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Tell me about your dudes anon.

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In the midst of creating a Chaos Warband for 8th ed. Basic idea is that they were White Scar successors who got some kind of skin mutation. They find a medicinal cure, but it's super addictive, and eventually the Chapter gets excommunicated for their irresponsible behaviour after it has basically consumed the will and rational thinking of the Marines. Obviously they worship Slaanesh, and have gotten into a habit of stealing technology due to lack of knowledge on how to repair most of their equipment that isn't a bike or rhino. Ride into battle on bikes, huffing weird drug stimulants through rebreathers fitted into their helmets, accompanied by Daemonettes mounted on Steeds of Slaanesh.

>tl:dr Shiny and Chrome but Chaos Space Marines

This is my first foray into the 40K Universe pls no bully If i get fluff wrong

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My dudes got stomped because of the keyword system. You cant have good rules without named characters now.

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Still trying to come up with a name. Currently waiting on my 2x Storm talons to arrive for conversion therapy into walkers, and for my 2x Dark Imperium primaris forces to arrive for painting.

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Adeptus Slutchanicus

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>Homeworld is on a penal world, every death row inmate is actually a candidate for Astartes procedure.
>1st and 2nd Companies are the elite and only companies allowed to wear power armor, 3rd through 10th companies all wear Scout armor
>3rd through 10th companies are not organized in squads but in kill teams that are trained to ambush and surround enemy positions

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still tying to decide on the fluff/scheme for my dues.
So far i'm leaning towards an Exorcists successor chapter founded to guard some sort of warp rift or other demonic nonsense.
For the name I'm thinking Perditions Vigil

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He's pretty lazy and just sits around talking about bullshit with his veteran pal.

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Digging the colors

Red/Black is master race imo

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Man, I've got too many to count. I'm trying to whittle them down, lately. Let me try and give a sentence for each.
>Ultramarines descendants on a daemon-infested graveyard world that specialize in fighting chaos and are closet heretics
>Death Guard descendants who didn't turn traitor during the HH and try to atone for their brothers by being medical specialists and focusing on combating Nurgle diseases and zombies (also plague-doctor beakie helmets).
>Iron Hands descendants who turned traitor and replace their bodies with daemon-possessed cybernetics
>Sisters of Battle/Skitarii on an ocean world (the only one of my dudes I'm actively trying to build minis for)
>Nurgle/Isha-worshipping Chaos Eldar
>Auzzie Imperial Guardsman on a frozen penal world where they turn old tanks into cozy mobile homes
>Sikh Imperial Guardsman/Navy Armsmen with a cryogenics fetish

And probably some other dudes I'm too lazy to remember.

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The Basilisks answer the call, m'lord.

Salamanders geneseed, Ultima Founding. Maintain strong bonds with Nocturne, even going on pilgrimages when time permits to see the old homeworld again. Favoring Shock attacks, large number of Inceptors and Aggressors alongside other unit types, striking targets in coordinated and overwhelming attacks. Name chosen early on for their penchant for the swift destruction of enemy scout elements and a policy of never taking enemy prisoners ("To meet their gaze is to invite certain death" as some rebels have been known to say) Still maintain compassionate view towards mortals, and get along well with most Imperial organizations through professionalism and politeness. Some minor issues with the Inquisition regarding the Inquisition's less-than-rational approach to threat containment and sterilization of civilian elements. Big fans of Guilliman's command style, and have adopted most of the Primarch's strategies and philosophies. Would love to reunite with Vulkan one day, but for now, there's a job to do, and a galaxy in need

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So, Blood Ravens V company?

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Pyre Lords?

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Monolith Seers Space Marine Chapter. Defective oculus lobe which makes them blind. Stationed on the very edge of imperial space and deal with a ton of unidentified xenos incursions. Their planet has a ton of ruins from some alien civilisation which have proven to be indestructible. They're attempting to study the biggest ruin they found and find a way inside it, unsure of what's waiting for them within. They would have been purged by the Inquisition by now if they weren't so far away.

Scouts receive the oculus lobe as their last geneseed implant in a ritual they call the Darkening. A lot of their tech is used to compensate for lack of sight, such as modules which enhance their remaining senses.

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Necron dynasty lead by a Gorgonesque queen, who conserve life in the universe mostly by removing other life that would threaten it – Chaos, Tyrannids, Mechanicus, regular humans who industrialize heavily... their queen believes that since the C'tan denied her destiny to save her own people, it is therefore her destiny to preserve others whether they like it or not.

Their fluff has become rather ungainly long, not without help from /tg/ in prior Your Dudes threads. I'm the sort who tends to add to it bit by bit rather than condense for brevity.

How about a squad of Exorcists killed to all but a man attempting to purge an infested moon base, with the sole survivor going on a power fist rampage and successfully completing the objective. Then, due to his heroism and the necessity of guarding the location, he's made chapter master of a new founding.

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Fantastic scheme. Be sure to post some minis when you start painting, I'd love to see how it turns out.

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I didn't know how much I wanted this to be a thing until right now

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That sounds really cool. Would you be willing to post a pastebin of the fluff?

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Their chapter homeworld is a gas giant. Not the rings, the gas giant itself.

One of the trials is an entire group hunting an atmospheric beast in an airship.

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Working on a Primaris marine chapter, successors to space wolves.

They recruit from an Agri-world that is set up with a huge towering skyfarm for crops, as well as large rolling plains for cattle. The planet has a small admech outpost upon one of its moons. The Fortress Monestary of the Chapter is on the other.

The Chapter mostly works to defend their homeworld and the sector as a whole from threats that might topple it, seeing themselves as defenders of such a source of life for worlds that can't provide food for themselves.

Tactics-wise they prefer mechanized assaults by air if possible

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It'd be my pleasure. Let me just do some touching up first, I lost some data in a hard drive crash (shame on me for not backing up more frequently) so there's probably some stuff missing.

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Don't have a picture on my phone but i made an Unforgiven chapter called the Lions Militant (working name).

They're meant to be a chapter that makes heavy use of the Ravenwing and supplement its fast attack doctrine with long range supporting fire from tactical or devastator squads. Their reliance on bikes, razorbacks, and aircraft mean they revere their Master of the Forge has a higher position in the Inner Circle than even the Master of Sanctity.

They have an ongoing feud with the Assassinorum after their own Matter of the Ravenwing was killed by a rogue Vindicare. Though they have some evidence to suggest that he was acting under orders and refuse to name a new Master until the Assassinorum is brought to justice. Electing instead to have the 2nd company run by their own Raven Council with 5 members from each area of the Ravenwing; speeders, Black Knights, bikes, jets, and 2 Veteran Techmarines.

Like the Dark Angels they obscure their numbers from the High Lords. Using their unaccounted for Marines to hunt Cypher, whether most of those Marines know it or not.

They largely focus on the capture of Cypher in their hunt, as they believe the Legion's vigilance against the Fallen has absolved them long ago.

Fitting with their pallid appearance due to a geneseed defect, they are grim in personality, however, outside of direct combat they are known to be sardonic. Engaging in gallows humor with their serfs and comrades from within and without the chapter itself.

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My dude is an overweight black dragon living in a dwarven society working as a magic arms and armour trader. He spends the good majority of his day there, only leaving to eat, lounge around on the mountainside or go sleep somewhere.

He's "my dude" because the players keep going back to him and expecting him to have exactly what they need to solve whatever kind of quest they have, to the point that they've spend sessions just talking to "my dude" to pass time while he works on crafting things.

>that feel when forever DM and your players enjoy just talking to a pretend character for four hours straight
>that feel when game night is now "fantasy social" night and we sit around the table doing this while having SIPPs and snacks
I feel lucky as fuck.

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The one with the Hathor/Medusa Queen and the King that shares his consciousness throughout her harem guard? They like music and shit?

I was in that one

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Da Tekboyz!
Not long ago, on a long-abandoned Mechanicum forgeworld, wiped out by a virus, A band of Ork Boyz Stumbled across the old cities, and got to looting...
As the warband grew, The orks slowly realized the astounding tech was useful for combat. Better tech meant better Power Klaws, Better Dakka, Fasta and louda vehicles. So, with a small army of Mekboyz, they got to work building "Da Best Techy-ology in Da Galaxy!"
They are led by Warboss Wulf-Crusha and his Cybork Nobz "Da Tekboyz" propa.
Their Colors are Orange shirts, with scrap metals Bronze and Steel coloring their vehicles.
Tactics involve Mixed Vehicular and bombardment attacks, making use of their tech.

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Pastebin up. Alas, more was lost than I hoped, but this is the gist.

No, but that sounds pretty fab. Mine plays up the lost beauty aspect instead. Didn't realize there was another snek lady bumming around with the space skellies, though. Got any more details on them?

As for mine, I've been bandying this one around for a little bit getting critique and stuff. A drawfag (Ty) drew this based on the initial description of a "gorgon Necron" before I actually got the chance to post the fluff so it's not quite on base, she's missing her mask and shield and the colors are not what I've currently got (White body/Brass accents/Green lights), but that's on me for not being quicker with the description. I hadn't actually intended to go with the snake body but after he drew it I kind of fell in love with the dozens of little legs so I've decided this is her "battle body."

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My Astartes were from the cursed founding and are a Fleet Based Chapter that have a space hulk nearly the size of their home worlds moon trapped in the orbit of said home world. Needless to say, this is treated as their Fortress Monastery and the thing has never been successfully navigated/moved/positions since their take over. They use the lingering Ork and Genestealer presence as live fire training for their Chapter. They are a lot like Reasonable Marines (Though I made these guys a good time before we all got together for /tg/ generated Chapters) due to diplomacy with any Xenos that aren't a bunch of insufferable pricks (Somewhat on respectable terms with Eldar and T'au), use of Infiltration and Hit and Run tactics on the battlefield, favoring use of camo-cloaks on all Astartes. For fleet and sky they are close to the skill of the Hawk Lords with a penchant for using Autocannons, Missiles, Flamers and Meltas more than any other weapon. It is common for them to work alongside IG, even being fairly amicable with anyone who isn't an immediate threat or known enemy. They are extremely skilled in fleet to fleet based combat. Due to sudden mutations in their geneseed that has lead to some members becoming blanks they work closely with the Mechanicus wherever possible so they have a large number of Apothecaries while having more Chaplains present to help offset the workload of the minuscule Librarium.
They work closely with a sect of Sororitas that they have brought into their Fortress Monastery. Any candidates for the Chapter who can not survive or make it as a Neophyte is instead turned into their version of PDF where they work alongside the Astartes and gain the skills, wargear and experience befitting veteran guardsmen. This has led to a lack of servitors and far more scientific and technologically minded unaugmented men and women being present.

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Had an idea for one bumping around.

>Chapter has next to zero Serfs and only a few Servitors, as such each Marine has to maintain their gear themselves
>They use beefed up Lasguns because they lack the logistics for Bolter ammo
>Each Marine's equipment looks a bit different due to them having to maintain it themselves, some are even reduced to wearing partial suits (Uses Scout stats)
>This has had the side effect of making them incredibly skilled at attrition warfare, as they don't have any supply lines to worry about and Lasguns can be powered by the Power Armor indefinitely
>Tend to be shooty with little vehicle support, enjoy turtling in fortifications (Maybe ImpFists descendants? )

Still never came up with any backstory to explain why they're so resource starved. Maybe they're borderline renegade and had their supplies cut off by the high lords, or it's some kind of grand experiment by them to see if they can make a "stripped down" chapter still function

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make them located in a sector that is heavily under attack so supplies are far and few between

or make them like the spes sharks in that they operate outside known space so there's nobody funding them and they gotta get new stuff the hard way

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I've had this colour scheme knocking around for ages, any ideas for a name?

