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"Old school" Edition

Previous Thread: >>53749396


>Commander 2017 Spoilers

>Latest Commander Ban Announcement

>Latest MTGO Banlist Update


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.


What possible announcement makes you the most excited?

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C17 better have Demon tribal

>> No.53757694

>What possible announcement makes you the most excited?

Tribes for Commander 2017 other than the expected Dragons, Zombies, Wizards, Goblins, Angels, etc. etc. etc.

The only announcement I'm really expecting is that of variable lengths for stories, where we might stick around on a single plane for every set of a year or two.

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>we roll dice to see who goes first
>I go last
>first player goes "scorching desert, target anon, pass"
>I'm absolutely stunned
>I go down to 39 life before it's even my turn
>he doesn't even apologize
I haven't even had one turn, so it was impossible for me to interact with the trigger. If he let me just play one island I

could have stifled the trigger and still been at 40 life. Instead he targets me out of pure spite. We all talked about it

and it was pretty clear that he only wanted me to be at 39 life so that I wouldn't win. He was going all on about how he

is perfectly allowed to scorch me, but he didn't even think for a second about how I felt about it.

It would have been infinitely preferable if he gave me just one turn to get up stifle mana or find a way to gain some

life. Instead he tries to act like just because the game lets him do something that its ok and my feelings don't matter.

We all agreed that targeting me was unnecessarily spiteful considering he had another land in hand he could play, or he

could have mulliganed to a hand that had less hateful cards. We all agreed to just play as if I was at 40.

What I don't get is how people like him think its a good idea to play like that with regular playgroups. You know that by

hitting me with scorching desert, it's just going to make me bring out my five color stonerain.dek and completely remove

his ability to play next game.

Since then we have houseruled that you're not allowed to hurt others players if they don't have a way to interact with it.

Our players that have some social awareness and aren't completely autistic have all agreed with this rule and it has done

a great job of weeding out the players that have offensive personality traits, such as having skin any thicker than

plastic food wrap.

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>want to make rhoon deck and blast people with phat creatures and etb triggers
Can rhoon be built pretty competitively in 1v1 and multiplayer?
Also is he himself a pretty good beater?

>> No.53757750

That helps to clarify things. It also isn't a massive issue. But then again, I always run something that can exile shit instead of just "destroy". Much better to exile "nasty critter A" than it is to "destroy nasty critter A" and hope your opponent has no recursion.

>> No.53757773

>want to make rhoon deck and blast people with phat creatures and etb triggers

I don't think you understand the card. People with ETB triggers would be absolutely delighted if you exiled it until the end of turn. It would let them get another trigger.

Now the people with phatties, they'd probably get a bit booty blasted. Especially if you did it in order to remove blockers.

>> No.53757815

He wants to blast them with his fatties and abusing his ETB abilities, not the opponents

>> No.53757829

I think he means blasting people with his own ETBs.

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Explain to me how this card works? I thought you couldn't copy copies?

>> No.53757872

It's not copying copies though.

>> No.53757875

What are some must have for Feldon of the Third Path aside from Combustible Gearhulk, Worldgorger Dragon, and Obliterate?

>> No.53757880

Need some help getting rid of cards in my Mizzix deck. I think some good choices are Dragon mage and Melek. But I'm afraid of going super light on creatures. I also want to get the most out of buyback to eventually draw out a lot of my deck or protect Mizzix and then try to storm off.

>> No.53757883

>I thought you couldn't copy copies?

You're 100% wrong. Does that settle most of your questions?

>> No.53757890

You aren't. You are casting individual copies of the first spell onto each other possible target. Your just copying the original spell a bunch of times. Kind of like Zada but wider range.

>> No.53757902

You need this.

also, no jori en, ruin diver?

>> No.53757909

oh, now i understand it, thanks!


>> No.53757927

Normally I would be upset about a new thread, espically when the old thread is only on page 4, but I am so sick of that shitty scoop argument that I don't even mind.

>> No.53757977

>jori en, ruin diver
>Fevered Visions
Actually good cards I completely forgot about I'm never going to make it down to 100 cards but good suggestions!

>> No.53758022

Same, both sides are pretty autistic

What deck you busting out at game night this week?

>> No.53758054

Hence why I made the new one, actual discussion going on here

>> No.53758095

What's a fun budget control commander? Something I could build for less than $100.

>> No.53758112

I'd scorching desert your autist ass too

>> No.53758137

99 mountain Ashling

>> No.53758194

You are right. There really is no reason to drag an argument on when one side obviously won.

>> No.53758266

have an army of spiders and not be too overpowered in a casual setting
I want to run people down with spiders.

>> No.53758276

Not subtle enough

>> No.53758373

Gonna force myself to play more Noyan until I get a better feel for how to actually play it and what I need to make it better.

>> No.53758383

>aren't completely autistic
Yes you are, you and your group sound like autistic garbage. How could you possibly be so buttmad about getting pinged for one?

>> No.53758413

I can't stop giggling. This is exactly how my playgroup reacts to any interaction. A lot of them play group hug OTK, and get furious if they are targeted at any time.

>> No.53758517

Reminder that if your game plan relies on overextending so badly that unless all your triggers go off without interference you have no answer to other players, you are a bad player.

If you are swinging for lethal, ensure you are keeping answers open in case something goes wrong.

>> No.53758623

why not atogs or goyfs

>> No.53758633

Obviously pasta, it's funny

>> No.53758736

C17 is gonna have dragons, amazon, knights and goblin tribals

>> No.53758753

Amazon? Regardless, I'd sure like Knights. I would like Sphinxes to get a boost too

>> No.53758812

make it past turn 6 with ur commander out and make sure to counter any board whipes and have fun winning

>> No.53758826

You need to reevaluate your priorities

>> No.53758873


Yeah, the online shopping service. Sometimes even WotC has to take sponsorships.

>> No.53758875

Illusionist Bracers
Sundial of the Infinite

>> No.53758886

This is delicious fresh pasta

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>> No.53759001

Thank you

>> No.53759023

Oh absolutely, he's solid in 1v1 (though I advise against 1v1, as it is not an accurate representation of edh)

My brother has a roon deck, biggest advice is to make sure you have many, many other ways to flicker your guys,other than roon. Roon is an emergency play, one that you only fall to if the deck isn't pulling what you need. Run hornet queen

>> No.53759168

I went to my FLGS to play for the first time, brought the Meren precon i had unopened for over a year.

Got absolutely shat on, but i was expecting that due to lack of experience. What i didnt expect was not being able to do anything due to the constant gangbang of removal on everything i played.
The rest of the table was Atraxa with 20 planeswalkers, queen marchesa and Jori-en

All i got was "lmao we just hate meren, dont play her"
Pretty shit experience overall, so i want to ask you if a meren precon in the hands of a first time player is just so fucking dangerous?

