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Could you toss a d100 my way? Thanks.

(Pic Unrelated)

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Rolled 36 (1d100)

Oh boy, I loved the last one. Alright, let's see where this goes.

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>Cold War Era: What it says on the tin. No silicon computing, picatinny rails, or fancy-schmancy drones. This is what everyone thought the end of the world would be like.

Pretty boring, but we can work with this.
Would you kindly grant me another d100?

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Rolled 87 (1d100)

Let's spice shit up.

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>Cold and Icy: Nuclear winter baby. Bundle up and stockpile food, because warmth and eats are hard to come by. Water has to be melted. Don’t eat the glowing snow.
Niiiiiiiiiiice. This is a rare one.

Another d100, frendo.

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Hopefully we get Midnight Science Theater for the mutagenic factor. Hyper mutations are always fun.

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Rolled 58 (1d100)

Let's see what's going on.

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>Midnight Science Theater: Retro-style approach to mutant creatures. Giant ants and scorpions, lizard-men, and rats the size of dogs but otherwise mostly unchanged. Slightly grimmer than all that, to fit with the general tone of the setting.

YES! This will a lot of fun.
One more d100, please?

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Rolled 30 (1d100)


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If we ever get mutants for Genetic Make-Up, we are getting mother fucking Lizard people.

>The Wastes: No large settlements in the region, but maybe stuff like gas stations or a small town here and there. Cities are either all destroyed or the only ones left are far enough away that they’re myths.

Cool. Fits with the Nuclear winter theme."All the cities are buried under miles of snow and ice", or something. Full on Ice Age .

3 1d100s, Please.

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Rolled 8, 8, 38 = 54 (3d100)

Mad Max: Chilly Road.

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>Battlefield: Decaying hulks of the End Times all piled for the world to see. Rusting tanks, planes, and the like along the bodies of their operators.
>Battlefield: Decaying hulks of the End Times all piled for the world to see. Rusting tanks, planes, and the like along the bodies of their operators.
>21-40 Bunker: Either a pre-war hold fast that was abandoned, a section of the subway system, or just particularly well reinforced basement.

We've got two battlefields. Keep, or re-roll?

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Rolled 70, 17 = 87 (2d100)

Re-roll man, let's make this interesting.

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>Battlefield: Decaying hulks of the End Times all piled for the world to see. Rusting tanks, planes, and the like along the bodies of their operators.
>Very tall thing: A radio tower, singularly tall skyscraper, or otherwise. This is a man-made monolith that can be seen for miles.

Cool. Pun Intended. What is the Very Tall Thing? Some kind of radio tower? Or maybe the Eiffel Tower? I dunno, you tell me.

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>Cold War Era
>Cold and Icy
>Midnight Science Theater
>The Wastes
>Very tall thing

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Next one

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I like the idea of a giant telecom tower atop a mountain. There's a trio of tv towers like that visible from my house. S'pretty neat if you ask me.

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1d100, m90.

Let's go with that then.

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Rolled 50 (1d100)

Alright les go!

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>Part-Lives. The general norm, people die of cancer or other genetic problems fairly young but some make it to old age. Wouldn’t appear too ugly or malformed by today’s standards, but certainly not the cream of the crop physically.

Post-apocalyptic normies.
1d100, once more.

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Rolled 70 (1d100)


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>Settlers. The only “normal” people left. Generally just trying to make it through their daily lives without too many violent intrusions. Have built the most since the apocalypse, and generally behave the most like people from the old world. Don’t mistake civilization for civility or peacefulness though. Many are just as cold and merciless as raiders, as they have to be to survive these days.

Even more normie-ness.
Another 1d100.

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Rolled 36 (1d100)

reeeeeeeeee who let us be normies
I'm not even mad

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Dictatorship. Whether they go by mayor, king, chief, tyrant, boss or any other blandishment of power, these men are the movers and shakers in the wastes. Strong willed and often ruthless, singular individuals often take charge of small groups, as has been the case in every historical era. They may have a close knit inner circle, but they always rule with absolute power when it comes down to it.

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Don't worry everyone, we can cure the mutations and cancer by eating the other guys.

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oh, yeah, another 1d100, please.

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Rolled 49 (1d100)

Here it goooooooooooesssss

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Not the Lingua Franca. The group doesn’t speak the standard language of the wastes. Maybe they speak a different old world tongue, or maybe a new language that has emerged since the apocalypse. In any case, they have trouble interacting with other groups and require interpreters to treat with them.
One more 1d100.
Also, what language will these normies be speaking?

