god to wage war upon the living. The party must unite and destroy the Whispering Tyrant before everything south of Lake Encarthan is consumed!

The third campaign was that one played with around here, where Dahak comes to the Prime Material to destroy the world. I've always wanted to be a Dragonslayer.

I suppose you can surmise from these three ideas that I enjoy campaigns where the PCs are already heroes, their legend told through backstory and in-game rumor or fame. I enjoy campaigns where the PCs aren't transparent to other players, maybe PM the application and don't start with the party immediately getting together, instead ease into it with people talking about a PC before you meet them (they are, after all, big guddamn heroes.)

>> No.54210818


There's an appalling lack of memeing happening. C'mon, gents and ladies. Vote for best daughteru, best Loyal Knight, who you'd most like to take to prom to cruelly cuck for the school bully.

>> No.54210821

Dragons would be chaos undivided. They were all the sins combined, sometimes the devil himself.

Or if you went older, they were forces more primal than any creator or his whiny brat. They were the darkness before creation that swallows the sun, they were the starless sea reclaiming all that had been drawn up from their depths, the challenge that all heroes must face from the first god seeking to create down to mortal men fighting for the immortality of glorious tales to be told.

>> No.54210823

why not just play a sci-fi game and not a game based around science fantasy?

>> No.54210827

Fuck off.

>> No.54210841

Why would there be any memeing

The only meme I've seen is people already pulling out of the game.

>> No.54210853

The reason that everyone who wants something else gets stuck in PF. My groups (all three of them at this point)) all just want fantasy. And several players among them are convinced that paizo APs are better than any other option.

>> No.54210864

Tell me about some shitty archetype or PrC you wish was better, /pfg/.

Can we not? Hell, I app'd for that game and couldn't really complain about seeing my character discussed, but... Not like this. Not like this.

>> No.54210866

Something slow and thoughtful, which digs into the impetus behind each character's call to adventure.

Preferably in the face of a dead or dying world, where there are few to no physical reasons to keep characters going beyond sheer determination.

>> No.54210869


Please see


>> No.54210881 [SPOILER] 

>Tell me about some shitty archetype or PrC you wish was better, /pfg/.

>> No.54210896

Literally every duelist/swordlord archetype/PrC.

>> No.54210915


> lewdgame


>> No.54210928

Shifter from spheres of power. Just max alteration and maybe enhancements or creation and your good. He'll have prepared casting as a drawback and have the preparation being you eating what you need to transform.

>> No.54210936

Dark Elementalist and Cerbral Kineticist.

>> No.54210941

What about a world that's literally the corpse of a dead god? Or a clockwork planet that's about to run out of energy? Or a world which was once a disc world but has been literally shattered into shards by some kind of Earthfall-like event?

I like worlds themselves to be novel. Something inspiring.

That's the alchemist that makes a homunculus, right? What's shitty about it?

There ain't no fixin' that, son. Not in any way that won't leave the people that want them to be good with a bad taste in the mouth, at least.

>> No.54210947

Once more, press F to pay respects.


>> No.54210949

>What's shitty about it?

It gets nothing

>> No.54210955

Honestly I just want a grounded, normal game.

>> No.54210956

Ravioli ravioli don't lewd the homonculoli

>> No.54210973

>What's shitty about it?
It gives up basically everything that makes alchemists capable in a campaign in exchange for the homonculus, which is in no way a fair tradeoff.

>> No.54210988

How would I even play this character?

Thinking it over I don't even know if I could do it. Like, max alter creation could do a lot of stuff but it almost seems too powerful for what I want. I just want to change flavors, not complete materials.

>> No.54210994

Hey DM, you forgot to leave your name on this time.

>> No.54211006

The path of getting a cute daughter means you have to sacrifice your chance at power. Is not that the fairest tradeoff?

>> No.54211045

Do you think it would be better for the archetype to give you a better homonculus/abilities or to take less away in the first place?

No, that's shit. Get out of here! We want archetypes that have awesome flavor and are also not garbage.

