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First for tau making people salty... again

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First for Faith and Fire!

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Let's settle it- can non vanilla Marines use Marine stuff in the index as their own? Like a chaplain Dreadnought being able to be <blood angels> chapter for buffs n shit

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2nd or 3rd for samurai jack story about M31 primaris marine thrown into the 41st millenium and now has to deal with the emperor being a god and the Imperium being a living hell.

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thou hast screwed up thy prime epub link, brethren

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>When your Tankbusta uses the Tankhammer just right

I love Orks...

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As soon as you sacrifice your first born son.

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No, unless it already has the Blood Angels chapter name, only units from that list may be given the Blood Angels tag.

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...yes? The rules you included spell it out pretty clearly. Was this in dispute? The non-vanilla marines list what vanilla units they're allowed to take, and those units have <Chapter> replaced with whatever is appropriate.

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To clarify, I'm agreeing with >>54019266. If it's on the list, it works. If it's not on the list, you don't get it. This is why there is a list.

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8th edition promised to make tau shit

Classic GW fucking bait and switch

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So... Guilliman?

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Rate my hands
How iron out of 10

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So I just built my sammael and he won't really stick to the base, the stick is smaller than the hole.

What do I do?

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They promised to make all armies balanced.

So far they've more or less delivered on that promise. Even the lowest tier armies can now take games off the highest tier ones if you play well.

Any gross unit imbalances that exist now will be addressed in upcoming matched play points updates.

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Get a plastic piece of terrain and never use a flying base stick again, you'll thank me later when you realize you wont have to deal with the stick breaking off in the hole

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plot twist
this time it's the tau players !

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>be playing a game of 40k at my local club
>local autistic person come up

was that you?

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Yeah, I don't get it. I've read a lot of criticism that it doesn't have base building, but neither does the tabletop, so ???

The big disappointment for me has been a lack of some factions. 6 is okay, but I miss necrons and dark eldar. But, the factions we do have are better designed than their DoW1 counterparts, so there is that.

Overall, both it and DoW1 are solid entries.

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God, I can't wait for new Primaris stuff. Building army lists out of six units fucking sucks.

>> No.54019370

Use small pin drill and insert brass rod or other rigid metal to help support weight.

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They all share a similar background but it would be more interesting for a more humble view on it.

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Proper thread

abandon this shit

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>£10.00 for these sexy fuckers

I wanted to buy more boxnoughts but now Im conflicted!.

>> No.54019393

>Blood Angels

You mean Blood Ravens.

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Well the librarian, non-gravis captain and reivers are only a few weeks out and we've already seen pictures of the repulsor which should finally give hellblasters a needed transport option.

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raw you cant give a chaplain dread the BA keyword but you can take him in your army cause hes imperium and astartes. he just wont benefit from any of the BA traits

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>Blood Ravens
kys desu senpai

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But it's a flying bike, do I just put the terain in a weird way under it, to make it look like he's just passing over it?

I don't own any pindrills, wouldn't just filling it with greenstuff work`?

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I literally have no idea what the difference is besides the anime picture and if thats the only reason, you're a fucking faggot for trying to split the threads again.

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>buying boxnaughts with fatnaughts around the corner

>> No.54019432

make it look like he's smashing through it or something

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This thread is fine. OP tried baiting, but everyone seems to have successfully ignored it. No reason to start thread-war drama.

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It's quite depressing how these simple rules confusing so many people remind me of the crushingly high amount of idiots on this planet.

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Butthurt anons starts threads wars because of ""troll""" OPs.

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>10 bongbucks

Wut ? how are they so cheap ? Does this mean the DG stuff will be cheap too ? I Need to buy a fuckton of Poxwalkers for my army

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It's not even bait. It's just plain cute

>> No.54019451

>when he also hits with the tankbusta bomb before chargin in


>> No.54019463

>the stick is smaller than the hole

Maybe your girl isn't a whore and you just have a small dick

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I know right? I think they know, deep down, that they're wrong, but they think they can break the game so they deliberately misinterpret things. Like how some people think you can run Haemonculus covens units in a ynnari army. Just deliberate ignorance. It isn't even wu-tang-clan, which I think was mostly satire.

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dude, buy a fucking pin vise. how do you drill your barrels??

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>Primaris get a "scout" equivalent release
>only 3 models, that will be more points expensive than scouts
>Primaris are still fucked for chaff
>will never be a tournament-worthy army
>new players buy them when they get into the hobby because they are the cool shiny new models being pushed by store managers on the scrubs who don't know any better
>realize they suck ass once these kids get good enough to start entering competitive play
>will have to buy a whole new army to be able to compete
>GW rubbing hands together justasplanned.jpg

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Snapfit, so, maybe? Hopefully? I do want proper kits though, konverting these fuckers is hard.

>> No.54019484

What's event he point of the tank hammer, why would I ever want my tank bustas in close combat?

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>tfw played since 3rd ed
>tfw started primaris
>tfw going to get good with them

>> No.54019494

So far, a lot of mine have been hollow, and my local GW did some for me

>> No.54019495


They're small box snap fits, surprising that they would release a whole new unit with a snap fit box first.

>> No.54019497


The tabletop can't be compared to a real time video game because it's not real time, idiot. And of course people are going to complain about no base building when not only did the first one have it so people are familiar with it and enjoyed it, but it's a FUCKING RTS you dipshit. You think SC3 won't flop if they remove buildings?

>> No.54019502

Im getting that one too but considering its size I cant see using more than one in my army as it'll probably be around 200-300pts each.

>> No.54019504

Why do some things have Hovering and others do not please help

>> No.54019507

a lotta royalties for a monopose guy

>> No.54019518

It's only 3 models so I don't know if that's really "cheap", you're still paying around $40 for ten of them

>> No.54019520

>a completely arbitrary rule says players RAW not allowed to take units RAI would allow, but clearly people trying to check if it's a mistake is trying to break the game

I swear to God you're the type of fags that wouldn't let that tau flyer shoot the macrogun cause it's "waacfag"

>> No.54019525

I forget I dont have to use a Busta to sctivate the squigs either now

Rerollable 3+ auto wounding D3 Mortal Wound, and its obviously for after they get jumped across the board by the Weirdboy and you didnt quite annihilate the IG parking lot

>> No.54019528

Nothing a bit of greenstuff and a modelism knife won't fix but yhea.
I'm currently working on trimming down the starter box plaguemarines (I find their design too busy) and it's a pain in the ass.

>> No.54019532

Lucky guy. I hope they drill your barrels well.
Total War doesn't have base building afaik and it is fine.

>> No.54019541

They removed base building from command and conquer and it destroyed the entire franchise.

>> No.54019542

what's your fluff justification for covens in a ynnari army anon? Cause that's completely against fluff, RAI and RAW.

>> No.54019545


Primaris are about as mid tier as any other vanilla marine army atm.

They do seem to be focused on shooting enemies off of objectives in order to grab them instead of just contesting with numbers but frankly this is probably for the best.

>> No.54019553


They're either going to be 3 or 5 man units. Everything else in primaris are 5 man units.

>> No.54019557

Take it you haven't paid any attention to AoS releases...


>> No.54019558

This is what your future is destined to look like, game after game.

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But the marine has already won in that image

>> No.54019576

When a character is 20+ euros I'm happy with 10 pounds for 3 marines.

>> No.54019586

I think Imperial Soup with be pretty good with a Hellblaster+characters gunline, conscripts to hold objectives and a knight.

>> No.54019587

Base building is stupid in RTS. Inevitably, it always ends up with people placing the same static structures in the same static spots for the same static effect. it's a tax on my attention, when I would rather be focusing on watching muh dudes kill ur dudes.

>> No.54019594

If they were 5 man units they would have shown us 5 models.

Inceptors are 3 man, these will be too. And they will be absolute fucking garbage.

>> No.54019595

That's because of how the models we got are. GW just gave us rules to field the models/units as is, not options or anything. Those come later.

