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Elf Edition

>Unearthed Arcana: Revised Class Options:

>Feedback Questionnaires:


>/5eg/ Mega Trove:

>Resources Pastebin:

>Previous thread:

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Stop rolling for stats.
Stop using unearthed arcana.
Stop multiclassing.

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Can't stop, won't stop.

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Fuck you. Barbarogue is fun.

As long as everyone at the table agrees, UA is fine.

I agree with you on rolling for stats.

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Stop taking feats

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I really want to runa campaign where players are not only different races and classes, but different levels. Kind of like in LotR, where there's one level 10 warlock, a couple 5th level fighters, and a few 1st level rogues.

Has anyone done anything like this? Is there any advice that you have for running a campaign like that? How do
would you imagine class makeup affecting it?

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And pleb.

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I'll take a nigger thread over an elf thread any day

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How does one play a Death Cleric?

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It's really boring for low level players
>two rogues and a fighter end their turns in under two minutes
>lol time to spend the next 10 minutes watching warlock solo everything

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Stop playing evil characters.
Stop using milestone experience.

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>Don't make Fighter interesting
>Not offering free feats at 1st level for people to enjoy playing sub-optimal race/class combos.

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Rolling made sense when your character was probably going to die anyway and a 18 would give you only +3 as modifier.

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Don't worry. I do all 3 in my games. Though multiclassing is allowed if it makes sense and some UA's seem ok but I do t want to dump all these options on my players since most of them are new

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>Stop using milestone experience
Do you mean milestone leveling or milestone experience? Because those are very different things and most people use milestone leveling.

Personally I like milestone experience because I like to know roughly how close I am to leveling up and it stops the old "walking bags of experience" issue with the default 5e experience system.

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>free feats at 1st level
You are baka.

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Ditch alignments for PCs altogether.

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So aside from the one piece of art with the tumblrnose, what do people think of Firbolgs? Both fluff and mechanics?

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>Stop using milestone experience.
You literally have to use milestones for level 2 otherwise players will never reach it in the first session.

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Rush kill a bunch of stuff
Get a quest completion bonus XP

Doesn't seem so hard.

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Not even close to true.
Very strong mechanically. Shit art. I don't like the fluff of le gentle giant but it's not the worst thing wizards have written.
First you have to die.

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and most importantly

>> No.53842477

Point buy for stats
Multiclassing okay, must meet multiclass rules
Spell slots are tied to classes
Barbarian effects count for any attack related to STR
No Dex to Damage
No STR to hit with thrown weapons
All thrown weapons and bows add STR to damage
Free feat at first level
No variant Human
UA by DM approval, very limited
Backgrounds made up from scratch by combination of players/DM
Reloading a hand crossbow can be performed with the same hand you are holding the crossbow with

And that is how you play

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>Get a quest completion bonus XP
If you would kindly read the DMG, that is what Milestone Experience is in 5e.

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What does he mean by this

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>Nah, I will just play a standard human fighter
R8 my players

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10/10 for not wanting to be snowflake garbage.

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What's my best option for a martial in a group with a lore bard and a moon druid? I was thinking some kind of dex fighter or maybe a barbarian?

>> No.53842549

Fair point, but...

All the stuff listed under that is in the middle of the adventure

>accomplishing one in a series of goals necessary to complete the adventure
>discover a hidden locale or some info key to the adventure
>Reaching and important destination

So, the actual Job Done, exp is different.

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>ACTUALLY, UNIRONICALLY, LITERALLY being in a party that cointains anything other than, human fighter, halfling rogue, elven ranger/wizard and dwarven cleric
STOP playing D&D, you are not.

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It's a meme here that the one piece of art gives them a nose that's common among all the SJW style of art.

If it's true or not is up for debate, also we don't have any other art of them so who knows.

Mechanically they really do make awesome Clerics and Druids, which is good on WotC part for making them good at what they're meant to do.

Their fluff isn't the strongest in the world, but it does fill the gentle giant role that was missing in 5e until then. With Orcs being evil ones and Goliaths being very neutral.

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I can see it, they're one of the things I glanced over in volos but I remember the art well enough to agree with the statement

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>That humans with pointed sticks aren't the best at dealing damage, outside of actual AOE oppurtunities

>> No.53842624

whoops>>53842615 was for >>53842520 not >>53842537

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Would a firbolg paladin be a viable character

>> No.53842646

>Reloading a hand crossbow can be performed with the same hand you are holding the crossbow with

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New DM here, I have a Dwarven Ranger who wants to create mechanical constructs and make inventions, how do I approach this? I plan on getting him a mechanical animal through story to fulfill his 3rd level companion feature, but how do I transition him into a tinkerer?
I've looked at the PHB and UA Ranger classes and Artificer, but I can't seem to find a way for him to "class" or shift his focus towards tinkering while remaining a Ranger.
Also, there's nearly nothing regarding mechanical constructs in 5E, how do I make this happen and where do I find resources for this sort of thing?

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>Fucking with dex -strength balance to try to encourage strength when all you need to do is a simple carry capacity thing
>very lim ited UA
>No variant human with free feat when this isn't relaly the problem in the first place?
>give all hand crossbow users shields
>barbarian might as well just fight at range now what's the point of being in melee?

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Kill him and have him reincarnated as a rock gnome

>> No.53842755

He shouldn't have rolled a dwarven ranger.

>> No.53842777

>invisible smites

Multiclass into rogue for the assassinate ability at Rogue 3. Have fun auto critting on a smite from invisibility.

>> No.53842797

what the fuck is wrong with her nose

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Plz no bully AI-chan

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Have them spend money on stuff during downtime. Like magic items, but not magic items because instead of using that money to buy they're using that money to make and invent.

Your perception.

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You deserved those trips anon, this is absolutely devilish

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Honestly? More viable then most Class/Races that don't really mix.

+1 STR isn't fantastic start to a Paladin, but it is enough to not make you completely awful. Plus Firbolgs have pretty good racial abilities to at least make the character interesting.

>> No.53842839

>implying STR isn't fucked to hell no matter what
DEX is so much better than STR that you could make AC dependant on STR or DEX and dex would still be the better choice

>> No.53842840

Does that Elf have a penis?

I mean, Elven women canonically have penises, so I guess she does?

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Would oath of the ancient's fit for it, what oath and what should his find steed be

>> No.53842862

My WIS score is 18 I've got perception through the roof

>> No.53842870

Strength is still good for barbarian / some barbarian multiclasses / strength fighter (if you nerf CBE a bit and don't give hand crossbow users fucking shields) / paladins (PAM stronk) / some other fringe uses
If you enforce carry weights and are in a campaign where having various items is damn useful, strength is also good there.
Then, athletics is a pretty damn useful skill and applies to grapples.

Sure, things could be better for strength, but it's better to just leave it be than fuck with class balance.

>> No.53842887

Their entire race's culture is literally Oath of the Ancient's. So it works perfectly. For Find Steed I'd say maybe an Elk?

>> No.53842889

My DM only lets rolling for stats if:

A) you roll in order

B) you commit to a non optimized build

If your roll suck you can go back to point buy.

It's led to some really funny characters.

>> No.53842893

3d6 straight down or you're not playing correctly.

>> No.53842900

Heavy armor is already locked behind strength requirements, so in a way, AC is already tied to both.

>> No.53842919

This is so good, I already love this character already, but would an elk be strong enough to carry a firbolg

>> No.53842923

>Not doing 2d6 to make it a challenge

>> No.53842927

>If you enforce carry weights and are in a campaign where having various items is damn useful, strength is also good there.

Best utility item in the game, coming through.

