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Pathfinder General /pfg/ (Pathfinder & Starfinder, also /pgg/)

How does your party usually travel? Do they have a cool vehicle, or are they still walking or riding horses?

Link repository; point out problems if found: https://ghostbin.com/paste/tx5h8
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj (embed)

Old thread

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>phallic OP pic after a thread full of rolling for cock sizes
Oh, you.

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>How does your party usually travel? Do they have a cool vehicle, or are they still walking or riding horses?
My party has a set of carriages we sleep in during the night, and use them for our travel accommodations.

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T-thanks anon
They did change it then, and I don't feel quite as stupid

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Rolled 8, 3 + 4 = 15 (2d10 + 4)

Rolling for archer tits

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>Missionary Position
>Stable Financial Plans

What kinda fuckin' degenerate is this bastard

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Imgur when?

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Would you join a Discord dedicated to listening to 2hu complain?

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That's what, an F?
Combined with her being 5' 1", I'm pretty damn pleased with that.

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What is Jericho's fetishes /pgg/?

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>yfw Aurelia thinks she finds her fated lover but it turns out to be a reincarnation of Rory

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Uncool and out of context.

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In a race around the world, they've elected to all travel by giant bird, although the gnome in their group is working towards building an airship specifically designed to launch rocs like a flying aircraft carrier.

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>'muh dykes'
>princess kills off her own dynasty cause of homolust
>arlotte falls into chaos without an heir apparent
>enter Vandread, last legitimate claim to the throne after he killed all the other ones
>Arlotte becomes a benevolent dictatorship full of spooks and hard working skellies
>makes a great wall to keep out the foreigners


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This is the only Discord I would join.

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Please stop shilling yourself it makes me ill.

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Who is Jericho going to BREED /pgg/?

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Veselin is the one who needs to make babies, the princess can be as gay as she wants as long as he isnt also gay, or sterile, or dead without kids.

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ur mum senpai

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ALL of them.

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That's a heavy G-Cup, actually.

Archer girl's as stacked as Onryou... Isn't she supposed to be a tomboy? Busty tomboys a best.

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Isn't the girl with the current biggest bust size in a /pgg/ game Essa with 32I cup?

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who is Rodrick going to rape?

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This makes me curious; how do you determine who is best with who for breeding? As in, what happens when you breed the intelligent Wizard with the tough Barbarian?

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I thought she was crying at first

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What barbs are there to rape c3? We can find out.

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So seriously, be a sport instead of a coward. Who are you in the discord?

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I was thinking something similar to Kaga, actually.
Kuudere-ish, but more disdainful.
She certainly isn't a pretty princess though, I'll tell you that much.

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Her smile and optimism: gone.

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>when you become a brainwashed yuribait

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Wait so, what IS this? Where does it come from?

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Rinta brainwashing the Princess
We got a new drawfag.

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Reminder that only celebs will get into Ensoulment.
They have a drawfag on board. What do the plebs have?

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An Alexander of course

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This will be the last round of games, right?

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*dies laffing*

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We are in the Post-Celebrity Age, all the ones who can have games are in games.

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Wildsurge is drawing a bunch of nonceleb characters (plus semiceleb countsucc's), playing cards next. I dont really think she works FOR the cabal even if she is a part of it (somehow?)

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Wrong. They're all in Ensoulment.

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I wonder if you honestly thought they would tell you just because you asked.

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With shit availability

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Like half of the requests have been for CCC and I've turned them down. If you want it, ask.

Cards is turning out to be challenging.

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Derrin and Sir Matheo having a flyting while two hapless party members die of boredom.

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Draw something simpler, then. Like Jericho sunbathing.

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Who are the two in the back?

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Everyone loves smug
Do someone confessing to Ceraphine, classic romance style.

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Jericho doing something would be great. Jericho in his armor standing near the princess with her being autistic and him attempting to ignore it.

Or Jericho having fallen asleep in his armor standing up while pretending to listen.

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Overlord bbeg man on the left whi wants to marry the princess to legitimize his rule.

Derrin on the right, who is romantically stalking the princess and is now getting yuricucked.

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Will you draw apps from other games? Will you draw apps from Chalice?

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>Overlord bbeg man on the left whi wants to marry the princess to legitimize his rule.

I thought it was Jericho because the helmet had fangs.

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>kill the gay
>gentle repose the corpse, revive her as
an undead thrall
>marry princess, have hot three-way action with her corpse girlfriend

nigga needs to get his game on

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How do I become a meme?

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Post something like this, make sure the character has an outrageous backstory and is loose but not *too* loose. You only half-slut. Never go full slut.

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If someone is having problems, I'd like to help
Even if it's the infamous 2hu.

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Who are some famous half-sluts? Full sluts?

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Huge breasts are not love! Flat chests bring you closer to her heart!

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When did all the low test creep into /pfg/?

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>all these people thinking yuri is real
>people thinking women can win against the cock

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Breasts as big as your head are huge.

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Its true.

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That's what shapeshifting is for, anon

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Shame those aren't as big as her head.

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Lewd Drugomancer Slut for PLD when?

