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Guard edition

>FAQ (New FAQ), questionable rules lore wise:


>Designer's Commentary (FAQ 0.1)

>Latest news :

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf(and epub), SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>Old crap

>List Builder
Squatted harder than Slaanesh

>WIP Math-hammer doc

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>Guys, look at me! I play the game. Guys? Hello???? I am here! Hellooooooo? Please respond.

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First for Necrons are Top Tier

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There's already one of these you filthy phoneposter! Also, holy shit 7k images! Delete some of those, you stupid slut!

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1st for Guardfags

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Why did GW take out celestine's ability to move tanks with faith?

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Okay let's start with something constructive
>the armies from your most recent game
>who won
>what unit was the MVP of the armies

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The irony of your post is delicious.

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>IG Vs Tau (Narrative play)
>IG by virtue of hanging on
>a Fire Warrior strike team for dancing around a Punisher shooting them in the face

Granted we only managed to get about half the game in due to time constraints, but it was fun nonetheless.

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>Dark Angels vs Tau
>DAngels perform a crushing victory on the Tau leaving the remaining Crisis suits to flee
>MVP of DAngels was Belial and his Knight cohort as well as the nigh unkillable Apothecary, MVP of the Tau was the fusion blaster crisis suits for brutally executing multiple Terminators

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based guardfag

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How is it ironic

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Jesus those look horrible.
Don't delude yourself for a fucking second thinking those are 'table top quality'. Those look like shit

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Bloody hell, why?

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We were supposed to play a 2K point competition but a few players didn't show so it was cancelled. Taufag wanted a rematch after the tie the day before at 1K. I gladly accepted.

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Primaris Vs Death Guard (Dark Imperium set)

Chaos victory due to the Primaris player destroying the Blight Drone with his Captain, feeling bad and rerolling the fight again, not damaging it enough and then succumbing to its bile flamer shots. But we are still begginers and i wanted to get it all right. Next time i wont go as easy on him.

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Your post was begging for attention.

You shouldn't shit on people because they're at early stages of painting skills.

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>It begins

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>feeling bad and rerolling the fight again

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>You shouldn't shit on people because they're at early stages of painting skills
There is an age requirement on this site, though.

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>actual ranged space marine captain
>option to leave all melee weapons at home
Color me surprised. Raptors would be proud.

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Or maybe you should, so they know not to be content with their current shit skills and try to get better, instead of coasting on 'BUT BUT MAH THREE COLOR MINIMUM' or 'MAH TABLE TOP QUALITY.
Or they just stop posting pics and inflicting their shit on us

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Anyone got an idea why all command squads and such were broken up into various heroes and a small base unit, yet custodes' shield captain and vexila bearer are stuck with their mates? I mean, would it have killed GW to actually make the army playable?

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I know, but i missed the -1 on the Powerfist or something like that so i decided to reroll the phase again, even though we had been playing very casually to get the basic rules down. I could of kept the result but it wouldn't have been in the nature of the game we were playing. Also the guy was being frustrated over how seeming powerful the Primaris guys were, even though they were really doing fuck all to the main Death Guard players (Lord, Notorious Blightbringer Ect)

Like i said when we both have a better understanding of the basics i won't go as easy though.

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GW autism. That's why.

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>Just one more wound and one more attack compared to their regular versions

That's not special or exciting at all. Now that characters are mostly about supporting the units around them, less about being beatsticks, going for the cheaper option seems more optimal.

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just been writing my own fluff about my warband, gotta say its quite fun. such a nerd

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> plenty of options!- NuGW
> rules literally have only the options on the model
> not even allowed to swap for options on the various melee weapons lists, or change to a different force weapon
GW I really want to like you. Just.. why?

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>for the full rules see a book we haven't even teased at releasing in WC
I wonder how long until the good guys get their codex.

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Being over the age of 20 does not bestow painting skills on a person.

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Sacristan model when?

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So that everything with its own special rules gets a separate dataslate, I guess.

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My favorite part is that's not even my army. Posting it is guaranteed replies. It's amazing what can trigger you fucks. This place truly is toxic.

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Heh, that skeleton has tiddies.

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A Necron Overlord and his posse vs a radical Ordo Xenos Inquisitor and a rag-tag band of assassins and degenerates (and also an Imperial Knight Crusader they picked up along the way)

The Inquisition stands victorious, managing to hold two of the four objectives and acheiving the Kingslayer and Linebreaker objectives. The Necron Overlord, meanwhile, held one objective and claimed First Blood.

Necron MVP: #1: The Cryptek who shepherded two hordes of warriors through the battle.

#2: Said warriors, who stood up against both an Eversor Assassin and the Knight stomping around on top of them.

Inqusition MVP: #1: A trio of arco-flagellants who, alongside their priest, mauled the Necron Overlord and claimed an objective.

#2: The Knight Crusader, for making almost all 5+ shield saves when under fire by enemy Heavy Destroyers, and surviving the battle with 15 wounds remaining.

Disappointments were the Heavy Destroyes (who rolled 1 for their d6 damage three times) and a Daemonhost (who decided to heal himself every turn and miss every shot before dying to overwatch fire).

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But power swords are so cheap you might as well throw it on there anyway.

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Vostroyan backlog

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All I see is charcoal lumps. What the fuck did you prime with, bumper guard?

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In what meta? Your moms basement?
They are the same tier as in 7th as in 4th from the bottom.

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There needs to be one, holy shit.

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Black paint primer, you fool.

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Reporting in. Let's give those Xenos hell.

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Reminder there's literally nothing wrong with recasting your own bitz.

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So a general Codex: Space Marines that includes Primaris is confirmed, there won't be a Codex: Primaris Marines.

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I can't.

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Again? Course this time you got necrons to fight!

Make sure nothing gets into close combat this time.

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kek, stay mad

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Ah yes, Hive Fleet Swag, scourge of so many systems.

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I would kill for my Cannoness to be able to just go with decent ranged weapons.

Way too many HQs can't take much on that front.

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Please fill me in on its performance.

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Given Dark Imperium and all that, is there any chance at all of Lion being a traitor? Either "has always been" as some of the fallen claim or "doesn't like the spiritual liege" as a new thing? I always really liked the idea that the Dark Angels primarch had actually been a traitor, because it makes them more tragic and shit instead of just fucking crazy and stupid.

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>Deldar vs Tau
Squad of 10 bloodbrides with +1 strength, 3 hydra gauntlets and a power sword. They moved from squad to squad of fire warriors and path finders killing them all in a single round of fighting (after being softened up by shooting of course). They were so killy the succubus they were escorting never got to attack all game.
I'd say one of his deepstriking crisis teams, was a bit to remove after it landed in cover and took out a ravager after he landed 5 markerlights on it.

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Is the Librarian worth it do you reckon? For the powers?

I've never been bothered by the psychic phase and haven't paid any attention to the new rules

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Lot of people fighting tau it seems.

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Hurts things good. HITTING is the problem. Needs to be on commander+

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No, unless something during his duel with Luther fucked his head up, HH confirmed that he was always loyal.

>> No.54151784

No. Also
>because it makes them more tragic and shit instead of just fucking crazy and stupid.
ur a fgt.

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>Necrons vs Space wolves
>MVP destroyers

-it was a slaughter
-Scarabs screen fire for the first turn and later made a physical barrier denying thunder wolf assault (he tried to go around them to get to my warriors).
-Triarch stalker marked all his rhinos one at a time and popped about one a turn starting with his bloodclaw unit.
-Destoyers mopped up his other armor.
-Without safe transport gauss flayers and My will be done buffed warriors scattered his infantry like leaves (AP-1 is apparently the breaking point for marines).
-small group of immortals with tesla carbines picking off dudes consistently
-one group gets dangerously close to assault range because of target saturation, but is assaulted with a ghost ark (locking them in combat and protecting warriors), next turn thanks to the fly rule I simply disengage and blow them away with more gauss.
-Monolith in reserve and unit of wraiths destroy his long fangs and tie down his artillery.
-rest of the army is wiped out in the press of my marching infantry and the wall of the monolith (with no longer any threat to oppose it).

Only lost 4 scarab models and 3 warriors who were probably coming back anyway thanks to the ghost ark next turn but he forfeit on turn 3.

Lessions learned, My will be done is fucking broken when paired with rerolls from stalker. Destroyers will literally dance around everything in the game and even basics make armor a joke. Everything I have is Imperial but -1 Ap just for laughs. Crytekhs are mandatory. I also need to play less seriously.

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Going by the horus heresy novels (which seem to be the new canon), the Lion is definitely a loyalist. He's just a secretive, manipulative dick at the same time.

>> No.54151838

Iron Warriors Omnibus, good/bad?

>> No.54151843

Their insane paranoia is kind of redeemed if its made ironic by having the one thing they do trust and put their faith in failing to live up to their ideals.
I don't mean serving chaos, i more meant a pragmatic "the imperium isn't a great idea" kind of traitor. But yeah i guess it won't happen.

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A Necron Battalion against a Catachan force of a spearhead and vanguard. Basically trying to recreate an old edition, with straken and harker alongside Veterans and Leman Russes, against a well-balanced Necron list that leaned heavily on its troops.