>> No.53842936

>Strength is good for some fringe builds
>Dexterity is great for every build
The only thing that Strength does is deal damage (keeping track of encumbrance is boring as hell by RAW), and you want to give that to DEX too.
Why do you hate melees so much anon?

>> No.53842941

Please respond.

>> No.53842950

I wasn't aware they were seperate terms, I just assumed they were used interchangebly. I mean the dumb one where lazy DMs don't give out experience and just decide arbitrarily when the characters level up, which I guess would be milestone leveling.
Then if milestone experience means experience for completing quests then it absolutely should be used. Experience shouldn't only be given out for winning combat encounters, experience should be given out as a way to emphasize what you want your game to be about. If your game is about discovering the world and learning about its history for example, then you should be awarding experience every time the players find a new location or learn something new about the world. If you're running a game with a lot of dungeon delving and you want encourage thorough exploration you should reward experience every time they discover a secret. If you're running a murder mystery you should reward experience whenever they find a new clue or lead.
You can also use experience to DISCOURAGE certain behaviors, like if you have a group that wants to rest after every single combat encounter or wastes time faffing about in a dungeon not doing anything and you throw a wandering encounter at them they should get significantly less experience for winning the encounter. So little that it doesn't contribute to leveling and is more like a slap in the face.
Experience is a useful tool and DMs who insist on using milestone leveling are missing out on something valuable.

>> No.53842951

>(keeping track of encumbrance is boring as hell by RAW)
So think of a cleaner solution.

>and you want to give that to DEX too
Paladins deal way more damage with strength unless they obtain shillelagh.
Barbarians deal way more damage with strength.
Fighters.. don't really care, but strength allows you reaction and sentinel and shields and such.

>> No.53842976

Stop using dumb house rules.

>> No.53842994

>Elven women canonically have penises


Because fuck that shit if true.

>> No.53843001

Injury Tables. Yay or Nay?

System Shock?

>> No.53843032

Injury tables can be fine, but you have to be careful as to their use. Don't say 'oh, there's a random chance on every hit you lose a hand' but instead tie it to death saves or an alternate system.
i.e. with death saves you might call for an injury roll every time someone goes down.
For, say, 'max HP is a secondary HP pool' you might roll injury whenever you take damage beyond 0 normal HP or if you drop below a certain point but aren't dead.

Players have a danger zone when they're liable to injury and they know it, not a 'going in to combat no matter what might get you injuries'. It's not maybe 100% realistic, but it's fairer.

>> No.53843035

Help me choose between Arcane Archer and Battlemaster. I love the idea of MAGIC! arrows but Battlemaster just looks so versatile.

>> No.53843051


Many Elves are made in the image of Corellon Larethian, and Corellon is a hermaphrodite. I believe the books go into greater detail and say that Elves share many similarities to the Elven god, and that Chicks with Dicks are an expected part of the Elven experience.

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>> No.53843095

>your interpritation

>> No.53843096

I do free feats at first level, EXCEPT FOR:

Crossbow Master
Great Weapon Master
Heavy Armor Master
Polearm Master

>> No.53843124

Are you suggesting the race created by a hermaphrodite, in his image, follows the binary?

>> No.53843131

>Gives out free feats at first level but not ones that make martials bearable, leaving most players to go for either Alert, Ritual Caster or Magic Initiate, the only other useful feats


>> No.53843134

That's actually in the PHB though. At least as far as the existence of hermaphroditic elves
>You don't need to be confined to binary notions of sex and gender. The elf god Corellon Larethian is often seen as androgynous or hermaphroditic, for example, and some elves in the multiverse are made in Corellon's image.

>> No.53843148

I hate this edition more than words can express

>> No.53843159

But anon, it's the most progressive edition yet! Why do you hate inclusion and tolerance?

>> No.53843165

Just refluff it, anon, and be happy it isn't Paizo's fucked up fluff.

>> No.53843176

Corellon has *always* been an androgynous hermaphrodite.

>> No.53843179

Do you think "search for traps" be houseruled to include detecting elves?

>> No.53843183


Because, unless your players are silly minmaxers, they'll use the free feat as a chance to flesh out their character. And martials can grab those feats at lvl 4 anyway.

>> No.53843184

So... This goes back to my original question.

Does OP's chick have a penis?

>> No.53843195

>Does OP's chick have a penis?
I hope she does...

>> No.53843201

Im alright with the interpretation of the god, just please no dick girl elves

>> No.53843233

>just please no dick girl elves

But it's canon. That cute Elven girl you like might have a dick.

>> No.53843238

Sure I'll feed you.

>Stop rolling for stats
Why? I have way too much fun with my characters with really low stats or occasionally really high stats. Plus it adds another chance based element in this game of chance.

>Stop using unearthed arcana.
Why? It's playtest material, it's meant to be tested, used and given feedback for. If you don't use it that means you won't give any reason or good feedback to WotC showing that you don't care about any future advancements to this system as a whole.

>Stop multiclassing
Why? It adds layers to characters that had only one prior to this. I feel like some people forget that multiclassing is a pretty big deal for a character to do, it means that a character has either been inspired or has changed in some manner through events in the story or people they met. A warlock had to make a pact, a paladin has started worshiping a god, wizards are becoming more studious or research driven. This is good for a narrative and helps build a more complete character. Also, it adds some extra options in combat.

Post Favorite Multiclasses
Swashbuckler/Battle Master

>> No.53843247

>Two warlocks
>Warlock 1's turn, what do you do
>I eldritch blast
>Warlock 2's turn, what do you do?
>I eldritch blast I guess

>> No.53843248

Give me advice on running a Wizard.

>> No.53843260

you've been doing it for years and years why do you need advice

>> No.53843271

>Bizarre with amazing features
Have you even read any of them?

>> No.53843286

>be edgy
>cheat your way to power
>get fucked by your patron

>> No.53843295

What's that? I was too busy shooting my heavy crossbow for 1d10+5 damage, at range
>homebrew is dangerous and potentially unbalancing for this aspect!
>homebrew something else instead
God I hate how defensive people in this general get about system tinkering

>> No.53843297

Do you even know how to read?

>> No.53843301

>Fighter, ranger and a barbarian
>Fighters turn, what do you do?
>I attack
>rangers turn, what do you do?
>I attack
>Barbarians turn, what do you do?
>I attack

>> No.53843306

>get fucked by your patron
First figuratively then literally

>> No.53843339


>> No.53843345

Arcane Archer.

>> No.53843360

Just cause the christian god is a man in most interpretations does that mean all humans have dicks since we are supposedly made in his image

>> No.53843363

> for 1d10+5 damage, at range
Big fucking woop-de-doo when PAM paladin or barbarian is making 3 attacks a round at level 1.
And the barbarian is soon to be adding advantage and rage damage to their attacks.

>God I hate how defensive people in this general get about system tinkering
Well, after you've heard the same bad idea so many times it kinda makes you cynical.

It's also worth making sure enemies use cover / prone / etc to avoid ranged damage and remembering to play about with monsters with suitable resistances, i.e. a rapier is going to do jack shit to a skeleton.

Why don't we all just play wizards?

>> No.53843365

>Looks so versatile
It really isn't

>> No.53843366

I want to play a GOO warlock as a subtle nod to my old character who willingly sacrificed his soul for the greater good. Is the warlock any good? What pact is best?

Otherwise I could go eldritch knight as well.

>> No.53843377

Also elves are shit tier anyways, dwarven women are the best and you know it

>> No.53843389

>Why don't we all just play wizards?
Wish everyone did so we didn't need to have the same discussion about PAM and GWM every thread

>> No.53843405

They're fat midgets who reek of alcohol and have as much hair on their chin as they do on their cunt. I'd rather try my luck on an Elven maid than have a tumble with one of those things.

