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you know the deal, lets hope we make something interesting.

this is my first creation thread so please go easy

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lets see what type of Regiment we are, roll 1d10

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>that image
Oh shit, OP. Right in the damn feels.

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Rolled 7 (1d10)


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>Penal legion

ok lets see the recruitment criteria,

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Rolled 4 (1d100)


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>all male

thank god, too many mixed gender regiments going around

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>all male
thats a tad bit standared

lets roll again to spice it up a little bit thats fine right?

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]ok nevermind lets go regiment homeworld


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Lets see what we get

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Rolled 26 (1d100)

Do not question the dice gods.

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Feral world all male penal colony.

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Australian hellhole army, here we come.

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Rolled 1, 1 = 2 (2d6)


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Rolled 97 (1d100)

It goes in the options box. Easy mistake

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Yay, we got an agriworld.

Also I don't know how to properly roll in options :P

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Rolled 69 (1d100)

Wait, I think I got it.

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Guess I'll take over.
Roll a d100 for core unit of the regiment.

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y-yes sir, understood

>warrior cast of criminal tribesmen
shit this might become interesting.

predominant turrain next, roll a d100.

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So mechanized agriculture feral world all-male penal legion.


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Ok, here we go.

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>that swole-ass baby

Future hero of the Imperium right there. Dude being eaten by nids needn't have bothered, the baby could solo those rippers by himself.

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Rolled 8 (1d10)

Aye what, I rolled. Fuck it.

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>That baby grew up to be Olianus Pius

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Rolled 9 (1d10)

>shock and awe mechanized agriculture feral world all-male penal legion.

These keeps getting better an' better.

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loyalty rating now


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>backwoods penal legion driving around armed tractors and pickup trucks blaring country music and the dukes of hazard theme

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Rolled 5 (1d10)

>shock and awe
>feral world
>penal legion
>who are good at guerrilla warfare

'nam anyone?

Alright on it.

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fuck i didnt meant to post that picture god damn it

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Rolled 26 (1d100)

>Adherent: Hold fast to the Creed and His will.

Aww, many I wanted undisciplined. Eh fuck it, We'll work with it.

>shock and awe
>feral world
>penal legion
>who are good at guerrilla warfare
>praise your lord and savior God-Emperor of Mankind

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Or criminal knights.

Or Beasts of No Nation African child soldiers

Or some Robin Hood motherfuckers

Or space ISIS/Fremen

Or Molemen

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Chill man.
It's alright.

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Rolled 79 (1d100)

Neato, specialized lasguns

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>Criminal knights in 'nam

>> No.53919612

Shotgun Lasguns

>> No.53919620

>With Bayonets so long they're swords

Maybe these guys aren't ACTUAL criminals, and they're just flaggelants? Like they're repenting for mankind's sins as a whole

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Rolled 53 (1d100)

>Glory In Death: The regiment's mission is to die, and take as many enemies with it as possible.

This simply keeps getting more interesting every time.

Let's see who you're buddy buddy with.

Those suggestions work too. French Foreign Legion and Russian military also. Maybe Finns during winter war.

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Rolled 66 (1d100)

Titan legion, oh this is gud.

That too. Make them as NC (planetside 2) as possible.


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Rolled 88 (1d100)

Chaos space marines. Heh heh, this is gonna be a fucking kids show. They just have to be just as much of hicks.

On eeeet.

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And crocodile/lizard people.

Let's do a round up check.

>shock and awe
>feral world
>penal legion
>who are good at guerrilla warfare
>praise your lord and savior God-Emperor of Mankind
>special lasguns
>legion friends
>chaos space marine enemies
>Glory to the Next Man who dies.
>Fucking lizard people

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neat. now lets write the fluff. where should we start?

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actually nevermind fluff, whats our regiment name?

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Ahh man, I have to right fluff? Ok fine alright. I guess it'd be space 'merica Kansas.

Maybe a religious cult that's trying to eliminate their sins like >>53919620 suggested? That'd fit in for the first part.