>> No.54019609

So I am in in need of a box to carry my minis in, do I get the GW ones or is there a better alternative?

>> No.54019610

>t bronze tier noob

>> No.54019624

Not the Eldar shit, the BA taking relics. By RAW, neither SW, DA, or BA (or any of their successors) can take ANYTHING from the index because FW is shit at writing.

It's really fucking annoying since those chapters would have more reason to have relics from HH because, ya know, they were there.

>> No.54019626

Why wouldn't I just keep them locked up in my battlewagons where they can fire off rokkits all game?

Close combat sounds like suicide for them.

>> No.54019627


Sure, conscripts or even ordinary infantry squads are plenty good and fluffy for marines to be fighting along side.

Remember most marines are deployed at the sub-company level, so seeing one or two squads helping out IG should be perfectly normal.

>> No.54019629


No, Primaris are almost definitely going to remain 5 man units at tops. They have twice the Wounds of normal Space Marines so 5 Intercessors is the same Wounds as 10 tactical Marines, and that's how they want to keep it.

>> No.54019641

98 marines in 10 rhinos is 2000 points

counter my list

>> No.54019644

quick rules check:
Can dreadnoughts use drop pods anymore?

>> No.54019646

Then don't play with Forge World garbage. Their indexes are so poorly written it's a fucking joke. Requires homebrew literally to even function.

>> No.54019650

That goes against the codex though.
not regular pods.

>> No.54019654

Fair enough. I didn't realize we were talking about the FW stuff, which is poorly edited.

>> No.54019657

>not out-hording horde armies

>> No.54019665

abaddon and 349 cultists

>> No.54019669

>That goes against the codex though
>caring about the Codex Astartes
>when G-man himself favours them and is already talking about how the Codex Astartes is not that big a deal and he fucked up with half of it and how he thinks all the Chapters that follow it to the letter are fucking retards who missed the whole point

>> No.54019670

No, only Dreadnought drop pods.

>> No.54019676

7 Blobs of 50 conscripts+priest+Commissar+commander

>> No.54019678


FW is fine
What is wrong with some time travel? And not all guns are made to fire you know

>> No.54019686

Will you be fielding them as Sternguard, dumpster-anon?

>> No.54019687


>> No.54019693

>Close Combat into vehicle you get rerolls to hit vs and have Rokkit pistols/Tankhammers
There is no way in hell any vehicle without arms could win this fight

Ghazghkull and 300 Boyz

>> No.54019701

The Berzerker "fight twice per fight phase" does not specify whether the second fight sequence is made immediately after the first one.

Say, I charge with several squads. They fight first due to having charged. Do they make their two fight sequences there, or only the first, and the second is made in the alternating process?

>> No.54019707

>The Berzerker "fight twice per fight phase" does not specify whether the second fight sequence is made immediately after the first one.
Then it isn't.

>> No.54019710

Then why do terminators get to come in 10 man squads? That's 20 wounds in a unit and that's against the codex!

>> No.54019724

>just don't play, dude. It's on you they made something literally unplayable, not them.
Thanks fot the thoughts, ace.

>> No.54019726

Terminators aren't the Primaris Tacmarine equivalent.

>> No.54019729

im puttin mine in a squiggoth so that they can shoot while the squig krumps

>> No.54019735

If they're cheap points-wise (like 200 points or less), I'll be buying a shit ton of them. If not, I'll do a mix of those and Contemptors. Functionally useful limbs are my fetish.

>> No.54019740

You can activate them twice, this isnt hard anon.

>> No.54019746

100 vespid for 1500 points
4 Commanders with two CIB, ATS and CDS for 500

Half will "deep strike"

>> No.54019747

No one said "don't play 40k"

They said "play 40k, not forge world 3rd party hack bullshit"

>> No.54019752

Any opinions on Scions so far?
Can I use them as a default troop choice in an IG army?

>> No.54019757


Please help

>> No.54019758

Termies are Elites

>> No.54019763

Your interpretation is probably the correct one to allow the opponent to at least swing back and reduce their numbers instead of just being obliterated

>> No.54019765

You're in the club and this guy smacks your tanks ass. What do you do?

Keep in mind he has 4 fusion blasters and is fighting for the greater good

>> No.54019777

battlefoam, krmulticase or just buy a generic toolbox in whatever size you need and buy foam and make your own inserts.

if ur american, I heard that weapon cases are decent too.

>> No.54019781

So Primaris elites get to take more than 5 models then?

>> No.54019782

The fight rules specify that after each charging unit fights, you take turns alternating until each unit has fought once.

So Alternate Charge and Priority unit fights --> Alternate normal fights --->Alternate Second Fights (that don't have timing specified).

If a model has a rule that specifies timing, such as immediately, follow the timing.

>> No.54019785

>implying tanks

>> No.54019788

>What do you do?


>> No.54019793

So FW garbage that should never have been made match/tourny legal? Awesome.

>> No.54019796

right now i'dd say they fight twice at the same time if they charge unless the opponent uses that strategem, in a normal non charge fight fase i think they need to be activated seperatly each time so beserkers attack, opponent attacks , beserkers go the 2nd time
it's going to be answered in the next faq for certain though
the question was specifically about what happens when they charge

>> No.54019807


We don't know, they don't exist yet.

Also, terminators get 10 man units purely because them being 2W is a very recent invention.

>> No.54019809

Into treats?

>> No.54019813

Watch out, his friend just entered the club...

Keep in mind he has a high output burst cannon and a missile pod with an advanced targeting system

>> No.54019816

No, they'll just get even more Wounds. What are you stupid or something?

10 Tac Marines with 1 Wound each = 10 wounds

5 Intercessors with 2 Wounds each = 10 wounds

10 Terminators with 2 Wounds each = 20 wounds

5 Primaris ??? with 4 Wounds each = 20 Wounds

>> No.54019819

they're great , especially in valks
but a taurox prime does just as well

>> No.54019826

How did that trash get to the Very Important Tanks Area when I've got conscript bouncers within surrounding the 9 inch dance floor?

>> No.54019831

I dunno. Termies only had one wound in the last version so I think the 10 in a squad thing is just GW carrying things over from previous versions

>> No.54019834

homing beacon shenanigans

>> No.54019835

>kills some gaunts

>> No.54019836

because some flyers can hover and others can't ?

>> No.54019842

I'm actually fine with this as long as we get the regular kits eventually. The cheaper the entry level the easier it is to get friends to play.

>> No.54019844

They could have limited their squad size to 5 no problem, but they didn't.

>> No.54019845

>taking a thing the fluff and last edition gives my army- and getting the models from the official place that makes those models- is "3rd party hack bullshit"
I can never be as smart as you, but maybe if I mince my FW models and huff the resin flakes I can hope to get close one day

>> No.54019847


homing beacons

>> No.54019848

How viable do you think Poxwalker spam + Typhus with some heavy support as a backline is ?

>> No.54019850

is there some kind of introduction website to the hobby, or do you have to introduce new friends to the obscene gw webstore?

>> No.54019852

I assume the healer will deal with it, and continue doing my DPS thing.

>> No.54019855

Require Stealth Suits to be able to land within the bubble. They can't.

>> No.54019856

So do we know the full contents of the new box set?

>> No.54019860

1 dreadnought/10 more like cast iron hands

>> No.54019863

Space Wolves or Blood Angels to represent Black Dragons?

>> No.54019865


>> No.54019874

>placing the same static structures in the same static spots for the same static effect

>> No.54019875

ring up 50 of the lads, give him a volley and affix bayonets

>> No.54019878

There are two new boxed sets you idiot, and no, we don't know the exact contents of either of them

>> No.54019880


That's the intro site.

>> No.54019888

Resin is Carcinogenic

>> No.54019896

Nope. >>54019855

>> No.54019908

Oh neat, I missed those.

Is a tau charge army viable now?