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You could two-hand one of those tits and still have chest meat spilling out of your fingers. They're huge! HUGE!

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So this might be a stupid question, but is this the Pathfinder thread? It says so in the OP but...

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They're close to the size of her head.

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>anon has tiny little girl hands

Are you Asian or somethin lmao

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RotJR DM is putting a Witch (Seducer) into his game(s), my money's on a lewd potion-seller offering all sorts of performance enhancers.

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Post an image of what you consider 'huge'.

>> No.53734176

>Essentia is closing in a week
>only 9 apps
What the heck went wrong?

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I bet it's gonna be Shayliss

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This is an AnCap thread, we only discuss topics that make a profit.

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On the low end I might add.

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That's closer to "gigantic" than "huge".

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how else you gonna know she can feed your nine children?

>> No.53734221

Pathfinder and starfinder.

Paizo general

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Look, size does not equate to milk production, also if she's pumping out nine kids than she'll have two on the tit at any given time, not all nine.

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Anime tit debates are profitable?

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You aren't trying hard enough then, anon! Put that sow to work - its why you married her after all!

>> No.53734251

He's a moron with warped perceptions of size, don't talk to him.

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low magic
a ton of required reading

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>All these people thinking heroes are real.
>All these people thinking dragons and tyrants can be beaten.

Cock is easy. Its simple, its aggressive, visceral, dominant. People like things like that, things that make understanding life easy, its why people flock under narcissists or demagogues. It doesnt require anything from you to fill you, except surrender. But what if you don't want to let the dick win?

Some say the only answer is to be a dick yourself. To frantically force others to accept your dickishness so that you, yourself, might be spared taking someone elses dick. And this is fullfilling too, but now your just another dick, the thing that disgusted you.

Yet some seek to neither acquiesce to the cock, nor become a cock themselves. And we must believe they can, and admire them wherever they are founf, lest the workd amount to dick.

And that is why we say, "yuri is the purest form of live."

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>88 posts
>22 IPs
These threads are dead, anon. They're lucky to break 50 IPs if that.

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Welcome to a self-moderated thread.

>> No.53734298

>t. Derrin

>> No.53734309

As opposed to one moderated by you?

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But how do I know which party member is best suited to being a breeding sow?

>> No.53734332

So close yet so far

Ask questions if you have something to talk about

>> No.53734357


One who is Lawful Neutral and has a good Con score. Charisma is a dump stat for a reason, anon, but fertility and loyalty are forever.

>> No.53734388

t. Protagonist

>> No.53734408


Segregating yourselves into a Discord ghetto and then making more sub-discords to whine about each other is the reason. Don't even pretend that you fags don't use this solely as a platform to anonymous snipe at each other.

>> No.53734447

Yeah sounds like someone who is gonna lose to the cock.

>> No.53734466

This is your new Paladin! What do you say to him?

>> No.53734471

So everyone has talked about the characters. Can someone explain to me the ensoulment apps mechanically for what they do?

>> No.53734473

You forgot the part where people openly discuss ERP here.

>> No.53734483

I dislike the idea of an invite only second discord but the more I see of the admin of the public server and their decisions, the more I'm convinced they're bad at the job.

>> No.53734485

We.. Don't?

>> No.53734486

I want Itsuko relaxing on top of her cart-car with her gun!

>> No.53734487


Right, right, ERP and petty sniping. The cornerstone of /pgg/ers.

>> No.53734529

nothing, too embarrassed

>> No.53734544

"If you took Weapon Focus or Toughness, we're leaving you behind"

>> No.53734548

At least we don't have any busybodies telling us how we should think! This is the best state our General has ever been, precisely because people are told to shut up and ignore anything they don't like!

>> No.53734570

>no more active shaming
Actual degeneration of a culture in action.

>> No.53734588

Protag likes yuri? This changes my app.

>> No.53734604


That is a handsome man, and I suggest we trust him.

>> No.53734606


Where is your helmet, you shameless slut? Are you TRYING to seduce me with those kissable lips? What? No, I am tearing my bodice open - you're doing it with your big strong hands! I knew you were a savage all along. Now you're going to take me, right here in public?! You brute! And you call yourself a knight!

What do you mean your cod piece is fastened on? I am not making any advances on you! How dare you twist these events around with your perverted mind!

>> No.53734613

Unironically true.
People trying to militantly dictate what is and isn't allowed in the threads never achieved what they wanted, and drove them into the ground.

>> No.53734632

No, Protag likes getting all philosophical about stuff like this randomly.

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So I am building a human fighter, level 10. It looks like I'll have 12 feats to my name. I'm planning on building for archery.

Feats I'm Thinking Of:
>Point Blank Shot
>Deadly Aim
>Precise Shot
>Rapid Shot
>Many Shot
>Weapon Focus (Longbow)
>Weapon Specialization (Longbow)
>Point Blank Master
>Ranged Trip
>Ace Trip
>Ranged Disarm
>Ace Disarm

My attack cycle is looking like this:

Damage is look like:

I'm hitting around 122.5 damage per round. Is this enough?

>> No.53734679

Wrong! Yuri can't be purer than Aurelia's love!