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Rolled 25 (1d100)

Let it be chicken noises.

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>What is the Very Tall Thing?
A space elevator, or what's left of one. It's what the war was fought over.

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We did get MST for mutations, so maybe these guys are chicken people?

>Motor Worship. In a world of vast blasted wastes and monstrous hazards, access to vehicles is the dividing line between life and death for most. Some take this a step farther and literally worship their rides as tools of divine salvation. Maybe they revere them like holy animals, wear garb that evokes them, or even take violent offense to those who mistreat them.
Vehicle worshiping chicken people? Sounds kinda cool.
I require 3d100s.

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Rolled 38 (1d100)

Holy shit that's better than my idea.

I giff one dice so hopefully someone else can have a shot.

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>Leathers. Never ride without your distinctive leather jackets and other assorted biker gear. Never.
Biker chicken people.

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Rolled 20 (1d100)

No one else seems to be making a roll so roll two here it goes.

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>War Paint. When they go to battle, these people paint themselves, and maybe even their rides, in a distinctive style.
Biker chickens, that wear war paint, and worship vehicles.

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Rolled 77 (1d100)

Ah hell let's keep it moving roll three go

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>Jewellry. Somehow the group has gotten a hold of a sizeable amount of bling. Maybe it’s hand-made from scrap, or maybe it’s actual treasures from the old world. The group takes great pride in it.
Biker chickens, that wear war paint, worship vehicles, and really like their shinys.

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This wen't from Normie, to badass, in about three rolls. Also, 1d100, please

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Rolled 95 (1d100)

I'm excited to live fast, die young and leave a delicious corpse. Are you?

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>Breeders. It’s a grim truth. Humanity is sick, and very few are truly healthy. Those that can insure a stable next generation wield an immense amount of power. Be it men whose seed is exceptionally potent or women whose wombs are perfectly fertile. Depending on how they leverage it, either could become a commodity or royalty.
Lotsa breeders equals lotsa babies.

1d100, for equipment quality.

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Rolled 97 (1d100)

1 get!

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> Military Grade. Exactly what you think. Military stockpiles of armor, guns, and gear. Usually live in military bunkers or other fortified locations.
Holy fucking shit.

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1d100 for motor pool.

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Guess there's a reason why we get to be normal. No one wants to fuck with the Motor Chickens.

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Military grade!

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Rolled 23 (1d100)


>> No.54147703


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>Custom. Either customized to unrecognizable extents or built from the ground up, these cars and trucks don’t fit into any pre-war category. Generally prone to mechanical problems and ramshackle stylings, but common and easily repaired.
Humvees with tank cannons, motorcycles with mounted grenade launchers, and more. You don't fuck with the Motor chickens.

2d100s, for Special Vehicle Shit.

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Rolled 73, 17 = 90 (2d100)


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Jesus fuck, we're the fucking warboys except chickens. That's the best fucking thing I've seen all month.

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>Polecats. Just watch Fury Road already, I don’t even know how to describe this.
Cool, cool.
>Lances. Grenades on sticks. A shockingly effective weapon, and you can mount them conveniently on a lot of different parts of a vehicle without messing with it too much.
Okay, fucking melee/ramming chickens, what ah the fuck.

>> No.54147775

Another 1d100, for the flagship vehicle.

>> No.54147781

Rolled 67 (1d100)

Tank get!

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>Concert on Wheels. Like a drummer boy but way more awesome. Maybe it’s a squad of taiko drummers, a lone shredder on a flamethrower guitar, or an entire outfit of post-apocalyptic metalheads. Whatever it is, you’ll certainly not be going anywhere unnoticed, and it’s a very good way to get someone excited for killing.

these dudes are supposed to be SETTLERS, you know, farmers and the like.

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...maybe it's a bluegrass band?

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Using my incredible artistic I've created a totally unique image to display our majesty.

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>Motor Worship
>War Paint
>Military Grade
>Concert on Wheels

These guys are supposed to be the normal ones.


Oh my god, yes.

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Chicken Metal

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Should we roll up another group of people in the Winter wastes

>> No.54147890



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Yes, there needs to be someone to fight The War Chickens.

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>So... does you band play anything OTHER than Jesus Built My Hotrod?
>Oh yeah, they actually can play the whole CD. They just really like that track.
>I've been riding shotgun for two weeks. They haven't played anything else.
>driver takes casual sip of dirty water
>...yeah, well, they really like it.