>> No.54019915

My question:
I'm coming back with my big UM force after some years away (if any of you remember the Tau Alliance pasta, that was me). Are SMs still competitive, albeit not OP? Are primaris worth the time to add to a force, or are regular boots a better option?
Are flyers still cheese, especially since I have some 30k options?
Will I just get rolled by the current crop of powerhouses if I return with my standby all comers list?

>> No.54019918

Oh sweet. Models for my alpha legion raptors

>> No.54019920

At least these primarines are easier to convert and mix with possible new bits. Plenty of them have their arms separate from the torsos and all of their heads are separate. So proper multi-part primarine kits can be used for bits to customize the snapfit models.

Was just planning on getting some bolter primarines for my chapter, but might do a scout unit as well.

>> No.54019921

Full Scion armies are far more viable than they every were in 7th.

Apparently Chinaman(Alpharius) is creating custom-made Kasrkin using Scions and Cadian hostile environment kits sometime next month, so it's a good time to be a Stormtrooper fan.

>> No.54019924

>start 12" away
>move 8"
>drop homing beacon 1" from that location
>commander can deploy anywhere within 6" of beacon
>has 3" base

you cant hide from me boy...

>> No.54019928

can i adopt a nigger baby and sacrifice it?

>> No.54019929

I want to make egyptish orange and brown colored thousand sons, what colors would you use?

>> No.54019932

Advice on starting Krieg? I'm thinking of joining my stores new escalation league.

>> No.54019933


Are you implying the Stealths need to deepstrike or something?

>> No.54019935

They fight twice, instead of only once.

>> No.54019939

oh neat! thanks

>> No.54019942

oops too bad theres a drone slightly closer than the commander

>> No.54019947

That's how you get new Chaos Space Marines.

>> No.54019952 [DELETED] 


>> No.54019960

First BORN you dunce

>> No.54019961

>move 8"
Can't. There are conscripts standing there spread out 2" apart creating a massive no-go zone around the target and you cannot move within 1" of them outside of the charge phase. The closest you can get to place the homing beacon is further away from the target than the 9" deep strike restriction even is to begin with.

>> No.54019962

Total war both people start out with the same value of troops, do not get reinforcements, and start across a big open field where they charge and play "see who can punch the other in the dick first hardest" till one side loses. Its apples and oranges.

>> No.54019963


Doesn't even need to be closer
Drone just had to be within 3'' even if out of LOS

>> No.54019973

No you fucking tard.

>> No.54019976


>> No.54019979

Don't. Try an easier army first.

>> No.54019981

It's still strategy that takes place in real time though. RTS base building mechanics are so weird, when you look at any other form of conflict. I prefer the focus on squad control.

>> No.54019984

>Tau Alliance Pasta

>> No.54019986

So let me get this straight, grenades would become Assault weapons, removing the 'one attack per squad' and 'substitute all your attacks' restrictions, right? So each model in the squad could shoot with krak grenades, frag grenades, and lasguns? Jesus.

>> No.54019989

We dont like pushy boys here.

>> No.54019992

Which saves you one unsaved lasgun wound on a 4+ armour

>> No.54020000

What happened?

>> No.54020006

>Are SMs still competitive
yep, balance is a lot better this edition
>Are primaris worth the time to add to a force, or are regular boots a better option?
the intercessors are a mixed bag, their two wounds and bigger price make them a worthwhile target for heavier weapons with large AP values while regular marines will most likely take less heavy fire
>are flyers still cheese
not at all , most flyers only give a -1 to hit now and since heavy weapons give a -1 penalty to balistic skill flyers have a tougher time hitting things , that said most are still good due to their mobility and excellent array of weapons
>all comers lists
got a lot more viable thanks to the change in the ap system, no longer will ap4 anti infantry weapons be designated to the box of purgatory due to the local meta having mostly 3+ or better saves, that said the cheesiest of cheese lists , which atm means lots of cheap bodies synergysing with 1 or two commanding characters ( e.g. genestealers/conscripts) will still give a cookie cutter list a beating.

>> No.54020009

Yes, Forge World 8th edition rules are retarded and will be banned everywhere until they get official FAQs

This is just one example out of a thousand

>> No.54020011

>They have twice the Wounds of normal Space Marines so 5 Intercessors is the same Wounds as 10 tactical Marines

Its sure as shit NOT the same when your enemy pelts you with overcharged plasma and autocannons, and suddenly your extra wounds just mean you have fewer bolters on the field then you would have with basic fucking marines.

>> No.54020015

Only the models changed. Now instead of Riptide spam there is Commander spam.

>> No.54020016 [DELETED] 

Did you not read the rules?

>> No.54020017

RAW yes, but I don't think that will last through the FAQ/Errata.

>> No.54020023


But it makes no sense

My Raider has it, but my Ravager doesn't. Neither does either flyer I have or my venom, but the Tantalus and Reaper do.

It makes no sense.

>> No.54020026

>Mfw Imperium finally had enough of Chaos's shit
>Mfw the fall of Cadia was just high risk masterful fain by Creed luring the turtles head out just to be chopped off.
>Lord of Changes face when not all things go to plan

>> No.54020028

FW at it again !
holy shit nice find anon

>> No.54020031

>making sense
pick one and only one

>> No.54020034

Which has nothing to do with the unit size limits GW is going to stick your shit numarines with, yes.

>> No.54020043 [DELETED] 


>> No.54020048

Clearly he did and you didn't.

>> No.54020064

Like, this is tame compared to the rest of the things...

>> No.54020065

>implying overcharged plasma and autocannons shooting your troops instead of your tanks/dreads is a bad thing
>implying bolters were ever worth anything to begin with

>> No.54020068

>Repentia isn't naked but has armour


>> No.54020069

Is it still one of the best armies?
Also, incoming armies of XV8 suit commanders.

>> No.54020070

>Can't. There are conscripts standing there spread out 2" apart creating a massive no-go zone around the target and you cannot move within 1" of them outside of the charge phase.

What kind of deployment are you playing where a commander can't reach a tank 18" away?

Go play an actual game instead of shitposting with le conscript meme

>> No.54020080 [DELETED] 

He's still waiting for his surgery so they have him covered up

>> No.54020083


It's bizarre, it means everything has to shoot my vehicles bases rather than the vehicle itself and I shoot from the base, except on the raider

>> No.54020086

all shots have to be declared before any dice are rolled

the entire squad must shoot the drone

>> No.54020090

I did some calculations and came to the conclusion that I have 100 Termagants, all unpainted, and 88 of them unassembled, still in their boxes.

Wat do?

>> No.54020098

No one said 18", they said outside homing beacon range. You won't get the melta benefit.

>> No.54020099

Build and paint them, negro.

>> No.54020103


>> No.54020120

It will take whole summer.

>> No.54020121

Is there anything better than that fugly Battlescribe for easy list building.

>> No.54020123

I don't think it's the best. It's good, but not the best. So they got put where they needed to be.

>> No.54020124

Oh right, Character rules.

Too bad those don't protect you from charges.

>> No.54020128

Anything with hordes or even semi-hordes.

Even just 150 genestealers and a broodlord.

>> No.54020132

Then you better work fast.

>> No.54020133

I haven't seen anything worse from FW, and I think the only worse thing I've seen in all of 8E is Celestine spam. I'd love to see some examples

>> No.54020138

The little things REALLY add up though, like Zhadsnark's weapon, despite being a buzzsaw on the model, is a power klaw in the rules. These are the little things where nothing is actually broken mechanically about the rules, but they make zero in-universe sense.

>> No.54020141

melta is not necessary when you're hitting 4 shots on 2+ rerolling, with S8 AP4 D6 damage

Reliably doing 9 to 12 damage against everything but a land raider, more if you use a command reroll

>> No.54020142

a text editor, a calculator and a brain

>> No.54020146

The IG player is dead. Killed in a motorcycle crash. His mom gave me his models, and I kitbashed a new Creed in his honor.
>Lord Herald Jabriel Hemmeth, may he stand tall and his victories be without number
>but I don't have the heart to pull out my IG, hurts too bad
Awesome, I'm not too worried about super cheese lists, I just want to rep the 3rd company and it's attached elements again. My regular opponents will be Chaos elements, some SM, a GK/DW list, Orks, Eldar.