>> No.53734688

What's to stop the devil from being reborn as a women, hmm?

>> No.53734699

What if Aurelia's got it all wrong and she's the devil

>> No.53734726

At level 10, that should be enough to one-round most enemies, two-rounds for tougher ones, assuming everything hits. you should be good for damage.

>> No.53734736

Arienai's reincarnated love is Jericho! JERICHO!

>> No.53734738

That's plenty enough, you'll be a proper monster in combat. Personally, I would suggest getting rid of the Ace Disarm and Ranged Disarm in favor of Greater Weapon Focus and Greater Weapon Specialization to improve your killing power even more.

>> No.53734761

Actually, what drove them into the ground is newbies coming into the thread and seeing hundreds of posts about OCs (Original Characters) or how hard you want to nut inside one.

But hey, what do I know? I'm just a busybody.

>> No.53734769

GWS requires level 12.

>> No.53734795

>mfw my players accidentally enter and deeply penetrate into the heart of my magical realm

>> No.53734802

Fuck off.

>> No.53734807

What campaign?

Well... Damn.

>> No.53734811

You caught me.
RIP phoneposting.

>> No.53734844

No :^)

Homebrew campaign. I was expecting it to be pure but they somehow managed to stumble into it.

How do I deal with this holy shit I didn't realize it was this important to the plot

>> No.53734846

Would an Original Character General kill this thread?

>> No.53734854


>> No.53734856


In a heartbeat.

>> No.53734870

Just tell us the magical realm, you miserable ape.

>> No.53734900

Am I the only one that finds these Generals so pathetic that I'm tempted to quit the campaigns I'm in and just move on with my life? There must be more to things than spending countless hours with you chucklefucks. I remember when things were fine and dandy, but we've entered a terminal dive since the content well dried up and people decided shitposting about boobs and bitches was better than... Well, anything else.

>> No.53734911


so what's your app for Dragons 3 gonna be?

>> No.53734915

Then don't look at the general

>> No.53734929

There are plenty of better games to play, ones that have healthier communities than 3.PF, where you're either stuck with the paizo chucklefucks or shitholes like this.

>> No.53734943

What the fuck is that sword

>> No.53734971


Which meme game is that?

>> No.53734975

You mean last October?

>> No.53734994

I like looking down on people.

>> No.53735010

>open roll20, search Join Game
>two pages of Pathfinder games
>eight pages for D&D 5e alone

Its over! Pathfinder is FINISHED!

>> No.53735041

I refuse

>> No.53735052

Why isn't that guy black?

>> No.53735055

migrate to 5e thread then and leave us to our dead thread

>> No.53735059

Pathfinder's been dying ever since 5e came onto the scene, and the only reason it was afloat before that was 4e being terrible and PF being objectively better than 3.5e.

>> No.53735074

Okay /pfg/, I want to recreate an old character from a 3.5 campaign.

I don't need something as broken, I don't even want something that good, but what would be THEMATICALLY appropriate to recreate a Rainbow Servant?

>> No.53735084

>all these 5e games that can't find players

>> No.53735087

Honestly i'm ok with it, I hate 5e so.

>> No.53735099


i'm gonna apply with a muscular shy girl!

>> No.53735106

Summoner Eildion has a serpentine form you can use

>> No.53735116

That thing is hideous. Never show that abomination of a Florina to my face again.

>> No.53735124

I'm going to apply with a ____-_____ ______ ______!

>> No.53735127

you're gonna want to look at the Summoner and their eidolon. you might be able to cheese something out using more basic animal companions with the hunter or druid classes, though.

>> No.53735129

Only 4 hours to go until Abyssia closes! Finish up those apps, anonymous!

>> No.53735139

>apping to an obvious bamboozle

>> No.53735140

She's very cute.

>> No.53735149

Do you ever think that the 5e people go into Shadowrun or GURPS threads and shit in them like the do to /pgg/?

>> No.53735172



>> No.53735173

No. I only come here to shitpost.

>> No.53735176

Shadowrun and GURPS are not direct competitors to 5e.

They are also not rotten with vapid lewdposting and self-moderated celeb shilling.

>> No.53735179

I'm grateful for your help, but let me clarify: I'm not trying to be a coatl.

I'm trying to be a Rainbow Servant--that one broken-ass PrC that gave three domains and cleric spell access to arcane spellcasters.


>> No.53735191

Pathfinder shit up the entire tabletop genre first.

>> No.53735221

I'm just gonna enter female one punch archer cutie into every game that pops up now.

>> No.53735230


Gnoll-mutant singing barber? That seems silly.

>> No.53735240

What region of Golarion would Dragons 3 focus on if 1 is the Inner Sea and 2 is Garund?

Would 3 be Dragons of the North, with everything around and north of Lake Encarthan?

>> No.53735244

I'll know when I see the chargen rules.

>> No.53735254

Do it. Quit your games. You don't belong.

>> No.53735261

Ah. I don't think there's a PRC for that, but you can transfer it over pretty easily -- 3.5 and Pathfinder are compatible with a bit of conversion

>> No.53735263

tian xia

>> No.53735264

>Female one punch archer cutie

Post art, I think I remember you talking in this thread about her but I'm not sure anymore.

