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Should I play Necrons or Dark Angel successor Primaris marines?

>> No.53600129

Vet Command Squad w/ Vox and Med Kit and Lascanon HWS 48pts


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New Slaaneshi cultists

>> No.53600149

Should I pick Tau or Nids? I will mainly play small games - Kill Team and SW:A or 1000 pts matched
>inb4 choose what you like
Like them both lore- and aesthetic wise - now it's all about game-style

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You will not tempt me you heretic.

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Give me a quick rundown.

Two armies from two different factions can ally with each other, correct?

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Do Primaris dudes actually look competitive at all?

I can't see why GW would release a faction that appear to be meh in everything except their statline

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Wait for repulsor and redemptor.

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are you a girl? if yes pick nids

if no pick Tau

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They aren't a faction. They are just new SM squads.

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So do more than two pairs of scything talons do anything? Why do Trygons have 3 pairs?

>> No.53600200

Swap the lascannon for a mortar so you can hide and not get shot up on turn one while still returning fire.

I second this >>53600184 Their vehicles will be a game changer

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6 [embeds]
2 shitty memes
0 thread subject

Worse than Cruddace.

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>But you'll never hear a socialist/communist admit to that because "oh that wasn't true socialism/communism".
Man, are you retarded? I'm talking about academic definition problematics and you went "hurr durr muh bad commies". Sure it is a shit but it's not the topic of the conversation. You can not separate emotions and discourse? Are you from Poland or what?

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Chaos with Chaos, Imperium with Imperium, Eldar with Eldar variants, Nids with Genecults and Genecults with Imperial Guard, T'au and Orks with no one else.

>> No.53600220

Maybe you're more of an undivided kind of guy?

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I'm on board with that.

>> No.53600252

T-the Emperor's light shall keep me pure.

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M-memes are not helping me Anon

>> No.53600272

People who intentionally carry off-topic discussions into new threads should be thrown from helicopters tbqh

>> No.53600296

Tfw pretending to play apocalypse against myself

I should to get back to painting...

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>primaris are a faction
why do i keep hearing this? they are just more space marine squads

>> No.53600300

New genestealer breeders when?

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>Same shit but with more diseases, anger issues, and retarded babbling.

It is truly funny that you find such things tempting.

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Listen up you little shit you are actually right, sorry

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do you want to shoot things with big guns and be tacticool/honorabu
or do you want to move up field as an unconquerable horde eating everything ?

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So, now that everyone has gotten a chance to take a look at the 40k 8th Edition rules/indexes, I have to ask: How do you feel about the changes to your army?

As a Skitarii player thats now burgeoning into a full Admech player, I cant help but have mixed feelings. The loss of Doctrines, and the unit stacking of Canticles kind of takes the flavour out of the army, along with the reworking of Radium weapons, loss of FNP in exchange for a 5++, etc.

The ability to run full Admech however, is awesome. No more messing around with allies, seperate books, or formations.

So, thoughts?

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I have no interest in your misbegotten kind.

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Are the Primaris at all good for competitive play?

>> No.53600333

Can some leak anon post 8th ed fluff?

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>tfw 3/4 games i played a month for 7th were against myself.
its my own fault for moving out in the woods, but i do miss having a flgs

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Thoughts on the following DEldar list?

>Haemonculus - Hexrifle
>Haemonculus - Hexrifle

>10x Wracks - 2x Ossefactors, Hexrifle
>10x Wracks - 2x Ossefactors, Hexrifle
>10x Wracks - 2x Ossefactors, Hexrifle
>20x Warriors - 2x Dark Lances
>20x Wyches - Agnoiser

>5x Scourges - 4x Blaster
>5x Scourges - 4x Blaster

>3x Talos - Macroscalpels, Stingerpods
>Ravager - 3x Disentegrator Cannons
>Ravager - 3x Dark Lances

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195 burger dollars for a warhound from Chinaman. I'm not going to lie guys, I'm really fucking tempted. Has anyone ever got a warhound from Z?

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Most likely not.

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How are deathwatch in 8ed. So far?

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Time to shelf them anon and buy some chadmarines. You got fucked hard.

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putting chaos marines with daemons.

Two detachments, business as usual?

>> No.53600397

These indices are just placeholders to let people play their armies. Note how none of the Space Marine chapters have any specific rules, or that there's no artifacts and little customization for most units.

>> No.53600402

That's the spirit! With or without a cock? Oh who am I kidding you're just going to need to guess.

Purity is over rated. But you might want to stay clear of the Nergal cultists.

Yay! Heresy!

That's cute, let me get my can opener

>> No.53600406

They can be one detachment, if you want.

>> No.53600421

A lot of flavour has been removed. I'm desperately hoping that codices will expand this

I really wish we had the biomorph range of 4th edition back as nids

>> No.53600426

I've got a Taurox that I haven't open yet from the last time I played. I already have one built, should I sell the boxed on or build it?

>> No.53600427


Read through some of it yesterday at my FLGS. Few things I remember.

After Cadia falls Khorne invades Terra with 88 daemon cohorts. They make it to the Gates of the Palace before being destroyed. Khorne gets angry at them and obliterates the 8 Bloodthirsters in charge of the attack.

On Armageddon a massive warp storm blankets the whole planet and there's a gigantic invasion of daemons. Slaanesh and Khorne daemons fight each other whilst Orks and Imperium team up to fight Daemons. In the end a ritual is disrupted which prevents Angron from being summoned. Armageddon's whole surface is warped and changed by Chaos. Ghaz nowhere to be seen.

Blood Crusade is Khorne yelling really loud when Cadia falls which prompts a giant daemon invasion of various worlds. They're heading for Octavius currently.

Can't remember much else, was looking for Ork stuff mainly.

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(elysian) guard here (so not entirely sure about the full effect)
but i love the amount of options we have when it comes to building and playing an infantry list now
the orders especially look really good and with the rending system i finally have a decent use for some of the awesome but ap4 so totally useless weapons since it's all spacemarines, we had in our arsenal
on the other hand blast weapons , the previous mainstay of most guard armies took a serious hit in effectiveness , i don't like randomness when it comes to big guns and with dx hits and dx damage everywhere on bs4+ vehicles you're bound to have really shitty shooting fases when you need them the most

i'm really happy i can bring a flying circus and not be cheesy either

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Why pretend? Why not play a game of 8th against yourself to test out the rules?

>> No.53600445

Why is Slaanesh so perfect?

