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First for Dreadnoughts

>> No.54050279

Effectiveness of Snipers? Looking at including four Arquebi in my Skittle Brigade, has anyone actually used them at all or am I wasting points on what's basically two Sniper Autocannon with a bit more AP?

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third for lion el homo is next

>> No.54050288

How do I fit a ghostkeel, riptide, broadsides, and stormsurge in a 2000 point list?

>> No.54050291

Repostan my 2k chaos. It's gonna be weird having ten plague marines standing a third taller than their brethren, but i got bellguy as the coolest chaos lord standin i've ever used

86-Chaos Lord, Power Axe, Plasma Pistol
189-Nurgle Daemon Prince, Warpbolter, Talons

144-5xPlague Marines-2x Meltagun, Power Axe
144-5xPlague Marines-2x Meltagun, Power Axe
91-Chaos Rhino, Combibolter, Combimelta

137-5xPlague Marines-2x Blight Launcher, Power Sword
137-5xPlague Marines-2x Blight Launcher, Power Sword
91-Chaos Rhino, Combibolter, Combimelta

136-5xPlague Marines-2x Plasmagun, Power Sword
136-5xPlague Marines-2x Plasmagun, Power Sword
87-Chaos Rhino, Combibolter, Combiplas

202-Predator-Twin-las, 2x lascannon sponsons

158-Foetid Bloat-Drone-2x Plaguespitters, Plague-Probe
158-Foetid Bloat-Drone-2x Plaguespitters, Plague-Probe
215-Helldrake-Claws, Baleflamer

1997 points. Lord rides in the rhino with the plasma, since i obviously only own 29 plague marines and cant field a redshirt there'll be room in that particular bus. 7 t7 units should weather all but the most heavy firepower until i get into rape range, at which point the close-range firepower will have me more excited than a slaaneshi whore

>> No.54050292

Something for alpharius

>> No.54050320

Killteam detachment:


Tempestus Command Squad - medi pack, platoon standard, grenade launcher, plasma gun (37)


Tempestus Scions - plasma pistol, power maul, meltagun, hotshot volleygun (77)

Fast Attack:

Chimera - 2x heavy bolter, storm bolter (85)

How is it? I've seen people take a chimera as a fast attack but I don't know if you actually can

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Hey, whats the name of those excel cells where you can choose only one option out of a list? Like the ones used in here.

>> No.54050330

Imo Snipers are crucial in 8e.

Sure certain armies rely on Characters more (Guard). But the raw buffs given by them needs to be dealt with.

>Marine Captain for Reroll1s to hit
>Marine Lt for reroll 1s to wound
>Apothecary for healing / resurrecting Terminators / Centurions.
>Techmarines for healing up those tonks.

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>Thread changing whilst I'm posting again

God fuck it.

>>54050216 #

I'm mocking them for failing to match that lore blurb to the actual models.

Obviously they can't be masters of lightning assault if they're much slower than most assault marines.

Obviously they don't have elite specialist equipment if they have a pistol and knife. Yes, it's a Cawl pattern pistol, but all primaris have Cawl pattern stuff, it's just going to be a longer ranged or two shot bolt pistol with -1 rend. They'd have a power weapon or something if they genuinely had elite specialist combat equipment.

The trained to scare people thing might be true, but the appearance certainly doesn't hold up to it, they don't look more scary than regular primaris in any way.

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I have a newfound respect for squat dreads.

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Excellent, we made it just in time!

>> No.54050363

I mean, sure they can on all accounts. Being sneaking in and striking fast work. And we don't know the full extent of their gear.

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But they have skull facepaint, that supposed to be scary and edgy.

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>Shards of Magnus nonsense

Literally why.

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Femarines are cute! CUTE!

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can't i just surround your transports with bikes or hormagaunts and half your army is stuck inside?

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So since a recent GT was won by a Blood Angels player with: One Tacsquad, 4 Storm Ravens, and 2 Stormhawk Interceptors, it looks like pic related is no longer just a meme.

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>Obviously they don't have elite specialist equipment if they have a pistol and knife.

But anon, chad marines all suffer from weaponized autism. A knife really is specialist equipment to them.

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It's not a sigmarine. The abs on that sigmarine don't match up with the pic they posted today, or any of the other lion related leaks.
Also, that guy is a lord castellant according to the book description, and that already has a model.
It's lion el homo

>trusting the results of a tourney were 2 out of the the 3 placers had illegal lists

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Special weapon for special children.

>> No.54050484

>godhammer land raider
>with assault cannon sponsons

>> No.54050486

Couldn't he have done the same or better with vanilla or space wolves?

>> No.54050489

>pic is 8 or 9 years old

>> No.54050498

I bet Fabius Bile could instant kill titans with his Rod of Torment in that tournament :^)

>> No.54050503

>weaponized autism

>> No.54050516

Before the Stormraven was released there were rumors of "a flying land raider with assault cannons in the BA codex".

>> No.54050529

sure, but thats true of any mechanised army, and also assumes i make some dumbass positioning decisions allowing myself to get three vehicles surrounded simultaneously. Its obviously not going to deal with stuff like ten thousand conscripts and seething hordes of gants, nothing does apart from other hordes

and i already own 80 genestealers and ~200 gants

>> No.54050533

>tfw incapable of focussing on one army soon keep buying things for both leaving me with a fuckhuge pike of shit I don't know I'll ever use

>> No.54050557

Which would be the best allied snipers for a SOB force? Temple Assassins seem decently fluffy and don't require a heap of extra models but I'm unsure.

With this edition having characters be harder to remove with shooting, snipers seem rather useful.

>> No.54050570

I should be constructive: I don't see enough shooting outside of transports to kill off a 30 gaunt blob, so if you start in the transports, you're stuck. If you start out of the transports, you're either not in range or you're getting charged.

I think you need some bubble wrap.

>> No.54050581

>chad marines all suffer from weaponized autism
So same as old marines.

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>The trained to scare people thing might be true, but the appearance certainly doesn't hold up to it, they don't look more scary than regular primaris in any way.
I disagree. Transhuman dread is already a thing. Conine that with the primaris' increased size and I would assume the reivers increased speed due to less armor, and most mortals will be shitting their pants in fear.
I don't know about you, but a 8-9ft tall skull faced humanoid jumping out of the bushes and running at me at inhuman speeds would be terrifying.

My only wish is that they painted the reivers in the RT camo patterns. That would be awesome and a nice reference on GW's part.

>> No.54050600


> Thunderfire Cannon
> Contains 1 Thunderfire Cannon and 1 Techmarine Gunner
> Armed with Thunderfire Cannon, 2 Servo-Arms, Bolt Pistol, Plasma Cutter and Flamer
> Total points cost is 28 + 36 + 0 + 9 + 7 + (2x12) + 30
> For the basic unit with no options available to it
> Rules, weapon profiles and points are spread over 6 pages to find everything

Why did they think this layout was a good idea?
Just give me the total with the basic weapons already added in you muppets.

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>> No.54050618

Can you combine them together as an allied army?

>> No.54050625

People seem to forget there are things in the 40k universe that aren't fearless.

>> No.54050639

Nope. CSM and Deldar.

>> No.54050645

The list that won is legal. You can run 2 Flyer Wings and 1 Patrol Detachment. This is totally more balanced, as pseudo-unbound is far better than Formations for preventing spam. (It isn't).

>> No.54050650

It's more appling that the wyvren fies 4d6 shots while the thunderfire cannon fires 4d3 shots and costs more

>> No.54050658


>Combined with primaris increased size

It's almost like I said they don't look scarier than other primaris rather than other marines.

8-9 foot seems a fairly ridiculous overestimate though, regular marines are 7 foot so comparing them primaris are probably about 7 foot 6 inches. 8 as an absolute high end, unlikely estimate based off them being similar in height to Custodes models who yes, are 8 foot.

I haven't seen any fluff so far suggesting Primaris are actually Custodes-big though, and their stats certainly don't match up.

>> No.54050671

I tried out a squad of mixed heavy weapons for the first time ever. 2 lascannons and 2 heavy bolters. Pretty impressed with the effectiveness of devastators even on the move. I like the idea of fielding a second squad with the same loadout on a opposite flank, making it mich more difficult to hide infantry from the hb and tanks from the lascannons.

I liked running the primaris lt with the anti tank stuff too. Pseudo tank hunters.

Also the patrol narrative game is pretty fun. Recommend it.

>> No.54050673

I think the idea is that if you cut out the weapons from the cost of the units you can rebalance the game with a bit more finess. So if the lascannon is too expensive you can decrease its cost across the board without looking at every unit using said lascannon.

...I think.

>> No.54050678

But anon, 99/100 of the scariness of that scenario is the 9ft superman running at me, the skull face wouldn't really register as much of a threat compared to the rest.

And Space Marines already HAD most of that before with Ass marines, with the added benefit of being much faster at the cost of like 1ft of height. And when I'm a heretic shittting myself in a foxhole, I'm not going to quibble about the murder machine charging me being smaller than expected.

>> No.54050680

Just back from local GW. Started on assembling my first army.

Managed to assemble 20 poxwalkers. Surprisingly easy to do. Very cool looking models too.

Overall was a nice experience, didn't know people but I talked to a few people, even helped a guy who was playing death guard and got a few rules wrong to his disadvantage. Hope to assemble the rest and start painting soon.

How was your day today anons?

>> No.54050683

>and their stats certainly don't match up

That's because the increased size is mostly just hot air :^)

>> No.54050684

He should have been disqualified for the "twin-linked" weapons.

>> No.54050688

Random question:

The new codex talks about how the Ruinous Powers 'reign supreme' over the 'Realm of Chaos'.

Am I correct in the thought that 'Realm of Chaos' is just the infinite area' of inside the endless expanse of the Warp that is exclusively under the dominion of the Chaos Gods?

I mean, if the Big Four actually "reigned supreme", they should have crushed the other non-Chaos deities by now (Emps, Ynead, Gork and Mork... not Cegorach since he's in the webway playing librarian right now.), yeah?

>> No.54050692


Is the Techmarine gunner cheaper than a regular Techmarine? If so he might be a handy ally to my marine vehicle detachment.

>> No.54050701

The idea is to screen with the flyers and duck in and out of close combat and shooting with my flamers. Barring genestealers, i cant think of any hordes killy enough to actually crack a rhino before the other two unload their squads worth of shooting into the blob. The only time i should have my tanks charged is if my opponent dodges my flying support, and if he manages to surround all three then i'm either being masterfully outplayed, making really fucking stupid positioning mistakes, or playing against six hundred conscripts/gants/boyz.

>> No.54050716

So, working on my Colonial Marine-themed Scion list, and am torn between tying them into the whole Ultramar expansion by making them a branch of the Ultramar Auxilia, going with a dark grey and blue scheme, or placing them somewhere else fluffwise.

>> No.54050724

About 22 points cheaper.

>> No.54050728

Should be getting my Poxwalkers in today, going to do the same.

>> No.54050751

Do drones purchased with stuff like firewarriors count as separate units for the purpose of scoring kill points? Do they have to be killed off to count the unit they came with as destroyed?

