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Thunder hawk more like thunder DORK, edition.

>daily dancan


>Latest news :

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf(and epub), SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>Old crap

>List Builder
Sisters of basshole'd

>WIP Math-hammer doc

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Reboxing? New start collecting? What's going on?

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Obviously being squatted.

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First for the dark mechanicum.

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>is the sister meme forcer thread edition

i'm out lads, it'll just be him forcing his shit meme for the entire thread

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Best flying transport in the imperium ?

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Lets see how long it takes in this thread.

Happened multiple times in last one.

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>melee race
>mov 5"
>running out of stores

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Rate? How fast am I looking to get tabled here?

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Press F to pay respects.

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Are Orks overpowered? Everyone seems to think so now.
What's a WAAC way to play Orks?

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This thread is now raided by the Red Corsairs

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I've recently picked up some tanks to use for a Tau army. Should I assemble Longstike, a normal Hammerhead, or one of the Devilfish first?

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i suspect that your sadness is fake

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Use daisy chains.

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>What's a WAAGH way to play Orks?

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All the armies in 8th are good now, people are buying a lot of models

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>dark angels
I see what you did there.

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>Why are the most OP army in the game selling out??? OMG SQUATTED CONFIRMED!

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I never thought I would see the day when nobz in a naut is UNIRONICALLY a really powerful tactic.

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>literally the cure to Stormraven spam
>optimal anti-air setup is 195 pts
>can take 5 kitted out Corvus per 1k points compared to 3-4 Stormravens
>Stormravens forced to hit on +5
>has an anti-air mini-nuke option with +1 to hit
>can fly over Stormravens for free auto-hit mortal wound on a 6
>stats are virtually identical to a Stormraven

Any better options for Stormraven killing?

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Show me where I said that Orks are going to be squatted, faggot. I'm just paying attention to the difference between "no longer available" and "temporarily out of stock online".
Maybe GW is going to change the orks start collecting because Painboy is no longer a HQ?

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Battalion Detachment
Renegade Commander 30 HQ
Slaanesh Covt 0
Plasna Pistol 5

Malefic Lord 30

Renegade Command Squad Elite
9 models 54
Heavy Stubber 4
Banner of Hate 10
58 x 2 116

Renegade Mutants
Shotguns 0
20 models 80 x 4 320

Chaos Spawn FA
2 Spawn 33 points
66 x 2 132

Armored Sentinel FA
40 points
Sentinel Chainsaw 2
Multi Laser 10
52 x 3 156

Ogryn Brutes Elite
5 Brutes 150
Ogryn Weapons 4
Boss 10
164 x 2 328

Hellhound 73 FA

Devil Dog 73 FA

Renegade Enforcer 30 Elite
Power Fist

Renegade Enforcer 30 Elite
Power Axe 5

Supreme Command Detachment
Malefic Lord 30 x 2 60 HQ

Psyker Coven 100


Not sure if I run mortars of Heavy Stubbers in the Command Squads.

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They need to swap in 8th ed. Datasheets. Maybe they're giving them a new box too. I doubt the contents will change.

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Well, it's also hiting the raven on +5s

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40 model transport that kills 1-2 ravens a turn, is essentially immune to their gunfire due to voideshields, and keeps your troops out of their fire until most of them are dead.

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I suspect it'll be a reboxing, yes.

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i said i can found it with the search engine, but i can't see it in the online store listing with the tags.

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So, TG, how have you been? Great, so I came back to 40k after I get some free time again and wanted to play again since I left back in sixth, but my group told me 40k is death because it got sigmared apparently, I despise AoS and everything it stand for, so the question is how much of this is truth? I play space wolves and guard by the way, how have they changed? Do I have to stick with older editions if I want a decent game?

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Corvus hits on +5 if it moves.
Stormravens must always hit Corvus on +5.

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What do you think of this?

Strategy is to move the Arks forwards in waves, one rank moves, other stays still then alternate next turn. Rapid fire infantry, big shots to big things.

Scarabs are just harassment with leftover points.

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why dont you just try it? you already got the models

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Losing facings, templates, and everything being able to hurt evertyhing are probably the things you'll dislike.

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2 things:

1- I'd like to make a mechanized IW army. Is it worthwhile to do? Which tanks are affordable to have in there? I was thinking of Vindicators, Land Raider, Defiler and Forgefiends.

2- How would I convert Khorne Berzerkers? i want to kit bash that kit with some AoS Khorne stuff, but idk how to go about it. Help?

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>40k is [dead]
Far from it

>> No.54107875

Space wolves longships (stormwolf)

>> No.54107890

>40k is dead
Far from it

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So Battlescribe doesn't seem to have FW units for marines yet?

Am I just not downloading the right things?

>> No.54107895

All Eldar flyers.
In particular Hemlocks.

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>reee AoS Reeeeeee!
>I trust peoples meme opens rather than finding out myself
(You) shitposter.

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Re-asking a question from the last thread.

I want to pick Orks for my first 1000pts army.
I was thinking about a Start Collecting (stupid sexy Deff Dread), Ork Warboss Grukk's Boss-Mob box to cover the HQ (also never enough nobz) and Ork Trukk Boyz or Killa Kans box. Which one should I pick and why?

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Battlescribe is fucking shit, Jesus. Can anyone rate my list?

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1. Vindicators are poop, go Predators and Land Raiders. I dont love the Daemon Engines because BS 4+, but they're okay.

2. Without venturing in really heavy conversion work, You'd mainly just be doing head and weapon swaps onto the AoS bodies. Easy stuff.

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What do you hate about AoS? Upset they saved a game that wasn't even in the Top 10 sellers, let alone Top 10, and is now 4th?


Oh so you're just another one of these concern trolling retards. Fuck off. You got your replies.

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Phoenix imagery is pretty accurate, 40k is dead, 40k is here.

The 3rd edition framework lasted most of the game's history, and as sad as it was to see it diseased as it was the last few editions, it's sad to see it go.

8th is a decent system, less personality, but decent. Has a few pros, certainly isn't 7th.

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>can fly over Stormravens for free auto-hit mortal wound on a 6
>Corvid missiles: D1
That's the best you can come up with?
Stormravens hit it on 4's, by the way. They have PoTM. And have way more firepower.

But either way, have fun with your little cuckplane.
>his flier can't carry a dreadnought

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You need more boyz, and the Trukk boyz box is a better value discount wise anyway.

>> No.54107969


>Stormravens hit it on 4's

Check the Corvus profile before you shitpost.

>-1 to hit because flyer
>-1 to hit because anti-air add-on

+5 to hit regardless of what its armed with

And at 2k points, 7 anti-air Corvus vs 5 Stormravens means more assault cannon shots on 4+ in hover and more anti-air missile shots on 3+.

Corvus spam is the future, nobody has realized it yet.

>> No.54107973

Painboyz aren't an HQ, so likely the box is being changed.

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The Emperor (or the Chaos Gods) comes to you and tells you to conquerer the galaxy quickly, you may take 3 primarchs and their armies (including successors), only rules are all 3 must be loyal or all 3 must be traitors.

>The Lion as my general/warmaster. - Best tactician, strong as fuck, managed a whole crusade against monsters before, being warmaster settles his autism, ravenwing basically gives you white scars but with nicer toys
>Guilliman - biggest legion, great at deplomacy to get those neutrals and those who don't really want to contribute to join your fight as well as making deals with human populations that aren't in the empire yet
>Sanguinius - foresight will come in useful, legion has the red thirst that will makes them great in combat (just make sure the others stay away from them), great physkers

Actually putting that together made me realise the Imperium Secundus actually had the best dudes.

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>> No.54107995


6E is dog shit compare to 8E but you may prefer 5E over 8E as its less "AoS"

>> No.54108001


>They saved a game

Christ, and you're calling -him- a troll?

>> No.54108006

Iffy about the Celestians and the priests.
I'd add more models to the battle sister squads instead.

>> No.54108013

In terms of a business and how many people play it? Yes.

>> No.54108017

Never mind, just remembered max unit size is now 15.

>> No.54108026

Salamanders, Raven Guard, and Iron Hands. History shows the 3 of them do well together.

>> No.54108028

Shitposter. Please ignore this post.

>> No.54108040

>saved a game
>by axing it and making a whole new game using what's left of old minis
>after they ran the old game to the ground with shitty rules


>> No.54108047

The only reason for Celestians IMO is to protect an Eviscerator Canoness in CC and, in that case, I think its a bit of a waste not to go with a power weapon S. Superior.

>> No.54108061


More like Salamanders are just good team players and nice guys in general while RG are all business and excellent in Istvaan guerilla combat conditions. IH were fucking hindrances.

>> No.54108062

Rate and hate my meta buster, 4 hours of meticulous planning


>> No.54108070

Ferrus Manus
Rogal Dorn
Leman Russ

Let the galaxy tremble with autism

>> No.54108072


My point stands. Go insist you're doing great in your containment general.

>> No.54108073

And it's still better than WHFB

>> No.54108076

Nth for Guardfags can fuck off

>> No.54108081

Help me out here someone,

If I pick up a Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter, it has the option to add 6 Skystrike missiles to its loadout. Do I pay for each single missile in points (15pts) when playing matched play? Or do you only just pay for one in the loadout?

When firing with them, can you fire all 6 if you wanted in one round of shooting?

>> No.54108088


>Horus - Warmaster, motherfucker.
>Mortarion - Best regular marines, can be used in any environment
>Lorgar - Motivation to keep Morty's dudes rolling.

>> No.54108090

that's pretty nice, actually look like a badass merc or marauder rather than The thing in armou

>> No.54108091

No it doesn't. It's selling better than WHFB ever was. That's all GW care about. If you don't like that, go and cry to them and tell them they shouldn't care about profit as a profit driven business. I don't give a shit about AoS but denying it's doing better than WHFB is fucking hilarious, when WHFB was shit from 1995 onwards. So, unless you played from 1987 to 1995, you got no right to complain.

>> No.54108092


I don't understand how X-Wing is consistently on top. It has to be a constant influx of new players, otherwise that would mean current players buy shit tons of ships

>> No.54108100

The rules are easy, Star Wars is vastly more popular than all other settings combined and the models are ready assembled and painted? How WOULDN'T it do well?

>> No.54108101

Can someone shoot me that meme about that Eldar guy choosing his particular flavor of eldar? The one that's just "Meltagun", "Everyone around you also gets a meltagun"

>> No.54108103

Just keep moving that goalpost, man.

>> No.54108109

it has it's own entry
Imperium - FW Adeptus Astartes

>> No.54108119

ya i was looking at the Blood Warrior kit and it could loop pretty neat. swap some guns, add some backpacks.

i just love daemon engines though. they're so nice looking.

