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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Enduring Legacy Edition:
What character had left the greatest legacy in your campaign?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: https://pastebin.com/PeD1SMUZ

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>53507091

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Fuck DHB is awful. I can't understand anyone who doesn't acknowledge him as being garbage as having more than half a brain. His homebrew his shit, his characters are shit, he's shit. Fucking hell. How do we remove the DHB problem and purge the last shitty homebrewer from our general?

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Fuck off m8

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Wait so you faggots LIKE playing rocket tag??

I do not understand the point of setting up a battle mat and moving Miniatures around if you're going to kill everything or be killed in one round of combat. You might as well free-form roleplay and save everyone the trouble by flipping a coin.

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>all of /pfg/ is one person

nigga we have people who play and they can't even one-round CR-4 monsters, and they ENJOY this.

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Reminder to vote
Also reminder that
>Evil: Evil characters are fine. A character's whose dream of an ideal new culture is just them ruling it is fine. Just be self-aware of the reality of their situation, you aren't going to conquer the setting through personal power, obviously, but you could politic your way into a position of power in the court, convince people that following you is in their best interests, and generally use the ensoulment project as a stepping stone in your own advancement. What is important is just that your app doesn't make your character motivations run contrary to the ensoulment project, or motivate you to sabotage it. As long as you can play nice in the context of the campaign, your endgame can be as selfish as you want.
>Lewd: I find characters who totally avoid the subject of sex stranger than ones who include it. Obviously most characters can contain no reference to anything remotely sexual without it feeling like they are avoiding it, because sexual topics are just one part of life and may not be a part relevant to the character. But they are a part of life, and likewise they are part of this setting, don't be afraid to write seducers, lechers, ingenues or whatever else. Eroticism is a powerful motivator to plenty of people, and a powerful tool for many others, and that's fine and perfectly workable in any setting with an adaptable GM. This is not a lewd campaign, eroticism will always be circumstantial to some situation or person where it logically follows, but it doesn't not exist, and there is no reason to avoid it so long as you can be somewhat mature about it.
Aka expect wist and kawase to come out of the closet about being Lawful Evil and Neutral Evil respectively soon

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er NE and LE, my bad

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"I have absolutely nothing against the prevalent tone of the characters written thus far, but I am concerned that the applicants are stifling their creativity in an attempt to conform to a restrictive mold that I never meant to exist. Ultimately, I am going to want to recruit a party of players with diverse passions, philosophies, and yes, tones, and so many applicants piling onto the same general areas in each of these regards is making things more difficult for me and making competition harder than it needs to be for you. Take, for example, the character philosophy of "I want to be an inspiration to the common people that they too can be heroic and achieve their dreams", this is a great angle, but it could describe one of a dozen or more applicants at this time, and thus every new applicant which chooses that angle is in direct competition with those apps for a single slot (maybe two or three at most) rather than in competition for one of six slots."

Fuck me.

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Only shit GMs design rocket tag combats.

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You were one of them, weren't you?

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And only shit players design alpha strike builds?

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I'm currently evaluating how bad this problem effects Ryoko and how to clarify what she means to represent, aka justice.

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Don't knock alpha strikes, anon.


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>the Princess is willing to acept evil, lewds, tyrants, charming rogues, paladins, and Heroes of the People and stuff them all into one party
This truly is Entertainment of an Autistic Princess isn't it? inb4 the Princess got possessed by some Daemon who just wants to watch the world burn

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It was more funny how much DHB got shit on for "YOU'RE NOT A HERO", now this happens.

>> No.53515676

DHB's still weak. People weren't shitting on him for not being a heroic hero, people were shitting on him for not being a real protagonist.

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Either the paladin who discovered a way to locate lich phylacteries using divination without actually knowing the phylactery, only the lich or the necromancer character before him who discovered a way to make fake phylacteries that are beacons for divination.

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have you tried not being a weeb

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>Ryoko wasn't heroic enough
>Rinta wasn't heroic enough
>Jericho wasn't heroic enough
>CCC wasn't heroic enough
>Rodrick wasn't heroic enough

Fucking hell its hilarious right now

>> No.53515705

Rodrick and Jericho are still weak
Ryoko isn't affected at all.
CCC and Rinta suddenly go from strong but flawed to top tier.
People like Niccolo and Kino get boosted too.

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I tried not being a weeb once, it was awful.

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I don't even know why it was so hard for those people crowing about tone to understand, considering that from the outset it talked about "defining" a hero.

>> No.53515722

Selective memory kicking in there? He has probably the strongest philosophy until he changed it for hero fags.

