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>Previous Thread: >>53965119
>This week's Monday Meeting Notes:
>Pretend this is a question and tell me about a character you are going to/are playing/wanna play
>>5th Editions Cliffnotes
>>5th Edition actual fucking playtest/survey

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So did that pathfinder fag get sick of trolling /pfg/ and is now trying to fuck with WoD?

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Actually, fuck it, I got a better question:

Have you ever used decidedly NOT WoD/CofD material as inspiration for a WoD/CofD game? Such as a fantasy movie or superhero comics?

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nah, I actually want the threads to not be shit

this is my first time making the thread, sorry if I fucked up

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Get rid of your fucking name then, and next time, avoid weeb garbage. All it does is attract kids who believe anime is the pinnacle of art and media.

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How do we prevent this thread from devolving into magefag circlejerk?

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Too late, you've started it.

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>Played an 8 year Mage campaign where each story arc was a song.

Dealing with the Spiders from Mars was a bitch.

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First off, we need both Vampire and Mage fags to stop being fucking idiots

that's it, that's the only step

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What did A Thousand Years of Night say about Mages?

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Question, do we even have Garoufags?

I feel like I never see any.

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>GM or Player
NWOD (1e) Core Only w/ Moderate House Rules
>Time availability
Every Sunday Noon EST / GMT -5
For PBP All Week
>Text or Voice
PBP, Text and/or Voice during Sessions
>Contact Information
>Additional Information
A Series of one-off missions centered around the International Task Force 'Blessed 21' and the perils they face defending a society set upon by insurrection, terrorism and self-destructive cults.

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Here's the page. Enjoy your half page.

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"Weeb garbage"

You seriously believe he didn't do this on purpose?
Look at the picture again.
Look at it.

He's jacking off right now.

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Werewolf Fags, or Woofs as they are more commonly known, are a much tamer breed. See, they take out all of their rage and aggression when their characters inevitably Frenzy/Deathrage and therefore do not have the frothing madness that the Vampire Fags have due to the Beast always being there, and do not have to hide behind a false civility like Mages.

We also don't have to go around yelling about our favorite game every post of every thread like SOME PEOPLE.

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Is there already a scan of that? I missed it.

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Its true, blood is like my biggest fetish

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The PDF was in the last thread, I cut that single page into a PDF.

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At least you took my advice and changed your fucking name back to normal.

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Most mages *only* control 30-40% of reality.


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It's good art. Much better than the usual western shit.

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Here you go.

A Thousand Years of Night


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If it was something by Takeshi Obata, Katsuya Terada, Sui Ishida, Ayami Kojima, or Tsutomu Nihei I'd say it's comparable to your average western artist.

But OPs image is low effort garbage.

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So, we can all agree that outside of the core three, demon is the most fun to play, followed by changeling right?

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>Question, do we even have Garoufags?

Even though woofs are one of the "Big Three," it sometimes feels like they're treated as second class supes. Heck, they weren't even included as a crossover option in A Thousand Years of Night.

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>I actually want the threads to not be shit
Your first mistake was dreaming the undreamable.

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I'd swap those personally.

I enjoyed the Dreaming much more than the Fallen.

Guess they're going out of style.

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Use an actual WODG thread pic? Have a starting discussion Question?

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I'm not against using images that don't lack the WoDG text on it as long as it is relevant but how the fuck does someone forget the question?

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Wow, I managed to negative my way into disagreeing with my own opinion. I meant I don't think it has to have the text thing

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So I just noticed something in Thousand Years of Night that kinda amuses me

>He just needs to get her out of bed, show her that
the world is still beautiful, and he’s found the perfect gift: a
living Dryococelus Australis, to leave on her pillow tonight.

I know the example character being talked about is supposed to be a entomologist but nigga that vampire just left a fuckin Tree Lobster on his pillow

fucker is gonna flip his shit

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Fallen or Descent? Because hells yeah for Descent, but Fallen sucks my taint.

Honestly I love the world of Wraith but don't care for the overly weepy tone it tries to take.

You're in a darkly fantastic new world, with a new chance for life, ironic as it is, and these asshole specters are trying to ruin it. So grab ahold of one and beat them into a sword which you can use to kill even more asshole specters.


What Question? Here's the other one I made, btw.


Whoever did this has been spending too much time around mages.

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>Dryococelus Australis

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>vampires can become so tied to a place or infrastructure that they have that it becomes something else if doing so would keep them from losing all their power/whatever advantage it would give

Neat. Makes for an interesting way to set up cities with an ancient population

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>Thousand Years of Night

Did anyone notice that the antagonist Deborah (p.124-26) appears to have been created by a mage?

What Arcana would a mage to create something like her?

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>TFW you actually enjoy Demon: The Fallen

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You're not alone anon. I just enjoyed changeling more.

But I also enjoy Dark Ages, so I'm not exactly a paragon of taste.

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Nothing represents the love of ages than giant insects.

>creepy vampires

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I mean, giving gifts like that is cool. I just have a thing against bugs. It'd be even WORSE if he'd, y'know, ghouled the thing ahead of time.

>treel obster as big as a bulldog


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I think that the book was more implying that someone used her as a Yantra at some point rather than created her

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Thanks a bunch. I've been waiting for this book for a long while.

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>I think that the book was more implying that someone used her as a Yantra at some point rather than created her

I'm thinking the creation of Deborah involved some archmage shenanigans, and she was either the subject of the spell or a quintessence with some lasting side effects.

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Maybe it was a unique case because of her already legendary status. Something that couldn't be really done again easily, but similar to the spell Create Fate (Fate 5) which gives out some supernatural merits. High potency due to high desperation/emotions, use on an already legendary figure as a yantra (easily a +3 or +4) and no real desired goal for the spell other than "Make her fucking awesome to kill those vampires"

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What's wrong with Descent?

>> No.53991703

I'm not the guy, but Descent is a INCREDIBLY different game

Its like enjoying apples but then someone buys you a tube of toothpaste because there is an apple on it

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>"Make her fucking awesome to kill those vampires"

An quite admirable goal for any respectable mage.

Anything to help eradicate the infernal vampire infestation should always be lauded and encouraged.

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Well the ones in question were Draugr. Draugr are open season for everyone.

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My reading of it is that she's perhaps some sort of summoned entity. It's the thing that makes the most sense, something summoned up in the form/name of Deborah.

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You realize they're referring to the Arcana right?

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>elder vampires afraid of mortal mages

I already hate the new supplement

>> No.53991989

>elder vampires afraid of mortal mages

From a raw power standpoint, elders are not that much more impressive that regular vampires, and they have some additional weaknesses to go along with their slight increase in abilities. When Rose said that TYoN wasn't going to be an Imperial Mysteries-equivalent for Requiem, she definitely wasn't kidding.

The book implies that the best strategy to deal with mages is not antagonize them and avoid them until they die. The few truly long-lived mages are some of the most dangerous, and should be avoided at all costs.

>> No.53992023

Come on, man. You and I both know that there is every good reason to fear a Mage. After a certain powerlevel, even an Elder's only real recourse is go to ground, wait a couple centuries and hope they either die of old age or ascend beyond the concerns of this mortal plane.

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>she's perhaps some sort of summoned entity. It's the thing that makes the most sense, something summoned up in the form/name of Deborah.

I think she's supposed to be the Biblical Dvora, just enhanced with magic. Note that she also still has a living family, and it's implied that some, including Asher, have some supernatural abilities. The bless/curse cast on her appears to have affected her entire family line.

However, I certainly like the idea that she's some kind of supernal entity or spirit of justice and vampire ass-kicking.

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If I ever run a Mage game (again) I'm going to have this be a quirk of the game. Any time someone uses Forces (or even Matter) to fuck with/make fire they gotta Clash of Wills against 10 dice

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You're a dumbass

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What, it makes for a mildly interesting mystery

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How would a vampire even wait out a Lich?

