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D&D 5th Edition General Discussion - Gnoll Edition

>Unearthed Arcana: Revised Class Options:

>Feedback Questionnaires:


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First for cursed treasure, again

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>go to local bookstore, look at some campaign books
>don't know anything about out of the abyss, look over it, oh cool they've got the demon lords and shit in the back
>walk up to the front with a different purchase, see they have a display of 'Stranger Things' related merch
>funkopop garbage, movie collections, etc.
>oh hey they've got a 5e Monster Manual, that's neat
>pause for a second
>but they have the book that actually has the Demogorgon on the cover back in the RPG books section
normies reee

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What's stranger things?

>> No.53895044

a show on netflix, pretty good.

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It's a show on Netflix that's got a cool feeling like an 80s miniseries based off a Stephen King book. The first episode(only one I saw) has the kids playing Basic D&D, where they encounter Demogorgon in the dungeon, and it's used as theming throughout the show. Got some people interested, I used it as a springboard for a communications class project.

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What's the most benign GOO patron?

>> No.53895186

Do you use Facing in your games?

>not horrible gnoll art
thanks, op

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If I wanted a character that uses a longbow what class should I go. Fighter arcane archer UA seems lack luster. What do you guys suggest. I dont want to have a pet.

>> No.53895208

Battlemaster Fighter or Bard if you want an arcane archer

>> No.53895235

I know the mystic is old news but I'm finally getting around to trying one out. Any quick rundowns or primers for which disciplines are trap picks? Are there any that are especially cool or any that have less than obvious uses?

>> No.53895274

A Netflix show.

80s style kid adventure mixed with 80s style horror and 80s conspiracy theories.

All done with modern special effects.

The kids all play D&D together and refer to the main monster of the series as a Demogorgon.

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>Do you use Facing in your games?

No, just because the action economy makes it easy to overwhelm enemies enough as it is.

Also because it inevitably results in "nuh-uh, I was actually facing this way"

>> No.53895295

Definitely a fighter. Battlemaster is best in the core books, I don't know a ton about UA stuff but there might be a different one better for archers.

>> No.53895303

What are some of the interesting ways your characters have left the party? Be it via death, separation by getting sucked into a portal to another dimension, etc.

>Half-orc druid in my group that was one of the original lvl 1 characters in the campaign
>Got separated from his clan of orcs and decided to go looking for them
>Eventually finds one of his kin when we wait in ambush along the side of the road for a hobgoblin caravan and goblins have said orc pulling the cart as a slave.
>Jump the caravan and free the orcs, one orc dies while other goes full blood rage and proceeds to steal the hobgoblin's longsword and slaughter them with it.
>Proceed to assault a hobgoblin fortress where more orcs are being held via secret passage and wizard arms all the orcs with the armory of weapons they hoarded in their bag of holding.
>Hobgoblins with bows on watchtowers get orced while the rest in the fortress are picked off easily by the rest of the group.
>Half-orc druid finally reunites with kin and bids farewell to party through the front gate of the fortress and a mutual respect is formed between the party and orc band.

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Maneuver: Trip Attack on arrows does sound hilarious. I would consider your advice. Would multo classing help or do I end up with hot garbage

>> No.53895429

Nomad is really good with its defensive teleport spam, group teleports and skill whoring along with a ranged combat discipline. As for trap options, the soul knife looks like complete and utter garbage, but I haven't played one yet so I don't know for sure.

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Kensei UA monk seems alright.

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So some friends want to start up a new campaign that will lead into the new stuff coming out in a few months. I wanted to roll druid, and was kind of looking over some of the UA stuff. Twilight seemed cool, and looked to fit well into a campaign about death/undeath being fucked around with. Only issue I see is that the d10s are necrotic damage which seems really weird if we are going to be fighting a lot of undead. Has anyone played a twilight druid? Any issues I should be aware of?

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do you prefer several medium encounters, a few hard encounters, or a couple deadly encounters?

it seems near fucking impossible to do so many medium encounters in a day/session.

>> No.53895615

Sharpshooter fighter has the most damage output in the game. Revised arcane archer is actually really good, with magic arrows functioning a lot like maneuvers and they get a couple of other very powerful abilities in addition. Valor bard is probably the strongest because he is also a full caster.

>> No.53895631

Nuclear druid meme for 'most broken build in 5e'.

>> No.53895646

Nomad seemed like a good choice to me as well. I am between that and Wu Jen which has a different set of defenses. Taking shield, mirror image, energy absorption as the three spells known seems pretty solid too.

>> No.53895655

That is:
A solo twilight druid can use those d10s to one-shot tiamat if they so please. No saves, no to-hit rolls, it just fucking happens. Requires a high level though.

Basically as long as you don't multiclass with UA content, you're fine.

>> No.53895954

>it seems near fucking impossible to do so many medium encounters in a day/session.

I like to stagger it when I can. Maybe 3 medium encounters, 2 hard ones, then a real deadly one.

Short rests are a big deal in my campaign; players really have to earn their long rests.

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uh oh, got a session tomorrow and i just realized i didn't really flesh out this noble party/ball

fuck, what sort of stuff could the player's find fun here? or better yet, interesting plot hooks i can build upon?

>> No.53896259

It depends. Why did the party go there? Give us something to go on.

>> No.53896287

Liar's dice / Gwent game for smth
Also, some dueling until the first blood. If it's not a ball, ofc.
Maybe the best (dancing) couple contest
what >>53896259 said

>> No.53896291

yeah sorry i should've elaborated.

they did a military mission for a duke as a band of mercenaries. this ball is made as a celebration of the duke's coronation and also to celebrate the party's victory.

>> No.53896297


alright yeah probably won't be multiclassing. so should I just take a bunch of aoe spells and add d10s for damage output then?

>> No.53896329

Can I throw a spear with two hands to get versatile damage?

>> No.53896400

Speaking of Gossip, keep in mind that social occasions like balls are one of the rare times where large numbers of nobles or VIPs can meet without attracting unnecessary attention. If there are any major conspiracies, they will likely be flitting around somewhere.

Wives love discussing lurid gossip, to each other and about others. Lurid rumors about nobles that are probably exaggerated but might have some kernel of truth.

You could also lure your players outside to where the nobles' retainers and guards will be eating. Tensions between certain nobles will be more obvious here, and the common soldiers will be playing/drinking/swapping tales too.

>> No.53896425

yes. but it depends on the weapon. from a rationale point of view, you aren't using something in your other hand, so the extra damage is justified. but have you ever seen someone throw a spear with two hands? maybe it'd work for an axe, but a spear?

>> No.53896517

Yeah that's kinda why I'm asking. I'm trying to think of how it would even work.

>> No.53896518

Make the duke a rakshasa. Drop a small hint or two before he sends you off on another adventure.

>> No.53896532

>Two of duke's vassals are interested in hiring the party to settle a dispute. As in, a war.
>Amongst the aristocrats, there's a raving lunatic who everybody is tolerating only because of his family's high status. The party, however, soon notices that there's more to his rants than it first appears.
>Another social pariah is a tiefling raised to nobility. Scandalous - yet exotic. Before the party even meets it, they hear a dozen different rumors, one more unbelievable than another. One of them, however, is true.

>> No.53896577

I guess if you really wanted to go for it you could do it as a sort of tossing the caber thing? Except with a spear instead of a log, and you're throwing it at someone.

>> No.53896624

I'm running a one-shot soon and I want it to be a race/battle between the players to reach the prize in a dungeon setting, in a kind of wacky races type way.

Any thoughts on PC levels and restrictions? I'm a little worried that the casters will be in too much of an easy position to fuck over the non-casters.

>> No.53896642

level 10 is about the level that casters overtake martials, so level 9 would be good at an about even keel.

>> No.53896646

Tharizdun, obviously!
Oblivion for everyone, equally!

>> No.53896695

wow, you think so? I was thinking much lower depending on the availability of spells to restrict or compel others, but I don't play caster

I think it will partly be a case of being clever with my dungeon design to balance things out

>> No.53896718

Standard array stats
Fighters only
No magic items
Ethereal plane

>> No.53896764

AoE spells are the most effective use of those d10s, yes.
Magic missiles is thus the most powerful way to use that but you have to multiclass for that beyond casting it as a level 1 spell or with a wand, hence the 'don't multiclass'.

>> No.53896766

which class is the most fun?

>> No.53896777

After three campaigns, I assure you that cleric is the most fun class of all.

>> No.53896810

that sounds a little too restricted, standard array is a good call though

what's your reasoning? do you really think the classes are that unbalanced?

depends on how you RP them

>> No.53896859

>that sounds a little too restricted
I think he's making a "Fox only" joke

>> No.53896879

What is the point of shilllelagh?