>> No.53759232

No, the precon is good but not that good. However Meren is a strong commander and draws a lot of hate no matter the build because a good one exists and there is no proof your playing a bad deck.

>> No.53759467

Meren is an annoying commander, but this doesn't explain that behaviour. You just had a shitty game with weird people.

>> No.53759593

I want to create a deck with pic related and token doubling enchantments as well as red token making. The idea is to spam real creature tokens that become op in multiples. The deck will be RWGU. Or WUBRG.

Kiki. RoR, etc

I will even play mirror gallery to get a bunch o cool copies of legendary shit.

I need cool creatures and good ideas, what say you TG.

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>> No.53759621

Obviously your commander should be Riku. Also play Minion Reflector, maybe some of the cheaper clones, Cackling Counterpart, etc.

>> No.53759694


>> No.53759704

Biovisionary will definitely be in.

I want white for Sterling Grove an extra token doubler enchantment as well as academy rector and idyllic tutor and mirari's wake. That says maybe it will make the cut.

I don't have a straight token deck or an enchantment deck. Thus will be my take on those archetypes.

>> No.53759732

Why? The card looks like it would only be used as a really lame way to abruptly end the game. Are there really people who want to play with this card?

>> No.53759762

>reprint Kaalia deck
>make dragon, angel and demon tribals for C17

>> No.53759764

The format is full of two card combos that win the game, some people are too lazy to put two cards together so they want a one card win.

>> No.53759772


If we're allowed to play Sorin, Magister Sphinx, and even fucking Shaman of Forgotten Ways (you know, Biorhythm on a stick), then why not Biorhythm?

>> No.53759783


>> No.53759843

What's saddest about this post is how you've typed all that out to force a meme that won't catch on.

>> No.53759862

>Biorhythm on a stick
A more expensive one that needs a turn to untap and a board full of creatures to work, and is still borderline busted?
>Sorin, Magister Sphinx
Both are considered extremely dickish and still at least they don't kill you

>> No.53759867

Not OP, but Brothers Yamazaki

>> No.53759883

Atraxa superfriends is just as bad if not worse than Meren. I mean at least the average deck can interact with it instead of having their whole board shielded by angel of bullshit keyword soups.

>> No.53759904

Just play Epic Struggle and meme your way to victory that way.

>> No.53759916

Lol hell yes, I didn't even think about it and I have the pair sitting on my binder.
12 brothers coming at you... Lol

>> No.53759922

The legend rule doesn't apply only if you have 2 however

>> No.53759927

>>mirror gallery
In his original post

>> No.53759938

Yeah, but you shouldn't rely on the gallery to play everything

>> No.53760043

Yeah that's why I want white for the Grove and maybe some protection. Even two bros is 10 power for 2R. This deck will be hella durdly.

>> No.53760049

I need to know all the (best) indestructible mana sources for... reasons. So far I have darksteel citadel, darksteel ingot, and cascading cataracts.

>> No.53760082

MLD is not worth it, Anon.

>> No.53760087

So last thread we agreed that forfeiting to prevent a sword of feast and famine from triggering was not only acceptable and legit but also the smartest move in that situation, didn't we?

>> No.53760130

*forfeits in response to your post*

>> No.53760154

Who said it stops at lands?

>> No.53760245

Those are pretty much all of them anon. Otherwise you need to look into Avacyn, Boros Charm, and Terra Eternal

>> No.53760314

It's meme status already because this is the 3rd thread where it's been posted complete with assmad replies like yours.

>> No.53760322

>/tg/ EDH General Discord

>/tg/ EDH General Discord

>/tg/ EDH General Discord

Since OP can Ctrl + C everything but this part of my OP, thread question included.

>> No.53760337

>this guy, yet again, proving that Discord is cancer, and he's a cancerous dick

>> No.53760346

Yup. Also any deck that interacts with your opponent in any way shouldn't be played because it relies on players not surrendering. I'm glad that /edh/ endorses my Doomsday deck. It's the only way to win since it can't be stopped by scooping.

>> No.53760359

Before swinging for.lethal ask yourself "If someone played Sundial now would I be in trouble"

If yes, don't overextend.

Tactical forfeiture is no different in intent to "end the.turn" effects.

>> No.53760365

Every thread until you learn that just because you don't like something doesn't mean every doesn't like something.

I'll fix it in the next OP.

>> No.53760376

Don't do anything that interacts with your opponents.
It's just you.

>> No.53760381

80 is greater than 1

>> No.53760386

>the foaming sperglord can't form coherent sentences
Colour me shocked. Why would anyone want to chat with you in Discord?

More to the point, if a group of people are telling you you're retarded, you're probably retarded even if you have a group of equally retarded circlejerkers telling you you're fine.

>> No.53760392

Need to pull 13 cards for it to be 100, can I get some suggestions

>> No.53760443

>If a someone says something I agree with, even if they are the minority, they are probably right.

If the discord info was just kept in the OP we wouldn't need to have this back and forth every thread. The discord server isn't even mentioned in threads where it's in the OP. So until you take the hint, I'm gonna make the OPs when I can and I'll post the discord info other times and you can REEE about it or come to terms with it.

>> No.53760465

>if someone says something right, they're probably right even if they are the minority, whether I agree with it or not
You're doing a wonderful job of making yourself look like a rational mature adult.

>> No.53760483

You can probably start by cutting the auras and the curses.

>> No.53760517

Willing to take out 6, bloodletting and taste I want to keep. That leaves 7 more to remove.

>> No.53760534

I'm in the discord and I think it shouldn't be in the OP.

>> No.53760544

>Don't do anything that interacts with your opponents.

Don't leave yourself open if your plan fails.

>> No.53760551

Thinking of making an enchantment deck with group hug elements. Two main win conditions would be oath of druids into big guys, or hive mind and a pact. Any other group-hug-based win conditions I could add?

>> No.53760564

Don't go for a win unless it's assured. If you interact with your opponents at all it's harder to assure a win. Therefore don't interact with your opponents. Spitescoopers are comboshitters best friends.

>> No.53760583

>Gay Kings
>Oath of druids
so you're running the precon with slight alterations?

>> No.53760590

fuck off cancer

>> No.53760596

>What possible announcement makes you the most excited?

basically anything related to non standard products. arch enemy had me pumped and i cant fucking wait for more c17 spoilers

>> No.53760626

It's hard to do this from my phone but I would look at cards that interact with your instants and sorceries. You have less thsn 25 total of that so those cards are effective with less than a forth of your deck. Next I'd look at things like electrickery or minimally effective spells. Lastly, if the deck isn't budget I'd look at some of your equips. The pseudo unblockable especially for not very cheap cost can just outright be replaced with things like whispersilk cloak. Equipment that is only useful to you when you connect are not very efficient either, like Quietus Spike. Basically you want cards that, at minimum, work with a board state of just your commander, bonus if they work by themselves. Sorry I couldn't give specific card recommendations just it would take too long to jump back and forth.