>> No.54108126

>popular setting
>easy rules
>don't need a lot of models
>no need to paint them
>people are buying them also for their star wars shit collections

>> No.54108132

Not the same guy, faggot. 'Save the game' is a nebulous term I grant you, but in this context it's easy to apply to 'it wasn't completely scrapped'. It wasn't. It's there. It's more profitable than ever and more players than it had since 1995.

>> No.54108137

>He needs to park to get a 4+
Pathetic. Call me back when the Corvus can take plasma cannons AND a pair multimeltas.

And if the Corvus hovers it loses both hard to hit and supersonic, so there's no penalty to shoot it. Not even from Infernum launchers.

It also can't carry dreadnoughts.

>> No.54108142


Got a Star Destroyer on sale for $40 NIB and its sitting on my collectibles shelf.

>> No.54108155

Another benefit: they're all sexy fabulous blondes.

>> No.54108157

>that fucking scene
IMPERIAL FISTS Best part of the trailer.

>> No.54108163

>tfw I still feel like I'm being mocked when people say Orks can compete

>> No.54108168

finally a counter to the stormraven meta

jeez I almost thought this game is broken

>> No.54108180


>Pathetic. Call me back when the Corvus can take plasma cannons AND a pair multimeltas.
>>implying anyone is taking plasma cannons in 8ed
>>implying twin multimelta with 5+ to hit rolls are worth mentioning

>And if the Corvus hovers it loses both hard to hit and supersonic, so there's no penalty to shoot it. Not even from Infernum launchers.
At that point it doesn't matter because

>>More Corvus
>>More shots
>>More total wounds

Oh and the one Corvus flyer which got knocked down to single digit wounds can just fly away and you'll have to hit it on a 5+ again just to kill it.

>> No.54108196


No HQ, can't fit in an 1850pt game, illegal

>> No.54108197

Any news on when will the proper codexes be released ? I wonder if they add Primaris Marines to Deathwatch when their turn comes.

>> No.54108213

The trauma must run deep after 3 editions.

I still haven't fully come to terms with that Thousand Sons infantry is actually decent now rather than a tax and very expensive meatshield for your sorcerers.

>> No.54108226

Wouldn't Fulgrim be better warmaster than Abaddon if he managed to outsmart Guilliman? The only problem his legion is a mess even if they are united into one.

>> No.54108230


Oh, thank you. Baffling.

>> No.54108236

You're talking to people who are surprised they get charged for commission labor that doesn't yield physical products and think companies should sustain Chinese piracy level costs and consider amounts lower than $40 to be "too expensive"

>> No.54108243


>Fulgrim trolled Guilliman with a cursed crown instead of putting a bomb in the crown
>somehow smarter

>> No.54108249

sometimes you gotta counter cheese with cheese
thats how you win at tournaments, right?

i really want into the waac club, PLEASE

>> No.54108263

>>Top 5 Non-Collectible Minature Lines
>>people are buying them also for their star wars shit collections

Starwars fags ruining everything as per usual.

>> No.54108267

So I will end up with two units of boyz and two units of nobz. Will it be enough infantry for 1k pts army? I don't want to get "too big" model-count wise

>> No.54108269

He still wants his huge meaty Gladius Incandor so he tried to corrupt him second time.

>> No.54108275

Fulgrim is stuck in a painting, Dorian Gray style.
If you mean Daemon inhabiting Fulgrim's body, Daemon's can't be Warmasters,

>> No.54108280 [SPOILER] 

New primaris tank leaks

>> No.54108293

They lose option to take Hunter-Killer Missile? Meh!

>> No.54108299

You clearly haven't read the short story resolving that particular plotline

>> No.54108300


Dude you're behind lore by like 10 years at least

>> No.54108305

this actually looks great

>> No.54108308

I think he swapped back out eventually.

>> No.54108318

>repulsor will be THE waac fag tank

>> No.54108322 [SPOILER] 

I guess we can add 'Having xeno engineers help you design our sacred vehicles' to the list of heresies Cawl's committed.
Pic related.

>> No.54108325

>TFW that looks cooler than the original

>> No.54108331

Anyone play any games today?

I did my first game for our escalation thing. It was almost a 2 hour 500 point game, but that's my fault for doing nothing but infantry. It was his first game of 8th and we decided to do kill points with the basic 3 of slay the warlord, linebreaker and first blood.

I had 30 Conscripts, a Commander, a Commissar Lord, a Priest, 2 infantry squads, a Scion squad, a Mortar squad and a Missile Launcher squad.

He brought 5 Primaris Marines, some Captain, some kind of Dreadnought and a 5 man assault squad.

I lost by a few in points, but we were pretty close to tabling each other in the end. I had my Commander, my Priest and the Scion sergeant and he had 3 Primaris Marines left. I rolled like absolute garbage all game. We had about 4 spectators watching all my awful rolls and all his amazing saves.

There was also some confusion on the Dread and he thought he had a 2+ save. I think that might have changed some things, but I don't really mind, it was a great game.

>> No.54108332

This guy is pretty fuckin' boss, how hard would it be to make him look good in 40k rather than just s rush job?

>> No.54108344


Would make a great Ork tank

10/10, would loot again

>> No.54108346


>> No.54108353

Fulgrim: to do my hair
2 missing grill primarchs: death by snoo snoo
Emperor can get fucked I don't want to conquer anything

>> No.54108355


List rebuilt from the ground up

>> No.54108358

One more picture to show the final moment, including the 1 to see if the game continued.

>> No.54108364

Paint him more like 40k orks, give him a big gun and a power klaw.

>> No.54108366

>playing 1850 points
>playing ethereal instead of based Coldstar

Burger spotted.

>> No.54108381

Nobz actually look kinda great to me now. Has anyone here used them effectively in a game yet,

>> No.54108392

You can fit one marker and one shield/gun drone for your ethereal there.

>> No.54108393

Played a game of Deldar vs space marines. I think I must be retarded because my units were moving 16"-24" a turn but it ended up taking me untill turn three to reach his battle lines.

Succubus and archon went on a rampage slaughtering tons of marines, 62 points of wytches did really well and killed about 15 marines while my 240 point reaver squad struggled to beat a 10 man tactical squad in combat.
His captain heroically died by being run over by a raider.

>> No.54108410

Sounds fun. Also sounds like he stayed back. Dark eldar seem great this edition.

>> No.54108438


Also, turn three everyone with power from pain gets +1 to hit in the fight phase? Is that right?
Because my come turn 3 my whole army was hitting on 2s, what's the point on the +1 ws drug if everyone comes in hit on 2s naturally anyway?

>> No.54108446

So with agonizers so cheap now, I tough they'd be the only real choice for haemoculus and wracks, but looking again a fair number of the choices seem decent.
The whip is twice the points for damage 2, scissor hands trades an ap for an extra attack. And venom blade lose the AP, but wounds twice as often.

Flesh gauntlet and mindphase seem terrible though.

>> No.54108449

I love seeing your prisoner conscripts, they're absolutely fluffy

>> No.54108458

-1 to hit things exist, so do turn 1+2 combats

>> No.54108472

Is there anything Devastators do better than other platforms?

>> No.54108473

>can't play points because only waacfags with stormravens play points
>forced to play power level where everyone abuses power with max kitted out options

to play is to suffer

>> No.54108487

Celestine can not tank two lemon russian on her own.
But she can take a Gorknaut on her own.

>> No.54108496

They trade better with vehicle AT, than a tank geared for the same role would.

>> No.54108498


Being cheap-ish

>> No.54108500

Thanks! They are my favorite unit so I like to bring them every game. Just gotta paint the rest of my army, but since 8th has come out I've been building like crazy to put more units in.

>> No.54108508

Sanguinius for public relations and shock troops
Rogal Dorn for building/breaking walls
Rowboat Girlyman to manage the empire and basic troops

>> No.54108510


Just max out your stuff too, going halfway on upgrades is a meme


Is 1850 not the meta I am breaking?

>> No.54108513


Mm, but do they do better than a Contemptor Mortis with quad las as an anti-vehicle platform?

>> No.54108514

Using "muh 5+ mofucka" doesn't matter since the Corvus also hits the Stormraven on 5's, since it lacks PoTM.

So the Stormraven can move supersonic AND shoot at full BS, while to shoot at full BS the Corvus needs to sacrifice all of the penalties to shoot at it.

And it doesn't have multimeltas.
And it can't carry Dreads.
And it can't take plasmas.

>> No.54108523

2k pts is the new competitive meta.

>> No.54108526


4 infantry exclusive heavies (GC mostly) with 5 ablative wounds

If you aren't taking GCs generally tanks are better especially cost efficient RBs, if you don't take all 10 men hellblasters and centurions don't lose guns as fast

Devs can also combat squad and may benefit from future rules

>> No.54108533

Did the prices on GW's SoB models go down or was I looking at the wrong store a few weeks ago?

14$ for heavy weapon models and I have notes recording them at 23.

>> No.54108546

>Most playtested edition

>> No.54108547

Are Dreadnoughts good this edition?

>> No.54108549

You were on Australian prices when you saw $23.

>> No.54108552

You pay for them all. You can fire them all.

>> No.54108560

Seeing as pretty much every Ork player is creating a MA Warboss with him, it isn't too difficult.

This is my current WiP conversion for him. Kitbashed the gun and still need to come up with a way to make a good looking power klaw.

Then I'll attach hydraulics, cables, and a power pack somewhere on the model to complete the look.

>> No.54108576

They get benefit from cover more easy thanks to being Infantry

>> No.54108590

Well fuck, being Australian must suck.


>> No.54108593


>> No.54108596

report to GW so they know to include it in the next FAQ

>> No.54108610

They're not as offensively powerful. It depends a lot on what targets you're facing off with though, as a mortis will be hit harder by AT fire, while devs get hurt more by AP.

>> No.54108620

I don't do Chaos, what am I missing?

>> No.54108623

> Tfw I put power fists/swords on my sternguard vets because it looked cool
> Couldnt bring them in 7th because that was dumb
> Tfw 8th PP lets me take them anyway

>> No.54108624

Yep, they're very effective for the points. There's pretty much no reason to ever take MANz over them now.
They do kinda need a transport, though, that's their only real drawback.

>> No.54108626

>Using FW rules to complain about "muh playtested"
>When it is known that FW only had 2 weeks to make rules for all their models

>> No.54108628

Why does most tyranid stuff have shit strength?

Unless I want to use crusher claws and hit things on 5+, there's only like 3 MCs that can wound a rhino on a 4+ or better and one of them is the swarmlord.

>> No.54108631

Seeing as y'all weren having a dandy time last thread, can any Grey Knights players tell me if there's a decent advantage to taking Dreadknights?

I mean, they can do some good damage with the hammer in theory, but 4 S12 attacks hitting on a 4+ just doesn't seem all that great when you can grab a venerable dread with lascannons for virtually the same price.

Am I the only one that thinks that? Aside from slight increase in resilience to small arms fire and potential for DS Dreadknight feels like kinda crap.

