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Don't feed the troll edition

Warmasters Triumvirate is an attempt at creating yet another 40k AU. The Primarchs have changed, and instead of appointing a single Warmaster upon returning to Terra, the Emperor leaves the Great Crusade in the care of three of his sons. This eventually culminates in a civil war between Loyalists, Chaos Traitors and Separatists...

Docs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14hqd6RLLgvLdYCIoLCHhQkidgXIsKUzrugyWu6pthEM

Chapter Constructor: https://bitbucket.org/chaptergenerator/chaptergenerator/downloads/

Previous Thread:

Things to work on:
>Finalizing the Separatist Warmaster
>Make an overview for how the Great Crusade and the Heresy play out
>Learn to deal with trolls

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Previous thread: https://boards.4chan.org/tg/thread/53592279#top (temporary, I don't know how to archive threads)

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>Finalizing the Separatist Warmaster
Have we still not decided upon this?
>Make an overview for how the Great Crusade and the Heresy play out
I volunteer Xun, who volunteered himself.
>Learn to deal with trolls
What are you, twelve? Dealing with trolls is easy: Don't feed them.

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Wait, so you've been copypasting the OP and keeping the link to thread Ecks-Eye the whole time?

Archiving isn't hard, I literally figured it out by going to suptg, clicking on add thread, then filling in the blanks.

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Sure, Pacha would gladly go help Linares's people.

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Nah, don't worry. It has been done previously.

I will do it next time

Dunno, certainly.
I'm at college, and exams already started, so don't expect too much free time in my side.
Take a look at ThatGuy

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wow, MoJ art improved cosniderably

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Glad to hear that! You know, Kadirians aren't starving, but they live like in a feud, working all day long to just get some kilos of wheat or whatever. Plant singing would be very useful there. Linares would apreciate it, as he cares about his people. What could he do to return the favor?

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Pacha would be glad with a few samples of Kadir's plants and animals, even if just local variants. And maybe perhaps Linares and his marines could provide a bit of assistance with taste testing for whatever new ideas Pacha and his cooking marines get.

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I thought it was Frederick Aristide?

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I guess it is.

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I made a discord and put the link in the Legion chart.

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I moved it to the links page

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So Kane is going to throw a suicide squad into the front of the Titan, get on board and have an epic fight with Raj, in which he kills Raj.
The Titan gets destroyed and Kane is immediately rewarded as Daemon Prince for killing Raj.
Then the team up with Linares and Lambach happens? The chaos forces fighting each other instead of Imperials give them the upper hand they need to win convincingly?
This lets Kane have a truly bad ass ending moment to the war. I dunno how everyone feels about it though, some people seemed to like it.
Also I can't stop imagining Kane as Erron Black from MKX

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I know the Imperium's tech level is supposed to get buttfucked backwards by the Brotherwar, but I'd feel it... odd for the VI to lose their main advantage: their weapons. Would it be sue-ish if, even after the war and into M41, they use things like Phosphex, Volkite, etc.? They'd likely be extremely rare, but the Death's Heads main thing is their exotic weapons

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Go ahead.


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It could be that whichever side they're on grants them special facilities for that sort of thing. Some sort of dedicated toxin forge facility. If mars is less fucked over in this sequence of events or the legion forge has already specialized in these things, they'll be better preserved.

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Luv u 2 bb

The Forge-fanes for the Legion on Rheigmarkch's moons (the planet itself isn't stable enough for that kind of industry) would definitely be able to produce such weapons, and since Rheigmarkch is way far out, maybe it avoided most of the destruction and thus is still able to produce such things. However, since this is their only source of such weapons now, they can't use them as judiciously as they once did

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Wasn't the SepMaster Captain El Frencho?

>dealing with trolls properly
Where do you think we are? :P

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What kind of mutations might be specific to followers of Hashut?

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Sounds good.
Ashen grey skin?

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I'm not sure if Raj is truly capable to putting up a fight, as he's actually piloting the Titan at that moment. You can't just quickly uncouple the Princeps from a Titan.

It seems more likely Deshain and his men blow up the plasma reactors, then maybe put some bullets in Raj's brain.

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Yeah I was thinking the same thing to be honest, I just wasn't sure if you wanted Raj to have a big final show down.

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Maybe the daemon primarch tf happens just before Kane engages the titan, and Khorne makes him a xboxhueg one, able to fight against a titan, and that's the final fight. Or, Kane sneaks into the cockpit and just puts some boolets into Raj's head.

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PROMPT: The Primarchs meet together, and have a pulse
(Sorry, GTranslate)
Who can be beaten by your Primarch and who can't?

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I think Linares would be able to beat nearly everyone of his peers, except, Maybe, Pacha, and unless I I'm leaving something behind about the other Primarchs.

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You mean arm wrestling?
Pacha probably beats all his other brothers once he gets the hang of the proper arm technique.

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Yes, sorry.
Beating Pacha there could be like trying to move a mountain, huh?

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Okay then, he will have those samples. And the Silver Blades will be eager to taste those delicious plates of the Golden Mountains, that's for sure! Maybe a cooking meeting where the Legions prepare food from their homeworlds and eat each other's?

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Weapon skill? Strength contest or battle of the mind?

I think one case is a lost one.

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Strength contest

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I prefer a battle of mind. Your morron won't stand a chance.

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Obviously, Linares isn't a Psyker, he would get mind fucked at the first try

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So that's the troll again.

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Mind battle doesn't necessarily mean psyker fight.
It could be like a game of Regicide or like scrabble or something.

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That would be different, of course. I think that Linares would prefer a sstrength contest, but he wouldn't care about having a mind one.

>He's not very good at Regicide, tho

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Kane prefers a shooting contest or a melee combat with weapons of choice. So he would take pistols. If he has to use a sword he would look silly. Fists on the other hand he might surprise a few of his brothers because boxing is a thing of speed as well.

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I thought it wasn't you. The troll is really bad at copying people's particular way of speaking.

Raj would have played Linares countless times. Sometimes you gotta relish the easy victories.

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Linares prefers actual joint exercises to prove his worth, Regicide is way too static and rigid.

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Yeah, excessive physical exercise is not exactly Raj's thing. He's not particularly strong, easily is the lower 50%. He does have a lot of stamina though. Basically, he's got high DEX and CON, low STR.

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I've tried to build Lambach in a way that he is pretty much the middle of everything.
He is not the strongest by any means but he isn't the weakest either I'd say. So I'm not really sure who he could beat. Definitely not Linares or Pacha.
He might be the smartest Primarch we have, I'm not sure. Emil and Gyhadread might even out do him there.

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I see Lambach as our Magnus the Red, but whatever. Maybe Raj could be beaten.

Enough stamina to keep all these guns on board, I see what you did there.

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Raj isn't the smartest either. Up there, but not as smart as Emil or Gyahdred. He's meant to be wise and charismatic, not incredibly clever.

And yes, exactly. Raj carries around a lot of stuff, so he'd have to be able to carry all that around. Plus, him and his legion sometimes walk for days on end. He's incredibly fortuitous, to keep it in D&D terms.

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I don't play DnD, but I know what you are talking about.

The Blades usually do long marches with and without their wargear, but mainly as a training measure, not as strategical movement. For that, they use their transports

>Accurate depiction of Pacha

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Yo Rokuten, you around? I have a question related to your legion. Specifically the 300,000 marines.

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300 WHAT??
Smurfs-Tier, at least!

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Roboute was hailed as a fucking genius for managing to competently run 250,000. His entire deal was him being a master of logistics and the like, which is how that was explained.

Rokuten somehow having more makes absolutely no sense, but I want to hear his explanation.

I put the Titan Marchers at 97,000, which seems more than enough.

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The Blades are listed as having 130k at their maximum, but usually they have between 90k and 100k. 300k looks ridiculous. Let's see what he says.

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Sorry guys, had a family crisis, and havn't had the time to write much. I'll try to do some writing asap.

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Hope everything's alright

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Yeah man, we understand.

Last thread I tried to get some clarity on the name of the legion. What's the final answer on that?

>> No.53649351

Thanks guys. The final name will be Emperor's Dragoons. I have updated the google doc

>> No.53649602

Neat. There's a link to our new discord server in the google doc. Please, join us.

>> No.53649692

Thanks I will

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And that time was known as Clusterfuck Heresy.

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Rokuten puts a thumb tack in his palm and gets disqualified. Ogre Legion swears vengeance upon the arm wrestling league.
I forgot what the size for a big legion was, so I put 300,000. Thought the Ultramarines were 500,000, but guess not. I'll cut it down to 120,000?

>> No.53649954

120,000 seems more than reasonable. Glad to have that cleared up.

>> No.53649992

yeah, shit happens dude, it's no big deal. I honestly have no idea what to put the Chosens numbers at, seeing as they started out very weak I never intended for them to get very large.

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Do you have any Macbeth references?

>> No.53650082

In highschool I actually played the part of Banquo in the play we put on, why?

>> No.53650136

Because Hecate.

>> No.53650688

oh rightio, wasn't thinking, basically I went more the Greek aspect, Hecate was essentially the Greek version of Nox. The Roman good of death and rebirth. McBeth is Scottish so I was avoiding using Scottish names

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Yet another 'Maestre' pic. Thoughts?

>> No.53651874

Looks pretty good. Glad to finally see the blue and silver combo.