Some never waste souls and wait til' the last year (apparently mages can push up to 130 years) to regain their years.
Some look the same for all time, at any age, old or young. Others have even moved beyond a corporeal existence.

Despite it not being 'true immortality', I reckon Lichdom entails far more freedom than vampirism.

>> No.53992159


The ability is useless against any sensory fire magic instantly targeting the vampire. The will already be extra crispy as the flames recede.

The vampire is little more than a glorified fire extinguisher, and to an experienced Obrimos or other mage proficient in Forces, the vampire is, at best, a nuisance.

BTW, how effective is Smother against sunlight or gravity...?

>> No.53992175

>it makes for a mildly interesting mystery

Indeed. The slow and methodical vivisection of the leech will be most informative and entertaining.

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Wait for another Mage, disgusted by the Lich, to kill them.

>> No.53992213 [DELETED] 

I wonder who the oldest Mage in history was.

I bet Archmages can live immensely long lives if their obsessions demand such patience.

>> No.53992251


Archmages can easily make themselves immortal, but like many liches, they're not really human any more.

>> No.53992255 [DELETED] 

Archmages can remove the concept of Death from themselves using the Practice of Excisions.

If Imperial Magic deals with Template shenanigans, then Seeker driven immortality is as "true" as Vampirism.

>> No.53992267

>Wait for another Mage, disgusted by the Lich, to kill them.

Playing one mage against another is both smart and a very vampire thing to do.

>> No.53992284


It's also disgustingly easy.

>> No.53992289 [DELETED] 

I suggest the vampire leave the immediate vicinity when it happens though.

Mage duels aren't epic affairs in WoD, they're quick and vicious.

>> No.53992362 [DELETED] 

I don't think Mages much care for casualties either.

Worth the expense, they would say.

>> No.53992399

>I suggest the vampire leave the immediate vicinity when it happens though.

Immediate vicinity? Shit, I'd leave the country, just to be safe.

>> No.53992621

Well on both points it really counts on how prepared the mages both are, and what paths they take

A battle between a pair of Moros who have both protected themselves from their various Arcana might devolve quickly into a battle of "Who can beat the other to death with a Shadow Tentacle" rather quick, while a battle between Obrimos is destined to be a light show no matter which Arcana they are both skilled in

That said, unless its a battle between two Space users, Mastigos is gonna be the most boring of the fight

Thyrsus is a tossup. Despite being the most primal of the mages, it could easily turn into a Proxy War of Spirits fighting Spirits to try and get to each other, or an attempt to try and cripple each other so a deathblow can be struck

Acanthus though is just fucking silly. You could get anything from both mages constantly casting Serendipity to try and get into the right place at the right time to fuck over each other, or you could get a straight up Acme tier battle of dropping anvils and pianos on each other.

Whether you wanna be a vampire watching all of this though I'll leave up to you

>> No.53992633

>I don't think Mages much care for casualties either.

Why should they? They're only sleepers.

>It's also disgustingly easy.

Not always. While most mages will gladly kill a predatory liche, mages are not stupid and generally quite capable of seeing throughs lies, deception and misdirection. Assuming the Wise are mere dupes is a terminally dangerous mistake.

If the vampire's gambit fails, mages have more than ample means to make him regret every single moment of his immortality.

>> No.53992653

jesus, the people in this thread forget real quick that blatant disregard for Sleepers is a good way to become one of The Mad

>> No.53992667

Magefags don't care about the rules of their own game, anon.

>> No.53992736

Just remember that it may not go hot any time soon. Each and every mage holds a nuke and knows damn well that every other mage has one has well. That's why their society is basically built to stop them from going nuclear on each other.

>> No.53992737

>forget real quick that blatant disregard for Sleepers is a good way to become one of The Mad

Did you read the section on the Seers or the Mysterium?

>it's not easy being Wise

>> No.53992771

>Just remember that it may not go hot any time soon. Each and every mage holds a nuke and knows damn well that every other mage has one has well. That's why their society is basically built to stop them from going nuclear on each other.

An armed society is a polite society.

>Don't be rude to your local mage

>> No.53992806

Well, the original prompt just called for "waiting out" the Lich, so we're presuming the Elder in question doesn't need the conflict to go hot immediately. That said, valid point.

>> No.53992857 [DELETED] 


I like your take on Acanthus duels.

>> No.53992861

>Each and every mage holds a nuke and knows damn well that every other mage has one has well.

Some mages can literally go nuclear.

>Don't screw with an Obrimos

>> No.53993720

Does anyone else find the universe of Wraith fascinating or is it just me?

>> No.53993751

Has anyone ever played a Extraordinary Citizen?

>> No.53993769


Sea of Shadows and Doomslayers, man. Fucking mindbending.

>> No.53993826

>Thousand Years of Night includes a decent trans character who isn't just written as such to draw attention to it
>Like ten pages later includes a shitty character whose motivation is trans rage and soul addiction

Did two different writers work on this part? Like did Rose do the first then a different writer work on the second?

>> No.53993888

Or maybe not all Trans characters need to be shitting rainbows and good feels.

>> No.53993900

I concur, but the villainy being 'oh my god fuck the last thousand years of sexist men' feels thin. A trans villain can be villainous with more nuance like anyone else

>> No.53994109

Do they have a section on spriits and the shadow?

>> No.53994129

>Do they have a section on spriits and the shadow?

No, but that's not surprising since vampires rarely interact with ephemeral entities.

>> No.53994130

Any word on Deviant's release?

>> No.53994141

>Any word on Deviant's release?

I believe in one of the recent Monday Meeting Notes that Rich indicated the Deviant outline was just provided to nuWW for approval. I wouldn't expect Deviant to be released for 2-3 years, at the earliest.

>> No.53994157

Eh. There are a few bloodlines. High end auspex. Dragon nests are basically loci or hallows. Elders are more likely to have ended up picking up a trick or two that let's them know they've got a supernatural pervert in their house.

>> No.53994176

Where are those? I must have missed them

>> No.53994177 [DELETED] 

Goddamnit. I've been looking forward to that line. Looks like it'll combine the hunted aspect of Demon and the monstrous aspect of Vampire. And now I get to wait another 2-3 years before release.

>> No.53994201


At least another 2-3 years. OPP still hasn't released Changeling 2e, Hunter 2e, and Geist 2e.

We'll probably hear more about the schedule of releases around GenCon (and then given OPP's tack record, you can add a year or two to any announcements).

>> No.53994424

What i wouldn't do for a leak. Oh well. Until then, pic related.

>> No.53994505

I've been working on an alternate rule for my games. What do you think, /tg?

Suppose you have 2 Dex, 1 Brawl. Everyboduy knows this gives you a 3 dice pool to use on attack rounds.

Well, what if you wanted some variety in your games? What if you wanted to make lower 'level' encounters more challenging, but defeatable? What if you wanted to make gigantic dice pools more scary than 10d10 and getting a bunch of failures randomly?

I propose a system where you can take each die of progression in a pool, be it an atttribute or ability, and raise its level the way you'd buy more dice. Only you don't buy more dice, you buy minimum bonuses for each individual die.

Lets color them. The first die is always red, the second orange, the third yellow, the fourth green, the fifth blue.

Suppose you leveled up your Red Die. It wouldn't give you more dice to roll, but it'd give you a bonus on your outcome value when you roll that specific die, trying to reach or exceed the target number. 10 is an automatic success, 1 is an automatic failure, so it stands to reason someone very intent at their craft could become inhumanly good. Good enough to almost guarantee at least a little success.

So Jerry Canns builds up his Brawl die. Jerry Canns is a teenager rapscallion. He's not a very good fighter when measured against professionals, but he can consistently hold his own for his skill level. Jerry has only 1 Brawl die, but he has ground up 8 levels. If Jerry rolls anything above a 1, he's guaranteed a success. He's just that good. It'd be a massive EXP sink, but it'd also offer some variance in low level characters.

