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First for the Ghosts of the Imperium

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Second for the dark mechanicum.

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3nd for Shadow of the Torturer

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Hey all, attached is my first draft of a ~1k points list. I know I need to trim the fat. I also know that the Macharius is kind of shit but I really love the model so want to use it.

Anyone have feedback, where to drop ~100 points from?

Is this going to be playable? Not enough anti-vehicle? Too much foot-slog?

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6th for new zerkers when

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Brotherhood champions actually seem usefull this time.

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Instant death was better than all this multiple damage shit.

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Hey guys.
I'm currently looking for a rare transfer sheet.
Imperial Knights alt houses. Particularly House Griffith. Anyone have any hi-res pictures of the emblems? Ain't no fucking way I'm gonna work on House Terryn. House Griffith has bar none, the sexiest color scheme and the best lore for all Imperial Knights.

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You wake up in commoragh. How many minutes do you last?

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Speaking of GK, can I get some input on my list? 2000pts.

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>all those markers cluttering the table

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No it wasn't.
It didn't allowed for middle ground which is terrible.
years, hopefully. Depending on how succesful the new raid on mon-keigh planet will do my kabal will prosper.

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Nope, Khorne got the blood and skulls he wanted and left.

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Get 9 Arco-Flagellants, a Priest, Sororita Rhino, Celestine or imaginifer if you are feeling lucky.

Turn 1 charge with 27D3 attacks at S4 no AP.

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r8 and h8, not in picture is dual bombard leviathan for 2k point tourney

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>try to build list with battlescribe
>too long to post

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- Voldus is a great choice
- I'm not sold on Strike Squads because Interceptors are infinitely better and we don't need troops anymore
- Apothecary and Paladins are a tough unit to beat, so good move there
- NDK is not great, but they're still alright
- Psiflemen Dreads are back, good stuff

Overall, not a bad list.

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>dreadnought list
I like you, and I like how this is finally a decent option(or even just an option)again.

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How are Deathwatch this edition? Do mixed squads work well?

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>Nope, Khorne got the blood and skulls he wanted and left.
If he didn't get Ghazghull or Swarmlord's skull, then it's pretty much a loss. Also
>implying the mortals didn't get Eiffiel-towered by Nids/Orks after the daemons left on the Warpstorm.
By non-Khorne/non-Ork standards of 'we can never lose a fight because X', this was a loss for the Khornate guys.

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>middle ground
Fuck you, if a battlecannon designed to take out tanks his you you're dead.

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Hey there sexy, I like you too :^)

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Arco-Flagellants were the first models I ever bought and I'm thrilled they're actually usable but I'm afraid of being WAACish by using them. How do I overcome the autism?

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Play against tau players.

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Well they are T3 and 5++ sure they have W2. They basically explode if someone charges them or shoots them.

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You can split fire with everything, so yeah.
you can only select one ammunition per unit tho.
Having only the option to either scrap something or utterly killing everything is not good.
I hate how random most damage values are(d6 is terrible for big guns)but not having middle ground was what made 7th shit, with everything blowing up with one hit or simply never fucking dying

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Are Deathwatch good this ed though?

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Tanky IW army or Khorne melee one? Like both factions but looking for the most fun one.

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>instant death was only in 7th
Things that are hard to kill should be hard to kill, you're paying for it.

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Khorne Berzerkers are insane right now

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>meeting your match typically implies a loss.

Nope, implies a draw since the Blood Crusade is still around and is momentum was not stopped or slowed in any way. Also the blood Crusade weren't there to conquer the planet, they were there merely to kill, burn, and main before the storms took them. So by no metric did they lose. Eat a dick.

>>It's the battle org chart and the little narrative blurb talking about how the Blood Crusade lost at Octarius.

Except it doesn't say it lost. Merely that the daemons left in similar fashion to how they left a thousand times before or after via the Warpstorm.

It's sad that you attempt to twist the fluff to fit your bias.

The Blood Crusade had no specific destination or target. They were merely there for the slaughter and blood. Stop headcanoning a victory or loss condition out of your ass. Blood and skulls were had and that's was the goal of the entire thing.

>By non-Khorne/non-Ork standards of 'we can never lose a fight because X', this was a loss for the Khornate guys.

Implications are worthless. I can implying that the slaughter the daemonkin did elevated every single one of them to immortal daemonhood.

Also you ignored that daemons of the Blood Crusade left but the daemons of the daemonkin never went away. In fact, they will continue to stream in drawn by the slaughter.

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Between IG and Inquisition. What things can be good to have inside a Valk.

Right now Im running 2x 6 Acolytes with power maul and needle pistol.

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Thinking of converting my 50 something chaos cultists into Ecclesiarchy / Redemptionist militants.

Do I,

A: use them all as conscripts and replace melee weapons with lasguns from bits box.
B: use them all as Acolytes, thus allowing for melee models to be melee, and just take a Vanguard Detachment (or two.)

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Thinking of kit bashing them with AoS kits (blood warriors I think they're called) and using a World Eaters scheme.
Melee looks more fun in general too

>> No.54111655

How are you guys building Death Guard right now?

>> No.54111663

How's your WIP doing tonight fellas? Any interesting backstory behind your builds?

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Why is a battle cannon designed to take out tanks hitting a single guy on foot just as easily as it hits giant skyscraper sized machines of war?

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The best inquisitors are all moderately heretical. Prove me wrong.

>> No.54111669


Warn your opponent and let them decide if they want to withstand that magnitude of firepower.

Unless it's an official tourney, then go ahead and Daschle, cause there'll always, understandably, be those those types in tourneys

>> No.54111679

Ogryns/bullgryns and a priest

>> No.54111680

Is the Hunter-Killer Mandatory? It's too much for a one-shot weapon. Drop it!

The Death Rider Command Squadron costs more points for extra ballistic Skill, which is stupid. Drop it. The DC Commander can only issue one order anyways.
>That's 74 points out of 145 so we're halfway there.
Memento Mori's pretty cool, but most sniper weapons do 1 damage anyways and if you're warlord's under melee attack I doubt he'll last long. Possible drop.

Do shotguns cost points? They don't in the regular index. Regardless if it's assault you're looking for the "Forwards for the Emperor" ability does the same thing but up to 24" range.

Drop Plasma Pistols for 10 more points
Drop Demo charge for 5 points
Drop Vox on 1 infantry squad and have them sit on the oppisite side of the commander from the command squad. Only the two remaining infantry squads on the far flanks or wherever will need vox links with the command squad.
5 more points.

>Thats 109 points down. But what are the DK Engineers doing other than holding shotguns rendered almost (but not completely) obsolete due to the "Forwards for the big E" rule?

Consider losing them altogether for the 39 more points that will put you in the 1000 points green

>> No.54111681

What am I looking at here?

Looks like a basilisk with no cannon.

>> No.54111686

arcos are hardly broken. the turn one charge is very strong, but with just basic S4 attacks are limited in what they can actually kill and to do so your opponent is throwing 250 points at you plus celestines turn 1 act of faith.

they're neat, and the kill team picks up some nifty bonuses from including bikers and termies, but at the end of the day theyre just more different sternguard that pay for their fancy bolters even if they take other guns. they die like any other MEQ and want to be in rapid fire range to do work, so you need bodies to absorb casualties, and each 49-point vet with a frag cannon cuts into that

>> No.54111690

How is every body running carnifexs?

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>> No.54111697

Anyone got the epub of Down Amongst the Dead Men?

>> No.54111700

If you want instant death take a plasma weapon.

>> No.54111702

My bitz order from victoria arrived today, hyped to do some modeling work for my R&H army

>> No.54111703


Thanks for the feedback - great suggestions - however, the main reason for the command squad death riders is that they grant the flanking maneuvers ability.

>> No.54111706

The best Ordo Xenos inquisitors are all moderately heretical.

The best Ordo Malleus inquisitors are not even remotely heretical, adhering to imperial dogma even more strictly and mercilessly than commissars.

>> No.54111715

Going okay i guess. Just starting my flying hive tyrant after the undercoat dries not sure what colour to paint the wings though. Want something that either A. Doeant drown the rest of the scheme or B. Isnt drowned out by reat of the scheme. Pic related is my dudes

>> No.54111718

But ID allowed for no middle ground.
things "hard to kill" weren't hard to kill.
One shot kills became too ordinary on supposed tougher creatures(im looking at you, nid warriors).
High damage values do the same thing now but allow for more flexibility.
haven't tested it yet sadly, but it looks costly but effective.
Im re-comverting mine putting double c/c weapon again because they look best ij it, and because c/c is at least decent now.
Only used power points, never felt to have an advantage/disadvantage so far.
PP are easy to break if you are a Waac faggot tho.

>> No.54111725

I'm so glad I get to use the 5 I have with a Priest.

I've been using Crusaders and Death Cult Assassins and they've been amazing. Like too good amazing.

>> No.54111728

Pie plate.

