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I want to purchase perks from Khorne, Nurge and Slaanesh!

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What jumps are you working on? What jumps are you waiting for to be completed?

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OP here, here are my upcoming Jumps:
The Darth Bane Jump
Stars and Singularities: A Generic Space Opera Jump
Megaman Star Force Jump

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Good to know Berserk hasn't lost its touch.

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Why are there penis apes chasing those two girls?

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I think you've answered your own question There

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Would a full Sideral circle be enough to rewrite history in a non-magical world to create backgrounds for non-imported companions?

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>What jumps are you working on?
Fair Folk.

>What jumps are you waiting for to be completed?
Both of those from last thread. Also the Darth Bane, 40k Nids, Generic Kaiju (if someone's still working on that?), Spore (if the Spore anon is still working on /that/. It looked so promising), and especially WoW.

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>thread title

There's not enough "REALLY?" in my wat folder.

You couldn't hold your autism back to the point you let it leak into creating the new god damn thread?
Jesus christ I'd say your power level was showing but that implied you ever hide the fucking thing.

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What are you talking about???

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So if I take receptive doves, realm of heroes, heredity from discworls, and lota of attractiveness perks would it be possible in fate to make a new not insane planet spirit by screwing Gaia or Alaya?

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It'd probably be a half-planet spirit, unless you find a way to become one too.

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tl;dr massive argument about Black Crusade because OP couldn't let shit stay down even when he'd gotten his sodding away on the jump.

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Waiting for NieR: Automata.

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You sure you're not the autistic one? What with the highly emotive reaction to OP's... subtle recount of yesterdays thread.

>> No.53980925

I'm salty and coffeeless.

There's a difference. A minor and fairly insignificant difference, but a difference.

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Hellsing. Rip van Winkle getting murder-fucked by Alucard.

>> No.53980942

It's Rip Van Winkle, from Hellsing, when Alucard shoves a rifle into her body. Only somewhat suggestive and symbolic for lewd.

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Is there any OOT jump being worked on?
I know there's Generic Zelda but the version I have has no canon companion option.
The only way I can see getting OOT canon companions is Captain N with some of the drawbacks.

>> No.53980999

I think I can? Maybe captain planet can help?

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There is no OoT jump being worked on.

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To Wukong: Would you consider upating Commoragh with a canon companion option?

Mardukth will the Infernals update have capstone buffs like Lunars and now Solars?

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Speaking of OOT, wasn't there a Majora's Mask jump being worked on?
Anyone got the WIP of that?

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Do you have an account on SB?

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Who's doing Nids and do we have any info on it?

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>Mardukth will the Infernals update have capstone buffs like Lunars and now Solars?
Lunars already has one. As for Infernals... Why the fuck would it? Like what the fuck kind of shit reasoning made you think that's a reasonable thing to ask?

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It's because he has an account on SB.

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No, I don't have an SB account. Why do you ask?

>> No.53981199

Probably not. I don't really feel it makes sense to add one.

I suppose I could have used Orphan Cub for that, but at this point I don't particularly feel the need to get a new capstone and add extras to the existing ones.

No, why?

Val's doing it. There was a pastebin with WIP perks, a while ago?

I think, at least... Haven't been watching the thread very much lately.

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>Something something fuck SB something something go back you powerwanker something something REEEEEEEE
Is the usual reason for that question. Ignore anyone who asks.

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So, if you make someone your furniture (Umineko), what does that entail?

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Alright, The shitposter aside, I'm not very familiar with Exalted so I don't know what makes it more likely for one splat to have capstone buffs than another, and Lunars and Solars seemed much less transhumanist than Infernals

>> No.53981253

It means you're acting like the True Fae and Bancho, going around making everybody into candelabras

>> No.53981263

Fuck off bancho.
>The Shitposter
>Everyone I don't like is a shitposter
Do you by any chance happen to have an account on SB?

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Do you have an account on SB?

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No I do not, why?

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I don't believe you.

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>Being called Bancho for asking an honest question

I mean, I know it has to do something with contracts and creating beings, but do they follow you post-jump like the demon courts in Devil Survivor?

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Do YOU have an account on SB?

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Mardukth, would you mind answering something about Infernals? Does the Followers free import and the other imports stack with each others or the paid imports are deduced from the free one?

>> No.53981319

How are followers different from companions?

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I can vouch for him.

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Do I have an account on SB?

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I didn't know there was such a thing as followers. Sounds exciting.

>> No.53981338

They don't. It's mostly just an even more thinly-veiled attempt at circumventing the 8-companion-limit.

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Yeah, Infernals are probably the most transhumanist. Doesn't mean they could necessarily use a capstone booster though.

Lunars made sense to me, because they're the ones that actually have a bunch of Elders running around with some focus.

Infernals and most of the other splats not so much (with the possible exception of Sidereals maybe), with all of them being very young and mostly running with the same stuff. Personally found it a little odd to find one in Solars, but that's different takes on writing jumps.

They can stack.

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Followers don't count against the companion limit, meaning you can have your eight companions and however many followers you have all out and about and doing whatever. Followers can't be imported however. Well, they can, but if they get imported they become companions instead of followers.

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Depends on the choice. For example, the Maid from Overlord respawns like companions but cannot be improved in anyway. The Warhammer follower armies can be improved, but don't respawn on their own, and what they do, they are just replaced with a new 'base' follower with any of the upgrades you wasted your time with.

Others are basically companions that cannot be imported, and may be limited in some fashion (Digimons in Tamers or the Demonic Butler in Justice League Dark).

There had been things like that for a while.

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>They can stack.

>> No.53981402

>implying companion limits have mattered or been relevant

>> No.53981416

>the Maid from Overlord respawns like companions but cannot be improved in anyway.
You can still stick her in magitech power armor though. Just for the record.

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...that really made me think of it like some strategy game or pokemon mechanic.

>"Do you want level up Follower BigMcLargeHuge?"
>"BigMcLargeHuge has leveled up!"
>"BigMcLargeHuge has lost Follower Class."
>"BigMcLargeHuge can no longer perform Follower ability."
>"BigMcLargeHuge has gained Companion Class!"
>"Companion Slots are full!"
>"Do you wish to replace a companion?"
>"You have replaced HugeTracksOfLand with BigMcLargeHuge!"

>> No.53981476

Yeah, I imagine that's a lot like how it works.

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You know how True Fae make people into candelabras?

Making furniture is you taking a normal candelabra and giving it agency, powers and body.

For example, the girls on the pic were originally stakes

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So it is like how jumpers can turn literally anything into a waifu?

>> No.53981762

>So it is like how jumpers can turn literally anything into a waifu?
Nigga, I've been waifuing anthropomorphic personifications and celestial bodies for going on there years. That's what we do.

>> No.53981766


Being a jumper is about waifuing everything

Didn't ya know?

>> No.53981769


No no no, everything is *already* a waifu - you just have to refine your consideration to the enlightened levels required for the more esoteric subjects.

>> No.53981779

>turn literally anything into a waifu?
By the Book jump when?

>> No.53981788

I think it's more complicated than that. Kinzo made furniture from the scratch and Beatrice's high-tier furniture are demons that don't identify with any object and that she has made a contract with them.

>> No.53981828

>For example, the Maid from Overlord respawns like companions but cannot be improved in anyway.

Oops Ive imported mine before. Ah well.

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So, people said that you couldn't get the Realm under your control with just what's offered in the Exalted Jumps, but doesn't Infernals offer the Scarlet Empress as a companion? Her activating the Defense Grid should be enough to conquer it.

>> No.53981845

Bayonetta lets you punch demons into objects I wonder if you could punch them into furniture.

I love the bayo jump so much.

>> No.53981848

It offers a fragment of Adorjan, anon.

Not the Scarlet Empress.

>> No.53981857

Really? Well, there goes my plan.

>> No.53981866

So, what do people think of the updated version of my Peter Pan jump? Mostly, I want to know what people think of the newest additions, and if there's anything with them that they think I should change.

I got some positive feedback on the My Shadow companion, for instance, but I'm still wondering if people are okay with the new Mixed Identity perk for Drop-Ins, and how I've changed the CP levels for the other perks in that branch.

Likewise, I want to make sure that people are fine with my replacement of the Fairy Treasures item with the new Mirror of Melancholy Item.

Plus, I added some new drawbacks such as Time Stalls When You're Having Fun, From Parent to Pirate, and The Island Come True. In regard to the Time Stalls drawback, I'd at the least be grateful if someone can double check my calculations for the number of years in the Notes; I'm confident that my ratios for time in Neverland for each hour in London are accurate, but I'm unsure if my conversions to ten years are on mark on not.

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...dude, you really don't need to add more drawbacks. You have 22 pages of drawbacks. It's just bloat at this point.

>> No.53981969

This. >>53981955

Like, son. You were MORE than okay on drawbacks.

>> No.53981971

Yeah, you can fanwank a lot about the Scarlet Empress because they made her very, very ambiguous. But circumstantial evidence suggests she probably isn't the kind of woman who wants to jump ship from Creation with the next interdimensional traveller in town.

Isn't it more tentacular-pokeballing them like what Rodin did to Alraune, or do you mean a perk?

Like I said a few threads ago, I'm...sorta aimlessly doodling notes around in a pastebin for an American Gods jump while wondering what I'm doing with my life and why I keep fucking up perk prices.

I'm absolutely not claiming it though, because I have grave doubts about my own writing and wouldn't mind if someone else has a brainwave and figures something out because I'm struggling here.

Okay so-one of the example furnitures are a pair of servants based on people someone who could be tacitly described as "young Beatrice" recognised as coworkers, and thought up as friends because she was lonely and unloved. It's vague and as >>53981788 says there are exceptions, but in a sense (prior to the jump making clear the magic is DEFINITELY real anyway) you could see the demons as fulfilling basic needs (powerful, loyal servants and Kinzo's belief in the occult etc) on the summoners' parts.

So basically, what I'm saying is making someone your furniture=using meme magic to create a waifu in response to a significant emotional stimulus.

>> No.53981994

That's a fair point. I just had a lot of fun coming up with the different drawbacks and how they might affect one another. If it's any comfort, part of what made me decide that I was ready to present the upgraded version of the jump was that I was finally unable to come up with any more drawbacks.

Are there any particular drawbacks that you think could be dropped? For instance, I was never really sure about the Between Sleep and Awake drawback, so I suppose I could cut it from the final revised product.

>> No.53982036

>I have no more fetishes with me
But goddammit, I've got a new one. Why?

>> No.53982047

>Time Stalls When You're Having Fun/The Island Come True

...I'm confused why either's 600 CP-worthy, when as far as I can tell it doesn't endanger you much by itself. Well, the latter makes more sense if you've been to more jumps but even that seems too generous if it's your first jump and you're a deep sleeper who seldom dreams.

>From Parent to Pirate

Similarly it seems like 600 CP just for one more parent-pirate is a bit over the top, and conditional on you picking Mrs. Inverse and Mr. Perfectio or someone for parental figures.