>> No.53896897

Human Fighter

>> No.53896934

Instant magical weapon, more powerful attacks (in all likelihood)

>> No.53896971

Lets you ignore taking points in other classes to attack.

>> No.53896987

>PCs must find a replacement musician/instrument after some unpleasant accident happened
>This noblewoman is acting suspicious, sneaking into places she doesn't belong. Turns out she and her accomplices plan to smuggle the host's most valuable wine bottles out of her cellar...
>A local religious leader gets into heated debate with this foreign dignitary, it look like they'll be coming to blows soon. Will the PCs take sides? Separate them and earn their shared anger, along with the host's respect?
>A noble's pet artist is here to immortalize the ball with a painting. What no one knows is the artist is actually a spy, here to collect information about the building and ask innocent questions about the host's valuable works of art. He is either going to meet his contact somewhere at the party, or encode information in the painting.
>The son of a local merchant (who's a friend of the party, or a useful contact) is involved in a cult. When the party must bring something from the storeroom, it turns out there's some spooky, bloody ritual going on in here... and it would be very bad for the merchant if word got out.
>From a distance, the PCs see Duke X dropping a platter of food on Noble Y's amazing costume. They can obviously tell Duke X did it on purpose. Later, a humiliated Noble Y drinks himself into a near-coma in some random bedroom. Some courier hands the PCs a letter meant for Noble B, and guess who notices this, approaches the party, and pretends he'll take it and deliver it to his "good friend"? Fucking Duke X. What do the PCs do?
>The guest of honor cannot stand the party. He begs the PCs to engineer an excuse for him to leave, and in exchange he'll pay them a nice amount of money.

>> No.53896989

Use your casting modifier to make full-power attacks of opportunity, for one thing.

>> No.53896992

Warlock, I've been playing one for two years already

>> No.53897005

For warlock/bard to steal for charisma shillelagh.
For cleric to steal for wisdom melee fighting.

For a druid? I don't fucking know.

>> No.53897030

Attack stats. I'm tired.

>> No.53897049

I knew what you meant.

>> No.53897195


Barbarian. It's not just hitting people really hard, it's protecting your friends from getting hit really hard, and taking mere scratches when you get hit really hard yourself.

>> No.53897236

Just read the Mystic pdf.

I'm comparing Energy Beam and Mind Thrust.

With Psionic Assault, Mind Thrust dishes 1d10+2 on a failed INT save (I suppose the focus' +2 doesn't apply to the disciplines themselves, only Mind Thrust, the only talent with psychic damage). 120ft
EB deals 1d8 on a failed DEX save and I get to choose between all elemental damage. 90ft

Seems like Mind Thrust is a clear winner, especially given how psychic damage resistance is likely to never ever come up.

>> No.53897248

Gonna second Cleric, they can do a bit of everything depending on how they're built.

Within Cleric, Arcana is the most fun. You get access to unique spells that will help you out while still being flavorful, much better at-will damage then other Clerics, can be a pure-WIS melee build and has Channel Divinity turning for a wide range of enemies.

Can dispel magic for free with Healing Word as well.

They're pretty good.

>> No.53897267


You're essentially a muscle wizard, complete with a "spell" save DC that uses your Strength (or dexterity if you're GAY)

The only martial class that actually has options and choices and utility

>> No.53897282

How does Battlemaster have utility? Monster Hunter and Scout do it much better.

>> No.53897295

>Monster Hunter
I really liked this subclass, hope it's on Xanathar's

>> No.53897298

Someone redpill me on why this statement is retarded please

>> No.53897312

I have an npc set up, she's a sort of lightly armored assassin-ish character (think peacekeeper in for honor) so I figure she'd have access to cunning action and sneak attack.

She's a high elf, and her racial feature gives her a single wizard cantrip. What would be a good cantrip for her? I'm sort of considering true strike

>> No.53897362

Combat utility. You have choices beyond "make an attack"
Because pretty much everything a Battlemaster can do doesn't REPLACE an attack, but rather adds extra damage and a unique effect to your attack.

Shove while making an attack
Intimidate while making an attack
Goad while making an attack
Disarm while making an attack
Feinting attack
Give yourself free AC while moving
Give your attack to someone else
Attack while also giving any teammate free movement during your turn
Decide to hit even if you miss
Hell you can even give temp HP

>> No.53897422

The issue is there's a handful that are much better then others. The main ones that will see any use are Tripping Attack, the Riposte and Precision Attack. They're just so much better then other options.

Also in combat Rouges, Rangers and Paladins all have a wide range of options. Barbarians can do some amazing shit with their ability to grapple and Monks even have a wide range of options that are effective depending on the fight. For Fighter, Eldritch Knight gets more options both in and out of combat.

The only martial Battlemaster is that much better for in combat utility then, is a Champion Fighter and some UA options like Samurai. I agree Battlemasters are cool and fun, but they're not the be all, end all of martial combat when they don't even have that many options.

>> No.53897425

True Strike is horrible.
>Use an action to cast true strike, hit with advantage next turn
>Attack this turn, attack next turn
You have a higher chance of doing more damage with the two attacks.

>> No.53897431

Houserule it as bonus?

>> No.53897439

>Strike with advantage every turn

>> No.53897452

Becomes pretty OP on any players who take it. Arcane Tricksters especially.

Just give the NPC an ability like:

>After casting a spell X can make a single attack with their Rapier

>> No.53897454

True Strike should be "Make an attack with advantage"

>> No.53897468


>> No.53897469

That's silly.
>Attack with advantage as a cantrip
>Meanwhile, barbarian's advantage skill gives anyone who attacks them advantage

>> No.53897479

Barbarians can attack twice

>> No.53897514

Yeah that was my main issue with it. I figured it would be some way to naturally allow her to trigger sneak attack but there isn't a ton of single wizard cantrips that would work on the npc, might use message I don't know

Maybe I'll just take some class feature from arcane trickster and give it to her and ignore the high elf cantrip

>> No.53897569

What classes are the least fun?

For me it's druids and sorcerers

>> No.53897592

Why is there no references for creating mechanical constructs in 5E? Does anyone know if there are any resources for that?

>> No.53897637

>Not fun

>> No.53897651

Working on an end of adventure scenario. Party is level 4. Let me know when it gets to be too much or general suggestions.
1. Party goes to cultist pirate boat to finish them off after other stuff. Cult leader is under the top deck, and has killed all the slaves to erect a maze of dead bodies with barbed wire between them. Leader is a level 8 warlock, and will be running away and chipping them down during the battle. He knows Repelling Blast and Ray of Frost as cantrips, and has a quasit familiar that will be able to move through the barbed wire.
2. The entrance to the lower deck is locked and sealed by a shadow demon. The torches are all out. There is a magic circle on the floor that will bind all who dies in it to go to Pandemonium when they die.
3. The warlock has the invocation that will let him use polymorph. He will turn into a giant ape once he's almost down, if he gets the chance to.

>> No.53897712

Maybe if you could hit with advantage this turn, and give up an action next turn?

There's certainly a point in doing high damage during a turn where the situation favors you, if you expect the next round to be less in your favor.

>> No.53897736

Why don't we have /5eg/ roll20 games?

>> No.53897745

>Boring spell list
>Boring class features other than shapeshifting
>Boring subclasses
>People expect you to play a hippy tree hugger

>> No.53897755

Because everyone will play Bladelocks.

>> No.53897764

>not playing an edgy Child of Winter

>> No.53897844

>Be Air Genasi Druid
>The Elements Guide Me.mp3
>Transforms into Elementals by 10th level

>> No.53897880

>by 10th level
Never gonna happen

>> No.53897902

What is this meme

>> No.53897910

Help my autism please. I like rules to be very specific and reflect what is happening in the campaign world and what would make sense naturally.

>Running a wilderness game
>Day starts at dawn 6 a.m
>Party travels for 8 hours which is their maximum.
>It's now 2 p.m, middle of the day, party camp to sleep.
>wake up at 10 p.m for next adventuring day.


So the party are routinely setting up camp for a long rest in the middle of the day then awaking at night to adventure.

This obviously doesn't make sense. How can I change it? I don't want to just abstract away time.

I thought letting them travel for 12 hours would at least mean they'd have to stop close to dusk but that does mean. I suppose I could abstract 4 hours into their travel as additional but again I like to be specific.

They could declare they're just going to wait around till morning or set out at night but it feels unsatisfactory that they'd waste the time.

>> No.53897961

It's not a meme, if my group stop playing for one month or more, they all want to create new PCs or the DM starts a new campaign with new PCs. At first level.