Then you have those theatrically cheesy motherfucking vampires. 5d10+5d10 attribute/ability pools. Each die with a +8; in order to fail, they need to roll a 1 to negate that die completely. All but guaranteed to succeed and succeed with a magnum opus, relative to humanity.

What do you think?

>> No.53994574

Seems like there's no real incentive to level up your die levels aside from "argh-pee" and if you're that careful, then in game encounters aren't such a worry because your players won't bitch randomly about things the ST does so that the game isn't a shitfight.

>> No.53994687

I'm strictly a New World player. What are vampiric numbers like in oWoD? I'm guessing it isn't the 1/50000 ratio of nWoD.

>> No.53994756

Used to be 1/1,000 in olden times, in modern nights I believe they upped it to 1/100,000 although that's a generalization for the camarilla only as sabbat and such are infamous for raising armies out of nowhere and of course a blood hunt by everyone in an area can only root out so many frenzying panders before they become rando caitiff and of course it depends on who is siring because each Prince and Bishop has their own agenda and they regulate who is and isn't considered one of their own and thus protected by society from things like wereshit, huntards, independent ghouls, etc. who all want their shriveled, undead nuts

>> No.53994795

Ah. They ever give percentages for clans? All I know is that there aren't many Salubri/Tremere.

>> No.53994817 [DELETED] 

It's closer to 1/75,000-125,000

Mages are 1/1,000,000-2,500,000
Werewolves are somewhere in the middle of the two.

>> No.53994837

>I'm strictly a New World player. What are vampiric numbers like in oWoD? I'm guessing it isn't the 1/50000 ratio of nWoD.

The Camarilla had an "optimal" ratio of one vampire for every 100,000 people in a given city, believing that this number would be the best way to both uphold the Masquerade (and allow for a certain number of people to "disappear" each year without causing too much mortal upheaval) and give vampires enough space to move around and claim for their own without getting into meaningless turf wars.

Of course, in larger cities, this ratio could be a bit skewed, especially if the city had an uncaring Prince or a weak/nonexistent Camarilla presence. Sabbat cities have more vampires in them in general, but said cities are often Detroit-esque, with failing mortal businesses, poverty, a lot of crime and drug abuse, people moving out rather than moving in, etcetera.

Anarch cities and districts weren't *quite* as bad as Sabbat cities, and if a powerful and respected Baron kept the peace they could even be better than the Camarilla's... but in general, the Anarchs often had a large population of vampires (and a lot of thinbloods and caitiff) that were too large for the more "popular" mortal areas, leading to a lot of vampiric gangwars and vendettas.

But if the Prince of the city was a firm believer in the Camarilla's "golden ratio" (or at least pretended to be), the 1:100,000 ratio could serve as a good guide.

Of course, some communities like the Nosferatu couldn't give two shits about what the Prince said, and would instead just keep whatever number they felt appropriate... meaning that they presented a certain number of Nossies to the Prince, and kept a few others hidden away... just in case. And the nomadic Gangrel just embraced whoever the fuck they wanted while *outside* of the cities where no Prince had jurisdiction.

>> No.53994913 [DELETED] 

Here are the official 'canon' numbers for mages, Ascension wise.

Pretty interesting.

>> No.53994934

How did the Methuselah/Antediluvians feed, anyway? I can't see them stalking street corners, or a conveyor belt of blood packs being set up to their lair. Did they just stop bothering after a while and develop some sort of passive feeding method?

>> No.53994951


>> No.53995026


Yeah, that must be a small math error... I suppose we just make it so that the Traditions and the Technocracy have about 35% each, so that they each "control" around a third of the mage population. That way:


>> No.53995064

Has anyone gotten Building a legend fir beast the primordial

>> No.53995083

>How did the Methuselah/Antediluvians feed, anyway?

In the case of the methuselahs, they usually had large groups of bloodbonded mortals to feed off, or large swathes of blood-bonded childer who brought them mortals.

And in the case of the Methuselah's Thirst vampires who have to derive sustenance from vampiric blood, they usually embraced a vampire from time to time (or better yet, had their childer embrace one) and then devoured that childe at a later time, or just arranged for the kidnapping of a few thinbloods from time to time in the modern age.

As for the Antedeluvians, in the Revised timeline canon they passed the Methuselah's Thirst stage looong ago, to the point where their own thirst can only be slaked by the blood of Methuselahs. They *could* eat regular vamps, but they get no sustenance from it.

That's what made the Ravnos Antedeluvian wake up. Ravnos performed mass-embraces to fight the Kuei-Jin invaders in India, and the deaths of all those resulting high-gen vampires and thinbloods made Methuslahs start to wake up. They slaked their thirst on the high-gens, then joined the fight against the Kuei-Jin. But when all THOSE Methuselahs started to die, the Antedeluvian smelled all that potent blood in the ground, and rose up to feast.

>> No.53995092

Ah. I just assumed that after a while they managed to gain a passive vitae regen. Makes sense. Ta.

>> No.53995094


What fool relies on the Lies of sleeper math?

However, be forewarned. Thou shalt not speak of the 10%, for their powers are mighty and their wrath terrible beyond imagination.

>> No.53995114

Author self inserts. Got it.

>> No.53995142

>not using enlightened mathematics

>> No.53995150


Christ this fag doesn't understand back reply. Fix your fucking formatting

>> No.53995457

But a ton of recent threads have proven pretty conclusively that vampirefags don't even need to post in a thread for it to turn into magefag circlejerking.

They do it for free.

>> No.53995514 [DELETED] 

I have been ignoring trolls for a while now so I need to ask.

Is Mage supremacy a legitimate problem? Are they above everyone else?

>> No.53995523

Are they above everyone else? Yes, once they reach Archmastery. Masters are basically on the level with Demons and Mummies.

Is this a problem? Not really. The fact of the matter is that, despite all the memeing in this general, once a Mage hits the point at which it can turn a vampire into a lawnchair or a werewolf into silver fire, the Mage probably shouldn't actually care about that stuff because they're too busy fighting Abyssal entities or other, crazier Mages.

>> No.53995560

The real problem is Mage players in any game other than dedicated Mage-only games.

So long as you don't let anyone play a mage in any game other than Mage-only game, you're all good.

>> No.53995563

>weeb garbage
Fuck you, low-brained cucklet. This is not your reddit safe space, 4chan is owned and administrated by a Japanese national, based on a Japanese website, and was explicitly founded to discuss anime and manga.

You do not belong here.

>> No.53995645

>crossing game-lines in the first place
Yeah well the same thing could be said of some fuck allowing a werewolf in a vampire game, one is very overtly dominant
They're all meant to be very separate for a reason

>> No.53995672

Not really, no. Crossover is obviously going to be more awkward than not in all cases, but none of them are anything like letting a mage player have their mage in a non-mage game.

It's as much about the mage player mindset and tendencies as it is about the actual splat capabilities/"tendencies", etc.

>> No.53995704

That's because there is a clear powerlevel gap between each and every starting character depending on what supernatural creature they are with mages being at the top for most potent starting ability with no builds barred on any end
The same is true with each descending step along the powers of supernaturals all the way down to mundies
And yeah no shit, each supernatural has an inherent agenda, wereshit cares about the apocalypse, vamps connive and plot in light of or trying to ignore jyhad, and mages are trying to ascend
It's inherent to crossover not to mages

>> No.53995766

Yes, I'm saying it IS inherent to mage players. Playing mages. In non-mage games.

That it is inherently worse, notably so, than any other splat in a similar situation.

One need only look at any of these bloody threads for the past, what, three months or so (and twenty-plus fucking years further back than that on various wod forums) to see examples of this.

Trying to suggest that mages (ultimately, I keep saying "mage players", because that's the real issue here, the kind of players that become dedicated mage players in every possible circumstance, no matter how much it'll wreck the game, so clearly not all players of mage or even mage enthusiasts) are no better or worse than any other splat, that all crossover examples are equally disruptive, is just silly, and I would almost say disingenuous, but that's a bit more aggressive than I'd like.