Also yeah, you've...you've got enough drawbacks.

Anyway Mixed Identity looks fine, and I'm okay with the CP level changes at least. Ditto for the Mirror of Melancholy

>> No.53982098

Okay, thanks for the feedback.

For the three drawbacks you mention, I admit that I might have overestimated them a little. What do you think would be more appropriate + CP levels for them?

I'll see if there are any extraneous drawbacks I can cut from the jump. It's a little tricky since I like a lot of them.

I'm glad that the new perk and item entries look okay to you. Thanks for the insights.

>> No.53982130

Just to check, do the CP levels look okay for the other drawbacks, old or new? I had some other +600 CP drawbacks and higher even before the latest entries, so now I'm wondering if they're at the right levels.

>> No.53982244

Good god yes. Commorragh and JTTW are long overdue for major rewrites. Looking back on them now is actually painful.

>> No.53982282

Uh. Nothing particularly stands out, but it's a lot to go through so I ain't as sure

Oh geeze...

At least Fate and /maybe/ the Infernals update won't be the only sources of retroactive suddenly companions now...

>> No.53982288

Look at it, Wukong. Look at it, and suffer.

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>> No.53982375

Well, for the three you specifically mentioned (Time Stalls, Island Come True, From Parent to Pirate), at least, what do you think would be appropriate CP levels for them?

>> No.53982560

How do Stellaris hive minds work with research? Are there drones that handle that?

>> No.53982633

Uh. TS: 100, ICT: 200 and PtP: 300?

From what I can tell on the wiki, basically yes but the advantage therein lies more in working tirelessly than being particularly intelligent

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>> No.53982680

Is there a list of claims somewhere? I'm looking at doing an attack on titan gauntlet.

>> No.53982701

>gauntlet for Attack on Titan
Fuck off. That series can have a full jump just fine.

>> No.53982733

That series deserves a Gauntlet. Can't wait to see it.

>> No.53982767

How's your jumpmaking?

>> No.53982862

So how hard do you think it would be to make a Charm to literally slap the addiction and depression out of the UCS? Should I just look for something somewhere else to help him instead?

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>> No.53982939

Followers: Generic folks who come with you from world to world, but become companions if imported. This means that short of the buffs you and your companions can provide, they remain fairly static in power. No cap. Depending on the follower, you might not get respawns either.

Companions: improvable, importable, available in limited number.

>> No.53982950

Solars canonically have like one of the only ways to resist addiction to the games, in a charm that stops them from gaining intimacies for a scene IIRC. I think if anyone would have the ability to smack some sense into the UCS it would be a solar. You might encounter difficulties when trying to convince him to go into rehab but that is where out of jump stuff would come into play.

>> No.53982959

Where can we get a bunch of followers other than Infernals?

>> No.53982969

Utterly impossible. It's the Games of Divinity. Any single charm is never going to match up to it. You're going to need a much more detailed plan than that. Don't go for the easy solutions, that has never worked for the Exalted.

>> No.53982975

Good question. Also can we house them somewhere outside an Inner World? Like I want them to be persistent and to evolve from jump to jump.

>> No.53982986

Okay, thanks. And then one I fix him, would he be able to help the other gods overcome it or would I have to deal with that myself?

>> No.53982997

Okay, what would you recommend?

>> No.53983006

Looking forward to:
Dies Irae
Exalted - Fair Folk
Black Crusade

Working on:
Chrono Cross
Thunderbolt Fantasy

Currently taking a short break.

>> No.53983043

Is there some way to gain the benefits of worship without having your followers be religious?

>> No.53983087

I would imagine that would require being the god of atheism and having your people be religiously unreligious.

>> No.53983091

Some of this is personal interpretation, but I've got:

40 guards and 360 civilians from Viking Saga (multiple purchases of the homestead and field hands, domain)

I bought multiple writs of expansion, which can generate new non-companion settlers each jump I visit.

Rurouni Kenshin offers some followers as well, with the purchase of certain perks.

one of the Metalocalypse jumps lets you take Dethklok as spectators under the right conditions.

There's also the primitive worshippers from Primal Rage

plenty of jumps have land/building/territory designation that helps with this.

>> No.53983103

All of my want.

>> No.53983202

Well, first you need to break the Unconquered Sun's will. Thanks to his Panoply charms, he'll never submit to rehab so long as his Conviction and Valor are up. He needs to suppress them, first. Then you start in with the charms. Not a single charm, but all sorts of social charms. Like Hastening Night's End to remind him of the good times before he needed the Games, or Terrible Sun King Condemnation to shame him for giving in.Then you get his friends and family in. The other Incarnae won't help, they're addicts too, but the inhabitants of the Daystar have been by him for almost just as long and the respect they feel for their big brother should help get the message through. The Daystar itself, for it has a certain animal intelligence, should help a lot. It loves him, and doesn't want to see him like this. Then continue this therapy for a long time, until it sticks. Meanwhile, set up some Wyld zones for Shinmaic Communion and Calibration, and use them to create a Miracle Shell that would end Sol's addition for good. Funnel resources and magic into actualizing the Miracle Shell, and finally cast it when Sol's feeling the best about himself and the most willing to change for the better.

>> No.53983266

No, going Undivided does not let you buy from all four gods, which is where the hesitation came in since the BC setting effectively fucks Undivided over with a rusty rake.

>> No.53983288

>Not looking forward to Kubera

For shame.
Unless it was dropped without me knowing.

>> No.53983298

What's a Kubera

>> No.53983335 [SPOILER] 

It is about this.

>> No.53983358

Korean webtoon set in a pseudo-Hindu universe. Looks pretty cool from what I've seen, but I haven't read that deeply into it.

>> No.53983375


>> No.53983377

More seriously it is about a girl with a God's name and her adventures with Asha a magician who takes her. She tries not to die while also swearing revenge, it is somewhat complicated as it has twists later on.

>> No.53983412

Hey Red,
Could you provide an estimate for how long BC will take?

>> No.53983431

...Part 1 or the whole thing? Because Part 1 will prolly end up being done... sometime end of July or sometime in August.

Really, Part 1 is the worst part because it's so much set-up. Once that's done it'll be relatively easy to get the rest going.

>> No.53983451

What do you mean by part one? There's going to be more?!
Nurgle... I really have to up my own content game.

>> No.53983522

I think it's funny that you didn't mention what happens on the next page.

Farneese summons an idol based on the priest guy from way back when, and he sucks in all the dick monsters and chews them to death.

>> No.53983560

Why does it cost 100 cp to be a stellaris reptile when reptiles get no bonuses or free stuff?

>> No.53983609

Because they get two dicks

>> No.53983620

>Chrono Cross
Can we be a lynx or a draggy or a scarecrow or a skeleton or a sapient chunk of fire shaped crystal or a egg or a jester or a genie or a hydra or a mermaid or... yeah any of the party characters?

How about a house/mini world in a painting?

Ability to tell fate to fuck off?

Time frozen chunk of land with like frozen waves and all?

A floating fortress?

A dragon farm?

Maybe the ability to make angelus points?

Hydra venom and cures?

Voodoo magik to make scarecrow people?

Fishing perks?

A big boat?

>> No.53983637

Basically they're inside Casca's mind and these dick monsters are all representative of rape trauma. They're trying to fix her brain for Guts.

>> No.53983646

I'll add these to the ideas list. I'll get to work on it when I feel like I have the stamina, since...yeah, as you've indicated, I have no shortage of material to consider.

>> No.53983655

But they dont? They are egg laying reptilian peoples, I dont know if they even have 1 dick?

>> No.53983672

You are a much better maker than I am by far, good luck moon moon!

Oh also weapon imports, I wanna make my staff/spear a masamune

>> No.53983676

>Star Force
Fuck yes, gibmedat

>> No.53983702

IIRC that's a daughter-wind of Adjoran. So she turns into a storm of knives or something suitably yandere.

Besides, you think TED is gonna give up his waifu?

>> No.53983718

>you think TED is gonna give up his waifu?
TED exists to be bullied so maybe

>> No.53983782

>Dies Irae
How your reading going, Heavens?

>> No.53983823 [DELETED] 

Well to summarize my thoughts so far...

[spoilers]I just finished the Marie Route and after the 'meh' route that was Kasumi's along with the barely-earned victory of Kei's, it really did feel climactic and pretty awesome, plus Marie grew on me fairly quickly. That goes for Kei in her route, too. I'm not sure how Rea's will top it, but I understand that's where things get max chuuni?

The dream thing Rulsaka pulled in Rea's dragged on for way too long and was kind of uncomfortable, though.

By the way, Shirou Yusa is the most suave and badass motherfucker in this entire novel. And I like most of the cast already.[/spoiler]

>> No.53983826

You. Moron.

>> No.53983827

>you think TED is gonna give up his waifu?
Probably. I'm sure he likes to be cucked.

Then he will use a charm to reveal that the Scarlet Empress that you take was in fact I,THE SHADOW OF ALL THING

>> No.53983843

What jumps have perks that make it easy to find info no matter how degraded the source may be, Like archeological data mining?

>> No.53983850

Well to summarize my thoughts so far...

I just finished the Marie Route and after the 'meh' route that was Kasumi's along with the barely-earned victory of Kei's, it really did feel climactic and pretty awesome, plus Marie grew on me fairly quickly. That goes for Kei in her route, too. I'm not sure how Rea's will top it, but I understand that's where things get max chuuni?

The dream thing Rulsaka pulled in Rea's dragged on for way too long and was kind of uncomfortable, though.

By the way, Shirou Yusa is the most suave and badass motherfucker in this entire novel. And I like most of the cast already.

No I didn't mess up this post before what are you talking about stop lying

>> No.53983860

Pretty sure we saw everything.

>> No.53983880


>> No.53983883

Can't decide if I want to go Dawn or Zenith. Can someone try and sell me on one of them?

>> No.53983885 [SPOILER] 


>> No.53983930

Kim possible has a good one that lets you use one source of info like it contained all the info. So use one book or computer to get all the data.

>> No.53983937


>> No.53983958

That's new.

>> No.53983983

The phenomenal tits are obviously amazing, but the coat is sexy as fuck.

>> No.53984002

Was waiting for Golarion, then found out it's technically on the SB drive, then got sad when there were no lore options, then got happy again when I realized it made Path of War available, then got sad again when I realized I'd have to build an entire gestalt character sheet just for what I wanted.

>> No.53984003

>The Darth Bane Jump
Could we have an import option for the Orbalisk Armor? I know it's a bit niche, but I already have a living suit, and I'd hate to choose between the two.

My symbiote is rather clingy, and I'm afraid it might turn out to be the jealous type. The last thing I want to deal with is a yandere symbiote, nobody wants to deal with a yandere symbiote.

>> No.53984012

Still working on Batman Beyond. Speaking of which...

