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Paizo Games General /pgg/ (Pathfinder & Starfinder, formerly /pfg/)

Civil War Edition:
Was your character a revolutionary or a loyalist? Who won in the end?

Unified /pgg/ link repository: https://pastebin.com/PeD1SMUZ

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>53580356

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I was in a game once where we overthrew the government in Galt and became the new ruling clique. We then proceeded to kill off all rivals, fuck up in trying to rebuild, and got run out of the country and into the River Kingdoms by the next government and its supporters.

Shit was amazing.

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Not those, I'm afraid. It was described as constantly pouring water from its carcass. It could attempt to drown enemies by vomiting water into their mouth and could bull rush with it, like once a day.

It's driving me insane over this because holy shit I saw it on the SRD but now I can't find it at all.

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Sorry I was just trying to make a joke. I don't actually have a problem with magical realm of taht level.
Brother hook me up.

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>Was your character a revolutionary or a loyalist? Who won in the end?

Reckon he stood for Righteousness and defended the defenseless. Make a lotta enemies doin' somethin' like that, but it's gotta get done.

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>Provincial yokai fox woman


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Mercurial Duelist or Bushi Brutal Slayer?

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Mercurial Duelist only if you're willing to share the pdf it's in. Has the Asian Archetypes book actually been released yet?

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Provincial yokai fox woman simply means they have an insatiable sexual appetite and lean towards "bigger is better" for their pursuit of sating said hunger.

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>Inventory for a chaste and pure character
>no tea or snuff in sight

It feels...liberating, almost, to cast off the shackles of depravity

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Why Mercurial Duelist, though? It seems like it's got no damage going for it until 6th, unless I'm reading it wrong.

And the file is too big, I can PM it if you drop a discord or something though

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Yes but she was raised by a caring Taldan daddy in a nice neighborhood!

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Once again, while I am making an Okita for JttW, she is not for foot fetish. In fact, her feet will be covered by socks whenever she is seen in public.

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>To be honest I did intend to give every applicant full reviews fairly constantly throughout the process, but I've been pretty overwhelmed by the number of applicants, and the number of those who revise their apps constantly and are thus in constant need of new reviews, so I've limited myself to only responding to specific questions for the most part. And I do still give full reviews on request, but have been trying to space out the amount I do at once which leads to backlogs and days off spent on review sprees.

Reviewanons, your help is needed for Flower Court! Help out all those applicants!

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Maybe they could have saved Serena.


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So neither.

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M. Grim#4629, don't explode my inbox

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Pls gib opinions and tips for improvement


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You will never see her toes wiggle in delight as she enjoys a good meal!

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Reckon so. Ain't a popular road, but he didn't sign up to make friends, neither.

Might be nice t' see her face again, though, 'fore it's all over...

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So! We've heard a lot about the sort of characters you'd like to play when Starfinder drops, but what about NPCs? What kind of weirdos are you thinking of subjecting your players to?

I'm thinking some sort of robotic performer built and sponsored by the Aspis Consortium to help push their music label.


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you do realize socks are also footfag stuff right

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Is this what Wist and QANON's child will sound like?

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An augmented guy who was found in a cryopod just drifting out in an unexplored section of the cosmos, with the big reveal being that he's really a native of Earth

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Was there ever any word on that whole "noblewoman seducing young Kyras" thing?

Those are some logs I want to see!

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Nigga better hope that finds its way to a cleaner. Hook QANON up man.

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nature, uh

finds a way

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Well, at a certain point it goes from feet to simple footwear so that's enough of a distinction for me.

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From a PR perspective who would represent Eox in Pact world politics do you think? I ask this because I'm curious who their enforcers would be in the matters of necromancy as I imagine they wouldn't be keen on rogue necromancers sullying their name and art. Not to mention if they don't have anything official I'd come up with a group that handles such matters for them.

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Sleep, calm down. Don't you have an app to write?

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How young are we talking here?

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Wrong guy.
I think mister Rubadub's probably balls-deep in Thistletop right about now.

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Who's the pure girl?

What meme characters notably lack Tea or snuff in their inventories?

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Council of Corporate Lich Lords

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Do I just PM them the thing or what?

>> No.53584910

if you know their discord, then yes

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Why don't more people make religions that allow more nuance to the Church? It's always, "these are the War God clerics, they like war" or "these are the Slut Goddess clerics, they're pretty and like fucking." Where's the Cleric of a Fire God who's a corrupt piece of shit and, while he still gets power, squanders it to advance his position in a Church that's practically a government unto itself?

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Because they do.

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The last conversation didn't specify. One would assume "teenager" as opposed to "grown adult", but I don't know, maybe Sleep's into /ss/.

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Perhaps they train and maintain their own order of Solarians? Weaponized star energy seems like it'd be pretty handy in killing undead.