Similar question for warlocks and primaris lts bought as a group

>> No.54050755

Depends if he has a rule that limits what he can repair to the gun, like the Cybernetica Datasmith that can only repair the Kastelans.

>> No.54050756

It doesn't matter if the winning list is legal or not, the fact that 2 illegal lists got through and won 2nd and 3rd place shows that either the players and/or the TO's don't know the rules or are just bad at the game.
Who knows how many other mistakes were made, and how those mistakes affected the final outcome.

>> No.54050763

Plenty of room in Ultramar, but even more room in the rest of the galaxy. Are there any other imperial factions you also like that you'd enjoy buddying up your Scions with?

>> No.54050783

Drone Support states that they become a seperate unit after deployment, so I'm assuming that yes, they becoming another unit viable for reaping Kill Points off of. IIRC Warlocks are "sergeants" in Eldar squads, but that might have changed I don't play elves.

>> No.54050784

He can repair any <chapter> vehicle within 1''

>> No.54050791

If it's one of those "Starts within X but after which is treated as separate units" things then it does count as a seperate unit for kill points. Just like all the other things that used to be teamed together like Leman Russ squadrons.

>> No.54050798

For the first time ever I played a girl and she was actually interested in the game some. It made me curious, are there any girls in these threads hiding that they are girls?

I'm sure some are here that play.

>> No.54050804

There's probably some areas that overlap around realspace in the warp where the Big 4 don't have much of an influence.

What I mean, is that Emps and Gork/Mork exists partially in a separate realm of the warp powered by their respective species(or even the ork meme-field for Gork&Mork)

Given there's fluff about ordinary beings affecting the warp by sheer mass and faith/emotion(Fall of the Eldar) I wouldn't say it's impossible for a species to create a "bubble" in the warp for their god to exist in.

>> No.54050808

More proof that WAAC faggots are a cancer on the game and many of the major tournament scenes are in cahoots with them.

I ran a tournament this weekend and somehow confused consolidating with pile-ing in on two or three tables. Otherwise there were no issues. Lists were legal, points checked, questions answered with explanation given.

>> No.54050809


fuck off

>> No.54050819

So is there any hope of an FAQ or should I just try to get my local guys to allow a house rule.
Spartan Assault Tank is a LoW
Can't have more Relics than Non-relics in a "Detachment"
Only detachment allowing for more than 1 LoW requires 3 minimum
So now I have to bring 2 Imperial Knights or some other LoW just to bring my 1 Spartan
I'm kind of pissed

>> No.54050821

does anyone know where I can find Lias Issodon/raptors rules for 8th?

>> No.54050822

I saw a mom today with two kids who looked to be like 6 or 7 and she mentioned that she has paints and so on at home and wanted to get an AoS starter set for her son.

>> No.54050829

Found at least one of the girls.

>> No.54050837

First time I played Endless Crusade (which is F2P now and fun enough) I chose Leldar cause that's my main tabletop army.

Picked a Dire Avenger.

Not long into the game I got rushed by a space wolf with a chainsword and bolt pistol. That huge lumbering motherfucker sprinting at me way faster than I expected scared the ever living shit out of me.

>> No.54050848

>I'm sure some are here that play.
Can't say about here, but one of my local GW stores has a young lady employee who runs a Dark Eldar army and legitimately enjoys the game.

>> No.54050861

Can somebody tell me the mm size of this guy's base please?

>> No.54050862

Sloppy rules and a game system that rewards spam over fluff builds is the issue. WAAC is a symptom.

>> No.54050867

I know of at least a few that play wargaming. Helps if your FLGS isn't full of autistic mouth-breathers who treat any female as a strange creature.

>> No.54050870

Is she short and blond?

>> No.54050882

Anyone know what the name is of the coming yearly update book they will release?

>> No.54050886

Maybe if the tournament missions helped guide players towards more balanced lists things would be better.

Instead, we get shit like this.

>> No.54050889

>>Missing Primarch Geneseed brings in Femarines and sends half the fans into an autistic rage irl

>> No.54050913

Why? Now superheavies are mostly contained in larger games, the more restrictions for them the better imo.

>> No.54050916

Tall-ish lanky brunette who keeps her hair in a ponytail iirc correctly.

>> No.54050938

>Sloppy rules and a game system that rewards spam over fluff builds is the issue
Not him, but 8th certainly does not encourage spam builds. A good list will have to have anti-hordes, anti-MC/vehicle and snipers at the very least to be competitive.

>> No.54050946

Or just take two Super-heavy Auxilliary Detachments ?

>> No.54050949

Warlocks are HQs now, you can buy them solo or as groups from 3-10

>> No.54050952

1.9685 inches in diameter.

>> No.54050957

What makes the Patrol game fun, the only narrative I've done is the Meat Grinder

>> No.54050966

>"If your army is Battle-forged..."

suck it up and lose the 3CP from having a Battle-forged army or have fun running 3 LOWs.

>> No.54050995

Best thing to do is just restrict detachments. Brigade/battalion detachments for example.

>> No.54051017


0.1125 roman cubits

>> No.54051031

the relic rule requires no more relics than non-relics in the same detachment.

>> No.54051035

about the size of a frozen Orida cheesy potato au-graten slice

>> No.54051042

Even a "no repeat" restriction wouldn't help because you get 5 fliers in the flight detachment.

>> No.54051045

That sounds pretty rough for tau players. Makes taking 1 or 2 support drones in a squad a liability.

>> No.54051058

Except it specificies "in a Detachment" not "in an Army"
That's my argument really is that they need to change the wording so that I can do exactly what you suggest

>> No.54051067

Off the top of my head, no. Originally, I thought about having them be a detachment sent to guard a station that was mining the ruins of Nostromo but that seemed a bit too far gone.

I started thinking about them fitting in Ultramar as it would justify them having experience in 'bug hunts' against Tyranids, too.

Otherwise, not entirely sure where I'd put them.

>> No.54051078


>> No.54051082


Who is more desperate? The SoB players who insist a full army release is just around the corner or the Femarine 'fans' who insist femarines are just around the corner?

>> No.54051084

>about the size

Get out you pleb, we are giving only accurate measures ITT.

There is no room for guessestimating peasants like you.

>> No.54051094

anyone seen plasma coils painted red/ orange instead of blue?

I wanna try it on my salamanders

>> No.54051095

Forget scenarios. Maybe if the game had ATB/had interrupts instead of "I alphastrike you go", there were more options per unit so shooting wasn't "S5/S6 weight of fire, other units eat shit", shooting could only remove units in LOS, vehicles didn't have perfect 360 vision...

That, and losing infantry has a more immediate impact than shaving wounds off a vehicle.

>> No.54051097

Yeah, that was my thinking, especially since I don't need to worry about all but the most extensive countersniping since all my characters save the Datasmith autoregen D3, and Cawl can always patch up the Datasmith. A Vindicare struggles to kill a regular Dominus even if he never fails to hit or wound.

I play a lot of Blood Angels, who are vulnerable to snipers IIRC, plus Guardsmen and Tau, with a lot of misc MEQ. Hoping I can carve up their minor buffs easily enough. Anyone actually used Arquebi? Did they do a good job of things?

Dammit, Ironstriders should have got Sniper when stationary, it would fit their fluff of slowing to a stalk, blasting enemy commanders with heavy weapons through the press of men and then sprinting off instantly way better than the ability to Advance and Snap Fire uselessly. Finally a good way to represent that awesomeness and it's ignored, dammit GW.

>> No.54051102

>cubits isn't so obscure it's pointless


>> No.54051105

The new Deathguard stuff.

>> No.54051106

Most chaos units paint them like that.

>> No.54051108

I don't mind restrictions except that I don't want to bring a bunch of LoWs
I'm looking for this --> >>54050946

>> No.54051133

Felinid anons

>> No.54051134

Actual SoB players know nothing is coming, though.

>> No.54051136

I guess I could do that.
If I'm not Battle-forged do I still get CP for taking a Legit Battalion Detachment?

>> No.54051151

someone plz?

>> No.54051154

Just has nice flavor. Three troops from the attacker encounter 3 units from the defender, who mobilizes reinforcements on a 3+ while the attacker is on a 4+. Then the stratagems add on to it with stuff like the attacker being able to outflank something for 2cp as they encircle the enemy force.

I'm 2 for 2 on having fun, tight games when using the narrative missions. I won this one like 7-6 on turn 6 after getting lucky with a lascannon on his ghostkeel. Looking forward to more.

>> No.54051156

So id do

Mephiston red
Wild Rider red
Flash gits yellow
White scar?

>> No.54051160

>mfw riptides on ebay won't be getting bought

>> No.54051165

I think I might generally avoid them following infantry around because of that, but when it comes to XV8s they can both take more of them, and find them quite useful as ablative wounds. I'd much rather take a VP and lose some dustbin lids and keep my XV8s operational.

>> No.54051172

But anon, actual SoB players know they are not getting anything.

"Plastic SoB next month" has been a meme since WH codex

>> No.54051173

5 Warp Talons and 5 Raptors, 10 Warp Talons, or 10 Raptors?

>> No.54051178


Try checking the company that wrote the rules for them, they might have just possibly released Index books that updated their rules fucking idiot

>> No.54051185


10 Zerkers in rhino with sorcerer

>> No.54051188

Today is busy but I assembled some Plague Marines over the weekend.

Hadn't planned on an army but I'm really tempted.

>> No.54051193

Yes. Just not the +3 from being BF.

>> No.54051200

Other than this, its just running them as any other SM army.

>> No.54051214


Aside from being cheese last edition, there's little merit to them. They're too large and specific for counts-as, too many large bits for conversions of regular dudes, and now you might field one where before you'd have fielded as many as possible, so there's incredible market saturation.

Yeah, the new edition has flooded the market with something that now will have a hard time moving.

>> No.54051219

Sounds awesome, I'll have to give it a try with my next game.
Yeah I stick strictly to the Narrative games with Power Levels not points. All our games have been fun and balanced with everyone having a great time.
I have my one tournament army that is 2,000pts exactly everything else I mix and match depending on the scenario to fit the fluff of it.

>> No.54051234

you have ten seconds

to prove that you are a loyalist

>> No.54051240

Its comparable to a old boxdread

>> No.54051242



>> No.54051244


>> No.54051251

fuck chaos and fuck chaosniggers

>> No.54051254

I like it!
What did you do, cut up the snap to fit models?
Might need to try this.

>> No.54051255


Where are the bases you're using for the ruined buildings from?

>> No.54051261

Loyalty is it's own reward.

>> No.54051262

As someone who has always wanted a farsight army, i welcome cheap, unpainted suits i can purchase by the dozen and paint well and then wait until they're op again and sell my less-than-perfect ones at a grossly inflated price

>> No.54051263

>There's probably some areas that overlap around realspace in the warp where the Big 4 don't have much of an influence.
>What I mean, is that Emps and Gork/Mork exists partially in a separate realm of the warp powered by their respective species(or even the ork meme-field for Gork&Mork)
I just did a bit of google-fu and it looks like you're half right.