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Lodestar Brethren.

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The Phaerakh looked like pic related but with big ole horns that acted as pylons that would gather a small sun between them to blast her enemies. She could also sing people into dust, basically Hathor. Her husband's consciousness was uploaded to the cloud and downloaded amongster her guard and will transfer to another adjacent body if one dies. The Phaeron is essentially a literal one man band, as he plays a mean Harp of Dissonance.

The Crypteks of the dynasty focus on sonic theory and bioengineering, literally singing flesh into shape and changing living organisms by sonically altering DNA at the molecular level. This is not always sucsessful. Thusly they have a large as shit slave population from across the galaxy, which actually outnumber the Necron. The end goal behind this is three-fold; To create an "ideal" body that is less shit that their original bodies so they can go back to a life of decadence and art, breed pariahs to kill the warp, and of course have a stable population that can do the menial tasks and heavy fighting for them.

Names of anything where never established

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that shit is too grimdark man

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Whats their preferred method of warfare? Always helps in creating a name.

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The Knights Fucking Hideous

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I've always wanted to try making Dia de los Muertos marines, I feel like the designs would look really good on Space Marine armor. I'm just not very good at painting yet. :-(

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Iron hand successors that got abandoned by the Inquisition during a Tau raid and got rescued by the AdMech. The name of the chapter is "Brotherhood of the Forge" and they were saved by forgeworld Eon and it's legion "Scions of the Forge". The BotF basically cut ties with the imperium and pledged themselves (a whole 100 marines and a dreadnaught) to the AdMech. The Inquisitior want happy but she couldn't do shit because messing with the AdMech is just begging for your gellar field to fail mid-warp flight or your personal servitor to explode after pouring you tea. The whole chapter is supplemented by skitarii until and after they regrow their numbers. The iron hands themselves were pissed as fuck when they heard the inquisition pulled this shit so that's a thing in my campaigns. They will not be getting primaris marines because officially they are a "lost" chapter and rowboat doesn't know about them.

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I don't have many concrete ideas right now, but one thing I liked the sound of was mechanized flame assault, lots of assault marines in rhinos, that kind of deal.

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Been playing around with a few color schemes, this is my favorite so far. No fluff beyond being Knights. Suggestions? bonus points if you can tell what inspired it.

Also, does anyone have suggestions for a primarily white color scheme?

That paint job looks pretty cool, do you have any fluff for them yet?
Name Ideas:
Azure Crusaders
Cerulean Knights

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Combining that flame assault with your black arm scheme, how about something like Ashen Fists/Hands?

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I love those names, anything that pushes the gothic space-knight aesthetic, Black Templar-style gives, me a massive hard-on. They're real Adjective Noun-y, but that's life.

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I'm a lorefag, so while I likely won't ever shell out for actual models, I've created multiple space marine chapters to use while working in tandem with some friends to create our own 40K galaxy to use for deathwatch and such. I've been working under what I call the 18 legions plan, trying to create both chaos warbands and loyalist chapters based on the 18 known legions.

First up is Kerberos, World Eater's loyalist who decided to flip Angron the bird and went out to the eastern rim to make sure that the traitors were hounded regardless of how far from the Emperor's light they were. Overtime they've gradually cooled off, becoming less hot headed and more similar to the war hound legion of old, becoming something approaching bro-tier marines who will fight and die for each other, other astartes, and citizens of the Imperium. They primarily recruit from a jungle death world, the concept of loyalty being so deeply ingrained into the culture of Kerberos, that initiates are forced to work as a team if they wish to survive the trials.

Their mentality is pretty much 'be strong enough to watch your comrade's back and your own' along with 'comrades before honor.' If your enemy is challenging you to a sword fight and you have ammo, you Indiana Jones him. Regardless, they still love close range combat, their favored tactics being to use tanks and other big guns to break up enemy formations before assault marines close distance to mop up.

They do have primaris marines (Thanks Cawl, you crazy fuck) but they're viewed as too inexperienced leading to mixed squads of primaris and normal marines, and even sometimes normal marine sergeants leading entire squads of primaris marines.

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Best version

>> No.53968788

Putting them the other way around would be pretty good too,
Crusaders Azure
Knights Cerulean

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hey can you help me make a space marine chapter wich is super dread heavy im banging my head on a wall trying to think of a color scheme. ive got a back story for them but no color

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Next idea up is a Dark Angels chapter called Knights of the Azure order. Yes I know that they don't have any blue on their paint scheme, the Azure order comes from the fact that their most holy relics are 3 swords that glow with a blue fire when activated, and I mean they seem like smaller scale versions of the sword used by Big E.

They're actually descended from the Angels of Absolution, so they don't have as much an obsession with hunting the fallen, they'll still join in because 'fuck the traitors' but they aren't neurotic about it.

They're also a fleet based chapter and highly mobile, if distress signals from Imperial subjects reach them, they'll go off on a crusade in a heart beat. They've thrown most of the codex out the window, where instead each company is a battle company and veterans are spread out among the tactical squads of each company.....they may also exceed the ten company limit but considering how often they're in the thick of it no one really wants to harass their saviors about if there are more of them than they think their should be.

Things between them and their parent chapters are strained, but they're still happy to call themselves sons of the Lion and are willing to keep the secret of the unforgiven as long as they're allowed to keep fighting the good fight.

sure, but can you tell me their back story and what legion they descend from?

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Here's what I've worked on as of now.
Blazing Truth, Imperial Fists successor, focus on highly mobile close-quarters assault with specialities in assault marines and flamers.
VERY supersticious, all psykers are trained in pyromancy as a form of divination and are consulted before any action is taken within the chapter. Big space-knight aesthetic. Tokens/ relics/ fetishes worn on all marines armour, blessed by Chapter Pyromancers, are believed to afford protection from harm and to draw the gaze of the Emperor in battle.

>> No.53969080

I'm in the process of writing up the lore for my chapter now that I'm almost done painting my army so here's an idea of what a dreadnought heavy chapter can be like

Sons of Ymir

Iron Hands successors. Retain some aspects of the machine cult their proginators practiced with some variations. For one do not hold a strong disdain for the flesh rather viewing it as a necessary step all life must take with its own strengths. Augmentations, things that make one more of a machine, are reserved only for those found worthy. Bionics, and other cybernetics are viewed as a mark of honor for those wounded in battle instead of a means to improve oneself as chapters like the Iron Hands and Sons of Medusa believe and practice to large degrees. The ultimate mark of worthiness within the Sons of Ymir is to be interred into a dreadnought, due to the process not only being reserved for marines catastrophically wounded in battle but also a procedure that has a strong chance of killing the subject outright. Therefore dreadnoughts are seen by the chapter as those truly strong enough in both will and body to serve as an avatar of the God Emperor Ymir's fortitude made manifest through the mighty chassis of a dreadnought.

Because of these beliefs the Sons of Ymir are very headstrong in battle, each fighting ferociously to steady themselves for when the day comes that they like many of their brothers before them are crippled in battle and brought to the great obsidian slab to undergo the battle of becoming one of the Jotunn, the title for the chapters dreadnoughts.

>> No.53969092

Christmas knights?

Would look better if only one upper quadrant was red or green

>> No.53969112

also a picture of some of them, chapter master in the middle still need to come up with a name

>> No.53969256

These were your guys? What's your recipe for that bronze on the helmets?

>> No.53969293

thanks for the input, it's always a work in progress. My first attempt at a color scheme made them look too similar to the ultramarines. As demonstrated in this picture.

>> No.53969511

leadbelcher base, brass scorpion layer, nuln oil wash, heavy drybrush with runefang steel

>> No.53969571

That simple? It looks real cool, working on anything else for these dudes?

>> No.53969780

A former penal colony to a world aligned with the Mechanicus. They were sent to a nearby planetoid where the flora of the planet had highly poisonous pollen that was harvested and used by the mechanicus.

When the planet fell to session and chaos they tried to take over the planetoid but were met with fierce resistance by the prisoners who made use of various tools and the unrefined toxic pollen to fend them off until the Guard came in.

Now they have earned ownership of both planets and their own Imperial guard forces make use of a specially modified chem sprayer that uses the toxic pollen as a weapon sense it goes inert after a while and they are considerably hardy against most poisons and diseases.

I don't know what I would call them but their main gimmick aside from urban fighting and use of chem sprayers is they have built on rebreather masks that can lift up and slide down to show their faces and the guard commanders are the "nobility" of the various criminal families that would assume power after the session.

>> No.53970068

sorry super late reply. so the chapter was assisting the mechanicus on the outer edge of the milky way and came across a world with a plague locked away. the mechanicus opened it and the marines were afflicted with a virus wich ate muscle tissue. when the mechanicus found a cure the marines unaffected numbered near 200 and the affected survivors were nothing but crippled forms with shriveled limbs. thus they afflicted were interned into dreadnoughts. this chapter as it has ties to the mechanicus has more then average dreadnoughts and less marines. the marines see the dreads as holy relics wich they polish and clean and adore with lots of flash out of respect. thats the tldr well kinda the chapter master is also a dread

>> No.53970158

These guys.

>> No.53970343


It's fine, anyway with how you describe these guys, I'm pretty sure they'd make heavy use of gold in their color scheme. Something bright and blinding that makes even the most ignorant of imperial citizens understand 'this is a holy object.'

I may have to disappear shortly but I'll be back later and post a few color schemes I can come up with. I do like the fact that their chapter master is a dread, always fun to have situations like that.

>> No.53970442

sounds neat my discord here btw always love another who is into the lore as well. Esdese
#6648 and yeah I wanted them to really be flashy Love flamboyant armies like my eldar or
EC so I would like a scheme that is loud and makes the dreads still look deadly almost angelic. Np get back to me when you can.

>> No.53970446

Thanks, /pol/

>> No.53971103

I don't have a computer nor know how to color the template, but I will talk about my dudes.

They are from the 23rd Sentinel Founding, made from the White Scars gene-seed. They were originally a fleet-based crusade chapter, however after a particularly fierce void battle against a Chaos fleet, their fortress-monastery battle barge was forced to crash land on a nearby planet, taking the rival flagship with it. As the Knight House was near-exterminated by Chaos, and as recognition for their deeds and deflecting the Chaos incursion, the world was given to the Chapter.

>> No.53971148

Interesting that both these gorgon inspired dynasties wound up focusing on genetics and having a theme of "perfecting" the Necrontyr genome. Wonder why that is? I went for the genetic purity angle as a spin off of the "lost beauty" aspect of the Medusa myth. Wonder how the other guy got there.