>> No.53995804

>that's a bit more aggressive than I'd like.
Don't do that. Your scummy propriety is unwelcome and ingenuine. Be sincere or leave.

>> No.53995807

I play mages and other things just fine, I'm also not proud enough to try and force mages into everything because they do not belong there
The only credence to your argument is that mages are the only supernatural that has uses for every other supernatural, grind them up into quintessence boyo
Besides that there's nothing inherent to playing a mage in a crossover that is any more destructive than anyone playing fucking anything at the top of the foodchain in a crossover
I've had the worst times with werewolf players trying to jam their knot in every single game they play but I don't blame werewolf for everything because it's just a case of them trying to play the thing they know best for dominance

It's literally the same thing as fucking trying to make every setting in danda 3.5 because they know those rules the best and exactly how to cheese it, and while you can very justifiably shit on 3.5 for it, it's just people trying to force the system they know best into shit and nothing more

>> No.53995812

>Most potent starting ability
I'll give Arete / Gnosis 4+ as being powerful AF but below that? A chargen Mage is all sorts of fragile.

>> No.53995848 [DELETED] 

I disagree, somewhat. If you prep well during earlier intervals you're still ungodly powerful.
Mages at the higher end don't need to prep nearly as much.

Masters of Mind abusing Psychic Domination as an example. It's just so strong.

>> No.53995859

Well, fuck you too, buddy.

I was being sincere. It's hard to see how anyone who's read any of these threads in the recent past could try and claim there isn't an issue with mage players, speaking broadly, and how they interact with any of the other game lines, or the players thereof.

But I try not to claim I can read people's minds, so I don't go around claiming they're being disingenuous without further evidence.

So go ahead and fuck yourself.

>> No.53995885 [DELETED] 

>I'll give Arete / Gnosis 4+ as being powerful AF but below that?
>A chargen Mage is all sorts of fragile.

Remove Gnosis. This is only true regarding Ascension, good sir.

>> No.53995915

I don't care about the specificities of your stupid argument, mong. You are being a passive-aggressive little faggot. No self-respecting person will ever say "and I would almost [insult you], but that's a bit more aggressive than I'd like". You come off as a whimpery little numale. Be frank with people, don't use sarcasm and snark as a shield, you fucking lowlife.

>> No.53995918 [DELETED] 

Starter mages in oldWoD can still be retarded if they abuse wonders. Why even roll outside the safety of your home?

>> No.53995925

Uh huh.

>> No.53995934 [DELETED] 

I have nothing against anime (other than the fans) but it just doesn't mix well with WoD.

>> No.53995949

You're wrong. I use anime aesthetics for literally all of my games.

>> No.53995966 [DELETED] 

That's just you. You don't represent the masses. Anime can be applied to anything, doesn't mean it's a good match.

>> No.53995972

For my games I alternate between mentally viewing the events as anime or as a cinematic movie depending on what's happening at the time.

Part of that's because one of my Mages is a miko, the other part is that that's just how I tend to imagine games.

>> No.53995981

Of course it's a good match. It's just a style, and the style looks good.

>> No.53995983

I need to know more about this game.

>> No.53995984 [DELETED] 

That looks awful

>> No.53995993

One of these posters does not belong on 4chan

>> No.53995999 [DELETED] 

>and the style looks good

Debateable. Anime has produced more crap than taste. It's also generally bad at storytelling. There's a reason why Anime isn't analyzed by serious critics.

>> No.53996011

Yeah, here's the door, faggot:

>> No.53996020 [DELETED] 

I'm sorry. I don't like to wound the egos of fellow anons. Again, I have nothing against Anime.

I do enjoy a good portion of it, it just doesn't mesh well with a lot of Western fiction, which placed priority over the story as a whole, and not escapism.

>> No.53996033 [DELETED] 


This is why anime is absolutely terrible.

>> No.53996038

This is some Reddit tier pseudo-intellectualism

>> No.53996046 [DELETED] 

>this irked


>> No.53996060

>oh I like anime
>y'know, like Howl's Moving Castle and NGE?
Fucking kill yourself and then mail your corpse to reddit so they can bury you like a proper member of the tribe.

>> No.53996070


>> No.53996076 [DELETED] 


Don't diss Studio Ghibli.

>> No.53996080

Miyazaki is a fucking hack who makes the same shitty Disney movie over and over again.

>> No.53996084 [DELETED] 

weeaboos starting to cannibalize themselves


>> No.53996095

What irks me isn't the anime, it's the conflicting artstyles
That said anime does not belong in world of darkness as anything but a tool of pentex, the final nights are ugly and foul and the artstyle should reflect that fight for purity as an exercise in futility
Anime is idealization and the World of Darkness is the opposite of that

>> No.53996107 [DELETED] 


>> No.53996120

>the final nights are ugly and foul and the artstyle should reflect that fight for purity as an exercise in futility
In your opinion. I hate petty nihilism, I think it's juvenile and boring. I don't run WoD or CofD that way.

>> No.53996123

Anime is a technocratic invention to stifle creativity and make youths dependent. Only read pure, traditional books like Ulysses

>> No.53996138

>World of DARKNESS
>yeah nah I like my anime girls and rosecolored glass eyes
Why even use the setting

>> No.53996144

>Anime is idealization
>I only watch moeshit and am completely unaware of the rest of the genre.

>I use film as an inspiration for my WoD games
>wow why would you do that man, Adam Sandler doesn't fit WoD at all.

>> No.53996154 [DELETED] 

Japanese storytelling SUCKS

that's why

>> No.53996156

The artstyle is literally idealization of human form, are you fucking stupid?

>> No.53996166

Muh edge.
Muh Personnel horror

>> No.53996168

Fuck off /r/thedonald.

Go deeper than entry-level /pol/ shitposting and you'll think on your anti-weebery as an embarrassing past.

Because you can have WoD without it being pointlessly nihilistic and melodramatic. If you play the games as the developers intend them, you're bound for some Otherkin Suicide Watch page on tumblr. But, sensibly, most people ignore those forced, unwelcome political overtures and make their games more grounded. Similarly, you can ignore the silly 90s goth shit and take the setting for what it actually is: a place with supernatural spooks and crazy conspiracies.

>> No.53996189

>Adam Sandler doesn't fit WoD at all.
maybe he's a slasher

>> No.53996193

>Everything I don't like is /pol/.jpg
As if this thread wasn't getting retarded enough.

>> No.53996206 [DELETED] 

It's not the thread. It's a resident weeaboo.

They're so fucking retarded. Lack of self esteem gives them the preposterous idea that anime/manga is 'cool'

>> No.53996232

>He says on the RPG board on an anime forum.

>> No.53996298


1:100000 has to be taken with a huuuuuuuge grain of salt. In murica this might work but in europe you quickly end up with Domains of 5 elders having wars and feuds with another domain of 7 elders half an hour away. Even with adding close villages etc.


Go die in a fire. The oWoD isn't meant x-overs where every mythology is represented.

And mage players are a special Kind of problem. A mage can quickly dislodge any game of other splats. Mage was always supposed to be about responsibility. Magefags completely disregard that (oWoD and CofD) and play amazing bubblegum powerwank. Just read the part of this thread that was magefaggotry. When somebody in the Masquerade crowd Starts discussion which Antedeluvians would win everybody tells him to stfu. Magefags constantly engage in that shit. Show me the thread where imperial mysteries and/or ebin battles with other splats aren't the focus.
Fuck weebs btw. Its ok to like it but you don't have to inject it everywhere.

This is just awful and unatmospheric.

>> No.53996319

Control yourself, son, I was arguing against crossovers

>> No.53996332

Did you have a stroke in the middle of typing that out?

>> No.53996333

Old World of Darkness is pulpy and over the top and any serious attempt to treat it as urban horror [outside very vanilla games of Vampire] should be laughed at.