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Let's make some more badass motherfuckers, shall we?

1d100, For genetics

>> No.54147936

Rolled 81 (1d100)


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>Wretched. Riddled with tumours and malformations, these poor sods are kept at an arm's length by everyone else. Ugly and deformed, think Hills have eyes. Very high infant mortality, and fewer still make it to adulthood. Always in need of breeders.
Starting of kinda fucked, let's see how messed up we can get, shall we?
1d100, for culture.

>> No.54147963

Rolled 95 (1d100)


>> No.54147977

>Mercs. Professional killers, these men fight and kill for a living. Feared throughout the wastes, despite their relative peacefulness compared to raiders. They kill when they want to, but only if it benefits their agenda. Well trained and heartless, they fly many flags but are united by common ruthlessness and battlefield skill. Religious extremists, political/philosophical idealogues, or just plain killers for hire.
1d100, for leadership.

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Rolled 93 (1d100)


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Rolled 85 (1d100)


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>Anarchy. The group almost never actually makes decisions as a whole, but instead are unified simply by a culture and place of habitation. While they may band together and act as a cohesive unit in times of need, they often don’t last long in the wastes. Either lost to infighting, lack of unified strength, or simply drifted apart for various reasons.
2d100, for cultural quirks

First post gets chosen.

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Rolled 71, 20 = 91 (2d100)


>> No.54148046

>Cannibals. Known for their taste for human flesh. Be it a predatory or simply ritual affair, they are seen as “unclean” by most others.
Oh dear
>Motor Worship. In a world of vast blasted wastes and monstrous hazards, access to vehicles is the dividing line between life and death for most. Some take this a step farther and literally worship their rides as tools of divine salvation. Maybe they revere them like holy animals, wear garb that evokes them, or even take violent offense to those who mistreat them.
More motor worship. Wanna re-roll this one ?

>> No.54148049

Rolled 98 (1d100)

Sure, let's re roll

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>Intellectuals. In a world that constantly demands 100% effort just to stay alive, it’s very rare to see a group even partially dedicated to mental pursuits, but here one is. Usually considered too brainy by other groups, these fellows spend their off time reading salvaged books and maybe even doing a little science/inventing/archaeology. Hold themselves to a higher standard of intelligence/knowledge than others.

Intellectual cannibals?

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my thoughts exactly.
3d100, for appearance.

>> No.54148093

Rolled 63, 13, 99 = 175 (3d100)


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>Gas Masks. Never seen without their masks, they might have a single distinctive style or just whatever they find. In either case, it certainly makes for an imposing appearance in most situations. Maybe they only do it for that intimidation factor, maybe it’s because they live in a particularly nasty patch.
>Swaddled. Wrapped up in distinctive trappings, these people’s skin is rarely actually seen. Maybe enviroment suits they never take off their bodies, maybe cloth wraps all over themselves to protect from dust and grit like a desert nomad. In any case, they might be seen as exceptionally mysterious due to it.
>Spikey. Their armor and cars are covered in a profusion of spines, blades, and other sharp nastiness. Does it serve a technical purpose or is it just to look badass? Only they know.

1d100, for special resource.

>> No.54148121

Rolled 83 (1d100)


>> No.54148131

>Water. The wet stuff. The real lifeblood of the wastes. In short supply, so those that control it are invariably very well off.
They live on the frozen ocean.

1d100, for equipment quality

>> No.54148157

Rolled 78 (1d100)


>> No.54148169

>Old World. Armor is either as good as or from old world police stockpiles, guns are actually pre-apocalypse quality, and they live in pre-war/quality buildings. Clothes are still pretty shabby and hand made though by our standards, but very good by post apocalyptic ones.
1d100, for motor pool.

>> No.54148173

How about they live on the frozen reservoir of a Hydroelectric Dam? And like a glacier fresh water melts due to the pressure which they collect and store.

>> No.54148180

Hell that sounds cool as living on a literal glacier.

>> No.54148185

That actually sounds really cool.

As does this.

>> No.54148204

Rolled 58 (1d100)


>> No.54148206


>> No.54148222

>Classics. Muscle Cars, roadsters, and trucks. The standard rides for most in the wasteland. Tough, reliable, and intimidating.
2d100, for special vehicle shit.