>> No.53897982

>your campeign
You really are retarded senpai

>> No.53898016

that is you senpai

i'm in a 3 year long campaign right now, we're level 12.

to be fair though, we had a few character swaps here and there.

>> No.53898051

cause people like to play different kinds of adventures, some care about being powerful, some want more roleplay and more importantly who the fuck would want to dm/coordinate that hell hole?

>> No.53898055

How far have your groups gone to earn the favour of a nation anons?

>> No.53898059


I'd love to play HotDQ and RoT, if anyone wants to host them, I'd be game.

>> No.53898151

>Boring spell list
What, you don't like not being able to fireball everything?
>Other stuff
I mean, I guess you're right. Most of druid is 'You must be a shapeshifting tree-hugger and also moon druid is the only vaild choice.'
Land druid has nice flavour to it in a way. Being an arctic or desert druid sounds fun. But it's still forced into a constrained druid archetype.

Ranger and druid should be merged.

>> No.53898168

Realise that they can take breaks during their 8 hour walk.
>walk for an hour
>wait for an hour
>walk for an hour
>wait for an hour
etc until 16 hours have passed, then sleep for 8 hours.
If 8 hours of breaktime sounds like too much, let them walk for longer.

>> No.53898176

>soul knife looks like complete and utter garbage, but I haven't played one yet so I don't know for sure.
I play one the Order of Knife is fine.

>> No.53898235

>not playing your druids as old conservative types reluctant to give up their old ways and embrace how things are now

>> No.53898444


Why are they only walking for eight hours instead of until the sun starts to set?

>> No.53898494

What's your cult leader's CR?

>> No.53898563

They should spend some time breaking/making camp, spend some time stopping to take short rests, spend some time eating if not, and travel until someone complains (I.E. Until someone fails the save against exhaustion for a forced march) so that they're making use of the one level of exhaustion healed on a long rest. And they can only benefit from one long rest a day.

>> No.53898596

The order of the invisible knife should be psychic surgeons.

>> No.53898637

Many common undead don't resist necrotic though.

Mix of medium and hard, with deadly++ every now and then.

Don't stat enemies as you would PCs, it's just rocket tag. Use the NPC stats from Volo's instead.

>> No.53898776

What was the build for Barrier / Forcefield master again?

Warlock 2 (for Armor of Agathys) then Abjuration Wizard for the rest?

>> No.53898804

I'd be down too, but I've never dmed in my life.

>> No.53898887

>You must be a shapeshifting tree-hugger and also moon druid is the only vaild choice
Bullshit, Land Druid is one of the most powerful classes in the game thanks to Druids having access to so many spells that can completely shut down encounters.

The issue is it's right next to an option that's hideously OP at low levels.

So Land still kicks ass just as well as a Wizard and etc, but looks worse when compared to Moon.

>> No.53898909

Land is stronger than Moon after level 7.

>> No.53898962

I agree, a lot of people consider it debateable though. The main advantage is being able to Polymorph an extra time, compared to Moon doing it twice then getting short rest combat forms.

Really I think one point in Land's favor is it doesn't rely on Wild Shape, so they can afford to use it for out of combat reasons and some more tricky shit.

Druid no matter your choice is powerful though, there's a bunch of little tricky shit as well as Spike Growth and Heat Metal for shear power. Turning into a Cat after casting Call Lightning has some amazing potential and is one of my favorite tricks.

>> No.53899038

Where do you guys commission your character art from?

>> No.53899054

How would you rate the UA Druid sublcasses to the PHB subclasses? I think that the Shepard at the very least is strong and that the Twilight druid is at least decent on its own.

>> No.53899106

Against a single big target or a few stronger ones, is Guardian of Faith actually decent?

I always thought it was shit but being able to deal a guarantee 60 damage for a 4th level spell seems alright, especially as a way for your backliners to stay safe.

>> No.53899195

>Ranger and druid should be merged.

how would you merge full caster and a half caster, both of which have different weapon and armor proficiencies, and a different number of attacks per round?

>> No.53899222



>> No.53899237

multi classing wont gain you anything

>> No.53899248

Fire Genasi assassins are sent on a job to get the PC's. Order is to capture them and take them back to their hideout for questioning.

What sort of methods would they use to capture the PC's? I was thinking lacing arrows with poisons enchanted with Sleep, but I know you guys are more creative than me.

>> No.53899269

some kind of sniper rogue who is an elf so you can use longbows anyway

>> No.53899292

You knew that it only attack on movement right? A creature and stay there and range attack you.

>> No.53899311

1) Claim that they have a job offer. Use that to lure them back to their hideout.
2) Plant rumors of a bandit hideout and effectively set a bounty on themselves. PCs approach hideout willingly; get ganked soon after thy arrive.

>> No.53899330

Obviously requires set up and planning around, I'm just thinking that setting up two and luring a creature around through it could be fun.

Pretty situational, but fun.

>> No.53899341

Did you ever feel like D&D is just not for you anymore? I am a DM who enjoys roleplay and exploration more than combat, but seems like D&D players overall just expect fighting at every turn and have a hard time being interested in roleplay. Should i try to find different players or should i look for another system?

>> No.53899364

>Read the 1e Oriental Adventures
>The books are a bit lacking, but a few of the modules are actually pretty cool

>Al-Quadim and some of it's modules
>Feels pretty fresh, I like the execution

>Normal setting in a european-esque world doesn't interest me at all, but it's the only thing my players want to do
Hahahahaha kill me

>> No.53899536

If players want combat in d&d, they will want combat in other systems too

>> No.53899578

>alternate dm all the time
>worst dm has made a sandbox and wants to run it
This will be a long year

>> No.53899591

My group just finished PotA. Took us 2 years, but no character swaps.

They'll be swapping soon though, we're going to finish up by running tomb of horrors before starting something new.

>> No.53899601

I'm trying to homebrew a race and I want to give them a feature like this:

>Attuned to Nature. So long as you are in a natural environment (such as a forest, swamp, or mountainous area) and travelling at a normal or slower pace, your passive Perception cannot be less than X, regardless of your bonus to Perception.

In order for this feature to be practical without being overpowered, what should "X" equal?

>> No.53899606

Drow actually have a sleeping poison. Just have him use a reskin of that poison.

Alternatively, he could trick the party into heading there of their own free will, or possibly kidnap a prominent person in the town they are in and leak that he has been taken to the hideout for "unknown reasons".

>> No.53899624

As someone who GM's far more then he plays, I feel your pain.
I seriously don't know why more people don't at least TRY GMing; genuinely none of my experiences as a player have been as fulfilling or as rewarding as when my players deeply enjoyed a game I ran of pretty much any system at all.

>> No.53899640

What makes him the worst DM? Has his previous campaigns failed miserably, or is he just such a bad player you know he will be a bad DM?

>> No.53899649

The current rules say that once you get someone to 0 HP the player decides what happens to them; they can be killed or you can just say that they're knocked out.

>> No.53899656

>been playing with my group for ~year
>in the meantime have gotten really excited about DMing, read PH and DMG front to back, created a whole big setting, top-down, so the players can have more freedom in it
>suddenly everyone starts moving away
>schedule falls apart
>no one can play anymore


>> No.53899657

Making my first character this weekend so i'm doing some research before hand. I definitely want to make a paladin and was gonna make them a dwarf because I want to be tanky as fuck and Dwarfs have increased constitution. Then I looked up more details about paladins and saw that a lot of their abilities have to do with charisma which Dwarfs have a negative in. Do dwarfs make bad Paladins? Would I be better off with a half orc who was my 2nd pick? I heard humans can be good paladins too. Definitely going heavy armor. Which race makes best tanky paladin?

>> No.53899667

Yeah, that'll happen unfortunately.

>> No.53899697

Dwarves do NOT have a negative in Charisma, and dwarves make AWESOME Paladins.

Especially singing poet dwarven Paladins.

>> No.53899717

What outdated shit are you reading anon, Dwarves don't have negative Cha.

>> No.53899733

This comic really was the greatest D&D comic book ever made.
Dwarven work.

>> No.53899738


I'm currently in a game where the party is level 7, I think the second highest level I ever reached was 5

>> No.53899773

He is like a reverse rules laywer I guess. He likes to say you can't do something, even when it's just something your class can do. Other stuff he has done has been pretty dull too compared to others. It's not unplayable, but I'd rather just do a shorter game than a sandbox

>> No.53899789

This website is outdated? Fuck me I've been using it to look Shit up all day lol what a waste of time


>> No.53899820

What the fuck is that? Literally none of those traits are correct. That is not the 5e dwarf stats.