>> No.53735280

>want to play a character for a /pgg/ game
>remember /pgg/'s incessant obsession with lewding characters
>back off
Dodged a bullet.

>> No.53735282

Dragons 3 is gonna be in Starfinder, with the descendants of the original crew as the races.

Prepare for more fluffy dragons

>> No.53735302



For how bad Pathfinder, Paizo and /pgg/ is, at least there is stuff you can actually do in Pathfinder. 5e classes and gameplay are so stale and dry. Even the full casters feel kind of flat compared to just playing one in 3.PF or even a Controller in 4e.

>> No.53735306

What are your guys favorite themes from the ones available in Starfinder currently? I'm curious as to what the Priest theme entails but based on the story of the Mystic Iconic it doesn't seem like you're locked into specific moral corners unless it's a part of your character concept. I ask because I'm imagining a Mystic character who came into their powers via a "religious type experience" after getting fucked up during a nearly botched kidnapping and spending a year or so in the tender care of his kidnappers.

>> No.53735326


I would like to see a Priest theme matched up with a Soldier or Solarian. I am hoping there will be a Hellknight theme or archetype to take as well.

>> No.53735327

Don't have any set art so far, but I rolled tats up top and got G.
She's a shortstack, so it'll be loads of fun, especially when her bow is bigger than she is.

>> No.53735329


>> No.53735335

why do you care

>> No.53735339

If I wanted to go for something pre-existing, what would be best? Avowed, perhaps Witch or Pact Wizard? Or some sort of Spheres thing?

>> No.53735342

I think I've got art of this girl! Is she a redhead?

>> No.53735343

I'm intending to convert the summoner from Pathfinder and make a priest character of the class.

Did you know Nyarlathotep is going to be one of the core 20 gods? And that Summoners can pull some shenanigans to have an amazing eidolon that's also an eldritch horror?

>> No.53735348

Because sometimes the bizarre idea to play PF pops into my head.

>> No.53735353


It depends how much you care to obsess over the mechanics. I've been running a 5e game for over a year and there's been no complaints about the system. These are people that just want to play a story and stab some monsters, not carefully piece together a set of mechanics out of a hundred trap options. Pathfinder is much deeper, but 5e is lean and effective. Both have merit.

>> No.53735358

why do you care if your character gets 'lewded' by idiots in a thread, ignore them

>> No.53735360

Post the themes?

>> No.53735367

It's never as bad in practice as the thread makes it sound.

>> No.53735378

She very well could be.
Post that art, anon
I wanna see what you've got

>> No.53735381

>implying Abyssia is a bamboozle

>> No.53735383

Oh yeah, they both have merit, 5e might even be the better designed game, it just doesn't appeal to me.

>> No.53735389


Yeah, See the priest theme applied to all of the character classes would be neat to see what kind of character you make. That said, I wonder what an Operative with the priest theme would be like?

In starfinder they have themes that can flesh out your PC with various trait specific stuff you get at different levels. I suppose they would be analgous to traits?

Yes, I know, there are a crap ton of demi gods to choose from as well

Ace Pilot
Bounty Hunter
.. Those are the ones I remember off the top of my head.

>> No.53735393

You can read about them here


>> No.53735397

Because I'd like to talk about mechanics without some clown getting in my face talking about how they want to suck my character's dick/tits/etc which ends up dominating the discussion.

Do you understand that I don't want any of it at all? That not everybody is down for ERP?

>> No.53735404



At being boring? Badly designed? Having no merit? Being an 'apology edition' to grognards and Mike Mearls' ego?

>> No.53735410


>Both have merit

The annoying bit is the people who refuse to accept that.

>> No.53735412

In your mind, what is the iconic abilities of the rainbow serpent? That'll help in deciding what to suggest

>> No.53735420

I mean to say, ERP isn't even actually a given.

>> No.53735423

>discussing mechanics in the thread

You know, I see people bring this up, but I never see people trying to discuss mechanics.

Be the change you want to see in the thread, talk mechanics.

See how long it lasts and why we're all bored of it, we've figured it all out man.

>> No.53735434


Not as unusual as one would imagine.

>> No.53735435

Oh my god I recognize this autist.

All he does is try to get into games to play a fucking "catboy".

>> No.53735445

The fact it's on the table at all is a major turnoff.

>> No.53735447

I'll post it when I'm able!

>> No.53735448


At being what it needs to be and not reaching past that. I have a player, for example, who just wants to shoot monsters in the face and pull off some trick shots. He pumped his dex, went fighter, took the archetype that lets him pull off some combat shenanigans, and otherwise lets the system tell him the limits of his character. He's having a blast with it. I can't find a fault with it in practice.

>> No.53735467

I like the idea of a loveable Outlaw.

Curious to what 'themeless' is going to be like mechanically

>> No.53735485

My guess is that it's going to be the "human" of themes. doesn't do anything in particular, just gives you a bunch of choices.

