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What do you think gork n mork said to khorn after the daemons left Octarius ?

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"You's a stupid git"
"An' a weak 'un too"

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Nothing, because they went to sleep after the Beast was defeated and Ghazhgul hasn't woken them up yet.

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They don't talk.

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I forget, which one is Cunning but Brutal, and which Brutal but Cunning?

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Is Ghazgul just insane or is he actually the prophet?

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He's an ork so yes

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Gork will bust you with a club
Mork will bust you with a club while behind you

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>did we get lost and end up visitin' Slaanesh? 'Cuz I can smell some propa panzee round 'ere

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Its the other way 'round yer git

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He has been shown to have telepathetic powers that reach across the entire galaxy. I think it's safe to assume that Thraka is the real thing.

Of course that doesn't stop him from being insane as well.

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Youz da git he had it right.

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This is how holy wars start.

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well, we are talking about Orks here, so if enough Orks believe he is the prophet, then he will be!

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Go zog yerself.

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More like virtually all ork wars.

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He's the retroactive reincarnation of the Beast. He's going to get the orks to krork levels again, and orks will finally be a real contender for galactic power. Octarius is a prime example.

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Which Books do I need to read to get ALL the info on Ghazkull?
Codices aside of course

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They said "Fancy a bum?"

On a side note the fireball in the mouth on the left (Gork?) looks like the Motörhead mascot Snaggletooth. Pretty cool

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Dats Mork ya git.

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>What do you think gork n mork said to khorn after the daemons left Octarius ?

>"You's a stupid git"
>"An' a weak 'un too"


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he's insane and a prophet.

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It'z mork you grot

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>gork: getting off already?
>mork: that's what she said

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these are not mutually exclusive options

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Chicken noises most likely

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There are no books about orks, anon.

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Deff Skwadron.

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It really isnt about Ghazkull but Chains of Golgotha is an awesome read. Its Yarrick going Ork hunting in Golgotha and being beat by Ghazkull, the book details how he escapes Ghazkull, it ends with Yarrick attacking Ghaz only to be defeated but Ghaz sends Yarrick back to Armaggeddon so he can ready the defenses for the third ward for a proper fight, Ghaz turns Yarrick's second in command into a servitor to pilot the ship. It was a brutal book and a must read.

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whats better cunningly brutal or brutally cunning?

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Cutally brunning?

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pretty sure thats the name of a small welsh fishing village

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>Told ya Green iz best

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"Wot a zoggin git"

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Wot da zog did ja jus' say about us ya li'l grot? Ya know'z we't got da best in da flash gitz class and had lotz'a WAAAAGH!!!'s on da 'umies an' 'ad ova 300 trillion kills. We'z trained in gorilla warfare an' we'z da biggest bosses of da WAAAAGH!!!. You'Z nuffin but anuvva panzee, we'z gunna stomp ya brutally cunning brutally loik ya neva seen before, dat is. Ya fink ya can jus' get away talkin' loik sum git ova da WAAAGH!!!rp? Fink again ya snot. Jus' roight now we'z sendin da bestest daemon-killa to ya, ya grot, get ready fer da stompin' of ya live ya git. Ya'r zoggin krumped ya git, we'z roight proppa sneaky everywhere an' we'z can krump ya in ova 700 zoggin ways an' dats not even wif a choppa. We'z trained in git-stompin' an' 'ave da flashiest chopas an' sluggas uf all da Orks an' we'z gunna stomp ya roight proppa wif it from da warp ya git. Ya didn' fink about da conse...conza...da fings we'z doin to ya an' maybe we didn' krump ya, but ya had to get in dis foight loik sum git. We'z gunna stomp all ovva ya snot-face, ya grot. Ya zoggin dead, ya git.

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Brunnally cute.

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Is dakka better than choppa?

What about dakka that choppa?

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who would win in a fight?
Gork or Mork?

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Why not both?

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Da troo path o' brutal kunnin' is to git both dakka AND choppa. Ya can't 'ave dakka without choppa, and ya can't 'ave choppa without dakka. 's all one of dem wossame, circles. Like da spinny bit on a mekboy's telly-porta. If it don't got the spinny, it ain't a telly-porta, but if it ain't a telly-porta it won't have the spinny.

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And Evil Sun Rising.

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That question is being answered as we speak.

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how many of Khornes finest do you think died completely ignominiously being pulled down by Lotz of Grotz?

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Lotz, duh. Khornefags BTFO by gaunts and grotz

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It'z dakka, ya git. Da boyz alwayz wantin' more DAKKA, no Boy eva askin' fa more CHOPPA. If dey are, den dey wimpy lil gitz. Kase Klosed.

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No wonder they lost, they didn't bring Angrath!

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>or a pair of super extra choppy choppas.

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>Iron Mountains
>Gargant Mob
>tfw you have so many gargants that they cant even be numbered.

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I don't know why but Goff Killmob is cracking me up

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