>> No.53899856

My friend found an ap on android called pathbuilder that we're gonna use to make our characters. It has the character sheets and all that other stuff like abilities in spells in it. Now i'm learning it's a pile of shit and I wasted my time. God damn it...

>> No.53899857

Yeah, that's two editions old, sorry.
Here you go man http://www.5esrd.com

>> No.53899863

That's Pathfinder isn't it. This is 5e general my dude.

>> No.53899889

5e rulebooks are in the trove, use those

>> No.53899894

It's cool bro, 5e is so much faster you learn and make characters for you'll think you've gone from choking down logs covered in razor blades to drinking a cold glass of water after a very warm day without one.

>> No.53899920

It's your fault for not even knowing the game you're going to play.

>> No.53899929

Looks like you're on the Pathfinder SRD. Try:

>> No.53899943

Warlocks, most fun Cleric or Paladins.

>> No.53899947

Be polite to the new player, it sounds like he was mislead by a friend.

>> No.53899988

It seems you are going to play pathfinder, go to their general

>> No.53900019

Come on, how can someone mistake D&D for Pathfinder? The names are completely different.

>> No.53900085

>don't stat enemies as you would PCs... use the NPC stats from Volo's that stat NPCs like PCs

>> No.53900094

I am so sorry please excuse my stupidity. We are all new to D&d and are just tying to get into it. My friend found this ap (pathbuilder) and told us it was for d&d but I guess it's not. I'll leave in shame now. Sorry.

>> No.53900121

Different subclasses like how cleric domains do it.

It wouldn't work because it'd make rangers full casters though.

>> No.53900123

Search for Fifth Edition Character Sheet, IF you're actually going to play 5e.

>> No.53900130

Relax, dawg. Just make sure what game you guys are going to play.

>> No.53900179

yep told all the guys i'm playing with that the ap we found is for a completely different game and not d&d. My friend ordered a starters pack kind of thing from amazon so we will probably say fuck the app and do it all by hand the old fashion way.

>> No.53900196

Ranger and Druid has the same armor proficiencies (except for Druid's RP limitation), just give them bonus proficiencies like Clerics.

I've tried a merge. You may add Hide in Plain Sight and Vanish at later levels (11th and 15th, probably), but I don't think Druid needs that as they have lots of spells and wild shape instead.

>> No.53900207

Don't leave in shame! Just make sure you figure out if you mistook the game or the app.
If you mistook the game, /pgg/ can help you out with Pathfinder stuff. If you mistook the app, stay with us and we shall feast and drink the blood of Pathfinder players together!

>> No.53900219

In case you are really going to play 5e and not pf, here is something very helpful: a summary of the rules

>> No.53900322

>being this retarded
Senpai we need to talk

>> No.53900325

this is extremely useful thank you.
yeah we're definitely playing d&d fuck pathfinder whatever that is. That's not what I signed up for. I want to be a badass holy warrior paladin and smite all the evil enemies of god on my own personal holy crusade.

>> No.53900384

>Volo's that stat NPCs like PCs
Except it doesn't. It does troll warlord players though.

>> No.53900386

Pathfinder is a clone of 3rd edition D&D. The newest edition of D&D (and the most popular one) is 5th edition, and that's what we talk about here.
You can play a paladin in Pathfinder too, but Pathfinder is a shittier game than D&D.

>> No.53900402

Not to mention its made by the sjews

>> No.53900415

At the end of the day, this is just a straight buff to the druid, who doesn't need one.
If you really wanted to combine the two, how about: half-casting, favored enemy, natural explorer, and wild shape, with druid archetypes.

Go whine about Muh SJW elsewhere pls. Thanks.

>> No.53900424

Enough of that shit, there's plenty of it elsewhere on this board.

>> No.53900438

Just remove spellcasting from base druid, so moon can actually be good (and ranger a subclass)

>> No.53900455

If Pathfinder's sexual and gender diversity bother you anywhere around the same amount as Pathfinder's rule system, then you're the sort of person who cares more about politics than fun games. In which case, may I suggest RaHoWa?

>> No.53900462

was a shitpost, no need to be butthurt about it senpai

>> No.53900464

I bet you get triggered when you open the PHB and see the arab adventurer.

>> No.53900488

so you be sayin we was adventurers n shiet?

>> No.53900494


>doesn't get martial weapon proficiency at level 2
>can't actually start with a martial melee weapon or longbow
>extra attack at 6 instead of 5
>doesn't actually become a Ranger until level 2

literally why

>> No.53900499

You mean the nice brown skinned man, naw he's cool

>> No.53900501


found the redditors

>> No.53900573

Well I'm looking at the Warlock of the Fiend and from what I can tell based on the number of at-will spells, cantrips, spells known, spell slots, that they're all cast at level 5, Dark One's Luck, it looks a lot like a PC statblock, barring the RP-related features and some minor differences, like all-averages on HP and the damage resistances.

>> No.53900577

is there rules for attacking weapons and damaging/breaking them?

sort of an inexperienced DM/player and haven't utilized that much yet. seems good for a tactical enemy to do

>> No.53900606

my fav 4e class was warlord
Battle master comes close but not quite close enough.
When I played warlord, I felt like a support on the field, yelling at my teammates to invigorate them like a drill sergeant, battle master just feels like a fighter that knows the old 3.5 tricks like tripping/disarming/pushing etc. I feel like I can do better, perhaps a separate fighter archetype, not sure how you can make a warlord class to differentiate it from the fighter too much in this edition, maybe if you made some sort of martial version of a warlock, but the invocations are something akin to the warlord powers.

>> No.53900671

I think a multiclass bard / battlemaster is the closest you'll get.

>> No.53900674

>le /pol/ boogeyman accuses others of being le reddit boogeyman
Or maybe we just have different opinions from each other. Could you accept that?

>> No.53900695

Missing that role in 5e hurts real bad.

>> No.53900721

This homebrew might work for what you're conceptualizing here.

>> No.53900731

Then slowly change the world.

I don't know what level your party is at, but have them get word of a wizard who saps power from nature itself. Saps the life energy out of the ground itself to power his spells. Any place he dwells, the lands surrounding him turn to sand as his powers wreak havoc on the world.

So the party goes after him. They think they find him, and do some good shit to get to the top or bottom of his lair, but at the end room, it isn't the wizard. It's a device of his making, that saps the land in his absence and sends the power to his true dwelling, preferably somewhere in the heartland of the country. They can disable it, or use it to track the Wizard, but when they get there, they see a sight that is to behold. An old man, hovering in the center of a room filled with nodes, connected to every town in the kingdom, where the power sapping has gone into overdrive. The lands are turning to sand, going from the edges of the country to the heart, where the Wizard is using the power as a stabilizer for his ascent to Lichdom. The party has a bombastic fight with the Wizard-turned-Lich, and they defeat him. But looking out to the horizon, they see a wasteland miles out where there was grassland before. The world is changed.

Flash forward to the next campaign, 100 years after the Theft of the Land, and the new characters are living in the ruins of the old world, quickly adapting to the new lifestyle. Boom, throw the module on, and everything's bada bing bada boom.

>> No.53900745

I play Valor bard as a war musician.

>> No.53900772

Im fine with the gays, its just that sometimes it is unnecessary
(IE role playing games that aren't erotic)

>> No.53900794

>Im fine with the straights, its just that sometimes it is unnecessary
>(IE role playing games that aren't about reproduction)

>> No.53900812

Warlords were the bomb.

Core? other then Battlemaster and you have Oath of the Crown Paladin and College of Valor Bard work a bit similar.

Sword Coast Adventure Guide introduced Banneret, that's not the same but it's probably the closest you're gonna get outside fan conversion.

>> No.53900818

Okay now you're just strawmanning
Definately a reddit candyass

>> No.53900823

it's for immersion and role playing

>> No.53900826

How was that any more of a strawman than your post?

>> No.53900857

Oh, so you flirt with the male bartender instead, what a difference it makes
have fun at the gallows

>> No.53900882

Yours was clearly deliberate, where as mine were not if they were st all

>> No.53900885


You are seriously fucking retarded.

>> No.53900886

>white raven
oh man the 3.5 flashbacks, i'm gonna have to re-read those books to remember what the heck each "school" did (which is what I would have called the paths too, like this homebrew had done).

also i would have had it as a d10 class, it was still an off-tank when you wanted it to be.

Will take closer looks.

>> No.53900918

>"what a difference it makes" [sic]
>Immediately describes a possibly difference
Wow, maybe roleplaying and immersion CAN benefit from not everyone being straight?

Not an argument.

Heteroeroticism is literally only relevant to reproduction, when compared to homoeroticism. So if your game has neither erotic shit nor do you describe reproduction, neither of them should have any preference over the other.

