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The Thread Where I Accidentally Archived Thread XV As Thread XVI

Warmasters Triumvirate is an attempt at creating yet another 40k AU. The Primarchs have changed, and instead of appointing a single Warmaster upon returning to Terra, the Emperor leaves the Great Crusade in the care of three of his sons. This eventually culminates in a civil war between Loyalists, Chaos Traitors and Separatists...

Docs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14hqd6RLLgvLdYCIoLCHhQkidgXIsKUzrugyWu6pthEM

Chapter Constructor: https://bitbucket.org/chaptergenerator/chaptergenerator/downloads/

Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/53718973/
>Decided Exactly how Ullanor goes.
>Decide How Nikea goes down Exactly.
>Exterminate the Brutals.

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First for Gyahdred the Graphics Card

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Wait nigga what

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Third for shootin', stabbin', stranglin' nazis.

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Anyways, what does everyone think about Hashut being a greater daemon or daemon prince and using Mot to reach apotheosis during the Heresy?

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see >>53781603

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I think it's a really cool idea, definitely feels a lot more fluid than just adding a new Chaos God to 40k.

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Fourth for betraying all my brothers and suffering a fitting end in my quest to attain power over all mankind.

>When you connive, negotiate, blackmail, assassinate, and betray your way into power so you can establish a society founded upon the traditions of your homeworld.

Why a graphics card though?

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But I wanted him to be a god...

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Because it was funny

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Are you talking about Mot?

He would become one at some point during the heresy. Mot acts as the catalyst that brings Hashut to this point. But what horrific acts can one man commit to create a chaos god?

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>Are you talking about Mot?
I guess.

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What values does Hashut embody? Also it'd probably not just be Mot, it'd be Mot, the Forge Lords, and any cults of Hashut they begin

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This Warseer post sums him up nicely, I think.

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>The Horned Rat is the god of politicking, lies, power, and selfishness
Literally Tzeentch.

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>Mot and the Forge Lords enslave entire planetary populations to feed their warmachine
>Entire worlds are scoured clean and re-purposed to better serve the XX Legion
>Regiments of Army soldiers are thrown away with the same ease as ammunition

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Yeah, pretty much. They have to wage their one-legion war against the separatists somehow.

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I have to say, I just realized
The Death's Heads originally started as an idea for a Traitor Legion, with the idea they'd start making their Cybernetica and Daemon Engines out of wood and shit, as they'd embody this idea of "Nurgle as the Natural Cycle", then they went Separatist with the idea of "Filthy Human Untermensch cannot possibly rule the Imperium", and now they're Loyalist with the idea of "We are the last line of defense between mortal Humanity and the terrors of the Galaxy"

Really interesting to me desu, how they've now been on every side

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You should write up some sub-factions for the ones you didn't use.

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Anyone here?

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I've given it some thought, and I do actually like it. He's still not be quite on the same level as the Big 4, but him becoming a Chaos God because of the Forge Lords' campaigns against the Seps is real neat.

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Remember, guys, that Slaanesh birth was a fuckhueg clusterfuck at the Eldar and Chaos Pantheons. Even a minor deity could break the balance and cause yet another clusterfuck

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That's my thought. I really don't understand why we are having this fifth god as it doesn't really seem that plausible.

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Ok, so, here's my suggestion

>Loxodontii or the Leviaithan Host pull a Calth, summon Samus or w/e and cause the Ruinstorm
>Ruinstorm cuts the galaxy in half, splitting the Loyalists and Seperatists
>Forge Lords swear loyalty to Hashut, a Greater Daemon of Chaos Undivided
>Forge Lords take on the task of fucking with the Seps alone, doing shit like >>53793582
>They worship Hashut like he already is a God and keep sacrificing shit to him
>This eventually causes Hashut to ascend into Lesser Godhood
>Since Hashut already was a Greater Daemon, his ascension into Lesser Godhood is less traumatic than Slaanesh's birth into Major Godhood
>This causes the Ruinstorm to last much longer than it does in the OU

Hashut doesn't become the 'fifth god', the big four will still be the big players (if anything, that'd be Malal). We're simply introducing a new 'level' of warp entity, the 'Lesser god', while we true gods can be considered 'Major gods'.

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That makes sense. But i still don't understand why hashut is the only one of the minor Gods bring brought in. imo he seems rather shoehorned in because somebody wanted to have special God or something.

Also don't take this as me thinking we need more minor Gods since we don't.

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I get what you mean, it doesn't do much for me either, but atleast its a way to explain the extended Ruinstorm.

More minor gods are implied to exist already, like Malice/Malal. The requirements for becoming a lesser god are quite steep, as the warp entity in question needs to be a Greater Daemon of Chaos Undivided, and those are RARE. Hashut's ascension is really not that difficult to introduce and, while it wouldn't have been the road I'd gone down, it does work well enough for me to be fine with it happening.

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After talking it with others, Pacha's height will be raised to 10, to make him the biggest Primarch of them all.

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I think i missed the extended ruinstorm discussion. Can you explain that?

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The idea is to extend the Heresy compared to the OU, from 7 years to something closer to 20 years. Then the plan is to keep the Ruinstorm going for about two more decades, albeit at reduced strength, to make sure the Imperium is sufficiently changed for the Seperatists to be absolutely horrified at it.

So far, there was no explanation for the extended Ruinstorm, but Hashut ascension into Lesser Godhood could be sufficient.

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What are people thoughts on Nikea? How do we want it played?

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Don't change Nikaea too much. We have to move it, or Ullanor, around slightly, as in the OU it takes place after the Ullanor campaign. The Council should still be focussed on the problem of Psykers, changing that would be kind of goofy too.

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Yeah I agree, it is 100% about psykers and we move it to before the Ullanor campaign. I meant we should hash out how it goes down like we did for Ullanor and Emps getting hurt last night

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Oh? I didn't see that discussion then. It was brought up on Discord, is that what you're referring to? Different time zones make things like 'last night' kind of weird.

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Why do we still have Nikaea?

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Because the Emperor needs to make his opinion heard on Psykers in the Astartes. That is quite vital as they lead to the censuring of Pacha and Lambach. It even makes sense to move the Council forward a bit, since there are more Psykers and their potential risks would become apparent much quicker. We could move it to a different planet, but Nikaea as an event should still happen.

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Nikea gives a lot of Primarchs cause for concern and a reason to get aggro at the Emperor.

Raj we moved time line awhile back I think, that's why I wrote those questions in that order. They happen in the order of the questions we filled out. Check the timeline I chucked up in the spreadsheet?

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So I think Yochin is gone.

What we have at the moment from the Anon, hallowed be his name, is like something out of a Power Metal Rock Opera. I say we keep this.

He's from a desert world.
The wu gou term looks Chinese to me, but I'm not aware of any relevant meaning for it, so it could just be made up. For whatever reason, Yochin always looked Khmer to me.
But yeah, I'm imagining a metal head rock opera guy for Yochin. What are other people thinking?

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Cut the legion.

>> No.53798728

No, they're quite vital.

His backstory is quite extensive as it is. Let's just keep him around and figure out something collaboratively. If he ever does show up again, we'll give him his legion back.

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No legion is that vital.

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That's a waste.

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The Disciples are vital to the way the Imperium evolves during the Ruinstorm. They walk a fine line where they're fanatical nuts, but not Lorgar levels fanatical.
We can't cut them, we'd have to either replace them with a sliiiightly different version of the exact same legion, or we'd have to completely rewrite the entire Sep-Loyalist dynamic post-Heresy AGAIN and we're NOT doing that.

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Oh well.

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We've already established lore and relationships with all of the other legions, it would be a waste just to dump that because their anon went away. It's too late to start cutting legions now, that was for the opening process when things weren't as fleshed out.

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You guys wanna link along with an abandoned legion? Be my guest.

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Maybe we could find someone to adopt them.


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And while I'm at it, here's what I'm thinking for the Separatist's motivations:

Je'She has just enacted violent censure on Lambach without consulting anyone. Marduk sending Isekho against Pacha was bad enough, but at least he had not intended for that to be violent.
And now, Je'She is getting cozy with the High Lords. Rumor has it that he's going to put them into nominal control over even the Regent and become sole warmaster, the tyrant!
The High Lords are going to keep the inefficient managerial schemes and Je'She cannot be trusted with power. It's also pretty clear that Je'She isn't going to support administrative reform or tolerate threats to his authority. Malcador doesn't seem that comfortable with it, either.
(At least according to Gyahdred. The idea here is to make Je'She seem like a tyrant from a certain point of view, and it can't seem like Malcador is in control, otherwise Gyahdred and probably Frederick won't rebel.)

Anyways, shit kicks off in some minor way and the sides are being drawn. I blame Rokuten, but hidden chaos legions may be involved. Malcador goes to negotiate peace between Frederick and Je'She, who are both open to it, but chaos has him assassinated. Each blames the other and we have a massive war on that planet, instead of Terra.
Frederick's bunch have been setting up in the Ultima Segmentum and fighting breaks out along that border.

Then the ruinstorm hits.

Sound about right?

Be that as it may, if we were to replace them, plot requirements at this point would result in a pretty much identical legion.

Collaborative legions can work pretty well.

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>Be that as it may, if we were to replace them, plot requirements at this point would result in a pretty much identical legion.
>Collaborative legions can work pretty well.
Not in my experience.

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>I blame Rokuten
That's a very reasonable thing to do.

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Hey man, in HkH the Warmaster and his entire legion were abandoned and we collaborated on them. Yochin is pretty essential and has a decent amount of fluff. Plus, if the anon ever does come back it's much better if his legion is still around so he can jump back in. Cutting legions should come much later, and only if they've proven to be unimportant and uninvolved with the overall plot.

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We just sorta fumbled with Hektor and we never got anywhere. We were still in the Heresy for like two years.

>> No.53799323

I don't really think Hektor was the problem in that whole mess. Though I do think not cutting legions when we should have was part of the problem. So I guess I acquiesce.

In this case though, I think we should let this happen at least for a little while. I can't really see cutting a legion right now being productive, especially if we don't have anything to put in their place. And like Raj said, if we did cut and replace them we'd have to make a legion that's functionally identical because they're the one of the main catalyzing points for the Imperium ending up the way it does.

>> No.53799500


So running with the Symphonius Disciples, as I currently understand it, they've got a metric assload of cultists and sonic marines. Running with the image of Yochin shredding so hard on his axe that it shoots fire, I think jetbike lancers might be pretty cool, since that seems pretty at home in a Dragonforce album.
Kind of picturing an Emperor-fanatic Nathan Explosion. "The Emperor demands our Brutality"

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Naw, he has a tank that is a pipe organ. They play orchestral music.

>> No.53799577

so an Exorcist?

>> No.53799607

Actually, that could work in that whole My Armor is Contempt sort of way. Less a religion of "The Emperor died for your sins" and more of "worship the emperor because he was the most metal man to ever live. Go forth and conquer! Go forth and die!"
So more of Humanity Fuck Yeah: The Musical: The Religion
The way to please the emperor is to live epically and kill a bunch of xenos and heretics. Then you get to ride the red roads of Valhalla.

Pipe organs are plenty metal. And maybe it's symphonic metal.

>> No.53799758

The Emperor never died. He lives on, and he watches over all humanity. Suggesting he was killed is Heresy of the highest degree.

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Also oddly enough, we cut Gregoire and he got replaced by a very similar legion. Kinda weird, actually.

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Yeah, that tends to happen when stuff is built around specific Primarchs. You get of them, you either get a new one that's similar, or you redo everything else. That's often an easy decision to make.

As for Yochin, originally I imagined him as the classical bard, though I like the METAL AS FUCK DUDE version too... let's go with that. He's generally considered to be a cool ddude, which is why nobody really tries to stop him until its too late.

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FOr the Disciples, is gold and white a fitting color scheme? It seems kind of off to me.

>> No.53803039

Not gold, actual yellow, with some white. I like it, it's quite unique, especially for a legion.

>> No.53803055

Alright. So the big interlocutors for it seem to be:


Piter's Iosef Gorbev

Linares, Valorn were there

Zelbezis and Gyahdred sat that one out, though Gyahdred sent a librarian that nobody listened to anyways and Zelbezis sent a few guys.

