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Hey /tg/! Who here wants to play a fun game of Gangrape, the Swedish RPG about how rape is bad.

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>let me try and make a statement
>by being as hamfisted as possible about it

could be an interesting concept if it was more subtle about its purpose or if it had anything to say beyond the obvious RAPE IS BAD

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Can I play a sand nigger? Course and rough and everywhere in the new Caliphate?

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>Only the woman’s player may kill
her character. This can happen as a result from violence, suicide, etc.
Wow, fucking overpowered. Female players can basically achieve lichdom as a free benefit.

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Does it have Bracelets of Rape Warding?

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What is the point of this thread?

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I wanted to share what is likely the most surreal RPG in my colection with /tg/.
Also, I actually AM up to playing a game of it with some anons in the thread. You know, for memes and stuff.

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I already know rape is bad. Why would would I need an RPG to tell me that?

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Because if you don't say it over and over and over agian, you might accidentally forget. Or something like that.

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As a woman, I really want to play this as the victim in order to learn how I have to feel when the next wannabe Chad buys me a drink I didn't like

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I'd be down

I have no ebin memelordery planned but I'm sure trying to play this straightfaced and RAW should be interesting regardless

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>As a woman
No matter how much of a fag you are anon, your penis isn't feminine.

Getting rid of it wont help either.

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We don't need dice, right? Could we just play in a google chat text box or discord or something?

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Just make sure you bring eggs. Lots and lots of eggs.

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>Playing ironically or for laughs is not allowed!
Try and stop me!

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>rape is bad

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These warnings, oh man
>oh this game is really harsh to play
>it will make you feel bad etc

I feel like this is only relevant to people who cannot separate themselves from their characters
i.e. filthy casuals

Like, there are professional actors who actually pretend to do rape scenes and murder scenes and murder-rape scenes and they have to keep a straight face and act serious too to the point where if they can't they won't even get paid

Is Gangrape, the RPG, made for and by for people with schizophrenia who cannot distinguish between imagination and reality?

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Everyone, meet Erika. Born Erik, she's a trans-woman youth and migrant-rights activist living in Malmö. She will be taking the roll of the victim in this game of Gangrape

Are there any other players interested?

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Oh this game.

I've heard a lot of people enjoy it, but when we've played it, one person always ends up shafted.

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This seems like a violation of rule #4

"All players must be able to related
to the setting. Unless all players
really can relate, it is not okay to set the
game in a prison and let the rape take
place in the showers. The prison is simply
too alien to most of us and an easy way
to “hide”."

Unless you and the other players truly are familiar with swedish culture I think you better set it in hamburgerstan but otherwise it seems like you are trying to meme too hard right off the bat and this will doom the experiment from the getgo to be a collection of forced memes rather than actual fresh OC

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>Thinking the refugees that rape care at all about their host country beyond the free gibs

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Are you a refugee who immigrated to sweden? No? Then you can't relate to the setting and are in violation of rule #4.

Seriously nigga I'm not gonna bother playing unless all interested parties are willing to play this as close to RAW and intended as possible. That's something no one else has ever done before and something fresh might come of it.

Spouting stale fucking memes from turn 1 is a waste of my time and there's plenty of other places to do it.

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>Spouting stale fucking memes from turn 1 is a waste of my time
But this """"""game"""""" IS a stale fucking meme and a waste of time.

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>about how rape is bad.
False advertising! 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape.

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Alright, becuase reading this... "Game" is obviously a waste of time, can someone who has read the "rules" give us a tldr

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just read the last page it's literally the tl;dr

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How is it, system-wise? Is it well-designed, or is it as poorly put together as I'm assuming it is?

I guess I just have trouble believing that someone who would use a roleplaying game as a vehicle for serious social commentary would know enough about them to make a good one.