The necrons wound up winning it, mostly because the Guard player couldn't roll above a 3+ to hit. Great for his vets. Not so much for russes or valkyries.

MVP was definitely the dice. Barring that, I'd say the MVP for the Necrons was the Ghost Ark that singlehandedly held one flank down, and the MVP for the Guard was the Sniper Squad that put 4 wounds onto an Overlord in one turn.

>> No.54151872 [DELETED] 

And for LVP because I forgot
>Black Knights were shot off the table turn one because of a rather stupid decision to take on an alpha strike deployment formation
>Basically every single fire warrior did absolute jack shit save eat bolter fire.
>Bonus points: Taufag fails to get an objective on his first try with his Hammerhead because he mismeasures the distance from the objective
>Bonus points 2: Taufag spends 2 command points on both his Hammerheads explosion roll when they are taken out by power swords of all things. Both are wasted
Overall an absolutely satisfactory triumph.

>> No.54151873


Also fought Death Guard as DE and tabled them turn 4, his MVP was his Knight that he mistakenly cast the -1 to hit spell on for two turns. Still only survived til my turn 3 even after he stole the initiative.

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Because GW hates women and they are closet homosexuals

>> No.54151889

>Blood angels vs orks
>Blood angel victory
>Landraider Crusader for being an unkillable rapemachine

>> No.54151896

I need a new picture and to start finishing up my paint jobs. I started a bunch of models but never quite finished them. I've been building and converting too much.
I got some backlog myself of 10. I just got one squad and some extras to make a Vostroyan vet squad.
Sup GGA.

>> No.54151899

Like I give a shit what you think. My tanks are fine and clean, my big models look nice, it's my infantry that Im placing and taking off the table by the tens that only needs to look good from 3 feet away.
Hey look! They look normal from table height!

>> No.54151900

Anon it's High Fleet Peanut Butter and Jelly get it right.
When it hits and wounds it's actually fairly good. It lets you reroll damage without using a command point which is where it really shines. Oddly enough it was more effective against Nids than armies with vehicles that I've played lately.

>> No.54151909

I think having something able to Deny the Witch is very useful, and Smite is always fine.

>> No.54151923

For the wych's no escape ability, what happens if both players roll the same number?

>> No.54151945

> That one immortal on the far left
> Is this nigga serious.jpg

>> No.54151952

Do none of you fucks believe in faces? What's with the faceless blobs with just a ugly ass wash?

>> No.54151957

Your shit looks fine man, at least you've got a fully painted army which is more than I can say.

>> No.54151982

Question: I already own a unit of Sicarian Infiltrators, and I just got another unit of them. But my first unit has Tasers/Flechette. Should I make the 2nd unit the same loadout, or give them Power Swords and Stub Carbines.

Keep in mind, they are now only 2 attacks a model.

>> No.54151987

you're a terrible human being and it would be better for everyone if you became anhero

>> No.54151989

I can't speak for everyone, but on certain models just using a wash over a skintone looks better for a low skill painter than any attempt at eyes.

>> No.54151994

Can't tell from lighting and blur but shit looks fine for tabletop? and honestly if you care more than that, I don't have words for that

>> No.54151996

But with pistols you can Dakka into combat.

>> No.54151998

Don't lie to the lad

>> No.54151999 [DELETED] 

Personally I have one Taser unit and one Sword unit. Former is for mulching infantry and latter is for allah akbar'ing MEQs. And then I have a Ruststalker squad for raping any special snowflake who's face I don't like.

>> No.54152004

kill yerself faggit

>> No.54152012

Anyone have the compilation of quotes where Lorgar got told?

Looking to show someone as to why Lorgar is the absolute shittest

>> No.54152026

Read the 8 pages of core rules, for fucks sake.

>> No.54152046

>the enemy can only fall back if they win the roll off
well they didn't win, now did they.

Why is basic reading comprehension so hard for people.

>> No.54152063

In the event of a tie, you continue the rolloff until a winner is decided.

Why is basic reading comprehension so hard for you, in particular?

>> No.54152067

Best models for converting Renegade Marauders? Scions seem the best place, but I'd need extra shotgun bits, and a way to make them look Roman.

>> No.54152079

Their dakka wasn't even that good m8, its only fucking S3. On a fragile unit.

I don't even understand the reason of the nerfbat, they already ripped out from their worth already.

>> No.54152083

Both Flechettes and Stub Carbines are Pistol. The difference is that Flechette's have 5 shots and Str 3, while Stubcarbines have 3 shots and Str 4.

That's what I was thinking. But on the other hand, a 10 man unit of Flechettes can pump out 50 shots, and still charge. Mulching Mechs is good and all, but your still only str4; your only wounding Meqs on a 4+. Meanwhile, your wounding Marines on 3+ with the taser, and wounding T3 on +2 with tasers.

>> No.54152084

Avil industires does both gladiator heads and a bunch of shotguns

>> No.54152098

Lorgar got btfo in a 1v1 by Gulliman didn't he? That alone is reason enough for him being shit. Gulliman is physically the weakest primarch

>> No.54152105


>lets you reroll damage
Even better, roll twice choose the highest result.

>> No.54152110

Is there a particular space marine kit with a lot of plasma guns? Not for primaris dudes, for normal size dudes.

>> No.54152116 [DELETED] 

Honestly half of the reason I do the sword setup is because my list doesn't have 10 points spare for another taser setup. But if you have the points for it then go ahead.

>> No.54152118

>complains about army posting
>doesnt post his army
>probably doesnt even have an army to post

>> No.54152130

Putting together an Italian-ish Guard Regiment (honestly, it's just because I wanted to make a lascarbine that looks like a beretta 38/42) but I'm trying come up with a decent name for them and their planets.

I've decided I want them to come from binary planets that orbit their star as a pair, with the outer hemispheres of each planet being volcanic industrial manufactora and the inner hemispheres of each planet facing each other to be more civilized and livable. Just having trouble naming them and their homeworlds and trying to figure out what their tactical themes would be compared to other regiments.

>> No.54152137 [DELETED] 

What's the best setup for a Leviathan Dreadnought?

>> No.54152142

Post your army anon

>> No.54152144

not that I can think of, but you can buy marine plasma guns in batches direct from gdubs and forge world though granted you will be paying a quid for each of them

>> No.54152171

A trash compactor.

Forge World is cancer in 8th edition.

>> No.54152176

Ferrus did it best.
>Knowing the spiteful thought was petty, Lorgar had sought to temper it. ‘One wonders if you are capable of making anything that creates, rather than destroys.’ He tried to smile, hoping it would rob the accusation of any venom as he stood uncomfortably in the heat blaring from the open furnace.
>Ferrus had cast a glance over his dark-skinned shoulder and watched his fey brother for a moment, not returning the smile. ‘One wonders if you are capable of creating anything worthwhile at all.’

>> No.54152180 [DELETED] 

Lemme guess, you're the eternally butthurt P2W poorfag aren't you?

>> No.54152186

Is forge world still OP? I haven't played against it yet but a guy with two decimators did win my local tourney last week

>> No.54152189

If you want to showcase their lasguns like a paratrooper's smg, maybe make your dudes orbital droptroopers like the Elysians.

>> No.54152191

>setting up for battle against dark eldar
>he hands you this list and begins unpacking his models

How do you deal with THE FLOCK?

>> No.54152196

>assblasted poorfag

>> No.54152200

Chaos fags BTFU

>> No.54152201

>Tyranids vs Eldar
>Carnifex 8
>One rounded the Avatar of Khaine

>> No.54152204

About 6 Immolation flamer?

>> No.54152205 [DELETED] 

That list isn't even legal. You can't take that many FA in a Vanguard detachment.

>> No.54152218


>> No.54152225

You can with beastmasters anon. Read the index.

>> No.54152231 [DELETED] 

Sorry, I don't deal with NPCs.

>> No.54152256

bravo excellent comeback

>> No.54152270

Maan, i need a bunch of plasma or combi-plasma guns for my fallen. I guess i can give some of them combi and some of them plasma? To make a combi-plasma you just chop up a plasma pistol and glue it to a bolter right?

>> No.54152271 [DELETED] 

Said the buttblasted NPC

>> No.54152281

>tfw the imperium contracts out to elves for their Mary Sue resurrection services

>> No.54152284

>has transport that allow shooting from inside
Pick one.

We all know NPC factions do not have access to proper transport that allow shooting from inside

>> No.54152292

>Gets absolutely steam rolled on the table
>"A-at least I'm not an NPC, r-right? Haha."

>> No.54152293 [DELETED] 

Sweet, I get a sidekick.

>> No.54152307 [DELETED] 

>implying i lose to NPCs
LMAO, typical NPC fags everyone.

>> No.54152314


>> No.54152321

Do you just fight other space marine players?

>> No.54152324

How do I post my list in a non-cancer format?

>> No.54152326

You still haven't said how you would beat the flock of birds, outside a poor understanding of army composition rules getting you to improperly call the judge.

>> No.54152339 [DELETED] 

I laugh them off the table. NPCs aren't even worth my time.

>> No.54152358

you dont

>> No.54152360

But anon, the fw tau suits aren't that expensive.
Is £34 ($44) really that much money? It's even less than the ghostkeel.
Only the t'aunar and manta are retarded.