>> No.53760643

No one has ever voiced their concerns in this manner before. I see things in a new, introspective light now. Thank you.

>> No.53760656

And I don't use the discord and think it should be in the OP.

>> No.53760682

its cause meren is an annoying strong commander that so popular everyone has seen it and wants it gone. its just what happens when you play decks like that

>> No.53760762

>No one has ever voiced their concerns in this manner before.
people have been calling it cancer for like a month, you are just choosing to ignore it. the mods literally deleted your post 2 days ago as well

>> No.53760788

I was being facetious. The mods also literally didn't delete my post two days ago.

>> No.53760800

>The discord server isn't even mentioned in threads where it's in the OP.
it quite literally is though, why are you blatantly ignoring things you dont agree with? go look through the archives and see for yourself

>> No.53760812

>You are wrong but you need to go find the proof

That's not how this works, anon.

>> No.53760826

Your mother is a meme. I came on her face

>> No.53760840

How about that EDH, ay guys?

>> No.53760850

>be brand new to commander and excited to make some friends at my LGS
>buy the Saskia precon because it's the only one available
>join group of neckbeards for a fun game of commander
>the game is going well, most are ignoring me because of my shitty low-power precon
>game is down to 3 players: myself, a Kaalia player, and a boob-window Teysa player
>cast Saskia naming Teysa and realize I can now kill both remaining players thanks to the combat damage trigger
>holy shit! I might actually win my first game
>swing at Kaalia
>he smirks and takes from his cargo shorts pocket a wrinkled printout of the Wikipedia page on Mutually Assured Destruction
>proceeds to inform me that I should never have made such a foolhardy attempt and he scoops before combat damage
>Teysa player combos off next turn and leaves with the Kaalia player to discuss the latest MLP episodes

>> No.53760864

>i refuse to take 30 seconds to go look because i will be proven wrong Xd

>> No.53760874

How is obliterate a must have in any deck besides maybe jhoira? Card is trash

>> No.53760886

Both Teysas are boob window Teysa.

>> No.53760895


>> No.53760908

Fine tuning Laquatus infinite mana mill. People suggested Oona but I honestly prefer the single color simplicity.

>> No.53760914

If it takes so little time to find then surely you can find it easily and link it here. Not constructing your argument for you.

>> No.53760924

Roon is an amazingly defensive creature because of access to vigilance and trample, plus his ability to get rid of huge swingers or flicker one of your own ETBs before your turn. I can show you my deck for reference; a few of the more expensive cards (Norn, Birthing Pod) can be ignored; they're just there for shock.


>> No.53760936

i hate it when dipshits are too lazy to do research, then demand to be spoonfed sources

>> No.53760938

>no mystic speculation

>> No.53760946

thread from yesterday, 2 discord spam posted were deleted

wew so hard

>> No.53760987

Get a room you fags.

>> No.53761015


>> No.53761046

Firstly, follow the quote chain. You were supposed to be finding proof that the discord is discussed in threads where it's in the OP, preferably more than threads where it's not to prove the point that mentioning it proliferates the conversation.

Secondly, assuming you're furthering this argument >>53760762 no where in that screenshot does it show posts deleted. No posts with a trash symbol next to them. No posts with links to dead posts.

Lastly, if those posts were deleted I didn't make them which was my original argument. More than one person posts the discord info in these threads which further proves that there's a collective desire to keep the info posted.

Get your shit together, anon.

Great idea. Would >>53760936 care to follow me to https://discord.gg/UE9Vqzu to hug this out?

>> No.53761053

You and your discord buttbuddy need to fuck off.

>> No.53761104

No seriously, what's "Boob-Window Teysa"? Both Teysas have a boob window. That's the point of Teysa.

>> No.53761142

The one where her tits grew like 5 cup sizes and it's framed as one of the focus of the cards based on the rule of thirds.

>> No.53761219

Orzhov Scion appears to have larger breasts due to her upright position, and located in the lower left section.
Envoy of Ghosts has more exposed breasts but her angle of recline makes them appear flatter. They're located in the lower right of the frame.

>> No.53761247

You do realize the only reason discord is discussed in a thread without it in the OP is become some autistic poster (probably you) spergs out every time it is left out. Just take this thread for example, no one said anything about discord until someone started spamming a link to it. You are the problem you are complaining about.

>> No.53761259

>lower right

It's upper right and I don't know in what universe they look smaller than Orzhov Scion's. Maybe if you're looking at the Orzhov Scion avatar.

>> No.53761266

Sorry anon, I honestly forgot that the DM Teysa has a boob-window too.

>> No.53761274

Don't hurt your back moving those goalposts, anon.

>> No.53761294

So, when is this big announcement?

Will Ixalan be a 3 block grimdark vampire plane or only 2 block? How will it be differentiated from Innistrad? I'll tell you what, there better not be any fucking zombies for a start.

>> No.53761297

>omg guys why are you discussing discord
>literally no one mentioned it at all until you started spamming it
>b-but ur just moving goal posts, yes i know the only reason people are talking about it is because im bringing it up but ur still wrong Xd

Please get a trip so I can filter you. You are beyond retarded.

>> No.53761322

>What possible announcement makes you the most excited?
Banning fast Mana is the only thing that will make me happy ever again

>> No.53761339

Why would you want them to draw cards and only conditionally deal damage when you can do so much better?

>> No.53761355


>> No.53761379

>I post the info every thread where it's not posted
>If people who talk about this thing I don't like wouldn't talk about this thing I don't like then there wouldn't be discussions about it
>I complained about discord discussions

Awful lot of blatantly false and asinine assumptions and logical fallacies in these posts. It's funny because the more I reply about it the more it proves the point that putting it in the OP just solves the problem and the more you reply the further it proves my point that ignoring it spurs the discussion on.

Oh and inb4 you insinuate this all one big shitposting scheme from one anon spanning back through months of these threads. Because I'm sure that's the next straw you're reaching toward.

>> No.53761461

>>I post the info every thread where it's not posted

You spam it and then sperg out on people when they ask you to stop. You do it in literally every thread.

>> No.53761491

not that anon but the reason everyone hates discord is because people like you throw an absolute fit at everything

discord is filled with autists like you and we do not want that kind of retardation in this general

please go post your cancer on reddit where it belongs, i sure you will find many other like minded autists there who will be glad to join your retard fest

>> No.53761499

i can't believe people are taking this seriously

>> No.53761565


>> No.53761581

I see some people saying Terminate over Dreadbore. Is "cant be regenerated" that good over targetting a PW?

>> No.53761596

>If I say it's always one person then that minimizes the problem to one person.

Didn't you read my spoiler?

Whose throwing a fit? I posted the info and you the other anon just couldn't help themselves and had to tell me how they feel about the discord. If you just ignored it, this discussion wouldn't be several dozen posts in length and wouldn't have derailed the thread. But you can't contain yourselves. It just triggers you so much to see that info.