>> No.54111739

>play tau

>> No.54111760

There is no need for any middle ground, if they were meant to survive anti-tank they'd be eternal warriors.
All damage does is convolute the game needlessly.

>> No.54111766

so I've been seeing Berseker loadouts of chainaxe+chainsword. How exactly do these function? You give one attack to the chainsword (gaining another one) and then the rest to the chainaxes?

>> No.54111769

With Citadel Easy to Build™ kits cut into dozens of pieces for variety.

Not making an army list yet because the DG book is rumored for the end of this month.

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>> No.54111776

Trying this again:

I can't paint for shit. Are Harlequins worth it?

>> No.54111781

You're not going to destroy a tank with any kind of shell that creates a blast like that.

Pieplates were always retarded because of that. Either it's a single shot high damage shell, or low strength fragmentation shell that covers a large area. Think Tau Heavy Rail cannon vs Heavy Rail cannon submunition shot.

Battle/Demolisher cannons having both at once was always stupid.

>> No.54111782

a bucketload of DCA

are Conscripts the closest to Frateris Militia? Or normal Infantry Squads?

>> No.54111785

Learn to paint.
Pay someone else to paint
Be shameless and never paint

>> No.54111786

>Admech reconquered an Imperial world
>they herded the Tau population towards the forges, then shocked them to paralyse (like cattle), and then threw them alive into the furnaces
>the planet is now covered with the ashes of millions of Tau

I was physically sickened when I read that. How could anyone support these monsters?!

>> No.54111789


>I can't paint
>Lemme pick the super colourful and complex paint scheme dudes
lmao @ u

>> No.54111800

The Harlequins are supposedly a riot of colours and patterns. If you lack the skill, try another army.

>> No.54111801

>Hunter-Killer Mandatory?
points, mandatory do-not-take
PL, mandatory take

>> No.54111802

That's not a Harlequin that's a cat.

You forgot
>Do the best you can and paint like ass, but at least you're shitty looking models will be painted which makes you better than anyone who fields bare plastic.

>> No.54111803

>damage is hard
Go back to 7th then m8

>> No.54111805

>Frateris Militia
" They constitute the unofficial and generally ill-trained troops of the Adeptus Ministorum who fight in the interests of the Ecclesiarchy. "

I'd bet Conscripts.

>> No.54111806

Not as dumb as damage.

>> No.54111810

Conscripts indeed would be the closest.

Give them a commissar (use something else like a Mistress of Repetence) and a priest for the +1A.

Grab some Empire rifle and men at arms and go wild

>> No.54111813

Im thinking of playing a deatwatch squad on a drop' pod with a watch master and then suicide bomb them to shott to death8and hopefully charge)any annoying unit my opponent has.
might it work?
It doesn't because it fits with new vehicles/mc multiwound profiles.
before 8th all vehicles and walkers were killed by one single fucking hit, hull points never worked.
Also now saturation is less effective on big targets-even with the "6 always wound" rule and anti tank-mc weapons still fulfill their role. And thank god grav has been fucking nerfed
love that carapace scheme bro.

>> No.54111817

Serves them right.

>> No.54111820

Default quad deathspitters for me.

Still on the fence if it's worth giving them bioplasma.

Still not sure about stanglethorne/heavy venom + double deathspitters

Not a big fan of hth on fexes since you need both scytals now to get +1A.

>> No.54111821

>Le 7th boogyman

>> No.54111823

That's a sexy color scheme, anon

>> No.54111826

But what if they need to be tough enough to survive a battle cannon because say, they're a greater daemon, but then get smashed in the face by a daemon hammer from a grey knight grandmaster with hammer hand on him?

Suddenly that daemon is taking no more damage from a weapon LITERALLY designed to kill him, than he is from a las pistol.

>> No.54111840

For any newfags: the joke behind this meme is that only lazy retards would ever consider using power level

>> No.54111841

Breddy gud
Slowly whittling down my remaining troops to paint after these guys got 9 more then my army is done

>> No.54111844

Xenos aren't sentient in the same way humans are, they register pain in only a very abstract sense. Perfectly humane.

>> No.54111846

My wounded sub-assembled dudes put on pause for a week for family visit. Will continue construction tomorrow after they go home.

Mere injury is no excuse for failing your duty as an imperial citizen. Wounded troops are collected by the company medics and given immediate treatment. Anyone who cannot fight is left behind to recover on their own while the line continues it's grinding assault forward, but those deemed fit enough are stemmed up and drafted into the medic's entourage.This serves a triple purpose: The medics get more help and better protection as casualties mount and they become more valuable. Wounded soldiers still contribute to the fight, and if a bandaged wound reopens or further wounds are taken, these soldiers are already near the medics who can quickly patch them back up.

>Resist the urge to help the first man you see. Remember: Triage! Prioritize those who can still contribute to today's fight, and only after them can you help those who can contribute to tomarrow's fight. And only after them may you attend those who may never fight again.
Except from the Infantryman's Uplifting Primer: Medical Guide Amendment #4.

>> No.54111847

Can I just spray krylon white primer and wash over it for a 30k DG scheme? Asking for a friend

>> No.54111848

Right? That's no way to run a world. All that ash will get into fucking everything and gum up machinery. Will lead in a significant drop in productive output.

>> No.54111851

Do you feel bad about killing ants? Specially the ones crawling into your food?

That is what Tau are for the Imperium. Annoying pest.

>> No.54111864

What are you using to strip those models?

>> No.54111866

So long as they're worth it to you, do whatever you want anon. But if you do want your army to look good, you should probably practice on another army first.

>> No.54111871

>Tau are bovinesque

What a waste of good beef.

On the other hand, imagine the planet smelling like steak and ribs for years.

>> No.54111875


>> No.54111882

The new Farsight novel.

>> No.54111885

It actually hurt him, something the laspistol won't actually do.

>tau conquer a world
>make the people live better lives
>imperium conquers a world
>kill everyone and install a thought crime tyranny
But humanity fuck yeah.

>> No.54111889


>> No.54111902

>6 - direct hit, I'm dead and my body isn't even there anymore
>5 - semi-direct hit, I'm still dead and some of my gibs are around
>4 - glancing hit there goes my leg I can't participate in the fight anymore
>3 - hit right beside me, shrapnel and shockwave fucks my insides up
>2 - hits near me, shrapnel and shockwave still fucks me up
>1 - I'm on the edge of the blast radius owww my ears I can't stand and participate anymore I'm coughing blood WTF

>> No.54111910

You can tell they used to be painted gold like sanguinary guard, but they have what looks like space wolf bits on them.

>> No.54111916

That's a lot of points for a suicide drop. If you're willing to spend that much you might as well use shrike and a squad of vanguard vets with dual plasma pistols, which will let you cut the drop pod and give you rerolls on the charge distance.

>> No.54111920

Most greater daemons were t6, so yes the laspistol could wound.

>> No.54111942

>you may never be asked to herd a communist population to the ovens

>> No.54111946

Took a break from minis for some terrain. Did the first layer of drybrushes for the statue, not sure what other colors to use before drowning it in Nihilak Oxide. After finishing some crisis suits, I'm torn between Fire Warriors, a Stealth Team, some Wyches, or a Succubus.

>> No.54111957

You already rolled to hit and to wound, what further abstraction do you need?

>> No.54111961

maybe its the lighting, its my armies' color scheme

using space wolves models as a baseline and removing some of the excess wolf iconography to retain some of the skulls, talismans and runes

>> No.54111962

bald dude's got some serious Bajiquan right there

>> No.54111970

i don't like completely random amage on a d6 for heaveir weapons(you already have to roll to hit and to wound...)but at least we have command rerolls now.
Nothing is more satisfying than rolling a 6 on damage anyway.
use nihil oxyde on recesses-not all of them, but most. use it in a few flat areas to age it.
then drybrush it HARD with bronze and then-lighter-with gold.
its super easy and it looks great.

>> No.54111976

Rolled 17, 51, 82, 47, 50, 48, 59, 45, 11, 4 = 414 (10d100)


>> No.54111983


>> No.54111986

Well that layer there is Warplock Bronze. Wondering what color I should go up to next.

>> No.54111991


>no wound

by your logic, why even have multiple wounds? just have more toughness!

>> No.54111999

Oh wow, grimdark genocide in the grimdark setting full of routine genocide? Who would've guessed?

But of course the Tau wouldn't understand given they are so out of touch with the rest of the warhammer universe.

Welcome to the jungle baby! Life sucks and you're probably going to be eaten, stabbed, tortured, fucked or all of the above.

>> No.54112001

Is it worth buying? Not really into Tau normally.

>> No.54112002

Made this last night. Was going to be my Straken count as, so the guys at the store affectionately dubbed her Misses Straken.

>> No.54112008

Yes, but you need to buy the other Farsight novels by Phil Kelly to get the full context.