>> No.53971404

got these guys, a land raider, rhino and some devastators/long fangs done with just got 20 tacticals/grey hunters to finish up along with a kitbashed techmarine I've been working on

In case you already haven't guessed I made this chapter primarily to get my viking muhreens without the space wolves stuff, it wasnt just the excess wolf stuff, the baby blue color scheme just didnt work for me and a lot of their lore is pretty bland in my opinion

I'm honestly considering mounting some marines on the ogre mournfangs from fantasy for thunderwolf cavalry equivilants, a stocky tusked beast of burden works more for something a space marine would ride than just an oversized dog in my opinion but thats just a thought, more likely to just get some more dreadnoughts and finish working on a kitbashed techmarine as well

>> No.53971535

>The Cameron Star
>I see what you did there
>Dat paint scheme

Hail, fellow Kindraa-warrior!

>> No.53971715

I know it is kind of chalcas, but it fits. Especially with the Dragon looking Dreadnought coming out soon.

I intend to enlighten some stravags about the honours of mechanized combat. Seyla.

>> No.53971748

anyone want to help with my dreadnought chapter? >>53970068 tldr story im mostly looking for a good color scheme

>> No.53971772


My eyes, they have been opened. Holy shiiiiiit.

>> No.53971795


I don't really see it

>> No.53971830

Perhaps the similarities will become more apparent with this?

>> No.53971846

I just love the fact that I can create Space Wolf successors that don't ride fucking wolves into battle or something equally stupid.

>> No.53971849

Vorradis 75th a imperial knightworld IG regiment. Planet deals mostly in mining, harvesting gases and minerals essential to the the production of plasma weaponry.

Regimental commander is neice of the high king and a failed knight aspirant, unexpectedly beaten out by her brother to succeed their father. Shamed, she joined the imperial guard in the next tithe, due to her social rank, military experience, and zealousness in battle she was given command of the regiment. Defensive specialist, they excell at drawing enemies in to break them on fortifications while faster elements circle around to devastate from the flanks.

Some of their unqiue armory elements include large suits of thickly armored archaic power armor used by the most stubborn and bloody minded of veterans to act as frontline fighters (stand in bullgryns) and lightly armored walkers dubbed "demi-knights" that act as flankers and harassers (stand in sentinels) able to keep up with things like hellhounds and tauroxes.

Produced "in house" these things border on tech heresy and often rub the mechanicus the wrong way but what the regiment lacks in connections with the admech they male up for in connection.with the ministorum for their almost redemptionist like fevor.

Its been pretty damn fun figuring out how to pull it all togther, once I'm home i'll post some pics for you guys.

>> No.53971882

That was my motivation with this. I wanted to do something with the Norse and viking aethetic, but I didn't want to go full icy frost wolf wolf with it.

I'm still not solid on the color and some of the details, since the most I was certain on was the setup of their homeworld.

>> No.53972167

>not making power armored cavemen on cybermammoths

>> No.53972579

I've wanted to make an army of Astral Knights for a while now but well, they're all dead.
I think I could use the primaris marines as an excuse to make them, claiming that their chapter was "reborn" through the wonders of technology and numerous corpses.

>> No.53972872

or stored seed, the promo did mention rebirth to the decimated, they could take lessons from the last surviving knights, a scant handful mentioned in the world engine book, not enough to restore the chapter on their own, given chance to train their successors, they had likely been whiling away in Deathwatch, possibly as black shields up till this point. The Primaris Knights would have a hefty legacy to live up to and would probably have good relations with the mechanicus, basing themselves around the hulking remains of the engine that the cult are still researching

>> No.53972973

They could also be named something else, like the Astral Templars or something, claiming that the Astral Knights are dead and they are merely taking up their legacy.
They spend most of their time guarding the ruins of the World Engine but from time to time go and fight some necrons that pop up near their base.

>> No.53973154

anyone got a fancy flamboyant color scheme that would look good on space marine chapter tied to the mechanicus?

>> No.53973156

Mentioned them before in many threads like this they're a chapter of marines with a malfunctioning Sus-an membrane as well as a resistance to the warp. Although I added that they have a lower than average rejection rate for gene seed (assuming in a regular chapter 1 in 10 become a space marine with the Steel Hawks it becomes about 9 in 10) however this is balanced out by their hyperactive sus-an membrane causing more casualties with new marines than other chapters (if in a regular chapter 25% of newly raised marines die with the Steel Hawks about 75% would) although they're still slightly over strength.

>> No.53973471

>The Rats of Kovlast. IG regiment. Dirty, urban, post apocalyptic aesthetic. They're vets who specialize in urban combat, guerilla warfare and hazardous environments.
>>Their planet used to be a hive world that did a lot of mining. It was an old world with a long history, until a Hive Fleet splinter dropped by.
>>>Apocalyptic war, the Kovlasti survive by nuking their own planet with atomic and chemical weapons. 99.9% of the population dies. The survivors hole up in the old mining tunnels and basically starve the nids out. Now their world is nothing but the shells of the old hives, mutants and leftover nid organisms, with the survivors living as rag-swaddled scavengers in a daily fight for survival.

>> No.53973498

First time doing this I guess.

Making their home on a fist shaped asteroid that comes into Necromunda’s orbit every I don’t fucking know, the Tempest Fists are thought by some to be the punchiest of The Emperor’s avenging Angels. Lead by the mighty Astartes known by the name of Omni-Punch they are known to ride out into the cold dead of space, never stopping until they fulfil both their punch quota and their dead battle-brother quota and may thus return home. As the developers of the weapons, they are the most skilled users of the sniper fist in the known galaxy, and shall use this skill to punch with accuracy unheard of in the ranks of The Glorious Emperor’s servants and enemies.

>> No.53973671

The Dal'yth Special Intelligence Contingent.

They do a lot of counter-insurgency work on gue'la worlds, rounding up dissidents for "reeducation". This is often a cover for their primary mission: they take a special interest in Chaos - "unexplained phenomena" to them - and work to contain it, eradicate it, study it, and most importantly keep all knowledge of it from the Empire at large. Think a cross between XCOM and the Men in Black. (Their colors are black, grey and purple.)

They tend to have a very, very high casualty percentage when Chaos comes around, because they only have the faintest idea what they're dealing with.

>> No.53973782 [DELETED] 

ffs i've been trying to get someone to help me with my fucking chapter for 3 days now,I guess no one on the 40k based threads wants to work on the lore of the game they "like"

>> No.53974840

Do they actually field ratlings?

>> No.53974869

Knights of the Blood Hawk (Working title)

A fleet based chapter, all Primaris. A feudal society, they only recruit from the male heirs of space marines, because they are obsessed with ancestors. Incorporating the bones of their ancestors into their armor, weapons & even the voidships themselves. They have three trials to succeed. The Trial of Blood, which is basically proving that you are a SM's son. The Trial of Conquest, where they are given arms & equipment & told to take over a new planet that the fleet encounters, & the Trial of the Hawk, in which the initiate must spend one night in meditation in a chamber that houses a strange Warp artifact that looks like a bird of prey. For some nothing happens & they reflect on themselves & their purpose. For some they receive visions that guide them, & some are driven mad.

They are fairly Codex compliant, & they favor jump packs & drop assualt, & have above average number of psykers.

I don't have the color fill chart but, they have ash grey armor on limbs & head, black chest & accents, & red backs, especially on jump packs which they style after bird feathers.

>> No.53974892

Is there a blank template with the purity seal on the marine's belt? If so, I specifically need that one.

>> No.53974909

I got you senpai

>> No.53974919

>tfw you can't say f a m

>> No.53975112


One thumb up for nice clean, well-fitting lore, and another for a nice neutral colour scheme.

>> No.53975155

Part 2

They have family crests painted on as well.

Led by Lord Bradley, they were founded by a batch of fresh Primaris & put on a mission to conquer/reconquer systems that went dark during the Fall, with the voidship fleets a feudal hierarchy quickly became the norm, with people usually inheriting the job skills of their parent.

They go into battle with the conscripted soldiers of their fleetships (Imperial Guard) the Blackstone Irregulars.

They're hated enemy is Chaos & demons

>> No.53975407


>> No.53975586

Lords of Arkha, Iron Hands successors. Their planet is a former forgeworld turned techno barbarian world by a failed tyranid invasion. They're pretty neglectful as far as caring for their recruitment world goes, only stepping in when the feral tyranids or chaos cults get too out of hand

>> No.53975940

You colored his right knee, not his left.

>> No.53976652

Since I might be getting into 40k for the first time, I figured I'd make my entrance alongside Primaris marines.

The Adjudicators, successor chapter of the Black Templar comprised of mostly Primarines. As a newly formed chapter, they've been put on crusade to flush out xenos and heretics as they planet ho throughout the edges of the Imperium. While they are eager to prove their worth to the Imperium, their overzealousness manifests as extremely deadly but reckless melee combatants, a fatal combination only made worse by the chapter's profound talent of getting themselves into deep shit similar to the Lamenters. They may or may not be accompanied by a small Custode force but I'm still working out the fluff for why that would happen (I'm considering them to be the test batch for Custodes that were shunned due to their defects so they joined to prove themselves to the Emperor?)

Still deciding on a paintjob, but I'm thinking mostly silver, maybe a touch of black, with red and/or gold details, although it may be too similar to Grey Knights.

While they were original going to be based solely from the Lamenters, I liked the Black Templar playstyle more. They'll still retain their original backstory of fighting conflicts on planets based on other sci-fi works, like their efforts in the siege of Klendathu, the awful mishap on LV-426, or their skirmishes with the space pirates on Zebes.

>> No.53976814

Thinking of starting a project to get back into 40k with 8th. Was thinking of a feral Kult of Speed list, using Savage Orc boarboys converted to cyboar biker boys. Looking at the Ironjaw guys for nob bikers, but fuck, they are expensive.

>> No.53976861

>> No.53977214

Made this quick mock up. Was hoping to throw in some more color somewhere but not overdo it. Was thinking some red but I wouldn't know where to put it

>> No.53977441

Red stripes down the arms, or diagonally across the shins?

>> No.53977537

Not a lot of skellybones players on here, huh?

>> No.53977630

What if I did something like a white and red tabbard?

>> No.53977694


Thinking Space Wolves successor. Open to suggestions.

The chapter resides withing a hollow planet. Outposts at the poles. Uses anti-grav tech on all transports. Every unit carries a banner.

>> No.53977816

Not so hot on the idea of Priamris Marines myself on account of them sucking ass.

>> No.53977826

Why are they space Wolf successors?

>> No.53977984


Fenrisian wolves. And a little bit of viking aesthetics could be fitting. If you have a better idea I'd love to hear it.

>> No.53978035

Well, not that guy but personally the hollow earth makes me think Irish mythology. You know, the Otherworld, full of magical creatures and deadly fae. Something something Cu Chulainn maybe.

>> No.53978054

Looks like they're based off of a current Nordic nationalist/native-ist political group. The Norse Front or something along those lines.

>> No.53978081

>Not a lot of non-Marine players on here, huh?
Fixed that for you. Not that I can blame them, Marines of both flavors and Guard are really easy to Your Dude beyond just conversions and paint schemes.

I'd go more on the red side. Use the white to break up the pure red tabbard, but as the colors are already mostly mono-chrome, on the lighter side, a mostly white tabbard would just blend in.

>> No.53978131

I think the thing I hate the most about this Gathering Storm and 8th edition business is that I now have to re-write all of my chapter's lore to reflect the fact that they are smack in the middle of the Great Rift. Granted lore-wise they already survived one warp storm, but it's annoying having to adjust to sweeping canon updates.