I don't even know where you're going with this, considering we literally know Elves are made in Corellon's image because Humans WROTE IT and PUBLISHED IT.

So let me get this straight, there's a 25% chance the Elven girl I'm talking to at the bar has a thick, floppy penis?

>> No.53843429

>Wah GWM is overpowered ban it
>So you hate martials?
>Actually hi I'm an expert you should not allow variant human to have it wait until level 4
>But it's balanced
>Hey, you should get rid of it then give parts of all the feats to everybody for free
>How about we make more weapon feats so that every person specializes into a their favourite weapon and gets bonuses?
>Also let's ban it all
>implying UA weapon feats were any good
>Look at this chart for GWM damage
>Why use GWM? Use SS.
>Can I play a barbarian without GWM?
>Why would you play a barbarian without feats?
>Look at my fix for GWM, I removed this part of it

>> No.53843442

>Why don't we all just play wizards?
Why don't you? It's literally in the name of the company.

>> No.53843473

My tire just shredded while I was on my way to a session.

>> No.53843486

Hey I'm new to 5e, sorry if this is a retarded question.

Warlocks have unlimited uses of eldritch blast, right? Everyone online says they do but it doesn't actually say so in the PHB (at least as far as I can tell).

>> No.53843493

Cantrips (like eldritch blast) can be cast at-will without expending spell slots.

>> No.53843505

No, Eldritch Blast is tied to half-level+Charisma modifier.

>> No.53843506

>Fighter, Ranger and a barbarian!
>Fighter turn, What do you do?
>I charge at the Gnoll right next to the Barbarian and strike 2 times each one targeting its arms on my last strike it wants to restrain his arms and grapple him!
>Rangers turn, What do you do?
>I shout at my fighter "GET DOWN", cast hunter's mark and place 2 arrows firmly between the Gnoll's eyes.
>Barbarians turn, what do you do?
>Rage! I'm going to strike 2 times, reckless attack and Great Weapon Master, I'm going to cut its head off with my greataxe.

>> No.53843538

There are multiple canon biological females in multiple canon settings both in novels and in fluff.
Go transition and jerk off elsewhere.

>> No.53843552

>So let me get this straight, there's a 25% chance the Elven girl I'm talking to at the bar has a thick, floppy penis?


>> No.53843555

Jesus, what are you some kind of Critical Role drama major faggot?
Don't you know that real D&D is about numbers and optimization?

>> No.53843557

Easier to fuck than an elven maid, I don't know about you but that sounds hot af, elves are so pompous and wouldn't ever fuck a mediocre human like you (also half-dwarves don't exist as far as I know)
I'm getting at that made in their image doesn't mean they've got the same junk

>> No.53843559

Which is it?

>> No.53843568

I will never openly admit it to my group, even if they call me out on it.

I hate casters. I always make sure they're the priority target when I GM.

If they ever tried to call me out on it, I just say they my npc arn't stupid, of course they go for the biggest obvious threat first.

But get a chubb every time get to mutilate a wizard with a swarm of intellect devourers and mindflayers

>> No.53843586


>> No.53843612

Do your players not tell you want they want to do or try to do? Do they actually just say "I cast x" or "I attack". Seems kinda drab.

Eldritch Blast is a cantrip, you can cast any cantrip infinitely. PHB 201

>> No.53843622

Anyone got any decent token templates? Been looking around for some for a game I've been setting up, but haven't found any good ones.

>> No.53843625

You sound like a colossal tool and severely autistic.

>> No.53843662


Here's some based on the Roll20 frames, PSD format.

>> No.53843717

The difference is that Arcane Tricksters need a full action to cast Mage Hand in the first place. Thieves don't.

>> No.53843794

Thanks anon. Though do you have any in a non psd format I could use? Don't have photoshop on this computer like I did on my old one that died and am forced to rely on shitty mspaint to get the job done. If not, thanks regardless.

>> No.53843840

Does anyone have the art from a while ago of a Firbolg without the big ass nose?

>> No.53843851

Just pirate Photoshop, it's super easy and good to have on-hand.

>> No.53843870

>stop having fun

>> No.53843933

Cantrip = Unlimited (except by how many you can cast per turn)

>> No.53843948

>Death Domain: Reaper
>At 1st level, the cleric learns one necromancy cantrip of his or her choice from any spell list. When the cleric casts a necromancy cantrip that normally targets only one creature, the spell can instead target two creatures within range and within 5 feet of each other.

>Death Domain: Inescapable Destruction
>Starting at 6th level, the cleric's ability to channel negative energy becomes more potent. Necrotic damage dealt by the character's cleric spells and Channel Divinity options ignores resistance to necrotic damage.

So am I reading this right? I can choose one Necromancy cantrip from any spell list. The only necromancy cantrip not on the cleric's spell list is Chill Touch, so that's the only real choice. There's nothing that says "the cantrip chosen with this feature counts as a cleric spell for you" though, so the 6th level feature doesn't apply to Chill Touch since it's not a cleric spell?

>> No.53843950

And now you are here.

>> No.53843952

How does this hurt anyone, at all? You can literally just ignore it, but it makes the people who like that stuff happy. There's literally nothing wrong with allowing transgender, gay, lesbian, etc. characters in DnD.
Especially since all your arguments consist of "it's corrupting children" and "it's promoting degeneration" and "it's against the bible" and are 100% invalid.

>> No.53843974

Typically, when you get things like "take a cantrip/spell from another class," it usually becomes that class's spell.

Source: Bardic Secrets and Tomelock cantrips

>> No.53843991

Okay, I'm new to D&D and DMing in general, but is there even a point to Thundertree (LMOP)?

>Location is stupidly far away from Phandalin and travel is going to take days
>Map is just a bunch of ruined buildings, and exploration is literally Russian roulette, considering the contents:
>Green Dragon ready to completely fuck up the PCs, barely has motivations or a personality; still TPK material even if it flees at half HP (still 68 HP at 18 AC! I'm not stupid, I can tell that's fucking crazy!); very few strategic options beyond "climb the tower"
>Cultists that don't want to fight
>Some druid whose purpose is to be yet another Cragmaw Castle roadsign, or to bait the players into fighting said murder-dragon for the location of a cave they'll discover anyway
>Very samey encounters (mostly with the stirges and zombies)

I'm considering making it a timed mission with bonus rewards:
>Party meets Reidoth on the road. He warns the character that Venomfang comes at night to dig up for treasure. If the PCs are still here when Venomfang arrives, they're dead
>Now is the time, the only opportunity. Once he gets there, Venomfang isn't leaving again anytime soon
>Venomfang is basically the timer, he's not meant to be fought, and that's going to be very clear
>Exploring the buildings and searching for buried riches requires moving rubble around for a few hours, and hours are limited. Rests will cost even more time.
>Enemy groups have been mix-and-matched for variety
>Cultists serve as a warning, they arrive shortly before Venomfang and enthusiastically try to recruit PCs into the Cult of the Dragon, and mention now is a great opportunity because Venomfang should be back in mere minutes now, isn't that amazing


>> No.53843998

Does breaking my medieval fantasy count as invalid?

Because, medieval society was very harsh on sexual minorities.

>> No.53844003


ok, why didn't they just say "you can add Chill Touch to your known cantrips"?

>> No.53844011

What version would work best for just editing stuff like tokens and basic art?

>> No.53844013

I think there might have been another Necromancy Cantrip in that UA with the level one spells.

>> No.53844024


it's a cleric spell, and it's also not allowed in the game I'm in

>> No.53844034

I want you as my DM, anon.

>> No.53844037

DnD is not a generic medieval fantasy. If your own setting is, then I suppose that's fine. But to claim to hate 5e because of this is flat out ridiculous.

