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We're all Alpharius now Edition

Last Thread: >>54056476


>Latest news :

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf(and epub), SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>Old crap

>List Builder
It's dead, Jim.

>WIP Math-hammer doc

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This is what I have with my contemptor in the list.

I am pretty new, so any tips on what to add here is appreciated.

Also, representing VII legion

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What happened to the love affair Forge World had with Imperial Guard? It feels like the guard hasn't gotten anything new in years.

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I could definitely see it. Those are some insane efficiencies versus vehicles.

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Hail fellow loyal marine, it sure is a great day to spread the justice of the empera.

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This totally appeals to my 100% normie lifestyle.

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I'm ordering a vanquisher version of that right now.(to use as a normal version because short barrellets can fuck off)
god it looks so lovely

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>dislocated shoulder

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I ran Crusaders, DCA, Arocs and Bullgryn. I thought they would be fun units. Turns out each one was an unstoppable death machine. People will immediately catch on in my store the more they play me. I'm the only one doing Inquisition and Ministorum units at the moment.

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Anybody got the download for the new Perturabo book?

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I have played 8th edition for the past month at least twice a week
I have yet to use points

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Good day to you loyalist.
Enjoying the glory of the emperor?

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What is it called sir

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Nope, I have another shoulderpad on the other shoulder hiding the A, it has a V on it.

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>What happened to the love affair Forge World had with Imperial Guard?

The Horus Heresy happened

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Perty: Hammer of Olympia

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You definitely have a sweet thing going with that setup. I would not have expected these units to be half this killy; if your opponent underestimates you and lets you in range to unload your firepower, they're in for a bad time.

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The worst thing that ever happened to Forge World.

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This was written in regards to a nightlords poster offended by the rievers.

What could this mean

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I'd be curious if anyone has the Magnus one
HH 44

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This look acceptable for a Tabletop standard ork?
AKA I've got 60 of these little fucks to paint and I'm being lazy

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Oi, I need youz boyz to go collect scrap n gubbins so'ze I can finnish buildin dis ere deff ray fer da empra. Now go get me da junk.

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Holy crap that Arbites collection went for $378.

For your needs:

Keep in mind,
Sisters are a fun army to play but you aren't buying into a "fair" army to play. You'll be losing a lot especially against mechanized.

Your gear options you described are GREAT for anti-infantry. 4 storm bolts is 8 shots, 16 double tap. Using the acts of faith and shooting twice in your turn for a squad with 4 (dominions) + the rest of the squad double tapping twice. Situational I know, but on the defense it is insanely good. Or offense if you can close distance. Just hope you have cover + can gun down melee before they melee you.

Closing the distance won't be hard - 3 immolators means 3, 5 sister squads can get in while you get into melta-range. It also means your 5 sisters have to get out and not die horribly... so they will need to be carefully used in this manner.

3 Immolators are great. Make sure you have all the bits or they come with melta, I can't re-emphasize this enough.

$200 is pushing it. $80 a squad new, and on ebay right now i see several auctions at ~$40-50 for 10 or so used (and easy to strip - all metal.)

So to get your 30 bodies on ebay you'll spend at least $120-150 or so. Flamers and storm bolters are not rare at all.

The immolators go for ~$60 depending on how well they are painted etc. $40 NIB but they are out of stock so ebay prices are high. So you get 3 of those? That's another ~$120 if you got NIB from GW. ~$150 if you got from ebay, or more.

TLDR: Your sisters are worth $360 NIB - and on ebay probably about $300, maybe much less if you find cheaper immolators.

Would I pay $200 for that? Depends heavily on how the immolators are, what the paint job is like, and so forth. It isn't a rip-off (as much as I can say that about over priced sister stuff) - but you could find better deals if you really tried.

I say go for it, if you like it you can enjoy it, if not, you can sell on ebay and get most your $ back.

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From afar? Fine, but you'll want to clean those mould lines in the future.

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This Inquisitor has arrived to investigate you for heresy, what do you do?

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The catch is that the Magnus one is also about Perty and his IW, not really about the TS

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I bought a Knight a few months ago after splitting a cheap Renegade box on eBay with a friend. I wanted to run it with my GK in 1850(7th), well now in 8th that seems impossible because it ends up being 1/4th of a 2k list on an already low model count army. I was considering selling it because it's NoS(I saved it for the back of my backlog), but not sure yet. Any hope of fitting one in there? I don't have any other Imperial Armies.

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It's unlikely anyone is going to pay careful attention to each individual ork

>> No.54061490

Yeah I spray painted him years ago, and now that I'm getting back in I'm repainting everything

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Always needing more infantry. And more and more and more. Might as well get creative!

WiP on hold because of family guests on vacation. Need to finish Metallics, red, beaten up, and shades and highlights and bloody wounds, but I feel they're getting go enough to show off.

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Me either. I expected them to be decent this edition, decent but fun, more powerful than before. I really did not expect to be bulldozing people. I might have to tone it back some, the past few games were stomps.

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Cawl made Rievers out of Night Lords geneseed. He fixed all the heresy and problems and made them better.
Is this not good enough? What more do you spiky marines want?!

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>best way to play 40k
>worst thing

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Write my will and hit on her

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No idea what I'm doing. Would this be a decent starter list for a brand-new player?

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>hit on an underage boy
Calm down John Podesta, isn't there a noose somewhere you should be making friends with?

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Hit on her.

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Acolytes are definitely stronk as fuck as well. You can go for shooty or do something crazy like load them up with thunderhammers.

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Step one, don't use shitty list builders, get your index and make a list yourself.

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no excuse for not drilling the barrels, otherwise its fine for tabletop. id love to play against orks that arent all primer grey

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>trader Joe's

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This an ok looking all-comers elite marine list?

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Greetings to you both from myself and my fellow absolutely-normal-and-not-suspicious-at-all loyal imperial citizens

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It's like Paul Dano and Ellen Page fused together.

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I'm not really worried about losing, I just really wanted to have a second army besides Necrons and love the metal minis. Thanks for the breakdown, now I can pay money for these models and not feel guilty about it.

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>Sisters loosing to a mech list


Bring more Melta

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Those guys start worshipping slaanesh or something? Why are their limbs falling off, and that guy on the left has a fucking prehensile cock holding a knife.

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I know Magnus's book featured IW heavily

But I'm talking about the one after he gets his back snapped and he goes insane

>> No.54061591

they just gave them a whole new set of somewhat broken rules.

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Not bait or cancer like the last thread.

How many carnifexes do you think you need to field to make him worthwhile?

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Yeah they are so good. I'm just got 10 Storm Bolters off of Ebay, but that might be too much. I could use some fun mixing and matching and make them a nice fluffy variety unit.

I just made a Terminator Inquisitor out of the Sigmar free model you get for playing a demo game. I figure it could be fun to deepstrike him with Scions that are his "bodyguard".

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Don't forget the monkey and the martial artist.

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Yeah I do
I don't have a bit drill

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Greetings Lord. I believe that you should know if we were to procreate our superior genes would enrich humanity greatly.

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besides conscripts what are some good guard units I should use nows?

>> No.54061615

If you're running any carnifexes he's worthwhile.

>> No.54061616

Babe. Babe. Hold up daddy oh. Puh-leaze, go back and read what our little Sister of Battle-O is wanting to buy. No melta except those dastardly Immolators. We don't even know if they have MMelta, hence my point...

MAKE SURE those Immolators have their bits or multi-meltas. You will regret it if not.

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This one here, Id love to read it

>> No.54061621

The ones you think are fun.

>> No.54061623

Executioner Leman Russwith plasma cannon side sponsons.

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I will still kek, for Corn cares not from where the keks flow.

>> No.54061660

Basilisks, Tank Commanders, Pask, Manticores, Master of Ordnance, Scions, Infantry squads, heavy weapon squads with Harker or Yarrick, Bullgryn, Rough Riders.

The only true lacking units for Guard right now are Armored Sentinels and normal Russes. Tank Commander Russes are totally worth the points, as is Pask. They make up for the lack of firepower Russes have no thanks to their sponson and hull guns being BS5+ on the move. 3+ main gun and 4+ sponson/hull guns is great on the TCs. Pask is even better with 2+ and 3+ other guns. He can also give orders to the other Tank Commanders.

>> No.54061661

Average human civilan reporting in

>> No.54061675

I just picked up the two 'fex box and have an old one eye. How should I build the two new ones? Are claws worth it because he effectively cancels out the -1 to hit? Do i bother with guns?

>> No.54061678

I'm that guy who cares more about new models than new rules.

>> No.54061680


What does the Chaplain + Assault Termies really get you? The Chad marines and dreads are shooty and then you have a bunch of HtH termies.

Seems like vehicles might be a better investment

>> No.54061687

You mean your grandpa?

>> No.54061691

I'll make sure.

>> No.54061696

The Manticore. Its 2d6 S10 -2 AP d3 damage. Its drawback is it can only shoot 4 times so if that scares you use a Basilisk.

>> No.54061698

Woah WOAH WOAH. HOLD UP citizen. Wait right there.

You dropped your fancy knife thing here from your belt.

Here you go. The Emperor Protects, friend.

>> No.54061705


z has 10 sisters of meh cast quality for $10 if you want to go that route.