>> No.54108632

It's giving it the wrong abilities.

>> No.54108635

>implying FW did any play testing
>implying just because mistakes exist in 8E it wasn't playtested far more extensively than previous editions

This meme really shows how fucking retarded you faggots are. It's as if you think the one or two times in your pathetic lives you get something right somehow means you're not worthless pieces of shit

Guaranteed responses and accusations of mad or sperg, watch

>> No.54108637

Don't forgot they'd just lost a team member and friend, besides.

>> No.54108653

>Reminds me of The Dark Tower

>newfags won't get this

>> No.54108656

You talking just melee?

>> No.54108658

It just misnames them.

RAW it doesn't matter, it already has the rules it just needs the keywords.

>> No.54108669

Yeah I know deathspitters at S7 can wreck some stuff. But melee feels really anemic. May as well just mass genestealers for those rending 6s no matter how tough the target is.

>> No.54108672


>Using "muh 5+ mofucka" doesn't matter since the Corvus also hits the Stormraven on 5's, since it lacks PoTM.

Until it hovers, which it will on turn 2 after evading at worst 80% of all shots thrown at it and then proceed to knock out one Stormraven guaranteed.

>So the Stormraven can move supersonic AND shoot at full BS, while to shoot at full BS the Corvus needs to sacrifice all of the penalties to shoot at it.

Full BS still means hits on 5+ until the Corvus spam hovers and stats knocking Stormravens out of the sky. At which point, it becomes a numbers game where the Corvus will always outnumber the Stormravens and have more shots than the Stormravens. The Stormraven spam will literally have to make every shot a wound to outdamage the Corvus spam by that stage.

>And it doesn't have multimeltas.
>And it can't carry Dreads.
>And it can't take plasmas.

But it will kick a Stormraven spam out of a tournament.

>> No.54108692

I was recently debating if I was going to get a stormraven or a land raider crusader to carry my terminators. I went with the stormraven, but apparently that makes me a WAACfag and so I regret my decision.

>> No.54108694

I think you want to run Dreadknights with just dreadfists and two shooty weapons as a ranged fire platform now. In melee it is really only good against other, bigger models, whilst its ranged weapons have a high ROF and reasonable Damage too, making those very versatile.

>> No.54108707

When they're not being used as red-shirts, in the fluff IH are like a marine/crises suit hybrid with all their specialty systems and maximum firepower.
Thing is, they make really really good red shirts

>> No.54108708

nowt wrong with taking a Stormraven to move a Terminator squad about. If you make an army of Stormravens that's a different matter

>> No.54108727

Still working on getting things ready for 8th, but in love with Nob bikers. Kustom shoota and big choppa, with some kombi-skorchas and klaws in the mix, you're getting so many shots and attacks from each one. And 3W each means they aren't as heavily effected by tge plethora of D2 weapons, like regular bikers or foot nobs are.

Speaking of Orks, how the fuck does pricing for Nobs in squads work?

>> No.54108733

It gets the wrong special rules when taking a chaos mark.

>> No.54108742

>Speaking of Orks, how the fuck does pricing for Nobs in squads work?
They cost the same as a regular boy, it's a free upgrade.

>> No.54108744

Taking one of a unit never makes you a WAACfag. It is only when almost your entire army is one single unit repeated endlessly, your dice are loaded, your tape measure is 'stretched' and you constantly bend and break rules if not straight up cheat that you are a true WAACfag.

>> No.54108761

Ultramarine Armored Company, 50 PL/1000 Points, Spearhead Detachment

>Land Raider Crusader w/HK missile, Multi-melta, Storm Bolter

>HK Missile, Predator Autocannon, Storm Bolter

>HK missile, Twin Lascannon, Two Lascannons, Storm Bolter

>HK Missile, Castellan Launcher

>HK Missile, Vengeance Launcher

The idea was use models I already own for a tough as nails armored squadron that can forgive the mistakes I'll probably make because of how tough they are. I think I might want to drop the multi-melta for heavy bolters on the autocannon predator though.

>> No.54108765

>Thing is, they make really really good red shirts
Funny, I don't remember the entire original Iron Hands chapter getting wiped out by Orks. Unless I'm mixing them up with the Imperial Fists again, which is also possible.

>> No.54108771

That's crazy.

>> No.54108776

>the lion, best tactician
>wasnt able to stop some retard from duping half his army

>> No.54108788

all "sargents" work that way now. Same thing with a squad of nobs, you don't pay extra for the "boss nob" but you still pay for any wargear

>> No.54108793

Its rather like pretty much any "WAACfag" tactic. One or even two isn't a problem, its when your entire list is comprised of a single unit that it becomes a problem. I think a lot of it is skewed because we here at /40kg/ seem to take tourney play as fact for what me and you are doing at our FLGS, but what WAACfags want to do is solve the game, find ways to eliminate any interaction and win games without thought. I think it's important that when you hear about some shitty list strategy, look at your armies, see if you go "wait, I don't do that", and don't sweat it. If you do, then...have fun at tournies, I guess.

>> No.54108803

Plot Twist: The Lion and his Dark Angels didn't join chaos but planned rebellion against the emperor and Luther remained loyal

>> No.54108813

Thank you for your intelligent contribution.

>> No.54108815

Can I wrap a unit around a special character so that only melee and snipers can hit the character? I don't want cunts dropping in behind and blasting my character to shit.

>> No.54108827

>Unpainted models
One less reason to defend guardfags here.

>> No.54108828

Yes, there is nothing preventing you from just putting a character in the middle of a huge unit where almost nothing can reach him.

>> No.54108869

Am I a douche for doing that? I just don't like how exposed expensive characters are to deep strikes and shit.

>> No.54108875


For the last time... that does not actually work. The number of attacks you sacrifice by leaving those boys out of combat is equal to or greater than the number of attacks you gain from Thraka's bubble. This is just a needlessly complicated maneuver with diminishing returns.

>> No.54108902

After getting horrible suggestions on tg all fucking day long I decided to run a Thunderhawk Transport that carried a Prometheus landraider

Both the hawk and the landraider were filled to the brim with various outfits of Inquisitor Acolyte squads, All the unique Inquisitors and a dozen or so vanilla Inquisitors

On the ground I ran 3 repressors filled with 4 multi melta sisters and more acolytes

I also had 3 dominion repressors filled with more melta and acolytes

For the fucking hell of it I had two deathstrike missiles too, deployed behind BLOS.

Two assassins to help my acolytes out if they get stuck too deep.

Once my acolytes started to deploy in great numbers the chaotic mix of weaponry on the squads made my opponents get hung up on target priority.

Multi wounds weapons were targeted on my vehicles which left the simple D1 weapons to shoot my acolytes which needless to say my acolytes tanked it easily with their 3 wounds.

with near unlimited +2 "Look out sir" rolls many of my inquisitors dared to charge headfirst into.

My turns were staggered and two of them were just spent on positioning. Because of the nature of my army I disembarked and embarked again several times in the match

I won against every opponent and went 5-0 and I'm going to play the remaining matches tomorrow.
My matches were very quick, my phases were easy to play out and I rarely had to look at the datasheets since I had so few different units.

I don't think I could play this way with any other army. I think it's a decent "general" list.

I had some issues with assault armies, but since I had dozens upon dozens of plasma pistols, power axes and power maces. Most of the assault units that rammed into me weren't equipped to face a solid wall LD10 W3 models.

I'll report back tomorrow.

>> No.54108904

>defending guardfags
>if it wasn't plastic regiment whining it's memescript shit

>> No.54108915


>>54108694 is completely right. Dreadknights have good guns to choose from, but they're all fairly short ranged. They are good for supporting GK infantry, while dreadnoughts fill the vital niche of giving the GKs long ranged anti-armor weapons. They don't really compete with each other.

>> No.54108919

As someone new to the lore and story and shit can someone explain this to me? I've recently read descent of angels, I know a bit of the others from getting into a few factions and I don't get this idea that the Fallen were/are good guys.

Luther in descent of Angels almost lets Lion die to a nuke becuase he is jelous that he was born the same time as The Lion so all of his achievements are shadowed by his.

Luther accepts the power of Chaos Gods to fight The Lion

Many fallen have become full blown chaos daemons

Astallan was proven to be a liar in the Ravenwing book and in the horus heresy book where the Lion learns the Emperor is still alive and the Lion hurrys to get to Earth to aid him, not dallying in the warp like he says

Cypher joins Thypon, one of the most traitorous astartes in Horus's army, knowing he who he is, and happily fights alongside him

fallen kill millions regularly, or entire planets just to play with the Dark Angels

Sorry if I am being niave but I'm lost, just trying to get caught up on some lore and shit.

>> No.54108926

True, but they will be painted in the next month or two since I'm pretty much done building. So you can from hating my unpainted models to hating my painted models.

>> No.54108928

* I used min groups of conscripts to build meatshield around my deathstrikes and to fulfill the army requirements

>> No.54108938

No, you're just fighting smart/creatively at that point. Especially if that character has a field that generates a morale boost or something similar for the surrounding unit.

>> No.54108955

A bit, a simpler way might be to have a cheap unit at the front, HQ behind somewhat and another unit behind him as units that deepstrike can only do so 9 inch away, this way any that deepstrike do so a fair bit away from your HQ and are forced to shoot them before the HQ.

This way you can have 17 inch between the first squad and your HQ and likewise with the second squad.

>> No.54108973


Cypher and the Fallen in late 7ed+8ed lore bait Imperial forces to locations of interest in order to fulfill their agenda. Sometimes its for the better, alerting Imperial forces to a hostile presence or invasion indirectly. Sometimes its a trap or a distraction to steal something vital to their plans.

All we really know for certain is (A) none of the Fallen know Cypher's true intentions and (B) Cypher needs to get into the Throne Room to accomplish what he has sought for 10k years.

>> No.54108986

el homo

>> No.54108987

Most us already do so it's perfect

>> No.54108998

So to shoot effectively the Blackstars need to stop moving, and even then they still have a -1 to hit the Ravens. By doing this they allow to Ravens to hit them on 3's.

So even when stopped the Blackstars are at an even bigger disadvantage. When both are flying they have BS parity.

So then the question is which has more firepower.

The Blackstars have, over the Ravens,
>4 AC / LCs
>4 Stormstrikes, or 2 Blackstar launchers

The Ravens have, over the Blackstars
>5 hurricane bolters
>10 multimeltas

Seems to me like the Ravens have superior firepower, and have as good or better effective BS.

>> No.54109003

iirc, 'Dark Angels are the real traitors' thing is more of a meme than actual fact. I don't know very much about D. Angles and Fallen lore-wise, but the fact they come off as paranoid as hell and are willing to another loyalist Space Marine strike cruiser just to keep the idea of the Fallen a 'secret' from the rest of the Imperium does give off the vibe that they're trying to hide something from the rest of us...

