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What are some pernicious fantasy memes?

I'll start:

>Elves are prodigiously accurate with their arrows

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>Dwarves always have a scottish accent.

It's kind of what kept me from playing them.

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How is that harmful in any way? Their racial power is literally 'If you missed, roll again' so they ARE super accurate.

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>Orcs are always dumb savages that rape and pillage

Then again, the noble savage thing is equally true as well so I guess no one wins.

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If anything their mountainous homelands, fine craftsmanship, and love of beer should make them German.

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A few minor tweaks and they could be russian.

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Hell, let's just make them Romanian.

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>Inb4 "DWARVES ARE JEWS" /pol/ memespouting

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>DnD garbage is all of fantasy

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What if dwarves were Roman or Greek?

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Tolkien based his Dwarves off Jews and Lord of the Rings is the biggest influence on modern fantasy you retarded memespouter.
>Tolkien also elaborated on Jewish influence on his Dwarves in a letter: "I do think of the 'Dwarves' like Jews: at once native and alien in their habitations, speaking the languages of the country, but with an accent due to their own private tongue...

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I want more Tolkien orcs. Smart enough to make functional weapons and armour, but so hateful they don't bother putting any effort into aesthetics, and they have a massive inferiority complex that leads them to hate everyone, including themselves. They have excellent medical knowledge but they mostly use it for torture and what healing arts they do have do nothing to relieve pain, and are just meant to get the injured back to work as fast as possible.

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Yeah but Tolkien wasn't racist and /pol/ memesters are and just want to derail the thread with ((((jews)))) memes.
I hate /pol/niggers so much.

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I knew they were industrious but didn't realize they had advanced medical knowledge as well

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You are derailing this thread with your stupid off-topic opinions, not /pol/. Fuck off. Stop getting angry at things that "might happen".

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Gods and demi-gods get called silly things like mage, sorcerer or wizard. Worse still, they buy into it and make use of those titles.

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>3.PF is all fantasy

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It comes up when Merry and Pippin are captured by the orcs/uruk hai, and one of them (can't remember which) is forced to drink a healing potion of some kind. It tastes awful and makes Merry (?) feel sick, but does the job and gets him back on his feet.

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>I don't want /pol/ to derail the thread
>So I'm derailing the thread screeching about /pol/ derailing the thread
Really fired up my synapses.

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Stay mad cuck

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>professional armies fight with non-magical swords and armor
>magically have spears, not full polearms if their enemy is known for powerful cavalry
>any other weapon is class/racially niche no matter what the unit is

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I honestly wish it were limited to dnd and it's knock-offs, but that shit permeates fantasy like nobodies business. Bullshit magic that can be used to mind-boggling effect and all implications of that fact clumsily brushed aside, ignored or, worse yet, forgotten. Sometimes, it's even painfully clear that the author wishes they had never given characters access to that much power, yet who the fuck held a gun to their heads and made hem write that casters could slay armies with a whisper?

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I knew it! go back to /pol/.

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Ya, this always pissed me off. I mean how hard or expensive would it be to equip your dude with enchanted shit. Why is it that no one makes use of even basic protective enchantments?

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>call some people niggers
>get offended when you get called a cuck
Name one /pol/ tier opinion that's been stated in this thread. You can't. You just decided to shitpost about a board you don't like for no reason.

You've successfully derailed the thread now. Just know that you did this, not anyone else.

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>mountains in Germany

I mean I guess, but you're thinking more of Austrians, or preferrably Swiss.

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>I vant tae suck yer ale!

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They should be Yorkshiremen.

>Mining and Industry
>No nonsense and dour folk
>Strange accent and language

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You forgot


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Are Dwarves often portrayed as inbred?

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Yorkshiremen are

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Go far away from any place and you'll find people think they're inbred.

>Actually inbreeding is becoming a problem but that's due to high levels of Pakistani immigration that refuse to fuck outside of the community and tribe and the high rate of genetic deformities are actually of remarkable concern.

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How's that relevant though? He was listing their similarities to Dwarves.

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not how accents work

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>not Chinese
>ancestor focus
>stone soldiers
>fucking beards

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So, Orcs are Germans?

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Prussian Orcs?

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Tolkien orcs represented the worst aspects of the industrial age and capitalist/materialist philosophy.

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I prefer Mongolian.

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That's dumb.

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You should read A Practical Guide To Evil.
I mean, the orcs are cannibals instead, but they're not hurr durr retards. They're a people trying to overcome a systemic oppression to rise up the ranks in the evil hierarchy.

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>Fantasy Races being analogous to any human culture

If you are going to put non-humans in a game put some effort into making them unique, otherwise whats the point. Like in this >>53992361 that's just a green mongol, its pointless.

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>Fantasy races having a single culture
Culture should vary regionally, not by species. Adjacent nations that hated each other tended to be more culturally similar than nations that were far away from one another.

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>Fantasy races are "species"
This is a really annoying one.

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>I mean how hard or expensive would it be to equip your dude with enchanted shit

Assuming a permanent enchantment and not hiring out spellcasters to slap on temporary shit, +1150k per armor/shield and +2300k per weapon, and that's for just a barebones +1, the numbers get much bigger much faster if you want anything fancy.

For comparison, a nonmagical longsword/heavy shield/chainmail set costs 185 total.
Numbers pulled from D&D 3.5. Too lazy to try and work out numbers for hiring spellcasters for temporary enchantments, but unless the spells can hit multiple targets at once it's still gonna be pretty pricy.

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>human "race"
This one always pissed me off

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>The desert kingdom is Arabic.

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Hence why professional armies would be able to do it, kind of by necessity.

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The cold northern kingdom is vikings

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>taking the bait this hard
Unless that typo was intentional, in which case good show old sport

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>All the white people, regardless of what culture they are based off of, having English accents

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>All humans speak the same language.

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>dwarves live underground and/or in the mountains

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I don't exactly follow how "this shit is super expensive compared to not getting it" leads into "that is exactly why large armies would be able to afford it"

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Maybe on their elite troops, but you're not buying hundreds of that fucking armor. Those costs stack up quick.

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Unless it's a low-magic setting, wouldn't major nations hire mages to give enchantments to a commander's equipment at the very least?

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Its a stupid argument that goes against whats really happened in history.

Only elite troops and nobles get the best equipment, everyone else get the most cost effective stuff.

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Dudes in metal armor somehow slaying fire breathing dragons with a sword.
A sword.
Against things that can fly, have scales harder than steel, and attack at great distance.

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A commander sure, but anon seemed to be referring to the army at large.

Also, took a peek at the spells for temporary enchantments, they are single target spells, so unless there were mass versions in splatbooks, you are gonna need an entire division of casters to actually have enough spell slots to cover the rest of the army. On the plus side, assuming you want a meaningful duration (hour/level instead of minute/level), you'll be getting a higher bonus than just +1 as long as your cheerleader squad isn't minimum level.

