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Paizo Games General /pgg/ (Pathfinder & Starfinder)

Mundane Gear Edition:

What sorts of non-magical/alchemical gear do you always grab? Anything you take for granted?

/pgg/ link repository: https://pastebin.com/JLu5xXML
current playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

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>Paizo Games General
>When the only Paizo Game we can discuss is Pathfinder
>Does this make this Pathfinder General?

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Stop your autism, anon.

Who's looking forward to Adventurer's Armory in a few days?

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its anticipatory yadda yadda i don't care really.

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You stop yours first.

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Gonna abuse Butchering Axe to max out vital strike shenanigans

One build I've got can get up to truly ridiculous numbers of d6s

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Aren't we all?

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Mercurial Duelist is truly fun.

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Playing a Cleric/Gunslinger (basically) who follows a dwarven deity of knowledge, craftsmanship and technology. We're using Torag for a lot of appearances and the like.

I'm probably going to be benching him for a while to focus on a lot of the repair work, crafting and other down-time efforts for the party's projects. I nabbed Leadership a while ago to gather a mixed bag of religious followers and practical professionals that have been carrying a lot of the weight of the background stuff like that, but at this point I'm going to need the whole casterlevel dealy and personal attention (magic trains, air-ships, and KEEPING OUR GROWING ROSTER OF HORRIBLY EVIL AND MORALLY QUESTIONABLE NPCS WE HAVE WORKING FOR US from violating the terms of their contracts) so I'm putting together a cohort.

I want to have their core goal/concept being someone that wants to Craft something but not in the physical sense.

>Creating a fighting style.
>Building a nation.
>Developing a legacy.

That sort of thing. Got any suggestions or ideas on what classes might support this, or other things to create sans the craft (int) skill.

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Every party should have at least one massive Oni girl in it.

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Responding to autism doesn't make you autistic, and this is coming from someone who literally doesn't care what our thread is called as long as it's accurate, and if we get the occasional Starfinder related question in here then it's accurate to call this the Paizo general thread.

Getting away from that for a moment however, how has your night been gents? My character died tonight, so that was fun.

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I'd hoped mine would.

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Expanding spamming Monk/Psions count?

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That image is a reference to the Farseer Trilogy, isn't it.

Except for the fact that the fox pin was lost to the Forged who attacked Fitz after stealing some of his clothes

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So i know that the conversion between Starfinder and Pathfinder isn't going to be One to One.

How easy do you think characters can be swapped over?

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Fitz had a hard life

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I don't even know how I should feel about tonight, I've got this razor-sharp focus going on right now where time seems to have slowed to a crawl, but absolutely no drive to use it constructively because it's due to stress on stuff I'm doing tomorrow.

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> ensoulment has no apps in 5 days
> finally tapped out

So is this a record on applications? Given the hype I can't see another game doing better.

... I sort of hope it's a sausage game. People have been shitting on the male apps so hard. It would be fantastic.

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https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/77201/essentia-forgotten-home (Posting a new listing, check update post for more information)
https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/77814/ensoulment-of-the-flower-court (Closing in 4 Days)
https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/75856/dimensional-ark-abyssia (Closing in 6 Days)
https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/80257/wrath-of-the-righteous (Closing in 2 Weeks)
https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/80328/volo-fluffy-tails-9 (Closing in 2 Weeks)

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I am so happy Ensoulment is finally ending, holy shit. Once it is done with will we finally be free from meme games?

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>Given the hype I can't see another game doing better.
People said the same of Blingmaker and of RotJR before that.

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He also had no quills and had to make scribe's brushes out of Nighteyes' fur

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The Ensoulment apps are padded out by deletions. People've withdrawn, changed characters with new posts, and moved their app for attention. I think WotRaunchy and Overlewd will still hold a higher final app count.

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Hi, Alien.

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>Once it is done with will we finally be free from meme games?
People also said this of Blingmaker and RotJR before that. It will never end.

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have kanabo. will travel.

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Land of the Linnorm Kings... It's coming...

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I suppose we have the Linnworm game, it will likely be the next big meme.

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Of course not.

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And after that there are still plenty of parts of this setting that /pgg/ thirsts to see. Taldor or Galt would be my bet.

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>All those busty blonde Viking girls

>> No.54009256

Sorry, it's one of my favorite series. And I know it's not meant to simulate the Tawny Man Trilogy because he's missing the plain sword Fool told him to pick up and all the charms he got from Jinna

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>beautiful busty mute bards

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Speaking of which, are Blingmaker and Overlewd still running?

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Tits are overrated, fuck off normalfags.

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I have at least six Oni-girls in my back up character pile waiting for a campaing. two of them are punch girls, two are kanabo experts. One of them is an Ungermaw.

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Both are still running.

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>Alluring Tian Bard from the Jade Quarter

W-Why is she adventuring?

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Are you high? Tits are great, man. Especially when they're on a woman with a shapely ass and thicc thighs.

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Breast reduction magic doesn't come cheap.

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Thiccfags are actually cancer

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>Breast reduction

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Because she's been sheltered all her life as a trained musician, but she finally wants to go out and see the world for herself and maybe find someone with which to share her voice
She's not actually mute, but just so incredibly shy and introverted that she can't speak to anyone else

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Why wouldn't they be?

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>Bow is strung but the bowstring isn't taunt

Shit bow.

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>but just so incredibly shy and introverted that she can't speak to anyone else

This combined with absurd confidence in her supernaturally beautiful singing voice is the best.

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Your threadly reminder that Linnorm game will not be an open, 'apply with your meme characters and march them around' type of app.

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Wasn't Sona half-Asian? Wouldn't be any stretch to say the beautiful busty mute bard is the daughter of an Ulfen and Tien, there's even a trait for that.

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Still worse than double hackbut for bucket of dice though, it's giving nothing new in that regard.

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She's basically tian raised on a superior ulfen diet.

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how do you make kineticist do decent damage or be even remotely viable

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3PP on the table?

>> No.54009825

A Butcher's Axe is more likely to be in most home settings than a Double Hackbut, at least.

>> No.54009894

A butchering ax is literally just a REALLY FUCKING HUGE ax

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I buy out the Adventure's Armory, of course. I like to keep marbles, oil, and caltrops handy, usually in the same jar, for ground hazard shenanigans. It's always good to keep string, magnets, mirrors, wire, and poles handy for jurry-rigging stuff. I always keep a dagger and a ranged weapon handy on any kind of character in case all else fails.

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They go over it here:


Make sure to read the discussion area. Devs post additional stuff there

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What do you mean?

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Is there an undead race similar to WoW Forsaken? Intelligent skeletons basically.

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1pp without templates, the closest you're going to get is dhampir (and that's pretty far from what you want).

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I'm starting up a new PFS character and I'm looking to have some fun with it. I've got access to a handful of race boons (aasimar, ratling, grippli...) and I'd be fine using one, but I'd like to have something fairly unique and it's got fun mechanics that's a double plus.

What sort of shenanigans should I get up to?

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You don't.

Honestly, best elements are Air and Earth.

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For your sake, please don't.

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PFS is pretty much a no fun zone. However, there was an anon around recently who was offering real cash for race boons.

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If you're looking for help in PFS you're in probably the worst place imaginable, pretty much nobody here likes what they do there and a lot of the nerfs, bans, and just outright stripping of literally anything that allows some classes to function properly (poor gunslinger) makes it a nightmare for the people here to appreciate. You're better off asking the people on Paizo's official forums or the Pathfinder subreddit.