>> No.54109027

Can the Blackstar vs Stormraven meme die already?

Let me kill the thread;

Stormraven can be run mono without any sacrifices on the ground or in the air

Blackstar can't


>> No.54109029

how would tigersharks do against storms?

>> No.54109052

Magnetize. Look up "tau modular tanks guide pdf" on google

>> No.54109061

>everyone spams Stormravens and flyers, just like everyone spammed Eldar, Tau, and Marines in 7E
>Corvus Blackstar is 100% effective against everyone
>the only lists are Stormraven spam and Blackstar spam
>Blackstar has no downsides anymore

>> No.54109065

I get that, just getting used to tge idea after so many editions of otherwise, especially with the bigger stat difference between a boy and a Nob, compared to most sergeants.

>> No.54109078

That's literally the only scenario where the Blackstar is better

Therefore god

>> No.54109102


In a 2k point scenario, it would be 7 Corvus vs 5 Stormravens

7 Corvus
>7 twin-linked assault cannons / 84 shots
>14 blackstar launchers / 14 D6 shots
>7 hurricane bolters / rapid fire 42 shots

5 Stormravens
>5 twin-linked assault cannons / 60 shots
>10 stormstrike missiles / 10 shots
>5 twin-linked multi melta / 10 shots
>10 hurricane bolters / rapid fire 60 shots

Potentially 210 shots hitting on 3+/4+ in hover vs 140 shots hitting on 4+ in hover

So not only are there more Corvus, but Corvus can outshoot the Stormravens as well. In addition, its to the Deathwatch's benefit to have the Stormravens go first and position themselves in striking range so the Corvus can go straight into hover mode and start blasting.

From that point on, its a dice game - but the weight of dice favors the Corvus by far.

>> No.54109141

Because that list is just 3rd party north american sales (less than a 3rd of 40k's sales), and it's from a couple years ago.
When you consider the entire picture 40k is on top

>> No.54109147

>First game is against a newbie IG list

>Blackstars gets WRECKED and raped orally

>Stormravens wins the same matchup without a hiccup on autoplay with almost zero thought or effort

>> No.54109170

I can't see the FW vehicles in battlescribe,

Just characters

>> No.54109176

Nice, and yeah, it's not like manz -dont- need rides.
Kombi skorchas are so rad. Also everyone having S10 is insane.

>> No.54109206

14d6 blackstar launchers vs 10 stormstrikes
50 shots, if the blackstars are hovering and didn't move, and the stormravens are flying then they need a 3+ to hit. 33 hits, 5+ to wound. 11 wounds, 4+ to save. 5.5 failed saves at 1 damage each.

10 stormstrikes, needing 3+ to hit if corvus is hovering. 6.66 hits, 3+ to wound. 4.4 wounds, 6+ save. 3.6 failed saves, at 3 damage each.

So the 14d6 blackstar shots gets you 5.5 damage, the 10 stormstrike shots gets you 10.8 damage.

Don't act like more shots = more better

>> No.54109245

Stormstrike missiles are better than Blackstars. The blackstars will struggle to wound and beat the save of the Ravens, and they're 1 damage, with a random number of shots. Are you retarded?

>hover mode and start blasting.
But why would the Blackstars go into hover? It gives them 1 worse effective BS than the Stormravens?

>> No.54109276


>> No.54109303

Literally just a meme man, can be confusing sometimes. They are loyal but sometimes do some bad shit. Where chapters like Utramarines may see themselves as a cog in the Imperium; the Dark Angels see themselves as allys to the imperium at best. So its Dark Angels first, Imperium second.

This is due to a few things like Caliban was transformed from a land of forests, oceans and lakes to a hive city in a matter of a few years, Emperor naming Horus the Warmaster while the Lions and the Dark Angels victories shadowing his and little things like this that left a sour taste in the Lions mouth. But at the end of the day he'd step up for the Imperium. We'll know more in August/September when his model drops with some more story I guess.

>> No.54109304


Cool numbers. Now average all the weapons together please.


Corvus don't have PotM so they're stuck hitting on 4+ while moving. And if you want to move your planes spam around the board the entire game, you're better off bringing your own Stormraven spam. But in optimal conditions where Corvus can unload in Hover mode to get better hit coverage, attrition game will favor the Corvus barring horrible dice rolls.

>> No.54109307

I liked it better back when it was the DA were ashamed that some of their number could fall to chaos, as well as the Imperium being so unforgiving that the Chapter would all be marked traitor if it got out, rather than the "maybe the DA are the REAL traitors" thing.

>> No.54109313

>read the new Farsight novel
>Tau vs daemons
>mfw Bloodletters matrix dodge the Tau fight. A herald of Khorne even uses his sword to deflect the Tau gunfire

What is this anime bullshit?!

Anyways, one of the daemons says that the Greater Good is a lie used by the hidden and true rulers of the Tau to impose order on their race.

Was the daemon saying the truth? If so, then who are the true rulers of the Tau race?

>> No.54109327

The best part is that Wyches and Reavers are actually turbotrash now.

Take all those points and put them into Hellions and never look back.

>> No.54109333

If corvus moves while supersonic, it needs 5s (4s with the launcher) to hit the stormraven, stormraven needs 5s to hit the corvus if it's got flares

If corvus hovers and doesn't move, it needs 4s (3s with the launchers) to hit the stormravens, stormravens need 3s to hit back.

How does that make you win the attrition battle better?

>> No.54109335

The Nagi

>> No.54109338

I'm new to warhammer. Why does GW have brick and mortar that only sells GW products? That seems so dated.

>> No.54109341

You average them together.

>> No.54109345


Chaos. Where do you think they get their sue powers from?

>> No.54109346

>Was the daemon saying the truth?
The answer for that is always no.

>> No.54109347

Can someone give me the rundown on genestealer cults fluff and gameplay? Really tempted to start 40k with them. I'm a big fan of Shadow over Innsmouth and Space Station 13.

>> No.54109348

Are they going to include mini-indexes like they did with Dark Imperium?

>> No.54109349

Reavers have better toughness

>> No.54109351


Half true, as is oft told by a daemon. The Ethereals (and their Eldar masters if old lore still holds) manipulate the Tau; but the Greater Good itself is just their own take on securing the galaxy in the name of civilization. In that sense, the Tau are fighting for the same thing as humanity and the Aeldari. They just work for different masters and are divided by ideological indoctrinated bigotry.

>> No.54109355

maybe some smokestacks from a kan

>> No.54109361

why does a food store only have food?

why does a crack dealer only sell crack?

>> No.54109371

>Chaos imposing order on anyone

>> No.54109381


More dice rolls, more chances. Its that straightforward, really. At the end of the day, its a dice game where random dice matters.

>> No.54109384

GW has a lot of bad business practices.

>> No.54109385

Street-level exposure. The internet is nothing but echo chambers anyway, people won't stumble across minature wargaming unless they actively go looking for it. GW still is the biggest minature wargame company for a reason.

>> No.54109393

Anyone know the win rate of player that go first? Alpha strikes feel even more powerful than 7th

>> No.54109394

>why does the most successful tabletop miniatures company have their own stores that sell and promote their product, while maintaining and growing communities within them that will continue to play and purchase their products?
gee, anon, I just don't know

>> No.54109395

Thank you, I saw read about the Hellblaster Chadmarines and was immediatly reminded of it.

>> No.54109397


Paradoxical nature of Chaos :^)

>> No.54109405

Sure, but they're also twice the cost. What you gain in durability you lose in raw damage, taking a swarm of Hellions will almost guarantee you the first turn depending on how you cheese it, meaning they won't lose but more than sprinkling of models to overwatch.

>> No.54109406

Kombi-Skorcha nobz with Power Stabbas are flat out amazing, roasting whole squads of spacemarines before attacking them with powerswords.

Big choppa nobz are great for killing light vehicles and are very cheap, while dakka nobz with ammo runts are actually okay at footslogging as they have t4 grots to tank shots for them.

>> No.54109415

Then just bring nothing but IG mortars. 9 points gets you d6 shots and a lasgun. Rolling dice is all that matters, so why not use those for AA work?

>> No.54109430

The whole Fallen are the good guys thing is more a meme than anything else. It could have been a good plot point but g-dubs wrote themselves into a corner way back in 2nd ed before they decided that all lore was Unreliable Narrator. Back then the DA's dirty secret was that they had a chunk of their legion turn traitor and that was enough. Since then the Lore's been expanded and all legions had their own traitors which rather blunts the impact, so the focus has shifted from the rebellion itself to the fact that unlike the other legions traitors, the Fallen are still around (and maybe other stuff that GW hasn't alluded to/thought of yet) and the DAs build up an ever growing litany of Sins trying to cover up the fact.

As for the Fallen themselves The Gathering Storm has then have a mix of motives, with some being loyal to the Lion others to Luther. Essentially a rag tag bunch of loyalists, heretics, renegades, mercenaries, pressed men and dudes who'd really rather be left alone.

>> No.54109436

>DA were ashamed that some of their number could fall to chaos, as well as the Imperium being so unforgiving that the Chapter would all be marked traitor if it got out,
Honestly, I'm inclined to believe this + "DAngels are THE MOST LOYAL CHAPTER EVER!" thingmay caused the "Hey, maybe the Dark Angels are the Traitors and the Fallen are the REAL Loyalists!" meme in response.

>Half true, as is oft told by a daemon.
I'd lean more toward it being true if the daemon's a Khornate one. They strike me as the least likely of the Big Four followers to bullshit/play mind-games with their opponents. That's more Tzeentch's thing anyway.

>> No.54109438


Because all the Stormraven spam has to do is shift to one side of the table and annihilate it. Putting 200 models on a table to gun down flying land raiders isn't realistic.

>> No.54109448

I hope your "Roll 5s and 6s and you'll win" strategy works well for you.

>> No.54109468


Looks like Phil boy has some story arcs for Tau coming up.
8th edition ain't gonna be just marinemarinemarine, battle of blue vs bloated. There will be some >psh, nothing personal gue'la

>> No.54109469

>if I keep buying lottery tickets, I'll win big one day!
>gotta play to win!

>> No.54109471

Modeled my Stormhawk with the Las-Talon, and Typhoon Missiles. How bad did I fuck it up?

>> No.54109473

Gene stealers are like xenomorphs but instead of the facehuggers killing you it turns you in to a brainwashed cultist.
It's acts like an STD, infecting people you fuck and any children you have are part genestealer and any children they have become even more genestealerish until they're giving birth to fully fledged ones.

Gameplay wise their main force is a huge mass of peasant militia with improvised weapons backed up by genestealers. They're all about stealth and ambushes.

>> No.54109487

Am I derping or has the Death Korp grenadier squad been removed from Forgeworld? All I can find is the special weapon teams.