Mot and Raj just plain didn't show.

Based on this, I think we need some more anti-Psyker guys to go and be loud and angry.
Yochin seems a natural. and Je'She being there and vocal would also help things down the road.
Would also be a neat moment for hurting feelings more, since the religious guy is getting the Imperial Truth psyker guy in trouble.

I'm also thinking the METAL AS FUCK version would be hard to censure directly thanks to his zeal and rapid conquests, unlike Lorgar.
Yochin goes in, wrecks stuff, liberates people, passes out some pamphlets and moves on. Praise the Emperor.

What are you thinking?

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Really? The chart says gold and white. Must be out of date.
I'm not sure, but it just doesn't seem metal-y to me.

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What color trim?


>> No.53803798

White. They change the trim to black after the Emperor goes down.

>> No.53803860

>Lotan the Stone Feller
A monstrous brute of a man, Lotar was among Mot Hadad's lieutenants at the time of the Heresy and was known for his prodigious size, rivaling even his primogenitor in stature. Among his exploits were commanding a strike force to eradicate the stone men of Lambent IV, where he received his most widely used title. It is said that Lotan was one of the earliest of the Forge Lords to embrace the worship of Hashut, and indeed he was the one who deciphered the prophecy detailing Hashut's apotheosis.

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Like so?

Seems good. Cantankerous sumbitch I take it? Or is he more of a gear of war?

>> No.53803999

no orange, just yellow and gold. Isn´t their scheme around somewhere? In the doc?

>> No.53804055

In fact it is not. The only description is this: "Gold, with white trim, black trim post heresy (?)"

>> No.53804069

>The Hunt For The Red October
>But everytime we say "Yochin Is Missing", another anon goes to find him

>> No.53804213

Its been posted in the thread several times. Someone even posted the last line-up on the Discord.

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File: 29 KB, 201x281, SD5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, I just liked the orange.
Otherwise, it looks kind of fisty.

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What do you mean by Gear of War?

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File: 745 KB, 1200x870, 1495267927871.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Reposting from last thread for CnC
The Campaigns of the Dusk Phantoms are intense and highly lethal. Severe injury is not uncommon, but thanks to the legion's close ties with the Mechanicum, apothecaries have additional options beyond the oft employed dreadnought sarcophagus. Elite members close assault specialists in the legion can be revived as Revanent Terminators.
Originally designed for the massive Cataphractii Pattern, but later expanded to be compatible with other variants, the Revenants are augmented and bonded with their armor for increased durability and performance, exceeding even that usually possible through the black carapace.
Revenants are equipped with a wide array of wargear, depending upon the mission they are to perform, but in general, they are fitted with additional arms and augur arrays. They also serve as veteran sergeants and lieutenants for other squads due to both their great experience and their equipment.

For a breaching assignment, a Revenant Squad may be armed with boarding shields, chainfists, flamers, and melta cutters, while macro-extinction protocols may call for rad-grenades, massive thunder hammers, and archaeotech side arms.
In a fire support configuration, a Revenant may be given a pair of heavy weapons, and even a cyclone missile launcher.

I'm doing terribly at describing these guys, I know. But basically, they're vets who aren't quite ready for dreadnoughts, put in hueg Terminator plate with 4 arms, and are basically mini-centurions. They'd be the sort of thing you could also take as an elite or something to stick with a squad and hand out benefits thanks to their augur arrays.
In 7th, they'd be like T5 W3 2+ 4++ FNP, but in 8th, I dunno.
Idea is that they've got some of the features of the old Iron Hands Terminator sarges, but with a distinctly Dusk Phantoms feel.

Oh, I figured you were going for an oblique Gears of War reference.

Who made/updates that?

>> No.53804510

Oh no, I just used the word Lambent because it sounded like something a planet would be called in 40k. All of Mot's lieutenants have names that are references to both 1910s captains of industry and Phoenician gods.

>> No.53804524

Krees did, I think, but hasn't been updated since he started his hardcore job hunt

>> No.53804646

They are the polar opposites to the Silver Blades Dreads.

Tell you after diner

>> No.53805472

The Silver Blades Dreadnoughts

The Blades have a certain strange tradition: They usually prefer to be interred in a Dreadnought than to be "fixed" with cyber augmentes and such after crippling damage to theit bodies. All this, because they need their Dreadnoughts. They have been taught the importance of a Dreadnought for the Silver Blades, not just as a mean of preserving a fallen hero, but to ensure the tactical versatility needed by the Legion at the front line. That's one of the reasons the Blades have such amount of Dreadnoughts, close to the amount of Dreadnoughts used by the Chosen of Hecate, but less honorific. Just practical.

But if a Battle—Brother is crippled and there are no Dreadnoughts available, he will be augmented to recover his combat readiness.

Something that people outside the Legion often forgets is that the Blades also get fallen heroes interred in Dreadnoughts, but these are given more traditional and venerable machines, like the Leviathans and the Comptemptors.

Also, aside from this explanation, do you think that a "temporal Dreadnought" system could work? I mean, if the Battle—Brother has received considerable damage, but is still able to survive by himself, he could use the Dreadnought as a Noble uses an Imperial Knight. The hardwiring would be temporal, and removable, just like the one in the Throne Mechanicus. Thoughts?

>> No.53805534

....so basically Meat Batteries. At that point if they could still survive without being interred they'd be given bionics until they could fight on their own. Dreadnoughts don't grow on trees after all.

>> No.53805554

Before I forget I should just post all of this at once.

>What does your Primarch do after joining the crusade

Once the initial shakedown of the legion is complete, Piter would go on to secure the local systems surrounding Ussar. From this stable position, known by M41 as the “Ussar Protectorate”, Piter would go on to expand out into Segmentum Ultima backed by regiments of Ussaran Guardsmen. Though slower perhaps than his other brothers, Piter created stability on the worlds he claimed for the Emperor.

>Did your Primarch attend Nikea and how did he respond in the aftermath:

While Piter himself did not attend Nikea in his stead he sent Joseph Gorbev, Considered to be the right hand of The Hammer. It was a well documented fact that the Lord of Ussar was paranoid about psykers, and it came as no surprise when Joseph stood against the use of Psykers.

>What does your Primarch do at the beginning of Ullanor:

While Piter is himself was not present, he did send the more combat experienced half of his legion to the crusade while he continued to take worlds in the east. While this may have been an error through the eyes of remembrancers at the time, it did also succeed in bringing the “reserve” legion up to snuff.

>How does your Primarch respond to the Emperors injury:

While not a religious man, Piter has all fighting in the East halted for twenty-one days, allowing his Gene-Sons to mourn as well as the people of the Imperium within his sphere of control. The Iron Bear himself would return to Terra itself in hopes of seeing his Father one last time. It would also settle a deep hatred of Orks for millennia to come.

>How does your Primarch view the censure of Pacha and then Lambach:

Piter does not find it at all surprising, as his own fears of his two brothers prolific use of Psykers and their inhuman powers.

>> No.53805570

> How does our Primarch respond to the Separatist movement against the throne / what are their reasons for doing so:

Having been to Terra to see his father interned he witnessed the beginning of the fervent worship of the “God-Emperor”, Piter found what was happening to the heart of the Imperium to be a disgrace to all his Father wished and it is said he swore at the throne itself to “Fix” the imperium. When the call came for a separation from the Administratum and Ecclesiarchy, he was happy to accept. Though he would never admit it to his sons or many of his brothers, such a conflict broke his heart, having to fight his brothers and their sons.

> How does our Primarch respond to the Chaos movement against the throne / what are their reasons for doing so:

Seeing yet more of my brothers fall to the call of Chaos he would have no remorse. Wherever they could be found there would be no mercy, no respite.

>What happens to your Primarch / Legion after the last siege of Terra:

Piter would go on to form an “Ussaran League” consisting of the worlds who he had both settled and worlds that had sworn themselves to his Legion. While he continued to slowly withdraw from the “Imperium Secundus” as a whole, he would continue to work with his Brother Primarchs as well as the successors of his fallen brothers.

>> No.53805634

Well, if the Mechanicum says so...

>> No.53805905

The Ecclesiarchy, and religion in general, don't happen until the end of the Heresy though. So that can't really be the reason Piter goes with them.

>> No.53807188


>> No.53807446

this miniature looks like a piece of dump.

literally sucks ass.

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Here's my understanding of how things go down so far:
1. Primarchs are all found and there is the great crusade era where everything seems to be going well.
2. Just before Ullanor there is a Nikea event which bans the use of Psykers, several Primarchs are upset.
3. Ullanor campaign, much larger than OU. Big E plans to retire afterwards but only Malcador knows this. He is planning on making Je'she, Marduk or Frederick warmaster but isn't sure which one yet so he splits the Ullanor group into 4 prongs with himself leading 1 and each potential candidate leading another, base on their performance at Ullanor he will pick a warmaster.
Kane lets the Emperor bite it, then after a small confrontation with Raj he leaves. This leaves the question of who is in charge. Malcador decides to leave Je'she, Marduk and Frederick as all warmasters in an attempt to balance power out. This very quickly dissolves into a pissing contest as to who should actually be in charge.
4. Marduk places censure on Pacha for using his powers after the Emperor goes down. It is meant to be solved peacefully by Isheko but something goes horribly wrong.
Malcador sense Lambach has done something really bad through a warp echo and after the shit storm with Pacha and Isheko another bloodbath is seen as wanting to be avoided.
Je'she is Lambachs friend but doesn't want to be seen as showing favoritism because of his new role as a leader so asks Raj and Linares to bring Lambach in because they are his friends and it is hoped that he will listen to them. Things go badly.

>> No.53808387

5. Tensions are rising between the Separatists supporters and the Imperials (for reasons to be discussed still). Malcador in an attempt to broker a peace decides to travel with Je'she to a neutral planet and broker an agreement with Fredricks camp that will see them all reunited to the same cause. Marduk is already planning his chaos rebellion and can't afford for these peace negotiations to go down. So he or one of his supporting Primarchs has Malcador assassinated on this neutral planet and makes it look to each side as if the other were to blame. This results in open conflict between Seps and Imperials, leading to the first actual installment of the brother war. Malcadors death allows for the chaos ruinstorm to run rampant. Effectively separating the Imperials and Separatists after the conflict.
6. Marduk, using the trust gained from being so helpful with the Malcador fiasco manages to launch a chaos born assault on Terra itself, which ultimately fails when the Chaos forces start fighting each other. Raj and maybe Marduk die in this siege, Kane is banished to the warp and Linares, filled with rage follows.
7. Yochins cult starts to take root in the Imperial camp and they slowly start turning into a religious group so that by the time the ruinstorm ends and the Separatists meet back up they barely recognise what the Imperium has become and are disgusted.
What does everyone think so far? Any objections?

>> No.53809864

Works for me. Using Malcador as a sacrifice to fuel the Ruinstorm is an interesting idea. I like it better than God #5 somehow being responsible for it, personally.

>> No.53810710

>3. Ullanor campaign, much larger than OU. Big E plans to retire afterwards but only Malcador knows this. He is planning on making Je'she, Marduk or Frederick warmaster but isn't sure which one yet so he splits the Ullanor group into 4 prongs with himself leading 1 and each potential candidate leading another, base on their performance at Ullanor he will pick a warmaster.
Why is he leading a prong?

>> No.53811114

So that he is on the field to get raxxed by Thundacok the ork warboss.

>> No.53813065


Works for me too.

We have only changed that Kane leaves. He lies and says that Big E jumped in front of him to save him from the ork ( maybe THAT is not a lie, but he left out, that he didn't repay rhe dept by helping the emp who is strangled to death....heheh).

He lives with the lie, knowing he is the villain and somehow Marduk knows it and uses this knowledge to his advantage to pull Kane to his side.

>> No.53813073

Why not? In OU he was leading all the time. Maybe it would have looked atrange if he stayed back at the time.

>> No.53813115

I've been wondering, what motivation does Kane have to just leave the Emperor like that? Does he hate him for some reason? If not, it'd be better to just have some extenuating circumstance that prevents him from interfering. I'm pretty sure even Angron would have jumped to the Emperor's aid had he been there, and we all know how he feels about emps.