Ice Cream” Truck [100cp] (Discount: Legend): Sorry to disappoint you but this truck isn't actually filled with ice cream, although some would say the treat that's really inside is much sweeter. This inconspicuous looking vehicle is filled with enough rifles, pistols, shotguns, and ammunition to arm a dozen people, perfect for giving your followers some firepower or earning a few bucks selling weapons. Spent ammunition that was taken from this truck will replenish after a day and any guns that were lost, stolen, or sold will reappear after a week. You can stock the truck with more ammo and weapons so long as they fit and any new non-unique weapons or ammo stored here will reappear as well. Can only be purchased once.

>> No.53984048

Where can I become an angry semi-corporeal spirit?

>> No.53984059

forgotten realms,and Lord of light immediately spring to mind

>> No.53984063

I'll be sure to add a note onto the description. It will have to be biological(ish) armour, like your Symbiote, though.

>> No.53984067

Technically, it's old.

Sometimes being super picky about fashion has its perks. But you can tell it's still stupid vanity because of how I fall for things like pic related.

>> No.53984110

Pfft. If you can't have fun and indulge your vanity and imagination here, then what's the point?

>> No.53984146

So, Exalted Dragonblooded. What element were you? Why?

>> No.53984161

Thanks be to you, friend.

>> No.53984200


because at this point I have all of my other elements covered and if I didn't focus on fire people would be wondering what's wrong with me.

>> No.53984286

Fire. The cool glowy ember bits running through my veins sounds awesome, and it fits with my sometimes radiant, flowing, cosmic fire hair. Also, I like the smell of a good campfire.

>> No.53984303

Gonna go with Wood, because I am a sucker for growth-type stuff. Plus when Mardukth gets the scenarios out I'm totes gonna get the Elemental Pole of Wood and put it in my Seedbed.

>> No.53984334

>Pole of Wood
Hue hue hue.

>> No.53984350

You immature bagel-head.

>> No.53984460

>get the Elemental Pole of Wood and put it in my Seedbed.

>> No.53984480


>> No.53984482

CEASE. I know it came out wrong but holy shit why.

>> No.53984504

Well when you eat poles of wood things have a tendency to come out. It just means you did it right.

>> No.53984512

Does importing a Companion as a Solar or Lunar Mate grant them points to use in the related jump, now that both are out? Or is it more just getting the Exaltation and little else?

>> No.53984535

I'M NOT EATING IT, DAMN IT. I'm only putting a cosmic artifact within a realm of lava and life and planting it like one would plant a tree so that the lava is given extra magical sustenance. NOTHING LEWD.

>> No.53984537

Because you get flustered over it. If you didn't react so strongly, it wouldn't be as fun to needle you.

>> No.53984553


>> No.53984555

In the Solars jump can the boosted Mind of the Sun still be used to make artifacts with a mixture of metals? And can you explain the higher piece of the soul stuff? I don't understand what this lets me do.

>> No.53984580

Air, because it's associated with ice and snow in Exalted and I enjoy those.

>> No.53984590 [SPOILER] 


>> No.53984605

Are there any perks that make it harder for people to hold grudges against you?

>> No.53984609

Yes perfect.

>> No.53984636

I assume the soul stuff involves fucking with essence and the sciences autobot was using to build the blank exaltations, albeit not starting anywhere near his abilities. Better to ask Heavens on that though as its his perk not mine, he'll know whats up if I dont.

>> No.53984646

Next you're gonna say, "DELET THIS," aren't you?

>> No.53984651

>"Destroyer of Worlds, Decade."
>"You will be punished for your sins."

Jump 94: Shin Megami Tensei I
Origin: Drop-In
Location: ???
Honest Liar
Hollow Presence [2300]
Primordial Might [2000]
Theme Music
Dormant Power [1500]
Gunmetal Alchemist [1400]
Demon Summoner [800]

Gullible DDS Net User [750]
Magnetite x5 [700]
Money x2
Muscle Drink
Ultimate Incense [500]
Sealing Bell [400]

Companion Import x8 [0]

Ange Ushiromiya
Origin: Drop-In
Honest Liar
Primordial Might [500]
Dormant Power [0]

Erika Furudo
Origin: Normal Person
Not Feeling Too Bad
Demon Summoner [500]
Dormant Power [0]

Origin: Normal Person
Not Feeling Too Bad
Demon Summoner [500]
Dormant Power [0]

Origin: Drop-In
Honest Liar
Primordial Might [500]
Dormant Power [0]

Origin: Drop-In
Honest Liar
Primordial Might [500]
Dormant Power [0]

Golden Fist of Iron
Origin: Drop-In
Perks: Honest Liar
Primordial Might [500]
Dormant Power [0]

Sun Wukong
Origin: Drop-In
Honest Liar
Primordial Might [500]
Dormant Power [0]

Haruhi Suzumiya
Origin: Normal Person
Not Feeling Too Bad
Demon Summoner [500]
Dormant Power [0]

World of Law [2000]
Two Steps From Hell [2200]
Sick Little Puppy [2400]

>> No.53984663

This is bad.
>"You, Jumper, wanderer of worlds and defiler of the natural order…"
His domain is strong in this timeline. He has pinned all remaining sins of the old world on me. I can feel the karma weighing on my being, and the screaming hatred of his followers is a pressure I can't describe.
>"You, who created chaos and destruction in all worlds…"
Living Miracle and my newfound might keep me from dying instantly, but no more. His secondary Hero and angels are amassing to fight me. I can feel my blood boiling with anticipation and dread…it's the same as The God of High School. It won't stop until one side is absolutely dead.
>"You, who rejected the hand of salvation when I so graciously extended mercy to you…"
I just have to survive. I don't need to battle all the way to Him. Just deal with the rabble and then go on the defensive. Parry. Don't bother striking back - he may be a tyrant, but I don't know what impact it will have if I take this to its logical conclusion.
>"You, who rejected your own humanity to lay and fornicate with a beast…"
I can do this. I have everyone I need and…wait. What did he just say?"
>"I will smite thee, and torture thee, and I will rip asunder the unholy monster that had created your pitiful existence, and cast them down into Hell for ever and ever."
…okay. Change of plans. Sun Wukong is tailor-made to fight 'divine' or 'impossible' foes, and Erika has enough spite for spiritual entities to deny them even when they're standing in front of her. We need to isolate our foes, and take them out one by one. Then…that just leaves Him.
>"You will live eternally in suffering, within the depths of Hell, where you will burn until time itself ends, and then you will fade away into nothingness."

>> No.53984681

I'm done being the plaything and pawn of beings like you. I've gotten the attention of your real master by now. I don't know if I can make a convincing case for them to lend me aid in this situation, but I'm determined to try.
>"Come, step forward, Jumper. Your journey will at last end."
If I manage to do more than a stalemate…if I actually manage to 'kill' your Avatar, here and now…let that be a message to everyone who tries this shit again.
>"Rise, my legions. Rise, my chosen. Strike down the last sinner."
I don't care if I win or not. I won't let anyone ever threaten her. Not now, not ever.

Prepare to die.

>> No.53984690

Good luck.

>> No.53984705


>> No.53984713

How long do you typically spend writing up a single jump?

>> No.53984729

Heavens, in the Solars jump can the boosted Mind of the Sun still be used to make artifacts with a mixture of metals? And can you explain the higher piece of the soul stuff? I don't understand what this lets me do. Wukong said to ask you.

>> No.53984755

That depends on several factors.

>How much I know the IP in question
>How much I know what I want to do there
>How many Companions I have
>Whether or not there are any obvious plot threads
>Whether I'm writing a summary of my whole time or a single scene

>> No.53984758

do you mean creating a jump or taking a jump?

> Taking a jump

depending on the complexity , where it's being slotted in in my chain,companion builds and the difficulty of the choices involved Anywhere between afternoon and two weeks

>creating a jump

I've never Created a jump in less than Three weeks,usually it takes around Three months.

>> No.53984783

I ended up axing that feature being fiat to make room for it, though I think you could recreate the effect well enough after some practice. I'm not against eventually putting that back in, though.

And the boosted effect dealing with the Soul is basically the groundwork for eventually creating Exaltations, or things like it. Check the Notes.

>> No.53984818

Water, its useful for paperwork, assassination, and making drinks.

>> No.53984830

That's reassuring. Obviously I'm a newfag to /jc/ and didn't know if I was wasting too much time on single jumps

>> No.53984845 [SPOILER] 

Any perks that let you implant suggestions in people's minds while they're sleeping?

Dreamwalking also allowed.

>> No.53984848


>> No.53984851

Jump making can be very very hard, Keep your chin up.

>> No.53984879

Changeling has some I think?

>> No.53984887

dream demon from gravity Falls immediately springs to mind.

>> No.53984889

Pretty sure that was a joke, anon.
Some Earth reptiles have two dicks, IIRC.

>> No.53984999

>Still no KonoSuba


>> No.53985058


Who's working on it?

>> No.53985071

Val dropped it to work on Warhammer & other projects.

>> No.53985146

She did say she might pick it up in future, and Val is one of the few Jumpmakers I'd want to make that Jump.

>> No.53985171

It's over.

They're dead. Every last one of them. From the most pious of crusaders to the hosts of the Archangels. Hero's body was skewered at the end of the Blade after a long and difficult battle, his COMP smashed and annihilated. And that just left him. YHVH. The One God who claimed dominion over both Law and the entire world.

If he said anything, I hadn't been paying attention. I was so consumed by rage and hate I wasn't seeing anything except red, even if my own composure looked eerily calm to those staring at me. Words were meaningless, here. Ideals were meaningless. This was an act of vengeance, plain and simple. And more than that, I was sending a message.

Sun Wukong was part of the opening gambit, along with the demons I had assembled from my Court. I would initially play support with Ange and direct the others to limit his options and targets. The Great Sage Equal Under Heaven did no small amount of damage to the tyrant…I dare say she did more than all of us combined through what amounted to her own legend and brute force. That boost this world gave her helped more than a little. Meanwhile, I would defend her and dispel any effect that tried to target her, whether instant death or otherwise.

Erika was the secondary damage dealer, but not by attacking through force, but ridiculing and denying every bit of YHVH's existence with her own Truths. It wasn't any real threat to YHVH, who was believed in so strongly by this world even in its dying gasps, but the point was that she was able to use them in the first place. Iron would back up Sun using her own force - the Solars struck down the Primordials, and the power of her previous incarnation screamed death as her fists flew. She still hadn't reached her peak just yet, but this was enough for her to be a threat.

The rest of us continued to play support up until the moment that Wukong was finally struck down by YHVH.

>> No.53985174

Way to long.

>> No.53985175


FU! I missed you!

>> No.53985181

But, the moment I was waiting for had finally surfaced. The Great Will had answered my call. I don't know what sort of judgement had led it to doing so, or why it was merely content with observing, but it was enough. Even being able to tap into a tiny fragment of it was proof enough that YHVH wasn't top dog, no matter what he claimed or told his followers.