>> No.54112010

yeah, I like the whole "count results of 1 and 2 as a 3" mechanic myself. I'd prefer X+d6 or x+d3 but I guess they're trying to have a unifying rules theme.

>> No.54112023

Works for lotr, and that's gw's best so you're on to something.

>> No.54112044

There's that 40k humor I've been missing! Some right proper "crosses the line twice and spits on it"

>> No.54112046

>not Miss Staken

>> No.54112060

>ded game

>> No.54112063

Looks like a dark eldar?

>> No.54112065

I used fulgurite copper.
use that, its perfect.
then a lighter drybrush of gold.

apply oxyde BEFORE those tho.
be generous on the recesses, but don't coat all the model in it.

>> No.54112066

I thought he had a shotgun

>> No.54112067

>It's sad that you attempt to twist the fluff to fit your bias.
Not him, but I'm pretty sure that the one trying to twist the fluff to fit their bias is you, not the other anon. By claiming 'blood and skulls were had and that's the point of the entire thing', the Orkfags can simply issue the rebuttal of: 'the fight itself IS winning for us, and since we got to fight tyranids AND Khorne guys for awhile, we won TWICE as much!'

Meaning the only real losers in that scenario were the Tyranids and the Swarmlord. AGAIN.

So we have to apply the normal human standards of "did the attacker/invader get repelled/destroyed/just fuck off and leave?" Considering the Khorne daemons had to leave early and the mortals were all that was left, all signs to point to that being the case (even if we assume that all of the daemonkin warbands were at full strength when the regular daemons left the world). Most likely scenario is the mortals tried to follow the daemons/Warpstorm after it left, and any known warband/group like the World Eaters/Kharn took some losses, any well-known daemonkin warband got decimated (seems to a running theme with those guys) while taking down as many enemies as possible on the way out, and all the lesser known/no-name groups ended up all becoming decorations for many an Ork bosspole/Ork stew ingredients (cause nids can't eat tainted biomass after all).
This would fall under the 'fuck off and leave' category, which would be a forfeit aka a loss.

>> No.54112068

Vendettas any good?

>> No.54112069

>you need to buy the other Farsight novels


>> No.54112091

>stale meme

>> No.54112096

I imagine you can probably find e-books of them in the MEGA link if you like ebooks.

>> No.54112110

I can't tell what part you used?

Also missed oportunities with name puns

>> No.54112125

Fuck, that's one of the one's I don't have. I do have Runelord Brass, though. And I'm referring to Duncan's video on the Oxide, where he applies it heavily, then drags it down with a napkin to add more of a weathering effect.


>> No.54112129

Binary is for computers, not weaponry.

>> No.54112155

Better than leman russes.

tougher too.

>> No.54112156

Share plz

>> No.54112163

its nice, but you only apply it to some areas, not the whole model or it'll look really bad.

As per the runelord brass no idea, take a test model(or even a blister's piece)and try it to see if it works.

>> No.54112172

That works too.
It's a witch elf face so that probably explains it. I shaved down the ears though so they aren't pointy, but the face still is.
He does have a shotgun, he also has a plasma pistol. I guess everyone remembers the shotgun because it's on his model. Maybe I should go back and cut off the pistol and put a shotgun in that hand?
Witch elf head, sister of silence body, plasma pistol and robo arm from the Cadian command set. Her pistol arm is made from two parts of the sos arms and I gave the witch elf head a neck from the sos head. Got any name puns?

Also this is my Inquisitor in terminator armor. I might change his hammer though, after running it in a few games, hitting on 4+ failed me too often. Thinking of doing a force axe.

>> No.54112204

>All that ash will get into fucking everything and gum up machinery. Will lead in a significant drop in productive output.
Why dun ya just figya out a way ta turn all dat ash into a powah sauce?

Itz like ya admech gitz dun know ya siantz stuff or sumfing...

>> No.54112218

>Not him, but I'm pretty sure that the one trying to twist the fluff to fit their bias is you, not the other anon. By claiming 'blood and skulls were had and that's the point of the entire thing', the Orkfags can simply issue the rebuttal of: 'the fight itself IS winning for us, and since we got to fight tyranids AND Khorne guys for awhile, we won TWICE as much!'

No, not dear me. I am simply saying that the Khornates got what they aimed for and left. They would have gotten it regardless of how the battle went in this case being a draw.

>So we have to apply the normal human standards

No, you don't. The Khornates weren't there to conquer the planet. They were there to fight and kill just for the sake of it until their time ran out. Humans do not follow that logic.

> Most likely scenario is the mortals tried to follow the daemons/Warpstorm after it left

Didn't happen in Armageddon. Didn't happen in Traitor's Blade. It's most likely it didn't happen here.

>> No.54112221

Do you like Harlequins? Are you at least content with your minis after they're painted, if not why? Why bother asking this here instead of doing what you want to do?

>> No.54112227

Would a hypnotist ork who could convince orks of anything be the most powerful ork?

>> No.54112228

>turn all dat ash into a powah sauce
They probably did. They used the blueberries as fuel.

>> No.54112249

>They were there to fight and kill
Isn't that what orks are for as well?

>> No.54112263

In what occasions should one use wyches over bloodbrides, and vice versa?

>> No.54112265

Shouldn't you be making arguments that don't make sense to support power levels?

Why did you change your autistic agenda?

>> No.54112291

It's an ork, so he'd convince them of things they already believe.
>green is best
>red ones go fasta

>> No.54112320

>Isn't that what orks are for as well?
That's EXACTLY what Orks are for. It's essentially the reason they exist in the first place.

Wait a second... Does that mean Khorne's secretly part Ork or something?

>> No.54112321

No, orks have the goal of conquering the galaxy.
Problem is they don't give a shit and just want to fight.

>> No.54112332

Khornates more so than Orks since Orks have limits whil Khorne do not.

>Badscragg gawped at the carnage in the valley below. The Orks had been advancing on a miners’ town, expecting a few scared humies to stomp. As they drew near to the settlement, the greenskins had slowed at the sight of mounds of mangled corpses. Moments later, howling bloody murder, a horde of red-armoured Chaos boyz had come charging out to attack. The greenskins had roared their approval of a proper battle. However, it had soon become apparent that it was possible to have too much of a good thing. A snaggletoothed old Loota, Badscragg reckoned he’d more or less seen it all. But he’d never witnessed carnage like this. The Chaos boyz weren’t just killing the Orks, they were ripping them to bits. Ork throats were torn out by jagged fangs, the gushing blood drunk down in great draughts. Lashing tentacles tore off greenskin limbs and stuffed them into gaping maws. Skin was flayed, bones broken, and Ork guts ripped out by the fistful. Zog this, thought Badscragg, beginning to sidle slowly away from the fight. Even Orks had their limits, and this surpassed his. Suddenly, the Loota was plunged into shadow, choking on the reeking stink of sulphur. Badscragg looked up in sudden horror as something truly monstrous descended upon him, and then everything turned to blood and pain.

-From Codex "Daemonkin"

>> No.54112339


Play Ynnari and paint them as goth harlequins. Problem solved.

>> No.54112363

He's supposed to be gripping his bleeding gut and calling for help while raising his hand to get the medic's attention. Do you think a pointing finger cut from one of the heavy weapons teams would be better?

>> No.54112371

Harlequins are extremely expensive, partly because rising crescendo is so good. Arguably, better than soulburst on the units that can get it. I don't think harlequin units are cost effective in a ynnar army because they lose rising crescendo for it.

>> No.54112389

>using one Ork's description from the Daemonkin codex to claim that all Orks have limits
That's a load of crap and you know it. One cowardly Loota's opinion does not reflect the view of the Ork race.

>orks have the goal of conquering the galaxy.
I have seen zero fluff claiming this. Closest I've seen to it is 'if all the Orks were to stop fighting and unite, they would conquer the galaxy' (paraphrasing).

>> No.54112391

When you want to actually kill something, take brides. When you want to tarpit, take wyches.

Bloodbrides with +S and Hydras do a ton of damage because they have 3A base. Wyches have one fewer attack and it really shows. They're better off with +T and generally just holding stuff in melee instead. Giving them +A is generally better than S for damage if you are using your T elsewhere like Reavers. However, +A should be used on Hellions first.

Tldr: it depends. Wyches are troops that are cheaper and do less damage but tarpit just as well as brides. They're better to go to 9 to carry the succubus you're not losing much with the weapon. Brides on the other hand benefit more from the full 10 because they get more attacks with those weapons.

>> No.54112407

Actually, khornate units are far more likely to fail morale tests than orks this edition. The passage you quoted undoubtedly happened, but it is most likely a rare occurrence, probably because power levels were used resulting in an imbalanced battle.

>> No.54112447


wanted some mk3 in the mix. Rivets get old pretty fast.

>> No.54112451

Ignoring the beast, at least as far back as three 4th edition codex for orks there's a quote from Ghazkull that said that the orks forgot that they were here to kill everyone and enslave those they don't kill.
Then again he has half a brain and has adamantium poison.