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File: 32 KB, 201x281, Silver Blade, Crusade-Era (Mk.III), Centurion 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just didn't saw it fit with the secondary colors that I had. It was kinda like pic related. Change the gold for blue in the cloak and plume and you'll see it isn't a great idea. I changed the boltgun for white and placed the blue, now it looks cool.

I'm wondering if I should change the grey eagle for a golden one in the basic Legionnaire

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File: 29 KB, 201x281, Silver Blade, Crusade-Era 2 (Mk.III).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks kinda like this

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File: 28 KB, 201x281, Silver Blade, Crusade-Era (Mk.III).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As opposed to this.
I like the less shiny look of this one.

>> No.53652441

Yeah. Gold draws attention, but it shouldn't be the focus of the armor of the SILVER Blades. But the blue doesn't look that good?

>> No.53652511

Wait, blue? the blue of the eyes?

>> No.53652769

The blue plume and cloak? Wasn't that the plan?

>> No.53652903

Ah, of course!

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Looks pretty sweet.

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We still have the human webway project?

>> No.53657203

I don't know. If the Emperor's dying on Ullanor/dying early in general, I don't think he'd have time to start the project.

Which inadvertently might be a huge boon to the Loyalists, since Terra wouldn't develop that Warp Rift under the Palace that gives the Custodes such a hard time.

If the Seps wind up with the Grey Knights rather than the Loyalists like I heard someone suggest earlier, it might not then be unreasonable to have the Custodes, or a fraction thereof, be a little more active in the Imperium at large on behalf of the Loyalists, perhaps.

>> No.53657408

It may be a possibility.

I was thinking of some primarchs finding a webway gate while fighting against whatever, and start to use it at a small scale, or tell Big E, and consequently, being forbidden to use it.

>> No.53657451

>finding a webway gate and starting shit with everyone

That seems like it'd be an interesting story to give the Chaos guys to play with, actually.

>> No.53657628

Actually, yes...some of them can even move into the webway and set there their bases

>> No.53658044

Making camp in the webway might be a bit much, since A: You need to be in the Warp to stay alive long-term with Chaos energy, and B: The webway has an immune response to Chaos incursion.

Using it as a sneaky raiding route is probably powerful enough.

>> No.53658631

True. Lets just use that idea.
The other anons, what do you say?

>> No.53658807

I like it. Giving WT's Chaos forces another way to fuck about with the imperium beyond the borders of the eye makes them feel like more of a threat and allows them to be more active, which is, if I'm not mistaken, what we've been going for

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What Loyalist Legions are present on Terra, and who doesn't make it there?

For the sake of not leveling half of Terra, I'm gunna say the Death's Heads get stuck fighting as shattered elements throughout the Brotherwar, maybe they get Istvaan V'd?

>> No.53660023

An Istvaan situation for this AU would be pretty cool, and have it as a three front war. It'd make it symbolic of the ensuring war

>> No.53660115

It seems cool to me. I agree with Emil on the scale, since the webway is designed to keep chaos out as I understand it.

How does he feel about Go?

If Piter wasn't so Russian, I'd suggest he was meh at chess, but excelled at go, adding to the perception that he just threw men at things until they broke.

>> No.53660144

I don't know if that would work so well.

It seems extremely unlikely that the Loyalists and Seps would remain separate in the face of outright Chaos incursions. You drop an Isstvan V on everyone, that just means Loyals and Seps both get blown to fuck. It'll never be a three-way brawl.

Doubly so since last I checked, the whole reason there's Seps at all isn't "Well we all got together and decided to GTFO the Imperium", it's "We got stuck out in the cold for a while by a bad storm, and when it cleared everything had gone to fuck on Terra".

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>World declares for the ideals of the Separatists
>Je'she orders it brought back into the Imperial fold, seeing them as a threat to Imperial Unity
>Some of the Seps say "no, they can have their opinions" and set up to defend it
>This is intended only as a threat, not as an actual act of provocation
>Little do they know Einchurt was given Je'she's authority, and.... maybe Mot or Ashur were given the Chaos WM's go-ahead to use this as their first blow of the war
>Einchurt goes "sorry bros, just following orders, stand down or we will bomb you"
>The rest of the Loyalist Legions are a tad unsure but both of the guys given WM-level authority say yes so I guess we don't have a choice
>Seps refuse to stand down
>Bombardment ensues a la Istvaan III, followed by drop assault
>Shortly after the Loyalists engage the Seps on the ground, who managed to hold out better than expected, the Traitors fire on the Loyalists
>Confusion ensues between who is on whose side except for the Chaos Legions
>War suddenly begins in full force as some schumck conjures up the Ruinstorm and both the Seps and Loyalists call for the other to be censured for their unprovoked violence

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File: 87 KB, 672x672, Ogre Legion on Suicide Watch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rokuten cheats at Regicide sometimes.

He's not a very good primarch for the Ogre Legion.

>> No.53661609

I like the idea, but I see a few potential issues or have a few questions.
Why does the Aššurite force begin firing on those loyal to Je'She if they're also there to bring the planet into compliance?
Opportunistic commander?
Also has some good points.
I'll do up the timeline as I understand it later tonight, but I think there's a period of a pretty straight forward war of succession, though of comparatively lower intensity to what is to come. Part of this may be that this is a notable exception and Einchurt doesn't get moderation.

>> No.53661658

Isn't Ashur traitor? They're firing because it's the start of the Brotherwar and this was their plan to kill two birds with one stone

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File: 28 KB, 201x281, Ghosen trooper.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is a Chosen without a robe on, I also need to lighten the black on the original picture of the Warpclaw as I was rushing it a bit and I used the flat black so there is no detail.

>> No.53663238

Ok fools, behold https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fMU61niPsJw4rifksywpvxiVeCIvnFvGxAyhAGSuytU/edit?usp=sharing

>> No.53663359

Nice, So 05 is when Linares and Raj are sent by Je'She to go get Lambach back? he turns Nurgle then.

>> No.53663433

Join the discord.

>> No.53663630

Remind me again what a Rangda is?

>> No.53663689

It's a major set of campaigns in the crusade that we don't know much about besides the fact that the xenos were horrific and it nearly destroyed the imperium. One of the missing legions seems to have gone missing then.
The Space Wolves, Death Guard, and Dark Angels were instrumental in defeating the things and the Dark Angels held the line in the far north, losing like a third of the legion in the process, but literally saving the Imperium.
The Alpha Legion may also have made its first appearance as unexpected reinforcements during the third war.

As for the xenos themselves, we don't know much. They're called Cerebrovores in one place and are described as tainting human populations afterwards such that they require massive purges.

>> No.53663787


Regarding the 005 "Warmasters begin securing support of Legions", is that just Loyalists + Chaos, or do the Seps actively start breaking away at that point as well?

Mostly I'm maybe just confused on how aggressive the Seps are, whether it's the Ruinstorm that really separates everyone and leads to the diverging perspectives, or if it's basically already broken like twenty years prior.

>> No.53663855

Honestly, I'm not sure. I think it's starting to break up as soon as the Emperor ends up on the throne, but I'm not sure what the consensus is.

>> No.53663969


If the Seps go full Seps roughly 15 years after the Emperor is interred... Hmm. See, Chaos going Chaos rapidly makes sense because Chaos is Chaos after all. Separatism doesn't have the insidious push of daemons from beyond the stars creeping into their minds to accelerate things. Intuitively it just feels like they'd need more of a lead time (or a much stronger push somehow) to get split that early.

So, It'd have to be what? Direct censure of the future Separatist Warmaster from the Loyalist Warmaster? Feels like you'd need a direct shock like that to really cement the feeling of a split sans-Ruinstorm.

And the rift between Loyals and Seps has to start growing almost immediately after the Emperor goes down. That feels like it risks implausibility. Perhaps.

15 years is enough time for a couple of BFFs here on earth to split, but that's not much time at all for nigh-immortal demigods who are halfway across the galaxy from each other 90% of the time. You have to actually come in contact with each other for there to be friction/factionbuilding, right?

>> No.53664017

I could see it being that some of the friction existed prior to Emps going kaput, but since He's out of things now the Primarchs feel able to be more open about things

>> No.53664202

The scenario I'd been imagining was that Je'She basically did the equivalent of sending Russ to Prospero, without consulting anyone.
Would mean that the other warmasters would be put in a very uncomfortable position, particularly if it's someone like Emil, who gets quick backup from an ally. Escalates very quickly, but it doesn't break down into full civil war until after the ruinstorm, I think.

Or any sort of event where one of the warmasters takes drastic, unilateral action without consulation. The idea is that it puts the other warmaster in an incredibly awkard position where their power has been threatened and it gives other legions pause about following this guy.
I'm thinking that there's not factions right out of the gate here. We have three poles of power and I'm thinking things start off fluid. Somebody might start off gravitating towards one camp until they get a better offer and join up with another.

We could also stretch it out. Let it take like 20 years for the first shot.

>> No.53664204

Yeah, maybe.

More thoughts:

Siege of Terra. How many Legions are actually trying to burn that shit down? If it's more than a handful of Seps/Chaos, how the hell does Terra actually survive? In theory it could be like a 7v14 fight or some shit if everyone piles in, and there's no way Terra wouldn't be Exterminatused by that kind of engagement.