>> No.53978175

>The Vedir

Space Wolves Primaris, Ultima founding. Drawn wholeheartedly from Space Wolves geneseed, they hold their Fenrisian roots in high regard. While a Primaris Chapter, they make regular pilgramages back to Fenris to both renew oaths of Kinship and to hunt among the wildlife of Fenris like their brothers of yore. They draw their name from Fenris, with Vedir meaning "Hunter" in their savage tongue.

With the lack of unstable geneseed, the Vedir have a disposition between a Grey Hunter and a Long Fang even as a recruit, with less of the reckless bravado seen within the Space Wolves, replaced with a more calculated aproach.

Vedir Ancients are literally that, for only Primaris who were former marines may carry the runic banners of the Vedir into battle. While the rest of the Army prefers either Long ranged combat, or swift close combat to quickly run down prey. They also imply hunting Wolves raised from their homeland or from Fenris.

The homeworld of the Vedir is Saksheim, an Aboreal Deathworld covered in Taiga Woodland and dense temperate rainforests full of dangerous megafauna.

The Vedir make their home across the surface of Saksheim in several large Hunting lodges, the largest of which is Middenshal, a great bastion of Ceramite and shielding that weaves it's way inside the equatorial mountains. The hunting lodge walls are stacked with trophies from kills, from Carnifex heads to wraithbone weapons.

The Chapter master holds the title "Lord of the Hunt" and the current one who holds that title is Ullr the Elder, who was previously a chapter ancient.

TL:DR Nordic Hunter Marines.

>> No.53978405


Pics as promised just late as fuck

>> No.53978410

Well really that Dynasty is more Egyptian as the queen is based off of Hathor. Genetics and sonic weaponry came from Hathor's domains of Fertility and Music

>> No.53978536

Is it stupid to field an AdMech army that isn't based on a forge world? I used to play Vostroyan guard a few years back and I'm restarting in 8th with AdMech, my idea was to have them based on Vostroya instead as an offshoot of Lucius. Everything I've read says Vostroya has a heavy AdMech influence but AdMech also weren't an army when I played last so I'm not sure if it makes sense.

>> No.53978547

Still working on details, but got the premise for them down. Not sure if its 40k stupid, or jusr plain stupid, though.

The premise is its a feral Ork tribe leftover on an agri-world after the original WAAAGH! was broken and/or left. The planet was a fertile world with an unusually level surface. This let the tribes move easily and develope into nomadic camps. As the Orks traveled the planet, plundering and absorbing lesser Ork groups, the WAAAGH! and the tribe's inherent wanderlust grew large enough that the psychic field teleported them offworld. Now they just travel from planet to planet, devasting the world they are on until they hit that mark again and poof to a new planet.

I find the idea of an Ork mob so bored with the sleepy English countryside or American midwest that they will themselves out of there amusing.

>> No.53978595

....Not that I would ever do this, but, uh...how would you start putting that together?

>> No.53978681

Age of Sigmar has some things that might fit. Thundertusks and other big icy beasts that could pass for arctic xenos animals

>> No.53978929

Pretty nice anon

>> No.53978933

Oh, the fertility goddess bit. Yeah, that makes sense. Still, convergent narrative evolution. Pretty remarkable. They sound like a nifty bunch, regardless.

>> No.53979386

Wandering Brotherhood
Fleet Based
Origin: Raven Guard/Dark Angels (Debated, though Raven Guard is accepted within the Chapter)
Battlecry: "That others may live!"
Founding: 13th
Close ally: Navigator House Belletain
They share their beliefs most closely with the Lamenters, however, acting altruistically and closely with more typical humans. Their SOP is to work closely with Imperial Guard units, acting in support of them or as the army's assault or recon element; they rarely deploy on their own. Typical super soldier operator shit. Additionally, they work hand-in-hand with a Navigator house, occasionally treating their members like full blown chapter members. The Brotherhood maintains a small garrison in the Navigator quarter on Terra.
The Brotherhood suffers a mutation with their sus-an membrane that, while not necessarily undoing the Hypno indoctrination Marine's receive, makes them highly susceptible to feelings of empathy or malaise. These feelings make them both highly contemplative and has them seeking out company among their brothers and the humans they serve with. This has made them highly communal, with squads and even companies becoming attached to Guard units and requesting to serve with them for the remainder of their deployment.
This ability to become so quickly attached has lead to each Company training it's own scout units, usually putting a company at 120-some-odd Marines. 1st Company keeps a compliment of the best scouts, though those scouts won't be integrated into the 1st Company but instead be rolled into the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th companies with honors.
Because of the Brotherhood's strained relationship with the Ecclesiarchy and the Imperial Cult as a whole, they tend to run light on Chaplains, instead, they've adopted their Navigators as their spiritual leaders. Because of Belletain's Enatic-Cognatic inheritance structure, the Elder Navigator's who fall into these roles are referred to as "Mother Matron".

>> No.53979650

Now -this- I dig. nice clean colour scheme (though I'd tone down the red on that bolter, go with black or a dark red) and the lore is very nicely done. Everything that the sons of Russ should have been.

>> No.53980007

What haven't you dug so far?

>> No.53980712

I already posted this so many times it got stale, but what the hell, here we are again.

The Void Drakes (formerly Void Dragons)

A Space Wolf unofficial successor chapter, born from a natural mutation in a batch of geneseed, making it tamer and easier to implant than the "normal" Canis Helix

They are a fleet based chapter that usually operates on the outer fringes of the Imperium. The tamer geneseed allows them to recruit from local planets with a relatively high success rate, in order to keep their numbers up and fight on in the name of the Allfather.

As a chapter, the Void Drakes have a deep space-faring traditions. They often travel beyond the reach of the Imperium, exploring alien worlds and fighting myterious Xenos that no man has met before, and now never will.

Having a natural wanderlust (maybe a side effect of the mutation), this chapter usually deals with Rogue Traders and Explorator fleets bound to explore beyond the fringes of the Imperium, usually providing escorts, informations or safe routes through uncharted regions of Space in exchange of supplies, vehicles, weapons and everything a Rogue Trader's money or a Magos Explorator's influence can buy them.

One of the main tradition of this chapter is the so-called "Dire Journey". To reach the higher ranks of the chapter, a battle brother must embark -alone or with a selected company of brothers- on a journey in the great unexplored galaxy, and bring back a trophy of note, be it a piece of alien technology, the head of a giant xeno beast, or a great tale of heroics and sacrifice.

Xenos are their main enemies, and regularly clash with Orks, Tau, Tyranids and occasionally with Eldar and Necrons.

The Chapter Master holds the title of High King, and the chapter is greatly based over tribal organisation.

The current High King is Haakon Wyrmbane, who gained his name by slaying a giant serpent in the depths of an Ocean World beyond the reach of the Imperium

>> No.53980974

Nice idea, you actually took something you like from a movie and put it into 40k without making it seem retarded.

>> No.53981188

okay so i need feedback bad im a few months into 40k and i kind of make things my own, which is what i like

i really need powerful men though and that has been a limiting factor by making my own space marine army and not using a pre existing one like ultramarines yeah? but i want a primarch i dont want the big ultramarine dude that came out but i want his rules. i need to justify everything i do with some sort of story

so here is what i need feedback on

my marine chapter has been around since just before the horus heresy, a small empire on the outskirts of the imperium as their origin. they have been helping the imperium for the last 3000 years as a wandering company of marines after their homeworld is destroyed by chaos sorcerers. they are fleet based and essentially roam the empire hunting heretics. they are known as the lost and have some of the empires most powerful psychers known to man as such they work along side the gray knights regularly hunting down demons

the problem is space marine captains are weak and not as good. a freind at the store talked about lost primarchs so i decided that maybe every army should have one so we dont have to use blue marines :D lol but anyways here is my back story for the primarch of the lost

the emperor finds his lost son, he was alone on a world lost to mankind so he is known as the lost. his marine chapter is founded by him after he sees the others doing good for the emperor. they are named the lost and proceed to help in the northern reaches of the galaxy. he often got into fights with his brothers especially gully, about how to do things. during one major battle he got into a fight with one of the chaos gods whichever is weakest i know theyre strong lol. when they came out to help a demon army he was pulled into warp in mid combat, nearly beating the thing to death with his bear hands. now 3000 years later, he is back to lead his children again.

this picture is my marines, please like and let me know about my story?

>> No.53981211


Your guys are anime level Mary sue

Thin your paints

Throw away that fucking MLP.

>> No.53981227

positive feedback only pls, im not here to fight

>> No.53981436

you have to go back

>> No.53981486

Blood Drinkers Successor assigned as part of a special founding to protect against a Maelstrom-esque collection of Warp Shittery.

They stride the line between proper Codex guidelines and those more unique to the Blood Angels and feature a smaller number of Death Company within their ranks than would otherwise be considered the case due to the practices of their progenitor.

In combat they favor rapid assault via Thunderhawk, Caestus, or Drop Pod where they can quickly engage the enemy at close range and rip them apart before enemy heavy weapons can be brought to bear.

Specifically have a thing against Nurgle-aligned Heretics due to the healthy number of them within the territory they protect.

>> No.53981496

This is some grade A bait, anon. Good job.

>> No.53981599

It's kinda hard to pull off.

Maybe they could have the sugar skull paintings on the skull patterns of the armor and not on the helmet, except with the Chaplains.

Would they be successors of the Imperial Fists, so they can have cool mustaches?

>> No.53982198

Gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8

>> No.53982450

Can you imagine the high five?

>> No.53982508

Do I know you?

>> No.53983088

Forgot the image. Blank spots on knees represented squad assignment with company colors.

>> No.53983259

I'd probably try to keep the designs simple on infantry (with a little more effort on Chaplains), but I want to go crazy with vehicles and dreadnoughts.

Crimson Fist successors would be the only logical choice.

>> No.53985632

Do they actually drink blood?

>> No.53986169

I mean, as part of the normal Blood Angels-type stuff yeah.

>> No.53986855

Thanks, did you ever post up your collected lore?

>> No.53986959

Raven Guard successor chapter whose assault marines use power lances and wear capes.

They basically look like Knightmares from code geass, or at least they will if I ever find the time to pick up 40k again.

>> No.53986992 [SPOILER] 

I really do love Power Lances, wish 40k gave them more love

>> No.53987139

Nothing like titty necrons.

>> No.53988584

Can anyone tell me the best spot on a marine to have family crests? My dudes >>53974869 >>53975155 will have them painted on their armor, but I don't know if it's okay to do so. Or where the best place is for it

>> No.53988664

Maybe kneepads? Or the opposite shoulder?

>> No.53988698

I was told that was for squad identification

>> No.53988830

It's your chapter. They don't have to follow the codes that strictly unless you want them too.

>> No.53988923

Okay thanks

>> No.53989118

Looks like something outta starcraft.

>> No.53989639

Here are my dudes in Age of Sigmar, feel free to tell me what you think about them, and please leave constructive criticism so I can improve myself in the future


>> No.53989846

It's the Lancelot from Code Geass

>> No.53989908 [SPOILER] 

They're an Alpha Legion chapter based out of a twin star system that's been mysteriously removed from Imperial records

Secretly they're all female

>> No.53990101

if they lack the logistics for bolter ammo, woldn't they also be short of power armor and recruits?