>> No.53900925

>Playing in a setting in which you hang for flirting with the same sex
I bet you think that's realistic, lol.

>> No.53900931


That's because I'm not arguing with you, ya dumb cunt, but you are still fucking retarded.

>> No.53900937

Post character concept inspiration

>> No.53900939

Hey mang, it's a homebrew. If you like it except for the hit die, change the hit die. Your version will be no better or worse than the original creator's, so do what's fun for you.
That said, the homebrew appears to be balanced around valor bards and clerics, like the 4e warlord (which IIRC had fewer hp than fighters).

>> No.53900942

>wanting an actual argument
>on a bahrovian terrokareading forum
Too funny senpai

>> No.53900954

It ain't all happy go lucky FR okay

>> No.53900959

I don't really want an actual argument, just that if someone's gonna start shit they better back their shit up or don't start it in the first place.
Also, this is my new favorite euphemism for 4chan that I've ever heard.

>> No.53900977

For people that have finished Storm King's Thunder.

My players are near the final chapter, they've just discovered the Storm King is alive and kept prisoner in a ship and that a Kraken is involved.

Their instant reaction was to go tell Serissa and peace out not wanting anything to do with the Kraken Society.

Even if they do go rescue the King, I feel like the lines have become blurred at the end. They know the sisters are traitors, they know Imyrith is bad news but don't know she's a Dragon. Technically they know very little since they had a TPK inbetween the oracle and now.

The final chapter has them battling the Ancient Dragon, but why would Imyrith even reveal herself at this point, and why would the players want to kill her? wotc themselves admit players might just skip the whole thing, so the story ends on the death/rescue of Hekaton.

Furthermore, why even introduce the Kraken Society, why are a Dragon and a Kraken working together, and realistically how would the players stop them.

>> No.53900980


>> No.53900994

He had a point tho, that is the most retarded thing you've said yet
and thats saying something

>> No.53901013

You get the same exact response: explain why it was retarded, or don't throw the accusation in the first place. We can all move on, but if you want to attack a thing I said, do it right.

>> No.53901027

Monks act as living stun guns because all their other options are usually worse, and grappling isn't what people usually mean by saying utility. I don't know what you mean by rogues having a lot of combat utility. EKs don't get that much out-of-combat stuff and they take longer to come online than battlemasters.

>> No.53901032


I have an idea: Shut the fuck up and stop being retarded, ya fuckin' retard.

>> No.53901043

So what you're saying is that I am right but it hurt your feelings, so all you can do is insult me. Got it.

>> No.53901044

The no metal armour rule for Druids, what's exactly is allowed and what's not?

I was treating it as just fluffing thing, but I had to go and introduce iron wood trees last session as a background detail and didn't think the of the game play implications.

>> No.53901050

>being this unfamiliar with 4chan
>being the one who started the shit in the first place
>actually referring to 4chan by name in a non-greentext format
>not knowing what is or isn't a shitpost

>> No.53901055

Let it be known that, in ancient societies, the baiter would be stoned to death, while those who willingly took the bait would be drawn and quartered, and their assets would be seized by the king.

>> No.53901065

It has 12d8 for hit dice, 6th, 7th, and 8th level mystic arcanum but 4 spell slots and know 10 spells, cantrips that aren't on the warlock list but no mention of a tome, a mace attack that does 3d6 extra fire damage, no dark one's blessing, no hurl through hell, strictly utility spells that invocations give, better than standard array stats, and a +3 proficiency bonus because it's Challenge 7.

It looks like a monster that has abilities that are like what the player class gets to me. Not like a PC though. Basically, you need to look again.

>> No.53901071

>Smug anime girl

>> No.53901089

>my arbitrary rules make me smarter than you
>pretending you started shit when literally anyone can see that's wrong will make me win
>ironic shitposting isn't shitposting

Wrong, Reddit has still not discovered the rhetorical prowess of the smug anime girl.

>> No.53901091


No, I'm saying you're a retard ya dumb fuck.

>A-argue me so I can flex my pathetic fucking debate skills

I don't give a shit, nobody here gives a shit, what you said (and keep saying) is fucking stupid and you should fuck off back to whatever shit hole you came from instead of shitting up the thread in a vain attempt to boost your infantile ego.

>> No.53901120

Sorry, mean't /pfg/, so similar I got them confused

>> No.53901128

The extra things seem fairly reasonable for something that you would have gotten from playing in a campaign where the DM is being reasonable. It's not quite a PHB-exact build but it's close enough. D&D has a history of building NPCs like PCs anyway, it's simple enough and so long as you don't take too long and just keep the essential things it's reasonable and a good way to measure difficulty against the players.

That said I should probably bump the warlock down to 6.

>> No.53901134

Actually, the most popular anime subreddit either has or had the option to embed images into posts, and as a result, a lot of comment sections looked like your average /a/ thread but more sanitized

Yes, go back etc etc.

>> No.53901153

9/10 backtracking
/pfg/ doesn't exist anymore, anon.

>go back etc etc.
Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't police people's community belongings like >>53901120 >>53901071 and so forth.

>> No.53901196

>f and g are right next to each other on the keyboard
Paizo Games General /pgg/ (also /pfg/)

>> No.53901228

>players camping in giant ruins
>stone giants come at night
>players are keeping watch, I tell them what they see and hear
>as background, the stone giants just want to dismantle the ruins as per orders
>they begin drawing their weapons as they approach
>party decides to sit outside and wave at them
>giants warn to leave in very few words
>stone giants throw rocks and bash with clubs until the party leaves, knocking one out and almost killing another if not for good death saving throws
>party terrified about needing to run

I shouldn't feel bad, right? I needed to introduce some danger into the world because the party has been pretty invincible until now. I want the overworld to feel dangerous for a while in this campaign.

>> No.53901265

>"nuh-uh, I was actually facing this way"
use minitures
whatever direction your little dude is facing on the board is what direction you're facing in the game.
problem solved

>> No.53901270

The warlock of the fiend was made by only copying warlock abilities that are appropriate to the purpose the NPC was made for and adjusting the numbers to bring it in line with expectations. It was not made by running a hypothetical warlock PC and copying the character sheet.

>> No.53901297

The book explicitly tells you that your players should fear/run from Giants to prevent death.

Trust me it'll get boring in a few levels when they can deal with them easily.

>> No.53901317

You don't technically HAVE to fight the Kraken, getting away from it is an option.
Same with Imyrith too actually; the goal is not to kill either, it's to thwart their plans.

>> No.53901321

I apologize, that's more along the lines of what I meant in the first place and hadn't communicated it well enough. It's more or less what I'm doing, as well. Sorry if you were getting annoyed at me, hope you're not mad or anything.

>> No.53901362

House rule it into a concentration spell.

That way it lasts longer than a single round of combat so it's not worse than just 2 attacks.
And it takes up your concentration slot AND can be lost on a con save fail, so it comes with downsides

>> No.53901376

I just have the kraken vying for power. I actually gave my warlock a mystery box option and her patron is the kraken, but she doesn't know it yet. She gets spooky dreams and ambiguous contact. Can't wait for when they get to meet on the boat. In general you can have the kraken just trying to gain power, kind of like the zhentarim. They want to be powerful but stay under the radar for a while. Maybe iymrith and slarkrethel are working together to both become more powerful. This could also set up for an arc after Skt of hunting the kraken.

At this point you could probably just straight up tell them who the bad guys are. Maybe make iymrith make a bold move while the heroes are gone, like trying to kill serissa or something. Maybe hekaton knows the full story of her killing his wife. Give them a reason to hate her and want to end it.

>> No.53901385

There, made a Ranger-Druid now.

>> No.53901400

Well the Kraken only appears if they loiter for an hour, and only wants to smash the ship and ignores the "insignificant creatures beneath its notice".

Fighting the Kraken is suicide.

>Thwart their plans

Imyrith's plan is to steal the Wyrmskull throne because she thinks it'll be a cool knickknack on her hoard.

The Kraken wants to...kill everything?

Both their plans are ended with the rescue of Hekaton really.

>> No.53901473

Anyone have any of Nord Games shit?
>Ultimate NPCs: Skullduggery
>Ultimate Bestiary: Revenge of the Horde
>Any of their decks, from Critical Hits DM and Player, Luck, or Loot
Bought into their most recent kikestarter, and just wondering if any of the old decks are worth getting as add-ons. Would be much oblidged if anyone has copies of them or the two Monster Manual expansions.

>> No.53901612

>Im fine with the gays
Just the way you talk makes it clear that you can't handle gay people. Probably related to you being such a massive cunt.
Also, anyone know some good homebrew monsters for free on dmsguild? Looking to add more variety to my wandering monster tables but I'm not creative.