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>Have to constantly maintain some kind of glamor type spell or have some spiffy holographic display

That said, I could also see them as mask wearing weirdos whom everyone just finds creepy even if they act every bit as corporateas the next guy.

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Kind of hard to be accused of corruption when straying too far off the path literally makes you stop being a cleric
the fact of the matter is that in a universe where the gods are real, you can't be a slut goddess cleric without blowing your class level * 5 dicks a day because you lose your class features otherwise.

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>From a PR perspective who would represent Eox in Pact world politics do you think


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>One would assume "teenager" as opposed to "grown adult", but I don't know, maybe Sleep's into /ss/.

Hung shota proving too much for a haughty older woman is the best.

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If it was so simple, it wouldn't be fun.

And someone has to do it.

Yeaaah it's fucking easy when you're an actual robot...

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Everyone in RotJR, unless I'm misremembering (can anybody with access to their sheets confirm?)

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That would be interesting. Would thier Solarian powers still work even if they were undead themselves?


I would say from a game perspective it depends on how much that detail matters to the game. I agree that the various religions wouldn't be as ham fisted as they are made out to be but part of that is the vagueness that allows for whatever fits your setting and the other is if it's no more than background noise to the mechanical aspect of being a cleric or [insert divine magic user here]

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>Etan cuts half of Saboten's dress by accident with his sword.
>Saboten accidentally cuts his belt off with her collector's edition goblin king bludgeon.


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That isn't even remotely magical realm. That's just normal sex.

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>Hello, I'm here to discuss tariffs with the Pact World Trade and Commerce subcommittee.

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Oh boy!

Boxers or briefs?

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Email any items in need of cleaning to: [email protected]

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>*cough* Of course Mr. Taligere the Black, we would *couge* love to but..Oh god my eyes sting..Would you mind turning down the furnace in your chest?

>> No.53585032

>I would say from a game perspective it depends on how much that detail matters to the game

That detail could be invaluable for anything from political intrigue to simple adventuring.

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Not described, but he just failed a check against an aphrodisiac candle...

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Kyras is a girl though so sex with a noblewoman can't really be ss.

>> No.53585050

Oh my! Wonder how that will work out!

>> No.53585059


It's entirely possible; their R&D divisions have no need to eat or sleep, they've probably had all kinds of breakthroughs in creating specialized undead.

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>mfw FotJR is lewd as fuck
>mfw the worst that's happened in SotJR is some blushing

>> No.53585067


Indeed, I'm not disagreeing with that but not every game has such a focus and you'll have people who chose a class like cleric because of it's mechanical advantages more so than it's lore implications

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>Kyras is a girl

What the hell did the last session reveal?!

>> No.53585077

>Lewding in the middle of Thistletop
No wonder people say SotJR is the real game

>> No.53585090


I want to be lewd as fuck in thistletop!

>> No.53585095

It's our critical fumble table.

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>talking shit about Wist-Sama

I'll butcher you in your sleep

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Dude, Eox is already noted as being technologically advanced, fusing magic and metal into a nightmarish amalgamation enhanced by the fact their kind can survive the vacuum of space. Their ships are open to the void, their crew stand motionless at their stations for weeks, hell they've even gotten fancy with their armor as it looks and feels like parched-white bone.

Who knows what technological horrors they're willing to unleash on Organics? Imagine the pale white beam of an Eoxian Entropy Rifle blasting out of a stylised barrel modeled after the proboscis of some hideous Castroval mosquito, the negative energies rusting armor and rotting flesh.

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Calm down and put sweettooth's dick back in your mouth QANON.

>> No.53585150

Oh my bad did not realize this was a PFG injoke thing. Kyras is the name of the Pathfinder iconic cleric.

>> No.53585152

Turns out Kyras merely has a serious case of man-face, underneath her armor it's all tits n' hips.

>> No.53585165

I don't think anyone has tea or snuff, but I will note something really odd: one of the guys has a dress in his inventory

>> No.53585179

That's Kyra.

>> No.53585182

Friendly reminder that Wist and Qanon played in a FIFTH EDITION one-shot with Rory

They're impure now

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>> No.53585197

Fuck off Rory.

>> No.53585199

That's KYRA, the arab lesbo. Kyras the Brevic tiefling is all dude.

>> No.53585202

It's very hard to do in Golarion, with the whole gods being real and taking your power away and such.

I had wanted to apply to Pilgrimage with clerical corruption and church vs. state as the concept, before it fell through. It's one of the settings that can actually accommodate it. You can do it with Ensoulment as well, as long as it isn't (and maybe even if it is) your character being complacent in the scheme.

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>> No.53585205

Oh okay, I'm the retard.

>> No.53585220

Hey, hey, that first one's wrong, Rubio did that

>> No.53585227

Heh, Tit Witch won't see it coming!