>> No.53515729

So who has this character philosophy locked up then? Ceraphine? Derrin?

>> No.53515730

>the strongest philosophy
"Defend the old king" is a strong philosophy for finding a new culture?

>> No.53515732

>CCC and Rint are both guaranteed picks now
I didn't want to play in Protag's game anyways.

>> No.53515734

Ceraphine and Derrin, probably.

>> No.53515745

>people thought the celeb apps wouldn't get picked
>people thought protag wasn't helping out his discord buddies

>> No.53515754

One of the two, maybe both.
It's actually hilarious how strong they are now that being vaguely evil is no longer a minus. Fuck they even have the appeal of their ideal being so clean and naive-sounding that the Autism Princess probably gets giddy at it
>everyone should be friends!
>everyone should be a dreamer!

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"The will of the royalty needs to be absolute." was more his thing.

>> No.53515766

Probably both, but I'd give the edge to Ceraphine because she isn't going to end up being a fucking novel.

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I can kind of see wist being discord (but everyone loves Wist), but isn't Kawase universally hated on there?

>> No.53515770


The response I always see to this is 'bb ut it makes the players pick and choose their battles it's supposed to be lethal that's how it was intended (MUH OSR)'


Having played a lot of 3.5e, ST and Exalted in particular, easily spammed nuclear options refuce gameplay to complete shit. Either you throw several of your ' challenging encounter' at the party or you know sell all of their abilities by making up immunities and homebrew encounters, which of course upsets the majority of players who find themselves invalidated and their abilities denied, feeling utterly hopeless.

An ideal combat is one that actually has a purpose and as some back and forth between the players and the dungeon master, one that isn't too short but doesn't overstay its welcome.

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>suddenly Jericho gets 3 extra votes

>> No.53515801

>Isn't Kawase universally hated
Not really, and even if he was, Protag seems to pretty universally like everyone so it probably wouldn't matter.

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This General has become so incestuous and off-topic I really think it should be pruned or banned. Do you guys even listen to yourselves? You talking about some stupid unrelated bullshit from a Discord server that has nothing to do with the general topic discussion. I don't care if there's no new content to gab about take all this discussion elsewhere because it really has absolutely nothing to do with the game itself.

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>> No.53515836

People are hyped about a pathfinder game
Go find something to talk about

>> No.53515849

>but isn't Kawase universally hated on there?
No, that reputation mostly comes from the shitposting that happened in the general rather than the discord itself. That first impression is likely to follow Kawase for the rest of his days here, though.

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My question is how to do that at mid to high levels. PF combat follows a lot of assumptions and eventually every mook and minion needs to be invisible, flying, have blindsight, four actions a round, 50% miss chance, SR fuck you and a spammable SoL to even be worth rolling init for.

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>People talking about Pathfinder games isn't Pathfinder
>Anon REEEEEEEEEES like the autist he is.
Here's a (You) for the road, don't spend it all in one place.

>> No.53515873

How autistic do you even have to be to have this opinion?

Do you think socialization has no merit if it isn't for the purpose of sharing technical information?

This is a group of people sharing common interests and having fun together, the common interest is pathfinder games, what on earth is there to complain about?

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He's a nazimod fan
Someone who thinks the internet is serious business

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I'm strictly non-Discord and the only reason I'd have to dislike Kawase is because you fuckers keep spilling your drama into the thread.

>> No.53515918

Kawase seems to actively avoid posting about Discord, a few threads ago he basically told someone defending him to fuck off and leave it in Discord

>> No.53515924

Some of the most fun combat I've had in the system is against a ton of mooks that can go down in 1-2 hits, with one "beefy guy" that requires focus fire. "One big baddie" is a fucking meme. Granted, this is also assuming PoW, which gives a few easier ways

>mfw he fucking explodes after two shots
>mfw I forgot all about this fag and his stolen builds
>mfw 4+ years of memories of that shit game

truly, shit games are the best way to have fun

>> No.53515943


Irrelevant. You've turn this into a thread for discussing someone else's game that you're not even a part of and has no presence here and very little related to the actual game or discussion of the game this General was created for. Doesn't this strike you as a little pathetic? You are one step away from being the same as a /vg/ general. All that is missing is posting screenshot reaction faces and saying stupid shit about who is and is not lewd. Isn't it also embarrassing that you're talking about someone else's game instead of pursuing your own? If this game in question had players or the dungeon master coming here and asking about advice or talking about stats or anything actually relevant to Pathfinder that would be one thing but that is not the case. I pray for this generation who lives vicariously through others, be at streamers or people simply posting about their games on an anonymous image board, because it's really fucking sad.