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I don't really mind most of this stuff if it's pulled off with a little thought, but
>each new society encountered during an adventure has to be wackier and more alien than the last
>in really goofy but shallow ways that don't influence how its members behave
really wears me down

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>Magic users are universally omnipotent

I feel a lot of this is people conflating the mechanics of a game with the narrative aspect of a setting.

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That's something that's actually based on the origin of dwarves, at least.

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>Humans are the only race with any cultural or physical variation

or alternatively

>Humans are exclusively Feudal European societies

>Gnomes existing at all, in any context

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To be fair, most would-be dragonslayers would probably be stocked up on specialized equipment for the job.

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anti-/pol/ autists are infinitely worse than '/pol/' posters. Let people tell edgy jokes.

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Even then, it usually seems like an asspull
>hurr da one super magical sword dat can slay da ebul dragon

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First-cousin marriage in the Middle East is a horrible demographic issue. Their rate of retardation and birth defects is multiple times everyone else's.

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Nah, at least Germany (used to anyways) value aesthetics. Their WW2 outfits were sexy as fuck

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>Patrick Stewart grew up in Yorkshire
Captain Picard is now an acceptable dwarf character type,

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>Any non human race's entire backstory relies on "I am a _____"

Seriously when was the last time a dragonborn's backstory didn't revolve around him being a dragonborn, or a tiefling's being something about being a tiefling

Human can fit anywhere, You were a bandit, you were a noble, a city guard, a wizard's apprentice, an acolyte serving the god _____, a person desperate enough to sell his soul to a devil. Humans never need to mention that they're human in their backstory, but for some stupid reason EVERY other non human character seems to think that them being a special race makes them super interesting when really they're just boring as fuck

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Funny enough, I am writing up a setting that has Greek-Dwarves.

Honestly, not that much different. No fucking idea on the accent though.
Lots of drinking, partying, fucking, etc. But they still have the mountain and the forging/production thing.

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What the fuck is with that picture?

>> No.53995017

This isn't even the same autist we usually get. That guy has some genuine skill. This guy seems like he might be on the spectrum, no memes.

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I like it

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Yorkshire is best dorf accent, Warhammer proves it so.

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/pol/niggers believe they are so subtle, but I know what are your TRUE colors.
I am not going to let you destroy my board.

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>Goblins are either hyper intelligent jews or pants-on-head retard savages with a courage deficiency

>> No.53995058

English has so many Greek root words that it's pretty much just intermittent vowel pronunciation and syllable emphasis errors.

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I like Gnomes, fight me.

>> No.53995071

Explain and share an example

>> No.53995075

But it's always their enemies who destroy things.

>> No.53995098

That's what THEY want you to BELIEVE.

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I should really hit up youtube for some sauce then.

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What's wrong with gnomes?

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OP I don't like having to look up what 'pernicious' means. Plz stop.

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More than one sapient species exists at the same time.

Pre-historically they would have genocided each other until one was left. The only exceptions to this rule are "A WIZARD DID IT" and they are physically different to the point they do not occupy the same ecological niche and cannot survive outside of it (merfolk, dwarves)

>> No.53995202

Not such a problem in Fantasy where we, more often than not, have a "young earth" situation. Races are often created, protected or messed with by Demons, Angels, Gods and Great Old Ones.

>> No.53995209

What's right with them?

>> No.53995217

They don't to have exactly the same niches.
Both Elves and Dwarves have a tendency to live in environements not easily usable by humans.

>> No.53995234

Wow someone's never done anything with a wild west setting.

>> No.53995246

Originated on separate continents too far away for early travel.

>> No.53995255

Just like Abos

>> No.53995256

>Christopher Columbus sparks a holy genocide the size of which can only be imagined in horrified awe

Wait... that happened in real life.

>> No.53995276

Pratchet Dwarves are kinda Jew like

>> No.53995283

Strength increases damage.

Oh, sorry, meant
>Strength increases damage

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In my custom setting the main Dwarven empire is very roman inspired. It's a pretty good fit:

Largely infantry based armies
Ancestor worship
Stoicism is considered a virtue
Engineering and stoneworking skillz

>> No.53995287

Yeah except they were modern humans, which means you're ignoring my whole
>too far away for early travel

They got their somehow, that somehow just no longer existed.

>> No.53995290

Give them a more masculine version of Yiddish ?

>OOY VAY, the goyblins are attacking !
>activate the Golem !

>> No.53995345

Any sane kingdom, faced with the economics of giving 1 guy a 5% increase in protection and fighting skill or outfitting 20,000 men with decent equipment (based on the numbers provided by >>53993032 ) would choose the latter.

You might end up with a situation where nobles/officers, who buy their own equipment have weapon and armour enchantments

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They were in the Polish 'Wolsung' rpg. Including all secretly longing for a return to not! nazism.

It wasn't the most self aware game.

>> No.53995370

I like Russian accents for my northern Dwarven kingdoms and Scottish for the few further south

>> No.53995381

I have found people's general reactions when you make a nonhuman with an actual backstory is "You could do the same character as just a human!" You make the nonhuman element integral and they cry "Your character's only interesting because of your race!" I suspect these people just hate nonhumans and seek a reason to detest them.

>> No.53995410

>"You could do the same character as just a human!"
That's an issue with the setting's humans.

>> No.53995415


>> No.53995447

Unless every race is completely alien and unique, nearly every concept is interchangeable between them. If they are all alien then your race will dictate your character, leading back to the original problem.

>> No.53995448

You mean literally disease killing the natives and Columbus cleaning house on the remainder?
If you want to know why the east coast wasn't full of Native Americans when the Puritan colonists got there, it's because they were already fucking dead of disease. Most of the native population in North and South America was killed by disease alone, to the point where it might as well have been systematic biological warfare instead of continents colliding.
There was basically nobody to resist, because everyone was dead, dying, or trying to figure out what the fuck had just happened to everyone else they knew.

>> No.53995450

Go OD yourself with your autism meds

>> No.53995454

Is this the same fucking butthurt kike every time?

>> No.53995461

>What the fuck is with that picture?
OP was hoping to start some shitposting, but /tg/ is oversaturated with /pol/ garbage so the actual topic is more interesting.

>> No.53995529

Nah that's an issue with humanity being too broadly defined and generic. If you're going to have multiple races there should absolutely be something to distinguish humanity.

But yes, if all of your races are just different colors of paint on the same human shell then there isn't much for you to do there.

>> No.53995588

What's your alternative? Arboreal transgendered insectoid elves? Burrowing hiveminded armadillo dwarves? You'd have to move very far from human for basic concepts to no longer be applicable.

>> No.53995617

Well for one, maybe not the 2 most common humans but totally not we swear races out there?