>> No.53813378

He wanted to be Warmaster so bad, that when Empy told him to stay back, he couldn't help it. He saw the Thundacok attack as the chance to get revenge, and he didn't did shit.

>> No.53813591

Exactly. We worked it out in the chat the night before yesterday.

Kane as one of the first found didn't understand that he was not in charge of a speartip, that although he has broight many more worlds to submission than his chosen brothers he was not chosen. So he complained. And first the emps said he wanted him at his side but as kane did not stop complaining he told him the truth emperor style. He brushed him off. Shortly before the battle he told kane that he is not fit for comman. That he is not respected by his brothers etc. Kanes self image gets damaged and totally crumbles when he stood back. ( short version and yes...he was conflicted by this decision)

>> No.53814223

Screwing around with battles for the brotherwar
>Assault on Death's Heads Muster World
The mission is quite literally insane. The Death's Heads are obsessive about security. However, Gyahdred has calculated that they are too dangerous to leave intact and that the best place to hit them is at that muster world.

He infintrates Nosferatii Cold Ships into the system over a few weeks and they take position. Simultaneously, I'm thinking Nosferatii infiltrate the muster world on board transport ships. I'm thinking they get in position to spike generators and that sort of thing, sneak aboard as many ships as is not wanky.

They set off a beacon in system a few moments before the assault and it provides Gyahdred's fleet in the warp with coordinates. Safties disengaged, the entire fleet translates from warp inside the orbit of the muster world's moon.
The spiked reactors blow and create havoc in orbit. There's some squadrons on alert, as per protocol, but most of the Death's Heads ships are sitting at anchor, reactors cold, for maintenance, etc. It takes time to get them up and running--they'd been counting on the days that it normally takes to get from Mandeville point to planet.
They purge the site from orbit and then get out of there before Einchurt can rally. (And they're trying to avoid a lengthy siege, which is what it would become. Death's Heads don't give up.)
This shatters and scatters the legion.


Looks good to me.

They could be developments of similar technology to The Revenants. Perhaps Gyahdred gets his hands on a partial STC for the Centurion Suits, looks at it, says "that's dumb", and makes his little horrors. Most of the other legions are "No thanks, breh", but Linares sees something workable and asks Gyahdred to do him up a custom version. Happy that senpai noticed him, Gyahdred does just that.

>> No.53814712

I like it, let's do it.

Like I said earlier in the thread:
1. Hashut does not become 'the fifth god', he ascends from Greater Daemonhood into Lesser Godhood.
2. Hashut's ascension is not responsible for the Ruinstorm, it extends the Ruinstorm significantly, which serves the narrative purpose of giving the Imperium time to become the theocratic superstate the Seperatists despise.

The Emperor often lead campaigns during the Great Crusade, including Ullanor. I don't see what the problem with that could be.

Perhaps we should document that properly, but we reached a logical explanation.

I'm pretty sure its impossible, or insanely dangerous atleast, to translate into realspace in the gravity well of a planet of moon.

>> No.53814903

Ok, so, I checked, yeah, its pretty much impossible to accurately jump directly into a star system. The gravity fields throw off the warp-jump massively.

The move the Sons of Horus pull during the assault on Molech seems right for the Dusk Phantoms. They just point their fleet in the right direction and then turn off all systems, making them invisible to any sort of scan. Then they board the enemy ships. They call the strategy "tomb ships".

>> No.53815930

Thread Prompt.
How did your Legion / Primarch take to the Rembrancers assigned to thier fleet?

>> No.53816130

They accepted them as they would accept any adjunt in their Legion: With joy and hospitality, doing everything necessary to keep them comfortable and help them with their duties.

>> No.53816817

The Titan Marchers respond well to the presence of the Rembrancers. The general feeling among the legion is that its a good thing for the future generations of humanity to know how they claimed their destiny.

Raj himself is a bit more apprehensive about it. He agrees with his legion's sentiment, but feels that some of the darker moments of the Crusade are better left forgotten.

>> No.53817280

The Death's Heads are happy to allow the Rembrancers to record their deeds. This isn't out of any desire for the glories of conquest to be remembered, but instaed to serve as a reminder of the hardships that came before, to ensure future generations will appreciate the horrors their species once had to endure

>> No.53817384

Valorn spent hours testing their artistic talent when he first met the remembrancers assigned to the Hounds. Once he knew their skill level he allowed the ones with the most skill to sketch him and his inner circle, while the others would only sketch the rank and file marines. Apart from this initial bump, they treated the remembrancers quite fairly well, viewing that they were merely doing their part for the imperium. Both in the present and for the future

>> No.53817963

So then the Mandeville points really are the Lagrangian points. Cool. And yeah, that'll work too. The legion does specialize in cold ship assault, so I think a combination of Nosferatii infiltration and silent running should get us what we want.

>> No.53819187

Prompt: How is the recruitment and training of your Legion?

>> No.53819248

So does all that sound plausible?
Nosferatii blowing reactors and sending transports tumbling out of the sky and destroying things planetside to hamper orbital defenses, timed to coincide with the arrival of the main battlefleet, drifting though space, silent.
They catch the Death's Heads at anchor and wreck ships, bombard the surface, and are away before defenses can respond on the logic that they've not got the time to lay siege to the Death's Heads bunkers. They're trying to knock the Death's Heads out of the war and they succeed.

>> No.53819299

If the remembrancer don't stay in the way, then Kane has no problem with them. However it could occur that a remembrance who showed the Gunslingers too often in a bad light is taken from the battlefield...with a bullet somewhere in his body.

The Gunslingers are fleetbased. They have recruitimg rights on terra, especially texaxe^^ and the midwest. But they recruit those eho seem worthy, healthy and capable
Sometimes they abduct those who are worthy but don't want to join. Or they steal recruits from other legions. At least some rumors are told of aome occasion s. Training consists of survival training and a focus is on bit and run tactcis and ranged combat. A gubslinger starts with the bolter and it takes years until he is teached the way of the pistol, the gun kata.

>> No.53819423

You attempt to take an Ussaran of my worlds and I will cut off your trigger fingers, Kane.

>> No.53819494


Piter took to them with gusto. Seeing the merit in showing the strength of the Human spirit in some of the harshest fighting in the galaxy. More than that however were the scenes of rebuilding, of new worlds swearing fealty and most of all the proof that when unified mankind is unstoppable force for good.

>> No.53819609

The early Dusk Phantoms are recruited from Old Abia and the mountain clanholds beyond the Yndonesic Bloc.
The Legion forge was initiated by and run by Terrawatt Artificers until Gyahdred took command. Rumor has it they still play a large role in the legion.

The recruits from diverse and not fully understood pools. The whole process is very orderly, with the Magi keeping an eye on everything.
There's a focus on intelligence and endurance. Stealth is nice, but not required.
I dunno. I don't have any ideas.

>> No.53819751

Ha!!! Never asked yourself where those few went???^^

>> No.53819834

No, Because being able to steal Legion recruits makes little to no sense if you think about it.

They are Recruits, most likely already housed in the Legions Fortress or Fortresses around the imperium. Truth of the matter is being able to "steal" a recruit seems impossible without every single finding out and immediately demanding it stop or we'd have a burning of Prospero on our hands.

>> No.53819879

>recruiting rights on Terra
I'm pretty sure all legions recruited from Terra (among other worlds) during the GC.

>> No.53820054

Yeah, but I'm assuming he means as the crusade goes on, like how the Fists do.

Not to mention they're selected for suitability to the gene seed. They won't work as well for another legion. However, if you are so low in manpower, Gyahdred will happily aid you in recycling.
Between servitor parts and the Khorba-Po, there is no waste in the XVth.

>> No.53820089

Terran raised recruits were often drawn from the lands of Ursh. in the tundras and wastes of the northern portions of the country.

Once the Legion was reunited with their primarch their training and tactics were drastically changed.

As with regiments drawn from the world of Ussar, meritocracy and tradition of loosely-formed castes decided who would be considered for the duty. However it would only be the most successful recruits from the Youth Armies that would be tested.

Led by a Astartes Veteran the aspiring recruits would march on foot through the tundra's and mountains of their homeworld of Ussar, with only those who survived the week long trudge being given the honor of being a recruit. However in true Ussaran fashion even those who failed this first trial would be brought to the fortress and made into serfs or sent to the Imperial Army for training.

From this point forward the initiate's life is ruled by grueling training in the barren sheets of ice and grassland tundras of the north. He is drilled, instructed and trained in the shock army tactics so favored by the Legion. Once they have finished their training as standard tactical marines however they are then indoctrinated in combined-arms, with each chapter of Ussaran's being paired to an Ussaran regiment before deployment. While these methods are slower than other legions, in the end it results in better "green" astartes.

>> No.53820093

Not really. Look you have different recruiting worlds with no fortress, monastery etc. So if a legion ahows up and demands 20 healthy boys, then it is a violatiom of recruiting rights but not something the emperor would sanction you for. Of course storming an legion outpost/fortress/terror camp to steal recruits is something totally different.

You are correct, however many legions skioped those rights in favor for the various homeworlds of the primarchs. I think as a legion with no real homeworld anymore, the slingers keep their rights alive and take what they can get over the great crusade and if they come across a inhabited world on which another legion has his claim, it could still happen that they recruit one or two of this world.

>> No.53820132

Kane, you went way too far
*At last, Kane's head rolling throught the floor*

The Blades have some recruitment post all around Kadir and the neighbour planet Elvar. The recruits are usually taken at the age of 10-12. No previous training is required, and even women can sign up, but they would be taken directly to the Kadirian Regiments, just like if joining the Guard.

The aspirants are taken into the Medicae of the Alcázar, and specialised Apothecarii are tasked with running initial medical exams. The ones found to be too weak or incapable to survive the surgical proceses, are given the chance to resign, join the Regiments, or the Legion's Serfs. The ones considered able to survive the implanting, are directly taken to the surgical rooms.

The Gene-seed is easy to implant, despite of its inherent flaws. Maybe because the flaws themselves, that make it accepted easier.

The implanting process is pretty generical, but the trainning is pretty different from the "standard". At first, all the recruits are trained as Tacticool Marines, with great focus on every aspect of swordmanship: teorical lessons, sword trainning with weapons of all kinds...
The recruits that show a great (for a recruit standard) skill in swordsmanship, are given the possibility of becoming assault marines, mainly ground ones. The rest, continue with their trainning. They are trained in the use of Boltguns, pistols and rotor cannons. Only after much time with these, increased trainning with heavy and special weapons is received. Then, they have to choose in which type of squad they would like to join, and then, they receive aditional doctrinal and combat trainning.

The least Astartes faces of their trainning are brewing, cooking and manners. They are taught to brew their own beer, cook some simple and traditional dishes of Kadir and Elvar, and how to behave in many aspects of their lives.

>> No.53820197


Yes, but if recruiting worlds exists; often times they have a small retinue of Legionaries or auxillia.

You REALLY think they won't report to the parent legion that you're butting in on their recruiting grounds? Whelp, I guess we'll start taking Texaxe boys in return. For the greater good, of course.

>> No.53821162

After unspecified trials, aspirants are trained.
There is no waste the the astartes recruitment process, everyone involved is above average anyways. Those not compatible biologically become chapter serfs. They're sort of like sacristans in terms of place in the Mechanicum. The best actually become magi.
Those who's body aggressively reject the implants become thallax.
Then there's the Khorba-Po.
Anything else gets made into servitors.

But for the ones that succeed, all Dusk Phantoms are trained in basic mechanicum doctrine. This includes basic bio-alchemistry and siege craft.
Stealth is also important, in part because it weeds out those vulnerable to the curse. They're either made into Nosferatii or Khorba-Po. The ritual dances of the legion are also taught from the beginning to aid in unit cohesion and fluid movement. They also receive training in marksmanship and in unit drill. I'm not sure whether they're sent to the heavy support squads or tactical squads first.
Tac squads are 20 man blobs all chanting and firing in unison, while the heavy support squads are back from the melee. Still a lot of sneaking for them, though. Maybe there's a difference between regular heavy support squads which are part of a battle line and veteran ones, which have camo cloaks and are used for ambushes?

>> No.53821378


Of course they will tell. There was a legion and they left with several recruits. Your legion cares and is angry. They are fishing in my lake, piss on my turf. Bastards!!! The emperor thinks: how can I expand the Imperium faster.