>> No.54112462

No, in GORKAMORKA, the Orks met the Diggas benefactors (Necrons). The Orks were so terrified that one of the survivors got PTSD and decided never again to invade the Diggas tunnels.

There is also the Crimson Slaugher codex lore. The powers of the Crimson Slaughter were so terrifying for the Orks, that even the hardiest of the ork mobs dropped their weapons and fled.

>I have seen zero fluff claiming this. Closest I've seen to it is 'if all the Orks were to stop fighting and unite, they would conquer the galaxy' (paraphrasing).

The Beast blurb says that the Orks have a primal desire to conquer the galaxy. Then you have Ghaz that the Orks are mucking about and displeasing the gods by simply fighting for the sake of fighting. G and M want them to conquer the galaxy.

Then you have the Beast Series.

>> No.54112470

How are Deathwatch in 8th edition?

>> No.54112484

Questions- Can I fall back and use psychic powers like smite?

>> No.54112485

So I want to use this by splitting a tac squad at the beginning of the game, leaving 5 on a objective and the other 5 (sgt w/combi something and special weapons) to pile in the Razor Back and ride around shooting things I don't like. But the question is h-bolters and meltas or plasma and lascannons?

>> No.54112509


Orks have L6. They are, individually, a relatively cowardly race.

>> No.54112515

To hell with your intentions. Motherfucker is now a kung fu master and you better start using him as your Eversor.

>> No.54112547

Temptation to make a /pol/ comment rising.

>> No.54112581

What's there to say? We all know Orks are supposed to be representative of the British lower classes.

>> No.54112600

Going from 3 to 4 str is good, but situational It changes the math on 2,3,4, and 8 str units. Respectively, you'll wound an additional 25%/33%/50%/100% of the time. Gaining an additional attack on bloodbrides increases your wounds by a flat 33% on all toughness values. So you should consider the toughness characteristics of the army you're playing.

>> No.54112606

Please restrain yourself, thread derails help no one.

>> No.54112614

Why would the rivets even be silver? Would they just not paint over those?

>> No.54112617

Play Ynnari and paint them red and black.

>> No.54112640

>Jack of blades

>> No.54112658

My initial argument was against MEQ, which I figured would be a safe baseline. Against T3, I think the extra attack wins out, but I'm pretty sure hellions win with the extra attack more against T3

>> No.54112663

fuckin edgy/10

>> No.54112668


>> No.54112672

I'll build a new one -one that isn't holding his own guts in- to be a kung-fu master Everser just for you. But what about THIS guy? does he need a different hand gesture or not?

>> No.54112688

His hand gesture makes no sense for what you seem to intend so I'd say yeah.

>> No.54112697

moar boyz

>> No.54112703

>Harlequins with red jackets, black thigh highs, and white and purple masks

>> No.54112707


>> No.54112715

Against t3 (conscripts), the effect is the same. Against t2 (brimstones), you're better off with extra attack. Against t4, and t6 (8 should be 6 in my original post), +str is better. Against all other toughness values, +a is better, since +s has no effect.

I think though you're right that +S is generally better, but the neat thing about combat drugs is you can tailor them. Also, after you've used up all 6, you can just spam one on everything beyond it.

>> No.54112721

What Ork flyer works best against T'au? And how do Deffdreadz fair? Must kill blue with my green

>> No.54112737

60 gretchin.

>> No.54112740

>implying that having a (rather dialed back) sense of self-preservation makes the Orks any less 'fight and kill' than Khornates, who have zero sense of self-preservation by comparison

I'll give you the Beast stuff though.

However, at their base level Orks live for fighting, primal desire for conquest be damned.

So at the end of the day the 'winners' of that battle in Blood Crusade (even if we call it a draw) are Orks (because they got another fight and can grow even stronger), and Khorne (because they spilled lots of blood in the name of Khorne... even if most of it is probably going to end up being their own). Meanwhile, the Swarmlord just wasted through a bunch of Tryanid biomass dealing with a bunch of assholes interfering with his task of getting that 'sweet, sweet green biomass' for Hive Queen Leviathan, and is nowhere nearer to actually conquering that damn planet than he was before the Blood Crusade dropped by.

Meanwhile, the other incident where the Blood Crusade met its match (almost guaranteed to involve Girlyman) the Imperium's going to be screaming victory over Khorne again.

>Finding a lone Ork

You do realize that unless you're on a battlefield and killed all the other green bastards, that lone Ork has twenty or so buddies just sitting around the corner, yes?

>> No.54112751

Yes. Pointing hand would work much better, like he's casually signalling for the check at a tea house rather than whatever gesture he's making here.
Still badass, but badass in a "drat, I seem to have been shot in the ol' tumtum, what a bother" way and not "AS MY LAST ACT, I SHALL UNLEASH ALL OF MY KUNG FU UPON THEE."

>> No.54112760

Fuck off, ya grot

>> No.54112766

Why are there no dark eldar psykers?

>> No.54112776

None, they outdakka you.
As for dreads, they're torn open easily by commanders and everything that isn't infantry.

>> No.54112779


Is there a Stormboy dread/gargant?

There should be.

>> No.54112781

>Why are there no dark eldar psykers?

>> No.54112786

Narrowing down on Redemptionists.

I have a few questions as I never went 'deep' into the Redemptionist fluff.

They despise mutants and witches. Yet their cult has spread through the Imperium a good bit.

A) How do Redemptionists travel if they hate witches (astropaths) - or do they accept them as an unsanitary need for now. (Not the mindless mobs, but the leadership.)

B) Mutants are hated... what about Abhumans? Like Ogryn? Ogryn are pretty dumb. Could you ever get a redemptionist Ogryn?

C) If I did convert all my cultists I've collected (no idea why just slowly got a ton) into redemptionists... is it unfluffy for them to be in the same fighting force as Sisters of Battle and Ordo Hereticus? Given I've got a heavy Ecclisiarchy presence with Penitent Engines, Arcos, and Preachers already.

Trying to determine my hobby-course for the next year or two.

>> No.54112788

>DE Psykers
>Wondering around the Commy
>Suddenly fuckloads of daemons

Also apparently it's like a muscle, after generations of non use they barely can use it even if they wanted too

>> No.54112794

Too dangerous. Slaanesh likes to eat them.

Corsair psykers used to have a rule where they got mega fucked by the futa cock of the Prince of Pleasure if they ever rolled perils of the warp. But they still use psykers cause they're space pirates and fuck the police I guess.

>> No.54112799

>3+ shoot value

>> No.54112819

I don't speak anime, could you translate tau enthusiast?


>> No.54112823

>Fighting alongside the Ultramarines was an experience I shall not soon forget. I think, towards the end, the sons of Macragge had almost begun to respect the tau fire caste. Some shared notion of honour, perhaps. All well and good for these warrior types, but not a luxury that an inquisitor can afford to entertain.

Haha, smurfs really are xenos lovers

>> No.54112835


>> No.54112838

>doesn't know anything about elfdar
>not even that they're the anime race
top kek

>> No.54112842

Okay then! Thanks for the advice.

My next squad will be a demolitions/grenadiers-themed squad, and after that will be Platoon Commander Snake Eyes with Kung-fu grip action!

>> No.54112869


The new novel

>Tau make infomercials and the 40k equivalents of tv political ads
Not even that far in and I'm enjoying this

>> No.54112878


Sure thing tau enthusiast.

>> No.54112893

Just getting into the hobby.

I bought Dark Imperium and am painting my primaris marines in Black Templar livery.

I want to build up my army....should I just paint the old space marine models? I assume they are just as viable on the tabletop as primaris (even tho it will look goofy with the giant marine squads).

>> No.54112897

>Eldar are anime
>not the literal rising sun in the east with names full of honorifics and gundams

>> No.54112904

Here is a snippet of aforementioned television ad

>To be a cog in this relentless, grinding machine is to know nothing but futility and despair.
>[MANUFACTORUM exterior. A crate of bullets is loaded at a bad angle into the back of a bulky transport by a badly calibrated lifter-cyborg. The crate catches on the transport’s flatbed and tips over, emptying its contents. The bullets tinkle dully around the faulty servitor as they scatter across the street]
>[CLOSE UP: the bullets roll to join a river of brass cylinders gently smoking in a gutter full of acid rain]
>This culture is ten thousand years old, so ingrained in its deeply oppressive mindset that it is beyond saving.
>[The transport’s doors hiss closed, and it grinds away, containing little more than empty boxes and a scattering of bullets. Another transport truck takes its place. The malfunctioning cyborg continues its wasteful, blind charade with the next crate]
>[CLOSE UP. Bullets with the word MORTIS hand-etched upon them, smears of bright red blood across the letters. Fade to darkness]
>But it does not have to be this way. There is another life to be lived. A life of freedom and opportunity.
>[ABSTRACT. Darkness brightens to show the white symbol of the Tau, clean and bright, against a purple sky]
>The tau empire. Let us look to the stars in hope.