>> No.53735488

Alright, lemme think a sec...
>Coatl theme, or at least connection with some kind of specific creature of great power
>Good-focused, or at least alignment-focused
>Granting abilities that are thematically appropriate to the class' alignment and symbolic creature
>Detecting opposed alignments as a paladin/antipaladin would
>Limited-use wings, if possible

>> No.53735505

Thanks, cutie

>> No.53735507

>but I never see people trying to discuss mechanics.
The majority of the thread's content might be part of the problem there.

>> No.53735520

>People are talking about what they want to talk about
>I guess i'll not talk about what I want to talk about
>Instead i'll spend my time autistically screeching at people to stop having badwrongfun

>> No.53735532

Dragon Game 3: The search from more Money

You've been living under the clawed heels of the Demesne for too long! VIVA REVOLUTION!!

25 Bp
Level 3 start.
3000 gp start
One Free VMC
All core
All Spheres
Little Red Goblin
Feat tax rules
4 background skills instead of 2.

>> No.53735559

>no gestalt
a shit
try harder desu

>> No.53735563

>No Gestalt


>> No.53735566


I think for the themeless I vaguely recall seeing that you get a skill that you specialize in and 2 points you can put towards stats. I could be very wrong here so don't take what I say as gospel.

>> No.53735576

I re-submit the same guy, put a more vicious and slighly rapey spin on him.

My original minor goal of screwing all my ancestresses, Culdranth included, is now my main goal.

>> No.53735582


don't meme at me anon

don't meme at me...

>> No.53735586



>> No.53735589


Gestalt is meant for small parties, you autists. Why not demand 40bp too while you're at it?

>> No.53735616

This desu, gestalt is horrible at 4+ people

>> No.53735618

Dragons was gestalt, you gigabaka


>> No.53735626

>>53733825 I like it but after this one I want something simpler.

>>53733909 Probably not, at least for now, sorry.

Probably doing something like this next.

Also considering the Ceraphine and Itsuko ideas.

>> No.53735636

You're already memed.

>> No.53735649

B-but 30 PB is the best point buy! It lets you do lots of things! Those five points make the difference!

>> No.53735658


You're under The Demesne's thrall. Gestalt is the realm of dragons. You saying you're equal to your masters?

>> No.53735660


>> No.53735680

>this elf
Are we working under her?

If so, can I submit an app if I'm already in Dragons 2?

>> No.53735682

>tfw no conquering and breaking in busty dragon matrons

>> No.53735688

Rory calm the fuck down.

>> No.53735691

Avowed could do all of this with clauses, IIRC.

There's a bit in the book about making your own pacts, but Avowed is literally what you're looking for.

>> No.53735709

Of course we are, the Demesne is many and we are few, so we must be worth three of every one of them for a fighting chance!

Seriously though, a campaign of assorted non-dragon princes/princesses/heroes left in the Demesne would be fun.

>> No.53735714

Is there a way to make Avowed Int-focused?
Or should I just look for a Cha-focused caster that's still studious like a Wizard?

>> No.53735717

Haha, wrong!

I like elves, sue me

>> No.53735722

>the only actual character with ZERO draconic blood in them is Rory

The fuck

>> No.53735730

Calsi what are you doing

>> No.53735750

You think that was coincidence? SEagle did that on purpose since Dragons was built around, well, Dragons.

Dragons 3 would be about non-dragons influenced by dragons!

>> No.53735767

Don't look at me being shameful

>> No.53735773

How many games in /pgg/ right now are more about hunting monsters, getting loot, and saving the day, rather than comfy stuff?

>> No.53735776

I don't think so, sadly. You might be able to convince a GM if you significantly lower the skill point per level

>> No.53735804

Recommend me something quick to homebrew, /pgg/

>> No.53735819

>Dragons 3
>Their mentor and leader man is Rory (the character) after he's aged up and started a huge family

Yknow, that might not be so bad

An initiating Slayer archetype, if you're into that. Or an archetype that gives it 4/9 casting

>> No.53735821


Lactation based healing.

>> No.53735826

Nice job surge!

>> No.53735834


>> No.53735839

An initiating slay...er... what >>53735819 said.

>> No.53735843


>> No.53735847


*heavy sweating*

P-please anon....

>> No.53735868

You're a weirdo

>> No.53735879

So did giancarlo catch ichabod cheating, and now ichabod is reaching for a smokebomb or something?

>> No.53735880

we must go deeper. see Seikon no Qwaser. milk based alchemy

>> No.53735894

Love the mental gymnastics you people come up with.

>> No.53735895

I'm getting the impression that either games from these threads fuck off forever, or degenerate into comfy, with the sole exception of PLD, who's literally hunting down a lightning spewing dragon to use it's corpse as bait to lure a massive spider golem into a trap, wreck it, and kill the guy who created it.

>> No.53735898

Damn good work, Surge!

>> No.53735901

Legacy of Blood and Fire.
Overlewd too, oddly enough.

>> No.53735904


Does it count if you were running games for friends or before coming to /pfg/?

>> No.53735908

I think Ichabod is hiding cards behind his back, Varius seems to suspect him at the very least, and Giancarlo either doesn't know or doesn't care.
And spidget is... fidgeting.