According to Lexicanium (YMMV), there's this place that's called 'the Formless Wastes' which isn't controlled by the Big 4, but Greater Daemons and Daemon Princes can make their own private realms in it if they have enough influence.

Amusingly, since Orks are the biggest race by sheer population in the galaxy, the Ork's WAAAGH! warp is probably larger than the Realm of Chaos, and is 'run' (more or less) by two Ork gods who are, quote, "strong, belligerent, and indestructible".

'ows dis?

>> No.54051265



>> No.54051268

I miss grav bikes

>> No.54051269

>glueing random extra bits from the rhino kit to a cardboard box makes a half-decent 40k building

>> No.54051278

i dont think spikes are cool and edgy

>> No.54051281



>> No.54051287

For the greater good!

>> No.54051291


I knew that feel, now on the selling off crap I know I won't use phase

>> No.54051293


>> No.54051294

thank you very much anon!

>> No.54051302


Yeah I've pretty much accepted that the core of my army is going to stay the same forever and that I just need to add new Inquisition models to it to keep it fresh. Celestine and Veridyan were rare treats.

>> No.54051305

Do Iron Warriors use daemon engines? I like the look of IW and Daemon Engines like the forgefiend, so I'm wondering if it would be fluffy to run them together.

Pic unrelated

>> No.54051314


Women liking the hobby doesn't mean they'd like to be on this shithole website that actively complains about them most of the time, I imagine.

>> No.54051317

Anon, they are burgers.
They would literraly play on a plain green flat board if the rules didnt told them to put buildings on.

>> No.54051324

do you by chance know the normal point values?

>> No.54051325

Yes, they probably make most use of the things out of any traitor legion.

>> No.54051326


Yes, of course. Why wouldn't they?

>> No.54051333

Ever buy a stereo or vidya console and have remove a lot of styrofoam packaging that's been molded to keep things from rattling around inside the box?

That stuff can make for great impromptu buildings, depending on how complex it is.

>> No.54051336

are chaos warbands just smaller groups that were part of a legion that broke off and do their own thing?

>> No.54051339

Thought for the day: Loyalty is Easily Abused

>> No.54051343

Yeah, we have some pretty cool homemade terrain at our store...our Ork camp board is epic

>> No.54051348


>Can't spot the chimera bits


>> No.54051349

Dark Angels are gay.

>> No.54051350

Dunno, just read up on their fluff on Lexicanum and didn't see any mentions of Daemon Engines on the IW page and vice versa, just curious.

>> No.54051351

There are a few women who have posted here who play. The breeder girl, the yellow space marine girl and some girl from a south american country that got groped.

>> No.54051353


Partly, I think a lot of them are modern day chapters that went rogue and joined Chaos as well, hence their smaller numbers.

>> No.54051354

>Average europoor "Empty" board

>> No.54051361

>American "too much buildings" board

>> No.54051365

>IW without Defilers


>> No.54051369


>> No.54051375


>old white men

How do we make 40k more inclusive?

>> No.54051390

Historicals are better than 40k, I don't see your point.

>> No.54051394

I went to a store near by and it was literally all old fat men. I felt so out of place.

>> No.54051403

By killing yourself and playing 7th ed with your fags

>> No.54051406

We paint conscripts as minorities, fags and women and veterans as straight white males of course.

>> No.54051408


Did you wish you were as old as them so you could fit in better?

>> No.54051409

No one knows?

>> No.54051414


My GW is pretty much all teens and 20/30somethings. The only time I've seen a lot of older people in there was the 8th launch, when it was packed.

>> No.54051421

Average age of sigmar table

>> No.54051428

Hey guys.
If i want to start playing Warhammer 40k, how should i start ? I know some stuff about the lore and how paint things (Gunpla builder here) but thats basicly it.

(i read 2 books, played some related games but was always too broke or too scared to put things together)

>> No.54051430

>comparing a historical board to a 40k one

>> No.54051433

Drones are one of the reasons that the ITC is using a modified Kill Point system. Instead of 1 unit = 1 kill point, 1 unit = (Power Level) kill points

>> No.54051434

No I just wrote it off. Not a store I want to be at.
My store is pretty much the same. 20/40 year olds. Some women, 1 black, 1 mexican.

>> No.54051446

Have you considered a supreme command detachment, and sticking some HQ in there?

>> No.54051448

We actually prefer a lot of terrain, the cooler looking the field the better. We don't play competitively, all our games are narrative and fluffy.
We also strictly use Power Levels so go ahead and call us names for that too
That specific board was set up for the Meat Grinder mission with a decent defense set up on 24" and a veritable no man's land on the other half.

>> No.54051450

What army do you want to play?

>> No.54051456

yeah, dont even bither puttin a green mat on their 40k tables

>> No.54051462

Ooh, CawlStelan combo. How'd they do, and the Knight? Was thinking of nabbing Big C for buff purposes, or converting my own from the Heresy Archmagos, some Kataphron spares and the LoTR Spider Queen.

>> No.54051464

kill yourself

>> No.54051472

Now I want to go play more European Escalation instead of finishing my models. THANKS TG!

>> No.54051481

They use them more than any, no strangers to the concept of enslaving daemons within mechanical prisons

If you're going to play them, Heldrakes are actually a melee unit and want to go after fliers or thingd with the Fly keyword

Helbrutes are not daemon engines despite appearance but are decent now.

>> No.54051484

My penal legion conscripts are all prison orange uniforms and a mixture of brown/black skin tones because white people don't go to prison, jail maybe but never prison. lol

>> No.54051490

>minorities, gays and women are useless chaff meant to die while old white men are the best of the best, hardened warriors
Wow sweetie, racist and sexist much? :^)

>> No.54051500

I never said riptide wing, I just want mecha. As much mecha as I can.

>> No.54051503

do any of you guys have custom names for your nameless HQ units like chapter masters, librarians etc?

>> No.54051507

My Celestial Lions are blacks because that's the lore and I like their fluff even though I'm a generic white guy

>> No.54051508

put more blacks and women in the ads

whats could possibly go wrong?

>> No.54051532

That was the point silly. Only whites have the IQ and capability to survive in the grim darkness of the far future.

>> No.54051553


I haven't seen what lists the other two top place players were running, in what way were they illegal?

>> No.54051561

Because historically White Males have been the main demographic for wargaming...makes since that 30 years later all those 20 year olds are now in their 50s. I say good for them, way to stay committed to the game

>> No.54051565

Thanks, I cut up a few of them, Poxwalkers too. Only had enough parts to make 6 guys but it was worth it. The guy on the left actually uses parts from 7 models and a backpack with bolter from the Dark Vengeance chosen.

>> No.54051573

3rd place had only one hq for the battalion detachment, 2nd place had no troop for a patrol detachment.

>> No.54051581

It specifies "same Battlefield Role"
So I would need 1 more non-relic LoW
Otherwise YES I would Love to do that

>> No.54051592

>> No.54051594

It's always the best option. Here's my DG champ.

>> No.54051608

Thats a pretty blatant mistake, you'd think someone would catch that? I thought maybe he had one too many detachments or something more lowkey like that

>> No.54051633

They're not quite done yet, but we actually made them ourselves. Sawed em out of some wood around the ruin then sanded it down to a smooth incline on the edges. Made some sprue rubble then sprayed it.
We just need to shade and dry brush em now.
Yeah I've been very impressed with the power levels for balanced narrative games.

>> No.54051636

>you'd think someone would catch that?
Exactly. Either most everyone at that tournament doesn't know the rules or they just don't care about following them.
Either way, not something to base judgements on the meta off of

>> No.54051637

They turned the nothing personnel meme into a unit. Why.

>> No.54051647

becaise i'll order 5 squad

>> No.54051653

He did really well actually...he's a pretty good player for a HS kid.
Cawl is a buff machine and was repairing wounds like crazy...my Hormagaunts were nothing to him but the genestealers put some hurting.
The Knight was a pain because he took out one of my 2 Carnifexes and my Hive Tyrant before they could get into melee. But my Burrowing Raveners and the other Carnifex started reducing wounds but we ran out of time and had to call it.
They won a major victory because they still had models on the table but it was a blast. I don't mind dying as Tyranids, it's what we do, we're bugs

>> No.54051656

Should I buy a Barbed or Scythed heirodule?

>> No.54051658

They're half Eldar.

>> No.54051666


It's like the opposite of Infinity players, where Europeans seem to prefer simple terrain setups while Americans go overboard with partial terrain and complex setups.

>> No.54051673

Yup! It's what makes my guys "my guys"

>> No.54051674

>mfw he's a terrible neckbeard

that's awesome

>> No.54051682

Is new forgeworld indexs out , my renegade guard are on life support

>> No.54051684

thats the question.
There are so many cool armies out there.
I like the Blueberrys, i like Tyranids, Orks are pretty cool too. Thousand Sons are cool from a optical standpoint but im not sure if i can afford them yet.

>> No.54051685

I just ordered a Leviathan Dread with Grav and Siege Drill as a vacation gift from me to me. I hope it's coming the day after my vacation, as expected.

>> No.54051686

I read they were getting Power Swords too? I'd honestly be much more interested if they had PS instead of a combat knife, they just seem a little flimsy. I'll wait til the big kit comes out rather than the snapfit 3 bloke one.

>> No.54051701

>Imo Snipers are crucial in 8e.
i love librarians with jumppacks which makes defending against Smite suddenly much more difficult

>> No.54051702

Very cool, definitely worth it for the outcome. You'll have to post them once they're painted. Can't wait.

>> No.54051704

40k hasn't had a stable meta for a really long time, simply because the rules change so often, even within the same edition! War Convo lost a lot of its power in 7e once it was FAQd that Flesh Tearers were no longer Space Uber for example.

>> No.54051731

thanks again anon

>> No.54051746

>While the Adeptus Astartes know no fear, their enemies certainly do! The purpose of the Reivers is to exploit the cowardice of our enemies through the use of shock tactics and advanced training. You are unlikely to encounter any of these warriors directly, but should you find yourself face to face with a skull-faced giant in power armour in the middle of the night, welcome him with open arms – he is most likely a Reiver.


>Reivers disrupt the hearing of the enemy with vox-amplified war cries and audio-sonic weaponry.


>> No.54051752

I definitely need to pick up more green stuff before I start my DG

>> No.54051761

I don't like the sculpt for either but the Barbed one might serve you better in games.

>> No.54051764

Is that me or is the Foetid Bloat-Drone an overcosted turd ? I mean, Jesus, 158pts for basically an upgraded Hellound ? And I use the word "uprgaded" very liberally here, since the Drone has less range.

What's even the point to get this over a Renegade Hellound ?

>> No.54051769

So, I've been interested in getting into Warhammer for a long time, but the amount of lore and material to it was always kind of intimidating.

Where would you guys recommend I go to dip my toes in? Books? Video games? Any specific starting points would be appreciated.

>> No.54051777

>paint ogryns as niggers
>paint ratlings as chinks
>paint conscripts as spics and mullatoes
>paint veterans and commissars as white men
And this is how you make a realistic yet diverse Imperial Guard regiment!

>> No.54051780

Where is that combi-plasma from?