>> No.53515948

Everyone that disliked him, disliked him enough to leave. Note that the active people on Discord these days are totally different from even just a month ago. They've all moved on. Kawase's nonstop blabbering about dumb shit nobody could ever care about was a big part of that schism.

>> No.53515967

You don't need to stay.

>> No.53515977

Go back to /reddit/

>> No.53515984

I mean to say, I don't dislike Kawase, if I did it's because you fuckers keep posting about Discord shit that needs to stay there.

I have zero problem with talking about /pfg/ games or /pfg/ characters, I can even get behind discussing certain "thread" personalities. Just keep the Discord specific stuff off, it's another chat venue, the assumption I have at least is that the discussion there is internal, and it muddles up the thread where-as most character discussion can be caught up on by other posters.

Discord makes things personal instead of professional and that is the fucking worst.

>> No.53515998


Minions are great, its more gameplay and builds that one shot anything regardless of aeverity and players who are so paranoid that they demand this is how it has to be because they don't want to feel threatened. Dungeons & Dragons in Pathfinder exhibit this quite a bit although Exalted exemplifies it .

>> No.53516002

Broodie isn't even in the Discord anymore.

>> No.53516020

Reminder that using Discord, or any other off-site chatroom, was a mistake.

>> No.53516026


That I upset you so much is all the more reason for me to stay and try and drag you Poor Unfortunate Souls back into the light of actual social interaction and actually engaging the hobby.

>> No.53516032

>Jericho's app updated

>> No.53516046

I'm convinced Jericho and CCC are lengthining their apps just to be the longest or some shit it's ridiculous.

>> No.53516049


>> No.53516058

Oh hell naw.

DHB won't beat me for the title of maximum-over-autist.

Derrin's backstory just got 3 pages longer!

>> No.53516060

It's almost as if Protag gave him a little more rope and DHB decided to use it to hang himself.

>> No.53516062

Anyone who hasn't gotten a PM
>Also, I am aware that I am falling behind on a lot of PMed requests for reviews or setting information. If you are one of the applicants waiting on a response to such a thing, rest assured that you are not forgotten. I've been extremely busy the past few days but will have tomorrow off and plan on getting on top of my backlog then.

>> No.53516067

What would you say are the odds on Jericho getting in? Part of the reason I haven't applied is specifically because my character would be in direct competition.

>> No.53516068

So how many "new threads" need to be plastered on this board for all them, including this one, to get nuked faster than the circle jerking "muh /pfg/ gaymes" can cum to a new bamboozle?

>> No.53516069

Has anyone here applied to Ironfang and Essentia? I like the look of both of them

>> No.53516079

This is you right now anon. You can do better then this.

>> No.53516084

>TFW you let DHB cuck you out of finishing your application by getting into a length war

>> No.53516089


Are you complaining about general threads or./pfg/?

>> No.53516092

Depends if the mod is awake, sometimes a completely fine thread with actual discussion anyway gets nuked for no reason even when it's the only thread around.

Not interested in Ironfang, Essentia is getting shit on for being low magic.

>> No.53516095

Nigga there's no fucking content to talk about because the leaks for new books haven't come in yet and trying to talk about Avowed devolves into people screeching autistically the moment someone makes a joke about paws. People are instead talking about the game they WANT TO JOIN because that's the only "new" thing there. The thread is full of faggots, but 4chan is ALWAYS full of faggots.

>back into the light of actual social interaction and actually engaging in the hobby
It's literally what these retards are doing RIGHT NOW. Games get set up all the fucking time. People are getting together to talk about the games they're hoping to play or are playing right now.

>> No.53516112

>They've all moved on
Did they really start a new discord over whatever happened in there?

>> No.53516120

Pretty low. People complained about Jericho not because the tone was wrong, but because it was just a shit app. DHB doubling down on the shit doesn't make his odds any better.

>> No.53516121

I am complaining about his particular thread having become a spitting contest and people who care for neither side or want to at least see a cohesive discussion about things being caught in the middle, catching the drops.

>> No.53516128

Everyone calm down he added like 2 sentences and the picture an anon drew for him.

>> No.53516133

Then 3 extra pages will ensure I win the title!

>> No.53516143

the picture looks really bad

>> No.53516150

I'm waiting for doubters to get BTFO.

>> No.53516152

>JohnnyJohnJohnnyJohnson applied with THICC

>> No.53516155

Did you actually expect anybody with talent to be one of DHB's clingers?

>> No.53516164


I encouraged them to make their own games and then recruit people and not gab about it here for days on end. Be the change they want to see. This is all one pathetic circle-jerk at this point and there's no reason for this General to exist until you move on elsewhete or do something that is relevant to the topic.