It really depends on what your system will let you get away with, but one of the easiest if just to have a race without hands. Maybe a weeb harpy sort of affair, maybe something more tame like literally any quadruped. I'd love to see a society with no means to use let alone manufacture tools end up identical to humanity.

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But that's not true.

>> No.53995630

But Europeans suffered just as greatly from disease. It's a two way street.

>> No.53995646

> cut the thongs round Pippin's legs and ankles, picked him up by his hair and stood him on his feet. Pippin fell down, and Uglúk dragged him up by his hair again. Several Orcs laughed. Uglúk thrust a flask between his teeth and poured some burning liquid down his throat: he felt a hot fierce glow flow through him. The pain in his legs and ankles vanished. He could stand.
>'Now for the other!' said Uglúk. Pippin saw him go to Merry, who was lying close by, and kick him. Merry groaned....
>When he had forced a drink from his flask down the hobbit's throat, cut his leg-bonds, and dragged him to his feet, Merry stood up, looking pale but grim and defiant, and very much alive.

Keep in mind that it's temporary. Once the draught wore off, Pippin instantly was drained of his strength and collapsed again.

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>Maybe a weeb harpy sort of affair, maybe something more tame like literally any quadruped. I'd love to see a society with no means to use let alone manufacture tools end up identical to humanity.
Those weebs do it all the time. Goddamn degenerates.

>> No.53995707

That won't really stop the existence of harpy nobles, quadrupedal barbarians, or many of the backgrounds you'd see with a human. They'd need to be psychologically alien as well as physically different for the claim "well you could've just been a human" to stop being true.

>> No.53995723

I remember there being a part with a description of orcish medicine related to this bit. Might have been in a letter or appendix.

>> No.53995776

did orcs invent meth?

>> No.53995796

Why would a bird like society have nobles? They be migrating and such, no time for settling down, means no time for feudalism. Likewise that literal a dog barbarian culture is probably going to play out different than a group of human barbarians.

>> No.53995820


Maybe. Remember Tolkien drew a lot from his experiences fighting in WW1, and late in that war the British troops were given speed aka amphetamine (though mostly they were given cocaine instead, amphetamines got popular in WW2) to keep them awake for days during critical battles. It was also responsible for a lot war crimes, specifically killing of soldiers who surrendered. Because when you're hopped up on amphetamines, and you haven't slept for the last 13 days, and people have been shooting at you for over a week, you aren't in the best state of mind.

>> No.53996000

I kinda thought they were based off Muslims
>live in their own communities in Human cities
>traditionalists wear black, identity-concealing robes and go on suicide missions
>uproar over women starting to behave like the locals

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File: 1021 KB, 1680x1124, bowerbird-9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most birds don't migrate, like how most humans aren't nomads. Wealth and security are valuable to anything that cares for it's survival. Social stratification arises in anything sociable. I don't think harpy nobility would be all that unlikely. Even if they didn't have it, as long as they're intelligent, individualistic beings their social structure is probably going to resemble something humans do too, because ultimately these things aren't specifically human, they're just logical.

>> No.53996048

You're dead, Pratchett.

>> No.53996145

>Likewise that literal a dog barbarian culture is probably going to play out different than a group of human barbarians.
The prevailing theory is that we domesticated dogs precisely because both their hunting tactics and social structure played out a lot like our own. They just couldn't throw pointy sticks like us.

>> No.53996159


Aye maybe it'll do for some soft southern "hill" dwarves.

>> No.53996171

>CN Gnome Rogue
Shoot her on sight
Burn then the body

>> No.53996181

Well even more the reason to make them migratory if you're trying to make them distinct. As for the rest of your post my only disagreement is that you're equating nobility to all social hierarchy.
Lastly if something is going to be playable by a human it will end up familiar enough for a human to understand it (or be a terrible idea). The point I'm trying to make is that humans in the setting need to be given some distinguishing place much the same as the other races included as opposed to just being there.

If you're running a game and humans can be summed up as european vaguely high middle ages hodgepodge. Making another race act as southeast islanders would mean that by the settings definition they couldn't just "do the same character as just a human!" because humans draw on different cultural roots, values, etc.

And if they're based on/similar to a much more ancient humanity that still separates them from the setting's humans.

>> No.53996202

>And if they're based on/similar to a much more ancient humanity that still separates them from the setting's humans.
Does it? Your setting's humans have absolutely no nomads left? Even modern day still has these people running around.

>> No.53996246

>being a fag for yelling at common tropes

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>Yeah but Tolkien wasn't racist
He was an average FUCKING WHITE MALE who lived prior to the 1960s, by modern day standards he might as well have been a goosestepping Nazi.

You know shit's fucked up when paraphrasing Charles de Gaulle ruins you.
>We [French] are still primarily a European people of the white race, Greek and Latin culture, and the Christian religion. […] Those who advocate integration have the brain of a hummingbird. […] Arabs are Arabs, the French are French.
>t. Charles de Gaulle, Supreme Commander of the Free French and first president of the Fifth Republic

>Nadine Morano, of the right-wing The Republicans party, could be barred from standing in regional elections in December over her remarks [describing France as a country of “white race”], in which she also said France was a “Jewish-Christian” country.

Keep in mind that Charlie here was a contemporary of Tolkien and described an opinion that was only controversial for how progressive it was (actually acknowledging that black, yellow and brown people could inherrently be French, albeit in small enough numbers).

>> No.53996272

In the context of our imaginary pretend setting that already doesn't represent reality...yes. I don't see how this discussion could possibly include historic fantasy.

>> No.53996285

Tolkien wasn't an ethno-nationalist. He despised apartheid when it was common for those of a conservative nature to support it (which is doubly interesting since he was born in South Africa), and felt that 'coloureds' should be treated with dignity and respect. Mild sentiments like that actually puts him ahead of his contemporaries, unfortunately.

>> No.53996303

>armies are entirely armed with swords
>even though are more historically accurate and make more sense because there cheaper to make easier to use

>> No.53996356

>Tolkien wasn't an ethno-nationalist
Neither was De Gaulle. He was a civic nationalist who actively worked together with the first black governor in the French colonial empire. He just didn't fit the racial norms we have today, namely that Europe is for everyone and that native Europeans don't exist.

If you told Tolkien that the English are of white race, of Anglo-French culture and of Christian religion, he'd agree with everything (except maybe the French part, considering he was a tad bit butthurt over the Norman invasion). He wouldn't tell you that native Englishmen don't exist and England is for everyone. And that makes him a racist by modern norms.