>> No.54020149

>188 models
>Can't finish in a single 19 hour day marathon

>> No.54020158

But I'm lazyyy

>> No.54020165

>Too bad those don't protect you from charges.
That's why you put a plane between the commander and the enemy
>cant charge plane
>plane is too big to charge around
>shoot plane at -1 hit, T6, 12W
>cant shoot commander
>cant charge commander

>> No.54020168

If we are going to play word games, its just as easy to say they are named frag and krak grenades, and the book says you can only throw one grenade. They may change to assault, but it does not change the name in the book.

>> No.54020169

why does this remind me of ember's ghost squad
when your art is so flat it drives teens to murdersuicide

>> No.54020170

Base them, do minor painting until you have them table worthy.

>> No.54020178

You must now fight not only for yourself but for you brother who can no longer stand beside you. Fight for him, fight for him as you might he would have fought for you.

Spacemarines fight for a semi-dead guy on a throne who once gave them a good time, now you fight for a dead duy who gave you a good time.

>> No.54020182

You're reliably doing about 6-7 damage against T8, and that's if the target has no cover, no invuln, no hit penalties, no FnP equivalent, and you can even get LoS on it when being forced to drop more than 9" away from the chaff bubble zoning you out from fire lanes.

>> No.54020185

Not a bad armor redesign, but
Ya, even as a guy who loves reasonably armored women, Repentia need to be practically naked, eg pic-related.

>> No.54020186

Easy mode:
>prime white
>layer armory parts zandri dust
>shade everything seraphim sepia/agrax
>dry brush armor ushabti

I did like 30 guys in a few hours. Easy as fuuuuck

>> No.54020188

Depends on how good you want the paint job to be. You could probably just put a few base coats on, wash them, and then maybe drybrush or something and call it a day to get them done quickly.
This is why I only buy one box at a time and paint it before getting a new one. I'd get overwhelmed and demotivated if I had too much to do. Why do you have so many incomplete ones?

>> No.54020190

>not running 3×7 plague marines in rhinos. Papa Nurgle is disappointed

>> No.54020196

The heldrake seems to lack damage output, but it's very tanky.

I don't know if it's worth it (but I love the model). Anybody got any heldrake tips?

>> No.54020198

>>plane is too big to charge around
Wrong. I don't have to measure distance to its base, it's flying.

>> No.54020205

>Implying you can afford what will probably be 400 point grav rhinos to go with your 1200 points of basic bodies because they are so overcosted for what they do.

>> No.54020220

I'm not talking about Dark Imperium, that shit's already out

>> No.54020225

>>cant charge plane
>implying I don't have 3 flyrants that can declare charge on both the plane and the commander, jump the plane and engage them both

>> No.54020235

The grenade rules are only listed under the Grenade weapon type, tho. It's not like 7th where it was vague and untechnical.

>> No.54020241

Not gonna be that easy given that this is my color scheme.

>Why do you have so many incomplete ones?
Because I am a fool who has bought far too many 40k kits as brief relief to my depression instead of genuine motivation to assemble them.

>> No.54020243

Trygons flyrants non-dread drop pods and Valkyries are also FW models that got turned into plastic

>> No.54020244

Any epubs of Dark Imperium novel yet?

>> No.54020245

Maybe read the fucking article, moron. I'm not talking about Dark Imperium either. They just announced two boxed sets, how the fuck did you miss that???

>> No.54020248

Mfw lord herald gets killed by ork boyz on bikes

>> No.54020265

What it's called doesn't matter. The one-per-unit restriction comes from the Grenade weapon type, which is being changed to Assault, thus removing the restriction.

>> No.54020268

It... hurts, mang.
The guy was my running mate, the guy I'd call to hit the bar for beers, who'd call me for a midnight run to the casino so he could make 400+ at the blackjack table.
He BOUGHT me some of my 30k stuff. Just looking at his army can make me tear up. Honestly, I'm afraid to lose with his army and letting him down, as irrational as it may be.
Shit like this is what I fear. I have a great dude to do good by, can't let my bro down. I gotta win, and it has to be the kind of glorious victory over the perfidious foes of Man that would make us light up the stogies in satisfaction.

>> No.54020270

>charge towards target ending up within 1" of it
>select unit to fight
>pile in 3" towards closest enemy model
>resolve attacks
>consolidate 3"
>pile in 3" again
>resolve attacks again
>consolidate 3" again
Is this correct?

>> No.54020277

Boycott Guard Gunlines.
It's a cancer killing our game

>> No.54020280

out 4 ages m8

>> No.54020291

You cant move through models, and you cant finish your move within 1" of the plane

Tau planes don't say you measure from the body, so you measure from the base like any other model

>> No.54020304


Reposting here since the other general died.

Assault frag is strictly inferior to rank fire lasguns

Assault kraks would be interesting, but end up not doing that much damage

10 Krak, hitting on 4+, wounding T7 on 5+, 3+ save is degraded to 5+, D3 wounds
2.22 wounds on a standard T7 3+ tank (compared to 1.11 of rank fire lasguns)

A nice upgrade, but nothing to write home about.

>> No.54020306

Just deep-strike a few meleee units to tie up the conscripts.

>> No.54020308

>You cant move through models, and you cant finish your move within 1" of the plane
Tell that to my flyrants

>> No.54020316

I remember when a whole squad used to be 12 bongs

>> No.54020322

>You're reliably doing about 6-7 damage against T8
Why would I shoot at that target? There are other tools to deal with them.

>and that's if the target has no cover, no invuln, no hit penalties,
Cover and -1 hit are negated by Markerlights

>and you can even get LoS on it when being forced to drop more than 9" away from the chaff bubble zoning you out from fire lanes.
Homing beacons nigga

>> No.54020325

>charge towards target ending up within 1" of it
>select unit to fight
>pile in 3" towards closest enemy model
>resolve attacks
>consolidate 3"
>berserker fight ends
insert whatever fights you want here, your opponent can also intercept into this slot
>select to fight with berserkers again
>pile in 3" again
>resolve attacks again
>consolidate 3" again

This is how you do it

>> No.54020334

I don't believe so. The rule is different from something like Penitent Engine, which specifies that you immediately pile in and then fight again. This just says you can fight twice in each fight phase.

So here's how I think it goes:

1. Charge
2. Fight phase begins
3. Players take turns alternating between units with priority and units that charged. Here you resolve your first fights with the berserkers.
4. Now you resolve non charge, non priority fights. You alternate again.
5. Finally, you resolve any fights for units that can fight more than once in a fight phase.
6. You now resolve any fights for units that fight last in a fight phase.

I'm guessing it works this way because the general fight phase rules specify that you alternate between units until every unit has fought once each.

But this will need an FAQ, because any interpretation is basically valid.

>> No.54020347

>3 flyrants kill 1 commander
Good use of points

Meanwhile, I'll be shooting the now exposed flyrants with my army

g g n o r e

>> No.54020350

>Why would I shoot at that target? There are other tools to deal with them.
What the fuck are you shooting at T8 if not the weapons designed to kill them?

>Cover and -1 hit are negated by Markerlights
Yeah if you hit with 5 of them on a target probably out of LoS. Good luck.

>Homing beacons nigga
Do nothing when you are zoned out from placing your stealth suits?

>> No.54020351

You can only attack shit that you charged, however as long you end your pile in move closer to the enemy unit you charged than when you started, you can tie up as many other units in close combat as you want. You just won't be able to fight them.

For consolodation the models have to move closer to the nearest enemy if they choose to consolodate. Same rules apply however, it doesnt have to be straight at them, so you can tie up even more units in close combat.

>> No.54020352

>mfw this is my main opponent
>mfw he did this all last edition with Wyverns, flamers for opentopped transports, psychic screaming psykers, Flamers in every squad/on every vehicle, Vets in Chimeras

>> No.54020377

>implying it takes all 3 of them
>implying the rest of your army isn't engaged in combat already from my trygon/genestealers/hormagaunts/lictors

I've seen several games of nids vs Tau already, Tau get tabled every single time.

