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Previous thread: >>53966370
Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu

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Doing that is going to make some panicky little shit think the mods are siding with the meta thread shitposter.

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So? it is not like it matters

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That's nice

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Scared me for a second.

Thankfully, the mods actually look at our threads to see they're nothing like /qst/ threads.

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Why are they deleting threads?

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>He didn't read the thread.

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OP had it pointed out he posted an old version of the opening CYOA, probably deleted it to repost the new

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>Christmas Cake
Size Ratio
Physical Build
Brest Size
Butt & Hips
>Child Bearing
Facial Features
>Sexy/Noble=Thirsty Baroness
Skin Tone
Sex Drive
>Sexual Predator
Romantic Attitude
>Mostly Equal
Personality Traits
>Heavy Drinker
>Neat Freak
Fetishes and Desires
>Sweaty Sex
>Oral x3
>Being on Top x3
>Milking Dry
Hobbies & Interests
Extra Features
>Inhumanity x2
Inhuman Traits
>Extra Arms
>Long Tongue

The tattoos and scaring go together.
Early on in life, someone who hated her caught her with her second set of arms out and quickly made it known to certain parties. She was abducted and experimented/tortured for years until her captors were finally found out and dealt with by the authorities. Her back is covered in various scars and is somewhat sickening to look at for the faint of heart. Instead of hiding it, she had a massive, back covering tattoo of a medieval battle where the scars are either the cutting edges of the weapons or the wounds on those being cut.

Pick somewhat related.

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>Never posted a character for Traveler because I didnt want to shit it up with a bad OC and allow room for quality content
>Everyone submits bad OCs which Highlander accepts and shits it up anyway

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>Highlander will be done with Traveller, Scientist will be done with his new cyoa before PPP+ is ever posted.
This is a living hell.

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I love seeing skeletons writhe in absolute agony

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Don't forget me, anon!

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Why are you waiting? waiting won't make PPP+ come out faster

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The worst part is that he posted a remake to an older irrelevant cyoa yesterday.

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with regard to the lewd RWBY cyoa, the mystery box is still listed in one of her combos.

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My special snowflake build from way back when was really just a writing experiment for my CYOAs, and it was accepted in a heartbeat.

Now my actual build has to pass the trial by fire.
It's a mixed bag.

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>Complaining about content because it was not the one you were looking for
That is a new one

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uh no it isnt

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Well it is new to me

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you know why that is

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imo the main issue with this cyoa is that being able to travel to fictional worlds makes practically all the items/powers looks pointless and weak.

Willpower 5/40 *
Teleport 10/40 *
Foresee 13/40 *
Detect 14/40 *
Interdict 16/40 *
Pocket 18/40
Room 23/40
Extra Rooms 26/40

Powerhouse 30/40
Calculation 34/40

Suppress 39/40
Scrying 41/40

Memories 45/40 *

Slow Moving 45/42
Delayed 45/45

* My initial powers, the rest return over 3 year period.

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I'd like to think I strived to avoid making shit OCs, but at least Highlander attempts her damnedest to break the created characters so they don't shit the CYOA too much.

At this point, I'm probably not gonna vote for many, if any, builds I made that are on the list. I think that kind of faggotry's a bit too much.

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>I wish to be the very best at Chess

I'll be a famous grandmaster even though I'm bad at the game.

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Good choice. If you choose a card game you could still loose to bad luck.

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What are the darkest cyoas in terms of lore with horrible things going on and still going on? Do we even have grimdark cyoas?

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Make me a jellyfish person i just have to float around and let a boat or something found me then after a good time getting poked by scientists i will probably get a aquarium thing with a waterproof computer for free i hope it turns me in to something like in the picture too

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What is the best site of the ones listed to find medieval fantasy pics for a cyoa?
and does the addition of a family in a cyoa ruin or makes it better?

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Blood Magic/Wizard Counsel or whatever its counterpart was

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Magocratic convention

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ibsearch and deviantart
but sifting though the trash is like pulling teeth so im probably doing it wrong

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I don't have the Magocratic Convention counterpart, sorry.

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>50 year adventure to hunt down a supervillain
>50 fucking years

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A Quite CYOA, The Islands
Artstation, Deviantart, Pinterest

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Any cause they all just remind me I am stuck in this existence rather one much more interesting or happy and my life will instead just be wasting away in mediocrity and the mundane

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Most of the others seem like a lot of work, I'm pretty happy just adding a handy bonus to my current life with no drawbacks.

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Don't worry anon soon the void will come to take us all and then there will be no more suffering

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>Do we even have grimdark cyoas?

Theres a lot that imply something bad is going down behind the scenes, or outright state it without going into details, which I think works better than the alternative.

Theres also a few post apoc ones which are often (but not always) on the grimdark spectrum.

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>Scientist will be done with his new cyoa
Since when was CYOA plural?

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What are you working on?

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Cubus and Roadtrip, actively, and i've got the Other's Gift and Broken Waifu i need to finish.
Then I can start the NCYOA sequel.

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smugposting the metas

but why SDA, only we are allowed to hate you

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Pokemon has best boy going around mindbreaking people to sell them into slavery and nobody, not even the government cares to do anything about it. Also some other bad stuff.

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Hey, we just got the new Style of Life, which I'm really, really digging, so don't act like hope is lost.
Hold out a little while longer, Skelebro.
Maybe make some more builds with the current PP?

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He removed my waifu from Style of Life so that was kind of a bummer.
Plus all the text still looks like it's been alias'd for some reason.

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All you can do is make the best character you can. It doesn't matter if it sucks or if it is amazing, as long as you put effort in.

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oh hey you're back from space

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>all that is left for the Demonology CYOA is Celestials and Djinn

hype levels reaching critical

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I'm gonna summon Jafar

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Could you post the newer Slice of Life? I think I missed it.

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Please tell me you've got Dantalion. Love that multi-head fucker.

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Alright, so usually I go for a Light-side run and lead the world to prosperity and growth.

Let's try a different approach.

>Dark Princess.
Time to ruin everything for everyone!
>Princess of the Undead
Living subjects are a bother.
>Peasant Revolt.
As you can plainly see, that orphanage attacked me.
>Warrior Princess
So I attacked back.
>Pirate Princess
Ghost ship stories are a bit plain here, but it does make for a great ploy when discouraging attacks.
>Magic Upgrade
A little goes a long way and I Control the undead; being a vampire comes with unnecessary complications.
>Technology Upgrade
Deep Rot's codes aren't going to write themselves until we finish the first ones and I want my undead-plague mortars within this decade please.
>Blood Princess.
I think I can manage to deal with some light sunburns here and there given the opportunities here.
>Power Behind the Throne
And not just My throne.
>Captured Princess
Captured, Killed, Turned and Risen, then returned none the worse for wear but with Very different loyalties.
>Rival Stepsister.
She's going to have the Crown. I'm humble enough to admit she deserves it and simply direct my attentions to what I do best; making sure she keeps it.
>Millennium Princess.
The Necropolis will rise supreme here, and our cold, dead hands will reach to claim the stars. Blood from countless worlds will be siphoned in tribute to the eternal empire. Our ships will raid those unwilling to pay tribute and carve our pound of flesh whether they bend knee or are bound and broken.
>Not-So-Royal Behavior.
Just because they're dead doesn't mean I can't have my fun.
If anything that's where it starts.

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post ett

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I'm not the creator anon

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No mystery boxes this time.

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Why do most of the wives have huge tits?

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>Why do most of the wives have huge tits?

Because he has great taste

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Author fetish I guess.

I wish there was a better variety, especially as some of them are caricature level.

>> No.53979018

Why, really
Cowtits are the worst

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Yeah, I only see one girl with normal tits.

Italics is normally better about breast variety so I don't know what had him on a titty monster kick. It's a shame, because only small breasts are cute.

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The meta thread is saddening and concerning, will I be forced to choose between death and cancer if we're kicked off of /tg/?

I don't want to make CYOAs with reddit as the primary audience.

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The Soviet Union doesn't exist anymore. How can she be a Soviet?

>National Army of Space Americans (NASA)
Holy Roman Empire

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Why are you taking a thread that's full of back and forth shitposting seriously?

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So, lets talk about future mission system.

You'll have different settings, like desert, tundra, forest, city, sea and air/orbit.
Then you'll have different scenarios:
Landing, Patrol, Vanguard, Road to base, Breakthrough, Bodyguard, Boss appearance, Enemy ambush, Reinforcements, Flagship, Assault

Each setting/scenario will have different mission point costs, with points representing 'combat readiness'. Weapons and hulls have a flat cost of mission points you'll need to pay per stage, otherwise they'll underperform and take 'damage', activating emergency systems, Unless you have have gadgets that counter act that.

With that in mind, would you prefer freeform mission you make yourself, or preset ones?

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God damnit SDA don't shitpost in other threads... this thread is designed to contain your autism

>> No.53979071

Also, make a build, if you want.

>> No.53979072

>Italics is good at breast variety?

What is Picking-A-Goddess and Armored Core? I wish Italics updated PAG or remade AC

>> No.53979077

First time i've really paid attention since it was brought to my attention just now.

>> No.53979081

The author isn't a pedophile.

>> No.53979090

All of those hare more normal tits and some flats. This CYOA literally has one non-titty monster option. It's off.

>> No.53979099

There were girls with normal tits in both of those, though.
>I wish Italics updated PAG
He's remade it twice, anon. Come on now.