>> No.54152366

I think that's the case, probably because he doesn't want to lose to them.

>> No.54152371

Was Titus a heretic?

>> No.54152374


MS word.
Put good art relevant to your faction in the background and make it transparent.

>> No.54152380

He's not even real, he's the captain of the second company.

>> No.54152382

Now this is a PC!

>> No.54152383

That depends entirely on whether or not we are fit to pass judgement on one of the Emperor's Angels of Death.

>> No.54152389 [DELETED] 

That's the thing. This retard considers FW P2W even though it's not that expensive and not that powerful. I just want to know what other weapon I should take alongside my grav flux bombard. That's literally it.

>> No.54152396

Considering Leandros didn't even bother contacting a Chaplain before the Inq, i'd say maybe

Being untouched by the warp is weird as shit, but no worth informing outsiders to the chapter

>> No.54152404

No. Money has nothing to do with it. The rules are straight up broken.

It wasn't really OP before, but this edition with the half-assed hackjob they did with the indexes it ranges from literally unplayable to utterly game-breaking. Ban it ASAP if you want to enjoy 8th.

>> No.54152417

I don't know much about imperial stuff, don't you have access to a gun that fires 4 plasma (or melta) shots? Although that might just he Horus Heresy.

>> No.54152419

Another grav flux bombard.

>> No.54152420

Name some game breaking units in 8th

>> No.54152428

How old can a human live in 40k? I know that Crawl lived for 10k but he's Ad Mech. There's juvenant treatments and stuff, plus stasis and weird warp time shit.

Is it possible for one of the initial Inquisitors from right after the heresy to still be around?

>> No.54152431

I have more fun building, doing mild conversions and playing than I do painting. I aim to paint at "Glaucoma quality" as I call it. Hold the model at arms length and squint. If it looks like it has color on it, you're good to go.

>> No.54152437 [DELETED] 

There's a gun that fires 2D3 melta shots. Is that what you're referring too?
I like a little spice in my dreadnoughts. Taking two of the same gun is pretty boring.

>> No.54152444


>> No.54152446



>> No.54152447

What do I do with the extra 25 points?

++ Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Dark Angels) [25 PL, 545pts] ++

+ HQ +

Company Master [5 PL, 110pts]: Combi-plasma, Relic blade

Company Master [5 PL, 110pts]: Combi-plasma, Relic blade

Company Master [5 PL, 110pts]: Combi-plasma, Relic blade

Company Master [5 PL, 110pts]: Combi-plasma, Relic blade

+ Dedicated Transport +

Drop Pod [5 PL, 105pts]: Storm bolter

++ Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Dark Angels) [20 PL, 440pts] ++

+ HQ +

Company Master [5 PL, 110pts]: Combi-plasma, Relic blade

Company Master [5 PL, 110pts]: Combi-plasma, Relic blade

Company Master [5 PL, 110pts]: Combi-plasma, Relic blade

Company Master [5 PL, 110pts]: Combi-plasma, Relic blade

++ Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Dark Angels) [15 PL, 330pts] ++

+ HQ +

Company Master [5 PL, 110pts]: Combi-plasma, Relic blade

Company Master [5 PL, 110pts]: Combi-plasma, Relic blade

Company Master [5 PL, 110pts]: Combi-plasma, Relic blade

++ Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Dark Angels) [15 PL, 330pts] ++

+ HQ +

Company Master [5 PL, 110pts]: Combi-plasma, Relic blade

Company Master [5 PL, 110pts]: Combi-plasma, Relic blade

Company Master [5 PL, 110pts]: Combi-plasma, Relic blade

++ Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Dark Angels) [15 PL, 330pts] ++

+ HQ +

Company Master [5 PL, 110pts]: Combi-plasma, Relic blade

Company Master [5 PL, 110pts]: Combi-plasma, Relic blade

Company Master [5 PL, 110pts]: Combi-plasma, Relic blade

++ Total: [90 PL, 1975pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)

>> No.54152460

Isn't that what Greyfax is?

>> No.54152463

Might be, it should be useful to take out other mechanized units.

>> No.54152467

thats the one. thanks anon!

>> No.54152468

Moriana the Black who advised Abaddon was one of founders of Inquisition.

>> No.54152469

Okay /tg/
Dubs decides one group in the 40k community that gets thrown out of helicopters, go

>> No.54152474

You can start with that grav-flux leviathan.

Literally anything with the Titanic keyword.

>> No.54152478

>slutra slutitarum
>slutperial guard

>> No.54152479 [DELETED] 

*Allegedly one of the founders of the Inquisition. Later on it was discovered that she was even older than the Inquisition.

>> No.54152484


>> No.54152489

That's not forge world retard

>> No.54152490

So a determined mad cunt who's been after Crawl for 10k years for tech heresy would be possible?

>> No.54152491

All shitposters.

>> No.54152493

so are dreadnoughts with a fist and lascannon finally viable? I want one for my red scorpions I plan on doing

>> No.54152497 [DELETED] 

Every single Tau player. Every last one.

>> No.54152507

>inquisitors caring about tech heresy
>Not a Malagra
Do you even Mechanicum lore, faggot?

>> No.54152511


>> No.54152514 [DELETED] 

What about the CC weapons? They seem alright but might be a bit limited in use.

>> No.54152515

Probably all space marine players, both loyalist or traitor

>> No.54152516

Dreads have always been viable as punching gun platforms.

>> No.54152522


>> No.54152527

Spess Mahreens
>Make sure to toss them from orbit
>Of the sun

>> No.54152529

WAAC fags

>> No.54152530

I'm just getting FW versions (pretty much for the same reason) but I do only need 12 plasma guns so it's not quite as painful

>> No.54152533

People who don't recognize that we're all here to have a good time and it's best for everyone if every faction is well supported.

>> No.54152539 [DELETED] 

This is the winner. Fuck the other guy.

>> No.54152540

I'm trying to figure out the lore, it's why I'm asking. After all, heresy is heresy. Besides, I know there's an Ordo whose whole job is unfucking the paperwork and Crawl had to get his resources from somewhere.

>> No.54152548

Absolutely, but make it Venerable for the 2+ to hit and 6++ FnP

>> No.54152551

Well, better toss the Eldar
>Jews without the pleasure of being partially human

>> No.54152554

Are the Primaris Lieutenants any good?

>> No.54152556

Like I said, I don't know imperial stuff.

>> No.54152579

Sorry bub, but the greater good prevailed. >>54152511

>> No.54152585

ColdStar Commander w/TargetLock & Shield Generator x6 = 888 points.

Wtf do I with the other 1112 points ?

>> No.54152586

Still think Leandros listening to what the chaos dude had to say (it was just the sorcerer's word that Titus was abnormal) was a bigger heresy than anything Titus did. One of the basic rules of dealing with chaos is: the cunts lie, don't listen to them.

>> No.54152589

Okay well AdMech lore 101: they basically give no fucks at all about the Inquisition, most of the time. AdMech handle their own heresy with their own internal organizations.

Technically the Inquisition still has power over them, but it mostly only works that way on paper or when dealing with low-level tech-priests, and there is rarely a time when they would bother with that.

>> No.54152590

How do you guys set up games, do you contact a buddy over face book, or throw out an open invite on some other mass media site and just sit down at your lgs and just wait?

I want to go play, but if no one shows up, or they just had enough time to play one game with their friend then I'm just stuck waiting around the store until I decide to leave.

>> No.54152592 [DELETED] 

Two CC weapons. Siege Claw is Sx2 AP-3 D3 with reroll to wound on INANTRY keywords, Siege Drill is Sx2 AP-4 D4.

>> No.54152595


FW gonna sell tons in 8th if they keep their units slightly op relatively per faction

>> No.54152596

All women in the guard are quality wholesome waifus, no sluts allowed

>> No.54152603

Yours are nice, i remember other pics
Bad infantry nice machines
>There's a lot of them so they don't need to look good
Anon, we just want you to have pretty models. Some will screech, some will yell. We all want the same thing, many anons with many many beautiful models.

>> No.54152613

Cawl having lived for ten millennia is extremely unusual, even for the Adeptus Mechanicus, and is yet another reason for his peers to be suspicious of him. Given his blatant disregard for certain AdMech doctrines, he has likely used forbidden xenos tech to extend his lifespan more than juvenat treatments alone could.

>> No.54152614

I was thinking that's why 10k years later he still can't nail Crawl.

>> No.54152620

pick 1

>> No.54152621

That's why you bring your paints and stuff and work on your models while you're waiting.

>> No.54152624


>> No.54152630

thematically "marked" modest build > generic cowtits

>> No.54152635 [DELETED] 

It's Cawl you dumb faggot

>> No.54152640

I think realistically any inquisitor would have just given up on that and gone on to do other things.

>> No.54152641

How are the triumvirate units doing in 8th? Is The Visarch garbage or what?

>> No.54152644


>> No.54152653

How good are Grey Knights this edition?

>> No.54152660 [DELETED] 

Everyone in the Triumvirate of the Imperium is basically top tier now. Cawl is still unkillable, Celestine is even more unkillable and Greyfax is buffs4cheep.

>> No.54152662

>disgusting cottage cheese ass

>> No.54152668

All smite all the time with no scatter deep strikes.

