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Think about it.

They dress like bedouins

They're a nomadic people

They use jezzail-like weapons

They wear gasmasks because DUNE REFERENCE

and if you're going with Xenology fluff

They're constantly surrounded by mirages

Their language is made mostly of fricative consonants

They've been fighting space egyptians

and of course

They massively migrate to a inhabited planet, leech off its resources and fuck it up, and move on

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Oh and also, back when they were still space-skaven (so, before the term "hrud" was coined), the concept art showed their leader inhaling warpstone dust (like spice melange, get it?) from a hookah pipe

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No you idiot, they're space skaven.

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space arabs are space arabs

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arab skaven

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No, just Skaven.

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In one of the Xenology books, they're listed as, and shown as, weird-ass centipede like creatures.

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>nocturaly warrior of Hrud
Literally space skaven

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Nigga you need to learn about Tallarn.

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aside from this drawing I've never seen hrud described as having masks. I don't remember 100% but the Last Chancers book that has them for like a sentence doesn't mention any masks either.

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No, the Hrud from we have seen from then in the Xenology and "Gods of Mars" are outsiders.

They travel/migrate across time and dimensions looking for a place to call home.

Also the Hrud were once asked by the Tau to join their empire but for some reason refused and were kicked out by the Tau.

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Not anymore!

Thank god.

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Those who've read the new Perturabo book, any new Hrud lore?

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