FW gave sisters a repressor, which has 1-2 heavy flamers, 6 fire points and can hold a dominion squad which lets it scout move (move+advance) before the first turn. The repressor is probably their best unit.

you can also mix and match all imperium now too, so dropping a retributor squad into any army guarantees it gets to always fire twice, which makes it super strong. stormbolter dominions are decent too.

>> No.54061706

Hmm...Seems legit!

Here, guard the motor pool for me I gotta take a dump!

>> No.54061718

>all the armies I like the look of bore me in game
>all the armies with play styles I like I hate the look and lore of
Death Guard and AdMech are my last 2 hopes

>> No.54061723

Are the sisters resin or metal? I'm kind of only looking to get metal.

>> No.54061731

Well which ones do you like the look of, but not the playstyle? Maybe you haven't considered all the options yet.

>> No.54061733

got a harbor frieght in your town? i got a pinning drill for like 3 bucks and change.

>> No.54061737


not great vs hordes, really bad vs 14pt drop plasma (elysian, or 16pt scions). terminators are generally garbage tier (not enough attacks).

>> No.54061738

I deepstrike them to threaten and ideally assault something. Hammernators hit at a -1 so that means 4+, the Chaplain lets them re-roll failed to hit.

>> No.54061739


>> No.54061742

Do DG. There are a lot of DG models being sold off by people buying the starter (plus the upcoming mini starters no doubt) for a lot cheaper than the marine half.

Also glaze ink ink ink rdy to play

>> No.54061748

I like thin short haired girls. It just means there's a 50/50 chance I'm talking to a lesbian, not that I'm a pedophile.

>> No.54061752

Install nagi into her like like the ethereal instructed me to do.

>> No.54061772

I think if you run him on his own he's worthwhile. 20 points more than a carnifex with the same loadout and vastly superior in every way you could want.

>> No.54061782

Subassemblies are fun! :P
Nope! Florida. The State that helps all those other states feed the United States. The visitors are from Philly.
I don't get it? Uh, the guy with the raised hand will make more sense when he's covered in his own blood.

>> No.54061789

>Install nagi

>> No.54061810

Everyone post badass painted Guard armies!

Except anybody with a nickname. You can all fuck right off.

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>> No.54061815


It's funny that normal ministorium units are buff as fuck in this edition.

I'm curious to see how Repentias + Mistress + a Friendly Priest stacks up with War Hymns. Too bad SoBs don't get Zealot which would actually fit them perfectly

>> No.54061829

>I don't get it?

>> No.54061833

>not Battle Sisters

Look at all that fucking green on our troops. Also, the numbers on the Exo pretty much confirmed my thoughts that its kinda shitty right now. Adding more randomness didn't help any.

Putting an Axe+Inferno pistol on any superior is amazingly efficient apparently, but that requires melee. These numbers kinda back up what I've experienced on the table.

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>> No.54061856

Yea, he'll make more sense once the blood god is on.

>> No.54061861


Seems like an expensive unit to maybe knock out something nasty. Especially since effectively they'll be operating solo since the rest of the Chads will be taking cover and shooting shit.

>> No.54061872

Yeah, Repentias should have gotten zealot and angelic visage

>> No.54061885

>Nagi are running the whole show with MC'd Ethereals

>> No.54061903

I love it too. All these old ass metal sculpts that are never in stock are super hard hitting and ripping apart all the new models. I have count as models for Crusaders and DCA, but I'm not sure what to use for Arcos. I have 6 of the normal metal ones, but I'm not sure what to do. Just order 1 more packet of 3, or try to find a count as unit.
Kind of weird that they don't have Zealot and yet DCA, Crusaders and Arcos do.

>> No.54061921

Eh I don't mind, still better leaders than 99% of what 40k universe has to offer.

>> No.54061922

GGA, RGG.......and that's all I got. So why be such a faggot to just them?

>> No.54061923

Recaster. To learn more, visit the 40k recast subreddit.

>> No.54061931

I'm just about to get an avenger, looks fun

>> No.54061952

>purple orks

>> No.54061964

That's because the imperium tries to operate a centralized government that clearly doesn't work when you have thousands of planets hundreds of lightyears away from each other with mediocre means of communication and travel.

Meanwhile the tau use a de-centralized government system. Planets and sectors govern themselves and simply pay tithes to their respective tau sept.

While it makes them more likely to succumb to chaos, the general population is typically more content and less likely to revolt.

>> No.54061967


SoBs can't have nice things, people might start using them instead of marines for power armored elites.

>> No.54061970

Says the man that sleeps with his cloak.

>> No.54061982

I was just fucking around in battlescribe and figured this was a decent 1500pt casual list. Hows it look.

>> No.54061989

Nice meme.
The thought of anyone non-retarded ever even considering the use of power over points is fucking hilarious.

>> No.54061992

Wimp Lo?

>> No.54061993

That's exactly like the imperium though, planetary governors basically have free reign as long as they pay their tithe.

>> No.54061996

Thanks. Now to go report them to GW.

>> No.54062012

Stick to actual metal. Don't buy resin.

had a guy buy resin eldar back before plastic - got teased to death over it.

>> No.54062013

Why all the commanders? Just take platoon leaders.

>> No.54062034

Grey Knights, Dark Eldar, and Tyranids. I like the look of then but Greg Knights are just special marines , Dark Elder seem super flimsy and glass cannony, and every time I've seen nods play it just seems like you're either swarming down your opponent or taking flyrants but I havnt seen them played in 8th yet so I dont know how thats changed. Its the look for the warriors and their other medium sized things I like a lot.
I'm really considering this I already got 2 DI sets of DG through painting and trading so depending on how they play they may be how I go.

>> No.54062037

I gotta fill up them HQ slots somehow. I figure Platoon Commanders are just a waste of points overall. With only one order it just doesn't seem worth it.

>> No.54062044

2 Commanders is "all the commanders"? Commanders are 10 points more than Platoon Commanders and they get 2 orders.

>> No.54062047

They're expected to praise the emperor though, and they must report to and take directions from the high lords of terra. As well as a myriad of "middle management" types including:
>2 different types of Inquisitors
>Guard Commanders

>> No.54062067

>10 points more
And for those points you could throw more weapons around. Like organizing a heavy weapon team.

>> No.54062096

Does Battle Focus let Asuryani fall back and shoot?

>> No.54062102

You're silly.

>> No.54062107

Those are not that much different as the Etherals and caste system.
If anything the Tau are less decentralized than the Imperium, as there are very strict rules about castes that are enforced.

>> No.54062132


>> No.54062137


>> No.54062148

Yeah I mean you do only have a limited number of elite slots and you still have to fill the HQ slots up. It doesn't make sense to waste them on Platoon Commanders.

>> No.54062153

Has anyone seen Ynnari used to good effect yet?

Losing out on Battle Focus and Power from Pain seems to a bad trade off for being able to mix Craftworld and Drukhari units. There are some decent Dark Eldar units but few of them can't be replicated with various Aspect warriors.

Granted Eldar aspects are typically older than dirt and Dark Eldar have some decent sculpts but Ynnari currently seem kinda meh.

>> No.54062155

>there are very strict rules about castes that are enforced
Only on purely tau worlds.

They're much more liberal with worlds they've taken control of and kept the population intact.

>> No.54062156

Arcos are balanced like normal units but just get 2 wounds each for free.

>> No.54062170

Trading Battle Focus for Soulburst seems fine.
Soulburst is amazing

>> No.54062181

I should clarify (apologies if I quoted the wrong person, since our replies are identical, I don't know which is which): It probably doesn't. There's a very technical argument that "falling back" is a form of movement, and since units with battle focus can shoot as if they never moved, they can shoot as if they never fell back.

But I would not expect this argument to last past an FAQ, because for other abilities that allow the unit to shoot after falling back, it explicitly says so.

>> No.54062206

Didn't know Scaramouche played 40k

>> No.54062219

There's literally no reason to ever use Platoon Commanders. Commanders get 2 orders and have 1 more wound. They take up HQ slots so you can take more detachments. Elite slots are a competitive slot for Guard, there's no reason to add more by taking PCs.

>> No.54062231

You can field dark eldar units with lame eldar units without running a ynnari faction.

But soulburst is amazing, and if you want to win, you're probably better off playing with soulburst on everything.

The real question for you is whether soulburst is worth giving up Covens units, Mandrakes, and Drazhar, all three of which are pretty strong this edition.

>> No.54062278


They murder infantry and even do okay vs light vehicles. They aren't going to suddenly make Ministorium able to trade punches with the Bugs and Orks but they'll tear through most other units.

Considering you can do arcos and DCA and crusaders and get strong but cheap units they are a nice option.

Bullgryns + Priest are incredibly nasty if they can get a charge in because war hymns and avalanche of muscle makes those mauls insane.

>> No.54062286


>> No.54062313

the actual real question is if you can't take Covens units, Mandrakes, and Drazhar with a ynarri list.

there is a certain aspie who goes on and on about that shit.

>> No.54062333

Is it implies lower is better or something? I don't get it.

>> No.54062343

i wouldn't bother with guns, you'll be wanting them in combat. Except perhaps bioplasma since it doesn't use up arm slots.

>> No.54062352

Well Grey Knights can mix with other imperials now, so you could take some assassins or admech or whatever and mix it in.
Supposedly tyranids are much better now.

>> No.54062374

The way my TO explained it, if you could just take a separate detachment for covens, drakes and drazhar, the rule about what units could join would say "detachment", not "army". I'm just going with that, since it makes sense.