>> No.54152673

Thus determined mad cunt, but if it's that unlikely I'll come up with a different idea. I just like the concept for a old as balls Inquisitor who is fucking furious with everything about the modern Imperium.

thanks m8

>> No.54152676

I'd go with siege drill, seems like a waste to have a walking tank focus on infantry as if they're heavy enough to kill it you don't want them in melee with it.

>> No.54152684

Alright, this is the rapiest SM list I can make with the models at my disposal, while still adhering to fluff. What does everyone think?

>> No.54152690

Not him but there's only one guy in my store that isn't a SM bitch, he plays either Necron or SoB.
I'm the Chaos guy.
Is that normal? I'd love to play with some other xenos or i dunno, fucking ORKS

>> No.54152698 [DELETED] 

I was thinking Siege Drill too but that vs the Melta weapon, which would you go with?

>> No.54152723

I should add that I went for the lowest unit count possible to ensure first turn.

>> No.54152728

No scatter deep strikes sound powerful for GKs, but isn't Smite less powerful for them since they can spam it?

>> No.54152732

You forgot this guy

>> No.54152734

I don't know what a grav flux does, but I assume it's anti tank. I'd go for the more sure melee over the unreliable number of melta shots myself.

>> No.54152736

>Mfw there actually exists WAAC fags
>Not making a fluffy as fuck army list

How do you even spend this kind of money on an army and not wanna make it fluffy as fuck? Hell even losing is fun so long as I get into character with my army and deployments.

>> No.54152753 [DELETED] 

Grav flux is an unholy anti-everything weapon. Heavy D3 S9 AP-5 D2 that turns into D5 if the target is a MONSTER, VEHICLE or TITANIC. Also gives you an extra D3 shots per every 5 models in the target unit. So it's more than capable of raping tanks and infantry.

>> No.54152754

It's one mortal wound, but when your whole army, including the dread, can cast it on a character that's like 6 mortal wounds right there.

Not to mention other psychic powers.

>> No.54152758

Why spend money on an army and not try to do the best you can with it? You can make fluff without having to pay a cent.

>> No.54152768

This is exactly why I plan to own at least 6 Basilisk. Even if platforms are "more efficient" it's not the army I've had in my imagination.

>> No.54152770

/pol/ posters

>> No.54152796

I spend money on the models I think look cool, or have good modelling potential and I couldn't care less about how they perform on tabletop

>> No.54152806

Then yeah, run that and the drill and your dread is now a dedicated anti big and scary stuff thing.
It's also a giant pulsating bullseye, so watch out for that.

>> No.54152819

Making Iron Warriors Basilisks myself

>> No.54152831

Also valid. Aesthetic and performance are two good reasons to buy shit, but just "making fluff" really isn't.

>> No.54152842

Why the fuck did they nerf starcannons? From decent for the price to overcosted garbage wtf?

>> No.54152848

it is only 18" range though. Granted you'll probably be within 18" by turn two but still

>> No.54152849

Why do only white people play 40k?

>> No.54152854

You can take a combiplas or melta and just use it as a plasma/meltagun now.

>> No.54152862

They're doing very well indeed, apparently.

>> No.54152870

Because we can afford it

>> No.54152873

I agree with this, I will build fluffy lore friendly lists but I will also build lists designed to rape you and all your family members
I hate when someone makes one of those lists and pretends it's another

>> No.54152875

im one of the nigger tier asaian races tho

>> No.54152878

There are a few chinks and spics in this thread. But to answer your question, only high IQ races can play a game that requires effort and basic maths skills.

>> No.54152894

there are a bunch of non whites at my lgs

>> No.54152896

Cellulite everywhere.

The beautiful and obese woman is a myth.

>> No.54152924

>high IQ
>even using IQ as a measure

>> No.54152926


>> No.54152940

dunno my group's about half and half (possibly even white minority depending on how you classify bubbles and balklanders)

I do live in liberalville though so meh

>> No.54152941 [DELETED] 

>inbred rednecks exist so all white people are dumb
>muh IQ is fake by the way
Nigger deteted. How's that double digit going?

>> No.54152954

I kinda want sluts, mixed regiments should be paradise.

>kill xenos and heretics by day
>make sweet love to any number of fit gaurdswomen at night

Only way to make it better is a female Commissar to kiss me before my eventual summary execution for impregnating half the regiment.

>> No.54152956

>"Fluffy" armies can't be tournament tier

The Purge, War Convo and Saim Hann from 7th edition say hello.

>> No.54152965

Is there a reason you rolled them in shit?

>> No.54152966 [DELETED] 

>White guys decide to build a small pool to beat the heat, use the tools and ingenuity they have on hand
>Blacks steal a pool

>> No.54152995

Just because you're in he guard doesn't mean everyone will want your cock anon, unless you make a cute trap then you can be open to the entire mixed regiment

>> No.54152997 [DELETED] 

You mean
>stroll into someone's house with their shitty handgun, shoots their family dead, then calls his homies in for a pool party shortly before the cops arrive on report of gunfire in the area

>> No.54153012 [DELETED] 

Most minorities are loath to spend what little money or time on something that doesn't directly affect their social status with their peers.

Immigrants are the same way but Asians and Jews usually do this by having highly educated or successful children (breaking the cycle in a generation or two).

>> No.54153020

Been busy lately, haven't had too much time to work on the Chart. I did, however, manage to do my best to update stats for the FAQ.

Changes included:
Starcannons D:3->D:d3
Seraphim Hand Flamers from Pistols d6 to Pistols d3
Skitarii Infiltrators A reduced from 3 to 2
Scattered wargear option changes, like the Baal Predator now being allowed to take a Storm Bolter (I added a cost-calc line involving it)

If you see anything I missed, do please let me know!

Current project is still finishing the cost-calcs for the CSM.

>> No.54153025

>Has more money
>More thinking than doing
>Whites are naturally more creative than non whites

>> No.54153035

pretty much

>> No.54153038

For tau waac is fluffy.
>The stoic Earth caste of Ke'lshan was almost forced to abandon its plans for developing the R'varna battlesuit due to the monumental cost of these new war engines. Instead Fio'O Ke'lshan Sho'Aun turned to the Ethereal Council's demands for improved stealth and infiltration units, appropriating resources intended for this project to create the initial prototype units under the guise of creating a new Stealth Suit. Renewed Tyranid attacks against the beleaguered sept world of Ke'lshan were to reveal O'Sho'aun's deception to the Council, as the trio of prototype units held back the savage host of organic nightmares that threatened to engulf the Sept's primary city

>> No.54153048

Nigs play yugioh
Normies play xwing and some magic
Magic has the younger demographic, plus sweaties and neckbeards
PP grabbed many of the 40k hater market
40k has been around long enough to have a wide range of players, most of which are more intelligent than those in other wargames. There are some exceptions naturally.

>> No.54153049

Hhnnngggg sauce

>> No.54153064


How about a 360pt unit laying down 12d6 4+ 300" S9 Ap -3 D d6 shots on turn one?

>> No.54153065

Anny advice for Tyranids army on 1000 counter Space marines?

>> No.54153068

My thoughts are that males were frontline and I got lucky.

>> No.54153075

Does Starcannon suck now?

>> No.54153097

How is impregnating half the regiment a bad thing? A self-reinforcing regiment could hold a planet indefinitely without needing to be relieved.

>> No.54153106


I prefer autocannon dreds to lascannon ones, but looks solid

>> No.54153114

It's a substantial hit. It of course doesn't mean much against lower-W enemies (W1 sees zero difference, W2 sees a drop from average D2 to average D 5/3), but larger W enemies, 3+ see a 33% reduction in damage output. For comparisons' sake, I added a pair of lines at the bottom of the damage calculations so you can see for yourself.

>> No.54153115

after that bullshit nerf it's hard to spend fucking 30 points on them. it's awful.

>> No.54153123

What are 40k fags doing to celebrate America day?

>> No.54153124

The fuck is that ?

So I guess you'll have to ban the SM index as well :^)

>> No.54153133

>The fuck is that ?

manticore battery with 3 platforms

>> No.54153134

Does it hurt being this stupid?

>> No.54153145

Just chilling and drawing some Imperial Guardsmen

>> No.54153158

Ok so legit question.
Besides 7ed WAAC faggotry why do you hate Tau? (If you do.)

>> No.54153165


I don't hate them but always felt they are a superfluous faction.

>> No.54153168

Show us, friend.
I hope theyre Peach color

>> No.54153173

They are poorly written Mary Sue's in the fluff

>> No.54153180 [DELETED] 

They look like shit and have shit fluff. That's it.

>> No.54153190

Tau-hate is pretty firmly ingrained from 7e, that's a stink that'll likely take at least half an edition to shake off. Beyond that, a lot of players feel that Tau just fundamentally don't fit in the 40k world. For much of their existence, they've been so small that it was weird they were even a playable faction, compared to everybody else on the block. They seem to have stupid levels of plot-armor and always come out on top because of reasons. The Imperium is hypothetically the way it is because it HAS to, in order to survive as long as it has. We haven't really seen the Tau having to make those sorts of sacrifices, which just makes the Imperium look stupid.

This is all from a Tau player, btw.