Claiming to be the most high, and being subordinate to a being beyond his own workings…no, one that would eventually subvert him in secret in the name of observing humanity's own actions…it was a truth that would burn in the pride of a being like him. A retcon of the highest order, no less. More than that, it made an incredibly handy Red Truth.

Erika, the Great Detective she was, tossed a spear of red light using this new 'detective's truth' I had relayed to her, along with the evidence presented, and it struck the golden head. Normally, this wouldn't be enough, but all it did was open the way: she made a sympathetic link to his own existence and shaped the symbolism of such a denial into a much stronger effect with what I had taught her. He didn't disappear from existence. He was, after all, still part of this equation. But the fact he was 'weaker' had manifested as his defenses became unstable.

With a chink in his armor having finally formed, I gathered everything I had. Every drop of magical energy in this dimension and hundreds of others, every bit of ki my body could contain, every last drop of essence and more I could focus into a single point.

And then I hit Him as hard as I could.

>> No.53985230

Air though I was tempted to go Wood so I could have roses growing out of my hair. Plus my personality matches Wood.

>> No.53985234

I haven't been missing though, I've been here almost every thread. Admittedly in a stealthy, untripped manner.

Missed you too

>> No.53985329

Earth archetype fits like a glove

>> No.53985337

Denying him with all of my might, the golden head shattered against my fist like glass. His entire being disintegrated into nothing. Beneath us, the Thousand-Year Kingdom and the cosmos around it all screamed as they burned away. The world had been completely destroyed by the final blow, leaving us standing in the void where we battled.

His voice echoed into the empty dimension.

>"You are…a sinner of the highest order, Decade."

He sounded awfully calm, and that alarmed me more than anything.

>"You fight for no ideals. You have no desire for redemption, no desire for sin, and yet you destroy world after world. This makes the third. And you did so with hate in your heart, without reluctance. To deny Me, even after I had rewarded my faithful, who were guiltless and penitent."

He's not wrong.

>"So long as faith exists, so shall I. And you will one day be punished for your sins. Forever and ever. Your lusts and your desires will finally be put to an end, on that day. Mark My Words, and know my Will."

Yeah, yeah. Hurry up and finish dying so you can make some other dimension miserable.

…I guess…I won. I defeated God. Or something calling itself that.

So why don't I feel accomplished…?

>> No.53985743

>why don't I feel accomplished?

Because it isn't over. Because there's no torture he can put you through that you aren't already suffering. Because you're already in a living hell.

>> No.53985812

You're probably correct but then I read this entire post in Aku's voice and started laughing really hard

>> No.53985848

ETA on Bane Trilogy?

>> No.53985924

So really quick. What are the Great Curses / Curse Equivalents for each Exaltation? 3e included.

I know about Solars and Sidereals, but not so much on the others.

>> No.53985930

Sounds like a big trilogy

>> No.53986053


>> No.53986147

Ah, you think shitposting is your ally?
You merely adopted the shitpost...

>> No.53986172

I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the content post until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding!”

>> No.53986195

What are succubi called in Forgotten Realms?

Also, what are some other races like succubi and mind flayers in there?

>> No.53986222

Lunars have much the same as Solars, though they can accumulate "Permanent Limit" due to their Wyld taint, causing them to become monstrous Chimera.

Dragonblooded have it fairly mild, their personalities just get influenced by symbolic traits of their elements. Air Aspects getting detached, Fire Aspects becoming passionate, etc. It varies depending on their core Virtue, though, so a Valorous Fire Aspect is going to get confrontational with their passion but a Temperant one would get all weirdly ascetic.

Abyssals have Resonance, accumulating the anger of the Neverborn directly every time they act in a way that isn't suited to a nameless avatar of oblivion. Once it builds up enough, it discharges and can harm either themselves, their surroundings, or the people they care about in various ways.

Alchemicals have Clarity, not actually a part of the Great Curse but an equivalent caused by the tension between their human soul and the Primordial Essence that fills them. It makes them more robotic and starkly utilitarian, and it rises and falls with your typical humanising/dehumanising decisions as well as installing some Charms that make them more mechanical. There's no Limit Break state, though, and it actually caries some benefits as it rises.

Infernals get Torment whenever they disobey the Yozis or just suffer extreme mental stress. Some charms can increase Torment, too. When it hits a certain, they get punished by the Yozis in various ways appropriate to their Favored or Caste Yozi. Acting like a cartoon supervillain can reduce Torment. Devil-Tigers still get Torment, despite being freed from the will of the Yozi, because it was actually an inherent weakness from the Great Curse that the Yozis were just taking advantage of. All that changes is how they're punished for going over the limit, their own power turning against them instead of being smacked down by their masters.

>> No.53986280

a succubus is called a succubus. Fey'ri are similar if only because they are descended from succubi and elves. Illithids and Ulitharids are the only real mind flayers that come off the top of my head(though there are other creatures related to them, they aren't really mind flayers).

>> No.53986294

Let's see all of the armies from Warhammer Fantasy Battle Jumps seems to be just that.

>> No.53986360

Thanks a bunch, man.

>> No.53986398

You're welcome, anon.

>> No.53986529

>IIRC that's a daughter-wind of Adjoran. So she turns into a storm of knives or something suitably yandere.
Nah, just a mortal splinter of Adorjan.

The daughter-winds are non-sapient, and don't really have a mind at all anymore IIRC.

Dawn if you want to do ALL the fighting. All of it. No specific specialization like other people, just every single type of combat. Shooting, stabbing, slashing, smashinh, punching, throwing, as well as tactics and strategy.

Zenith is you want to be the tank and if you want to do anything social. Especially if you want to be a priest or god-king.


Because having polished marble for skin is cool. And their Caste abilities are my favorite. And Earth Aspects get shit done, looking at the Scarlet Empress, Mnemon, and Ragara Myrrun.

Just getting the Exaltation and little else, for now.

That said, Exaltations are pretty good on their own.

>> No.53986568

>Just getting the Exaltation and little else, for now.

Alright. Just trying to get my companion builds sorted out. Thank you Mardy.

>> No.53986635

There's also Eriynes, who are roughly the Devil equivalent to the Succubus Demon. They basically look like fallen angels and are more serious/combat focused.

She'll still suck your dick, you just need to sign a contract first.

>> No.53986684

Where can I find the cutest dragons, /jc/?

>> No.53986703

Do we have a Log Horizon Jump?

>> No.53986724

Any devil will for the right price.

>> No.53986731

Wasn't that one cursed?

>> No.53986735

No. Someone made a pretty complete WIP a long while back, but there was some drama I can't remember and it never got finished.

>> No.53986736

Yeah, but how many would you want to?

>> No.53986746


Can you post it?

>> No.53986749

Why would you even want a jump of that? Isn't basically just SAO, but slightly more interesting?

>> No.53986754

Honestly, not many if any. Even though most of them could shapeshift into rather pleasant seeming forms.

>> No.53986759

Not that I know of.

>> No.53986762

No. I do not have it saved. Sorry.

>> No.53986771

I think that pretty much explains it right there.

>> No.53986779


Any objection if I try my hand at it?

>> No.53986781

I know there was a cute loli doctor doom that had a comic where she supposedy was scarred but really she just wore big doom esque goggles.

I wonder what happened to it.

Your pic reminded me of it.

>> No.53986806

Here is what we had, I haven't really looked at it so I can't tell you if it's worth anything.>>53986746
I don't object for the nothing that it's worth. >>53986779

>> No.53986807

If you do, take my advice. I finished two 'cursed' jumps via Disgaea and Metroid.

When I finished the first one, the house next door to me exploded and caught fire.

After I finished Metroid, I came down with a flu that lasted at least a month and a half.

Be prepared to fight destiny, brave anon.

>> No.53986814

Go for it. Good luck.

Bite your tongue, log horizon actually seemed to have a little thought to the mmo part.

And like you said it was actually good.

>> No.53986826

Pretty much the only thing it has in common with SAO is the "trapped in a VRMMO" bit, and even that is different.

Not to mention that the writer may actually have played an MMO and/or done some research on the topic. Unlike SAO.

>> No.53986840

Bitch you will actually do your research before mouthin' off.

I bet you're also one of those punks who thinks Kirito was the first "black swordsman."

>> No.53986857

Doesn't note that the main thing Devil Tigers get Limit for is not acting like themselves, and that their 'Act of Villainy' can basically be anything, not even fitting the description.

>> No.53986861



>> No.53986873

Inside of yourself.

>> No.53986899

My last exam is on Tuesday, so a couple of days after that.

>> No.53986904

And I bet you think Guts was the first 'black swordsman'.

>> No.53986918

A Dawn is Conan, driving his enemies before him and hearing the lamentations of their women. A Zenith is Aragorn, standing before the Armies of Men and shouting "TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY".

A Dawn is Simon who fought tooth and nail and overcame literally impossible odds. A Zenith is Kamina, who gave Simon that strength and even years into his death, inspired the last hope of all humanity to stand against bleak odds.

A Dawn is Thor, fighting and dying a warrior's death for what he believes is right. A Zenith is Captain America, planting himself like a tree before the river of truth and telling the world, "No, YOU move."

A Dawn is Gai, fighting band destroying his own body to almost kill Madara. A Zenith is Naruto, whose conviction reaches even his most bitter enemies and converts for into loyal friend.

A Dawn is Saber, leading as a king and a warrior, fighting always into martyrdom. A Zenith is Rider, who conquers, but whose spirit turns the conquered into dear friends, soldiers loyal even beyond death.

>> No.53986940


Both of ya'll's are wrong.

It's The Afro Samurai.

>> No.53986953


>> No.53986966

Actually my first guess is Zorro.

>> No.53986968



>> No.53986980


>> No.53987011

No problem.

Huh, okay.

...Poor choice of words, but at least you're excited.

Now to consider whether to situate that scenario in Gethamane as the obvious spot to get them, or somewhere else.

Vodak's always fun for that 'oh god no' factor, at the very least...

True, but while they get a custom one, they still have access to a whole bunch of cartoon villainy Acts too.

>> No.53987045

>And I bet you think Guts was the first 'black swordsman'.
The first BLACKED Swordsman, maybe.

>> No.53987076

Dragon type Pokemon are cute.

>> No.53987095

I was wondering what would break first. Your sanity... or your keyboard.

>> No.53987174

Dragonlance silver dragons are humanboos, which I personally find adorable.

>> No.53987217

hero BBS has dragons as Cute as you can imagine

>> No.53987243

The dragons in Hero BBS are just bog standard dragons that say one world ala Groot

>> No.53987255

It's a custom fantasy world, there are whatever dragons you want them to be.

>> No.53987303

FUG is the cutest.

>> No.53987319

It's a giant ozone-dwelling sky god, not your puppy.

>> No.53987327

Fire emblem jumps have some nice ones

>> No.53987330

giant ozone-dwelling sky puppy god.