>> No.54051781

Barbed until the faq.
Scythed after necause autowin win Swarmlord

>> No.54051782

Might anyone have any ideas for bashing together a Hammerhead turret? It'd be cheaper for me to buy a whole new tank than buy a turret off the one person selling it on eBay.

>> No.54051783


DoW 1 is great and on sale on Steam

>> No.54051791

Fly and melee. Fly is nice for shooting, charging, falling back, and shooting again. Good for getting into range with those goop guns too.

>> No.54051804

grab the 2nd ed rule book and codex imperialis from the megas up top

>> No.54051805

I'd compare it to a dreadnaught more than a hellhound.

It has the fly keyword which is important, you can't tie it down.

It is relatively fast for a nurgle unit.

It is very tanky.

I think its pretty damn good.

>> No.54051811

>tfw I have 5 armies and I've never played a single game

>> No.54051812


How many of them were verifiable women

>> No.54051816

Start with the rules, link in the OP. With some googling of any given faction or topic, you'll find the Lexicanum which has decent information on your major topics. If you like what you see, consider doing a test game with a friend, using tokens of some sort. If you like the game, consider what faction you want to get into. This should be the faction that both you like the look of the best, and which has a playstyle you enjoy. Then depending on the faction, likely pick up a Start Collecting box for them.

>> No.54051830

Push Celestial Lions and Sisters of Battle as the main protagonists and the only heroic, noble and compassionate factions in the setting.

>> No.54051831



Jesus christ you're an enormous faggot. Please kill yourself and stop speaking for other people.

>> No.54051835

where were you when superheavy lords of war became FREAKING TAX UNITS!?

>> No.54051837

>Starting Warhammer 40k 8th Edition with Eldar.
>Planning 1,500 pt Army.

Prices of everything
>Models - $500
>Paints - $200
>Battlefoam Bag - $200
>Various Forgeworld Recasts - $200

shit this is fucking expensive.

>> No.54051842

He's talking about his gaming group you mong

>> No.54051844

I know it's almost like that's what GW intended, turning the over-competitive tone of their game into a fun fluff based game.
PL and Narrative fits like a glove and is so much fun.
I get some people only play to compete and hey, to each their own, points and matched play scenarios go hand in hand, it works.
I do like that I can play 40k how I want to play now, no more #notmy40k

>> No.54051855


Other hobbies can be around as expensive. Still, yes, it is.

>> No.54051858

If you find any aspect of any hobby too expensive for you then maybe it isn't the right hobby.

>> No.54051865

I'm missing something, what's that?

>> No.54051866

Is there any reason to ever take a Chaos Lord over a Lord of Contagion

>> No.54051870

Why are his legs so short?

>> No.54051875

If you're just getting into it, maybe start small?

>> No.54051886

>*** If you end up with permanent irreparable loss of hearing, worry not! There are exciting roles in the Astra Militarum just for you. For more information, please consult uplifting pamphlet 114//c: “You What? – The Artillery Crewman’s Guide to Sign Language”.
kek. regimental standard might be one of the best things GW has ever done.

>> No.54051889

Don't buy all at once. Else you'll just stare at the massive pile of plastic that is your backlog and just get demotivated.

>> No.54051917

Rerolling ones aura, Lord on Bike, Lord on Steed, Lord with jump pack, Lord takes one less space on transports.

>> No.54051919

/tg/ I have 20 SoS and no idea what to do with them. Is there anything I can run them as or with?

>> No.54051923

The adjusted killpoints is interesting. Might look into that. My tau friend is a chill bro who has never been cheese, I might house rule something to avoid penalizing him. Maybe just have upgrade drones be non scoring but also non killpoints.

>> No.54051942

Why need FAQ?

>> No.54051952

>>Reivers disrupt the hearing of the enemy with vox-amplified war cries and audio-sonic weaponry.
huh, so they're howlingbanshees+scouts+night lords?

>> No.54051954

Yeah, I've known some pretty brutal players who are still in school. There's one here with an Unending Host with Nurgle backup that's been systematically kicking the crap out of my Admech for a year. Fucking respawning melta backed with Daemon Knight smashing all my boops and with 2+ cover because Shrouded. Always really fun though, slaughtering hordes is fun.

Good to hear my boops aren't useless vs. Hordes, I'll need them for the five Tyranid players here.

I always loved playing people who decided to fluff their armies as TEH BEST EVER SNOWFLAKES and load them down with fancy characters like Guilliman. It's the Mechanicus, my Archmagos's only snowflake trait is respawning and everything else in my army is expendable as all hell. Played a 5k for my last 7e game, Admech and Nids vs an unholy UM/DW/GK/Knight mix with Guilliman, and we could have lost both our armies six hundred times over and if we'd killed a couple units it would be worth it because of how wanked Space Marines are.

Nid Guy wound up tenderizing Guilliman with a crowd of Genestealers while I went all Titanfall on both Knights with Holy Requisitioner and Kastelans munched the GK, it would take the Imperium centuries to recover that even if we hadn't just killed a Primarch.

>> No.54051958

So there's a store near here that had a rule for tournaments it ran, that gave any units which were purchased at the store Preferred Enemy against the opposing army.

I wonder if they're going to keep that shit up for 8th edition.

>> No.54051959

Swarmlord torpedo?

>> No.54051961

I suggest running them as sisters of silence, anon-kun.

That'll be $500 for the advice, plus $500 administration fee.
>t. consultant

>> No.54051987

Convert into sisters of battle, or use as SoS

>> No.54051991

I miss the 4e Ork Codex fluff. Grots on Big Gun duty eventually have to resort to primitive form of sign language, though this is inefficient because there are only so many signs a Grot can carry.

>> No.54052025

++ Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment
+ Lord of War
KV128 Stormsurge [22 PL, 493pts]: 2x Burst cannon [20pts], Cluster rocket system [61pts], Counterfire defence system [5pts], 4x Destroyer missile [40pts], Pulse driver cannon [97pts], Shield generator [40pts], 2x Smart missile system [40pts], Velocity tracker [10pts]
++ Battalion Detachment +3CP[81 PL, 1507pts]
+ HQ
Cadre Fireblade [3 PL, 62pts]: Markerlight [3pts], 2x MV7 Marker Drone [20pts]
Commander in XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit [8 PL, 166pts]: Advanced targeting system [8pts], High-output burst cannon [20pts], Missile pod [24pts], 2x MV4 Shield Drone [16pts], Shield generator [8pts]
+ Troops
Strike Team [3 PL, 40pts]: 5x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Rifle [40pts]
Strike Team [3 PL, 40pts]: 5x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Rifle [40pts]
Strike Team [3 PL, 40pts]: 5x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Rifle [40pts]
+ Elites
XV104 Riptide Battlesuit [17 PL, 306pts]: 2x Plasma rifle [22pts], Advanced targeting system [8pts], Heavy burst cannon [55pts], Target lock [12pts]
XV25 Stealth Battlesuits [7 PL, 119pts]: 2x MV4 Shield Drone [16pts]
. 2x Stealth Shas'ui w/o support system [60pts]: 2x Burst cannon [20pts]
. Stealth Shas'vre [43pts]: Fusion blaster [21pts], Velocity tracker [2pts]
XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit [10 PL, 240pts]: 2x Fusion blaster [42pts], Fusion collider [44pts], 2x MV5 Stealth Drone [20pts], Shield generator [40pts], Target lock [12pts]
+ Fast Attack
Pathfinder Team [3 PL, 40pts]
. 5x Pathfinder [40pts]: 5x Markerlight [15pts]
Pathfinder Team [3 PL, 40pts]
. 5x Pathfinder [40pts]: 5x Markerlight [15pts]
Pathfinder Team [3 PL, 40pts]
. 5x Pathfinder [40pts]: 5x Markerlight [15pts]
+ Heavy Support
XV88 Broadside Battlesuits [18 PL, 374pts]
. Broadside Shas'ui [9 PL, 183pts]: 2x Smart missile system [40pts], Heavy rail rifle [63pts]
. Broadside Shas'vre [9 PL, 191pts]: 2x Smart missile system [40pts], Heavy rail rifle [63pts], Shield generator [8pts]
[103 PL, 2000pts]

>> No.54052026

>Two full painted armies INCLUDING Riptides
Excuse me spaceman, what reality do you hail from and how do I enter it?

>> No.54052027

Yeah was referring to the 6-7 guys that all play together on Thur. and Sun. at our local store.
You should calm down dude, no reason to rage like that

>> No.54052040


>> No.54052047

I can't decide which chaos legion to collect.

My only real constraint is I want them to footslog, so Iron Warriors are pretty much out.

>> No.54052080

Toughness 7, 10 Wounds, 5+ Invulnerable save, ignores wounds on a 5 or 6, two upgraded flamers (Range 9, S6, AP-1, auto-hit, reroll wound results of 1), and it flies.

>> No.54052087

anybody have the pages for the Orca and/or Technical Drone from the FW Xenos Index?

>> No.54052090

Yeah, haven't heard that particular gimmick, I'm guessing it's cheesy and only for WAACfags but I'm still curious

>> No.54052097

I don't know to be honest, I bought it from bitzbox.

>> No.54052107

>>Paints - $200
>>Battlefoam Bag - $200
How the fuck did you manage that price on paints? You basically need 1 primer color and a few pots for the rest
Also battlefoam is a trap. Get the foam, not their bags. Find something else to put the foam in that's sturdy.

>> No.54052113

>I miss the 4e Ork Codex fluff. Grots on Big Gun duty eventually have to resort to primitive form of sign language, though this is inefficient because there are only so many signs a Grot can carry.
>implying that bit of fluff isn't canon anymore because it wasn't mentioned in later editions
You're being silly anon.

>Swarmlord torpedo?
I read the words "Swarmlord torpedo" and imagined Swarmy getting captured by some Orks on Octarius and then used as ammo for a gigantic kannon against a bio-titan or something. And said kannon would be manned by the sassiest Grots in the galaxy.

>> No.54052129

Iron warriors are historically the masters of siege and trench warfare. Making them all about transports isn't 100% on theme. Use tanks in artillery rolls instead and you're not far off.

That said, Black Legion because they're the most iconic, but I would wait for some new Slaanesh minis personally and focus on them

>> No.54052131

What are Blight Launchers are supposed to look like ? I see them as weapon options for Plague Marines but never saw one.

>> No.54052140


Lad, Iron Warriors footslog all the time how else do you think they storm fortress walls? If you do it with a screen of slaves/cultists acting as bullet sponges even better.

>> No.54052147

Feldherr has some nice bags. 60€ for a huge bag that holds 108 infantry units and a few tanks/monsters, or just mix and match what you need.

>> No.54052148


>> No.54052154

Not quite. You use Swarmlord to give it a free move, then hit it with Onslaught. It Moves 36" then charges.

>> No.54052159

Very cool, I love big games every now and then

>> No.54052163

The burst cannons should be an airburster, but otherwise it's not a huge deal
Take an advanced targeting system instead of the velocity tracker

You could use more fire warriors

Give the stealth suits with burst cannons advanced targeting systems, they don't need shield drones

The broadsides should have plasma rifles, also put shield drones down, not shield generators.