>> No.53844038

Probably because eventually there will be more than just Chill Touch. Setting the precedent of it being Chill Touch and only Chill Touch would be pretty shit. Like >>53844013 said there's Toll the Dead already, too.

>> No.53844052

Based on how other fetas work, you won't use wisdom for your spellcasting ability. If you use a wizard cantrip, it'll be Int. If you use a Warlock/Sorcerer/Bard, it'll be Cha

>> No.53844068

Look at bardic secrets and book of shadows; both of them are class feats and make it a spell for your class. You're talking about spell sniper and magic initiate.

>> No.53844076

>Crossbow Master
Its not even that good unless you take a hand crossbow. How else am I supposed to make a tacticool ranger?

>> No.53844095

Sounds fine. Kudos to you for working in modifications to a published adventure.

Venomfang is supposed to be an optional big fight (that could be talked around for role play). I think Thundertree really helps boost the exploration side of the game.

>> No.53844119

Longbows and smoke bombs.

Rogues make good tacticool characters because sneak attack damage promotes hiding and ambushing. Especially with Assassin.

>> No.53844143

Bows are for elves
I don't play dirty knife ears

>> No.53844147

It's the best weapon feat for Rogues since it's Dual Wielding But Better.

>> No.53844149

>Oh well, might as well keep it in the family.

>> No.53844154


>> No.53844170


Would not hunt with.

>> No.53844178

What are your favorite adventure modules for 5e?

If you could play only one which one would you pick?

Are there any third and fourth edition modules that you would want to play adapted to fifth edition?

Or would you prefer a home brew setting and campaign?

Finally, would you join a campaign recruited from this thread?

>> No.53844181

If you don't like it why not use the 2e depiction of them instead?

>> No.53844188

My mistake

>> No.53844193

What if I put a grappling hook tied to a rope on the ground and cast catapult on it?
Does the spell work since I'm not holding the hook itself but a rope the hook is attached to?

>> No.53844213

You could just cast it and then grab the loose end of the rope as the hook flies away.

It's going to take a minute before the rope catches up.

>> No.53844219

I would totally allow it. At levels where a first level spell slot is meaningful, it's a useful bit of versatility, and when first level slots no longer really matter, you can do this in far more stupendous ways.

>> No.53844221

>asking questions about a third party spell

>> No.53844230

>What are your favorite adventure modules for 5e?
Tales from the Yawning Portal is really fun. I also like Storm Kings Thunder.

>If you could play only one which one would you pick?
Tales. Love me some dungeons.

>Are there any third and fourth edition modules that you would want to play adapted to fifth edition?
Mines of Madness, which I think has a reskin.

>Or would you prefer a home brew setting and campaign?
Homebrew, actually.

>Finally, would you join a campaign recruited from this thread?
Why not? I've got a burning itch for a game.

>> No.53844240

>Being so retarded you don't know this is an official spell from the EEPC and is even in AL games

>> No.53844255

I should add that, should the PCs be in Thundertree when Venomfang comes, it won't be an immediate game over. I'll put them on the receiving end of a nasty chase sequence, with the green bastard bursting through buildings and breathing poison at them. If they aren't stupid they should be able to escape into the forest alive, but they'll have to leave some riches (or downed teammates) behind.

Stealing Venomfang's eggs will be a possibility, if the players are feeling greedy and suicidal. They'll need to run VERY fast. But on the plus side they'll meet some dragon cultists on the road to Phandalin who I bet will pay top money for those eggs...

I'm flattered, thank you! If this works out, I'll post my notes online, so you too can know the Thundertree Heist Experience.

I don't have anything substantial so far, only ideas, but hmm... yeah, I think I'll let my players take Venomfang head-on (if they're really stupid) or parley (if they're wise; they might have to give up most of the treasure they've found in exchange for their lives).

>> No.53844275

find me a gay in the FR 2nd edition and I will give you a useless internet point.

I said I hate this edition because it attracts the /d/ faggots who want an elf chick with a thick dick

>> No.53844290

Reposting a question
All-urban game w/ four players, levels 1-3 possible, one player will be a wizard, one will be a psion, one is unknown, but I'm considering a martial.

Should I go tank or more of a damage dealer, and if so what would be your recommended path? My guess is probably tank because a psion can probably build itself to be a damage dealer but not too tanky in spite of having access to heavy armor, unless that soul knife meme is supposed to be like a vampire tank?

>> No.53844297

>playing AL ever
How's that stockholm syndrome going for you?

>> No.53844300

If Warlock were to have normal spell slots, what would be its 20th level feature?

>> No.53844312

I don't play, I'd sooner play Roll20 garbage then it. The point is it's literally as official as Firebolt.

>> No.53844343

Boo hoo. Suck it up, you big fucking baby.

>> No.53844349

You shouldn't act smug if you have no clue what you're talking about.

>> No.53844368


>> No.53844369

Oh, you must be samefagging, I see how it is. Good luck with your elf dick quest

>> No.53844380

How many furry races are currently in your party?

>> No.53844388

Enjoy, useless as but is he flamboyantly openly gay or realistic for a gay of the time period

>> No.53844391

Are succubi and incubi irreparably evil?
Amongst the pantheon of our setting, there's a god of desire, passion, carnality, excess, beauty, longing and ambition. He is served by a very special race of beings born from his own dreams we call angels of ecstasy.

All of them are stunningly beautiful, alluring seductors - each of them with an unique appearance, but every single one a deadly combination of titillation, beauty and ruthlessness - who sometimes travel around the material plane for fun, be it to encourage love and romance among young couples, or to flirt with mortals just to abandon them, leaving trails of shattered hearts behind them.

Then I foolishly realized that in essence, they basically are incubi and sĂșccubi. But they aren't necessarily evil, just chaotic and whimsical. What do you think about this concept?

>> No.53844421

Do they suck out the souls of their lovers?
If yes then they're evil, if no then its just magical realm.

>> No.53844422


>> No.53844425


One of my players just rolled up a character who's a halfling with some bizarre skin disorder that makes him look like a raccoon named "Racket Rangoon"

>> No.53844426

what are some neat traps i can throw into a dungeon as hazards? not like a full room puzzle trap but not "save or damage" either

>> No.53844427

If this was a reply about Hazlik, he was known as gay by other Red Wizards and I imagine anyone who knows about him as a Darklord would know he is.

The fact he's gay is what directly led to him becoming a Darklord.

>> No.53844435

Real Talk: I think Eldritch Master is underrated as fuck since Warlocks get so many concentration-free buffs that last an hour. Bulk up in the pre-cast room, take a minute to refuel then go kill everything.

>> No.53844446

>red wizards
Here we have it, he is an evil homo, accurate to the time period

>> No.53844447

describe the dungeon and the enemies inside.

>> No.53844462

this particular one is the tower of an evil wizard with a lot of illusions inside
i have a few puzzles already

>> No.53844486

I know, but if I give them spell slots as other casters, there's no way they can keep Eldritch Master as is.

>> No.53844490

Technically the only evil acts he committed were in revenge after being publicly ruined by his crush and being covered in feminine tattoos. I imagine he went insane somewhere during the torture.

He killed the guy and made his girlfriend eat his dead body, then I think he did something else and is now a Darklord.

His current goal is to make a spell to instantly kill all the Red Wizards in the multiverse for revenge.

>> No.53844495

Locks the way they came in so there is no turning back?

>> No.53844503

Sounds evil to me

>> No.53844508

Do you even know what that means? Holy shit. I'm arguing with a retard.

>> No.53844522

Yah, he might be the same fag,

>> No.53844555

Is a mimicdoor a trap?

>> No.53844562

It should count as a cleric spell. The way the book writes it is more a result of the class being a hold out from the DMG. Every other class feature like this would make the spell a class spell.