>> No.53821417

Difficult to swing a sword with a active grenade IN your power armor^^


And go ahead.

>> No.53821451

The suitabilty is a thing of 40k.in 30k you just implant the seeds and look if the boy/men survives. There are enough others And as stronger men tend to survive you try to get the strongest.

The process is not so refined.it is more the butchery style.

>> No.53821521

What psychic powers might sorcerers of Hashut have at their disposal?

>> No.53821635

Psychic skill? Sorry, not my specialty in any field.

>> No.53821820

Of varying degrees of seriousness:

>The Dorfening
Gives the target a Scottish accent and need for alcohol. Also makes them shorter.

>The Dorfening II: The Mind of Moria
Makes them covet shiny things, reducing unit cohesion. Everyone is out to take my treasure!

Heal themselves as long as they're in contact with the ground. Or with the dark.

Let's see...
In WHF, the Legion of Azgorh chaos dwarf sorcerors had access to Fire, Death, and Metal. And also a Hashut discipline? So based on the battlescrolls I can see...

Reduces enemy vision with unnatural ash. Maybe it burns, too?

Turn to living metal with magma blood

>Volcanic Earthbending
Make earthquakes, fissures, etc, earthbending shit, but also able to make magma?

>Various Pyromancy Powers
Just loot that table for ideas.

I'm really liking the idea of a sorcerous group striding into battle beneath ashen skies with cinders dropping from above. It also might be worth it to look at the Deathwatch RPG and see what powers the Salamanders get and steal some of those.
I'm picturing some Forge Lords as ending up with an evil salamanders kind of vibe.
Pretty badass.

>> No.53822082

Adding to this:

>Plague of Rust:
Those in proximity to a Sorcerer's weapons are afflicted by rust and disrepair, and should a weapons machine spirit fail; the weapon will simply disintegrate into a plume of rust.

>Unholy Synchromen:
the chanting of a Hashut Sorcerer can cause machine spirits great distress; causing men to miss shots directed at the caster and his retinue.

>> No.53822334


Most of the time Emil ignored them, as did his Legion. However, the Steel Souls also permitted much broader access than most Remembrancers received elsewhere, since the Primarch hailed from a planet saved in no small part by its retention of historical archives. It is also speculated that the Steel Souls implicitly adopted a philosophy of openness to help counter any hostile accusations directed at them for their use of psyker powers and psybernetic technology, though no such philosophy was ever made official.

>Recruitment and Training

The Steel Souls recruit broadly and greedily, for they are constantly sifting through humanity's dross for nuggets of gold. Though their Primarch's gene-seed awakens minor psychic potential in almost every recruit, the effects are far greater when implanted into humans who already show psyker awakenings, and the Legion eagerly hunts down such potential Astartes. As such, they are perhaps the most cosmopolitan Legion, an enormous melange of cultures and languages bound by a common purpose. Training is straightforward and by the book, so to speak. The Legion seeks to ensure their recruits are as well-rounded as possible and ready for all eventualities.

It is a rather slow process though, especially due to their concept of "maturation" in regards to mind and technology. One *cannot* rush the steady amalgamation of body, psychic power and cybernetic enhancement, it can only be grown through extensive combat experience. The Steel Souls consider themselves a cut above other Astartes, but they do not deny that losing a warrior grown to his full prowess is a much more painful blow than it might be to another Legion in equivalent circumstances.

I honestly have no idea, but something akin to Necron's Living Metal comes to mind, allowing their armor to repair itself when damaged.

>> No.53822593

The XVth has a strange relationship with remembrancers attached to the legion due to the highly classified nature of their campaigns. The madness that afflicted the remembrancers attached for the Praal Compliance attest to the risks associated with the strange horrors the legion spends most of its time fighting. Even so, the Erlkonig is a patron of the arts and the legion values culture.
The work of the remembrancers seldom directly relates to the campaigns, the closest is perhaps The Night Watch, written about the ship's crews during the Praal Compliance.
Most of their work is metaphorical or non representational. Music is very popular for this reason, though whatever medium, there is typically an air of the macabre.

>> No.53822679

>Considering the Blades inferior because of Gene—Seed
Beware, those are dangerous waters

>> No.53822765

The Steel Souls don't make a huge deal about it in public, but I figured a little dash of superiority would be good to push them further towards greyness.

There's always the tendency when writing fanfic shit like this to make "your dudes" too cool for school.

The amusing thing to me is that the Steel Souls are trending slightly more towards a blend of the Emperor's Children, the Thousand Sons and maybe a dash of the Iron Hands/Warriors every time I write shit for them.

IDK where this road leads but hopefully it'll be fun.

>> No.53823144

Stolen from dark souls::

Iron Flesh: improve your toughness by 2 ( or you can only be wounded on a 6+) but you can move only half the range, can't charge, sweep attack and your Initiative is reduced to 1.

>> No.53823163


>> No.53823797

>Volcanic Earthbending
Like Legend of Korra?
The Ogre Legion were by far the most receptive of Remembrancers, as they could record their feats and spread their glory. Rokuten... Well, the Remembrancers around him in particular were hand-selected by Malcador.
>The Emperor often lead campaigns during the Great Crusade, including Ullanor. I don't see what the problem with that could be.
I thought he meant Malcador.
Training consists of bolter drills, sparring, martial arts, fine arts, poetry, and binging old Terran animation known as "Shoden".

>> No.53824863
File: 1.56 MB, 1600x1359, 1493813867819.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell me about parts of your legion that sided with an opposing force during the Heresy.

I'll return with my own answer after dinner.

>> No.53825358

Wrote some more shit. See what you guys think!


>> No.53825483

A small handful of Steel Souls fell to Chaos, and a modest number remained with the Imperium, either voluntarily or simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time when the Ruinstorm came down.

Those who stayed with Terra were used as suicide troops almost exclusively, for with the revelation of Chaos (and the knowledge that the Steel Souls had at least a tiny inkling of the threat Chaos posed yet did not share, the Emperor's orders be damned), the Imperium didn't trust them or their psychic powers at all. None survived more than a few decades post-Heresy.

The smallest portion who sided with Chaos (somewhere between 1000-1500 Marines) dispersed themselves according to their own wishes. The psychic links that normally reinforced the Legion in each others' presence now caused them agony, both because the Gods are cruel and because hearing *other* people's insanity in addition to their own was completely intolerable. Scattered to the eight winds of Chaos, the weakest of those accursed Steel Souls were simply eaten by the Warp or killed by Imperial soldiers.

The strongest though... It is said there are few Warp-smiths that can match their prowess, and they have become exceedingly deadly over the millennia. Each Traitor Legion uses their services, and most spend a great deal of time within the Forge of Souls perfecting their dark arts at the feet of daemonic tutors.

>> No.53825836

What's the Forge of Souls?

>> No.53825854

Something something Boku no Google


>> No.53825954

Now that I think of it, if you really want to do that whole Hashut thing, the Forge of Souls would probably be a good place for him to dwell since it's explicitly neutral.

He wouldn't be in command of it any more than the Big Four are allowed to be, but he could certainly be one of its more prestigious inhabitants.

>> No.53826783

Guess everyone went to bed lol.

>> No.53826844

Not I. I was distracted because I just got the Night Lords omnibus.

>> No.53827475
File: 179 KB, 500x500, IMG_0646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do like the idea, although I feel that the battle could be suitably more epic. You're dealing with what's likely ~80 or so of the Death's Heads, we've basically got our universe's Calth going on. And Gyahdred would know how tightly structured the VI Legion is, and how hard a wedge he'd need to drive into it to get it to break.
What I'm proposing is that Gyahdred brings a large portion of his own Legion, alongside allied Mechanicum elements for the main battle. I love the Nosferatii infiltration idea, so I'm definitelt saying keep that along with them drifting in silently. But Gyahdred doesn't account for the fact that Einchurt doesn't actually immediately try to take control, and thus doesn't predict the level of chaos that descends across the battlesphere. Some elements of the pickett peel off to join the fight, some inner elements make for Mandeville points, some stand their ground, some parts of the pickett literally maintain their pickett course, refusing to deviate because "muh orders". While this chaos does end up helping Gyahdred push his wedges through the Legion's command structure, thus shattering elements off of the main Legion, this also causes his fleet to take heavier casualties than expected. Not as heavy as the DHs, not by a long shot, but it prevents him from immediately following up on it en masse like he had hoped to.
Basically, he succeeds, but not as handidly as he had hoped, and while he manages to keep the Legion split up, in some ways this is worse for the war effort than he had expected. He underestimates just how fanatically they'll follow their orders and superiors, and while it developes into an utter clusterfuck of contradicting orders and no one in the VI really knowing exactly who is all left, it also makes cleaning up the mess a pain in the ass for the Seps.
I'm thinking we make it the Battle of Calgoa (Calgoa used to be the DH's homeworld name, wasn't German enough), probably somewhere on the border of Ultima and Onscura

>> No.53827552

Obscura, even

>> No.53827858

The VI Legion recruits almost exclusively from Rheigmarkch, and have very exacting standards. Many recruits are picked out from the top of the classes of Sturmschutzen inductees, and thus competition within those schools is extremely high. Any potential recruits must go through a variety of screenings, medical, psychological, and even philosophical, before even being considered to be sent to the VI Legion training camps on the world's first moon, Rühr. The aspirants are then sent through a variety of physical test and conditioning regimens, ranging from one-hundred kilometre forced marches to balancing a primed hand grenade upon a standard stahlhelm. Aspirants must also go through a number of philosophical and moral tests to ensure they will have no negative responses to the experiences they will encounter as an Astartes. The final step before an Aspirant's fate is decided is a final, psychological test. The exact method of this specific test is unknown, although it is known some Aspirants do not live through the test. After passing this final exam, the Aspirant is judged. Those granted entrance into the Legion are moved to Rheigmarkch's third moon, Rhonne.
After this point, the Aspirants are now considered Inductees. An Inductee will go through the full implantation process, while also receiving further physical training and psychological indoctrination. Even here, as Inductees, an individual is not considered a full member of the Legion, and must work hard to maintain his status. If an Inductee survives all their implantations, they are considered ready to become a full member of the Legion.

>> No.53827872

Storm shooters?

>> No.53827887

listen I don't speak German
It should be Sturmsoldaten for "Storm Troopers" or "Storm Soldiers", shouldn't it

>> No.53827924

I think Schutzen has specific military connotations, but this is 40k and we can't rely on subtlety. I'd go with Sturmsoldaten.

>> No.53827955

awh, but Sturmschutzen sounds so cool...
Nah, I'll change it. I should probably add this to my doc, too

>> No.53828264
File: 818 KB, 1700x2203, landsknecht___sketch_by_thelivingshadow-d521akw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53828283
File: 156 KB, 799x504, Bundesarchiv_Bild_101I-559-1076-29,_Russland,_Fallschirmjäger_mit_MG_und_Munitionsgurt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53828307


>> No.53828311

>landsknecht marines
Fund it.

Also Rokuten, I think your legion badge is a little big on the doc.

>> No.53828325

Jaeger has the specific connotation of a Light Infantry unit, which is definitely not what Rheigmarkch's regiments would be known for.
I don't know the connotations for knecht, although aren't Landsknecht mercenaries?
>Storm Dragons
may just be edgy enough, but it doesn't maintain that SS abbreviation

>> No.53828364

Landsknechten are mercenaries, so they may not fit a Guard regiment, but apparently they had a near-legendary status among German civilians during the time in which they were active, so they may fit an astartes chapter quite well.

>> No.53828375

Oh yeah, I've heard some of the stories about them, they were apparently pretty fucking insane

>> No.53828398

>I don't know the connotations for knecht, although aren't Landsknecht mercenaries?

>may just be edgy enough, but it doesn't maintain that SS abbreviation
Sturmdrachen is SD, is that close enough?