Not really but instant is much better than sorcery.

>> No.53761622

oh i thought they were both instants nice

>> No.53761662


>> No.53761671

Visions draws yourself cards as well. And having played with it, it's doing damage 90% of the time. It's also not subject to removal often because it is allowing your opponent to draw

>> No.53761674


>> No.53761691

>sol ring

>> No.53761694

i'm trying to build an azorious deck. first time building a deck from scratch, besides shit i can find on edhrec, what's some gud tech for UW?

>> No.53761702

Saw Ashling the ticking time bomb and I wanna make a deck with her and 79 mountains

>> No.53761712

>>sol ring

>> No.53761735

Sandwurm convergence
Form of the Dragon

Show them the true power of homosexuality

>> No.53761740

>>sol ring
>>mind stone
>>springleaf drum

>> No.53761744

inf mana on turn 1 -> thrasios -> win


>> No.53761767

Pretty good. Been trying to find more pillows to hide behind for my Marduchesa deck because I don't really have a wincon

>> No.53761768


You can play mono color Oona if you want, she is all hybrid mana.

Laquatus is fine if you want to be a snowflake, but it's just worse in pretty much every way.

>> No.53761786


I'm pretty sure in multiplayer, giving your opponents cards is succh a bad downside that it outweighs pretty much any possible upside

>> No.53761801

What's the combo looking like? Also what are you including in place of the black tutors and other fun things?

>> No.53761826

Have you met the host of undead wheel of fortune?

>> No.53761882

3 mana cast a 4 cmc card seems good.

>> No.53761946

im dumb
i guess you gotta drop more artifacts for that to happen
someone did it at a table across from me last week it was pretty disheartening

>> No.53761956

>yidris hits with double strike
>double cascade into baral's expertise
fuck i love this deck

>> No.53761994

It works because of how mana abilities work. You throw down diamond, your land and crypt, announce the spell you are casting (salvagers) and then pay costs. You are left with 2 mana floating, which is enough to activate the salvagers and go infinite.

>> No.53762013

Most of the time it's a Monolith and Power Artifact. The other most common is 'chron and High Tide/Lens/Phantasmal Image/DEN. After that there's also Dramatic Scepter with 3 mana in rocks (or Power Artifact and one mana in rocks, I've done that). Most of the deck is tutoring Intuition and building a pile that guarantees a combo. I've also got Scroll Rack so I can draw off one of my own spells, then dig for combo pieces, Muddle the Mixture tutors out Power Artifact/Scepter/Image, and I've got enough counterspells to push through.

>> No.53762022

is it just my local meta or have C16 decks completely taken over?
I see nothing but breya, yidris, partners and of course atraxa decks

>> No.53762024

it's a pasta you retards.

>> No.53762033


That's why I said pretty much*, even Nekusar is terrible on his own, wheel of fortune on the other hand has such a high upside it manages to outweigh the horrible, awful downside of giving your opponents 7 cards

>> No.53762045

I was honestly shocked to see so many people respond to it seriously.

>> No.53762054

LED works at instant speed, not mana speed, since 2004. You can't do that.

>> No.53762070

Power Artifact + 2 mana in rocks, dur.

>> No.53762082

>You can't do that.
no you def can
on mtgo at least you can and I imagine thats not a bug

>> No.53762084

partners and atraxa I can understand, but yidris isnt really that prevalent, is he? not in my meta or lgs at least

>> No.53762100

i mean i see storm yidris lists a lot
i have one myself its pretty fun

>> No.53762109

okay guys. GUYS. hear me out, guys. hear me out. I think i know what color distribution will be for C17. now this is only an estimate i think it'll be, with 5 color confirmed.

Mono color, dual color, tricolor, skip 4c since that was last commander, and 5c has already been leaked. If I'm right what mono color and combos do you think they'd go with if this set's theme is tribal?
jund warriors?

>> No.53762120

I had mentioned Oona in a previous thread, but one of the cool things you can do is almost exclusively run mono blue and just use various fetches and dual lands to splash black for tutors and maybe Toxic Deluge. That way your High Tides still work as intended, and you have even more tutors to combo off effieciently

>> No.53762129

At what time do the MTG announcements start?

>> No.53762163

already started ding dong

>> No.53762169


You definitely cannot, check the oracle text on led

>> No.53762186

I you're implying that you can use LED to cast a spell that's in your hand then you're an idiot.

This is the legal play with those same cards.
Mox Diamond discarding a land
Mana Crypt
Makes 4 mana, cast Salvagers
Cast LED
Crack for white, repeat endless times
Cast Thrasios and put your deck into play.

>> No.53762187

they may be legitimate autists if they couldn't pick up on obvious satire like that.

>> No.53762188

Well this is what gatherer says. Not sure why mtgo lets you use it like that

>> No.53762197

Anyone excited for the new release structure?

>> No.53762217

If it works that way it is a bug.

tl;dr - When LED was designed you needed mana in your pool in order to cast a spell. You had to tap your Island, then play Flying Men, not say you were playing it then tap the Island. This made LED weaker than Black Lotus. When "mana speed" was created, suddenly LED was Black Lotus for one card in your hand, so it was changed to only work at instant speed.

>> No.53762248

Get wrekt, Standard loser's wallets.

The block restructuring is a desperate attempt by wotc but removing the masterpieces is a mistake. Wotc did a terrible job designing them for Amonkhet so now they gave up even though they were great the first two times. I don't know if they're incompetant or if thet want to make new cards more expensive.

>> No.53762251

You are right and that's my mistake. I don't touch legacy and wasn't aware that LED got errata to keep it doing the same shit it's always done after they change how paying for costs in general worked.

I legit thought that it was why LED jumped so much in price lol.

>> No.53762312

not sure I fully understand it. We will be staying on one plane for potentially more than 2 sets?

>> No.53762313

>removing the masterpieces is a mistake.
they aren't removed, they are just lowered in frequency
>Wotc did a terrible job designing them for Amonkhet
exactly. that's why they are lowering their frequency...

you can't complain about a problem and it's solution. wotc acknowledges that the amonkhet invocations where bad, because they didn't naturally fit, and they aren't going to spend a huge amount of effort to continue forcing them to happen

>> No.53762336

>because they didn't naturally fit
the biggest problem is that they COULD have naturally fit

>> No.53762341

It's still very good but it does not make mana that you can spend on cards in hand. It jumped years ago and when it's used in storm or dredge Legacy decks they crack it for mana in response to a spell they cast. Storm usually casts Infernal Tutor then cracks LED which makes Infernal Tutor hellbent and provides 3 mana to cast whatever they tutor for.

Dredge does the same thing and either just uses LED to didcard their hand then spend the mana on something like a Cephalid Coliseum or Faithless Looting etc. Sorry I was harsh, if it worked that way then it would be played far more.

>> No.53762345

yes. in a given year there could be a 1 set block followed by a 2 set block, or there could be three 1 set blocks, or there could be one 3 set block.