>> No.54010280


Woah, I'm new to this stuff and had no idea there was a lot of vitriol. The local groups seem to have a lot of fun with it so I thought I'd give it a try.

Why the hate? What sort of hell am I getting into?

>> No.54010339


PFG hates it because they hate 1pp rules, and any restrictions whatsoever being placed on character building.

If you're able accept that not every character fits every game, then you'll be fine. I've had plenty of good experiences in PFS.

>> No.54010341

If you don't mind porting over from 3.0, Necropolitans from Libris Mortis are probably the best fit for that.

>> No.54010371

I'm mostly speaking for myself but it's less hate and more violently disappointed. Probably one of the biggest ones is the fact that there's just straight up an outright ban on anything and everything having to do with crafting, which means that (like in my example earlier) if you're playing a gunslinger you're guaranteedly screwed as that means you have to buy your bullets at full gold cost, which heavily eats into your gold as bullets are ungodly expensive. This is despite the fact that it states in the Gunslinger's OWN LEVELUP PATH that they gain the ability to craft bullets from literally level 1, and you've stripped that away from them.

In addition, the amount of actual gold that you're going to have to work with will be severely limited even when compared to most APs, which means that for levels 1-5 martials are king because they can swing their sword more than 5 times (including misses) and still actually do damage afterwards, 6-8 things are somewhat even, and from there onwards casters rule the day because they can get around their shortcomings with gold with their spells.

You get around this by getting "points" that you can use for things like getting resurrected or getting wands of Cure Light, but it doesn't make up for the lack of actual gold you'd otherwise want to spend elsewhere.

>> No.54010391


What about 3pp?


I had forgotten about them. I might be able to swing them.

>> No.54010442

3pp doesn't really have much either, the closest you're going to get is the Skeleton Warrior template (which personally I think is the most balanced template when it comes to stat increases, though you'll probably want to ignore the flavor bits) but even that isn't a species in and of itself.

>> No.54010448

>if you're playing a gunslinger you're guaranteedly screwed as that means you have to buy your bullets at full gold cost,

Anon pls. That's factually untrue.

The guide says anyone with Gunsmithing can obtain bullets and blackpowder at 10% listed cost (as if they crafted them, and succeeded on the craft check). They can also purchase Alchemical Ammunition at a 50% discount (provided they have 1 rank in Craft Alchemy), again, as if they'd succeeded on a craft check.

>the amount of actual gold that you're going to have to work with will be severely limited even when compared to most APs

Wealth By Level for a PFS character is usually 20%-ish higher than recommended, to make up for the lack of a crafting Wizard.

>> No.54010501


Oh well. Thank you anyways anon.

>> No.54010567

By RAW in PFS you cannot have ranks in Craft because they do not want you to craft in PFS, which means that you cannot gain either of those benefits and thus have to purchase them at full cost. Trust me, I've heard this directly from two friends of mine who confirmed this at a PFS group in my area and had an in-depth discussion about it with the people there to verify.

>> No.54010631

>By RAW in PFS you cannot have ranks in Craft

Anon... whoever told you that is a literal retard.

You can absolutely have ranks in Craft skills, there's even a mechanic to grant extra gold at the end of a scenario for succeeding on Craft checks of varying difficulties. Same goes for Profession and Perform.

>> No.54010754

So people don't like the lack of third party and the wealth controls? Honestly, I can't imagine a way to have magic item crafting available without allowing for some hearty breaks in the system. It kinda makes sense that it's limited.

And third party not being legal seems pretty common sense. I've never seen a global campaign that didn't have pretty much these exact two restrictions built in. It kinda comes with the territory.

>> No.54010755

3pp has Obito

>> No.54010788

There are also some pretty heavy restrictions one 1pp content as well. Most notably, Evil alignments, and anything mechanically associated with them is perma-banned,

>> No.54010808

Really what it comes down to is that this is a real life example of asking a Chaotic aligned group of people what they think about playing in a very restricted, Lawfully aligned system. Even if the restrictions were light the fact that there are any at all would set some people off here.

>> No.54010825

See: that one guy who tried to start an IG group and got run off after his chargen rules included a banlist.

>> No.54010836

Gotcha. Puts things in perspective.

Again, pretty much expected from a global campaign. Can't exclude the younglings.

I'm picking up the issues are pretty much "global campaigns have restrictions so fuck that" more so than "Pathfinder Society is bad in and of itself."

>> No.54010857

>light restrictions
It's more the fact that 1pp pathfinder stinks. And many of the restrictions are really arbitrary.

The scenarios themselves are also generally terrible.

>> No.54010979

Can we do portrait requests here? I'm looking for sumfing for an orc / half-orc geisha.

Closer to this type of Orc than wc3 hulking savages.

>> No.54010996

Isn't the necropolitans shtick that they basically have an anti-soul given by the negative energy plane, rather than the regular 'soul' given by positive energy plane.

>> No.54011017

This is pretty much the exact thing you're looking for. Literal half-orc courtesan from Kaoling.

>> No.54011033

One thing that people also don't mention very often is as long as your character adheres to the PFS rules you can be the biggest sort of problem player munchkin ever, and a PFS dm cannot say no to you.

So a lot of people who've gotten kicked out of groups or are otherwise horrible social rejects even by our admittedly low standards, congregate in PFS games.

>> No.54011070

Holy shit.

I don't waifu at all, really...but she's doing something to me.

>> No.54011073

late response, but yeah or your own homebrew options

focused on ranged attacks, rather than melee

>> No.54011102

Needs cute tusks.

>> No.54011126

>Paizo Games General
>when there's a Starfinder General
What games other than Pathfinder is discussed here?

It's time to stop.

>> No.54011151

Look up Distant Shores, it's pretty good. This is pretty much all the relevant information on your newest waifu of the hour.

>> No.54011175

His banlist was the stupidest thing imaginable as many choices were completely arbitrary.
It did not inspire any confidence in the GM's system mastery and was also a sign that they were unable to trust players to make something fitting.

>> No.54011183

Here's your (you)

>> No.54011223


>Cute smile
>Shirt off the shoulder

>> No.54011242

That's the case for intelligent undead in general IIRC. The necropolitan's shtick is being a player friendly option by doing pretty much nothing besides making you undead. No high entry requirement like lichdom, no big list of powers that come with crippling LA like vampires.

>> No.54011265

Correct. Intelligent undead have souls, they're just negative energy souls rather than positive ones.

This would be a good reason as to why Pharasma hates undead so fucking much, since by making an intelligent undead you're basically making a soul that's outside her beloved system.

But Paizo's too dumb to think of that so they'll just keep going on about fucking nothing whenever they try to explain it.

>> No.54011596

LK2's Onslaught Blaster is pretty viable on the damage side as far as blasting goes. Granted, you lose most of the class's utility

>> No.54012061

>Undead are ALWAYS EVIL in the eyes of the gods because they operate outside the ruling system of soul investment banking

>> No.54012087

It's more that undead are evil because they are the polar opposites of life.

Aside from adding universal entropy by merely existing, in their default behavior they will destroy any and all life around them because it is abhorrent to them.

>> No.54012122



>> No.54012140

So a less explosive variety of having people made out of antimatter, then. Still doesn't change the fact that Pharasma is the equivalent of your average banker in the soul trade, trying her best to keep all the goods within her system rather than move outside of it. Creating an intelligent undead converts their normal soul to a negative one, which doesn't work in Pharasma's bank.