>> No.53996361

>not meticulously building cultural progression of every race from their most primitive state, necessitating the inclusion of nomads
Well that doesn't sound very fun

>> No.53996362

If we disliked every story written by an asshole we wouldn't have lovecraftian horror

>> No.53996373

it's fine to like these assholes work because they've been long dead so fuck em, they aren't getting rich off the ideas anymore. victimless crime if not a bit morally iffy

>> No.53996419

Actually he wouldn't agree necessarily with that first part 'of a white race', he specifically stated in his letters he didn't believe in the 'scientific doctrine of 'race'. So that's very much an up in the air assumption that you're making on his behalf. He certainly despised the segregation of languages in South Africa as much as the segregation of 'colour'. The man loved languages, but he wasn't a purist about such things, and often took a long view. He knew that cultures weren't static, that demographics and languages shifted with populations, and he thought that the evolution of languages and their cross pollination with each other was a natural and interesting part of it all, and trying to resist that was unnatural and ignorant and often a source of great evil in the world.

He didn't give much of a damn about the politics of 'whiteness' in any regard, and explicitly said as much repeatedly.

>> No.53996450

Posts like this is why /his/ will always be terrible. Contain yourself.

>> No.53996484

Warhammer Dwarves specifically have Yorkshire accents.

>> No.53996486

>He was an average FUCKING WHITE MALE who lived prior to the 1960s, by modern day standards he might as well have been a goosestepping Nazi.
He wrote a letter to nazis denouncing the aryan ideal as bullshit, pointing out and holding pride in his own mixed ancestry and calling the jews "a gifted people". He was as far away from a nazi as you could be.

>> No.53996541

Not to mention his entire Literary career was pointing out that there is no unified "White race" and that the idea of "The English" can be broken down even in Modern day to several distinct cultural groups.

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File: 117 KB, 504x533, Dj+hitler+_b500af0641a2303d6337ebfad15e7a98.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't put this on us, we're actually good at shitposting. I think this one's just a pic unrelated.

>> No.53996662

Go get disassembled by a truck.

>> No.53996700

>Tolkiens entire career and the motivation of LoTR was to go against the Norman-Influenced litariture at the time and bring back the Anglo-Saxon roots many people in England have


I mean do you not even see the irony in your /pol/ tier sutpidity, where they say "The Eternal Anglo" and then think "German Aryans" are amazing?

>> No.53996705

Put the /wbg/ down for a minute, and calm down.

>> No.53996724

>He wrote a letter to nazis denouncing the aryan ideal as bullshit
Oh god that letter is actually fucking hilarious.

>> No.53996729

I don't understand the aggression anon

>> No.53996744

Righties don't like it when their Brietbart-sourced worldview is challenged with actual reality.

>> No.53996798

He was right, there is no unified white race. Not yet anyway

>> No.53996807

It's radical progressive fuckheads who think Tolkien was a racist. The right wing knows that that's just ridiculous slander. Stop pretending otherwise you mong

>> No.53996856

>Not yet

As a Yorkshireman, I find little brotherhood with London shitstain "Englishmen" let alone the dirty huns across the channel.

>> No.53996883

Otherwise, it seems like the kind of thing that leads to an "invincible army".
If every army outfits variations of 5%-25% of their army in expensive enchantments, then assume that a quarter of that falls into enemy hands in every lost battle, the chance is there for a single army to reach the point where many of their troops are decked out in some kind of magical gear.
It creates an interesting rift where your "strongest" units, are also the ones you want to keep the safest, because every +1 you lose in a battle, is a benefit to your enemy. I could see enchanted bows and other ranged weapons that aren't likely to be appropriated by the enemy slowly being phased in over time though.

>> No.53996989

You don't even know what I'm saying. "The Eternal Anglo" is literally a meme that we make fun of because it portrays Mosley as being some sort of vampire thirsty for German blood, which makes literally no sense because Mosley was a fascist. You're low-information. Go lay down in front of a truck of peace and get emptied like a tube of toothpaste.

>> No.53996999

Fucking LMAO, Breitbart is owned by Jews, moron. Go do ten seconds of research before you spew more Chunk Wigger talking points.

>> No.53997033

>Go do ten seconds of research

>Conceived by conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart during a visit to Israel in mid-2007 as a website "that would be unapologetically pro-freedom and pro-Israel",[13] Breitbart News later aligned with the European populist right and American alt-right under the management of former executive chairman Steve Bannon.[14][15] The New York Times describes Breitbart News as an organization with "ideologically driven journalists" that generates controversy "over material that has been called misogynist, xenophobic and racist".[16]

>Bannon declared the website "the platform for the alt-right" in 2016,[17] but denied all allegations of racism and later stated that he rejected the "ethno-nationalist" tendencies of the alt-right movement.[18] One of Bannon's coworkers said he wasn't referring to Richard Spencer but instead to "the trolls on Reddit or 4Chan."[19] The owners of Breitbart News deny their website has any connection to the alt-right or has ever supported racist or white supremacist views.[20] Breitbart News voiced support for Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign,[16] and political scientist Matthew Goodwin described Breitbart News as being "ultra-conservative" in orientation.

Gosh, this sure sounds like a Rightie news organization, maybe it takes more than 10 seconds of research to find whatever you're trying to point me at.

>> No.53997071

>trusting wikipedia

>> No.53997105

Well not really mate, the equipment would be recovered more than likely by the army that was using it, since its too valuable to just leave there for an enemy to loot. Unless you literally kill a dude, field strip him as he's falling to the ground dead, and then sprint off saying "peace niggas, I got me a magic sword" there is very little chance that the valuables of the few casualties your magic army has are gonna end up in the hands of your enemies.

This is assuming that you win the skirmish against normie armies and there shot armor of course.

>> No.53997116

desu if the alt-right said that the sky was blue I'd check wikipedia before believing them.

>> No.53997127


So what IS a right-wing news source if Breitbart isn't?

>> No.53997130

So yes, it is owned by Jews you fucking idiot. But go ahead and spew more memes like an illit- oh my fuck that's literally just sourced from Wikipedia. You genuinely only did 10 seconds of research. What the fuck man, no way was anon being literal. Jesus

>> No.53997144

That speaks volumes about you and the state of your mind, rather than saying much about them to be honest.

>> No.53997153

>So yes, it is owned by Jews you fucking idiot
Perhaps you should try explaining the part where being owned by jews somehow makes it not "the platform for the alt-right."

Unless this is supposed to be some sort of jewish lizardman keikaku doori to destroy the right from within.

>> No.53997180

The right has made a policy of running what amounts to nationwide gaslighting in order to keep their butts where they are in the government, taking their statements at face value is a fool's bet.

>> No.53997187

And here we see /pol/tards in their natural habitat, shitting up every board but their own. as usual their mating cries drown out any reasonable discussion of the type of thing the board is made for, and their mindless drivel lowers the intellects of all nearby,

>> No.53997189

Why are you all posting in an obvious troll thread?

>> No.53997191
File: 32 KB, 1131x525, columbian exchange - diseases.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But Europeans suffered just as greatly from disease. It's a two way street.