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Original was more fun.

>> No.53979131

Last time he was here he claim PAG was getting a Norse + Chinese goddess expansion in one and bunch of other new stuff to make it comfy.

Not originally.

>> No.53979136

And the third page.

>> No.53979137

>Not originally.
I don't even know what you're talking about. The Goddess CYOA always had girls with normal chests, even originally.

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I want to raze a survivor settlement.

>> No.53979158

That was already mentioned you illiterate fuck. >>53971873
It's the fucking third response.

It's like you cunts are allergic to reading and thinking.

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No this is good, when he's there he's not here.

>> No.53979177

Everything but untold riches sucks ass

>> No.53979190

If you want, I can push for us to go to /qst/.

I couldn't care less if people lose interest in /CYOAg/, I'm gonna remain until we're nothing.

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If he updates it again we'll be at like version 6.0. Surely 5 versions is enough, right?

>> No.53979209

nah let the board do what it will but the majority of the anti-cyoa reasoning is hilariously flawed

>> No.53979230

Actually we would be on version 5.

Original had 4 Goddesses
The second update had 6x times that
The third update hadded a bunch of stuff and some new goddesses.
The fourth update added more stuff and more goddesses.

It probably won't end unti levery goddess is a waifu.

>> No.53979270

What was Italics explanation of how and why do all the goddesses exist at the same time even when some mythologies have huge contradiction in others?

>> No.53979279

You know exactly what you're doing.

>> No.53979297

Jar lets you add power to your score, so you can stack multiple jars for more power.
Also, ritual points represent what rituals you know, not what rituals you have activated. So dismissing won't get you back your points.

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>Maybe you shouldn't believe everything told in the mythologies of the God World as they have the tendency to clash with other events deities said they did.
-Chalichiuhtlicue Profile

>In the Mortal World many know about the Old Ones and the Great Old Ones like they know about the deities and many other things that exist in the God Worls. Brave encounter between the two have happened with certain events in each mythology occurring and some just being written legends.
-Cythylla Profile

Events are either made up or some did happen. Lovecrafts books are considered canon to an extent since Cyhthylla, Shub-Niggurath, Hastur, and Nyarl are around, but they probably didn't fuck with humanity as much.

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>big tits
>Good taste

>not understanding the glory of flat (or small but not quite flat tits)

>> No.53979348

I like Christmas cakes and flat chests

Just because I like small tits does not make me a lolicon

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>I'm gonna remain until we're nothing

You're doing good work in that other thread though

>> No.53979395

I think I made him gay.

Maybe he was gay to begin with.

>> No.53979443

>christmas cake and flat/small chest
my brother from another mother and/or my sister from another mister

I'm excited to see the celestials!

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Why not just make this three separate cyoas?

>> No.53979464

Why make it separate CYOAs?

>> No.53979489

Because that would require Italics cucking the skelebros even harder with PPP+ being a never ever.

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>> No.53979539

Anyone have the towergirls cyoa the only pages I have are the ones from the wiki and I believe more have been made

>> No.53979544

They have their own general senpai.

>> No.53979566

+Wolverine Tier Regeneration
+Resistant to phys, Immune to Fire, Ice and Thunder
+Memory Eater. shapeshifter
-Water specialized. Much less agile while on land
+Has eye lasers.

I hit random in wikipedia until I got my war form
Some sort of sea snail. Even my boss mode is fat, jej. Closest would be Arthropod but replacing the arthro with gastro.

>Powers :Biolaser, Regeneration, Aquatic Adaptation, Elastic Body
In addition to having a hella fucking tough armor, my fleshy bits are also extra elastic, resistant to Blunt damage and super charged with night instant regen.
Plus, my 360 degrees extending eyestalks also function as lasers. It's like fighting Plastic Man if he had tentacles and two rayguns.

>Missions : Infiltration, Budget Rangers, Magical Girl Team (+6 BT)

>Boss Perks : Napalm Breath, Freezing Breath, Electrical Discharge, Enhanced Regeneration, Absorption, Gigantism | Free Band of Mooks

Sea creatures are usually weak against extreme changes in temperature and traditionally weak against lighting attacks. This takes care of most metagaming faggots who think they can bring down The Dragon with his secret ultra weakness. I have no weakness. Or knees for that matter.


Probably stationed near Taiwan. I guess I'll need eat some azn pussy to learn conversational mandarin before assuming my mission.

I could probably take on the Budget Rangers all at once. The Magical Girls might have enough mojo to defeat me -or worse, bind- so I'd need to eliminate them first. I'm thinking ambush at the docks, make their heads plop. Actually, it would be better if I could target their family AFTER they have doubts of the security of their jobs. Drama and hormones would tear the group apart.

>> No.53979584


>Liberate Cities

>Treasure x 4
>Landed Estates

I have no intent on acting in an ignoble manor, so I don't feel my place in heaven requires the guarantee of the Church.

>The Convert
>The Vivacious
>The Princess

This should keep me very busy; the Convert is a good girl and should help me discipline the Princess as necessary. The Vivacious should make for pleasant company while tending to my lands.

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>not understanding the glory of flat (or small but not quite flat tits)

>He can't appreciate Big ol tiddes the true classic superior taste since time immoral

>> No.53979738 [DELETED] 

>anybody liking tits which are a human evolutionary product that attempts to imitate the far superior ass

>> No.53979752

the real truth is

both are good; it depends on the girl. Some figures and styles make big boobs or small boobs look better, and then you've got other factors like perkiness, nipples, and things like that. Plus given we're talking 2D, the quality of the artist changes things wildly and I think most of the ones Italics chose are garbage.

pic quasi related

>> No.53979782

Is PP even that good? Thing got over 50 pages.

>> No.53979875

>Is PP even that good?
As someone who hasn't made a build in it and was interested at one time?

Probably not, it doesn't seem worth the effort. At least Traveller is done and just getting updates.

>> No.53979916

>Traveller is done
>Just getting updates.
That's a contradiction.

>> No.53979953

fully released games get updates anon

>> No.53979968

Neutral Princess

Forest Princess
Happy Peasents
Magic Upgrade
Blast from the Past
Exotic Princess
Princess Superior
Barbarian Princess
Not so Royal Behaviour

I am princess over a somewhat celtic feeling kingdom, which spans over vast forests, filled with mythical creatures and borders on a non-roman empire , which often results in skirmishes or outright war. Every time they launch a invasion into the forest however they get completely crushed. The forests growth is fueled and controlled by our mages who live in an almost symbiotic relationship with it. Once physical and magical might determine the status in society, with the most powerful warriors being expected to have many wives and sire many children. Due to my inherent connection to the forest and magical potential I have been made the high priestess of Yggdralia the goddess of the forest, giving me much political power, but also a lot of resposibilities. As priestess I am expected to lead men into battle and carry the children of the most glorious warrior in any given conflict.

>> No.53980008

Auto Living Domain
Fleet Officer
Power Armor
Usual Hangout
The Holidays
Family Reunion

Of the options available to sci-fi choice I'd rather remain single and take my chances meeting someone that is actually appealing.

I'm happy being commander of a fleet though, always wanted to see the galaxy,

>> No.53980043

I don't think I've ever seen this one before, but I'm obligated to play it because of big titty wives.
>Fantasy (26)
>Manor (20)
>Educator (18)
>Luxury Car (12)
>The Holy grail (Are we allowed to take 2 items? (4)
>Gaia Taurus
>Family Vacation
>This and That
>Family Hobby

I was originally going to pick sci fi until I saw the minotaur wife, and there was no way I could pass that up, not even for moth girl.

>> No.53980050

>> No.53980111

I still remember the old debate. Who was in the wrong?

>> No.53980122

I would prefer preset missions to be honest but maybe you should keep freeform as an option regardless

>> No.53980128

Siege of Jerusalem +4
Liberate Cities +3

Landed Estate -4
Nobility -2
Treasure -1
The Convert
The Princess

A dukedom, wealth, two brides, and a place in heaven, life is good. The Princess is a work in progress but the reward system and threat of the Convert supplanting her as first wife will bring her around. With my wealth I shall build up the infrastructure of my lands to take advantage of the new trade routes that have opened to the east.

>> No.53980153

>Stranger 10

>Friendly Competition 9
>Teamwork 8

>Middle School 6

>Help her with her career 7
>Walk in the winter wonderland 7
>Beach trip 7
>D-d-date! 6

>Be attractive 4
>Well off 2
>Reboot 1
>Great cook 0

Lovely waifu aside I get some of my youth back with the odds for success absurdly stacked in my favour.

>> No.53980176

Such patriotism turns me on

>> No.53980243

No need to be so rude, comrade.

>> No.53980261

>First Person Shooter

"You alright G.I. Joe?"
"Yep, totally fine."
"You're limping."
"I only rolled my ankle a little bit."
"I'll see you at zero hundred"
"Son of a-"

Don't have to worry about disease, if you get sick shoot yourself and you're healed.

>> No.53980266

>never posted an OC character for highlander because I didn't want my character to take up all the space
>now there's room for lots of varied, funny OC made by anons

This is a good feel.

>> No.53980272

What did I miss? Are we getting gulaged?

>> No.53980277

They really aren't though. If /qst/ had to be made, we should have been there too. I'm glad we aren't.

>> No.53980295

If you feel a burning need to have this argument, feel free to go to the meta thread

>> No.53980299

What meta thread?

