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> The known world is actually a floating continent, gently drifting through an endless calm sky.

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The sound level never rises above ASMR status.

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>frigid land with snowcapped peaks where even death is a painless drift into nothingness.

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>the main method of transportation are giant pterodactyls

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>Vast, wide ruins partially blanketed in trees and roots, with plenty of space for sunlight to shine through and beam upon the remnants of ancient empires, sites of massive wars that thankfully no longer happen in the present day.

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>the fuzzy kind.

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>due to reasons, it is more feasible for merchants to travel the land in ornate wooden carriages than stay in one place for very long.

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Everyone is white.

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>Where rivers cascade from the edges of the floating islands, communities have sprung up, using massive nets to filter out anything useful from the rivers. They make a living trading away what they find.

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>the world is free of endoparasites

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Surrounding the continent is a massive group of ships, placed there by bums and hobos that started communities. some of these rural sky communities span for miles of interconnected home boats and skyfarms.

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>demons are not demons in the classical sense, but more by appearance alone
>all of those "demons" just want to have FUN, with none of them going beyond playing (sometimes dangerous) pranks on humans

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the world is supposed to be comfy, not perfect.

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But the innkeeper is a jolly, overweight black man.

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scandinavian semi-communism is pretty comfy

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>If you approach a group of River sealions with treats of fish, they will let you sleep in big comfy pile with them that night.

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Continent is locked in a stable orbit near the planet's pole. The night skies dance with a comfy green aurora borealis

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>story of seasons the tabletop rpg

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How does the water get replenished if its falling off the side?

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>The most powerful deity in setting is a giant bunny. He mostly hops through communities of worshipers, and nuzzles them.

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> Occasionally, storm-clouds gather at the beginnings of rivers and drench them in a quiet deluge of misty rain

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>The primary antagonist is Supreme Warlock Fogodir, Master of Mechanisms
>He constantly summons demons to make elaborate puzzles and traps for adventurers, none of which pose any actual threat, though contain magical properties that can stump even the greatest wizard
>To entice heroes to challenge his puzzles, he 'kidnaps' young princes and princesses from various kingdoms around the continent. Some nobles have even started calling him "The Babysitter"
>He's in a loving marriage with a Succubus, and they cook meals together. They typically invite adventurers and heroes to dinner after they 'save' the day.
>He has a pet dragon named Tenderfoot, who enjoys belly scratches and Conjured Meat.

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Aaaaand fucking ruined.

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Fuck, I'm uncomfortable already this thread is false advertising

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>the dragons come in many different sizes, generally with a sleek, non-jagged build
>they enjoy having their muzzles and bellies rubbed, and purr when very happy

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>the air itself is magical in nature, making people a little more stronger, healthier and prettier than they would be otherwise.

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> The air is 1% opium.

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>the afterlife is even better and its existence is easily provable.

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>there are no dieties in the traditional sense
>gods ARE the landmasses floating in the endless sky
>the continent itself is a god
>if a piece of the continent ever breaks off, the god experiences a small mind split and the piece becomes a new god

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What kind of dog is that?

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The setting's gnolls.

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Great, now im afraid of deep dungeons and rimward cellars.

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And tenderfoot too!

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world is populated by benevolent anthropomorphic talking animals where the worst things that could happen on any given day is Mr Rabbit has an anxiety attack and won't come out of his den or Mr Bear gets his head stuck in the bee hive again.

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>Elves are a all female race reproducing with male humans
>Roughly half of their offspring are metamorphosed into elves in their twenties, the others are just slightly elf-like for a few generations and their human offspring don't become more so even if they marry elves.

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>one of the most common races are giant humanoids looking like human babies with bigger heads and eyes

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That sounds horrifying.

>they frequently attend cookouts, lighting the fires so those without don't have to struggle with matches or flint+steel

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>while the continent is idyllic and beautiful, terrible things drift in the clouds and occasionally latch themselves onto the continent
>the nations of the continent work together very hard to keep knowledge of these occasional unpleasant situations secret and send teams of highly trained personnel to handle them

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What's wrong anon? Don't you like everyone speaking at a "I'm considering giving you a handjob" volume?