>> No.54109497

are you having fun? that's all that matters

>> No.54109498

++ Patrol Detachment (Orks) ++

+ HQ +

Warboss: Kombi-Rokkit, Power Klaw

Weirdboy: 3. Da Jump

+ Troops +

Boss Nob: Big Choppa, Slugga
29x Ork Boy W/ Slugga & Choppa

Boss Nob: Choppa, Kustom Shoota
Ork Boy W/ 'Eavy Weapon: Big Shoota
Ork Boy W/ 'Eavy Weapon: Big Shoota
18x Ork Boy W/ Shoota

+ Elites +

Boss Nob: Power Klaw, Slugga
Nob: Big Choppa, Slugga
Nob: Big Choppa, Slugga
7x Nob: Choppa, Slugga

Painboy: Power Klaw

+ Heavy Support +

Deff Dread
Deff Dread: Big Shoota, Skorcha
Pair of Klaw Arms: 2x Dread Klaw

+ Dedicated Transport +

Trukk: Big Shoota, Wreckin' Ball

++ Total: [72 PL, 998pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)

How's this look for a list? The idea is that the sluggas get jumped into the enemy and I ram the Nobz into their toughest infantry with the trukk. The Deff Dread goes and fights any big vehicles or anything that the nobz can't kill.

>Error: Our system thinks your post is spam.
That it is, 4chan. That it is.

>> No.54109503

>are you having fun?
Haven't gotten it on the table yet, just finishing up the paint jobber

>> No.54109510


> waacfaggots the unit they clearly typoed to have ludicrous hitpoints and minimal cost
>wins all matches

no fucking shit

>> No.54109515

Well wasn't tau like 2nd or 3rd best selling army in 40k? Gotta keep those weebbucks flowing.

>> No.54109517

I like it but the dred is gonna be slow and they'll have time to deal with the nobz and boys one before then having time to deal with the dred

>> No.54109518

A single Stormwolf or Stormraven

which is better for a non-spam list ?

>> No.54109520

Cool, so it definitely sounds like Shadow over Innsmouth (H.P Lovecraft). How are they as a force in 8th?

>> No.54109546

>Reddit tab open in pic
Get the fuck out

>> No.54109551

No idea but I agree.

My main tactic is to drop terminators, a lord, a sorcerer and two squads of ranged weapon raptors down turn one and do as much damage as possible.

>> No.54109552


Literally who the fuck cares, its going to crash and burn on turn 2 or 3 because its a huge Hit Me sign.

>> No.54109553


I dunno? Never get concise numbers, I didn't know they were THAT popular.
Thought it went Marine>>Spiky Marine>IG>Eldar>then I dunno

>> No.54109560

>Playing Inquisition is "WAAC"

Kek, sorry your Grey knights got dumpstered and shat on

Humans also willingly join the cult without magical brainwashing, for a chance at immortality or other religious sense of duty. Then it "grows" on them and before they know it they're literally breeding generation 2 genestealers out of their women, willingly.

>> No.54109571


Did a Stormraven rape your mom or what ?

>> No.54109578

According to the new Primaris captain datasheet, the captain can be used with Deathwatch.

>> No.54109583


You're dropping a Thunderhawk on whoever you play and shitting a FW Land Raider on what survives the drop. It doesn't matter if you deployed fucking Squats from your transport at that point, you're going to wipe out everyone except WAACfags.

>> No.54109588

True, but it also is tantalizing bait.
A big scary looking mech moving toward your front lines might draw some fire from the important targets.

>> No.54109594


Sorry mang, deathwatch isn't getting any better this edition.

>> No.54109601

I really like the Acolyte hybrids and neophyte hybrids that aren't in IG armour. The HQ looks awesome, and the Goliath is alright too.

My next best choice is either Mechanicus or CSM (word bearers or emperors children).

>> No.54109604


>point out fact that is reinforced in at least 10 batrep youtube videos
>take it as a personal attack

People generally want flying transports dead asap. So if you're going to take 1, either take the 1 you like most or the 1 that is most likely to survive the ride to the destination.

>> No.54109619

it has
i was going to order one but it's gone, so i bought the shotty engineers for vets

>> No.54109625

id give the dread two rokkits so that he has something to do on his way to da fight

>> No.54109630

Yes, because a heavybolter FWtransport shitting out a heavybolter FWtransport is so scary.


Make up your mind, is it the acolytes that are OP, or my transports with Heavy bolters (lol)

>> No.54109639

Tau have always been popular.

>> No.54109651

That's actually pretty fucked.

>> No.54109655

> those penal legions
So awesome
> the rest of it, unpainted trash
Anon i really wanted to like you

>> No.54109658

Yeah. And all it requires is another rulebook, plus the premium FW pricing. Some of us don't have money falling out of our assholes.

>> No.54109659


It's another one of those "offline stores are outdated" morons.

>> No.54109661


I wouldn't know, I got into this hobby a few months ago

>> No.54109670

what are the models on the left?

>> No.54109673

Don't know, no game experience with them.

Looking at their rules it's obvious what they were going for.
Splitting the force down the middle you've got the cult stuff and the genestealer stuff.
Cult stuff is all swarms of cheap infantry with a few hidden heavy weapons, all completely focused on shooting yet does it's best work at short range.
Then you have the genestealers which are small elite groups of melee monsters, very fast moving and dangerous but no ranged weaponry whatsoever.

The idea is to use the cult stuff as the vanguard of the army to dismantle/clog up the dangerous stuff so the genestealer stuff CSM do it's thing.

>> No.54109684

Hm, something to consider. I'm gonna have him running pretty much the whole game, so I don't know how much I'll get out of two shots hitting on 6s only.

>> No.54109688

Oh man I forgot this came out before the new primaris vehicle. Cawl steals yet another tau design!

>> No.54109690

Thank you. And hey, recently built trash that I've started to paint today.

>> No.54109697


Incant tell if that's a real model or not, which is incredibly depressing.

>> No.54109702

I'm not a fan of losing facings or templates. I'm trying to hack together some house rules.

>> No.54109706

enemies that bring much AT weaponry have more trouble taking your Devs out. also they can receive any buffs that target friendly infantry

>> No.54109727

their termies are already good enough

>> No.54109738

I had a DG vs PM match with my bro, mainly just learning how to play since we've never actually played 40k before. It was a bit confusing at first but I got the hang of it. I have to say, actually playing the game has given me a lot more motivation to build up an army and paint.
We didn't pick objectives so we were just playing last man standing; the game ended with a 1v1 between a Primaris Lieutenant and a Lord of Contagion. You can probably guess the result.

>> No.54109739

There's a lot of creepy genestealer stuff hidden in the lore, they've fucked with the DNA of humanity for tens of thousands of years on some planets, making certain populations more accepting to 'the cult'.

All it takes is one dormant genestealer awakening or infected human to arrive to the planet for the "sleeping" uprising to begin. Greed, corruption, fear and a very human desire for power takes care of the rest.

>> No.54109742

>when are they going to add newborns to our turbo alien killer vet squads?

>> No.54109753

You can't take the terminators solo, so no they're not.

They're overcosted, it would be cool if you could run them in 1's or 2's. But you can't.

Sucks. They're awful when you're forced to take 5 of them.

>> No.54109759

Farsight entered an Imperial war ship via its Marco Cannon. And he was greeted by this sight.

>The munitions deck hangar, its vaulted roof hung with great chains that clinked in the gloom, was a vision from some primitive underworld hell. Red-lit and cavernous, it was filled with a thousand labour-serfs, each bent under the whip of a cruel slavemaster. Together the slaves hauled chain-lashed munitions shells the size of transmotive cylinders into position. The prototype’s atmospheric samplers conveyed the smell– a vile stench of human sweat, vomit and excrement mingled with a nauseous upswell of oil, gun lubricant and mildewy slime. Farsight wrinkled his shio’he, but did not cut off the sampler.

I thought it was a meme but it turns out to be true. The Imperials manually load their big ass fleet guns. What the fuck is the wrong with the Imperials? The HAVE SERVITORS and MACHINES. There is no need to be this damn primitive about things.

>> No.54109763

I read somewhere that it's good to surround the patriarch with purestrain elite dudes. Didn't they also have a deployment gimmick?

>> No.54109767

yfw chadmarines are older than most current Astartes they were just put into cryo because Cawl wasn't sure if he should go public with his numarines.

>> No.54109768

As someone who's dropped 10 CSM termies, I want to disagree.

>> No.54109777

Can't hate, if those insignificant blueberries are able to survive thanks to them they must he doing something right.

>> No.54109791


You'd think with guns that big it would be plausible to start using vehicles or machines to load.

>> No.54109792

Servitors and machines stop working if power is lost or diverted to engines/shields. Raw manpower doesn't.

>> No.54109795

The pear opened him up to larger pleasures.

>> No.54109802

That's literally the essence of 40K. A grimdark take on loading batteries would more likely be similar to Egyptian taskmasters whipping slaves dragging blocks than automated car assembly lines.

>> No.54109806

don't give GW ideas

>> No.54109812

Times you've revealed you're a man child in public.

>be flying with my warhammer case
>going through security as don't want checkers at my bits
>Whats in the case
>blank stare
>plastic and metal figurines
>blank stare continues
>toy soldiers
>oh go right ahead *smirk*

>> No.54109820


I miss deep-striking landraiders.

>> No.54109838

Toys or toy soldiers are my go to answer when dealing non-wargamers. Cuts out so much confusion.

>> No.54109842

Repulsors can deep strike, anon.

>> No.54109843

I dread the day that I'm driving home from the store at like 3am and get pulled over and have to explain to the cop that I wasn't out partying and drinking but playing with plastic army men with a bunch of other fat sweaty dudes.

>> No.54109847


>but seriously hows this for a nids list? gettin about 7 CP's but its not thrown up that way





-10 devourers

-10 devourers

TR_(30x) hormagaunts-180









-2 devourers, deathspitter

>> No.54109849

>when yo tanks gotta load theyselves cuz they dragged all the loaders to the starships

>> No.54109870

>dumbass TSA doesn't know the secondary definition of "model" or what a "figurine" is
>smirks at someone

This is what's wrong with all the stupid ass motherfuckers in this world. And this is a separate issue to the patheticness of playing with toy soldiers, which I will fully admit.

>> No.54109873

>the imperium is better than the tau empire

>> No.54109875

I've never understood the point of that bit.

Why is there just a single shell hanging off the back if the cannon is on the front?

>> No.54109883

What's the best kinda dread to load into a Stormraven and Drop amongst the plebs who can't hurtle a high altitude dread at people?

>> No.54109885


At least the Imperial slaves have jobs. If they were in the Tau Empire, they would have had their job replaced by drones! You go ask those displaced fast food workers if they'd rather be toiling away at their old job or unemployed and replaced by a computer.