>> No.53901613

How good or fucking awful is Kobold Press' balance? Tome of Beasts seems decent, mostly curious about their big books of magic and archetypes.

>> No.53901636

>not citing my post properly
Atleast lurk for a week before posting anon

>> No.53901672

Hunter Ranger. Battlemaster is my favorite class in general, but for sniping/archery, you really can't beat the Hunter, since most of the class features & spells focus on buffing your archery. Arcane Archer, Sharpshooter, Kensei; nothing compares to the Hunter.

>> No.53901699

Does anyone have a copy of heroes of the orient off the DMsGuild, really I just wanna make a samurai character cuz I'm a weeb cuck.

>> No.53901773

What's it called and can I read it online somewhere?

>> No.53901780

The answer is always Battlemaster Fighter. You will provide a hilarious amount of combat utility while still being a competent damage dealer. A large, large number of your maneuvers are perfectly viable at range. Of the Battlemaster's, youcan trigger
>Commander's Strike
>Disarming Attack
>Distracting Strike
>Goading Attack
>Maneuvering Attack
>Menacing Attack
>Precision Attack
>Pushing Attack
>Trip Attack
I've played a melee-focused battlemaster before and it was a grand time, but after picking up a ranged battlemaster, I don't think Icould ever go back. From disarming or tripping enemies up to 150 feet away to allowing your allies to move or attack while plinking from cover to goading while out of reach of the enemy, it's absolutely amazing.

This man is incorrect.

>> No.53901828

If you're still here, this page has everything you need for 5e and other editions as well: https://dnd.rem.uz/5e%20D%26D%20Books/

>> No.53901864

>Start SKT
>In Nightstone
>Orc horde
>Take up defensive positions in towers to bombard them as they approach
>After two rounds, party decides to abandon our defensive position to charge into the horde
>Total party wipe
>Saved by NPCs

We were doing theater of the mind for this part, so I wasn't aware of the stupidity of what the rest of the table was doing until they were a good hundred feet away from my character. Took me four turns to catch up to them, by which time they were all down except the Druid, I then went down to a crit and the druid went down the next turn. Luckily, the Zhents and the elves were able to finish things off a single round later, but still.

>> No.53901877

I want a big Gnoll woman to cuddle with me.

>> No.53901885

I recommend some multiclassing.
like battlemaster 6 lore bard 14 (you could go valor if you wanted but it isnt worth it except for ba to dmg
Or oath of crown lore bard same split
You could almost do a mix of the 3 but itd need to be for a high level pc
I recomend grabing martial adept as its only good on battlemasters, and maybe even inspiring leader for a boost to hp at the end of every rest or so

>> No.53901903


Your party is going to have a grand old time once the actual fucking giants show up and start turning people into paste with a single hit.

That said, next time, just leave them to the charge. If they're 4 rounds away you wouldn't be able to sway the battle anyways.

>> No.53901947

Nah, it just helps to be really clear about what a good npc making process looks like. What's your cult leader's CR, btw? Figuring that out involves answering some important questions about your tactics.

>> No.53901962

It actually is already a concentration spell.

>> No.53901977

For a lvl 10 oneshot my roomate ran i multiclassed hunter 4 / battlemaster 6 as an aarockra with ss and cbe. Never used ss becaue we only fought mobs of imps. I think i made the dm shit himself when i hordebreakered into the imps when he described them as "crawling over eachother 3-4 deep,"

>> No.53902025

I may be wrong, but consider this build

> Archery style (+2 to hit)
> Hunter Archetype w/ either Colossus Slayer (+1d8 damage against a wounded creature 1/turn) or Horde Breaker (extra attack against creature w/in 5ft of original target 1/turn)
> Volley multiattack (ranged attacks against any number of creatures within 10ft of a point within your range
> Extra Attack

And then spells
> Hunter's Mark (1hr conc, attacks deal +1d6 to specific target, can switch as a bonus action if you kill your first target)
> Hail of Thorns (1min conc, ranged attacks deal d10 5ft AoE vs a Dex save for 1/2)
> Conjure Barrage (3d8 piercing, Dex save for 1/2, 60ft cone range)
> Lightning Arrow (1min conc, 4d8 lightning on successful ranged attack with 2d8 lightning 10ft AoE w/ dex save for 1/2)
> Conjure Volley (8d8 piercing, Dex save for 1/2, 150ft range)
> Swift Quiver aka the Legolas Spell (1min conc, bonus action gives two weapon attacks that don't use ammo)

Which means at 3rd level, right when your buddy picks Battlemaster, on average you're throwing out 1-2 attacks per turn, each one dealing 1d8 (assuming longbow) +1d8 (for wounded targets), at +7 to hit (assuming Dex mod of +3). At 5th level, you're throwing 2-3 attacks per turn, dealing ~d8+4, at +8 to hit. Before you even start using your spells. And the ride never ends.

I like the Battlemaster best of all the martial archetypes, don't get me wrong, but for a single-classed sniper, I can't get away from the Hunter.

>> No.53902040

You dont deserve the (you)'s. Fuck off attentionwhore

>> No.53902059

I believe the Avatar subclass of the Mystic is the new meme replacement for the Warlord.

>> No.53902125

>le reddit boogeyman accuses others of being /pol/ boogeyman

>> No.53902180

Cool, and all of those attacks are just nothing but dealing damage. Don't get me wrong, a hunter can deal a fuckton of damage. But at the end of the day, you're just a gun. A battlemaster, meanwhile, has far more utility and is able to do something other than shoot a lot of arrows. And while half of those spells also put your allies at risk, the battlemaster is playing off of them instead.

That boss that's barreled down on your caster now has disadvantage on all of its attacks unless it moves 100+ feet to get at you because of a Goading Attack. Your rogue that failed to get in a sneak attack last turn but is engaged with someone that they could get it from, now they can get in that extra damage thanks to a Commander's Strike. And even if you've got a hunter in your party who wants to unleash a barrage but the cleric's in the middle of the mob, now they can scamper to safety with a Maneuvering Attack so that you can fire with impunity. Bad dude handling the McGuffin as part of a spooky ritual, knock that shit out of his hands or the weapon out of an enemy striker's hands with a Disarming Attack.

>> No.53902203

Ok maybe i missed it in the OP's post but i am hoping to Become a Dm and i didnt see if there was a guide for DM'ing

there are so many people who wanna play in my city but no one wants to DM so im gonna do it just so people will play.

any guides or advice?

>> No.53902209

... yeah, I think you win.

Man, Battlemaster really is the best martial class.

>> No.53902210

Just do what I do when I get shitted on in these threads, pretend to be someone different the next time you post :^)

>> No.53902266

I wouldn't say that I win, a battlemaster just accomplishes something different. A hunter can deal ridiculous amounts of damage and take on large groups as easily as a single target, but a battlemaster just much more utility at the expense of smaller numbers. Basically, a hunter is what a blaster wizard should aspire to be be while a battlemaster is more in the vein of a utility wizard.

>> No.53902290

Crit fail on attack roll.

Lose all your modifiers, your next attack is just a straight dice check against AC.

What do you think?

>> No.53902296

So, Darkest Dungeon's Crimson Court DLC came out, and I've fallen in love with the glorious lunacy that is the Flagellant.
What's the best class to use if I want a character whose shtick is (literally) whipping himself into a religious and combative frenzy?

>> No.53902303


Yea honestly I like that almost all the martials have their niche. Rogues get gigantic alpha strikes and make Sentinel a ridiculously strong talent, Bear Totems are some kind of meatslab out of an anime, battlemasters bring utility, and so on.


Seems pointlessly punishing to me, and will make higher level enemies impossible to hit effectively making you miss twice for no good reason.

>> No.53902317


Barbarian, maybe multiclassed into Cleric if you really want to drive the religious theme home and you aren't allowed to use UA. If you can use UA, just use the holy berserker or whatever it's called.

>> No.53902319

Zealot barb, couldn't be easier

>> No.53902331

>No good reason

Don't roll a 1?

Its better than the crazy shenanigans of

>Uh oh is that a 1? you crumpet you just stabbed your friend hoho

>> No.53902347

Ask for a Death Cleric who's channel divinity gets a little more powerful, but deals damage to you.

>> No.53902351


Battlemasters bring punchy utility. I'm currently running a greatsword Battlemaster who's soon to take the UA Blade Mastery feat, has a +1 greatsword, and a Belt of Fire Giant Strength. Hella punchy utility.

>> No.53902360

>Implying 5% chance to do nothing for your turn is not punishing enough

>> No.53902390

Why people have this fetish that they must punish players for rolling a die?
They missed their attack, that's their punishment, next on the initiative order, please.

