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Alrite, ya syrup-sippers! Welcome to the wonderful reality of being stuck in this shit-ridden internet fjord. Just like yours truly!

First off, I need all yer trolls and fanboys and whatever other autists present to represent themselves.

Who are ye, and what's yer purpose?

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Fuck off furry.

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I identify myself as an attack helicopter

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Fapping to monstergirls

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It is I, the wolft primarch ever

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Ordos Otakonus. We keep the Citizens of the Imperium from having shit and/or heretical tastes in waifus.

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Ordo Pobrius reporting...
We do cool shit when we can afford to, and do what we can to afford luxury items like food and shelter the rest of the time.

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I am the skub man.
Feel despair, for I have come for you skub.

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Ordos Bumpitus
We keep particularly interesting threads from leaving the emperor's light.

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The Codex Imperialis does not support this Ordo.
Prepare to be purged !

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Alritey then!

Yer all pathetic in yer own little ways. So let me point out yer flaws and tell ya why ye won't survive here.

Yer a furry in denial or ya would never have come here. Get it off yer system before it breaks ya.

Split personalities are a real thing and it's gonna happen to ya too.

Yer as nameless and faceless as the rest of us, and the sexual identity ya base yer entire self around don't matter shit here.

Monstergirls have been gone since the great purge. Yer gonna join them in double-hell soon enough.

I've got no sons, kiddo.

...Oh, except for this guy. Ey lad, how's it been?

We've all got shit taste, including yerself, ye worthless milksop.

Ye can always afford to do cool shit. Yer self-pity martyr schtick ain't gonna get ya any points here.

Ye can have it all. Skub's shit.

If threads are potentially interesting then ye'd have actual shit to add to the discussion apart from just a mindless bump, 'cept yer all creatively stunted squats.

Ye've got real balls, actually tryin' to take responsibility for yer posts and develop some manner of personality and reputation on the board. Too bad yer posts are shit and ye contribute fuck-all to anything.

No one here cares what ye support or don't support. Yer as pathetic and powerless as the rest of us.

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Purpose is an illusion. Success is an illusion. Hope is an illusion.

The only truth is Death.

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Um mr leman russ sir? Have you seen my Primarch? I looked for him in prospero but the whole planet it empty, do you know what happened?

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I am the Wulf Wolf Wolfsonwolf, and I ride my giant Wolffangwolfs to face you. How do you react?

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and all the astartes who said they were thousand sons looked blue like that not red like me

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Beat me to it.

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spacewolves were in a really cool state for a like two years, everyone liked them and gw took this as a que to slap a wolf head on everyones dick

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*breaks your jaw*
*knocks you the fuck out*

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The only one that lives forever is me dear ol' dad.

Piss off Mortarion, no one likes ya.

Kindly refer yerselves to >>53766008

I'm a bit behind on me legion's going-ons, being stuck right here with ye shitheads plus a bunch o' demons and trolls. I'll take yer word fer it.

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The only one that lives forever is me dear ol' dad.

Piss off Mortarion, no one likes ya.

Kindly refer yerselves to >>53766008

I'm a bit behind on me legion's going-ons, being stuck right here with ye shitheads plus a bunch o' demons and trolls. I'll take yer word fer it.

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I am ACME agent
I am here to find Carmen Sandiego

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You know how I always said "there are no wolves on Fenris."

Well......There aren't anymore.

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>THE ABSOLUTE STATE of dogfuckers

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Father? Why do you have wings? and spikes and talons? Why is everyone on propero and fenris dead? Why are all the other thousand sons i find blue and made of dust?

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Come, brother, let us not quarrel.
Lest we get a repeat of the last time.

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Holy shit those feet. I feel like those hybrid elephant-bird feet draw away attention from the rest of Magnus.

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Treachery son. Treachery great and terrible

(under breath) One day I will be free from that indecisive piece of blue calamari.

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ok but why are we mocking russ? he's an asshole sure but mortarian is more of an asshole and russ scares me

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Guilty as charged, but the fetlife campaign is still getting off the ground, I'm still working on my character for the local Masquerade to see if I can Seduce a Goth QT, and tonight I'm going to go to Commander again to see if I can win that bet with the one anon by finding an MTG QT.

I will be dumping a Lovecraftian Comic on here though. Dreams at Unknown Kadath, the good version.

And I still just need to sit down and gather all the links to start /brp/ Basic Role-playing General.

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Well, ye've come to ta right place! She's been with us here all along.


That's just like the bird faggot, aye: was probably his plan to stick such chicken legs under Magnus the whole time, like the one-eye needed any more discreditin'. Honestly he's even dumber an' nerdier than I thought if he ain't given up on Tzeentch by now entirely.

Oh aye, ye've got a bit of sense in ye after all. Good luck with that!

What, ye've been 'round kicking my children aboot with yer fancy-pansy nerd magics? Betcha feel like a big boy now? Want to come here ta have another go with me instead?

I'll be right here when ya wake up from that little nap of yers, Lion.

I still don't think why ye feel ta stick with that name even outside that pathetic excuse of OC of yers. But ey, this place's gotten even the best of us a bit mad. Let alone the worst of us. Just ask Magnus.

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I Am More Powerful Then I Have Ever Been Russ.And The Last Time We Met You Barely Managed To Hold Your Own.

OOC If anyone guesses who I'm quoting you get 1 internet.

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hail brothers are we having a party? Did you forget to invite me?

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