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>> No.53705431

Seeking the underhive gangs kill teams homebrew anon.

I'd like to get my hands on your updated version of the pdf, and if possible get potential future updates as well.

>> No.53705435

The general keeps getting swallowed by fifty topics of 8th randomness it seems.

Anyway. So are =I=s overpowered? Stormbolters are bloody good on everyone, even if they're all flak equipped, and upgrade nicely with laser sights.

>> No.53705451

This is current.

>> No.53705532

>try to play shadow war
>becomes blatantly obvious we don't have enough terrain
>eldar friend bitches about my "op melee" wych team
>"why do splinter weapons have so much ap? "
>literally downs my whole team in one turn because we don't have enough terrain

I don't know why I'm friends with him. Maybe it's a habit at this point, but he brings out the worst in me.

>> No.53705618

Any way that I can get future updates as well? Do you have a public drive or Dropbox or something?

>> No.53705776

Anything that isn't mainstream 40k is destined to whither and die.
Don't fight it, it's hopeless.

>> No.53705818

As much as this is probably true (they do tend to last a few years at best) I think the issue here is that it came out just in time to get swallowed alive by the 8th edition hype machine.

>> No.53705850

When did they start bringing Necromunda back?

>> No.53705894

40k players just have shit taste and eat up crap because it's comfortable. Not surprising. I mean, This is Not a Test is a superior game in all respects to SW:A, but SW:A gets playtime because there's kits and people about.

I for one, am glad Warmachine, Infinity, Malifaux, the DropNoun Commander Games, and others are continuing to do well, as they're just superior games in design and play.

>> No.53705898

Time to switch to Harlequin.

>> No.53705969

How do you cats feel about homebrewing some other "Shadow Wars" besides Armageddon? There was some interest in the last thread about Shadow War: Calixis. I'm thinking each expansion would focus on a particular Kill Team, giving them some new sub factions and variations.
So, for Calixis it'd be Inquisition. We'd still fluff it so that any Kill Team can show up on the Calixian worlds, but the Inquisition is getting the most love.
I'm thinking:
>Alternate gear list for Malleus and Hereticus
>Option for Radical vs. Puritan
>Alternate Special Operatives: Puritan Malleus can bring Grey Knights instead of Deathwatch, Radical Malleus can have Daemonhosts, Radical Xenos can hire Alien Mercenaries.

Hmmm... what's the difference between Radical Hereticus and Puritan Hereticus? Radicals bring demons along to hunt heretics? Or subvert cults to do their bidding?

I think you were complaining about this in the last thread. Maybe you should talk to your friend about it? Or just take a break from seeing him for a while? In my experience, some people are only fun in controlled doses.
Anyway, git more terrain. Go full ghetto and start stacking up books/dvds/various odds and ends around the house. My pals and I had some great games of Mordheim fought over a bunch of old paperbacks and piles of CDs while were on vacation once. While nothing beats nicely painted terrain, improvised stuff can be quite charming on its own, particularly when you're getting to know the rules and figuring out what works and what doesn't.
Also, don't forget ladders!!

>> No.53706017

I'm guessing this is for balance but why do eldar get heavy weapon platforms and IG don't?

also why do other factions just carry these heavy weapons at the hip?

why doesn't Inquisition get to take shooting skills?

>> No.53706053

It's a homemade adaptation. Try it and help playtest it.

>> No.53706069

Thanks for posting this! Question: Is there a particular reason that hive gang income works the way it does? Would standard income (100+Promethium cache) mess things up?

>> No.53706101

>This is Not a Test is a superior game in all respects to SW:A, but SW:A gets playtime because there's kits and people about.

Yeah, installed playerbase, high quality plastic kits, and an international chain of dedicated stores do help attract players for some reason, it's so weird!

>> No.53706461

It's an attempt to make them function more like a necromunda gang. Also the slightly lower average income helps to balance the access to a metric shitload of equipment.

>> No.53706512

There's a difference between 'the game' and other aspects, such as how many people are around to play. Else why aren't you playing Magic? Or are you drinking the koolaid that 'The hobby' is actually about funneling money to Birmingham?

Rulesets are something GW's lagged behind for the last 10 years. SW:A's fun, and gives a bit of that feeling of a nice progression game... but it's really a downgrade from Mordheim in all honesty from a basic design standpoint.

>> No.53706521

IG really should have a weapons guy for max flavor, it's true.
Inquisition doesn't need shooting skills. Having a Stormbolter's basically as good as any other trooper with a shooting skill and an elite gun.

>> No.53706584

my buddy who plays inquisition just hates that you get to choose 1+ ws or bs but that doesn't effect the skills
desu i would be fine if it was only the missile launcher they got or every heavy weapon they had they need 2 to move it and one guy has to sacrifice his shooting for the weapon to fire next round like a loader. the loader doesn't have to be a specialist. but a only a specialist can fire the weapon.

>> No.53706780

My store is about to finally start our league and I'm pretty hyped. We had a ton of people who had literally never played wargames before so we had to teach many people the basics and help them build teams. Now they're all up to speed to the point where they should be able to get through a game unsupervised, I've probably run 50 demo games since Shadow Wars came out, building hype, teaching the rules, showing how a campaign works, showing people how to build their armies, deal with injury rolls, building a FAQ and campaign pack, the whole 9 yards. We're looking to have 8-12 people which is huge for our area, especially since we're sitting at roughly 2/3rds new blood and several people left for summer after college.

We're lucky because most of the league just don't have the army size to jump into 8th, so our league should be pretty safe from people bailing come the 17th.

On the other hand, many of the newbies picked up models that they cannot use in shadow war that would've been perfectly fine in kill team, many who had bought stuff before we settled on Shadow War. For example, we have had a couple of space marine players who we had to explain that they don't actually get space marines in this, yet chaos do no problem. We also have a Necron guy who loses a lot of his options and of course there are things like DE being stuck with just wyches or tau not being able to take anything but pulse carbines for some insane reason.

I really hope armies get expanded lists. I'm going into it with IG with more options than I know what to do with, yet I have looked at other armies who's options I can count on my hands. I've balanced it out as best I can figure out but here's hoping it works ok.

>> No.53706843

agreed on the expanded lists. the rules units and equipment for each kill team are so inconsistent its insane.
why do eldar have heavy weapons but DE and IG don't?
why do gene stealers get heavy weapons but IG and Inquisition don"t.
where are the ork boy heavy weapons? and where are the grots?

>> No.53706967

>where are the grots?
With the grot herder?

>> No.53707146

Radical Hereticus make heavy use of psykers and Mutants.
Puritan make heavy use of anti psyker stuff.

>> No.53707180

>where are the ork boy heavy weapons
Big shootas and rokkits? That's all they ever had for heavy weapons.
Of course there's also the artillery pieces but that shit's for grotz.

>> No.53707193

So it's not a coincidence? Where is it different from Necromunda?

>> No.53707341

In that it's using the swag rules.

>> No.53707366

How is it different from Necromunda?

>> No.53708058

A lot of the lists are a bit bare, but they're very clearly based on the units from 40K. For instance there's no Admech team, it's a Skitarii team.

IG don't get heavy weapons because they aren't practical for normal humans to use alone, and having special rules for a team would be a pain in the arse.

>> No.53709084

The same way swag is different from necromunda.

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