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>There is also the King of Evil, coming from a far and sunless continent well below this one.
>He has a floating island full of monsters, a fragment of his native continent
>The King of Evil and his monsters are not really evil, he just wants to confront complacent people with an healthy dose of hardship and inspire a sense of adventure to those needing it.
>Both him and his monsters have a supernatural sense to know what to do to the right people so they are never needlessly or really hurting anyone.

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>Everyone's grandpa has cool war stories

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How do you explain wars in a comfy setting?

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They're tickle wars, obviously.

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It wouldn't be possible for everyone's grandpa to have cool war stories if everyone didn't make it out okay.

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Massive pillow fights in fall/spring, water balloons and squirt guns in summer and snowball fights in winter.

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Food fights and water guns.

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The war to ban ASMR. It was just a bunch of guys screeching loudly on the streets.

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>Paladins go around gently guiding and admonishing people, letting them know it'll be alright.
>After all, they're a special kind of people who genuinely believe that everyone is good, just sometimes you make a mistake.

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Bar fight in a giant scale. Sure some folks get really roughed up, but nobody dies. Good times by all after the fact.

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>A cheap contraceptive is common everywhere
>Population is stable with a moderate cycle of shrink and growth.

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>the main method of transportation is flying carpets

>How do you explain wars in a comfy setting?
The bad times were in the setting's past. It's comfy during the events of the story.

And a setting can be smaller than an entire world. Comfy adventures can be happening in one place while nasty things happen elsewhere.

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>air is toxic for racists and they either change their ways or die a slow and painful death.

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ah ha but consider the following:
With only white people there is no hate or malice, so this effect means next to nothing.

Check mate darkie.

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>the main method of transportation is flying papasans

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>The main method of transportation are friendly large winged bears, who always carry a jar of honey for any hungry people

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But can you roll up one of those for easy storage when not in use?

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>From time to time small neighboring islands whit diferent biodomes fly near the main one

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Whoa let's not go crazy here.

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>mosquitoes don't exist

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>technology itself stagnated at a late iron age level but magic is roughly equivalent to 20th century technology

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>The first spell all wizards are taught, is the creation of a comfy pocket dimension.

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Water dog

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>the main form of transportation is any comfortable thing only flying


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>Roaming bands of Orcs bound around the countryside

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>they are just thiefts

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>Cut off my post

>Roaming bands of Orcs bound around the countryside, bringing their rowdy folk music and festival games as they go.

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>tossing flower petals everywhere

also a good idea

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>It's Throat Singing.

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I like this.

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I've always found ringworld comfy

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what are you doing, man?

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>magic reserves are replenished by sprinkling water over hot magic rocks in a little wooden hut and just relaxing in the steam

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What if flying pterocarpets? Imagine a pterodactyl, but made up of carpets?

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>Not airships
m8 do you even comfy

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>bunch of rowdy but benign orcs throat singing around a campfire with random adventurers

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What animal is that? It's so adorable!

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The setting is full of towns and wooden houses in the middle of prairies or forests, and even the biggest cities don't have buildings over 5 stories. Cities have open wide streets, there's little traffic, and the air is clean and unpolluted. People are also generally friendly unless provoked.

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I suppose it's comfy if you don't think to hard about the giant Cthuhlu-esque deer monster that's slowly eating the known universe, sure.

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Baby seal.

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It's a Ferret

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>brightly colored merchant airships sail around, and you can board them to shop as they pass by

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>In a near perfect world where malice does not exist in the vocabulary of mortals,
>Probability is bound to grant its gifts to those mutated by sorcerers at birth, though this usually just makes sheep girls
>One time a girl does not display any signs of mutations
>everyone is curious but not to worried.
>she grows up on a floating island
>one day everyone feels a psychic vibration
>she is at the epicenter of it
>everyone is worried now, asked her whats wrong
>She has seen beyond the veil of reality they know, directly into the eyes of Outer Gods that forged this world by accident, by a yearning to escape the hell they live in on the black seas of infinity, on an eternal ride through existence and non-existance and through worlds inconceivable.
>"created by the suffering Court of Tee-Gee"
>"The gods watch yearning, the gods watch while burning"

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Do you genuinely not know what a waterdog is?

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Go on...