>> No.54062416


Seems like soulburst is heavily situationally on your opponents army selection. Horde armies are going to be extremely difficult to completely destroy often enough to get a significant power boost.

Seems like it best against the IG and maybe Tau but even against Marines/CSM/Necrons it's going to struggle unless you opponent uses a lot of minimal sized units.

>> No.54062417


Tell me how you got that blue. It's nice.

>> No.54062420

it doesn't need to, because only the units you select get to be ynarri.

so if you have coven units in your list, they are stuck with PfP and all the valid choices you switched over can get SfD.

the only people having a problem over this are people with poor reading comprehension.

>> No.54062426

Can confirm. Bullgryn do well against single wound models, but they absolutely trash single models if they get the charge off. I've deleted Land Raiders with them in one go. I've gotten up to around 20 wounds dealt at 2 damage a pop. Even if they make 50% of the saves, they get deleted.

DCA, Crusaders and Arcos are great. My personal favorite are Crusaders because of the Acts of Faith and durability. That double move helps them a lot.

>> No.54062439

This is incorrect. There's no rule that lets you "select" units to be Ynnari. You can't have any Ynnari if you take Coven units.

>> No.54062459

you are literally the only person who believes this.

>> No.54062474

>the rule about what units could join would say "detachment", not "army"
That's wrong though, the rule clearly says "army".

>> No.54062484

That seems weird to me. We've always called our lists armies, the book refers to them as armies, etc. So why would the rulebook say those units can't join a ynnari army if it means they actually can?

I guess it will have to be faq'd if this keeps coming up, but I'm pretty doubtful of your interpretation.

I think you're allowed to take the 3 hero ynnari, but you won't be able to make anything else ynnari if you take a covens, drake, or drazhar unit.

>> No.54062485

How many boyz should I look to field in a 2000 point ork army? I'm just starting and I bought 2 boxes of the SC but I'm seeing a lot of people say that I should be bringing a shit ton of boyz to any game.

>> No.54062493

No, stop being a WAACfag. The rule is pretty fucking clear. Go ahead and ask GW or email the playtesters, they're all saying the same thing.

>> No.54062508

honestly you should tripfag, would make it easier to filter you.

>> No.54062511

>I think you're allowed to take the 3 hero ynnari, but you won't be able to make anything else ynnari if you take a covens, drake, or drazhar unit.
This is correct, yes.

>> No.54062527

150 should be enough if you don't want to take a lot of boyz

>> No.54062529

I'm sorry the correct rules trigger you. Are you going to hang yourself the day the FAQ drops and confirms?

>> No.54062535


Crusaders are cheap as fuck considering you are getting a powersword and stormshield. Granted they don't do silly levels of damage like the arcos or bullgryns but despite being 1 wound they are pretty fucking durable especially if you go with a unit of 10.

Stick them in a box and you can easily tarpit a decent sized unit.

>> No.54062546

honestly this is another reason you should tripfag, so when your BTFO i can see yourself fade into anonymity.

>> No.54062553

Now we need a converted Bullgryn squad that has pit crew coveralls and tools as weapos who strip down vehicles in a twinkle.

>> No.54062556


Make Your Guys, anon. GW can't stop you....and if you're not a full retard WAACfag, I'm sure people will be willing to play games with em.

That's kinda why I'm into 40k at all.

>> No.54062569

Not really. Remember, that soulburst triggers when your units die as well, and you get to cast word of the phoenix on any ynnari unit (not just ones with Strength from Death, this was confirmed on stream a couple days ago).

An idea I toyed with was using Dark Eldar Retinues to field a ton of units. Anytime a single model of the retinue dies, you get a soulburst.

Another idea I had was multiple squads of banshees, with a Jain Zar. If they target either squad and destroy it, you can soulburst the other, and multicharge every unit in range. Doing this can completely interrupt an enemy's shooting phase.

I don't know how good either of these ideas will be in practice, but I think they show that soulburst has lots of interesting applications.

>> No.54062579

>thinks I'm going to be the one getting btfo when the rules are clear apart from some RAWfag loophole abuse of a retard intentionally misunderstanding the word "army" and when official sources and playtesters in constant contact with official sources have already made statements about this
How deluded can one person be

>> No.54062582

Undercoat GW leadbealcher.
Blue Mig Warhead metalic blue (will be super bright at this point)
Then give it a wash with waywatcher green.

>> No.54062591


Are you footslogging exclusively or are you using trukks and battlewagons?

If you are footslogging then big units + big meks are pretty critical but if you are going with trukks you obviously have smaller units.

Either way is fun but I honestly think trukks help give the orks enough mobility to deal with the run and shoot strategies of Tau and Eldar and Chad-marines.

>> No.54062598

Absolutely. Unless the enemy has a way to do some mortal wounds, Crusaders are quite durable. I usually put 2 Astropaths in my army to buff armor saves for Conscripts and Bullgryn, but I'm thinking of buffing Crusaders for some delicious 2++.

I would love this so much.

>> No.54062606

Could you share these official statements? I haven't seen any yet, but I'd be very interested to see a semi-official ruling.

>> No.54062607

you're trying awfully hard to do mental gymnastic to prove you aren't a WAACFAG about to be btfo by a FAQ.

>> No.54062625

>official sources have already made statements about this

post a link or be forever BTFO

>> No.54062643

Unfortunately unless you're subscribed to GWs Twitch and willing to watch through all their videos for the part where they answered the question I don't have a way to do that

But if you e-mail them or the FLG guys or shoot them a question on the facebook page they might be able to clear it up for you

Or you can just wait for the FAQ they keep saying is "coming soon" that will definitely put it to rest

>projecting his WAACfaggotry when he's the one trying to use loopholes that are about to get FAQ'd to justify taking restricted units in an army that has an entire special rule dedicated to telling you that you cannot take those units

>> No.54062664

>I don't have a way to do that


>> No.54062698

Honestly, it'd be more believable if you said your dad worked for GW.

>> No.54062700

Can you at least tell me what video it was?

>> No.54062707


>> No.54062711

Keep telling yourself that when the FAQ comes out and this is yfw

Or you could just learn to fucking read and realize that the index already explains this, but at this point I'm kind of looking forward to your faggoty elf tears

>> No.54062724

You said it was officially stated and you can't provide a source.

We all know who's delusional.

>> No.54062729

Fuck if I remember, I don't play elfdar shit so I wasn't paying attention to the video, I just have them running in the background while I paint. I don't have a subscription either so I can only see that stuff live.

>> No.54062747

Go ahead and message GW on facebook about it and see what they say. The community team responds to everything now.

>> No.54062752

point and laugh at the idiot.

>> No.54062765

This is getting really sad

If this is your reaction now it's gonna be amazing on FAQ day.

>> No.54062769

Well, I've emailed GW. I'll post back if they respond.

I'm not persuaded by your argument so far, but GW responding should settle it one way or the other.

>> No.54062787

oh i can't wait for FAQ day, im gonna shitpost so hard in that thread that it will make the shiters of basshole meme seem tolerable.

i can't wait to drink your impotent tears

>> No.54062810


Yeah I guess Soulburst actually makes bring out all of those fragile as fuck units (war walkers, anvils of vaul) that have largely disappeared from more serious mechdar units over the last what 5 editions?

Still not sure I like the idea of Banshees or Scorpions being bait units. Rangers seem like a fairly optimal bait unit unless you are fielding units of jetbikes and vypers in which case those are likely getting shot up unless you are doing something silly like a warlock skyrunner council

Using a bunch of ur-ghuls in a retinue just seems wrong.

>> No.54062836

If you don't like Shitsters of Basshole you can always use the new term, Assdeptus Shitsenioritas

>> No.54062868 [DELETED] 

So...I'm pretty new to 40k....been working on some bids as a first army since 7th, and I'd like to eventually get some Marie's, eldar, and....Sisters...

I'm aware of HE's Hillsborough, and I'm old enough to know better than to trust a company to do right by it's fans...

So, given their sisters tease in that one release video, and their statement that 8th is gonna have a focus on factions that haven't been updated in a while....I'm gonna give it a year, year and a half before I just resign myself back to the idea of getting crapmetal, overpriced models if I want a sisters army.

'Zat sound reasonable to you, anons?

>> No.54062883

there is always aftermarket third party sisters.

The only place you can't use them is offical GW stores.

>> No.54062884

That sounds reasonable to me.

>> No.54062891

Posting dudes

>> No.54062904

So you think Avatar of Khaine can be in an Ynnari army?

>> No.54062930

No, I just forgot to list it.

>> No.54062939

An Avatar of khaine and An Avatar of Ynnead double teaming a greater deamon of slaneesh.

/d/ would have a field day.

>> No.54062940


GW is unlikely to do much with SoB to be perfectly honest. In general they are always chasing younger gamers because older players tend to already have one or more complete armies already and are typically unwilling to plunk down a huge sum of money on getting a full army.

I think the basic thought is that SoB won't appeal to younger males and so they focus most of their effort supporting marines and other novice friendly factions.

As a result Marines are always getting new stuff/codices and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy because why spend a lot of time making new SoB sculpts when you can just crank out another marine set and sell more of them?

>> No.54062976

>They aren't going to suddenly make Ministorium able to trade punches with the Bugs and Orks
Why not? 9 Arcos + priest on charge deals 26 damage to ork boys they cost 135 points and have 18 wounds with a 5++. That's essentially only par with Boyz for both wounds and damage per point.