>> No.53585246


Exactly, seeing some dude walking around in their armor and wielding their weapons means something is fucked and things are not good but they try to be as low key as possible about it.

So the party is stuck in a mini zombie apocolypse and they meet the corporate guy the Eoxians sent out to deal with it. He sits down in his bone power armor, doesn't take off the helmet and huffs his e-cig (so you know he's living) and politely asks the party if they would be willing to help him sweep the zombies for just compensation and the signing of some non-disclosure agreements.

>> No.53585256

Oh, did he? I though we had some accidental POTTERY, my bad

>> No.53585258

>mfw Kyras is busty enough for symmetrical docking.

>> No.53585266

No then it will just be /u/ and a harem for Andrik

>> No.53585282

Wait, what? What the hell are you talking about? I'm gonna need serious proof.

>> No.53585291


Did somebody say "Symmetrical Docking"?


>> No.53585294

>Kyrie Czarny just wants Branden to notice her
He's halfway to being Hinata with a dick already.

>> No.53585303

>(so you know he's living)

... Or is he? The smoke could be aesthetic.

>> No.53585317

So I haven't been keeping a close eye on ensoulment and see that there are like 30 more apps now. Can someone fill me in on if BOY-BAND-META or PRETTY-DRESS-META is currently leading?

>> No.53585323

Small sects in Golarion: how do they work?

Given how gods are a FACT, what happens if you worship something less... Popular, and more "imagined"?

>> No.53585324

>harem for Andrik
>not harem for Franze

You have no vision, comrade.

>> No.53585334

I want to hug Kouryu! She is cute! CUTE!

>> No.53585338


Fair point, it could be a hold over from when he was still alive.

>> No.53585340


>Rory as Mikayah, a musclebound idiot girl with a heart of gold and a greatsword of steel.
>Calsi as Wickke, a busty girl cursed to be a loli. Also married to a lich.
>Gloriana as Katya, a paranoid burglar girl who trusts no one.
>Lio as Rain, a good and caring single cat daddy with a strong sword arm whose legs are more than okay, ladies
>Cashmere as Maple Birch Sakura Willow III (the III is pronounced 'Tree'), a literal tree.

>> No.53585372

>Wist is a fucken tree

Holy shit this is priceless. This is a real game?

And how can they be impure if Rory is a girl now?

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>> No.53585387


Go check that thread, comrade, it was glorious

>> No.53585388

Razmir is literally just some asshole and he has a whole religion about him.

>> No.53585390

I'm really excited to see how they handle Undeath in this setting, since I can see it being a PC "race" option without being too restrictive. Like Necropolitan for the modern age.

Electronic Old Men. A new age.

>> No.53585397

Razmir is right.

>> No.53585406

>Small sects in Golarion

Most Empyreal Lords are only worshiped by like, small enclaves of people in big cities. Literally any of them would work, and they still grant power.

>> No.53585412

Yeah, Eigaka does some nice shit doesn't he?

>> No.53585421


Hold up, so did they fuck somebody in that game? Didn't those jackoffs just meet?

>> No.53585427

Pretty dress by leaps and bounds.

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>> No.53585438


That should be a thing. I also like the idea of a group of humans who work directly for Eoxian interest and their culture/corporate culture revolves around them acting and "living" in certain ways. So maybe they are like Necromongers in that they volunteerily give up the ability to have children and are all high rolling corporate people but are also hedonistic because why the fuck not? Ever go to a party hosted by an Eoxian executive? I'm talking Vesk hookers with brain slugs and blow here and that's just when you walk in the door!

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>> No.53585475

Is this kind of stalking not extremely weird to anyone else?

>> No.53585477

>mfw Urgathoa is still "alive", and she's a Megacorporate Executress

>> No.53585479

>implying he hasn't shared any with Andrik


>> No.53585493

>That whore Valeriya doesn't have any night tea
What is this ERP amateur hour?

>> No.53585503


Oh my god.

You could conceivably make a character built entirely around Deus Ex Redux memes and it would actually make sense.

Stick with the Prod.

>> No.53585525

Valeriya is nobility, anon. Nobility. If she gets put in the family way, than she just has to go visit a local nunnery for a year or two and come back with everyone discussing the baby left at the monastery's doorstep.

>> No.53585528


>> No.53585537

In all honesty, I am a little disappointed nobody stepped up to the plate on that.

>> No.53585546


Alright, the results are in! 34 people voted, and here is the breakdown: 14 voted for long hair, 11 voted for short, and 9 voted for medium.

So it's confirmed, long hair is the winner.

>> No.53585559

Long hair best hair

>> No.53585576

RIP medium-hair qts

>> No.53585580

Wait your turn! You're on the list.

>> No.53585585

If the hair doesn't touch their ankles, they can fuck right off

>> No.53585596


>She's the executive behind several food and pharmecutical companies and are often in conflict both physically and economically with the Eoxians
>Vampires who managed to survive the Gap form the bulk of the high level Board members.