>> No.54153203

I don't hate them, just wondering when the grimdark will cockslap them. They do seem to get away with an awful lot for such a young, naive race.

>> No.54153209

3 Manticores deal 6D6 S10 AP-2 Dd3 shots, you are pretty far off here.

>> No.54153215 [DELETED] 

I hated Tau before 7e and I haven't even played 7e once.

>> No.54153216

3 max squad of termagauts
a couple tervigon..
Maybe a Trygon and some genestealer or some exocrine backfield

>> No.54153217

Weeb bait disney tier goodguys, they don't fit into the universe.

>> No.54153223

My Thousand Sons vs Necrons, who won. MVP for me were the Scarab Occult Termies, mvp for Necrons were Lychguard, they locked each other up. The former caused tremendous damage, but the Lychguard kept reanimating.

>> No.54153229

>muh imperium
>muh HFY
>muh grimdark
>tau players are assholes
That's the gist of every single tau rant.

>> No.54153231

New attempt at JSC

Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [47 PL, 998pts]
HQ [15 PL, 251pts]
Colonel 'Iron Hand' Straken [5 PL, 90pts]
Commissar Yarrick [7 PL, 130pts]
Company Commander, Boltgun, Chainsword [3 PL, 31pts]
Troops [18 PL, 450pts]
50 Conscripts [6 PL, 150pts]
50 Conscripts [6 PL, 150pts]
50 Conscripts [6 PL, 150pts]
Elites [8 PL, 120pts]
Ministorum Priest, Bolt pistol, Storm bolter [3 PL, 39pts]
Commissar, Boltgun [2 PL, 31pts]
Sergeant Harker [3 PL, 50pts]
Heavy Support [9 PL, 216pts]
Heavy Weapons Squad, 3 Lascannon [3 PL, 72pts]
Heavy Weapons Squad, 3 Lascannon [3 PL, 72pts]
Heavy Weapons Squad, 3 Lascannon [3 PL, 72pts]

Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Tyranids - Genestealer Cults) [72 PL, 952pts]
HQ [8 PL, 152pts]
Primus, Bonesword [4 PL, 76pts]
Primus, Bonesword [4 PL, 76pts]
Elites [64 PL, 800pts]
20 Purestrain Genestealers, 20 Purestrain Talons [16 PL, 200pts]
20 Purestrain Genestealers, 20 Purestrain Talons [16 PL, 200pts]
20 Purestrain Genestealers, 20 Purestrain Talons [16 PL, 200pts]

>> No.54153234

I don't hate the Tau, I just usually can't think of anything I want to use them for.

>> No.54153236 [DELETED] 

I'm somewhat experienced in strategy gaming, somewhat new to the idea of Warhammer 40k.

-Is this a game that can potentially be played on Tabletop Simulator? How would you make sure the size and distance is always consistent when items can be scaled up or down?

-I want to test this out and getting to play with real armies on a good set of terrain is something I'll only be able to do once in a while. Aside from blowing thousands on a game that will just sit there most of the time (I've already done this with other titles) what are my options to play some Warhammer 40k? I already have Dawn of War for PC but want to play the actual tactical combat game or as close to it as possible.

>> No.54153245

Working, somebody has to.

>> No.54153248


Damn, missing 20 more Purestrain

>> No.54153250

Can you actually use special characters with GSC?

>> No.54153251 [DELETED] 

>t. assblasted T'a'u player

>> No.54153260

Am i correct when i say that combi weapons don't ahve the one shot limitation anymore and in fact you can both fire your boltrounds as well as the combiweapon?

>> No.54153269



>> No.54153276

eating beer

>> No.54153277

>t. Tau player mad his army isn't op anymore

>> No.54153279

Your army need to share the same faction keyword across every detachment in matched play.

>> No.54153280

Because their naive thinking and that the grimdark hasnt hit them in the balls yet.

>> No.54153288



>> No.54153291

Nothing says you can't, and it does allow you to take AM detachments. You heard it here first, literally every AM special character is a genestealer. Every. Single. One.

>> No.54153303


>> No.54153307

Except that you're wrong. Read GSC again.

>> No.54153308

I'm not assblasted, it's just funny.
Tau are the anti 40k anime army that tells grimdark to fuck off and I love them for that.
Fire warriors are raised from birth to be soldiers to they're like little blue spartans and that's cool.

>> No.54153314

Drinking beer and painting Orks

Know that feeling, 2am to 10am today. Got lucky, usually have 10-12 hour days minimum. Yesterday was 14

>> No.54153315

its still more op than yours, gue'la.
Just wait ffor people to buy Commanxers and 9

>> No.54153321

Because they whine about being the worst despite still being top tier after nerfs

>> No.54153324 [DELETED] 

>i-i'm not mad i swear

>> No.54153327

What should I pick for Deff Dread?

>> No.54153332

>Fire warriors

>> No.54153333

I hate their lore.

>> No.54153341

At least I can use proper grammar and spelling :^)

>> No.54153353

Sometimes I think that people mad about T'au didn't even bother to read their codex - le good guys meme is a proof

>> No.54153355

Fluff inconsistent with the rest of the universe seems to be the key point.

How could that be fixed?

>> No.54153356

its a wicked model

>> No.54153357

Pure melee, maybe a skorcha

>> No.54153364

Yhea my bad, never red the actual GSC rules actually.

I kinda want this for Chaos and Mechanicum now... Too bad GW hates dark mechanicum with so much passion they would rather make a kroot mercenaries expansion instead.

>> No.54153366

Retconning the Tau. Or at least Farsight and Friends.

>> No.54153367 [DELETED] 

Just delete them from the setting. Got eaten by Bloodthirsters or something.

>> No.54153369

Make them more Orwellian, their story with the vespids should be par for the course for what they do
Also have them actually loose a battle and it matter occasionally in the lore

>> No.54153373

Killy, but i've been equipping mine with a combination of 3 Arms and a Skorcha/Big Shoota or 4 arms

>> No.54153378


The squat way

>> No.54153379


Yeah yeah, eat plasma gue'la.

>> No.54153387

>old dio

>> No.54153389

Gotta work later in the evening, gonna get home and drink some beer and have left over hotdogs at a friends BBQ before blowing stuff up.

>> No.54153391

Don't think there's a real way to fix their fluff to fit the setting. Unless they actively enslave the races that work for them Imperial style.

Tau should be kept the way they are, it's a different take on a setting where everything isnt all grimdark.

>> No.54153406 [DELETED] 

>it's just a different take on capitalism where all profits are redistributed equally
This is what you sound like right now.

>> No.54153407

So DAngels is the way to go if you want a SM airforce? Models look dope.

What if you want a Heretic airforce?

>> No.54153418


>> No.54153421

make the ethereals totally evil and greedy, throw in some dealing with chaos shenanigans and tada
maybe make them almost get crushed by nids

>> No.54153423

>How could that be fixed?

Doesn't need to be.

>> No.54153427

>I, OVA DIO, am the only English dubbed DIO you need

>> No.54153430

>loyal DA

>> No.54153437

Ultramarines and (ward) grey knights say hi

>Not the army that literally fires shurikens

Tau are still top teir
WAAC faggots just can't spam riptides to win
How top teir are tau? So much that they already have to nerf shield drones.

>Can't into words
Reminder that all tau battlesuits are salt powered. Your tears only empower them.

>Muh grimdark
Yup, like clockwork

>> No.54153438

>get buttblasted
>attempt a /pol/ derail
Where did the battlesuits touch you anon?

>> No.54153440

>Yeah yeah, eat plasma gue'la.

Come and feed me!

Oh, wait, you have the slowest FTL in the galaxy

>> No.54153453

But everything being grimdark is the whole point of the setting. The franchise tagline is where the term comes from. Why would you want something not grimdarrk in 40k? Or more to the point, if you want something not grimdark why look in 40k?

>> No.54153464


>> No.54153465

Thanks mang. The only thing I think it might struggle against is horde armies, and only once the Fire Raptor dies.

>> No.54153473 [DELETED] 

>anything that points out cognitive dissonance using something that isn't even remotely controversial is /pol/
How assmad are you to constantly scream about /pol/ all day every day on /tg/?

>> No.54153485

I'd really like to know the average IQ of a tau player

>> No.54153491

Don't, they are essentially mankind during their golden age of technology.

>> No.54153512

Because when you have something so bright in your dark setting, it gives it a more noble outlook.

Which makes it all the sweeter to snuff it out with hordes of rampaging aliens/humans. Or finding out that dark shit is hiding just behind the happy, let's work together mentalities. Farsight left for a reason as did the other Eight. The Etherals don't always give out everything.

>> No.54153519

>brings up socioeconomics when discussing 40k
It was riptide wing wasn't it?

>> No.54153523

I discovered how to play Custodes without HQ. You just put a commissar in the army list then use the rule that allows to deploy a unit not at full force - deploy 0 commissars instead of 1.

>> No.54153538 [DELETED] 

>so anally ravaged that he can't even respond to the right post


>> No.54153543

>Ultramarines and (ward) grey knights say hi
>I get all my opinions from 1d4chan because I cant form any of my own

>> No.54153546

I'll throw in a couple reasons, much as this never goes well. Firstly, whether one likes it or not the direction of the game has definitely been becoming more nobledark of late with its general themes, like giving humanity space marine marines and Gulliman. And secondly, having a race that isn't a complete piece of shit helps to show off just how awful everything else is. Its not like Tau are all jolly and happy; they're still a join-or-die empire that would be evil in any other setting, if it weren't for the fact the Imperium rarely even gives people the first option.