>> No.53762348

Yes. Like when we revisit Dominaria it is concieveable that it could be 3 sets in order to do it the justice it requires. Then we could be off to kamigawa for 1 set in order to get a taste, but without the need to have to figure out the story or design 2 sets worth of new mechanics.

>> No.53762357

LED is still crazy good. Just play a tutor or draw spell, retain priority, crack it, and get the mana to keep going.

>> No.53762375

>the biggest problem is that they COULD have naturally fit

you are missing the point of the word "naturally". by expending extra effort to make them work you are no longer having it happen "naturally". they never would have put the invocations in amonkhet if they hadn't done something similar previously. in zendikar it happened naturally because it reinforced the themes of the plane.

>> No.53762385


Is probably the big one for today. Magic Digital Next announcement is tomorrow.

>> No.53762388

>some guy responds without capitalization or punction
>his post is retarded
Woah, shocker.

>> No.53762400

Do you guys think there will be c17 news this week?

>> No.53762411

we are talking about an Egyptian setting here
burred treasure and shit fits very naturally

>> No.53762416

Maybe but it's likely to be more HoD news since it's coming sooner and has a larger print run.

>> No.53762421

>some guy responds with trivial criticism, profanities, and absolutely no substance
call the media folks this is amazing

>> No.53762429

>without capitalization or punction (i think you meant punctuation)
oh you!

>> No.53762439

oh okay now it's so clear to me

how could wotc be so stupid

>> No.53762473

>theres no evocation of grave titan guarding a Pharaoh's tomb

>> No.53762479


>burred treasure

>> No.53762499

well then

>> No.53762514

The birth of a meme.

>> No.53762527

>Legends-ified version of a card
>Text the same
>Keyword explained

>> No.53762584

the gods are one of the major focuses of amonket. i don't think throwing in a titan would be a good idea.

>> No.53762652

its only an invocation (idk why i said evocation)
does it really fit in any worse than maelstrom pulse?

>> No.53762722

The set change seems like more knee jerk from Wotc. If they never give their decisions time to mature then how will they ever actually learn what they are doing wrong and right? If the argument is they have the resources to know (as they claim to have known fairly immediatly that the faster standard rotation was bad) then I disagree. Hell, they can't even catch a 2 card combo in the same set. We'll see what the future holds, but I am not very encouraged.

>> No.53762740

>Legends cards were not colored
It's a cheap attempt.

>> No.53762815

I'm having a tough time picking a new commander to work with. I built and tested Brago recently, but it got boring when I realized that even though I won most games, it almost always depended on Brago connecting and it was almost always through an infinite blink combo + Altar of the Brood. I'm not saying I don't like the combo, but when 90% of my wins come from it then I don't think I'll enjoy the deck for long. With this in mind I've begun looking at the following commanders for my next deck: Roon, Derevi, and Hanna.

I'm sure that I want to stay in blue and white and I don't have any Bant decks, but I have plenty of green staples like Sylvan Library to use. Roon is there for an alternate flicker commander, Derevi is likely to be a tap down and prison commander (leaning away from hard stax), and Hanna is there to go for more basic Azorius + artifacts. I don't have any artifact decks and I love her promo art.

I'd like some help in deciding which of these to go with. I'll also take suggestions, but preferably nothing with black because I'm working on a Golgari deck already. It'll either be Mazirek or Glissa depending on which of these I go with (Glissa artifacts if I go with anything but Hanna and Mazirek if I do).

>> No.53762836

Hopefully that new division they set up will actually catch things like that, but I rather doubt it.

>> No.53762906

*blocks your path*

>> No.53762932

>The greatest kami is just a shitty Krond

>> No.53762980

So, is he supposed to be five-color pillowfort or what?

>> No.53763009


>pay 6 mana with 5 pips
>wait whole turn around the table
>2/3 opponents are just drawing cards and advancing their game, don't bother attacking you
>last opponent attacks you to trigger his sword
>in your mind you are triumphant
>it comes back to you, you swing at the sword opponent
>swords to Plowshares
>1 turn later cast him again
>nobody attacks you
>somebody wins next turn

>> No.53763022

>ask a question
>post gif confirming that the question that you asked seems like a good question to you

>> No.53763023

Just adding haste or flash would have fixed him

>> No.53763040

He's just a rattlesnake you can cast if you need to trigger Spiritcraft.

>> No.53763062

>Just adding haste or flash would have fixed him
what are you trying to make him a SPEEDSTER or something?!
also even with flash/haste or flash + Haste he would still suck donkey dick

>> No.53763069

I think it more implied that this commander is somewhat strange. Calm down.

>> No.53763115

>I think it more implied that this commander is somewhat strange.
thats still not a question
get better at image posting summerfriend

>> No.53763137


>> No.53763178

Thank you for guarding this sacred general from the likes of people trying to talk about EDH. You're the hero this sub doesn't deserve.

>> No.53763180

Well that's just another reason why you shouldn't post drunk kids. You have trouble with reading comprehension and post stupid shit.

>> No.53763273

>play a general that was printed in a standard set
>using basic lands not from that set
d..do people actually do this?!

>> No.53763320

The Gearhulk is pretty good but I don't know if it's a must have. Worldgorger seems neat but I haven't tried him yet and I can see bad things happening. No idea why you're running Obliterate but godspeed.

Actual Feldon must-haves: Spawn of Thraxes, Magus of the Wheel, Zealous Conscripts, and Thornbite Staff. Congrats, now you have on-demand massive damage, wheels, creature/artifact/planeswalker/etc. theft, and you can untap Feldon at EOT if you use one. Oh, and don't forget your Warstorm Surge.

>> No.53763418

Kind of a combo really

>Tap for 11 Mana.
>Copy World Gorger
>Everything you own gets exiled
>Play Obliterate with Floating Mana
>Everything Dies
>World Gorger brings back all your stuff, unharmed

That's the theory, anyways. If somebody has removal they'll just destroy the WorldGorger before its ETB Trigger resolves and totally fuck me over.

>> No.53763460

>not having each basic land be from a different set, mixing black and white borders

>> No.53763502

>not using exclusively alpha cards

>> No.53763831

>being autistic

>> No.53763890

>pretending you arent autistic
thats the first sign that you have autism

>> No.53763916

Any thoughts on this change for our format?

>> No.53763935

Sets are planned several years in advance.
They planned to remove masterpieces long before the amonket ones failed.
They were planning on bringing back core sets before they got rid of them

>> No.53763953

I think it's a good idea personally. It means that some planes will be able to get more focus as needed and shitty ones or ones that are only good for the novelty of the idea won't for certain have two sets.

>> No.53763974

only thing im looking forward to is the core set coming back in more than a year
they are usually fun to draft

>> No.53763985

>this sub

>> No.53763997

IMO, Avalanche Riders. They have a great ETB, which is nice for Feldon, and have the decency to get themselves dead so he can start spamming them.