>> No.54211060

This is the price you pay for the Path of the Dad

>> No.54211089


I tried this once. All I got was REEEE in return. PFG don't want normal games so much as high powered third-party lewdgames.

>> No.54211113

I mean i get the feeling what you describe as a 'normal game' isn't what i would describe as a normal game.

>> No.54211131


>> No.54211132

>want to play angel-blooded aasimar zealot girl
>look at FCBs
>1/4th of a conviction as an FCB (pretty rad)
>Aasimars don't get it
>The only STR/CHA race that gets it that I would want to play are Kindred-Raised half-elves


>> No.54211141


>> No.54211142

>I like worlds themselves to be novel. Something inspiring.

That's cool too, but can ultimately detract from what I'm looking for.

I like the idea of a story that begins and ends the same way. The party begins weak and powerless in the face of some overwhelming force, but slowly gain the power to face it, before once again being brought low by the forces of time and entropy. Classical hero shit.

>> No.54211144

I feel like it'd be better if it took less away. Like, at least leave us the bombs. Bombs are cool.

>> No.54211148

Don't forget your 1d3+1 touch attacks as a standard action at level 11 and NO ITERATIVES

>> No.54211159

Honestly, part of the problem is it half-asses things. It takes away just enough to gimp you (why the fuck did it take away Brew Potion and Throw Anything, without even giving the option to get them back via discovery?), but not enough to be a TOTAL conversion (It leaves the poison stuff and Persistent Mutagen), meaning you can end up just being a bargain bin Summoner by taking Preservationist. The Alchemist himself doesn't get the option to fucking DO anything. If it had like, replaced a bunch of discoveries, all the Poison Stuff+Persistent Mutagen, and banned you from getting mutagens? Cool, nice, at least you'll still have bombs or the option to take Sneak Attack.

The other thing is the Homunculus is just not customizeable at all. One option of fixed progression is lame as fuck, especially when you can't do anything but pray your GM lets you work the janky construct modification rules.

>> No.54211165

>Oh noes. I can't autistically optimize as much as I wanted.

>> No.54211172

Can you lay off that for fuck's sake

>> No.54211201

Plus, if you keep bombs they could get the discovery to implant a bomb in their familiar! :D

It's not easy to maintain tight narrative control over some things like that over the whole course of a campaign, but I think that kind of stuff could be workable.

Hm... You know, wouldn't it be cool if you got to choose which "set" of features to keep and get a customizable homonculus with a different built-in progression path depending on your choice? Like you can choose to keep your mutagens and you get a homonculus that can use them too or enhance them. Choose to keep poisons, and you get a homonculus with assassin skills. Etc.

That'd be way too complicated for an archetype, though.

>> No.54211204

Seriously, dude.
I have more sympathy for the group that has to put up with your whining than I do you by now.

If that's even really you and not a false-flagger.

>> No.54211221

This is the only part that is mandatory here.

>> No.54211247

It doesn't really need control over the narrative; no matter how powerful the PCs get, they can't stop the inevitable march of time and tides.

>> No.54211273

For that progression path idea, what if you give up all the possible features to make the strongest possible homunculus?

>> No.54211279

Well, "not low/no-magic setting" is probably also mandatory. Then again, we're supposedly not a monolith, so maybe there's not anything that's mandatory across the board.

Well sure, that's true. But If you can't manage your narrative well, it's going to look like you're just forcing shit down your players' throats.

On the other hand, watching things crash and burn can be fun, I guess.

>> No.54211297

>, "not low/no-magic setting"
That too, but that's less of a taste thing and more of "unless your some kind of 1 in a million genius it's not gonna work out well" thing.

>> No.54211303

Feature sets would be way too complicated, but different options for the homunculus would be really nice. Trading out the claws and poison for martial weapon proficiency or something would be nice, as would the option to keep it small-sized and swap the Str bonus to be, say, Int instead.

That shit is so far removed from any actual complaints I have about the archetype that it should not be a thing that EVER comes up.

>> No.54211305

Just gonna drop this here.


>> No.54211321


>> No.54211325

Is Cryptic my only option if I want to be an Int based Psionic character that isn't a full manifester?