>> No.54153562


Well some of the ethereals were trying to get Farsight killed off. Another ethereal mind controlled some water caste waifu into suicide

>> No.54153575 [DELETED] 

>this is "evil" by taufag standards

>> No.54153586

>so anal-spread he can only meme
If only you lived in a decent place that actually cared about the lives of its citizens. They have the technology to fix that.

>> No.54153603 [DELETED] 

>m-muh equalities and m-muh nanny state
>this matters in the grim darkness of the far future


>> No.54153606

>I only know one word
The absolute elegance of which your counterargument has displayed only furthers the deposition that those whom dislike the greatest glory of which the wondrous Tau Empire shines into your dark and dismal lives and homes.
Embrace us, or shun us from your shadows. The light is ours imperial, and none can take our beacon of truth away.

>> No.54153614


>Tips fedora

>> No.54153617

That's not a fair assessment of what happened. Chaos was involved.

>> No.54153622

About that, they neglect the eastern border.
To the point one engineer had to trick them to get the resources to make suits to save his planet.
Even then it's not like the tau are evil, at worse they are like Romans where they replace a culture with their own.

>> No.54153628

God damn, you're so smart.

>> No.54153632

Sure, but that's just subtler ways of being grimdark. Not that 40k is where I'd look for subtlety either, but still.

That anon said he wanted Tau to not be grimdark, not that they already were.

>> No.54153639

>M-making someone kill herself is totally not-evil guys! T'au need more edge, more!

>> No.54153657

I thought they let the races keep their culture, just do stuff for the greater good of the empire.

Like Persia.

>> No.54153676 [DELETED] 

Oh yes, 1 (one) special snowflake dies. The horror.

No, by evil we mean genocidal stalinist maniacs who go absolutely fucking berserk if things don't go their way. That single suicide should be a drop in an ocean of dead servants and generals who failed to follow orders. THAT is grimdark Tau. Not a single dead whore.

>> No.54153680

>life doesn't matter
That is why you lose.
But hey, maybe Robert Guirlymam will make the Imperium semi decent with his love of space elves.

>> No.54153693


>> No.54153700

Didn't she reveal sensitive information to someone who wasn't supposed to learn if it?
I'm surprised her execution was that quick and painless.

>> No.54153701

blueberry genocide best day of my life

>> No.54153707

So pretty much most people's perception of how the Imperium acts?

>> No.54153709 [DELETED] 

>when the entire galaxy is on the verge of being consumed by bugs from outer space, non-material gods and their equally non-material legions, ancient space tomb robots who successfully enslaved star consuming gods on their own and a race of gestalt warriors who only grow stronger and strong with each successful combat but muh liberties and muh freedumbs
Topkek, truly this post epitomizes the Taufag mindset.

>> No.54153723

>No, by evil we mean genocidal stalinist maniacs who go absolutely fucking berserk if things don't go their way.
There are implied genocides of alien races not willing to join Tau though.

>> No.54153724


No, didn't actually do anything but her student-equivalent did.


>brutha, i em thicc

>> No.54153735

it looks so grumpy

>> No.54153748

Those seem more valid. Can't say I care for them myself though.

Actually you know what might improve Tau for me? If they decided humanity's psychic tendencies made them as dangerous as Orks or Nids.

>> No.54153753

Go walk on lava again.

>> No.54153757 [DELETED] 

The Imperium doesn't care about whether you live or die or whether you do your job competently unless you're a high ranking officer. Even then with a high enough rank you can literally just make them brush it off. This is the opposite. Micromanaging maniacs to the extreme. You fucked up once? You die, probably very painfully and by your own hand.
I'm referring to genocide of even officers and whatnot. Ethereals should be utterly ruthless in every sense of the word.

>> No.54153786

>I'm referring to genocide of even officers and whatnot.
Literally wiped races from the galaxy.

>> No.54153791

You cant reason with Orks or Nids. You can with humans

>> No.54153819 [DELETED] 

Not utilitarian enough. Ethereals should be frothing at the mouth insane at all times and willing to kill anyone and everyone. Not just irrelevant races that do not benefit or affect them.

>> No.54153821

You can reason with Blood Axes and Freebooters.

>> No.54153822

That doesn't fly with their meritocracy though, a commander us a tried an tested combat veteran with years of experience.
Executing them is just too much a waste of a valuable asset.

That and humans breed stupidly fast, they can shore up the numbers.

>> No.54153848

Sure. But you can't reason them out of being prone to flooding a planet with daemons. It seems like it'd be pretty reasonable for them to decide humans are a liability the galaxy can ill afford.

>> No.54153868

I don't HATE them as such, but I feel they do too many things and get too much attention for it.

I'm an Admech player, and my faction's upside is absurd tech, absurd coordination and absurd scale when roused. We pay for that by being a bunch of callous, insane autists who can't work together for shit and have a habit of abandoning allies and stumbling into shit they have no chance against because OOH SHINY.

Then the Tau come along, and do tech better than us because Muh Progress, do social shit better than us because Muh Good Guys, somehow get magically enhanced coordination and perfect timing for plot purposes and ignore any problems related to timing, numbers or enemy weapons because otherwise they'd be "instantly destroyed because small empire", which is somehow an excuse to give them MORE attention and wins rather than less and a more cautious strategy. Also, the enemy is not allowed to use any superweapons or orbital bombardment or any personal gadgets because that would be unfair against the newbie race, and must resort to fighting them only on the size scale of infantry and suits, with the odd light Titan.

>> No.54153875

Whom they vouched for and brought to a super important meeting.

>> No.54153882 [DELETED] 

That's the point. Everyone is expendable to them no matter their rank or status. Killed a commander? Just promote a current veteran to replace him. Doesn't matter who or how powerful, any failure will be met with death.

That is grimdark. Not some snowflake dying.

>> No.54153891

Reasoning is not the same as paying

Both good points, it would be interesting to see if/when the Tau are assaulted by Daemons and realize humans can purposefully or accidentally summon them they become wary, not having the tech to be able to detect which humans are dangerous or not

>> No.54153897

But why kill those whom you could subjugate?

>> No.54153898


The IoM is the way it is because they feel it's necessary for survival.

If the Tau believe their way is efficient enough for the same goal, it makes no sense that they would be equally grimderp.

>> No.54153915

>RPing with pseudointellectual garbage
Stop I can't handle this much cringe, someone just kill me

>> No.54153929

New race Farsight Chaos Enclave.
Riptide Defilers everywhere.
Bloodthirsters with Fusion Blades.

>> No.54153958

don't dissapoint me guys

>> No.54153959

While I think you make a valid point, I think I just have to disagree with you. To the layman that just doesn't leave much difference between the Ethereals and your average asshole governor or general who will kill anyone if it vaguely serve's the Imperium's, or his, aims. If he steps out of line, the Inquisition will come knocking and have him replaced. The notion of "grimdark" in Tau comes from the orwellian nature to their own citizens, which even then is only because we put a human-centric view to it.

>> No.54153962


>> No.54153967 [DELETED] 

That's the idea. It's illogical cold slaughter for the sole purpose of self satisfaction. They don't care if they can subjugate you, if you made a mistake you are to be made an example of.

>> No.54153975


I will admit, I came up for an idea of a Forge War book, where the Traditionalist Admech rally a great armada and smash the Tau Empire with orbital firepower and landing expendable fighters on their worlds to fuck shit up before leaving, and attempting to draw away the Sept fleets. If that didn't happen so they couldn't Exterminatus the Sept Worlds, they'd lay siege and grind the bastards down at their isolated strongpoints. The campaign result would be to splinter the Tau Empire into five-ish chunks, two normal Tau but battered and bruised, two under Mech siege and one Farsight Enclaves attempting to do whatever, but also send Tau refugee fleets scattering across the galaxy and setting up wherever they think they'll be safe, to give them an excuse to meet and fight more people and have their viewpoints varied a bit from one homogenous mass to several individual Greater Good variants.

Just to make them more spread out and interesting, showcase a couple of their faction problems and provide My Dudes with a shamelessly self-promoting day in the limelight, although I did come up with a little short story about one of the Admech fleets being betrayed from a Radical Clade within them, who wanted the Tau planet saved from being glassed so they could yoinks and study their tech, as well as taking a chance to get one-up on their rivals.

Hence, Mechanicus fleet No. whatever is gutted of ground-deployment capabilities and heavily damaged when their main warship blasts their troop transports to smoking ruin and slugs it out with their brothers because MY PLANET REEEEEE rather than asking for a week to deal with things, which I thought was suitably Admech.

>> No.54153992

Idea was that the Mechanicus force starts out unifed, but when they think they've won and disabled the main Tau threats they start scrapping and screeching among themselves, not often with actual guns, but it means that the Tau still have half their empire left. Also provides an excuse for later Admech Schism book if Cawl notes the "senseless waste of resources" and steps in with his Radicals to fight the suddenly militant and sabre-rattling Traditionalists in a grab for power and intra-Admech Rep Points, since we already know he wants to be Fabricator General.