>> No.53600447

Damn i bought the battleforce back in january but i had some good games with them. Time to preorder dark imperium :^)

>> No.53600452

Well, I'm playing the second option right now with my skavens and I like it but I'm open to new play-styles. For me it's all about usefulness of units. I know that with Tau start collecting I'm okay to play Kill Team and with Optimised Patfinder Team I can also play SW:A.
On the other hand Tyranids box gives me warriors for both KT and SW:A and Tervigon Brood Progenitor gives me gants - never enough of gants. The point is I know little about Tau and even less about Nids so I don't know if these two boxes of bugs are okay for formats I want to play

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Foul being my purity is what keeps me close to The Emperor. His strength will guide me to destroy you and your sex- i mean horrific body.

>> No.53600464

Why would anyone think that more "shapeless gunblob-itis" was a good idea. Seriously I like a lot of the stuff in 8th but the death of positioning is really annoying.

Owner choosing death sucks and its only saving grace is that flamers aren't completely vulnerable anymore.

Vehicles losing relentless sucks too. I can understand the manned weapons having -1 hit but automated weapons getting it too sucks. The loss of armor values could be remedied by "+1 to wound against vehicles attacked from the back and sides" or "-1 to wound from the front".

Character rules are shit as is and would work better if they treated other units like cover as in "can only be targeted if not 25% obscured by another enemy unit" also, the monster rule should make them targetable, Hive Tyrants are pretty fucking huge and many characters are way bigger than troops even without 10 wounds.

And unless they're constantly updating battle slates which, if their game is well made, they wouldn't have to do, the elimination of universal special rules is retarded. It only makes sense if they expect to update unit starts with special exceptions e.g. "place this unit anywhere on the table at least 9" away from another unit. But only on turns where night fighting is in effect" then calling it "Convert Deployment" instead of just calling everything "Deep Strike" would make sense.

Can't think of anything else I dislike that isn't just bitching about changes to my army.

>> No.53600468

>Yay! Heresy!
Lord Commander Regent would like to enlighten you on definitions of heresy and his Aeldari allies.

>> No.53600477

Don't field Deff Dreads, they're still crap.

>> No.53600478

Not yet at least.

>> No.53600483

Me, too. My small town had a lgs in the 90s. 30 years later I'm the only player.

>> No.53600484

thats a good idea

>> No.53600487

played a game with them at my local store today and i destroyed the nurgle guy
the hellblasters + captain + lieutenant is an awesome combo and the extra rapid fire range , attacks and wounds really helps you get an edge

the goofy looking jetpack marines proved invaluable when it come to creating a diversion and their ability to fall back and shoot is great coupled with their 6 heavy bolter shots per dude

they might do worse against a shootier army though

>> No.53600491

I'm having flashbacks of my CSM right now.

>> No.53600499

Can you post some photos of timeline and new warzones?

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>> No.53600515


Talked me into it.

>> No.53600516


What if you're a trap

>> No.53600518

Aren't they going to get more rules and support soon?

>> No.53600522

>whole surface
i thought i remembered reading that it was about half
also there is the whole plague wars where nurgle takes over 5 systems on the edge of ultramar

>> No.53600524


Eh, they seem okay.

>> No.53600525


Didn't take photos. Just posting what I remembered.

>> No.53600531

Then you should play x-wing

>> No.53600532

Slaanesh demons

then suicide because you'll never be a real girl

>> No.53600537

Octavius? You mean Octarius?

Orks vs Nids vs Daemons?

>> No.53600548

All part of the gig

The Emperor eh? How about we pull out the captured sister of battle and do lines of warp dust off her ass. That might loosen you up a bit.

Excellent! Get this anon a cultist!

Don't worry you'll be reuniting with your bother soon so he can finish the job

>> No.53600553

And by CSM I meant Command Sergeant Major

>> No.53600556


Yeah that one. Seems GW figured it wasn't right to have a conflict occurring without Chaos getting involved.

>> No.53600571


In my opinion, Deathwatch remained about the same (which is to say, not that amazing but playable), or even got better.

The frag Cannon continues to be amazing, and are even more devastating than before on overwatch, where you get a full 2d6 automatic hits.

We keep our special issue ammunition (and we're the ONLY ones who have it now), and wounding on a 2+ is way rarer now as it's only done at x2 toughness.

Veterans actually went down by 3 ppm, watch masters dropped by 45 pts and actually got better.

Now that everyone has infinite splitfire, our schtick of having ultra customizable squads becomes more effective

The Corvus is amazing now. It puts out a huge number of shots and is more effective as a personnel carrier than it was before.

I think we did bretty good.

>> No.53600576

>playing against oneself
people actually do this?

>> No.53600585

Are you actually female?

Because if so that anon's joke is fucking uncanny.
(There's three women here who play 40k, all of them run nids)

>> No.53600590

So this is my understanding of Quantum Shielding:

>I shoot at Necron vehicle
>I hit
>I do 2 wounds
>Necron rolls saves
>Necron fails both
>Now Necron player has to roll a D6 and on a number lower than the number of wounds, and if he rolls it then all wounds are discarded
>If he fails this wounds go through
>If the wounds do multiples damage per wound then you still only roll lower than the initial number of wounds dealt. (e.g 2 dice do d6 damge but he has to roll less than 2 rather than less 2xd6 result)


>> No.53600595

Do you have a problem with someone testing out armies against them self and maybe trying to develop strategies for different attacks that an enemy could pull?

>> No.53600612

S-Sisters are pure they would never let us do such things off their bodies.W-Would they?

>> No.53600613

It's retarded and pointless

>> No.53600615

Look at mr. Fancy pants with friends.

>> No.53600627

Nope - male. And all female players I know (5) run Deldar/Clowns and Crons

>> No.53600628

No, it only works on multi damage not wounds. If an attack would do more then one damage you roll a D6 and if it's less than the damage you don't lose any wounds.

>> No.53600638

The closest thing to this I've ever done is do some math for which one of units 1, 2, 3 or 4 are the most effective at destroying enemy unit X

>> No.53600651

He said PRETENDING to play against himself, dumbass. He just posed his dudes for a photo.

>> No.53600652

the fact that you know what you're planning defeats the whole point

>> No.53600664

You'd be surprised the things they'll let you do if your real nice to them.

