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Paizo Games General /pgg/ (Pathfinder & Starfinder, formerly /pfg/)

Let's talk about ratfolk/ysoki. How do we make them not suck in Pathfinder?
What do you want to see from them/their stats in Starfinder? How are you going to find pics of sci-fi rats?

Link repository; point out problems if found: https://ghostbin.com/paste/tx5h8
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>53723225

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Reminder that only celeb apps will get into Ensoulment.

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Clever, really clever, but you know why Lot's Wife really turned into salt? It was because she still had love of Sodom in her heart, that's the thing that enraged God. Lot's Wife had lived among a den of rapists and degenerates for years, suffering under their rule, and that night they came to their house and clamored to know (as in, the biblical know) their daughters and guests. God Himself was punishing Sodom for their transgressions and destroying that blighted town.

And yet she looked back, not because she wanted to see God's fury, but because she missed it. She was second-guessing God for smiting the wicked, she was questioning Him, and that is a seed of doubt you can not suffer to sprout.

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How do I make a good bully

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What type of music will the space rodents be known for?

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You could've waited for my reply in the old thread fag

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Be big

give noogies.

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Whatever Jerry played in that one concert episode

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Make them an Elephant person.

Give them an extra limb to hug people they care about and have them threaten to trample anyone who threatens them

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Probably space jazz. In starfinder its called Jizz

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So, how badly am I fucking myself over if I combine Sensate-Fighter with Vigilante-Serial Killer as gestalt. Assume 4th level to start.

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>Small rodents inapropriately driving foreign cars while drinking energy drinks
I dig it

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I mean, it would work because Vigilante is baller, but you would be missing out super hard on AWT/AAT, which sucks super hard.

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but theyre a fox girl not a big boy how do i bully people as a fox girl with high charisma

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What do you think guys. Insecure anon airing their worries? Celeb trying to scare the competition away from trying? Or shitposter fishing for (You)s?

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No matter how fucked up it is, a place you've lived for 40 years is still home. You were born there, your family lived and died there, you raised your children there, you met your husband there, you bore your daughters there, and then two strangers came and told you to leave everything and leave the cities forever.

And then they blew up.

What kind of person with a human heart WOULDN'T look back? What kind of sociopathic monster was Lot?

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Bully them with your massive tits.

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Keep casting Enlarge Person on yourself

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That is a really good point. Although, realistically, what are the chances of making another 4 levels in an online game?

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that could work but what about other forms of bullying i dont want to just bully the girls I want to bully the boys too

do i bully them emotionally

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You can bully the boys with your tits too, just tease them with your sexuality.

massive tits are a classic bullying tool.

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Which Ensoulment characters are currently most deserving of fanart?

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That is a cute mousegirl.

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but im not a person im a fox enlarge person doesnt work on foxes

but how do i go about with that i only play nice characters this is the first time i wanted to play a bully please help me /pgg/

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Why do so many online groups spring for sprawling campaigns? I can understand it when they're started by newbies looking to re-enact some big campaign they read about, but what about those serial campaign starters? What goes through their heads?

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C3 x Itsuko hatesex
Failing that, C3 and Witch hugging each other like the mother and daughter they are

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The only ones that are confirmed to be in the game if it happens, AKA NPCs like the Princess.

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So, Witch?

>> No.53729948

Just flop your titties on their head and watch them panic

Bullying complete.

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I like this, do the princess.

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But everyone's confirmed to be in the game if it happens.

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No? There are plenty of people who won't be able to make it schedule-wise so they won't be getting in. Maybe they just don't feel like it afterwards.

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but what if i just arouse them and they do lewd things to me

the bullying would fail

how do i use magic to bully better

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Stop hedging with "IF it happens", I can't take it!

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Friendly reminder Protagonist will make a heel switch and rename himself into Antagonist. :^)

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Oh no, you never let them do lewd things

Thats the bullying part.

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There are spells and magicks in that new fey expansion book

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It's a curse. You have ideas and you want too see them bloom, and there is never enough time, people, or chances to try and create them or make them into soemthing that others see.

It's the same reason you have serial application posters in so many games, even with conflictign schedules. Imaginative people can't help but imagine, and it can be a curse, a horrible, evil, soul draining curse that causes you nothing but pain and suffering.

.....I think my meds are wearing off.

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Quads confirm.

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I want to hold her close and dance with her.

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There, Aurelia is done.

I think.

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I can't wait for Ensoulment shipping if it happens.

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>literally an NPC waifu

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I really want a smug anime girl version if C3

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Yeah, but then they could make a bunch of cool oneshots with that same creative energy.

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I really want to see C3 and Witch doing cute things together.

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youre nice four number man i like you i hope you have a nice day thanks for the bullying advice

but what are the magical spell stuff is any of it on the oracle spell list

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No offense, but she really reads like an NPC.

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Didn't your father teach you to pull out before it's too late?

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t. unwist

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>everyone who doesn't like my character is Unwist
Batman pls.

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I don't understand what traits are associated with Unwist anymore.

>> No.53730102

Who even is Unwist? I only know who Wist is.

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No, I'm really saying that there's nothing very compelling about this character and I think she would make for a very lovely NPC(possibly some matchmaker sidequest?) but I don't see anything more.

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I don't either
Where are our drawfags aaaaaaaaaaaaa

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They're working on their characters aaaaaaaaaa

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I humbly disagree, good sir.

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10/10 would steal her dress.

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Draw for us

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I just want Jolly back guys

>> No.53730153

Let's talk about first times! Who was your character's first love? When did they lose their V-Card?

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he's not coming back

none of them are

this is the future we chose.

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>good sir

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Sorry, I meant to type

>you fucking niggerfaggot

>> No.53730167

You fuckers managed to scare Jolly off too?
New /pfg/ sucks

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>first love
A random classmate she barely knew
>when did they lose their V-card
Too early, she isn't proud of it.

>> No.53730179

I don't think he's coming back. Like, at best he might pop into IRC and tell people if he's doing a playtest or not, but we're no longer a good place to hang around for direct feedback. Which sucks, because we had some good times with the Legendary Vigilante playtest

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I believe he was chased off when someone literally started a thread with a loli hitler.

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The thread is self-moderating, if it did not want lewdposting it would not have lewdposting. This is healthy discussion, the thread has never been more alive and loved. We are happy discussing these things, we can not ask for better.