>> No.54148237

Rolled 11, 84 = 95 (2d100)


>> No.54148265

>Lances. Grenades on sticks. A shockingly effective weapon, and you can mount them conveniently on a lot of different parts of a vehicle without messing with it too much.
>Harpoons/Grapplers. The ability to keep your vehicular prey where you can kill it is an important ability, and what’s more is that if you’re actually faster you can then drag the slower vehicle behind you.
1d100, for flagship vehicle.

>> No.54148287

Rolled 71 (1d100)


>> No.54148289

Rolled 25 (1d100)

>> No.54148312

>Legendary Car. It’s not a giant warmachine, or even all that impressive compared to some other things, but it’s the perfect blend of fast, tough, and reliable. This car is everything anyone could ever want and it’s certainly made a name for itself. When a group rolls up with this thing, people know who they are. Takes the form of whatever your generic type of vehicle is.

I gotta head to bed soon, so I'm gonna sum up these guys, and then I think someone else should take over.

>> No.54148348

>Gas Masks
>Old World
>Legendary Car

Now all these guys need is a name.

>> No.54148398

Ahmm. Ideas.

The Faceless
Bloody Quicksilver
Frozen Chrome

>> No.54148404

>>Motor Worship
>>War Paint
>>Military Grade
>>Concert on Wheels

>> No.54148420

I like The Faceless.

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How about we make the settlers living inside an old a run down military base, almost like pic related

>> No.54148467

that sounds pretty cool

>> No.54148482

Sounds good to me.

I mean, i was only here to suggest the name War Bords.

but we can go with a huge, iced over Cheyenne Mountain base in any case.

>> No.54148505

should we roll a d100 + 20-30 in order to see how many years since the war it has been?

>> No.54148523


>> No.54148534

Rolled 80 + 25 (1d100 + 25)


>> No.54148542

Want to do +20 or +30 years as a modifier? Or even higher if you want?

>> No.54148554

Looks like it has been 105 years since the bombs dropped, so this would be the 2nd generation and the start of the 3rd? Am I wrong?

>> No.54148602

Alright well I guess I'll do a lil write up.

Known to most outsiders as 'Motor Chickens' this group of hardy settlers call themselves an unpronounceable name in their own tongue that translates roughly as 'Adherents of Combustion'. Highly numerous for a tribe in this age they make their home in the remains of a military installation at the base of a shattered space elevator.
Empowered by the might of massed military grade hardware the Adherents wield almost unthinkable amounts of explosives against those that threaten them. The iconic 'Choir of Combustion' forms the backbone of the tribe's mobile army. The enormous vehicle embodies the pieced together nature of the Adherents transports, bristling with explosive lances and overflowing with fearless polecrows that scream hymns of their mechanised faith.
The group is easily recognisable for not only their distinct feathery hair, but also the flamboyant paints and jewellery that they adorn themselves and their vehicles with. This is both a statement of wealth and threat. The shining convoys can be seen reflecting sunlight from many kilometres away and few are willing to assault a group that favours a literal rain of explosions as combat doctrine.

>>Motor Worship
>>War Paint
>>Military Grade
>>Concert on Wheels

>> No.54148610

More like 4 or 5.
Without the comforts of civilisation as we know it people would be having kids earlier.

>> No.54148717


>> No.54148732

The Faceless are a mysterious mercenary tribe, selling their services to any brave enough to hire them. Cloaked in both mystery and skin concealing wraps, the group takes their name from the proliferation of gas-masks that every member wears at all times. Indeed none outside of the tribe have ever seen the bare face of one of it's members, giving much credence to their name.
The Faceless are based in a frozen over hydroelectric plant that has been converted into a fortress. From this imposing base the Faceless roam forth to fulfil their contracts. They move swiftly in a spiked swarm of cars and utes, roaring into close combat to strike with the force of an avalanche.
Members of this tribe speak little to outsiders, never initiating conversation and replying in the most final manner possible. And when they do speak the Faceless show a frightening degree of knowledge, making observations and drawing conclusions that seem almost mystic in their accuracy. All of this has lead to many rumours springing up around the tribe, some fanciful, some dark. Most disturbingly are the persistent whispers of unwholesome appetites. And while there has never been any proof of this bodies and prisoners tend to disappear around The Faceless.

>> No.54148754

Alright after that writing I recon I can handle making a 3rd tribe if anyone else is still about.

Give me 1d100 for genetics if you are still here.

>> No.54148758

Me likey

>> No.54148774

Rolled 92 (1d100)


>> No.54148775

Rolled 50 (1d100)


>> No.54148776

Rolled 69 (1d100)


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I look away for a moment and suddenly mutants.
Hell yeah.