He also seems to mostly just be posing the armies not actually rolling dice and shit

>> No.53600667

No. Try this:
>necron vehicle suffers 3 unsaved wounds from a multishot gun which does D3 damage
>attacking player rolls 1, 2, and 3 damage
>damage 1 attack cannot be stopped by quantum shielding
>damage 2 attack stopped if necron player rolls a 1
>damage 3 attack stopped if necron player rolls a 1 or 2

>> No.53600674

Did they fix the retarded weapons options, I just want a termie chaplain

>> No.53600684

I'm thinking of getting into them. How do you manage without predators? And why do Terminators not get special ammunition? Seems a little silly that they're denied it unless they're in a kill team.

>> No.53600709


Ah ok, so it has a really good chance to ignore high rolls on damage but is susceptible to glances.

That's cool.

>> No.53600710

>tfw hypocritical loyalists who always act so damn high and mighty callin' a nigga 'traitors to mankind' are literally dangling with xeno bitches n' shit
Smh desu famalam. Horus was right.

>> No.53600716

Others replying to him confessed to playing against themselves, though
so it's a valid statement

>> No.53600720

Moap, don't troll people, you already have an army.
Also post tummy

>> No.53600726

But you foul heretics aren't nice all you do is tempt and befoul the good in man kind.

>> No.53600740

>are literally dangling with xeno bitches n' shit
Emperor never said that we can not be friends with xenos and fuck their females mate

>> No.53600747

Only so long as it's mutation free.

>> No.53600751


>be Legionnaire during the Great Crusade
>wonder what will happen to us when the war ends
>revolt against the uncaring Emperor who uses us only as tools and discards us when he finds something better
>Like Primaris Marines

Horus literally did nothing wrong.

>> No.53600761

So, theoretically speaking, the Nob WAAAGH! banner is actually a pretty insane buff.

According to the math:
1 unit of 30 boyz on the charge kills
w/o banner: approximately 36 conscripts and 13 marines
w/ banner: approximately 45 conscripts and 17 marines
obviously lots of rounding and not super comprehensive/realistic, but the Waagh! Banner clearly has a major effect on the strength of even basic ork units (not to mention all the others it buffs).

I'd say it's a must have for just about any foot slogging army.

>> No.53600775

Yes but rolling numbers and stuff doesn't exactly help you equate for distances and if it would be better to try and charge them and shoot or not shoot at all and charge them.
maybe, There is still luck and going against established lists and such (which we do not currently have) can help you be better prepared to face them when it is the real deal.

>> No.53600811

Chaos is created from man and all other warp sensitive races, any corruption chaos spreads was already in the hearts of man. So just come do some pillaging with us. We'll get some more of those Sororitas.

Steer clear of Tzeentch and the Eye of Terror and you should be good.

>> No.53600814

Considering how weak bikes have been in my test games Im fairly confidant most Ork armies are going to be a bunch of boyz slogging it.

Whoever decided to fuck bikes and Waaagh rules like this should be shot

>> No.53600824

you do know the strategy so you are correct in this thought, however it is not pointless. if you are someone that is able to only get in like one game a week, that doesnt give you a lot of practice time or time to adjust your strategies from previous games. you can gain a lot of benefite just putting the models on the table and making fairly standard decisions (the most common move your opponent would likely make). This lets you visualize the battlefield because models are actually on the table, and you can move around and observe the mock game from multiple angles.

tldr: you cannot suprise yourself, however you can get benefits from theorycrafting with visual representation.

even the tldr was too long : models in hand worth more than models in brain

>> No.53600829

just go through the scenarios of charging or not charging and you're set?

>> No.53600838

Yeah its insane buff and you should have the scattered around the battlefield along with Warbosses for the aura.

The fact it also isn't limited to infantry and instead <Clan> is just orgasmic.

Fucking basic Ork boys hitting on a 2+... Jesus.

And for fucking 79 points.

>> No.53600840

So we literally wasted like 10k years worth of crusading so that you thirsty niggas can go full degenerate with those disgusting alien hoes?

And then people wonder why we turned traitor. Bruuuuh i'm not even a loyalist but c.l.e.a.n.s.e the alien homie. Offer their damn skulls to khorne that's all they good for.

>> No.53600841

Ok how is my terrain settup looking

This is my Realm of Battle: card-board

>> No.53600844

>this pic

>> No.53600849


>models in hand worth more than models in brain

For some people yeah - if you play enough you'll eventually develop the ability to work through a game entirely in your head when you're theory hammering.

>> No.53600859

whatever works for you, I guesse

>> No.53600864

Fuck, it posted sideways

>> No.53600865

Better than most tournaments.

>> No.53600866

O-Okay maybe ill just go on one pillaging run.

>> No.53600874

This so much. Death to the false emperor and the abominations who serve him.

>> No.53600875

Wait, this is the general?
I was looking for one, but with no title and no /40kg/ I missed it.
Perils of using catalogue to find em.

>> No.53600880

Yeah it's basically the opposite of how it worked in 7E.

>> No.53600884

>So we literally wasted like 10k years worth of crusading
Yeah, that's the point. 10 000 years of bitching about nothing and to be honest - I don't feel like a loser here

>> No.53600887

I didn't know imperial worlds had zaku

>> No.53600902

Would people object if I use my Obliterators as Terminator Lords with combiweapons and powerfists?
I've got 4 of the fuckers and was thinking of using them in a "Supreme Command" detachment.

>> No.53600903

No one is happy in this picture.No smiles only grate face

>> No.53600910


>deathwatch have Hellfire ammo
>tyrannic war veterans don't

GW is retarded?

>> No.53600913

>Ancient manlets who lost 10,000 years ago and have been continuing to lose ever since having the gall to act in the right
Tippity top kek, all those years in the warp must really do something to the manlet's brain.

>> No.53600916

Vraks had everything stored on it anon!

>> No.53600943

>Reading Dark Imperium
>Not even Daemons of Nurgle like the bagpipes

>> No.53600956

That's the spirit! Just don't don't piss of the noise marines. If you don't have a weapon make sure to pick one up off a corps asap. Fight hard and you'll have spoils in no time!

>> No.53600984

Is it possible to use a VPN to order from GW in a place with cheaper prices, but still get it sent to my local store?

>> No.53600995


You've asked like 3 or 4 times - why don't you just try it?

>> No.53601015

One would assume. Only the tank and dread have been announced though.