>> No.54012167

The thing is though that there's nothing WRONG with antimatter. It's the same as normal matter just in the opposite direction.

If we were all made of antimatter, we'd just call it matter, and normal matter would be the antimatter!

>> No.54012192

Exactly like if the norm was negative energy rather than positive energy, we would call that positive energy rather than the other way around. The only thing "wrong" with negative energy stuff is that it doesn't work in the big bank of the gods. It's a non-accepted currency.

>> No.54012234

>Negative Energy is Bitcoin. Or even Dogecoin

Really rustles those ruminators.

>> No.54012278

But, you know, there's also the part where creatures powered by negative energy are innately murderous towards anything powered by positive energy.

>> No.54012285

Just like creatures powered by positive energy are innately aggressive toward negatives? Or for that matter how antimatter is innately explosive and destructive toward matter?

>> No.54012308

>for that matter

>> No.54012422

Life instinctively fears and hates the undead too. Hell some of the more powerful undead even have an explicit "can't even hide" thing going on - wraiths near living things just "feel wrong", and animals freak the fuck out even if they're literally inside the ground doing fuckall.

>> No.54012464

Watching the list of Bloodlines for Sorcerer and comparing it to Bloodrager makes me want to cry.

Why are some classes so painfully forgotten to the point of being retarded?

>> No.54012544

I'd let that oni take me

>> No.54012564

It's well known that Paizo hates hybrids.

>> No.54012678


Lemme smash... please.

>> No.54012702

Cool moana expy

>> No.54012720

Is starfinder out yet?

What the fuck is taking so long? I want to fucking start optimizing my spacemen NOW!

>> No.54012722

Well hey, at least they got something cool from one of the latest books.

of course, Sorc also got it, but still.

>> No.54012732


Kaoling is the hobbogobbo-run place, right? I haven't seen any game even mention the place.

Also, I agree, Purtha is purty.

>> No.54012767

I'm considering making a bloodrager with a level of crossblooded sorcerer to snag bloodline arcanas and access to bonus spells & feats.

What's the best Bloodline Arcanas out there? Nanite seems pretty nice for the automatic 50% longer transmutation on self.

>> No.54012776

Oh man, that sounds pretty cool. Which book? It's not on PFSRD yet. Always liked shapechangy stugg.

>> No.54012780

>> No.54012787

>Which book?
It's literally listed in the top right corner of the image.

>> No.54012793

What my last character (level 4 catfolk ninja) started with:

Oil of Taggit
Drow Poison
+cold Iron
+ hollow Pommel
Elven Curve Blade
+ Hollow pommel
+silver blanch (10 applicants)
Shard Gel
Spring loaded wrist sheath
Dark/eaf Parade armor
Chain Shirt
Pathfinder Pouch
Traveler's Any-Tool
Handy Haversack
Gloves of Reconnaissance
concealable Theives tools
Umbrella Parasol
Kit Trailscent
Shaving Kit
Disguise Kit 8lbs
Grooming kit 2lbs
Gear Maintenance Kit 2lbs
Forgers Kit 6lbs
Sanctified rings
Cypher Book 2lb
Book of letters 3lb
Outfit, Courtier’s
/w jewelery
Mask, Doctor’s
Outfit, Doctor’s
Outfit, Scholar’s
Soldier’s Uniform
Boots, Softpaw
silk rope
feline beast whistle
Stink ink
Survival kit
trail rations
lamp oil
Cooking kit

>> No.54012841

nethys has it

>> No.54012848

Mutable flesh is amazing. Definitely worth taking eldritch heritage for transformy builds.

>> No.54012849

Level 7 occultist hiding from the BBEG overlord (his friendly attitude and desire for diplomacy risks getting captured alot, so he's prepped for jail breaks) :

Grooming Kit
Gear Maintenance Kit
Hollow Pommel
Spring loaded wrist sheath
-Hollow Cold Iron Sawback Dagger
--Masterwork Skeleton Key 85+50 gp
Spring loaded wrist sheath
-Wand of Break
Belt Pouch (10lb)
Survival kit
-Flint & Steel
-Mess Kit
-Waterskin (2)
-Basic maps
-Small utility knife
Silk Rope (50ft)
Adventurer's Sash
-Scrivener's Kit
-String ft
-Efreeti Cord (50gp)
-Efreeti Switch
Satchel (10lb)
-Journal (50)
Efficient Quiver
M Composite Longbow
Cold Iron Arrows (Silver Blanch)
Blunt Arrows
Cold Iron Pronged Arrows
Esquire Attache Kit (+2 barrister)
Disguise Kit
Tengu Drinking Jug
Superior Invisible ink [75gp]
Wig (200gp)
Courtier's Outfit /w jewelry
Acadamy Guard Armor (current)
Pickpockets outfit
Quick Change Cloak
Aegis of Recovery
Scroll Belt (Knock)
Stagger Proof Boots

>> No.54012867

This is very true. Especially considering some of the effects that are covered within "transmutation spell that only affect you"; it's not even restricted to Polymorphs.

>> No.54012870

Level 3 starting kit for a witch, the concept was "hammer-space" for giggles
75 Longbow 3p
1 arrow (20) 3p
2000 handy haversack 5p
10 silk rope (50) 5p
2cp string (100) 1p
9sp Silent Whistle
8sp Signal whistle
2cp Firewood (2) 20p
10 Trail rations (20) 20p
1sp Bird feed (20) 10p
10 small steel mirror 0.5P
10 compass 0.5p
110 everburning tourch 1p
2 folding chair 10p
1cp soap(50) 0.5p
1sp Chalk (10)
1 charcoal (2)
8 ink
1sp Inkpen
4 paper (10)
10 neck guard 0.25p
5 spell component pouch 2
2sp sack(2) 1
2 waterskin(2) 8
1 cauldron 5p

30 chain (10ft) 2p
200 masterwork manacles (DD 40, EA 35, STR 28) 2p
20 lock (DD 20) 1p
150 lock (DD40) 1p

5 Survival kit 4p
-flint and steel
-mess kit
-waterskins (2)
-basic map
-small utility knife

4sp ball (2 in.) (5)
6sp Ball (5 in.) (3)

25 Water Purification sponge 1p
50 Antiplague +5
50 Astitoxin +5
25 smelling salts
40 Liquid Ice 2p

2 Grappling Arrow (2) 1
5sp hammer 2p
2 crowbar 5
1 pitons (10) 5p
4cp Saw 2p
TOTAL 2862.79

>> No.54012901

It would have been better for effects received so alchemists can join in on the fun but what can you do?

>> No.54012922

ask the GM for help with stupid rules?

>> No.54012995

What's the point of posting this shit again?

>> No.54013004

Honestly, starting item setups are a pain in the ass if you don't have a good template for them. Sharing is caring, anon!

>> No.54013098

>200 masterwork manacles
She planning on doing some spicy stuff with those?
Or just a slaver.

>> No.54013142

PoW is overtuned

>> No.54013161


posting this here. cause i love you.

>> No.54013220

Umbral has a great Arcana that gives you +1 caster level in dim light or darker. Gives you access to good spells, too, and Stealth Skill. As crossblooded and only 1 sorc level, lvl 1 Bloodline power is trash.

As Crossblooded, Arcane would be amazing for taking the lvl 1 power. Familiar as a Bloodrager? Yes please. The Arcana is shit, though (for you) , but the feats and spells you can access are OK.