>> No.54020382

>your opponent can also intercept into this slot
What do you mean, like with the counter-attack stratagem?

>> No.54020386


Have you been living under a cave for the last three months?

>> No.54020395 [DELETED] 

Wow Andrew Blaze in the house! REMEMBER NO BUTTHOLES

>> No.54020409

Fuck man, thats tragic.
May his bravery be remembered forever

>> No.54020413 [DELETED] 

Even the fucking cosplay looks exactly like a man.

>> No.54020414

>What the fuck are you shooting at T8 if not the weapons designed to kill them?
Railguns are S8 nigga

>Yeah if you hit with 5 of them on a target probably out of LoS. Good luck.
Crisis Suits deep strike with marker drones, good luck trying to hide multiple tanks out of LOS

>Do nothing when you are zoned out from placing your stealth suits?
Stealth Suits deploy anywhere 12" away from you.

Good luck stopping my 3 stealth teams with your conscripts lmao

>> No.54020419

How do Orks realistically beat this? I know Da Jump would be the absolute best answer but what if they're smart and putting squads slightly farther out to give the vehicles more time? Do we just ram a unit of Stormboyz or something down their throat? Maybe Mek Gunz?

>> No.54020434

>bad players lose in new edition of game
Wowwww who'da thunkit

>> No.54020443

They deploy 12" away, and then still cannot get any closer than the commanders because conscripts are standing on the spot they want to land. They can't even attempt to shoot some out of the way first because homing beacon is deployed in your movement phase.

>> No.54020449

Railguns are S10**

>> No.54020453 [DELETED] 

>So this is what they use to turn me into a woman?

>> No.54020454

>want to fill out a few guardian squads
>fucking hated doing the back vanes on the poseable kit
>considering just using snapfit set to save the hassle
>but don't want to give reinforce GW's new idea that people might prefer snapfits
Wat do.

>> No.54020467


>> No.54020472

Eh, just snapfit. They're doing it anyways.

>> No.54020489

Damn you stopped me from dropping a commander... for one turn. Next turn your conscript screen will be dead.

Feel free to stand still, afraid to move out because of the commanders, and take shots from the rest of the Tau gunline while he takes all the objectives

>> No.54020497


>The species I invented were called the Shishell (or more specifically the Shissellian League) and were Lizardmen In Space, like Eldar were Elves In Space. The visuals were nothing like the T’au ended up, but a fundamental part of the background I created was the idea that their society was based around five castes – Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and a fifth called Spirit. The Shishell had psykers ruling over them, whereas the T’au most definitely do not.

>> No.54020500


>I prefer snapfit

>But i don't want GW to think i prefer snapfit

>> No.54020511

That is exactly what I mean, and if the berserkers didn't charge that turn it would be

>select berserkers to fight
>pile in 3" towards closest enemy model
>resolve attacks
>consolidate 3"
>berserker fight ends
Opponent's turn to activate unit
>select to fight with berserkers again
>pile in 3" again
>resolve attacks again
>consolidate 3" again

>> No.54020517

That could also be interpreted as the Penitent Engine having to fight again immediately, as opossed to the player selecting it to fight in what order he pleases while still being done before the alternating phase because "charging units fight first".

This needs a FAQ urgently.

>> No.54020525

So I guess that's confirmed that Ethereal's aren't psykers. So, back to pheromones or something for their powers?

>> No.54020527


>> No.54020531

>doesn't know the difference between strategy and tactics

>> No.54020540 [DELETED] 

Nobody plays the forced as fuck tranny fetish army. Nobody would ever agree to play against the forced as fuck tranny fetish army. I don't think they'll waste the time or paper to print FAQs for the forced as fuck tranny fetish army.

>> No.54020550

Except you get to use all of them plus your standard gun, since you can fire all the non-pistol weapons a model has, and they don't have the Grenade restriction anymore.

>> No.54020556

What list building tool are you using?

>> No.54020558


>> No.54020568

Yeah, charging units into the tanks to tarpit them. But you also have to charge units into the screen to prevent the screen from killing your dudes. So I'd run some boyz up the middle, use Da Jump if necessary, and try to time that with some unit arriving to mess up the tanks.

>> No.54020571

>this particular multipart kit is annoying
>therefore I want every single multipart kit gone
Right back at ya, champ.

>> No.54020573

Or he was being sarcastic and they ARE psykers.

>> No.54020576

There are clearly players here who play SoB. I, for one, have no problems playing against SoB.

>> No.54020578

>This sad person still trying to force this into a meme

>> No.54020581

>still no lizardmen tau auxiliaries
*dissapointed ree*

>> No.54020594

My confusion comes from that the BftBG ability says they fight twice, but doesn't specify if the 'chargers fight first' priority carries over to their second fight.

>> No.54020595

Or just adding another prefix to it.

>> No.54020600 [DELETED] 

I can't tell which one looks less like a woman

>> No.54020602

Nice thanks!

>> No.54020610

Well, one's a dude. And not a tranny, just a HERETIC.

>> No.54020618

Ork players.

I need some ideas for Waaaghh! banners, what are you guys fielding?

I'm stuck for inspiration.

>> No.54020619

We were doing so well at ignoring him too. Remember, to report and ignore. It's not like he's hiding his samefagging.

>> No.54020622 [DELETED] 

lol whatever you say tiger

>> No.54020629

SMs also have a number of former template weapons and twin linked weapons that have really benefitted in this edition.

Assault cannons are kind of crap this edition. Gotta start converting Tornados to Typhoons and Assault Cannon Termies to Cyclones.

>> No.54020636 [DELETED] 

I know the one in the machine is a dude, it's obvious. You think he's wearing that jayden smith veil because it helps him fight?

>> No.54020649

>> No.54020650

As far as I can tell, weapon types are mutually exclusive, with each weapon having only one type. When the rule says to count the weapon as Assault, that would seem to imply that you do ignore whatever the normal weapon type is. Otherwise that would render that order pretty useless, as it's clearly intended to circumvent normal movement penalties for weapon types like Heavy, which doesn't work unless you're temporarily replacing Heavy.

>> No.54020654

Shitsters of basshole?

>> No.54020657 [DELETED] 

>remember to announce reports and spam the report queue if someone has an opinion you don't like
Why not just go back to the reddit where you can downvote people for their wrongthink?

>> No.54020659

Chapter: Death Boners

>> No.54020667


>> No.54020672 [DELETED] 

Or Assdeptus Shitsenioritas if you want to use the new name

>> No.54020681

It doesn't, because you are looking for rules that aren't there.
You activate a unit to fight, resolve that fight, consolidate, and then choose to activate that unit to fight again.
Forcing memes and spamming are against the rules, anon.

>> No.54020687

Ill be getting some plasticard at some point and making banners and objective markers with my Waaaghs glyph

>> No.54020697 [DELETED] 

No, having an opinion you don't like to hear is not against the rules, reddit.

>> No.54020699

This just gave me an odd thought: Skaven as part of a tau allied faction.

The tau uplift some rats, and the rats are secretly working to take over. It appeals to me, because it adds another crack in the greater good and I like skaven.

>> No.54020716 [DELETED] 


>> No.54020744

When will geedubs release this armour without making it so hard (looking at you fw £5 a model)

>> No.54020754


This gaunt took me 6 minutes excluding drying times. I expect you to do better!

>> No.54020757 [DELETED] 

Just buy one of the FW models and copy it a bunch with blue stuff+epo putty

>> No.54020765

The faggotry is strong with this one

>> No.54020771

The tactical squad has all the bits to make like 3-4 pure mk6, buy some blue stuff and copy those bits.

>> No.54020773

My color scheme is not that easy to do quickly as the trick to getting the shells right takes time.