Doesn't really sound like the set-up for an attrition based chapter

>> No.53990495

Only in Codex compliant chapters, you said yours are fairly compliant which implies they do ignore some of its teachings, not having squad identification on their kneepads would be a fairly minor thing.

>> No.53990524

That would actually look pretty awesome on regular marines... not so much on chad marines, its kida like a vagazzle.

>> No.53990592

Yes sir, right here.
However, I've already added to the lore beyond what's there. I swear, I can't help myself. Here's an updated paste with the most recent iteration of the Gotrekh Dynasty, long may they un-live.


I'd love to hear any feedback you've got. It's been a lot of fun to work on this.

>> No.53990852

The color scheme is significantly better on regular marines.

>> No.53991425

Nice, only other chapter I've heard of using spears is the Iron Snakes. They fight like hoplites in line formations with round shields and spears. The spears are supposed to be copper which is kinda retarded but you know, black library.

>> No.53991676

What the fuck am I looking at

>> No.53991915

Anon's dudes Homeworld. Read the post

>> No.53991940

What grey/brown color is this? I need it

>> No.53992113


What >>53991915 said. It also would help you read the pic's title.

>> No.53992197

I believe that it was Charadon Granite. I think its new name is Stormvermin Fur. It's one of the Citadel paint line.

>> No.53992252

That's actually a nice idea.

>> No.53992257

My AM army is an explorator fleet sent to reclaim a lost forge world. They're all laden down with gear and muddy from trudging through the overgrown hives.

>> No.53992325

I was toying around with doing a chapter that looks like the lancelot see >>53968465

>> No.53992380


>> No.53992613

I'm doing a dark angels successor chapter aswell, only have minor fluff at the moment, here's what I have so far

They govern a hiveworld because in the past something happened relating to the Fallen on that hiveworld. At the time the DA couldn't find any concrete link to the Fallen even though they had a feeling something big went down there. So they need some way of safeguarding that planet/continuing the search. Thus they, through a series of covert maneuvers, manage to petition for a new successor chapter which they then give that planet. Either as part of the deal or in an attempt to reduce suspicion the chapter is more codex compliant compared to the other chapters of the Unforgiven. So the chapter governs said planet until the reason the Fallen were there is discovered (which might take a very long time on a Hiveworld.)

Haven't even started on a colour scheme yet, but it's going to be prodominately tac and term squads with some fast attack options

>> No.53992624

Dat Nerf pattern dart rifle

>> No.53992644

Yeah I suppose attrition was a poor word for it, rather extremely prolonged engagements with no resupply.

>> No.53992691

These are the only Marines I field.

They are from the gene-seed of Theodore Roosevelt, the secret second Primarch.

>> No.53992712

That unironically looks dope.

>> No.53992764

I think it needs a Red White & Blue Galea style helmet, & a halo

>> No.53993038

Chapter Master?

>> No.53993109

I will allow it.

What else should I add lore wise?

They gotta have a ton of Shock & Awe. What Doctrine is best?

>> No.53993149

>freedom-hating leftist beta
>chapter master of the Eagles of Liberty


>> No.53993160

Missile Launchers and Plasma Guns everywhere.
Corporate Sponsor stickers and emblems on the hulls of your vehicles.
Waves of Land Speeders, Storm Eagles, Predators and Razorbacks.
Spear heads of Land Raiders.

No, no, no. You're thinking of Steven Colbert, not Stephen Colbert. Holy shit Anon how can you be that retarded?

>> No.53993164

Yeah, I saw that too, only put it on because the varis rifle has an orange magazine. Guess I forgot to take it off before saving. Probably gonna make it gold or the same black as the handle.

Also, please throw color scheme ideas at me, especially if they are primarily white.

>> No.53993226

ugly af man, green needs to be more saturated

>> No.53993267

I like this name


Idk about corporate brands. Teddy didn't like 'em. Everything else is a go.

>> No.53993301

>Missing Primarch Teddy and not Ronald Reagan.
You double heretic...

But no seriously the logos are obviously just a joke. Even lorewise all companies are under the Administratum at the end of the day so you could never fly imagery that wasn't the Aquila, Skulls or representative of your specific organization and affiliations there within.

>> No.53993314

M-Marines Malevolent? Is that you?!

>> No.53993345

>Eagles of Liberty

>Not Birds of War

>> No.53993448

All chadmarines, all the time.
The Red Crusade sets out from their homeworld of Malta on impossible or nigh-impossible to complete crusades. Once a whole company is wiped out, it is completely replaced before setting back off to complete the crusade or start a new one.
In the rare event that a crusade is successful, the victors/survivors are promoted to veteran or command positions. They then lead the next crusade.
Each crusade has their own heraldry and warcry.

Current Grandmaster (chaptermaster): Ulrich Valetta, Defender of Malta

>> No.53993455

Chapter name: Golden Sons
War cry: Death to the bastard children! We are the true sons of Sanguinius!

A successor chapter of the Blood Angels, the Golden Sons were a chapter that was destroyed due to hive fleet behemoth invading their homeworld of Jato (The same hive fleet would soon go on to attack Baal). For a reason only the inquisition knows the hive fleet left Jato before it had fully consumed it, leaving behind a deadly miasma in sections of the planet as a byproduct of the harvesting. Settlers soon discovered the abandoned chapter monastery and the Golden Son gene seed when resettling Jato. When word of the gene seed being uncovered reached the Blood Angels, members were selected from their own ranks as well as members from other successor chapters in order to form the new first company of Golden Sons.

With the 100 members of the first company now settled on Jato and the chapter monastery fully recovered, a chapter master was selected and training of new members began. In order to become a member of the Golden Sons, initiates must find their way through the toxic miasma to the chapter monastery, fighting off feral Tyranids who were left behind and had their synaptic connection to the hive fleet severed. If the initiate finds their way to the monastery, they are welcomed as new members of the Golden Sons

Today, the Golden Sons are renowned for their reckless treatment of those who succumb to the black rage, often throwing entire squads of these space marines right into enemy fire, using them as little more than meat shields to clear out enemy positions no matter the cost

**You may be wondering as to why the Tyranids abandoned Jato before they finished harvesting it. Unknown to the Golden Sons, Jato is actually a Necron Tomb world. The Necrons awoke from their slumber and fought off the Tyranid invaders before the harvesting caused the planet to turn unstable and destroy their tomb, as well as the Necrons who rested within

>> No.53993466

I can dig it. Seek forbidden knowledge, he without eyes is the only one who may see. A bit like the moth monk guys from the Elder Scrolls.

>> No.53993469

I have been working on a Renegades & Heretics 'Peoples Army' infiltrated by Genestealer Cultists and Chaos alike. It's a typical commie style uprising (Imperium is mean, we workers and people want freedom etc) and they begin a civil war in their hive city, overthrow its rulers and begin marshalling out to liberate other hives, then the whole planet. Imperium side is grossly outnumbered with the PDF mostly siding with the Renegades, leaving what's left to defend against the horde of militia, general abhumans and mutants labourers and worker rabbles in a bitter mixture of trench warfare as they slowly pushed forward to the last Imperial hive. In the end, the people's army loses steam and gets bogged down by a smaller - but more experienced and trained - Imperial Guard brought reinforcements via the Death Korps of Krieg (my other owned army etc).

This is where I have the little spin, in my lore for these guys the Genestealer Cult - once operating with the people's revolt in disguise - now realise this rebellion isn't likely going to win them favours and so begin to subtly sabotage the rebel army via desertion, theft, destruction of industry, spying for Imperials or generally waging gang wars back in the traitor capital. This leads to the people's army becoming increasingly more tyrannical, leading to the hive mirroring the similar brutality they suffered prior; only now they have an uprising of chaos worship creeping into the action, chaos cultists taking root in the hierarchy.

It's a simple concept of a good uprising gone bad and my desire to convert a lot of guys to be fielded as either Lost and the Damned or Genestealer Cultists. A few swaps here and there and I could choose which army I wanted to play without it looking like lazy proxy gaming. Their general theme would be some pickaxe banner, as they come from an industrial mining hive and I have been converting them in manners that don't particularly show chaos / genestealer iconography.

>> No.53993486

Pic Related: Captain Piro Pontus of the Second Red Crusade

>> No.53993487

This is my counts as "Named Character", as far as the rules go my dudes count as having the keyword "Named Characters Faction" but they are actually my dudes.

>> No.53993497

Ronald Reagan was a shitty actor that decided to run for president using his celebrity to win popularity & then fuck with the system from the inside to make life easier on those with wealth.

Teddy Motherfucking Roosevelt, was a soldier, commander & businessman. He exercised his asthma away. When his wife & mother died on the same day he sojourned into the Badlands, one of the most horrible places on earth & came back a stronger man. When put in charge of the Navy he parked a goddamn fleet of warships off the coast of Japan & asked if they wanted trade. He kept a Mother fucking bear in the Whitehouse, & during meetings & appointments with people he would be boxing in the backyard while talking to them.


>> No.53993524

Explorator Fleet Kryses, an armada roaming the stars since the late days of the Horus Heresy.

Ever since their home- the forgeworld Sarum- fell under the influence of Dark Mechanicum forces, they've been dedicated left on the run, with nothing to live for but the preservation and reclamation of whatever archoetech they can scavenge (not to mention saving their hides from the hordes of aliens and daemons lurking at every corner).

Though the past is hazy (read: I'm too lazy to write it), but what IS known is that at some point Kryses got nailed hard by an Ork Waaagh!, taking extreme losses and ultimately crash/landed their fleet on an unlisted moon which they quickly found was inhabited by the Knight houseold Ajax. The two teamed up, fended of the Orks, and forged a permamant alliance.

>(Also the early version of their fluff- and this one kinda- was based off of the Iliad, so at some point I wanna say they teamed up with the blood Ravens. Diomedes n' shit)

Now, the fleet serves as a conquest grand fleet under the Indomitus Crusade, tasked with doing what they do best; stealing shit and getting out alive. With some 40 ships at call- including a trio of rare Oberon battleships and an eternal crusade battle-barge, an almost extinct class- Kryses sails the stars, their legions of cybernetic shock troops cleansing tech-heresy in The Omnissiah's name.

>> No.53993539

>Secretly they're all female

>> No.53993585

>teddy roosevelt
>the dude who invented stewardship, thereby robbing the power of the people under guise of 'Shepard' of the nation, allowing every unconstitutional act from FDR to Bush to occur, was a good president and man

>at least he stopped the already failing meat industry tho!
>and such le badass! Gib upvotes!
Fuck off bro, Teddy's a faggot.

>> No.53993645

Has he died gloriously in battle yet?

>> No.53993672

>parks are bad
>Reagan was good (but I won't say why)

Weak lolbertarian bait.

>> No.53993767

>> No.53993859

Haven't had a chance to field him yet, but I hope he does soon!

>> No.53993926

When did I say Reagen was good? Reagan also abused the powers of the executive branch for his own party's benefit, as has every president SINCE Roosevelt.

I don't give a shit about particular politics, but starting with Teddy and leading to Trump (though technically starting with Adams with A&S act, but Teddy set an actual trend of it) the exec has been able to march all over other branches, creating founts of beurocracy to rule and convict without a court. I just don't like that.