Sylvan gets you a fucking Animal companion at lvl 1, allowing you to take Boon Companion to bring it up to full level. Crossblooded with Arcane, you can have both an Animal Companion and a Familiar, but you'd trade in your first-level Bloodline Power and it would cost you a feat, but it could do for some cool shit. The feats you can access are solid, too.

Shapechanger/Nanite could be solid, for increasing transmutations of self by 50% AND add +1 caster level. As primarily a bloodrager, either 1st-level bloodline power would be solid, too. And the feats are OK.

All that comes to mind on the top of my head.

>> No.54013229

Sorry, couldn't see full size. Thanks!

>> No.54013244

Crossblooded is incompatible with the wildblooded archetype, specifically for shenanigans like getting an animal companion on top of other shit.

>> No.54013259

What about dhampirs and black-blooded oracles then?

>> No.54013335

So i've been looking around.

The heck is a "Shorttail Kobold?"

>> No.54013378

>Rackem obsessed over her all the same, calling her his Lady Knight
fucking kek

>> No.54013396

>Disk shits over random people's apps and makes a literal meme app
Why am I not surprised.

>> No.54013397

THATS a solid issue.

You can still ask a disruptive player to take a hike though, yes? "I can't say no to your character but I can tell YOU to go fuck yourself."

>> No.54013442

He, and hammer space baby.

I basically bought a handy haversack, then filled it with every mundane item I could think of (I have since discovered many more), including a folding chair as he's a leisurely fellow.

the numbers in front are the prices BTW

>> No.54013543

I see no reason why that would be true, they don't overlap.

>> No.54013573

Ignoring the fact that a FAQ was leveled about this (and the answer was "no, you can't mix crossblooded and wildblood") and explicitly mentions the sylvan bloodline as OP when combined with Crossblooded?

Wildblood is technically an archetype, and modifies the bloodline, as is Crossblooded. If two archetypes modify the same thing, even if it doesn't take them away, you can't combine them. Your GM might state otherwise, but that's the rules.

>> No.54013805

If I'm riding an Animal Companion and they move first leaving next to an opponent, can I full attack as if I hadn't move?

>> No.54013824

Well you haven't; the thing that you're riding took a move action, but you didn't. therefore you haven't taken any actions this turn, and having taken no actions yet you can easily do whatever, including full attack.

>> No.54013898

If you're riding it like a mount, use mounted combat rules: No, unless it's a ranged weapon.

>> No.54013907

Mount rules so no. Requires feats for that. Ranged can be a full action, but it takes the -4 penalty to it.

>> No.54013920

When you are riding something, you are generally treated as 'one creature' quite frequently for the sake of simplicity.

Technically it is delaying its initiative until yours match up, then getting its directions on where to go from you as a move action.

Unless you're guiding it with your knees (aka giving it the general order to keep moving on its initiative with minor corrections) and in that sort of situation you'd only be able to make a full attack with a ranged weapon.


>> No.54014262

What pfg custom setting would make the best one shots? Almost living world style

>> No.54014308


>> No.54014314


>> No.54014426

Is PLD even at the right power level to do one shots in? Won't initiators and full casters roll everything?

Or are you just making the assumption that the difficulty will be scaled?

>> No.54014463

PLD forbids full casters and initiators.

>> No.54014562

I kinda wanna do the Demesne. I think the fluff for it was that it was an extradimensional "place" that you could access from two different, EXTREMELY far-away points in Golarion (Taldor and Thuvia I believe). It's not a stretch to say it might have other entrances.

>> No.54014729

Drow can be 9th level casters in PLD

>> No.54015120

So, I'm building a dex-fighter for the first time, could really use some help since I don't normally do dex builds. I'm playing an unchained rogue, it's level 4, and we're using the elephant in the room feat tax rules. I'm planning on using an estoc as my primary weapon, but while I -was- planning on just two-handing it, I am willing to go the two-weapon fighting way of things if it's more effective.

So, what sort of feats and rogue talents should I be looking at for a decent fighter? If it matters, I plan to be flanking as often as possible.

>> No.54015145

Unironically PLD, as far as I'm aware it's basically a series of one shots for the party as-is.

>> No.54015197

Arc 1 was their first manifestation battle, and they got a time to research

Arc 2 they've been pulled into hunting a giant death knell spider golem because it's almost certainly tome work and will open the door on who's connected to the merchants

Arc 3 will kick off with getting a lead on a merchant.

So, they're distinct quests, just with downtime between. Do you consider that to be a series of one shots?

>> No.54015201


Twf is less effective. I would recommend an elven branch spear. Reach will usually generate many more attacks that Twf will get you over the course of a combat. Wear armor spikes to threaten squares adjacent.

>> No.54015225

Combat training for an extra feat, Stand Up so you can stand and full-round in the same turn you are tripped, Ninja Trick,

>> No.54015238

Reach weapon, huh? Suppose I could do that, but armor spikes would kind of seem strange on the kind of character I'm playing. That, and he's wearing leather armor, so I'm not sure he -can- have armor spikes on that.

Is there some other way to threaten adjacent squares with a reach weapon?

>> No.54015292

>Do you consider that to be a series of one shots?

Yes? Just because they're building onto each other does not mean they still aren't one-shots.

>> No.54015337

>be me
>first campaign
>chasing some cultists up a volcano
>their shaman is talking to their God
>it's a roc
>try to use my sling to knock the shaman into the volcano
>roll a 1
>I hit the roc in the fucking eye
>I'm level 3 with a max hp of 17
>somehow survive their attacks and try to stealth into mist the shaman summoned
>roll a 20
>get away Scott free
Why do all sessions end at the most exciting part?

>> No.54015350

That's just how sessions go! You start off slow, building up to that climactic moment full of insane rolls and combat.

>> No.54015395

I'm enjoying my first campaign so far. I get nothing but 1-5 or 17-20 and because I made a half-Orc sorcerer I have +10 to intimidate rolls so I've been fighting all the minions while intimidating the bosses into just running away. Pretty fun tbqh.

>> No.54015405

>The Worldwound is kept in check by the Wardstones
>Wardstones are overseen by Mendev garrisons that perform yearly rituals to keep them active
>They also keep an eye on the happenings within the Wardstone borders and make sure the Demons aren't getting too uppity

So... Are you telling me... Mendev has Abyss Watchers?

>> No.54015429

I think you're defining one-shot wrong

>> No.54015435

What would happen if I took away your Wardstones?

>> No.54015442

It would be extremely painful

>> No.54015459

You're a big crusade!

>> No.54015469



>> No.54015514

Wrath of the Righteous would be so COOL if it didn't have such an atrocious start.

>> No.54015541

Anybody looking for WotR inspiration should check out >>53995378.

>> No.54015591

The most recent WotR application is pretty cringeworthy, even for a rando.

>> No.54015611

>From a long life living poor and broken on the streets of <insertcityhere>(I don't now the areas for the campaign)

>> No.54015627

what are some of the more arbitrary bans?

>> No.54015643

Wow lucky find. I don't suppose you have a Kitsune swashbuckler anywhere?

>> No.54015694

So then which ones are the least cringeworthy, in your opinion?

>> No.54015717


>> No.54015745

Hey that's exactly the kind of thing I was looking for for a character I'm working on. Thanks!

>> No.54015763

Is that one up in the trove yet?

>> No.54015829

Love me some spring-loaded wrist sheaths.
Shame on all of you for not keeping a pound of chalk dust or flour handy. That shit's invaluable.

>> No.54015832

It is, under Companions

>> No.54015887

Robe of Arcane Heritage also boosts your effective level for the Animal Companion / familiar and gives you early access to other bloodline powers, once you can afford it.