Other Must-have cards are his support package: Sundial of the Infinite and Thousand-Year Elixir for sure, possibly Illusionist's Bracers, Magewright's Stone, and/or Umbral Mantle depending on your needs.

>> No.53764018

there are so many confusing things about that gif
why do some boxes not have a backing namely eggs
why are all the colors all over the place after the new core set comes out
ok really its just those two

>> No.53764028

>Not coming up with a janky Legends-Era wording
"When Marchesa or another creature you control attacks a player with the most life, that creature gets a +1/+1 counter. When a creature you control with a +1/+1 counter on it is put into a graveyard, return it to play at end of turn"

Though even that might be using somewhat later era rules tech.

>> No.53764063

I'm partially excited for the core return too.
I just hope that they won't make more coastal hornclaws.

Read the article that I quoted with the gif.
But answering, the box without the backing represent the block small set, and the colors all over the place represent that there's going to be only standalone sets after ixalan small set.

>> No.53764102

>there's going to be only standalone sets after ixalan

>> No.53764152

Do note, that blocks will no longer exist, and each "standalone" set can be a continuation of the previous one.

>> No.53764199

They'll be standalone, but just because they aren't paired doesn't mean they won't continue on one plane. For example, it's possible to get 3 different planes, 2 of one and 1 of another, or 3 all on one plane covering one story.

>> No.53764325


>tfw use Alpha & Beta basics

>> No.53764350

still sounds like shit to me

>> No.53764358

>For starters, we're going to look at every card through the lens of "is this something that will cause problems for a newer player?"

>> No.53764363

>it's a WotC has no idea what they're doing episode

>> No.53764413

All it means is that wizards doesn't have to force a story in 3 or 2 sets like prior.

if they can tell a story in one, then that is all that they will make.

If the story/setting can fit 2-3 sets then they will do that.

>> No.53764459

Probably less volume of cards usable in Commander since core set will likely have not great new stuff for the format at the trade for higher quality of cards since they can explore mechanics for longer than a single small set (meld comes to mind) and even into a second large set if they're really popular.

I'm hopeful because they are no longer obliged to spend two sets on a plane they had no business spending that time on (Kaladesh, BFZ, and looking to be Amonkhet with how much they missed the flavor mark with something as ripe for flavor as ancient egypt and egyptian mythology). Might even entice they to take more risks with exploring bizarre planes that don't have a very high design space or returning to planes that didn't sell well (Kamigawa, Lorwyn, etc.)

>> No.53764484

>coherent story
why do people even care about this
we arent standard fags
the story has ALWAYS sucked even in the invasion cycle (aka best girl) it was still pretty bad

>> No.53764506

well it also helps development/design.

If they only have ideas for one set, no need to stretch themselves trying to make more that doesnt fit as well.

>> No.53764507

I enjoyed the story up to about Tarkir. It's been pretty ass since then though.

>> No.53764557 [SPOILER] 

>C17 won't have Myr Tribal

>> No.53764578


>> No.53764586

How did they miss the flavor? Death, mummies, pyramids, deserts, curses, animal head gods,monuments, Nile, Cleopatra and Tut analogs, Jackals, Scarabs, Crocodiles, Tombs, an Afterlife centered faith... seems Ancient Egypto me

>> No.53764664

consecrate land and Indestructibility can give indestructible to a single land or in the latter's case, any permanent

>> No.53764688

Much like Theros, it's done in a very shallow fashion. Kamigawa did ancient Japan right because it went for more than just surface level myth. It got deep into Shinto myths and ideas. Theros and Amonkhet are very pop-Greek/Egypt. Granted, most people don't appreciate something like Kamigawa because they only know about the surface level stuff. It's what's popular after all. Yes, Amonkhet had all of that, but it didn't really do much with it.

>> No.53764729

what stuff would you have liked specifically?

>> No.53764819

I'm pretty sure its not the_joke.xml
as much as it is

>> No.53764831

Because half the things you listed are SUPER GENERIC and work on any generic plane.

>Afterlife Centered Faith

I mean how much more generic could you get. Amonkhet is Bolas plane after you dig deeper than the veneer. The religion is worshipping Bolas and it's really nothing like Egyptian mythology short of death being heavily involved in the Gods sphere of influence.

>> No.53764866

Yeah pretty much. This is probably the first time I've honestly been worried about the future of M:tG, just because it feels like the constant announcements of changing superstructures indicate a level of ignorance and panic on the part of WotC.

>> No.53764880

>How do you make good tokens?
I don't have the right tokens for my group hug commander, how do i make good quality tokens? I need to make my copy paste edh deck feel original by making custom tokens.

>> No.53764891

Which makes me fear for Ixalan, and just go full on sac outlets, because muh blood tributes.

>> No.53764911

It's the shallowest most pleb version of Egypt ever. The invocations with random "Egyptian-ish" hieroglyphs are borderline racist.

No one has a copyright on ancient history and if they wanted to use Egyptian symbols then thet could have been legitimate instead of a parody. Kamigawa was an actual honest interpretation of a mythology while Amonkhet and Theros are cheap parodies. Innistrad is another successful plane that stayed faithful enough to its sources.

>> No.53764924

I feel like we didn't get a very good look into the structure of the plane and the society. Basically it needed more focus on the background. More about the rituals that they conduct for the dead and about the leadership of the Naktamun society.

We're told that the mummies pretty much raised everyone who is currently alive in the city and that the mummies make new mummies, but that doesn't address much else. They pretty much serve the purpose of hand-waving away the need to talk about the hierarchy of the city besides the common fact that the gods rule over the people and they have viziers watching over things for them. All we know is that Amonkhet is full of people who only train for The Trials and very little else. Do they have any beliefs besides those in the gods, God-Pharaoh, and afterlife? What about superstitions and their belief in curses?

The only thing that's fully Egyptian about it is the coat of paint (mummies instead of zombies, pyramids, hieroglyphs, animal gods). Pretty much everything else is generic with an Egyptian-flavored veneer on it. We know that Bolas wiped out a lot of the Amonkhet culture, but there should still be more to it than what we see.

>> No.53764928

historically the 3 most abuseable things in magic have been
- -1/-1 counters
-sac outlets

they cant possibly be stupid enough to print sac.set when the other two are still in standard

>> No.53764946

>The invocations with random "Egyptian-ish" hieroglyphs are borderline racist
pffff ahahahaha

>> No.53765030


Oh I gotcha, yeah I almost posted with "obliterate is trash outside of janky combos"

Sounds good man, I like Feldon with some simple good etb and ltb effects like Spitebellows, inferno Titan, bogardan hellkite, duplicant, etc

>> No.53765111

I'm not offended by it on behalf of them. Wotc could have easily opened up a book and chosen some relevant or even random sections from actual Egyptian writings and threw them on there instead of having some idiot artist make up their own random stuff that tries to look similar while being meaningless.