>> No.54109890

There are cities of humans living in the lower decks of most battle-cruisers, them fuckers gotta earn their keep!.

>> No.54109892

Why is the Basilisk a webstore exclusive? I was wondering why I never saw it stocked at my LGS.

>> No.54109897

Holy fuck the only actual reply to me posting this for nearly a week now. Thank you anon I would've never caught this and would've looked like a dick.

Looking for more advice on my list, I'm gonna revise the wolf on a bike. Not listed is a dual grav leviathan. r8 and h8

>> No.54109898

>What's the best kinda dread

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the answer to this question is always "Leviathan", unless you absolutely cannot fit in even a single HS unit for the tax.

>> No.54109900

They restocked Sisters of Battle stuff yesterday. Most of it is sold out now.

I bough 9 Penitent Engines and then they sold out of them. You're welcome.

>> No.54109915

Why's your mom a webstore exclusive? I was wondering why I never saw her on the street corner.

>> No.54109918

>yfw humans are literally used as ballast in Imperial ships, getting people herded into the holds or ejected into space whenever the ship needs to gain or lose weight in atmosphere

>> No.54109928

>I've been training on simulations for the past 10,000 years!
>let me into deathwatch I can cut it boss!

>> No.54109929

>yfw GW just keeps on restocking overpriced metal SoB models to milk the hardcore SoB customers instead of making cheaper and better plastics

>> No.54109930


Leviathans have M8, they don't need a transport to consistently be in combat by the end of turn 2.

>> No.54109933


The only plausible explanation is there was systematic failures across the ship at some point, requiring all hands on deck to manually load the gun's batteries. Human labor simply cannot reload naval guns fast enough in a naval engagement.

>> No.54109944

Read Dark Imperium my dude.

>> No.54109952

Notice a lot of things are Web Store exclusive now? I tried to get my FLGS to order some Sisters, they said GW won't let them.

GW is trying to starve out 3rd-party sellers because those sellers are selling at a discount. So they're losing money. Thus they put important items, say, Basilisk or some entire armies/ranges/desired items (Sisters, Vostroyans, Basilisk, some Heroes, etc) ONLY on their store. So if you want a TOTALLY COMPLETE ARMY? You HAVE to buy from THEM at FULL PRICE.

They make more money.

>> No.54109959

Clearly your taskmasters need to whip harder.

>> No.54109961

They're selling on eBay for $70-90. I just paid $35 for 9 NIB sets. You do the math as to why I bought them.

>> No.54109971

>basic everyday Imperial worker labor is like a vision of hell to the Tau

Lol fucking soft ass plebs can't wait for the Night Lords to visit them

>> No.54109978

Macro Cannon could be using autoloaders, so the slaves are constantly adding the last ammo to the loader so the Macro Cannon always has a number of shots ready.

>> No.54109984

Good point, I see what you mean.

>> No.54109987

>So they're losing money.

You mean they are losing profit. They don't take a loss selling to retailers because that's part of their standard operating method. Even at the prices which GW sells to retailers, they still generate a profit, they simply generate less profit compared to if people bought full price from GW directly.

>> No.54109991


Honestly a Tau's reaction to the Night Lords would probably boil down to: "I'm sorry, is there a point to all this? I really don't see one."

>> No.54110000

All the more reason to join the tau.

>> No.54110002

>implying they don't have human labor powering the entire firing process
>implying they don't have hundreds of men jump on a long ass lever and use their body weight to pull it down to firing position


>> No.54110005

You're nit-picking that is clearly what he meant.

>> No.54110008

It makes me think sturmtiger, but there's no visible place to load the shell.

>> No.54110015

No wonder Imperium got its ass handed in both Damocles Crusade 1&2.

>> No.54110026


>> No.54110032

>When it is known that FW only had 2 weeks to make rules for all their models
It's not "known", it's just internet conjecture from the FWIDF.

>> No.54110051


Night whats?
Ohhh, you mean the inferior precursors to the Reivers©.
Perfected, de-chaosed, and folded 10000 times by Emperor's whirry motory son, Cawl.


Just checked the Tau section, all the characters and the aux are webstore exclusive and almost all sold out.

>> No.54110066

It also doesn't help the imperium is fucking retarded.

>> No.54110068

>folded 10000 times

What do you think those power cable bundles on their abs are?

>> No.54110077

youll get a lot more out of it than out of a skorcha that wont be firing for the majority of the game and out of a big shoota that you dont really need cause your whole army does anti infantry well

the rockets actually make it a threat, its psychological warfare cause your opponent will constantly have on the back of his mind that that there walker has two missile launchers on it
and then when you roll those fives or sixes, thats when the FREAK happens

>> No.54110084

>no wonder Tau fluff has the most wank out of anything in the setting, including marines and maugan ra

>> No.54110087


>Imperium is just gnomes trying to make big ass weaponry work

You've gone too far this time.

>> No.54110106

After seeing that Tyranids are an army too expensive for me, Im thinking about doing Primaris and some other cool models that I like from the rest of the "Imperium". Now, I play just with my friends and casually, and I dont think about going at any tournaments, but is an army made of nearly just Primaris not viable even in a casual setting? Am I going to waste my money?

>> No.54110137

baka at this sexist tripe gw still sells, disappointing

prisoner army when

>> No.54110142

Considering Primaris don't have vehicles or anything special yet, no, they aren't viable alone. They could probably compete against someone who only bought a Start Collecting set, but really you want to bring in non-Primaris stuff if you want to win.

>> No.54110149

*ambushes behind you*
Pssh, nothing personnel kid

At least that's my experience on their playstyle as an opponent

>> No.54110166

>8th edition ain't gonna be just marinemarinemarine, battle of blue vs bloated
Considering there's been this lil' minor affair called the Octarius War that's apparently still on-going, and according to the 8e rulebook, one of Khorne's Blood Crusades decided it be a great idea to try and jump in the middle of an Ork-and-Tyranid meatgrinder and fight both sides at once (which went about as a person jumping in the middle of two demolition derby cars about to ram each other head-on), I suspect the other xenos races will get their own attention as well.

>> No.54110170

Wait until their roster gets filled out, as it stands they probably are too limited to be viable as a full army. It'd be stupid to fill out 2000 points with intercessors etc., then leave some of them on the shelf to fit in the dred/hovertonk/whatever.

Hell, depending on how fast you paint the new shit may well be out by the time you've got everything available now table-ready.

>this post

>> No.54110172

Maybe they are just that good and advanced.
The tiny pinprick of light the darkness will never pierce.
>The Manta measures 630mm/25 inches long and has a wingspan of 860mm/34 inches! Weighing in at 12.5 kilos/28 pounds, it weighs six times as much as a Thunderhawk Gunship, and that is before we put all the tanks and Battlesuits inside
>heavy breathing.webm

>> No.54110205


Someone post that bit about someone trying to deploy his XV8 deep strikers from an actual manta on a fishing pole

>> No.54110236


GW said focus on man vs spiky man though


lel, happy leaf day

>> No.54110263


More like the fluff gets retarded any time it involves Tau

>giant anime robots snuck up on the chapter master of the Raven Guard

>> No.54110279

Adding stuff like Centurions, Predators, Scouts and stuff similar to this could work with the Primaris? I even have some SKitarii/Mechanicus/um laying around that I could add to this.

>> No.54110301

The tau do that. One of their Gundam mechs is all about stealth.

>> No.54110328

Why are all your conscripts white and all your unpainted models i.e. worthless black?

All other Guardfags get 1 point

>> No.54110369

Yeah, mengel miniatures does some really nice looking marines

>> No.54110371

>8e rulebook, one of Khorne's Blood Crusades decided it be a great idea to try and jump in the middle of an Ork-and-Tyranid meatgrinder and fight both sides at once

How many times you need to be told that they don't get to decide where the Warpstorm takes them? The Warpstorms take them to random battlefields and planets. Placing and removing them from the field in accordance to its whims.

>> No.54110377

nobody suprises raven guard

>> No.54110399

Only because they're so used to being kicked by GW that nothing surprises RG players any more.
>oh, our chapter master died like a bitch?
>par for the course I guess

>> No.54110403

>Get out of rhino
>bump head on the shell

>> No.54110432

Even RGG and Valhallen-kun?

>> No.54110458

Fine, they merely shocked them with plasma to the back of the head.

>> No.54110478

RG gets shit on almost as much as IH. IDK why Raven Guard are actually cool, so are the other chapters, but like cmon they are so cool

>> No.54110517

>why are raven guard cool
beak helmets, jump packs for everyone, and their patriarch was the broest of bros.
after the heresy, all those mutants he made to fight for the imperium, he blam'd them one by one hisself, because it was his responsibility, and he wouldnt have his ravenguard brothers killing ravenguard brothers

>> No.54110519

>How many times you need to be told that they don't get to decide where the Warpstorm takes them
>mortal Khornate worshipers not mentioned at all, and the whole Blood Crusade had been brought to standstill by trying fight both Orks AND tyranids at once
>mortal worshipers of Khorne are now at an extreme disadvantage because the daemons left
>This means the mortals were left to fight a retreat off a planet while sandwiched between two very violent factions or ended up being slaughtered to a man

A retreat is still a loss anon. We've been over this what, four times now?
Seriously man. Just bringing up that blurb seems to trigger you something terrible... it's kinda sad at this point.

>> No.54110532

I wish I could take Assault Marines as troops for RG.

>> No.54110549


Pretty much everything awesome about RG is from GC and Heresy fluff. Shrike is a bro though.

>> No.54110565

I think you responded to the wrong person anon? Were you thinking of this guy instead? >>54110478

>> No.54110569

sorry, I forgot a comma. I play RG Raptors and IH
they are almost as bro as Salamanders
we can only wish for it in the codex. I'd like to see another character for them

>> No.54110585

Your moronic and constant misreading of the text does.

You said that the Blood Crusade decided to go there? That's false. The Warpstorm threw them there in a random whim and took them at a random hour.

And who says that the Khornate mortals retreated? They could be still fighting there and holding the damn line. See the feats of the Khornate daemonkin in their codex. This kind of war is their bread and butter. Where they excel the most. The Blood Crusade daemons left but the Daemonkin can summon more daemons who are pacted to them or otherwise. Which is why I said they have a decent chance of winning. After all, it's a fact that a single Daemonkin warrior is worth a million Tyranids.

>> No.54110588

Had my first two 8th edition games today. 2 techmarines, 6 dreadnoughts, 10 tactical marines, 5 scouts, Librarian and The Imperial Space marine. Got tabled during my first game against space wolves, did fine in my game against infantry Guard.
This is what happens when you get too close to my opponent's warlord.

>> No.54110593

Well I'm definitely trying it, I just wanted the opinion of people that already played the game

Really? Well that sounds like some big changes, are vehicles a single armour value now or monstrous creatures with some extra rules?