Now, which Ensoulment girl do you think shaves their bush?

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About time. Seeing outright shill posts made me sick to my stomach.

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>first love
A tomboyish knight.
>when did they lose their V-card
Shortly after he took her out to dinner.

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Oh no, we certainly are. They just don't give us anything to feedback anymore and are too concerned with being on le ebil 4chinz.

>> No.53730216

Fuck off.

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> Openly posting the tests for his own work
> Shilling

Do you speak English you mouth-breathing turbofag

>> No.53730226

>People glad that content is pretty good and a playtest listens to them
>The developer directly looking and talking about his work
>Being shills

Is this bait

>> No.53730228

The thread is self-moderating, the existence of these discussions mean it is not only healthy, but wanted.

>> No.53730236

The actual developer shilling their stuff is no greater than one who is a servant of him.

>> No.53730241

She's pretty cute.

>> No.53730257

Except it's getting feedback, instead of just begging for cash.

You're an idiot.

>> No.53730261

By your logic saying nice things about any paizo product is shilling

>> No.53730266

That's dumb

>> No.53730274

That's an odd way to spell, "No, I don't speak English" anon

>> No.53730276

This sounds like a /pfg/ character.

Who is it?

>> No.53730277

Are you twelve? Underaged kiddos aren't allowed here.

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>playtest listens to them
Remember when Gareth listened to 2hu?

>> No.53730305

Who are your picks for Abyssia, /pfg/? Not long now before apps close!

>> No.53730322

What are your experiences with Oracles, /pgg/? What kinds have you seen/played?

>> No.53730323

>Princess Raina Arlote.
Definitely, probably invited a foreign expert on waxing to her court shortly after hitting puberty.
>Derrine Kline
Nope, trims when its unpractical.
>Ceraphine Arxiore
Yes. But not super diligently, just whenever it becomes particularly unappealing. She used to be more diligent but she is too stressed now.
>Witch Harwell
Nope, savage. Unless she traded her pubes for magic or something
That's oppressive
Fairly diligently, she's just a diligent, neat type.
I don't think elves grow body hair.
Yes, diligently. Likes to feel cute.
Yes, fairly diligently, dislikes things to be unaesthetic.
Every morning, never knows when she is going to meet her husband
Probably pretty diligently. Seems like a meticulous and neat person.
Either no because she doesn't have time for such frivolities, or no because she figured out a way to halt the growth with science or something.

>> No.53730324

Oh, you're right! I should be more formal about my questions.

Ahem, so, what rape monster should fuck the PLD crew next?

>> No.53730327

Everyone smart enough to dodge that bamboozle.

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>> No.53730333

Remember when Gareth tried to help her be less of a toxic piece of shit and she spat it in everyone's face?

>> No.53730335

Remember when Forrest listened to 2hu?

>> No.53730337

>thats oppressive

>> No.53730343

This is the future you chose.

>> No.53730348

2hu literally has autism and can't into social interaction, be nice

>> No.53730358

>Not wearing an animal mask of Shai, the Serpent-headed pig of Fate and seeing into the Future


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>> No.53730363

So does Gareth, remember?

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>> No.53730372

Nigga, just ask about a character's first time they had sex if your curious, at least that way we could just call you a dumb fetishposter. But because you used a juvenile term like "V-card " you're now a dumb underaged fetishposter.

jfc you're a degenerate.

>> No.53730373

I don't think its as crippling as 2hu's case

>> No.53730394

2hu being 'toxic' doesn't make Gareth's positron-thick skin any less vulnerable and delicate.

>> No.53730395

>First love
>Punched the v-card
Bull rushed the party's half-elf alchemist against a bookshelf. Then succeeded on multiple drag checks in order to bring him into favorable terrain for her. Succeeded on all Constitution checks that night and into the morning

>> No.53730399

A girallon.

>> No.53730417

It's a 'cutesy' way of asking you idiot, what kid even uses V-card these days? Not even him fucking shit lurkmoar

>> No.53730427

Cutesy is fucking cancer.

>> No.53730435

You're fucking cancer.

>> No.53730439

His first time was with a servant's daughter when they were both 13, but his first love was much later, when he claimed an exotic Tien bride during a vicious raid on a Varisian coastal town.

>> No.53730441

>"No U"

>> No.53730443

That's my fetish

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>> No.53730448

Correct. You seem upset.

>> No.53730457

>npc waifu

>literally the protagonist of her own quest.


>> No.53730466

That's why she's an NPC wrt this quest.

>> No.53730475

Nigga Ameiko is the protagonist of Jade Regent yet she is very obviously an NPC.

>> No.53730481

He dealt with everyone else's faggotry just fine, anon. Gareth and DSP were responsive to feedback when they were here. Don't prop 2hu up as some kinda hero, she's fucking cancer. Literally no one deals with her without getting their patience tested.

>> No.53730482

Yeah, not one of the protagonists of this story.

>> No.53730507

I hope SotJR has fun tonight!

>> No.53730508

2hu is not wrong about his criticisms, ergo Gareth is just a thin-skinned idiot. It's that fucking simple, Sslarn only really flipped when 2hu got involved but you think Sslarn isn't a thin-skinned faggot?

>> No.53730525

Ssalarn flips whenever someone won't gargle his balls, have you fucking seen the SoM thread on Giantitp?

>> No.53730530

She's mom and is irresponsible.
She's an Apocalypse Oracle, though I haven't seen what all she can do in-game yet.

>> No.53730546

When will Gianttip be gud again?

>> No.53730556

It's like /b/, it was never good

>> No.53730563

>be good again
>implying it was ever good

>> No.53730585

I unironically liked olde /b/ before chanology and the rest of the horseshit

>> No.53730603

DAA is NOT a bamboozle.

>> No.53730608

Yeah, and Rory isn't a faggot

>> No.53730620

Assuming it isn't there's not that may choices.

>> No.53730643

Rory was the greatest thing to ever happen to this thread, his fearless posting of LOGS and adorable mannerisms in the thread make him an invaluable member of our new community. You don't like logs? Don't look at them.

>> No.53730655

I hope that dumb fucking rat kills him

>> No.53730673

/pgg/, how do you feel about "scenes" in backstories? Do you like them or would you rather the story read like a montage?

>> No.53730686

Are they sex scenes?

>> No.53730691

I hate just reading a character's straight up backstory, absolute snore.