Yeah, there friendos with titan legions since they supply them with food and troop support. Natural mechanics hence the mechanization and specialized lasguns. They have a happy-go-lucky attitude towards life and see dying for the emperor as a mighty glory, each man getting our equivalent of a medal of honor for either dying or fighting valiantly against impossible odds. Men will go back to the penal agri world to have kids with their wives/lovers and keep going on tours of duty when not farming. Either that or the first child goes to war.

Not sure about Chaos and Lizard men. I guess they're near warp area or a pirate zone.

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We seem to be roughly tied between Space 'Nam and Space Rednecks. Anyway we can combine the two? And also figure out why they wanna die.

>> No.53919926

Hmmm, can't think of one.

Maybe a mix match of a militia group out west.


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Ashland (/k/'s up and coming homebrew) is also a good source.

Forrest Gump comes to mind.

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hey can yall mind giving me a minnute? i think i can make a rough idea for the faction,

im sorta slow so please bare with me

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Oh yeah, maybe we should name their homeworld(s)

Kamcac Sector?

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Shit misread that. It was shark people.

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Rolled 76 (1d100)

Ya know what, as much as I love shark girls, those guys aren't really relevant anymore. I'm gonna reroll that one.

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>> No.53920163


that settles it, Kamcac GUMP's it is

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ok so hows t

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Angry zombie warp worms with advance technology. Or.... shark girls.

Two relatively irrelevant factions. What not to love. Pick and choose.

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Yeah, I'll go with that.

As joke within the Kamcac sector/world, GUMP ends up standing for Giant. Ugly. Mean. People.

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>Enter thread
>See rolls
>Hope for Templars Penitent
>Get fucking hicks

The South is a shithole, I moved to the northwest for a god damn reason. You people know not what you worship

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So we have >>53920163 with >>53919891

Anything else?

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ok sorry this is taking to long

lets just say for now they got attacked by a tyranid hive fleet and a titan legion/Mechanicus saved there back water asses in the nick of time and now they worship farm equipment or something i dont know.

i pulled this out of my ass but i hope it works

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A shitty faction for a shitty universe, what not to love. Besides if you hate it to so much, these guys are suppose to have a murder/death boner.

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I like it, I like it, but change out hive fleet with Chaos Space Marine if you want to stay true to the roll >>53919724

>> No.53920452

*CSM then

>> No.53920456

Derp, wrong one

>> No.53920505

ok i cant force any ideas out.

go wild, sorta abandoning thread. im just holding this idea back by trying to lead it

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Ok, so let's combine this shit.

For aesthetics: >>53918868 , >>53919050 , >>53919493 , >>53919595 , >>53919626 , and a bit of my own. Maybe have some of the more light-hearted ones like >>53919670 , >>53919397 , >>53919876 , >>53920178 , and pic related without the kebab

Fluff: >>53919891 , >>53919903 , >>53920004 , >>53920163 , >>53920196 , >>53920383 , >>53920452

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Actually, we don't necessarily have to have it be space 'merica.

We can always have them be Slav/Scandinavian. Sure it's not Templars, but we can make it close to them with peasants.

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What kind of mechanized are we talking about? Because there are some other Rednecks In Space that we should either emulate or steer clear of..

>> No.53920711

I honestly love the idea that this is modified farming equipment that doubles as tanks.

Actually, we could get a mad max car cult going on here, like the warrior cast could be like war boys and believe that the farming equipment is a extension of there body or something

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Hmmm, we can have it a mix of sorts. Mechanization of all sorts of levels, ranging from homemade vehicles, to crude imitations of power armor and knights, to industrial powerhouse mechs with a heavy diesel punk emphasis on them.

Starcraft, as well as stuff Starship Trooper, are good sources but shouldn't be too heavily relied on unless we make the titans/Ad Mec more relevant in the regiment(s).

Maybe have the regiment sort of worship the Omnissiah while still holding strong respects to the Emperor and some afterlife mumbo jumbo.

>> No.53920747

Why not both? To get some of that america-russia rivalry going. The planet had a cold war turned hot now they pay for their sins of rebellion by having to work together as separate-yet-allied rival factions.