>> No.54062979

....sorry >>54062883 and >>54062884...I'm into a 40oz and on a phone, and that was moretypos than care to look at.

But yeah >>54062883, I'm aware of third-party and kitbashing stuff....but there's a lot that irks me about going that route too much. It's irrational, but I like the idea of using mostly official stuff. Plus I really do Luke some of their models like the penitent engines.

>> No.54063015

CSM, Daemons or Renegades?

>> No.54063039

Welcome to Planehammer 40k

>> No.54063042

Run em all in one list.

>> No.54063045

Renegades AND daemons. Summon 1510 points of Daemon on your opponent's flank with the magic of Valkyries.

>> No.54063047

This is so easily countered by flying assault infantry. Drop 9" away, charge, punch them to death.

>> No.54063061

kill your self faggot

>> No.54063068


Don't you just need to pick up some Velocity Trackers to just wreck this list?

>> No.54063074


Mainly because unit of boyz are liable to be at least 20 and often 30 in size. In contrast the arcos have a maximum of 9 + the priest.

Yeah the arcos are going to do a massive amount of damage on the charge but big units of boyz are able to absorb silly amounts of damage.

I'm not saying arcos aren't good but in general I think you'd probably do better using bullgryns and crusaders vs orks because they have good damage + good durability.

>> No.54063096

uh... Your right arm is falling off

>> No.54063099

These are what I have, any tips for lists at various points?

>> No.54063115

Post Alpha Legion lore.

>> No.54063121

Cannot unsee

>> No.54063128


>> No.54063129


Seems gimmicky as fuck. Granted most tourney lists are unlikely to be geared to counter it but what happens if people have the long range dakka to take out some of your flyers quickly?

It's great if people aren't expecting it because seriously who buys that many marine flyers but if people know you are liable to run with that sort of list they are going to bring a variety of hard counters.

>> No.54063164

Five years ago.

>> No.54063174

In the end it's not much different from vehicle spam, you just have a harder time charging them an -1 to hit with shooting, both of which seem not that huge. There must be more to this than just the armylist.

>> No.54063176

Fuck off David "Kid Cocks" Brock

>> No.54063233

No, it is huge. They can fly right up to your army and be immune to assault if you have nothing with the fly rule, and -1 to hit can be the difference between landing a lascannon hit or not. They also move fast as fuck so they can be wherever they want and focus whatever they want.

>> No.54063251


Because 9" charges are always so successful.
If you drop in and assault, you'd better hope that you kill them in one because if not you're fucked.

Anything that starts on the board with a VT will be dead in turn 1

Any "Long range Dakka" will be dead turn one.

I'm not saying that I like this list, it would have a hard time actually contesting maelstrom objectives but it honestly doesn't need to, I'd be pretty confident about tabling pretty much any opponent turn 1 with this shit memelist.

>> No.54063260

Then you are terrible at warhammer 40k, but then again you're posting on /tg/ so...

>> No.54063263

He plays Emperor's Children.

>> No.54063277

I'm prob going to be foot slogging. The SC come with 2 Deff Dreads and I was thinking about picking up a gorkanaut cause it looks cool.

I might also try and pick up Ghazkrull if I can. Is he worth the points that he's listed at?

>> No.54063289

New to 8th, not played 40k in a zillion years.
Any thoughts on my Saim Hann list?

Autarch Skyrunner - Fusion Gun, Laser Lance, Mandiblasters

Warlock Skyrunner - Witchblade

5 Fire Dragons with Exarch
Wave Serpent with Crystal Targeting Matrix

5 Windrunners with 3 Shuriken Cannons

5 Windrunners with 3 Shuriken Cannons

4 Shining Spears with Exarch with Star Lance

- 996 Points

>> No.54063294

I guess put the arcos in a rhino and it evens out somewhat. No one is playing imperium melee list and buying or converting a shit load of them is expensive and time consuming. Its amazing that in the rare circumstance a 30 ork blob actually got a sisters/guard line intact you have something cheap that can just charge them and easily wipe them out.

>> No.54063313

Theoretically how many friends you think one could lose real quick with this cheeky combo?

>> No.54063321


>Anything that starts on the board with a VT will be dead in turn 1

>Any "Long range Dakka" will be dead turn one.

Well alright then, if you insist.

>> No.54063331

Its a first month "I found an efficient unit and spammed it list" not very impressive or revelatory. There are other more broken units out there.

>> No.54063335

laughing 200 model count army.

Have fun trying to score objectives, faggot

>> No.54063348

Looks like shit, you'd have to cast that on the unit shooting and the darkshroud can't keep up with the min movement of the aircraft

You're an idiot, in other words

>> No.54063354


If you don't mind having two units running around desperately trying to keep up with your supersonic flyer I'm sure it's amazing

>> No.54063403

>any long range/sky fire models will be dead turn 1
>what is deploying in cover

>> No.54063416


You just gotta spread out the darkshrouds and psykers to cover the board and create beacons of not hit
That is all, piece of kek

>> No.54063423

Thinking more in tandem with stacked darkshrouds. Admittedly I haven't read 100% of everything so there could a contradiction but abilites usually state a unit can only be under its effect once - doesn't say that for Icon of the Old Caliban

>> No.54063433

>he doesn't convert his own chosen models

>> No.54063436

So if I give my great unclean one the 6+ FNP warlord trait, does it stack with disgustingly resilient?

T7 12 wounds at 5++ with a 5+ FNP and 6+ FNP sounds pretty annoying to kill. Especially since he'll have the power to heal d3 wounds a turn.

>> No.54063446

RAI I'd imagine you get one feel no pain roll. Or failing that, a +1 to your FNP save.

>> No.54063450

That's way too many points you have to invest just to make use of a gimmick. Not to mention that 2/3rd of your units will have -2 to hit at most.

>> No.54063468


Dead turn 1 no matter what
According to that guy atleast, dunno how my deepstriking AA dies turn 1

>> No.54063475


Honestly, an absolutely massive horse army is the best counter I can think of for this.
Flooding the board with conscripts at max coherency will make it hard for the planes to actually be able to move

>> No.54063476

Opinions on Scabiathrax in 8E?

>> No.54063477


its all different abilities unless somewhere in the rules it says you can only try 1 "feel no pain" roll once a turn. ive been running it that it stacks and no one else has a problem with it. my problem with the GUO is he is pretty slow.

>> No.54063486

The solution is to deep strike your AA. With Tau it's not that hard. You can slap tons of AA on Characters that can deep strike.

>> No.54063488

Flying units ignore other models

>> No.54063493


now that D isn't a thing i'm definitely going to use mine more. hes a 22 wound nurgle unit, the fucker should never die.

>> No.54063506

They can move over them, but they can't finish within 1" of them.

>> No.54063510

You're still not allowed to land on top of other models.

>> No.54063530


GUO is durable and attracts damage like crazy but on the other hand it's slow as fuck and is really limited on range.

In general I think I'd almost always prefer a Nurgle Daemon Prince over GUO mainly for mobility.

Especially since the rest of the army is liable to be slow as fuck plaguemarines.

>> No.54063536

He is pretty slow yeah. But a lot of the army is fast, it's mixed death guard and nurgle. I've got plague drones, 2 bloat drones, and some plague marines in rhinos. And 7 inches is faster than infantry and dreadnoughts at least.

I'm more worried about my herald. He's speed 5, and I'm not sure I want to sacrifice the movement of my GUO or Typhus to summon him.

>> No.54063552


Your DSing units don't, but the other 50% of your army does. The rest is just cleanup, because I doubt that your DS units are going to kill all of those planes in the turn that they arrive

>> No.54063574

Then there's this guy over here, just making shit up. It has already been clarified that you do indeed get both. RAW is that you get both. RAI is that you get both.

>> No.54063588

Now that I look at it, the daemon prince with wings is cheaper than the great unclean one. Loses a lot of survivability but the buff aura might be worth the tradeoff.

>> No.54063636

If you have to do this much damage control it's clear that you get only one.

>> No.54063639

Actually no, it has 8 wounds. So I guess it doesn't lose survivability because it's a character and is untouchable. Shit, guess I'm getting that instead.

>> No.54063644

How should I paint my Hellforged stuff? I'm going for the dark mechanicus aesthetic.

>> No.54063664


>> No.54063719


I still find it funny that bring enough conscripts makes enemy fliers kill themselves
fuck, conscript meta next

>> No.54063725

There is no reason in the rules to believe you only get one. This is something you have invented. Both rules take effect in the order chosen by the player whose turn it is as per the main rulebook sequencing rules.

>> No.54063735

Well the Stormravens are able to Hover and thus avoid that. But that does mean they'll get charged by conshits.

>> No.54063757

So here's my updated list now that I've been turned on to nurgle daemon princes. 2k points

Winged nurgle daemon prince with axe and warp bolter

7 plague marines with plasma + fist, plasma, blight launcher
7 plague marines with plasma + fist, plasma, blight launcher
28 plaguebearers with instrument
19 poxwalkers

Rhino with combi bolter, combi melta, havoc launcher
Rhino with combi bolter, combi melta, havoc launcher

Predator with 4 lascannons

Outrider detachment:

Herald of nurgle

Bloat drone
Bloat drone
3 plauge drones with instrument

I'll lose out on the pure killing capability of the GUO and how insanely hard to kill it is, but gain a ton of mobility, a useful aura buff that works on both my marines and daemons, and a lot more speed. The extra points turned into plasmaguns for my plague marine champions.