Emperor's Interment: If he's not plugging the Webway Gate since he got KOed waaaaay too early to start it, what's he actually plugged into? The only reason he dragged the Dark Glass out and the proto-Throne from the Asian wastelands was because he needed a control hub for the Gate. The "Life support" bit was an emergency afterthought.

What's keeping him alive in our AU? Or is he Guillimanned? If he's not keeping a lid on the Gate, can he power the Astronomicon without needing psyker-fuel? (Is he actually able to heal himself slowly in this AU?)

Ruinstorm Ignition: So the Seps only have at most two years to start getting really angry before they're cut off. That could go two ways, either the Seps really aren't all that angry since they've got... 11 years to cool off? Or are they all trapped in the Imperium's core by the storm (leaving Ultima Segmentum largely empty somehow) and only when the storm DROPS are they in full retreat to the Fringe? That makes more sense given the timeline, but it also puts the Seps *heavily* on the back foot. Probably forever. (I can't quite put my finger on what exactly doesn't flow smoothly on this one, but I feel like there is a problem with, like, secondary consequences somehow)

>> No.53664515

What if the Emperor is instead assassinated mid-project?

>> No.53664718

I think that'd help. We can let him get started with it earlier or we can stretch things out. I mean it's not set in stone that the Heresy has to start in 006.M31

>> No.53665164

So I've been imagining that the Forge Lords utilize the powers of the other four gods in the name of progress (or whatever their insane definition of it is) while also paying tribute to Hashut for showing them the way so to speak. That way you could have individual marines dedicated to aspects of the other gods. Thoughts?

>> No.53665193

Nah. just stick with one god, and if you want them worshiping other gods make them pariahs and splinters.

>> No.53666466


Mmm...nah, I don't think so. Remember the Astronomican

>> No.53667492

Camping out in the webway doesn't seem right. Chaos would be more likely to destroy the webway gate if you ask me. A way to skip using the warp? Fuck that.

The Titan Marchers and the Silver Blades are present.

I'm up for the Isstvan V analogue. Sounds good.

005 seems to be when Raj and Linares go to bring in Lambach, like >>53663359 mentioned.
Why has Nikaea been moved in this timeline? Obviously because the Emperor needs to be there, but why was it moved?
Also, how can open conflict start in 007, when the massacre doesn't happen until 009?

The Seps start off as a political movement, focussed on keeping the regular humans out of power. They don't start preparing to go to war until Isstvan. That's what makes sense to me anyway.

By the time of the Siege of Terra, the Seps are cut off from the rest of the universe by the Ruinstorm. They don't show up. After the Siege, Yochin has free reign to start up the Ecclesiarchy, since Raj is dead and Linares is chasing Traitors, which means two staunch defenders of the Imperial Truth are gone.

This leads to the increased desecularisation of the Imperium, which is one of the things that disgusts the Seps so much by the time they're reunited.

Silverish makes a good point here. The Astronomicon has to happen in some way.

Exactly what Rokuten says. Don't muddle factions and loyalties to much. If you want Slaaneshi Dildosmiths, have them split off from the main legion.

>> No.53667824

>keeping regular humans out of power
You mean instituting a system where the best and brightest rule. It's not Gyahdred's fault that that happens to be Primarchs, Astartes, and Adepts.

>> No.53668720
File: 28 KB, 480x360, tmp_12189-3DVysUH_d316992722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53669660

>Camping out in the webway
I thought we agreed that was exactly why they weren't doing. Anyway, I reckon the glory made in the raids counterbalances not using the warp to get to the place you're raiding

>> No.53669773

It's just that I think the Chaos Gods aren't too happy about their followers using the portals. The gods want their worshippers to go through literal hell.

>> No.53670325

989 Our Nikea
989 Ullanor Campaign Begins
991 The Emperor is critically injured
001 Victory at Ullanor
001-005 Ork Purgation actions across the galaxy
One of these actions is Lambach’s push to the edge of the galaxy. By 005 he’s nurgled
Insert actions to conveniently locate everyone
Lambach would probably take off to the fringes right after Nikea, unless Nikea is more about banning the Religions? Maybe later someone decides to add Banning Psykers to the list?

>> No.53670345

But religion is already pretty decisively banned. The Emperor wouldn't have a Council on it, his mind's already made up. Stories like The Last Church still happened in this timeline.

Nikaea is still about psykers, but it takes place earlier for some reason.

>> No.53670454

>One of these actions is Lambach’s push to the edge of the galaxy. By 005 he’s nurgled
He accidentally takes a whiff of the more potent anti-ork bioweapons.

>> No.53670518

Yeah. I don't mind when we have it. But Lambach would probably go into seclusion right after. Which seems a bit early because I don't know of anyone should start turning before Ullanor.

>> No.53671809

I'm about to paint an icon bearer for the Forge Lords and he has a space marine helmet as a trophy. What legion should it be from?

>> No.53671901

By the way:

How long does our great conflict last? I mean when chaos pushes for terra?

In canon it takes 7 years to kill off horus. After much reading I saw that the brotherhood of the lost project estimated 25 years of conflict. What about the other AU's?

And what do we aim for? The lger it takes, the more the legions are driven from each other.

However, the longer it takes we lose momentum.

>> No.53672016

I think it depends. The Chaos-Imperium war lasts 7 years I think, but that doesn't mean the Imperium-Seperatist war ends and the Ruinstorm doesn't disappear entirely the moment the Chaos Legions retreat.

>> No.53672033

I would love to have the ruinstorm a long time. Dark imperium style^^

>> No.53672097

Don't you mean Imperium Asunder style?

>> No.53672167

Well I haven't known IA until I joined this project. I tried to read through the other AU and that was already a gigantic task ( didn't get past the first general discussion thread and some others). So no time for IA yet.

>> No.53672193


>> No.53672203

Death's Heads

>> No.53672221

Ups, go fuck yourself!

>> No.53672250

I can't remember, did you do a list of how Einchurt feels about his brothers? How did he feel about Mot?

>> No.53672284

I did, it's in the doc but I'll copy Mots here
An interesting one, although he seems not to understand when the tyranny must end. I am still unsure of my brazen brother, but I would not be surprised if his ambition were his death.

>> No.53672334

I am off.

>> No.53672405

I am not.
The guy is crazy.

>> No.53672438

Bald faced lie Anon. You were in IA as Sassy Sauron.

>> No.53672722

Is it time to talk about the scouring and later?

>> No.53672731

Of course.

>> No.53673013

Or maybe we should decide 100% what happens at the battle of Terra, how many there are and such. Either way I think we've lacked focus in recent threads.

>> No.53673070

We absolutely need to get that timeline hashed out.

>> No.53673277

A strict timeline is bad for my mojo

>> No.53673333

The Silver Blades, Titan Marchers, and Chosen of Hecate are at Terra.

Good try, Asshole

>> No.53673388

Lel, yeah, you're done.

>> No.53673412

I'm trying to decide where the Forge Lords are during that time. I suppose it would make sense for elements of each legion to be at Terra, but some also need to be attacking the separatists to add to the confusion.

>> No.53673423

there's maybe a cursory amount of Death's Heads present, probably a Company at most, who were there prior to the Brotherwar and simply refused to leave because "dad never told us to".
While I cursory amount, though, I'd like to maybe give them a small moment of heroism, probably being the last point to fall on one of the walls due to their sheer fanatiscism

>> No.53673473

Certainly. The Blades should be fighting elsewhere, too.

Yeah. Too many DHs would make Terra a clusterfuck. The last stand part seems right.

>> No.53673491

Did I do it right?

>> No.53673506

What? Of course not.

>> No.53673528
File: 5 KB, 200x200, 4C491D9FD01201304910067822592_331b4d7cf4c.2.1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53673530

Yes, good job

>> No.53673587

It probably wouldn't even be with heroism in mind, it'd basically be the Hauptmann going "fuck you, I have a book of orders and this is the last place it mentions holding so I'm fucking staying here"
Also, the Death's Heads get the Istvaan treatment, and are stuck fighting their own wars all across the galaxy during the Brotherwar. It's only after the Seige of Terra that Einchurt gets them back together, and I'm thinking that Einy looses his usual cool and goes extra-ham on the Scouring. Afterwards, however, he realizes how much suffering his sons have gone through between the Heresy and Scouring, and how much of that was his own damn fault. This results in him promoting his inner circle to "Reichsmarshall"s, giving them control of the Legion, and secluding himself until around M32 he just ends up vanishing

>> No.53673692

Comrades in arms, what do you do?
Have I missed the joke?

>> No.53673736

Get a tripcode.

>> No.53673754

We made a discord. There's a link in the google doc.

>> No.53674077

We going to have to use trips now? Ah well.

>> No.53674079

Just report anyone with a fake tripcode

>> No.53674094

It'd be great if you could both join the discord.

>> No.53674490
File: 1.58 MB, 718x404, tiamat's corruption.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Leviathans are definitely at Terra, though it would help to figure out how many and in what capacity to decided definitively once and for all if Assur if the Chaos Warmaster or Marduk.

>> No.53674545

Great, Marduk, you're here. Join the discord, it's in the google doc.

>> No.53674631

Did it work?