>> No.53601021

You will when I tear your bitch ass limb from limb. But not before bleeding your nasty hoes in front of you. You think just because I bailed out from your shithole of an empire I'm just gonna watch it descend into blatant slaneesh worship? They hell I will.

Fucking degenerates. You will all burn in the raging fires of Khorne's forge.

>> No.53601022

Is it worth it? I mean - my LGS is selling everything for 80% of GW prices

>> No.53601028

I asked once in the tail end of the previous general.
And mostly because I'm phone posting currently.

>> No.53601032

>The fact it also isn't limited to infantry and instead <Clan> is just orgasmic.

Holy shit I missed that. My walkers can be hitting on 2's.

In the one game of 8th I've played I found the biggest issue with the Ork buff characters is keeping them up with the troops when they charge. Basically you usually have to run the buff characters in to combat as well to keep the bubble active. It also makes Da Jump more of a trade-off; a unit gets to go anywhere you like but it's going to not have the buffs.

>> No.53601036


nah the (local store) wouldnt pop up on the site as an option to be delivered to.

I mean if it is then you might as well try it.

>> No.53601045

I did this with shadow war, too much work for 40k

I never knew moving little men around would be so exhausting, running around and doing everything yourself.

>> No.53601049

>my in-progress enclaves have no rules, GW wants less Crisis suits used, and my characters don't even exist

fuck you GW, fusion blade assault when

>> No.53601072

Why even order from GW when you can get your shit for much less off of LGS

>> No.53601105

It would be fantastic if the Imperium had mobile suits to use in space and land.

>> No.53601125

The primarines are innocent children you're brainwashing into alien racemixing, you fuck. We might not be able to save all of them but we WILL enlighten them in the primordial truth of humanity and the eightfold path. Watching them whoop your xeno-fucker ass and rip the skulls out of your mangled corpses will be absolutely delicious.

>> No.53601128


Only LGS I know of here are GW stores.
There's a couple places that do MTG etc, but no Warhammer etc

>> No.53601163

order online, guy?

>> No.53601168

Fuck this bullshit. If Guilliman legitimately shuns the Emperor and usurps him we need to launch a counter crusade to kill him and restore the Emperor.

>> No.53601191

I love xeno-girls, but you're right.
Humans is best man, but xenos are best girls not tau- its shit tier

>> No.53601193

Where the fuck do you live? On Mars?

>> No.53601194

>Russians in charge of loyalty
heh,,,, okay,,, kiddo..... . ...

>> No.53601215

I'm a CSM but I'd legit help you.

>> No.53601249


Is anyone going to upload Dark Imperium or not?

>> No.53601254

My FLGS was having 8th edition games today
I watched Magnus the Red destroy a knight at the top of turn 1 in close combat.

>> No.53601268

fuck get me off this ride

>> No.53601270

Everyone though Robute will start new Heresy versus Inquisition and other religious shit, but its Mahrines heresy versus Gullman

>> No.53601278

Small city in Australia.

>> No.53601284

New Magnus is a CC retard fast unit.

Weve been saying that since the book was leaked

>> No.53601285

As opposed to the heaps and heaps of innocent children you and your disgusting ilk enjoying raping, eating, and enslaving.
You have no right to speak down to anyone.

>> No.53601287

but thats kinda the point. If this guy is playing with himself (which is something I have done, and others in this thread owned up to it too) then he probably doesnt have the time or ability to play games that often. Myself I dont get to play more than like once every 2 weeks. I love the game and desire to get the most out of it, but only being able to get like 2 games in a month means that i simply lack the ability to make the game become second nature or retain muscle memory of things. So doing an exercise like setting up a game by oneself and running mock simulations will only improve how you visualize the battlefield and allow you to work through certain tactics and decide what you like and dont like. You cant suprise yourself, but you can still gain great benefit from this. This guy shouldnt be trolled because he is trying to gain some of practical experience so that his few games an be streamlined

>> No.53601298

We can also use the weapons from other chapters! Much better than GKs

>> No.53601325

No faggot. Kill all xenos scum. We agreed on this even after the heresy, what the fuck happened to you cunts?

I want to enlight humanity, not put it out of it's misery.

>> No.53601333

How much do you reckon different Chadmarines will cost separately?

>> No.53601337


>tau are getting new models not directly related to their empire

you'll be your own faction soon, stop complaining

>> No.53601346

Was any other Ork player surprised when they saw Painboyz have Power Klaws now?

>> No.53601353

You say this only because dont have monster girl

>> No.53601355

What does the lieutenant do?

>> No.53601365

wtf I love xenos now

>> No.53601367

Selfbump this

>> No.53601369

How much do Stormcast Eternals Cost?

>> No.53601371

A bit sideways

>> No.53601377

I was trying to put together a 500pt patrol out of various SC! kits. In general, I'm finding it hard to reach 500 due to how cheap infantry are now, and frequently I need to take literally every option to do so. Working on a Tyranid setup right now, and I've managed to get to 451 with:

-Flyrant w/Stranglethorn+Monstrous Boneswords
-3x Warriors w/ a combined 2x Deathspitters, 1x barbed strangler, and 3x boneswords
-10x gargoyles
And everybody has both adrenal glands and toxin sacs.

Is there anything I'm missing, or does the Tyranid SC! cap at 451?

Regardless, I'm thinking about dropping these down to something like 400 or 300, just so there's less impetus to take literally all options. Doing setup for some tiny battles with friends to test out rules for various factions.

>> No.53601383

This better be worth it.

>> No.53601389

It wasnt even best monster girl

>> No.53601390

Im more surprised I can give a Mek on a Bike a Shokk attack gun

>> No.53601391

Watch master lost parry and more mysteriously, the clavis.

Limits on terminator heavy weapons are boning my kill teams right now. Kill teams with termies also go slower now too. No free deepstrike or tactics kinda hurts. Overall much more usable though, I agree. Power weapons more usable too I think

I can't understand why they arbitrarily continue to limit our captain, chaplain, and librarian wargear, though. Also not taking the opportunity to fork over techmarines and apothecaries was hella lame.

Glad our special hammers still do something unlike Daemonhammers.

Also, if those are your marines, how'd you get that slick blue on the Ultramarine?

>> No.53601393

>implying my khornate warband would waste their time with cowards and weaklings
Fuck you my nigga, don't mix us up with those slaneeshi whores.

>> No.53601398

naga 2nd worst xenos after the centaur.

>> No.53601404


You know you could do that last edition right?