>> No.53844585

I was just rambling generally. For a replacement, maybe something that lets them start to become a patron in their own right.

>> No.53844600

High elves naturally know a single cantrip, how do you deal with non caster classes casting them?

Do they still need a spell focus/component pouch to cast it?

>> No.53844605

Reposting my mediocre homebrew Sorc revisions.

>> No.53844613

No its from their elven dickgirl magic

>> No.53844629

Illusory floor tiles. Step on one and you fall into a pit of spikes.
Statues are spread across the dungeon, most are mundane but some will become animate and swing at a creature that comes within reach.
There's a chandelier in one of the nicer rooms, closer inspection shows it to be very ornately designed with lots of sharp protrusions. The floor directly beneath the chandelier has an anti-gravity ward that flings the player into the chandelier.

>> No.53844666

>His current goal is to make a spell to instantly kill all the Red Wizards in the multiverse for revenge
this makes me wonder if a wizard could create a scroll of genocide. Reading it removes one type of creature from existence.

>> No.53844669

>There are multiple canon biological females in multiple canon settings both in novels and in fluff.

I don't think you mean what hermaphroditic means. A canon "biological female" still has female parts, they just have a male part too.

>> No.53844679

I would still require the focus/component, but the item used for cantrips is usually trivial to acquire. The only real use of requiring it is that you can take that power away if they get captured. And even then they're likely to still have the component, assuming anything less than full on castle dungeon type capture.

>> No.53844714

Quite possible given enough time/power. Would also explain why there isn't anymore yellow dragons in the multiverse.

>> No.53844729

If the elk isn't strong enough just ask the DM if it can be a giant elk or something.

>> No.53844764

How balanced is this?

Elven Longsword - 50g
1d8 slashing - 2lbs - Adaptable

This weapon can be used with one or two hands. When used in two hands, this weapon has the finesse property.

>> No.53844805

Tbqh the warlock looks great on paper, but is it a trap class?

>> No.53844807

>Finesse longsword
My witcher can finally be complete

>> No.53844808

It really depends on the "rules" of the setting.
If you're playing in Pathfinder's universe, then the answer is no.
If you're in D&D's, then yes they are in fact always evil.

The answer is always different depending on the baseline "rules".
Great, but they still don't have man parts.
I'm sure there ARE herm elves, just like there's herm humans, though they'd be rarer for elves largely because there's usually not that many elves at all.
But not all elves automatically have both parts simply because it's your fetish. Nobody cares about your fetishes when designing D&D settings; you aren't important enough.

>> No.53844820

So it's an objectively shittier Rapier?

>> No.53844844

>but they still don't have man parts.

How do you know?

More specifically, why does WotC mention herm Elves when they never ever show us herm Elves? What's the point in being this big-dick flagships of industry inclusion when they don't actually, you know, INCLUDE things?

>> No.53844855

>If you're in D&D's, then yes they are in fact always evil.
Morality varies from setting to setting in D&D. In Eberron, a good succubus is entirely possible.

>> No.53844861

They don't actually feast on mortal souls, but they do enjoy to be worshipped as lesser deities through sacred prostitution. The energy generated via desire and passion is a delicacy to them, and they use it to fuel a supernatural aura of intense attraction that makes them appear as the perfect paragon of beauty and object of lust for their peers, regardless of race, gender or sense of morality.

They are supreme masters in the subtly art of perfecting appearances, and you can only hope to catch a mere glimpse of their true forms.

>> No.53844863

Witchers don't really use finesse any more then anyone else does in a fight.
If you're going by the games, all of Geralt's moves a power-maneuvers, LOTS of shoulder muscle and speed being used there.

If you're going by the books, then yeah, finesse might be accurate, but only because the books don't differentiate those two stats arbitrarily for the purposes of gameplay.

>> No.53844864

Is there a reason to not have it be "when the other hand is free"? That way, it'd be just as useful for swashbucklers as it would be for gishy spellswords.

>> No.53844882

I think AL had an adventure about defending a succubus from le ebil nazi redplumes

>> No.53844908

Because it gets them brownie points with degenerates with minimum without actually influencing the game.

>tumblr babby- "muh diversity"
>wotc- "look, dick elves"
>tumblrwhale feels validated and doesn't go into a trigglypuff meltdown

>> No.53844917

Magical realm, got it.

>> No.53844934

Why does a witcher need a finesse weapon?

>> No.53844953

Do you need it spelled out to you?
Okay; as an ACTUAL gay person, this new "inclusion" stuff is both brand new and actually not very big on inclusion at all.
It equally represents gay people the same way Will and Grace accurately represents homosexuals living in New York (or in general), or Big Bang Theory represents nerds; it's fucking pandering to a demographic and presenting itself as interesting to normies who genuinely have nothing to do with either group. It's not really ABOUT inclusion at all.

To use your argument; in D&D nobody has sex at all, because they never talk about sex. In fact, there's no such thing as prostitutes since 1e. Children can easily come from people splitting off like amoebae into new versions of themselves because dicks, vaginas, sexual orientation, and fucking itself was only recently acknowledged in 5e, and even then in an "okay, sometimes people are into stuff and babies happen but we're STILL rated PG and we aren't gonna talk about sex".

You want the D&D to talk about sex?
Go shop for some Paizo products, they're into that shit.

>> No.53844961

That seems like a better ruling, I might use that. I'm just making it so an elf player can get use out of their proficiency.

>> No.53844977

Any way to play pic related using official material or UA?

>> No.53844987

>Go shop for some Paizo products, they're into that shit.

>The Mask of the Demon Mother
>This wondrous item, when worn, allows you to not only smell if a creature is fertile or virile, but allows you to successfully have sex with any creature within one size category of yourself and impregnate or be impregnated.

>mfw your sorceress can get knocked up by her horse

>> No.53845007

Not really, no.
I guess you could play a Wizard who uses ice magic, sometimes. But he's still have to use other kinds because there's just not enough ice spells.

Why would you even think D&D would let you play a Mortal Kombat character? Go play Mutants and Masterminds or some other superheroes system, MK is basically every single silly 90's comic book stereotype rolled into one anyway, that's part of it's charm.

>> No.53845008

Are Hobgoblins the best Mystics?
>CON and INT
>good racial
>They can pick a Rapier or Whip for Finesse, or a Greatsword for GWM

>> No.53845009

Wot4E monk, but it's a bad subclass.

>> No.53845021

Yeah, Paizo's authors seriously had next to zero dick control, I swear to god.

>> No.53845022

We have a cat. Not a catgirl. Not an anthropomorphic cat. Not a humanoid polymorphed into a cat. Just a fucking cat. And she's a level 3 cleric. That's as far as I know.

>> No.53845037

What's wrong with the item? I mean, if we're going to have a pleasant conversation about gender and sexuality why can't we have a pleasant conversation about bestiality and impregnation?

>> No.53845039

Can i cast darkness on a dart and throw it at my enemies to blind them and run away

>> No.53845041

The dead gay knights in Curse of Strahd were a nice touch, imo. A small detail that's touched on but not forcefully focused on.

As a bonus note: one of them, with the right tarokka draw, can be the party's fated ally and is easily one of the strongest you can get. A high-level undead paladin that deals extra damage against Strahd? He can carry the party through Ravenloft easy.

>> No.53845061

Could you fuck a terrasque if you got a potion of giant size (if the mask were in 5e)

>> No.53845079

Friendly reminder the game stops being fun post Level 7.

The ideal campaign goes from Level 3-8.

>> No.53845081

Better than how that baldur's gate game did it, I'll give it that

>> No.53845083

Ice Dragon Sorcerer with and refluff Shocking Touch into Freezing Touch.

Then just go for a build who uses Ice spells and can also Twin/Quicken Freezing Touch for combo punches.