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The rules specifically that playing it for fun isn't fucking allowed you imbecile

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its basically just freeform roleplay but with very strict rules on who controls what parts of what characters and the setting and events

more of a writing exercise than a game tbqh

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>Uses of fiat
> narrates to how her body reacts to the "sexual act"

>Examples of broken fiat
> tells the that she has an orgasm

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I think purely physical stuff is fine 'she shakes, she bleeds, her uterus prolapses out of her vagina and flops wetly to the ground with a 'splut' but you aren't allowed to go 'her hearts turn into pupils as her brain melts from orgasm' because the rapee is the one who controls emotions and mental shit while the rapists are only controlling body shit

Discussing this dumb game is so far better than boardgame night was, 'victory points' are a blight upon boardgames i sware to good

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So what if we combined it?

Gangrape the board game!

Gangrape the ccg!

Gangrape the flamethrower!

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This game would be so much better if there was a weeb version set in Nanking.

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You can't tell her she enjoys the rape, that's mental and is the woman's prerogative.
Needs a lot more detail. Most rapists do know the victim quite well, by rl statistics it's closests and dearests you know?
you gotta tell us more about her(male).

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>Most rapists do know the victim quite well,
I hear in Sweden they are the first place where the opposite is true

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Can we play with monstergirl rapists?
I'll play that.

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Rule 4, for all non Swedes closest and dearest applies.
There's a lot of shock value in that too, anyway.

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"Gang rape is a short, game master-less jeepform game"

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Since it's Swedish maybe it's to train the local Muslims that rape is bad, since they apparently don't know that.

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I worry less about whatever moral lesson it's trying to teach, and more about whether it's implying that GMs are inherently 'problematic'.

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This actually sounds more retarded then FATAL. FATAL at least can be (vaguely) excused by some edgy as fuck kid trying to be funny(?) and edgier.
But this shit, this shit was made by an adult who actually thought this was a good idea.

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... dude, have you ever read FATAL?

It was precisely a grown-ass adult who thought it was a good idea. He did actual research and thought it was accurate somehow.

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The victim is the GM, the resolution is a bit unusual but it's quite obvious.

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I mean, at the same time, the game wasn't designed to be enjoyed or be fun in any way, it's just a vehicle for their message.

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>The GM is a rape victim

This feels way too accurate to most foreverGM's experience.

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>I'll trick a player into acting like a GM with a flimsy excuse for a game, and then I'll be FREE!
That's how this thing was born.

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Didn't the dev for FATAL write it at like 16?

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>first they took our comics
>then they took our cartoons
>then they took our videogames
>now they are trying to take our roleplaying games

When will it stop, /tg/? Who can fight them?

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It wasn't even meant to be played. At the con it was first run, it was included in a collection of 4 short scenarios, of which each group was supposed to pick 3 to play. Gang Rape was the scenario you were supposed to read and go 'nope', and play the other 3.

Of course that didn't stop people from playing it

Jeepform is a word which was used a while ago, as an alternative to free-form; I guess the image they try to convey is that of a game and its mechanics (which is the jeep) and the players inside being the passengers - so instead of free-form which essentially has no rules, it is a game where there are certain rules that box the players in, but play within those limits are relatively free.

It's needlessly complicated, and technically can apply to all games that aren't freeform. I don't know of anyone who seriously use it anymore, except as parody

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This is actually pretty cute, apart from the nignogs, I like the artstyle.
If the artist could bring himself to draw proper humans it'd be a keeper.

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yuni draws women really well too. Honestly would be one of my favorite artists if half of their drawings weren't of people with their spines tied in a knot, or with waists the size of a beer can, or full holocaust starvation mode

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I honestly don't know how old they were when they wrote it, but I do know they claimed real research went into it and unironically touted it as the most historically accurate RPG ever made.

if he/they were 16 at the time, then that goes a long way to explaining it. But it doesn't make the whole thing any less retarded

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The only way out is a click away and it sucks

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I feel like FATAL is a lifelong passion project.

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i do not care to enter your magical realm, sorry

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They already did. Rules are so bad, you won't play it anyway. Checkmate, cis white males.

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Can the rape victim be a 12 year old boy? If so I'm down to play.

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>Rapists control the woman's body and behavior
>Rules say only the woman can kill her character
>But say nothing about other forms of violence or harm

One of the rapists could immediately declare the woman goes into shock and passes out for two days, completely ending the game.