>> No.53601408

At this point I'd settle for any monstergirl that's cute and doesn't have a dick

>> No.53601423

>and doesn't have a dick
>he doesn't want monsterfuta waifu

>> No.53601424

Is this a good time to start getting into 40k? I was into Fantasy like 10 years ago and I saw that there was a new edition coming out. Should I start thinking about buying my army now, or would it be better to wait until new units/rules come out? Leaning towards Necrons, Grey Knights or Tau.

>> No.53601425

Have you read through the leaked rules for both? They have very different playstyles.

Tyranids tend to fall into one of two broad archetypes: Monstrous creature lists, or horde lists. Tyranids have a plethora of giant kaiju to throw at enemies, with a relatively low model-count. Alternatively, you can run a Tervigon-brood style list with literally hundreds of 'gaunts.

Tau are big on ranged combat, much less so on melee. Previously their suits were a huge part of their force, but the price-hikes mean that they're more situational now. Markerlights are one of their more unique mechanics, where you have units like Pathfinders light-up targets for other units of yours to take down.

>> No.53601427

Shit could you?

>> No.53601429

>At this point I'd settle for any girl that's cute and doesn't have a dick

>> No.53601434

1: insects
2: arachnids
3: nagas and other lizards
Look at moth girl

>> No.53601442


>no dick

It's like you want to be dating something without a sex drive.

>t.married for past 12 years

>> No.53601446


49 euros per 10 liberators and 50 euros per ten hunters.

>> No.53601452


you murderboning asshats have been such massive dicks for the past 10,000 years that you've successfully made the ELDAR look like the lesser of two evils.

personally I can't agree with working with those knife eared fucks, but I'd rather french kiss a tau "womans" face vagina or join a fucking genestealer cult than have to tolerate the presence of even one of you dirty fucking traitors, AND THIS IS COMING FROM THE MOUTH OF A KNIGHT OF THE FUCKING DEATHWATCH


>> No.53601455

Are Grey Knights even playable in a casual scene at this point?

>> No.53601470


>> No.53601480


looks like a glaze to me m8

>> No.53601485


Yep. Was sort of gimmicky but the Bike did give you Relentless, so you could move and shoot the SAG.

>> No.53601486

Take a chill pill. It's like you Khornites don't even enjoy yourselves while you work.

>> No.53601491

1. Slime Girls
2. Harpies
3. Insects, Arachnids
4. Purely magical things, such as vampires, dullahan, etc
5. Furshit
Power Gap (above this line is acceptable taste, below it, terrible taste)
6. Naga
Power gap (below this line you just want to fuck horses, and are a degenerate
7. Centaur

>> No.53601495

Fuck off freak. The only thing I want from you and your disgusting harlots is your broken skulls. I will rip you to fucking shreds and make an altar from your bones. I'll call it, 'the altar of dead, degenerate niggas, aliens and other fucked up dishonorable shit'.

I will ascend to fucking daemonhood from purging you filth. Who cares if I'm alone.

>> No.53601515


the casual scene means power points, so grey knights can go nuts with upgrades

go and equip your whole army with daemonhammers

>> No.53601520

Holy hell i just realized you can now totally charge into a bunch of enemies with thunder hammers and not expect to get your shit pushed in. Purrfect

>> No.53601525


When I heard not directly part of the empire, I was hoping Enclaves.
Hoping enclaves and not something pointless like an auxiliary unit that doesn't do anything new or better than current units

>> No.53601533


a command squad and two full platoons of 35 men each

Also 4 enforcers are deployed within those squads

As well as two rogue psykers

Also: arkos the faithless and a squad of chaos space marines have been rumored to be in the area

Time for marines to deploy and destroy the heretics

>> No.53601534

>furshit above naga
>furshit in the "acceptable" category

>> No.53601537

If you use points then no. If you use power levels then they are great.

>> No.53601545

>Deathwatch assrape Tau suits like no there's tomorrow

>> No.53601557

> degenerate niggas, aliens and other fucked up dishonorable shit
I can be named onlu as dishonorable
> ascend to fucking daemonhood
Thats a choice of weak slaves of gods

>> No.53601562

Tyranids seem fun as fuck this edition. Can you make a good army with biovores, zoanthropes, and lictors?

>> No.53601572

Dont call the primarch of the space wolves a monster pls

>> No.53601583

>Have you read through the leaked rules for both?
Yes, I have but I'm new here and I'm just worried I could mss something.
>They have very different playstyles
Yeah, I know this. My question is rather about if their start collecting and armoured assault boxes will provide me suitable models for Kill Team and SW:A. I know that with SC! and AA boxes I can make up a ~800pts lists for matched games for both factions and also it's enough to play KT and SW:A with Tau but I don't know if it is a good base for Nids.

>> No.53601611


I'm assuming he means wolf and cat girls anon.

at least I'm hoping...

>> No.53601620

The models used in SW: A do not include all models for the main game. IIRC, Tau only really use Pathfinders, for example, which you can get in a single box much cheaper than the SC!, and which are not included in the SC! itself. Read through the SW:A rules for each faction, see what models are used, then compare those to what's available in the boxes. In general, SW:A/Kill-Team are played with very tiny model counts; a SC!+AA will be way overkill for that, but would be a fantastic starting point for any army in the main game.

>> No.53601637


The deathwatch REPRESENT are the only imperial faction still allowed to have occasional victories against the tau because their whole hat is "the expert alien killers"

everyone else is fucked.

>> No.53601671


>> No.53601674

Holy fucking shit even the fucking Deathwatch is compromised. I hoped to fight alongside you but it seems you too have degenated into species-treasoning xenofucking. You know what?

Fuck you, I don't need you faggot fucks. Me and my chaos homies will cleanse the entire galaxy of aliens and alien-lovers even if we have to be the last men standing. Because at least we'll be men, and not whatever the shit you have become.



>> No.53601693

This is why I miss the old noise marine. A death metal group to pair with a berserker mosh pit.