>> No.54211336

There's the Shattered Mind Occultist archetype.

>> No.54211355

Doesn't really sound appealing to me, but that's just my opinion. I don't want a homunculus that's more useful than I am.

The more I think about it, the more I realize what I'm suggesting is a collection of similar archetypes that grant homunculi with differing progressions (one archetype that keeps bombs, one for mutagens, one for poison, etc) and trade out the features not related to that theme. Then they can all draw from a common pool of homunculus enhancements.

This bugged me when I tried to make a manifester a long time ago.

>> No.54211361

Fuck. I hate both of 'em. I don't like the cryptics pattern bullshit, don't like the occultists object bullshit, and REALLY don't like the whole "slowly become an empty shell as you dump your mind into a crystal" thing the shattered mind has going on.

>> No.54211374

>I don't want a homunculus that's more useful than I am.
That's pretty much the issue with the base archetype, desu. Between immunities and the scaling bonuses, you end up taking a backseat as your homunculus wades through threats laughing at how they can't touch their construct immunities. Unless they just straight up blow the homunculus up via damage, in which case rest in fucking pieces.

>> No.54211387

Aegis, loosely. Living Legend Soulknife.

Rune Seeker Empath Medium if your GM allows.

>> No.54211406

>and REALLY don't like the whole "slowly become an empty shell as you dump your mind into a crystal" thing the shattered mind has going on.

>Not playing a haughty caster who's dumped different parts of her personality into each implement
>She acts normal when she has all of them, but whenever one is more than 10ft away she loses that part of her character

>When she feels she's being too arrogant, she puts away her Pride implement and immediately becomes humble and cooperative
>When she feels she's overthinking things, she puts away her Hesitation and becomes daring and boisterous

>> No.54211408

>This bugged me when I tried to make a manifester a long time ago.
One of these days I'm gonna sit down and make specific Psionic 6th level manifests that focus on a somewhat specific range of disciplines.

Or maybe a Psion/Wilder unchained that's 6th level so you can have a Psionic manifester that won't get bitched at for having access to powers you don't even intend to learn.

Either that or a Psionic Vigilante. So much stuff I want to homebrew.
Aegis isn't a manifester at all and Living Legend is a bit too gishy for my taste
>Rune Seeker Empath Medium if your GM allows.
What is this?

>> No.54211419

Yeah that just sounds dumb to me.

>> No.54211451

Dragon game 1 arc 1 finished tonight

cool things happened. greentext later.

>> No.54211455

Well, you're dumb! That's why you'll never find an INT based character that suits you!

>> No.54211457

I'd homebrew stuff, but what's the point? It'll never see the light of day, even if I were to post it to the thread for anybody to use. And if I did that, I'd run the risk of becoming a celeb. Fuck that.

But yeah, a 6th level manifester like that sounds good.

One man's trash is another's treasure. It applies to character ideas too. My friend just can't accept any idea that involves more than the tiniest amount of refluffing.

>> No.54211560

Taking bets: will next thread be an anime /pfg/ thread or a SEagle troll thread?

>> No.54211569

Both. inb4 new thread at 7th page and I sling more vitriol at the OP.

>> No.54211571

Kitsune /pfg/ posted on page 7

>> No.54211573


i gotta go to work in 4 hours. i need zzzs

>> No.54211648

Guys, I think I may have come up with a way to get my players to actually want a DM PC.

Nobody on my team wants to play the healer, so I'm going to tell them they have the option to either buy healing potions or hire a healing intern

The healing intern, being an intern is paid in experience (literally) so he's a fuckton cheaper than the potions, especially at their level. He doesn't have his own shit going on, nor will he fight, unless the players actually start to like him. If not they can let him go after the adventure ends

>> No.54211660

Works alright.

>> No.54211690

>The healing intern, being an intern is paid in experience
What a raw deal

>> No.54211697

>buy healing potions


>> No.54211704

What you're looking for is an Aldrazar-style Mobile Infantry Combat Healing and Resurrection Unit, AKA "M.I.C.H.A.R.U."