>> No.53674682


>> No.53674689

I believe it did

>> No.53674714

Well that didn't work

>> No.53674748

neither did that, but I think I know the problem. I predict that this one will work

>> No.53674786

Just have to remember my code. But a good thing.

>> No.53674914

Another one in.

Just another password, bro

>> No.53676679


Not me.


I have 0 interest in using discord.

>> No.53676704

It's mainly for practical reasons.

>> No.53676744

You leave the chan, the project dwindles and dies. That's just how it works, I've been wasting my time on this danish carpentry board long enough to have seen it a dozen times.

>> No.53676758

We are not leaving it. It's complementary

>> No.53676767

Well, at this point pretty much everyone is here. We're looking to use both the chan and discord. The purpose of the discord really is to make sure everything runs smoothly.

We've been able to hash out the Primarch Discovery order:

. Frederick Aristide
2. Linares the Lord of Ale
3. Deshain Kane
4. Gyahdred
5. Raj Vokar
6. Einchurt
7. Je'She of the Watch
8. Mot Hadad
9. Matlalihuitl
10. Ashur of Banipal
11. Isekho the Unseen
12. Piter Karomonov
13. Lambach Kropor
14. Rokuten
15. Krees
16. Pacha the Earthquake
17. Emil
18. Valorn
19. Zelbezis
20. Marduk
21. Yochin

>> No.53676802

Sounds good. Just need to assign dates to each of those timeline points I suppose.

>> No.53676827

Cool number there, mate.

Well, any suggestions related to the discovery order?

Also, we are working on the discovery date. Link to OU discovery dates:


>> No.53676830

Which is the kind of discussion something like Discord would be better suited for....

But yeah, you're right.

>> No.53677202

I feel like Linares could be found at 836.M30, seems right to me

>> No.53677318

Sorry, was me

>> No.53677619

Dunno man. Russ is the second one found in the OU, and he's discovered in M30 829. We have more Primarchs this time around, so 836 might be a bit late even.

Als, Emil, you may not think the Discord is a great idea, but it's here now, and the only way to make sure the project doesn't die is by making sure we're all in on the ideas that are discussed. I'd really appreciate it if you joined anyway.

>> No.53677787



how do I into discord?

>> No.53677853

There's a link in the google doc. Just click it and the rest should be obvious.

>> No.53678129

When is Horus found? I thought he was discovered in 830.M30

>> No.53678176

According to that timeline, M30 799.

>> No.53678360

Okay, Linares' discovery could be around 805.M30.

>> No.53678571

Probably we ought to especially nail down the first and the last discovery dates. The other dates will then be much easier to peg down, since they can also overlap if we wish them to. Nothing says two or three Primarchs couldn't be found in the same year as the Crusade really starts covering some serious ground, should we wish it.

>> No.53679114

did the code work?

>> No.53680710


>> No.53681127

Trip test

>> No.53681194

My phone's about to die, but what if Mot is trying to usurp Hashut as a god of the warp? I think he's far too arrogant to serve anyone without an ulterior motive as it is.

>> No.53681322

Could work, but ultimately he fails then spends the next 10k years getting tortured by Hashut until it's time for Primarch returns and he breaks free.

>> No.53681539

Seems legit. Hashut probably can't be much more than a Greater Daemon anyway, given what we know of canon and "minor Gods" not really existing at all. Overthrowing such a creature is well within a Primarch's power I'd think.

>> No.53681688

There were also Titan-Grade Rangda called the Osseiovores who were so nasty the Emperor developed the Warlord Sinister Psi-Titans to combat them.

>> No.53681885

Rearrange as desired. Only reason Gyahdred has a date is because he has to be there for the first Rangdan war.

I like him trying, failing, getting made into a puppet, then defeating Hashut with the power of ambition and a cabal of his sons.
All of which can take place over however many years we want it to for the sake of plot.

>> No.53683065

>Delaying the Council
Basically, the council happens after Ullanor. The Emperor is put in critical condition by Orks, so it has to be before Ullanor.

>Delaying the Massacre
The reason is that the primarchs don't form teams at once. For the most part, everyone is trying to keep this from blowing up into a full scale civil war. A massacre would do the exact opposite.

>> No.53684680

Sounds good to me. Should he be indisposed for the better part of ten thousand years? If so, who are the vast majority of his legion loyal to during that time?

>> No.53684685

What if the council didn't have the Emperor, and it was about how to run the Imperium?

>> No.53684695

Not a troll

>> No.53685236

I think if we did something like that it would have to be 1 warmaster basically coming to a decision with his followers backing him up. The other 2 factions are for the most part people unhappy with this ruling and this guy playing a power card they feel he doesn't deserve

>> No.53686480

I don't think you should make them want to usurp Hashut, or at the very least you gotta understand he won't be able to. I disagree with Emil, for all intents and purposes, Hashut is still a god, albeit less powerful and influencial than the big four. Nobody usurps the Chaos Gods, no matter how selfish, greedy or arrogant they are. In order for Mot to take Hashut's place, he'd have to embody his values and desires, which just makes him more of a slave to Hashut.

Mot and the Forge Lords are fine as they are. Don't feel the need to make them more special just for the sake of them being special.

At the very least, don't think Mot would ever be able to usurp Hashut. All those that desire power for the sake of power are slaves to Chaos.

>> No.53686808


>> No.53687892

I think that could definitely be a thing. Some sort of council to try to work things out and as expected, it fails miserably.
But I think it has to be doomed to gridlock. If it is effective, then it turns back into chaos vs imperium since the other primarchs would be recognizing a single supreme Warmaster.
The other option, now that I think of it, is to split up domains. Split the Imperium into three. Terra and the Sol System itself is neutral, under the control of the Custodes and, in theory, Malcador.
The catch is that some legion homeworlds are in the territory of a Warmaster they don't fully support. For example, Lambach's homeworld may be in Je'She's territory. So then Je'She's censure is more justified from his pov. See where I'm going with this?
It's essentially an attempt at a federal system that's fatally flawed because of strange, overlapping jurisdictions and unclear powers granted to each layer.
In the process of the struggle, Frederick's faction gathers in the east, which is why they're cut off there. Also means that there may be some neutral primarchs who are simply on their homeworld when the storm hits and the rainstorm forces them to ally with and join with the Eastern or Western faction.
It also adds Je'She's occupation of Terra to the list of grievances. It was good he defended it, but he's supposed to leave when he's done.

>> No.53688014

I'm liking this.

It might be an idea to move around a couple of homeworlds though, something that serems inevitable now that the order of Primarch discovery is complete and we need to space the homeworlds out in such a way that the ones belonging to those discovered early are close to Terra, wheras the ones that are discovered late are further away. Keeping in mind how the division of the Imperium among the Warmasters affects the relationships should also be brought into the equation.

>> No.53688078

Yeah, I think it gets back into motives.

Rokuten, I think just happens to have a homeworld that's in the East. Had his world been in orbit around the Eye, he might have been a traitor or joined up with Je'She.

>Where's your Homeworld?
This is a rough sketch of what people are thinking and we can move planets around from there.

Ryamtscho and Stovokor are up in the North East, on the front line for Ragnda.
Also, while I'm on, what did people think of the idea that the XVth does dance?
Perhaps the Skitarii of Stovokor dance before battle in the style of warriors from a thousand cultures. It lets them feel the doctrina imperatives. In the Legion, it helps control the Elver.
I could pull in bits of oceanic cultures, I think. The roots of rituals themselves are incredibly ancient, perhaps premechanicum. Each dance represents different machine spirit, though some are animals or objects. Warriors enact certain roles. It makes the legion's movements oddly graceful on the battlefield. Even the most heavily augmented members move with a grace typically not associated with the machine.
Gyahdred claims that in dance, one can try and instinctually grasp the nature of the machine and its components. Dance, with its currents, for him represents the intersection of personal agency with larger structures and the means by which group processes dynamically arise.
In other words it's a way of tapping the motor cortex to increase group cohesion.

>> No.53688134

And reposting another idea from a few threads back for response:
Among the XVth, nothing is wasted. Not all aspirants become astartes. Most, in fact, do not. Those who can be salvaged in mind and body often become legion serfs. Tenacious ones whose bodies cannot handle the implants are offered a place in the Thallaxine Shinpo. However, others are biologically compatible with the augmentation, but are driven mad. In most legions, these unfortunates are simply put out of their misery, a tragic waste according to the Magi of Stovokor and their legion counterparts.
Instead, these failed recruits become Khorba-Po. Under the knives of the apothecary-magi, they are shorn of their agonized higher mental functions and implanted with various stim-injectors and nerve probes.
Simultaneously, they are bulked similar to other genestock, with their hands replaced by an array of close combat implements.
Usually kept sedated, when employed in combat, they are pumped with frenzon and guided by prey-augurs into the heart of an enemy formation to rend flesh and shatter bones.
Of the same dark lineage as the Ogryn Charonite, the Khorba-Po are looked on with suspicion by many outside the legion, but they are considered extremely useful as a sacrificial melee unit by the XVth.

>Apothecary Ulktar Rpaketsin
Rpaketsin is perhaps the most infamous member of the XVth legion's apothecarion. Rebuked on several occasions for straying into abomination, Rpaketsin is none the less brilliant and is reknowned for his abilities in fleshcraft. He specialises in servitors, works with the Khorba-Po, but is also expert in interring marines in Dreadnoughts.
Goes without saying that Rpaketsin is ambitious and proud. Ends up going too far and creates something horrible that he has to hunt down. Because this is 40k and we can't have nice things, the creature probably turns to chaos. Or turns to fanatic emperor worship and makes things really weird. It's a minor incident, whatever it is.