>> No.54063758

I am very confused to how can this even happen after you hit 12.

>> No.54063761


>> No.54063770

Faced a competitive a eldar urinary army and let me just tell you that they are insane.

Razorwing swarm and other cheap shit granting soul burst, scorpion with their special character assaulting from deepstrike and then spawning the urinary avatar when they kill someone.

Urinary avatar blinking across the field whenever something dies.

Whenever there's a couple of fights happening in a close vicinity 7"~ you're in for a treat and the urinarians will get soulbursts 2-3 times a turn (or deny you options which are even worse)

It's like playing chess against them, you make one mistake and soulburst + urinary teleport creates a near unstoppable chain of events.

>> No.54063775

Well 8E has officially been out for nearly 2 weeks.

What do people think of it.

>> No.54063784

Why are Xenos players so fucking dumb lmao

>> No.54063790

Easily the best and most balanced edition ever written.

>> No.54063793

Your own explanation was entirely based on RAI, which is code for "shit I want to be true." Reece has said you get both, and he helped playtest the game.

>> No.54063803

>some retarded blogger said so
Oh shit guess you're definitely right then

>> No.54063810


I've waited so many years to hear someone say that non-sarcastically.

>> No.54063815


>> No.54063818

Not even that guy but
>the playtesters are bloggers meme
Really, that's all you got?

>> No.54063821

Anon threadly reminder that they are americans. Pic related is considered a busy board in burgerland.

>> No.54063840

Deploying in cover doesn't help much in an edition where all you get at best is a +1 to your save against weapons that are removing most of it to begin with, and with Flyers being as mobile as they are oftentimes you won't even get the 50% obscured you need to get the benefit.

>> No.54063869

So, this list has 3 psykers with 3 different disciplines.

Obviously I'll use warptime for the prince. Not sure about the herald though. Leaning towards the +1 to wound rolls buff, but heali8ng the herald or prince d3 could be nice.

For typhus, probably going to go for gift of contagion and miasma.

>> No.54063872

Take your eceleb findom fetish back to gaytreon or kikescammer will you?

>> No.54063874

Easily the worst and most imbalanced edition ever written.


Americans face the enemy head on and don't cower like yuros

>> No.54063883

What the fuck even is this level of retardation

>> No.54063901

Okay, I last played 40k in 3rd/4th edition and I'm completely fucking mystified how list making works now

Can a kind anon give me a breakdown on what happened to points and force organization charts and how you're supposed to do stuff now?

>> No.54063912

Read the fucking rulebook idiot. It's 16 pages long you stupid fuck.

>> No.54063919

Maybe i'll be fucking misterable as I'm working on painting up some display quality terminators and they're going to release new ones which everyone thinks look better but are actually shit.

New death guard are a goddamn abortion of balance. They're just a cluster fuck of everything every where with no way to lead the eye or really focus on any single part. It's fucking stupid but people love them

>> No.54063921

I don't get it. Did /tg/ roll up a mexican sororitas order when I wasn't looking?

>> No.54063933

Yeah it's called Montezuma's Revenge.

>> No.54063942

Read the rulebook you dumb nigger

>> No.54063948

>tfw the renegade valkyrie demon summoning tactic doesn't work

>> No.54063956

What do you think about my first Centurion devastator? I tried to make the dung pile of a model at least passable. I gave him a terminator head, raised the torso a teeny bit, and left off the silly pauldrons.

>> No.54063971

>and the urinarians will get soulbursts 2-3 times a turn

You do know that each unit can only make a Soulburst action once per turn right ?

>> No.54063977

That's a pretty expensive model to waste

>> No.54063982


do i just paint black legion colors on it and call it a day?

>> No.54063985

Wasted or not, it will still be used.

>> No.54063988

It arguably looks even worse now

>> No.54063996

Good gameplay, nice to see the plot advance with Rowboat Gorillaman

Disappointed with the blatant replacement and slow squatting of old marines; especially with how shitty the new units are. They look great but they're not very dynamic; grey hunters are better than intercessors for the same price.

>> No.54063998

Deploying in cover can also deny line of sight entirely, especially with small units, if you cant wipe them from the board then the important people will still be there since wound allocation has changed. This means that by deploying multiple tiny units in as deep cover as you can find, you can minimize the advantage of people getting first turn, then bring all your heavy hitters in from reserve. If you're against fliers, you can even bring the reserves in super close to the enemy, so their minimum move restricts their options for targets. In short, cover is still a big deal if you know how to use it.

>> No.54064002

No one really gives a shit about sisters. Any one who wants them already has them and it's mostly a bad meme that non-white men give a fuck about this hobby.

>> No.54064005

Definitely needs a crotchplate, it looks like he is wearing a power armour G-string.

>> No.54064010


>> No.54064021

Is this satire?

>> No.54064024

I was kind of thinking iron warriors style up until the stripes with dark red and beat up cream stuff instead, but I've never seen anything like that painted so I'm cautious

>> No.54064032

I think it actually looks worse. The regular Centurion isn't that bad looking, it's just dumb. The Nemesis Dreadknight is hideous, however.

>> No.54064041


> We face them head on.

Lets just hope they don't have an army of Vietnamese farmers with rifles from the 1940's or we're fucked.

>> No.54064046

FW emailed a dude to admit they overpriced the FW Hammerheads.
Looks like they're getting cheaper in a FAQ at the minimum

>> No.54064052

lol p2w models aren't p2w enough better make them more broken

>> No.54064059

Ok, here's some anti-plasma/charge bubble wrap idea. How does it look?

> Red dot: Prime target
> Red circle: 9" (deep strike) range
> Orange circle: 12" (rapid fire/charge) range
> Black dots: Bubble units
> Black circles: 9" bubble range

4 Bubble units are placed 9" from the prime target, protecting it from DS rapid fire/charge

>> No.54064061

Yeah, whatever would the Americans do, aside from slaughter them ruthlessly for years on end never losing a major engagement, secure a peace treaty, go home because the civilians are sick of war, then not have the will to go back when the people you just got done fucking decide to break the peace treaty and your worthless allies fail to defend themselves without your assistance.

>> No.54064069


Anyone know how flamers work for overwatch yet? Do they work exactly like they do in a regular shooting attack? 1d6 hits?

>> No.54064070


You forgot the part where you expend 58,000 young American lives propping up an artificial state for literally nothing.

>> No.54064071

> Green circle: 24" (plasmagun's max range) range

So now you can protect the prime target from the DS unit shooting RF gun at all by placing 8 bubble units from 18" of the target.

Anything else I should consider?

>> No.54064077

Slightly better?

>> No.54064078

What's with all the anti-american posts on /tg/ recently? Did some buttmad europoor get BTFO on /pol/ or /int/ or something?

>> No.54064085

58,000 compared to literal millions dead on the enemy side.

The war being ultimately pointless is a non-sequitur.

>> No.54064091

>I main Thousand Sons

>> No.54064097


Because everyone has four extra hours to kill at the gamestore flipping back and forth between tables at opposite sides of a book to tally up point costs before they actually play.

>> No.54064100

That terminator head still looks fucking dumb.

>> No.54064103

> 58,000 compared to literal millions dead on the enemy side.
Accomplishing objectives is what determines the victor in a war, not the K-D ratio.

>> No.54064106


platoon commanders are elites, not hq

>> No.54064109


But you lost, they died for nothing.

I'm sure all their parents can take solace that their tax funded army killed millions of Vietnamese who wanted to remove invaders.

>> No.54064119


You do realize that marines will hit your planes on a 4+, right?

>> No.54064120

Probably used plastic glue. Too much will melt the parts, and it may have slid down. Doubt it will be noticeable in a sea of power armor.

>> No.54064124

kekkkkkkkkkkkk this is what marxists are actually indoctrinated to believe

>> No.54064132


How else would you define Vietnam?

If you can't count failing to accomplish any of your main objectives as a loss then I suppose you can't count much as a loss.

Or was the objective to aimlessly kill as many people as possible? Last time I checked South Vietnam wasn't an independent state.

>> No.54064133

I don't think so. The pauldrons are kinda silly looking as is. Maybe if I chopped down the shoulder servo a bit and put them at an angle

>> No.54064150

Honestly speaking the stock model looks miles better than the stupid shit you made. If you fielded that in front of me I'd probably question your sanity and taste in models and reconsider playing with you.

>> No.54064153

>When the conflict was part of the greater Cold War, in which the commies got BTFO
>And Vietnam today is essentially capitalist
>Calls the Americans invaders when the first thing the noble Viet Cong freedom fighters did when they "liberated" south 'Nam is slaughter thousands of their own defenseless countrymen in the name of Communism

Get out of here commie scum, you can collect your free helicopter ride coupon at the door.

>> No.54064154

Waaait a second, that centurion is on a 32mm base ?! That's not right, put it back on the base it belongs on

>> No.54064162

Im pretty new to GW miniature stuff
Since the new edition of WH 40k is out, can we expect new models for EACH race or just few selected ones?
Im not sure whether I want to collect for example Biker Squads, since they can be obsolete in some time.

>> No.54064165

>Accomplishing objectives is what determines the victor in a war, not the K-D ratio.