>Woman has control over the rapists' feelings and behavior
>"The rapist has sudden regrets and calls 911, alerting them to the location and the rape.

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But anon, only women can be raped! What next, are you gonna tell us that adult women raped the boy?

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that's a larp game, not a tabletop one, just saying

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>Hey /tg/! Who here wants to play a fun game of Gangrape, the Swedish RPG about how rape is bad.

the vast majority of people involved in gangrape report enjoying it, actually

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>Jeepform is a word which was used a while ago, as an alternative to free-form
no you fuckwit, it's not an alternative, it's a specific kind of freeform

>Jeepform is a label used for contained, experimental and sometimes controversial roleplaying games in the freeform tradition, as designed by the larpwright group Vi åker jeep. Many jeepform games are documented by manuals, allowing them to be re-run at the convenience of the reader.

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There's basically a rule that the player isn't allowed to try to end the game early through that sort of behavior. It's still a super shaky rule but those are directly addressed issues.

>> No.53904987

is that game actually supposed to be played?

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what most people in this thread doesn't realize that it is a larp, a nordic larp to be specific and a jeepform to be way more specific.

As with most nordic larps it's not meant to be fun, and it's not meant to be enjoyed.
It's an artistic/educational tool. (although it's questionable if this one example is good for that or not)

The thing is, it's try to show people what the victim goes through in these situation, basically it's a form of sensitivity training.

BUT here is the problem: as you can see it's not well written. I mean in some communities it's hailed as the best hing ever, mostly among SJWs but most of the nordic larps that tries to do this sensitivity training stuff is horribly misses the point and sometimes even backfire. (there are more out there like, fat man down where the main subject is fatness, or ones that deal with racism, corruption, etc) So most of the time what you "learn" is that this situation sucks, you don't want to be in this situation. As others summed up: "rape is bad if you are raped"

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So, where does this person post their work?

>> No.53905543

Gang rape the children's doll?

>> No.53905911

I dunno, kind of already understand that rape is bad.

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>Every rapist will have his own musical theme
describing his assault

Choose your themes boys we gonna rape

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Buncha limp-dicked faggots around here


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You're terrible.

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If only. Byron Hall, the main contributor, began roleplaying in 1980. F.A.T.A.L was published in 2004.

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this is depression simulator all over again

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Muh theme as a rapist. The bitch/cuck had it coming.

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>fun is literally not allowed
Hang on, why isn't this /tg/'a favourite game?

>> No.53906490

>instead of solving the migrant rape issue I'll make a shitty game about it, and not mention the migrants!

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This might be a bit of a broad stroke to paint all of nordic larp as, but then again, noone really has a good definition of what nordic larp is, beyond Knutepunkt being its axis mundi

What I do know is that Fastaval, where Gang Rape was "run", has a lot of variety in their scenarios, most of them you're definitely supposed to enjoy.

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>roll to see if you throw up and if so, how hard
>roll for mind break
>roll for spirit break
>roll for internal bleeding
Sounds like my fetish fun.

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My biggest gripe is how he dedicates an entire page to each page number, making me scroll through 10 extra pages of faux-emotional hipster selfies.

Aside from that, like, whatever.

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well, we can go into specifics but I presume this already exceeded the attention span of this thread...

But yeah,you CAN enjoy it but that's not the first priority

>> No.53906716

Viddy well little brother

>> No.53906725

You guys why would you play a LARP roleplaying a rapist in the first place.

Isn't that insanely awkward unless you're some kind of psychopath

>> No.53906747


Well this actually works really well


>> No.53906761

It's mostly just the LA part.

>> No.53906762

you mean me personally or why would anyone do that?

>> No.53906779


I was beginning to lose faith in /tg/ but good job, guy.

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Is rape bad tho?

>> No.53906873


A lot of dad-music in general, really.


>> No.53906888

Rape, is for deh dahds!

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>> No.53907035

So I've gone and read the whole thing, and at a couple points I thought this could be kinda hot if the rapists were futanaris

I find it hilarious how the author keeps on going like "dude this game is way too fucking harsh bruh like wow I'm so brave for tackling rape"

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Just scanned through it, seems bloody stupid. If you already know rape is bad, why would you even want to play it? If you don't, or pretend like it is, I can't imagine this convincing you otherwise.