The planetary governor was old, decrepit, and extending his life long beyond what it should have, and while he was too busy clinging to a shitty bed ridden life several decades of politics went haywire and by the time he died there was a limited, yet devastating war. The limited factor explaining why they're not Kriegers and the planet is still bountiful.

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The South is absolutely horrible, zombified methheads, drunk inbred hicks, and braindead fanatics everywhere, poison ivy, wild dogs, year-long summer drought, I have suffered for years! You do NOT want to move here, nosiree, it's terrible! The South is an absolutely hellhole filled with crazy people and you people should stay far, far, FAR away at ALL costs!

>> No.53920842


Fuck, lets throw in some imperial knights as well for shits n giggles,

Also another idea, this is dumb as fuck but hear me out.

What if they also worship the fruits/life that grows on the planet as well, or at least some religious connections with what they grow, believing that it's there sole duty to grow crops for reasons. Mabye as a guilt complex for having criminals as ancestors

>> No.53920875

Ok so the north of the planet is Russian style farmers and the south is the hellhole.

This is cannon now

>> No.53920942

Well they're both farmers. Both have very entrenched cultural norms and traditions, both are deeply religious, both hold family and homeland second only to the Emperor.

With so much in common, no wonder they hate eachother.

>> No.53920953


The North is primitive Slav farmers struggling to survive under cruel techno-feudal nobles, and the South is ramshackle-futuristic Mad Max Rednecks on steroids and crystal meth? And both sides have recently fought a devastating nuclear war, and the Regiment is made up of the worst people of both societies? Sounds badass.

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>meanwhile in the south....



>> No.53921015

>meanwhile in the north...
(Lots of loud mumbling in High Gothic that may actually be praise to the Emperor or Omnisiah or both as one person, it all kind of blends together at this point)

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>forgot pic

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lets not forget the starving russian children asking if we have enough beets for the machinery for the winter

>> No.53921079


holy shit, these be me kin.

>> No.53921134

He just needs to stand longer in the beet line, tovarich.
Those in the north are Martian Orthodox, a branch of the imperial cult favored by IoM citizens who have deep exposure to the Mechanicus (but not followers of the Machine Cult proper, like forge worlders).

Their practices are ancient and esoteric, and a reminder to a time before the wars and northern Politburo.

>> No.53921142

Yeah sure, but they did roll a "strict to thr emporer". Maybe consider them gifts from the Emperor or something.

>> No.53921195

Wait which part of the South. Texas is alright. South west you got mormons. Maybe we can some Joshua Graham esque character in the fluff

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should we talk about the Lasgun customization side of the regiment now or are we still brainstorming ideas?

>> No.53921294



>> No.53921300

There are Space Mormons who are friendly, polite, and overly talkative. They wish to show you the "correct" teachings of their prophet so you can abandon the muddled teachings of Mars and the freewheeling Terrantist preachers.

they are 1000% a genestealer cult

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File: 66 KB, 800x598, 404199_md-Artillery,%20Basilisk,%20Imperial%20Guard,%20Russians,%20Valhallans,%20Warhammer%2040,000[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

actually, I DO like the soviet angle better

especially if the Imperial Knights get dressed up like Russian Tanks.

We can split the difference and make them russian rednecks

AKA Gopniks

>> No.53921337

>they are 1000% a genestealer cult

they could be the remnents/leftovers from the hiveship invasion

>> No.53921382

But Texas.

>> No.53921411

Gopniks in the style of southern american rednecks and you got yourself a deal

>> No.53921420

We could have it a bit 1920s styled. I'd still like a west/east difference.

Maybe we could have various regiments have various cultural themes. Not to the extent like IRL, but 1920s North America/Europe themed, with some other cultures like Asian and Middle East

>> No.53921439

should we call it quits for tonights and continue tomarrow? the thread is more or less going at a snails pace and i feel like were wasting space right now

>> No.53921440

But for now, lets stick with one regiment like >>53921411

>> No.53921453


>> No.53921475

Eh that happens at night. Maybe archive the brainstorms and ideas on a pastebin, 1d4chan, or a word document.