>> No.53980309


>> No.53980312

Yeah really helpful m8.

>> No.53980315

it got pruned, and nothing of value was lost

>> No.53980343

>sensors (3), machine spirit (3), translator (5), mind link (4)
>mastermind quest, additionally take sensors upgrade (2) and anatomically correct
Good thing metal is my fetish or that would have been hard to make work.

Says you keep your human body, so while you'd be something like the picture you wouldn't be the little girl.

"hiro lets us have one meta thread, so let me cry about cyoa and jumpchain still being on the board when /qst/ exists for weeks on end"

>> No.53980382


>> No.53980424

I wish to be the very best at evil.

Suck it, genie.

>> No.53980635

He's a witch doctor. The CYOA makes more sense if you know the movie. His schtick is that he actually gives people exactly what they think they want, even if they're not sure what they're asking for (the prince wants to be free from responsibility, so Facilier turns him into a frog, genuinely fulfilling the wish; he much more directly allows the prince's manservant to take on the prince's visage and live the prince's life because the manservant wants to be the one who is in control). Fine print is that he gets their souls when their foolish desires inevitably lead them down bad paths, because while the magic can give you what you want, it doesn't give you what you need.

Basically, you're getting captured and executed within days for being the world's most heinous criminal, your soul feeding the voodoo gods he has a debt to, and then the world's going back to normal because you are no longer alive to set a ceiling on the amount of evil in the world.

He's also got the second best musical number in any Disney movie after Hellfire imo

>> No.53980644

>Basically, you're getting captured and executed within days for being the world's most heinous criminal
But anon, that would be evil! ;)

>> No.53980648


Alien(telekinesis is cool)

Machine spirit
Hidden arsenal
Healing Gel with upgrade
Sensors with upgrade
Alien Pistol
Quest: Mastermind

It's not easy being a single father and a mad scientist bent on world conquest, but the look on my daughter's face when I explain my latest harebrained, implausible plan for domination makes it all worthwhile.

>> No.53980656

The prince wanted money.
Facilier promised him "green", and turned him into a frog.
He's not very clever with his wish twisting.

>> No.53980688

It is for the greater good(tm)

>> No.53980696

No, anon, I would never do that. And remember: I'm the best at being evil!

>> No.53980702

Incidentally, this is the legit folk-lore solution to this kinda problem.

>> No.53980778

Hopefully you can stomach all the butchery that goes on in farming and livestock raising or people are going to get hungry real fast.

>> No.53980787

Which cyoa is the creepiest, my beloved friends and cyoa enthusiasts?

>> No.53980792

I can. In fact I support bullfighting.
None are all that creepy. I guess nightmare waifu.

>> No.53980800

>One is an possessive yandere.
>The other is an obsessive yandere.
Truly patrician taste a man is if he takes both.

>> No.53980804


This one makes my skin crawl

>> No.53980817

Wasn't someone making a cyoa that let you become a thing that eats children's toes?

>> No.53980818

Agreed, I can't think of any creepier than that of the top of my head.

>> No.53980826

Don't post that kind of shit now i won't be able to sleep this night

>> No.53980846

...What the fuck? Looked at PP for the first time and... it's fucking pokemon Order?
It actually looks like Italics just copy pasted his system from Order and name swapped everything.

>> No.53980867

>In less than a year your darling older daughter will move away.
>your daughter will move away.
I don't need these feels in my cyoa Anon.

>> No.53980883

I know you're probably trolling but PP came first.

>> No.53980885

I think you mean Italics just copy pasted his system from PP into Order and named swapped everything.

>> No.53980888


I'm sure there are dozens of worse ones on /d/ but I don't go there

>> No.53980895

>> No.53980901

Pokemon Personified is basically build your own Pokemon from Mystery Dungeon and get your party.

Order is basically build your own Final Fantasy Tactic unit and team. They seem alike, though according to Italics, Order is missing several features and content he had to cut out.

>> No.53980902


>> No.53980957

where's page 1

>> No.53981024

Court Mage
Luxury Car
Enchanted Sword
Social Status
Gaia Taurus
This & That
Family Hobby
Cooking Dinner

Cozy fantasy family life. I work as a royal battlemage that helps the knights fight against evil monsters, catastrophic events, etc. It could be a dragon threatening the town, a slime infestation, or cracking down on some horny NEETs creating a cult to destructive succubus and her demon army. Once I get home, battered ,bruised, and possibly covered in soot/slime/etc I greet the wife and tend to the kids as she cooks dinner and I unwind. Then we'd all work together The Family Hobby would be playing something like D&D where I've created stories based off my experiences as a mage and let my wife and kids play through the adventure. Once the kids are away and Gaia has some time we'd have a private session of slow cuddling and tender love for the night as a caress her body and push all of her buttons in the right way such as nibbling behind her ear, rubbing the tips of her horn, and massaging/suckling her breasts as she reaches climax. Overall a very comfy life.
I see your a man of culture too.

>> No.53981030

Well sht fcked that one up..


>> No.53981068

>pick the holy grail
>wish for omnipotence

>> No.53981075

I would never thought i would be happy that the hero got defeated
>Another dimension
It costed me many nights without sleep but i think it was worth it
>Court mage
Who would had thought that i will finally find my vocation in something that is not supposed to exist
>The holy grail
A beauty is it not? I am saving this for the day we will REALLY need it
Yes yes i know it sounds like a cliche but on the inside she is actually a good person
Our wonderful ray of sunshine but i fear one day of this she will get in to trouble
>Take your daughter to work
Nothing would make me happier that if she showed interest in following my footsteps
>Family Hobby
All the family having fun together in the weekend altough it would be better if they stopped telling me to ''git gud''
>This & That
Well... she is still a succubus i am more than happy to oblige though

>> No.53981147

Anyone have a link to all of Italics cyoas?

>> No.53981152

>willingly throwing himself into the Spiral of Origin
You know, there's other ways to kill yourself. You don't have to waste a wish on that.

>> No.53981153

Fuck your shit, I can do anything.

>> No.53981159


>The Holy Grail
>Angry Manjew Holy Grail
>There are people who would pick The Holy Grail
Italics got a sick sense of humor.

>> No.53981181

First i thought oh well it must be just the image surely it can't be the manjew grail but then we are talking about italics

>> No.53981182

Check the archive to find their cyoas. Or do you want a specific one?

>> No.53981205

I checked bu the only ones I could find were the Old slice of life and the Goddess Cyoas

>> No.53981236

Dusk City, Spire, Girls Military, Order, and PP are all in there. You're not trying hard enough, Anon.

>> No.53981256

What's the point of having a point system here? You can buy all the most expensive options and if you chose Modern you would even have 2 leftover points with nowhere to spend.

>> No.53981279

Well time to go on a power shopping spree through the multiverses, but first lets make certain i can survive long enough to do so.

*drawback :homeless +2


>willpower 37/42
because relying on machinery to open portals
is foolish at it can be lost/stolen etc.

>foresee 34/42
its best not to teleport into lava, or a black hole
or in front of saitama's fist

>pocket 32/42
kamui light here i come!

>agelessness 27/42
immortality?! Yes please!

>regeneration 24/42
we wolverine now boys

>powerhouse 20/42
able to leap small buildings in a single bound~!

>healing 18/42
not just regeneration, automatic high speed regeneration

>motivation 17/42
this will make things so much simpler.

>flight 14/42
no words needed

>reach and blast 11/42
look ma im a jedi, also fuck getting up to get the remote or anything from the house from now on.

>armour 8/42
automatic defense ftw

>warform 3/42

>power armour 0/42
time to see if there is life in europa

alright omniverses here i come!

>> No.53981290

Healing Hands
Spooky Catacombs!

Some of us, including myself, are new at this so would naturally be scared, so it might be good to have Sherry with us. Plus somebody needs to deal with locks and traps and stuff.

Tess seems well rounded, and a vampire might know a lot more about the undead and other vampires we meet in the catacombs. I'm going to assume this universe doesn't follow dnd and my healing hands works on vampires. p-plus I don't mind if she bites me.

Our third bro should probably be a big guy (for you) so probably Brock, since I'm planning on being a moralfag anyway.

I wish Cassandra wasn't mutually exclusive with Tess, since a paladin would be good against undead and we could use her apparently good leadership skills, but that's what I get for choosing the sexy vampire right away.

>> No.53981310

>> No.53981315


>> No.53981323


>> No.53981337

>Take some kitsune sex slaves with no character.
>Don't make them sex slaves.
>Give them actual character.
>Waifufags lose their minds.
He knew what he was doing. Pure Kino.

>> No.53981348


>> No.53981471


What the hell

Skiller(1 magic token, 2 partner tokens, 6 skill tokens)


Magical Resistance
Natural Tracker
Martial Arts
Mental Calm

Kyur and Kyab
Silver Crow

Phantom Blood

my fantasy noir detective agency is open for business

>> No.53981519 [DELETED] 

Source on pic?

>> No.53981520

Where is my technologist and church at?

>> No.53981536

Does logic even matter? If they whine enough say goodbye to this general.

>> No.53981555

Look up Jaime Koeppe.

>> No.53981559

I just read through PP, and I have to ask - isn't it REALLY easy to break?