>> No.53845100


>> No.53845103

Mine are like this too. It's fine, and I guess a blessing.

>> No.53845108

>mfw some people think Crossbow Master allows them 3 shots with the same crossbow
>mfw some people think they can have a shield in the OH and still benefit from the ignore loading feat

>> No.53845121

A tabaxi monk we added recently to the party who was played by a girl that didn't talk much (so we made her canonically mute to compensate) and a party member who changed from a half orc druid to a furbolg druid if you consider them to be furries.

>> No.53845128

But they can use the same crossbow RAW and RAI. You are right about the shield though.

>> No.53845147

It's not pleasant, it's asanine.
Agreed on both counts.
Our party got "the Mad Mage" though. Surprised the everloving fuck out of us when we found out who he was.
As a homosexual person the heavy-handed nature of that shit was so clumsy that it shouldn't be allowed around construction equipment or to run with scissors and should wear a helmet and jaw guard at all times like the retard it is.

I don't care if Amber Scott finds regular fantasy characters boring, she lacks the skill to write gay ones.
I'm positive that Sparkler from DAIII was written by her too; that out-of-nowhere heavy handed as fuck "this is a being gay is rough' storyline in a setting where homosexuals and such were shown to not be descriminated against at all already was so clumsy and badly done that it HAD to be her writing it.

>> No.53845161

Yes, that's the entire point of the mask.

>> No.53845172

>I hate casters. I always make sure they're the priority target when I GM.
>If they ever tried to call me out on it, I just say they my npc arn't stupid, of course they go for the biggest obvious threat first.

Its ok anon, Crawford agrees with you. Any smart creature will gank the casters first.

>> No.53845185

How does Amber Scott continue to find work if her writing is terrible and her attitude is toxic?

Is she a shining example of nepotism in the industry? That you will always have a meal-ticket if you squawk the right dogma?

>> No.53845189

How do you deal with Player's choosing a flying race?
They can't be that broken.

>> No.53845191

But would the terrasque consent?

>> No.53845201

Alright, how stupid is this then? Is a d10 finesse weapon too strong? Why? Should I make this only usable with Dex, so it's not stepping on the longsword so much? Am I retarded?

Martial Weapon
Elven Longsword - 50g
1d8 slashing - 2lbs - Adaptable, Versatile (1d10)

When the other hand is free or you are wielding this weapon in two hands, this weapon has the finesse property.

>> No.53845203

three ways:
have dungeon encounters
dont allow flying
shoot their ass out of the sky

>> No.53845210

The Tarrasque always consents.

>> No.53845225

No, the terrasque wouldn't consent just to rape the person its self

>> No.53845228

Are there any good homebrews for minotaurs? Unearthed arcana version is bullshit

>> No.53845242

Every enemy they meet has nets and longbows.

Also hold person, most flyers don't have hover which means they lose movement they fall to the ground taking 1d6 for every 10ft.

>> No.53845248

Congratulations, you learned how the left (or rather all politics and politically active groups) work in the modern world. You can get ahead as long as you tow the party line, but drop it and they drop you like a bag of burning shit.

The thing that bugs me the most is that they're essentially using queers as a vehicle for their own agenda without any care for the people they're supposedly "helping".

>> No.53845258

>not hooves
Absolutely disgusting.
What's wrong with the UA Minotaur exactly?

>> No.53845269

Have the enemies aim for their wings

>> No.53845273

I doubt the gaming industry's pool of writers is that large.

>> No.53845303

>but drop it and they drop you like a bag of burning shit.

>Marvel was perfectly fine with that an Indonesian artist drawing their shit up until the moment he added some hidden, extremely hateful shit in his artwork
>Well, more specifically, extremely hateful towards Christians and one mild hate reference to Jews
>mfw Marvel focuses ENTIRELY on the Jewish message, ignores the Christian hate entirely, and basically says "we fired him and made sure he'll fade into obscurity."

It's frightening to see just how efficient these people are at dropping folk who step out of the party line.

>> No.53845341

>The thing that bugs me the most is that they're essentially using queers as a vehicle for their own agenda without any care for the people they're supposedly "helping".
Meh, everyone in politics does that for everyone they can get away with it.
Republicans do that for poorer "flyover states", Democrats do that for wealthier larger cities, Republicans do it for white old guys without college degrees over the age of 48, Democrats do it for younger voters and minorities, etc.
It's all about vote-grabbing and trying to put your guys in position of power, everything else is secondary to them. It's fairly basic politics and always has been, just who's doing the what for who and TO whom has changed over time.

But let's drop the /pol/ talk, usually 5eg is okay and I don't want to shit all over it.

>> No.53845363

I wish I could have you as a DM. In the last campaign I played I was the gnome wizard in a party trying to save a village from a kobold raid. I tried to save the villagers by drawing the kobolds' attention. I pointed out to the DM that kobolds hate gnomes with a blind rage beyond all reason, but the kobolds would just ignore me.

>> No.53845376

>young voters
>tfw young well educated and right leaning

>> No.53845381

>The one I am playing in
1, if you count scalie as furry. Lizardfolk barbarian, that I play.

>The one I DM
1.5. A Dragonborn Warlock, scalie vrs. furry again, and a halfling rogue that jokingly started to say meow and ask for cat ears.

>> No.53845382

Marvel is literally run by a homophobic racist corporate shark who according to most people who worked with him has displayed either an autistic-level misunderstanding of human interactions or outright sociopathic behavior depending on your personal analysis, so YES it's pandering is extremely shallow.

>> No.53845397


>> No.53845400

You could talk to your DM about refluffing the Sun Soul monk to deal cold damage instead of radiant. Name it something like Way of the North Wind.

>> No.53845428

Apparently by "drop it" you read "keep talking about".

>> No.53845438


>> No.53845449

At this point it's literally just "All dex users get +1 damage per turn" for no reason except you ant elves to use their thing.

Just make an Elven Longsword be 1d8 slashing with no properties and be done with it.

>> No.53845465

I like this, if you want to minmax hard, play some vidya

>> No.53845487

>Unearthed arcana version is bullshit
It's actually really good, use Defence figting style and a shield. Enjoy having 1d10 damage, grappling and being a Shield Master who has ADV on shoves.

>> No.53845493

Fix your spelling mistakes
Spell mastery is neat but clunky, probably comes to late to matter

>> No.53845495

If enemies don't have long ranged weapons or magic, they would reasonably run to cover or underground if available and try to lure the flyers in. If the flyers have them boxed in without any options, nothing to do but let it play out, which is okay sometimes.

>> No.53845512

Have all the enemy casters know hold person

>> No.53845533

Only sorcerers, rangers, rogues, wizards, and barbarians don't gain anything from every short rest. (For completeness, Wizards still benefit from one, and wizards, sorcerers, and rogues do benefit with their capstones.) Anyone might like to heal, and you can only benefit from one long rest a day. There's a big difference between "an hour" and "tomorrow" in terms of wasting time. I wish people would stop spreading this bullshit.

>> No.53845540

How do I make the best Barbarian? Is it just GWM?

>> No.53845547

>corporate shark

I now have a new Sahaugin character I want to try out.

>> No.53845591

I dunno why people call sahaguin "shark-men", they don't even remotely look like sharks and are hardly the only murderous water-dwelling humanoid species out there.

>> No.53845592

As emphasis, for damage, the difference between 9 str and 16 was +1 damage. That's a completely different paradigm than these days.

>> No.53845619

It's easy to grasp the concept if you have an actual job which gives you actual grasp of exactly how long a one-hour break is verusus a fucking eight hour rest.
I live in modern day and I sure as shit can't find enough time to get right hours of straight rest and have to fucking make due with six.