>> No.53987364

>Don't know if I should be Corrin and waifu all my sisters or be someone else and waifu Corrin and all her sisters.

>> No.53987474

Huh, now that we have Lunars, Siderals and Solars, how would their charms interact with our Third Circles? Do they gain use to those charms?

>> No.53987512

But both like headpats, and that's all that matters.
Was there any ruling on catching Legends outside of the Hunted drawback?

>> No.53987529

If you have a build in mind for a new chain, do you try and build it as quickly as possible or let it progress over a large number of Jumps.

>> No.53987534

Has your jumper ever been the unsuspecting object of somebody's affections?

>> No.53987561

Rushing things just makes it bland and eventually you run into a rut.

Gotta let shit develop naturally.

>> No.53987562

No, 3rd Circles don't get access to your own Charms anyway.

Except if you had a Fetich (or two), and it channelled your power temporarily. In which case, it would indeed get access to those charms for a little while.

>> No.53987602

I'm sure, I have a few looks perks. But I'm unsuspecting.

>> No.53987622

Hey KOTOR Anon I have Teen Titans questions for you if that's cool.
Regarding the Self-Duplication perk. Do you lose some of your own power when creating a clone?
How long can a clone last?
When you merge back do you have access to their memory?
P.S. : I love your jumps.

>> No.53987631

Most of the time i just wear a cowl and have the non-euclidian perk from 8-bit on so no.

>> No.53987652

Yes, one of my companions. Then they used a romance perk to guarantee I would reciprocate.

>> No.53987692

Working on Fire Emblem Archanea (Aka the Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem games), Night In The Woods, Princess: The Hopeful, Kingdom Come (Elseworlds), Ulster Cycle (Mythology), Urusei Yatsura, and Captain Underpants.

If you're thinking "that's a lot!" it is!

>> No.53987694

How would I know?

>> No.53987769


Most probably, I got all the charisma and harem perks I could after all.

>> No.53987800

I'm still waiting for that guy to finish that CYOA.

>> No.53987806

You/the narrator might have information that your character/the jumper doesn't have.

>> No.53987824


What CYOA?

>> No.53987834



I think the last time someone asked this I said yes, so yes.

Thank you, I try my best.

>> No.53987850

Some guy last month said he was gonna make a loli kidnapper CYOA where you get abducted by some lolis but he hasn't been seen since.

>> No.53987862 [DELETED] 

Huh, good to know.

>> No.53987873

Yes. This list includes Ange Ushiromiya, Haruhi Suzumiya, Erika Furudo, a gender-flipped Sun Wukong and Golden Fist of Iron (a Solar). My benefactor doesn't count because it was fairly obvious and mutual from early on.

Long stories.

>> No.53987890

>a loli kidnapper CYOA where you get abducted by some lolis

... Why that sounds so hot when it's so wrong?

>> No.53987896

he was kidnapped by lolis.

>> No.53987902

Huh, good to know.

Thank you.

>> No.53987919

I remember seeing a comic about this.

>> No.53987944

Yay thank you! I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this power.

That's neat, I like it. Does discounted for Legend mean free in this context or 50cp?

>> No.53988010


>> No.53988059


I... I don't understand what the fuck is happening there.

>> No.53988065


>> No.53988169

Here, do you understand what is happening?

>> No.53988194

Role reversal is fun.

>> No.53988195

Did the Kamigawa jump get deleted?

>> No.53988229

/jc/, in my current jumpchain I'm making a tanky build that weaves magic(or magic like abilities) into melee.

Currently on my list for places to go are World of Warcraft as a Prot Paladin/Enhancement Shaman, Mass Effect as a Vanguard, various D&D settings as Paladin, Ranger, Duskblade and Dragon Shaman, Star Wars OT and Clone Wars as Force Sensitive, KotOR as a Strength focus Grey Jedi, Mahou Sensei Negima for some nice combat magic and pactio benefits, FMA for alchemy and Bleach and Naruto for pretty much everything they have on offer.

So my question to you, /jc/, is what other settings should I go to for additional thematically appropriate abilities?

>> No.53988246

Still there for me.

>> No.53988248

No, it's just in unimaged - jumps with folders in the MtG folder

>> No.53988250


Are you mocking me, anon?

>> No.53988300

is this my bride is a mermaid?

>> No.53988327

There's a class like that in Overlord series IIRC

>> No.53988330


Seto no hayanome was nice.

>> No.53988335

No, it's Kongou Bancho.

>> No.53988336

I have no idea what you are talking about.

If you want it to be? I had it long before I came to /jc/ since it was so out of place I couldn't help but save it.

>> No.53988339

I wouldn't know but i can give you this one i found

>> No.53988402

Yes it was.

thanks, I'll have to read it.

>> No.53988414

>I have no idea what you are talking about.

Oh, I see, sorry for the misunderstanding,anon.

>> No.53988430

It is a story about three psychic lolis who are. . . precocious seems a bit too mild.

Due to their powers they are viewed as monsters and they all have a crush on the only normal (non psychic) who isn't scared of them. As you can see by anon's picture it is a lot less innocent than a normal childhood crush.

>> No.53988438


Seto no Hayanome jump when?

>> No.53988469

are you asking me to make a jump? No one ever asks me to make a jump!

>> No.53988478

Generic Fighting Game, pick up them Hadokens.
Disgaea has Magic Knights, who can imbue their weapons with damage spells.

>> No.53988490

>are you asking me to make a jump?

Well, yes.

>> No.53988500

I'll go Wood if I ever go to Exalted. Because the only thing I know about Dragonblooded is Orgiastic Fugitive Style.

Nameless side-characters, mostly. I'm a natural flirt, and I kind of expect the same from others, so I just think of it as banter. The Red String of Fate ties together most main characters, so they don't even really see me as a potential date.

Is the idea of someone asking you out really so foreign to you?

>> No.53988509

So does anyone know how big the Ether Drakes from Stellaris actually get?

I'm thinking of modifying it's genetics to have it asexually and rapidly, and connect it to the hivemind I also got from Stellaris.

Possibly also give them Kung Fu genetics, from Kung Fury, because an army kung fu space dragons seems cool.

Buuut... I also don't really want to flood the entire galaxy with absurdly humongous space dragons if these in-game sizes are accurate. Because sheesh, if they're actually this big I might not need an entire army of them.

>> No.53988510

>I suppose I could have used Orphan Cub for that
That is an awesome idea. Then every background could have their exaltation come from the beyond.

The pantheon unfurling charm or inner world could also be a capstone booster. The inner world would have something special about it for every capstone.
The you have a pantheon could have each capstone add some capability to your 3rd circle demons?

>> No.53988536

Oh Hey Kenichi.

>> No.53988540

Yeah no, it's accurate. Ether Drakes rival spaceships.

>> No.53988641

Huh. Well then, that'll be... Interesting.

Huge dragons are huge, considering it appears to be about as long as that star is wide, or a little longer.

>> No.53988647

They're far bigger than a space battleship. They're probably several miles long to be honest. Rivaling the Light of Terra at the least.

To put it in perspective, an Either Drake requires an entire fleet to take down, approximately fleet power 20k, which is gonna be equivalent to one to two dozen space battleships in power

>> No.53988660

That said, they're probably not star size. Nothing in stellaris is to scale.

>> No.53988669

Shadow Realm has an ability like that, I think it's a capstone?

>> No.53988689

Then again, maybe I'm wrong. The Ether Drake is the same size as an equivalent in power being called the Sellarite Devourer, which eats stars.

>> No.53988690

Ah, alright.

That's still quite big, but much more reasonable.

>> No.53988700

See >>53988689 for my final corollary. Exact size is hard to pin down but it being a fucking planet in size wouldn't be too farfetched to me.

>> No.53988714

Aaand we're back to the possibility of humongous sizes.

I see. Fair enough, thanks.

>> No.53988732

Make sure to feed your baby dragon so he grows up big and strong.

>> No.53988751

Don't these things look like a hybrid between a Beta fish and a dragon?

>> No.53988768

They're fucking cool, yes.

>> No.53988778

What do these things even feed on? Stars? Planets? Absurd quantities of actual food?

Sorta, yeah. I kinda like the look though.

>> No.53988789

I think they feed on space debris and radiation.

>> No.53988796

I think the only dragons bigger than these guys is those space dragons from.... DOTA? Maybe LoL. One of those.

>> No.53988801


>> No.53988810

League of Legends, Star Dragons. Yes.

>> No.53988812

>Remembering that edit /tg/ made like eight years ago with some shark furry comic

>> No.53988829


Are we Re:Creators now?

>> No.53988872

I'd suggest actually reading one of his jumps before asking him that. Try Ghostbusters, it's one of his better works.

>> No.53988911

I would... reconsider.

>> No.53988915

Hm, I suppose... I'm not really all that keen on making those even more of a must-buy than they seem to have been though.

Not sure what I'd actually do with the capstone's boosts either...

>> No.53988926


But I like his jumps...

And it's Seto no Hanayome.

>> No.53988929

Actually, I'd say look at Infinicon.

can't count PS238 anymore because SJ-Chan cleaned it the fuck up.

>> No.53988961

What do you think it'd look like if I pour the monster girl potion from Dark Cloud on it?

>> No.53988983

Dark Cloud has a monstergirl potion?

>> No.53989006

You'd probably need a LOT of potion to change something that size...

But it'd likely turn into some kind of giant finned dragongirl, which seems pretty nice. We must test this for wai- I mean, for SCIENCE!

>> No.53989007

Hell yeah, the first one. You can buy one, and it's a canon item in that world so you can probably find out how to make more. Some guy accidentally spills it on this cat and she turns into a cat girl that moves in with him.

>> No.53989032

Hey, quick question: do you think Adamant Circle Sorcery could turn someone into a demon/god/other spirit?

>> No.53989041

Are you trying to downgrade yourself?

>> No.53989087

Not me. As a reward for my mortal followers.

>> No.53989098

What do you like about them?

Do you like them more or less than those by jumpmakers who are generally seen as competent?

>> No.53989125

Do you have anything better to do than shitpost? Bancho's jumps aren't bad at all. Nowhere near as shit as you want to imply.

>> No.53989143

Every Exalted jump. There are almost no caster builds in Creation, most everyone who uses magic to fight augments conventional attacks with it.

>> No.53989173

why don't You Bring up some of the actually Passable jumps I've made,like Dan versus or dead rising or, space monkeys? I know I screwed up on Ghostbusters, Why do you think I'm okay with it being replaced?>>53988926
I'm actually going with>>53989098
I 1. want to hear it and 2. want to know you aren't just being contrary

>> No.53989186

for bonus duplicate fun, go to Metalocalypse. Grab We Are Many, which creates up to 8 quarter strength duplicates. And then have your Self Duplicates spawn them too. And combine that with Pentakai Bench from King Arthur, so that working together with you, they're all brought back up to significant portions of your strength, and you're boosted well above your own.