I like apps that tell backstories in a creative way, or are from the character's perspective, give me something to get my teeth into

>> No.53730702

Depends if they add anything to the backstory.

>> No.53730716

Eagle won't actually allow character death. That group is in zero danger.

>> No.53730719

Not everything has to be sex, man. Please wank before posting.

>> No.53730721

Why would you say that? If the thread didn't like him they wouldn't talk about him. We are, after all, self-moderating.

>> No.53730738

people talk about him cause they HATE him

>> No.53730745

I yearn for my character's death every time a session rolls around, yet even at their toughest the DM graces us with victory. I hate it. I want to die.

>> No.53730751

Now that's pretty funny

>> No.53730764

Misusing the term; if we didn't want to talk about it, we wouldn't. That is, in fact, self moderation.

>> No.53730766

Nonsense, people love him and their constant chatter about him prove it.

>> No.53730770

>Where were you when autist anon decided they would force self-moderating as the new meme

>> No.53730778

People love talkong about him; they don't necessarily love him.

>> No.53730783

If I am an evil oracle can I take the life mystery and channel positive energy?

I was looking to make a masochistic oracle to zonzon

>> No.53730788

People love to hate him, more accurately.

>> No.53730789

You and I are of the same mind, then. That is the beauty of self-moderation; a long conversation about games we aren't in is just as healthy as a conversation about the system, though I daresay lewdposting is even better.

>> No.53730797

>Reminder that all the shitposts about lewdposting are literally just b-list celebs ass blasted that we still talk about PLD and not their boring as shit game

>> No.53730803

PLD is shit though, and Vult is a piece of shit who we shouldn't be giving validation

>> No.53730804

Correct, without a hint of irony. Welcome to 4chan.

>> No.53730830

By what metric do you think PLD is shit?

Answer without memeing and using only what the players and Vult have actually said about it, not the conjecture the thread came up with.

>Implying you're not someone throwing a tantrum in Vult's shadow

>> No.53730833

But why? People couldn't get enough of the LOGS when they were posted, and even after that people apped in droves for his bamboozle game. This doesn't sound like hate to me, it sounds about as much like hate as a girlfriend would say she hates her boyfriend because he was a little rough on her last night.

You love it, you fucking love it.

>> No.53730845

A beaten girlfriend can hate her boyfriend while still coming back to him you know

>> No.53730876

Everyone who app'd to TSS either did it for memes or because they didn't trust the thread.

Note NOBODY from the Dragons 2 party ever applied.

>> No.53730881

Okay, and...? Then the girlfriend is weak and whipped and deserves her fate until she fixes it.

And the boyfriend is still getting what he wants, he might as well be loved if the behavior is the same.

>> No.53730884

>when your boyfriend is a piece of shit using you for your body and you know it but he's just so dreamy...

>> No.53730886

I played in vult's first monster rape game before it was even pathfinder, and I can confirm that vult is a gigadegenerate, and any game he makes is probably a walking shitfest

>> No.53730896

If Dragons 2 despises him so much, why don't they just kick him? Quit with this retarded "butt-puppy punishment" routine and either move on and accept he's a good guy you can trust, or end it.

>> No.53730901

I am so hungry.

>> No.53730908

I just wanted to be a drunken pirate bird.

>> No.53730915

You really are a complete piece of shit

>> No.53730919

Actually let me scale that down.
Okay time to go scavenging.

>> No.53730923

holy shit 10/10

>> No.53730937

Damn, dude. You gonna do any of the other Ensoulment apps?

>> No.53730938

I think Vult is a piece of shit because he repeatedly does this I'M SUCH A VICTIM GUISE shtick.

PLD is shit because while I don't mind people having a game about their rape fetish or whatever, I don't like how the players, yes all of them, attentionwhore all over the thread and dump logs, its a bad look.

>> No.53730949

You say that like it means anything, especially coming from you.

>> No.53730950

Tell us more about how the first nightwalkers game fell apart

>> No.53730959

Did really none of them apply?

>> No.53730970

>you're damn small you know, and I've seen quite a few men si believe me when I say you're DAMN small

>> No.53730975

Yes. Some popular ones, some of my favorites, and whatever strikes my mood at the time. No one is out of the running.

>> No.53730980

I've been wanting to fix that look for weeks, but we've already got people here saying that this is 4chan and we're doing what we want, so why should I fight it anymore? Relish the degeneracy, like a Sodomite.

>> No.53730981

I don't expect it to mean anything to you since you're clearly a fucking sociopath

>> No.53730986

Would anyone play the rat in the OP?

>> No.53730992

>the moralfag is LITERALLY the prosteltyzing faggot
oh haha wow

>> No.53730994

It was pbp and a bunch of people just were super busy/uncomfortable with the campaign, so it petered out and died
The fun parts were pretty fun, just a bit bogged down

>> No.53730999

>No one is out of the running.
Don't joke like that, we know some apps aren't getting anything.

>> No.53731001

Godspeed, you magnificent bastard.

>> No.53731003

Depends how playable SF is on launch

>> No.53731012

>try really hard not to laugh

>> No.53731017

Okay, sure, the randos are right out.
I will do my best to keep up with requests.

>> No.53731024

Speaking of, we have more details on how it'll operate.

>> No.53731025

Not him but...

The fact of the matter is that the players are the authority on whether or not a game is good, so by default we should assume it is despite it being a rare game here with player loss but the information made public about the game makes an argument that it's probably not as hot as most /pgg/ games. Rather than the game actually being bad, the visibility of it may work against it, but since you asked the question I'll answer it.

It's been known for awhile now that Vult is new to Pathfinder, he's shown a lot of mechanical incompetence during his recruitment which other people had to correct him on. His homebrew, for what little discussion has been seen of it has mostly been berated. 2hu notably pointed out a lot of issues with the Nightwalker table when it was posted, and if i recall correctly, Vult or his players didn't seem to respond well to it.

The DM in question hasn't had any good writing to show when it's been made public. Admittedly, I think a lot of the complaints about it are memes and that he probably does a serviceable job, but if you compare it to say, the writing Argentum's put out as the only other DM I know has any playlogs public, it's whatever.

None of these things actually mean the DM is bad at DMing of course. A DM can be bad at homebrew and bad at writing while still being competent, and Vult's average at worst. His public attitude has been pretty awful though, responding to everything and throwing fits in the thread. He can't even be defended with the usual "at least he's straight" shit that I think is an awful defense anyways because he's dragged stuff up from his private conversations with other DMs. It's worrying for your DM to be a shitter.