They're rented to adventuring parties at the cost of one treasure share and the understanding that they will only participate in combat explicitly in immediate self defense and possibly for undead-turning services. As an active participant, they of course get an xp share as well.

>> No.54211723

At their level, if they pool their gold, they can afford the little white rubber cap at the end

>> No.54211733

you are aware you don't have to purchase a wand with full charges

a 10 charge wand is 150 gold

>> No.54211734

But what if it falls off and she gets pregnant?
Or, you know, they turn it inside-out to share and reuse it and she gets pregnant anyways?

>> No.54211869

It's always fucking pregnancy with you fucks. Calm the fuck down, son.

>> No.54211883

You guys
This needs to be fixed up and converted to PF

>> No.54211923


its trash

>> No.54211925

Seriously, tired of the breeding fetish.

>> No.54211937

Oh, we should all apply to that toad game as farmers and just do an agriculture simulator.

>> No.54211947

>they have a musclewizard class
>he doesn't cast spells

what was even the point of that?

>> No.54211949

For a starting group, autosave for both GM and players on the first adventure is quite reasonable. Checkpointed, of course.

>> No.54211952

Partially-charged wands is shonky as fuck.

>> No.54211972

For real. I get that it's "literally life though, how could you not like that" but god damn, calm the fuck down and don't fetishize that it that fucking much.

>> No.54211988

not really.

>> No.54212013


Oh, no page 7. Legit, I can cool my burning rage. Nice job, guys.

>> No.54212023

It totally is though.

Wands are made with 50 charges. You can't make them with less.

So you're assuming that there just so happens to be a second-hand wand with the charges you want just lying around.

>> No.54212025

You can fluff the Mimicry talent as eating. Or make a Shifter (Protean) for the shifting's equivalent of Brawler's Martial Flexibility.

>> No.54212031

Le i cast fist guis i saw the meem once guys i wanna cast off strength even though the ENTIRE JOKE IS THAT HE JUST PUNCHES PEOPLE THE ENTIRE JOKE IS THAT HE'S NOT A WIZARD AT ALL HE JUST PUNCHES SHIT REALLY HARD


>> No.54212036

>tfw people don't get that "casting" fist just meant punching really fucking hard.

>> No.54212041

>no one would -ever- sell off a second hand wand
Come on now dude, make it 7, or 11, or whatever you need, but a low charge wand is so useful for low level adventurers, much better than saddling them with a DMpc that isn't really going to be a DMPC at all.

>> No.54212062


do you think I give a fuck that it's a joke? I just want a character who specializes in breaking reality with their physical strength alone

>> No.54212082

The party finds a 10 charge wand of CLW or Infernal Healing on the body of a dead adventurer.

Problem solved.

>> No.54212083

It lets you choose your casting stat. Go wild.

>> No.54212086

I'm telling you why it can't cast. If you want a str caster, don't look for anything called a musclewizard because you'll run into this shitty meme every time.

>> No.54212097


>> No.54212101

Yeah, but CLW is the least likely wand to be second-hand.

Wand of magic missile? Those higher level adventurers dont have much use for that. But a wand of CLW, they'll squeeze every charge.

The only situation that a wand of CLW would come up second hand is if the person acquiring it didn't WANT it, which means they're probably not actually in danger themselves. But to acquire it, they'd likely be IN danger to get it, like say, from the corpse of someone.

Y'see where I'm coming from? People who want them will use every charge, and people who don't are unlikely to come across them.

Now see THAT's perfectly fine, but the point of contention was BUYING partially charged wands.

>> No.54212112

>implying you don't have a network of skeevy merchants ripping all the merchandise from the bodies of dead adventurers to sell to new adventurers in glorious capitalism

>> No.54212162

Where in the fuck do you think you are?

>> No.54212164

not /d/

>> No.54212267


New thread

>> No.54212335

In this case, I was referring to broader attitudes toward /pfg/, rather than one person. I'd generally characterize it as a smug disdain, which unfortunately sometimes extends to the system itself.

>> No.54212341


>> No.54212449

A blue board from the looks of it.

>> No.54213872

No. I have work all weekend. Starting in a few hours. :(

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