Someone give me a 1d100 for the culture of these warped peeps.

>> No.54148796

Rolled 97 (1d100)


>> No.54148801

Rolled 51, 83 = 134 (2d100)

whoops, my bad

>> No.54148810
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>96-100: Road Warriors. The wasteland is almost uniformly lawless violent place where the powerful prey on the poor and the strong abuse the weak. There are those few tenacious souls who seek to better the world though. Fearless and skilled by necessity, these Road Warriors usually travel the ruined highways alone, dealing with those they see as wrong doers with whatever justice they see fit, but occasionally they form groups. Coalitions of these apocalyptic lawmen are dangerous and untrusted by other groups, if only because they can often lead to quick destruction of the status quo.

Oh now we getting good.

Anon no, that's too much culture!

>> No.54148814

Oh and 1d100 for our Leadership style please and thanks.

>> No.54148822

Rolled 50 (1d100)


>> No.54148824

Rolled 50 (1d100)


>> No.54148839

>46-65: Oligarchy. A small sect of the group lords over the rest. Similar to single leadership in their absolute power, but spread over a small group rather than one man. Almost as common.

Some strong leaders and their personal followers, maybe?

Some wizardry here.

Also this >>54148801?
This is Raider Settlers. you trying to turn us into vikings, anon?

2d100 for cultural oddities!

>> No.54148843

Rolled 53, 39 = 92 (2d100)


>> No.54148861
File: 13 KB, 270x187, HWEEEELL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>31-40: Xenophobic. Distrustful and always wary of outsiders, the group is often seen as cold or distant by others. Trade is hard, and diplomatic interactions are harder. Other cultural strains often run stronger in insular groups though.

>51-70: Distinctive Icon. A motif or symbol runs throughout the groups structures, clothes, and vehicles. Maybe it’s a specific animal or object, or maybe it’s something less specific like bullets or flames.

What are we, a Chaos Warband? Hmmm...

All right, 3d100 for appearances!

>> No.54148877


>> No.54148878

Rolled 36, 85, 78 = 199 (3d100)


>> No.54148880

Rolled 98, 83, 36 = 217 (3d100)


>> No.54148885

Rolled 14, 98, 81 = 193 (3d100)


>> No.54148901

>31-35: Body Paint. Same as above, but they never go without their paint jobs.
>76-85: Unique body mod. Come in many forms, from filed teeth to a specific kind of tattoo to ritual branding.
And for an actual 3rd I'll grab >>54148880
>90-100: Spikey. Their armor and cars are covered in a profusion of spines, blades, and other sharp nastiness. Does it serve a technical purpose or is it just to look badass? Only they know.

Fucking hell this really is a Chaos Warband.
Considdering they're all mutants I guess it's a Beastman group.

>> No.54148915
File: 22 KB, 300x215, Beastmen_beastpath.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1d100 for their unique resource!

>> No.54148928

Rolled 1 (1d100)


>> No.54148949
File: 2.79 MB, 300x252, Sure is..gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1-20: Guzzolene. Black gold. Everyone needs it, and it isn’t too rare to come by but not too many have the means to refine it. This group does, and it can be extremely lucrative.

A roving warband of mutants controls a refinery?
Tzeentch that's not even funny, that's just dumb.
But okay.

Show me 1d100 for Gear Quality.

>> No.54148977

Rolled 41 (1d100)


>> No.54148980

Rolled 93 (1d100)


>> No.54149004

>41-65: Well-crafted. Just because it was made in the post apocalypse, doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Well made armor, guns are machined with actual technique and thought, and houses/clothes are a little more respectably made.

This mutant warband continues to be surprisingly tech savvy.

1d100 for Motor Pool! What do these crazy folk ride?

>> No.54149013

Rolled 34 (1d100)

Bikes get!!

>> No.54149029

>16-40: Custom. Either customized to unrecognizable extents or built from the ground up, these cars and trucks don’t fit into any pre-war category. Generally prone to mechanical problems and ramshackle stylings, but common and easily repaired.

Well there's probably some 'Bikes' in there...

What cool shit do these bitser vehicles have?
Give me 2d100!

>> No.54149033

Maybe these mutants are like ghoulish like beast mutants, in that they are what mothers warns their children about before they go to sleep.