>be Electric-type
>pick Wonder Guard for your ability
Now you can ONLY be hit by Ground-type moves. But wait, there's more!
>buy an Air Balloon/learn Magnet Rise and max out Speed
>learn Substitute
You are now entirely invincible. Status moves bounce off your Substitute, you are entirely immune to all damaging moves, and if there's some bastard with Mold Breaker then that's what friends are for. And if any of your friends know Gastro Acid, Worry Seed, or any other Ability-suppressing move, then you just beat the game.

>> No.53981570


I'll find out she's writing shitty fanfiction, but rather than stop her I'll groom her...

...into being a good fiction writer.

>> No.53981588

Yeah, the Hoopa CYOA has a similar problem.

Being able to pick abilities like that is a gamebreaker in general, Wonder Guard is just the most obvious case.

>> No.53981598

>a good "fiction" writer

>> No.53981612


>> No.53981613

In the Mystery Dungeon games, all pokemon have a typeless basic attack move. Not sure if it ignores Wonder Guard though.

>> No.53981616

People who play Pokemon for competition are heavy breeders and min/maxers.

If you go min/max route, yeah you can break it. I also like the fact you can make your own build that doesn't break it like full poison and other things.

>> No.53981695

Being Amew in PP must be suffering.

>> No.53981745

>I'm going to assume this universe doesn't follow dnd and my healing hands works on vampires. p-plus I don't mind if she bites me.

You are correct, you can heal Tess with Healing Hands.

>> No.53981767

>heavy breeders

Okay anon, if you say so

>> No.53981805

I just look up meta builds for reference and use Pokemon Showdown like any non-autist would do.

>> No.53981846

Why would you push this general into a graveyard?

>> No.53981856

I only bother breeding for online if I really want to use something that really relies on having certain stats maxed to be viable, like Mega Beedrill or this bad boy.

>> No.53981875

Can someone explain to me how Order's timeline works? Are the different Calamity Wars different timelines splitting from one point, or are they consecutive on a single timeline? Why am I recognised as Pride?

How stupid am I for not understanding this?

>> No.53981876

>Strength, Clone of the Jester
>Mental Calm, Tactics
>Big Cola, Kyur & Kyab Wunder, Silver Crow, Dylan von Drake, Freeze Na
>Husk Army

I fight for my friends.

>> No.53981951

>How does Order's timeline work.
The Calamity Wars happened consecutively (Right after each other) its just that since the land is fragmented, time got distorted so some of the lands ended up stuck in different periods of the Calamity Wars that happened.

>Why am I recognized as Pride?
Pride is slowly body snatching you because it knows you are really, really, really strong.

Not that stupid.

>> No.53981956

All you really need to know is that there is lots of cucking.

>> No.53982052

Thanks senpai. One last question.
What does the 'Year' mean? Is it the year after the war ended, or during said war?

>> No.53982083

>He didn't just max Speed and take No Guard -> OHKO himself to victory
You are literally wasting points you could be spending on buying rings for your wives.

>> No.53982106

During the war.

>Be Amew
>Be forcefully appointed ruler over people you don't want to rule and get sidelined.
>Be experimented on (possibly raped) and forced to have a child and later forced to have that child sealed away.
>Be forced into a position of no power and watch the world get destroyed by eldritch abomination.
>Have only two friends ever.
>Be the target of the world's largest slave owner who wants to rape you.

Being a Mew is suffering.

>> No.53982121

>Max Speed
>No Guard
>Enemy has fucking Sturdy and tanks your fucking hit.
>Proceeds to 1-shot you with his OHKO move.
Good game, faggot.

>> No.53982145

Always wondered this, but what the hell is Villain's deal?

>> No.53982157

Str 8
Vit 5
Agi 8
Mag 5
Luck 8

age of 16 (-coin), average, vampire, unarmed (-coin), elaborate.

shadow clones, regeneration (-2 coins) (do they stack??)

+2 str
+2 luck
eternal style
training (piano)

misc perk #16 is kinda too broken for a "misc perk"
>cannot be interrupted

dice rolling system is kinda lame desu

>> No.53982184

>Needing Sturdy and an OHKO move to beat me
>My wife Decadence teleports behind you and sends you to the Distortion World
Nothing personal, homo.

>> No.53982206

There is plenty of over the top CYOAs on /d/, but they are exactly that - over the top and thus impossible to take seriously.
People convincing themselves that their kids secretly lust after them, on the other hand... that happens IRL.
It's the difference between gore-based "scary movie" and an actually scary one.

>> No.53982217

It's too badly/cheesily written to be creepy.

>> No.53982220

his heart goes doki-doki for the fated guy or whoever it was and so it will do anything to prove he is better than him so he will notice him or something

>> No.53982233

Villain is filled with complex emotions and feelings that is a mix of dere in wanting you at your peak performance and yan as he will kill anyone who dares to make you fall to anyone that isn't him.

Villain is a yandere who can't live a fulfilling life without Anon.

If you want the true story: He fought in the original Calamity War and lost. He's also your rival from a prequel cyoa to Order who you could get as a companion. There is also several other characters from the prequel cyoa who appear in Order and the events of Order happened because of the Prequel CYOA.

>> No.53982264

>I think this guy is strong.
>Why is he fighting those weaklings?
>Hey I just took over an entire country and fucked the queen with my raw dick in front of everyone.
>Why won't you notice me. Re(ex10)
>Begins to austitically spergs out

>> No.53982268

>prequel cyoa
Which one was this, exactly? Italic's link in the pastebin only links to PP.

>> No.53982309

New World and Quests, also That Guy is from this one.

>> No.53982336

Wouldn't this imply the daughterus from this cyoa will become companions along with those antagonist?

>> No.53982364

can someone link me to a waifu CYOA ?

>> No.53982381

Maybe if he ever finishes everything he wants to put into Order.

>> No.53982394


>> No.53982446

>The Bloodlets
>Star Crossed Lovers
I'm confused. Where does this shit fall in the events of Order? What happened to the protagonist of Tyrant and the protagonist of Quest?

>> No.53982501

Only Italics could tell you that.

>> No.53982639

>Pokemon Personified is based off of Pokemon with the Pokemon turned human.
>Despite being based off Pokemon its a lot darker than Pokemon.
Sugoi Italics.

>> No.53982750

I basically have no interest in playing, or even really reading PP as long as "pick moves from the games" is a thing.

>> No.53982753

Relationship: Friends (9), Girl Friends (7), Yuri Undertones (6)
Meeting: Middle School (4)
Activities: Help Her (5), Walk in the Winter Wonderland, Beach Trip
Anything Else: Be Attractive, Well Off, Great Cook

An excellent second chance, with maybe the opportunity for some young lady-love. I figure we'll probably get closer at the beach trip, go on the winter walk when we're even closer, and then I'll start supporting her.

>> No.53982779

>I have no interest in playing or reading it because something that defines the games are in it.

>> No.53982819

I hope you like Z-Moves because I'm pretty sure they're gonna be in the update.

>> No.53982904

Can all we stop pretending PP mechanics matter when we're all just in it for the poke (boy)pussy.

>> No.53982906

I wonder where the Ultra Beasts are going to come from.

>> No.53982940

What boypussy? I'm pretty sure there is no traps.

>> No.53982960

Half the boys are cute and fuckable.

>> No.53982963

>No traps
Very funny anon, have you forgotten Altin so soon?

>> No.53982980

You could be an evil cleric and channel negative energy if it followed d&ds rules.

>> No.53983026

Altin isn't a trap though. He just looks like his twin sister.

That doesn't mean you have a boypussy.

>> No.53983173

Thats pretty big. dont know how I missed it.

Style: Fantasy. Never was much into scifi.[26h]

House: Dimension. Since I had the extra points might as well.

Job: Hard choice between king and mage. I guess I'll go with mage so I wont deal with all the law stuff and have a little more freedom.

Social Status. Seems the most useful.

Daughters: Saru, for reasons. Abagail, cause tomboys are fun to tease too.

Events: Slumber Party. Let's see those boys get through my magical traps.
This and that. For. Reasons.
Family Hobby. Can... can it be a lewd hobby?

Hell I still have 2 extra hours I never used since daughter down doesnt use any points.

>> No.53983207

Positive Energy does nothing to undeads, some healing spells just specified that they also damage undead.
If you are going by 3E rules, Positive Energy Plane is one of the best places for sentient undead to hide in.

>> No.53983217

Thanks for the update, anonymous poster

>> No.53983303

Anon, did you adopt those daughters of yours, or did something terrible happen to your wife?

>> No.53983320

Has the mecha musume cyoa been released yet?

>> No.53983337

but my daughterus are my waifus.

No but seriously I dont know. There wasnt a wife section or anything unless Im blind.

>> No.53983348

Anon... It's the third part...

>> No.53983350

>but my daughterus are my waifus

>> No.53983354

You can't fool me, you thought you could get away with marrying lolis? Pick a big titted milf right now.

>> No.53983379

Anon, I said it'd be done by the end of summer at the earliest.

>> No.53983403

I remembered it being done by the beginning of June.
Then again, my memory sucks and I've been gone for months.

>> No.53983419

>my daughterus are my waifus

>> No.53983463

>page 1 of a WIP CYOA clocks in a 7.9 MB as a jpeg

I don't know why I bother putting in little pictures for the skills and specialisation, does anyone even look at them?

>> No.53983472

Why doesn't Italics just make a VN if they love making characters and settings so much?

>> No.53983480

Oh shit. For some reason the picture didnt load so I had to click on the file name to see it.