>> No.54112935

Which new novel?

>> No.54112936

Buddy, Eldar may be kike nips in space but they sure as hell aren't anime.

>> No.54112937

"yes we can"

>> No.54112949


Farsight one

Have some more from that "infomercial" >>54112937

>There is no freedom of thought or expression.

[A loading worker mutters something to his teammate. A five-limbed cyborg overseer on a quad-tracked turntable rolls in close and begins to revolve swiftly at the waist, the electro-whips on its main appendages indiscriminately lashing the offender and his peers]

Every act is geared to the furtherance of more violence and strife.

[CLOSE UP of human faces etched with misery. The only clean areas are the tracts where tears have run down their cheeks, making runnels in the encrusted dirt]

In this endless wheel of pain and death, there is no hope of escape. A worker will live, sire offspring, and die in the same industrial habitation complex.

[ALLEYWAY exterior. Human female with straggly, greasy hair is giving biological birth on a rain-spattered street. The ground is slippery with grime and unidentifiable, rotting matter. The sounds of the birth are traumatic. Mutant rats look on hungrily, eyes red]

A worker’s children will perform the same task as their parents, often at the same alcove station, in dynasties of unthinking graft that stretch back centuries.

[MANUFACTORUM interior. The malnourished corpse of a bullet worker who has died of exhaustion is unshackled and cast aside. Skull-masked overseers step over the corpse without comment, force-marching the worker’s daughter to the same workstation and collaring her to the gantry with the same chain. Its links are still wet with her predecessor’s blood]

>> No.54112957

they WERE supposed to be the anime race. I think it was Dan Abnett who wrote about the Tau's origins on his blog and mentioned the Eldar as being "traditional anime."

>> No.54112965

>back flags
>jap weapons
>jap outlook on war
Newfag alert. Before elves=anime since 2nd edition.

>> No.54112979


>The best Ordo Malleus inquisitors are not even remotely heretical, adhering to imperial dogma even more strictly and mercilessly than commissars.

You fool! You would damn humanity to the fires of Oblivion with your rigid adherence to the letter of the law and bit the spirit!

Sometimes... it takes a monster... to kill a monster.

>> No.54112986

can i have your thought on this, i was told by 2 players at my local that it is against the rule, but i see nothing in the transport rule for it. can a valkyrie take transport 2 squads of 6 scions? its wording says it can take 12 infantry, not 1 squad of up to 12. further more, if i can indeed take 2 squads in 1 transport, since the valkyrie has the special rule for deploying, could i say move 6 drop off 1 squad on an objective, then finish my 20 inch move and drop off the 2nd squad there?

>> No.54113000


On a side note: the Tau are certainly headed down the 1984-style direction.

Maybe after all this time they're finally showing their grimdark colors.

>> No.54113005

You've got it right.

Why did they say it wasn't allowed?

>> No.54113007

They're not Japanese, they're anime.

>> No.54113011

Maybe they "were" anime, but that doesn't mean they "are" anime, gramps. Now go take your pills so you can start remembering when you are.

Tau are the anime race.

>> No.54113023

yes to all.

>> No.54113028

because i was taking 2 squad of scions, and was going to drop one on a objevtive, and drop the other in the way of an advancing squad. i didnt have the rule book with me unfortunatly at the time, so i just did the one squad.
but upon getting home and looking i couldnt find anything restricting it, so i guess i need to bring my rulebook every time

>> No.54113043

>Sometimes... it takes a monster... to kill a monster.
That's not how daemons work.

>> No.54113050

>not having your rulebook on hand

yeah, definitely keep it on you.

>> No.54113055

The only thing anime about tau are gundams.

eldar have much more anime, including gundams, than tau does.

>> No.54113061

Tau are very 1984 with other tau, client races have a lot more freedom.

>> No.54113068

eldar have Evas, not Gundams

And Tau do have the honorifics deal.

But yeah Eldar are hella anime.

>> No.54113069

Needs more 40k iconography
pouches, scrolls, purity seals.

>> No.54113070

In 5th it was like that, don't know about 6/7 since I didn't play them. But I had the same thought and couldn't find anything restricting it.

>> No.54113072


Yeah, for sure

>In truth, however, there is another, deeper reason I am watching these new players in the great drama unfolding across the cosmos.
>It is often the most innocent souls that turn to darkness.
>Inquisitor Vykola Herat
>Ordo Xenos

>> No.54113084

and the rising sun in the east, rising technological state, honorifics, complete lack of sex drive (every single one of the males is a herbivore), etc, etc. They're anime as all hell.

>> No.54113088

Their guns literally throw Shurikens.

>> No.54113102

>honorifics deal
The Ta'larissa bonding? or are you talking about ethereals ceremonial dueling? Neither of those are anime.

They're literally native american.

>> No.54113107

Both have samurai training, love of mobility, mecha, but only the tau have the kamikaze winds.

>> No.54113112

The eldar are a clusterfuck of different ancient cultures.

>> No.54113116

>rising sun in the east

So because they're in the eastern fringe, and they're advancing technologically, that becomes rising sun in the east to you? Literal autism.

>> No.54113127

eldar are entirely japanese.

>> No.54113129

Can a flamer hit through another unit? Like if a unit of grots bubble wrapped boyz?

>> No.54113130

Some bit of lore describes them as the rising sun you moron. They are heavily implied to be the Japanese/Weeaboo faction.

>> No.54113142

>some bit of lore

so you ARE just pulling things out of your ass

>> No.54113146


>> No.54113153

Their names are a clusterfuck of honorsims.

>> No.54113162

I heard a bunch of Ork Meks once created a gatling gun that literally threw choppas.

The Imperium ended up declaring Exterminatus on the planet because they were sick of having their men hacked to pieces from the other side of the battlefield.

>> No.54113171

Is this in the mega anyone know? Can't see it.

>> No.54113184

what the fuck, this water caste dude just killed a scientist by shoving his forearm down the dudes throat

>> No.54113189

>Maulers and Brazen Beasts are not organized in 8 groups

This was all their fault!.

>> No.54113195

>tolkeinesque elves with gaelic names, covered in ancient egyptian symbols, pagan gods
Oh but look, it says SHURIKEN cannon they're 100% asian.

>> No.54113197

>Some bit of lore
>[citation needed]
You're just a buttmad eldar bitter at being called the anime race so you're projecting onto the communist race.

>> No.54113201

So I'm thinking of getting a reaver titan.

Laser blasters don't seem as good as they were before and somehow shittier then TLD's. I was contemplating:

Volcano Canon
Carapace Mounted Plasma Blastgun
annnddd...I dunno what to get for the other arm. Maybe a gatling blaster? 14-16 wounds on infantry reliably and woundin' most vehicle on 3's and land raiders on 4's.

I'm torn. I also love symetricality with having multiple laser weapons. Having 1 of each weapon feels weird to me.

>> No.54113205

I am nearly at the end of the book.

The Water Caste guy got hit by black lightning that came from the compromised Gellar Field. That caused him to be possessed by an exiled Tzeentchian daemon

>> No.54113208

>as opposed to the far more organic anime influence in the Eldar designs
Eldar officially confirmed weeb race.

>> No.54113212

>Rockwell "grey" aliens
>Japanese mecha anime
>Native American elemental influences

Can't we all agree T'au just have several influences?

>> No.54113222

>ancient egyptian symbols
Try again, that's necrons.

>> No.54113229


Not reading dem spoilers, anyway

>The sour tang of falsehood hung in the air. ‘Liar!’ screamed Por Malcaor, launching himself across the room with arms outstretched. Pryfinger recoiled, but not quickly enough. In a heartbeat one of the magister’s scrawny hands was at the scientist’s throat. Orchard greens scattered as Pryfinger’s elbow struck the fruit disc, bouncing crazily. One rebounded from Por Malcaor’s foot as he thrust a hand into the earth caste scientist’s mouth. He pushed it in as far as he could, hissing manically.
>‘That was a lie! I could taste it! You speak with the tongue of the serpent!’
>The earth caste scientist’s mouth was thick and oily with saliva, his tongue twitching against the underside of Por Malcaor’s wrist as the magister forced his hand further into Pryfinger’s throat. He felt something give, a dull cartilaginous snap, and pushed harder. The scientist was gagging, choking, flailing wildly to dislodge his attacker. Por Malcaor took a few hard body blows as the scientist’s fists thudded in, but at this point mere physical pain was no more impediment than a mild breeze.
>The blows grew weaker, less frequent, until the scientist’s body went limp. Then they stopped altogether.
Por Malcaor let Pryfinger’s body slump back against the wall, the cadaver’s dislocated jaw flapping. He withdrew his hand and forearm from his victim’s mouth. His fist was slick with a long string of bloody drool. The magister wrestled the corpse into the curlicue chair nearby, and looked around. He saw some of the orchard fruits still rolling, and picked one up. Smiling, he prized Pryfinger’s throat open with two fingers before using his other hand to roughly shove the orchard fruit as far into the scientist’s craw as possible.
>‘Greed,’ whispered Por Malcaor, ‘is the bane of the curious.’
The magister lifted the hem of his robe and wiped his arm clean of bloody phlegm on the garment’s interior

>> No.54113236

They're covered in imitations of hieroglyphics you mong.