>> No.53688154

Dancing is certain something unique. It doesn't conflict with the impression you've given of them, considering the dancing is very graceful. I'm just not sure how goofy it would look.

>Where's your Homeworld?
Manaan lies just across the border from the Segmentum Solar into the southern Segmentum Pacificus, That's quite close to Terra, which gels well with the fact Raj is found 5th.

>> No.53688304

>Apothecary Magos Gesar Klagri
Klagri specializes in the neurosurgery used in the XVth to prevent the Curse of the Elver. This is done via an aparatus known as the Cabinet, a neuro-chiergeon.
By and large, the legionaries treated by Klagri and made into Nosferatii are the more unstable of the Brotherhood, rendered a risk for transformation either by injury or temperament. Klagri's Cabinet seems to work wonders, turning a raving madman into a calm and collected hunter, but the cost is high. While Nosferatii excell in their missions, they lose what some may call essential humanity. Even so, it is better than the other option.
Klagri, on the otherhand is pure professional. He's obsessed with controlling the mind and better systems for hypno-indoctrination. This all results in a noticeable bump in recruitment rate for the XVth and there's also probably a bunch of hypno conditioned auxiliae. In the end, he probably ends up trying to mix hypnosis and mind control with psykers, trying to undo the curse.
Because this is 40k, it ends poorly.

>>Master of the Forge Rtowan
A native of Stovokor inducted into the legion shortly after Gyahdred took command. Specializes in cybernetica. Often accompanied by his familiar, Hel, a uniquely modified hunter-killer unit. Interested in designing an improved manifold for the legion to use. He also serves as the fabricator general of Stovokor and organizes its defence while Gyahdred is elsewhere during the heresy.As time goes on he becomes increasingly obsessed with distributed consciousness and intellectual artefacts of shared conciousness.

>> No.53688354

>Where's your homeworld
Ultima Segmentum, as far as it can get.

Ugh, those are creepy. Don't expect the blades to not shoot them while campaigning alongside you

>> No.53688540

Yeah, it could end up pretty weird looking. But I'm thinking something like a Maori Haka https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49dxmZVLoko, with a lot of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7HL5wYqAbU, and some of that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gvfy7IRF7wc
But with more throat singing, a lot of electronic amplification, lights in the outfits, and some direct neurostimulation from the omnissiah.

Essentially the sorts of rituals that humans have always practiced are expanded to the domain of technology and the machine cult. But because the antecedents to the legion aren't western, they're not doing an auto-rosarius in a cathedral. Instead, the machine spirits are appeased in the same way the spirit of a bear is appeased, etc etc. So to ready for battle, the crew of a Titan might perform a dance to honor the machine spirit of that Titan. Said dance may include elaborate costumes. And a lot of stomping.
There's also ones for land raiders and vindicators and the rest of the armory as well as various invocations of different significant animals.
It starts off with the Skitarii basically having sacred raves and becomes something that the astartes do too. The idea is to focus the mind and a for a time to allow the spirit of whatever it is that is being dealt with move through the body and mind of the astartes. In this state, the issues of the Elver can be brought forward and dealt with leaving the warrior freer in the battle to come, using the semi-trance of dance and creating a proxy of performer to deal with the subconcious threat of the Elver.
It's also why XVth legion duelists are so unexpectedly graceful.

But it does mean that in join campaigns, the astartes of the XVth may run off to a hangar deck, set up lights, a massive speaker array, and some huge drums, and dance, leaving the other legion to wonder just what the hell they're doing all shouting in unison.

>> No.53688609

This is sweet. I like it a lot. The apothacary reminds me of Fabulous Bile.

>> No.53688641

Looking good

>> No.53688773

Je'She and The Sentinels will definitely be there

Is it worth having The Siege of Terra before the Ruinstorm?


So I have an idea for this:

The Loyalist and Seperatist warmaster lead the Scouring, Je'She and his legions go north towards the eye of terror, and Frederic and his legions go east towards The Maelstrom or other AU warp rift, allowing them to be split apart by the ruinstorm. Amongst all this, sides are beginning to clash in regards to the politics of The Imperium and all that, and unrest is beginning to show. Malcador is going over to the eastern Imperium to help sort things out when Ruinstorm happens.

>> No.53688835

If the Ruinstorm happens before the Siege, there wouldn't be much of a rebellion, 14v7 does not look good for the Traitors.

The idea is that the beef starts between the Loyalists and the Seps, which then gives an opening for the Traitors to fuck both sides. They split the galaxy, leaving the Seps and the Loyalists to assume the other to be dead or lost.
The Chaos forces wage wars against both sides, though they do ultimately set their sights on Terra. Siege of Terra happens, Chaos is largely sent back to the Eye.
The Ruinstorm, or whatever the storm cutting off the Seps is called, stays for a few more years. This allows the remains of the Imperium to develop into the fundamentalist state rather quickly, lead by Yochin. Yochin is able to do this since two of the staunchest believers in the Imperial Truth are gone at that point, Raj is dead and Linares is chasing traitors.
Then eventually the Ruinstorm wanes, the Seps refuse to rejoin the now Emperor-worshipping Imperium and they start fighting too.

No matter how much we try, there is absolutely no way to have a full on three-way Heresy. This is the next best thing.

>> No.53689801

That's true. I see your point

++Official Astartes dataslate++

-- Taken from an excerpt carved upon a fallen Sentinel Legionnaire's armour. KIA on the moon of Ouras in the defense of Varnak. Assigned to the XXVIII 'Jackal' unit.

Grit and Iron -

The rhythmic din of bolter fire.
The brass clang of spent, smoking shells
A cackle
Of a jackal’s ire
A howling wolf of hell

Shrapnel pounds on ceramite
As rain falls on sand
Swallowed up by sun and fire
Red shards upon
Bloodied lands

Weave and strike
Be the viper
To your brother’s wall
Defend it with your life
Give your all

That is the jackal’s way
Dusty and bloody
Full of grit and iron
To weave and sway

To howl defiance

>> No.53690569

I like it. So they write poetry upon their armour? That's honestly really cool, gives them flavour

>> No.53691084

So on the topic of dying Primarchs and the siege of Terra. I had Marduk being killed by the Gods sometime after the Heresy, mainly as a creative way to sweep him under the rug because I'm not overly fond of Daemon Primarchs that just faff about not having the huge effects they should on the setting.

If people would prefer he survives the Heresy and becomes the Abaddon that's cool though, I can work with that.

As it is, I had the Leviathan's being taken over by a female character who I still haven't fully pinned down yet. I've been busy with another personal project so I haven't done as much here as I ought to have.

Also, the Leviathan Host's war cry is "The teeth in the darkness, the coils in the deep, the Leviathan rises!" but is usually just shortened to "The Leviathan rises!"

>> No.53691344

Shouldn't Marduk be the big bad final boss the Imperial kill though? Him fleeing Terra seems very anti-climatic.

>> No.53691516

Would it be Marduk vs Emps, seeing as Emps is on the throne? Or are we not gunna go with Marduk getting uber-powered and he's instead taken out by the Loyalist Primarchs after a hard fight?

>> No.53691562

We had a talk about the Molech situation on Discord today. I'll post a summary once I get home.

Basically, Marduk doesn't get the Emperor-tier power boost, because he doesn't know about Molech. That means he 'only' has the boons given to him by the gods. That should make it possible for two or three loyalists to best him and kill him.

>> No.53691615

So who'll be kicking his traitorous untermenschen arse? The Loyalists present are Linares, Raj, and Je'she, right? Raj would be dead by then, so Linares and Je'she?

>> No.53691648

Pretty much. Not sure where Krees, Yochin and Pacha are. Einchurt isn't there, correct?

>> No.53691711

I still see difficult for the Loyalists to defend Terra with only 3 Legions if the Traitors are falling right on them at full strength. But yeah, so far we have the Baldes, the Marchers and the Sentinels at Terra, and Raj dead. That Leaves the responsibility to kill Marduk to Je'She and Linares. Being Je'She the Loyalist Warmaster, I think that he should get the main part of the fight, Linares being only for support him. He may need help. Surely, tho.

>> No.53691755

We need to find out where the Disciples, Mountains and Wardens are then. And don't forget Linares is probably the best swordmaster among the brotherhood. It's also worth noting that by the time they fight, atleast Lambach and Deshain are gone already, and Raj has killed a literal fuckton of traitor marines.

>> No.53691863

You know, they are attacking Terra itself. I would rally everyone at my disposal. Who is there is something we have to clarify.

>> No.53691885

Yeah, the Death's Heads are scattered around the Galaxy fighting their shadow wars and holding their Stahlburge von Imeperia (Imperial Fortresses, think Fortified Places from the Eastern Front), and Einchurt is just trying to organize his Legion, he most likely doesn't know the Seige is going on, he just assumes that's the Traitor's main target.
The VI are just a thorn in the Traitor's arses; they do have some major battles, but for the most part they're engaged in small-scale warfare behind Traitor lines

>> No.53691970

I know the timeline doesn't really fit, but I still like the idea of the Loyalists and the Seps having one final moment of brotherhood defending Terra before really going their seperate ways forever.