Random political agendas does not determine the overall effectiveness or the cost of a victory or defeat.

If for example Vietnam had to fight America again, they could ill afford another "victory" of the same kind of k-d ratio again, since no country would prefer to have 1/4 of its entire population wounded.

Such a defeat could have easily been switched around had America simply changed its political goals, such as if Colonialism was back in vogue and America decided to purge Vietnam of the majority of its natives for annexation as another state. Not exactly the most uncommon or historically improbable decision.

In which case that k-d ratio would become extremely important and even become lopsized even more, as the American military basically genocides the natives to make room for colonists.

We didn't do that because we thought at the time that colonialism was bad, m'kay. But such action was possible if our nation was feeling drastic and if our antiwar movement was much weaker.

>> No.54064167

Wow fuck you then. The stock model looks like ass. You must have a singular taste. I would definitely reconsider playing you, and would be richer for it.

>> No.54064171

In order to lose you have to, you know, be defeated. Which the American forces in Vietnam never were.

The fact that the North restarted hostilites after the Americans left is another matter entirely, but the entire conflict was just a proxy war in the scheme of the greater global conflict against the Soviet Union, which America eventually won.

>> No.54064176

You're right. The stock model does look like ass. Which is why your abomination is so bad. It's somehow even worse than that dumb fat bulky shit,

>> No.54064177

Nah, Primaris next to it is on a 32. Might be a 40

>> No.54064178

paint them how ever you want, there's no standardized uniform for them.

>> No.54064180

> your worthless allies fail
This sort of reasoning is why the US lost. Not simply because Arvin sucked. No, the US lost because the US didn't realize that a big part of being the patron state in a proxy war is picking a good proxy and then supporting them. You don't win by just backing anyone who says the right phrases, then moving in, muscling them aside, and trying to do everything yourself. The people of Vietnam were never going to accept US occupation, and that's all "South Vietnam" ever was. A US occupation. As soon as the US was gone, there was no more South Vietnam.

The US had no ally in Vietnam. Not really. And it never bothered to actually put in the work developing one. Instead it thought it could win the war by racking up big body counts. Well, guess what? As long as there were Vietnamese people, there would be Vietnamese people fighting against the US. Sure, millions of Vietnamese died. But it was their homeland, and they were willing to fight on despite those losses. They never defeated the US in battle, but in the end they never needed to.

>> No.54064181

>Biker Squads, since they can be obsolete in some time.
>Biker Squads obsolete in some time.
>Biker Squads obsolete.

>> No.54064187

You fucking do better then.

>> No.54064191

I think he means the models becoming outdated.

>> No.54064192


Don't mind all the faggots. I'll answer you just to make them mad and encourage more question-asking since it riles up their autism.

So there's two methods of building a list now. There's the Power method, and there's good old fashion points. Power is much faster and more convenient, but a lot less precise in terms of balance.

Basically if you pay Power for something you get to upgrade all their wargear to the max for no additional cost.

If you do a points game, you have to pay points for each little piece of wargear like in all the other editions. The shitty part is the point costs are all on tables in the back of the book, separate from the rest of the information about said units/wargear. So doing a list by points is going to be pretty fiddly and you'll probably want to do it before you get to the game store because it is neither a quick nor convenient process.

In any case, your point/power costs will be in the Index books for the various factions. Not in the rules, like these faggots are saying.

Generally 100 power points is the equivalent of a 2000 point game (but the wargear has a tendency to get very twinked in any power game)

I've heard of house rules that in a power game each unit is equipped exactly as modeled. Cannot comment, have not seen it in action.

Good luck.

>> No.54064196

>As long as there were Vietnamese people, there would be Vietnamese people fighting against the US.
Except for the millions of Vietnamese living under US protection and supporting their war effort. Do they just not count as Vietnamese people? Not every fucking person in the country was a communist.

>> No.54064198


>Deny line of sight against units that can move anywhere on the board

Okay dude

>> No.54064199

But that's still not the correct base size. So not only does he fail at kitbashing better looking Centurions, he's also moddeling for advantage by using incorrect bases. What a dork.

>> No.54064207

That was simply an example, duhhh

>> No.54064208

I don't need to. I'm not some special snowflake cunt who think's he's special by kitbashing shit together that doesn't make sense. I don't even like Centurions or their statline ingame so it's not like I even care. Hell, I can't even field them.

So yeah, stop being a butthurt nigger and accept that you somehow made something even worse than an already bad model. Then move on with your life.

>> No.54064210


> Let South Vietnam collapse.

> Russia extended an olive branch in 1991 and the USA betrayed them as always by not removing NATO bases and by interfering in the Ukrainian election causing a second Cold War (I'm sure the military industrial complex will make some good money building more F-35's though).

> Vietnam is about as capitalist as China

> Americans took over from French controlling an artificial state and causing sectarian violence that resulted in more dying than if they'd just let the country unify.


Hmm really made me think, I guess since German infantry had a higher K/D ratio than Allied in WWII by that logic Hitler actually won the war, who would have guessed?


Seriously these mental gymnastics are embarrassing. If running away with NVA tanks hot on your heels isn't capitulation I don't know what is.

>> No.54064220

>p2w models

>> No.54064224

They count, sure. But were they willing to fight in the name of "South Vietnam"? It turned out the answer was no. They were Vietnamese. But "South Vietnamese"? No. That was never really much of a thing. Not all of the country was a communist, but the ones willing to fight were, and that's what you need to win a war.

>> No.54064227

Does 10mm difference on three dudes really constitute modelling for advantage? Base size doesn't really matter as much this edition

>> No.54064229

Well seeing as it was an example, I think it would be logical to expect Primaris on bikes at some point?

>> No.54064232


You literally have no concept of what you're talking about.

>> No.54064234

>How should I build the two new ones
With magnets.

But also use close combat weapons. Either double scything talons of scything talons and crushing claws.

>> No.54064236

Projecting much?

>> No.54064248


I know I literally don't, who needs a concept for a 4chan post? Seems a bit much really.

>> No.54064254

But those are likely to be replaced too at some point, once the molds are worn down. I think you're better off never buying anything, it could all become obsolete at some point.

>> No.54064255

>i'm projecting by pointing out that i neither care about nor am able to field centurions on the table and therefore could not give less of a shit whether or not i can kitbash a better snowflaketurion than you can
It's time to stop using buzzwords you don't know the meaning of.

>> No.54064256


I think bases only matter for the purpose of measuring distance to a target. Still though, a larger/smaller base than appropriate could have a slight effect on game mechanics if you wanted to get real nit-picky.

I noticed that the primaris sergeant has a different base size than the primaris troops, which seems absurd. However, that was in early pictures of the models I have no idea if they shipped like that.

>> No.54064268

Best option is to cut paper circles out of a newspaper, prime them and then write what model they represent.
That way you can always keep up with the meta.

>> No.54064279

Picked on much?

>> No.54064282

>Seriously these mental gymnastics are embarrassing.
They only look like gymnastics because of your historical revisionism. The US withdrawal from Vietnam was a purely political decision fueled by domestic pressures. At no point did the North secure a meaningful military victory against US forces.

>> No.54064285

Literally what are you going on about?

>> No.54064292


Fuck you asshole your base is two fucking tiers too small.

>> No.54064295

>when the mean internet man shits on your models so you resort to aimless buzzwords
Good job, have your gold star.

>> No.54064298

Yeah sounds like you wish you had centurions

>> No.54064303

They look stupid. And they don't fit my army's lore OR the units that I field. Why the fuck would I want them?

>> No.54064305

And I should add, at no point was the US rendered unable to continue fighting. If the government had simply chosen to ignore the unrest in the homeland, it could have continued the conflict until literally every communist in the region capable of lifting a weapon was dead. It simply didn't because the fate of an ultimately inconsequential nation on the other side of the globe was deemed less important than avoiding the ire of the voting populace.

>> No.54064307


Was referring to this pic, but in retrospect that appears to be a lieutenant. Still doesn't make any sense why it would have a bigger base, but whatever.

>> No.54064310

Ok whatever then.

Can we expect new minis for every race in the new edition? If so, when after what time could they possibly announce them? With each of the codexes for each race?

>> No.54064312

You're cheating. We have an edition where multiple units are focusing the nearest enemy only with an ability and lots of auras popping up. put them on the right bases

>> No.54064314

>50 to 40
>Two tiers

>> No.54064319

>bigger leg stance
>therefore bigger base
Simple logic here.

>> No.54064324

Not the fag you're sperging out on but good try anyway.

>> No.54064325

You seem awfully concerned about them for not caring so much

>> No.54064327

>Hmm really made me think, I guess since German infantry had a higher K/D ratio than Allied in WWII by that logic Hitler actually won the war, who would have guessed?
Germany failed to defend it's homeland, and thus lost the war.

How much US soil did the Viet Cong capture again?

>> No.54064328


Actually what you tried to do was make the South Vietnamese take over the bulk of the fighting and that's when you realised nobody in the South really cared about the state you'd created.

Then when South Vietnam surrendered and a 2 year peace deal was signed (basically imposed on you by NV) the remaining US forces were close to being overrun as you didn't have enough forces left in the area. The last section of US troops were airlifted from the embassy roof as NVA tanks drove into Saigon and you left thousands of South Vietnamese behind who had helped US forces because you didn't have the manpower to stop the NVA.