Before regular communication had been established between the two hemispheres, the varieties of domesticated animals and infectious diseases that jumped to humans, such as smallpox, were strikingly more numerous in the Old World than in the New. Many had migrated west across Eurasia with animals or people, or were brought by traders from Asia, so diseases of two continents were suffered by all occupants. While Europeans and Asians were affected by the Eurasian diseases, their endemic status in those continents over centuries resulted in many people gaining acquired immunity.

By contrast, "Old World" diseases had a devastating effect when introduced to Native American populations via European carriers, as the people in the Americas had no natural immunity to the new diseases. Measles caused many deaths. The smallpox epidemics are believed to have caused the largest death tolls among Native Americans, surpassing any wars and far exceeding the comparative loss of life in Europe due to the Black Death. It is estimated that upwards of 80–95 percent of the Native American population died in these epidemics within the first 100–150 years following 1492. Many regions in the Americas lost 100%. The beginning of demographic collapse on the North American continent has typically been attributed to the spread of a well-documented smallpox epidemic from Hispaniola in December 1518. At that point in time, approximately only 10,000 indigenous people were still alive in Hispaniola.


>> No.53997243

Oh man, them goalposts are so fast.

>> No.53997517

I didnt say yorkshire as a geography, sillybean.

>> No.53997525


>> No.53997554

It is the elusive black ninja removing her disguise.

>> No.53997614
File: 1.06 MB, 1920x1080, 1337181414930.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

French. Sophisticated, snooty and often seen as arrogant from the outside. Often ridiculed as feminized and cowardly, but can be surprisingly fierce in battle.

Swiss. Reclusive mountain folk with a very decentralized culture (based around clans/cantons) that nevertheless maintain a shared identity. Fierce warriors, but more often hired as mercenaries than involved in war themselves.

Brutal, ferocious, uncivilized, on the verge of eradicating the Elves and unfamilliar with anything other than despotic rule. Ottomans sound like a good fit.

The Dutch, no explanation needed.

I probably missed out on a lot of major races, but that's what comes to mind right now.

>> No.53997639

Elves are so immensely fucking french.

>> No.53997760

Why is that pernicious?

There's nothing wrong with having a fantasy race of people with keen senses and superhuman hand-eye-coordination. If you perceive this as harmful then I'd question your perception of the idea and of the fantasy genre itself.

Like half of the things people often complain about in fantasy here, this seems to be more about /tg/ memes than the genre as a whole.

>> No.53998551
File: 9 KB, 198x254, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53998590

> his dorfs arent Germanic

Lük at zis scheißenplëben

>> No.53998730

In settings with magical transport (i.e. teleportation), a lingua franca makes way more sense.

>> No.53998799

When humanity is the dominant race/species and everybody else is relegated to The Elf Kingdom or The Dorfs Mountain, being outside your milieu often requires justification - why is Urist Dorfboner not living in his hole with the rest of the stunties?

>> No.53998912

Indians. Few, often portrayed as mystical, and put on a piedestal as living close to nature.

Finnish. Insular, rarely speak (except to yell unintelligible gobbledegook), stubborn, immune to cold, permanently drunk and unkillable.


Australians. Short, hairy thieves.

Japanese. Highly intelligent, hard-working to a fault, rigid culture, and small.

>> No.53999026

Gnome samurais, i need this in my life.

>> No.53999315

So much of this.

>> No.53999648
File: 1.08 MB, 2172x1000, veche.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Britain, would be lawful neutral Skaven.


>> No.53999650

>[fantasy race] is a stand-in for a real-world culture
>[fantasy race] only has one culture

>Orcs are always dumb savages that rape and pillage

I actually like that one because I like my monster races to be monstrous. I'm saving up for some metal minis of orcs with boar-like heads at the moment. Warcraft memed orcs into being noble savages. The orc chapter in Volo's Guide to Monsters was a refreshing read in this regard. All I have to do is figure out how to un-cute kobolds and goblins so that empathising with them is more difficult

>> No.53999727
File: 61 KB, 1079x821, 1486604797077.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I had to name defining traits for fantasy!Brits, it'd be the following:
>Extreme classism, unquestioning loyalty to the monarch and nothing but distaste for the lower classes
>Every class spits on the class below it. Home owners spit on rent faggots, rent faggots spit on the homeless, the homeless spit on the shoeless
>Trade oriented, borderline jews
>Maybe some naval focus
>Inexplicable hostility towards the fantasy!French, whoever they may be
Do the Skaven fit that?

>> No.53999834

>Inexplicable hostility towards the fantasy!French, whoever they may be

>William de Normandie
>Hundred years war
>English hostility towards the French is inexplicable

Frogs are just as hostile to Le rôti de bœuf. At this point both the French and English agree that it's more like harsh banter than actual hostility

>> No.53999926

All of those things fit like a glove.

>> No.53999967

The only thing that doesn't is 'unquestioning loyalty,' but then again, all skaven have that to the Horned Rat.

Also, skaven would never tolerate durkas.

>> No.53999999

You don't have an underempire as large as the skaven without having a bit of a pest problem.

>> No.54000078

>one race is far more technologically advanced than the others
>live in the same areas as them
>equipment is shared with other races
>none of the other races can figure out the magic behind blowing up a pellet in a hollow rod to send it flying really fast
I can accept one race being more intelligent and being the main drive of progress and innovation. But when all the other races are too stupid to even make those things function its a bit ridiculous. Once they see how things are constructed or have access to it, the other races should have been able to reverse engineer at least a large portion of it.

>> No.54000115

>orcs are a mighty warlike race constantly training and getting fighting experience
>they're just cannon fodder for everyone else to slaughter easily

Orcs should be a frightening combat force, why are they always low level grind mobs?

>> No.54000186

Is this the sexy new horseshoe theory?

>> No.54000190
File: 6 KB, 252x243, skaven I wonder whos behind this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Praise the Horned Rat

>> No.54000421

Muh invincible heroes mostly

Also Tolkien orcs were a head or two shorter than men, hated sunlight, and were possibly even weaker in individual strength. The advantage they had was mass production and cleverness with machines for siege engines

>> No.54000447

The thing that especially pissed me off about Tolien's were
>a group of literally non-warriors
>explicitly state they're not warriors
>casually go up against an army of orc warriors and get through unscathed.
its just complete stupidity.

>> No.54000498
File: 86 KB, 384x313, s4dTtBy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's just a media in general trope, but also because Eru Iluvitar wills it

>> No.54000553

Half of Germany is dominated by the Northern European plains. Scotland is far more mountainous than Germany.

>> No.54000684

Tell that to /v/ and /tv/

>> No.54000695

yorkshire is best at everything

>> No.54000718


>almost every posts says they should be something different.

This is why I love dwarfs. Sturdy, dependable folk, stoic in their ways like so many, yet more adaptable to different settingsthan many do think.

>> No.54000748

This is something that happens with any fantasy race around here. Also dwarves always end up with the same stereotype.