I can understand broaching difficult and unpleasant subjects, but this seems like a ham-handed attempt. It's like making a rape-themed roller coaster for the same purpose, all you're doing is trying to force a discussion into a form it doesn't suit. "Yeah it's a shitty roller-coaster that isn't fun at all, but it's not supposed to be! Because rape is bad!"

Just have a fucking seminar about it. Heroin addiction is an uncomfortable topic but at least in my education they managed to broach it in a way that was informative and cautionary. We didn't have to play "Heroin Hero" to really get the message in our skulls.

>> No.53907073

Hey anon, are you going to Convention of Thorns this year by any chance?

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>On a meta-note, I tried hard not to come when writing this

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>> No.53907130

nope, vampire larps are not my thing, way too many bad experience with the playerbase.
I'm more on the fantasy and scifi line of larping, so I go to Drachenfest

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When do you think this game was produced, anon?

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>> No.53907263

Good and evil are figments.

>> No.53907267

>>53907231Please stop, you are part of the problem. He has a point.

>> No.53907279

me, I wouldn't play it because I simply don't like this kind of nordic larps especially when they want to force the moral of the story on me.

So they can "experience" what people in this situation goes through in a _controlled_ environment. Either because they want to know this because someone they know went through this and want to know what excatly is "that" or it's like a sensitivity training for people who deal with this kind of people.
Also if we are talking about educational purposes it can be used (although with serious care) for actual victims to process and work out their actual experience.

Also you can look it as an art piece too, which I'm not too fond of but it's a possibility.

Probably there are other reasons too but that's how I view this game

>> No.53907293

No he doesn't. You're the problem

>> No.53907327

Ignoring the issue and dismissing those that don't is not a good thing anon. You are part of the problem.

>> No.53907407

What did I just say

Take your bullshit back to >>>/pol/

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>> No.53907429

Shut the fuck up we're talking about a game not your problem with immigrants stop coming on this board and derailing the discussion on your petty trash you insecure cuck

>> No.53907445

Are you okay, Anon? Do you need to talk about your problems?

>> No.53907567

>everything I disagree with I can conveniently dismiss just by calling it "pol"
M-masaka!? How did he attain this power!?

>> No.53907575

keep in mind that the game is from 2007

>> No.53908162

>>>53907293 #
>Ignoring the issue and dismissing those that don't
No, see, the problem is that this board (the one you're posting on) is /tg/, the board for talking about traditional tabletop RPGs.

The correct board for talking about the prevalence of Muslim rape gangs is /pol/, the board for talking about real-world social and political issues.

When you talk about /pol/shit on /tg/ instead of /pol/, the posters on /tg/ call you a faggot and tell you to go back to /pol/.

>> No.53908165

I've heard 4 out of 5 people really enjoy this game!

>> No.53908225

>when anon wants to appear clever but didn't read the thread before posting
About 20% of the posts in this thread are some variation on that joke.

>> No.53908242

oh my god kill me

>> No.53908262

It'd be funny if it wasn't ancient.

>> No.53908291

I choose the default one

>> No.53908711

Gangrape: Reprecussions of Evil

>> No.53908751

I was there when it premiered; the group I was in looked through the 4 scenarios (of which you were supposed to play 3) and collectively decided not to play any of them.

I don't know why you would play Gang Rape, I've never met anyone who thought the scenario was a good idea, and I've been going to Fastaval a dozen or so times; It's a meme scenario, meant to shock the people who've read it, and it is shit.

And the greatest irony is that people on the internet think this is what Scandinavians play

>> No.53908799

You're trying to talk to POLACKS, magyarbro. You should know better than anyone it doesn't end well.

>> No.53908819

But you're not even supposed to *play* it, Anon, the rules clearly stipulate that you're basically reenacting rape at this point.

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Rape is a spook

>> No.53908929
File: 3.00 MB, 808x454, [x] Rape.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53908975

This whole thing is really just another example of cultural marxists trying to establish a political platform in a medium they actually know very little about.