It just means that if I had to take sides, I wouldn't take the side of it.

>> No.53731031

Or maybe I thought the Sodom discussion from before was pretty fucking relevant to what we're talking about now?

We're halfway through a General and we've only got 29 unique posters. We've scared everyone off, and we're scaring off new people. We're not a General anymore, we're the goddamn Ball Pit at Dashcon.

>> No.53731044

I've got a really dumb idea of Aurelia smiling and making a heart with her hands

I have to go cuter.

>> No.53731053


Nah, her clothes are too nice. They need to look more ratty.

>> No.53731067

Do the other C3 requests, especially the hugging.

Sodom's discussion ended with God being justified literally only because he's fucking God. Are you God?

What this?

>> No.53731091


Just some stuff gleaned from the podcast, I think.

>> No.53731097

>What this?
The Drift, a podcast regarding Starfinder, did an interview with someone who attended Paizocon. Said guy revealed as many details as he could.

>> No.53731099

Huh cool, reading now.

>> No.53731159

You mean Elincia.

>> No.53731170

Same thing senpai whatever

>> No.53731179

This. Be as degenerate as you fucking want to be, but don't wave your dick at people and complain when they ask you to put it away.

>> No.53731182

>literally piling more stuff on for the celebs

>> No.53731187

>normalfags btfo

>> No.53731201

What's that one gestalt that you've always wanted to play but it'll probably never get to?
for me its the lore warden fighter/empiricist investigator

>> No.53731208

>Lore Warden

Should.. Should we tell him.

>> No.53731212

How much would break if we changed the Kineticist's kinetic blast from having a "range of 30 feet" to having a "range INCREMENT of 30 feet"

>> No.53731231

Do Felix.

>> No.53731236


Vandread. He is cute and pure unlike all these stupid sluts everyone jacks off to.

>> No.53731238

Lore Warden is kill. Paizo nerfed it to death in one of the new books.

>> No.53731259

Vandread is the worst fucking meme.

>> No.53731273

Vandread is an NPC app by design. He's shooting for being a villain the PC's encounter.

>> No.53731277

Peasant detected.

>> No.53731282

You know, I actually like the ammo tracking thing.

Not because I like ammo tracking (even though I did that anyways) but because the implication is that as a resource common to all characters, there's going to be ways to manipulate it directly. That's huge.

>> No.53731304

>fur covered tail.
That's not a rat.

>> No.53731311

>ah shit, we almost made something good for fighters
well color me butthurt

>> No.53731314

He's not a good one. There is nothing good about the app beyond its gimmick, every aspect of it is absolute trash in technical detail and potential use. I hate that there's anyone who likes Vandread.

I fucking hate Vult and all he stands for but Rodrick is a better NPC antagonist in every regard. Vandread is a fucking trash meme and I am unironically mad about him.

>> No.53731319


>t. Vult

>> No.53731325


>> No.53731338

>good antagonist

He's just a fucking ancap ball.

>> No.53731346

Pfsrd already updated it.
Check it out - it's DEAD.

>> No.53731358


Maybe it's a kangaroo rat?

>> No.53731384

*violates NAP*

>> No.53731402

Recreational(tm) Nuclear(tm) Bombs(tm)

>> No.53731421

Considering Rinta is a communist and C3 is a tyrant? I think it works.

>> No.53731424

at least the old one is still there

>> No.53731430

Rinta isn't a communist she just wants to make brain internet

C3 isn't a tyrant she's elf hitler

>> No.53731431

>npc villain
>actually mentioned legitimately trying to marry the princess, completely legally and of her free will

Is this bad guys now?

>> No.53731448

No he's just ancap ball

>> No.53731449

Marriage is sexist, misogynist oppression, anon.

>> No.53731452

And Vandread is less than even that. He doesn't even present the wild madness to think he could be over the top evil and entertaining, he's several paragraphs of useless fluff which comes down to nameless mid-mid-boss you bump off.

>> No.53731476

t. Mouse

>> No.53731484


Is that why all /pfg/ characters are non-commital pansexual hypersluts who will fuck anything with a pulse (and sometimes not even that stops them?)

>> No.53731489

Play logs have never been leaked, just the smut logs, which are of varying quality from him And you should also ask yourself how fast he was writing those responses so you actually don't have any ground to stand on to say his writing is bad.

As for the homebrew, saying "it's bad because people complained about it" is a shaky argument at best for two reasons. First, people hate him anyways and would complain even if it was a golden dragon dildo that ejaculated money. Second, you are taking the assumption that he posted it before giving it critical review himself, and didn't just go "Hey, I have a draft of something I'm working on, whaddya think so far?" If you want to accuse him of being bad at homebrew, you should go to what he has posted right now, after it's been editted, and make your judgement on that.

Your arguments are flawed. And pathfinder could use some 5e-isms anyways.

>> No.53731490

But they're literally not.

>> No.53731501


>> No.53731502

t. Vult

>> No.53731511



>> No.53731537


So what, they all need to be lolrandum evil? He's a nice stable boy who will provide structure for the kingdom. The other little wanker can't say that.

>> No.53731541


>> No.53731547

Just read the ensoulment apps m8.

>> No.53731553


>t. Vult

>> No.53731562


>> No.53731567

Every character in existing campaigns is that though.

>> No.53731571

Are they?

>> No.53731577


But anon, haven't you been listening to Paizo? Girls can get married too.

>> No.53731583


>> No.53731587

Literally everyone in Blingmaker, Dragons 1 and 2 and RotJR are hyper-sexual noncommittal whores.

>> No.53731592


>hypersexual noncommittal whore

She's a fucking rat.

>> No.53731604


>> No.53731606

Name three characters who aren't sluts that would not hiss at a wedding band.

>> No.53731615

I don't even know enough characters

>> No.53731616

Rats are for smashing. Get the hammer. Splat the rat

>> No.53731625

Yeah, she's a fucking rat. A rat built for fucking.

>> No.53731635


>> No.53731642

>Rory not a slut

>> No.53731676

I don't care enough about the issue to dig through his shit to flame him hell, I'm ready to defend Rodrick over fucking Vandread after this post, Vult's ability isn't a real concern to me. The fact of the matter though is that someone asked for an argument against Vult based off what the public knows, and this is it. Whether you're actually him, or just someone trying to defend their DM or friend, understand that what you're privy to is not the same as what most of us are.