>> No.54016088

>This type of "orc"
A green elf with fangs?

>> No.54016322


>> No.54016468


>> No.54016513


>> No.54016515

We need to go back to game shaming.

>> No.54016521


>> No.54016535

That's even better.

>> No.54016539


>> No.54016567



>> No.54016606


>> No.54016607


>> No.54016681

What's the most stereotypical name for a Kurgess-worshiping bodybuilder and wrestler?

Brock Rockfist?

>> No.54016717

Brock Hogan would fit a bit better, Imo. And yen have him talk about his ancestor who went by the name "Hulk."

>> No.54016765

Bighuge Bicepgainz

>> No.54017002

Shelyn is a fat slut, praise Naderi!

>> No.54017005

Got to mix some Cena in there someplace. Maybe add "The Unseeable" to it or something.

>> No.54017020

I feel like making the first Starfinder campaign I'll run for /tg/ a bit of a collab project.
That is, toss ideas pertaining to the setting or plot at me and I might include them in the campaign if I find them interesting.
The base idea is that the players will be Azlanti agents (somewhat akin to a spec ops group or a space marine squad) of the resurgent Azlanti Star Empire which seeks to reestablish dominance by means of conquering Absalom Station and thus claiming the Starstone for themselves.
I'd love to hear your ideas that would fit with this base premise, /sfg/.

>> No.54017035

Flint Ironstag
Slab Bulkhead
Dirk Hardpeck
Punch Sideiron
Roll Fizzlebeef
If none of these strike your fancy, look here: https://youtu.be/RFHlJ2voJHY

>> No.54017050

>I'd love to hear your ideas that would fit with this base premise, /sfg/.

Campaign starts with the players either performing a dry run of the Starstone heist, or on an unrelated mission deep in the Vast.

>> No.54017070

Cutting scars are not cute, Naderi!

>> No.54017073


No. Smol & Cuet orc.

>> No.54017133


But anon, how's an orc supposed to be cute if she doesn't have big muscles and mighty tusks?

>> No.54017163

>Campaign starts with the players either performing a dry run of the Starstone heist,
I think the beginning of the campaign is way too early for that.
I've been imagining this as a game being a special task force within the military.
That is, they're tasked with performing critical tasks such as disabling defence systems on a planet before a full-scale planetfall, assassinating key officers, boarding big ships and taking over control to tip the scales in a fleet combat, etc.
Actually seizing the starstone feels like a culmination thing. The endgame goal.

>> No.54017168

She's tiny enough to be the little spoon when cuddling.

>> No.54017183

>I've been imagining this as a game being a special task force within the military.
Fuck, I can't type.
Meant to be:
>I've been imagining this as a game about the players being a special task force within the military.

>> No.54017202

You try to hiest the Startstone Temple, and as soon as you get there you see an Anunaki walking off with the stone through a portal.

As soon as he leaves, suddenly Qlippoth start pouring into the temple.

This will be later in the campaign. The early part of the game will feature the party geting comissions and contracts to investigate disturbances in the Drift, where you'll find stuff pouring out that seems to be stuff from thousands of years ago, including ancient Azlanti artifacts. Also, Abadarcorp may suddenly mobilize to try to secure a giant Key-shaped structure that's floating in the middle of the Drift

>> No.54017264

Hm, that sounds decently interesting, I'll think about it.

>> No.54017278

Early on the players are caught red handed doing something very nasty for the glory of Azlant and prepared for interrogation. Whether during or after the capture process a devil in the guise of your generic black suit business man gives them a deal they can't refuse: He busts them out of the situation and they are soulbound to him until he decides to call of the contract (he never intends to). Now players have to balance working of the Azlanti Star Empire, the devil to whom they are contract bound and whatever personal agendas they have while keeping the devil a secret from the empire and desperately finding a way to invalidate the contract. AND THE PROM IS TOMORROW!! And of course the devil never appears as a representative of the same race twice.

>> No.54017294

So what IS the Azlanti Star Empire?

>> No.54017327

The result of a forgotten colony of the original Azlanti empire being left unchecked for millenia.

>> No.54017359

Well, remember how Azlan had colonies across the stars before the Aboleths dropped the Godrock on their continent?

Apparently some colonies finally got together, reorganized, and reformed their stellar empire, and are going around reconquering their old territories.

Basically, a knock-off of the Imperium of Man, which in turn was a knockoff of the Imperium from Dune

>> No.54017374

All we know is that the Azlanti Star Empire is interested in expanding across the Vast until they become a galactic superpower, if not a universal one. It is currently unknown where they are stationed, but it is confirmed that the Star Empire's arrival into Pact World space is fairly recent, First Contact having only occurred 50 years ago.

However, as >>54017327 notes, the Azlanti were deeply interested in interstellar colonization before the Veiled Masters brought death to Golarion. Akiton has a few Azlanti colonies that, while mingled with the natives, are still viciously proud of their heritage, and the Moonscar is in fact a result of what could be Proto-FTL by Azlanti on the Moon itself.

>Basically, a knock-off of the Imperium of Man, which in turn was a knockoff of the Imperium from Dune

I thought the Imperium of Man was a knock-off of the Galactic Empire from Asimov's Foundation series?

>> No.54017419


Do Azlanti characters still get a +2 for every ability score?

>> No.54017421

Considering Dune was what had the God-Emperor, and was the original basis th 40k ripped a lot of its tech, psykers, themes, and even the FTL from, I'd say its probably more like the Imperium in Dune

Basically, 40k started as a joke/spoof of Dune, then grew out of control and started to take itself too seriously.

>> No.54017517

Brock Hardbeef or Thad Thickslab

>> No.54017548

A group of not!Youtube celebrities are hijacked on their way to a convention and have to fight, steal and scrape their way to freedom.

>> No.54017629

>a FAQ was leveled about this
Ah, fair enough, I didn't know that there was a FAQ Errata that specifically changed things to disallow combining the two. Odd, considering the RAW, but I can see how it's overpowered, so it's understandable.

>> No.54017650

Might not want to wear a robe as a bloodrager, though.

>> No.54017660

A bit late, but , you also have to deal with the fact that PFS scenarios are balanced around the lowest common denominator, aka a decently build character will crush them, and most of the players there play at PFS's expected level, so anything even low-op will be derided as overpowered and munchkin (Reminder, these are the guys that derided synthesist as OP and got Crane Wing, Jingasa, and Quick Runner's Shirt nerfed to the ground).

>> No.54017711

Unfortunately it also means you can't be an incredibly hot headed Red Dragon Fire Primal crossblooded sorceress who can claim her great grandaddy was a magma dragon. Such a shame...

>> No.54017899

>Skulls and Shackles, but in space
I'd play it.

...Shit. Skulls and Shackles in Space could be pretty nice.

>> No.54017998

I think most reasonable GM:s can be persuaded as long as the combinations aren't blatantly broken, desu. Especially if you show what broken shit you can make if he doesn't let you go with the less powerful but more flavourful and thematic combo.

>> No.54018008

I want this, I need this.

>> No.54018040

This brings up a question. How do you play a hot-headed character without falling into the usual pitfalls? A lot of people just take it as an excuse to rush in to everything, ignore reason, and generally leeroy jenkins.

>> No.54018104

Well, in this case it's simple. You're a sorceress. With a blast spec. You'll be staying in the back basically at all times. Anything with a brain cell would do that.