Consider dropping the stealthsuits as they aren't really needed considering your composition.

>> No.54052180

whats the advantage of airburst vs cannon?

>> No.54052184

After being gone for several days, I'm now back and slowly making work on my queue. I managed to complete the Ministorum (including SoB) damage-calcs last night, and will shortly begin work on their cost-calcs.


>> No.54052188

The swarmlord can give one nid unit the ability to move/advance in the shooting phase instead of firing. Been done often with Trygons showing up at the end of movement phase and moving them in to a better/guaranteed charge position. Or genestealers who can advance in the movement phase, advance in the shooting phase, and still charge. Whatevez

>> No.54052195

Airburst can ignore LoS.

>> No.54052196


>> No.54052197

I think I know why 8th is bothering me so much.

I always imagined an ideal 40k game as an updated/scaled up Gorkamorka, with boarding actions, vehicles ramming each other aside, and general mobility and chaos.

That 8th makes them rules-equivalent to infantry just bothers me way too much.

>> No.54052199

>Give the stealth suits with burst cannons advanced targeting systems, they don't need shield drones
Is that a good use of 16 points? I think 2 drones would probably do more damage than 2 ATS...

>> No.54052200

Wow...that's insane

>> No.54052208


I thought Iron Warriors were all about mechanized stuff?

>> No.54052209

Anyone using dials for wound counters, or some other solution? These things look grear

>> No.54052213

Have you been living under a rock? We've known about this since the faction focus preview articles. It's not a gimmick it's the Swarmlords whole schtick as a special character.

>> No.54052225

It gives you potentially more shots and the ability to shoot things outside of LOS. Has one point less str, but as tau you already str 5 for days.

>> No.54052236

This fellow ? Looks neat.

Does that mean I have to buy two of these three dudes sets if I want to have 2 in my squad ?

>> No.54052237

They are, but you're mixing up tanks and mech stuff with rapid armoured assault which they are not, despite people playing them that way sometimes

>> No.54052245

Emailed Forge World over the weekend about the Tau flier that can't fire it's gun. They emailed me back today.

>> No.54052246

Since /wip/ wont give me an answer
Can i use Macragge blue as an undercoat, or do i need to undercoat it with a proper primer first?

>> No.54052253

Artillery and sieges with lots of twenty man tactical blobs Riding the Ironfire.

>> No.54052254

Stealth suits have two wounds, are harder to hit and can basically apply damage turn one. Added -1 ap to their burst cannons turns them into wrecking balls vs infantry. Well worth the points, especially if there's a single markerlight on the target.

>> No.54052257

Forget my pic

>> No.54052261

I play nothing but iron warriors (inc 30k) and I own one rhino in dozens of vehicles

>> No.54052262

Hadn't even noticed that, don't have a Swarmlord...thinking it might be worth while to get one though

>> No.54052263


>> No.54052270

Why does GW hate the AS?

>> No.54052287

You can use it by itself but it may take two light coats to get the right colour. If you do black first and then one coat of blue it also works very well.

>> No.54052289

Yeah I missed it somehow
>>54052262 (me)

>> No.54052294

Is it just me or are Inquisitorial Acolytes fucking amazing with the right Quarry?

4+ with re-roll is better than a 3+ and re-rolling wounds helps guarantee your plasma/melta shots and powersword attacks. Each model has W3 A2 and can tank hits for their boss. All at the low price of 8pts without wargear. You get a lot of mileage for 2pts more than a Guard vet.

Driving them in in a transport for a plasma/melta/power party sounds fun

Of course Quarry is quite limiting, but still.

>> No.54052307

Those poor customer support people. Whilst the rules makers are in the back sniffing markers and spinning in chairs, they are left to deal with the bullshit.

>> No.54052312

>drop the stealth suits
>for more infantry
I added 1 more to each squad with the freed points. How many more are we talking about?

>> No.54052316

brb gonna go read my 4th ed codex

>> No.54052317

It's 50mm you dunce

>> No.54052325


>> No.54052326


Breaking news, an army with rules that counters another is good against that army.

>> No.54052330

Just wait for the inevitable proper 5man box set with all weapon options. I'll be getting one of these, no more, and that champion is getting a whole new top half.

>> No.54052331

You could.

I'm still waiting for the real Death Guard release.

>> No.54052334

Because they are patriarchal shitlords

>> No.54052344

They're great but expensive and you'll want tyrant guard as well so that's another heavy points investment.

A malanthrope is a good option as well, as it's -1 to hit aura works on monsters as well, unlike the venomthrope aura which only affects infantry. He's a huge target

>> No.54052345

Ave dominus nox

>> No.54052351

Unless your opponent is Imperial or going full unbound cross-faction shenanigans, Quarry is a perfectly flexible rule. And as you said, even without the rule they are great against Imperial armies with the right support.

>> No.54052360

Tau are supposedly the third release, and its them that I'm waiting for.

And the Tau version of the "Imperial Agents" style codex for Auxiliaries.

>> No.54052372

I prefer to have around 10 in each FW squad, however I would recommend 6 in each pathfinder squad for easier markerlight application.

FW are very cheap for their damage output, and since team leaders are free... why not?

>> No.54052390

Am I missing something, or are Ratlings ridiculously good for their points when compared to other snipers? It's not like you expect your snipers to hold up in CC and you can get double to quadruple the amount of them.

>> No.54052416

>Tau are supposedly the third release
>last updated less than 2 years ago
>he actually believes this

>> No.54052447

Shit always has to be sacrificed the further up on scale you go, if you want your game capable of being finished in a reasonable amount of time.

>> No.54052449

Yeah, but Quarry is even better value than Grey Knights wounding easier against Daemons. The Quarry choices are broader and it affects hitting, not just wounding.

>> No.54052453


....ok GW....come the fuck on

That "knife" in the picture might as well be a sword, not to mention being a few times biger than the one modeled.

Also, I don't have that comparison image to the eldar and chaplain skullfaces, but that depicts their masks being as detailed as the librarians'.

I was indifferent on these guys before, but now I'm put off by this laziness

>> No.54052454

Ratlings are wounded on 2+ by bolters and only get a 4+ cover save.

You get 3 ratlings for each scout with a sniper rifle and camo, but that scout is T4 with a 2+ save, and is also a troop choice.

Ratlings are good for massed sniper fire but a guy with a storm bolter is going to wipe the squad.

>> No.54052455

Iron Warriors are the footslogging legion tho.

Their whole thing is artillerying the shit out of everything and then marching over it with hordes basic marines.

>> No.54052458

if I only have one predator

Autocannon + 2 lascannon predator or quad lascannon predator

>> No.54052471

I've got both of those so that should work out great. Thanks!

>> No.54052476

>Riding the Ironfire.

awwwwww yis

>> No.54052486

OK, I'm still tinkering with my 2000pts DG army, I think I'm at a pretty good spot right now, the goal is to make a both fluffy yet strong list. I'm still looking for feedback.

Typhus – 164pts
Winged Daemon Prince of Chaos – x2 Chaos Talons, Mark of Nurgle - 180pts
Necrosius - 120pts

x20 Poxwalkers – 120pts
x20 Poxwalkers – 120pts
x20 Poxwalkers – 120pts
x10 Renegade Militia – Covenant of Nurgle, Missile Launcher Team – 60pts
x10 Renegade Militia – Covenant of Nurgle, Missile Launcher Team – 60pts
x10 Renegade Militia – Covenant of Nurgle, Missile Launcher Team – 60pts

Renegade Enforcer – 30pts
x10 Renegade Disciples – Covenant of Nurgle, Lascannon Team – 80pts
x9 Plague Marines – x2 Blight Launchers - 217pts

Foetid Bloat-drone - 158pts
Armored Sentinel – Plasma Cannon - 55pts
Armored Sentinel – Plasma Cannon - 55pts

Chaos Predator – x2 Lascannons, Twin-linked Lascannon - 202pts
Armageddon Pattern Medusa – 103pts
Wyvern – Heavy Bolter – 93pts

What do you think ?

>> No.54052504

>Thinks the best selling Xenos won't get their dex soon

>> No.54052513

Why are Plague marines elite?

>> No.54052516

The 'increased size' thing is literally just the models.
Stop listening to the endless chad v manlet shitposting.
>inb4 muh manlet detected

>> No.54052524



>> No.54052532

How's this look for 1000 points of dark angels to start off with? Patrol detachment, in case it wasn't obvious.

Librarian (force sword) - 105
>can join either tac squad, basically there for Smite & Aversion

8 Tacs (meltagun, combimelta & power sword) - 144
Rhino (2 storm bolters) - 74

10 Tacs (plasmagun, lascannon, combiplasma & power sword) - 187

3 Black knights (3 plasma talon, 2 corvus hammer, power sword & meltabombs) - 159

Land speeder vengeance (assault cannon) - 143

Dark talon - 188

>Total - 1000 exactly

>> No.54052543

Use the macragge blue spray but then give it one thin coat of paint too

>> No.54052546

Tbh no idea how accurate this is.

The SOB as 3rd wave makes me worried about its validity.

>> No.54052548

>How do we make 40k more inclusive?
we don't. we're creating instead niches to EXCLUDE all the people who harp about inclusivity because they're all -to a man/woman- holier-than-thou types.

>> No.54052557

These are "generic" Plague Marines, not DG ones. I needed an extra Elite slot to meet the Brigade requirements

>> No.54052561

Take it from someone who's only played nids since he started in 2e; enjoy the good times while they last

>> No.54052564

well i was just thinking about the random number of shots and how luck is fickle

but i guess it depends on how much anti-los terrain is on the board

>> No.54052571


Neat, so it can fire its Titanic killer twice at BS3+ and at 2+ reroll 1s if you tag with MLs.

Meaning you'll likely hit and wound twice each time. Inflicting average 28 wounds at AP-5 against anything titanic
Not too bad for a ~550 pts unit

Third for what? Codex?

>> No.54052580

best post of the thread

>> No.54052588

So then they don't benefit from typhus's thing, that's dumb.

>> No.54052589

They already have the muh greater good space marxists if they want to be indentitarian fags

>> No.54052600

Stop spoonfeeding the morons.

>> No.54052604

The Typhus/Necrosius Combo on Poxwalkers is incredibly powerful...like criminally powerful.
I f***ing love it!

>> No.54052613

I only take Typhus for the Poxwalkers boost actually, most of my army isn't even DG to begin with.

>> No.54052625

how are things going in your GW store?

>> No.54052627

>falls for the meme that best-selling armies get more frequent updates outside of space marines
>literally ignoring the fact that GW straight up said the updates in 8th edition will focus mainly on brand new factions and armies that haven't been updated in awhile

>> No.54052637


The other leaker looked less bs
This one doesn't even have a marines codex coming out soon, does that sound like GW to you?

>> No.54052642

>I like their fluff even though I'm a generic white guy

>> No.54052657

Thanks lads

>> No.54052666

>we are still working on a few of the dta sheets
They even have typos in they customer support letters.