Never having played with him, my default stance is to assume he's the same as any other DM. Of course judgments on the never-leaked play logs can't be made, they've never been leaked. I don't think anyone is impressed by the ERP logs though, and as I said I think his writing is serviceable, but I would never call a single piece of his work strong.

The criticism of his homebrew that has been presented here was presented with arguments and math, 2hu did as much and it's been pointed out that the Tomesmiter if nothing else shits on the class identity and comes off as very indulgent. I mean to avoid memes, but your claim that the argument is situated on the anonymous mass is presumptuous. Whatever state they are in now, whatever, I don't care about his homebrew one way or the other, but you invited a conversation and the fact of the matter is that as the content was presented, it was flawed.

Vult at least is a DM that his players seem to like and that should be enough for him and for you, or for you and for you as the case may be. If you need to defend it though, then do a good job of it instead of stretching out "buts".

>> No.53731706

I mean, would you cheat on pic-related, Anon? Would you?

>> No.53731707

>stretching out butts

I bet Vult likes doing that too :^)

>> No.53731715

No but I wouldn't drop logs in the thread either

>> No.53731731

>very indulgent
What does that even mean in this context?

>> No.53731733

A big problem is needing to compete with lewd asian ERP gods like Wist.

>> No.53731754

>I'll throw whatever I like into this homebrew without any consideration to mechanical necessity

>> No.53731776

Seems to be a consistent theme of Vult's homebrew

Its like Augunas but worse

>> No.53731795

I legitimately don't understand what you're complaining about

>> No.53731820

You guys are cunts.

>> No.53731821

He proudly humped Aurora and bragged about it.

>> No.53731838


>> No.53731850

Considering that's how homebrew and 3rd-party material gets better, that's fine. Just give actual feedback instead of "hurr vult is dum".

>> No.53731856

Check your privilege.

>> No.53731862

>Using the C word

Pot calling kettle black?

>> No.53731868


Thats a misogynistic gendered insult, you fucking pissbaby

>> No.53731885

>Oooh we're allowed to bitch about people wanting censoring but when someone else says a booboo word we have to biiiiitch

>> No.53731890


>> No.53731892

>thats the joke

>> No.53731898

Was that before or after the logs got dropped?

>> No.53731910

It's a joke you cunting retard

>> No.53731927

Pretty funny joke you've got there! If you're creatively-bankrupt.

>> No.53731940


>> No.53731941

Of course i'm creatively bankrupt.

I post on /pfg/

>> No.53731945

Sounds like we made fun of your kin and you're defending them like a good ally. Respectable.

>> No.53731947

>tfw not sure if this is falseflagging
Can we have a disgusted looking CCC in the 'It was like she was looking at walking garbage' style so.I can have a nice reaction if unironic?

>> No.53731963

Well she might as well make it canon, considering how we treat it as canon?

>> No.53731977


>> No.53731984


Goddamn, it sounds like PLD is what scared away the devs. Good, good.

>> No.53731987

>/pfg/ believing it has any actual ability to control how games go

>> No.53731994

Who cares? We're happy with this new General focus. We love it.

>> No.53731997

PLD wasn't even around at the time you memelord

>> No.53732002

Pay off one of your chink slaves to do it, Kawase.

>> No.53732005

Well if he was a devout worshiper of YHWH, the most jealous of Israel's Elohim, whom unlike the rest of the host demanded that no others be worshiped if they wanted to worship him?

You're talking about a civilization here who willingly chose the most evil god *BECAUSE* his answer to basically everything was indiscriminate destruction. And that fucking turned the hebrews ON.

>> No.53732007

Does anyone else like to take the time to really explore towns and wild areas? I always feel like I'm being a bother to the DM, but I enjoy going on shopping trips not just for magical items and potions, but things like the local delicacy, soaps made in town or nearby, or other things that really make some towns unique. Same with being out in the forest or grasslands, I try to find useful herbs or just flowers that smell good.

>> No.53732018


The Hebrews are an evil society. Thanks for telling me the obvious, Sherlock!

>> No.53732020


Wasn't it more because he had this doomsday cult and they were actually right for once?

>> No.53732048

I find most DMs enjoy the opportunity to show off little details in a place they might not normally get to show. The real concern is whether or not your other players are game for a shopping trip, even if everyone comes along.

>> No.53732060

She kind of looks like she's somewhere between crying and laughing, and not just smug.
Do Ryoko shanking her or Rinta Dominating the princess.

>> No.53732073

>do ryoko shanking her


>> No.53732080

I like doing that as well, though I have the same concerns about bothering the DM. Sometimes a DM might have a lot in mind, other times it's more "well what do you want to look for?" and I feel like it is hard to answer the question. I'm trying to find new things my character may never have considered before, how can I spell out what I'm hoping to randomly bump into?

>> No.53732081

now that's one hell of a spicy meme you got there bro

>> No.53732085

Ryoko and Isao were offed by her minions
She must be stopped.

>> No.53732097

The Jews are evil, what else is new.

Islam is better.

>> No.53732112



Nice meme bruh. All middle-eastern and Abrahamic religions are trash.

>> No.53732119

Fuck off Mohammad
>I am wrong but can't deal with it so I accuse Christians and Jews of literally falsifying their history just to spite me

>> No.53732122

Okay, I decided on Rinta and the princess.

>> No.53732131

Oooh boy

>> No.53732133

If its any consolation, I made sure that Aurelia can one-shot that ho too

>> No.53732141

It's stronger, more virile and popular than Christianity or Judaism.

>> No.53732161

Speaking of PvP, what are some other spicy matches? Andrik x Antoinette? Rory x Rat? Corwin x Casimir?

>> No.53732163



>> No.53732165

Stone Shield is an Immediate action, as is Windy Escape. Love-chan needs at least three turns.

Who cares lmao

>> No.53732179


>> No.53732186

Love-chan just needs to let loose a single barrage of Aether Circus, thats 4d6+6 damage! and they'll keep going and going!

>> No.53732252

>when you realize no matter who gets accepted, either Aurelia or C3 dies
B-but I liked both...;_;

>> No.53732256

I think it would be kinda funny if Andrik got turned into a big buff death knight after some post-sex knife slicing, desu Senpai.

>> No.53732258

Its because c3 doesn't respect the sanctity of love anon!