You lost, trying to worm your way out of it is more embarrassing than just admitting you lost.

>> No.54064332

I don't know much about the war, honestly, but I'm fairly certain that the North did realise that they couldn't beat the US with force of arms and started planning to force them out through pretty much exactly that method. Not every war is won through swinging a massive overfunded stick around, and I'm saying that as a citizen of a country where a private company once borrowed a significant chunk of our navy for commerce purposes. The North achieved their objective of getting the US to leave, US did not achieve their objectives, so that counts as a defeat in my book no matter how many people you're still able to kill.

>> No.54064339


If you don't stack your bases in tiers like a jenga tower you're a fucking faglord

>> No.54064342


Oh, so terminators don't have bigger bases than marines because they take up more space, just because they stand with their legs too wide. Good to know.

>> No.54064350

Then stop butting into a conversation you have no place in. This isn't your fucking username based forum faggot.
>"your model looks dumb"
This is what you sound like right now. Do you see how embarrassing you look yet?

>> No.54064353


Because making a base larger than it needs to be is disadvantageous whereas making a base smaller than it needs to be is modelling for advantage.




>> No.54064354


All of South Vietnam which was a US colony.

Again this doesn't work though, that would mean you didn't win the war of independence against Britain because you never invaded British soil.

>> No.54064359

But there's nothing in between them, how is it two different?

>> No.54064365

>Can we expect new minis for every race in the new edition?

Likely, but not guaranteed.

>If so, when after what time could they possibly announce them?

When the related codex gets released, or between regular releases. At any time GW sees fit really.

You're just asking shit that nobody can really say anything about unless they'd work for GW, at which point they can't say anything they know or lose their job (and probably reduce the chances of getting a new one. Nobody wants an unreliable worker that can't keep his mouth shut)

>> No.54064366

They take up more space and therefore have a wider leg stance. Also they squat constantly. This should be obvious to anyone who passed grade school.

>> No.54064371

Awww boohoo, is babby buttmad? Fight me IRL nigger I'm a level 20 dungeon master.

>> No.54064378

well if I have 200 orks go up a base size, there sure as shit isnt alot of room left for enemy planes to fly around, and makes preventing melta that much easier.

>> No.54064381

Sure thing faggot, right after I punch your shitty model in the face through the internet.

>> No.54064382

You're the one that continues to post despite not caring??

>> No.54064384


Terminator helmet and no-pauldrons looks good anon. I think the helmet suits the profile better (even if it raises the question if the jockey is wearing an overlarge helmet).

>> No.54064386

How difficult is it to get featured on the warhammer community page? I'm looking to build a display quality army to take to tournaments around the UK. Figure I should set some kind of objective so why not getting featured by GW?

>> No.54064394


I don't see what that has to do with GW making the lieutenant and the other primaris marines on different base sizes despite having the same armor and what-not. I'm not talking about a person modeling for advantage.

Also, if you had a character with an aura, maybe their base bigger would definitely be an advantage, wouldn't it?

Not that it matters, because I was talking about GW, not players.

>> No.54064402


Ah, okay. So the lieutenant squats constantly and that's why he has a bigger base and can get shot from slightly further away than the other marines. This actually makes total tactical sense. Thanks for clearing that up for those of us who haven't passed grade school.

>> No.54064405

Because I can. Clearly the fact that you continue to respond to someone who's clearly out to bait you and cause you emotional strife implies that you care too much about what anonymous internet people have to say and are likely underage and/or was deprived of attention as a child.

>> No.54064406

I was trying to make them feel more like the Primaris scale since you only see hints of the power armor.

>> No.54064409

Traitor Legions for 8th

>> No.54064410

OK, I want to get as many grot tank models as I can. I've found a recaster for the FW ones, I've got the tankette in the picture and the three maxmini ones from the kickstarter ordered and obviously I'm going to be scratch building a few.

What else is there on the market? Both in terms of third party orc stuff and historical / sci-fi kits that can be easily converted.

Already on the agenda:

Going to order a few tehnolog / robogear kits and see which ones are the right size.

Going to buy a pack of these at some point and make some of them into mek gunz, the rest probably into trakks and tanks: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tracked-Gun-Weapon-Platform-with-accessories-PACK-OF-SIX-/282482476961?hash=item41c54487a1:g:ObkAAOSwT6pVqixB Maybe a little small, but could add some wheels at the back or make it into a trike or quad track design, I guess.

The Meng 'egg tanks' are perfect for this. Going to get the sherman for sure, probably the tiger and the chinese MBT too if I can find them at a good price.

Also, does anyone have the dimensions of the FW grot tanks? Want to keep mine about the right size.

>> No.54064415

What model would that be?

>> No.54064417

It's like this is your first time with 40k. EVERYONE squats constantly. In fact if you aren't squatting you're probably a weirdo.

>> No.54064420

Piece of shit with bland rules, Age of Sigmar of 40k.

All distinction between vehicles, infantry and monsters bye-bye, everybody have HP bar now.

>> No.54064421

> At no point did the North secure a meaningful military victory against US forces.
They didn't need to. All they needed to do was keep fighting. The US had close to a decade worth of time to try to come up with a way to beat the North, public pressure took a long time to eventually build up to the point where the US couldn't keep going. The US consistently failed to deliver an enduring win against the North, even though the US government was constantly saying that they were winning. Eventually the US people got sick of being lied to again and again for years with nothing to show for it. And so the US lost the war.

>> No.54064422

I just assumed flamers were the ultimate overwatch weapon, with all the hits and not needing to roll. If I'm wrong though, I'd love to know for sure.

>> No.54064423

Oh this is different anon. You got counter baited. It was pretty easy, too.

>> No.54064433


So shouldn't the lieutenant teach his men to squat like him so they can have the right base size?

>> No.54064439

>thou was merely pretending
But it's ok, I've made a 200% profit in my (You) investment today and therefore have become richer than you. Toodle doo.

>> No.54064440

Is two dunecrawlers with Cawl between them an effective strategy?

>> No.54064441

> We were never defeated in the field!
> We were stabbed in the back by leftists and pacifists on the home front!
That sounds oddly familiar.

>> No.54064443


They certainly were in 6th/7th, and it seems like they got buffed significantly.

>> No.54064444

Could be to make them stand out more. Easier to recognise on the tabletop

>> No.54064446

Hee hee hee

>> No.54064452

Duh, that's why Primaris have Lieutenants and manlet marines don't. The former are newfags that require squat training while the latter are already accustomed to squatting all day long.

>> No.54064453

It's at least a red hot threeway if you ask Cawl himself.

>> No.54064458


t. butthurt tau player mad that he doesn't get to bulldoze everyone else's walkers with his "monstrous creature" robot suits anymore.

>> No.54064463

> We were everywhere on foreign soil!
> Our army had to travel to come home at the end of the war!

>> No.54064469

Yes, they hit automatically even in overwatch.

>> No.54064473

>assblasted retard angry that his Wraithknight isn't OP anymore

>> No.54064481

Which ones? I like to run the Icarus Array and some Neutron lasers. It might depend on your targets too. Interesting enough, it seems as though the Icarus Array gets +1 to hut models that can FLY, regardless of it being aircraft, so skimmers, jump pack troops, etc.

>> No.54064486


>> No.54064490

>hull points aren't a form of HP bar too
0/10 shit tier bait

>> No.54064495

I never used a wraithknight or riptide.

>> No.54064496

>Waaah I can no longer autowin with my 5 Imperial Knights unless somebody brought a counterlist tailored to deal with knights waaaah

>> No.54064508


manlet marines

will they ever learn

>> No.54064514


>> No.54064515

in 8th

>> No.54064516

This thread was slow until the Vietnam War debate

>> No.54064521

There is a differnce between 3 hullpoints and 33% chance to blow up thing from AP1 shot and fucking 16 hull points.

>> No.54064522


>> No.54064525

Clearly a Neophyte in training, he needs to work on his squats.

>> No.54064529


I still think you'd auto-win but I could be wrong.

Knights were the coolest shit ever and then every store got some downs-ass autist who'd field nothing but them.

>> No.54064530


Looked like one, granted I just skimmed past it instead of joining in shitflinging

>> No.54064539

Can anyone see anything wrong with this list?

I feel like I need some cheaper units, but not sure what to add

>> No.54064543

You're right, vehicles are way more reliable now. Taking them out usually requires effort and multiple turns if you don't have the right weapons now. Unlike a click-boom if you have a meltagun or a chainfist.

>> No.54064545

The latter means that spamming as much high strength, haywire, or grav shots regardless of the AP it has is no longer the answer to every unit in the game.

>> No.54064546


yeah and what about the other half of the vehicles that were considered "monstrous creatures" that you had no choice to but to chip away at 1 wound at a time?

At least now you can do multiple wounds with a single shot.

>> No.54064550

Three works better, since Cawl's a kinky motherfucker.
But yeah, they're pretty devastating, since they wound stuff about as well as physically possible and ignore most saves. Hitting is what tends to screw them over, and Cawl fixes them, gives them 2+ Shroudpsalm saves more often and makes them essentially BS 1.66+. Given my lone Dunecrawler, only rerolling ones has successfully managed to two turn kill a Land Raider from lucky rolls, I need to get myself some more of those.

Probably going to have wind up with 3 Neutronagers at 2.5k, since we have little other anti-Battleship due to lack of Melta.