This is reassuring

Well I want the perspective of people that already played the game, if you like AoS good for you but to me it looks like they replaced a solid but encumbered game into a Hasbro game to sell the new miniatures for their new game, I played some games but didn't like it, no one else play it nowadays so AoS is non existing in my city and i just assume it's that shit of a game since the fantasy players in my area now play sixth edition of fantasy..

Mmmm that actually give me some ideas, I'll compare both games later.

No need to be so aggressive, also that's the board name.

I'll sure miss the old system but I hope there is some kind of improvement with this edition.

Well thanks for all the heads up anons, I had to leave for a while but I read all your answers, I'm sorry if some people like AoS and didn't like calling yours games glaring issues but shit is shit when 40k

>> No.54110596


Unless I'm thinking of some other unit, you're bringing a unit that is point for point one of the most efficient in the game with regards to wounds, and then shitting out all the other units without bothering to inform your opponents, who you're presumably having friendly matches with, in a new edition where most people are still getting their bearings.

>> No.54110602

not shown are the three mortar teams also in the combat

>> No.54110621

>What is the Fast Attack FOC

Did you guys open your rulebooks yet ? You can make any detachment slot your mandatory units. There is zero need for "makes X troops" rules anymore.

>> No.54110625

Do not reply to AoSfags.

>> No.54110641

What the actual fuck am I looking at

>> No.54110664

I want more CP.

>> No.54110676

Yeah I use it for RG, but you cant get the same benefit of command points from it.
>army wide crushing charge on <fly> infantry would be best though

>> No.54110689

You make me happy to own three Hydras

>> No.54110699


Everything has a set armor save now, and everything has the potential to wound on a 6, basically.

So yeah, you could theoretically take down a titan with enough Boyz shootan dey pistols

>> No.54110731

First try at an 8th edition admech list. 2k battallion detachment.

Bellisarus Cawl
Techpriest Domnius with phosphor serpenta and volkite charger

5 rangers with omnispex, 2 arquebuses
5 rangers with omnispex, 2 arquebuses
10 vanguard with data tether, taser goad, 3 arc rifles
3 destroyers with heavy grav cannons and cognis flamers

5 infiltrators with flechette blasters and taser goads
5 infiltrators with stubcarbines and power swords

Fast attack:
Ironstrider with twin lascannon
Dragoon with taser lance
Dragoon with taser lance

Heavy support:
2 kastellans with 3x heavy phosphr blasters
Onager with neutron laser and 2x heavy stubbers
Onager with icarus array and heavy stubber

>> No.54110732

where does it say that units not on foot cant repair after moving?

>> No.54110739

>that they don't get to decide where the Warpstorm takes them?
Yes, and your point is?
Heading into a well-known deathtrap like the Octarius War, especially THE planet of Octarius, is straight-up suicidal. I don't care if a Warpstorm randomly dropped you there. The daemons popping up there randomly would be excusable, but the mortals? That's just fucking stupid.

>Which is why I said they have a decent chance of winning. After all, it's a fact that a single Daemonkin warrior is worth a million Tyranids.
>Yet these daemonkin plus ALL the other Khorne supporters were already at a STANDSTILL before the daemons left
You're being ridiculous if you think the Khornate mortals could actually survive without daemon support on Octarius. If they weren't not beating both sides when the full force is in play, then they definitely wouldn't be able to survive/hold the damn line against simultaneous, near constant assaults from both Orks AND Tyranids.

As >>54110519 said: either the mortals retreated, or they were slaughtered to a man (with Kharn being the exception since he's got heavy plot armor.)

Seriously, if the Khornate mortals were still fighting and thriving on Octarius, then GW would've decided to mentioned such a development.

>> No.54110770

I just like jump packs and scouts. whats wrong with that?
>I also like predators, and razorbacks but IH has nothing

>> No.54110796

They can move, but not more than 6" in order to repair.

>> No.54110797

I kitbashed some stuff to make a female Straken count as. The other is a fantasy Priest.

>> No.54110818

They're basically ISIS with extra arms.

Genestealers are tyranid infiltration organisms that co-opt the reproductive cycles of native civilizations and produce a hybrid species that form a cult and eventually attempt to overthrow their government.

>> No.54110822

My crack dealer's more of a Wal-Mart type. Crack's just something he knows will always sell out.

>> No.54110825

Is the Vendetta worth it?

>> No.54110836

(C) Guilliman recognised Cypher's sword and it made him shake with dread. If it was just Lion's sword, that probably wouldn't happen. There's something sinister.

>> No.54110838

Genestealer cults are loving families that are being persecuted by the imperium.

>> No.54110863

>Heading into a well-known deathtrap like the Octarius War, especially THE planet of Octarius, is straight-up suicidal. I don't care if a Warpstorm randomly dropped you there. The daemons popping up there randomly would be excusable, but the mortals? That's just fucking stupid.

The Mortals are Khornates who would follow the Blood Crusade religiously to anywhere. The point is that they don't get to decide where they go, you moron.

>You're being ridiculous if you think the Khornate mortals could actually survive without daemon support on Octarius.

And you don't know how the Daemonkin work. They will have daemon support. The Blood Crusade daemons are NOT ALL OF THE KHORNE'S daemons. Each bloody Daemonkin warband has several daemon legions and Greater Daemons pacted with it, not to mention that by simply fighting the Daemonkin warbrand will summon random daemons into existence.

>Seriously, if the Khornate mortals were still fighting and thriving on Octarius,

Except the Blood Crusade fluff was focused on the daemons and where they go. After they left, the fluff mentions nothing else so your assumption are as good as mine. And its possible that the daemonkin have thrived there considering that this is kind of battles they are experts at. They have a good chance of winning by overwhelming the planet by a ceaseless tide of daemons spawned from the fighting. Orks cannot grow fast enough than the Khornate warbrands can spawn daemons and Tyranids cannot consume tainted biomass.

>> No.54110879

Then you got nobody but yourself to blame for not having a assault marine only RG army

>> No.54110903

I never said I didn't run it as an Outrider.

I just said I wished they were troops.

>> No.54110906

>Spilling into the guts of the mega-beast, the Harvest set about slaughtering the writhing creature from the inside out. Though it sent showers of acid and swarms of weapon beasts against them, the hive ship could not purge its tormentors. Carving a path through the fleshy walls and pulsing viscera that confronted them, the Harvest slew the enormous beast in the name of Khorne, before digging in to resist the inevitable counter-attack. Sure enough, Tyranid bio-craft soon latched onto the hide of their shoal-mate, spewing swarm after swarm of horrors into its carcass. Yet the Harvest counter-charged time and again, the body count rising until Daemons tore through the veil to lend their blades to the battle. Finally, the last Tyranid beasts fell, bodies riddled with bolts and brutally sawn apart. Ichor stained and victorious, the last of the Harvest howled Khorne’s praises into the void.


>The Skullsworn fall upon the hive world of Rebas. They are opposed by over one hundred regiments of Astra Militarum, each well dug in and supplied. The war that follows is horrific in its intensity and bloodshed, but after the slaughter of eighty-eight of the defenders’ regiments, the eight surviving Skullsworn ascend to become Daemon Princes simultaneously. Soon enough, nothing remains on Rebas but mountains of skulls.


>A Daemonkin warband known as the Fists of Brass hurl themselves into the teeth of Waaagh! Badstomp. Explosive carnage breaks out across the seventeen moons of the Madrakae as the two war-hungry hordes collide head on. Massively outnumbered, the Fists of Brass are wiped out within days. However, the oceans of blood they spill draw eight legions of Khorne’s Daemons into reality, starting the war afresh.

>> No.54110911


>> No.54110914

Before 8th
>7th is fine, don't dumb down things, there is no rule bloat, it takes no time to learn, get good things are fine

After 8th
>wtf 7 was terrible, so bad, glad it is over, 7th was the worst edition

These threads sure 180ed

>> No.54110935

isstvan V tells otherwise

>> No.54110940


>On the planet Skardenfel, the White Scars’ 3rd Company fight a guerilla war with a warhost of Craftworld Ulthwé. Into this conflict plunge the Khorne Daemonkin of the Eightscarred. Among the fireswamps, the Khorne worshippers slaughter with abandon, the warband bringing forth half of their chosen Daemons in a single day.


>After fierce fighting amid the macrotemples of Skeros, the Wych Cult of Tortured Hopes capture a Chaos Lord of the Skullsworn. Bearing him back to Commorragh, the Dark Eldar throw the Daemonkin champion into their gladiatorial arena. Their sport is spoiled, however, when a Bloodthirster bursts from their captive mid-battle. The Daemonic incursion that follows is catastrophic, and results in the utter destruction of an entire sub-realm of the Dark City.


>On the Imperial shrine world of Idyll, the Skullsworn overrun the battle sisters of the Order of the Bloody Rose. In doing so, they summon a mighty Daemon cohort; since the Heresy, this is the fifth cohort they have brought forth of their chosen legion.


>Whilst pursuing Harlequins of the Masque of the Silent Shroud, the Wrath battle their way through the Grey Canyons of Yngroth. Just as the Harlequins seem cornered, a warhost from Craftworld Yme-Loc springs from ambush, catching the Wrath in a devastating crossfire. For long moments the Eldar plan looks set to work, until Arbra’Gax, Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage, bursts into reality. Led by this unstoppable demigod of war, the Khornate horde smash their way out of the Eldar ambush, which swiftly devolves into a massacre as the Blood God’s forces punish their devious foes.

>> No.54110950

Well I'm sure loving turn 1 charges with 27D3 attacks.

>> No.54110958

were you blind before 8th?
The general consensus never changed, people always said 7th was terrible but at least "slightly" better than the clusterfuck that was unfaqed 6th.

>> No.54110977


>Responding to a daemonic incursion on Hyraq II, a Brotherhood of Grey Knights plunges into battle. Crimson lightning tears the skies as the Grey Knights drive the Daemons back into the Warp, only to face fresh assault by the Bloodgorged. Retreating to a ruined temple, the surviving Grey Knights fight for their lives. In death, every Daemonkin they slay brings forth one of the Daemons the Grey Knights had already banished, until they are overrun by the screaming horde.

By fighting and dying, the Daemonkin warbands continuously summon daemons into the field of battle. The many warbands on Ocatraius each have sworn daemon legion to them, each ready to materialise to help their mortal comrades as the bloodshed mounts.

Saying that they don't have daemonic support is false and shows why the xenosfags (except Necron bros they cool) are the worst when it comes to the fluff.

>> No.54111012

>people always said 7th was terrible


>> No.54111029

Strength from death is more appropriate than power from pain to represent dark eldar fluff wise.

>> No.54111038

27d3? What unit is capable of that?

>> No.54111067

I think 7th edition is the most hated edition of Warhammer I've seen, although I've only been playing since 3rd edition. I might be letting my own opinion colour things, though.