>> No.54000762


Meh, if north American civilizations had gotten to the level of euro ones, they'd have more disease too. That's what happened in ancient cities, people picked up diseases from the myriad of livestock that was omnipresent in old cities. The only major difference between both civilizations was that the Americans had fewer varieties of livestock, and even if no people from Europe managed to bring disease, the diseases would have traveled with the animals.

It's not like it was really biological warfare to begin with, but it was debatable as to whether it was intentional towards the end of the "genocide"

>> No.54000830

>on the verge of eradicating the Elves
You know that the French and Ottomans were allies for more than a few centuries, right?

>> No.54000975

>centaurs don't have texan accents
Why even live

>> No.54001003

Who're the Russians of fantasy?

>> No.54001113


>> No.54001123

The Russians.

>> No.54001271

To my understanding, the relatively small group of people that crossed to America combined with the cold environment they crossed through (which reduced the number of diseases they carried) had a pretty big impact, as did their comparatively small overall population even at the time of contact during the age of exploration. I mean...

North America 9.54 million sq miles + South America 6.89 million sq miles = 16.43 million sq miles

Africa 11.73 million sq miles + Europe 3.93 million sq miles + Asia 17.21 sq miles = 32.87 million sq miles

So the old world was pretty much exactly twice as big, it had been populated for significantly longer, and was arranged latitudinally as opposed to longitudinally, meaning that it had long climatic zones for things to flourish and spread in. And, of course, it had more domesticated animals and a much higher urban population.

But I don't think anybody is implying that the spread of disease was purposeful warfare (I mean, there was a little -- small pox blankets and all -- but I think that was a drop in the bucket), only that it decimated native American populations (not by killing one in ten of them as the word suggests, but more like killing all but one in ten of them) and left them open to conquest.

>> No.54001339
File: 1.38 MB, 245x275, charlie.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I the only one who prefers fantasy settings where racial boundaries are less insular and cultures are multi-racial? Like while there can be nations or societies that are predominantly one race or another, there's no great "dwarven empires" or "elvish kingdoms."

A less homogeneous approach opens up doors to a lot more interesting settings than "thar be dwarves" and frees players from the racial boxes that strict rules on racial history or culture may impose upon them.

inb4 /pol/ ree-ing about multiculturalism/diversity boogeymen

>> No.54001411

Do you have dwelfs, gnaflings and so forth?

I think distinct races are useful stereotypes that help people grasp the setting, just like classes help people grasp what characters are about. I'm not saying it couldn't be interesting another way, just inherently more complicated and therefore requiring more time and focus to grasp.

>> No.54001540


>mystery meat morass

>> No.54001541

>Do you have dwelfs, gnaflings, and so forth

When I'm in charge of the setting, I usually rule it so that when two people of different races reproduce, the resulting child actually leans so strongly towards the mother that they're effectively the same race as the mother, with only superficial traits inherited from the father. Keeps it simple without needing to think up of all the possible half-breed races that could exist, while still explaining why entire races wouldn't essentially breed themselves out of existence in cohabitation.

Borrowing from D&D, half-orcs and half-elves are justified with those races just being exceptionally compatible with humans.

>> No.54001566

Makes sense.

>> No.54001621

I did khazalid+swiss german for my dorfs. Gives me an actual vocab and accent to work with.

>> No.54001653



>> No.54001736

All the best campaigns I've had have been with restrictions on what race and class you could play. Was more coherent and the story made more sense.

For instance if you're doing a campaign with a bunch of asshole questing knights sworn to a human lord from a human kingdom, it makes no sense for one of them to be a half elf monk or some shit. Then again the whole mishmash party of varying classes, backgrounds and races saving the world form xyz evil has gotten really stale for me. Everyone getting drunk while playing haughty, racist human noblemen on a quest to prove they're not total fuckups to their fathers was much more amusing than saving the world from some evil for the twelfth time.

>> No.54001843

Accessible and convenient magic systems in settings that still use conventional weapons.

Always preferred magic to be mysterious and dangerous to dishing it out left right and centre.

>> No.54001860
File: 22 KB, 250x296, smuglovecraft.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the Deep Ones are just simple degenerate brutes
Only those waiting to go into the sea

>> No.54001897

>Chinese dorfs with an even bigger hardon for black powder

I can dig it

>> No.54001914

Fae/elves-monarchal france
Gnomes-Napoleonic France
Goblinoids-Khanate Mongolians.
Dragons-Occitan. Individualistic and haughty.
Deep Speaking races-colonial era Portuguese/Dutch
Abyssal races-Chinese
Infernal races-Hebrew
Undercommon users-Spanish late colonial/early modern era
Orcs-russian resilience and language, ottoman organization when unified, arbitrarily hate the warbands/clans.
Gnolish-mix between maori and zulu. At first glance no culture barbarians but they do have something there and something brutal.

>> No.54001946

>Everyone getting drunk while playing haughty, racist human noblemen on a quest to prove they're not total fuckups to their fathers was much more amusing than saving the world from some evil for the twelfth time.

Black and white, rigid distinctions between race/cultures certainly have their uses in a fantasy setting, and the campaign you described sounds great. It sounds like the kind of thing that'd have to be agreed upon by everyone first, like "hey would you all want to be human knights, alright cool."

I've always been much more drawn to the mishmash parties, the motely crew of people from disparate and ordinary backgrounds brought together by extraordinary circumstances. I like seeing the wizened monk and the paladin zealot bicker about whether a monastic or sacred oath is the proper path to righteous enlightenment, before realizing they're more similar than they think—cross-class interactions like that. And it doesn't even have to be about "saving the world from evil," it can be smaller or more personal goals (and I like that more), whether they're shared by the party or they're all helping each other. I like giving my players lots of options for their characters, seeing the way they bring them all together (especially with a strong Session Zero) makes me and them all happy, because we're just those kinds of players.

>> No.54001967


>> No.54001976


>> No.54001984

justify this

>> No.54002060

I like how you went on and on about the /pol/ boogeyman, writing 3 complete paragraphs about it. but never ONCE(1), you actually talked about what exactly opens up.

So kill yourself, you memeloving fuck.

>> No.54002102

It started out as sort of a joke oneshot and grew from that because somehow everyone really got into their characters and the interactions they had between them. That was the first campaign I was legitimately sad a fellow party member died.

I've noticed games with some restrictions on what you can or cannot play (doesn't have to be totally draconian) makes it easier on the DM rope in why these characters would meet each other any why they would work with each other to achieve their respective goals.

>> No.54002141

>three sentences is three complete paragraphs


>> No.54002145

Because you ate all of them

>> No.54002163

Really showed me.

>> No.54002211

Hey man, if you wanna be upset that some guy on a taiwanese abstract art board prefers multiculturalism in his fantasy worlds, you be you.

>> No.54002217

>still no arguments
Why won't you just die?