Weak hillshill/trumptard/ironpill/whateverfaggot bait. Stand for ideas, not men

>> No.53994802

I'm gonna keep posting code geass primaris

>> No.53995013

Their secret mean absolute nothing.

>> No.53995127

desu i think this one doesn't look that good, the red and orange clash too much

>> No.53995200


The idea of plague doctor beakie marines is fucking brilliant.

Can we please fluff this out right now?

>> No.53995250

For fuck's sake tg

>> No.53995377

looks like a weird samus marine

>> No.53995624

That's a cool idea.
Here's some random food for thought.

>> No.53995652

"The Codex Astartes says nothing about crawling

>> No.53995719

You can fit an Astartes inside those pauldrons.

>> No.53996405

How stupid is a chapter comprised of entirely devastators in lore?

>> No.53996428

Disgusting, please kys

>> No.53996670

They look really nice anon.

>> No.53996846

You'd have to work reach pretty hard to make that at all plausible, but given how far fetched 40k gets, you could do it.

Perhaps the chapter as a whole is devoted to garrisoning fortifications on a particular world, or there's only a hundred or so left in the wake of a Hivefleet invasion, and only those who had devastator weaponry were able to lay down enough firepower to stave off death?

>> No.53997134

Sounds pretty good. So after staving off death, they just became a devastator devoted chapter because BIG GUNS are the best?

Another idea I had is the chapter being a fleet based chapter that excels in quick response fire support. They would keep a ear out for any reinforcement requests, drop in, fuck shit up with heavy weaponry, then fuck off to the next battlefield.

Since they were devoted to garrisoning fortifications, perhaps IF successors?

>> No.53997598

The Crimson Knights aren't my most fluffed chapter, but I think I'm going to make my first Primaris Marines for them. They're a 3rd Founding Imperial Fists chapter with three schticks:
1) They got their hands on enough mk8 that all their battle companies go out in only mk8.
2)They have a grudge against Tyranids, and are battling Tyranids all across the Segementum Tempestus because Leviathan is everywhere and possibly heading for their homeworld.
3)They have a close working relationship with the Ordo Xenos, and are rumored to have a company-sized number of marines in the Deathwatch at any given moment despite still being full-strength (or close enough to) back home. An unusual amount of the marines in the regular and even reserve companies have Deathwatch pauldrons marking prior service.

With two minor character shticks:
1) I gave the 1st Captain a plasma blaster like good ole Invictus.
2) The Chapter Master is a homebrewed Assault Centurion Chapter Master.

Both the 2)s need to be edited. The first one because GW has decided that Leviathan was no longer spread all across the Tempestus, and was in fact almost entirely at Baal with a side branch office at Octarius. I'm thinking they'll use their newfound freetime to go to Macragge to see the Primarch Returned and get involved in the Konor Campaign.
The second one because I have since gotten bored of the idea of a Centurion Chapter Master, and will probably just make him a new model and convert the ones I made back into regular Centurions.

>> No.53997609

Forgot my image.

>> No.53997634

One final note. The elbow/knee pauldrons and helmet, all change color depending on company. I also have, in another image, pauldron color changing, but like an idiot I didn't write down why and have since forgot. At least I remembered which ones are company color.

>> No.53997674


>> No.53997962

So ive been slowly developing these guys for years. The Great Scorpions chapter is lead by chapter master Leaxander (a count as helbrecht). I was content with them being stamdard codex but after 7th edition i realized the black templar fit the lore perfectly. Basically they were imperial fists who went out on patrol or a mission and were sabotoged during warp travel (alpha legion is that you?). They were stranded in the warp with a (thank the emporer) functioning geller field. Being stranded in the warp does a number on you and the librarian, psykers, and psycichly attuned space marines either turned, became possessed, or just had there heads explode. After what felt like a year they caught an emotional eddie in the warp and got spit out a couple hundred years later. They got found floating around in a broken ship and after recounting their story are turned over to the inquisition. They check out as still "grade A devoted" and are released back to the chapter. The imperial fists are like "you been gone too long we already replaced you and cant take you back (you stink too)" so they tell them to fuck off to the other side of the galaxy and start a chapter. The chapter master remembering a battle on board the ship recalls seeing a scorpion floating in zero g's killing a demonic imp, so impressed at the insects tenacity and will to survive he takes the scorpiom as the chapter motif. They use crusader squads lead by founding veterans to make more dudes and have 0 psykers. Now they are responsible for a sub sector on the far side of the eye of terror where they hang out with my other armies slaying chaos. AVE IMPERATOR! VALDE SCORPIO!

>> No.53997991

So when hive fleet leviathan got scattered, a death world caught a couple of warriors, gaunts and gargoyles. Connected to the hive mind still, they survived in on a tundra waiting for a pick up that never came. Evolution kicked in after a few centuries, as the picks of the splinter swarm started growing bigger to suit what was needed. Later an admech scout team encountered the wayward tyranids but was taken completely by surorise by the air superiority and hunting instinct. Pushed back and driven under by these white and dark blue xenos with seemingly gold claws the admech fled. Finally when the planet was overrun and consumed after a couple millennia, they developed a hive fleet ship. Ready to send a message to the galaxy. Hive fleet Chrysaor is here

>> No.53998151

Kiss your soup

>> No.53998285

manlet player, please

>> No.54001273

Pretty dumb I think. They'd be good right up until something got into melee with them, unless that something was Guard. A big part of the strength of a space marine army is its versatility.

>> No.54001298

The fuck outta here Guilliman!

>> No.54001412

Make it Kraken, Explorator Team that wanted to review the damage left over and a couple centuries. Bobs your Uncle!

>> No.54001627

I've had an idea kicking around in my head for an Anglo - Saxon aesthetic guard regiment. Home world of Æglandi something or other, a couple regiments are raised every few years to join 'the allfather' in the wild hunt. Equipped with all the standard gear of a historical huscarl but given and trained with lasguns and the like before leaving on the hunt.

I'd imagine the tech level of the world would be dark age tier, with lasguns here and there for the governors body guard or something.

Few are ever expected to return from the wild hunt, but those who do are secluded in the massive settlement of Asgardia in order to secluded them from the rest of the population. Here they train the future recruits of the wild hunt.

>> No.54001722

> DE (main army)

A roaming band of pirates, misfits, and greedy assholes who worship the new Eldar god, praise Vect, and work jobs for Harlequins in return for use of shortcuts in the webway and soulstones.
Managed to jury rig reviving chambers by using Eldartech and Nid birthing chambers. Haemonculus needs constant supply of Nids and slaves to experiment on new tech and projects for the Kabal. Favorite way of raiding is to freeze the battlefield at night and come in on their raiders and shit all the while having fog machines go over time with speakers playing spooky shit to unnerve people and go for a winter fae vibe. Needs a name.

> Nids (Fexes and Hormagaunts)

Nidhoggr clone that loves artillery and Fexes too fucking much.

> CSM (Small project I want to try)

Archaon finds out about 40k and decides to create his own Marines to further hasten his plan of becoming Malal/God Emperor of everything. Currently trying to figure out how to kit bash Warriors of Chaos and other Fantasy/AoS with CSM/Primaris Marine bits to make lazy true scale Warriors of Chaos Space Marines.

> Tau (About half of a battleforce box from 5th that I got as a gift)

Operators operating in operations with loads of hover tanks and sniper support. Little to no suits.

> Squats/Inquisition (Another project I'm working on because I want to scratch build Apoc level stuff but Imperium got most of the fun shit)

Using Kharadron Overlords and Imperial Bits to make Squats, mainly using them to ride on old Epic vehicles proxying as current vehicles. Basically fluff wise they're on a mission to find a new system to call home. Acting like everything is still as they were in Rogue Trader times.

>> No.54001807

>Managed to jury rig reviving chambers by using Eldartech and Nid birthing chambers. Haemonculus needs constant supply of Nids and slaves to experiment on new tech and projects for the Kabal. Favorite way of raiding is to freeze the battlefield at night and come in on their raiders and shit all the while having fog machines go over time with speakers playing spooky shit to unnerve people and go for a winter fae vibe. Needs a name.
The Unseelie Kabal

>> No.54001876

Not entirely sold on the scheme, but the chapter symbol is ace.

Chest skull is excellently done as well, although I'd never be able to get any sort of detail it.

>> No.54002149

> Cult of the Bleak Horizon (DE)
The Bleak Horizon was a massive (by DE ship standards) DE slave ship roaming around, attacking isolated worlds and hijacking lone ships to enskave/rape etc. They found a relatively small, crippled imperial cargo ship that looked promising and got cocky, dragged it in close for a boarding action. The ship was full of genestealers, who turned the tables, boarding the Bleak Horizon and killing most of the crew, while the rest turned into a space faring stealer cult. Now they go around the galaxy taking what they want and leaving their corruption everywhere while trying to hide from other DE, who are trying to hunt them down. This was my first stealer cult, years before we got the GSC codex, and is 100% conversions.

> Sons of the Crimson Moon
My GSC army. Inhabitants of a highly radioactive agri-world visited by the Bleak Horizon. Think GSC with a heavy "The hills have eyes" influence.

> Hive Fleet Malebranche
My first army. A splinter of a long forgotten hive fleet crushed under the feet of loyalist marines before the heresy, the last ship crashed on a jupiter-sized ocean world orbiting too close to its star. Even the hyper adaptive tyranid organisms had a hard time surviving, but after a few thousand years of adaption they managed to flourish on this world. There was an old reference somewhere about every tyranid organism having the potential to become a full fleet, so eventually the dead world was overflowing with life and created a new fleet or some shit. I don't know, lost interest in nids years ago.

> Some random necron dynasty
Could never think of a name. Necron lord loyal to the silent king was betrayed, spent 60 million years in sensory deprivation, blames the silent king, consumed with hatred for the other dynasties.

>> No.54002172

Also all names are just thrown in there. I can never think of names I actually like.

>> No.54002897

Finally, another Necron guy. Tell me more about how their boy was betrayed and why he wound up in the isolation tank, maybe I can suggest a name.

>> No.54002917

>Stormtalons for conversion therapy into walkers

Why is noone questioning this? How the FUCK are you gonna do that?

>> No.54003235

Silently watching for what happens next. AT-AT Astartes?

>> No.54003576

He was fanatically dedicated to the silent king and caught wind of an assassination plot by a rival dynasty. He rallied his forces and wiped them out, but they'd been planning on framing his dynasty all along so all the evidence just made it look like he was the traitor. He and his generals were imprisoned, trapped immobile in a sensory deprivation chambe, but he stayed loyal and had faith that SK would see the truth and set him free. A long time passed, and they were forgotten. Even when the rest of the necron race went into stasis, he wasn't. Over the millennia, he sunk into his own thoughts, fantasizing about revenge and losing his grip on reality, living whole lifetimes of fantasy, splitting his mind into countless personalities and imagining every way he could take revenge.

To sum it up, the old magus of an offshoot of one of my stealer cults discovered him and over the course of a few decades, tried putting his mind back together. Eventually miners on their world discovered the old necron tomb and woke them up, triggering a war. The cultists were caught in the middle, so the magus lead a group of miners into his chamber to destroy his shackles and set them free, knowing he wanted revenge on the necron lord-turned-jailer who had kept him imprisoned and was now leading the necron forces. The crazy old necron was set free, and butchered the cultists and the magus, but the cultists had already set many of the imprisoned necrons free, and the ones who could still function joined the battle, slaughtering cultists, humans and their fellow necrons. The prisoner joined the battle and killed the jailer, and set himself up in what was left.