>> No.53732268

Aren't they compatible? The real tragedy is that Aurelia and Rintaelle can never have a cute girl friendship.

>> No.53732271

She respects lust tho lmao so is the slut meme real or not?

>> No.53732289

What century is more suited for Pathfinder?

>> No.53732291

Fuck this gay earth

Someone crash Broodie's games so they have more availability

>> No.53732292

Yeah but iirc Broodie and Kawase are on shit terms in real life so they'll get into a fight as NPCs.

>> No.53732298

Who's Rory

>> No.53732313

I'm sure both are professional enough to play nice, maybe work their conflict into a good character dynamic.

>> No.53732316

Mira go back to bed

>> No.53732319

Why the fuck are people so obsessed with Aurelia?

She's literally nothing, with a snowflake backstory.

>> No.53732323

Cute as fuck is why

>> No.53732333

Rinta would just add Aurelia's hubby into her collective and send her to the cuckllective shack

>> No.53732343

Could say the same for C3 and Rinta desu

>> No.53732348

>cuckllective shack


>> No.53732370

I can see exactly how this will play out.
>Hey, if I connected everyone in the nation with the RINTANET, we'll be able to find your fated lover a hundred times faster!
>Oh my, sign me up!

>> No.53732383

>Tfw internet romance is always a disaster

>> No.53732384

Because it's Broodie

>> No.53732402

Eh, its also well written and different from the rest of the apps in that its told in a first person perspective.

>> No.53732411

If it were well written and different from the rest of the apps, but not Broodie, nobody would care

>> No.53732415

They make the world's first online dating service.

>> No.53732425

Her character concept is literally "waifu".

>> No.53732428

>hot single WIST in Eastern Lote
>click here to message her via the RINTANET now

>> No.53732438

How much cost a cannon?

>> No.53732444


>> No.53732446

One day we should convince the Cabal to all apply to a new game with sockpuppet accounts to see which ones get noticed once the names are off.

>> No.53732448

So, DHB said originally that one of Jericho's primary motivations was to find a wife and produce and heir to the family line (since otherwise it deadends with him and his uncle).

Who among the other PCs are best wife material for snake man?

>> No.53732460

Honestly too much effort for me

>> No.53732462

Look in Ultimate Campaign for siege weaps iirc, maybe Ultimate War

>> No.53732463

You'll never do that because they love the attention

>> No.53732471

Are people really falling for bait this obvious?

>> No.53732478

Ceraphine is literally SEEKING: GOOD AND CARING HUSBAND.

>> No.53732489

>Good and Caring Daddy

Fixed it

>> No.53732495

Apparently they are.

>> No.53732496

Anon, Aurelia is the ultimate waifu bait, you have to understand that

Because she's been made impossible to acquire. You will -never- be her husbando.

>> No.53732497

Wouldn't C3 hate Jericho though the second she learns his hang ups?

>> No.53732499

She isn't tho

>> No.53732513

What hangups
And Ceraphine isn't C3, Ceraphine is another character.

>> No.53732519

since he's a tiefling he could be Aurelia's long lost love!

>> No.53732520

I might just do this as a (((social experiment)))

Anybody applying with a known cabal account will be reprimanded

Speaking of, who are the newest up and coming memesters of /pgg/?

>> No.53732532


Because it would be hilarious.

>> No.53732535


He's got a bright future, i'm tellin ya.

>> No.53732536

Cerila? Kawase? Maybe M. Grim?

>> No.53732541

>post Ceraphine's fw she learns that Jericho is a tiefling and not some weird kind of snake sorcerer and has a foot+ long snake shlong.

>> No.53732547

Grim has had a very promising debut with those two

>> No.53732564

That his family are true breeding tieflings (which is really fucking rare), that he is lost/alone, that his uncle is withholding information about some weird ritual to become crimson dreadnoughts?

>> No.53732567

>when Grim becomes the next four-letter memelord

>> No.53732575


>> No.53732589

But... Aurelia is a piece of cardboard with LOVE written on it; I hoped pgg had better taste.

>> No.53732591

>Slow, Rory, Wist

It looks like the future... Is Grim

>> No.53732600

Yeah, according to Jericho's app every male member of his family's line has snake features. So anyone who marries him is dooming a male child to be a snake man.

>> No.53732601

The only thing Cornelia would give a damn about is him being lost, directionless, and basically yanked around by life. CCC has no concept of taboo or hurr demons, remember she wants to make undead, qlippoths, proteans, humanoids and archons all get along.

>> No.53732611

I am in a situation where I absolutely must be using a gun. With that in mind.

Pistol or Musket, /pgg/?

>> No.53732615


>> No.53732618

I disagree

>> No.53732624

Then your hopes were misplaced

/pfg/ is a fucking high school and only likes the popular kids

>> No.53732628

Forgot Vult and RgPI

>> No.53732643

Musket. Pistols require more bullets to be effective and kill shit.

I'd like to point out that the Hunter Class can get Named Bullet and Greater Named Bullet shockingly fast.

>> No.53732644

How do I become a memelord? Is it enough to just get into a /pgg/ game?

>> No.53732646

The people like you who disagree have no leg to stand on.

>> No.53732656

Damn, that's one word too many.

>> No.53732657

Then please Anon, tell me one thing about her personality that's not LOVE.

>> No.53732659

Nah, just read her app, she's more than a cardboard cutout

She -does- seem like a ditz that only really thinks about love though.

>> No.53732666


Forced celebs won't work out. Grim might become a bigger name but that won't happen just because a few anons decided they should.

It's self-moderating

>> No.53732668

>Crit-fishing Magus with an adamantine katana
Dare I do it?

>> No.53732670

Ditzy, a bit arrogant, self assured

>> No.53732673

You can respond to every post that mentions you, and even make them anonymously until people remember your name. Otherwise just throw out apps until someone else decides they really want to fuck one of yours and fags it into notoriety if you have too much pride to meme yourself.

>> No.53732677

I did. I found it lacking.

>> No.53732687

But noone ever mentions me. ;-;

>> No.53732689

Kino is Kino

>> No.53732691

Fogot my image

>> No.53732696

What apps are yours

>> No.53732699

Well then, better start posting about yourself faggot.

>> No.53732711

Fucking do it
Body Pact Avowed too

>> No.53732713

>sam fisher

thats not his name.