>> No.54002245

I don't like it because it either a. Makes the setting homogeneous and boring, or b. Makes having fantasy races completely redundant.

It's okay if say there is one major metropolis where all the races mix (and clash), but they should still have native homelands with distinct cultural boundaries.

>> No.54002266

I'm not the guy that inb4'd your ree session, if you want his reasoning, you'll have to convince him you're worth talking to.

>> No.54002307

>I'm not the guy
You might just as well be, otherwise there is no reason for you to reply to me. So again
>still no arguments
"isbetter because it is" is as far as both of you are capable of thinking.

>> No.54002403

pointing out salty /pol/fags is its own reason

>> No.54002410

That smacks of a lack of verisimilitude though. An entire setting where nobody emigrates from one region to another, seeking a better life because the other region doesn't have any of their specific variety of race? And in this setting there's not a single border town, or small trading hub, or spice caravans?

>> No.54002473

I usually do various Scandinavian accents. I'd do Russian but for some reason, I can't keep it up without slipping into other accents. My last GM made a Jamaican dwarf NPC, we loved her.

>> No.54002477

Not on /tg/ where reports have value, also I don't give a fuck about /pol/, I'm not American so I don't care about trump.

I do care about tree loving people hanging around with nature destroying humans and orcs.

>he has no arguments
>no opinions
>his whole purpose in life is to be retarded on 4chan on a sunday evening while fighting an invisible enemy that doesn't exist anywhere else but his own mind

>> No.54002566

I'm not fighting anyone, I'm just pointing out someone that's mad enough about someone daring to mention multiculturalism that they call three sentences talking about it three paragraphs of 'going on and on about the /pol/ boogeyman'.

>> No.54002581

Did you miss my second sentence? Mixing is okay as long as it's not "the norm" in the setting.

It's much more interesting to see a dwarf living in the elven homeland with an unusual reason for being there vs. there being a large amount of dwarves, humans, and whatever so that seeing a dwarf in elfville is not even worth mentioning or noticing.

>> No.54002613

Nobody. Specified. Dnd.

The game blows, dont base your entire understanding of fantasy off of it

>> No.54002633

One time there was a dwarf in the party, this didn't happen. Still loved the fuck out of booze though. Had one of his quest rewards be a chest just filled with a buncha different types of booze, the player loved it.

>> No.54002648

>I'm just pointing out
>for 20 minutes straight
Damn, that tiny brain of yours must be trying hard if it takes you that long to point something out. And you are still blabbing about /pol/ like the idiot you are. It's like its the only think inside your head.

>> No.54002653

>Nobody. Specified. Dnd.
Except for the guy that dug up the 3.5 costs of doing it, which is where that quote chain was from.

>> No.54002671

I'm not the one that got feisty because someone pointed out he thinks sentences equal paragraphs.

>> No.54002677

>I've noticed games with some restrictions on what you can or cannot play (doesn't have to be totally draconian) makes it easier on the DM rope in why these characters would meet each other any why they would work with each other to achieve their respective goals.

This is absolutely true, definitely. A multicultural setting/party definitely takes some finagling to explain why they're together, but that's why a strong Session Zero is especially important in that case.

>but they should still have native homelands with distinct cultural boundaries

Totally, distinct races have to originate from somewhere. When I say I like multicultural fantasy settings, I'm not saying that each race loses their culture completely. It's more about the freedom for the players (and the DM) to create NPCs that aren't beholden to one land or culture, or are able to deviate from that land or culture without it being weird or taboo. Not everyone who wants to play a dwarf wants to come from a lawful mining/forging kingdom in the mountains, for example (and that's just the Player's Handbook suggested lore), and I think it's unfair to punish them for that. A dwarf may still have background knowledge of mining and stonecutting and all that just because it's a part of their culture and history (and a racial trait), but they're just not beholden to it, y'know?

I don't think it leads to homogeneity, though, or at least, it leads to no less homogeniety than having racially insular settings. It's just that instead of a "dwarven kingdom" you have a "mountain kingdom" with a strict orderly society and a booming industry of mining and smithing, but characters of any race could come from it, and maybe it's majority dwarf or maybe it's not.

>> No.54002725

That's right, you aren't. You are the boy that got feisty because someone else thinks sentences equals paragraphs.

Also congratulations, this is the first time you managed to avoid mentioning /pol/.

>> No.54002774

Second time actually. Third if you apply the radical thought that mentioning multiculturalism isn't automatically referring to /pol/.

>> No.54002856

I think it does refer to /pol/, considering that's what the original poster thought. Glad you calmed down, so maybe now we can stop having this senseless conversation until someone that actually has an important opinion on the subject arrives. Carry on, witch hunter, may your life one day shine.

>> No.54002948
File: 1013 KB, 1440x1435, 1497310397538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>considering that's what the original poster thought
I took the spoilered part more to mean he knew the /pol/ infestation would leap all over it. Which, hey, >>54002060 looks an awful lot like. Which is how this whole conversation started.

In any event have some draconic baking.

>> No.54003051

Orcs are giant hulking beasts who love fighting more than anything else. They constantly beat each other, and when they aren't busy doing it, they raid and pillage nearby villages and towns.
However, orcs love fighting, not murdering. If you kill, cripple or seriously injure your opponent, he will never be a satisfying opponent again. Actually killing a sentient creature when it can be beaten into submission and befriended instead is a greatest taboo for an orc. Their own fights are ritualistic or sports-like in nature, and they go to great lengths to avoid serious and long-healing wounds. They are also very knowledgeable on a subject of human (or orc) bodies, can keep it in peak condition and produce one of the best healers in the world. When they steal villagers after the raid, that is not because they want to take them as slaves, but because they accidentally broken some peasant bone and are obligated to make sure they heal properly before returning.
Of course, not every problem can be solved with bare hands or non-lethal weapons, and orcs do have a lot of enemies because they still are aggressive and constantly attack everyone. Disgraced orcs who want to repent for some serious transgression reject the joy of fighting, take up arms and spend all their time learning to murder. They form elite squads of experienced and well-equipped fighters, dealing with threats that have to be killed in order to protect the tribe.

>> No.54003058

Dude... that's from fucking Middle-earth. The fuck are you talking about 3.PF for?

>> No.54003114

>"Dwarves are Scots because of x, y and z."
>"Dwarves are Germans because of x, y and z."
>"Also fine."
>"Dwarves are Russians because of x, y and z."
>"Dwarves are Jews because of x, y and z."

>> No.54003161

I guess fucking Tolkien was a / pol/ memespouter.

>The dwarves of course are quite obviously - wouldn't you say that in many ways they remind you of the Jews? Their words are Semitic obviously, constructed to be Semitic.

>> No.54003188

Really activated my almonds.

>> No.54003214

Is this pic meant to be The Last Supper?