This is a game about ecoterrorist werewolves who talk to spirits, vampires who make furniture out of people, and people who use wuxia and ray-guns to fight the Men in Black because Science is the devil.

It is by definition cinematic, pulpy fun garbage. The closest it comes to horror is imitating Blade or Underworld. Mixing anime into a setting already filled with trench coats, mirror shades, katanas, and 16th century dress doesn't strike me as that odd.

>> No.53996340

Clearly magefags and weebs are the same shit.

>> No.53996343

>Mage is outright about every mythology on earth being represented.

Loving every laugh.
>Mage is about responsibility

Old Mage is about philosophical knife fights and New Mage is about the abuse of power. You are wrong.

>> No.53996348 [DELETED] 

This thread is pretty rad

>> No.53996352

>completely ignoring Hunter, the greatest of all the horrors

>> No.53996360 [DELETED] 


That's not a very good argument, anon. You can splice anything with anything, still doesn't mean it's welcome.

>> No.53996366


Oh and Mini-Solar Exalts who are given phone calls by angels to go kill old cat ladies.

>> No.53996376

That's entirely unfair towards that part of the setting and you're just grasping at straws
Fantastical elements ≠ absurdism

>> No.53996377

Yes I know. What I'm saying is that mixing anime with WoD makes more sense then mixing serious horror.

Everything about the oWoD in tone, atmosphere, and especially power level shits on the very concept of horror. The only exception as I said is a very vanilla version of Vampire, which can manage to have a dark atmosphere and be scary.

The second a werewolf in a tooth necklace shows up with a pair of fire elementals though my sense of dread is overtaken by my sense of "Holy shit this is crazy-awesome"

This is literally a setting where not one, but TWO entire factions are already unapologetic weebshit [Kuei-Jin and Akashic Brotherhood]

>> No.53996387 [DELETED] 

>What I'm saying is that mixing anime with WoD makes more sense then mixing serious horror.

This is where I stopped reading. You are an -utter- dumbass, I'm sorry. Forgive me.

>> No.53996390

>This is just awful and unatmospheric.
Sorry it doesn't offer you a chance to yiff.

>> No.53996398 [DELETED] 

>This is literally a setting where not one, but TWO entire factions are already unapologetic weebshit
>Kuei-Jin and Akashic Brotherhood
Of course. Everything even minimally inspired by the East HAS to be considered 'weebshit'

What other logic is there to run on?

>> No.53996407

>cannot separate setting explanation from application
Are you fucking retarded?
You lack any ability to roleplay and your group is shit if a wereyiff shows up and starts explaining what his fetishes do and why and not just stalk then obliterate your ass in a tense and horrifying fashion

>> No.53996408 [DELETED] 

WoD is closer to Marvel/DC and classic graphic novels than Anime, really.

The West has its own sense of ridiculousness.

>> No.53996409

White Wolf: I'm going to run a serious horror game with a dark Gothic atmosphere

Nerds: Oh really? What kind of stuff will be in it?

White Wolf: Captain Planet furries who summon elementals and perform ecoterrorism while fighting against spiders who control the cities, Buck Rogers-inspired super science complete with ray-guns, jetpacks, and square-robots, wuxia fighters, people with katanas and trenchcoats and mirror shades [lots of them, across all factions], Fairies in human bodies where therapists and 9-5 jobs are the villains, and vampires who suck chi and used to be pseudo-Exalted until God told them to stop eating people's life force.

Nerds: Well good luck with that.

>> No.53996410

If you don't like anime, you should go somewhere else, simple as that. This is not a good place for you.

>> No.53996413 [DELETED] 

This isn't about liking anime or not. It's about whether or not it goes well with WoD.

It doesn't.

>> No.53996422

Honestly the closest genre to WoD is pulpy cinema and B-movies.

I'm just saying pulpy cinema and B-movies is closer to anime [or graphic novels, Hellboy, comic books, etc] then it is a serious horror setting.

>> No.53996432 [DELETED] 

>I'm just saying pulpy cinema and B-movies is closer to anime [or graphic novels, Hellboy, comic books, etc] then it is a serious horror setting

Not really.

>> No.53996438

Yeah nah, you can stop trying to set up strawmen for your absurdist argument, any setting is ridiculous and shitty if you explain it as such, even ours
If you cannot see the inspiration from original works, myths, and legends then you're just retarded and looking for an excuse to shit on it
Why don't you just go play D&D or something if a setting that takes itself seriously offends you so much

>> No.53996454

I'm not making an argument for absurdism, I'm stating a fact.

The Old World of Darkness is not a serious urban horror setting, it is a B-movie Pulp setting. If you want to seriously contest that, be my fucking guest but you're fighting against over two decades of delicious 90s cheese.

I would go so far as to argue the WoD with Mage in it is outright urban kitchen sink fantasy, but I'll keep my argument limited to Pulp for the sake of simplicity.

>> No.53996455


I linked the wrong posts sue me. Phone posting is a plague.

>philophical Knife fights (with great power)

aka how to shape the consensus =responsibility

>abuse of power
How is that not about using said power responsibly? Mongtard

This. Post Anime in the exalted thread all day long and i will like it. Here its just tasteless. Btw 4chan is a lot bigger than its weeb past. You don't have to inject weeb shit everywhere.

>> No.53996466

Of course it does. There is literally no possible way that it couldn't. Anime literally just means 'animation'. The art styles inherent to anime and manga are many and varied, and furthermore can be just as gritty as any Western shit.

You know that the Nasuverse (fate/stay night, Tsukihime, Melty Blood, etc.) is almost exactly the same thing as oWoD, right? Down to consensual reality, Paradox, Gaiafags who want to cull humans, a concept of vampiric 'generation', and more.

>> No.53996481

As a semi-casual fan of Nasu, I agree with all of that except the "Nasuverse has consensual reality" thing. I have never heard that and would appreciate sauce.

>> No.53996489

You realize that however the storyteller sells the setting is what it is right?
That not all things are objective based on the truths of a setting, this makes sense to you yes?
White wolf even said this themselves, they wrote a "Gothic-punk" setting but you can run it as whatever you want

If it's so damn insane that people would want to take a setting, then take it seriously enough to self-insert into characters in said setting in an act known as roleplaying then I guess call us crazy and get out of the mental ward, faggot

>> No.53996493

Kara no Kyoukai has several scenes covering the concept in detail (especially in Paradox Spiral; the whole point of that film is that a mage is trying to avoid Paradox backlash despite doing really vulgar magic), but otherwise you need to read the VNs.

>> No.53996497 [DELETED] 

That literally means nothing. You can apply most anything to most anything regarding fiction and relative frameworks.
You're going to need a bit of a better argument to latch on to.

I notice you left out A Certain Magical Index.

>> No.53996507 [DELETED] 

Similarities are pointless. The style of anime just isn't suitable for WoD.

>> No.53996534

>You can apply most anything to most anything regarding fiction and relative frameworks.
Uh, that's the point. fate/zero is at least as edgy as any White Wolf shit, and it was masterfully adapted into anime. In other words, the themes you think are so antithetical to anime aren't. Anime as a style is really just code for "2D that doesn't come from deviantart or /co/".

>I notice you left out A Certain Magical Index.
Yeah, Raildex has a lot of similarities to oWoD as well. But any given Nasuverse work could really operate with almost no adjustment as a scenario in oWoD.

>> No.53996535 [DELETED] 

>using the Japanese name instead of its English equivalent

This is the part where I label you as pretentious

>> No.53996537

Its not a question of whether the setting is taken seriously. You can take it extremely seriously [and when I run it, I do]. But unless I'm running a pure or mostly pure Masquerade game, I fully recognize its more urban fantasy then urban horror, and it is absolutely dripping with 90s pulp, try-hard edginess [Sabbat literally eats babies on a stick], and just plain crazy-awesome concepts [like almost everything in Mage]

For instance it is canon in Mage [source: Lost Paths] that the reason the modern Middle East is full of oil is because Arabian Nights Mages used to email each other mana potions using the predecessor to the Internet.