>> No.53828425
File: 14 KB, 1354x43, Read the last sentence..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53830380

Use the SA abreviation and call them SturmAbteilung

>> No.53830602

The Blades are known for maby things, one of them, their loyalty. No Silver Blade is known to voluntarily joining neither chaos or separatists, but some rogue members are known:

The Legion has some kind of knowledge exchange program, in which it sends its members to other Legions, in order to help them, teach them, and learn. This program usually involves Apothecarii and Librarians. At the time of the brotherwar, some of the Exchanged members of the Legion that were in the other side, were absorbed by the receiving Legion, eventually going rogue. This is known to happen, and one of the best examples are the Librarians sent to the Chosen of Hecate. When the Lambach's Slap happened, and the Librarian Conclave that fuelled the spell was dealt with, there were found some Silver Blades Librarians among the Chosen ones. And, at that same battle, some Blades' corpses actually returned from death, and joined the Chosen's ranks against their previous Battle—Brothers.

Didn't thought about it, tho

>> No.53830657

No Titan Marchers sides with the Seperatists. Some did throw in their lot with the Traitors though. The ones that turned traitor were fighting joint campaigns with the traitor legions for a long time and let in the chaotic corruption of the warrior lodges. They obviously took their accompanying Titan Legions with them, including Legio Krytos, Legio Kydianos and Legio Vulpa.

>> No.53830658

Perhaps something that allows them to drain things from their enemies. For example: life force, physical strength, psychic strength, mutations, perhaps even intellect can all be transferred from target to sorcerer with this power. No idea what it'd be called though.

>> No.53830734

The whole 'stealing from other legions' thing is fucking rediculous dude. That just can't and won't happen, especially if it's a common thing. Raj would fucking kill him for such antics. The Gunslingers recruiting from Terra is perfectly fine, I don't see why you'd have to introduce such a rediculous concept as 'stealing recruits'.

C'mon dude, killing the Remembrancers too? You're really gonna have to tone it down a bit dude. You're pushing how far a legion can go. The moment you start doing shit even Curze didn't do, you're being way too pointlessly edgy.

>> No.53831797

You could probably just be called "transference of (insert sorcerer name here)" imo

>> No.53831806


>> No.53831923

That sounds very WFB. Considering that the Forge Lords are partially based on Chaos Dwarfs it seems fitting. "Transference of Asgorath" it is then

>> No.53832058

>More Epic
Yeah. I agree with that. I'll try to think of some things to amp up the level of destruction and crazy.
It occurs to me that part of the problem is that I'm trying to avoid pre-extant betrayals, so Calth, the one in IA, even Autek Mor's work, etc.

But let's see, then...
Nosferatii coming in on transports, getting destructive places. They set things to blow, transport ships falling out of the sky, chaos everywhere. On the ground, void shield generators suffer critical failures.
Then the fleet in orbit lights up. It's everything from the cold ships which have been there for weeks to the ships of the line, drifting in-system.
They open fire.
Communications are the first targets, with the logic that the DH's rigid command hierarchy can be disabled. This has interesting results as you've indicated above. The Surface-to-Orbit weapons still online fire indiscriminately, which does damage to the invading fleet. Gyahdred had figured that with his sensor distort djinns and shit, they'd not fire for fear of hitting their own. The Edgelords shatter the mold!
Gyahdred just kind of lets his dudes go nuts. The Death's Heads command stuff, I'd assume has bunkers, many of which get taken out by orbital strikes, etc. Result is that nobody is sure who is alive and who isn't. I think it also might be neat if data-djinns are released into the networks so even after the battle orders and organization is hard to manage.

The thing that saves the DH, so to speak is that it'll take too long to dig out the dudes in bunkers and Gyahdred knows he has a narrow window. His goal is to reduce combat effectiveness by x%, he does that, he leaves to go stomp some of Yochin's stuff.

How's that sound?

>> No.53832272

That sound about right.

Gyahdred swoops in there thinking he has planned the assault enough for him to be able to take care of quickly, cleanly and without much effort. This is the kind of strategy that worked wonders during the Crusade and Gyahdred assumes it'll work here too.

This cold and calculating logic is then offset by the Death's Heads' fanaticism, to a point where they just keep fighting in closed off cells, all of whom might think they're the last men standing. Maybe these cells could lay the foundations for Death's Heads successors?

The Battle of Calgoa should be pretty major for Gyahdred. Its the moment he realises he's not fighting a xeno menace of a disconnected fragment of humanity, these are Astartes. They do not behave or think like regular men and fighting them will require him to adapt quickly, espcially since he knows Yochin's men will be even more fanatical.

The big question that remains for me is how directly involved the Primarchs themselves are. Gyahdred is obviously present, but does he actually join the fray himself? And is Einchurt there?

>> No.53832389

Yeah, that makes sense.
It also gives a moment to show just how "off" Gyahdred and Einchurt are. Gyahdred does this and then a few decades later expects that Einchurt will at least listen to him. There's no emotion to it. It's just a prudent action given the circumstances and he assumes that Einchurt will understand. And were it not for Einchurt's need for meaning, I'm thinking Einchurt would understand.

I'm assuming Einchurt is there. I can definitely see Gyahdred looking for Einchurt, but at the same time, I think he'd try to avoid killing Einchurt if possible because Gyahdred is thinking in terms of beating Je'She and then reunifying the Imperium, which will be hard to do if there's nobody left to put a leash on them. Einchurt may not bear a grudge, but his men will.

Which is going to completely differ from how he approaches Yochin. With Yochin, this is his chance to inflict as much damage as possible, burn the cult to the ground if he possibly can.

>> No.53832735

It's pretty important that Einchurt is there, I feel it's necessary he sees it for himself rather than just hearing about it over the comms channels. And even if Gyahdred isn't looking for Einchurt, Einchurt is looking for Gyahdred.
I'm thinking towards the end of the battle the Kryptora and the Nightfall engage each other, but Gyahdred manages to cripple the Kryptora non-fatally and makes his escape, leaving the remains of the VI Legion Fleet a ruined husk.

>> No.53834288


>> No.53835340

Calm down. Stealing recruits here means getting first and taking guys from a planet. Violating the recruitment rights. Not stealing recruit a, b or c. This is some minor crime. If The gunslingers would attsck fellow legions and STEAL recruits who are chosen or even inducted, that would be another case.

Where did i write that kane kills a remembrancer? A bullet to the leg let's a remmebrancer still write and draw and it leaves him alive. Kane is a bastard but not a fucking bastard^^.

So violating recruitment rules because of the tendency first come first, I found that recruit first although it is on your turf is just something a bandit would do.

I said yes to a compromise I was not happy with, now let me play bandit and let me reap the distrust of the other legions.

And honestly the whole: "raj would kill the instand"-thing...is a bit pointless here. He would not because violating recruitment rights is on a far lower level than killing a brother primarch. I can see already the death sentence over Raj head.
Humans are less worth than a primarch.

>> No.53835878

Nobody, not a single Primarch, would let Kane getting away with him taking recruits from their homeworld, or any of their recruiting worlds. That´s a rediculous thing for him to do, and something that only serves to damage his legion and reputation further. Its absolutely pointless.

Raj would not LITERALLY kill him, but the kind of self-serving greedy attitude that would cause Kane to steal these recruits is the exact same kind of attitude Raj blew up him homeworld's moon for. He's not gonna take that, and neither is anyone else.

I feel like your characterization of Kane is very inconsistent. On one hand you claim he has some twisted sense of justice and honor, yet he's a thief and a pointless, petty prick at the same time. It really does not make much sense to me.

As for the Remembrancer thing, a legion can't just shoot and kill Remembrancers. That's just insane and pointless. What would they gain from that? You think a Remembrancers is gonna be more positive about the legion after you shoot them in the leg? Or you think you could somehow keep killing them a secret?

>> No.53836780

Might as well drop Valorn's stats



>Loyalty to a cause


>Love for his troops

>Love for general populace
5 unless they're Taigan, in which case that's also an 8



>Psychic skills

>> No.53836949

Why is everyone so damn tall?! lol

>> No.53837035

Got 'em


>> No.53837862

Nobody wants to be a primarchlet.

>> No.53837877

Especially not a primarchlet like Einchurt.

>> No.53837942

What about a handsome state?

Rokuten is 1/10 on that.

>> No.53838077


>> No.53838310

Emil cheats.

>> No.53838466

Lol these Dubs

Also, who is Gas Mask Senpai?

>> No.53838650
File: 268 KB, 500x500, __mayu_itto_na_kataomoi_minoraseta_chiisa_na_shiawase_vocaloid_and_vocaloid_drawn_by_wogura__b122aa419ffc82faee02ca0e70f3ba8f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at the tripcode. I posted a gas mask dump in /vip/ because I wanted to share to the world my patrician taste.

>> No.53838885

Got it. They look cool, tho. Looked for one to use in airsoft, but nothing

>> No.53839597
File: 2.89 MB, 3036x4048, Kawaii uguu~.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can go to Ebay and just look up gas mask. I think ost of the military ones should be able to stand up to airsoft pellets. I know this beautiful mug can.

>> No.53840000

Probably a solid 7.5/10. Valorn's well groomed, if nothing else

>> No.53840421

Problem is, gas masks with glass eyeglasses are dangerous, because a hit can break them and cause shrapnel right into your eyes. Better the plastic ones, preferably with good, resistant plastic, and these are rare and expensive

>> No.53841443

Is the Emperor dead in this? If so, how has Chaos not swallowed up the entire galaxy and something like the Rift in M42 only worse not come up? And if not, was he put on the Golden Throne to keep it operating while his followers continue to try and take over the Webway? What is the state of the Webway Project? And what do the Talons of the Emperor do in all this?

>> No.53841522

He is in the Throne. Don't know about the Webway.

>> No.53841575

The exact nature of the Emperor is still somewhat unclear. He's certainly not dead, but whether he's interred or in stasis hasn't been decided yet. Considering he's incapacitated before he retires to Terra, its safe to assume the Webway Project wasn't anywhere close to being as far as it was in canon. They started on it before he retired from the Crusade, right? I should really read Master of Mankind, it seems like it answers a lot of questions related to the Webway.

>> No.53841897

Thought we reached an agreement there.
Anyway, we shouldn't change something that important, it would Fuck up like, everything. The Eye, Chaos, Bugs...everything would go down to eat the Imperium alive. I go for the Throne interrement

>> No.53841918

Well, sure, but with the Emperor going down on Ullanor, chances are the Thorne simply isn't ready for the Emperor to be interred on it.

>> No.53841924

Seems like he's incapacitated and put on the throne but the webway hole isn't there so he's just functioning as the Astronomican rather than as a plug in the OU.

Unless maybe that's what the Traitors do at Terra, they smash the webway and that's what really makes it so he can never wake up again.

>> No.53841996

Emperor's roughly as incapacitated as he is in canon, it just happens earlier.

Chaos is actually slightly weaker in this AU compared to canon, because the Legions get split 3 ways instead of 2.

Webway Project doesn't get started much at all really. We still have not worked out the specific consequences this will have on the nature of the Throne. Without having to be a door-guard for Chaos, it is theoretically possible that the AU Emperor may intervene more directly on behalf of his Imperium, get off the Throne someday, or even just simply go less insane and therefore the Astronomicon's beacon is more stable than in canon.

It has also been proposed that one of the (ostensibly) loyal Legions defending Terra uses the only partly-complete Webway Gate project to sneak large Chaos forces onto Terra when they make their move to betray the Emperor after the Separatists retreat. This would presumably work, but also collapse the Gate irreparably, never to be reopened for Loyalists or Traitors/Daemons alike.

>Talons of the Emperor
What is this?

>> No.53842046
File: 3.00 MB, 2625x3636, Page241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Talons are the Emperor's own personal forces. The Custodians, Sisters and the Ordo Sinister.

>> No.53842054
File: 137 KB, 800x464, Emperor-talons09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Talons of the Emperor are the Custodes and Sisters of Silence with some other specific agents thrown in. Pre-Inquisition stuff like the Knights Errant.

I was thinking about that as well. Do they get split between the two factions? Do the Custodes refuse to leave Terra but don't become religious? I don't actually remember their status in 40k in the OU.

>> No.53842069

There was test thrones made like Dark Glass, so it has to have existed if the Emperor's webway project was working.

>> No.53842081

Ah, ok. I don't think we've really talked about their roles much at all. I presume they'd all stay with the Emperor, much as in canon. Especially the Custodes.

My philosophy is keep it simple, if possible.