>> No.54018186

How do you play an alchemist healer build?

>> No.54018200

It'd look a little silly but it would certainly do more good than harm. Plus, it's not like there are many useful body slot items for martials in that price category.

>> No.54018225

>Be an Alchemist
>Take the Infusion Discovery and buy a few relevant wands
>go do regular alchemist things, because "healer" is not really a role, just something you happen to do

>> No.54018235

Use your superior craft skills to make antitoxins, CLW potions and extracts, etc, quickly and cheaply. Plus I think there are some discoveries and an archetype that goes in that direction.

>> No.54018253

Hot-headed but cowardly. You don't mind picking fights, but you prefer when others fight. You'd be surprised hos common it is.

Also, hot-headed does not mean stupid, and may lead to you doing stuff you instantly know was a bad idea.

But I recommend the first approach. It's a common trope.

>> No.54018317

But as a bloodrager, you probably want some proper armor, mithril plate if steelblooded, or some adamatium chain or something otherwise.

>> No.54018354

>tfw you give up on Pathfinder

>> No.54018356

Actually, with the adventurer's armory 2, what with the nimble armor modification, you could, in theory, get Mithral Full Plate with ACP-0. though if my math is a bit off, you may need that armor expert trait...

>> No.54018394

Y'all got any more of them... details?

>> No.54018565

>looking at kineticist stuff
>a level 8 void kineticist, using only 1pp materials, is capable of interplanetary travel
>Ring of sustenance in order to avoid having to eat or sleep
>No Breath in order to avoid breathing and have the ability to survive in a vacuum
>Gravity Control to be able to actually move around in a vacuum (albeit slowly)
>Eyes of the Void and Eyes of the Void, Greater to be able to actually see without any light

This is so stupid, but it makes me want to play a Kineticist Astronaut

>> No.54018569

My math was indeed wrong. Without class features and the like, with the nimble modification, the lowest you can bring full plate ACP to is -2. Sorry about that.

>> No.54018590

Any nigger that can use clw wands counts as a healer. Its a fucking waste of resources to use any other way to heal hp damage past level 6.

>> No.54018591

Just buy a Mithral Celestial Full-Plate. It counts as light armour and is great overall.

>> No.54018603

Or play a high level Spheresinger and you can do it without being about as useful as a wet paper towel during rain.

>> No.54018605

The problem with that is that some tables might not let that slide. But I do agree that Celestial Plate is fucking amazing.

>> No.54018639

Can you apply power attack or deadly aim to maneuvers that use skill checks in place of attacks rolls? If so, do you get around the to hit penalties because it technically isn't an attack roll?

>> No.54018653

A spheresibger has to be at least level 16 in order to get those benefits. Kineticist Kosmonauts can do it at level 8. I could concievably do this in a game

>> No.54018680

You can choose to take a –1 penalty on all melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks to gain a +2 bonus on all melee damage rolls.

If the damage you get from a maneuver is a MELEE DAMAGE ROLL then you can apply power attack, bonuses and minuses alike. Only way around this is Furious Focus where the first attack in a round does not have the penalty applied.

>> No.54018743

So I've been mulling over a bloodrager as discussed earlier, and I'm thinking of a single level of Crossblooded Sorcerer with the Shapechanger and Verdant Bloodlines, for the arcanas and the first bloodline power of the Shapechanger bloodline that will let my hands/claws count as a size category larger (obviously combined with Enlarge later).

For the Bloodrager, I was thinking of the Shapeshifter Bloodline, with the Rageshaper Archetype, but I am considering Crossblooded again, to take a better lvl 1 power (Aspect of the Beast is meh, but I get claws which I guess is nice). But not sure if it's worth it.

So we're looking at an Unarmed (if Crossblooded) or Clawed (if Shapeshifter only) Bloodrager. What can we do to capitalize on this? I'm open to replacing the Verdant Sorcerer Bloodline if necessary, and I haven't really vonsidered races yet, because I want it all to fit together a little, as thematic concept matters to me.

>> No.54018771

To be clear, it does not count as light, it just has penalties as if it was. So if you don't have heavy armof prof., you're kinda hosed.

>> No.54018797

The ACP on that is -0, making proficiency irrelevant, as non-proficiency in armour merely doubles ACP.

>> No.54018812

>Penalty for wearing armor you're not proficient with is ACP as penalty to attack rolls
>Mithral Celestial Plate has 0 ACP

>> No.54018884

Medium armor proficiency, actually. Also >>54018797 >>54018812.

>> No.54019033

If becoming a cosmonaut is all you aim for, yes.

>> No.54019034

Aren't Full-Plate heavy in PF?

>> No.54019058


Yes, but one of Celestial Plate's special qualities is that it counts as Medium Armor for proficiency purposes.

>> No.54019203

Dayum. Celestial and Mithral should probably be mutually exclusive.

>> No.54019402

I'm more interested in the Cyth-Vsug write up in the new Ironfang chapter.

>> No.54019434

Celestial Armor is a specific magic item that is chainmail, so if you're somehow getting a full-plate version of it you're already in custom magic item/houserule terrritory, in which case the DM can give you the look to cut that shit out bitch. If the anon is referring to the Celestial Plate Armor item that's on Nethys but not d20pfsrd, that's because it's a damn 3.5 item and so typically isn't allowed by default in PF games.

>> No.54019533


>> No.54019551

Look at the source, it's from one of Paizo's 3.5 modules.

>> No.54019571

You said it's not on pfsrd. :^)

>> No.54019617

With the Primalist Archetype, you can switch out the mostly useless Aspect of the Beast that you'd get as a bloodrager on 9th level, taking Lesser Fiend Token for a Gore attack.

If you start as a half-orc, you can get yourself a bite attack, too.

>> No.54019633

How scumbag would it be if I PMed my character idea to the DM rather than post up a big-ass backstory?

>> No.54019647

Not really scumbag, but depending on the DM the results may vary.

>> No.54019712

One big question is whether to go Blood Conduit or no (and if going for Natural Weapons instead of unarmed, if the DM will allow you to use those - he really should).

>> No.54019723

That's a different anon you're replying to fag, and still doesn't address the main fucking point of it being 3.5 material. I didn't see it before because it's only there if you click the link for the list of specific magic armors, I was just doing a find on the magic armor page itself (which also has specific magic armors listed). Probably isn't listed there because again, IT'S MATERIAL FOR A DIFFERENT GAME.

>> No.54019745

Why would you do it any other way? A backstory is only really between you and the DM. Players shouldn't know everything, especially if there's things that should be kept secret, unless there's an established relationship between characters.

>> No.54019750

Why don't we just do this from now on? DM wants to run a campaign, yet instead of having the app circus like it's been this past year they ask you to PM the concept, maybe a backstory if you feel the urge or the need.

I'd go so far as to say this helps the players too, since now you only know anon is playing a soldier-man, and through dialogue you learn they were conscripted into the service or some shit. Characters who are expected to know each other will know each other through post-decision discussion in the campaign thread, while otherwise it's in the dark.

>> No.54019971

>the party has no connection to each other at all

>> No.54019991

I kind of prefer parties like this.

>> No.54019998

They don't have any connection to each other at all during the application process, either. I thought duo apps were considered a faux pas around here.

>> No.54020018

But some concepts only work with a duo app. Like a tsundere Witch and her beleaguered bodyguard.

>> No.54020019

Throughout the application process, people typically stitch together certain characters who are likely to be picked.

>> No.54020033

Aaaaand the DM can't do that, either? I thought shipping was one of the great cancers of this board.