That is a dumb concept. It is a cool concept. It is a concept that can be taken extremely seriously if one is such inclined.

It is not a horror concept, and no matter what it is at least potentially a humorous concept. And I have to agree with the other anon, although the vanilla WoD is closer to Hellboy or Underworld then anime, Nasu is closer to the WoD then Dracula or Nosferatu [the movies].

>> No.53996543 [DELETED] 

>Uh, that's the point. fate/zero is at least as edgy as any White Wolf shit

>and it was masterfully adapted into anime
after how many attempts

>> No.53996552 [DELETED] 

>Uh, that's the point

It's pretty pointless.

>> No.53996560

You also ignore that every narrator is unreliable by merit of existing in the setting, the Technocratic Union would disagree with you about that tidbit and absolutely believe it
And you're saying that fantastical things can't be sold as horror is fucking retarded and you know it, once again it is how you sell it and if you make it terrifying and foul and it incites fear then it is horror regardless of the reality of the situation period.

>> No.53996561

Uh, well there are a few English titles and they're not nearly as well recognized, I had to look up the official one just now to remember what it even was. But sure, get upset over something not being localized to your exact sensibilities.

Sure, you can just deny reality but it isn't changing the facts.

>after how many attempts
Huh? 1?

>> No.53996564 [DELETED] 

I do love seeing triggered weebs

>> No.53996575 [DELETED] 

>Sure, you can just deny reality but it isn't changing the facts.
what facts? :^)

>Huh? 1?
try four

>> No.53996580

Well sure, the fucking Teletubbies can be MADE to be scary, anything can, the question isn't what the setting can be used to run its a question of what the natural setup of the setting suggests it should be used to run.

Or less judgmentally, what is easiest to run in it. And I don't give a shit what you say, you are not going to be able to sell native-american wizard werewolf with fire elemental buttslaves as "scary" without some serious atmosphere work, especially if your PCs are all dressed and armed for the Matrix Reunion Tour.

>> No.53996585

>try four
Not familiar with what you're talking about, or what your point is.

>> No.53996592 [DELETED] 

He's referring to the original anime, the film and the one that never was.
UBW is the fourth (third in screen) incarnation.

Great anime. Beautiful animation.

Though I am on his/their side. Anime isn't entirely (in general) compatible with WoD. WoD is entirely western pulp / graphic novel.

>> No.53996595

This. Anime has certain elements that make it unsuitable for WoD.

WoD is Western art (the shit weebs deem inferior) and thus it works really shitty with anime.

Cute girl vamps are just shit.

>> No.53996612

And those elements would be? Be sure to type quietly, I'm meditating to gather my chi to shoot lasers out of my hands over here [t. Akashic]

>> No.53996622

>He's referring to the original anime, the film and the one that never was.
Uh, yeah I'm familiar with the fact that there's multiple entries in the series and a few incarnations of some of them, but I was specifically talking about fate/zero, of which there is only one.

UBW (film and series) is a route from the VN, same with the old Deen one (fate route plus some things from others). Heaven's Feel is coming out soon, again another VN route. They all tell different stories.

>> No.53996629 [DELETED] 

>And those elements would be?
Not him. But do you really need to ask that? The art style of Anime can rarely be taken seriously, the youth aspect is atrocious.

Escapism, disregard for reality, etc. Overt drama and just the way characters interact with one another. Far too dramatic, even for animation.

Anime could never be well accustomed to Western critics. It's an acquired taste even now.

>> No.53996643 [DELETED] 

Anime is also fucking cringey as fuck. Never watch that shit around people.

>> No.53996645

What is a good third discipline for a group (maybe bloodline?) of Lasombra who refuses to use Obtenebration? Basically like Old Clan Tzimisce and Vicisitude but probably without claiming to be the original ones.

I can give more info about them if you want.

>> No.53996651

>The art style of Anime can rarely be taken seriously

Since this seems to be the thrust of your argument, I think I can only respond by saying that you can hardly be taken seriously. Especially if we are to compare it to the actual art of the World of Darkness.

Do you really mean to tell me that anime is somehow less serious then this art from Horizon: Stronghold of Hope, a book that describes a literal planet of wizards?

>> No.53996652 [DELETED] 

>I'm meditating to gather my chi to shoot lasers out of my hands over here

t Sounds like something out of DC/Marvel, not Anime.

>> No.53996660


Don't ask me what the correct terms are

>cuteness overload (large eyes and other strongly overemphasized childish features)

>graphic novels (as a western example) have a more realistic style, thats much better for the WoD

>WoD already has magefags so it sure as fuck doesn't need weebs

>> No.53996661

Self-delusion is contrary to the Do anon.

>> No.53996667 [DELETED] 

You're only looking at one facet here. Also that art-piece doesn't scream 'terrible' or 'good'

You're concluding that anything inherently ridiculous is ripe for anime materiel, which it is, yet isn't exclusive in itself, not even by a little. The West is just as inherently silly as the East regarding its fiction.

>> No.53996673


>> No.53996680 [DELETED] 


>> No.53996681


Anime most of the times works erotic, cute or humoristic breaks of tension into their Story. Sure someone will point out some only serious animes now but in the overwhelming majority Western media handles seriousness better.

>> No.53996689

Which is exactly my point actually. If I was to summarize my entire point in this argument, it would be simply that

1. The World of Darkness is not inherently a serious setting, it at the very least has a very silly or 'crazyawesome' side to it, even if it can be downplayed at the ST's leisure.

2. Anime is not inherently a silly, ridiculous, humorous, etc setting. It is mood-neutral, like most art-forms.

3. That therefore its not therefore irrational to mix the two [if the players and ST are so willing].

I'm not denying that the setting's native artstyle, if it can be said to have such a thing is more Pulpy B-movies, cinema, and graphic novels, if anything I made the point above that that WAS the native artstyle and mood [as opposed to lets say, horror].

>> No.53996691

>None of the canon WoD lore had any of those elements ever.

>> No.53996704

Bullfuckingshit. Western media does just as much erotic or humorous breaks as anime. Pretty much every movie made nowadays, horror or otherwise, involves nig-tier humor and women in their underwear.

>> No.53996714

>The Ancient One uses chi

Doctor Strange's magic [and by extension his mentor's] is primarily Hermetic, with certain eastern ideas thrown in. It is at best vaguely similar to Akashic practices and then its less his lasers that are Akashic and more his astral projection.

>> No.53996733 [DELETED] 

I suggest you read a bit more into the Arcane aspects of Marvel. It's comparable to Ascension on the whole. He has used Eastern principals on many an occasion.

There are a lot of different 'Paradigms' actually.

>> No.53996749 [DELETED] 

This is true. Yet the opposite is also true. The opposite not being something for Anime.

Anime is too narrow in application. It evolved to be inherently 'silly', regardless of how serious it tries to be.

>> No.53996756

Well that's just like, your opinion man.

>> No.53996758 [DELETED] 

>Anime is not inherently a silly, ridiculous, humorous, etc setting. It is mood-neutral, like most art-forms.

I would agree with you decades ago. Anime IS inherently a silly, ridiculous, humorous setting.

>> No.53996770

Well that's just like, your opinion man.

>> No.53996795 [DELETED] 

I find it ironic that Anime takes major inspiration from the West, more so than its own nation.

This alone is a serious nod to Western superiority over fiction.
Western influences in Japanese literature being a legitimate cultural pursuit in various Universities.

This does not mean exceptions haven't surfaced, of course. Studio Ghibli screams 'Anime through a Western lens'
Just look at how far they went. That said, they have also produced phenomenal films based around their own roots, ie Grave of the Fireflies (tearjerker, don't watch it)

Miyazaki isn't even a fan of Anime.