>> No.53585616

O-oh, okay.

>> No.53585621

>Post yfw when they both popped a dose and spent 1-3 days double-teaming all four girls while Oleg watched

Put that CON to use!

>> No.53585629


I would imagine most of those companies being perfectly legit but they are bankrolled by her and some of the high up members are worshippers in secret.

>> No.53585634

Is two weapon fighting worth it on a DEX Sanctified Slayer? Or should I just rapier it up?

>> No.53585648



>> No.53585654


>> No.53585666


>> No.53585669



>> No.53585671

Going to bump this question.

>> No.53585688

If you cannot express your character in six words or less you are shit.

>> No.53585694


>> No.53585712

holy fucking shit
it's confirmed
cut that tree down, all the way down
make the placeholder apps look like tl;dr

>> No.53585716


>> No.53585726

>If you cannot express your character in six words or less you are shit.

For Sale: baby shoes, never worn

>> No.53585736


>> No.53585737

Don't forget plagues.

Urgathoa's investing in magitech biological weapons. Maybe even competing for military contracts with that bitch Lamashtu.

>> No.53585742

It's not quite done yet, will probably finish next week. It was supposed to be a one-shot, but time makes fools of us all.

>> No.53585743


>> No.53585773

Smuggest Ubermensch Elf (Not for Rape)

>> No.53585779

>Not for Rape

Confirmed FOR RAPE

>> No.53585781


>> No.53585783

Wake up, time to die.

>> No.53585792

Elf seeks penance for killing sister

>> No.53585800

Good and Caring Daddy

>> No.53585812


>> No.53585819

W-what happened?

>> No.53585822

Adventure ho!

>> No.53585825

This is a good concept for a Flowers character right?

>> No.53585832


What the

Shit is


>> No.53585834

It's an old writing thing.

>> No.53585835

Saboten: She Will Soar Through the Stars
Morgase: Lover of Fighting, Food, and Friendship

>> No.53585838

Of course!

>> No.53585839

That's not a concept, that's the beginning of a concept.

>> No.53585849

Greedy witch girl with psychological problems

>> No.53585853


>> No.53585856

Nah man, that's totally a hero. Don't you understand the TRUE meaning of the campaign?

>> No.53585861

>1001 Orc-rabian Knights

>> No.53585870

Protagonist: No Lewds

>> No.53585873

What's it sound like, anon? Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy marries girl, girl is barren or tragedy takes their children, she falls into despair and either leaves or kills herself. Boy is alone.

>> No.53585878

Every campaign is lewd if you try.

>> No.53585883

You, like, don't get it do you? I bet your app is boring, unlike our resident god-apps CCC, Rinta, and Ceraphine.

>> No.53585889

I want to plow Rinta so hard her whole collective climaxes at once

>> No.53585895



>> No.53585903

>All women

let's get some men up in here

I heard Giancarlo and Alexander were good male apps

>> No.53585904

>> No.53585906

Do it. End this

>> No.53585910

>no one ever applied with Communism Princess

Where is that Anon? I was really looking forward to a Bolshevik qt...

>> No.53585913

>let's get some men up in here
Just as soon as we get some god-tier male apps.

>> No.53585917

>Rinta remains pure by keeping herself in the collective while two paired-up party members fuck in the other room.

>> No.53585920

Honestly I think the fact that we haven't seen more wacky stuff like this is part of why Protag threw his very polite and considerate tantrum a few days ago. I'm betting he wants something like 3 heroes 1 antihero and 2 wacky ideals.

>> No.53585922

Bet you don't do it pussy.

>> No.53585925


>> No.53585941

I'm just repeating what Protagonist posted in the rules.

>> No.53585948


>> No.53585950

There are no god-tier male apps, Giancarlo and Alexander are the two best ones I think

I think the farmboy is cute and Giancarlo is a posh upper-class man!

>> No.53585962

Haven't you heard of Ponyfinder anon?

>> No.53585963

I need
>StarToad is typing
So I can post it whenever he says retarded shit.

>> No.53585966

Such is his reason for seeking comfort in Tianjin, and his eagerness to die in service of making things right.

>> No.53585967

I really don't get the hype for those two. Is it because they wrote in first person?

>> No.53585968

Have I managed to make Ryoko above average?
How long will it be before I decide to throw out this concept entirely?
Will I kill myself before the end of this?

Find out next time on BROODIE BALL Z

>> No.53585973

Are skinwalkers native to any areas for Ensoulment?