>> No.54052674

I use Typhus for his Psychic powers and boosting large mobs of Poxwalkers
Throw in Necrosius and they become a serious threat

>> No.54052679

His sources are his gaping asshole.

>> No.54052684

Shoulda called it a gladius. It's about the right size reletivento the fuckhuge marine.

>> No.54052704

Die for them emperor, or die trying.

>> No.54052727

Confirmed as fake. Age of Sigmar will be getting more releases before November, and they don't have the resources to release AoS and two armies worth of 40k stuff in the same month.

>> No.54052730

Its a blatant oversight. One of many

>> No.54052734

He's probably dealing with thousands of autists worrying their expensive resin doesn't have functioning rules anymore, aint got time to spell

>> No.54052739

>This one doesn't even have a marines codex coming out soon,

Primaris was listed as first release.
Depending if it's only encompassing NuMarines or would include old Marines.

As a Primaris Marine only would be fairly limited imo.

Captain, Librarian, Lieutenants for HQs
Rievers and Dreads as Elite
Intercessors as Troops
Hellblasters / NuTerminators as Heavy Support.

With Grav Tank as Dedicated

9 units. Unless I'm missing some.

>> No.54052755

>trusting GW

>> No.54052767

I figured as much. But wanted confirmations. Thanks for the insight.

>> No.54052775

We all night lords now

>> No.54052777

lol sadly what happened was I heard about them read their wiki and stuff and loved them then found out they were black and almost considered not doing my Primaris Marines as them but then realized that would probably make me a huge racist so stuck with it anyways.

>> No.54052791

Are Command Squads worth the lack of extra wounds over normal squads for special weapon spamming? Can you run a dedicated transport empty while its would be occupants be in Deep Strike reserves? Very curious since I want to try something like this, maybe with less Scion and more Taurox:

>Imperial Guard 2000 Points
Pask +Punisher, Lascannon, 2 Multi-meltas
Tempestor Prime
Master of Ordnance

Tank Commander +Punisher, Lascannon, 2 Multi-meltas
Tempestor Prime
Tempestus Command Squad +4 Plasma Guns
Tempestus Command Squad +4 Plasma Guns
Tempestus Command Squad +4 Meltaguns
Taurox Prime +Gatling Cannon, 2 Hot-shot Volley Guns

Tank Commander +Punisher, Lascannon, 2 Multi-meltas
Tempestor Prime
Tempestus Command Squad +4 Plasma Guns
Tempestus Command Squad +4 Plasma Guns
Tempestus Command Squad +4 Meltaguns
Taurox Prime +Gatling Cannon, 2 Hot-shot Volley Guns

>> No.54052802

I miss cheetahfag; he at least knew more than two sentences.

>> No.54052805

>GW straight up said the updates in 8th edition will focus mainly on brand new factions and armies that haven't been updated in awhile

>> No.54052806

Is seizing the initiative still a thing?


I would assume they would share a book with marines in general

>> No.54052813

I hope they Faq the Tainted thing because right now, that rule only applies to Mammon.

>> No.54052823

Inceptors** as Fast Attack
And maybe Rievers as FA instead of Elite.

So 10

>> No.54052838

If this was really your thought process man .... jeez

>> No.54052840

>implying GW straight up tells lies
>implying they're ever going to do something bad for business like release another Tau update in less than 2 years when Tau are already selling and when they have stock in other armies they need to clear and new releases they need to turn out
>implying they're not going to cash in on the 8th ed Tyranid craze with nids being the most represented army in tournaments by releasing a fuckhuge Lord of War bug that sells for mad dosh

>> No.54052843

>the best-selling xenos
>the blueberry vegans who got lumped in between Orks and nid/jeanstealers entries in Index Xenos 2
>Index Xenos 2
>Tau are so irrevelant to GW they tossed 'em in the same Index as the so-called 'NPC races' of the setting
Tau are probably not high on the priority list for dex releases anon.

>literally ignoring the fact that GW straight up said the updates in 8th edition will focus mainly on brand new factions and armies that haven't been updated in awhile.
So... Primaris, Plague Marines, SoB (obviously), and who else?
Would supplement codexes like 'Waaagh! Ghazghkull' count as 'updates' to factions, or are they referring to the basic faction codex like Codex: Drew Carry, Codex Space Marines, etc?

>> No.54052851

>I would assume they would share a book with marines in general

In the beginning. But I wouldn't be surprised if they'd be spun off as a stand alone once they get 15-20 entires.

>> No.54052852

Putrid Blightkings. Would they be better proxied as Posessed, or Nurgle Terminators?

>> No.54052868

Live FAQ streams during preview month

>> No.54052873

>but then realized that would probably make me a huge racist
This is bait right? Right?

>> No.54052874

Me too, I was hoping the Heretic/Renegades would at least have the Tainted keyword from Siege of Vraks where they all come from and then the index dropped and so did my hopes and dreams

>> No.54052878

>implying GW straight up tells lies
>implying they're ever going to do something bad for business
Age of Sigmar.

>> No.54052883

>tfw you're an Ork player and you just know GW are waiting in the dark corners of their HQ to implement "special rules" in your codex that fuck you over.

>> No.54052892


>> No.54052898

This is the list of paints I need.

-Core Colors-
Chaos Black Spray
Abaddon Black
Naggaroth Night
Nuln Oil
Genestealer Purple
Zandri Dust
Ushabti Bone
Seraphim Sepia
Screaming Skull
Pallid Wych Flesh
Eshin Grey
Stormvermin Fur
Dark Reaper
Fenrisian Grey
Mournfang Brown
Agrax Earth Shade
Skrag Brown
Rhinox Hide

-Blue Hair-
Ceremite White
Scar White
Guilliman Blue
Drakenhoff Nightshade

Mephiston Red
Wild Rider Red
Fire Dragon Bright

-Blue Gems-
Macragge Blue
Teclis Blue
Temple Guard Blue

-Green Gems-
Warpstone Glow
Warboss Green
Moot Green

-Purple Gems-
Xereus Pruple

Thats why its $200'ish.

>> No.54052899

Oh what the fuck.

>> No.54052904



>A marine has to bust his ass in the 10th company to get promoted into the 6th-9th.
>Then he hopes for engagements and busts his ass even more to go into the 2nd-5th.
>Afterward, if he survives long enough and shows exceptional skills he might be indicted in the 1st company
>Centuries after he started if his career has been flawless he might be given terminator honours.

>Numarine arrives with a terminator suit

Gotta love GW raping the established lore even more.

>> No.54052910

It's an aesthetics thing not a race thing, I didn't want my scouts and no helmet marines black but again that sounds/feels racist so I'm just going with it.

>> No.54052917

How's this as Baby's First Eldar Army?

+ HQ +

Autarch with Swooping Hawk Wings [6 PL, 98pts]: Banshee Mask, Fusion Pistol, Power sword

Farseer [6 PL, 113pts]: 1. Guide, 3. Fortune, Witchblade

+ Troops +

Dire Avengers [6 PL, 177pts]
. 9x Dire Avenger: 9x Avenger Shuriken Catapult
. Dire Avenger Exarch: Two Avenger Shuriken Catapults

Guardian Defenders [4 PL, 115pts]: 10x Guardian Defender
. Guardian Heavy Weapons Platform: Starcannon

+ Elites +

Wraithguard [10 PL, 200pts]: Wraithcannon, 5x Wraithguard

+ Fast Attack +

Windriders [5 PL, 95pts]
. Windrider - Scatter Laser: Scatter Laser
. 2x Windrider - Twin Shuriken Catapults: 2x Twin Shuriken Catapult

+ Heavy Support +

Wraithlord [7 PL, 191pts]: Flamer, Flamer, Ghostglaive, 2x Starcannon

Total: [44 PL, 989pts]

>> No.54052921

Definitely Posessed. Not nearly armored enough for Terminators.

>will focus mainly on brand new factions and armies that haven't been updated in awhile.

I could see the recently updated armies.

Tzeentch (if Daemons get spun apart), Thousand Sons getting a week release with only a codex involved as a filler in between the armies getting new kits

>Similar to what happened to Grey Knights, Blood Angels, and, Necrons got when they were updated to 7e.

>> No.54052938

No matter how much you personally dislike it, it's a top selling wargame as according to sales charts. Sigmar not selling is a meme. Money talks and bullshit walks.

>> No.54052941

>mfw they Faq that you can give Poxwalkers the tag <The Tainted>

I would say Posessed, they don't have enough plate to be Termies proxies IMO.

>> No.54052945


What the utter fuck are you painting where you need all those colours?

>> No.54052952

>want to make army
>wait they're niggers?
You're an interesting fellow.

>> No.54052953


>> No.54052958

It's perfectly fluffy for all your boyz to start fighting each other right in the middle of a fight.

>> No.54052963


>Bad for business
>Age of Sigmar

Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean it's not popular.

>> No.54052966


most of 1st company vets are not hundreds of years old. you can be inducted into the 1st for doing something brave

>> No.54052970

>So... Primaris, Plague Marines, SoB (obviously), and who else?
Chaos Space Marines vanilla dex, Tyranids, and Astra Militarum, all of whom never even received a 7th ed Codex.

Emperor's Children can't be too far off.

The closest we might see to a T'au release anytime soon will probably be a standalone Kroot Codex.

Expect Haemonculus Covens to end up being its own book at some point.

>> No.54052984

They might be more like Primaris Centurions? They have Missile Launchers and Flamers. Basically a gun platform and not a melee specialist.

>> No.54052985

You're missing out the other half of his thought process
>wait i can't allow this wrongthink
>no that would be mean and nasty to the oppressed africans, better buy an army i don't like the look of in the name of virtue signalling

>> No.54052989

It was #4 one time and hasn't gotten back to that spot despite the constant stream of releases.
It's at best not losing them money.

>> No.54052994

> Says he has a fluffy Death guard army.
> Plague Marines in the list aren't death guard legionnaires so he can get more command points.

>> No.54052998

>implying Age of Sigmar doesn't make 20x more money than WHFB ever did
Are you straight up retarded? Even if you hate the game for being a soulless cash grab that doesn't change the facts. It outsells Warmahordes and is second only to 40k and X-Wing.

>> No.54052999

Based on my personal experience, the AC+LC predator is far superior to the quad las. That main AC is brutal doing 3d3 shots at -1 that do THREE damage each.

>> No.54053026

>love Plague Marines
>have absolutely 0 interest in Nurgle Daemons
what do?

>> No.54053028

Also Typhus and Necrosius.

They don't get along.

>> No.54053029

But he liked everything except the color of their skin.

>> No.54053041


get plague marines? anymore stupid questions?

>> No.54053042

I hate special character herohammer

>> No.54053043

The mysterious land of casual, basement games with friends! My tau playing friend is a painting beast. He painted a whole hammerhead once during an apocalypse game.

But for real though he's the only painted tau army I've seen in person. How sad.

By the way, I really like that fire warriors aren't huge cowards who run when they lose two guys now. Actually makes them seem like they went to blueberry parris island now.

>> No.54053054

play without daemons?