>> No.53516167

>Rory applies with a Titty Witch
>Agathion-blooded Assimar


>> No.53516168

Watch as Rodrick gets in but CCC, Ceraphin, Derrin, and Rinta get shoved

>> No.53516177

>thicc titty witch
fuck yes.

>> No.53516178

The picture is shit. Fuck DHB. God he is shit.

>> No.53516185

The odds of this being a bamboozle just doubled.

>> No.53516189

>be the change they want to see
There's almost 40 applications for Flower Court, at least 30 are from /pfg/ goers. It can easily be that almost the entire thread is applying to that game, they don't need change they're just hoping to get in.

>> No.53516191


The art is shitty for an Agathion-Blooded Aasimar anyway.

>> No.53516196

So! I've gotten it into my head to give kineticist a try. I've heard that it's one of those classes where a lot of the options are underwhelming, but are there any fun choices or builds you'd recommend?

>> No.53516207

Hey Vult.

>> No.53516222

>bully DHB time
Can a man be bullied to death because shit I'm gonna try.

>> No.53516225

Just watch Protag's going to troll everyone, including Vult himself.

>> No.53516227

Yes but they're THICC

>> No.53516230

Option A: Don't play a fucking kineticist they're awful
Option B: Pray to god your GM lets you use 3pp
then the hidden option, Option C: have a GM who misinterprets the rules and lets you get away with dumb bullshit that isn't RAI, only for the GM to come here and bitch about how OP Kineticists are

>> No.53516246

Kineticist is fucking terrible it's like Truenamer from 3.5e, a great idea but HORRIBLE execution

>> No.53516250

Any suggestions for >>53515862 ?

>> No.53516253

But thin, flat scientist is good too, right?

>> No.53516265

Rolled 6, 3 + 1 = 10 (2d6 + 1)

Rolling for Mari'Anya

>> No.53516275

I thought it was going to be high magic item, like in Eberron, to make up for it.

Talk about Starfinder. There's always eager /m/en and wo/m/en who want to chat about it.

>> No.53516289

That's like three apps
CCC who has a higher engineering score than Kino

Cut down on minions maybe and have two or three big guys. Instead of Standard encounters make it mainly Challenging or Difficult ones but fewer a day.

>> No.53516298

She's good and she's cute, but she ain't what gets me going.

>> No.53516304


E-cups... wait where did you get the Con mod?

>> No.53516307

>the post was just updated
>Con/Cha of 18

This is definitely a bamboozle.

>> No.53516314


>> No.53516326

Fake news

>> No.53516334

Agathion Assimar have +CON

>> No.53516344

>SHEET: WIP, Con/Cha of 18

>> No.53516349

Rolled 9, 3 + 2 = 14 (2d10 + 2)

Don't mind me, just rolling to see how big Jericho's other 'snake' is.

>> No.53516351

Obvious joke app, presumably to make fun of Protag for allowing lewd characters and try to stir up shit about the new app standards.

>> No.53516359


Assuming there are 30 people applying to that you could have six games going. One person to do the dungeon master and for people to be players.

Instead of dog piling one game why don't all of you try being more organized and creating more games there for getting more people in the games and having even more to discuss and engage the mechanics game and develop new stories?

>> No.53516361


>> No.53516375

Remember where you were.
Remember because your grandchildren will ask you where you were. Where were you when Ensoulment turned into the Ruse Cruise?

>> No.53516379

Everyone who DMs is already DMing.

>> No.53516384

I ain't a flat-fan and I tell it how it is, boy. You don't have to agree with me.

>> No.53516387


I'm curious to know what kind of consumables and similar items characters can use in Starfinder. Combat drugs, high-tech devices, magic-rich alien lifeforms?

>> No.53516396

>creating more games
Because people are interested in Flower Court.
>six games
I see seven already here >>53515459 and there's plenty more that are just constantly running like Overlewd, Shardwalkers, PLD, etc.

How about you stop bitching?

>> No.53516406

Last encounter was four PoW enemies at party level, plus ten minions at APL -1. But I forgot about invisibility and now the whole party is beyond enemy perception. So, what sort of list should I assume that everything needs to be even a vague threat?

>> No.53516416

At least have a few people capable of See Invisibility at that level m8

>> No.53516444

>Rory bitches about joke apps ruining TSS while having a fit and withdrawing the game
>Rory turns around and does the same exact thing to attack Ensoulment
God this guy is an utter asshole, isn't he? It's kind of sad that he's so pathetic that he has to have a tantrum any time somebody else is getting attention.