>> No.53989208

Would this cause Exalts to have problems facing traditional casters from other settings? Such as a jumper?

>> No.53989230

consider getting the pimp cup from high school DXD so you can make your own exalts

>> No.53989298


>> No.53989320

Sure. You probably wouldn't even need Adamant for that, unless you want them to be exceptionally powerful.

There's a few Charms that can do stuff like that too, like Inner Devils Unchained, Spirit-Shape Companion, and Riding the Dragon.

Probably not specifically? They can fight against casters easily enough, it's just that Sorcery is too slow and costly to be worth it most of the time.

At least in 2e.

>> No.53989334

>Passable jumps I've made
They're still shit. Poorly formatted and not very well structured.

>> No.53989368


there Are perks from other jumps to counteract the side effects but yeah complete knowledge of the soul for every jump should give you a baseline sort of Exaltation or at the very least replicate a exaltation you have. >>53989320 what say you Mardukth?

>> No.53989395

>Orbalisk Armor
Why would you want that? It is good armor but the pain of having all those teeth digging into you. . . as good as it is jumpers can find better that doesn't cause horrible pain to wear.

>> No.53989397

Keeping your handicaps in mind, honestly nothing you've made is terrible like other people keep insisting. It's just an unfair comparison to put you against other jumpmakers when they don't do it for anyone else. Sure you're not the most well known for elegant writing like Heavens, Digger or Val, and you don't come up with new concepts each jump like Red, but your jumps aren't as bad as people shit on you for.

>> No.53989405

What was it called? I think I remember that from somewhere, just can't think of the name.

>> No.53989417

>Sure. You probably wouldn't even need Adamant for that, unless you want them to be exceptionally powerful.
Oh, really? Neat.

>Inner Devils Unchained
Actually never heard of that. Guessing that's something to with Infernals?

>Spirit-Shape Companion
That's the one that makes an animal into a small god?

>Riding the Dragon
That would actually work fairly well for what I need if not for the whole "spend a permanent willpower or they burn out" thing.

Eh, as I understand it, Exaltations would require a lot more than just replicating a soul.

>> No.53989424

I've tried to come up with new concepts, Like formalizing "vacation jumps" to do an opposite of gauntlets kind of thing but whenever I try that people shut me down

>> No.53989448

it's my understanding that Exaltations are "Aftermarket Accessories" to souls kind of like an angel's Grace from Supernatural and largely made out of the same Components Configured differently

>> No.53989480

Wow thank you!

>> No.53989544

>what say you Mardukth?
Considering it says it contacts the principle of life to get the information, I personally doubt it give you info on the artificial Exaltation attached to you.

But I know basically nothing about Highschool DxD, and this is based only on a wikipage... so I'm guessing you'd be much better off asking Heavens about this?

>Oh, really? Neat.
Yeah, seems more Celestial.

>Actually never heard of that. Guessing that's something to with Infernals?
Yeah, it's an Ebon Dragon charm that forcefully and painfully transforms someone into a 1st circle demon. It needs Essence 5 to be permanent though, and then counts as "the death of the victim’s original form", meaning it's irreversible by Exalted means (as that'd be "resurrection").

So that might not entirely be what you're after.

>That's the one that makes an animal into a small god?

>That would actually work fairly well for what I need if not for the whole "spend a permanent willpower or they burn out" thing.
True. That's a bit of a limited factor on using it.

>> No.53989551

Because you can't execute properly? That and most new ideas have already been done by Red. The first capstone boosters, the first item customizations, and so on. There's pretty much nothing that isn't a variation of a concept she made and now I guess even scenarios are credited to her instead of Babylon? If anything you should be focusing on improving your own quality rather than trying to set records.

>> No.53989565

True, but knowing how souls there work means you could eventually learn how to bolt stuff onto them if you worked for it. See also the Boosted Mind of the Sun perk from Solars if you'd prefer something that specifically says you have the starting principles for making Exaltations.

>> No.53989585

Sounds neat. Definitely picking that up when I get the chance.

>> No.53989611

Anyone got a list of perfect-memory perks?

I already know Savant from Pokemon and Weight of Ages from Generic Universal Monsters, Forget-Me-Not from Kingdom Hearts, and I think Narnia has one?

>> No.53989617

I'm doing the games from Artix Entertainment. I'm just procrastinating like hell and am waiting on releases every week.

So I'm doing:
Adventure Quest
Adventure Quest Worlds
Mech Quest
Epic Duel

The jumps I'm looking forward to are the Magaman Starfrorce and Ar noSurge jumps.

>> No.53989626

I was attempting to build my own with some basis on that version, but life caught up with me and I've been to busy to start backup. Your welcome to use anything inside if it'll help.

>> No.53989677

Hey Wukong, when Dragonblooded says:
>Appearance changes due to the exaltation post-jump are optional.
Does that mean you can turn the appearance change on and off?
Also, if you have Transcendent Gaian Harmony can you change which element you’re showing?

>> No.53989684

Hey Wukong, if you're on, is there any chance of letting people transfer extra CP to imported companions?

>> No.53989695

Is there a Danganronpa jump?

>> No.53989702

>True, but knowing how souls there work means you could eventually learn how to bolt stuff onto them if you worked for it. See also the Boosted Mind of the Sun perk from Solars if you'd prefer something that specifically says you have the starting principles for making Exaltations.

Mind of the Sun - Contrary to what some of the Solars of the First Age may have believed, the world is not improved by being painted in gold or forged in orichalum. The world is made whole by the sum of its parts, not merely the brightest piece of it. This realization comes with twofold
benefits - you are able to attune yourself to any sort of supernatural metal: soulsteel, jade,moonsilver, or even things in other worlds - as though it were orichalum. Just as well, you can easily forge Artifacts with these different metals as well, as well as combining their properties together by forging them into something new. It will take time and experimentation to perfect the
process, but soon, all lights in Creation can stand together as one

am I missing a step here because that doesn't like that is what that does.

>> No.53989703

Great Detective has one.
Plus a perk for deleting memories.

>> No.53989708

Not that I know of.

>> No.53989713

Man, the house rule that makes powers you gain via Gauntlets a part of your base form, makes the Lumen line of purchases in LLTQ invaluable.

>> No.53989733

You're looking at an outdated pdf. Heavens is working on updating, I believe.

>> No.53989737

What does a Chao taste like?

>> No.53989744

Coolio homeskillet.
Don't know why you felt the need to mention that without provocation.
Unless you

>> No.53989747

That's the old version. Check the archive, I don't think Wukong or Heavens have put the new draft of Solars on the Drive.

>> No.53989760

Like guilt. You monster.

>> No.53989765

I can only go by versions that have been posted in the thread unfortunately.

like hair gel sweat and radioactivity

>> No.53989775

No sillies, they taste like cheese.

>> No.53989782


>> No.53989792

Probably like fish since they live near water.

>> No.53989794

Huh, what happened there...?

It has been posted in the thread.


>> No.53989808

I missed An entire jump? Thanks Mardukth!

>> No.53989815

When in doubt, it tastes like chicken.

>> No.53989841

You do realize his name is Cho, not Chao, right?

>> No.53989845

You know, I forgot the thread was allergic to fun, and it's always a mistake to discuss neat interactions you discover, lest someone get butthurt about it. Thanks for the reminder.

>> No.53989853

yes, I was making a joke.

>> No.53989854

Well, I don't think they're finished with updating it just yet? But you're welcome.

>> No.53989856

>That would actually work fairly well for what I need if not for the whole "spend a permanent willpower or they burn out" thing.
>True. That's a bit of a limited factor on using it.
I'd like to note though that Permanent Willpower loss ins't actually permanent. It just means you need to spend 8 xp to recover the lost dot.
And outside perks can just remove that downside. A perk that gives you undiminished/unassailable will, or a perk that regenerates you mind or mental fortitude, like the NGE combos.

>> No.53989859

Don't mind that, anon. Paranoia's common around here. Notes like that are meant with hostility often enough that it's what people assume.

>> No.53989864

No, I get that. I just don't know why you'd go with him instead of someone actually named Chao.

>> No.53989877

Wait, you can regrow a dot of permanent willpower? You're not capped at one dot max lower than before?

>> No.53989878


Dunno your jumps look fine to me


Thanks , we can always do it together if you want

>> No.53989893

My optimism was shot off in the war.

>> No.53989931

Fair enough.

You should see about getting some prosthetic optimism.

man but these prices and drawbacks are brutal though. Really reminding me of why I normally won't come within a country mile of gauntlets.

>> No.53989935

>can't count PS238 anymore because SJ-Chan cleaned it the fuck up.
Not SJ-Chan. the anon after SJ-Chan was the one who really helped Bancho with it.

>> No.53989966

>Wait, you can regrow a dot of permanent willpower? You're not capped at one dot max lower than before?
Yup. You can raise willpower with exp to a Max if ten. costs a DOT means your current permanent score goes down one. But you can keep raising it if it is below ten dots.

>> No.53989980

Yeah, you can. It just takes a bunch of xp, so it's a pretty hefty sacrifice.

Not just 8xp either, it's (current rating x2), so 18xp if you were at Willpower 10 before using the charm.

The workaround may work, I dunno. It's 2am here, my brain's mush anyhow.

>> No.53989987

But SJ Chan broke it more, it was a random anon who cleaned up her mess and then helped Bancho make it good.

>> No.53989992

The women in Exalted art almost always look like black women with fetal alcohol syndrome for some reason.

>> No.53989996

Added one 100cp drawback
Reduced the price on Amiibo by 100
A couple of typo fixes here and there
Raised Max drawback cap by 1

>> No.53989999


>> No.53990009

You're alive? Neat.

>> No.53990014

>Not just 8xp either
I thought the errata standardized the cost to regain a lost dot?

>> No.53990019

Errata is optionally canon.

>> No.53990029

Shit did not mean to press upload. But I just wanted to know in my small bought of desire to update thanks to Stupid Dog and his silly stupid ideas made me realize I missed a really neat drawback. And with that I decided to do a lazy as hell touch up job to it to make it worthy of an upload/update.

>> No.53990037

Nigga where you been

>> No.53990041

Don't worry we love you and your update.

>> No.53990047

Can't fool me Reverse Satan, that is good Spyro costume but I see through it.
Yay Spyro is alive!

>> No.53990056

I think it's just that guy's artstyle?

Not that I know of?

>> No.53990094


Lurking. I've been having to rev up my desire to make updates again. And because of that I don't use my name unless it's relevant. I might touch up Kairos after this too. Seeing as how I left it a little jumbled in the notes section.


>> No.53990110

That's fair.

What do YOU think about Stellaris void dragons?

>> No.53990118


>> No.53990124

Good to see you're still around!

>> No.53990127

That's supposed to be a human?

>> No.53990135

No, but it's supposed to be female.

>> No.53990140

YuGiOh Shadow Realm

>> No.53990188

What's the best jump of all time? In your opinion.