>> No.54113241

We could try that, but butthurt tau fags will try to deny every one of them if you cast them in a negative light.

I'll just start referring to Tau as SJWs from now on. Tau society seems like the natural progression of extremist SJW views, resulting in a caste system, elimination of freewill, forced sterilization of privileged races, voted for bernie, etc, etc

>> No.54113254

I need a good color scheme for a feudal imperial guard regiment that operates in a middle east/jerusalem like environment.
Note that my space marines are already silver/white/red

>> No.54113255

>call T'au communist
>"painting them in a negative light"

Gulag for you, tovarisch

>> No.54113261

painted up Pedro here in about 3 hours, still a little bit left to do though

>> No.54113263

Anyone else annoyed at how supplementary factions like Deathwatch and Grey Knights have become full blown armies?

It waters down what made the 2 of them so great in the lore. PAGK/GK Termi's and DW KillTeams are now boring standard troops that get 1-upped by the other choices in their list.

It would have been better if DW were limited purely to killteams and watch commanders. No retarded corvus, or arbitrary vanguard, terminator, and bike squads.

And GK would have remained as purely Terminators, Strike squads, and Grandmasters. None of this baby carrier, "super pure" pureifiers, super terminator paladin bullshit.

>> No.54113273

Okay thanks. I'll try to find some stuff.

>> No.54113274

>only way to make a functional communist society believable in a setting that includes psychic mushrooms, city sized war machines, and hive mind swarms that rival galaxies in mass is to base the entire society on mind control

>> No.54113277

deflecting weebdar detected.

>> No.54113296

A)Stock up on warp travel charms and wards, grit your teeth, even the Emperor tolerated the filthy mutants when need be.

B) If the Redemption used an Ogryn for anything it would be slave-level respect... send them into battle and don't care if they come back.

C)They're an extreme (rather more extreme) offshoot/subsect of the Imperial Cult.

You'd be totally fine running them with a Ministorum force.

Not all Ministorum would be down with them though... Redemptionists tend to immolate the majority of the tithe base ;)
They are outlawed on Necrumunda.

>> No.54113298

They're japanese but not anime. Eat shit niggers.

>> No.54113300


only japanese word used in all of 40k and its their main use weapon, shuriken. They literally shoot ninja starts out their assholes, hell fire dragons used to god finger land raiders to death ala G gundam

>> No.54113301

A warvid being broadcast for propaganda
The bit about marines not wearing helmets made me laugh

>The holo missiles exploded with such force the Space Marines’ headless corpses were flung into the road.
>‘I still can’t believe they weren’t wearing helmets,’ said Ob’lotai in disbelief.
>‘Pride,’ quoted Farsight, ‘is the ruination of both warriors and kings.’
>‘They edited out the blood again,’ said Bravestorm, flexing his onager gauntlet. ‘Why not celebrate it?’

khorne tau inbound

>> No.54113302

>capitalists raised in a capitalist society and profiting directly off capitalism can only portray communism in a negative light
>inadvertently make them the only good guys in the universe

Wow genius

>> No.54113303


they're both anime

>> No.54113307

>painting them
Now THAT'S unbelievable!

>> No.54113312


>> No.54113321

>japanese but not anime
>He thinks there's a difference.

>> No.54113324

>the best functioning, most mary sue society in the setting is the natural progression of SJWs.
Wtf, i love leftism now.

>> No.54113329

>commie faggot detected
Good boy, now call me when your dream ideology runs out of food... again!

>> No.54113343

>"1 in 6 people in America face hunger. The USDA defines "food insecurity" as the lack of access, at times, to enough food for all household members."

>> No.54113345

The tau are the only ones without a starving populous.
Your move.

>> No.54113348

Jokes on you, that only happens to the proletariat.

>> No.54113357

>1 in 6 people
>everyone but the upperclass ruling party
I'll take the former between the two thanks. Also capitalism is just as broken as communism so don't worry, you're arguing against an equally cancerous ideology.

>> No.54113365

>Space Marines

>> No.54113368

Dire avengers have Greek hoplit hell. Avatar of khaine has a Mayan aesthetic. Shining spears are jousting knights.

>> No.54113370

>caste society
>choose one
As if the Bolsheviks will let you join them lmao. Look up Yuri Beznemov for me will you?

>> No.54113371

>The tau are the only ones without a starving populous
I'm sorry, how many worlds do they have to feed again? 100 at best?

>> No.54113375

>capitalism is just as broken as communism
Show me a single communist state that's actually prospering.

>> No.54113378

This is why Facism is the only ideology worth considering.

>> No.54113379

Las and plas is pretty good. Tough call on that one. Depends on what your fighting really.

>> No.54113380

>don't have to eat
>are dying off in other ways
>eat as combat
>don't eat
>don't eat

How's you miss Orks, who literally eat their own sometimes

>> No.54113381

Its like being american but not being a fat racist

>> No.54113385


>> No.54113386

>Dire avengers have Greek hoplit hell
What does this even mean?

>Avatar of khaine has a Mayan aesthetic
It doesn't actually.

>Shining spears are jousting knights.
This is bait right? No one is this stupid.

>> No.54113388


>> No.54113391

None. You're right, capitalism is in the end moderately better than communism. But it is broken in concept and that shows through in the end product of today's society. Globalism, multiculturalism, sexual freedom, constantly rising inflation, yet shrinking populaces in first world countries.

>> No.54113397

Anon, your Pedro is wonderfully painted, but he's supposed to have a blue helmet with red eyes though?

>> No.54113402

>How's you miss Orks, who literally eat their own sometimes
The better question to ask is "What don't Orks eat?"
The answer is: "Rocks... maybe."

Seriously, the walking angry mushrooms will eat literally anything if they're hungry enough.

>> No.54113403

If Necrons don't eat, then why do they hold feats of rich meats and fine wine? Checkmate.

>> No.54113409

>implying orks wouldn't eat a good rock filet with dirt seasoning and a side of squig legs

>> No.54113416

Hoplite hell. Poorly spelled, but still.
Yes it is.
The guys running up and hitting things with Lances are not in any way related to European knights?

>> No.54113420

>Claim: The tau are the only ones without a starving populous.
>get proven wrong five times
>verifies every example proving the claim wrong

Also, marines eat.

>> No.54113424

failed state descending further and further into poverty, corruption, and lawlessness.

Not communist, Socialist, also not prospering despite unification and a lack of wars.

Not communist, Socialist, not prospering. Outside of population centers the majority of the chinese population still lives in the dark ages using primitive technology from that era.

>> No.54113426

Same reason Captain Barbosa and the crew of the Black Pearl did--in an attempt to keep their humanity

>> No.54113431

Helm . Fucking phone.

>> No.54113436

I wanted him to stand out more against the regular marines.

>> No.54113445

>No Fun Allowed
>People are disallowed to like things that I do not like

>> No.54113452

>5% live below the poverty line
>14% live below the poverty line

>it's not communist cause I say so, even though it says so on the tin
>not prospering despite enormous booming tourism industry

>literally owns America

>> No.54113453

>Space Marines don't eat
>What is Tarsis Ultra
Space Marines absolutely eat.

And so do the civilians and planetary defense forces of their recruitment planets.

>> No.54113456

>people itt are unironically trying to argue tau aren't anime

>> No.54113462

Should've done something unique, like a golden helmet

>> No.54113472

Even for Taufags this is a hilarious new low

Top kek

>> No.54113481

Do your sergeants have banners?
they should

>> No.54113486


Ninja Tau Crisis Suit Nunchaku when

>> No.54113487

Only the orks have a more blissful society.

>> No.54113490

>a good rock filet with dirt seasoning and a side of squig legs
>On Octarius the Ork boyz discovered their nightly meals of deep-fried gaunt limbs suddenly had a side of khornate-git stew

>> No.54113495

>Utterly dependent on America buying their exports
>Utterly dependent on Russia for their military technology
>Can't even assert control over the former CAPITAL of their own country, Taiwan.

Tell me again how China literally owns the worlds largest weapons exporting country?

>> No.54113501


I didn't even realize you painted his helmet the wrong color, it looks fine. Pedro has a good model and the red isn't out of place since they already have it on their fists and emblems. It's not like you painted his helmet orange or something.

>> No.54113509

Keep an eye on the value of the dollar, tovarisch

>> No.54113512

>eating Tyranids
>expecting this to ever turn out okay

>> No.54113515

>5% live below the poverty line
>14% live below the poverty line

but how many cubans can shit post on a malaysian fishing image board on their smart phones?