>> No.53516448


Supposing I wanted to play one anyway, any specific advice on how to not be terrible? Or at least, less terrible than usual?

>> No.53516484

The biggest problem with /pfg/ games is the re-apps. People who have gotten into several games, but keep applying to new stuff until they have a game for every night of the week while others are left out in the cold with none.

>> No.53516486

> Flower Court GM proclaims the entire lot of apps to be boring.

Well, shit. I thought the bunch of them were reasonably grounded for once. Now it'll be a meme playground yet again.

>> No.53516488

What role could play a changeling for a LE tiefling backstory?

>> No.53516494


More people can step up to the plate. It's a fun and rewarding experience. At the very worst you'll learn a lot about yourself and how to navigate multiple personalities in a social group.


And not everyone can join therefore, if people still want to play in games and there is no other option then they should step up and run a game. It's not even that many people that would need to put in this effort; literally a fifth of the applicants. Even less if you take on more than 4 players per game! So what's the holdup? You're just making excuses at this point.

>> No.53516499

>Implying he isn't serious and is just desperate for a game

>> No.53516510

I figured. It just seems lame after a certain point that every combat needs a counter to every effect. No more big powerful brutes, they need to also be smart enough to plan for all this stuff, or have a smart ally along. Also they need to fly and be invisible themselves.

>> No.53516515

Yeaaah, but I am not a /m/otherfucker, so starfinder really interests me with space lizards shooting space hellknights in the face with an insect baby grenade.

>> No.53516532

I think its more 'you need to branch out on what you represent'

>> No.53516543

Or a big brute with blindsight, because blindsight counters 9 out of 10 things.

>> No.53516547

>You're just making excuses at this point.
I'm applying to Flower Court, literally what is the problem here? Some people don't want to be the fucking DM. Some people are foreverDM'd in real life. If you care so much you should run a game. I don't care if you're already running obviously just put in the effort right! What's the holdup! Run ten games for us! It's an experience! You'll learn even MORE about yourself!
Kill yourself.

>> No.53516553


It looks like it's reaching a nice middle ground. All I'm waiting on is seeing the classes and equipment.

>> No.53516572

There's at least one or two PoW stances that grant See Invisibility by that level, so the enemies could be in that stance.

Also, if you're the DM, just cheat. As long as the players don't know what's going on they can't call you on it. Maybe just let the enemies know where they are because they weren't "hiding themselves" effectively, or they were yelling too loud, or something. There's still a miss chance for invisibility, so it's not like they can say the buff is completely negated.

>> No.53516579

>if people still want to play in games and there is no other option then they should step up and run a game
Except people are waiting to get into a game, and running a game is not the same as being in a game anyway. There are seven recruiting games including Flower with a total of almost 40 slots, not including the ones already running. What are you complaining about? Is it just that there's no game to your liking and you don't want to DM it?

>> No.53516594

Blinded Blade Style is a hell of a drug.

>> No.53516595

Oh, hey. Ryo Agawa art.


>> No.53516596

I mean https://docs.google.com/document/d/1utgJVtJStEtZ8B923VWFYKIx6kbWQS_44zSMOb8rkT0 is an okay guide.

>> No.53516623

I just wish that magic items, if they even exist, are more than just "look, you get a pretty little +2 to your fart saves"

>> No.53516634


Do you think Hellknights will have special archetypes similar to the Hellknight PrCs?

>> No.53516648

What's the best way to get Blinded Blade style? Also, is Spiritslayer any good for going into it?

>> No.53516649


If you don't want to run a game and you can't find any games online, which seems impossible given how many people there are online across various forums and communities who run games, then tough shit I guess. Stop being intractable and entitled. If you want something then you need to give something in return.

>> No.53516663

>Rory puts up TSS, gives a ridiculously broad idea of tone, everything about the presentation calls for wacky characters and overt lewds.
>Gets pissy that people are being wacky and applying with joke apps
>Gets pissy that people arent conforming to a ultra-specific idea of tone he apparently had.
>Protag gets bamboozled and decides to run their own game

>Protag puts up Ensoulment. People misinterpret their intentions for tone as being overly specific and start apping with overly dry, archetypal heroes.
>Lets people know they can just do what they want and she'll adapt.
>Puts up notice apologizing for imperfect presentation and inviting people to write whatever they want, with much looser parameters.
>Rory applies to Protags game with a hyper wacky joke app, likely bamboozle


>> No.53516688


I'm poking at the fact that you guys hover like flies to horseshit about these games and this Discord server gossip. Also the fact that you keep acting like it's the only alternative you have.

Seriously, grow up.