>> No.53585978

>Lewd: I find characters who totally avoid the subject of sex stranger than ones who include it. Obviously most characters can contain no reference to anything remotely sexual without it feeling like they are avoiding it, because sexual topics are just one part of life and may not be a part relevant to the character. But they are a part of life, and likewise they are part of this setting, don't be afraid to write seducers, lechers, ingenues or whatever else. Eroticism is a powerful motivator to plenty of people, and a powerful tool for many others, and that's fine and perfectly workable in any setting with an adaptable GM. This is not a lewd campaign, eroticism will always be circumstantial to some situation or person where it logically follows, but it doesn't not exist, and there is no reason to avoid it so long as you can be somewhat mature about it.

As long as you try to take it seriously and accept that the world will react in a realistic way to you, not like you are in a porno, you could app with an actual magical prostitute.

>> No.53585981

>TFW Protag pulls together an all female party
Is this how lProtag intends to stop the lewd?

>> No.53585985

>He thinks that will stop the lewd.

>> No.53585990


>> No.53586006

You mean an all-male party.
No homo.

>> No.53586010

So glad I'm good enough to get a personal invite to the private Discord.

>> No.53586014

Hmm, I see. That part changed from when I read it. Thanks.

>> No.53586018

Angry orphan with angry talking sword.

>> No.53586021

They'll just be playing Sex in the City with a different male guest-star every week. Imagine the heart ache when the resident lesbian has to hear her crush being porked over collective.

>> No.53586024

>As long as you try to take it seriously and accept that the world will react in a realistic way to you

I thought most games that weren't Dragons 1 and 2 treated sex this way.

>> No.53586031

Imagine the smugelf trying to stay smug as Collective sends her the sensations of all the whores in the capital

>> No.53586035

As soon as we get
>M. Kawase is typing
For whenever his stupid chink ass starts to derail shit AGAIN and spiral out of control

>> No.53586036

>Naked and Afraid

So it's the game that killed the RotJR name?

>> No.53586044

>Sex in the City

>> No.53586045

I think it'd be pretty fun.
And even more fabulous.

no homo

>> No.53586050

So glad I'm good enough to get a personal invite to the other private Discord that we use to mock the people we don't like from the private Discord.

>> No.53586055

I guess so. I mostly like Alexander because he's a simple concept executed pretty well and seems to slot in to most parties pretty dang well.

Giancarlo, man, I just like him. I can't explain why. The two of them are just nice.

>> No.53586060

I have to confess, I've never actually watched the show and only just now looked it up to realize that it was "and".

>> No.53586063

There are a bunch of male apps with cards.
They could get a whole poker game going.

>> No.53586065

Brave knights saving the realm would be the coolest shit.

Pick a Brave Knight team with the current apps, /pgg/!

>> No.53586069

That certainly didn't stop the lewd in PLD

And considering Vult is gunning for a guest appearance...

>> No.53586075

Oh, you thought I meant the first private Discord? That's the kind of low-minded thinking I'd expect from someone who frequents the second private Discord.

>> No.53586077

No anon, that's the thing. It's the mandela effect at work.

>> No.53586081

I really like IKiD's app! Fae-loving knight is a staple of old fiction!

>> No.53586086

We should have le personal army destroy Discord.

>> No.53586087

>Favourite apps are Jericho and Serena due to personal taste in knights
>Serena is ded, Jericho will be ded if another game picks up DHB

>> No.53586097

>mandela effect at work.

Soooo is the Mandela Effect just a modern term to describe something people have already had known was a thing since forever?

>> No.53586107

Takes two to tango, with Star he just fucking spams his dumb homebrews.

>> No.53586113

I seriously wonder why the admin of the server is who it is, I get the impression he's a fucking normie.

>> No.53586120

>arguing over which private Discord is the best
Looks like anon's not in the group text

>> No.53586134

Look it up and be illuminated.

>> No.53586136


>> No.53586139

What is a group text even
Are you talkig about SMS or something
You can do that over groups?

>> No.53586141

>if another game picks up DHB
I think you're gonna be alright, famlam.

>> No.53586147

Has DHB even applied to any other games?

>> No.53586150

The wizard has a pretty sure shot of getting in.

>> No.53586156

I already know what the Mandela Effect, it's when you're convinced something is one way, when it's actually another way. That isn't some freaky time-distortion effect, it's just bog-standard misinformation.

>> No.53586165

Nope, you clearly don't understand it. It was Sex IN the City.

>> No.53586175

Why? They seem to be pretty capable of destroying themselves

>> No.53586176

Thread seems pretty slow for a friday night.

What's your favorite class /pfg/?

>> No.53586179

Wasn't she some hard confirmed NPC or something?

>> No.53586180

No they're just splintering into smaller and smaller (and therefore more circlejerky) groups.

>> No.53586184

Commoner, 'cuz I actually roleplay.

>> No.53586186

How many male apps have cards? How many are good?

>> No.53586188

Kineticist with 3pp support

1pp only, Occultist

>> No.53586195

Inquisitor, but Avowed is rising up there, and both Warlord or Brutal Slayer are fun.