Hmm. I do want to take Richalle, but Anja is tiny and seems like she'd be much more corrupted by our succubus daughter. Or corrupt our succubus daughter. Either or. Plus she's tiny. So I'm going with Anja. After all. The family that plays together stays together amiright?

>> No.53983493


>> No.53983494

A VN is a very different animal that requires a different (though not mutually incompatible) skill set, especially if you want your play to be able to make choices; branching dialogue trees can be a lot of work.

Plus, art, programming, etc etc

If anything, CYOAs are one of the best formats if your main pleasure is making characters and settings, because you can flesh those out as much as you want and then just hint at further plots to let the reader fill in the blanks.

>> No.53983543

Rolled 83 (1d100)


Liberate Cities 3R 1B
The Siege of Jerusalem 7R 2B

Treasure 6R
Nobility 4R
Landed Estate 0R
Kingdom of Heaven

The Convert 1B
The Vivacious 0B

So I'm very probably going to die but that'll just send me to heaven.

Success means living some time out on Earth in my fancy estate with my wives.

Rolling for success.

>> No.53983555

Where's page 6?

>> No.53983576


>> No.53983739

>archduke and heir apparent
Pick one.

>> No.53983759

>Fantasy (26)

Castle (20)

King (12)

The Holy Grail (4)
"I wish for the power to redesign this world as an all-male mpreg fantasy personal utopia."

Richrljtegjj--- [[Richard I]]

Rellfdaghhhvf-- [[Rell]]

Take your [[Son]] to work day
This & That
Slumber Party

>> No.53983797

If I'm going to be a Biosoldier, I'm going to be the one who is secretly helping the heroes and makes a heroic sacrifice in the final arc!

Bio Security CYOA
>Base Form
>Special Abilities
Multiple Limbs
Enhanced Senses
Natural Weaponry
Magical Girl Team
Most Reporters
>Boss Perks
Enhanced Speed
True Fade
Enhanced Regeneration
Band of Mooks

I'm a Mantis themed bio-soldier, who specializes in assassination.

First, when they have my take down the Reporter, I'm instead going to use the opportunity to help the reporter face his death and lie low until the right time. Afterwards, I'm going to make a few paltry attempts to try to fight the magical girls, but hold back and merely buy time, plus I'll use my stealth powers to aid them in taking down other bio-soldiers without implicating myself. y mooks will work on evacuating civilloians from fight zones, as well as gathering all the intel I can on the other soldiers and what the organization is doing, and various other things.
Also, having them pretend to be Cops may help as well.

Then, at a major point when the bosses try to crack down, I'll willingly power-down in front of the girls, and have the reporter I squirreld away secretly record my powering and confession to uncover and implicate the Organization on a live video feed. Then my mooks disguised as cops will arrest me and take me to a safe-house that they'll have secured. There I'll stay, rely on them for buying food and stuff, while still covertly going out and either helping the girls, or assassinating other Bio-Soldiers. Finally, during the final arc when the girls assault the villain HQ, My men and I will show up and fight off the grunts so they can get to the Final Battle.

My mooks are slightly augmened soldiers, who I'll call the Skitters. While only as physically powerful as the average human soldier, they'll all be augmented with minor cosmetic shapeshifting abilities.

>> No.53983828

Are you implying Republics can't have a system of nobility? Are you also implying a monarch state can't call itself a Republic or whatever name it wants?

Also: "Banana Republic"

>> No.53983839


Basically I'm going to threaten the intelligent undead with... extortion? Kidnapping? Whatever, I'll tell them that unless they play along, if defeated I'm going to trap their spirit in a totem and then throw it in a latrine or something similar. I could try this same trick in the sewers or burning deeps I guess, but I feel like the undead will have a greater fear of that kind of thing, having an understanding of the undying life already.

Heals, good vs undead, very nice to look at and seems ruthless enough to go along with my plan. She's welcome to lead, and I'm happy to work for it, baby
For the raw damage; as I feel like food would be a little harder to come by in the catacombs than most places, also helps cut down on supply use.
Fun guy; probably won't get along too well with Cass, but he fills a good party niche and fire magic should be useful against the various flammable undead types.

We should make our money back in reasonable time; perhaps one day in the distant future Argyle can throw me a kickass bachelor party before Cass and I tie the knot.

>> No.53983842

Real question is, why is only option siding with the bananas?

>> No.53983889

They're actual sex slaves in this still.

My problem with this write up is that they lost a lot of description from the last one. The old version of Dusk City ironically had more personality for those kitsune, it better described their interaction with you and relationship with the other characters (like how you three interacted growing up and how they'd bully the other girls that like you and such). There's none of that here.

One of the biggest issues with Italics' recent stuff is that it's really sanitized. Reading neo-Dusk City compared to old Dusk City, you'll notice that there's no romance or character interaction anymore. In the first version the girls all had a crush on you, and the CYOA described how they went about it and acted around you. In this version? There's nothing like that. Only Freeze has any hints of a crush, and it's far more hidden and concealed. It sucks too because Freeze was always shit and worst girl, so I don't know why he tried to force her and only her on people.

Speaking about this issue in general, you'll notice that even the remake of Style of Life is sanitized of sex/romance elements. It'd be a lie to say they're not there, but even in this CYOA where it's the entire point, they're way toned down compared to the first version.

>> No.53983908

Going for the laziest of builds; namely one that is just a regular grunt in a nothing guard job in the middle of nowhere.

>Increased Defence
>Increased Speed

Actually not entirely useless; bio lasers make up for my low strength, and my toughness and speed are both pretty good. But really, if things go bad I'm just going to hide somewhere out of the way with camouflage and wait for things to blow over.

>> No.53983929

>Siding with the Apple Empire
You in Banana territory boy.

>> No.53983938

Can you really blame authors for sanitizing their work with the way people react to even the slightest hint that anything might be "off"?

>> No.53983950

I wonder why, considering all the ree's over cucking and shit. Perhaps Italics doesn't want to shuffle that shuffle anymore.

>> No.53983968

Would you mind working for >>53983797 in screwing fighting the company from behind the scenes?
What do you say Lieutenant?. Be the Bombardier Beetle to his Mantis?

>> No.53983999

>I don't like this cyoa because all the girls aren't confirmed to be lusting over my penis anymore

>> No.53984005


Considering the guy who does that admitted publicly that it he doesn't actually care about that and only used it to shitpost for funsies, that's essentially giving into shitposters. Not even shitposters in the sense of autists who legitimately read things wrong, but shitposters who are starting shit just to bully him.

But no to both of you. I think he just wants it to be taken more 'seriously' and thinks romance is somehow less 'serious' than making them bald and bare automatons. Especially since the romance void isn't filled with different kinds of characterization, it's just there.

>> No.53984033 [SPOILER] 

Thanks for the picture, Anon.
That's going in the Potential Guardian folder!

>> No.53984038

Guardian Spirit when.

>> No.53984045

I actually like the new version more partially because the girls are no longer one big anon harem. Nothing ruins my immersion faster than having the author narrate exactly why a girl's life is centered around my dick.

>> No.53984058

I don't see it. I really think he's just trying to make them more interesting as individuals instead of only painting them as partners for your journey, which is what I liked about the characters in Pokemon Personified. There's less depth to explore with the Spire world so they aren't as complicated, but it's the same thing really.

>> No.53984065

>Old version of Dusk City ironically had more personality for those kitsune.
>Three interacted growing up and how they'd bully other girls.
No they didn't have more personality, they also were gifts, and all they did was bully Freeze.

>Freeze was always shit and worst girl.
Freeze is a good girl, you just got shit taste.

>Italics cyoas are more sanitized and toned down.
Are they?

>> No.53984066

When I'm content it's as good as it can be.
So probably not for a while.

>> No.53984103

So if I summon my guardian with Soul Strings, I can puppet them in place while I fuck them? Cool.

>> No.53984108

O- okay.

>> No.53984118

>tfw such a nice image gets constantly used by a gigantic faggot

>> No.53984124

Sure thing, boss

If you're interested in more of a similar nature, its from Cardfight: Vanguard, a collectable card game. The wiki has plenty of stuff like that, the bug looking ones specifically are part of a faction called Megacolony which is pretty much Insect Mafia/Kamen Rider villains.

Its a decent source for art in general, as there are enough factions to cover a variety of types (knights, mechas, mermaid pop idols, cyber dinosaurs, etc). Its on my list of sources to loot for pictures so I can do something with unified art like I did with Beastmaster sometime in the future.

>> No.53984147

If I let my guardian possess me to exercise and do fitness stuff, would that be a valid weight loss strategy?

>> No.53984173

>thinks that wasn't always the point

>> No.53984199

Sex is easy as fuck to get in real life. Magical adventures in gritty gang-infested cities not so much.

>> No.53984201

>likes flat chested little girls indistinguishable from boys
>calls others faggots

>> No.53984218

Even if they aren't described as onaholes anymore, they are still slaves and depending on how you interpret "conditioning", possibly brainwashed to like it.

>> No.53984223

Are you alright, anon?

>> No.53984226

Thanks man!
I'll go through and see if I notice anything I want.
Kinda depends on the degree of the possession, which I'm mostly going to leave up to the reader.
But if not, maybe your Guardian can motivate you to actually exercise. Or help improve your self-esteem.
Or you could just become the Guardian and remake yourself as someone/thing that's in shape...