>> No.53732731

But if I say it right now, it will be too obvious that I'm shilling myself.

>> No.53732735

But Ensoulment isn't gestalt

>> No.53732750

You have to self-shill. A lot. And it doesn't matter how you do it, because in the /pgg/ memelord game, there's no such thing as bad publicity. We have plenty of people who get in to a good number of games or produce meme worthy apps, but they don't shill until it becomes self perpetuating so nobody talks about them, or they talk only about specific characters rather than the player.

>> No.53732755

If it's for Ensoulment, then go with what you can I guess.
Is PoW allowed?
Because Mithril Current is tons of fun

>> No.53732768

Just don't do it, man. It's not worth it.

>> No.53732779

Mira is a top-tier waifu though especially after the backstory rewrite

Now if only we could get her to bully us...

>> No.53732784

>no such thing as
Vult and Rory had 'bad' publicity, but Halae fucked up and got BAD publicity. Kawase arguably did too by being a huge faggot when he first showed up.

>> No.53732793

Are you that c3 footfag too or just another sub

>> No.53732799

Why does anyone want to be a memester. I've spent time trying to figure out how best not to be memed.

>> No.53732807

I'd say Rory has BAD publicity too
Kawase coming into the thread and asking for shit and then going REEE I CAN'T USE THE SRD I CAN'T USE GOOGLE like nigga how are we supposed to know you're a chinese chinklord

>> No.53732819


>> No.53732826

It just happens and you can't prevent it when it does.

Pretty sure him 'defending' himself from discord was worse.

>> No.53732830

Let's talk about Aurelia.

Aurelia's background adds an extra layer to her character: the threat of her being misguided.

It's an immediate major layer of irony intentionally thrown over her whole goal: the idea that it might all be for nothing if she misinterpreted the signs. The character arc is clear, and at the end of it, she'll have to answer an important question: will she still believe that her philosophy is worth defending, even if she was wrong, or never succeeds?

The idea of an app undermining its own philosophy is something we also see in Rinta, and stands out amongst other apps that are all very self-assured and straight-arrow.

>> No.53732837

>how best not to be memed
Oh, that's easy. Just avoid hitting fetishes and people will leave you alone.

>> No.53732842

And yet people still defend him in these threads. People still play with him. People still ERP with him. The fact of the matter is, you don't get a ton of haters without gaining a few admirers along the way.

There is no bad "pub".

>> No.53732857

yeah, we know, it was actually his dog
point of the fact is, she's a boring character

>> No.53732859

Didn't Rory get taken into some 5e game on the strength of reputation too?

>> No.53732862


>> No.53732868

No? The whole of Dragons2 had a one-shot 5e game, that's all.

>> No.53732872

The one that was run by Bailey?

>> No.53732873

>the threat of her being misguided.

We're given no reason to believe that.

You can pretend any shitty app is good by saying "WAT IF IT WAS LIE"; that doesn't change anything.

>> No.53732875

Still more to her than just LOVE.
Stop moving the goalposts.

>> No.53732880

kawase has actually never gotten into a game though, and iirc (?) he made a one-off post saying the DM of PtD BAM BOO ZLE actually told him to fuck off. Rory's rep isn't complete shit; but you can make your rep complete shit.

>> No.53732883

Run by QANON with Wist as a player.

Rory is friends with QANON and Wist. He's probably ERPed with them both.

>> No.53732884

Its literally almost spelled out.

>> No.53732888

No, that's really not any more.

>> No.53732895

>We're given no reason to believe that.

Did you even fucking read the app?
It's literally RIGHT THERE.
You don't even need to read between the lines, it's blatant enough to be written across the whole paragraph in bright red marker.

>> No.53732903


I can see it in Aurelia, but Rinta?

>> No.53732905

Most of the male apps for ensoulment are human right? Does someone have a sick size chart for the apps? Also bra sizes. I require it.

>> No.53732908

Any other apps like that?

>> No.53732913

It's a blue board so I had to crop it.

>> No.53732919


>> No.53732927


>> No.53732928

2d3+con for asiany things
2d4+con for humans
2d5+con for like ulfen and shit
2d6+con for aasimar
2d10+con for tieflings

divide it by two for cup size, 1 is A, 2 is B, 3 is C and so on.

>> No.53732930

Is that Derrin?

>> No.53732931

Real talk, I like that it was added, and wish that it'd been expanded the points that Aurelia's clinging onto her fated love as a coping mechanism for her own tragedy. I think the app could gain some strength by cutting away parts of the fairy tale and adding more to her family and raising. The possibility that Aurelia really does use delusion to cover for PTSD is neat, but I want to know more about how she got there.

>> No.53732932

Rory is too vanilla for Wist.

>> No.53732936


>> No.53732948

Rolled 4, 1 = 5 (2d10)

Rolling for HOT DEMON DICK in JttW

>> No.53732950

To be fair, I think apps should leave some of their shit vague, showing everything is kinda lame.

>> No.53732956

Rory is so thirsty he will literally do anything. We're discussing a person so thirsty that, despite being a straight male, let Eagle buttfuck his character in the middle of a session.

>> No.53732958

>M cup teefer
So you're telling me that if I wanted to play a doraf from granblue, that'd be the way to go.

>> No.53732959


Man, I bet the Erinyes love to bully you.

>> No.53732960


>> No.53732965

>asian tier benis on a tiefling
top kek

>> No.53732970

Do Itsuko on Kino's bike

>> No.53732973

Apps like those don't get talked about in the thread.

>> No.53732974

Not exactly the same, but I meant how Rinta is turning a blind eye to the darker uses of Collectives and pushing her agenda in spite of that.

>> No.53732977

But Aurelia is literally left vague?

>> No.53732978

Rolled 3, 1 = 4 (2d3)


>> No.53732980

Do C3 and Witch doing cute mother-daughter things together, such as hugging.

>> No.53732985

not really

>> No.53732988

>10 con

You deserve this punishment.

>> No.53732990

Rolled 1, 2 + 5 = 8 (2d10 + 5)

Watch this buddy. Tiefling barbarian coming through.

>> No.53732991

We need Giancarlo and some other ensoulment apps playing cards at a table. Bonus points if one of them is cheating.

>> No.53732997

Who are the other two, Jericho and Derrin?

>> No.53732999


>> No.53733000


>> No.53733006

>1, 2

>> No.53733009


>> No.53733012

Gotta decline because it would be no different from Kino on Kino's bike. Make it ensoulment/pathfinder specific.