>> No.53996813 [DELETED] 

>Miyazaki isn't even a fan of Anime

He thinks current anime is half assed. Hilarious that one of the masters of animation, a producer OF anime, is not content with its current state. Not one bit.

>> No.53996837

Miyazaki is despicable, a talentless idiot, his fame comes from putting on a minstrel show for Hollywood.

>> No.53996838


>I only watch fucking cancerous dumb people hollywood mainstream

Yeah no.

>> No.53996844 [DELETED] 


I shall direct you to >>53996107

>> No.53996847

Surely you see the irony in this?

>> No.53996851 [DELETED] 

This is why people hate weebs. You don't acknowledge good storytelling. You just binge the crappiest shit. Then forget about it later.

>> No.53996866

Again, you should leave. This website is not for you.

>> No.53996889 [DELETED] 

Except I like anime. I'm just not a biased moron like you.

>> No.53996909


>dumb people movies like Baywatch have nig Tier shit

>tons of good movies like 30 days of night don't have this (sin city, children of men to Stay somewhat WoDesque from the top of my head)

>you are hard pressed to find anime that doesn't have cute, erotic or humor breaks

>> No.53996915

This. Weebs just don't understand that anime and manga have a limited scope and that its retarded to inject it everywhere.

>> No.53996964

at least it is not shitposting about Mages

>> No.53996972 [DELETED] 

weeaboos are in fact worse than magefags

>> No.53997016

>you are hard pressed to find anime that doesn't have cute, erotic or humor breaks
Well, in a television series (same as in the West) it's much less common to have SUPR SRS ALL THE TIME, but if you look into anime movies then you can easily find that if you're looking for it, for instance the aforementioned Kara no Kyoukai series.

>> No.53997036


>> No.53997037 [DELETED] 

The vast majority of anime is hardly serious. It's almost entirely escapism.

The same cannot be said of the West. Not in majority.

>> No.53997044 [DELETED] 

weebs are piss annoying

fuck off

>> No.53997050

You can make that unsubstantiated and unfalsifiable claim as much as you like, but you're really just getting upset for no good reason. There's obviously nothing wrong with doing WoD with an anime aesthetic.

>> No.53997054 [DELETED] 

Anime tries way too hard sometimes.

This just comes across as silly.

>> No.53997064 [DELETED] 

>unsubstantiated and unfalsifiable claim

hardly a claim


>> No.53997069 [DELETED] 

There's that signature bias of yours, weeb

You need to learn to ditch that

>> No.53997079


Sure you have the occassional serious anime but the tendency is clear.

And there are tons of western series without randumb humor. Walking Dead, Breaking bad etc. Even in the mainstream. Supernatural is just pleb tier.

And the occassional sex scene isn't an erotic break. Thats reserved for anime with bouncing tits and suddenly seeing underwear.

>> No.53997184

Is Praestantia clan-specific discipline or bloodline-specific one? Maybe "general"? Can non-Akhud learn it without teacher like Celerity or Vigor? What about the pseudo-taint?

>> No.53997216

So while the anime and magefags jack each other off in a hate fueled frenzy, I want to know how people feel about the Vampire 5e alpha play test? Personally, I dislike the idea of the settings, as the social aspects of the Masquerade was something I loved, but the new Hunger system seems nice to me as a concept.

>> No.53997221

I personally hate the 'if you see another vampire you want to kill it' nonsense.

>> No.53997248

Yeah, how there can be any Vampire Social when they might frenzy from just seeing a vampire is something I would take out of my games.

>> No.53997277

The pre-alpha play test scenario is awful. It's mostly a 'here's a lot o combat scenarios, try to get out' because the point of it is to test the Hunger mechanics.

At least me and my group?
* I like some of the setting changes. It feels very 1e Masquerade to me, which is where I got started. Dialing back elders
* Mechanically, hunger is fine. People are in histrionics over the concept of them, but in actual play the compulsions don't come up too often (and if you have 1 hunger, which vampires will unless they regularly kill someone feeding, you have single digit percent chances of having a compulsion).

>> No.53997468

This man speaks the Truth. All vamp games become gonzo to stay relevant with the other two main three

>> No.53997715

He can use quality art next time instead of weeb garbage. The OP pic is low effort trash, the kind of shit a junior high student would be proud of.

Also, try not to be so sensitive anon, it's bad for your health.

>> No.53997740

I dislike that vampires, werewolves, and mages all are supposed to exist in the same world when it's obvious that Mages could destroy all the vampires in seconds. If the mages weren't demi-gods it might work, but as is, they are too powerful for the setting. It's also why I don't have Demon: The Descent in the same WoD as Vampire or Werewolves or Mages. They don't fit.

>> No.53997749

Holy fuck that looks disgusting. At least put forth the effort to create something cohesive.

>> No.53997758

>Because you can have WoD without it being pointlessly nihilistic and melodramatic.
What the fuck are you drinking you niglet?

>> No.53997802

>Btw 4chan is a lot bigger than its weeb past.
4chan doesn't even really have a weeb past. Sure once upon a time we had /l/ and /g/ was for guro. But those days are long gone.

Has weeb shit always been here? Yes. But lets remember that we've had dedicated none-weeb boards since 2004.

/tg/ was never meant to be a weeb board, it was meant to be the 40k containment board.

>> No.53997819

I'm sorry who ever taught you how to play sucked ass.

>world bending powers

Huh, who woulda thought losers would be attracted to that?

>> No.53997877

Hey i agree with you fameroni. I think this weebshit is really annoying. OPs picture is the best example of why weebshit isn't fitting. And weebs know that their shit is childish escapism that is unfitting for more serious stuff.

>> No.53998007

Come back magefags, weebufags are worse

>> No.53998131


>mfw when i agree with you
>mfw when there is worse cancer out there than Magefags

>> No.53998174

Where's the goddamned WoD Shadowrun style CRPG

>> No.53998180

considering it comes from the bloodlines diablerie taint and is the predatory nature of those that came before him id say your only learning it if your a member of the bloodline.

>> No.53998555

Anime has it roots in American film, like the rest of modern Japanese media. There's a reason Disney is king in nipland, and directors like Akira Kurosawa adored American Westerns and Noir.

That's why I find it so amusing when weebs try to declare that their shit anime of the month is better than American productions when their precious slice-of-life magical girl high school romance triangle coming of age drama is comparable to Scooby Doo in terms of depth and value.

It's all just a bad joke.

>> No.53998630

That animation is so comically stiff and unnatural.

Do people actually think this is good?

>> No.53998668


>> No.53998741

Well thats a little harsh. There is some stuff that is deeper (not really deep but Akira for example was good) but most of it is vapid shit that tries to hit the lowest common denominator. For the most part its cheap escapism and trying to claim that anime is able to handle the same spectrum as western media is retarded.

Apart from Umbra shit Anime is a bad choice for WoD art.

>> No.53998755

Do Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines hold up?

>> No.53998792

Bloodlines is one of the best games i have ever played.

New Vegas and bloodlines are the best rpgs imho.

>> No.53998828

Oh, absolutely. Japanese media has produced quality and influential works in the past, and will likely do so again in the future.

But the vast majority of it is a joke. A cheap imitation of the tropes of past productions. That's why I compared it to Scooby Doo. Old Scooby Doo was quality production for it's time. They explored methods and pushed boundaries within the animation community.

Modern Scooby Doo is just a cheap attempt to cash in on nostalgia and brand recognition to make a cheap buck.

You see the same trends in modern Anime.

>> No.53998963

True. And lets not forget that a lot of anime was never intended to be good. Most of it is based on weekly mangas that are supposed to be easy to digest escapism. Magical-girl-shit etc. A little tits or panties sprinkled in here and there, a lawful dumb hero and a cute kid or animal and you are good to go.

>> No.53999065

Which is far from fitting for WoD, a collection of 80's and 90's counterculture tropes. Tropes which expressed and enforced ideas prominent in anarchism, nihilism, and trends in various new age religions.