>> No.54020777

>"All units that charged this turn fight first"
>aren't there

>> No.54020779 [DELETED] 

No shit, that's why we keep telling him to stop trying to force his tranny fetish army

>> No.54020785 [DELETED] 

It's just the shitsters of basshole defense force guy, you really think he knows the rules? He's never played a single game. I mean besides "try to get into the women's bathroom without getting arrested"

>> No.54020807


Happy now?

Can you let the grown-up talk?

>> No.54020818


>> No.54020819

>all this autistic shitposting

For every second you autists spend sperging on here shitposting, you could be working on your backlog and building/painting models.

>> No.54020822

Anon tone it down a bit, bait starts to get transparent if you push it too hard.

>> No.54020838 [DELETED] 

Clearly not, you really think it would look that bad if he used an airbrush? Look at the chunky as fuck texture on that paint. Look at how the colors beneath show through in patches.

>> No.54020844


It matches the scout idea, since 5 primaris are in the same ballpark as 10 normal marines. So 3 light primaris should be about the same as a 6 man scout squad

>> No.54020850

Or talking about fluff. Or roleplaying. Like in the old days.

Anything but this repetitive shitfest.

>> No.54020851

It looks good to me, what are you talking about?

>> No.54020867 [DELETED] 

Well you clearly also think the transtastic man face on that picture looks good so I wouldn't call you a great judge of aesthetics.

>> No.54020883


I think you missed my point buddy. The subject was "bo ho, its taking for ever to paint", I just showed you an alternative route to finish a horde style army. Is it the best paintjob, no, will it win any awards, absolutely no! But it will infuriate your opponent when he realize you play a horde style army that you actually bothered to paint. This negates his "you only play this because its OP" card.

This marine was done in less than 10 minutes without drying times, again, no beauty, but quick and easy and will look good in numbers.

>> No.54020895


>> No.54020906 [DELETED] 

Looking pretty bad there champ

>> No.54020927


Absolutely not. As mr. Autistic >>54020838
already points out, this miniature is full of flaws. Its a quick paint-job for a hoard style based army. It wont win any awards, but it will look good in numbers of a hundred of his buddies. And it will most certainly look a hell of a lot better than the usual grey armies you see people push around.

The recipe is red base coat from army painter, teal shields and grey weapons, dip - shake - dry, paint eyes, teeths and base rim.

>> No.54020929

who says that's not exactly how they intended it to work?

>> No.54020941

>This negates his "you only play this because its OP" card.
How does painting your models negate anything?

Especially when you've clearly put in only the minimum amount of effort doing so.

>> No.54020950 [DELETED] 

Retards on /tg/ who are so bad at 40k that it's pretty clear they don't really play

>> No.54020954


I'll run the numbers but honestly this doesn't sound all that much better than FRFSRF anyway, considering the 8(?) fucking inch range on grenades.

>> No.54020955

thread is in auto sage, and the other autistc threadwar thread is still up. We might as well migrate to prevent split discussion.


>> No.54020964

The point is, filthy greenskin, that you are not supposed to win. Man wins. You die.

>> No.54020968 [DELETED] 

>someone drew a male character from a disney movie in female armor

>> No.54020975

>T H I C C
>Moldlines standing out like a sore thumb growing from the neck

No beauty for sure

>> No.54020980


Well what did you expect? Its a 10 minute dry-brush job with some finishing touches. And it beats playing against grey army-lists. Its nothing fancy, but it sure as hell beat what ever I could produce when I started playing years ago (hell, I still remember trying to paint a Saurus Warrior regiment with some fucking horrid paint. Shit looked as if dipped in house wall paint! This was before the birth of the Internet I might ad...).

>> No.54020983

Aw come on man, you can't possible think assault krak grenades on a conscript squad are balanced.

>> No.54020989

In 8e, the only thing stopping infantry from shooting their pistols and grenades alongside their primary weapon is the special rule that you can only use them instead of any other weapon. There's nothing stopping you from throwing both grenades and firing your lasgun. Vehicles and infantry have the same weapon rules now. If an infantry unit got multiple non-grenade/pistol weapons, they could fire all of them.

>> No.54020990

Could you post a picture of what you think a girl actually looks like? Honestly curious

>> No.54020993

You're still only throwing 1 of them per squad.

>> No.54021006

Wrong until FAQ

>> No.54021010

The entire point of that post was pointing out the Elysian order which changes all their weapons to Assault. Their frag/krak grenades are weapons, and thus change from Grenade to Assault for that turn, and thus lose the one-per-unit restriction. RAW, that order allows every model in the unit to throw their grenades.

>> No.54021011

Excpey you're not, because its not a grenade anymore. What part of this is hard to understand?

>> No.54021013


Minimum effort is way better than playing grey. And If you think >>54020754 Is the worst you have seen, you guys must stand apart from the rest of the world when it comes to painting standards down at your local shop. As I said, its not good, but it fills the purpose and will look good in numbers. In the mean time you can spend more time on characters and such, and is a good trick to get a painted army on the board.

Where I play at the moment, there is a "not painted- not playing" policy going on, so if you want to field it, you better have painted it its that simple.

>> No.54021018 [DELETED] 


>> No.54021020

Gravis squad?

>> No.54021023

No you aren't, because they become "ASSAULT" instead of "GRENADE", and assault weapons don't have the 1 per squad restriction.

>> No.54021031

One of my friends models, any tips?

>> No.54021034

>feminine figure
>no man hands
>no man face
>no guns or armor
>no muscles
>long hair

>> No.54021038

The meme forcing fag woke up, dont pay attention to him.

>> No.54021042

Gravis doesn't quite seem to be the Terminator equivalent for Primaris, it's the thing the Primaris versions of Assault Marines and Devastators wear, and sometimes their characters like the Captain. Beefier than standard power armour but not TEQ tier.

>> No.54021049

Krak grenades become assault what?

Answer that question and you'll see why I'm right.

Assault what? Assault krak grenades. Assault krak grenades are still grenades. QED.

>> No.54021058

They become Assault 1 weapons. The weapon name doesn't figure into the rules.

>> No.54021062


>> No.54021064

You have shit taste in women anon, but I agree.

>> No.54021069

Eww what are thos fat things with udder attached.

>> No.54021073 [DELETED] 

>RAW is important when it helps my point
>RAW can be ignored when it helps my point
see >>54021018

>> No.54021074

then get a different hobby.

>> No.54021080

I'm not even sure what argument you're trying to make here. You're not applying any RAW at all.

>> No.54021084

Ketchup, mustard, and guacamole cannot be used as paint. As you can see, if left on for too long it will mold.

>> No.54021096 [DELETED] 

see >>54021018

>> No.54021100

By default, the type of the Krak Grenades is "Grenade" as listed in their profile. The CRB clearly describes the effects of the Grenade weapon type as including the limitation on the number of models in a unit that can throw them. The order in question changes all weapons' types to Assault, including the "Grenade" type, thus removing the Grenade weapon type from the Krak Grenades. At this point, they lack the Grenade type and as such lack the restrictions that come with that type.

Weapon type has effects, weapon name does not.

>> No.54021104

They call them tits anon. Weird, I know.

>> No.54021117

Yeah I suggest an incinerator, as soon as possible

>> No.54021132 [DELETED] 

see >>54021018

>> No.54021135

Other guy, but Assault weapons can be shot with other weapon and after advancing.
Order changes Grenade to Assault
What is so hard to understand? Can you fucking READ? It does not matter if you dont like the rule, its still WORK like that.

>> No.54021138

Place your models in a fire. Then yourself.

>> No.54021139

ah, then I misread the Gravis article, I may have read it as sort of the go-between between Mk X and Primaris Terminator

>> No.54021149 [DELETED] 

see >>54021018

>> No.54021157

Mathematically, a primaris in gravis armor (interceptor) is tougher than a terminator.

>> No.54021160

Clorox, serve over ice with a slice of lemon.

>> No.54021164

Yea, we got you are cheater who ignore rules already, so what?