>> No.54003600

His insanity makes him a very poor ally, but his dominant personality wants to do whatever will hurt the plans of the silent king, so encourages the spread of orks and cultists and even tries (with very limited success) to manipulate nids and chaos into destroying anything he thinks the silent king will value.

I know the split personality idea is kind of cliche, but its a common result of prolonged sensory deprivation, and also helps explain allies in my groups regular 2v2 games

>> No.54004030

Why am I kissing soup

>> No.54004252

Hey anons, I just came up with this idea today and I wanted to see if there was any merit in following this up:

An Ultima Founding Chapter known as the "Orphans of the Gate." They are made up of Whiteshield Survivors from the fall of Cadia who, through warp fuckery, were still young enough when the founding occurred. Even to the present, the Chapter tends to search among Cadian colonies for its recruits.

Their Chapter symbol is the Cadian gate on a red and black field, but the Chapter's armor is always painted in a camouflage pattern. Much of their symbols and heraldry comes from Cadia, such as painting the lenses on their helmets purple.

Their gene-seed is Imperial Fists, and while many Marines find their reverence for Cadia before their lineage odd, their stubbornness and tenacity in battle have proven them worthy Sons of Dorn.

In combat, the Orphans prefer to keep as much flexibility as possible. They will integrate heavily with local Imperial forces to mitigate their weaknesses, and are known for even training Imperial Guard units before campaigns.

Their motto will either be "Si vis Pacis, Para Bellum," "We Die Standing," or "Vigilamus Pro Te."

Like I said, this is like a three hour old concepts. If it's shit I'll throw it out, but if anyone has ideas to help I'd love to hear them.

>> No.54004282

So anons, this is my new Primaris Chapter (still a work in progress obviously!)

I can't decide whether to dub them the Void Knights or Void Templars

They're Imperial Fists successors with a heavy focus on long protracted sieges, but also chivalry and honour being a main focus. They're similar to arthurian knights in behaviour and ideology, with IF stubbornness thrown in. Sergeants have a red helmet, Lieutenants red with a gold stripe.

As above, still not sure what to name them, but how on earth should I do their chapter symbol for their pauldrons?

>> No.54004359

That should be easy enough to rectify. Just say that the pauldron trim is squad role or individual rank

>> No.54004439


Choose one, and only one.

>> No.54004948

Neat. It's always fun to see lore that's been shaped by the way you've played the game.

Given the sensory deprivation thing and how it clearly molded the Lord's way of thinking, one could frame something off Tiresias, a blind seer of ancient Greece. This would probably benefit from a theme of blindness, maybe putting a wrap over the model's eyes and working in something about the world outside his chamber proving too blinding to him after so many eons alone.

If one wishes to place more of a focus on his dissociative state, perhaps the Hydra, the god Janus, or another multi-headed entity might be a nice source of a name. Not exactly the same thing as multiple personalities, but the correlation is certainly there.

One could also go with something based off an abyssal creature, legendary or otherwise.

>> No.54005097

>They're Imperial Fists successors with a heavy focus on long protracted sieges, but also chivalry and honour being a main focus.
>chivalry and honour

Definitely Void Knights rather than Void Templars, then. 40k Templars are kind of crazy bastards first and knightly a distant second.

>> No.54005136

I'm not going to question the Emperor's miracles, anon.

>> No.54005154


>> No.54005164


They were once known as the Vermilion Wings Chapter. One of the 23rd Founding. The High Lords of Terra found one area of space on the Eastern Fringe to be unprotected, within the Oshim system, and under constant threat of being invaded by the Greenskins. A petition had been signed, and the creation was underway. A training cadre was created from the Red Wings Chapter, and Mars had forged them a number of ships, arms and armor to begin with. The Brother-Captain Saon, formerly of the Red Wings, was put in charge of this cadre while a larger force of Red Wings space marines led the fight into the Oshim system. Within they had discovered that the Orks were terrorizing the Imperial planets in the sector. The entire system was in chaos. From the Battle Barge Angel’s Flame, Saon sent his cadre to several worlds, alongside the large force of Red Wings space marines who had come in with their own small fleet, retaking the worlds from the Orks. The final battle against the Orks was upon the planet Callisto, where Saon did battle with the Ork warboss. The warboss was defeated within a massive desert valley in the largest battle of the campaign. Callisto, and the Oshim system had been conquered. Saon was named the first Chapter Master. The system’s local Techpriests began construction on the new Fortress Monastery on Callisto. Whilst the Fortress Monastery was being built, the newly formed Vermilion Wings used the Angel’s Flame as a base of operations.

>> No.54005188


After a Puritan Inquisitor had discovered that the Astartes on Callisto were engaging in cannibalistic rituals they had deemed heretical after investigating the disappearance of several Imperial nobles and governors, along with an Inquisitor, they stormed the Feudal World en-masse with a full detachment of Tempestus Scions and Astra Militarum. After several days of fighting, the Marines made a final retreat from their home, leaving its fate to the Inquisition. The barbarian and medieval inhabitants that made up the Planetary Defense Forces who fought the Inquisitorial forces using guerrilla tactics were made into a penal legion, sent out to various fronts across the galaxy. The Chapter then took on the name Void Vultures and became renegades.

They have since reclaimed their homeworld sometime during the hundred years after aiding Baal during the Tyranid incursion.

>> No.54005210



made a shitty B&C Index Astartes article for em too. Still a WIP though.

>> No.54006627

>They have since reclaimed their homeworld sometime during the hundred years after aiding Baal during the Tyranid incursion.
The Imperium is okay with this?

>> No.54006783

A red, white or gold sword, on a midnight field. Representing Excalibur/them shining in the dark of the void

>> No.54007670

The 7th Cadian Air Cavalry Division is a division that uses Valkyries to transport in reinforcements, with Vulture gunships as support. Currently, it is involved in a campaign against Tau separatists in a jungle world.

It's literally the 1st Cavalry Division(Airmoble) but Cadians and Valkyries instead of Hueys

>> No.54008866

Ya know, Kraken it is. Thanks anon.

>> No.54008895


I should've also written that after the fighting at Baal ceased, they went on a crusade for decades in order to earn it back.

>> No.54008958

I just bought the dark imperium started set. Never played before, and this is my first foray into 40K (not counting the 'space marine' and Dawn of war' videogames). I too am making a Space Woves Unit! I am thingking for doing something like this:

Since all the primary marines are newbies, the space wolves are 'giving' some of their mid-rank officers/sergeants to lead the new chapter. These marines will, of course, teach the new soldiers what it means to be space wolves.

Over time I will buy some space wolf units to add to the primary marines that are in the box. But for now I don't have the money/don't have anyone to play with, so I need to save for other stuff. I am painting mine Grey, with the yellow shoulder pad. I am making them different in how I am going to make ALL the trim gold. I think it will be a nice look. And all the bases will be snow. I am already done building, and am a quarter of the way into painting.

>> No.54009480

Yeah I was about to say, eating Inquisitors is Renegade status easy. They'd make you fuckin work to regain trust.

>> No.54011051

I call 'em the Stormblitz Scions, they specialize in lightning-fast, utterly devastating surgical strikes

>> No.54011203

Holy shit, your dudes are eerily similar to my dudes

>> No.54011418

While I am at it, I might as well.My dudes is a Salamander successor. The chapter was founded during Ultima Founding, after Girlyman's return.

The Chapter Master was a Salamander Captain known for his unorthodox tactic, famous for him and his squad's nonregulation but terribly effective war gears, rocking shit like Thunderhammer with Jumppacks, he himself weilded a homemade (as in, it was one off novelty product from the Salamander's Forge) Guardian Spear instead of the usual Boltgun and Powersword combo.

He was chosen to lead the successor chapter for his fairly impressive track record and that his general disregard of the Codex Arstartes' more restrictive doctrine would be a good fit in Girlyman's newly founded contempt for the old book he wrote ten thousand years ago.

The Chapter retain the compassion of the Salamanders, but added an edge of ruthlessness and unpredictablity following their Chapter Master's penchant of disregarding rules and preconception of war. They are very big on humanitarian effort, but just as likely to use those as a front for more covert operation.

"If our tactic is so known that we have a book about it, then perhaps we should burn the book. If the enemy expects us to follow the rules of war, then perhaps we should follow none."

As a double edge sword, the chapter had a shaky relationship with the rest of thr Imperial army, sometimes butting heads when their ally choose to go with the convention instead of some mad schemes the Astartes cooked up on the fly.

Their chapter color is Turquiose, a color related to the Salamander Green, yet distinct on its own.

The Chapter Master is actually an Alpha Legion sleeper. He knows this but choose to go with the flow instead of ending himself when he found out. Have left contingecies after contingecies should he turned, if he didn't already. His natural deviancy is actually his Alpha Legion geneseed acting up, a trait that he has inevidibly passed down to his chapter.[/spoil

>> No.54011446

Currently naming them Star Serpent, but to be honest I dont like how banal it sounds.

Any suggestion?

>> No.54011657

A renegade chapter of fearsome legend and renown, the Arch Conduits were swallowed whole by an aberrant warp storm and emerged, completely transformed, by the corrupting taint of the warp. Their power armor crackles and hisses as a vile energy roils within, it's malevolent green light casting twisting shadows across their hulking armored forms. Some say the marines inside are no longer marines at all, rather shells of armor masquerading as foul hosts for the unstable energy entombed within. What is known, however, is that whatever lies inside the cores of the late Arch Conduit marines does not lie dormant, and rumors whisper of the dark energy growing ever more unstable and potent as the years drag on, causing portions of their armor to glow the same, sickly, irradiated green hue that leaks out from within.

>> No.54011659

The Primaris Marines have tempted me to buy models for 40k and make my chapter. They're meant to be successors to the Angels Revenant, a canon chapter who featured a similar colour scheme, but perished to those darn Necrons.

Should I pull the trigger?

>> No.54011676

Ophidians Astra
Space Snakes
Stellar Leviathans
Sky Swallowers

>> No.54011759

My sides, that is a good one.

>> No.54011797

>bringing war boys into 40k
>for stupid fucking spikey marines
>not orks

Fuck off ya runty git

>> No.54011813

Due to a weird spore adaptation, one of the boyz of an ork clan was blue. Eventually he was rejected from orky society cuz he was an odd blue git. Eventually (unwittingly) raised an army of blue boyz through his spores and genocided the green boyz.

Eventually a red boy was "born" in the clan and he was rejected by the initial blue boy, now Warboss. Now the red boy seeks revenge and has raised a small guerilla force of red boyz.

>> No.54011835

A good pun is its own reward.

I remember this being posted in prior threads, I think. Is the red guy or the blue guy the leader of "your dudes?"

>> No.54011858

The Blue guy is the leader and "father" of da blue boyz. The "son" is a renegade who wants to kill his "father" for revenge.

But they tend to end up working together to krump other forces in the galaxy, building and building their forces until they'll eventually reach a fever pitch and try to kill each other.

Of course, a shared enemy isn't always enough to keep the two sides from warring and sometimes during the middle of battles the two allied ork forces will turn on each other.