>> No.53733015

Rolled 1, 1 + 1 = 3 (2d3 + 1)

>> No.53733016


See >>53732868
Dragons 2 was invited because Eagle missed that day, QANON was too nice to say "All of Dragons 2 except Rory"
QANON invited Wist because of course.
Ikid got in with Wist connections, most likely.

>> No.53733019

Nah, that's being run because Dragons 2 had no game that night. It's going 4 weeks now cause we're all slowy slow pants

It's just the 3 people from Dragons 2 that were willing to play and Wist for an even 4-member party

>> No.53733022

Rolled 9, 1 + 2 = 12 (2d10 + 2)

>tfw tiefling wizard
>tfw 7 con
innie dick coming through

>> No.53733029

Meant for -1, weird.

>> No.53733030


>> No.53733033

Rolled 2, 3 = 5 (2d10)

I honestly couldn't have asked for a better outcome desu
now for the other roll

>> No.53733040

Maybe later.
Vandread and Derrin.

I'll do this one.

It's cute and I want to, but I'd rather give other characters attention before doing CCC again.

>> No.53733042


>> No.53733043

>biggest dick in the thread
Why am I not surprised?

>> No.53733051


>> No.53733055


>> No.53733057

Name and option field aren't working, did they change the roll syntax at some point?

>> No.53733059

Just remember /pfg/

>> No.53733064

Rolled 5, 5 + 2 = 12 (2d6 + 2)

Ah, ffs, aasimar let's go.

>> No.53733066

>Enlarge Person
Wizards win again, thanks Monte Cuck

>> No.53733068

Rolled 3, 5 + 2 = 10 (2d10 + 2)

Let's roll for Jericho. We're on a roll for mini dicks.

>> No.53733077


>> No.53733086

Rolled 6, 7 + 2 = 15 (2d10 + 2)

Fuck it let's try this out.

>> No.53733087

How can demons compete?

>> No.53733091

Shouldn't we have DHB roll?

>> No.53733094

Solid evidence that Good>Evil.

>> No.53733101


>> No.53733111

Rolled 3, 6 + 2 = 11 (2d6 + 2)

Rolling for Angel Tits

>> No.53733112

Who are all the card playing characters again? Giancarlo, spidget, I know there were more

>> No.53733113

They just don't.

>> No.53733114

How can one optimize dick size?

>> No.53733118

Could be worse. Could have rolled a total of 21 again

>> No.53733123

Rolled 1, 4, 1 + 1 = 7 (3d4 + 1)

>not using the Vult method of Heroic Proportions

>> No.53733129

Rolled 2, 1 + 2 = 5 (2d4 + 2)

Lemme roll for cup size on my Ensoulment app.

>> No.53733130

>using Vult's anything

>> No.53733136

Fucking amazing. You wanna know the funniest part of this? I rolled for height a while back and this character would have been 4'11" if I had stuck with that roll. Almost makes me think I should reroll height in the thread.

>24 Str, 22 Cha
>4'11" and only like, 90 lbs
>Rolled two 5's

>> No.53733140

What's the Vult method?

>> No.53733150


>> No.53733152

>Heroic Proportions
I love how every time someone uses that they end up with a minidick.

>> No.53733155


>> No.53733162

So are those DD/E cups, or DDD/F cups?

>> No.53733169

If we're going for ridiculous cock sizes I'll just use Vices' system.

Height in inches divided by 15, plus Strength, Constitution, and Charisma modifiers

>> No.53733179

Vices is such garbage.

>> No.53733192

Yeah, but you get big jugs and big dicks out of it.

>> No.53733200


>> No.53733203

16th century.

>> No.53733206

I can't roll with all you anons and it's making me cry
I forgot how, and the sticky isn't helping because the name and options fields aren't doing it

>> No.53733208

Rolled 2, 4 + 2 = 8 (2d4 + 2)

>> No.53733215

>despite being a straight male
Need we pull up the F-list again?


Orientation: Bi - female preference and Dom/Sub role: Switch

>> No.53733217

Settled on Giancarlo, Spidget, Ichabod, and Varius.

>> No.53733219

Options field
/dice 1d20
Try it

>> No.53733220


New thread

>> No.53733233

I went and checked all the apps. Ichabod, Spidget, Giancarlo, and CCC are the ones with cards on their sheets.

>> No.53733248

3d4+1 on the theory that dick size is actually pretty independent of most other factors and that proportional size of dick to body is basically random from race to race.

According to evolutionary theory, humans lost the barbs on their dicks because it made them take longer in sex, and thus get more attached to each other, which made raising children more stable. Applying this to fantasy races, elves would have small, effeminate penises but can go for hours, while Orcs would have big flared tips to scoop out the other mate's cum and drive the bitch wild in the 10 seconds it takes for him to impregnate her

>> No.53733264

>can go for hours
>-2 Con


>> No.53733266

She's going to have three times the art of everyone else

>> No.53733272

The player is a straight male, I meant

>> No.53733284

I just call it as I see it, man. If there's anyone I missed who has cards, let me know.

>> No.53733297

So they'd be more gentle and unable to really rut for all those hours, but their dick would still be hard at the end of it.

Probably explains why all the elves are gay, getting fucked in the ass would be almost the only way to get off in a short amount of time

>> No.53733369

So you have a small dick, don't you Vult

>> No.53733374

But 2d4+1 would actually give a more realistic distribution for humans

>> No.53733388

>the player is a straight male
>Confirmed to have taken it up the ass again in session and not thrown a fit

Are you sure?

>> No.53733395

>Heroic Proportions

>> No.53733397 [DELETED] 

for some reason that reminds me of some weird shit someone linked that was on /d/, in which elves would become more effeminate the more they jacked off in adolescence, but would also get bigger dicks

>> No.53733442

They are? I just looked at Spidget's sheet and he doesn't have cards.

>> No.53733501

I must've misread his sheet. My bad.

>> No.53733586

No problem, I think there's a fourth character with cards you might've mixed up with him, but if you don't wanna go back and check, go ahead and draw the characters you know who do have cards.

>> No.53733633

Oh I'm not the drawfag. I just wanted to get a list of dudes for them.

Besides, they made up their mind on who they wanted anyhow. >>53733217

>> No.53733696

>making a priest gamble
Might just be me, but I don't like that.

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