>> No.54111082


>> No.54111085

7th was fine if your local meta wasn't grav spam, d weapon spam, superheavy spam, summoning spam, invisibility + deathstar space marines. Wasn't perfect, but it was fun with the right people

And while 8th looks like an improvement, the standard tourney WAAC faggots are at it again, trying to ruing the game. I am more pleased with 8th than 7th overall thus far.

>> No.54111113

How the fuck do you charge turn 1 with conscripts?

>> No.54111115

Flufffags aren't people.

>> No.54111125

I just don't want "lol I wound your land raider with my 4+ to wound las pistol" AoS faggotry

>> No.54111149

How the fuck do you use spray paint?

I have been modeling for 5 years now and I never had a problem before but in the past year or so more and more stuff just keeps coming out with tons of raised bumps all over it. I can't exactly afford an airbrush either.

I'm really worried I may have just ruined a Leman Russ...

>> No.54111159

Having an actual universal to wound stat is retarded. It's basically a second ballistic check. If you're not comparing it to any other stat, what's the point? Just make ballistic harder, it would be exactly the same.

>> No.54111160

>people trying to win in a competition is bad

>> No.54111197

For 15 points each you have 5++, W2, T3, S4, A2.
Their weapons roll D3 for each attack, so normally they have 2D3.
Add a priest and now they have 3D3 each.

Do some SoB Keyword magic with Celestine or Imagy thingy, and give that Rhino a free movement phase before the first turn of movement.
Each Arco-fag moves 7" and the priest moves 6" so you will have the aura buff unless you are retarded.

There you have it turn 1 charge. Its not even hard to pull off.

>> No.54111198


>They have a good chance of winning by overwhelming the planet by a ceaseless tide of daemons spawned from the fighting.
>implying a bunch of Khornate mortals are going to be able overwhelm a bunch of Orks with cutting edge tech and being led by goddamn Thraka, as well as what's left of Leviathan being led by the fucking Swarmlord

Holy shit you have your head stuffed up Chaos' ass m8.

The Blood Crusade LOST at Octarius. It doesn't matter if the daemonkin can summon daemons to the battle, because the daemonkin themselves will get overwhelmed by sheer numbers of both Super-Orks and Super-Nids before those daemons can make a damned difference.

Fuck, even from a narrative standpoint it makes zero sense for GW to just have Khorne try and butt in on a fight between Orks and Tyranids on the central planet of the ENTIRE FUCKING WAR. Maybe a planet on the outer edges of the sector sure, but not Octarius itself.

>Saying that they don't have daemonic support is false and shows why the xenosfags (except Necron bros they cool) are the worst when it comes to the fluff.
No, it just shows that chaosfags like you have your heads so far up Chaos' ass you can't deal with possibility that Chaos could lose to xenos, and will try to spin a loss as a draw or speculate that Chaos are somehow actually winning despite there being no evidence to prove it whatsoever, and all evidence in the situation pointing to Chaos being the losing party. Seriously, you've been constantly moving the goalposts every time this is brought up, and look more desperate each time it happens.

Just accept the fact that Khorne's boys lost at Octarius and move on. You're just making yourself (and other Chaos players) look petty, delusion and even easier to loathe at this point.

>> No.54111205

How long do you shake the spraycan ? Lately the GW spraycans seem to need a good 3-5 minutes of shaking

>> No.54111222

Big problem of 7th was that its balance was completely shit.
you either run a "meta"list against another meta list or fighting against a stronger army wasn't simply fun, even when both player ran 4fun lists a single unbalanced unit could disrupt the entire game.

In 8th, unless you fight a Waac faggot, almost every list is at least playable and even tho you have better units and worse units, everything has the chance to do something and lasts more than one round(im looking at you, dreddy).
you know you still compare St and T, right?
the big difference now is that they removed the impossibility to wound, so any weapon will still wound on a 6+.
they changed the save mechanic too, so now 4+ are a lot tougher.
in a competition may be fine, but waac fags ALWAYS bring the cheesiest shit even to the most friendly game.
I lost count of the times these faggots rold me
>oh, you play a friendly fluffy list? Don't worry, I'll do the the same!"
just to bring a hard counter to anything I even tried to field.

i remember playing the first game after 10 years with my new nid army and the other guys, knowing my list, simply brough a retarded amount of flamers .
Shake a LOT
Stay at the right perfect distance
not too close
not too far
don't use the spray when its too cold
or too humid(thats important)
Summer is the best season to spray

>> No.54111230

I use Army Painter, but maybe 30 seconds.

>> No.54111240

>you know you still compare St and T, right?
I was talking about AoS.

>> No.54111251

>The Blood Crusade LOST at Octarius.

Nope, the text doesn't say it's a loss. Quit headcanoning.

>because the daemonkin themselves will get overwhelmed by sheer numbers of both Super-Orks and Super-Nids before those daemons can make a damned difference.

More headcanon and ignoring that even the deaths of the daemonkin summons shitton of daemons.

>Fuck, even from a narrative standpoint it makes zero sense for GW to just have Khorne try and butt in on a fight between Orks and Tyranids on the central planet of the ENTIRE FUCKING WAR. Maybe a planet on the outer edges of the sector sure, but not Octarius itself.

Your opinion matters not.

>Just accept the fact that Khorne's boys lost at Octarius and move on

Except nothing says that they lost.

And you are one starting speculating by saying the daemon retreated or died when its possible that they continue to fight and thrive as they did a thousand times in similar situations.

>> No.54111268

So here comes an important question :

Lychguard or Praetorians?

>> No.54111277

6 different Guard squads assaulting an ironclad dreadnought

>> No.54111279

Praetorians can fly, shot, and melee. And they are much cooler.

>> No.54111281


You probably read the series of events off 1d4chan or something without actually looking at the 8e rulebook. It specifically says on the same page the conditions for what Chaos defines as a win: a planet completely overrun with its population enslaved, butchered, and sacrificed to Khorne.

That did not happen at Octarius. Despite marshaling the might of the faithful throughout the galaxy, they could not overcome the Orks and the Tyranids. The bloodstorm left, and whoever was not transported with it was slaughtered. It is, by their definition, a defeat.

>> No.54111282

>WAAC faggots shitting up any and every game they play
Yea, some people want to have fun, and their idea of fun is run the most broken stuff with the broken rules and try to win regardless of anything else, normally alienating yourself from the community.

WAAC fags, regardless of the game they play, are always cancer, always harm the game more than they help it and always ALWAYS would be better served playing like minded people, rather than those not like them as they seek free wins.

Also, these same WAAC fags are responsible for the "Playtesting" (or complete lack of) for 8th edition, the obvious spelling errors, the immediate obtuse questions regarding the rules and many more issues that basic playtesting would have resolved.

A pick up game is not a competition. It's a friendly match and playing in a manner that ensures both players have a good time is a very important thing for a social game like 40k.

Not that any of this will actually get through to you, as WAAC faggot defenders are so hopped up on their autism that even trying to discuss topics such as "Fair play" and "Avoiding optimization" cause outright hostility.

Also hows selling off all those riptides you own going, faggot?

>> No.54111286

fair enough, but someone made the crack

>> No.54111294

>Big problem of 7th was that its balance was completely shit.
Agreed. It was possible to play a match that was somewhat close to balanced, but both players had to know what to avoid.

>> No.54111301

>this much butthurt over losing a game
Mayne you should build to win instead of crying like a bitch.

>> No.54111319

>Shake a LOT
>Stay at the right perfect distance
>not too close
>not too far
>don't use the spray when its too cold
>or too humid(thats important)
>Summer is the best season to spray
Is there ANYTHING I can do to fix it now that it is on?

>> No.54111320

Depends on whether you want offensive or defensive melee.

>> No.54111339

>It specifically says on the same page the conditions for what Chaos defines as a win: a planet completely overrun with its population enslaved, butchered, and sacrificed to Khorne.

No, that's the recounting of what the Blood Crusade did, not a definition of Chaos's victory. The text actually says that the Crusade had no target or destination just appearing on a planet (mostly for few hours) to cause as much carnage as possible before leaving. They weren't an army of conquest but a harvester force meant to cause as much bloodshed and chaos across as many battlefields as possible hence why they just used the fickle storms as a mean of transport.

>> No.54111360

Defilers any good/competitive in 8th?

>> No.54111381

>How many combat drops do you have?
>Two. Including this one.

>> No.54111384

Good thing I didn't put them together yet. Lychguard seemed so much cooler last edition.

>> No.54111385

I don't believe you. That is nothing but vomit in plastic T3 form

>> No.54111394

30 seconds ?! You might as well not shake it at all if you only do it that long rofl.

>> No.54111395

My bad then.
can see your point, but it would be too streamlined and also would be harder to balance buffs, and the game would be even more streamlined and easier.
Following this logic you literally should remove half of game's mechanics because they are retarded, since most of wargames mechanics are "unrealistic"
thank you, coudln't say better.
I think the main point of warh has been lost long, long time ago.
Warhammer is not a test of skill(not even fucking remoteley), but its a mean to recreate battles in the grim future and enjoying the experience with someone else.
Look at fucking historical.
But having a fun time is not on a Waac mentality: no, winning is the priority.
the cheap thrill of dopamine gained from crushing an opponent on a game where your strenghts relies solely on how ba dyou can broke the system with an overpowered army list is all waac fuckers thrive for, for actually looking for a good time PLAYING THE FUCKING GAME is not their goal.
>but both players had to know what to avoid.
Which was completely retarded.
in a wargame, an expensive one like warh where you put not only money but also a lot of time to assemble and paint, the minum requirement would be to be able to field what i like without having to worry to break the game.
7th was so fucking bad. 8th is not perfect but I'm having just so much fun.
strip it and do it again.
Or change primer. Are you using white primers? black is a lot better.

>> No.54111396






>> No.54111407

I want to see the stats for a Marco Cannon.

>> No.54111455

Expensive as fuck, but kinda good.

>> No.54111477

It also says the Blood Crusade met its match TWICE.

meeting your match typically implies a loss.

Gee, I wonder what one of those places was at?
>It's the battle org chart and the little narrative blurb talking about how the Blood Crusade lost at Octarius.
Pull your head out of your ass m8.
Seriously, this is getting sad to watch.

>> No.54111583

I can't paint. Are Harlequins worth it?

>> No.54111809

Lychguard with Praetorian jet packs.

>> No.54111925

No not really. If you move you hit on 5's. Only 3 attacks base unless you take a scourge which adds a 3 more attacks hitting on 4's. Only an 8 inch move when fresh.

For the price you're paying for it it's just all around meh. You can find better things to field.

>> No.54112324

>Chaos Bastion is BS 5+ even if your units are manning the guns

What a waste.

>> No.54112385

probably not

>> No.54112722

What is this 195 pt setup? The minimum cost for its weapons is 225 for twin assault cannon and 2x blackstar rockets

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