>> No.53735911

There's no mental gymnastics, talk about what you want to talk about, be the change in the thread you want to see

>> No.53735923

I've long since tried that, as have others. It's not good enough. No point to it when scum are allowed to roam free without fear of reprisal.

>> No.53735932

It should, but the question is pretty clearly loaded to imply that no game publicized on /pfg/ is actually about fighting and plundering.

>> No.53735933

You should draw one of the combat princesses squaring off against Rodrick and his CUT THROUGH ANYTHING katana!

>> No.53735949


See i read this and i keep thinking of the Roderick in Dragons 1. Astarte's girlfriend.

>> No.53735959

Girls can't love guys! Also Dragons 3 WHEN?!

>> No.53735966

>stop having badwrongfun

>> No.53735973

speaking of LoBaG characters how they doing? The last green text gave support for Shanan x Essa. Is Essa gonna cuck the cluck?

>> No.53735974

Dragons 2 is anything but comfy at the moment.

>> No.53735985

Combat princess?

>> No.53735996

You ERPfags are incredibly pathetic.

>> No.53735998

>Girls can't love guys!

WRONG SIR! pic related is Roderick.

>> No.53736004

Dragons 3 is just going to be the players of Dragons 2, after they TPK and have to reroll.

>> No.53736010

Surge's favority girl app who can actually fight Vult's archetype who can probably just splat her with a crit anyways.

>> No.53736014

But Roderick is a BOY'S name!

>> No.53736018


You absolute faggot

>> No.53736055


And she typically wears very covering armor, and has a deep voice.

Roderick Hakbute is also the oldest child of the Hakbute line and there's no chance of a male heir anytime soon. Thankfully. Nobody from the taldor nobility can tell.

>> No.53736060

>implying i'm an ERPfag

Ya'll are pathetic.

>> No.53736071

>The anon is triggered

>> No.53736077


What I don't get is why people fixate on the mindless 'explore dungeon, kill, loot' aspects of it. I really can't get into a game without a relevant plot going on.

>> No.53736088

This is the future you stupid "wahhh we can be as degenerate as we want" fags chose.

>> No.53736091

Tell me about that Brave Sir Knight that Dragons 1 girl was marrying! The faceless anime husbando!

>> No.53736092

Dolt, it's Surge asking the question. Sorry,
not sorry.

I think I mentioned liking Derrin before, are you talking about her?

>> No.53736098

Yeah but Gareth was always a faggot, fuck him

>> No.53736101

You goat-molesting motherfuckers drove out our inside track on developers and then bragged about it. You're savages wallowing in your own shit and need to fuck off forever

>> No.53736112

>Has anyone noticed that Sir Roderick is a girl?
>You best hold your tongue before you lose it, calling the heir of the Hakbute a woman
>Long blonde hair
>Majestic, befitting of a noble son
>Wide hips and thighs
>So he's a little fat in the legs
>He has tits
>And a little fat in the chest

>> No.53736117


>> No.53736120


>I-its not like I love their products!
>S-stupid Gareth, leaving me behind!
>I-I secretly hated DSP all along! Who needs them anyway when I have Paizo! Hmp!

The faggot doth protest too much.

>> No.53736123

Stop being a busybody, the thread is self-moderated! We've never been better!

>> No.53736126

>Pathfinder General /pfg/

Are we back to /pfg/ now for real?

>> No.53736137

>that little gap where the light shines through and you can see her thigh gap


>> No.53736143


>> No.53736144

>The anon refutes my point by throwing a tantrum.

>> No.53736149


>not huge
>liking massive thigh gap
>liking deformities


>> No.53736163

No, shitposters gonna shitpost.

>> No.53736169


Ahh yes! "Darling" Real name is Lewis

Charming lad. Very sweet and loving. Captain of a knight company, and currently leading the charge into the upper levels of the Dragon lair tower.

>> No.53736177

> Anon pretends caring about things makes you immature

Go sort your fedora collection

>> No.53736182

Now tell us about Rory's girlfriend!

>> No.53736183

>not even 50 IPs almost 300 posts in
Nice thriving general you have here.

>> No.53736191


The 5e one is even deader.

>> No.53736201

>Implying they're not already sorted with their matching katana.

>> No.53736213

I say pick whoever you like, I just like the idea of stoking the "Rodrick the Antagonist" memes

That said, I'm pretty sure literally every other app would die to one crit from him. A level 3 spellsmite on a katana is like 7d8+14 damage, doubled, and katanas crit on 18s.

>> No.53736237

Why is it that Rinka and Calsi seem to drive the entire plot of that game?

>> No.53736239

Requesting Brother Nier with a pile of corpses behind him, sheathing his katana.

>> No.53736256


Aren't most of the apps PoW, Avowed or casters?

>> No.53736257 [SPOILER] 

Here you go weirdo, since it was quick.

Onto that slayer initiator archetype.

>> No.53736259

Only players with ambition?
Forceful personalities that aren't there just to cuddle and cutepost?

>> No.53736275


Mune, Former long time "Consort" for Queen Lua Culdranth during her sexy phase, and currently the party's "Manager" Handling all the NPC camp followers they have. She's an eastern style dragon with antlers and a fluffy tail. She's probably the world's most knowledgeable person on all things sex related.