>> No.53692019

That would be nice. Which SepLegions are you thinking about?

>> No.53692125

Can't happen though. 14v7 is incredibly skewed and the Seps are cut off from the Imperium. That's the entire point behind their beef later on.

>> No.53692854

It's both that there's a problem of balance at Terra and because it strikes me as really odd that the final showdown between Order and Chaos is with only half of Order. All 14 non-Chaos legions don't need to be there, and won't be there. It could be 7 on 4 non-Chaos to Chaos and it would still be balanced because of mega demonic powers.

>> No.53694043

>"The Leviathan rises!"
That sounds pretty sweet. I was also thinking about having my legion be controlled by a mortal. well, mortals. I was thinking that after Valorn vanishes, a degree of control over the legion is handed to those of Guragol's bloodline who found their way to the separatists when things started going pear-shaped. They'd be titled "Regents" and probably not be in complete control of the legion. They would only gain complete control over the Hounds if undeniable proof of Valorn's death was uncovered, cause Valorn declared Guragol and his bloodline to be his successors back on Taiga. So, in the event of Valorn's death, the children of Guragol get his shit, which includes command of the Hounds. But since no one can prove he's dead the Regents are just kind of looking after his legion till he gets back.

>> No.53694800

We may start a 1d4Chan page.

>> No.53695215

We probably should have done that a while ago. Not that I can really talk, given I didn't do it.

>> No.53695494

I would do it myself, but I have been absent for a few days and I don't know about some things that are important. It would be better that someone with more info do the page

>> No.53695608

Maybe the ruinstorm is created to hinder the seps to reach terra. And they can't return until some centuries later, when the scouring took place and the religious fanatics took the power. The seps view Them AS traitors to the imperial truth and the imperials think the seps didn't want to help the struggling imperium against Chaos. That they waited for the outcome(Just like some think the lion acted )

>> No.53696089

==Subject: "4th Tercio" Planetary Defense Force
==Legion: IVth Legion, The Silver Blades


The so-called 4th Tercio of the IVth Legion, isn't truly a Tercio itself. Composed of roughly 2000 soldiers, it is not a full part of the Table of Organization of the Silver Blades. Lead by a "Valido", charged with the defense of Kadir in case of attack or military problems, and deployed in the surface of the palnet itself and in the two moons.

The "Tercio" is divided in 4 main batallions of different sizes: The 1st, located at the capital city of Kadir, with 600 troops. The 2nd, at the Alcazaba, with 400. The 3rd, at the main city of the other continent, with 700. And the 4th, at the two moons and orbital defense systems, with 300 boots on the ground. Each is assigned the task of defending and enforcing law and public order in certain regions of the planet, and coordination between each other is often that of a single batallion with itself.

The Blades positioned at Kadir as the PDF are standard Astartes, with the same wargear as their expeditionary battle-brothers. Usually, they are reinforced by the recruits at the planet, while they train and master their combat skills.

>Actual Combat strength: 2080 combat-capable Astartes
>Recruits assigned to the PDF: 13,580, divided proportionally between the batallions
>Actual Valido: Conde de Ybarra

//End of report

>> No.53696377

==Subject: Cavalry troops of the PDF
==Legion: IVth Legion, The Silver Blades


Given Kadir's geomorphical characteristics, mainly open ground, full of plains and small hills, the human soldiers included cavalry in their battle formations, in order to outflank, outmaneuver and outcharge the enemy. This tradition couldn't be properly assimilated by the Legion, given the size and weight of their average Astartes, such that no horse in the planet could ride into battle being ridden by one of them. Not counting the wargear. And it wasn't practical to move them from one planet to another, it was just a logistical complication, and didn't got along with the drop assault doctrine.

But the forces that stayed at Kadir, found the way of using them. The smaller soldiers were equipped with adamantium-plated caparace armor, so they were nearly equally protected than their comrades, but were less much less nimble and weighted less, too. The soldier carried his standard-issue boltgun, along the prefered CCW, mainly, the Silver Sword. They were equipped for long-range and long-duration operations, carrying extra ammo, medkits, and supplies. The horses received some armor, too. This, combined with a new breed of horse at the planet, helped to create the PDF cavalry forces. Every batallion got it's small section of cavalry.

The horsemen have proved a viable solution for fast operations in the planet, as they are far less loud than the standard Rhino, and only a handful of people expects an Astartes cavalry charge.

//End of report

>> No.53696562

Terra also has the Custodes

>> No.53696681

OU has the palace defended by Custodes, Imperial Fists, White Scars, Blood Angels.
And Attacked by Luna Wolves, World Eaters, Death Guard, Emps Kids, Iron Warriors, and Word Bearers. + all the daemons. So Terra was monserously out gunned and still hard to crack because of Dorns defenses.
So I don't know if daemons will be that big a buff for Choas.

>> No.53696682

As someone that thought about getting involved in this, I'm glad I didn't.

This is so chaotic and disorganized, with no one able to agree on anything for more than a handful of days before a single person complains, forcing the rest of the group to warp the AU around that person's opinions until the next person complains.

Never mind the fact that what you're trying to do is so ambitious, you're in way more disarray than any of the other AUs. This project is just a clusterfuck that's going nowhere fast.

>> No.53696817


>> No.53696944
File: 199 KB, 1800x1578, 1495251561705.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53697222
File: 165 KB, 500x500, 1495230063558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53697586

My take, largely based on yours:

Fight begins between Loyalists and Seps (Starting mostly as hostile words at first)

Traitors push the fight to actual open conflict through false flag attacks across the Imperium, each posing as Seps and Loyalists as it suits them, often both at once (I think this will help satisfy those who wanted a truly 3-way fight)

Seps push hard for Terra, Loyalists fortify.

Seps mostly lose the fight for Terra, but __________ gives them strong hope that round 2 will ultimately succeed. They retreat a modest distance.

Hard on the heels of the Seps retreat, Chaos unfurls the black flag and begins *their* assault in earnest. Seps get only a tiny, tiny inkling of what's happened (since they're watching from a distance) before the Ruinstorm slams in their face and cuts them off from Terra. They are left to wonder if there's even a Terra left at all. And if there is, exactly what it might look like when they see it again.

They can only speculate though, and speculation leads to confusion. (This helps set up why the Seps might decide that the Imperium's out of control when the storm clears. For all they know, the Loyalist Imperium *is* tainted or corrupted in some way. Is the Imperial Cult a thing of the Loyalists, or of the Traitors? Who can say?)

Of course, the Loyalists don't see it that way. Faith carried them through Chaos' assault. And their own might. Terra survived not one, but TWO haymaker punches in quick succession. "AND YET WE STILL STAND". This will be no small source of pride, and probably a central pillar supporting the Imperial Creed. Such an *obvious* divine blessing will help the Loyalists immensely in spreading the Creed very very quickly, since all of Loyalist space will have heard their epic defense.

Ruinstorm clears, Separatists are confronted by both an active Chaos threat and a wildly altered Imperium.

tl;dr I like your idea, and I think there are some supporting details that could really solidify it.

>> No.53697771

I like it, actually. That could help to decide which Legions are in the Chaod assault: Some would have fought against the Seps at Terra, suffering heavy loses, and retreating. When Chaos happens, the other Legions come to defend Terra.

Ofc, heavy casualties in all sides

>> No.53697903

You could even have one of the (ideally smaller and sneakier) Chaos Legions remain on Terra posing as Loyalists the whole time and pull a Trojan Horse, unlocking the door for their friends while they pretend to "recuperate" after they beat back the Seps.

>> No.53697952


Nothing cuts deeper than that sort of up close and personal betrayal.

"Brothers! You fought alongside us!"

"As the Gods demanded. And now they demand your deaths, brothers. Go gladly to your fate, for those who love you best shall be your shepherds unto sacrifice, beloved pawns!"

>> No.53698050

How long would this hypothetical trojan horse scenario last?

>> No.53698103

Probably not long. By this point the Traitors are getting close to having to reveal themselves one way or another as the corruption grows.

What makes the most sense to me personally is a "When the sun rises look to the East" in the Loyalist's darkest hour.

Suddenly, a modest quantity of reinforcements from the Traitors show up in an unexpected angle, providing the last little push needed to break the Seps' push. In the general jubiliation/post-battle fatigue, none of the Loyalists bother to look too closely at their gift horse's mouth, so to speak.

And then probably no more than a month or two later, Chaos springs their trap while the Loyalists have come down from battle-alert now that the Seps have drawn back and are beginning to debate how to strike back at the Seps, instead of manning the battlements at full awareness levels.

>> No.53698511

We have to go ahead with this. But for me, it's time to go. Tomorrow I have an exam, so...
Good nights!

>> No.53698791
File: 1.78 MB, 3264x2448, 20170608_173002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good luck on your exam.

Which legion would do the superbetrayal?

>> No.53698907

Smoke Stalkers would make some sense thematically.

Soaring Host would also make a lot of sense because they eventually go Tzeentch, and Trojan Horsing seems like a very Tzeentch thing to do.

>> No.53700119

Not mad, just disappointed.

>> No.53701723


>> No.53701845

Nah man, I think we're doing alright. We have a bit of a hickup deciding exactly what drives the seps but it's getting sorted. It's a bit different to the other AUs cause the 3rd faction. No one's getting salty though and we are working through the kinks.