>> No.53908995

Sorry if it was a bit unclear, that was what I meant by it being a "meme" scenario

>> No.53909036

Can you stop with that bait? Get the fuck out I mean do you realize how retarded you sound when we imagine you're an actual person just entering the room to vomit that like you just got out of your party seminar?

>> No.53909044

Dunno why anybody would larp this it doesn't really sound fun

>> No.53909051

You know we don't actually need rules to play that game

People've been playing it just fine ever since like, forever.

>> No.53909158

Hell you wanna know how bad heroin is go read The Heroin Diaries.

>> No.53909306

You can take a boy out /pol/, but you can't take the /pol/ out of boy

>> No.53909378


>> No.53910986

Most people on /tg/ think that they're opinions somehow matter to the real world.
Most people on /pol/ can't tell that their opinions are mostly based on fantasy.
There's a reason we contaminate each other so damn often.

>> No.53910988

This is olod news. I remeber first reading it when I was still in highschool, more than a decade ago.

>> No.53911250


>> No.53911410

That would be too awkward, haha.

>> No.53911436

9/10 people enjoy gangrape. It can't be all that bad.

>> No.53911688


>> No.53911807

He really does have a talent for it, the guy's got that rare ability to draw voluptuous women with realistic figures.

>> No.53912050

It's a fantasy game.

>> No.53912255


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Newgrounds... I used to spend my weekends on that website.

>> No.53912343

So did we all, anon. Everything is still there, but don't go back. It is a lot worse than you remember.

>> No.53912376

Yeah, I don't think I'll ever go back. Leave it as a wonderful memory.

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>It's called "gang rape"
>It's not an over-the-top comedy RPG where you earn exp by raping
>You can't take such feats as "penis lance", "cunt destroyer" or "irongrip pussy".

>> No.53912867
File: 80 KB, 339x355, 1464680662800.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know how to feel about this.
On the one hand, nothing gets me more seething with rage than women getting away with raping little boys because they're women. On the other hand /ss/ is my jam.

>> No.53912967

>I just have trouble believing that someone who would use a roleplaying game as a vehicle for serious social commentary would know enough about them to make a good one.
There was that one Wraith: the Oblivion splat about the Holocaust which I've heard is pretty good.

>> No.53913490


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File: 489 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170620-154253.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> the woman decides
But that's not how this goes, ok? Now Lay Turn Around!

>> No.53913710

Couldn't link the two versions of Rape Me with it otherwise I would've used a flash repository. Not that playback is enabled anyway.

>> No.53913867
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Oh Jesus, you can't make this shit up!

>> No.53914140

what page?

>> No.53914327

Underrated post

>> No.53914384

No, he's Fucking you, kid. That's the whole point.

>> No.53914465

>He may only touch you with his-
What an unfortunate place to cut off at.

>> No.53914709

Studies show that 9 out of ten participants enjoy gangrape anon.

>> No.53915915

Because you're a straight white male so our rape culture is telling you that you have a right to her body, while no policemen will take rape claims seriously
liberals actually believe this and don't get all muh sjw boogeyman on me, i know people like that irl

>> No.53916293

this ebic sickipedia joke was posted several times already

>> No.53916316


>> No.53916335

If I wanted to experience Swedish rape I'd get a tan and visit there myself.

>> No.53916407

And here's one who doesn't enjoy it!

>> No.53916426

Oh Sweden, you total stereotype of yourself.

>> No.53916509


DepressionQuest meets Numenara

>> No.53916536



>> No.53916572

>>fun is literally not allowed
>Hang on, why isn't this /tg/'a favourite game?

Because Eclipse Phase already exists.

>> No.53916697


Yeah are we sure his graphic designer isn't really pro-rape and subversive?

Or maybe the writers have a very very very dry sense of humor.

Because if ever a game desensitized me to the dangers of rape, it was this one. It feels more like a parody.

>> No.53916909


Virtue signalling: doing useless but highly public and possibly symbolic things meant to demonstrate commitment to a cause. Virtue signalling provides the social status and moral authority of charitable acts without any of the costs or moral complexity of actually addressing a social problem.