>> No.54053056

Then don't fucking paint them you stupid virtue signaling fuck. Who gives a goddamn shit about racism? Stop letting political correctness stifle your actual tastes and opinions.

>> No.54053058

It isn't, they're running it off Kirby's prior investments and it would cost them more to backpedal out of it.

>> No.54053060

Have you tried not including Daemons?

>> No.54053065

>Tyranids whom never even received a 7th ed Codex.

Thing is, modelwise Tyranids have a huge selection and most of their options are in plastic.

>Only missing Biovores / Pyrovores, Lictors, and Shrikes. (I think)

>> No.54053066

This was my assumption. Seems valid to me. One trick i found useful was to print out the point pages (or have them open in a second window) while list building.

>> No.54053070


>> No.54053074

It's most probably just another episode of a stormnigger trying to swing yet another 40kg into hundreds of "Teh (((((_((((((SJjeW))))()))))))) will destroy evrythink right guise" with some thinly veiled falseflagging. And at least one anon already fell for it.

>> No.54053078

No, because the other ladz will probably be around at the end of the battle to fight later, but youz got to krump dem other gitz before someone else krumps em.

>> No.54053088

[citation needed]
All they had to do was fix 8th edition, not euthanize the game and drag your mentally challenged ilk in.

>> No.54053090

>They don't get along.

Papa Morty told them to get along.

>> No.54053095

And ? They are painted as DG, I don't see the problem here.

I also have an Iron Warriors army that I played as proxy IH during the whole 6 and 7th editions. As long as they look like a coherent and fluffy army on the table, they are.

>> No.54053107

>everyone i don't like is a stormfag
Honestly speaking though it's more likely than not yet another retarded shitposter baiting. This isn't extreme enough to be a stormfag falseflagging. Trust me I've seen a shit ton of falseflagging stormfags trying to start shit about muh paganism vs muh christianity plenty of times. It's obvious when you see it enough.

>> No.54053116

>political correctness

>> No.54053124

>believing you need every paint that Duncan/the GW guide says to use
You big silly.

>> No.54053125

Biovore, Pyrovore, Lictors, Deathleaper, The Red Terror, and Spore Mines are all resin still. Shrikes do not have models at all.

>> No.54053132

>Chaos Space Marines vanilla dex, Tyranids, and Astra Militarum
And I take back what I said about SoB getting updated, since they were rolled into Imperial Agents and I. Agents just got a 7e dex in December '16.

As for the Astra Militarum, you guys just had an Astra Militarum: Cadia supplement, so if supplements are being included, all the other IG regiments have to get to the back of the line. Again.

>political correctness
Not him, but it's called, 'being lore accurate'.

>> No.54053137

why do those marines all look so big

>> No.54053138

That's exactly what it is. Forcing yourself to like something you don't like because of muh oppressed niggers and muh raycisms.

>> No.54053141


Nigger they have names like Chapter Master Mutumbu and click click M'gali, what the fuck race did you think they were.

>> No.54053151

That guy here, honestly coming from Alabama I am probably just a racist. I would say that the minorities here ruin it for the rest of them because holy shit is it a fucking train wreck everywhere you go but it honestly just was me not wanting to the skin tones be black, like Salamander black.
I'm going to go for a more mocha/mixed skin tone. I think the whole African theme is cool, calling their Sgts Pride Leaders and so on. I just saw some painted examples of them and didn't like the way they looked.

>> No.54053163


Didn't realize how giant Primaris marines are until this photo. You can see the regular marines looking like normal dudes in the back, then suddenly, GIANT, NEARLY BUILDING SIZED PRIMARIS

>> No.54053172

Reminder that it's been 112 years since they've been introduced.

Reminder that marines can be upgraded into Primaris marines.

>> No.54053173

I'm not talking about the celestial lions being negroids you idiot. I'm talking about him forcing himself to play Celestial Lions because he doesn want to be le ebil spooky rayciss.

Just fucking admit you don't like nigger space marines and play a different goddamn chapter. It's that easy.

Either way this is bait so who fucking cares?

>> No.54053180

I don't think they count supplements that add nothing but a bunch of formations, it's going to go by main book releases.

>> No.54053188

If I have two Soulburners on my Decimator can it suffer two mortal wounds since they are different weapons?

>> No.54053193

>its a major conflict in the lore
>Pyrrhic imperial victory

>> No.54053201

Stop trying to shit on yourself because of muh evil raycisms. Admit that it's not a bad thing, because nature itself is racist, and just move the fuck on with your life. Judge purely and objectively and stop forcing your perceptions because of stupid politics.

>> No.54053202


>> No.54053204

Depends on your target. Against anything with a 4+ or worse save the Predator AC performs very well. However once you get to 3+ saves and especially T8 3+ the twin Lascannon starts performing much better.

>> No.54053214

Yeah, but they don't have a plastic Superheavy Lord of War, Genestealers are due for an update because the mold lines on those fuckers are atrocious (the new sculpt has already been seen in Deathwatch: Overkill, presumably they just wanted to clear all the old stock first with the GSC dex and the index before releasing the new ones), and altogether that makes about 5 kits which is just right for an 8th edition old army update.

>> No.54053218

But he liked it aside from that little detail.
Muh harder.

>> No.54053230

Primaris are better in every way, new enhancements, new weapons, new armour, new tactics. The grandpas in their clunky 'tactical dreadnought' plate thinking the Gravis-equipped Primaris need their advice is like WW1 vets trying to tell Navy SEALs how to do their jobs.

Guilliman keeping some of the marinelets around in advisory roles for their 'experience' is just him being too sentimental to outright replace them with the superior model.

>> No.54053231

And that little detail is enough of a reason to decide not to play them. Forcing yourself to do otherwise in the name of virtue signalling and not "this detail doesn't matter that much to me, I can just ignore it" is the issue here.

>> No.54053243


If we're talking a contest of irrelevancy. SoBs got rolled into another faction, to counter that leak

>Kroot Codex.

Very unlikely

>> No.54053246

You're missing the Overlord Flyer, the Aggressors which will probably be Heavy Support, the Apothecary with Medicae Servitors, and there are no NuTerminators.

>> No.54053251

forgot the picture

>> No.54053252

>racism is good

>> No.54053256

Except they have very rigid doctrine and no flexibility. In the dark imperium novel the primaris marines wish they had the flexibility of the more experienced tactical marines because tactical marines have much more diverse weapon loadouts for the task at hand.

>> No.54053258

Anyone know of good Rhino/Predator uparmor kits other that FW?

>> No.54053265

>Very unlikely
People said that about Genestealer Cults

>> No.54053268

>everything political is binary and a middle ground cannot exist

>> No.54053288

>Overlord Flyer
To be fair, that's described as a couple times the size of a Thunderhawk, so I doubt a kit will be instantly forthcoming. At least they'll see whether Primaris flop or boom first, although I suspect the latter.

>> No.54053290

They're beefy. You see my lieutenant hanging out with the devastators on the left?

I haven't decided how I feel about using them together. I love the scale of primaris to other armies, but internally primaris do totally punk out regular marines. I like my small razorback teams with special weapons too much to abandon them.

>> No.54053292

Don't let the fluff distract you from tabletop performance. Specialized squads outperform mixed loadouts.

>> No.54053311


>> No.54053312

Scions work best with MSU so there's very little reason now not to just spam command squads, even with ten models, they're expensive for what is essentially just ablative wounds for your special weapons and still fragile as hell even with the 4+ save.

I've never really seen anyone using full 10-man scion squads in anything but casual games.

>> No.54053314

It's coming. The "plastic thunderhawk" tease in that one video was only partially a joke. All the Primaris stuff has already been in the works for many months, if not years. Everything mentioned in the Dark Imperium novel was only mentioned because the models are forthcoming and they wanted to advertize them in the fluff.

>> No.54053320

You mean Adeptus Ministorum, just like before? That has zero impact either for or against on them getting a new book.

>> No.54053321

Not so much anymore, since universal split fire.

>> No.54053322

Not in 8th they don't.
Tacs, devs and ass marines are far better choices than the primaris equivalent.

>> No.54053324

>racism is politics

>> No.54053325

>there's nothing wrong with discriminating flat-out against a group of people
A lady gripping her purse tightly while a hoodie black guy walks by in the middle of the night is one thing, but racism outright is another.

But look man, so long as nobody's hurting anybody, whatever. We're here to talk 40k, so let's talk 40k. [spoilers]fuck the knife ears, stealthy lazy bastards

>> No.54053329

Acolytes are super fun and fluffy. I'm taking at least 2 units so I can kitbash.

>> No.54053332

[email protected]

You and your entire collection of manlet Marines are old news

>> No.54053337

>so there's very little reason now not to just spam command squads
Other than the fact that the playtesters have hinted Scion command squads are getting nerfed in the upcoming Errata.

>> No.54053340

Should I use these for my alpha Legion primaris army or decals? These are easier to get and they look good... The attached picture is what the symbols look like on random pads.

>> No.54053341

The predator AC out performs the LC against T7 3+ in that list, though? Unless you mean TWO Lascannons.

>> No.54053347

>Better than specialisation

lewl, that's the author trying to throw the marinelets a bone.

In the real world, mission focused equipment > jack of all trades, master of none.

>> No.54053350

I hope they make a techmarine model. That's what I want most.

>> No.54053353

It is though. It also leans to a biology side a bit but it is very political.

The fact of the matter is, racism is neither good nor bad, it is an unchangeable and essential part of natural selection. Remember, racism is defined as "discriminating on grounds of race". So even recognizing someone to be of sub-saharan descent or european descent would be "racist".

>> No.54053361

Eh, he's sort of right. You'll never see 5 man mixed weapon dev squads from any competent player.

But that's quite different from the primaris who have no options

>> No.54053366

That's why tacticals are so great : you can give them a special weapon like a Grav Cannon that enhances their speciality, dealing with infantry. Chad marines are stuck with a bolter that's worse than what Sternguard have whilst being cheaper at the same time.

>> No.54053370

SoB only have one codex on their own.

WD and 6th edition one not sure if they count, but the last SoB codex on their on was during 2nd. Every other time they have been rolled into other stuff

>> No.54053374

>Literally ignoring reliable and vetted rumor sources about Tau getting updates that are "More Tau stuff that isn't part of the Empire," within the year

>> No.54053375

Oh, you're one of THEM.

>> No.54053382

Then there'll be a reason. Currently, you bring scions for the special weapons, not their shitty 18" armour-piercing lasguns, command squads just do the job better as it stands.

>> No.54053388

There are no rumours or evidence to suggest that's happening currently, unlike the Apothecary. A bit of a shame.

>> No.54053391

The Predator uses twin lascannon in the turret. So yes, that's what I'm comparing it to.

>> No.54053394

force axe or force stave, go

>> No.54053401

Thanks chart-anon. How far away are you from starting CSM?

>> No.54053408


Does anyone actually care for kroot?
FW dropped all their kroot stuff, GW didn't even give them an HQ

>> No.54053411

So in the real world, that would explain why marine squads are just guys with M4s and don't include any dedicated marksmen, or automatic riflemen, or anything like that. Just 13 guys with nothing but M4s.