>> No.53586205

Yes. Everybody called her an NPC because she read like one.

>> No.53586215


Pending further review I guess.

>> No.53586221

Are there any non-skinwalker races that get both a str bonus and claws? Alternatively, is there a way I could get claws with two feats at level one as a human?

>> No.53586223


Give me a good and classic knight in shining armor any day.

>> No.53586225

Hunter. I just like having an animal buddy. Summoner is a close second.

>> No.53586239

Nagaji or Lizardfolk should have you covered

>> No.53586243

Rougarou, it's a recent PC race that is basically a large, tough wolf-man.

>> No.53586245


Cue the other guy that always seems to show up whenever I mention liking them.

>> No.53586251

Ranger. I was on my school's archery team for four years and made it to nationals so I think it's good luck and easier to visualize.

>> No.53586257

Oh my god Slayer is SO COOL!

>> No.53586259




>> No.53586280

Oh my god Slayer is SO COOL!

>> No.53586292



>> No.53586296

Not for rape, but CCC is for BREEDING.

>> No.53586302

what's with you and breeding desu

>> No.53586310

Is the discord really that bad though?

>> No.53586312



(Cue Yeth Hounds on the ceiling ruining Tia, Etan, and Rubio's night)

(Also Sweettooth shot off everyone's clothes by accident)

>> No.53586321

If you block 2hu, StarToad and Whimsy, it's fine.

>> No.53586323

It has its moments of horror

>> No.53586324

Redheaded tomboy vigilante with a scythe.

>> No.53586325

Discord hates fun and wants to take away your lewds.

>> No.53586329

>all those 1's

>> No.53586332

What class, culture and skill focus would allow me to best play a classic Western monk?

>> No.53586334

You guys are jerks. She was interesting; just because something is small in size doesn't make it less potent!

>> No.53586342

I simply dislike Discord as a website. It's literally just against Discord, I have no problem with IRC or shit.

>> No.53586345

I don't know how to block people though.

>> No.53586354

>Cue Yeth Hounds on the ceiling ruining Tia, Etan, and Rubio's night

W-Why is Tia sharing a bed with Etan and Rubio?

>Redheaded Tomboy

Is there every any other kind?

>> No.53586355

Catholic Cloistered Cleric focused on Linguistics

>> No.53586362

Right click their name. Click "block".


>> No.53586367

Right click their names.

>> No.53586372


>> No.53586379

It's a backup, if CCC fails her children must pick up the torch.

>> No.53586385



>> No.53586390

>In Golarion


>> No.53586394


I sing and I shoot people.

>> No.53586395

Rolled 1, 2 + 3 = 6 (2d6 + 3)

Barbarian :^)

>> No.53586396

>the discord is now only two people that ever talk

>> No.53586399

>This week, on FotJR

>> No.53586404

I kill men for pocket change.

>> No.53586408

Probably Aroden or Asmodeus

>> No.53586409

Well, Sleep does keep having his characters use fake latin and talk about doing "Hail Arodens" in downtime.

>> No.53586419

>W-Why is Tia sharing a bed with Etan and Rubio?


>> No.53586420

Well Morgase doesn't seem to wear much, so she has little to strip off.

>> No.53586432

No seriously, is Tia getting double-stuffed by the local studs?

>> No.53586433

FotJR is at full force today huh. If the embargo is over, then I guess I'll look forward to the green text.

>> No.53586451

>tfw don't even know who Morgase is

I wish Saturday RoTJR would halt the embargo

>> No.53586459

I wish I was in her position, if so.

>> No.53586480


>> No.53586482

QANON, Wist, and maximumsleep are all in Friday so there's the biggest attention whores, they literally can't help themselves

>> No.53586515

How do you all typically handle lewd in game? Do you go into graphic play by play detail or do you describe enough and then fade to black on the action?

>> No.53586533

What's the appropriate game for this guy and what class would the high fantasy version of him be.

>> No.53586543

Has Wist ever attentionwhored? Seems like just randoms thirsting on her.

>> No.53586544

No lewd in session, that's a fade to black and maybe a d20 roll or two.

But out of session, that's a different story, and it gets as much detail as I can pack into it.

>> No.53586545


>> No.53586552

I make an alluring, lewd app and then never actually deliver on the lewds, much to my own amusement

>> No.53586553

RgPl and Argentum are in it as well. Pure cabal.

>> No.53586565

>and there's that other faggot

>> No.53586568

Who plays Tia? This is important to determine LOG quality.

>> No.53586581

It was super generic and suffered greatly from the fact that it covered the same ground as one of the god-apps without being nearly as interesting.

>> No.53586582

See >>53586544 for wisdom.

>> No.53586590


>> No.53586592

I go as far as my players allow me. Usually we play it out if there's relationship or character development involved otherwise fade to black.