>> No.53765120

this, there was a much deeper level of thought put into kamigawa's creative side

>> No.53765195

Probably the most defining features about Greek mythology are that the gods are fallible and the gods are all related. Only Mogis and Iroas are related, and while the gods are flawed, they don't have the same human tendencies that the authentic mythos gives to deities. Theros should have had whole families of demigods and Heliod turning into a tree to seduce/kidnap Daxos, then getting drunk when Xenagos kills him and fucking Nylea.

>> No.53765216

Modern Egyptians are only related to ancient Egyptians in that they live in the same area.

>> No.53765229

>I'm not offended by it on behalf of them.
yeah ok
>could have used real glyphs
or not, its not ACTUALLY egypt you know
i mean come on, they didnt bend over backwards to do that kind of stuff for theros

>> No.53765283

The Scrub Mentality

"Scrub" is not a term I made up. It sounds like kind of a harsh term, but it's the one that was already in common usage in games to describe a certain type of player, and it made more sense to me to explain that rather than to coin a new term.

A scrub is not just a bad player. Everyone needs time to learn a game and get to a point where they know what they're doing. The scrub mentality is to be so shackled by self-imposed handicaps as to never have any hope of being truly good at a game.3

"That's Cheap!"

Scrubs are likely to label a wide variety of moves and tactics as "cheap." For example, tactical scooping in EDH games is often called cheap. A tactical scoop is a move that loses you the game but denies an all-in opponent the win (against other players) that no other action on your end would've prevented. Tactical scoops exist specifically to allow you to disincentivise opponents into going all-in trying to kill you. A scrub would not tactical scoop their opponent 5 times in a row. But why not? What if doing so is strategically the sequence of moves that optimize your chances of winning more matches in the long term? It's "cheap," though, tactical scooping is cheap. And it's not just tactical scooping, it's also a long list of somewhat arbitrary cards and strategies.

>> No.53765304

I'm not talking about modern Egyptians at all. The extra symbols in the title and type boxes could have just used actual hieroglyphs for "crocodile" or anything vague and authentic.

>> No.53765308

>have artist make up moonrunes that are directly inspired by hieroglyphs
>it's not ACTUALLY hieroglyphs so what's the issue

The issue is that points to much bigger problem with design and flavor. They want things to seem like their flavor inspiration at a glance and they don't put much more thought into them than that. It's shallow at best and further cultural ignorance at worst.

>> No.53765319


Core sets are the best, good reprints and bomb staples like the titans

>> No.53765324

On who's behalf are you offended. Dead people with no descendants. Stop being so sensitive.

>> No.53765333

>I want EDH to become goodstuff: the format even more than it already is

No thank you.

>> No.53765349

>tactical scooping

>> No.53765372


Weird janky cards aren't going anywhere man, most of them were printed years ago anyway

I do in fact like goodstuff cards the most though, guess it's a hazard of being a cube player primarily

>> No.53765381

>good look into the structure of the plane

I think that was on purpose, the whole point of showing current amonkhet was that the background/culture/plane had been completely altered by Bolas
More information might be found in the next set, or hell even a later set if they want to explore it.

>> No.53765390

Theros used a mix of made-up and actual terms from the ancient Greeks though and I think they could have gone further too. Wotc didn't want to use the extremely recognizable gods, which is understandable (a sign that maybe it's not worth doing unless you can do it right) but there are real terms too in cases like Gray Merchant of Asphodel. Asphodel isn't wotc's invented word. On a lore-faithful scale from most to least I'd rank Kamigawa>Innistrad>Theros>Amonkhet

>> No.53765397

Tactical Scooping doesn't increase your chance of winning at all in the short term, and the bad reputation gained by being branded a sore loser outweighs or matches the political gain of having your opponents know that you'll scoop.

Telling me you'll scoop wouldn't dissuade me from attacking at all. Politics are all good and well, but when it comes down to it I'd prefer a loss to a deck to a loss to politics every time.

>> No.53765399

I just wish they never used those glyphs or that font at all. It's impractical as fuck.

If you read the chain of posts again, you'll see that he isn't offended on behalf of anyone, but that the glyphs used are a cheap parody of their irl counterpart.

>> No.53765411

Whether it was designed with this fact in mind from the start or it was a handwave to explain away lazy lore writers, it has the same effect if the plane feeling hollow and really just a stage for Bolas. At least Theros out the flavor at the forefront even if it was not the informed interpretation of Greek mythology.

>> No.53765412


My Roon deck is probably my favorite deck to run right now. It's Bant Lands Matter (Landfall, Awaken, Crucible of Worlds), and Roon mostly exists at the helm because he's not Derevi and Angus is too expensive. However, he's been awesome when combined with Titania, Avenger of Zendikar, and I've used him to save some of my creatures from boardwipes more than once.

>> No.53765415

why scoop when you can time out the opponite?

>> No.53765443

Newer players need to have staples before they can achieve true ascension and embrace the jank

>> No.53765445

>I will act contrary to my best interest purposefully to not reward a behavior I don't like, therefore everyone else will do the same

This is the fallacy that keeps being made from the anti-scooping side and it needs to stop.

>> No.53765460

They didn't use a gibberish faux-Greek alphabet on the cards in Theros either.

>> No.53765462

>doesn't increase your chance of winning at all in the short term
It does (although it's more of an iterative long-term thing). It may not work against you, but people with some combos will avoid 'going off of you' if they know you'll scoop to fuck their combo up -- or they'll have to gather more resources or whatever -- and all that increases your chance to win.

>> No.53765487

Sheldon doesn't have to ban jank due to it being problematic in metas. Most people playing this format aren't socially mature enough to talk with their meta and hash out an agreed upon power level so good stuff leads to a lot of metas have easy and quick escalation since playing them effectively is easier than answering them effectively.

>> No.53765490

Ravnica is especially interesting because while it was rather faithful to Eastern European folk lore, that fell by the wayside compared to the guilds.

>> No.53765503

No it won't. The action of tactical scooping guarantees your loss. It can't possibly increase your chances of winning.

>> No.53765523

This is why Return to Ravnica is a shitshow. It's too guild focused.

>> No.53765528

Ravnica was (mostly) bottom up which is why. Any given set should put the selling point and primary design focal point as the focus for the set. Amonkhet was top down but was a "what's that dick-ass dragon up to now?" set.

>> No.53765546


I think there's a difference between cards that are broken and therefore staples, and cards that are just good and efficient

I don't think inferno Titan, doom blade, and Garruk primal Hunter are problematic in edh, the cards that are annoying are design oversights/mistakes/poor fits in edh, like sylvan library or mana crypt, or Yawgmoth's will or food chain

Those cards don't usually show up in core sets

>> No.53765567

>no greek letters
ha! someone forgot the etchings on the best card in theros

>> No.53765616

Of the former you mentioned only Primal Hunter is really good for the format and even then he's not really playing into green's strengths in the format. Likewise of the latter group you mentioned they are more boogie men cards for the average meta rather than actually impacting them. For God's sake Food Chain is only in about 40% of Prossh lists on tappedout.