>> No.54020053

Not just this board. Everywhere. Yet people still love it.

>> No.54020059

Since you get two rage powers, take Bloody Bite, too, to make those tusks bleedy.

>> No.54020061

Dozens of pairs of eyes looking for interesting connections works better than one pair.

>> No.54020087

So what do we actually want? A low-key yet smooth application process where we discover who is playing what when the DM announces picks, or the shipping circus that goes on each time someone makes a halfway popular game?

>> No.54020094

If they do, that's up to the players and the DM getting the appz appz appz. No need for others to know of that shit. Nothing changes.

>> No.54020137

The way I see it, shipping is more of an inevitable law of the Internet. You won't be stopping it no matter how hard you try. I suppose the only way is to take the best of both worlds: serious, non meme apps, and if the observers want to ship, sure. But said shipping won't have any imp act on the actual selection process.

>> No.54020176

You can stop shipping wars by hiding the application process.

>> No.54020183

Except in this case we can absolutely curtail the cancer by doing what people should already do and send their fucking appz to the only person that matters, the DM.

>> No.54020201

How does one even play as an Oni

>> No.54020206

Oni-blooded Tieflings!

>> No.54020212

>Play oni-spawn tiefling
>Get huge
>Play up stereotypes

>> No.54020219

Does it occur to you that people enjoy this process?

>> No.54020234

Anyone have any suggestions what to couple with an Aegis in a gestalt campaign? I enjoy hitting things rather hard. I'm also one of those sad few who more often than not dislike full casters. rolled well on stats 18, 16,16, 15,14, 13.

I'm not used to this whole gestalt thing, but, my group and GM are super into it. Which has left me struggling to try to combine classes to do interesting things.

Pretty much anything from the OGL is possible.

>> No.54020242

Given all the bitching and shitposting, no. I don't think anyone but legitimate attention whores who have no place on 4chan of all places, enjoy it.

>> No.54020264

I didn't know these were options. My next character is set, time to get red lads

>> No.54020267

If you want to have fun memeing up characters, why don't you wait until the DM announces the character selections and get hype through that? You'll be excited for characters that actually got in.

>> No.54020309

Sir, have you looked into the Warder?

>> No.54020312

What we've seen is the natural evolution of the format presented by the RotJR selection process.

Public Applications
Reviewanons giving Deconstructive criticism in the threads
Self-shilling to make one's application more popular
Shipping to further "increase the chances" of getting in.

All of these things have led to what we are, and all should be curbed. Public applications and reviewanons could be fixed easily by PMing the DM the full application or backstory, and maybe putting a simple version for other players to jump off of if they want to integrate ideas, and fully ignoring any and all reviewanons. DMs should be more willing and open to review their applicants instead of this guessing game of what they want for the tone and party. Shilling and shipping should be shunned, but they are an inevitability of both anonymity and the internet as a whole.

As an aside, it is interesting to see that there's some relation to thread popularity and success at getting in a game, though not absolute. It might be threads influence DMs, or it might be that the apps that end up getting successful become popular because of their quality.

>> No.54020330

That's basically what happens with LoBaF, and I enjoy that a lot more than I enjoy the carnival of shitposting that accompanies big games like Overlewd and Ensoulment.

>> No.54020343


I truly wanted to, but, one of the other players already is using the class. I love the path of war classes immensely.

>> No.54020360

What about the Zealot? Fits with the plasmic armor of the Aegis.

>> No.54020368


Aegis goes well with pretty much anything that's not going to be a "primary" caster.

>> No.54020391

Vigilante stalker?

>> No.54020403

This might sound wild, but throwing out backstories entirely and just posting your concept and a synopsis to the DM could even be healthier for your roleplaying experience than writing up a huge five-paragraph tale of your character's past. By all means, have a solid idea of who your character is and what made them who they are today, but you shouldn't have to write a 12 page backstory to do it.

>> No.54020408

>Become friends with GM before we started playing Kingmaker a year ago
>He orders commissions of NPC's, and all of the party, and his GMPC
>Never does my character at all
>Now he's getting group pictures, which all seem to be other characters
What even?

>> No.54020422

This is exactly what I've always done when I recruit for games. Talk to the people, ask them about what they want to play, what they like about the game, etc., then distill a party from everyone you talk to. I care WAY more about the player being decent (or at least appropriate) than their character having some "good" backstory or app.

Honestly, I didn't really hang around here until ROTJR and when I saw the format they were using for roster picks, I knew it was going to be a mess. Time has only proven me right.

>> No.54020426

5 paragraphs really isn't much and is hardly 12 pages.

>> No.54020435

I have a different option here. There's a feat I think that allows you to stack barbarian DR with Aegis DR. So I propose Invulnerable Rager Barbarian. It may not be an initiator, but you will be tough as fuck.

>> No.54020448

But only the one pair actually counts for anything.

>> No.54020458

>There's a feat I think that allows you to stack barbarian DR with Aegis DR.

>> No.54020474

I was taking a jab at Derrin, you silly head! Imagine if Disk just sent the DM the maymay arrow synopsis of her character backstory and a brief overview of what she do and how she do. Derrin would have just as much chance to get in from that as she would from a 12 page saga that basically tells us the same thing 12 arrowed sentences do.

>> No.54020475

Sounds like you need to point this out to him.

>> No.54020498

>tfw I've gotten into 3 games that I app for on the last day because I've been working on it and so no one has time to meme it
Shilling is a shit meme.

>> No.54020499

The issues is you need to go pretty in depth to figure stuff like that out. Not to mention most people here are pretty decent when they're not being anons i.e when their actions have consequences.

>> No.54020515

The feat "Raging Hulk." Look it up.

>> No.54020535

Well, I would never call it a perfect process. But it's a hell of a lot better than the current standard.

>> No.54020545

No. I also don't care if some do. It's shitposting cancer that is largely unrelated to Pathfinder, the purpose of the thread. Create an appz/celebposting namefag central general or something if you absolutely cannot contain your circlejerk.

>> No.54020563

>celebposting namefag central general
Frankly, this is like the antithesis of what 4chan should be.

>> No.54020572

Funny you should say that, but we used to have an Original Character General (/ocg/) that was actually fairly active around here. The General lasted for a month until someone made a Discord and 80% of discussion moved there.

>> No.54020608

>one of the other players already is using the class

>> No.54020682

So, not decent people at all, just utter faggots that only pretend to be decent when there's prestige in it? This kind of posing bullshit is why we're anon, and all the namefagging celebshit is fucking that completely, which is why I hate you.

>> No.54020724

I've seen a lot of bad players that come off perfectly fine throughout discussion in standard Roll20 player apps. I'm honestly not sure if trying to get to know people is actually more effective than trying to glean their personality through their writing.

>> No.54020725

My point exactly. But I'll settle for them just getting the hell out of /pfg/.

Then get the fucking trash into the Discord and keep it there, or fuck off to Plebbit.

>> No.54020770

This. I can acknowledge myself as a bad person but it takes no effort to look likeable if I have to. It fucking annoys me when people defend some of the personalities around here as being good people when you get to know them while seeing how shitty their actions are under the half-anonymous veil.

Personality shit needs to fuck off, but if it's here to stay then it can at least be straight about itself.

>> No.54020791

Is there a way to actually enchant your natural attacks? Rings for your tusks, gilding for your horns, bracers for claws, runic etching into your nails, anything?