>> No.53586606

I'd like to pack something else into it~

>> No.53586615

Are low rolls that are saved by Con growers and high rolls with low Con showers?

>> No.53586618

Wasn't that other faggot Prometheanfag, the one who chose the path of the dad over power

>> No.53586630

Fade to black, then PM up a storm, and hoard the logs.

>> No.53586650

I fade to black, and then publicly do a graphic ERP in another channel, then post the logs here!

>> No.53586655

Yes, absolutely.

>> No.53586656

>Sleep getting all weird on pure, chaste Wist

I need these logs.

>> No.53586657


Interesting. Does the player usually initiate or the DM? ;D

>> No.53586660


>> No.53586662

Always fade to black, and usually I prefer not to ERP at all unless I have some compelling reason to believe that playing it will open up interesting character development.

>> No.53586663

>FotJR turned out to be 100% meme players

GM should become an idol producer, he has the eye for unknown stars.

>> No.53586671

None. Thanks anyway.

>> No.53586673

>Con is flacid length, roll is length gained during erection
I like it. I like it a lot.

>> No.53586674

What about when you're both?

>> No.53586675

No, she's getting stuffed with fear by the Yeth Hounds, just like Etan and Rubio.

And no, "fear" is not a euphamism for knotted Yeth Hound dick.

>> No.53586682

t. sappy

>> No.53586683

Prometheanfag is still unknown and hasn't been mentioned very recently apart from this thread

>> No.53586686

Didn't QANON tell him who to pick?

Isn't QANON running a 5e game filled with 100% more memes?

Was QANON the real shadowy leader of the cabal all along?

>> No.53586692

try again

>> No.53586693

>I prefer not to ERP at all unless I have some compelling reason to believe that playing it will open up interesting character development.

There comes a time in your career as a resident ERP memester when you're writing a saucy scene with another player and you realize, no matter how hot things are getting, you're wasting hours of your time writing what amounts to 5 minutes on /gif/.

>> No.53586696

>And no, "fear" is not a euphamism for knotted Yeth Hound dick.

>> No.53586699

He's a stealth meme. The greatest of people that I like.

>> No.53586711

>someone lets slip the first memeable thing to happen to FotJR in ages
>thread pounces on that tiny nugget and explodes into autism


>> No.53586712

To be fair, it doesn't quite cover the same ground as Ceraphine.
Who was the applicant anyway

>> No.53586713

Did PtD get cancelled for MEMES!? CONSPIRACY.

>> No.53586717

>Double dubs

Is prometheanfag confirmed for being a CUTE?

>> No.53586718

So it's captain slow, trying to game the selections to be with your erp fuckbuddy?

>> No.53586720

>he honestly doesn't know

Her power is far beyond your estimations, Anon. You no longer have the technology or the manpower to stop her; this world is hers.

>> No.53586724

That's basically one of those anime scenes where everyone's in the shower and taking shots at their cocks, and the small nervous guy takes off his towel and they do an elephant sound effect.

It's big, and it gets bigger.

>> No.53586728


>> No.53586731

I just think they're a swell dude. They could use a break in life sometimes, but they try their hardest.

>> No.53586740

What the DM don't know won't hurt them

>> No.53586748

keep trying, this is getting amusing

>> No.53586750

It's true, QANON has the incredible power of being a girl on the internet in a community full of men. She's basically unstoppable as far as /pfg/ goes.

>> No.53586751


does this mean that tiefling kineticists are gonna have the most EXPAND DONG?

They are! Super, super cute too!

>> No.53586760

fuck off rory

>> No.53586774

Well no, they actually circle back around and have ken doll bodies because kineticists aren't allowed to have anything nice ever

>> No.53586788

wizards with footlongs the width of your forearm confirmed?

>> No.53586794

Look, I just don't think it's very cool to dump shit on them THAT hard. They were constantly working on that thing. I'm a bit sad we didn't see the finished version.

>> No.53586802

Anything is possible with magic :^)

>> No.53586806

More like Barbarians.

>> No.53586816


Localized Enlarge Person.

>> No.53586830

H-hey, Captain Slow has other friends

>> No.53586834

Evard's Big Black Penetrating Tentacle.

>> No.53586847

The question is, does he do it by transmutation or conjuration?

>> No.53586850

Does he? Does he hang out in the discord(s) at all?

>> No.53586852

I hope everyone had fun tonight!

>> No.53586857


>> No.53586860

no but apparently he was in a game GM'd by Rory before he became a meme

>> No.53586862

I have food poisoning.

>> No.53586867

How many more characters do you think AnonMD will go through before apps end, my /pgg/lets?

>> No.53586873

Who was Serena's player?

>> No.53586875

>my /pgg/lets?



>> No.53586883

>my /pgg/lets
Don't fucking start with that shit, anon.