But your point is taken and I agree that for every prime time there are frost and inferno titans.

>> No.53765680

What does it say? I don't see it.

>> No.53765683

What's wrong with Yawgmoth's Will? I'd say EDH is the only format where it's actually a fair card

>> No.53765749

>Ever being in a position where you have no recourse but to scoop
>Ever losing a game of EDH

What's it like in scrubville?

>> No.53765843


Right yeah Garruk inferno Titan and doom blade are just fine, playable cards, the type I want to see printed more, and core sets are the only kind that are good for those kind of printings

I find it interesting that you don't think sylvan library or mana crypt "impact the meta", those seem like exactly the type of cards that the original complainer was complaining about

>> No.53765858

I think people who wanted MORE Egypt from Amonkhet don't realize how authenticity doesn't necessarily lead to a more compelling world.

I love the bubble in the middle of a desert full of nightmares, even if that's all original. I love the huge structures with the trials held inside. I love the idea of mummies existing for practical, W reasons. I like seeing the short little stories on cards like "Start to Finish".

I'd be interested in hearing how y'all would've gone about an Egyptian world that takes more directly from the mythology though.

>> No.53765860


Idk man, it's pretty broken, don't usually see it played fair

>> No.53765948

>I just wish they never used those glyphs or that font at all. It's impractical as fuck.
art colleges were a mistake

>> No.53766142

I mean people that play them gets lots of mileage out of them but analytics seem to indicate that the majority of metas don't see them.

>> No.53766180


>analytics seem to indicate that the majority of metas don't see mana crypt or sylvan library

I don't know shit about the analytics so I won't dispute you, but this is very surprising to me

Kinda cool that budget edh is more popular than I may have thought

>> No.53766197

Can i use wastes as land in a moncolored commander like talrand?

>> No.53766232

I don't see why not, since it does the same as half sol ring and that is permited in all decks.

>> No.53766240


>> No.53766267

My Wort deck is like this.

>> No.53766275


>> No.53766288

>analytics seem to indicate that the majority of metas don't see them.
is this another bullshit "pull decks out of tapped out and average them" thing or is it actually tallying decks people have played excluding decks for leviathan and other duel commander banlists?

>> No.53766314

>not paying .5 mana for a land to enter the battlefield
>not dying to vandalblast
>not searchable with trinket mage etc.
>not working toward metalcraft
>gets hit by Armageddon
>what are land drops per turn

>> No.53766331


>> No.53766336

Context matters anon. being contrary for the sake of contrary creates disputes without disagreements and shits up the thread.

>> No.53766469

You can't run half a sol ring anon, it's against the rules.

>> No.53766575

>it does the same as half sol ring
>uh no its not at all

>> No.53766600

Guys I found a solution to our problem. Now it's a card everybody can see.

>> No.53766612

Teach me fampai I want to reach the land of perfection.

>> No.53766641

The action cannot, opponents knowing you are willing to take the action can.

>> No.53766653

I wish this board didn't trivialize autism, because this is some symptomatic shit.

The original question was if wastes was allowed in a mono-U deck. The text on wastes is similar to the text on sol ring, a card that is legal in mono-U, but it only produces half as much mana.

>> No.53766695

why would you want waste land tho? lands have no color, but why not choose your standard urzas, false god, sinkhole, ect package and splash in some waist to avoid non basic mld

>> No.53766825

I need all my lands to look like this

>> No.53766848

you know you could just walk around in a boa or wear a MLP shirt if you wanted to make it easier for people to tell you were a massive faggot

>> No.53766906

u just jelly of my no-art-lands
>fadoras tip

>> No.53766915

So... do i play this, or Oloro?

>> No.53766929

karlov is better if you want straight lifegain. oloro has consistant presence and access to blue. your call

>> No.53767057

I don't know.. Karlov just looks weaker in comparison. You need three sources of lifegain to remove one creature once. He can punch a little hard, but i don't know if he will consistently be 8/8.

Not only Ayli is a source itself for lifegain, she can remove any.. Permanent. Only difference is that she won't beat people up...

About oloro, he is just too slow. Granted that you can slow the game enough, he can win.

>> No.53767061

hey fedoras are cool! they have just been co-opted

>> No.53767068

I second Karlov. He's a lot of fun and can be surprisingly explosive

>> No.53767079

By the way, what about card draw with only black/white? there is not much. Perhaps tutor? Oloro certainly has the advantage for that.

>> No.53767092

karlov gets 2+1+1 counters everytime you gain life...he can get extremely strong really fast. Ayli is just lackluster
sign in blood, night whispers, painful truths (from bfz? forgot name). Black has good draw options, white not so much

>> No.53767153

Every thread now, huh?

>> No.53767156

Black has tons of card draw that get better with lifegain: Necropotence, Phyrexian Arena, Ambitons Cost/Ancient Craving, Greed, Night's Whiper, Sign In Blood, Moonlight Bargain, etc.

>> No.53767159

uh its the best color for raw card draw
get your phryrexian arena on
your necropotence
night's whisper
sign in blood
read the bones
ad naus
graveborn muse
that demon that is also phyrexian arena
+you got tutors so its not like in blue where you have to card filter/draw your way to what you want.

>> No.53767184

>Ayli is just lackluster
n...no u...

>> No.53767211

All of them involves losing life. Not a problem later on, but with Ayli that may be a problem.

>> No.53767253

Dumbest post I've read all day.

>> No.53767272

That's why you play Karlov over Ayli. Having 50+ life is just a meme. You want to actually be able to be able to benefit from all that lifegain since this format is full of commander damage and combos, and card draw is always a good use of your life.

>> No.53767303

whats dumb about it

>> No.53767304

>Having 50+ life is just a meme.

>> No.53767328

Really man? All the scooping and discord nonsense and you're going to claim that someone dissing your waifu is the dumbest post?
She is a pretty boring commander, and people aren't going to let you stay above 50 life for the exile ability

>> No.53767378

As much as I love the water tower, it's kinda difficult to pull out outside of storm. At least from my experience

>> No.53767436

also id rather exile target player than exile target creature in the event I have 50+ hp

>> No.53767542

If you have a Soul Warden and Suture Priest out when you cast Karlov, you're already 2/3 of the way there to use his ability. Also Extort is *REALLY* good with Karlov, since every individual trigger will give him +1/+1 counters.

>> No.53767560

EDHREC and card mentions for bans are the best we have.

>> No.53767618


New thread for new discussion. Let's try yet again to keep this civil.

>> No.53767836

Yea, Kamigawa was an actual honest interpretation of the mythology.

And it failed fucking miserably on every front.

Why do you think they don't do that shit anymore?

>> No.53768684

Sorry I'm not made of the big bucks and can only afford sp sol rings

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