>> No.53902396

how about no

in addition to being too punishing for something that happens 5% of the time, it's just boring.

if you want to do something on a crit fail, let it be something that plays into the moment. like, if you fire an arrow at a creature in a dungeon, have it miss and knock a torch from the wall, stating a small fire in the corner. If you swing your club at someone in the forest and miss, have it strike the tree next to you, splintering bark and dirt into your eyes so you (and the target!) have to make Constitution saving throws or be blinded for one round, or until you use an action to rub it out.

don't make some boring blanket rule

>> No.53902414

>I want to take my crits but I can't take my failures

Why is this kind of mentality allowed?

>Crazy shenanigans

>> No.53902427


quick addendum per >>53902331

1) NEVER make a critical miss penalty be hurting an ally because then that just means you're being needlessly cruel to two people
2) if you have to inflict something nasty, make it something that inflicts both the attacker and the target so there's a fair chance for both of them to get fucked
3) if you can't think of anything cool to do, then just don't do anything and let a miss just be a miss

>> No.53902435

>oh no someone is daring to make combat more interesting than two sides hitting each other until they die, i'll call them crazy shenanigans and go back to boring my players to death. why are my players always on their phones?

>> No.53902444

Does anyone have the pdfs for the Pugilist Sterling Vermin made?

>> No.53902459

Booming blade, fluff the effect as a backstab when a creature runs away.

>> No.53902464

>Ad hominems

>> No.53902468

100% this, although depending on what's being fought I'd have something fall out of the tree and being pissed. Or just have it be a mimic.

>> No.53902541

Party is starting at level three, I'm playing a nomad mystic and have picked Nomadic Arrow and Nomadic Chameleon. I have two more disciplines to choose from and I am having trouble deciding. I like the "Mastery of" disciplines for flavor since I'm going with a nature-y ranger-y vibe but I don't know which to select. Wood and Earth has a bad ass wall but animate weapon doesn't do much for me. Light and Dark give me some warlock-lite shenanigans. Ice and Air are great for utility. Any others that are failing to stand out to me?

>> No.53902543

>I want to introduce a punishing mechanic because I think it is as fun as crits for my players
With higher levels a 1 will appear more often.
I roll a 1 on my first attack, now my second is gimped because DM thought this was a fun mechanic.

>> No.53902639

How heavy do you fuck with planes in your setting?

Do you use the stock planar map from the books, or have you constructed your own idea of how the planes work?

How prominent are extraplanar entities in your setting?

>> No.53902646

those desperate moments when you're out of wild shapes, low on slots and need to shore up your fighter's flank by pulling out your shield and quarterstaff and donking goons on the head.

>> No.53902665

Hunter Ranger. They have spells that play into firing their longbow and passive damage boosts that go well with the accuracy increase from the fighting style. Not to mention that have great party utility in their other spells (Cure Wounds, Pass Without Trace, and Silence being the big ones).
People will say Battlemaster but that's a meme. The maneuvers everyone fellates hit like wet toilet paper, have minor added effects that might prove inconvenient for a single enemy for a single turn if they don't succeed on their save, you can't even use the one that gives a significant increase to your DPR as a dedicated archer (Riposte), AND you'll only have four to five superiority dice for most of the game so I hope you enjoy either running out of them immediately and then never being allowed to short rest or trying save them until the end of a dungeon and end up never using them. On top of all that, you have nothing to use outside of combat. You'll just be standing around being dead weight.
Do not fall for the Battlemaster meme my friend! I am playing a Battlemaster right now and it is horrible. To pick Fighter is to dedicate yourself to mediocrity.

>> No.53902690

So I'm thinking of editing the City Cleric to be more appropriate with D&D settings, turn it into a Civilisation/Travel domain. Most of it actually works pretty well but here's a few changes I have to try and make it work

City Domain Spells:
1st - comprehend languages, expeditious retreat
3rd - find steed, heat metal
5th - lightning bolt, leomund's tiny hut
7th - locate creature, freedom of movement
9th - teleportation circle, passwall

Keep the Channel Divinity but make it more roots, ropes, cement and etc. and it works in all environments.

The level 17 is now
>At 17th level, you can instantly move around to other cities. Starting from a form of transport (carriage, boat or horses), you can teleport to any city you know the location of, as if you had cast a teleport spell whose destination is a permanent teleportation circle you know. Once you use this feature, you must finish a short or long rest before using it again.

Any other ideas for what I could do to this?

>> No.53902737

I need more /tg/ related media to feed my current lack of a game. Books, television, manga/anime, whatever. What can my fellow fa/tg/uys recommend me? Anything with swords and/or magic ought to suffice.

>> No.53902744


>> No.53902769

>turn it into a Civilisation/Travel domain
Anon, you might want to take a look into https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5ttoyMfsaC7MElISEIzNUFaTk0/view pages 8-9, it has domains with those names, but I've never read them thoroughly, though.

>> No.53902773

What maneuvers should I choose for my Battlemaster? Starting at level 3, gonna go variant human and grab Shield Master with Sentinel fighting style. I've never played a Battlemaster before, are any of the maneuvers pretty much useless and should be avoided? Are any of them "must have?"

Right now I'm thinking Parry, Riposte, Goading Strike for my first 3, but I'm totally willing to change it up based on advice.

Our team is
>Land (Forest) Druid
>Lore Bard
>Ranged Fighter (not sure what archetype)
>Rogue (not sure what archetype)
>Eldritch Knight
>Me (Battlemaster)

Basically I'm building my character to keep enemies away from our casters and ranged characters. Hence shield master and Sentinel, to reduce/stop movement wherever possible.

>> No.53902886

Only as much is required to slash the shit out of them.

Own idea, which again mostly just exists to slash and burn. Largely they are overlapping planes, though, along the lines of the Feywild though with varying levels of divides between us and them. Aberrations coming from a realm where pain, death, and suffering have all been eradicated; the elemental planes are combined into a chaotic realm actively warring against itself; gods and devils live on a plane metaphysically above the world, etc.

Very rare. Devils are probably the most common, due to Old Scratch being one of the major deities. Elementals probably the next most common, but only really dealt with in areas with substantial populations of people from Marifah.

If you're playing with shitty DMs that don't allow short rests, then just stab him in the eyes. Hell, that would completely invalidate the entire warlock class. The ratio that the book itself tells you to aim for is a short rest after every 1-2 encounters.

>> No.53902939

Keep in mind that for large parties like that, DMs will typically compensate with more enemies, which will make tanking precarious since 6 enemies ganging up on you will kill your ass quick.

>> No.53902988

I ended up with +4 con and I plan on taking HAM at level 4

That's also why I took parry, I figure I need as much damage mitigation as I can get

>> No.53903015

ctrl+f "VI. Maneuvers (Battle Master)"

>are any of the maneuvers pretty much useless and should be avoided?
Lunging Attack.
Pushing Attack because you'll pick Shield Master feat.
Evasive Footwork, Feinting Attack, Sweeping Attack are situational.
>Parry, Riposte
Parry and Riposte are both great, but they will compete with each other for your reaction
Parry depends on you Dex, Riposte is better all-around.
>Goading Strike
As in the guide, it has its uses, but Menacing Strike is situationally better.

>> No.53903037

I'm gonna ask all my female gnoll PCs about that.


Well none of answered "I want a fat, sweaty human male to cuddle with me".

>> No.53903058

>all my female gnoll PCs about that.
You must be a special kind of autistic.

>> No.53903090

Who would have thought you could have several PCs from the same race, but also from the same gender, which isn't even limitaed to male!

>> No.53903129

It's a combinations of having multiple same Race/Class/Sex clones and then rp'ing them with yourself online.

I'm willing to bet you don't actually play in games.

>> No.53903143

I want skill ranks back, instead of flat proficiency bonuses
Proficiencies can stay though, i just want ranks
How should I handle it? PB+Int score ranks per level?
Also, how should I go about bringing back Crafting as a skill, rather than a set of tools?

Crafting and skill ranks are the only thing i truly miss from older editions

>> No.53903164


>> No.53903165

Skill Ranks are just cancerous and won't work in this edition well, I wouldn't even bother.

Crafting is fine in this edition once you use the UA: Downtime rules, it doesn't make sense to combine every type of crafting into a single skill.

>> No.53903183

Well, you're just here to talk about things you don't know about, pulling out reasons to insult me that really don't make sense. How about you just say that you're jumping at me because you're frustrated with your life and you were waiting for an occasion to attack someone online while they're trying to have fun and chill around here; save us time both.

If gnolls and roleplay are both are triggering ya, maybe you should consider not playing D&D or coming here.