>> No.53516692

This sounds like a conspiracy to me

Does Rory have ulterior motives

>> No.53516698

I really want /reddit/ to go

>> No.53516714


I hope so. I can't see why they wouldn't.

>> No.53516734

Nothing more than being your run of the mill narcissistic, malicious, attention seeking moron

>> No.53516737

>If you don't want to run a game
I'm running it in real life.
>you can't find any games online
Which is common.
>Stop being intractable and entitled. If you want something then you need to give something in return.
Who's being intractable and entitled? Nobody is even whining, people are setting up games, people are applying to games they're hoping to get accepted for, people are talking about their hopes and about the games they're already in. Are you so butthurt that you didn't even read the post you responded to?
>only alternative
Maybe they're good alternatives? Maybe people actually like the games as pitched? Maybe people legit want to play?
>seriously grow up
You need to do that instead of telling people they're not allowed to enjoy things and need to...what? Run games so you can apply or something? Stop applying to games they're interested in?

>overly specific and start apping with overly dry, archetypal heroes.
Best part is that the really good apps right now are mostly ones that aren't archetypical, or else ones that are super archetypical.

>> No.53516741


Do you have anything more useful you can add to this dialogue besides buzzwords and memes?

>> No.53516747

Sorry i'm not up to your standards, epic redditor.

>> No.53516751

Have you added anything useful to the dialogue at all? All you've said is for people to grow up and stop enjoying things.

>> No.53516794

>you can't find any games online
Because /pfg/ games are of a higher quality with higher quality applications in a greater volume. You can meme all you like but just look at the rando applications to Chalice or Ensoulment. The same goes for rando games, they're arse.

>> No.53516798


So running game. Or don't. Get into those games. Or don't. Either way the social politics going on inside of a Discord server that isn't related to the actual topic of this General should not be present in this thread or any future threads. At least the discussion of whether or not someone should be running a game is more relevant and on topic then you guys constantly posting about a bunch of Literally Who's like they are internet celebrities.

>> No.53516804

Are those styles fitting for an ettin? And I have ideas for the invisibilty, but I need help with a list of "shit you need to counter or it will trivialize encounters" so I can work it into planned stuff instead of pulling counters out of my ass. Because obviously every Int 7 monster with no hands carries chalk dust to reveal invisible people!

>> No.53516812

Yo, /pfg/
Give me some fun character concepts.

>> No.53516839

What ARE the best apps, anon?

>> No.53516851

>Either way the social politics going on inside of a Discord server that isn't related to the actual topic of this General should not be present in this thread or any future threads
How is that related to fucking anything literally nobody is saying that Discord circlejerking is welcome? Are you a blind cretin? People are talking about characters they like and whether or not they think those will make it.

>> No.53516870


And there are plenty of people outside of your Discord server who produce quality work and enthusiasm for the games that they partaken. They are out there why don't you try finding them instead of limiting yourself to this one sample size that becomes more obnoxious and incestuous by the day?

You know what helps you control the quality and content of people that join a game? Being the one running it.

>> No.53516874

Rintaelle, CCC, Derrin, Ceraphine. Don't think these four at least are up to debate as 'the really good ones'.

>> No.53516879

Anything by Captain Slow or Disk

>> No.53516882

A knight in shining armour that is decidedly not getting any.

>> No.53516893


>> No.53516895

>And there are plenty of people outside of your Discord server who produce quality work and enthusiasm for the games that they partaken
>your discord
I don't go on Discord, what are you talking about? Fuck off with your boogeyman.

>They are out there
They really aren't. Go on roll20. Basically every PF game pitch on there besides our own is garbage.

>You know what helps you control the quality and content of people that join a game? Being the one running it.
So run your own and fuck off already.

>> No.53516905

Dragon Royalty Bard who fights with yo-yos and spinning tops and wants to open a circus or become a circus supplier.

Minotaur Lady Barbarian doing her best to support the multi-species orphanage.

Maid with Wizard levels and Enlarge and Reduce Person. Works to fund her family back home.

>> No.53516912

>literally unfinished

>> No.53516915

Of the non-celeb apps, Alexander is simple and effective, and Spidget Finner is hilarious and kinda heartwarming in a Tale of Despereaux kinda way, and my personal favorite has gotta be MOUSE

>> No.53516920

>An app that's just a skeleton with a promise of a novel coming at some point in the future
But hey, Disk isn't coasting on his celebrity at all.

>> No.53516950

I didn't namedrop and don't care who made the applications or else I'd take off CCC and put on Ryoko.
Rintaelle, CCC, and Ceraphine are well written applications that have personality, character, a clear tone and clear philosophy. I forgot Alexander, who's good due to his sheer simplicity - literal simplicity.