>> No.53842119

Well, the Emperor didn't build the Dark Glass, that was a relic he dug out of Asia. Presumably it exists in this AU, but its existence does not necessitate a Webway Project of any kind. It is independent of that.

>> No.53842141

The Throne he dug out of Asia. Dark Glass was a copy made to test whether he could duplicate it.

>> No.53842174


Yes, the Throne is also a relic. No, the Dark Glass was not built by the Emperor.

That said, I was mistaken about how large the damn thing is. It didn't come out of Asia either, it's the size of a space station lol.

>> No.53842731

Just a quick question, is anyone making use of those half breed marines, guys that were close to the Primarchs before the Emperor came but were too old to recieve all the mods?
Examples: Luthar, Kor Pharion.
As far as I can tell none of our Primarchs really had friemds like that who carried over into becoming Space Marines. But a lot of them became huge villains in the OU.

>> No.53842781

I could see some of Einchurt's lackeys from the Sturmsoldaten becoming the first Markchian Astartes.

>> No.53842795

I'd been thinking that just based on deployment patterns during the crusade, the Dusk Phantoms commonly deploy alongside the Sisters of Silence, and regularly enough alongside the Ordo Sinister.
Those two probably serve with the Dusk Phantoms most often, then alongside the Death's Heads?
Anyways, deployments and secondary facilities might make these groups present in both imperiums. Presumably they stay neutral during the civil war and each thinks the other side has gone crazy during the storm?

>> No.53842796

I suppose the Steel Souls *could*, because psybernetics. I hadn't really considered the possibility at all though.

>> No.53843253

Raj here's what I'm thinking for the pistol yo make Lambach.
"Drumroll" is basically a tommy gun looking pistol with the drum feed, it also has a shot selector that lets it fire off the types of ammo that Sternguard get standard shots would be str 5 ap 4 assault 3.

>> No.53843296

Which legions are the "poster boys" of their respective factions?

>> No.53843361

Presumably it'd be the three Warmaster Legions, I'd imagine. How else would they have mustered the charisma to do what they did, if not by being the center?

>> No.53844442

Is Napoleon still with us?

>> No.53844563

I have not seen him in some time, though I don't know for sure.

>> No.53844879

Today seems to be my day for writing, I'm on a bit of a roll.


I think I've come up with some interesting ways that Emil and the Emperor might begin not to see eye to eye anymore. This second story I wrote shows a couple seeds of dissent being planted, largely as the result of Nikea.

Let me know what you guys think.

>> No.53845315

Emil confirmed for schemer.

>> No.53845357

I didn't think secret meetings required you to fill out paperwork.

>> No.53845419

Yeah, a lil bit. I tried to work in some more "grey decisions" alongside my earlier concepts for what Emil does during the Crusade. Namely, focusing on reclaiming Forge Worlds and building Astropath bunkers everywhere to help keep the Imperium together.

I'm hopeful that my second story in this thread will tie those all together and it'll flow naturally.

>have you ever BEEN to Sol System?
>Terra or Mars, everything runs on paper. EVERYTHING.


>> No.53845469

(and on a more serious note, I meant that to say that the Magos needs more details on what sort of equipment and regiments and shit Emil is specifically requesting. Seemed kind of retarded to write all that shit out so I used the parchment as shorthand basically)

>> No.53845529

Kinda want a Joker-expy now. A foe, like a force of the warp, an embodiment of Tzeentch's subversive nature, whose entire purpose is causing anarchy and ruining the ambitions of warlords.

Yeah, I figured that was it.

>> No.53845570

It's a real shame I haven't seen our Tzeentch-anon in quite a while.

(To tell the truth it feels like we haven't seen quite a few people in some time too.)

>mild concern

>> No.53845590
File: 269 KB, 400x531, cegorach.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53845618

>Pic unrelated

>> No.53845691

Do we have a sneaky legion like the Raven Guard or the Night Lords? Also I thong it might be prudent for everyone to make a codex-style timeline for their legion.

>> No.53845715

You wouldn't happen to have any sort of template for that kind of timeline would you?

And I *think* the Smoke Stalkers are our sneakiest guys.

>> No.53845718

I don't really read the codices, can you give an example?

>> No.53845745
File: 252 KB, 425x304, Why we like 40k.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Space marines aren't a very sneaky group.

>> No.53845753
File: 345 KB, 581x800, 1491416053870.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No need to be too concerned. These things tend to drop off people relatively quickly then stabilize at a certain number with people coming and going slowly from then on.

>> No.53845800

There's one I made for the Undying Scions in Imperium Asunder that would work well enough. Just make up an event or two for each millenia between the Heresy and M41.


>> No.53845802

My god, what's that gif?

>> No.53845843

Mmk. I'll have to think about that one for a bit then.

Damn that's cool.

>> No.53845850

>Scrolling through
>See Karadon Cold Ones
Ah yes, my eightieth favorite regiment that I made.

>> No.53846337

So I'm wondering now.

I've written this interaction with Mars, and I like where it's taking the story. Emil's making contact with an Imperial faction not totally bound to the Emperor. But Mars isn't the only such faction.

If Emil's really serious about extending the communications grid, so to speak, perhaps I should also write a story of him dealing with the Navigator Houses in some fashion. And there's a possible hidden benefit to all that as well.

At some point future Separatist Warmaster Frederick needs to start pulling Emil towards his faction. Would it make sense to have Emil's activities come to Frederick's attention somehow? If that Warmaster happens to catch wind of Emil making new allies for unspecified purposes, that might be sufficient indication that all is not well to make overtures worth the Separatists' time.

Is that a logical narrative? Thoughts?

>> No.53847893

I see nothing ridiculous about this idea.

>> No.53847910
File: 498 KB, 581x800, 1491416222466.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53848515

The Throne should have a TTS Device.

Will get to the Timeline ASAP

>> No.53850329

So I had a crack at writing some rules for Lambach, what does everyone think?
Lambach Kropor (Crusade Era)
Points: 475
WS: 7, BS: 5, S: 6, T: 6, W: 6, I: 6, A: 5, Ld: 10, Sv: 2+/4++

>> No.53850338

Wargear: Venus Gospel, Drumroll, Hide of the Nemean Lion, Silver of Judas, Artificer Armour, Frag and Krak grenades.
Venus Gospel: Made by Gyahdred and gifted to Lambach. Venus Gospel is a Pole Arm of immense power. It is an AP1 Force Blade. Used single handed he can gain a bonus attack from Drumroll and lower a single enemies WS by 1 until the start of the next turn. Used two handed Lambach adds +2 strength. It also has a Heavy Flamer built into the haft that can be fired in combination with Drumroll.
Drumroll: Made by Raj and gifted to Lambach, Drumroll is a Pistol with the following stats, S5, AP4, Assault 3.
Hide of the Nemean Lion: A relic from his homeworld the Hide adds +1 to Lambachs Invulnerable save (included in profile), in addition Lambach gains the Furious Charge special rule.
Silver of Judas: A small pouch containing 30 pieces of silver rumoured to be the same silver gifted to Judas for betraying Jesus according to Christian mythology, when activated it allows Lambach to exist in a time flux, existing physically a millisecond behind his actions, confusing his enemies. Malcador would love to get his hands on this artifact. Lambach can sacrifice one of his Psyker Powers each turn in return for gaining the advantage of this item. When active it increases his invulnerable save by 1.
Special rules: Primarch, Master of the Legion, Master of Mind and Body, Lord of Undeath.
Master of Mind and Body: Lambach has honed his mental skills to increase his already prodigious fighting talents, he is a Mastery level 4 Psyker with access to every power in the Biomancy and Telekinesis tables.
Lord of Undeath: A title jokingly bestowed on Lambach by his brothers due to his fixation with Dreadnaughts. If Lambach is your Warlord he allows Dreadnaughts to be taken in Fast Attack and Heavy Support slots but limits units of Devastators and Assault Marines to 0-1.

>> No.53850852

Smoke Stalkers and Soaring Host definitely. Maybe the Pale Hounds do it too?
The Dusk Phantoms have the Nosferatii and are very good at ambush, but they're not all sneaky like either of those OU legions. It's more like the DA if one of their wings was a stealth wing.

>> No.53851005

To clarify, the only people who can actually sneak past you and do Raven Guard/Night Lords shit are the Nosferatii. They're a genre away from being Slasher film monsters, as they're close to Elver which are basically lizard-fish-xenomorphs. Probably add in some bullshit about nerve stapling interacting with the curse to create a cloaking effect which just makes them exude a vibe of dread.

The rest of the legion is loud and clunky, but know how to hide an artillery battery. Like some sort of weird trapdoor spider legion.
Though that's half their strategy. They tend to work with a sort of tidal wave-rip tide model. Sometimes it's what you see that wrecks you and your sand castle. Other times it's what you don't see that grabs you when you step out too far. Just two sides of the same wave.

>> No.53851151

The Titan Marchers on the whole are one of the least sneaky legions, considering the enormous company they keep. There are some Astartes however, that do prefer to act quietly and keep their heads down: the Nuqasaan.

The Nuqasaan employ a modified pattern of Mk. IV power armour, the Gradus pattern. These power armours forego some of the plating in order to allow for quieter movement and for them to carry more equipment. The Nuqasaan make use of this by going behind enemy lines before an assault and planting devastating explosive charges on key defense points. This is a strategy first devised by Raj back during his insurrectionist days on Manaan. It can allow the XVIIth finish campaigns in a single, massive attack, and can prevent the need for a lengthy siege.

>> No.53851235

The Silver Blades' Scout/Recoinnasance teams are capable of stealth operations, but they don't usually perform such operations, and even their stealth is a relative one: they are prone to be discovered, and eventually engage in furious close combats after the sneak try has failed.

Overall, the Blades aren't a sneaky Legion, they are loud and direct, not known for their subtleness, unless talking about their lack of.

>> No.53851350

Looking cool. I will do one later.

>> No.53852024

I'm not really familiar with how tabletop rules work, but statting things is always fun. Go for it.

>> No.53853178

The Pale Hounds have an entire sub-faction within their legion dedicated to stealthy activities, so they definitely rely on stealth. I'd say the Claws are pretty stealthy, but the Fangs are a different matter entirely.

>> No.53853798
File: 23 KB, 400x340, Steel Souls Logo Crude.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found a (fairly shitty) emblem maker, thought I'd try my hand at making a logo for the Steel Souls.

The goal was to evoke a fortress with two walls, one guarding from without, one guarding from within.

Let me know what you all think.

>> No.53854173

Fidget Zpinnerz
No, really, cool stuff there, mate. I like it.

Also, link to the emblem maker?

>> No.53854313


Word of warning, when I was doing my logo clicking the "make image" button caused all the component pieces to shift around. I had to basically blind-slide them piece by piece to find out where their ACTUAL location would be on the image.

Didn't take me tooooo much longer, but it was pretty annoying.

>> No.53854522

Got it. Will see what can I do.

>> No.53855382

Ideas for a pre-heresy Forge Lords symbol? I imagine that it's inspired by or directly ripped from the noble houses of Zharr-Naggrund.

>> No.53855456

You're asking us to give you a symbol or what?

>> No.53855477

Or ideas for one. I'm trying to think of heraldic-looking things that might be fitting but I'm having rouble

>> No.53855792

Well, the obvious answer is anything dwarven, runic, metallic, anvils, factory symbols, whatever.

I find that far too on the nose for good taste.

Problem is, as I recall your Legion was literally just the Chaos Dwarves turned into Space Marines, which is such a narrow focus I can't think how you'd spice it up at all.

>> No.53856818


Not to take wind out of your sails...but this pistol would be near impossible. Not from a rule sense but rather that I don't no see a way the drum would make a difference in how illogical the weapon is.

>> No.53856954

Arguing from the fluff here, and some real world knowledge:

A standard bolter (as in rifle) holds anywhere from 40-100 bolts each. Not even cutting those numbers in half yet, these drums were incredicly prone to jamming.

Factoring in the size I of bolts and how much they can hold, and the fact that you wish to carry sternguard rounds (in addition to I assume standard bolts) you have a maximum of 10 rounds of each bolt.