>> No.53601699

Tactical squads Zhyr and Haas deploy along side an auxillary scout squad

Vanguard vet squad culln deploys near a razorback armed with a tech marine

Commander ainea will be leading this attack

>> No.53601714

Fucking shit its an australian picture

Lets try this again

>> No.53601723

I had my last game of 7th edition with my scion army today and it was fucking hilarious

My Greyfax, 30 scions, CRASSUS ARMORED ASSAULT TRANSPORT, vindi-don't care-assassin, eversor assassin, and 2 culexeus assassins vs his Calgar, termie chaplain, 4 honor guard, 5 terminators, 2 combat squads, and 3 grav centurions. Assassins infiltrated, everyone else piled into the transport.
By the end of the game he had 2 centurions left, I had the vindicaire and 5 scions left, the game lasted 6 turns. Every turn past 2 was basically everyone dying in droves and the main combat stretching on

Turn 2 I got both culexus assassins in combat with Calgar, the honor guard, and the chaplain, by turn 5 everyone except one culexus was dead, and it was down to 1 wound. The honor guard were dead by turn 3 and the two characters just kept holding on. The eversor killed nothing in close combat, but shot 3 marines to death and killed a centurion with his death-explosion. I lost 10 scions in one shooting phase to the centurions after they disembarked, the terminators deep struck and shot 6 others to death in the same turn, killed 3 in close combat, and one ran off the table.

At the end of turn 5, the last culexeus hopped into the crassus along with 10 scions because the game was pretty much over, except then the eversor assassin was killed in close combat by the centurions who had a clear line of sight on the tank for turn 6. The crassus blew up and killed the culexeus and 5 scions as I realized how badly I fucked up
Then the vindicaire, who had flipped off of his building to kill the last terminator, only to fail to do so, got assaulted and killed the terminator in close combat with his knife. The game ended with a tie

>> No.53601729

This picture just gave me vertigo.
Great job m8

>> No.53601731

Go get shanked, Slaanfag, this is Drukhari space now.

>> No.53601734


I wonder if I can use a dialed down blades for rank and file suits for melee

>> No.53601736

So, I gotta ask.

Do repentia have to "buy" their own weapons or have I gotten something wrong?

Because 17 points plus the 22 for the weapon seems stupid imho.

>> No.53601737

>Ripped the Deffrolla off my old Battlewagon 2 months ago because I was sick of rollas being so dogshit
>GW drops 8th ed, makes rollas god tier

I should have known better really.

>> No.53601748

also married for 12 years....my experience is quite different. my wife runs me ragged. i think i am quite lucky though. 1st wife lost interest after 6 months. 2nd wife likes tha d. each is different

>> No.53601755

Guilliman has added an eleventh company to the standard Chapter roster.

>> No.53601758

How do my favorite degenerates paint slaanesh daemons? What primer do you use?

>> No.53601761


Repentia Eviscerator is free.

>> No.53601765

Heres a lower angle for ya

>> No.53601787

Neat, that's good to know.

How do I tell though? The unit is under the "wargear not inluded" tab as far as I can tell.

>> No.53601789

Come try that melee shit with us, deathwatch faggots
>even if you win you still loose

>> No.53601806


Welcome to 8th ed. My Morkanaut has exactly one option to change its wargear, adding on a KFF. Here's what the points totals look like for it:

Base - 270
2 x Rokkits - 24
2 x Twin Big Shootas - 28
Kustom Mega Kannon - 23
Kustom Mega Blasta - 9

Total: 354

I have no way to modify that loadout in any way. So, in fact, the base cost of the unit is 354.

>> No.53601808

They have their own eviscerator which costs 0.

>> No.53601811


legit or recast?

>> No.53601815

Segmentum Solar, Uranus. I'll be sending my drop pods deep into Uranus so you better be waiting ;)

I loved the Rock n Roll aesthetic

Oh? a little competition for Slaanesh's attention? I don't mind, you do good work but I won't go that easily.

>> No.53601830


Mine wasn't too bad until we had a kid 3 years ago. She completely lost interest after that point. She was also in her 30's by then, don't know if that played much of a role.

>> No.53601832

Does anyone have a image or a description of what color and the Heraldry the Fists Exemplar had/have?

>> No.53601847



>> No.53601851

Nevermind, just saw that theirs are "special" cases.

>> No.53601883



>> No.53601887

My local store was going to throw a realm board into the garbage and i got it for free today

>> No.53601889

Reading through Dark Imperium has so far yielded two new Primaris Squad types.

Agressors who wear Gravis armour and have flamers of some sort.


Reivers who wear skull helmets and a specialise stealth armour, they have power blades and are infiltration and close combat specialised.

>> No.53601907

So multiple units can ride inside of transports now

Can I stick 10 Eversor assassins inside of a Land Raider?

>> No.53601919


Any IG in that story?

>> No.53601928

my wife just turned 32, we have 3 kids ranging from 11 to infant. we have had ups and downs but we find ways to keep it interesting. around the time she hit 30 she seemed to want it more. since everyone is different, try and find a kink that she can get into and expand on that. it helped us get through slow periods.

anyways... back to gaming...not exactly relationship thread. even though i do love my tiny plastic toy soldiers

>> No.53601929

I assume the second one is Reavers instead
they sound p-neat

>> No.53601941

Is that book on amazon/kindle store yet?

>> No.53601949

The attackers move first

Using the razorback for cover the tactical squads advance

A marine prepares a his missle launcher to fire on the enemy leman russ punisher.

Vanguard vet squad culln uses their jumppacks to gain high ground

The scout squad moves into the open for some reason

>> No.53601951

What Tyranid unit is the quevilant of Knights and Nauts now?

The Trygon?

>> No.53601954

Stop making me want to start Dark Eldar.

I'm already juggling more armies than I can handle.

>> No.53601975

Thats fucking awesome

They are listed for $330 on the webstore which is fucking highway rapery

>> No.53602002

>too scared to give an actual location so he resorts to being a funny little shit
Alright coward cunt, I'll just butcher the local craftworld and send you pics of the skulls.

>> No.53602003

I think its pretty funny that people play NPC races like chaos and xenos
everyone knows the imperium will win in the end (which will never come though)

>> No.53602015

Um excuse me ma'am this is a Tzeentch thread and I'm afraid you'll have to leave now.

>> No.53602018

>tfw you will never take a leisurely stroll down the streets of Commorragh while following a target and gut them in a back alley

>> No.53602019


Even if the Imperium itself doubts that.

>> No.53602022

You seriously gonna act all high and mighty while working for a god who thinks xeno blood is just as good as human blood?

>> No.53602023

Some, but nothing much of note.

It's spelled Reivers a few times. Which i think is just an old scottish way of saying it.

>> No.53602050

The marine fires his missile launcher

I dont really know the rules so i assume its a hit!

The leman russ is crippled and the main gun is offline

Now its the forces of chaos turn to retaliate...