>> No.53845629


>>53845533 is right. Druids, Fighters, Monks and Warlocks are the main ones who want short rests, but everybody wants them at least once for every long rest.

Warlocks will always have 4 of the highest slot level available each day and sometimes 6 or even 8. Plus some minor at-will abilities.

Is that worth it? Depends on your outlook and your patron, because one you get to level 9 your spell choice is very limited. Spell choice is by far Warlocks biggest issue and makes it far too tempting to dip into Cleric if you have a high enough Wisdom.

>> No.53845633

>When you just realized your ranger has been attacking with a Heavy Crossbow twice
>"dropping" it and drawing a hand crossbow to use the feat
>When the feat says you can only attack on a bonus action after an attack with a one handed weapon
>mfw a Heavy Crossbow is 2 handed

>> No.53845672

>Not refluffing sahaguin as actual sharks

As for the other murderous water-dwellers, do they have any traits that involve Blood In The Water?

>> No.53845694

I guess not, so that is indeed a similarity.

>> No.53845714

>Elven women
Your problem here is that elves don't have "men" and "women", they are all just "elves".

>> No.53845719

Stop shitposting.

>> No.53845750

>No sexual dimorphism

That's where you are wrong.

>> No.53845794

Is this elf discussion really necessary? Will we be better men for having had it?

>> No.53845807

Does that Elf have a penis?

>> No.53845808

So last night I played a game of D&D with the creator and writer of Drizzt, though embarrassingly I didn't even know who he was until halfway through the game.

>> No.53845809

The reason you don't see finesse weapons go past 1d8 is because dexterity is already hands down the best stat. 1d10/1d12/2d6 damage dice for martial weapons are restricted to Strength so it's not completely pointless to invest in it.

The only race with a natural flight speed is Aarakocra, right? They're not that great. Flight is all well and good for utility, but in combat it's not likely to be an issue - they're not likely to be strong enough to carry other creatures, so drop combat is out of the question. It's standard for adventurers to carry a ranged weapon even if they're built for melee, so no reason that wouldn't be standard for everyone else.

If you're worried excessively about it then rule that any time they take damage while flying they make a concentration check to avoid falling, and/or apply disadvantage on ranged attacks made while flying because of the amount of movement so they can't just sky-kite.

>> No.53845831

proof and how did it go?

>> No.53845833

Sounds like repelling blast would fit right in.

>> No.53845871


give some of the enemies ranges weapons? I don't even see what's so broken about flying. Anything ranged can presumably hit you if you can hit it, and if the enemies are melee only you can usually cheese them pretty easily without flying

>> No.53845882

This is why I fuck those lizards things those asthmatic miners found under some rocks.

>> No.53845909

Honestly? Sounds possible. Salvatore would be playing the game and eventually he's gonna end up playing with someone on /tg/.

Did he play a Drow?

>> No.53845924

Have I got this right?

>Crossbow Expert
>When you use the Attack action and attack with a one-handed weapon, you can use a bonus action to attack with a hand crossbow you are holding

So if someone used a Heavy Crossbow that invalidates at least two of the requirements right?

Heavy Crossbow is two handed so the one handed is out.

Even if you drop the heavy crossbow and use a free action to draw a hand crossbow, you weren't holding it when you made the original attack action so it's out.

>> No.53845940

Sorry, no proof. I didn't ask for his autograph and didn't even know who he was until the end there. It wasn't a formal streaming online game or anything.
I was across the country seeing a friend from college and he told me it was D&D night with this one group of older players and they needed a sub player who knew 2e D&D rules on short notice. I did and I hadn't played with him since college so I showed up and made a Ranger.

I only knew the player as "Bob" the entire game, I had no idea what he looked like in real life. I didn't even put it together who he was until later when we played a game of Goldeye on the house's N64 and we talked about favorite old gaming setting modules.
I told him Bloodstone Lands was one of my favorites and he said; "Thanks, that was one of mine", and I put it together who he was.

He played a dwarf Fighter if anyone cares, which looking back on it makes a lot of sense honestly.
The GM (David, no idea if he was anyone important) told me that "Bob always plays the dwarf or halfling or gnome".

>> No.53845961


>> No.53845964

What about TWO hand crossbows?

>> No.53845972

No, Dwarf Fighter.
Apparently he habitually plays "short races", usually dwarves, and looking back on it he's written more dwarf and halfling characters then he has any other character type by far.

>> No.53845974

Still third party writers though. The quality is notably substandard even compared to the shoddy writing already in the PHB. As an online supplement, does it even count as a published book? It is an official source and that's the best I can say of it.

>> No.53845977

Found the faggot (or the virgin.)

Vaginal sex feels way better than anal, both for the penetrator and the penetrated.

>> No.53845984

afaik they both count as one handed weapons, and you can attack with the same weapon on the bonus action.

The point is the damage changes from a d10 to a d6.

>> No.53845998

Depends on the ass, but yeah, usually.
Having a girl who's REALLY into it helps though, but most won't be.

>> No.53846034

I actually remember seeing something once that he really loves the short races, so personally I believe you.


80% of the credits are people from Wotc including Crawford and Mearls as the lead designers, that's about as official as it gets mate.

>> No.53846040

A weapon with the ammunition property requires a free hand to load, so you'd have to drop one crossbow before you load the other. Otherwise you can get all your attacks with one hand crossbow, like boring normal people.

>> No.53846073

>I actually remember seeing something once that he really loves the short races, so personally I believe you.
I'd have thought to get proof if I even know who he WAS. Hell, the guy who introduced me to the group didn't know I don't think, when I introduced him to D&D he didn't read any of those books.
I think he might have read through Dragonlance once at best.

>> No.53846084

What is the best sidequest you have ever played or ran?

>> No.53846087

So, I have a little problem with an NPC. My D&D campaign is wrapping up, but there is still one NPC that I have issue putting into the story.

The NPC doesn't have a backstory, nor any characteristics of any kind, all they know is his name: Biggers Di.

Just about every session, whenever I introduce a new charater, they'll constantly chirp me about this randomly generated name. Now that the campaign is ending, I want to introduce this mythical figure in an impactful way.


>> No.53846096

>Heavy crossbow is two handed
>Ergo no free hand
>But crossbow expert allows you to ignore loading
>But you can't have a shield in your OH because that would take up your hand to not load
>Ergo you can't reload a heavy crossbow whilst holding it

>> No.53846110

>They have never met this person
>His name is known
>Better meet him at the end of the campaign

Is Biggers Di... God?

>> No.53846121

well they worship the god of sharks and can telepathically communicate with sharks, so that's two things.

>> No.53846146

Two-handed weapons only require two hands to attack. Otherwise, they only require one hand to hold, like normal weapons.

>> No.53846147

Think of what a level 20+ commoner could do... that is this man.

Horses envy his power of pulling a plow, Blacksmiths watch in awe as he hammers a shovel in one blow and etc.

>> No.53846186

it's all true

>> No.53846187

Two handed only applies to actively attacking, else you literally couldn't shoot a longbow more than once.

>> No.53846194

[citation needed]

>> No.53846223


>> No.53846256


>> No.53846296

Why the fuck would two-handed mean you need two hands to hold it, anyway? Like suddenly a 5-pound greatsword can't be lifted from the ground without two hands? It's one of the dumbest assumptions I've seen when it comes to 5e.

>> No.53846333

You don't need two hands to hold it, you need two hands to use it in combat.

>> No.53846338

Is STR 12, DEX 13, CON 13, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 15 a good stat spread for a GOO warlock?
Planning on being a variant human and taking Resilient (Con) so final stats would be STR 12, DEX 14, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 16.