>> No.53990202

Not big enough. Cute pet tho. Would collect 20 or more.

I'll be here for as long as these threads thrive. Here from this generals birth here till the end.

>> No.53990217

I think it's supposed to be Mercury.

>> No.53990240

Ar Ton because I like that game.

>> No.53990247

>What's the best jump of all time? In your opinion.
Well how do you define Best Jump? Most interesting? Best Perks? Best waifus? Your favorite setting?

>> No.53990258

Best jump is lost Valley of the dinosaurs hands down, everyone who wants to be a jump maker should study it.

>> No.53990300

>Impossible Choice
>cancer causing around 600,000 deaths annually vs hunger causing around 3.1 million child deaths annually.

Yeah, I think this isn't really a hard choice.

Anyway... I have no idea? I like a lot of different jumps, they're like different flavors of icecream.

>> No.53990301

>Best waifus

Tell me more

>> No.53990350

You're making a poor choice considering there's mundane ways to fix the food thing, since it's a supply issue. They're mostly Africans anyway. Meanwhile prospects of actually curing all cancer ever forever are really fucking slim.

>> No.53990375

The issue is less producing enough supply and more 'actually getting it to the people who need it.' Sometimes it spoils, other times local governments/warlords/wildlife/etc steals it, you know the drill.

>> No.53990380

I don't know, but whatever it is, there's a good chance it was made by YJ_Anon.

I like Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs, Van Helsing, Fallen London, Sword and Sorcery, Generic Universal Monsters, MCU, Kingdom Hearts, and Bloodborne a lot. Worm and Resident Evil are also two Jumps that I'm greatly anticipating the update of.

>> No.53990390

>What's the best jump of all time?
>I have no idea? I like a lot of different jumps, they're like different flavors of icecream.
Then do it by flavor. What is your favorite:
Sci-Fi jump?
Fantasy Jump?
Modern Jump?
Action Jump?
Pulp Jump?
Detective Jump?
Superhero Jump?
Western Jump?
Civilization Building Jump?
Magical Girl Jump?
Giant Robot Jump?
Giant Monster Jump?
Horror Jump?
End of the World Jump?
Vacation Jump?
Sexy Fun Times Jump?

>> No.53990392

I don't consider myself qualified to judge that.

>> No.53990393

>Well how do you define Best Jump?
That depends on your opinion.

RWBY. It has nearly every kind of waifu you could want.

>> No.53990400

Yes, that's what I said with the 'supply issue' thing.

>> No.53990405

Presumably, you could fix the cancer thing later. Since this isn't presented as anything supernatural.

...However, I think I still made a poor choice, because other statistics says it's around 8 million cancer deaths a year.

>> No.53990406

Worm; because it doesn't just have waifus, it was made by one!

>> No.53990412

>'actually getting it to the people who need it.'
Um, that is one of the definitions of 'Supply'

>> No.53990458

Disregard me, I assumed a narrower definition more in line with 'production.'

>> No.53990619

Because Isuzu a cute and I want to daughteru her.
Also, tattoo style

>> No.53990653

SCP has one.

Eclipse Phase has a number of options via in-jump science (Eidetic Memory and Mnemonic Augmentation stand out), and you have the option to buy them for CP to make them permanently available in all forms.

>> No.53990668

"Cancer" isn't something we could realistically ever fix seeing what all it covers. But we can solve the hunger problems.

>> No.53990689

It's one of the leviathans, and you can find leviathan bones on planets some time. From memory they're big enough that your people first mistake them for a mountain range. Gigantic, but not quite as big as Stellaris' odd in game scale would suggest.

>> No.53990726

Wrong. Those bones from the event are of an extra-dimensional entity unrelated to the Leviathans DLC, which include many things of many disparate origins under the label of Guardians. Are you going to tell me fucking Infinity Machine has bones?

>> No.53990734

What are some perks or places to learn how to put souls into new bodies? I have some things I wanna do in Undertale to give a few more people a happy ending.

>> No.53990769

They are? I was sure they were supposed to be from one of the big monsters like the Ether Drake.

And no, I'm not saying anything about the Infinity Machine having bones.

Sorry if I'm totally wrong, I just really thought that was meant to be the bones of a fallen drake or something. Is it actually the thingy that has the same model as the Worm in Waiting?

>> No.53990771

There is that Puppet maker perk in Kara no Kyoukai which when you can build full versions of the dolls would let you shove a soul into it and it would slowly attune itself to fit.

>> No.53990786

Is there a good size to fanwank stellaris ships?

>> No.53990799

No. The Ether Drake is a unique entity described as a being that existed in the previous version of the Stellaris universe, which apparently has a bang and crunch cycle of some type. It didn't come from an alternative dimension, and it doesn't even have fucking legs like the event you describe has.

Not to mention that event is in the base game long before Leviathans came out.

>> No.53990800

>Sci-Fi jump?
Probably Stellaris. Might just be because it's the newest, so it stands out in my memory.

>Fantasy Jump?
Dragonlance, probably.

>Modern Jump?
True Lies, I think?

>Action Jump?
Uh. Terminator?

>Pulp Jump?
...Hm. Big category, probably Swords & Sorcery.

>Detective Jump?
Does the Austin Powers jump count?

>Superhero Jump?
Probably gotta go with Boku no Hero Academia? Young Justice and Batman the Animated Series are really nice too.

>Western Jump?
Generic Western is actually pretty cool.

>Civilization Building Jump?
Civilization. Spore would probably eclipse it. IF IT EVER CAME OUT.

>Magical Girl Jump?
Hm, I want to say RWBY for the waifus, but Cardcaptor Sakura is nicer.

>Giant Robot Jump?
Hm. Titanfall perhaps. Or otherwise Supreme Commander.

>Giant Monster Jump?
We need more of these. I guess the Godzilla: the Series jump?

>Horror Jump?
Creepypasta, I think...?

>End of the World Jump?
Highschool of the Dead, perhaps? Fallout 4 for post-apoc stuff.

>Vacation Jump?
Probably CATastrophe, I suppose?

>Sexy Fun Times Jump?
Hm... either Hero BBS or Sisters of Battle to set it up, and Greek Myth to actually get to it? This one took the longest to think of. Most any jump can be good for that.

>> No.53990806

Someone asked the jumpmaker and he said to compare the battleships to Star Destroyers.


>> No.53990821

Ok, sorry. I only started playing a few weeks ago and seem to have gotten things mixed up.

Sorry for trying to help.

>> No.53990823

So how did you guys deal with the Reapers in Mass Effect?

>> No.53990845

>Choose a Background, Engine, and Weight class. 100cp perks ones are free for their discounts.
Can you uh, actually list these? Not just right above the perks themselves?

>> No.53990859

Really, really big guns
Specifically, a combination of Halo MACs and mega particle cannons from UC Gundam. Because that's what I had available

>> No.53990869

That actually sounds like a pretty nice perk in general, even outside of my Undertale plans, so thanks for the suggestion.

>> No.53990878

Assuming Direct Control.

...And then having them self-destruct, because I didn't really want them..

>> No.53990880

Can do! Want me to add small descriptions too?

>> No.53990894

The origins already do, but a small one for the engines and weight classes probably wouldn't hurt.

>> No.53990901


>> No.53990914

I think I was pretty much a machine god at that point, made them all merge together and had them ascend to a higher place of existence. Just so I wouldn't have to bother with them plus it was funny when I had them do it right in front of the Citadel giving the Council heart attacks from the knowledge of what just happened.

>> No.53990937

The first drawback, the cross over one, mentions being able to buy items from the extra settings. How does this work considering we can't travel to those settings?

>> No.53990951

What happens if I take both tiny titan and bulky build?

>> No.53990958

Metroid. Would be Eclipse Phase if the actual setting didn't Devil Trigger me super hard.
Sword & Sorcery.
The King's Avatar or Counter-Strike. It's 50/50.
Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs.
Great Detective.
Generic Western.
Crusader Kings, if that series of jumps as a whole is not a valid answer.
Sailor Moon.
Gundam Universal Century.
Neon Genesis Evangelion, I suppose. Likely will become Generic Kaiju once it's done.
Siren Blood Curse. Really Junji Ito Kaidanroku, but shh.
Even split between Generic Zombie Apocalypse and Post-Apocalypse, I guess.
No answer.
No answer.

>> No.53990974

>a higher place of existence

What's wrong with the one they got, it's already a friggin galaxy, that's pretty high up

>Siren Blood Curse

Personally Paprika's more my style of horror

>> No.53990993

Kingdom Hearts
It's a god damn CP vampire and I love it.

>> No.53991002

repeat after me "Jovian pattern nova Cannon"

>> No.53991006

>What's wrong with the one they got,

Too many fleshies. It is an infestation.

>> No.53991019

Super-Magitech Spaceships with mystic pew-pew lasers. A sound military victory.


>> No.53991027

Does the crisis of infinite franchises drawbacks add any franchises or just Nintendo, Namco, Capcom?

>> No.53991031

Worm is the best jump for depth, quality and value. Nothing else comes close.

>> No.53991034

Reapers is made of squishy fleshies tho. The metal squid part is practically power armour for a bunch of liquified fleshies grown into a giant one at it's center.

>> No.53991045

It COULD stand to be imaged though...

>> No.53991057

The God of High School. Cool setting, long jump with lots of cool things to buy, and an extra challenging drawback with a special reward.

>> No.53991095

Consider it a little blurb on my part. And by 'buy' I mean you can reasonably purchase/use/attain these smash variant items in the smash-verse. So technically you can use it to expand the scope of what the Amiibo companion can be. Just be reasonable and don't expect to gain the exact replicas of stuff. Its going to be nerfed in accordance to other Smash items.

You're a swole shorty or an unusually agile big guy like donkey kong. Whichever's effects you want to take priority.

Initially it's whatever has had a hand in Smash specifically. Which is why Namco, Sega, and Capcom are in there.

>> No.53991099

Inferior squishes then. They cannot compare to the superiority of Metal Flesh Squid Conglomerate.

>> No.53991142

>Initially it's whatever has had a hand in Smash specifically. Which is why Namco, Sega, and Capcom are in there.
So by default, the setting only contains Nintendo characters, and then if I take the drawback it adds all of the other characters who've appeared in smash?

>> No.53991161

> Impossible Choice
I'd go with curing cancer. Because a big problem with cancer is that there are actually many different kinds of cancer, as many as there are parts of the body, which have to be treated differently, and yet that cancer can spread to other parts of the body, and any given treatment can just decide not to work because fuck you that's why. So cancer is actually really complicated.

Meanwhile, we hypothetically have the ability to solve world hunger now, it's a "simple" fix (read: "make food"), and the issue is just that it's difficult to get all the food where it needs to go and support making food and different cultures and politics and blahblahblah lots of dumb complicated shit that is mostly complicated because human society is complicated. But they are largely complications created because society is difficult, not complications created because nature is difficult.
So, basically, fuck nature. That's my choice. Fuck nature.