Drums do not have an ability to select what round they load next. Assuming they are based off of conventional drum magazines, there is a spring thay pushes rounds up and into the receiver, which then fires the round. This means no ability to select fire. Even if somehow you could, again you only have ten reasons rounds and each time you want to switch out you would have to expend the still-loaded shell.

>> No.53857122

I guess a Storm Bolter would let him have two types of ammo, if that's an important thing to have.

It wouldn't be whatever wierdass cowboy gun he's trying to have though.

>> No.53857199

If I remember correctly, the storm bolter also has two feeds, each feeding to one bolter.

I did design bolt revolvers already, and I wrote up a similar weapon for Linares that fixed the problem but was a bigger weapon.

>> No.53857254

That's what I was getting at yeah. He'd be able to load one feed with a given ammo for each bolter. IDK if a storm bolter has two triggers or a fire selector or some such, but it would be at least a possible means by which to have a multi-ammo pistol of some variety.

>> No.53857279

I'll shoot you over what I did for the Silver Blades

>> No.53857305


>> No.53857371

The “Flor de Plata” (Silver’s Bloom) was a gift out of both concern and friendship from Raj to the Lord of Ale, whose pride in his martial prowess was such that he saw no need for a weapon that took his hands away from his precious Silver Slayer.

So Raj went ahead and got rid of that problem.

Mounted to the left forearm of Linares’s power armor, the Flor de Plata a compact platform that with a simple thought can release a hail of bolts at the target. Designed and based off of the Storm Pattern bolters used on most heavy vehicles at the time the twin barrels sat snugly side by side and while they lack the range due to the shorter barrels, they made up for this with the sheer volume of fire.

To Accommodate this prestigious amount of fire, the mountings that secure the Plata to Linares arm double as the feeding rails for the voracious weapon, feeding in from a Canister that sat beside the powerplant. In reality this Canister was little more than an armored storage box, with a number of standard bolter magazines feeding into the hopper.

While this system was far more complex than having a large drum magazine, this system gave Linares the ability to also carry more specialized munitions and with a simple mental command allowed the cannister to switch the form of ammunition it was feeding; it also had the added benefit of being quick to reload, simply removing the empty magazines and replacing them.

For all the practicality of these things however, Raj also made the unique “Storm Pistol” a thing of beauty. The feed rails were engraved with filigrees of Silver and Platinum and looked more like vines and stems of a plant, leading all the way up to the weapon itself; Whose top was adorned with flower petals of crimson and silver, a glowing green gem resting at the center of the “flower”. And while a small touch on the well hidden ammunition canister is a small silver plaque with the words

While Titans have no blades, No Primarch should be Unarmed.

>> No.53858294

Hammers crossed over an anvil perhaps? Or an anvil with a crown embossed on it?

>> No.53858350

He looks pretty good.
The Judas coins seem a bit funky, but that's mostly because they never really mention Christianity in 40k besides with that Perpetual tomfoolery. And also blood money giving you time travel ability. At the same time, Lambach as Jesus makes for a really weirdly satisfying idea, sort of like the Khornate Eightfold Path. Perhaps a Paul style prophet of Nurgle. Don't changed, have faith in Papa Nurgle and his spirit will change you.

Looking at his closest parallels in Vulkan, Moritarion, Ferrus Manus, and Perturabo, I think he sits somewhere around
WS: 7
BS: 6
S: 7
T: 7
W: 6/7
I: 5
A: 4
LD: 10
SV: 2+/3++

His dorje-mace is something like a +n str ap 1 concussive, sweeping blow? kind of a weapon, Maybe with deflagrate?

Uber-Servo Harness, with the usual fiddly bits, nuncio vox, auspex, cognis-designator, etc.

Awesome Gun (TM) Something like Cawl's pulse-melta?

Master of Machines like a Magos

Cybernetica Cortex (And ability to do cybertheurgy?)

Kind of like the idea of giving him Slasher-Movement like Moritarion has.

Bonuses really depend on the LA, but maybe he gives all missile launchers rad-missiles or hands out IWND for vehicles like Manus.

How do round selector systems work anyways?

>> No.53858371

I'm liking an anvil and a crown. I'll get on trying things out.

>> No.53858413

Two feeds, each with a kind of ammo. You actually select the feed with the loaded kind. Most IFVs autocannons have these systems.

>> No.53859137

Since the thread seems to have slowed down a lot tonight, I guess I'll join in the "stat your primarch" fun.

Here's a first draft of what I imagine Emil's wargear to be. I know little of tabletop rules, so I'll be relying heavily on the more learned members of our group to grace my concepts with proper numbers.

tl;dr, Emil is a fast, agile, melee-focused psyker whose carapace armor works like the defensive version of a Force weapon. He also has a stun gun because his Legion made him buy one, but he pretty much hates ranged combat.


Lemme know what you guys think!

>> No.53859469
File: 21 KB, 600x430, Forge Lords Insignia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How's this look?

>> No.53859585

Reminds me of a liquor bottle logo somehow, but it's not bad. Anvils seem like an odd metaphor for Marines, but you're the only one who has to like it, yeah?

For some reason I keep hearing the words "Bull wearing a crown" whenever I think of the Forge Lords. I have no idea why.

Or maybe a crown with a hammer inside it?

>> No.53859663

Yeah I took the shot selecter out. It's just a pistol with high strength now. It's on the Primarch rules I wrote. It's the same stats as Magnus pistol.

>> No.53859762

Well, bulls are one of the creatures that daemons of Hashut use features from. I'll see if I can find a bull graphic that looks nice.

>> No.53859781
File: 825 KB, 2048x956, 772d33c22d6eb461c136226a7219e3d2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a little unclear on this. How does Marduk get the other Chaos Primarchs on his side specifically? What does he offer them or how does he convince them to join him?

>> No.53859900
File: 79 KB, 800x476, Ouroboros-dragon-serpent-snake-symbol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not great with graphic design, so I'm gonna say the Leviathan's insignia is probably just the infinity version of the Ouroboros. At least as a placeholder till I come up with something more interesting.

>> No.53860022

Well for Lambach it is an easy choice, he has already thrown in his lot with Nurgle and been made known as a traitor who fled justice. He doesn't wish to harm any of his brothers but thinks the Emperor is entirely to blame for everything bad that has happened. Marduk simply has to contact him and say he is planning on taking on the Emperor, Lambach and Marduk had a good relationship before everything went to shit so Lambach would certainly flock to Marduks camp.

>> No.53860178


The train keeps rolling this weekend. Here, Emil speaks to the Novator of House Belisarius about some things he begins to suspect about the Warp. (I chose that House because in the OU they work closely with the Space Wolves, so I figured that might make it less of a stretch for Emil to open dialogue with them).

As always, I look forward to all of your comments!

>> No.53860388

These are just some suggestions for your Wargear stats, I dunno if they will exactly match what you'd had in mind but sometimes fluff can be hard to directly transfer to crunch without becoming to OP. Keep in mind the base stat line for a Primarch is 7 WS then 6 across the board with 10 Leadership. Let me know what you think?

So Emil Stats could be something like follows:
Points= 495. WS:7, BS:5, S:7, T:7, W:6, I:6, A:6, Ld:10, Sv:2+/4++.
A stat line like this makes him pretty badass in Close combat even without powers.
Special rules: Primarch, Master of the Legion, Warpsmith.
Warpsmith = Emil is a Mastery Level 4 Psyker who can draw on any Power from every table. These spells are not randomly generated like normal but instead Emil can choose which powers he wishes to use on a turn for turn basis.

>> No.53860399

Spiritus Laminam, the Soul Plate. Archaeotech power armor.
ok so for this I'd give it a 2+/4++ save as base (Standard Primarch stats). Then make it so Emil can sacrifice a spell slot to count as having a jump pack for the turn. Also maybe increase his toughness from 6 (standard) to 7 to explain the extra defense given by the armour itself?
Apsogi Lepida, the Flawless Blade. Archaeotech Force Sword.
This could just be a master crafted two-handed force blade I think with the Primarchs stats being the main fuel behind it. I left most of Lambachs stats at base of 6 and dropped his attacks to 5 though because of his psykic powers and Emil would have far more access to powers than Lambach.
Chalybe Membrorum, the Limbs of Steel. Archaeotech Psybernetic limbs.
Basically make these Emil only take a perils of the warp test if he rolls three 1's instead of two, they also give him +1 to denying any powers cast within 12 inches of him. Also (and this bit maybe overpoweredly broken) Emil can use his powers drawing line of sight from any Steel Souls Squad leader on the table top. Also I used it to increase his Strength form 6 to 7.

Prodotis, the Betrayer. Martian-crafted plasma pistol.
Hmm maybe give it a stat line like STR: N/A, AP: 3, Assault 1.
Then make it that instead of causeing wounds the model hit by this pistol is stunned for a turn, causing it's WS, I and A to be reduced to 1 for the turn. If the model is by itself it also cannot move or charge, but if in a squad can move normally as the squad mates pull them along but the squad cannot run for the turn?

>> No.53860407

(What Emil doesn't know about the things he's noticing is that it's all part of Chaos' plan to lure him away from any possible chance at countering their actions. He thinks he's taking steps to prepare the Imperium against an unknown threat, but he has no idea how cunningly the Gods are moving. He can feel the future Ruinstorm gathering strength, but because he's trying to observe it at the Galactic Fringe, he will be completely unable to actually *use* what he learns to help the Imperium.)

Reverse Palpatine Meme Time: He could save himself from the Warp, but not others. Ironic.

>> No.53860424

I'm worried actually that his points may be too low, but any higher and he'll cost more than Horus.

>> No.53860430

I'm unfamiliar with the rules, would anyone mind statting up Mot?

>> No.53860455

It's all Greek to me, but I appreciate the effort. Hopefully some of the other thread participants can help round off any rough edges.

Ultimately all I really want is for Emil's tagline in combat to be "Holy fuck he's fast as shit."

The pinnacle of melee not so much because of training, but just because he's supercharging himself to fuck and gone.

>> No.53860476

Well, I assume Psyker powers are very expensive. If bringing Emil onto the tabletop winds up being ruinously expensive in practical terms, that doesn't bother me. Fluff that feels right is more important than whether or not Emil would ever see tournament play, lol.

>> No.53860525

See what Einchurt has to say, He is the one writing actual rules up I think. But yeah I gave Emil a pretty beastly stat line I think and he has access to every power in the game with almost no chance of fucking them up, + he can cast them from line of sight to a squad leader, so yeah he is a monster I think
I can have a crack at it a bit later if you give me some rough guidelines of his gear, if you like, I'm about to head out now though so will only have my phone.

>> No.53860537

And also, Emil's no Ahriman. You won't see him hurling giant fireballs across the map or dropping Predators into Warp Vortexes.

He's much more focused on powers like shielding, regenerating, projecting barriers, linking minds, that kind of shit. IDK if the game rules support such a psyker, but that was the direction I tried to take him.

Emil *can* fight at range with his psyker powers, but very poorly. He very much depends on swiftly closing range and chainsawing people to death with his blade to get anything done on the battlefield.

That said, he is exceptionally supreme in that field.

Might be too much nitpicking and if so feel free to ignore me, but I wanted to make sure everything was properly explained. :P

>> No.53860580

Yeah that's all good, maybe google the 7th ed psykic powers table, have a read through the descriptions and change where I wrote 'all tables" to just the ones you think he'd use, Probably Pyromancy is off the table at very least haha.

>> No.53860582

He probably wears terminator armor with some kind of force field generator.

His melee weapon is a massive two-handed (for anyone else) mace with chain blades on the flanges, and maybe a wrist-mounted bolter.

>> No.53860618

haha you could probably copy paste the rules for Perturabo across by the sounds of him. Not that that is a bad thing Perty is a beast, and seems to very much match Mots personality and style.

>> No.53860640

That would certainly give Sarco a good grounding in canon stats to reinforce the validity of his designs. Can be a valuable thing sometimes.

>> No.53860646

I feel like he's more of an angrier Vulkan.