Well I'm assuming the writer doesn't fuck her backstory up too much from the greentext, the concept itself is good.

>> No.53516962

Nah, I just love GoT. Can't wait for Slow to put together an Ensoulment app based on Tyrion Lannister.

>> No.53516967

fuck off Halae

>> No.53516969

>LITERALLY defending a character based on the nebulous concept of "ladyknight"
holy fucking shit

>> No.53516970


Characters only relevant to people from a Discord server that is not this General.

You do not go onto a general forum and start blathering on about your personal life or your friends.

>> No.53517010

>an Ensoulment app based on Tyrion Lannister
Fuck me, that's a good idea.

>> No.53517015

>Characters only relevant to people from a Discord server that is not this General.
No, they're relevant to anyone who is applying to the game or planning to do so.

I like it
I don't even know who Disk is or what he's supposed to be famous for.

>> No.53517018

Do you have something against ladies who also happen to be knights, anon?

>> No.53517030

Why the fuck are you capitalizing "general"? Can you stop policing the thread already? Literally fuck off.

>> No.53517036

You're defending something based on the concept and not the execution.

>> No.53517043

>You do not go onto a general forum
That's right, I don't go on a forum I go on 4chan.

>> No.53517047


There are more places out there to find a game besides roll20. If you don't like it and the games that are posted there and people that post there then run your own game and look somewhere else for those players and dungeon Masters that you are seeking. If you don't like that you have to put in effort to find a social group that you enjoy then I wish you luck in life because it's going to be hard as hell for you.

>> No.53517072

>If you don't like it
Why do you assume this?

>social group
>dude join our reddit sub dude join our shitty forum
Stop shilling.

>> No.53517087

Honestly at this point I think Broodie's celeb-ness is hurting rather than helping Ryoko

>> No.53517120

I asked about it in the last thread because I was curious and it got updated...

>> No.53517134


Because the majority of posters in this thread I've done nothing but talk about other people's applications for game that they believe they have no chances of getting into. Clearly there is something that they do not like namely the fact that they're not getting into these games. The fact that you have nothing better to do but discuss other people's applications and their characters and living vicariously through other people's games and then turning around and complaining about not having games or games being bad or not being willing to run a game feels very I don't know, sad? Entitled? These are my observations of this General and Its behavior. It is a pitiful state but God willing I will get through to at least one of you.

>> No.53517175


>Mermaid construct rider alchemist who build a deadly war machine to aid in her quest to sample the surface world's booze
>Human paladin who, due to a curious taste in armor aesthetics, some nasty facial scars, and a tendency to annoy the corrupt people in power, is constantly mistaken for a villainous blackguard
>Centaur vigilante whose social identity is a human
>Tengu bloatmage who is the epitome of fat southern gennul'min
>Dhampir skald who plays the sax, has never worn a shirt for more than fifteen minutes at a time, and STILL BELIEVES

>> No.53517188

Everyone needs to stop being so hard on Redditanon. if he doesn't get new people for /rPathfinger and get enough upvotes his wifes boyfriend is going to beat him with a shoe. He's as much of a victim as we are.

>> No.53517208

>Clearly there is something that they do not like namely the fact that they're not getting into these games
Maybe they simply enjoy posting about them yeah

>very I don't know, sad?
Who the fuck cares what you think is sad? Where the fuck do you think you are?

>talking about other people's applications and praising them is entitled
Do you not know how to speak English?

>this General
You don't need to use a capital letter and you sound like you're incredibly new.

>It is a pitiful state but God willing I will get through to at least one of you.
Pic related, where the fuck and who the fuck do you think you are? You don't need to stay here.

>> No.53517219

Punchgirl (any flavor)

Mute, busty bard

Tengu who thinks he's another kind of birb


>> No.53517253

The important part of Blinded Blade Style is skipping the Perception 5 ranks requirement, which usually means a level of MoMS monk. So, level 1 feat is Blind Fight, Monk 1 is Blinded Blade Style, level 2/3 onwards is Improved Blind Fight, Blinded Competence, Greater Blind Fight, and Blinded Master.

It might break character, but the Blind Zeal trait (http://www.archivesofnethys.com/TraitDisplay.aspx?ItemName=Blind%20Zeal) would also allow jump-starting that feat chain. Following up the one level of Monk with two levels of Fighter would get you Blindsight 30 at level 3, at which point you can do something else. Spiritslayer is kind of slow for going into it, unless you're fine with getting it at a later level.