>> No.53921491

Maybe makeshift styles the are reminisent of the 20th century western/eastern firearms, ranging from the measily Mosin the the admirable AR-15

>> No.53921500


NO NO NO! You don't understand, STAY AWAY from the South, stay FAR FAR away! It's dusty, it's crude, and the people are backwards gun nuts! Never ever ever come here, and don't even THINK about settling down, buying prime real estate, and starting a family! Don't do it, you'll regret it later!

>> No.53921513

I don't even know what that would be like.

Redneck Mafia?

>> No.53921526


>> No.53921529

>gun nuts
But I'm a /k/ommando. That attracts me.

Also is the internet shit there?

>> No.53921551

We could have the Western themed people be based off of anywhere from Washington to Maine, with everything in between. People in Montana and Wisconsin are pleasent.

>> No.53921602

ok pastbining it sounds good

im to tired and lazy to make one right now so id appreciate it if someone could make it and post a continuation thread tomorrow.

>> No.53921614


NU-UH! You do NOT want anything WHATSOEVER with the irritatingly friendly neighbors, the dirt cheap untouched land, or the almost TOTAL lack of liberalism and tolerance! It's absolutely horrendous, and you should stay far far away and warn your friends about the terrible dangers of the South! Honestly, there is NOTHING to see here, it is COMPLETELY boring, and you should NEVER travel here and meet ANYONE! EVER!

>> No.53921639

>cyka blyat praise the emperor
>goddamn space alien queer elves in MY goddamn neighborhood
>motherfuckin' blue goat motherfuckers too goddamn CYKA BLYAT
>*blasts space country about blue jeans and pickup trucks and THE PLIGHT OF THE COMMON WORKER*
>*inhales space alcohol*
>*fires lasnugget indiscriminately*
>*space meth*

>> No.53921660

>the almost TOTAL lack of liberalism and tolerance!
i'm confused because you listed two good things then this, like I thought you were being sarcastic but apparently you don't know how it works or you're actively dumb enough to think this is good

>dirt cheap untouched land

It's all fucking swamp and back country

>> No.53921668

K then, Montana it is. Besides, the food down south is asking for a nad case of diabeetus.

>> No.53921789

I'll try tomorrow morning given the chance.

>> No.53921943

thanks m8

>> No.53922213

Might be a bit late to add something but fuck it I'm adding it anyway

On the plan it there are two different types of vehicles.

Male pattern war battle tractors used for both farming and makeshift tanks and Female pattern vehicles used purely for farming

>> No.53924892

Even though this seems to be the direction the thread is going, I would personally veto it. It's so muddled, inconsistent, and memey. Two regiments of clear and distinct pedigree are much better and the interaction between is much more interesting than just mashing them together. It's like shaking oil and water and hoping the two mix eventually, the best you'll get is unusable grease.

Also, while the post apocalyptic stuff is interesting, remember that this isn't a death world but an agriworld. The planet is fertile green, golden, and brown. Not barren.

>> No.53925470

Alright, here's the pastebin.

>> No.53925546

I'm more for the "Kansas farmer" with a bit of WWII allied vibe. Soviet has been overplayed a bit too much.

>> No.53925949
File: 7 KB, 299x168, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Agreed. The WWII US heartland has such a wholesome vibe to it. Well except for the deep rooted racism, but when there are xenos and HERETICS about, who has time to be mad at your neighbor because he's a different color?

As for the soviets, it should be a background/detail of the greater culture. Get a bit of that '50s cold war paranoia going.

As for the regiment, what if instead of prison chain gangs it's going into the guard? So not that they're heretics or mass murderers, but petty criminals who are being rewarded for good behavior (read: even if they wouldn't be a major threat to society, they're still a bother so might as well use them). The philosophy that responsibility, structure, and well applied discipline is what the gone astray criminal needs to be reformed into a good citizen.

Except not many make it through their term of service, with the longer the time commuted/more serious the offense the more time you need to spend in the guard. However, acts of valor, being wounded by enemy combatants, and victory all deduct substantial time from your ledger. That's why they're gung ho shock troopers. The monumental risk and high probability of dying is worth it, because either you're dead or that much closer to freedom.