>> No.54113520

Spitting in the face of the grim darkness with hope and blinding firepower is what we do best.

>> No.54113522

For Orks, Orks do have the prefect society. But internal strife not being an issue because Orks love fighting does make that a little more easy

>> No.54113523

I doubt there's any long term issues for someone with the constitution of an average Ork. Maybe some short-term indigestion--but hey, more food for the squig pits!

>> No.54113524

That's it's been rising against the pound sterling thanks to brexit?

That's it's been rising against the euro thanks to brexit, immigrants, and greece?

That's it's been rising against the canadian dollar thanks to the canadian housing crisis?

>> No.54113530

>Keep an eye on the value of the dollar

Foolish foreigner, the value of the glorious American dollar is always exactly $1 USD! How can I keep an eye on it when it never changes! It is the inferior foreign countries whose currencies are in a constant state of chaos due to their inferior governments and societies! The ones that rise merely got lucky and will soon be brought to heel under our star-spangled boots!

>> No.54113532

>haha, our poor can have iPhones while your poor is just fed and given healthcare!

>> No.54113535

best weapons to give chosen? i wnna fit them into my army somehow

>> No.54113539

But anon, false hope is one of the most integral parts of the grim darkness of the far future.

>> No.54113546

Well yes, they made their for themselves.
There they can live happily with no crime, no poverty, no starvation, and with a hell of a lot of violence.

>> No.54113547

>Keep an eye on the value of the dollar
>the Chinese government has kept the yuan artificially low to so that it stays cheaper than the dollar

>> No.54113550

>haha I actually think Cuba is a better place to live than America

This is so sad that I'm not even going to make fun of you.

>> No.54113551

i'd take an iphone over waiting in a bread line, any day.

not to mention all the people fleeing cuba on rafts made out of garbage . . . yup, cuba soujnds like its in a great place.

>> No.54113552

To be fair if there's any race that could eat Tyranids with limited ill effects it would be Orks but

We're talking about creatures that are literally crawling with toxic spores, flesh-eating parasites, some of the deadliest microbes known to the magos biologis, bio-engineered super-viruses, sometimes acid blood, etc etc

>> No.54113557

As they live in the Webway (surface of the Warp) and their main predator is Daemons, it is super illegal to do anything psychic in Commoragh because it might point daemons in the Dark City's general direction... using any psionics gets detected by a bunch of psionic gadgetd and a crazy amount of dakka brought down on your entire quadrant.

Being Dark Eldar, they have tried sneaking daemons in and blowing up warp gates to kill each other pretty often. It never goes well.
Vect realized it's way easier to drop Space Marine Battlecruisers onto anything he wants dead. That's why he's the boss.

Baron Sathonyx got kicked into reaverdom because he brought a Farseer to Commoragh alive as a trophy, which was pretty stupid of him.

Instead of getting congratulated like he was expecting, he started getting shot at and banished... he uses her(the Farseer's) bones to do creepy divination and between being super salty about being a wanted man and the info the bones tell him he became the leader of all hellion gangs, and made hellions more than dumb punk reaver wannabes.

Also, like Malekith being afraid of a male witch killing him due to prophecies, thus exterminating/enslaving any male caster, Vect is really damn smart; so smart the only plausible threat to his domination is magic psychic bullshit, so he keeps everyone at each other's throats in general and makes sure no one can act beyond his comprehension via supernatural powers...
His two biggest threats/rivals are Sathonyx due to some janky future bones and uniting the underclass (hardly an actual threat, at best Sathy is pretty much a cross between Space Bin Laden and Jared Leto. But an increasing amount of assassins and huge bounties hasn't taken him down yet) and Lady Malys, who was just about as smart as him in the first place, and is a patsy of Cegorach, thus also got some prescient psychic shenanigans going on.
Unlike Sathonyx, Malys is actually doing a great job of undermining Vect.

>> No.54113561

>Not literally as bad as communism

You literally lost.

>> No.54113564

>sometimes acid blood, etc etc

Xenomorphs are just skinny orks.

>> No.54113567

They really aren't trying to hide bad elements of tau. Making out the ethereals to be real assholes
-they want farsight to die conveniently
-one ethereal mind controlled a genki water caste waifu into suicide

Not just anime, but japanese as a whole
Literally called them a rising sun in the east once

>> No.54113574

They're only fleeing because america has a military base there that has not only gotten bigger since it was built, but that is having an increasing number of terrorists sent to it.

>> No.54113576

Go look up what Facism really is, not your liberal brainwashed preconceptions of what it is, then come back to me.

>> No.54113579


>> No.54113586

No, i didnt bother. I actually need to go back and paint a few as sergeants so I dont get confused

>> No.54113591

>I'd rather starve than shitpost

Useful idiot

>why do the people who can no longer exploit the labor of the working class leave to a country that will allow them to exploit the labor of the working class

>> No.54113601

Heres pedro at the center of my jumping bean army

>> No.54113603

>heavily implied to be the Japanese/Weeaboo faction
Literally no model carrying anything remotely resembling a samuri sword. Trained to forgo stupid ides like "HONOR" and rather focus on accomplishing results.
Caste system based on societal roles, certainly more like Japan then say India?
>heavily implied to be the Japanese/Weeaboo faction

>> No.54113605

Oh look it's another /pol/fags shit up an entire thread with completely off-topic horseshit episode.

>> No.54113606

Anyone fleeing to the US on trashboats isn't going to be exploiting anyone except some bleeding heart liberals.

>> No.54113608

>your definition of fascism is wrong, but my definition of communism is right

>> No.54113609


I'm sure it's the wealthy exploiters leaving Cuba in literal garbage rafts.

>> No.54113611

Somehow it is hard not to admire Vect for what he accomplished, even if he is the most backstabbing raping manipulative son of a bitch the universe might ever see.

>> No.54113615


lol, the joys of communism comrad!

honestly every communist country has either ended up as a shit hole (venezuela) or turned to the free market(china)

>> No.54113620

>you havent done your reading and don't know the meanings fo the terms you bandy about.

>> No.54113622

>the government took my factory where I was paying the workers pennies, I better leave

>> No.54113625

vect didn't accomplish anything. All his accomplishments are literally handwavium.

>> No.54113628


>> No.54113632

Is the Hellforged Deredo any good? I like the old-school look of the model but its rules seem kinda weird.

>> No.54113638

And those people leave on jets, and yachts.

Not a raft made of trashbags stretched over 13 particleboard doors held together by bubblegum and dried mud.

>> No.54113648

>jumping bean


>> No.54113653

>spot the commanding officer.jpg

Foolish marines this is why you die to ork snipers

>> No.54113663

>We're talking about creatures that are literally crawling with toxic spores, flesh-eating parasites, some of the deadliest microbes known to the magos biologis, bio-engineered super-viruses, sometimes acid blood, etc etc
You underestimate the determination of Ork cooks good sir!
No matter how many grots they kill during the tasting process, those crazy gits WILL make something edible, because WAAAGH!

>Swarmlord gets killed while fighting on Octarius
>regenerates in a new body, immediately goes back to surface
>Finds Orks using his carcass as an all-you-can-eat buffet
>Swarmy really, REALLY hates the Orks now

>> No.54113670

Italy wasn't fascist?

>> No.54113677

>No matter how many grots they kill during the tasting process, those crazy gits WILL make something edible, because WAAAGH!
Oh god now I'm picturing Gorkdon Ramzay yelling at Grotz "ITZ STILL ZOGGIN RAW!"

>> No.54113684

But Pedro is a master of evasion thanks to his extensive experience of Flamengo dancing.

>> No.54113692

>b-but you lost
Under the power of 3 world superpowers and 6 years of nonstop war, yeah.

>> No.54113707

Did I miss the bit where we transitioned from weeaboo-hate to wehraboo-hate?

>> No.54113716

>Gorkdon Ramzay


Can any drawfriend out there make a pic of this. This just needs to happen.

>> No.54113717

>'Right. Zog this, we's gettin' panzees!

>> No.54113718

So like every accomplishment in 40k

>> No.54113725

>Gorkdon Ramzay
>Ork Gordon Ramsey

This is brilliant.

>"Oi, ya git ! Yer callin' dat a propar roasted squigh ?! It's still chewing on yer leg ya panzy"

>> No.54113726

we're hating on commies, everyone knows that its America's favorite past time.

>> No.54113737

If you're doing Templars then just do old Marine units. The Templars are cool because they have a completely different organizational system and such. With Primaris, that distinctiveness is lost.

>> No.54113746

I wish Chosen had special weapons of the daemon variety.

>> No.54113759


>ork snipers

An oxymoron if I've ever seen one

>> No.54113760

>implying hating communism isn't a natural response for anyone with a brain

Might as well say your favorite hobby is breathing.

>> No.54113791

>An oxymoron if I've ever seen one
The Celestial Lions probably thought the same thing... until the Ork snipers picked off all their commanders using las weapons.