>> No.53586884

Not a celeb.

>> No.53586889

>irresistible to men
>avid seducer and collector of women

Truly she is a cruel and unstoppable goddess

>> No.53586897

>Tonight's session inna nutshell

>> No.53586900

Still, who was it? I feel bad for them.

>> No.53586902


>> No.53586912


>> No.53586918


>> No.53586920

>Mad Hatter
I don't even know what they'll do next.


>> No.53586921

you mean GM'd by Vult

>> No.53586922

Hecate on Roll20 but I'm not part of the Discords or IRC, so I don't know if they're around those parts.

If you're going to PM them to bring up their spirit or something, I guess say some other random anon also wishes them well.

>> No.53586926

Someone tell him/her to put it back up ;-;

>> No.53586933

what happened?

>> No.53586937

I'll never understand why people post placeholder apps instead of waiting for at least an editing draft.

>> No.53586943

No, no, you misunderstand me

Apparently Rory GM'd a game with Slow a LONG time ago, months before ROTJR

>> No.53586959

I talk to Slow all the time on Discord. He's super nice, easily in my 1st Tier.

>> No.53586961

Celebs do it to intimidate others into abandoning their apps and build hype for their characters. Non-celebs? Not sure, maybe they're just trying to copy the celebs hoping they might be as successful.

>> No.53586963

The sooner the GM sees your app when they scroll down, the likelier you are to be chosen.

>> No.53586968

Slow is a super cute

>> No.53586975

Hi Slow.

>> No.53586976

How'd you manage that?

>> No.53586978

Rolled 2, 4 + 4 = 10 (2d6 + 4)

is this what we're doing now?

>> No.53586984

Yes, I was talking about a long time ago too, Vult and Slow knew each other before PLD, but didn't recognize each other till after he got accepted.

>> No.53586993

We've been doing it for over half a year, anon. Do try to keep up.

>> No.53586995

Small world, aye

>> No.53586998

>Julius Acilius
Holy shit this app

>> No.53587001

It was definitely one of many bad decisions made this week, though at some point they blur together.

>> No.53587011


it is done

>> No.53587023

I see you're doing the self-shilling thing.

>> No.53587040

No, I'm actually the guy who asked what the guy up the thread meant by the baby socks
I just saw the app it applied to is all.

>> No.53587052

Fuck lost

>> No.53587061

That wasn't me, I was baby socks anon.

>> No.53587072

/pgg/a please

>> No.53587078

Man, you're not doing a good job of this.

>> No.53587087

I'm >>53585781, >>53585819, >>53585925, iunno who you are.

t. Angel B. trying to stretch the convo out so people can see you shilling it

>> No.53587110

I'm the anon who made the baby socks posts, is what I'm saying. I didn't apply to any game with that as my actual character concept... Though I might now!

>> No.53587152

You're going to apply to a game as a stillbirth? Hardcore as all heck anon.

>> No.53587153

Oh that isn't you?
now that I look at it julius didn't get to marry his girl before she ded so

>> No.53587158

We're just a bunch of /pgg/ies.

>> No.53587167

That'll do, anon. That'll do.

>> No.53587172

/pgg/as with attitude

>> No.53587174

Dhampir, obviously. Perhaps he was bitten when he slipped out of his mother, certainly an acquired taste to some vampires.

>> No.53587177

This needs to stop

>> No.53587194

You know what my favorite play is? /pgg/malion.

>> No.53587209

Its to late, little /pgg/

>> No.53587216

Cut his throat! Kill the /pgg/! Bash him in!

>> No.53587220

This is the best one.
We /pgg/malions now

>> No.53587230

Well there WAS that whole obsession with stone-to-flesh a while back...

>> No.53587235

I prefer NOTORIOUS /pgg/

>> No.53587251

Threads were weird today.

>> No.53587271

Someone said recently that the thread just about lost it last October and it wasn't until today that I think I've started to believe them.

>> No.53587276


Eh. It gets that way sometimes.

>> No.53587286

How do you feel about a game where different tiers would get different PB? Lower tiers getting more PB, obviously.

>> No.53587299

Go away Star Toad

>> No.53587304


>> No.53587305

Dumb, because what's to stop someone from multiclassing? What happens if the person playing a wizard has no clue what they're doing and ends up fucking himself over?

>> No.53587315

I feel they're stupid because they change the next best thing to nothing.

>> No.53587320

It started before that. Early 2016 was the beginning of the end.

>> No.53587324

Fresh baked bread


>> No.53587330

Tiers are better handled in-game than out. They're real, no doubt, but the DM should be making adjustments to the characters and campaign rather than convoluting the mess of class balance with house rules if possible. If someone is determined to break things, they will on a 10pb, so it's your job to put your foot down.

>> No.53587333

I haven't been here that long so I can't verify.

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