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What would be the three most important things to know if you were being sent to Medieval Times?

Crop rotation, germ theory and antibiotics maybe?

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How to not ever be noticed by anyone so they can't boss you around, yell at you for not worshiping god enough, or catch you stealing food
Synthesizing drugs and growing "medicinal" plants to stave off the omnipresent depression of the era
Effective suicide methods

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Latin, Your jesus, and either crop rotation if you want to try and get the post black plague population boom to happen early, germ theory and general medicine if you want to make the black plague hit the rest of europe like it hit poland, or metallurgy and/or gunsimithing if you want to remove kebab

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I don't see how this applies to /tg/ but okay. I would suggest definitely medicine by far with herb gathering and being aware of the types of plants you are picking from. Knowing how to make rope (You have no idea how effective this is), and knowing an effective route to Warsaw to avoid the black plague (lol good luck with that)

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How to generate electricity (not that hard once you know how). How to render aluminium from bauxite. Yes, antibiotics would be important. Aluminium especially would give you a huge edge.

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You are all fools. All your technological stuff (And practical stuff) is rather useless if you're speaking an unfamiliar tongue and accidentally do heretical stuff.
Also if you're not white you're probabyl fucked. Sorry

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>how to generate electricity

Nothing more than a curiosity without any shit to power



Technological marvels wouldn't do you for dick. Pick something practical like architectural engineering or smithing.

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Metallurgy, Medicine, Agriculture, or gunpowder. any of these would make big waves. Medicine would be the hardest sell, especially without knowledge of the church, agriculture second since in order to be of use you need to convince a load of people, then gunpowder since, while it has hard start up, ANY noble would take to it like a fish to water if they wanted to get the edge on their neighbors. Metallurgy would be the easiest sell since... well, You wouldn't really need to do all that much to convince people. Especially if you accidentally the bessemer proccess

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Guide to living well in medieval times:
1. Know how to fight.
2. Go rob and rape people.
3. Make friends with fellow robbers and rapers.
4. Rob and rape together.
5. Repeat from step 3 until you've conquered the world.

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>Also if you're not white you're probabyl fucked
They will just think you look weird

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Depends on where you go and what kind of not white you are.

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Language, culture, bible.

All your modern knowledge won't help for shit if you sperg out and get yourself ostracized.

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>the three most important things to know if you were being sent to Medieval Times?


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An welshman in england would be more likely to be discriminated against than a visiting moor, who would could probably land a royal audience without much trouble. The very concept of "white people" and races in general doesn't really appear until the enlightenment or later.

>Crop rotation
Crop rotation is nearly as old as civilization itself. Maybe you can show this off if you want to look like a primitive savage.

Here's some better (europe-centric) ideas to bring:
1. Wherever you go, pray to whatever god people around you are praying to. Pray as fervently as they do, but no more or less. Don't involve yourself with the church personally, but monks will be the people most receptive to any future wisdom you want to pass along so it might be good to make friends.
2. If you want to push social and technological progress help invent, produce, and distribute accurate time pieces that do not depend on the sun or printing presses. Humanity is mostly pulled out of the medieval times by the standardization and unification of civic culture and accounting (ie people doing things in dependable and reliable ways).
3. Germ theory is a good idea, but people won't accept it unless you can show them the germs. Invent a powerful microscope that can see bacteria (viruses are not feasible with any grade of optics). Then lead sanitation efforts. Proper sanitation would have stopped the plague in its tracks, but one man is unlikely to be able to revolutionize europe. Settle for saving your town and be happy with that.

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So, you plan on travelling back in time to become Genghis Khan

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>Crop rotation
Was mostly known

>germ theory
Was brought up at times and repeatedly dismissed

Ain't going to happen without extensive knowledge and equipment

Go back to the drawing board, you aren't going to get anything but annoyed looks from peasants and autistic screeching from contemporary doctors that way.

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>Medieval Latin

You'll need latin to converse with as many people as possible. Your modern day english, german or whatever isn't going to get you anywhere. You can try to get by with late latin, but it's going to be tough. Oh the other hand, Medieval Latin is a crapshoot so have fun learning that.

In this order. Creating effective guns would have been possible for most of human history, it's just a question of hindsight.

Optics have done more for most of science than many other tools, especially between the eleventh and twentieth century. People won't believe until they see, so the sooner humanity gets good microscopes and telescopes, the better.

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It's either that or a quick death. I'm not sticking around in a world with no internet.

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>Optics have done more for most of science than many other tools, especially between the eleventh and twentieth century. People won't believe until they see, so the sooner humanity gets good microscopes and telescopes, the better.
Plus a strong knowledge of optics would make you incredibly rich and important. Late Medieval period onwards states protected their optical knowledge with the same ferocity that we protect our nuclear technology.

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Four crop rotation ya dingus.

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>Four crop rotation ya dingus.
I hope you arrived post-Columbian Exchange, then. You can't do Four Crop Rotation without nitrogen fixing, and you can't fix your nitrogen without vegetables from South America.

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So you don't get burned at the stake

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There was really not all that much burning at the stake going on, comparatively. You could avoid that fate quite well by being cooperative with the church and not being on the shitlist of somebody powerful enough to pressure the church.

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You're going to die, you're going to be killed, you will not be able to return to the present

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Humanism (as in the Renaissance definition), large-scale printing and the scientific method, assuming you can pass all of them on effectively. Teach a man to fish and so on.

Having read the thread, though, language and general not-gettintg-lynched skills are probably also a good idea, likewise with optics.

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>The very concept of "white people" and races in general doesn't really appear until the enlightenment or later.

Explicitly false. In the 15th century aragonese chivalric romance Tirant lo Blanch, the protagonist gets tricked into thinking that his love has cheated with a moorish black gardener. The novel makes it explicit that the fact that the dude who fucked his girl is black makes him even more mad and sad. He kills the gardener before he has a chance to be proven innocent (although this last part would've probably happened too if he was white).

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>I don't see how this applies to /tg/
You can have a TTG of literally anything thus literally anything is /tg/ related

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Well into the early 20th century irish, poles, slavs, jews, and italians weren't considered fit to breed with "proper" anglos either. What's your point?

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