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Does he make spiced potatoes?

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The deities are all incarnate, and travel between communities spreading their gifts (like in Mechanical Oryx).

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The first part of this game is super relaxing.
The rest, not so much...
But its colorful, pretty, and fits the sky-ascetic.

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>When you finish shopping, pterodactyls on flying carpets help carry your purchases back home

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>friendly giants roam around the countryside once in a while, helping peasants do heavy work, buildidng houses, mining, transporting material,etc, for a few barrels of ale and mead.

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the pterodactyls get to not fly all the time and be comfy too, I love it.

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>Everyone is there for you if you need to talk

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>having a barbecue/bonfire with friendly giants after a hard day's work
It's not a fetish, but it's damn close.

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Just because it's comfy doesn't make it a utopia. It just needs to be relaxing and stress-free
The most comfy way I see to make a war is to make it against evil monsters or something that can be easily demonized.
>No moral ambiguity
>The good guys always win
>The monsters are constantly spawning, and impossible to fully get rid of, but largely under control.
>At this point the war is more like pest control. Many join the army for adventure and sport.
>Frontier towns are well guarded, so tragedies are few and far between.
>The gods support the good guys, and will intervene often, but cannot remove the monsters permanently.
>Every few decades or so, a Monster King will arise and threaten the stability of the world, but every time, a band of heroes will rise to occasion and banish him back to the darkness.

Just think of it sorta like a light-hearted JRPG. Those are pretty comfy.

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I'm picturing them like those hippies from the Tunnel of Love episode of ATLA.

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Why wouuld you introduce rape into a comfy setting?

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I got a job spraying mosquitoes for the summer, it's good to know my work is appreciated.
But I'm new and I fuck up a lot, or it feels like a lot, I'm not used to driving the truck and I nudged someones mailbox while backing up, the mailbox is fine and no one was home but the guy I was with had to tell his boss,
who told my boss, who I didn't tell, rough start,
now they don't trust me with the truck too much.

Sorry for blog posting, but it weighs on you.
I'll post comfy now.
>There are many jobs to do and everyone is looking for employees, even if someone is fired or a business goes under it's no big deal because someone is always hiring.

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all "wars" and combat are on the scope of the Michigan-Ohio border war, basically giant bar fights, the worst that happens is a couple people need stitches
the coolest guy would be the one that got a scar across his eye from a broken beer bottle-- a bottle that he tripped and fell on, of course
but no one can believe that story, so they just say it was an epic duel and the tale gets grander every time someone tells it
currently he's cited as having fought a demigod over the right of the entire land to wear shoes (it's a long story)

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magical muckery means that ice, water, and steam behave normally, but snow melts at around 45 degrees Fahrenheit, so people all across the world can enjoy it for at least some part of the year, and being out in the snow doesn't necessarily mean getting terribly cold
also rain storms don't have as much wind, their wind isn't as strong, lightning is much more rare than here, and the usual temperature of the air around one is higher, so rain storms are very safe and much more welcome than here, and consequently are more frequent

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What kind of animal is that? It's so adorable!

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>he never read the saucerplanet books by Perry Tratchett

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>With only white people there is no hate or malice
Hold up I need to post more mocking reactions

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Seriously, white people might just be the most hateful scumfucks on this planet. As a pasty white boy myself, I can confirm.

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Just put yourself in the bin
Because you are garbage.

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Anyway that's it for me.
Enjoy this small pile of (you)s, you sad numpty.

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I'm a musician. I like my sound to available at all ranges thank you.

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>>A cheap contraceptive is common everywhere
>>Population is stable with a moderate cycle of shrink and growth.
both of these used to be things.
then we made the plant extinct from overuse, and the industrial revolution happened, which made survivability much easier.

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Just because a human is white and a lizardfolk is white doesn't mean they aren't different races, you silly goose.

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>With only white people there is no hate or malice
tell that to europe and its centuries long history of feuding
as if you can tell a french from a german without taking into account cultural differences.

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immediately goes from comfy to... I dont even know. Largely unexplored territory for certain.

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lizards are green

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clearly not

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As long as there are people, they will find a reason to hate each other.

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>There is a small, wooded region where it frequently rains

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