Wait, what was the question?

Best Jump? Uhhhh.
Mother: Cognitive Dissonance.
Because I helped make it.

>> No.53991163

Probably Overlord (Series) It has all these classes and races to choose from along with racial Immortality on most of the Heteromorphic races. Along with that one ring that gives you instant death and several other immunities along with being able to make a free wish once a day. I could summon up a loyal minion who could (probably, not sure if it would be) grow over time to be stronger then myself and some weapons and armor .

Although I would only do these things if I was only allowed to pick one jump and it happened to be Overlord (Series)

>> No.53991201

Do we have anything that makes you free from metaphysical bindings of a race or alt-form? Like if I want to go to Overlord and be an evil (non-fallen) Angel or a good Demon? Or make the Choice as a Changeling in Dresden to become a full fae and then tell a lie.

>> No.53991210

>Sci-Fi jump?
>Fantasy Jump?
Hero BBS
>Modern Jump?
>Action Jump?
>Pulp Jump?
No clue
>Detective Jump?
>Superhero Jump?
>Western Jump?
>Civilization Building Jump?
>Magical Girl Jump?
>Giant Robot Jump?
>Giant Monster Jump?
>Horror Jump?
>End of the World Jump?
>Vacation Jump?
>Sexy Fun Times Jump?

>> No.53991244

>go to Overlord and be an evil (non-fallen) Angel or a good Demon
Is this not normally possible?

>> No.53991253

D&D alignment rules, supposedly. I wouldn't know, but apparently they're very restrictive.

>> No.53991254


>> No.53991300


>> No.53991311


>> No.53991322

Good names for Nobodies? Pic unrelated.

>> No.53991336

Well ok. It defaults to characters that have all cannonically appeared in smash. But the drawback expands to include the entire companies first party options. So from just sonic to include characters from streets of rage. Or for Megaman to include roll or red arremer from gargoyles quest. It just expands to include more than just the initial character. It grows to include the entire companies history as if they had made a mega crossover game using the smash engine.

>> No.53991349

Oh god this pic reminds me of that nutjob that was digging up little dead girls and turning them into his dolls then sleeping with them.

>> No.53991350

Best jump. Only jump.

>> No.53991365

I like the idea of a animated shadow like Peter had. But I have some issues with the implementation of having a part of you being a companion. Like companion limits.

I'd rather have it as an animated, independent part of myself.

There is also the issue where other companions get CP in this one doesn't get anything unless you buy Shadow Stitcher and Shadow Biter. It could have those automatically in lieu of CP (if is stays a companion), or go broader and give it the use of your Shadow and Darkness abilities if it is a part of you. The stronger your shadow powers, the stronger your shadow, duh.

>> No.53991366

Take your name and add an X, then rearrange it.
Example: Sora+X=Roxas

>> No.53991367

Pretty doll.

Nobody names are usually the nobody's original name scrambled with an extra X somewhere, so...

>> No.53991376

Does it work for Square Enix?

>> No.53991386

Where's my Five Nights at Freddy's Jump?!

>> No.53991390

I just picked up 200+ degree's in education.

Should I even bother deciding what they are, or can I just pull a henderson and say 'I tots have X'?

>> No.53991399

Well Cloud did indeed appear in a smash game. So Square Enix is now part of the fold for the drawback to include.

>> No.53991402

>Worm Jump?

>> No.53991413

I believe Henderson actually detailed all his background shit, so 'pulling a Henderson' is meticulously listing it all in your backstory to justify every obscure skill and connection.

>> No.53991414

A word of warning, doing this somehow lets Xemnas/Xehanort magically track you and see what you're doing as well as potentially lets him pour his essence into you and transform you into a Xehanort clone.

Yes that is a plot point.

>> No.53991429

Well now I have to figure out the original name of a surprisingly durable Nobody girl who doesn't remember anything before meeting me.

Well that's spooky.

>> No.53991432

So basically I just asked if I should list everything, or list everything?


Okay, should I list everything, or can I 'powers as the plot demands' until I run out of degree's?

>> No.53991435

Didn't read the racial stuff until now.

I don't have a universal fix. For the alignment stuff, use Primordial from JLD to reduce racial weaknesses, making the alginment rules looser. And then the Brody Paradox from Charmed and maintain moral ambiguity forever.

Makes me wonder what happens to you if you break the alignment. Expode? Cease to exist? If it's just a mental compulsion, mental protections would be enough.

>> No.53991443

I would just list everything. Just to be on the safe side.

>> No.53991444

200 degrees means you could conceivably have one in every field that's not some bullshit filler like gender studies.

>> No.53991445

>Worm Jump?\
Worm. Accept no substitutes.

>> No.53991450

Why don't we just feed people cancer and kill two birds with one stone?

>> No.53991455

He skipped leg day.

>> No.53991461

Because McDonalds already got in on that idea and patented it

>> No.53991478

Wait the name itself is the tracker? I thought it was the ritual around it, along with other magic bullshit.

>> No.53991491

It's the X, pretty sure. I mean, Xehanort was able to track Sora just because he had an X on his outfit.

>> No.53991494

Where can you get 200 degrees at once?

>> No.53991498

What are you gonna do about him when Apocrypha gets made? Furthermore, what are you gonna do about Shakes? Shakes would be very interested in a jumper, and Amakusa might force them to go along with his plan if they're a servant on the Red side.

>> No.53991510

...What game was this, DDD? Because I don't remember that shit.
Also this implies a LOT about the X-blade.

>> No.53991512



>> No.53991541

It's best for your sanity that you pick a short one like Mary or Carol. Rearranging long names leads to a mess.

>> No.53991551

Worm isn't a worm jump, it may be many other things but there is only Dune for this category. Largely because we don't have Beetlejuice jump.

>> No.53991563

Anywhere with the option to get degree's, technically. Mcninja is probably the best for that.

But, this is from the librarian. One of it's capstones is a learning booster that increases the more degree's you have. It also has no drawback cap. So I blew, like, 3000 cp on nothing but degree's.

>> No.53991574

Well it's not technically the X blade. It's the Chi blade, you know, the greek letter that looks like an X but isn't.

Xehanort is bullshit. He has a lot of weird ass powers outside of what a keyblade master normally wields.

>> No.53991594

Kill him probably.

>> No.53991606

...Can I steal this from him? I want the letter X.

No, no. E. It's more common, and is 200% less edgy. Definitely a vowel, at least.

>> No.53991608

Yeah, pretty sure we don't have that jump and you're just SB shitposting.

>> No.53991631

A lot of it is darkness stuff, but yeah, Xehanort is BULLLLLSHIT.
He invented the Black Coats too, which is really useful, it's a protection against darkness, to the point where you can just walk through the darkness between worlds and not give a damn, so it SHOULD protect against Heartless and other shadow-type attacks, something that helps in a lot of other jumps.

>> No.53991634

Don't insult the God Worm Anon.

>> No.53991655

I mean, I own the letters A, N and O so he's probably buying from the opposite end first

>> No.53991681

You probably want to mention that you can buy smash items in-jump. Since the items section is mostly smash stuff, I assumed it was the only way to get them.

>> No.53991690

...You are correct. It's not in the jc drive. My apologies.

I will now proceed to contemplate how to steal the letter E -

>Carmen Sandiego jump

Oh hey. Think that would work?

>> No.53991716

Listen babe, maybe you didn't know, but I insult whomever, whatever, whichever I want. Or don't want for that matter, as a lot of things are insulted without my paying attention, or bills for that matter. My point being is that I don't like worms.

>> No.53991737

I wonder how Nomura came upon the fact that the Greek letter Chi is pronounced 'key' so he could create a ridiculous weapon that both calls to Xehanort's X fetish and the fact that it's a keyblade at the same time.

>> No.53991769

Through the power of Japanese Autism.

>> No.53991823

>Square in Smash

Does this mean... Geno?

>> No.53991842


>> No.53991862

How many other franchises are included by adding in Square? There's the Final Fantasies, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts, but what else is there?

>> No.53991863

Ya know, why does SSJ require an outside force to reach it when Vegeta obtained his through sheer butthurt?

>> No.53991951

What do you think caused that butthurt? An outside force. I don't want to speculate, but my guess is Mr. Popo.

>> No.53991963

Whats his deal, is he some kind of even more japanese Garcher?

>> No.53991978

Clearly Bulma was a bad snorer and he couldn't get any sleep.

Anyway, it's kind of lame because it means I'm never going to get those transformations.

>> No.53991998

Perks for merging people together?

>> No.53992006

Aquaria has one.

>> No.53992154

That's basically what children are.

>> No.53992195

Kotomine Shirou. That is all that needs to be said.

>> No.53992222

10/10 comment, would snort and chuckle at again.

>> No.53992291

Find some list of educational degrees, hopefully sorted by popularity or usefulness. I don't even know if there are that many meaningfully different degrees offered in western civilization.

You make end up with some historical ones, like 'nuclear radiological officer' or alchemy.

So, what 50 CP "you have 10 degrees" perk is there?

>> No.53992347

>Carmen Sandiego jump
Actually supposed to be getting an update, but


is currently incommunicado,
Inside a Polar bears stomach,
that then got swallowed by a Whale,
somewhere in Alaska.

>> No.53992369

That Duel Monster Heroes jump has one or I think 2-3 actually?

>> No.53992384


Where were you when Beyblades existed before Christ.

>> No.53992401

At least it's not Bakugan.

>> No.53992406

Important to note, all three work differently. One is fusing yourself with someone else, another is fusing different machines together, and the third is fusing other people together.

>> No.53992419


>> No.53992422

Holy shit this is still getting dubbed?

>> No.53992423

Didn't some of them exist before the universe or something? It gets crazier the longer the series went on.

>> No.53992432

The fuck? That is not a thinh right? Tell me that is not a thing.

Tell me you fucker.

>> No.53992445

I wuz kangz and shiet


>> No.53992446

I don't even know.

>> No.53992456

Almost all ffvii characters and a bunch of random people appeared in a fighting game caalled erghiez I think.

I liked the yoyo fighting police girl.

>> No.53992470

Not that anon, but it's a thing. It was some crazy fuck from Russia who robbed the graves of twenty nine different girls.

>> No.53992477

Please explain the pic to me, why are they assaulting that pigeon? Are they afraid it has a knife on it?

>> No.53992503


>> No.53992530

Oh fucking hell.

They need info on a terrorist. Its a stool pidgeon.

>> No.53992561

what is there to steal in naruto

>> No.53992565

Would it make you feel better if I told you he was eventually caught and arrested?

>> No.53992571

Eyes, apparently.

>> No.53992572

pic related

>> No.53992574

DNA, fancy swords, maybe other fancy weapons, armor, and rocks if you have the filler.

>> No.53992577

Sakura's anal virginity and Shurikens

>> No.53992578

Found a BBC article on it.


Not a bad idea

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