Contrast anonymous acts of charity, where a cause or social issue is aided and the philanthropist gets no credit or personal benefit.

>> No.53916972


I was told that there would be no cutting in this game.

>> No.53917009

I can't find anything on character creation, I wanna play a cute girl

>> No.53917034

They printed retarded bracelets that had some anti-rape sentiment on them, and distributed them in places where there was gonna be musical events and such.
Spoiler alert: the bracelets did not work.
The problem is not that the immigrants don't know what rape is and how it might be perceived as bad by the victim, the problem is immigrants.

But then again fuck Swedish women, they voted for this.
They can't grasp that this is now a country where women should not walk alone, and where even males who look too nordic and frail will get their asses gangjumped on general principle from our new muslim overlords.
You reap what you sow etc

>> No.53917471

lol kudos man

>> No.53918252

What if my character is a woman or doesn't want to rape anyone?

>> No.53918451

As if the female's death will stop the scene...

>> No.53918480

On one hand, I'm repulsed...

On the other hand, once I finished reading the rules, the power gamer in me is already plotting how to make the most brutal, fucked up rape scene I can so as to "win" the game.

>> No.53918570

Playing ironically, over-the-top, or trying to laugh things off is not allowed.

>> No.53918598

Man I'm about to board a flight. I really don't need this type of fap material being dumped into my hands.

>> No.53919019

The game seems really hot in my opinion.

>> No.53922281


>> No.53922478

>As with most nordic larps it's not meant to be fun
I feel like this might be the biggest difference between Scandinavian RPGs and American ones, actually. Scandinavian RPGs seem to either focus much more heavily on being as realistic as possible, or are experimental freeform, and/or GM-less, systems meant to tell some form of very specific, often tragic or at the very least very bleak, story, rather than allow people to indulge in power fantasies.

>> No.53922569

>As with most nordic larps it's not meant to be fun
I disagree, went to my first larps ever this year, both were nordic VtM larps, had an amazing time. Which is why I'm going to Convention of Thorns. I understand the reservation regarding vampire larps, but this one is professionally made and set in a castle for a few days.

>> No.53922598

is this the one that all the refugees play?

>> No.53922652

clearly they have never dealt with rpgs before

>> No.53922658

Should be available in arabic desu

>> No.53922667

you know, I've heard that 9 out of 10 players of Gang Rape enjoy it.

>> No.53922780


>> No.53922796

No, they play the LARP version.

>> No.53922834

I mean, clearly people do enjoy it or they wouldn't participate, but it's not the same sort of "fun" as playing a bear pretending to be man, or even the same sort of "fun" that you feel when you manage to sneak attack a monster for ungodly damage.

>> No.53922843


>> No.53922868

You are probably right. I have no other larp experience other than nordic larp but to me the lack of rules is actually quite refreshing. And don't get me wrong, I play pnp games and run them ,I like rolling dice and all that, but with larp I'm not sure one needs a heavy ruleset. Feels more like a freeform play.

>> No.53922875

Play them at their own game.


>> No.53923058

again, you can have fun, but having fun at a game is not the same as the game's first priority that you have fun. Sometimes the main priority is to tell a story that you can later think about, or have experiences that challanges your worldview, etc and if that's than then the secondary purpose to have fun maybe.
Like, Monopoly wasn't meant to be fun either, regardless some people actually enjoy it.

And I'm perfectly fine with vampire larpers having fin, but it's not my cup of tea.

>> No.53923111

>During the gang rape, the rapists will
take turns sitting in front of the
woman. There are two simultaneous
scenes, a primary one-on-one scene with
the woman and one rapist, and a secondary
scene with the rest of the rapists.
In the primary scene, the two players
will take turns narrating or playing
the events. The rapist will tell the woman
what he is doing to her and act towards

This is ridiculous, I love it.

>> No.53923303

What about when real Chads do it? Elaborate on your thought process. It's important to consider details when roleplaying.

>> No.53923365

You sound like a complicated existance, anon.

Also nice Sona, a best.