>> No.53701974

Are they astartes or auxiliae?
And as much as I like the idea, why not just use bikes?

Sounds solid to me.
Very yes.


Either of those make sense.

Meanwhile in the East, tides of daemons? Something else to help fuel the ruinstorm?

>> No.53702257

I could see Mot Hadad being sort of at odds with the other traitors due to his patron and leaving to fuck shit up in the east with his armies of knight titans.

>> No.53703039

That could work. If he's got a bunch of worlds loyal to him in the East, they could do a massive uprising. While not as dangerous as an offensive army as legions of astartes, it would require Frederick and pals to go reconquer them one by one.
Throw in Mot himself at the head of a massive host and you've got something going. Also works nicely if Marduk figures Mot is never going to be truly loyal to the cause and decides to get rid of him. He could potentially send Assur with him, sensing that Assur is a rival for power, too. I think it would make a neat first appearance of the dark mechanicum.

Meanwhile in the XVth:
>Praetor Yormund
Recruited from Albian stock, Yormund was one of the first generation of the XVth Legion. He served alongside the Emperor himself against various witch-kings in the closing years of the Unification Wars and during the early crusade. Granted caches of relic weapons and the aid of cadres from the Terrawatt Clan, it fell to him and the nascent IVth legion to combat abomination such as the Ur-Gholems, and other, stranger things at the system's edge.
Yormund was renowned for the clockwork precision of his campaigns, though such was his reputation that tasking to the 52nd Expeditionary Fleet was regarded as a virtual death sentence for Imperial Army Regiments. This was not wholly Yormund's fault, as the 52nd was typically employed against concentrated xenos strongpoints and the worst horrors of the Crusade. None the less, Yormund viewed any life as expendable for the glorious dawn that was to come and while this attitude inspired Astartes, mortals were less than motivated to "provide the dawn's crimson".

>> No.53703195

>Praetor Awesome Polynesian Name
He's the dynamic warfare guy early in the legion. He sets up ambushes, lots of shoot and scoot, carefully arranged locator beacons to guide in orbital strikes and terminators. Jump troops hidden and waiting to strike. Psychological operations as well. As calculating as Yormund, but focussing on a different sort of puzzle. He's the one that sets his apothecarion on autopsies and the like of xenos. More of the we are the emperor's monsters school of thought.
He's very much on the Carcharodons end of things.
Getting tasked to his command is no better for Imperial Army regiments, where they are all too often used as bait, though casualties among the Army, while higher in the inital phase, are lower overall. Over time a select few regiments develop strong relations with the XVth.
I'm trying to think of something cool for him to use in battle that isn't just a Tyberos rip-off. Unfortunately, Tyberos is really cool.

Yormund has some sort of big nasty weapon. Perhaps a hammer.
In which case, this guy could be a jump pack dude with massive lightning claws or a pair of axes. You'd reasonably mistake him for a berserker, but with him, it's all about setting traps.

>> No.53703276

I'm gunna do some work on a Red Book for our AU, and I'll be working in the following order
>LA rules
>Legion-specific War Gear
>Unique Units
>Rites of War
>Special Characters
If you want to have some input for your Legion, feel free to say so. I'll start work tomorrow, and post a link in the sheet.

>> No.53703373

The Forge Lords are all about being shooty and not dying, along with a tad of melee support from deep-striking terminators to get rid of those pesky enemies that use cowardly things like cover and bunkers. If that doesn't work, they'll reduce said cover to glowing sludge with their even heavier weapons. If THAT doesn't work, they'll send in their knight titan support. Stand by for terminator brotherhood fluff.

>> No.53703516

I did a thing. See what you all think. It's just a standalone story, no direct relation to anything else we're doing. An idea I had last night.


>> No.53703670


>> No.53703700

I don't get the reference, but aaight. :P

>> No.53703729

Only armymen will understand. It's a marching cadence about a guy who leaves his home to fight and die.

>> No.53703751

>Ashari Brotherhood
Formed from the command structure of the legion before Mot Hadad's rediscovery, the Ashari Brotherhood specializes in deep-striking into close quarters and mowing down everything that moves. The Ashari are usually equipped with autocannons and flamers, though they can arm themselves with more esoteric weaponry, such as multimeltas, grav-cannons or phosphex casters.

>> No.53703901

I'm thinking something where there's bonuses to hit/wound, perhaps PE against vehicles and MCs.

A RoW for the legion has a combination of Legion Inductee Automata and Dreadnoughts.

>> No.53704304

Now this is an insanely good idea.

>> No.53704339

You can always join and try to force the things into shape.

>> No.53704684

Astartes. They use horses because cavalry is more...independent. They don't need to be constantly fueled, and horses in Kadir have food everywhere, basically.

>> No.53704707
File: 172 KB, 1280x720, 1495944545784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Think the Forge Lords have a tradition of lascannon sharpshooting?

Also I think we should do something with pic related.

>> No.53704835

First of all, every Legionnaire of the Legion is generally better at CC than the standard one. And they have access to a power sword, the Silver Sword, and they have mastered it's use. Think of a WS5 marine, with a 5 point SUser AP5 power sword that rerolls 1s to hit. Also, the cavalry previously described. And maybe drop pod launched Termies. Not much more

>> No.53705823

I saw what you posted on Discord, that looked pretty good. The Titan Marchers large deploy around Titans and Super Heavies. They primarily use heavy weapons too. They're slow, but they hit hard with massive guns.

Eventually, sure. The Brotherwar is already enough of a clusterfuck without Necrons showing up.

So we're going with this? I think this is the best suggestion for a Brotherwar so far. This pretty much gives us everything we want.

>> No.53705920

Thread Prompt, Post your Legion Flagship.

Starburst (Chosen of Hecate Flagship): Like all Gloriana class vessels the Starburst is to be rightly feared for her fearsome armament. Her real power though comes from two massive, yet hidden thrusters built into the front right and left hand sides of the ship. Using these thrusters, the Starburst can turn far swifter than any other ship her size. These thrusters are submerged in the hull of the Starburst and enormous gyros will lower them into position when needed. This can allow Starburst to rapidly bring her deadly broadside to bare on any unexpecting foes or allow her to swiftly change heading and redeploy almost instantly. With her bone white hull the Starburst greatly resembles the infamous Hammerhead Shark of Terran legend.

>> No.53706114

The Argentean, Silver Blades Flagship

A bigger than usual battle barge, ready to deploy a whole batallion of the Blades, including terminators, dreadnoughts and tanks. Her silver and black hull shows the marks of a hundred battles, and her decks have seen thousands of deaths on board. The ship itself is made for the average Silver Blades' Battle—Brother, with bigger than usual doors, beds and such. She is equipped with more anti—ship weaponry than the standard battle barge, and is able to wreak havoc both in a planet's surface and in deep space.

It's said that she has a brewery on board, and that the mess halls have small bars in them.

>> No.53706336

The XVth fleet is geared towards one of two roles:
Massive ships of the line
Longer ranged ships geared towards stealth.

The ships of the line have enhanced void shields, weapons, and hull plating. Things like Mia Donna Mori, Iron Warriors, and Death Guard battleships. They are sloooow, though.

The smaller ships have a number of upgrades, sensor baffles, warp translation dissapators, and stasis pods to aid in stealthy warp translation and undetected insertion in system.
Depending on the mission, these ships may be armed with massive lances, exterminatus warheads, or hangar bays.

The flagship, being a legion flagship, gets all these upgrades.

>> No.53706499

The Moonbreaker, Flagship of the 113th Exploration Fleet and Raj Vokar's personal vessel.

The Moonbreaker is an ancient ship. While its exact origins are unknown, it is based on the same designs as the Gloriana-class ships. It belonged to the Manaanan Defense Fleet, though by the time the Emperor arrived at the Forge World, it had not left the system for millenia. The first time it had seen real action was during Raj's insurrection against the nobility, when it was one of the ships used to light Manaan's moon, Raat, on fire, in order to kill the corrupt nobles.

With the arrival of the Mechanicus, the ship was brought up to Imperial standards, but it recieved several modifications as well.
Put simply, the Moonbreaker was rebuilt to be exactly what Raj looks for in his weapons. The Moonbreaker is relatively slow and sluggish, but comes equippped with some of the largest weapons the Imperium has available, including a Nova cannon. It also has an increased number of void shields.

Once the Moonbreaker appears in orbit of your world, you best kneel down and accept your new overlords, for only Kryptora, Einchurt's flagship, rivals the amount of Exterminati enacted.

>> No.53707187

Prompt: Does your primarch cook?

>> No.53707202


Raj barely eats at all, and when he does, he's not picky about his food either. Triglyceride Gel is good enough for him. He commends the efforts of some of his brothers like Pacha and appreciates the gesture when he offers to cook for him, but he simply does not care about food.

>> No.53707209

Linares does, although just a little bit, and mainly, Kadirian traditional food. What he actually does regularly, is to brew beer. At the Alcázar, there are several breweries, the smallest one being used by Linares himself. Different kinds of beer are made, pilsen, black, light...but all of them receive a certain amount of nutrients and vitamins. Coupled with their unique bread, a Silver Blade can survive for months eating only bread and drinking beer. Well, a little bit of water someday too, but mainly beer and bread. Those make their whole diet while campaigning in harsh logistical scenarios.