>> No.54153996

Just informing other custodes players. What have you contributed lately, faggot?

>> No.54154001 [DELETED] 

>The notion of "grimdark" in Tau comes from the orwellian nature to their own citizens
That's why it's not nearly grimdark enough. I'm proposing something that will make it comparable to other races.

>> No.54154005

That's just going to lead to tau mecha psykers, immune to the perils of the warp as they channel the immaterium into dakka against the enemies of the greater good.
They'd also reach people about it and how to prevent it.
"Human, if you have this gift, then for the greater good you must master it. Let knowledge be your blade."

>> No.54154018

>being a bunch of callous, insane autists who can't work together for shit

Kind of. No one decided to make the Imperium this way, least of all the Emperor. It's a whole host of things that seemed necessary at the time. 10,000 years of hotfixes have led them to this poin.

>> No.54154019

Oh right.
That's not what genocide means though but I get what you mean now.

A lot of Tau stories does hint at re-education for too questioning Tau individuals. Also of inquisitive people just "dissapearing".

>> No.54154040

ROBOTS, all the robots, and nothing but the robots

>> No.54154041

Is this dark crusade again?
That game wants you to hate them even if you win with them.

>> No.54154063 [DELETED] 

It sort of is if entire squads are mass executed for failure to complete orders even under the most extreme conditions.

>> No.54154071

There's an ordo just for cogboys.
Also pic related.

>> No.54154078

Men of iron mk 2 when?
Sad part is they fit in perfectly.

>> No.54154081

No one knows how to fight Tau. The recent books just show knights, baneblades, and guard just dropping out of orbit and swarming the empty streets with bodies right before the bombs blow them all up. How do we deal with this? Send more bodies until all the bombs are gone!

Then the Marines just float around on the edges and get ambushed by sneaky tau suits and are usually killed to a man. Only people doing anything were the Admech until they got enough tau tech and fucked off to slap their dicks on it.

>> No.54154087

is there any issue with battlescribe? I never see anyone mention it much

>> No.54154123

It tends to get rules mixed up and wrong. Also some point issues.

Think it's mostly the interface that pisses people off.

>> No.54154131

Just that, from my personal opinion, that then renders them of little interest compared to the other races. To me the unique selling point of the Tau, and by extension getting into 40k in the first place, was the wide-eyed naiveté of the empire, and how in a declining universe they are a potential light. Would I have ended up playing the game anyway at some point if they were equally as grimdark as the Imperium? Probably, but I doubt I'd have ever picked the race up.

>> No.54154153

The Superman sequel Terra deserves.

>> No.54154165

Don't need humans to build them, either. I'd be fine with Boyz of Iron.

>> No.54154173

Send Lucius to start one of his raves in Tau space. Should crank the grimdark up enough to take the Saturday morning cartoon shine off of them.

>> No.54154181

They're kind of the only ones who actually use artifical intelligence. I guess Necrons count too but that's cheating.


>> No.54154182

Yeah, there is, but they are more to keep them in line re. Tech Sharing and Ally Leaving than Internal Affairs.

The Malagra are the Most Dangerous Game-hunting Admech Special Circumstances, and apparently scare the ever-living fuck out of the rest from just being in the same room.

Then again, they make a day job out of fighting beasts like Scoria or Draykavac, they'd scare me too even if they didn't have Paula Myo's persistence.

(Pic related is a rather nice one from /hhg/. Everyone likes Magos Coatl.)

>> No.54154195

Beside wrong rules and wrong points. That can be easily solved.
The formatting is trash it does a lot of things like:

>plasma dude
>plasma dude
>plasma dude
>plasma dude

Instead of you know
>4x plasma dude

Side note, Captcha what the fuck 15 unskippable images?! The fuck?!

>> No.54154201

Man, I'd love to make a tinboyz army. So many counts-as possibilities.

>> No.54154209

so its like a 120 point character with either a 2 shot or 1 shot weapon that both wound most things on a 4+

literally the only useful thing about this dude is the bubble which other, cheaper, character get too

why is gw so hellbent on making cool new models with godawful rules? little Billy who just got into the game thanks to primarines will probably quit in a month when he cant win any games with them

>> No.54154216

>Buildin gits to do yer fightin
Why waste time to avoid fun? You some kind of grot?

>> No.54154224

>images in captcha

>> No.54154243

Google genocide

>> No.54154245

So 'ere's my cunnin plan:
>make tinboy
>we team up and krump oomies an 'ave good fight
>den we krump eachuva!
He keeps tellin me 'e wants ta "kill all squishies", so it'll be like a neverendin' robot fight!

>> No.54154248

Golly, I don't know, Jim. Maybe you should read the fucking rules, you dumb fuck?

>> No.54154275

Anyone else suddently reluctant to put marines on the board next to Primaris? Even Terminators look retarded

>> No.54154276

Chad marines are more decent when you're using Power Levels rather than points. Guess what's the only thing they use in GW stores for games of 40k ...

>> No.54154295

Her name is Chyna Chase

>> No.54154320

And that is how GW gets you. Wont be long now before you suddenly found yourself having spend all your money on chad marines, rounded up by the GW white shirts so they can harvest your organs and dump what's left somewhere in the countryside next to Nottingham.

>> No.54154328

>Guess what's the only thing they use in GW stores for games of 40k ...
I GUESS you want everyone to tell you they only use PL in GW stores.
I KNOW that's not true as both have been used since day 1.

>> No.54154353

It's not just Primaris Marines. Even the Plague Marines from Dark Imperium are HUGE compared to normal Chaos Marines. I wanted to add a bunch of my old converted Nurgle Marines to the 7 Plague dudes, but no way in hell am I mixing those.

>> No.54154380

you dissapointed me

>> No.54154381

I hate Buggies, Warbuggies, and Skorchabuggies. Have always been damn near useless since I started playing Orks.

Why cant they make new buggy models and rules that actually make them dangerous

>> No.54154392

Because fielding 10 buggies to outflank the enemy is what they want us to use them for.

>> No.54154406


>> No.54154415

Then fucking give me models that dont look like Potato Head Stompa tier shit

>> No.54154447

its still and exceedingly pointless character

its supposed to be the commander, one of the centerpiece models of your army, and all he does is shoot a bolter that has a 50/50 chance of not doing anything (before you even take saves into account)

what a letdown

imagine an ork warboss with only one or two attacks in melee

>> No.54154460

Anons how do you deal with painting big blobs of troops?

Doesn't matter wich of my armies I look at it's always the troops that look like ass/ are barely finished because after painting like 20 of the same model I get bored and lose my motivation to go on painting.

>> No.54154470


Basecoat, dip, higlight

>> No.54154530

I paint them as time consumingly as possible to get all their details.
I paid for these so I'm not just gonna halfass them.

>> No.54154540

got a better pic of the priest in the middle? looks nice

>> No.54154646

Boil your color scheme down to its bare minimum.

If your Troops have a choice between helmet/mask and bare faces, never choose bare faces as they're much harder and more time-consuming to paint.

Don't do a dozen highlights. Basecoat, wash, dry-brush, done.

Or just fuck the chaff. You don't have to take Troop taxes anymore. Just take that Elite-heavy detachment and have done.

>> No.54154665

I usually doodle a male and a female whenever I make regiment concepts. I just need to figure out a name for these guinea goombas

>> No.54154749

Tau hating plebeians hitting a new low, I see

>> No.54154775

>no qt guardswoman to impress with my pythons
why even live?

>> No.54154817

Well first you'd have to get some pythons.

>> No.54154909

>join tau empire
>get anime human waifu and pet drones, along with a nice standard of living
>join imperium
>totalitarian regime that doesn't care about me but the primarch made it legal to marry space elves
I'm gonna have to go with the imperium on this one.

>> No.54154930

I'm looking now, but I found a rather good one of him utterly mulching a squad of Spess Wolves. I know the build he's using, it's this brutal T5 A5 Preferred enemy S6 AP2 ID on 6s I4 slashfest bolted to 4W and 3++/FnP. Kinda nonsense, especially with a jetpack.

>> No.54154931

Hey, do somebody know how Lightnings and Avengers fighters are performing this edition ?

>> No.54154946


Then a bunch of bugs and dumb shit people moved in.

>> No.54154976

>join chaos
>if you are lucky you become the cumdumpster for a demon
>if you are super lucky a god makes you its cumdumpster
>turn into a spawn mostly likely
>die in a worst way than working in a shitty Imperium low tier factory

Tell why people join chaos beyond mental retardation?

>> No.54155016

Ah, here's him getting ready to smack a bitch up.

>> No.54155023

>Implying Humans aren't treated as a class of their own, right at the bottom.
>Double implying they are allowed to even socially interact with those of other classes.

>> No.54155083

Are there photos of this army? Wraith thingy looks cool.

>> No.54155085

Most people who fall to Chaos don't live comfortable lives like we do irl. Most of them come from the hardship of living in the worst shitholes of the 41st Millennium and are told that they can escape their shitty lives by praying to new gods that "actually care about them" and "will give them the strength they need to become happy" and "totally isn't hiding a penis under there, no way". But they find out too late that most of it is a big lie.