>> No.53923426

>noone really has a good definition of what nordic larp is
nordiclarp.org gives the following definition

Nordic-style larp, or Nordic larp, is a term used to describe a school of larp game design that emerged in the Nordic countries. Nordic-style larp is dramatically different from larp in other parts of the world – here are a few examples of aims and ideals that are typical for this unique gaming scene:

Immersion. Nordic larpers want to feel like they are “really there”. This includes creating a truly convincing illusion of physically being in a medieval village/on a space ship/WWII bunker, playing a character that is very close to your own physical appearance, as well as focusing on getting under the character’s skin to “feel their feelings”. Dreaming in character at night is seen by some nordic larpers as a sign of an appropriate level of immersion.

Collaboration. Nordic-style larp is about creating an exciting and emotionally affecting story together, not measuring your strength. There is no winning, and many players intentionally let their characters fail in their objectives to create more interesting stories.

Artistic vision. Many Nordic games are intended as more than entertainment – they make artistic or even political statements. The goal in these games is to affect the players long term, to perhaps change the way they see themselves or how they act in society.

>> No.53923618 [DELETED] 

I don't know if pretentious is the right word but its the one I'm going with

>> No.53923647

I don't know if pretentious is the best word but its the one I'm going to go with

>> No.53923700

that's a very accurate word for at least half of the nordic larps

>> No.53923847
File: 220 KB, 500x372, 1461141701840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Almost all of the swedish larpers i've met have had a stick up their arse and a smug shit eating face.

They all think that their kind of "fun" is superior to any other kind of fun you can have while roleplaying.

I feel like pretentious is to weak to describe them, I'm from sweden

>> No.53923935
File: 263 KB, 600x397, nordic.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53924254

Haven't been to larps in Finland in a decade, but what I remember is "Fun" and "Immersion" being the two driving forces in everything we did.

Everyone put a lot of time to their costumes and props, different languages were actually different languages (Elvish was usually swedish, because the dainty fuckers sound so stuck up), and if you didn't know how to fight with a sword, you weren't going to play the mighty swordsman.

Very little rules, apart from locked doors, IC and OOC areas and OOC talk sign.

Also, all kinds of crazy stuff, from what I heard from other people, like the Elevator LARP, which was basically the premise of the movie Devil, but played multiple times with different settings and characters over one weekend.

>> No.53924286

>Artistic vision
Yeah, that's a no. At least a decade ago, LARP in Finland wasn't some high brow artform.

Zombies, elves, vampires and boffer fights, was usually the name of the game, without grand "artistic vision".

We were 16-25 year old nerds fighting with soft boffer swords, acting cheesy characters and having a blast overacting all the deaths.

>> No.53924291

nordic larps doesn't mean all the larps that are held in nordic countries. it's a genre of games, not based on the location, but what the game "should be about", this generates a little confusion.

>> No.53924508

i'm game

>> No.53924599


>> No.53924649

Fool, the bracelet only prevents you from denying consent.

>> No.53924893

>Isn't that insanely awkward
That's the point.

>> No.53925073
File: 15 KB, 340x378, 1405717847822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The actual rape is not played as larp.
pffft, weak.

>> No.53925202
File: 4 KB, 184x184, DEEP♂DARK♂FANTASY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, some of the parts read like a light bsdm fantasy. During the Rape scene, as The Woman(whose player is, incidentally, physically bound with ropes for this stage) you can invite the Male who just came to stick around and smack the woman around a bit or spit on her. As the Male, you can narrate how the Woman's body reacts during the Rape scene, like her vagina slowly lubricating with her own come or her nipples hardening.

>> No.53925217


>> No.53925273

It turns out the Holocaust ...
... was bad.

>> No.53925431

Sweden's role playing scene is pretty large, nowhere near as large as it was in the 80's and early 90's mind you, but still unreasonably large given how small the country actually is, and the people who play tend to be pretty serious about actually immersing themselves in their characters and dungeon crawling is often looked down upon as not real roleplaying. The hobby isn't as much of a beer and pretzels thing here as it is elsewhere is what I'm saying.

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