The officers and commissars should have a prison guard or warden look.

>> No.53927608

I know I'm a little late to the party, but I had an idea I wanted to contribute.

What if, instead of dying for stupid reasons, their philosophy was a little less stupid? Perhaps, as a highly-pragmatic agrarian society (as evidenced by their need to work on and cobble their own vehicles and weapons based on what they can innovate and what they need from random parts, like making their own farm equipment), they feel that death is an important part of life (as from the Imperial Cult). As such, they believe that one of the greatest and most glorious things that humanity, with its purity and goodness, can do, is die. Their blood cleanses the land. Dying on an alien world is akin to claiming it for Big Emps. Doing it while fighting his enemies? Icing on the fucking cake, baby! So instead of fearing death and shit, they treat it all like a celebration, hooting and hollering and making a big deal out of it. I fully embrace the redneck idea, by the way, it's awesome. Especially their version of racism. Can we make them hate some other folks, too? These guys ARE a little wholesome for my tastes. Like, the Mechanicum tries to murder them quietly when they can get away with it for all the tech-heresy.

Fuck, rednecks may have some flaws, but there are few folks I'd prefer to have at my back in a firefight. Loyal as shit, too.

>> No.53927901

Hehehe, I got to thinking about the commander of this unit. I gotta imagine that he presents himself as a slick, polished southern gentleman, well-schooled in all the bullshit of Imperial bullshitting with the bullshit nobility. But at heart, he's really just a country boy, happiest when he's in the shit with his men.

He hates the restrictions put on the unit, and actively encourages his boys to drink to excess and smoke space-meth and die for the Emperor. This doesn't go over well with the commanders with sticks up their posteriors, so there are quite a few other regiments that would be happy to accidentally shell their positions. However, their commander is too wily for that shit, too unpredictable. So they always manage to get out by the skin of their teeth... after losing a lot of men. When confronted by commissars, other officers, or random nobility about the misbehavior of his men, he generally charms them away with a grin and a wink about how boys will be boys, bribe them if that doesn't work, arrange for an accident if THAT doesn't work, get them re-assigned quickly if that doesn't work, lie and pretend that he's making changes if that doesn't work, argue bullshit regulations if that doesn't work, and maybe eventually get to the step of pretending to do something about it if constantly pressed, and only actually do stuff if he's back-against-the-wall forced to. Hehehe, it amuses me. I like this douchebag.

>> No.53929540

Bump, gonna get >>53925949
in the pastebin when I get home.

>> No.53930077

Sounds great. He'll be our Creed. What should his name be?

>> No.53931484

Calvinius "Cal-Cal" Calhoun

>> No.53931676

New pastebin, much cleaner than the last.


>> No.53931765

Yeah, I like that. Reward for "Good Behavior". Maybe for extreme acts of valor and such, your kids can get benefits (better education and medicine) in the long run.

Yeah, sure. But racism in 40k would only really consist to "hating every other non-human race", but that's already an overarching theme. Everything else looks pretty good.

>> No.53933013

*sigh* I know. The problem with grimderp is that everyone and everything is shit all the time, so narrative flavoring along those lines is moot. I knew it even as I wrote it... let's just have it defined as "their particular flavor of racism." I mean, sure, it's vanilla ice cream, but WHICH vanilla? French? Vanilla bean? Millie?

>> No.53933406

Their disdain for abhumans is particularly extreme. What kind of humans are on this planet, one of the existing or something new? Shark People?

That's how we get the non-relevent enemy roll worked in, it's a local variety of abhuman they hate against.

Would they consider the northern Slavs abhumans? Or is being a filthy red good enough reason?

>> No.53936325

Yeah its like a post pardem abortion, throw the baby to a guardsman being eaten by Tyranids.

>> No.53940068


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File: 94 KB, 500x560, Marine_SC1_Art2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Implying we aren't Marines.

>> No.53940690

>Their blood cleanses the land. Dying on an alien world is akin to claiming it for Big Emps.
sounds sorta like that one quote about the Tree of Liberty and the blood of Patriots and Tyrants.

>> No.53944226

Is there a non-marine power armor that either available or viable?

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