>> No.54021165

Can you give a rules-based explanation for why you think this is not the case? The rulebook is pretty clear on this.

It's definitely stupid and not intended, but we were originally pointing out another example of FW being awful at writing rules and why their indices need to be fixed so desperately. I don't think anyone is suggesting that this rule is a good thing, just that FW is bad for writing rules that result in this.

>> No.54021176

conscripts don't have krak grenades.

>> No.54021177

Please don't tell me that's what you think actual human beings look like

>> No.54021180

>Maxed Imperial Guard Brigade
>Has less men than a standard regiments company.
Checkmate atheists.

>> No.54021183

By the Emperor, even porn gets plastic models before sisters.

>> No.54021187

He cant, he is a cheater who was exposed and now mad.

>> No.54021190

>no guns or armor
You are aware that equipment is not a part of a person's body, right?

>> No.54021193 [DELETED] 

kek conshits BTFO again

>> No.54021202

>tiger shark can't fire it's main weapon

>> No.54021204


>> No.54021212

What the fuck did you just say about me?

>> No.54021215

I take it back, my bad.

>> No.54021221 [DELETED] 

>obliterators don't even get melee weapons anymore
why even live

>> No.54021234

Anyone have assembly instructions for FW leviathan dread?

Mine didn't come with any and I'm having a hard time differentiating flash from legitimate parts.

>> No.54021237

It's 'Inceptor'.

And what weapons are you using for this calculation?

>> No.54021244

There are plenty of weapons with grenade in the name that aren't grenade types. Terminator grenade harness and IG grenade launcher etc. Likewise there are Grenade types that aren't named grenade like frag bombs, its irrelevant.

>> No.54021251

-Tiger Shark can't fire main weapon
-That one dude who give himself a bonus for the preceding shooting phase, only helpful if you can time travel
-Bio-Titan has BS 3, so it only hits on exactly 3
-Random d6-rolling

>> No.54021255

all of them. I just use the spreadsheet in op

>> No.54021268

Tyrannids are so fucking broken using the shitty power level system. Why would GW use this for their events?

>> No.54021275

>Random d6-rolling
I don't understand this one.

Isn't rolling a D6 inherently random?

>> No.54021279

Top fucking kek

>> No.54021281 [DELETED] 

Are they grenades or not? RAW doesn't say "grenade type weapons" it says "grenades".

Face it, you've lost.

>> No.54021284

What is it about a well painted Guard force that puts a smile on my face more than a similar marine?

>> No.54021295

>All units that charged this turn fight first
that means the berzerkers MUST fight twice before the people they charged can, surely
saying "fight twice" instead of "double attacks" only changes scenarios in which they dont charge

>> No.54021298

Gav Thorpe made an article on how the Tau were made.


They needed a new race and rejected space Lizardmen. Demiurgs were space Dwarfs and Tau were for a more modern , mecha themed army.

How would you create space Lizardmen?

>> No.54021304

Rolling a 6 to wound makes the attack S10 which does nothing since you already wounded and theres no ID anymore

>> No.54021305

You're an arco-flagellant, Damien, you don't talk.

>> No.54021306

What if these were all intentional

>> No.54021310

Old ones 2 electric boogaloo.

>> No.54021311

Then your calculations are wrong. There are several weapons that are better against Inceptors than against Terminators.

>> No.54021328

>that means the berzerkers MUST fight twice before the people they charged can, surely
No it doesn't. It means they get to fight first the first time, and then they still get to fight again later in the phase.

>> No.54021330

Dang, I'm on a different computer, don't have image saved. One of the FW statblocks, I think for a CSM thing, had "Roll a d6" in one of its abilities. The d6 didn't do anything. It just told you to roll it.

>> No.54021335

>Implying I can't talk

>> No.54021341

>How would you create space Lizardmen?

>> No.54021342

I can't even tell what you're trying to support anymore, for to fly no rapid fire guns have the rapid fire rule unless rapid fire appears directly is in their name.

>> No.54021347

>fire s6 weapon (or 7,10+, and for 3 the same logic holds but it wounds both on 5+
>wounds them both on a 3+
>temies have a 2+ save
>inceptors have a 3+
>Inceptors are tougher than termies vs eveything, my spreadsheet told me so
Kill yourself.

>> No.54021350

It is still a unit that charged this turn. Its attacks must go before any non-chargers.

>> No.54021351

What if these were all intentional, like the random silly AoS rules like letting out a warcry, or putting on a fake accent, or having a mustache?

>> No.54021352


>> No.54021354 [DELETED] 

>starts desperately flailing around now that he's obviously been proven wrong

>> No.54021358

Found it

>> No.54021363

>All units that charged this turn fight first
>After all charging units have fought
berzerkers charge first
they fight first - both times
granted it might need some re-writing to make it absolutely crystal clear, but that is RAI, and probably RAW as well

>> No.54021375

That's not what the rules say. They just say it fights first. If the first fight happens first, then they did. It says after every charging unit has fought, move on to alternating units. Once a Berzerker unit has fought once, it has fought. So then you move on to alternating fights. During this alternation, you can choose berzerker units to fight again.

>> No.54021376

>How would you create space Lizardmen?
Turn the existing lizardman AoS line into androids and add lasers.

>> No.54021380

"Units that charged this turn fight first"

The second row of attacks is in the same turn they charged so they still get them before you swing back.

>> No.54021386

No, they are assault 1 weapons named krak grenade. They 1 per squad restriction comes from the grenade weapon type, which they no longer have, not the same. Just like assault cannons aren't assault weapons just because they have assault in the name, krak grenades aren't grenades unless they have the "grenade 1" weapon type.

>> No.54021389

Migrate whenever

>> No.54021390

There's nothing to imply that it's RAI and it's most certainly not RAW.

Shoot GW's facebook page the question and see if they get back to you.

>> No.54021395 [DELETED] 

Why is /tg/ so terrible at 40k?

>> No.54021400

Possible, but frightening if true. Using the tau ship as an example; why would you have the main gun on a unit unusable? RAW there is no reason to use that unit, due to its main weapon being unusuable, and as such people are much less likely to purchase the model. The BS on the Bio-Titan is clearly a simple typo, where it should have been BS3+, no unit in the game has a flat BS.

There's also stuff we assume are typos, because they're silly otherwise, like the current grenade discussion, or Malanthropes currently being... 90pts, IIRC? As opposed to the ~200 people were expecting.

>> No.54021403

The first time they fight already satisfies that rule.

>> No.54021412

I dont have facebook

>> No.54021431

Just make a throwaway account, use a Chaos Marine as your profile pic and give it some horseshit name.

There's a guy who posts on GW fb all the time with the account "Marneus Calgar".

>> No.54021456

Thinking the same thing. Slann as super psykers, Saurus as space marine type infantry, Kroxigor as terminator type and Skinks as scouts.

I know people say the Tyranids were created by the Old Ones as a last chance solution but is it definite that that it is the case?

Ark of Sotek and Kroq-Gar's arm are good starters. Brutal looking and gentically designed lizards with super advanced technology.

>> No.54021464

The rules don't say you alternate after chargers fought once. It says you do after they 'fight'. So they can fight as many times as they can before alternating because there is no restriction on how many times they have to fight.

>> No.54021474

>I know people say the Tyranids were created by the Old Ones as a last chance solution but is it definite that that it is the case?
It's almost definite that that's NOT the case, actually.

But that has nothing to do with the fact that the space dinosaurs faction led by super-strong psykers is effectively 40ks Lizardmen equivalent.

>> No.54021477

R8, b8 and h8

Grey Knights: 2k Vanguard Detachment
>Grand Master: nemesis hammer, psycannon
>Venerable Dreadnought: twin lascannon
>brotherhood Ancient
>Paladins: 4 Knights, Thunder hammer (sarge)
>terminator Squad: 10 men, 2 psycannons
Fast Attack
>2 6-man interceptor squads
>2 razorbacks: twin lascannons
Heavy Support
>Dreadknight: hammer, heavy psycannon

>> No.54021493 [DELETED] 

see >>54021018

>> No.54021500

But no unit can be selected to fight more than once per Fight phase, which would mean the BftBG rule is essentially double attacks.