>> No.53602052

Why ask them to leave when we can orchestrate things behind the lines by keeping them here, friend? And it opens up more opportunities to learn about how they behave and such.

>> No.53602070

Oh god yes

>> No.53602073

Am I watching someone masturbate right now?

>> No.53602076

I don't know. It's on Black Library though.

>> No.53602078

Storm Wardens confirmed Primaris'd.

>> No.53602086

So I am getting the Death Guard half of 2 starter boxes to supplement my army. I had been using Traitor Legions as a guide to guide my purchases. I had went with the Chaos Warband route to building a Vectorium. I am now stuck with several squads of chaos space marines and bikes and terminators etc. With the way that the index says Death Guard forces are composed of all of that shit wont fit.

In order to do this legally do I do like a Batallion of Death Guard comprised of the DG models i get in the starter boxes and then another Batallion of Chaos space marines in order to use all of my models (since DG cannot use CSM's and Terms etc.)

>> No.53602095

>tank inches in on enemy lines completely silent
>suddenly combusts and eversors start raining everywhere

>> No.53602098

Ssssh it's part of my plan.

>> No.53602105

So what's first, EC or WE? I'm putting my money (literally when it comes out) on EC, since AOS is stagnating and people keep bitching for an "Aelves" release.

>> No.53602119

Sorry brother, I thought that plan was part A of my plan in order to help with that other plan of yours. Do we switch to the other plan?

>> No.53602120

Is there more anon?

>> No.53602121

Some Dark Aelves were teased a month or 2 ago in a Rumor Engine article, the one with the little dragon wrapped around its arm.

>> No.53602125

No its much worse than that

>> No.53602137

>xeno blood just as good as human blood
Wrong, blood is valued by the strenght of the source. Since all xenos are cowards and weaklings, their blood and skulls are always worse quality than human ones.

They are killed out of the principle that such filth should not be allowed to exist, same with human cowards and all witches.

>> No.53602164

Oh man.

>> No.53602170

Do you guys even like this game or do you just play it because it gives you something to do with your toy soldiers after you finish painting them?

>> No.53602178

Listen, we dont like your kind here; Pay your fee, or fuck off. Which ever comes first.

>> No.53602179

I assembled the entire new box today AMA

>> No.53602182

Loving 8th, didn't play much 7th.

>> No.53602209


Played 3 games of 8th so far. Really enjoying it - I play some variation of all 3 Eldar armies for a frame of reference. I've so far played against Orks, AM, and Bugs.

>> No.53602212

How big are the plague marines?

>> No.53602216

Gay poopy robots or the most awesomely loyal marines ever we swear guys. I think it's a pretty obvious choice.
t. A totally loyalist marine

>> No.53602229

In case anyone is interested, 450 is seeming like a much better point level for Patrol-building out of SC! boxes, such that all models are used but there's a little wiggle-room. Have lists for Tyranids, Necrons and Tau now.

>> No.53602230 [SPOILER] 


The damaged leman russ charges the scout squad firing its bolter and autocannon wildly at the marines

Three are hit and two of them are killed
The squad falls back

The renegade command fires a mortar on the no mans land but it misses its mark and explodes harmlessly

The renegade chimera advances with a cultist squad in tow, ready to outflank the enemy razorback

Little do they know what lies in wait on the rooftop above them

>> No.53602235

Theyre maybe a few mm shorter than the primaris

Theyre about the size of the plastic MK 3 marines but with shit stuck all over them

>> No.53602261

He cares not from whence the blood flows, bro.

>> No.53602266

Something to do with my toy soldiers

Despite what testing has said, i am pretty sure im mildly autistic and just love collecting shit because of it.

I fuckin love collecting armies and learning all the fluff about them

>> No.53602279

Does the guy with stripes in his head have some kind of line or texture to know where to put the lines in his helmet?
Will you be playing with them anytime soon? Id like to confirm the fact that the Primaris have a rough time dealing with all those Plague guys from the box.

>> No.53602282

So I was reading up the stats of this guy since I like the model and the more I look at the power first the more I think it's not really worth those 20 points. Heck, I don't know if I would pay 15 points for it.

Why ? Well, mainly the fast it's doomed to wound vehicles on 5+ only and because it deals only d3 wounds no matter how tough the target is. On top of that they have the -1 to hit.

Compared to that the master crafted power sword is cheaper, doesn't come with the to hit penalty but wounds vehicles only on 6s and deals 2 wounds consistently. Granted not everyone has access to it but it's still rather take power swords on terminators rather than pay 20 points for mediocre weapon that the fist has become.

>> No.53602295

is that a pg zaku II?

>> No.53602299

That just means allegiance.

>> No.53602301

1. nope, no lines on the helmet
2. I assembled them for a shop so I havent played with them

>> No.53602304

Oh! More eldar for the breeding pits!

>> No.53602325

Nope its the 1/48th size version

>> No.53602332

>these niggas implying monster girls are xenos
>not grade A 100% heresy-free abhumans

>> No.53602339

Thanks for answering. Im new at the game and im afraid i will fuck up the lines, oh well.
Oh I forgot: does the guy in Gravis armour come with other weapon options? Or just the sword and the powerfist?

>> No.53602372

Most vehicles are T7-8.

>> No.53602375


>> No.53602405

You are mentally ill.

>> No.53602407

Oh boy, more Slaves for the Soul cages!

>> No.53602419

You're right, I misremembered their toughness as 12 since I remembered the Russ having stat of 12 but now I remember that was it's wounds. My bad.

>> No.53602422


You know the last guy to have spider legs? From the Soul Drinkers? Yeah, he was a total heretic.

>> No.53602450


>> No.53602454

To be fair, it was the only pic I had readily to hand that was blue-board-friendly.

>> No.53602461

I might be retarded, but based on the leaks I can take sorcerers in my World Eater detachments. It just says datasheets on pages 16 to 42. Sorcs are on pages 24-25. Oh, and cult troops of all kinds. The fuck?

>> No.53602487


Dammit, wrong thread

>> No.53602492

Bugs me to this day. Though it's the reason you have Aeldari to kek at

>> No.53602499

Wait for the codex faggot. Our entire index is a barely-playable mess.

Just look at Kharn's entire profile.

>> No.53602503

Psykers can't have the KHORNE keyword.

>> No.53602512

Sorcerers can't take MoK

>> No.53602535

What kind of Tyranids do the Genestealers want in their army?
Air support? Kaiju? Tarpits? Just more cultists instead?
I'm new and don't know what's good.