>> No.53984237

Occultist: Familiar

Burning Deep

>Vampire Cutie
>Goblin Negotiator
>Brock McHusbando

>> No.53984244

and we on board of the Onahole Preservation Society declare that this is simply not good enough

>> No.53984252

This is why real life is shit

>> No.53984262

You should be a guardian instead, you make a perfect human shield

>> No.53984263

Is it possible to become a guardian for a guardian?

>> No.53984270

just a bit disgusted that despite it being current year, people still pretend that lolis are anything but trash.
Purge when?

>> No.53984271

Do you have something against heavier guardians? What makes you think a thicc anon wouldn't embrace their body and become a 500 lbs, curved yummy guardian?

>> No.53984300

I wish SDA made this

>> No.53984323

You can like that if you want even if i disagree, but the characters have less characterization regardless. As I said, they no longer interact with each other and we're given less insight into their personalities. Romance and character interaction was removed and nothing was put in the void.

>I don't see it
You're focusing on your dislike of waifus and ignoring that my core point is about their personalities. The romance and interaction before gave you more information about their personality and self whereas the new descriptions lack any of that. The point is that we know less about them going on that version.

>No they didn't.
Read your own for comparison.

Midea is described as a robot who looks up to the uncle. Meanwhile, Aedim is a robot and is called out as someone who barely talks, looked up to your uncle, wants to see justice, and who can't stand things being out of order. In the old version, we're blatantly given more personality points.

New Kyur and Kyab are described as conditioned bodyguard robots, they rely on their skills and one is more violent. Old Kyur and Kyab are given more skillets and abilities, are described as liking you and following you around, Kyur is snarky and Kyab is a jokester, both of them like to tease Dylan and Freeze, plus they enjoy physical intimacy. I understand if you like the whole "Mindraped robots" characterization more for some bizarre reason, but we're blatantly given more information in the old descriptions as to how those two act.

>> No.53984325

So anon would be powerless and 58753 versions would be released until perfect, autistic balance was achieved?

>> No.53984328

New Nani doesn't want to talk about her old life and is mature, she likes to win people's affection and she's a housewife good at magic. Old Nani is given mostly the same description, except with less words and no magic. I included this one to show you that I'm not being biased, because the new description is legitimately better for Nani.

Old Freeze and New Freeze are also mostly the same. Her new description just gives more background on her family for the most part, and makes the information on her crush that was formerly part of Dylan's description, part of hers instead. This is a mostly neutral change, the information is just more concentrated.

And Re, from the old CYOA? She got deleted completely. She simply does not exist in the new version of Dusk City, at all. So unless she offended you for existing this is a wholly negative change.

So in conclusion, this is blatantly a downgrade in description for the robot/homunculus and the younger kitsunes, and Re was deleted outright. Freeze is mostly an information reshuffling so no comment there, but Nani did benefit. She's the only one. Since that's 1 to 4, I think that this supports my point that there's less personality information given on these girls than before.

>> No.53984364

You forgot to factor in the increase in value they receive as human beings now that they're no longer onaholes.

>> No.53984405

Does anyone have this CYOA?

>> No.53984408

omnipotence fags pls go and stay go

>> No.53984418

New Kyur and Kyab are basically the same as old Kyur and Kyab. All that is missing is messing with Dylan and Freeze.

Midea is literally the same as old Aedim, the only difference is the uncle is no longer dead, thus she isn't find the murderer.

>> No.53984433

Archdemon roomate.

>> No.53984453

For some reason 1st page is above the size limit.

>> No.53984457

Unreleased vampire roommate. Don't hold your breath. It was good but it most likely won't be finished.

>> No.53984474


>> No.53984476


>> No.53984502

This is what I was talking about in the first post, you prioritizing a dislike of waifus over the central message of them getting less characterization.

You're probably baiting though.

>Basically the same
I just gave you a paragraph explaining how that's not the same. You're gonna have to describe how it's wrong to counter it, not just make a declaration. To recap, old Kyur and Kyab were described as skilled in all kinds of roles and duties, and as playful and devoted tricksters, one silly and smug, one a snarky smartass, who liked teasing your friends and bullying Freeze for liking you. Plus, they enjoy being petted. New Kyur and Kyab are described bodyguard robots and one is more violent than the other one. Except for two sentences, their entire description is setting information, not information on them. Not to mention that they're completely different characters, tricksters replaced with robots.

Midea and Aedim is a less dramatic change, but my point was that the old description had more information about her personality. Aedim gives us personality traits like her being mostly silent and OCD about things being out of place. Midea does not give us this information, so she lacks compared to the old description.

>> No.53984507

Thanks for that.

>> No.53984516

Needs more choices for daughters, as it stands the ones for the specific fantasy and sci-fi settings make no sense for a majority of the wife choices and forces you to grab the two modern ones

>> No.53984518

Oh I forgot that it was that CYOA, I assumed it was from some old Vampire CYOA or something.

>> No.53984522

Hell, to be frank, new Kyur and Kyab are more like onaholes. Formerly it was "We love you anon-chan, pet our ears and fuck our butts!", now it's "Beep boop we are programmed to serve. Use our butts to pleasure yourself if you need to. Beep Boop."

>> No.53984533

>you make a perfect human shield
Oh hey! That's not a bad idea. I even have the perfect picture for what you could look like!
...How much of a shit Guardian would you need to be to need your own Guardian?
Also, if that was possible, where would it end?
Though I do have an Advantage called "Duality" that'll let you make multiple Guardians that you split your abilities between. It can be taken multiple times until each Guardian has a minimum of one Ability each.
>thicc guardians
Only if they're female, but then yes. I approve of bbw Guardians.

>> No.53984576

The guy in your pic isn't even fat.

>> No.53984577

>You're focusing on your dislike of waifus
I don't think my citing of how he handled it in Pokemon Personified is a good reason to infer that I dislike waifus, anon. I even went back and read over both versions before posting. I really don't see how the new descriptions are all actively worse than what they used to be. You also didn't mention Crow, who I think is better in the new version compared to what he was in the original, Dylan who is the same minus the repetition of the word bro, Cola who got a bit more backstory and Gentleman who I suppose lost the high loyalty he had towards your uncle. But since your uncle isn't dead in the remake, he doesn't need to be out for his murderers.

>> No.53984588

>..How much of a shit Guardian would you need to be to need your own Guardian?
King Crimson has Epitaph.

>> No.53984598

Proceeds to use
Do authors not know how to write interesting flat chested girls without directly referring how 'inadequate' they are? And forcing in some falsely implied laughter on the reader to fill up the space.
Or is the breast envy stereotype so fully ingrained that there's literally no such thing as a girl comfortable with her size?

>> No.53984613

How do you erase time?

>> No.53984616

Because you replied with a one note post stating "They have more value because they're not waifus!" And anon, I have now in three posts given you an in-depth explanation for why the new descriptions are worse except for Nani. If you 'don't see it' then you are intentionally ignoring what I'm saying.

And no, I didn't mention the boys because I was talking about romance and characterization, not just characterization. I was talking about how he removed romance and characterization from the girls and in the process gave us less information on who they are. That's not present in the boys, so I didn't compare them.

Though I'm getting the vibe that neo-Dylan is supposed to be a trap waifu instead of your friend.

>> No.53984621

Why are you talking about lolis to me? Are you schizophrenic or something?

>> No.53984635

>no funny fa/tg/uy guardian
why even live?

>> No.53984642

She represents the sin of Envy, anon.

>> No.53984647

FPS would be more useful if you healed while not getting damaged.

>> No.53984649

Breast envy is cute.

>> No.53984656

>not being the fa/tg/uy guardian of a cute little loli


>> No.53984680

Yeah sure, she's got breast envy, just like Every flat chested girl in existence. Can't someone think of something better for once?

>> No.53984708

>...How much of a shit Guardian would you need to be to need your own Guardian?
I want to take care of a shitty guardian.
>Also, if that was possible, where would it end?
It's useless, ZBG, it's guardians all the way down.

>> No.53984732

It's nice to know you're staying true to your mentioning of 'I will include a harem option'.

>> No.53984773 [DELETED] 


>> No.53984782

I never really cared for italics waifus because I find most of them to be either fetish bait or just really one-note in general, but I definitely think they are worse in the newer version. The problem isn't really that the 'they want your dick' stuff got removed, but rather that there isn't really any meaningful replacement.

>> No.53984794

If you saw an illustration of a flat chested character without mentioning breast size, wouldn't that be what you are looking for? Would you notice? Or do you want a flat chested character explicitly saying she likes having a flat chest?

>> No.53984833

Either is fine, I'd just rather there be more information about her personality instead of the generic, "Wahh!, Wahh my boobs are small, everyone is laughing at me" trope.

>> No.53984839

I'm saddened by the fact that Felira's intro ist basically just exposition and nothing about herself. I mean, I get it that sda uses the intro texts to give you more of a feel of a character than actually saying who they are, but even that is pretty subdued with her in my opinion.

>> No.53984856


Not the anon you are responding to, but considering that the girls are supposed to represent the various sins, it would be rather strange if she wasn't small breasted/flat and had breast envy. It's who she is.

Why do you think she built a damn gigantic floating home? So she could look down on EVERYONE. It makes sense for Envy.

>Can't someone think of something better for once?

Every time anons say something to this effect, I die inside a little. Anons need to put their money where their mouth is and actually produce the "something better" that they seem to think is so simple to do.