>> No.54155094

>get treated as second-class citizen
>get treated like a resource, being worked to death and (hopefully) after death being turned into food for the next generation, and that's the best-case scenario

I'm pretty sure I know which one I'd prefer.

>> No.54155119

It's just a Tech Priest Dominus and a Canoptek Wraith bolted together. I'm more shocked at how good the Secutarii look when given a decent paint scheme.

>> No.54155130

>I play a faction that hasn't had a codex for even half as long as Tau, but I'm mad they do the same things as I do but better. It's almost like my faction is superfluous and shouldn't have ever been released.

>> No.54155152

It's still pretty boss. I've been working on my brimstone count-as servitor cherubs and I was thinking about making a dark mechanicus magos conversion.

>> No.54155182

>I play a faction that's been part of the lore for decades and am understandably upset that a faction that's been created solely to cater to the weeaboos is better than mine.

>> No.54155186

Hellforged Falchion

>> No.54155190

Here's the full army. Pretty hardcore list for a Mechanicum army, but the paint scheme is gorgeous.


Secutarii are amazing, I'll agree. I need to get myself some Hoplite boys, dropping them out of an Arvus Lighter on some poor bastard is the solution to almost all the annoying vehicles in 30k short of Titans.


Who said anything about codexes? Admech has been in the fluff for WAY longer than Tau, and is more versatile and varied there too. And yes, even if Admech was the newer fluff faction, why would that have a bearing on Tau suddenly being given a magical pass on every limiting factor that's meant to be their faction downsides?

>> No.54155217

Should have included sterilization for complete inaccurate staleness.

>> No.54155222

Yes thank you. It's a basic metallic coat, ableit a little thick, but it's waaaay better than seeing Guardshit.

>> No.54155231

Brimstone Horrors as Cherub-equivalents? Interesting.

I hate that everyone who makes Dark Mechanicus is infinitely more creative than I am. My most massive conversion so far is a Daemonette fused into the seat of a Sentinel as a counts-as Ironstrider.

>> No.54155242

Tau don't pray to a c'tan they think is the emperor in order to do anything and actually know how their technology works.
One is stagnant and dogmatic, the other is fluid and experimental.

>> No.54155256

A faction that should have stayed in fluff and off the tabletop.

>> No.54155265

The second option ofcourse, because then you don't even have the time or energy to realize what a poor situation you're in.

People already kill themselves over getting bullied, imagine the suicide rate when everybody is constantly looked down upon by blue goat-feeted fishmen with a vagina on their face. Humanity wouldn't last a month.

>> No.54155279

Huh. From the pictures on the FW site I had assumed the cables of that tank would be dragging along the floor and that would be its backside.

Also I hate those Drones. They are so clearly backwards-engineered like "how would the Blight Drone look if we remove everything even remotely Nurgle"

>> No.54155349

One, the Admech does do extremely restricted research because otherwise they get buttfucked by Chaos and such. Yes, some are completely retarded, but by no means all, and the C'tan has no bearing on how the actual campaign books work out, dammit. Assuming all Admech are the worst kind of idiot is almost exactly the same as assuming that Guard ONLY ever do infantry wave assaults commanded by copies of Chenkov and ever single Inquisitor runs around screaming "HERESY!" and "EXTERMINATUS!".

Also, how does more refined scientific development thanks to six millennia of peace and quiet make you able to magically pull armies out of nowhere, ignore enemy forces entirely and have them vanish and never ever run out of any resource, suffer from their aforementioned slow hyperdrive or generally act like a normal faction with downsides?
When did the Tau last suffer at ALL for their naivete or lack of knowledge of the Warp aside from the odd "They killed Slaanesh" moment?

>> No.54155353

I know where you're coming from, but I think the suicides over bullying are a massive first world problem and if we were in actual 40k-levels of shit, this wouldn't happen because the average level of suck would be so high that even being bullied by vag-face fish people would be seen as an improvement.

>> No.54155356

Really, motherfucker?

>> No.54155387


>> No.54155409


>ey we eard yoo wanna look loik a real mean an proppa nob
>soz we gave ya a gob on yer shoulder an annover gob on da uvver one, and a gob on yer gob so yer alwayz lettin runty gitz know whooz da boss no matta which wayz yer lookin

>> No.54155466

Reading that actually physically hurt my brain trying to figure out what the fuck you were trying to say in your oh-so-funny FUNETIC AKKSUNT

>> No.54155475

It's called mauvering anon.
As for suffering, they did throw a parade for the necrons that one time for saving them from the nids. It ended as badly as you would expect.

>> No.54155488


Ever consider the possibility that you're a joyless cunt?

>> No.54155497

Digging anecdotes out from TVTropes? Come on, anon, you can do better than that.

>> No.54155527

It's something I read here actually.
All I have for tau is their index, still haven't read the new farsight novel.

>> No.54155530

Every day, friend. Every day. But that doesn't change the fact that the Ork Cockney thing is only about a tenth as funny when written down compared to actually being spoken during a game.

>> No.54155545

Nah, I remember that from what I believe was the 5th ed Cron Dex. It's nearly as funny as the Blood Angels being reluctant to fight with their new Necron battle brothers.

>> No.54155555

Question about pic related. How do the mounted blades on these work rule wise if I wanted to use em for my CSM?

>> No.54155564

They're just for looks.

>> No.54155582

There are no rules for those. Those chain-bayonets are purely decoration.

>> No.54155597

They don't. As in, they don't count as anything. You still use the bare-bones melee profile for models with bayonets on their guns. You can fluff it as your dudes being all stoic and stabbing people with their bayonets instead of drawing their combat knives, but they don't do a damn thing.

>> No.54155617

Maneuvering can only do so much when the enemy has billions of men to throw at hundreds of thousands of yours, plus orbital superiority. And the Guard and Space Marines maneuver too, it's the White Scar's whole schitck. Victories are still magical even if you have a short phrase of something tactical-sounding, anon, like Marines conquering an entire planet with 20 dudes because "Precision Decapitation Strikes".

>> No.54155621

Bludflagg a best.

>> No.54155644

I realy need good Tyranid anti Space marines roster for 1000 who can help?

>> No.54155653

Spam hordes
Marines can't cope

>> No.54155662

To be fair, the imperium is clinically retarded and just sends men forward hoping they win somehow (probably since they outnumbered their foe, unlike with the orks or tyranids) while the tau were only holding them off to give ground once the civilians could get out.

>> No.54155679

Som example on 1000?

>> No.54155685

Ask a nid player.

>> No.54155712

30 Termagants, 10 of them with Devourers, the rest with Fleshborers.

After that, toss in whatever the fuck you feel like. A Deathspitter-Carnifex is fun against Marines, as are Biovores. Bonesword-Warriors are also able to tear through their armour reasonably well.

>> No.54155720

We dont have Anny nids Player in tread!?

>> No.54155732

They're normally much less retarded, though. Seems the Tau just project a magic idiocy field, since the Guard forgot most of their STANDARD EQUIPMENT and had no Chimeras or air support or fucking anything.
It's quite clear the battles are scripted for Tau victories and the plot only progresses to carry on the book.

>"Despite winning every major engagement across the surface of Mu'galath Bay, the Tau had only a single major stronghold remaining" or something like that.

>> No.54155740

It's a joke because nids are apparently popular with women.

>> No.54155800

Yeah they win, but they lack the manpower to keep what they win.

>> No.54155914


Or entomologists asshole..

>> No.54155944


Because they have no complexes like sweaty nerds
who want to be alpha male so they have alpha male figurines xD

>> No.54155972

>Only white nerds play thing that only appeals to white nerds

>> No.54156020

Tervigon with clows
5 genstealers
30 termagants
3 Hive guards
Carnifex claws and two deathspitter
4 ripper

Is it ok?

>> No.54156076

I am athletic Thirty years old małe with Hot wife
But I'm probably in the minority

>> No.54156159

Well aren't you special

>> No.54156180

I wondered that too. I'm the only girl at the GW store that actively plays. There's a handful of other girls that come with their boyfriends, but if they play it's with them at home. I've seen 2 asians, 1 hispanic and 1 black guy, but none of them regularly play outside of the hispanic guy. I went to a few other gaming stores nearby, but it was just old white men so I didn't really stick around.

GW games are the most progressive miniature games out there. Instead of only white men they have a sprinkling of minorities and girls. That makes sense considering how basic 40k is. It's like saying you play League or CS:GO.

>> No.54156243

Where at? Region I mean.

>> No.54156297

East coast.

>> No.54156321

I decided to begin collecting again with the new edish. Dark angels are looking pretty sweet with all those Dankshrouds and Dark Talons.

Had to scrub off the paint from some old models and paint them again but man, you can really see your work under a different light when you take pictures of them, they look like poop sometimes

I guess I should thin the paints more

>> No.54156388

Weird. Im also NE US and I don't even see that kind of diversity in my locals. White dude sausage fest every other weekend. Then again maybe I don't go on the right days.

>> No.54156416


>> No.54156479

Where I'm at they mostly come into buy things, but never stay. I don't blame them. Being the odd one out is uncomfortable. However, my desire to play and lack of friends overrides that feeling. I'd rather have fun and roll some dice, even if I'm talked over and ignored at times.

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