>> No.54011888

I meant on the tabletop, how's it set up? How does the red son fit into things in a typical match?

>> No.54011902

I haven't gotten a model for him, but he'll likely be represented by a warbiker boss. The dad is just a general warboss.

Red guys tend to be smaller elites or fasta dudes, like warbikers, stormboyz, and kommandos, since the red army is smaller. Blue guys tend to be more rank-and-file boyz.

>> No.54012027

The War Shrikes, although a fairly new chapter, are recognized almost imperium-wide for their regal coloring and general air of stateliness.
In combat, the War Shrikes favor careening down upon foes from the sky, hurtling into enemy lines and decimating ranks with a combination of utter surprise and flawless, masterful melee prowess.

>> No.54012047

I love schemes like this, but it might be a bit much. I'd like to see it painted, though, just for the novelty.

>> No.54012068

Ah, fair enough. Red ones do go faster, after all.

>> No.54013506

What are some tips for inspiration when coming up with Your Dudes?

>> No.54015719

Mostly it comes down to concepts you enjoy and the application of those concepts.

Aesthetics, ethics, morals, tactics, religious belief systems, whatever.

Choose a thing that speaks to you and apply it in a way that works with the idea behind the army you're applying it to and you're done.

>> No.54016259

Pretty much just a matter of picking a core idea and fleshing things out from there. Could be a color scheme, could be a specific weapon type, could be a unit you like. There's a lot of ways to to about it

>> No.54016458

I love it. What do you call the red thing on the head of the last two helmets? is there a transfer sheet or a technique to apply them?

>> No.54017213

The shape is laurels. I don't think there are any good transfer sheets that would work on a helmet, but some marines have them built in like command squads or honor guard.

>> No.54018993


Also their chapter master went nuts and was killed, the next captain who stepped up was a lot more sane and more human of an astartes. Despite how barbaric and crazy the chapter is.

>> No.54019501

Scar Tales

I came up with these guys back in 2004. Their progenitor is unknown and the chapter always had a huge identity complex because of that, always eager to make a name for and prove themselves.

After their chapter master died against the Tyranids, the chapter structure shattered and all the potential successors had a huge infight and left with however many marines would join them. The splinters would then go off and pursue a way of life inspired by something, most notably other Space Marine chapters or Chaos.

The reason I came up with these guys as a kid, was honestly just because I wanted to use all the Space Marine codex books and buy all the new models, without having to start a new army from ground up every time. So these guys were used as everything; Chaos Space Marines, Black Templars, Dark Angels, you name it.

Pretty tryhard, but the Scar Tales kinda became a part of me after so much time though, so even though I no longer play 40k, they will always be my fond memory. And color scheme, should I ever go back.

>> No.54019643

You might want to put together a .txt of the gestalt for future threads. These seem like important details for the main post.

>> No.54020463

Li'l anon's army is cute! Do you still have any of the models?

>> No.54020658

I tend to start off with something I like and work from there.
My first homebrew was a lost legion because I figured that was the easiest way to fill my army up with contemptors and old marks and other cool relic stuff en masse, with the bonus of fluffing up a Primarch and why he disappeared.
They also went the >>54019501 route of being overstrength with distinct companies so I could use different codices. At this point they're an abandoned project, but I still have all the models so I might renovate and remodel their fluff at some point.
Another one are these guys >>53997598 who exist because I wanted to field a whole company of Mk. 8 marines.
And then another is a second founding Iron Hands chapter who were made with the idea of being a relic-heavy army (though not to the extent of my first one) who would be far more grimdark than my previous outings (Which tended to vary from light/moderate grimdark to Ultramarine-style borderline noblebright).
And then my latest was born of the idea, "What if I could make a Space Wolf successor and justify it outside of Fenris?". They're unconfirmed successors, of course.

Anyway, once I get a core concept of what I want the army to be, I then usually go into the Rites of Battle generator to build an outline of the rest unless I already know what I want to do.

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I scrapped and/or sold basically everything, but I actually managed to dig some of them up.

>> No.54021130

Nice. They look surprisingly good, all things considered. I'm impressed with the quality of the hazard stripes.

>> No.54021788

These guys' most hated enemy should be Tau

>> No.54023043

Sounds good!

>> No.54023350


>> No.54024182

Used the Inquisitor creation tables to create an inquisitor ally for these guys. She's a member of the Ordo Xenos and is a moderate. However I can't think of a name for her was hoping for some help on that front.

Having an Ordo Xenos inquisitor as a friend actually links in well with another part of the fluff I made for the Steel Hawks where they use Deathwatch vigils as ways of marking marines out for further promotion.

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Which of these sounds most plausible for leaving a Hive City intact, but totally devoid of people?

>Chaos Plague that spread quickly
>Tyranids invaded and departed
>Necrons zapped all the population with their disintegrator guns
>Dark Eldar raid stole the entire populace

I'm working on a homeworld concept for my dudes

>> No.54024420

Dark Eldar are the only plausible explanation, all others would destroy the planet in some way.

>> No.54024461


Could just leave it mysterious and unexplained, but Dark Eldar could work.

Alternatively, a plague that's gone by hundreds if not thousands of years ago, and left behind a Hive City in a poor state of disrepair, but with very little trace of human remains left, save for maybe hastily dug and sometimes abandoned mass graves and evidence of panic.

>> No.54024596

I may go with DEldar then, barring leaving it more vague.

The reason i was unsure is that it was for a Tau army who set up an outpost in the abandoned remnants of it, so I wanted a reason the Imperium hasn't tried to reclaim it or had possibly lost their record of it.

Though I suppose that could just be them sending a few waves of colonists and troops after the first diseppearance, only for them to lose even more and write it off

>> No.54024701

Something like this?

>> No.54026308

Successor of the Black Templar focused on hunting traitors. What should the helmet and pauldrons be colored?

>> No.54026449

I think the helmet should be metal like the rest of the armor, and the pauldrons should be white

>> No.54026478

damn, thats a really good color scheme for primaris

>> No.54026895

That looks sick.

>> No.54027394

I'm very slowly assembling a guard army themed after a Rogue Trader Campaign I wrote a long time ago. The Planet's tithe is organized under an independent House Militant so that no one noble family can co-opt it as a tool against the others. And to let me have a little more variety painting and converting each squad than the IG would usually reserve.

I'm just finishing up Hive Theot's donation tonight.

>> No.54027414

Left Pauldron with their split House Militant and donating House Iconography, in this Case Theot's Halo.

>> No.54027428

And right Pauldron with their squad icon and Personal Heraldry.

Still some things to touch up here.

>> No.54027447

And some older Militia drawn from the Unhoused Members of the Underhives, these guys mostly decorate themselves with gang icons.

>> No.54027470



>> No.54027481

Where can I find minis like these? Specifically the heads

>> No.54027499

Heads are just Skitarii Vanguard. They're cheap on ebay. A couple of these have a little greenstuff work or trimming.

>> No.54027502


Looks like 3rd party greatcoat legs and bodies, Anvil Industries or Victoria Miniatures are likely.
Backpacks much the same, though they also looks like they've been modified from Skitarii backpacks.
The heads are easy: Skitarii Vanguard helmets.
The arms and guns are easy; Imperial Guard from the looks of it. Not sure about the Bolter, Tempestus Scions?

>> No.54027543

The white shoulder will display the Marines personal heraldry, the knee will display their squad markings

>> No.54027545


Pretty much nailed it. I think the bolter is a marine one, I forgot where I got it from but its in the arms that come on the Cadian sprue that have the the forward hand separate from the lasgun. Just clipped the lasgun off.

The backpacks are home made.

>> No.54027552

Thanks, I'll look into these

>> No.54029297

Solar Wardens

Ultima-founding Primaris chapter descended from the Imperial Fists

Experts in boarding actions and ship-ship warfare, created to guard the great rift from attack fleets/space hulks/other monstrosities.

Mostly repel incursions from the great rift however are also known to answer distress calls in nearby worlds and perform occasional pre-emptive strikes on strongholds in the rift itself

Like most primaris chapters are still a relatively blank slate, however the long stints in space and horrors witnessed have caused a few subtle superstitions to pop up. It's not uncommon for them to bring small talismans into battle, draw wards on their skin, chant litanies to the emperor etc. Some rumours have even circulated that they take trophies from worthy foes, however this is unsubstantiated.

>> No.54029371


Pic related; they basically use the 30k Word Bearers scheme.

I also don't want their superstitions to be overblown or noticeable; less covering themselves in Wolfy talismans, more just a small chant or charm for good luck now and then.

One of the best things about primaris chapters is they're quite vanilla, and I want to keep it that way - vanilla, but with a few influences seeping in.

>> No.54030280

Bump for skellingtons

>> No.54031736

This is my terribly original donnut steal paint scheme for Stilled Voices, who were originally Word Bearer loyalists, who pretended to be some fleetborn chapter or the other until they felt confident to just strike out as a Chapter of their own naming/heraldry. Their chapter master fucked up by following the Codex Astertes a little too rigidly (to avoid suspicion, see) and the chapter was reduced to 150ish dudes. Since the Chapter was fleetborn and reconquering some forgotten region, the new leader decided to take a world for themselves and start rebuilding. Eventually, they got some Primaris as influx. So currently, most uncoverted veterans are on their way to becoming stern/vanguard, while the new guys are filling out troop slots, with one veteran being in every Primaris squad to bolster them.

>> No.54034264

Ben10 material

>> No.54034300

Lads is there a mobile tool to colour this in? On a business trip with just my tablet

>> No.54034343

Not shit

>> No.54034423


>> No.54034447 [DELETED] 

>> No.54034509

stay mad ultra smurf, destroyer of 40k.

>> No.54034555

Sable Wings, Remember the Fallen

Blood Angels successors, 90% of chapter wiped out on the moons of Baal, defending from the Hive Fleets, now the remaining survivors have formed a single company, spread across their mostly intact fleet and act as something of a transport liaison for other Space Marine Chapters.

Armor colors are very important to their story, the dull grey represents the fire that has left their chapter, leaving just ashes, the small amounts of green are the final lives of the chapter, the red the tiny part of their rage they can still depend up, and the red stripe indicates their Veterans, of which roughly half their chapter can now be considered as.

In combat they fight in duos, a red stripe leading and teaching a novice marine, this is a necessity due to their lack of other training methods since the complete loss of their upper command structure and scout companies.

I made the chapter like a week before 8th was announced, and it sounded like a cool tragic story about the last embers of a chapter, then the Primaris had to go and ruin it by reinforcing the chapter back to fighting strength.

>> No.54034777

Find the best free painting app for your os that has a fill tool, then download the png image at the top of the thread

>> No.54035229

My Charcarodons. Out in the darkness beyond the galaxys rim holding the line from all the evils that try to get in.... "Sir, um, half the galaxys purple. Did we miss something?"
My Admech, Lead by an archmagos tasked with holding an entire tendril of a hive fleet with his forces, He has thrown off the limitation of no artificial intelegence so constructs billions robots (Converted everything to not have human parts just machinery) Then the tear in the galaxy happens and suddenly demons.

>> No.54035381

Well, you could always not use Primaris. Or you could have it that the Primaris guys arrived just in time to participate in their last stand, but were unable to save any of the OG guys, then took up some of their older model armor out of respect or something.

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