Most of the time she's keeping the other parts of Calsi's band and Lio's personal servants from causing too much trouble while the party is away.

She's a real fan of cuddling, and stands at a very tall 5'2 in her human form. and a very short 32 feet long in her dragon form.

>> No.53736278

This, thigh gaps are nowhere near as extreme as what anime tries to make you think.


>> No.53736279

But I hear that Rinka and Calsi cuddle all the time.

>> No.53736280

>Go to look up the archetype
Wait wait, people were defending this homebrew?

>> No.53736285

Well yes, but they clearly have things they want to do and goals they've set for themselves besides sitting around and doing each others' hair.

>> No.53736297

Well, PoW could probably deal with it with counters or whatever, but at the end of the day, he's confirming a crit against touch AC

It's slightly more damage than a normal Shocking Touch crit-magus, in exchange for burning through higher level spell slots.

>> No.53736300

Did another Ensoulment app vanish?

>> No.53736319

Pssst, I'll let you in on a secret anon. It's not caring about things that makes you immature, it's the 'being a whiny faggot and autisticly screeching about people playing the game ways you don't like' that makes you immature.
If you're so butthurt about people talking about lewdgames and memes you can go fuck right on off to Pazios messageboards.

>> No.53736338

I believe Rory was the one who actually discovered the dragon in Lua's lair, and was the one who reunited the party after they were split up.

>> No.53736344

Psst, I'll let you in on a secret anon. It's not damning lewdposters that makes you immature, it's throwing a fit when your degeneracy is questioned that's immature.

Go to /soc/ or something for your ERP fuckfests.

>> No.53736347


Black Seraph/Eternal Guardian could probably shut it down. Smash him back with a Strike from Scarlet Throne or whatever.

>> No.53736360

>Rory is dating the biggest slut in the entire world


>> No.53736361


>> No.53736379

>It's slightly more damage than a normal Shocking Touch crit-magus, in exchange for burning through higher level spell slots.

In exchange, you don't give a fuck about SR, elemental resistance, or AC (since you always hit against touch) AND you can prepare literally whatever you want because you're not tied to specific spells for damage.

>> No.53736394

Which one?

>> No.53736412 [SPOILER] 

>Mistress of one-million kinks
>Dating a shapeshifter

How much you wanna bet Mune's dragged Rory into /ss/?

>> No.53736442

That's not Rory, that's a blinkling.

>> No.53736458

>Eastern dragon
>Named after a Japanese word for "breast"
Still the same old SwimmingEagle, I see.

>> No.53736470

No that's shota Rory.

>> No.53736473


Does simply being knowledgeable about sex make someone a slut? A lady can't want sex once in a while? The hell kind of puritan lifestyle do you live?

and i know the response. you just unequivocally hate Rory because of one incident that the parties in question have already forgiven him for. But go ahead, beat that dead horse.

No contest, it happened a couple weeks ago. It was really nice. Also Mune personally bought Rory a collar. I mean you should always have a leash for your pets.

About damn time someone figured that out.

>> No.53736477

I mean, that could actually be something useful if you used something other than Milk. Althought Fast Healing 1 for 1 round is... kind of terrible?

>> No.53736488


Man oh man was that recent update a doozie.

>> No.53736505

>not making the dragon your pet
baka desu fampai

>> No.53736513

To the abrahamics, women are best if virgin, used for reproduction once, and then stoned to death for being not virgin.They must also be stoned to death if they talk back to a man or attempt to teach males.

>> No.53736516

But what if Rory is the one who enjoys being the pet?

>> No.53736524

Then he's a total beta nerd, desu

>> No.53736527

Chokers are better. Lets you remind them of their place with but a tug

>> No.53736534

More damage, more reliability, more versatility and more defense on just trading out the spellstrike related features before getting into all the upsides it throws in. I'm too lazy to throw together a build for it but there's definitely something easy and obscene to do with this and a two-hander at late.

Also sort of tosses out the magus class identity which I personally hate about a lot of archetypes but that's just a personal taste. Though to be fair, Magus a mess and it's probably not as obscene as autistic PoW builds. Still shit.

>> No.53736558

Your right. Let me do some changes while I figure out what to call this Slayer archetype.

I sort of want to call it a 'Butcher' and go with a strength-based slayer, but I feel that's missing the point of a slayer.


>> No.53736576

I like to believe there's a difference between having some casual fun with a hunk every Friday night... And partaking in an MMFMM gangbang.

>> No.53736587

You realize you're getting triggered over a 5e paladin, right?

>> No.53736598



>> No.53736606

>she likes cuddling
>she's cuddling rory
>and enjoying his fluffy tail and muscles

what a slut

>> No.53736607

>5e is the same as pathfinder

>> No.53736610

It's just a mess from a meta perspective.

What the hell does Heavy Armor and !Smite have to do with the grimoire? Why is it Cha based? Why does it give bonus on knowledge checks?

This is just a bunch of things the author likes, and decided to mash together, rather than worrying about consistency or synergy.

>> No.53736631

>5e and pathfinder are the same system

Really activates me almonds.