It's really not that easy to "think" of something better and actually make it interesting. If it was, we'd be drowning in awesome new cyoas that nobody bitched about.

There's always someone bitching about a cyoa, even the most popular ones.

>> No.53984909

> it would be rather strange if she wasn't small breasted/flat and had breast envy. It's who she is
No, anon, the seven deadly sins do in fact not explicitly mention breast envy. There are a lot of different types, so why not go for one that is not the most obvious one?

>Why do you think she built a damn gigantic floating home? So she could look down on EVERYONE
Wait, wouldn't that make more sense for pride?

Also, there is nothing wrong with critiquing stale cliches even if you can't do better yourself. After all, you don't have to be able to produce your own show/write it, to criticize some harem fantasy animu.

>> No.53984919

I get what you mean about the 'think of something better thing' I meant more along the lines of replacing it with something of more substance, description of her personality, likes, dislikes whatever. She could fit in any other 'Sin' but the Envy sin is just soo obvious, and flat chested envy even more so.

>> No.53984936

Reddit has a good point here. You guys should give us some examples of what you think a good small-breasted lass should be, and maybe some CYOA author will use one of your ideas.

>> No.53984943

Since it's Kancolle, anon will be completely powerless, normal human and girls will be super powerful.

>> No.53984959

Can you post that big titted angel please?

>> No.53984983

>You replied with a one note post stating "They have more value because they're not waifus!"
I was actually saying that they'd have more depth if Italics intended to have the world of Spire and New World be as large and historied as Pokemon Personified is. A character can be interesting due to the romantic implications of their relationship with you just like they can be interesting through their actions in the world and what they seek from it. It's preference instead of one being objectively better than another, and that's fine. That's what you said in your second post after all.
>I have now in three posts given you an in-depth explanation for why the new descriptions are worse except for Nani
But you said Freeze was pretty much the same. Kyur and Kyab could very well be different because Nani is no longer their older sister, so they didn't have anyone to help them fit into their role as slaves, and you arrive earlier and for a different reason in the new version compared to the old. But that's just making excuses isn't it? I admit that they're lacking personal information and how they interact with both you and the rest of the world. Midea doesn't need to see justice because your uncle isn't dead, so there's no justice to be had. The only difference is her compulsive nature not being mentioned in the new version, and the new one saying she thinks she has no emotions instead. But if she really had no emotions it wouldn't make much sense for her to look up at your uncle like he's a father figure, she'd only do as she's told. Re being gone is a shame, sure. I don't like to see things removed in new versions either, that's why I was somewhat disappointed with the new wives in Style of Life. I don't think all of that is enough to claim he's trying to take the way he writes companions more seriously, as if there's a bigger market he wants to break into.

>> No.53984986

Literally anything would do, all you have to do is just write the description for any normal girl, just don't add in a whiny breast envy trait.

If you wanted to have a description including her views on breast size then just have a cute, "I'm happy with it, I our hearts can be closer together when we hug" It's really not that hard.

>> No.53984995

Breast envy is not mutually exclusive with other types and there is really no reason not to include it for this specific character

>> No.53985029

>no reason not to include it for this specific character
Unless you want to create a generic, uninspired character.
You can be envious about anything, it doesn't have to be breast envy, the easiest and most obvious one.

>> No.53985042

I had a few small breasted characters in my CYOA. One does mention off hand that she is a little jealous of curvier body type, but it is a single line in a ton of her text. The rest don't really mention their body types or breasts at all despite being illustrated with small chested images because that isn't really an aspect of their characterization, just how they look.

>> No.53985054

If you admit the girls are worse, then that's the main argument done right there.

As far as WHY he's doing it, that's going back to the start, and I opined that he did it to be taken more seriously in lieu of a better explanation. If you think he removed their personalities for a different reason, then I'd like to hear it.

>> No.53985094

Of course it isn't exclusive, but it's not mandatory either. I mean, I personally don't hate it, but I don't think it's interesting either.

>> No.53985097

On the other hand, she could be envious about everything, but that would make her an even worse choice.

>> No.53985117

Are you trying to say she's a bad choice? Fite me.

>> No.53985133

She's pretty much the worst choice, so I guess making her envious of everything else won't change anything.

>> No.53985162

>Also, there is nothing wrong with critiquing stale cliches even if you can't do better yourself.

There's a lot wrong with it. It's one of the biggest problems, because any anon can bitch and moan about something and dress it up as critique.

Unless better work is produced by the critic, or actual examples of better are given, that so-called critique is useless. It's one of the reasons your average movie critic is useless, they really don't know what better is, because they can't articulate actual examples beyond saying something is stale, overused, or a cliche.

All of that aside, there's a reason cliches are used, and a very good reason why they are cliches. Much of history's best literature uses cliches like they are running out of style.

>> No.53985179

Jeez okay, how bout this?
>implying I'm not making absolutely sure there options to make that happen
Not sure that's gonna be completely possible, but I'll see what I can do...
Would have put it in Fortune's Cookie if Celt and I could figure out how to justify it.
Plus, there were too many that time around that

>> No.53985187

Again, I don't really care where we end up. I'm not pushing for anything, but I will defend our autism and give some autists a smack on the head.

tl;dr about the debate, we're safe. There's no reason to move us, because while we are arguably on-topic for this board, we also only take up, at most, 3 threads. The ones complaining are just a few angry faggots who don't like thing.

>> No.53985211

>Plus, there were too many that time around that
Uh, what are you talking about exactly?
You're not talking about character count, right? Because that really wouldnt' make sense.

>> No.53985236

>too many that wouldn't be willing to share*
4 hours of sleep has made me even worse at English.
>because while we are arguably on-topic for this board
We should just get our own board.

>> No.53985241

>it is impossible to understand or critique a novel if you haven't written a novel yourself

>> No.53985243

>She's pretty much the best choice.
You are most correct.

>> No.53985249

And you are most incorrect.

>> No.53985263

>The ones complaining are just a few angry faggots who don't like thing.

I always felt that was the case with quests, and look what happened. I don't particularly care where we end up either, but I'd never assume anything is safe around here with the angry vocal autists that abound.

>> No.53985298


Reading comprehension lacking? They mentioned citing actual examples of better as being one of the factors, they weren't autistic enough to claim only cyoa writers could give criticism.

>> No.53985305

I really feel like it doesn't have a best choice.All of the sound bretty good to me, really seems like it's mostly up to taste.

>> No.53985314

There may not be a best choice, but there is a worst one.

>> No.53985348

>We should just get our own board.
Not only will that never happen, but that's a terrible idea.

The difference is that we take up no more than 3 threads when quests took up a good portion of the board. That argument can't be made against us and we are arguably on-topic. And most arguments against us being on this board is by a very vocal few who always seem to get washed up in the general opinion in everyone else. I've been monitoring the meta threads for the past while and that seems to be what everyone thinks: nobody really gives a shit but a few loud idiots. That contrasts heavily with quests when there was much more support behind their removal.

This is why I'm against people making their own threads here, especially nowadays. Then you can make an argument that we are arguably more /qst/ related.

>> No.53985374

Why exactly do you think that? Seems like a pretty reasonable choice for me, if she hits your taste.

>> No.53985382

>We should just get our own board.
Yes, because sending these threads to /qst/ wouldn't isolate us enough

>> No.53985383

If she is the worst it's only because the author, instead of describing her personality more, made her whine about her breast size, because of a lack of originality.

>> No.53985384

Shapeshifters are a shit.

>> No.53985410

If she's kept her original form then there's no reason to hate her ability to change, seeing as she hasn't done so.

>> No.53985422

I admit that the descriptions for Kyur and Kyab do not do much to entice the reader to pick them, and that Re being entirely removed is not a good thing. The others, no. They're fine in my opinion. I just think that the remake in and of itself was a quick thing, something he did in the middle of other CYOAs, just like it was with Console Wars, this, Author Love, etc. He didn't put much time into it. You could say he could have just copied and pasted the descriptions over if he really didn't want to put time into it, but he didn't. I don't think he rewrote them the way he did for any particular reason.

>> No.53985423

A shit. Trusting shapeshifters is begging to get stabbed in the back.

>> No.53985443

>That argument can't be made against us and we are arguably on-topic.

Really? We're usually horribly off-topic in these threads, I don't see us as being particularly /tg/

I'll have to take your word on the meta, I don't have the patience to monitor the cyoa threads AND meta threads full of useless arguments.

>> No.53985453

Alienating shapeshifters is the reason you get stabbed in the back

>> No.53985468

No, trusting shapeshifters is. You're one of them, aren't you? Scum.

>> No.53985471

>> No.53985528

Haha you are funny anon shapeshifter me? i do look like one?

>> No.53985535

Where's my dragon princess?
Into the trash.

>> No.53985539

At a restaurant
Winter Wonderland & Beach Trip

I just want a friend, and I'd rather not pluck on any fates to get one.

>> No.53985546


>> No.53985569

Not a princess but you can have a dragon daugteru

>> No.53985594

>Have to take care of a dragon as my own daughter, Damnit anon! I want to lay the dragon without thinking about the ethicality of it!

>> No.53985649

>We're usually horribly off-topic in these threads
You can say that about any general on 4chan.