>> No.53860891
File: 258 KB, 1879x1417, IMG_0212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people writing up rules
>no one sending me anything despite saying I would be making a rule compendium for W3 30K
On a serious note, I have started working on the Red Book, but I do need a bit of help seeing as I'm no expert on everyone's Legions. At the moment, all I need is the gist of two positive and one negative aspect of your Legion's style of warfare. Specifically those that would translate into special rules, not gear.
For the Death's Heads, say, they're fanatically loyal and they're very good at combining their firepower, but without their officer corp they're wont to simply keep following their last order.
My part is translating this into rules. So, Death's Heads would have something like the Stubborn USR, and if a unit fires on a unit that has been shot at by another DH unit they get +1 BS or re-rolls, but if all their Independant Characters are killed, they cannot Sweep and no longer count as scoring, or some such.

>> No.53861090


1: They are linked mentally and exceptionally well coordinated. They're not flashy tactically, but they are very competent and adaptable as a unit. They always know where their brothers are located even if they can't see them, and individual members can feel when others are wounded or distressed. High-level Legion psykers can communicate directly with words rather than just emotion impressions.

2: Almost all of them have a trace of psychic potential at least, and by pooling the energy of a squad into its Sergeant, or a company into its Captain, that individual can harness a great deal of power safely because he's buffering it across many minds.


1: When that mind-web starts to decay through casualties or burnout, it's very disorienting. The Steel Souls can reinforce each other and draw courage from that, but they are also vulnerable to being overwhelmed if too many die at once.

2: They don't really specialize in anything. Though their quality is higher across the board, the Legion can still be outmatched by more specialized foes in the right circumstances. They must pay extremely careful attention to what the enemy is trying to accomplish in order to build a proper countermeasure on the fly. If they even can, that is.

>> No.53861257

My fault man, I did Lambach up as a bit of fun. And got the ball rolling. Sorry! I did say to Emil to have you look pver the rules I did up for his guy. I'll have a think on my ry buffs and negs while I'm out and send you something later.

>> No.53861303


Basically Cyber-Empath Ultramarines, but with a Primarch that acts more like a blend of Fulgrim and Magnus the Red with just a dash of Ferrus Manus.

>> No.53862139

Bump because where the hell is everyone tonight?

>> No.53862206

Weekends are always slow, especially at night.

>> No.53862268


>> No.53862403

8th edition release mothafuckas! I'm building me some Primaris.

>> No.53862450

Oh yeah, that too.

Any news about new models for other factions?

>> No.53862820

Not that I know of. In other news, the Dusk Phantoms colors don't seem to work for Primaris.
Irl the white and red just look like a Night Lord grabbed a White Scars arm and stuck it on.
Going to have to work on that...

>> No.53862850

Did you forget your name, Xun?

>> No.53862888

I really liked that bio-luminescent feel you had been tring to go for, but it is your Legion.
I'm glad the Death's Head scheme turned out great the first time

>> No.53863084

Yeah, I like it too, but that's the old Behemoth Guard scheme. I may do that for the Primaris, though. Call them special division Nosferatii. Or have it as an alternate color scheme.

>> No.53863259

All models and units with the Legiones Astartes(Steel Souls) special rule are subject to the following provisions:
>Legiones Astartes: Units with this special rule may always attempt to regroup at their normal Leadership, regardless of casualties.
>Psybernetic Network: At the start of their controlling player’s Movement Phase, any unit may use one of the following abilities. These last until the start of their controlling player’s next turn:
>>+1 BS, -1 WS
>>+1 WS, -1 BS
>>+1T, -1I
>>+1I, -1T
>>Generate 1 Warp Charge, -1Ld
>Psychic Coordination: If a Psyker with this special rule fails to manifest a power while within 6” of any non-Psyker with the Legiones Astartes(Steel Souls) special rule, they may re-roll the Harness Warp Charges test.
>Mind-Web Feedback: If one or more units with this special rule suffer 50% or more of its original size in casualties in a single turn, all surviving units with the Legiones Astartes(Steel Souls) special rule must make a Pinning test. In addition, if a Psyker with this special rule suffers Perils of the Warp, one unit within 6” suffers the same result rolled as the Psyker.

>> No.53863300

How do Warp Charges work, exactly?

>> No.53863377

You get a certain number every turn. They're basically the dice you use to cast Psychic powers. Each power has a level, which is how many charges you need to "harness". You "harness" that charge by rolling it and getting a 4, 5, or 6.
So basically, your basic bitch squads can give you more dice to play with, and also make it easier for your Psykers to do their weeaboo fightan magic, but if you fuck up, it can back fire onto multiple squads

>> No.53863403

With your LA rules, that is. Usually you get stuck being able to cast maybe 2 powers, 3 or 4 if you go a super psyker-heavy build, but thr Souls would be able to make more out of their Psykers.

>> No.53863416

Mmk. Seems reasonable.

What do you think of the rules that Borp wrote for Emil himself earlier?

>> No.53863427

For the most part CoH is fairly Vanilla.
Positives would be:
1: They have access to far more Dreadnaughts than any other Legion. Including Librarian Dreads.
2: They can have Librarian squad leaders.
The Negatives would be they almost never use Assault Marines, and Heavy Weapons Squads. Also the Legion has very few suits of Terminator Armour.
I tried to cover this in the rules I gave to Lambach but by all means I'm happy for you to work it better mate.

>> No.53864104

Whoever posts the next thread better not fuck up the archiving.

>> No.53865603

>The Silver Blades

>>Exceptional melee skill while fighting with swords (think of IF's Bolter Drill?)
>>Massed Drop—Pod assaults, following the deploying of Deathstorm pods


>>Weak but pretty stable psykers
>>Weak against psychic attacks

>> No.53865677
File: 1.50 MB, 800x800, 1483065238984.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Leviathan Host

The Good
>Very strong melee/point blank shooting, especially on the charge
>Deploying/redeploying quickly with fast transport vehicles/jump infantry
>Daemon summoning and psychic buffing

The Bad
>Shooting isn't great at mid, very bad at longer range
>Need to stay moving to stay alive, don't do well with getting pinned
>Weak morale when without leadership

>> No.53866294

1. The Titan Marchers fight alongside Titans, bringing devastation in his wake.
2. The Marchers are like a bulldozer; slow and steady. They keep going and refuse to let themselves be stopped.

1. No Psykers. The legion's homeworld does not produce Psykers, and as such, the legion does not employ a librarius.

>> No.53867944

We're not at bump limit yet, right?

>> No.53868333

Maybe I've got an offbeat interpretation of what DH-anon was asking for, but saying "we have no psykers" isn't really a rules thing. It's like saying you don't have a certain kind of gear, like you don't use grenades or something.

It wouldn't affect the essence of your Legion, it just means you don't put any psykers on the table to do battle.

Same kind of thing with "We have more Dreadnoughts". I'm sure there's rules that limit how many Dreads you can normally have, so maybe your rule would just be "Ignore that limit", but that doesn't seem very juicy as far as flavor goes.

Never using Assault Marines or Devastators and almost never using Terminators makes sense in that I can tell you're trying to come up with a suitable penalty to allow yourself to have many Dreads, but again, that's doesn't seem like the essence of your Legion, that's just "I didn't need to buy a box of Assault Marines to build this army".

I feel like you guys are maybe limiting yourselves in terms of making interesting rules here.

>> No.53868551

1. A very shooty legion, The Forge Lords grind down their enemies under a hail of blistering fire.
2. Most if not all Forge Lords are versed in at least rudimentary repair skills and such are able to bring their vehicles back from the brink more often than other legions.

1. The Forge Lords' unforgiving meritocracy fosters a climate of distrust, even among the Legion. Individual squads are as brothers but have difficulty when given the prospect of, say, saving another squad that might hinder their progress up the promotion ladder

>> No.53868561

Maybe I should include something about copious amounts of flame and melta weapons, too.

>> No.53868619

Maybe. I've never played the tabletop, so I wouldn't know what the rules do and don't cover, but still, the Titan Marchers cannot deploy Psykers.

Still though, I'll add to his, two more positives, one more negative.

The Titan Marchers are a support legion. As such, they very often deploy alongside marines from the other 20 legions.
>The Titan Marchers are explosives experts, marines carrying copious amounts of grenades and rockets.

The Marchers are slow. They keep going, but they are not going to win any races.

>> No.53868852

Really? I never took the Forge Lords as being exclusively shooty. No power swords and thunder hammers?

The repairing makes sense, that sounds good. Same with the flamers.

It seems like a valid negative, but I don't see how it would translate into tabletop rules.

>> No.53868895

Seems like they'd suffer from something akin to the Ork rule where sometimes a squad will kick the shit out of its neighbor rather than fight the enemy?

>> No.53868897
File: 68 KB, 626x461, doubleslongarm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you think of >>53865603 ?

>> No.53868960

Swords seems too specific, maybe just Close Combat Weapons? IDK if 40k's tabletop rules allow for such fine distinctions. If so, no problem then.

Drop pod assaults feels like another "gear" thing. But maybe your Legion has more units that can Deep Strike or Outflank or something. Perhaps that's good enough, although it's not very flavorful.

Weak but stable psykers? IDK what gives a *tabletop* psyker "stability". I told DH-anon that the Steel Souls are also very "stable" Legion, but what he described with his rules sounded more like a "blasty" ruleset.

This may simply be an area where fluff cannot translate well to tabletop. I suspect you may need to let the "stable" part slide.

Weak versus psychic attacks? I'm sure that can be easily done in the rules.

>> No.53869008

I just prefer the idea of the Forge Lords as a heavy weapon shooty legion with lots of big guns. Things like sergeants and commanders will still have the big melee weapons but that isn't the focus.

>> No.53869221

Think of the possibility of deploying the whole army through drop pods.

The weak but stable means a positive bonus in the perils of the warp rolls, but only mastery 1.

>> No.53869302

Testing if moving has changed trip.

>Exceptionally strong and tough
>Considerably higher amount of low level psykers

>Overprotective, no one else goes into melee without them in the front lines
>Weak against poisons

I hadn't brought up the later, but since we need to justify the whole Isehko incident, perhaps it's a flaw that had yet to be discovered because the Golden Mountains being so damned good at melee meant them gettig poisoned hadn't nearly at all happened and thus it hadn't been noticed before?

>> No.53869349

Ah, right, I was forgetting. Is there any precedent for environmental advantage/modifications? Was thinking about the plant singing capabilities and terrain modification of the Mountain Warlocks, or to whether they'd remain as fluff.

>> No.53869366

I know there's artillery shells that generate hostile terrain in the impact point.

Maybe that's a "low level" power your guys could specialize in, since it's not directly lethal.

>> No.53869374

Moving forests in the tabletop?

>> No.53869430

Yes, we could work with that for groundshaping.

Probably not going as far as moving them, but perhaps getting better cover out of being in a forest, and maybe some aggressive advantages (and nullifying any maluses) if there's Deathworld level vegetation?

>> No.53869473

More cover in forests, making them dangerous terrain for the enemy...

>> No.53869530

Yeah, I'd do something like that as a passive "psyker" ability. That way you can say that the squad's doing some fun shit, but not have it sound like they're all blasting people with warpfire and shit.

It's niche, but flavorful and useful in the right situations. The perfect target zone for a "low level psyker".

>> No.53869996


Iron Guard:

>Great coordination between squads of different designation (assault, tactical, and TacSup squads covering each other's shortcomings)
>Nothing can stop their march. If the last grunt is behind a minefield, and all ammunition has been expanded, they're gonna walk down that mine field and kill the fucker.

>They only venture in melee for a killing blow. If they can't land it, they get BTFO.
>If the Great Book of Strategy doesn't have a page for it, they won't invent it, and thus will get wrecked.

>> No.53870759

>Muh Smurfs in Au

What is BTFO, tho?
>Being this new

Also, I can't see how these would relate to the crunch. I mean, the first one could be workable, but I don't see the rest. Doesn't mean they are bad, just that I don't know.

>> No.53870840

Mechanicum awesome stuff
Artificer equipment
High morale
Creepy Old Night wargear
Good at direct assaults
Good at ambushes
Adapt their tactics to the enemy

The Curse of the Elver.

Ones the assault is launched, they don't adapt well. Waves don't change direction.

>> No.53871490

>Curse of the Elver
Fluff wise, I think this is pretty clear, but mechanically I'm not so sure. Specifically, there's got to be a trigger. Full Elver wouldn't be represented on the tabletop-- they'd be like genestealers.
Partial manifestation would be some sort of buff, but also cause LD penalty nearby.

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