>> No.53736651

The 5e Paladin is balanced against its game. Hitting touch on every attack here is a pretty big deal. Opening up the Magus to 2h Strength builds is a pretty big deal. Being able to prepare a list of utility spells then turn them into damage as necessary is a pretty big deal.

>> No.53736660

>The two best characters drive the game

Really makes you think

>> No.53736676


This. Reliably melee touch attacks alone is pretty ridiculous.

>> No.53736683

It's absolutely normal for most groups to have a couple active characters at the front and not really worth noting.

>> No.53736695

Wait... so you're telling me Vult ripped off a class wholesale from another game, and it still turned out this shitty?

Holy god, that's too fucking funny.

>> No.53736705


On the contrary, a new one just popped up.

>> No.53736716

I think last thread someone was in here trying to defend it on the argument that no one read it yet.

Well, they got their wish. We're reading it.

>> No.53736833



how do you fuck up THIS badly.

>> No.53736857 [SPOILER] 

Here you go mate, here's V2. Scaling should be a bit better now, and you get some bonus functionality too.

>> No.53736858

>, Princess Raina Arlote believes the way forward lies not in politics, legalism, warfare, or economics, but in culture
>or economics
>character's entire "philosophy" is economics

>> No.53736878

>class does too much damage
>it's shit
These are different things

The only playtesting this is seeing is as an npc in PLD, who is being compared against two optimized Avowed strikers.

>> No.53736885

Not everyone can be a Wise Wolf.

>> No.53736892

>SoM does too much damage
>Its shit

really makes you think

>> No.53736898

He could at least try to read the prompt before he started, you know?

>> No.53736904

Literally everything that should do damage does too much damage.

>> No.53736905


Is there much wisdom in apples on your head?

>> No.53736917

You've got your snack nearby and your hands free to grope your utter lack of chest.

>> No.53736922

>He doesn't adjust monster HP for having more fun and versatile martial options
Shitty caster DM confirmed

>> No.53736932

He's being too ambitious. Homebrewing in Pathfinder is a mess compared to homebrewing in 5e.

>> No.53736965


>> No.53736967

It could work

>> No.53736977

new thread I guess

>> No.53736988

Okay, quick question because five minutes of googling has turned up nothing.
Can I stack Bushi and Privateer on Warlord? I'm not seeing anything that conflicts from the SRD, though it does make regaining maneuvers a bit odd.

>> No.53736991


Adding nothing but damage to a class that's already derided for doing too much damage, and nothing else, is a bad idea Anon.

If you don't understand than, then Homebrewing may not be for you.

>> No.53736999

>he complains about SoM as a generality
absolutely disgusting

>> No.53737017

>I didn't backpedal but you claim I do

really makes you think.

>> No.53737041

New Thread:


>> No.53737055


someone beat you friend.

>> No.53737057


Now you've really done it!

>> No.53737069

fucking granblue fags

>> No.53737086

It also adds defenses and utility by circumstance for pretty much no loss. Magus is a class at a good power level that's criticized for poor design, the archetype does nothing in patching up what's wrong with it but exacerbates the problems it already faces.

In an attempt to be constructive, I think you'd do well to get rid of the hitting touch part entirely because it makes the damage too reliable and figure out whether or not the defensive additions are really necessary.

>> No.53737091

on one hand, one is /pgg/ rather than attempting to shoehorn /pfg/ back in

on the other, one is anime shenanigans bullshit.


>> No.53737094

you're about 50% correct there mate

>> No.53737121

One was first and the other is an obvious attempt by the /pfg/ faggot (likely the same OP of this thread) desperate to try and keep /pfg/ going instead of moving on once and for all.

>> No.53737140

I'm inclined to agree with you. in the end, the first one trumps the second one.

>> No.53737156

>animeposter is the anon trying to shoehorn /pgg/

Not a surprise.

>> No.53737177

If it makes the decision any better, the second one is an FFXIV image, a community with roleplayers even more degenerate and incestuous than those of us here.

>> No.53737190

Given the second OP, I'm not sure why you think I'm the animeposter.

>> No.53737194

>One minute apart


>> No.53737401

Too bad, /pfg/ autist, it's not the same person.

>> No.53737460

I'm building my app for JttW and have reached the point that I think a slide show with several over laced with Microsoft Sam speech makes for a better experience with the app.

>> No.53738057


We stole a stagecoach in Daggerfall when we were on a mission in the River Kingdoms and we've used it ever since.

It's not much but it actually kinda gets the group involved as far as RP. Our human rogue isn't too strong at RP but he loves cars so he took the position as driver of our stagecoach. And during the mission we had to ride through a dark cave and that got our other RP-weak player to use his dwarf's darkvision to help navigate.

So it's a modest vehicle but I have a soft spot for our Murder-Hobomobile.

>> No.53738533

The cost of the damage bursts and the defenses ONLY WHEN NOT BURSTING DAMAGE is spending your spell slots, specifically your high level spell slots. Which is a very large opportunity cost for a 6th level caster.

Since you can't bring your defenses back up the turn you smite, the goal is to find a number balance where you want the static bonuses about as much as you want the damage.

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