>> No.53707869

The best of the best.

>> No.53708362

do space ready-meals count?

>> No.53708407

I'm not even sure if Mot eats.

>> No.53708490

The Kryptora is Einchurt's personal flagship, a Gloriana-class warship customized to fit the VI Legion Fleet's exacting specifications and needs. Its sleek ebony hull bristles with launch tubes, gun barrels, targetting apperati, and lance batteries. It also mounts a variety of sensor baffles, scryer-deflectors, and thermal dampeners, all intended to allow the Kryptora to move undetected. For a ship the displacement of a Gloriana to be able to run picketts and blockades, giving off only the slightest indication something might be there, is a harrowing thought. These two facts, its over-sized armament and ability to run undetected, have helped contribute to the number of worlds the Kryptora has enacted Exterminatus upon, often slipping past Xenos and non-compliant warships before unleashing its terrible armament upon the unsuspecting world below.

>> No.53709015
File: 3.90 MB, 3508x2480, gwal_deshain-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, thx to Slaine69 from deviantart I have now a pic of Deshain Kane. If you want to commission him, go for it. Low rates, great work.

>> No.53709020

What kind of a description did you give him?

>> No.53709177
File: 69 KB, 1024x768, 0bf1bbdee91f596988a7fbdc708131a0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wrote this:
He is primarch of the Gunslinger Legions. Legion Symbol are 2 crossed Boltguns^^.

And he looks like Clint Eastwood but with the hairstyle of this anime fig^^.

His armor is like the one shown. An special mk4 armor. And the poncho is bloodred instead of blue( well it is black& white as pic but I don't know why I've written it.

I sent him 2 pics

>> No.53709204
File: 104 KB, 736x883, 36c3ac4f54abd11986af6afba21aef8d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And this for the armor

>> No.53709670

Huh. >_<

>> No.53709694
File: 114 KB, 1478x1115, IMG_0231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53709958

Great legions, ne?
I suppose this just helps the rivalry. My ships are quieter! Nuh uh! Ours have warp dissapators! And anti augur plating! Well we just got null fields. I'm pretty sure you just made those up. We did. Because we have contacts with the Mechanicum.

Just to be sure I have it clear, though, I'm thinking the DH are closer to Death Guard, while the BoA are closer to Dreadwing.
The DH are more likely to be called in to keep Imperial planets in line, while the BoA help the Mechanicum recover weird shit.
Both fight horrible xenos and have those campaigns classified as their main gig.
The differences in primarchs and ethos are pretty clear, though.

>> No.53710049

I think I may be changing some things, because thinking about it... when has sneakiness ever been the DH's strong suite...
I'm still working out how the VI Legion fleet fights

>> No.53710527

Here's a non-shitty image of the Forge Lords that I've done so far. Meltaguy is next.

>> No.53710548
File: 264 KB, 1600x900, Forge_Lords_Command.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53710804

They look great, but you should work on their bases, it'll make them look even better!

>> No.53710998

I fully intend to do that after I finish painting all ten guys. What kind of base do you think would work thematically?

>> No.53711082

I'd say a sandy or light wasteland colored base would work best, both thematically and aesthetically

>> No.53711340
File: 1.23 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_0830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First model done in the VI Legion scheme, really loving the results.
Will probably order a BoP box soon and do them up in Legion colors

>> No.53711475

I know what you mean. I think I'm going to try playing some naval battles in total war to get a feel for it.

>> No.53711669

Would the Forge Lords be able to summon and bind daemons of gods other than Hashut with impunity?

>> No.53711829

Would they be able to do it? Yes
With impunity? Maybe not

>> No.53711847

Time to write a fluff bit about a chaos squad going to a Nurgle world to pilfer daemonic artifacts to use to their own ends.

>> No.53712717

What Fantasy Flight RPGs might exist in this universe?

>> No.53712908

The Guardsmen one, maybe

>> No.53713185

No I mean, what might they make in this AU?

>> No.53713256

Deathwatch could work for XVth legion kill teams, but it would be janky.

So let's work out this build up.

First up, who isn't at Ullanor? Why aren't you there?
Who is by the emperor's side when he is wounded?
From there, how is the campaign handled? This is really critical for the three Warmasters . Do they open three fronts? Do they collaborate in a central command?

Do any legions get screwed over, get used as a meat shield, etc?
Essentially come up with grievances.
I'm also thinking they exterminatus Ullanor at the end.

>> No.53713275

Obligatory something something choke on a million dicks, something something thin your paint, niggers.

They're not bad though. Always fun to see things in 3DPD.

>> No.53714071

The Death's Heads are not there, and are instead scattered across the galaxy, fighting the shitty wars. As per usual. Maybe after the Emperor gets krumped, the Legions present call on local DH elements to help them finish the campaign.
This makes the VI question the validity of the Warmasters, except maybe one of them who originally proposed bringing them along. They, and Einchurt specifically, thought the campaign was done with too much focus on pomp, it should have been a usual extermination campaign.

>> No.53714268

I'm thinking legion isn't at the emperor's side and at some level blames whoever was. I think they also get tasked with a few things to protect citizens by Je'She, and while they do it, they feel like it's a waste of their time and that Pacha should be doing it. Eventually Aššur sets them loose and somebody else takes it over. Perhaps there's a delay and the Orks invade. The mortals are able to hold, despite some casualties because of the fortifications the XVth built. The astartes relief gets there to find the Orks have been defeated at high cost to the mortals and Je'She/Pacha is pissed. Gyahdred is unsympathetic. They survived and played an active role in their salvation. Besides, he gave them a fortress and his statistics said they'd hold and he was right.
Aššur tells them to quit bitching too, Gyahdred's forces have been on a rampage and the lives of a few billion guardsmen have bought massive gains.

At some other point, Gyahdred pisses someone off by diverting to defend a forge.
Most of the campaign, though, I think he is shredding Orks. A Warmaster gives him a direction and he makes like Sherman. Frederick makes best use of this, designing other campaigns to work alongside Gyahdred's actions, generally coordinating things.

>> No.53714352

Im thinking of having the Blades at Ullanor...they would fight in nearly every major battle of the Crusade/Heresy so far. That would be difficult to cope with,

>> No.53714492

I'm not interested in giving the Titan Marchers too much exposure, but considering they're a support legion, they would be a given for the Ullanor campaign.

Not wanting to sound hypocritical here, but think it might be interesting to give another legion the spotlight on Ullanor? The Blades are involved in a lot, yes, but there are still plenty of other fronts for them to cover.

>> No.53714810

I'd say Valorn is present at Ullanor. Considering the fact that the Orkish Empire there is a threat to Terra and Valorn would not want The Emperor to face the same pain he himself had faced when Taiga was destroyed, Valorn would almost certainly get involved with the crusade. He wouldn't be by the Emperor's side when he get's hurt though.

>> No.53714882

The Iron Guard is at Ullanor, having sustained heavy losses in the campaign due to their psychological unability to consider a battle won if a single foe draws breathe. They don't get overly angry at that though, it's their soldier ethos.

>> No.53715134

I... Don't really know.

How many Legions were at Ullanor in the OU?

>> No.53715176

The Luna Wolves, the Ultramarines and the White Scars, with a combined 100,000 marines. However, our Ullanor happens later, so we might need more.

>> No.53715184

I'm thinking Lambach throws all of his toys out of the pram after Nikea so he is probably not at Ullanor.

>> No.53715294

There were more than that. I actually think Ultramarines weren't there though.
Emperors Children, Luna Wolves, White Scars, Word Bearers, Thousand Sons, World Eaters, Imperial Fists, Death Guard and Blood Angels were all definately there. The cover art for the book "Primarchs" Has all the Ullanor Primarchs lined up.

>> No.53715318


Well, Emil and the Steel Souls can be there, or not. I don't really mind. It's whatever you all think would be most useful.

>> No.53715339
File: 40 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These Dudes. All those Legions were there.

>> No.53715389

Pacha and his Golden Mountains are mostly in full force at Ullanor, the only forces held back being the Marines with support roles and the Mountain Warlocks.

>> No.53715428

well, lexicanum has lied to me >:(

>> No.53715455

Gunslingers are definetly there and Kane is at the Emperors side (but no helping hand) not sure if he just waits until the emp is choked to vegetable or if he can't decide what to do and finally helps the emperor but it is too late. After ullanor the gunslingers go missing.

>> No.53715714

Well, I will send a small detachment to Ullanor. As a secondary force, not intended to be the spearhead. Sincerely, I feel like the Blades are pretty much everywhere doing the most important stuff. I just want to give space, so other Legion can fill up the place. Hope I'm explaining myself well

>> No.53716256

Eh, could be, but I just don't like the idea of them being there just for the sake of being there.

>> No.53716335

That's why I chose to keep them away from Ullanor. Let's say they are exhausted from waging war for years without end, and that they have to recover, both in numbers and in shape.

>> No.53716528

Given their fondness of alcohol, they must be really out if shape. And remember: using drunk a bolter is not the best idea for a long and healthy live.

>> No.53716855

Neither is joining the Astartes

Unless you are a Gunslinger

>> No.53716921

^^ join the gunslingers amd we guarantee that you will not end as cannon fodder.

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