>> No.53903189

I disagree on ranks but i guess i kinda agree on crafting
Enlighten me on UA downtime rules

>> No.53903206

Maybe if you want to play Gnolls you should go to Pathfinder or another edition where they have stats.

>Enlighten me on UA downtime rules
Google "UA: Downtime". They're pretty good and not too complex, give plenty of options for things to do when not adventuring and work as a good framework to adjust the rules.

>> No.53903253

Thanks. Maybe I'll avoid tripping attack as well since I can also knock prone with shield master.
Also not only are parry and Riposte competing with each other for my reaction, but they're also competing with my opportunity attack, which is incredibly important if I'm going with Sentinel. Hmm.

>> No.53903277

Does it still take 300 days of downtime to craft a suit of plate armor? Because that's fucking retarded.

>> No.53903295

Takes 20 weeks. So 140 days and costs 500gp in materials.

You can do things like craft a Healing Potion in one day though which is cool.

>> No.53903298

Nope. Now it's just 210 days. :^)

>> No.53903333

1500 divided by 50 is not 20.

>> No.53903344

Fuck me, off the top of my head Plate was 1000gp.

>> No.53903388

Reminder that alternating DMs will never work unless everything is set in stone before characters are rolled. And I mean EVERYTHING.

>> No.53903391

>playing one shot at level 14
>we have a main person who DM's and played a lot of 2e
>one of the players is running this one shot
>Mystic, Monk, Bard, Cleric, Paladin
>Mystic is usually the GM
>Mystic tanks everything by transforming into a giant bird thing
>uses half his PP in a couple rounds
>every fight is easy
Had fun though.
>tfw he's the main dm and banned mystics immediately afterwards

>> No.53903418

>what is https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Gnoll_(5e_Race)
>what is human variants
>what is homebrew
>what is we're just talking about PCs and PC concepts

>> No.53903429

Anybody play Tomb of Horrors from TFTYP and is it a true Tomb of Horrors or just a Tomb of Inonvenience?

Is it even possible to update Tomb of Horrors correctly?

>> No.53903432

Anyone know when the roll20 tokens for Curse of Strahd will be put on the trove?

>> No.53903433

>>what is https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Gnoll_(5e_Race)
OP as fuck?

>> No.53903435

I'm so glad this thread is ok.
As somebody who was used to browsing train wrecks like /gsg/: This is very refreshing.

>> No.53903446

Hey everyone, I've got a 5th ed related predicament with my current group. They turn their noses up to the idea of even trying out the game (they only play PF super rules-light), and the reason for this being that they say 5th ed is "too much like an MMO" and "idiot proof". Don't mean to start a flamewar or anything, but can someone actually reason this out? I just want a fun game to try out, and I'm pretty tired of PF system-wise. Thanks.

>> No.53903451

And yet, so soft and fluffy.

>> No.53903487

>PF super rules-light
How does that even work?

Also, I'm afraid your group is composed of the kind of guy who plays pathfinder and refuses to play anything else, so it's probably a lost case (even if what they're trying to achieve isn't supported by the system as rules light Path fucking Finder points at).

Try to bribe them with snacks, beer or whatever to try 5e for one session.

>> No.53903497

I mean they're right.

So tell them that. Tell them they're right. But if they're gonna play rules-light PF why can't they at least TEST 5e?

>> No.53903507

I don't get what's bad about an idiot proof system as long as the system works.

>> No.53903519

I dont even know how its like an MMO, wtf. Regardless. I think you're probably fucked in that regard. If they're really that stuck in their ways that they aren't even open to the possibility of trying, you're really not gonna get much done without starting a hate war.

>> No.53903544

Where's the love for the gnoll dudes? They need hugs too.

>> No.53903554

Their bulge disturbs most people.

>> No.53903572

Whoever hugs a gnoll clearly doesn't intend to be disturbed by that.

>> No.53903600

I thought 4e was the MMO one.

>> No.53903601

As far as playing really rules-light, they completely ignore a lot of things like concentration checks and how a lot of skills are actually intended to function. It baffles me to no end on a lot of levels because one of the guys likes to go on occasional sermon mode and preach down to us how we don't "powergame" enough and take advantage of certain rules and whatnot... when he clearly doesn't know them himself.
Love the dude to death, but jeez does he need to see a proctologist.

>> No.53903617

Let's make it Hug-a-Gnoll Day

Let them know how much we appreciate them

Neck scratchies for everyone

>> No.53903624

That's what I'm saying too. The way I see it, we'd have to be idiots not to at least give it a go and see if we'd have fun with it.

>> No.53903625

You got a tough group there, famalam

>> No.53903651

I'm sorry if me talking about this stuff with my group is approaching blog territory, but it really just frustrates me and I don't have anyone else (in person or otherwise) to bounce ideas off of and just talk about stuff.

I've got some gripes with PF myself, but I'm still down to play with them and try to have a good time, you know? Besides the rules buggery and whatnot, the only other thing is that ALL of our games just keep retreading the same type of events and stories. I've tried running some games to change up the DM to add some new ideas to the pool, but that guy I was describing also *insists* on being the DM, or he won't even join in. It sucks, anon.

>> No.53903678

Fell's Five I think

>> No.53903682

To be honest, that just sounds like you got a mediocre DM.

Not even regarding him being unwilling to play a different mode, but in terms of story structure.

I'm a DM myself and what I've learned throughout me doing it is that taking the advice and interests of my players seriously is the best thing I can do to have a good experience.

You got any opportunities to join other games just to see if you have more fun with a different DM/system?

>> No.53903685

Why are your group all severe autists?
Ask them if they want to actually play an rpg or a glorified spreadsheet simulator.

>> No.53903770

Locally, no unfortunately. I'd try to find organized play groups or online stuff to join in instead, but I just don't know how I'd manage online play through Fantasy Ground or whatnot. By that I mean I don't know if it's my cup of tea.

At this point I'm just worried that I'll get burnt out from even trying to game anymore.

>> No.53903789

I'm planning on running it soon too. I haven't done a full blown comparison, and I've never played earlier editions, but the beginning seems less dangerous at least.

You're going to want the pictures from the original

>> No.53903827

I wouldn't wanna join random groups. Then again, you don't necessarily have to, nowadays.

I'm sure that there are Discords in which you can observe before you play, which gives you an idea of whether or not you want to be a part of it.

>> No.53904071

What's the better fighting style for Eldritch Knight with Blade-dancer splash?

Duellist with a empty offhand?

>> No.53904100

minor illusion, or prestidigitation would be good tools for an assassin.

>> No.53904191

I'm getting tired of spending all my time writing campaigns and I'm not really interested in doing any of the 5e adventure modules yet.

Anyone have a favorite community module they can suggest?

>> No.53904323

new thread >>53904319

>> No.53904542

We switched from 3.5e to 5e and I don't regret anything. Obviously, converting the characters and equipment to 5e was a bit of a pain in the ass. Nonetheless, I really love how streamlined everything in 5e is. Especially for the DM (forever DM here) everything is so much nicer. Of course, 5e will never be as "big" as Pathfinder. But if you don't use the full ruleset anyway who cares.

Some of my players were also afraid that everything will be the same, no individual characters and all. The oppsite was the case. Especially the character creation of 5e is awesome for new players. Because the new edition was way easier to DM, I started a group with my colleagues, who always begged to play. Due to the character traits you chose at the beginning they started role playing and acting in character pretty fast.

On a side note, I got my players to change because I refused to DM any other session in 3.5.

>> No.53906051

There's a fuckton of DMing advice. My personal tips are:
1. Hang out with your potential players. See if they'll make good acquaintances before you accept them at your table. Boardgame night is a good introduction.
2. Run a one-shot, rules-light, silly game like Everyone is John or The Witch is Dead. Don't prep for more than a couple hours. It's basically an excuse for you to learn how to improvise, without having much pressure on your shoulders.
3. If you're interested in D&D 5th Edition, run the starter set, Lost Mines of Phandelver. It's in the MEGA trove in the OP. Read the adventure and basic rules until you can tell
>How the story goes, what the places are, what the NPCs are, what their motivations are
>How combat goes, how skill checks work, how character creation is handled
4. Give the players the default pregens, or better, make your own using the ones that come with LMOP a guide. Absolutely no tweaking allowed save for flavor shit.
5. Don't turn LMOP into a campaign. Start anew when the adventure is over, this time without your previous mistakes weighing you down.
6. Be upfront with your players: you are new, you will make mistakes, you may say "no" if they do something you cannot handle.
7. If you don't remember the rule, come up with a new one on the spot. Write it down on a piece of paper. After the session, look up the rule you forgot about.
8. Above all, have fun. If you're not having fun there's no point in playing.

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