>> No.53846373

>Vaginal sex feels way better than anal, both for the penetrator and the penetrated.
How do you know that?
There's no way that you would know how it feels to be both the penetrator and the penetrated on both anal and vaginal sex.

But it is impressive what some people can do with their asses, you for one, seem to be able to talk out of yours.

>> No.53846399

I would swap STR and WIS, but that's just me. A warlock won't be doing much heavy lifting but a good mental fortitude and awareness is nice to have. It also fits with the theme of having a sort of greater intuition into the cosmic truth or something.

>> No.53846425

Oh, hey, we're talking about sex anyway so I don't feel bad about this after all.

Simple question, 5eg - did I get the CR of this creature right? It's basically just a somewhat beefier succubus. The CR calculator in OP's resource trove says it should be CR 6, however.

>> No.53846521

Does anyone have a download similar to the mega link in the OP with all the 3.5 books? A torrent would be best but I'd take anything.

>> No.53846523

Sounds good, bro, will be doing that. Cheers.

>> No.53846600

In the D&Dnext playtests there were katanas - 1d10 finesse 2 handed weapons. They did not survive to the PHB because it encroaches on one of the few things strength has over dexterity, which is the usage higher damage dice weapons.

>> No.53846621

>DM suddenly wants to use downtime and other such AL style nonsense
>I picked a barbarian with proficiency in cooking

Help, /tg/, what the fuck do I do with my downtime days?

>> No.53846628


>> No.53846631

Work as a master chief.

Craft potions and other consumables but refluff into various foods and drinks.

>> No.53846635

Be chef Ramses for your group.

>> No.53846668

Cook, obviously. Use the Work downtime activity from the UA, only use Wisdom and your proficiency with cooking instead of Strength or Charisma.

>> No.53846710

I punch the green key guy and take his key.

>> No.53846719

>Craft potions
Isn't that herbalism?

>> No.53846737

Not if they're magical coffee's.

Just like anyone who doesn't let someone with Brewing make alcoholic healing potions should die.

>> No.53846756

Just got myself a Wand of Wonder, to be safe I should target it against hostiles only, right?

>> No.53846758

Tell me what 1st-level cleric spell to learn from Magic Initiate, I can't decide. UA allowed.

>> No.53846767

>Not casting it on commoners

>> No.53846775

Bless or Healing Word

>> No.53846781

Ceremony so you can start stockpiling one flask of holy water a day.

>> No.53846782

Healing Word is nice, same as Ceremony and Guiding Hand.

>> No.53846783

Bless is great.

>> No.53846786

>slams the raw meat directly into the campfire
>sprinkles marshmallows and whatever other junk the party has on it
>opens a vial of salt and pepper, dumps a good portion into his fist
>punches the sizzling, on-fire meat with his spices
>continues punches it while it yet still burns
>enters into rage from taking 1d4 burn damage
>body slams the campfire while roaring in unparalleled fury
>fire is finally smothered after he delivers a big elbow from the top ropes holding the tents up
>scarred all over his body as he holds a slab of perfectly cooked meat
>grunts to the party, rips off pieces and flings it to them
>sits in the corner and gnaws on the largest slice of meat
>barbachef later goes on to become the greatest cook to ever live

>> No.53846810

I love it

>> No.53846816

I can't decide if Create Bonfire is good or garbage.

Seems like it's a solid choice for Evocation Wizard at the very least though with their "half damage on passed save" thing.

>> No.53846841 [DELETED] 

Favored Souls can twin Ceremony with Investiture to be able to effectively have double the casting of any spell.

The best part is one of the Targets can just be yourself.

>> No.53846890

It's good if you can spare the concentration. It's extra fun if your class has a reliable knockback ability and can push monsters in to the fire repeatedly

>> No.53846891

As an Immortal Mystic should I be hitting enemies with my brain or a sword mostly?

Seems like another class where picking up Boom Blade would go a long way to helping.

>> No.53846923

>Not getting Ceremony to perform bar mitzvahs and lesbian weddings

>> No.53846928

Is asking my DM if I can swap my weapon and armour proficiency as well as my Divine Strike, for the Potent spellcasting fair? I want to either be a Nature or Death Cleric who's more of a priest.

>> No.53846937

That's why you don't make the water until the end of the day, in case you need it for something else like a funeral or a one time buff to someone.

>> No.53846939

Should have mentioned I'm currently a druid so I already have stuff like Healing Word.

Bless sounds like a solid choice though, thank you.

>> No.53846973

You'd still have to spend a slot for each spell. You wouldn't be getting more spells than normal, you'd just be letting two people cast a spell at the cost of three spell slots from you.

>> No.53847048

Is there ever a reason to hit someone with your sword as a mystic?

>> No.53847068

Honestly you should just be able to swap Divine Strike for Potent Spellcasting

>Bless sounds like a solid choice though, thank you.
Bless is fantastic... although as a Druid you're probably already drowning in concentration spells

>> No.53847081

They get psi-smite so kinda?

>> No.53847100

>not 2d6-3

>> No.53847114

How do I Dirgesinger? Lore Bard with Animate Dead?

>> No.53847187

So Undying Warlock's main strength is their spellist right? Getting Contagion on short rests seems amazing.

>> No.53847223

>not rolling 1d1 down the line
>not having a party of failed abortions

>> No.53847229

Pretty sure I read on one of the dev's twitters that you only need 2 hands for attacking, and that you could hold it in one hand in combat to spellcast or use items.

>> No.53847237

Death Cleric's the only Cleric I would have to think over before saying yes.

Being able to nearly always twin Chill Touch means at level 8 your average damage will be 4d8+10 most turns... that's an average of 28 damage with a cantrip every turn, a Rogue does 5d6+5 there for an average of 22.5.

The damage being split over two enemies probably makes that fair though.

>> No.53847267

>rolling 1d1 down the line
>not distributing 1d1 points among the stats

>> No.53847273

Is it me, or did planescape flesh out the planes; whereas spelljammer never got that second supplement to fill it out?

Planes ----> Planescape
Spelljammer ----> ???

>> No.53847279

That's what I mean. Doesn't the paladin page outright say your divine symbol can be painted on your shield if you're sword&board or you just take your hand off a greatsword?

>> No.53847306

>a blob of barely-things embark on a quest to seek out the god who left them unfinished

>> No.53847346

New thread:

>> No.53847351

>Heavy Armor Master

>> No.53847390

>Confusing sex and gender.
Come on, faggots. Have a little more respect for English.

>> No.53847498

>that's about as official as it gets mate.
I said it is official, buddy. It was actually written by Sasquatch Games though.

>> No.53847522

The sad thing is that there actually are citations for this.

>You can pick up a <5 pound sword with only one hand,
>but don't just take my word for it.
>Listen to these experts.

>> No.53847570

>Getting Contagion on short rests seems amazing.
Maybe if you're a dick. It hasn't got much point in combat.

>> No.53848031

Just fought a Roper
>Paladin, Cleric, Monk, Warlock (me)
>Somehow no one but me has a ranged weapon
>None of the other party members has ranged weapons with them
>Fight is literally the 3 playing jump rope with it while I kill it

Now I'm amazed how none of the 3 had ranged weapons with them the entire campaign.

>> No.53848209


>> No.53849513

>An arrow trap which shoots magical, very slow arrows which explode on hitting something. (Moves like, 5 to 30ft every turn)
>Because of the explosion, you can't defend against them with your shield or sword, you'll need to throw stuff at them.

>A trap which floods the room to your knees
>No big deal right?
>Suddenly, piranhas.

>Right in front of you, a pair of huge stone spikes with an opening in the middle
>They smash left and right at seemingly random intervals
>Requires a Dexterity check to jump through unharmed, or an Intelligence check to figure out the pattern

>Sent in some Red Wizards.

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