>> No.54021502

Is Sicarius now worth it for 'fuck you my Tacs hit first' buff and power sword+plasma pistol finally don't suck ass?

>> No.54021503

>It says you do after they 'fight'
Fighting once qualifies as fighting. If it meant "after they fight every time they are able to" it would need to have specified that, not the other way around.

>> No.54021511

>FW sets are too hard

What do you think people did before BoP and BaC, or what people still do for Mk II and V?

>> No.54021523

>But no unit can be selected to fight more than once per Fight phase
Unless they have Blood for the Blood God. That's the whole point of the rule.

If it was double attacks it would say double attacks. It's two fight activations instead of one.

>> No.54021532

It's not cheating.

>> No.54021545

Crying salute.

>> No.54021550

I see two very naughty little paladins that got into he vanilla frosting!

>> No.54021552

It's a cool fan theory and one I agree with but must wait and see what the lore states later.

I agree with your analogy as well. They are the closest to 40k Lizardmen.

>> No.54021553

Would you mind giving a detailed explanation of your interpretation of the rules being discussed? I don't see how your post contributes to the conversation.

>> No.54021566

>It's a cool fan theory and one I agree with
It's a retarded fan theory with absolutely no supporting evidence and plenty of evidence to the contrary.

>> No.54021567 [DELETED] 

Filename says all I have to say to "people" like you

>> No.54021590

>Unless they have Blood for the Blood God. That's the whole point of the rule.
>If it was double attacks it would say double attacks. It's two fight activations instead of one
That's not what the rule says. It says they fight twice. You activate BEFORE you fight. See pic. You activate TO fight, which means you fight AFTER you activate. If BftBG was about activation it would say it.

>> No.54021592

So no, you don't have a coherent contribution. Thanks for playing.

>> No.54021598

Oh so you're a Republican, no arguement just "You're wrong and dumb and I don't like you stop being mean to me and asking me to think"

>> No.54021600


If you're talking about the picture, the left is my very first model from a few years right was one I did about a year ago. Both look like crap now, but at the time it was a pretty big landmark for me.

>> No.54021615

Hmm so initially I thought that after people roll off and whatever the guy who 'determines' the deployment just picked it. Turns out he just rolls for it, so its random rather than picked. However they do get to pick which side they start on which is cool.

>> No.54021616

But anon, that's what liberals say. Fuck it's what everyone ever says these days ever since /pol/ was subverted with the trump personality cult.

>> No.54021630

>hurr durr I'm a monarchist in the 21st century
Go run through a wheat field.

>> No.54021632

>You activate BEFORE you fight. See pic.
Pic says nothing about this. Activation isn't even a game term or defined in the rules.

You choose a unit to fight. Then you choose another unit to fight, and so on, until every charging unit has fought. Each berzerker unit chosen to fight in this manner has now fought. Then you go on to alternating. You choose units to fight again. Units with BftBG can fight twice, which means you can choose them more than once, because specific rules override core rules.

>> No.54021633

Perhaps we shouldn't go derailing?

I like how AP works now. Probably one of my favorite 8e changes.

>> No.54021634

>no supporting evidence and plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Go on.

Not being sarcastic, genuinely interested.

>> No.54021638

What does that even mean? Also not an arguement.

>> No.54021639

I think he means that whatever color that is smeared on their chest and shoulders, looks like vanilla frosting.

>> No.54021719

It was all Theresa May could come up with saying when asked like if there was anything risque she'd ever get up to. It took her like 20 seconds to vomit up that reply to, it's hilarious to watch. But enough contributing to a derailment.

>> No.54021731

Oh. Kek

>> No.54021740

>Pic says nothing about this. Activation isn't even a game term or defined in the rules.
It's literally choosing the unit. Then the unit fights. I don't know why it's so hard to understand.

And again, it says they FIGHT twice, not that they can be CHOSEN to fight twice. At first I thought it needed an FAQ but now that I think of it, it's crystal clear what the wording means.

>> No.54021754

Here is the rule for reference

>> No.54021755

how long did that take?

>> No.54021760

So I don't see any mention of volkite weapons on the Leviathan Dreadnought rules in the FW index.

or any weapon alternative to the 2 heavy flamers.

So they just up and squatted that weapon even though the model comes with them?

>> No.54021787

The Chaos Leviathan has it. Loyalists BTFO again.

>> No.54021810

150 models on the table is a horde.

>> No.54021812

Looks more like a she with those hips and ears.

>> No.54021832

Well it has units that can reliably make charges, if that's all you care about.

>> No.54021908

id say yes, do the whole fight phase twice
otherwise wtf would "fight twice" mean?

>> No.54021918

Does anyone take 10 man terminator squads except Dark Angel Deathwing, and Grey Knight Terminators?

>> No.54021932

Can anyone explain when you would want to make use of combat squads to me?

Why take a single 10man squad you can split when you can just take 2 5man squads? Maybe guard and nids will run out of troop slots but marines sure as hell won't.

>> No.54021952

See >>54021740 >>54021754
and >>54021590

>> No.54021976


Its a single unit for deployment and deep strike purposes, so you have a better chance of choosing who goes first and you can deep strike more of your dudes.

Elite slots are at a premium, especially in fucking space marines and if you want to have a decent amount of command points you aren't going to be running vanguard detachments everywhere.

Its just a nice perk desu.

>> No.54022040


10 man squads are better for melee units since its more attacks in one activation

>> No.54022424

yeah so im right
theres no specific "fight" step, so i would default to doing the whole fight phase twice otherwise you would be making shit up

the fight phase is pile in, attack, consodilate, you cant just omit parts of it cause you feel that piling in isnt "fighting"

the extra moves are crucial otherwise the opposing player would just remove casualties so that your dudes wouldnt be able to attack the second time they fight

>> No.54022532

The Fight phase is the entire process of each player's corresponding Fight Sequences. For a unit to 'fight' is all the steps of the Fight sequence that come after step one "Choose a unit to fight with".

This means the Berzerkers get their two fights in one activation, which is absolutely fucking insane and actually better than double attacks.

>> No.54022594

yes, thats what im saying
it is better

it prevents the other player from removing dudes to prevent you from attacking but (dunno if intentionally) it lets you string your guys out in a pretty insane way

>> No.54022846

It's insane. Take a 10 man squad with chainswords and chainaxes for example. They have 2 each, 3 for champion, and 1 extra chainsword attack.

That's fucking 42 S6 Ap-1 attacks plus 20 extra S5 chainsword attacks. And also a max 12" inch pile in/consolidation moves.

GW weren't memeing when they said they'd be the best close combat unit in the game, were they?

>> No.54022848

If you're still here, I'd drop one of the ten man tac squads and make the other one a 5 man with razorback, and get in some more dreads

>> No.54022896

Do you have a step by step for your paint scheme? I love it.

>> No.54022963

i think the pile in/consolidation parts are probably even stronger than their kill potential (which is obviously also super high)
a skilled player will use that to great advantage

unfortunately this is guaranteed to bring up hour long rules discussions (especially with the autismos) and rage from casual players who always call skillfull play waac or abusing the rules

thats a great pic btw, i love non-oversized practical weapons

>> No.54023094

Most of the players in my area are packing horde armies now: orks, tyranids, zombie chaos.

Would it be beardy of my to put a double-grav flux leviathan in my list? I've really been struggling with the the hordes because I get bogged down. And can't take the objectives from them.

>> No.54023199

Two years playtesting.

>> No.54023399

Definetly. World Eaters will be top tier now, if you just take Berzerkers in Rhinos with powerfists, melta-chainfist Terminators and Heldrakes there is damn near nothing that will be able to neither stop nor escape the rape train.

>> No.54023822

I'm just posting it to keep the meme builder alive. I don't need list help, thanks anyway anon.

>> No.54024061


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