That being said, we are arguably one of the largest content-creating threads on /tg/ and we are a centerpoint more than we give it credit for. There are many people who lurk these threads and you can find OC we make virtually everywhere else on 4chan and in almost every other popular website. People play games about our CYOAs without us even knowing.

I think the real death of /CYOAg/ will be when we get moved to place where we're encouraged to "make our own threads" and every CYOA gets its own threads. Huge reason why I think getting our own board is a terrible idea is because discussions of CYOAs, even very popular ones, don't last long enough to warrant that sort of environment. Look at the Worm threads that split off from us awhile back. That only lasted a few weeks. Threads for my CYOAs only lasted a few weeks too and were primarily about mechanics discussion and not RP like the Worm threads. The only thing I think that could survive on its own is Traveler.

>> No.53985684

this t b h

>> No.53985700

Stuff like this is why I oppose it when those whiners try and stomp their feet and force popular CYOAs to get their own threads.

>> No.53985716

I agree on Nani since I think her new description is better. but I'm still going to have to disagree on the maid.

Regardless, the bigger issue is that all the new Style of Life girls have big tits.

>> No.53985718

>The only thing I think that could survive on its own is Traveler.
This is our triumph card. We will threaten that if we are forced off /tg/, rudimentary rpg mechanics will be tacked onto it and it will be unleashed onto /tg.

>> No.53985734

I'm opposed to it because, while I think I could maintain my own threads, I can't say the same for newer authors. It would be exactly like how /qst/ is now; only well-established CYOAs would get posts while newer ones would probably be wholly ignored.

Wherever we go, we need to remain as 1 thread.

>> No.53985768

Yeah i can see it like a sugarcube in a bucket of water you lose the sugar and the water is still water

>> No.53985773

Well, she doesn't like shapeshifting much, so she doesn't seem the type to abuse it.

>> No.53985778

>Grand Changer
>Grand Illusion
I'm the physical version of Gold Experience.
Basically the girl version of Kira Yoshikage
>Kyur Kyab
Maybe there are better choices, I don't know, but it seems they'll be useful in my Golden Dreams.
The Plot
>Tribes Rising
Oh yeah, I'm gonna have fun with this. I'll kill or enslave my way up the union ladder, using either Aedim to explode them in a dramatic death, or use Kyur and Kyab to get them on my side.
I'll finally reach the big dog, and use as much of my power to trap him in a never ending illusion where he gets killed again and again for eternity.

Then I'll run the Union, with Aedim as my cleaner/enforcer and the cat girls as my seconds in command.
I'll be a goddamn Gangstar.

>> No.53985782

>> No.53985793

I just want my wife back. Chalice is okay, but none of the other girls do it for me.

>> No.53985796

>she doesn't seem the type to abuse it

>> No.53985798

Who dropped this garbage here?

>> No.53985821

It is what all cyoas should aspire to be

>> No.53985847

Saber is life, Saber is love

>> No.53985859

Then kindly, fall on your saber.

>> No.53985877

i would if i could, but i don't think she'd like it

>> No.53985908

How many Build-a-waifus do we have?
I've counted the Genie one, and the gentle femdom one. What others are there?

>> No.53985948

>Did that go over the head?
Haha, Don't worry, I don't think she'll mind at all, make sure you aim her at your heart.

>> No.53985959

There are lots. There was the Lewd Cow Trainer, the Elf Slave one, bunch of others. I think people prefer waifu pickers to waifu builders though.

>> No.53985964

There's also the imouto and yandere builder which are basically the same as the femdom one besides having a small gimmick section.
Really, the only one that's interesting is the genie one.
There's also ALICE and another yandere roll-a-waifu thing

>> No.53985983

>genie one

>> No.53986006

Update never.

>> No.53986019

What is bothering you? That I didn't capitalize it like the original anon?

>> No.53986030

I just don't know which cyoa you're talking about.

>> No.53986036

Was there ever even any intention of an update? I know the yandere guy is supposedly doing one, but I haven't heard anything regarding that one.

>> No.53986049

They're probably referring to Dream of Genie.

>> No.53986055


>> No.53986062

There's an entire section that's seemingly meant to be filled with various anon's imoutos. If it was never meant to be updated and filled out, would it really be there?

>> No.53986071

Tbh I like building my waifu because I can get her to be several ones of my fetishes just by existing.

>> No.53986097

Yeah, though I assume he doesn't know it, because it should be pretty obvious.
I can dump it in the next thread if you want, it's 6 pages, so I feel like it would be a bit of a waste to post now.

I thought it was just a joke section as in 'she doesn't need any other friends than you'

>> No.53986108

That's a waifu builder?

>> No.53986130

Well you don't _have_ to waifu the genie, but why wouldn't you?

>> No.53986142

Nah, it was definitely meant to be filled up.
See >>51481112

>> No.53986148

Why would you? She's there to grant you wishes and shit.

>> No.53986179

Yeah, I wish for her to tie me up and jump on my dick

>> No.53986187

i can do that for you ;3

>> No.53986236

What was the point of Hagia's rebellion in Order if she didn't carry it all the way out and just made the Witches get hunted down and killed?

>> No.53986252

>indistinguishable from boys
Have you ever actually seen a flat-chested woman or a child? If you can really only identify a woman by breast size you probably have an actual disorder, seek help.

It's literally the first thing he says. He later realises he's being a retard and adds a more moderate clause, but the person you're replying to probably stopped reading there, or at the beginning of the next paragraph, where he says
>Unless better work is produced by the critic
which makes it seem he's just going to keep repeating that point ad nauseum.

>> No.53986397

Rank: Amateurs all over heaven may or may not be happy after reading that

>> No.53986434

whoever wrote Alira should feel bad about himself, BAD

>> No.53986477

As long as you say no homo man

>> No.53986519

I think he's talking about the fact that it's something that the really shitty genies actually can do.

>> No.53986531

no homo

>> No.53986571

Because according to the DLC, your genie chose to take a chance at being matched with someone she'd love, rather than taking an easy quickshot mission from Heaven.

>> No.53986572

Oh, I get it now.

>> No.53986576 [DELETED] 

Anons have started mounting each other while saying "no homo ;3", I'm out

go hog wild

>> No.53986579

>> No.53986618



Strength: Very High
Defense: Final Boss
Speed: Extremely High

>Special Abilities:
Increased strength
Increased defense
Increased Speed

>Drawbacks/ Missions:
Budget Rangers +2
Magical Girl Team +3
Dark Hero +4

>Boss Perks:
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Defense
Enhanced Speed
Vibration Blade
Enhanced Regeneration

Probably just help out the good guys since being a minion would be annoying, even if im a step up above cannon fodder. Would want to be my own boss with my own plans, while still being lazy. Felt like stats are pretty important as I could take tons of hits all day and still be fine. If something ever got past my massive defense I could just regenerate in a couple seconds like nothing was wrong. All that with a good strength, fast speed, lasers, and a blade that can cut through almost anything not much will stop me.

>> No.53986622

Anons have started mounting each other, I'm out.

go hog wild

>> No.53986676

>M1 Garand
I wonder what the limits to "pretty much anything" and "still have to get the materials, but it can be done" are. Can I make a homemade Iron Man suit? More importantly, can I make a /safe/ homemade Iron Man suit?

>> No.53986755

you get a chopper lol, you proably don't even know how to fly it.
>m1 garand
You can build as many helicopters as you can supply parts for.

this seems horribly unbalanced

>> No.53986903

It's to allow OC to actually flourish when big name things come out. Our method of splintering threads works fairly well and it keeps us in order, I don't think we should mess with it. When something gets too large we make a thread for it, and then that thread persists until discussion runs out. We've done it for Monster Hunter, Worm, Magical Realm, Quiet CYOA, and a few others.

It was legitimately meant to be filled with anon's imoutos, but he didn't get many entries (who wants to share their imouto?) and he moved on to other projects. Then his country went to shit (It was DSA who made it).

>> No.53986931

>but he didn't get many entries
He got a few dozen entries when it was posted. Although I'm not sure if enough of them had enough info and such to get added in.

>> No.53986952

>It's to allow OC to actually flourish
No, it's to bitch and whine about things you don't like.

>> No.53986997


increased Strength
Increased Defense
Increased Speed

Magical Girl Team

>Boss Perks
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Defense
Enhanced Regeneration

Strength: Very High
Defense: Final Boss
Speed: High

Does normal regen and enhanced one stack?
Anyway I'm going for a Scarab based, very basic bio soldier. His physical traits are relatively high, his endurance in particular is incredible, but he has no real edge or weapon as the others.
He will start carrying out his missions professionally, relentless but not excited by it. After a few confronts with the magical girls, he will develop an interest on them and start getting more proactive, coming up with plans to defeat them on his own. His plans rarely have direct confrontation as a goal but instead it provides moral dilemmas for the girls intended to break their pedestal. However, secretly he does this out of curiosity, he wants to know how noble these girls can be. if they break, he will be disappointed and move on but if they surpass his last challenge, he will immediately turn sides and do everything to help them, even it means his death.

>> No.53987012

I think most of them were sans picture.

>> No.53987375


Martial Arts
Mystic Eyes
Mental Calm
Magic Resistance


Tribe War

It's time to kick common sense to the curb, start a gang, take over the city, and quote Gurren Lagann a lot.

I feel as if their is room for another style with something like
+7 Magic Tokens
+1 Skill Tokens
+1 Partner Tokens
The difference between having one partner and having no partners is so huge that I think it would build pretty differently.

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