>> No.53602541

Squad culln ambushes the traitors and engages them in close combat!

5 of the cultists are cut down in swift and violent strokes of their power weapons

Meanwhile the leman russ is destroyed by a combined effort from the razorback and missile launcher marine

Tac squad zhyr fires a meltagun and their bolters at the renegade chimera wounding it because everything can wound on a 6+ now

>> No.53602555

Are you implying that abhumans are xenos? There's no reason that even the weak-willed, feeble-minded, idol-worshipping attack dog can't have refined tastes, you know.

>> No.53602558

I'll just wait for Zhufor. Hopefully he's the non-retarded World Eater.

>> No.53602567


It does not say this anywhere on the Sorcerer data sheet.

>> No.53602572

Hey dickwad, we're on the same fucking team. We only do it so Slannesh fucks off.

Speaking of, how do you feel about gladitorial combat? I might have just the job.

>> No.53602575

It's part of the mark of chaos rule.

>> No.53602580


Where does it say that?

>> No.53602595


You are correct - I read the whole section except the last sentence and thus I missed it. That's what I get for skimming.

>> No.53602596

>CSM on the same team as Drew Carey

Traitors hate xenos just as much as loyalists do.

>> No.53602597

>muh super specific deviances
Hahahahaha faggot I will break your xenos whores in half before I break you.

>> No.53602604

How does Deepstrike not scattering benefit Chaos now?

I think I remember quite a few of their units being able to Deep Strike.

>> No.53602606

Gonna take a break now

>implying anyone is paying attention to the gripping drama playing out

>> No.53602608

Kanz give more shots at a higher BS dreads are never going to be as good.

>> No.53602632

I am, anon.

>> No.53602634

Really helps scarab occult

Deepstrike move 4 from the psychic power

DAKKADAKKADAKKA with Rend -2 Bolters and charge

>> No.53602640


>Khorne is picking on the orks


>> No.53602661

Tuska is being bullied by Khorne.

>> No.53602663

The Blood God's only temple is the battlefield, xenos filth.

>> No.53602673

Tuska is bullying Khorne.

>> No.53602677

Will you do it before or after shooting yourself in the foot with your plasma?

>> No.53602679

How do you think Space Wolves will be in the competitive scene?

>> No.53602680

>trying to reason with Skulls for brains
That's cute.

>> No.53602688

Well, the Armageddon War campaign is coming. He might show up.

>> No.53602703


Probably pretty solid if still reliant on TWolves and Wulfen for most of their impact.

>> No.53602707


below tsons
day of the leash now

>> No.53602709

>based furry anon
fear not favored child of chaos
your mutations are welcomed by the lost and damned

>> No.53602727

can we just fucking ban all "battle report anons" from posting until they paint their fucking models?

>> No.53602729

>implying I won't rip you to shreds with my chainaxe
Was just posting picks of my nigga Kharn, swell lad that one. Been 4 campaigns with him already and still alive, though he bailed out to who-the-fuck-knows-where after Amethal.

Got something to say to me, slaneesh cunt?

>> No.53602747

>calling me a furry anon
You're hurting my heart, anon

>> No.53602752

Would the new Primaris help them at all? I was thinking of splitting Dark Imperium with a friend then building my SW army from there.

>> No.53602775


>> No.53602779


You gotta use power armor GKs along with termies but yeah they're ok

>> No.53602782


I cannot answer - I don't play wolves, one of my regular opponents/tournament buddies does and we've been discussing. He's not really discussed the primaris marines - ultimately I don't really think they're going to do anything for you that grey hunters or claws wouldn't.

>> No.53602808

To be entirely fair to the berserkerfag, flat is justice.
Can you imagine the hatefucking?
If one of the Emperor's sons is going to get it on with Eldar, why not cuck the traitor by binding the services of his daemonettes to humanity?

>> No.53602815

It's a good time to grab the change jar(coins as models) and a copy of leaked rules and see which army you like the most. Then a couple troops and an HQ is never a bad idea.

>> No.53602820

What are you then??

>> No.53602841

Not particularly, though you do have me wondering if blood makes good lube~

>> No.53602858

Bloodletters are not 'flat girls'. They are ethereal manifestations of martial pride, hatred and carnage.

And they have no genitals.

>> No.53602859


Curious, but couldn't Angron be easily summoned to Armageddon given a piece of his daemonic black blade is still on it's surface?

>> No.53602881

I don't get your question

>> No.53602882


No idea. Just ends saying that there was a ritual being done that would have summoned him, but it was disrupted. Can't remember who disrupted it.

>> No.53602911

>doesnt want to see the primer primaris versus the grey guard versus the corax cultists

>> No.53602920

New Thread

Looks like an Abhuman to me

>> No.53602922

Looks like I may start a primaris army after all.

>> No.53602925

It actually is, how do you think our daemon engines are consecrated? Cut some coward's throat and empty the contents over your Defiler or Maulerfiend. It also helps keep them steady during long warp-jumps.

>> No.53602954

Animal ears aren't furry and never have been.

>> No.53602964

All those sweet extra cp.

>> No.53603029

The ceramite around his bare arm looks extremely thin.

>> No.53603056

That gives me an ides for a conversion with someone riding on a Forge/Mauler fiend's neck.

>> No.53603072


Yea those are mine. Vallejo air ultramarine blue/magic blue.

this one is magic blue/electric blue

>> No.53603359

describe an event or group/faction in 40k with a spongebob quote or scene

>> No.53603401


is this correct? or am i missing something?

>> No.53603404


>> No.53603816

I'm pretty sure thats for rebalancing purposes.
If the Kustom Mega Kannon is crap they can lower the cost without changing the rest of the model.

>> No.53603978


>> No.53604423

I love this game. Interest in the game is first to me. Rolling dice, moving models, interacting with people, it feels really good. I like building and doing mini-conversions too. The only thing I hate about this hobby is painting. It's a chore and boring. Admittedly I do like the results knowing I put in all that effort and it's all personally touched and looks good together and all that.

Still, it's a pain in the ass and I hate it. Feels like homework.

>> No.53604800

>Ork and Imperium team up to fight daemons
tfw no Ghazzy + Yarrick begrudging buddy cop teamup

>> No.53604933

>tfw no Ghazzy + Yarrick begrudging buddy cop teamup
I need it.

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