>> No.54149038

continuing the tech savvy trend they make their own shit

>> No.54149046

Rolled 2, 13 = 15 (2d100)


>> No.54149067

>1-10: Shiny and Chrome. The group takes exceptional care to polish their vehicles to a brilliant chrome shine. Blind your foes with your swag and the shiny paint seemingly correlates with higher skill among drivers. Choose to re-roll this or Black on Black if you get both.
>11-20: Lances. Grenades on sticks. A shockingly effective weapon, and you can mount them conveniently on a lot of different parts of a vehicle without messing with it too much.

Sure is a lovely day for literally everyone to use bombs on sticks.

And to finish up what's the Flagship? Flagcar, Flagtruck?
One last 1d100.

>> No.54149071

>The roving gang of mutants always take care to keep their vehicles shiny

>> No.54149078

Rolled 4 (1d100)

one flagship coming up

>> No.54149114

>1-10: Chopper. Not the motorcycle kind, the group actually has a helicopter. Is it a jury rigged cargo vehicle? A long attack helicopter? A small squad of one man gyrocopters? It’s certainly a powerful addition to any group, even if it is a serious gas guzzler and requires special care.

Okay well. Hot damn.

I'll do a lil write up on this lot and then that'll be it for me for tonight.

>> No.54149131

Maybe the explanation for the chicken language is that the original settlers were all soldiers and prisoners of war who all originate from differebt countries?
Then one of the prisoners( a linguistics professor) made a new language thats a strange mix of polish,german,french,greek,russian,english, and latin so they could communicate with each other
This ended out sounding similar to chicken bawks but actually sounds pretty good

>> No.54149308
File: 1.49 MB, 320x180, Neeeiiiiawwww.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The Screaming Typhoons
Even amongst the rough and ready folk of the wastes there are some who stand out as truly unique. The Typhoons are one such group. Bestial mutants to the last child, this roving band of warriors claim dominance over the one place that most thought lost to humanity: The Sky.
The heart of this tribe is an enormous helicopter, once used to transport huge masses of goods to inaccessible locations the 'Sky Queen' now serves as a flying base for the Typhoons. Within it's cavernous cargo hold sit many machines and tools that keep the tribe functioning. Even, it is rumoured, a device that can refine crude oil.
The 'Sky Queen' is so integral to the tribe that they have built their entire culture around it. The many ground based vehicles all pay homage to the helicopter in their design. So to do the bestial Typhoons adorn themselves with such iconography, using both chrome paints and ritual scarification to bear the spinning blades upon their very flesh.
The tribe's internal structure is an oligarchy, which unusually maintains as many positions devoted to creating and maintaining the vehicles and weapons of the tribe with such individuals often holding the most power. For even the most bloodthirsty warriors must acknowledge that without the mechanics, their beloved 'Queen' would fall form the sky.
The Screaming Typhoons are staunchly xenophobic to the less mutated tribes and are far more likely to make demands and threats than trade. Backed up by what might be the only air support left in the world, the tribe takes anything they want or need from anyone without the strength to oppose them.

> Mutants.
> Road Warriors.
> Oligarchy.
> Xenophobic.
> Distinctive Icon.
> Body Paint.
> Unique body mod.
> Spikey.
> Guzzolene.
> Well-crafted.
> Custom.
> Shiny and Chrome.
> Lances.
> Chopper.

>> No.54149309

el bumperino

>> No.54149342

Where in the US should this area be? I was thinking maybe the Rocky Mountains or somewhere in the middle of the US

>> No.54149364
File: 774 KB, 757x657, Dream.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Considering that all our tribes are generated using a Mad Max inspired kit and I'm actually an Aussie, I'm going to say it's set in the Australian outback.

>> No.54151560
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Did someone say military-grade chickens?

>> No.54151621

I kind of like central Europe actually, it's one of the places that would really be cooled in this scenario. Maybe stick it around the Alps where the war was particularity savage?

>> No.54151944

How about a Great Lakes area due to them getting really cold and the ruins of post apocalyptic Detroit would be damn cool

>> No.54153803

What are good systems to run a postapocalyptic game? I only know about Degenesis, and that isn't exactly post-apocalyptic in the traditional sense

>> No.54153999
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TMNT After the Bomb, it's actually pretty good even if you don't like mutant animals.

Horizon: Redline is a d20 system.

Rifts is kinda post-apoc.

The Morrow Project is very realistic simulationist.

Mutant Future. Gamma World.

>> No.54154279

Thanks. Also checked

>> No.54155243


That sounds badass.

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