>> No.54020797

Actually, I'm retarded
This guy articulates what I was getting at a lot more. Most anons have enough common sense to not make themselves look like huge THAT GUYS at first glance. That generally takes a while to come out.

>> No.54020808

Amulet of Mighty Fists.

>> No.54020825

Amulet of Mighty Fists work with natural weapons and for claws there's the claw blades. They are weird in the sense that they are counted as light blades for weapon groups but are still natural weapons. If you want them for an animal companion with hooves there's Horseshoes of of something or other

>> No.54020828

One of the interesting things I've noted is that in the off-shoot communities of /pfg/, discord, IRC, there is this attitude of "We aren't the thread, we're better than the thread, we don't need the thread, and we shouldn't pay attention to the thread" despite many of those people who say that simultaneously posting in the thread, and the vast majority of the people in those communities having come from the thread. I don't think the 4chan heritage can be cast aside so easily. Many of us came here for a reason, and most of us are bad people in a sense; we can't really escape those facts even if we tout our superiority for "not stooping to the threads level".

Feels like people forgot that they're here forever.

>> No.54020849

That kind if shitposting begets itself. If someone is getting anonymously attacked every time they show up, the only way to respond is in kind or to leave, which is like negotiating with terrorists

>> No.54020886

That shit happens any time you create those kinds of self-selecting isolation zones. I've seen the same kind of cliquish "we're better than those people" attitude crop up in web forums that had IRC channels set up, even without the anonymity we have here.

>> No.54020937

>It fucking annoys me when people defend some of the personalities around here as being good people when you get to know them while seeing how shitty their actions are under the half-anonymous veil.


>> No.54020987

Thing is that terrorists are a terror. Anonymous attacks on 4chan aren't even on the level of cyber-bullying, with cyber-bullying I'll admit that unsolicited personal attacks on you while you're on a network is kind of a dick move. Around here the default is that you don't have a character at all though. Even with character apps in public, a person doesn't have characterization themselves to work with unless they put themselves forth first.

As a general rule I don't shitpost about people myself because all it does is create more conversation about them that I really don't want to be a part of, as much as I hate some of you. Fact is though that, much as you have a right to defend yourselves when you're waving your dicks around in public and someone tells you to put them away, you shouldn't act confused when your pissing on people pisses them off.

What I hate the most is the incompetence of some people who start off defending themselves like they're an unrelated anon before dropping the pretense too many (You)s in because their mother had a helium addiction while carrying. You know who you are fuckers.

>> No.54021029

If you're getting shitposted you don't give them (You)s

It's that simple

How can you be on 4chan and not know this

>> No.54021045

Constant bitching about Rory is almost worse than constant defending of Rory.

>> No.54021051

The thing you're missing is that people are literally getting rejected because of 3rd party opinions of them.

You get enough people saying a thing and the DM won't doubt it.

>> No.54021068

Kawase got into a game playing a copy-paste of a 2hu character so I'm not sure I believe you

>> No.54021131

There's a serious problem if 3rd party opinions of you exist in the first place and carry enough weight for actual consideration. The relevant people should be defending themselves against the DM though, not making it worse for themselves in thread.

I personally don't DM for /pgg/ so my opinion doesn't hold any real weight, but I've never been taken Discord posting here or vague shitposts about a person seriously. If I rejected someone because they raised red flags for me, it'd be because they gave me clear reasons to distrust them. The defense "force" almost always make people look worse than their detractors in my eyes at least.

And hell, even a lot of people who began earning thread ire were smart enough to take themselves out of it. From where I'm standing the worst here are the worst for good reason.

>> No.54021514

Harbinger from Path of War. Have fun killing shit dead

I don't think Rory has even been mentioned in the past ten threads. 's a pretty dead meme

>> No.54021531

Guess what folks? New Starfinder Iconic! Looks like we'll be learning about the mechanic this week. for now, we have a rat with a flamethrower


>> No.54021591

That's pretty rad

>> No.54021753

Anyone know where to find stuff for the Daevic? been searching and just can't find it.

>> No.54021770

So what's the BEST, most efficient way to be a Life Sphere healer, taking into account the Life Handbook? Purchase Font of Life and then grab Revitalize 2x? How much further should one go without ending up a burden?

Pic unrelated

>> No.54021791

Now that's a radical rat!

>> No.54021823

Here's all you need for Daevic. Have fun making a natural-attacking monster.

>> No.54021860

So why does crafting take so fucking long?

>> No.54021905

>We want the Guardians of the Galaxy audience

>> No.54021911

For mundane: because paizo can't math

For magic: so you don't abuse it

>> No.54021948

Hard to say. Font and revitalize are good for maximizing hit points if you're an out of combat healer, but they do it in different ways. Invigorate is good to avoid needing to heal in the first place, and then there's all those things to make healing in combat better.

>> No.54021953

I'll never understand the wonky math on some shit. You would think that for a company that would be the easiest thing to get right.

>> No.54022192

Sooooo my GM informed me that just because I can jump 10 meters high doesn't mean I can land without taking any damage and without falling prone...how can I fix this?

>> No.54022207

Feather fall

>> No.54022222

...any way that doesn't force me to have a wizard in my backpack everytime I need to jump?

>> No.54022228

Ring of Feather Falling?

>> No.54022237

A ring of featherfall.

>> No.54022270

...any way that doesn't depend on magic items? our game doesn't have magic item market nor craft feats.

Ok, should have said this earlier, I'm looking for something like feats, or skill tricks or similar.

>> No.54022276

Be a monk next to a wall when you jump. Also 20 ranks of acrobatics with a skill unlock will get you the ability to never land prone period, whether you jumped or fell.

>> No.54022299

Everytime you made this question in 3.PF:
>how can I fix this?
The only answer is magic, you're a martial? fuck you, you can't.

>> No.54022340

Vigilante, monk or alchemist with rubber body

>> No.54022372

Lying to the poor anon, why?

>> No.54022406

Only if he's past 4th level, and falling while adjacent to a wall

>> No.54022408

Unchained monks get to float

>> No.54022435

Hell, if you're willing to deal with all the chakra bullshit, you can even pull off some wuxia level shit.

>> No.54022452

If he's able to jump 10 meters high (40 long) I think he's already beyond 4th level, and he's also probably a monk already

>> No.54022460

Punching your DM in the nards, or at least making him allow you an Acrobatics check as a homerule.

Or try to quickly throw a grappling hook at something, but honestly he sounds like the kind of fag who would rule it as an action you don't have the time to perform

But yeah, your DM is being an asshole. You should either tell him that, or leave the game. PF does not work well for martials when forced into low-magc

>> No.54022502


Yessss, thank you. was the anon talking about gestalting help, now I'm looking at Daevic Barbarian.

Anyone got any suggestions on barbarian archetypes to turn into a rage monster of natural attacks?

>> No.54022589

New Thread >>54022586

>> No.54022660

It's threads like this that make me think maybe /pgg/ autist was right all along.

>> No.54022721

>Threads like this
What's wrong with it? It even throws in a "this is the Paizo Games General if SFG doesn't remake its thread" and a /pgg/ in the OP, clearly choosing /pfg/ for the logical reason that there is currently a separate sfg up, not even because of the dumb fighting.

The topic and picture are fine, it was made on page 9.

What do you want? A shitstorm?

>> No.54023508

>What's wrong with it?
>Pathfinder General (Paizo Games General if the Starfinder General doesn't make a new thread soon) /pfg/ / /pgg/
It reads like it was written by a 14 year old girl with brain damage.

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