>> No.54003381


>> No.54003609
File: 214 KB, 663x498, Napoleon-et-fils[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Gnomes-Napoleonic France

>> No.54003700

>no japan
Shit setting desu

>> No.54004664

>Not Montana
It's like using know who the horse people are. You stereotyping cunt

>> No.54005226

I'm still coming up with more. Likely going to be bug or bird peoples.

>> No.54005260

>still some of the traits of their elven cousins left behind
>but much more organized and determined and industrial
>obsessed with individuality but forced into order by the threats surrounding them

>> No.54006205


>> No.54006465

>Everything they say confirms their worldview of themselves as the greatest people on Earth
>Even their humour lacks any real self-depreciation
>Constantly making up petty bullshit about enemies and friends alike
>Comprehensive system of internal honour while outsiders are treated like dirt
>They have tons of subjugated clans that they seem to disrespect, even while outsiders can barely tell them apart from the ruling clans
>Insanely corrupt

>> No.54006488

>Hundred years war
Anon, England started the hundred years war.

>> No.54006684
File: 36 KB, 363x619, Gylegoblin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

in D&D too similar to halflings
if done well absolutely nothing

>> No.54007664


>> No.54008280
File: 482 KB, 2172x3862, 1494104300111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm stealing this, thanks. Have an orc rock climber.

>> No.54008636
File: 18 KB, 100x235, CockatriceDisapprove.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>posts an elf
>calls it an orc

>> No.54008671
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A friend pointed that out to me actually, here's an actual orc

>> No.54008772

Centaur Sandy Cheeks is all i want

>> No.54008801

>fantasy is good
thats the biggest one

>> No.54008846

>>[fantasy race] is a stand-in for a real-world culture
>>[fantasy race] only has one culture

Piggybacking on this, I dislike it when humans are the most diverse.

>> No.54008963

Because they have thick Russian accents.

>> No.54010177

It doesn't matter who started it when it lasts 116 years. The point is hostility from that conflict is residual.

>> No.54010490

>it was common for those of a conservative nature to support it
Tolkien wasn't conservative though, and neither was he a progressive. He described himself as either an anarchist or unconstitutional monarchist, and the latter more because he thought it would do good to get rid off the illusion that the government carry out the will of the people.

>> No.54013047

In a positive sense, he considered Jews a gifted people and was pissed off about German ancestry inquiries.

>25 July 1938
>20 Northmoor Road, Oxford

>Dear Sirs,

>Thank you for your letter. I regret that I am not clear as to what you intend by arisch. I am not of Aryan extraction: that is Indo-Iranian; as far as I am aware none of my ancestors spoke Hindustani, Persian, Gypsy, or any related dialects. But if I am to understand that you are enquiring whether I am of Jewish origin, I can only reply that I regret that I appear to have no ancestors of that gifted people. My great-great-grandfather came to England in the eighteenth century from Germany: the main part of my descent is therefore purely English, and I am an English subject — which should be sufficient. I have been accustomed, nonetheless, to regard my German name with pride, and continued to do so throughout the period of the late regrettable war, in which I served in the English army. I cannot, however, forbear to comment that if impertinent and irrelevant inquiries of this sort are to become the rule in matters of literature, then the time is not far distant when a German name will no longer be a source of pride.

>Your enquiry is doubtless made in order to comply with the laws of your own country, but that this should be held to apply to the subjects of another state would be improper, even if it had (as it has not) any bearing whatsoever on the merits of my work or its sustainability for publication, of which you appear to have satisfied yourselves without reference to my Abstammung.

>I trust you will find this reply satisfactory, and

>remain yours faithfully,

>J. R. R. Tolkien

>> No.54015083

Considering that this was written to a man he knew was a member of the Nazi Party it becomes hilarious.

>> No.54015562
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>I am an English subject

>> No.54015564

Having a backstory revolving around being a tiefling (when tieflings are those descended of fiends rather than a proper race of their own) makes some sense, though. You'd expect tielflings to stick out and be the target of (honestly sensible) suspicion and prejudice, which could help drive them towards an adventurer's life.

But also, I don't know who you play with, but they obviously suck at roleplaying if they do that for all non-humans. I've honestly never encountered that kind of thing except with planetouched races or settings where non-humans (or at least non-human adventurers) are extremely rare.

>> No.54015669

Pratchett's dwarfs were neither Jewish nor Muslim. They do however share some traits with minority religious groups in general - insular, often very traditionalist, often even those looking to assimilate will hold on to some more iconic traditions, and they have a weird respect for the hard-liner ultra-conservatives even as they can't really stand them.

>> No.54015810

Of the Fellowship, four were not warriors at all. Those were the Hobbits, and guess what? They suck at fighting for the most part, although they're good at throwing shit. (Sam using the Ring to fight orcs at Cirith Ungol doesn't count, and he managed against Shelob only through luck/the will of Eru.)
Aragorn is a Ranger - an elite warrior. Boromir is a highly-trained warrior. Gimli and Legolas are both trained fighters - probably less than the two humans, but they make up for it with elven superiority and dwarven grit. Gandalf is literally an angel in a skin suit, so naturally he can fight well.

>> No.54016070
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There was no England and there was no France.

The Hundred Years War was a big punch up between a series of French aristocratic houses over control of certain territories in France, as well as the right of the King of 'France' (basically just the ile d'Paris). When one side had been ascendent, the other was forced to concede, when the other was declining, the shoe was on the other foot. This had been ongoing for centuries.

Stop using 19th century Nationalistic rationalisation of complex socio-political intrigue and conflict at a time when the concept of a nation-state was alien; think of it instead as small bodies of culturally and ethnically homogeneous peoples grouped together roughly with towns and cities acting outside of it under the control of largely alien military aristocrats, all operating voluntarily within a legal and economic framework developed and maintained by monastic houses.

>> No.54019478

i feel like it's intended to be a "napoleon was short" joke

>> No.54019810

The dwarf fortress gnomes are pretty good, in that they're feral, naked, and hairy little mountain men who sneak in and get shitfaced off your booze reserves

>> No.54020052


Instructive post

>> No.54020091

>Orcs are the most culturally and technologically developed race in the world
>Dwarves are a early agarian civilization just transitioning out of hunter gatherer lifestyle
>Elves are possibly not even sentient simply long lived nocturnal tree dwellers about the intelligence of apes
>humans are the precursers and long extinct

>> No.54020252

I played around with this, different species having different cultures and reagions, was a handy way of utilizing concepts witj lots of overlap, for example goblins are the wild ugly little shits typically brow beaten into canon fodder by orcs tribes, Gremlins or "city goblins" are the decendants of domesticated goblins, and tend to look less sickly due to better nutrition and hygine, and have a talent for machine work from what they were trained into, they are still gangly lizardbats. smilarly, halflings, gnomes, and leprichans are all the same species.

>> No.54020332

I feel like deep one culture is criminally under explored, and hostility aside could make a very interesting race for a setting

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