Probably were 'Grot snipers' if we're gonna be technical here. Only they would use las weapons instead of proppa Ork tech.

>> No.54113807


At least grots aren't terrible shots

>> No.54113815

The Celestial Lions probably wear boss banners too.

>> No.54113818

They're useless against my Stormraven spam. :)

>> No.54113820

The Celestial Lions were even so baffled by the whole thing that the Inquisition had to tell them it were Ork snipers ! What bumbling fools.

>> No.54113824

Do we have a PDF of the Farsight book?

>> No.54113847

Not that I see but I haven't been looking for very long.

>> No.54113856

I still say you should have given him his blue helmet. His unique model amd back banner already make him stand out.

Though that's more my lore autism demanding everything be painted correctly, such as Crimson Fists not using any markings except the crimson gauntlets.

>> No.54113869

>The giant bent over a canted shelf of scattered data-slates, the stub of a quill clutched in his blunt fingers. Candlelight played across his densely muscled frame. He did not write so much as slash and stab at the vellum parchment, scribbling things down and crossing them out as if ideas were forcing their way from his head at great speed.
>Now and again the giant would turn upon his simple metal stool to look back at the forest of tangled combat servitors behind him, the collection poorly lit by spots of amber illumination in the gloom beyond. Some were broken wrecks, little more than skeletons of metal twisted out of true by some long-forgotten act of violence. Some were hulking constructs of pistons and brushed steel, poised as if to strike.
>The quill-stub scratched and split, ink spattering upon the vellum. Growling, the giant grabbed a splinter of charcoal and brushed several swift lines on his diagram, turning the ink blot into another dynamic sketch.

lel space marines have to write with quill and ink

>> No.54113871

>yfw it actually was ork snipers

>> No.54113881

Nigga Space Marines are literally warrior-monks in space. They wear simple robes outside of battle as their only clothes. The Dark Angels wear their robes in battle.

>> No.54113882

>tfw resident ork player gives me passive aggressive shit about not having wysiwyg combi-weapons on my sisters squad leaders

>> No.54113891

yes it is

>> No.54113904

What do you mean? Like how basketball Americans are cowardly individuals but have an Orky mob mentality?

>> No.54113915

and thus we have come full circle... We have seen the birth of WAAC ork players

>> No.54113920


Maybe you should make your shit WYSIWYG instead of counting it as whatever you need to tailor or is FotM then faggot

>> No.54113938

Let me get right on drilling out my one piece model whose bolter is literally cast into its torso

>> No.54113954

>Dose dastardly Blood Axe gitz! Dun dey know 'sniping' iz cowardly squigshit used by da grotz and da Tau? - An irritated Goff Nob upon realizing the Celestial Lion he was seconds away from introducing to his Power Klaw has his head blown off by a sniper-using Blood Axe Kaptin

>> No.54113958


Better be using an official Citadel (TM) drill

>> No.54113962

Arguably he has done about as much for the setting as the orks ever have: he's there to harass the do-gooders (or as close as 40k gets) every now and again, he's ensured his species is sitting around virtually invulnerable and healthy, entertaining themselves with their hobbies and generally being the ideal statesman for his species.

Unfortunately his entire species is butts, and their hobbies are gruesome torture and murder, I guess.

But the Dark eldar don't really want to "win."
From their perspective they already did. All they want in life is to troll the lesser races and make them miserable as shit before going back home to have a fap and go to bed.

You can say they're kind of lame villains, but they totally carved out their niche.

And there's always the chance they'll decide today's the day to steal/blow up Terra's sun, sending Terra careening out into the darkness of space...

>> No.54113976

>Didn't happen in Traitor's Blade.
That is literally what happened, the Black Legion made an organized retreat while Khorne's boys just ran around like lunatics until the Imperium picked them all off. Kharn was the only survivor, and only because Abaddon specifically arranged for him to be bailed out. He showed his sense and gratitude by killing the dark tech-priests who did it.

>> No.54113990

>Ork players take the time to convert all their shit
>Sisters player gets bitchy when asked to model a combi-weapon

>> No.54113997

wow, just crossed the line with this bit I read
too fucking far gw

>A hand-sized guidance drone hovered before him. It blipped as he reached each turning point, directing its sensors towards him and dipping its rim in obeisance. Now it hovered in front of a lozenge-shaped portal. He gestured, and the diminutive device opened it with a tight beam of light before passing into the vestibule beyond.
>As he moved after the drone, Por Malcaor took off his azure cloth mantle and threw it over the disc-like machine. The drone made to shrug it off, but he caught the cloth’s ends and gathered them in fast. The little machine squeaked in confusion. It pulled away, and Por Malcaor yanked the ends of the cloth mantle hard, swinging it out wide to smash the drone against the portal’s frame. Again and again he swung it, each impact a resounding crack. The drone’s beeps turned to shrieks of alarm, and then silence.

drone abuse is just too far

>> No.54114006

>one of these things is multi plastic parts
>one of these things is a solid chunk of metal

>> No.54114014

>one of these things is (half) a weapon swap

>> No.54114016

Where does it say that? I see fist sergeants and veterans depicted with red helmets a lot

>> No.54114032

If I managed to get my grav talon Reaver within 1" of 2 charged units, do I roll for each unit?

>> No.54114048


>> No.54114067


>ork player does things he doesn't have to with a plastic kit
>sisters player literally has no model available to represent a weapons option

>> No.54114068

>Literally shoving communists into ovens.
WTF I love based AdMech now.

>> No.54114077

>>5% live below the poverty line
considering their poverty line is several miles lower than the american one, good for you i guess?

>> No.54114096

>getting hissy about the only conversion you need to do in your fetish army

>> No.54114099

>ork player does things he doesn't have to with a plastic kit
I'll take "Wot iz a Looted Vehicle for 400 Teef? Aleks."

>> No.54114109

Something that doesn't exist.

>> No.54114118

I'm right there with you friend.

Feel the same about scions.

>> No.54114122


>> No.54114129

Holy shit. Some of us have been playing from the very beginning. That shit was literally lead. It killed you if you converted it and we did it anyway. Find a different hobby, you pussy.

>> No.54114138


There is no sob model with that weapon.
You would have to drill off the weapon, but an entire new kit that has that weapon in plastic, and glue space marine hands on to it or something.

wysiwyg is pure autism anyway

>> No.54114142

Germany wasn't fascist. It was National Socialist. Italy was fascist.

Italy lost to Ethiopia.

Also, Neetsocs are idiots and your ideology is also trash.

>> No.54114147


>whines about handling lead as if it will kill him
>calls others a pussy
lmao @ ur life

>> No.54114156

>Claiming Looted Vehicles don't exist despite the fact they exist all the time in the fluff and many prior editions before 'battlewagons' were a thing
Looks like dis humie's readin dat silly 'Upliftin' Primer' rag.

>> No.54114165

I was riffing on the fact that orkz lost looted wagons in 8th.

>> No.54114197

>this weapon swap is literally impossible
>if I pretend the weapon is something it's not I can change it every game
>maybe my opponent will even forget what it is haha

>> No.54114225

>lost looted wagons
Last I checked GW basically dumped making the rule responsibility for Looted Wagons on Forge World, not that we'd lost them outright.

>> No.54114240

And they're not in the forgeworld index, so good luck with that.

>> No.54114250


>he doesn't know about the time the tau genocide a human planet by sinking it on lava because they didn't wanted to join the greater good and literally killing everyone there
They should have used meat grinders, furnaces were too good for the likes of them, tau deserve no sympathy

>> No.54114258


>>this weapon swap is literally impossible
>>if I pretend the weapon is something it's not I can change it every game
Why would that be a problem?
>>maybe my opponent will even forget what it is haha
then they can just ask like a normal person

>> No.54115436

When do I want to tarpit?

>> No.54115451


Depends on the army. Wyches can prevent things from leaving combat, which is big when you multicharge a gun line. They also have a 4++ save, so they're good at holding down elite melee units like termies.

>> No.54115503

How should i remove paint from some old miniatures I found?

>> No.54116042

It's the Admech, man. They do anything they have to in the name of greater efficiency, and they're probably the most grimdark faction in the entire Imperium, look up Thallax. I'm glad that they appear to be lining up as the Tau's main Imperial opponent, hopefully they'll burn more bluies when IA14 comes around.

>> No.54116129

If you're in UK, brown dettol.

Soak it for 6-12 hours, scrub with very soapy warm water (do not use just water as the paint will goop). Once everything has been removed then you can wash the residue off with clean water.

If you're in America, get ready to be told to use Simple Green which is shit.

>> No.54116443

What's a good loadout for a Leviathan dread?

I'm a little adverse to using the new Redemptor, regardless of how good it's rules might be (though with everything SM I imagine it'll be mediocre)

I prefer to use the old tanks and dreads alongside Primaris for the models and think the Lev will make a nice, but not OTT centrepiece

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