>> No.54053414

Correct, there's nothing wrong with recognizing that thanks to the essence of natural selection different races are inherently different and therefore should not pretend that they are equal. There is something wrong with, say, pretending that one race is outright inferior in every aspect possible. That's racial supremacism. But there is nothing wrong with acknoweldging the existence of race and respecting it.

>> No.54053423

>brand new factions

Plz god no, they barely support the current roster of armies, we don't need more competing for attention.

>> No.54053427

OK then, I want my plastic Triaros. Actually, that would be fucking awesome even at like £60 each since they're over twice the size of a Rhino. DUNE TRAIN MOTHERFUCKERS. Load it with 20 Fulgurites and unload on some poor bastard.

Even with the novel, I'm skeptical they'd include a Stormbird-sized aircraft in the first releases. Might be a tad over-invested, since there's still Thunderhawks and such waiting for plastic that could serve both factions.

>> No.54053430

Only its second definition is, and that one isn't political.

>> No.54053434

Are the numbers on the right how many wounds are taken?

>> No.54053438

They're currently on my to-do list after I finish Ministorum. I'll likely finish Ministorum cost calcs tonight, so you can expect to see CSM damage calcs begin over the next couple of days.

>> No.54053444

I think it was force axe > sword > stave

>> No.54053447

And even in 2nd Ed. Ecclesiarchy stuff was rolled into their book (Priests, Frateris Militia), they just got top billing. The print Sisters books have been "Ecclesiarchy" books, which is exactly what Adeptus Ministorum is.

>> No.54053448

My big takeaway is that taking a decent amount of some mix of centurion missiles, cyclone missiles, flamestorm cannons, grav cannons, las-talons, and any form of plasma- holy shit they're good all-arounders.

As SM, taking 1-2 grav cent squads with launchers looks like awesome anti-everything with any flavor bolters and lascannons for dealing with hordes and heavy armor respectively. Cool asf

>> No.54053450

Because 2/3 is marines while the rest have to fight for that 1/3 attention.

Even AoS is having marine syndrome

>> No.54053456

Cheers m8, looking forward to those

>> No.54053459


>> No.54053460

And yet the mentally challenged ilk spend like all fuck

>> No.54053461

We're talking about plastic army men, not THE MUHREENS you gibbering cock polisher.

USMC aren't 7ft tall walking-tank ubermensch no matter how much hollywood pretends they are.

>> No.54053466

Personally, I think the split is better overall. It still mulches hard targets, but can also chew through multiwound units easier.

>> No.54053468

Axe > Sword > Stave if you're S4 and not sure of your target.

>> No.54053471

>Projecting this hard

>> No.54053479

Quoting oxford
>The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race
So yes, recognizing that sub saharans have darker skin and europeans have lighter skin is inherently racist. In fact by this definition the only way to not be racist would be to completely deny the existence of any concept of race, therefore ignoring the existence of natural selection upon humans.

>> No.54053480

It's already confirmed, son, there's no going back.

Just look at AoS if you have any doubts at all. Look at the AdMech and GSC releases in 7th. They make more money off new stuff than updating old armies.

>> No.54053484

>There is something wrong with, say, pretending that one race is outright inferior in every aspect possible.

Those Australian Aborigines, though...

>> No.54053502

>its a minor conflict
>Imperial defeat or pyrrhic victory


>> No.54053503

Then don't say "in the real world" if you don't want real-world comparisons, dipshit.

If you say that in the real world specialization is better, then why are marine squads made up of fireteams with each fireteam having riflemen, an M203, and an IAR or M249 instead of just just riflemen?

>> No.54053508

O great chart anon, I know nuffin about excel. How do I use your sheet to make my own calculations?

>> No.54053512

let's face it they're better at huffing gas than anyone else

at least give them that

Also weren't they officially classified as flora and fauna up until like the 1960's?

>> No.54053513

thanks lads

>> No.54053514

I have a really big dick

>> No.54053516

What a shame. I love the new repair rules but I hate the current master of the forge model. Was hoping for a new generic one in the style of the plastic ironpriest. >>54053347
I dunno about that, bro. So far intercessors are solid at holding the line in cover and fighting other troops, but when it comes to actually getting shit done my tactical squads are way better. Especially with new split fire.

>> No.54053523


Tacs maybe

Inceptors are more comparable to bikes, which are still better

Hellblasters are a viable pick over deveststors though, especially with a captain nearby

>> No.54053529

They have cool spaceships. I don't really like their current ground forces all that much though. They couple be neat if they really leaned into their genetic control aspects though. They could be "Good guy" Nids to a certain extent.

>> No.54053530

If they weren't going to include the Flyer as an actual model they wouldn't have invented a whole new one with its own name.

It might not be in the first wave of Primaris releases but it's coming, probably this year.

>> No.54053535

>knife ears
Ya call dat an insult ta dem Eldar gits humie?
'old mah grog an' watch dis.


>> No.54053542

Recognizing different races exist is not in the same ballpark as disliking someone solely based on the color of their skin, which is what began this conversation.

>> No.54053557

>Specialized squads outperform mixed loadouts.

Exactly. Like

5 Tactical Marines, 1 MM, 1 combi-melta, 1 power fist
1 Razorback, TLMM

>> No.54053559

Maybe the rumored plastic thunderhawk is really just the new primaris overlord.

>> No.54053562

Only on 30k.

>> No.54053569

Making an update for SoB might as well be a new army.

They are the GSC that never left the game

>> No.54053571

Yes, they were counted as part of the population until 1967.

>> No.54053575

Yes, ignoring overkill.

>> No.54053576

I'll do my best on them!

At-present, I'm only giving View perms for my sheet, because I don't want to deal with limited-range permissions and such which would be required to make only certain sections of the sheet editable (which would be required to make a publicly usable calculator in a manner that didn't just get trashed). The "Notes" page at the start of my sheet includes the main formulas that I use, from which you could potentially reconstruct my table. This WOULD require doing some excel-learning, though.

Alternatively, I could make an excel file copy of my Blank Sheet (which includes the formula) and upload it for others to use, if that would be helpful. Is that something people would be interested in?

>> No.54053580

>tfw you want to be free to operate tactically and operationally operator operationgly but your Lord Primarch commanding officer forces you to fight in pike formations

>> No.54053581


Hopefully a psyker aux

>> No.54053583

how exactly are lists from gt illegal?
they look legit

>> No.54053584

The real world. As in how things work on the tabletop, not some fiction novel.

Jesus Christ, fucking ten year olds can distinguish between the difference between reality and fiction. Seek professional help.

>> No.54053585


New THread

>> No.54053588

Here's the key thing: You're not disliking all negroes by admitting you don't like that Celestial Lions are subsaharans. You just don't like the color scheme. That's it. Nothing racist about having taste in color.

The whole racism thing was just pointing out that there's nothing wrong with admitting to being a racist, or being a racist in its most technical definition.

>> No.54053598

buy a harridan and 2 malanthropes

Scythed is the way to go

>> No.54053599

>Specialized squads outperform mixed loadouts
Explain this illegal list then.

Thomas Hegstrom Oakey 3rd Overall Boise Cup GT 2017

Faction: Ultramarines
Command Points: 9
Points: 1847

Battalion Detachment

Roboute Guilliman = 360

Captain Sicarius = 132

Culexus Assassin = 85

Tarctical Space Marine Squad x 5 = 108
• Combi-Flamer
• Power Axe
• Multi-Melta

Tarctical Space Marine Squad x 5 = 108
• Combi-Flamer
• Power Axe
• Multi-Melta

Tarctical Space Marine Squad x 5 = 109
• Combi-Flamer
• Power Axe
• Grav-Cannon

Tactical Marine Squad x 5 = 106
• Combi-Flamer
• Power Axe
• Missile Launcher

Tactical Marine Squad x 5 = 95
• Power Axe
• Missile Launcher

Razorback = 108
• Twin-Linked Assault Cannon
• Hunter Killer Missile
• Storm Bolter

Razorback = 108
• Twin-Linked Assault Cannon
• Hunter Killer Missile
• Storm Bolter

Razorback = 108
• Twin-Linked Assault Cannon
• Hunter Killer Missile
• Storm Bolter

Predator = 210
• Twin-Linked Lascannon
• 2 Lascannon Sponsons

Predator = 210
• Twin-Linked Lascannon
• 2 Lascannon Sponsons

>> No.54053600

I think chad marines will be the only new faction for a long while.

>> No.54053605


>> No.54053608

Plasma is great if you give them rerolls. Whitout though, plasma is kinda mediocre.

>> No.54053618


I prefer decals because they aren't raised, but if you don't care either way, get the 3D printed emblems, they are easier to use.

>> No.54053626

Without rerolls plasma is still an S7 AP-3 gun that is cheaper than most other options.

>> No.54053627

Yeah, the editable blank sheet would be pretty great senpai.

>> No.54053636

>why marine squads are just guys with M4s
>tfw had to use M16 because couldn't get an M4

>> No.54053647

>be aboriginie
>pray to holy mountain, hunt kangaroos, living the good life
>some pasty guys come to shore
>oi m8ey, dats now 'straya
>witness what those pasty guys with bad teeth become
I'd start huffing gas too.

>> No.54053652

There's an argument to be made either way. So, as I said, I think it depends on what you're looking for. Particularly within the context of the rest of your army.

>> No.54053654

Thanks anon. The ease of use appeals to me greatly. I probably need that in my life right now lol.

>> No.54053681

Are crisis suits worth 100 points each?

>> No.54053689

Shit rules, which they made even shittier as time went on, but they were one of the funnest Tau kits for me to assemble and paint desu. It's a fucking shame GW kept fucking up Tau aux. rules to the point where they just went fucking full on Gundam instead.

>> No.54053695

Given that everything is CAD sculpted Celestine and the Gemiji have done a fair bit of the work already.

>> No.54053729

Only disliked thing about the color skin was dark skin. Not the armor, not the heraldry.

>> No.54053776

Eh rerolling 1s when you need a 5+ really isn't that good. 20 wounds, you get to reroll 3.3 on average and will pass 1.1. so you're getting about 1 extra saved wound for every 20 saves you make. When you're talking about units with the lethality of poxwalkers it's really not worth spending points for that bonus.

>> No.54053780

And that's perfectly reasonable and if you choose to or not to play them because of that it's completely fine. But if you force yourself to ignore an element you don't like because of a self imposed political correctness standard then you're doing it wrong.

>> No.54053782

Run them as troops in a second batallion. Drop some garbage for another HQ. Battalions are more efficient at getting command points than a brigade

>> No.54054029


So very, very wrong

>> No.54054103

Whats a better centerpiece quad heavy flamer Shadowsword for 606 points, or Knight Warden with gatling cannon, melta, rockets, and fist for 529?

>> No.54054321

No, because I'm not autistic

>> No.54055005

Psyker Coven looks nice. 3W each, 5 models.

>> No.54055316


>> No.54055432


They're just gravis primaris with cyclone missile launchers on their shoulders and flamers, they aren't terminators.


Sweet, honestly I liked the sound of the predator autocannon a lot of DoW

>> No.54055510


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