>> No.53999133


>That's why I compared it to Scooby Doo. Old Scooby Doo was quality production for it's time. They explored methods and pushed boundaries within the animation community.

Where Are You, maybe, but most of old Scooby Doo is part and parcel with why the 70s were considered the dark ages for animation.

>Modern Scooby Doo is just a cheap attempt to cash in on nostalgia and brand recognition to make a cheap buck.

That's a little strange to say when Mystery, Inc has a cult following soley because it is not that.

The"old was good, modern is bad" generalization is always weak no matter what the medium, but Scooby-Doo, a franchise that pretty much existed on inertia aside from a few bright spots from the word "go", is a particularly bad example.

Anyways, I like anime a lot but I don't use it as influence for my CofD games, even anime urban fantasy is too different from what the setting is.

>> No.53999142

>Old Scooby Doo was quality production for it's time. They explored methods and pushed boundaries within the animation community.

Hannah Babara did more harm to western animation than any other organization before hand. Scooby Doo included.

>> No.53999308

>Dark ages of American animation
That would be the 80's mate, when "American" cartoons were glorified commercials animated by Japanese and other East Asian studios. You should try getting an opinion outside of tvtropes.

*Hanna–Barbera not Hannah Babara

The original Hanna–Barbera cartoons left a lasting positive impact both within and outside the animation community that is still being seen today. An impact that went as far as shaping even Japanese animation for the next decade. I'm sorry you don't like their work, but it was and still is quality work on average.

>> No.53999354


>Hannah-Barbera revisionist

You should go back to collecting Laff-A-Lympics CD-Rs.

>> No.53999398

>No counterpoint, just ad hominem.

No point discussing animation with you if that's all you're going to default to.

>> No.53999524

Found this on the Interwebs searching for "Guildbook: Monitors"


Any speculation as to what these could have been?

>> No.53999563


It's garbage and has nothing to do with the 90's despite what people will tell you.

>> No.53999577

Woops, read that wrong.

"Vaporware" not wave.

I'll take a look.

>> No.53999805

>Prince of the City board game
Probably got reworked into the Requiem board game of the same name.

>> No.53999814

friendly reminder changelings are superior to all other supernaturals

>> No.54000029

Needs to be remade to show vampire at the bottom, because they are literal bottom feeders.

>> No.54000082

What about obfuscate?

>> No.54000556

Only one splat really at the bottom - prommies.

>> No.54000608

There's some WoD stuff on sale at my local game store, what should I get?

>> No.54000689

>> No.54000694

Daimonion fits thematically. So does Protean.

Obfuscate is tool of cowards and tricksters, Lasombra are proud and straightforward.

>> No.54000705

>> No.54000741

>> No.54000747

>back to our regularly scheduled /wodg/ discussions instead of this ridiculous anime argument

The issue with mages is not necessarily that they can beat other splats in white room combat, but that their inherent abilities and the lowest level Arcana/Spheres are highly optimized to solve mysteries and find information. In a mage game, with very high level antagonists and mysteries specifically designed for their abilities, this isn't an issue. However, in crossover play, it's damned annoying when the mage in the party figures out the entire plot before the character has eaten breakfast (to say nothing how mages can also often steal the limelight from other players from everything from social interactions to combat because of the versatility of mage powers). If mages are being mages as designed, problems will eventually occur.

Most of the complaints about mage players is that they're playing their mages using the full extent of the character's abilities. Such complaints are absurd. It is the rare circumstance where a player chooses to seriously gimp his own character.

In oWOD, crossover mechanics were barely considered, and in nWOD/CofD, rules were intended to be compatible, but "game balance" was mostly discarded to focus on the individual themes and priorities of the individual game lines. At this point, crossover is a fool's errand in WOD, and I have no idea what OPP plans for their upcoming CofD Crossover Chronicle other than advice to "play nice" and for ST"s to think carefully about whether it's a good idea to mix pc mages, mummies and demons with the other splats.

>end of rant

>> No.54000781

If you see any Revised corebooks, snag those. The Daeva and Gangrel books are good if you are playing/running Requiem.

>> No.54000790

>There's some WoD stuff on sale at my local game store, what should I get?

Unless you're a collector of old rpg books, save your money.

If you actually want to buy the products and support OPP/WW (unlike most of the pirates here on /wodg/), put your money towards the OPP Kickstarter deluxe editions. If you're really a masochist, you can wait and buy Masquerade 5e.

In no event, waste your money on the WOD GURPS books.

>> No.54000910

I think maybe I'll just buy this and use it as a setting and use the pdfs on my computer to run the game

>> No.54000935

>Implying OPP or WW deserve any support these days.
I bought a shitton of WoD books back in the day but these fuckbois aren't getting another cent until they straighten their act out.

>> No.54001025

Does this sound like a good idea or should I just skip it?

>> No.54001084 [DELETED] 

this thread is hilarious

>> No.54001178


Skip it and save your money.

You'll thank us later.

>> No.54001237

>I have no idea what OPP plans for their upcoming CofD Crossover Chronicle

Is the Crossover Chronicle still a thing?

Has anyone at OPP really discussed it, and when is it supposed to be released? We're already years late with projects like Changeling, Hunter and Geist 2e, and new large projects like Deviant and Dark Eras 2 seem much further along.

>I would be content with just the Mage FAQ and Signs of Sorcery.

>> No.54001253 [DELETED] 

>Crossover Chronicle

not til 2045

>> No.54001257

Hey, does anyone have a complete copy of the NWoD Chicago sourcebook? Mine's missing about twenty pages detailing the South Side.

>> No.54001348

Done. Thanks for the buying choice.

>> No.54001356

>NWoD Chicago sourcebook?

Here's my copy. There are some pages out of order, but it generally seems complete.


>> No.54001400

Which splat are the biggest assholes and douches in both the WOD and the CofD?

I vote mages in CofD, and vampires in WOD

>> No.54001416

Dang, that's the one I have -- it jumps straight from 24 to 34.

>> No.54001448 [DELETED] 

Mages are the biggest assholes in both OWoD and CofD

They have hurt many a vampire's feewings :'(

>> No.54001503

>Dang, that's the one I have -- it jumps straight from 24 to 34.

Aren't some of the missing pages included after p. 34, just out of order?

>> No.54001577

Beasts for CofD for sure. They're entire existence is to be assholes to everyone. oWoD a tie between the main 3. They're all dicks in their own way.

>> No.54001660

>Beasts for CofD for sure. Their entire existence is to be assholes to everyone

But, but, but... Beasts are teaching lessons...

>biggest douche in CofD is tie between MattMc and RichT

>> No.54001868


>> No.54002212

I think the idea was they're not worth listing anymore

>> No.54002505

Here. I checked it, it has pgs 25 through 34. I wonder if the one in the mega is this one or if it's a better one. A couple of pages in mine are bad scans.


>> No.54002565


File Not Available ?

>> No.54002601

>look at me i know japanese drawing guys!!
This is so fucking cringy.

>> No.54002678

Huh, weird.

Try this one: http://choisey.free.fr/WOD/Wod/WoD%20-%20Chicago.pdf

>> No.54002752


Thanks, but your copy is also missing the pages around p. 35

>> No.54002959

The pages are weirdly out of order, and a couple of pages are repeated in those versions. Huh. I was just looking to see if it immediatley jumped from 24 to 34, which is what I judged it on. Let's try this.


Also, why'd we start a new thread? This one is telling me there's only 252 replies.

>> No.54003038

The jannies just deleted over 50 posts.

>> No.54003113


Thanks. Looks like it has all the pages, although the scan isn't the greatest quality. Beggars can't be choosers.

We should probably take any more discussion of the WOD: Chicago PDF to the new WOD thread.

>> No.54003132


Was it to cut all the unrelated anime discussion?

>> No.54003262

Just about. But there's still some anime posts itt.

>> No.54005513

TFW Demon: The Fallen is your favorite trpg

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