On a side note, now vehicles and MCs have one durability scale, should there be words for describing them in tiers? A heavy tank like a Land Raider is no longer a completely different challenge to a heavy MC like a Hive Tyrant. Personally I'm stealing terms from that Uber comic - really big shit like Knights and Hierodules are Battleships, then Land Raiders and HTyrants and Riptides are Cruisers, then lower tiers from Dunecrawler to Rhino are Destroyers.

>> No.54064553

To capture an objective you gotta have the most models within 3'' now. Imperial Knights can basically only win killpoint missions or through a massacre.

>> No.54064572

I HATE fucking gargantuan creatures and super heavy shit, i had to buy fucking Corsair Lynx from FW (cos they fucked up craftword one's rules) just to counter everybody with their "lord of war" bullshit.

>> No.54064576

Hell yeah man. I heard Ruststalkers are bad this edition, but I disagree. The amount of mortal wounds they can dish out is really devastating.

>> No.54064577


Yeah but there's something a little unsatisfying about "winning" a game in which you almost get tabled by your opponents four models without killing one.

>> No.54064588

Heard of Instant Death?
And yes, fuck those WALKERS that for whatever stupid reason are monstrous creatures. But i guess now EVERYTHING is monstrous creature, thats better, right?

>> No.54064590

I hear the main reason why people consider them to be "bad" is because Fulgurites can dish out even more mortal wounds. But they also look like shit so I'm sticking with Ruststalkers.

>> No.54064592


You can on a dense board, sure, you wont be able to hide everything, but you'll still be ruining their ability to effectively allocate their fire.

>> No.54064593

I mostly agree, I use 2 Neutronagers and 1 Icarus in my 2k list, clustered around Cawl. They're really pretty cheap.

>> No.54064601


You ended up with a cool-ass model at least.

>> No.54064614

Yeah, Ruststalkers look cool as shit.

>> No.54064616


You can't instant death something with toughness over 6, which almost all those walkers had.

And yes it's better that everything works off the same baseline than it being completely lopsided and unbalanced. The game has needed a reset for years.

>> No.54064624

They're not as smashy as Fulgurites, but they're faster and a bit tougher, and only 4ppm more. I am going to treat my five as a cleanup crew - throw them at DropPod Sternguard, beaten up vehicles and Termie squads and generally do all the jobs I don't want to redirect a Kastelan or Dunecrawler for. Will probably eventually take 10x2 Fulgurites as well, though, because I fight a lot of Bangles and Tyranids and such and having powerful melee troops and snipers is pretty important to stop them rolling me. Also I want to beat Robute Guilliman to death with Rave Sticks.

>> No.54064638

Kek, yeah I'll have a look at the fulgarites. They look like a nasty bunch. 5++ and a 5+ FnP is great, and when you kill a unit you yourself become nigh impossible to kill

>> No.54064644

I would argue.

>> No.54064648

I've been working on a solution for that. A Stormcast Eternal head gives them a kind of Metropolis/deathmask look. Why are the regular heads blindfolded or eyes stitched shut? They weren't like that in 2nd ed.

>> No.54064652

Derp I can remember to attach photos

>> No.54064680

Just got 6 scout sentinals on the cheap and since they are actually looking to be a fun unit this edition, cheap, tough for their cost and fast. How do I kit them out? Im thinking

3x multilaser
3x heavy flamer and chainsaw

The idea being that the multilaser guys hang around the sidelines, peppering light/medium targets and being a nuisance and the others get balls deep wherever they are needed, flaming and then charging in.

>> No.54064690

I'm vietnamese.
We hate the US and we won. Stop the headcannon

>> No.54064722

Sounds good. Just make sure when you're going to charge in you don't kill too many and fail your charge. Though, that sometimes isn't a problem.

>> No.54064733

>we won

Burger shitstorm incoming in 3,2,1...

>> No.54064762

Most burgers are asleep. And the few that aren't are mostly in places like the west coast and Hawaii, and the people there aren't likely to get upset at the suggestion that the US lost the Vietnam war. That's basically what we were all taught in California, anyway.

>> No.54064763


I like swooping hawks as bait units

>Deepstrike betwen horde and your main unit as charge screen

>Proced to lay a decent amount of lasgun fire

>Exharch sunrifle gives -1 hit

>If the opponent takes the bait, die horribly and soulburst your unit behind

>If he does not, go back into the sky, ready do deep strke again next turn.

And only 90ish point

>> No.54064767

Yeah, 3++ 5+++ is a 22% failure rate, which is so massively terrifying that a Volcano Cannon to the face only kills two or three, and you can pack 20 of them for 320 points, which is a pretty effective 13" bubble of Do Not Go Here. That squad will kill Magnus the Red if they charge him with Reroll Ones and get a good wrap on him, even if only just (and not quite if he has 6+ FnP Warlord trait). Not calculated how many you need to kill Guilliman, but I suspect 15 will do the job admirably.

Also, you can make some custom dudes. Personally I'm making a huge horde of assorted combat Servitors using Kataphron claws, double Chordclaws and such on Chaos Marauders, for a big blob of expendable nonsense. Back them up with Dunecrawlers to focus down any Dual Kheres dreads and such, Snipers to remove enemy buffs and Vanguard squads to clear though hordes, tank overwatch and debuff enemy T3 to Wound on 2+ and just smash through stuff. You can keep Advancing the Vanguard, too, since that now only loses them 25% of their firepower rather than 75% and your plasma is Assault.

>> No.54064775


Dark eldar flyers are better / 10

>> No.54064784

I don't think most people are gonna argue that the US won that war, it's always been taught as a clear loss.

>> No.54064789

Burger here. We lost.

>> No.54064812

Do Obliterators and Mutilators suck now?

I don't know, they both feel like they are one or two things away from being good, like T5 on Mutilators, or a mass shooting version of the Oblitertators guns.

>> No.54064856


Well, if the park on top of the objective, they can cover pretty much all of the 3" area with their base.

>> No.54064901

Would it be safe to just reprimer over miniatures that only have a base coat but about 3 washes on top or should I strip them ?

>> No.54064907


>> No.54064908

>The amount of mortal wounds they can dish out is really devastating.
>really devastating.

What target would you pit the Rustalker against with their "devastating Ap-0 attack"? Shit, even hitting Conscript and Ork boyz feel unrealiable as fuck.
The Transonic weapon are a joke, no sane person would even think that these weapons are good. And its not FREE, did you know the Electroleech Staves are FREE? holy fuck look at its stat.

>> No.54064935

are obliterators still good?

>> No.54064949

>I like swooping hawks as bait units
>Deepstrike betwen horde and your main unit as charge screen
>Proced to lay a decent amount of lasgun fire
>Exharch sunrifle gives -1 hit

Opponent fire half another squad to you 5 or 6 t3 4+ wounds and kill them.
You lost 90 points

wow seems good.

>> No.54064954

depends how they look, post a pic, usually I strip regardless but have let dudes pass here and there.

>tfw spent 2 hours of my life disassembling this shit that some tardnugget put together with 4 pots of superglue

wasn't going to turn my nose up at 6 sentinals for 75 bucks though, given the price of them. one of them is minus an engine block though which is pretty gay, I was thinking I might use this aerial pack and chop another ones engine in half, any other ideas?

>> No.54065025

If you have any extra vox casters use those on the half engine. maybe a jerry can or a bedroll if you still need to hide the gap. Cut the lamp off the vox and mount it on the cockpit. You can cut up any HK ramps for small gaps.

>> No.54065056

Any ideas on how to deal with 2-3 full units of conscripts, backed up by basilisks and vendettas, up to three of both, and perhaps a knight, as chaos?

Try for a cheeky charge on his suport characters mayhaps?

>> No.54065099

If a unit of flash gitz is in an open-topped vehicle and Kaptain Badrukk is embarked in the vehicle as well, do they get Badrukk's buff?

>> No.54065166

No, Badrukk can't give the buff because he isn't on the table and the gitz can't recieve the buff because they aren't on the table.

Yes, this makes his buff near-worthless.

>> No.54065183

It takes a couple of hours to strip them. That's not a huge time investment compared to painting, so I'd do it.

>> No.54065206

New thread

>> No.54065214

No. The rule Badrukk's buff has no effect while he is embarked, period.

>> No.54065303


>10 specters retaliate thanks to soulburst,
>10 3+ attacks S6 AP -2 reroll 1s to hit
>2+ to hit if guide is on
>Each hit generates another attack up to 3 per model

>If anything is left they charge into 10 flamers.

Yeah, totally a waste of 90pt

>> No.54065311

Well, they're only 4ppm more than Rave Priests even with their weapons, it's not that bad. They're not complete combat monsters, but they're a nice fast and cheap way to dump a couple mortal wounds on somebody, since they'll do about two Mortals to anything they charge and also force a couple saves. I'll run them and Infiltrators and Fulgurites in my next game, see how they do.

>> No.54065599

Knights are good. I don't see your problem?
Just field whatever your knight doesn't have with your GK.

>> No.54065877

He never at any point said he doesn't care, he voiced that he cared about them looking bad specifically.

I'm not a fan of the models, stock or modified, but don't use strawman arguments.

>> No.54066143

Does anyone have the mega with all the novels?
Thanks in advance.

>> No.54066844

How could this guy ever be stealthy with all these chains and skulls ? That's retarded.

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