>> No.53517258

How dare people post about a TV show they like to watch? Clearly they're mad that they don't have a role to play on their own show.

>> No.53517263

I'm the DM of a game in real life ergo by rule zero I'm God.
God does not will you stay here, please return to reddit.

>> No.53517277

I dunno if they're fitting for an Ettin, but you can make it fitting just by waving your hands and saying it is.

>> No.53517325

>mfw the app focuses more on his relationship with Not!Tysha than him being an unwanted Dwarf

>> No.53517336


Judging by the volume of posting in hear about other people's characters, games, and applications one can only assume that the majority of you are trying to live vicariously through other internet strangers and their games. It is sad and it is pathetic. At least with people watching streamers they get some sort of immediate enjoyment in watching their reactions their successes are their failures but this is just some other kind of mutation entirely. One that does not bode well if this is how a good majority of people interacting in this hobby are going to begin behaving like. Maybe some of the blame or a lot of the blame lies upon it shows like critical role and perhaps Quest threads from the past. I can only speculate but what I do see is very disheartening because I think all of you can do better and deserve better and that you are missing out on a wealth of opportunities because you are Meek and afraid to put forth commitment and effort. There's also something vaguely disgusting about how many of you have applied this celebrity status upon random internet strangers and talk so zealously about what they do. Have you ever consider that maybe they don't want that attention? And if they do want that attention have you ever considered that maybe it's unhealthy to give it to them? Food for thought.

>> No.53517343

Spelling and grammar checkers are your friend.

>> No.53517356

>Pathfinderwiki still slow as fuck
Is the wikia any good?

>> No.53517370

Should fox spirits/kitsune count as fey? Or just shapeshifters?

I'm in the process of building an East Asian-flavoured kingdom/region for our setting, but I don't know much about Eastern supernatural entities that could be classified as fey beings..

>> No.53517383

Golaripedia is not as good as Pathfinderwiki, but it's okay for most general information.

>> No.53517389

I'm not responding to you after this, but it is unhealthy to act as if you are on reddit on 4chan. Food for thought.

>> No.53517410

3pp or bust is step 1. Assuming 3pp though, you've got options that can take you cleanly into t4 or even t3.

First: the 3pp archetypes are often great help. DSP's Gambler and Avant-Guard are massive massive utility upgrades and far closer to the 'all day' concept. Gambler literally cashes out their built up burn into temporary power points, making them a wind-up blaster with some attached risks. Surprisingly AoE capable too. Avant-Garde not only fixes many of the problems of the kineticist but also provides them with a handy-dandy tank (astral constructs more or less all the time).

The Porphyra and Legendary Kineticists are also a hell of a start in many cases. Legendary 2 has literally "legendary kineticist" which is basically 'unchained' version. It's better. Much better.

Why avoid the 1pp archetypes? Go read up Overwhelming soul, and talk to me again when your hand and that wall have healed back up.

Even elements want 3pp support: Wood is complete fucking trash in 1pp-only, and void not far behind. Porphyra in particular brings us Light (fucking excellent), Time (fucking excellent), Sound (fucking excellent), Viscera (fucking excellent), Poison (actually acid mostly but gets some interesting burn parallels with fire), and a fuckton of new combos for them including 3-burn composites (read those prereqs VERY carefully if you want to pull one off starting at 7th...) that don't have the shitty "half fire half electrical, double resists, double immunities, aw yeah" of many 2-burn composites. But the wild talents are the most important thing there, as they're what let you make void good (from underwhelmingly unimpressive) and wood good (from complete crap).

There's even a machine element out there... And it's not bad at all...

>> No.53517437

It's really your call, but shape changers might be a tad closer to what they are? Do you have a fluff reason to make them Fey? If so, go aheas

>> No.53517444

could be worse/better; instead of "ladyknight", specifically always using "female knight"

pic very much related.

>> No.53517459

Fey for the originals; Shapshifters down the line if they gave birth, like a Sorcerer bloodline.

Also, gib more details plox

>> No.53517500

Depends on the stance level and mechanics. PoW is fairly mental attribute dependent, and ettins, oggrillons, ogres etc are not great in those stats. Nor skill points for various style skills. I know I can just pull Rule 0 to negate anything the party has, but am not a fan of such tactics and would rather just be aware of things that break encounters and plan ahead for them. Going "nu uh I say these guys just ignore your abilities because" feels like really shit DMing.

>> No.53517565

I don't think I was here for that. Off the top of my head

>IMO, overall max damage nerf for everything earlygame, on account of the change to Blast Shapes and Overcharge Modulation, though you can do some silly stuff with a shapeless pulse and Aether Skirmisher now
>Blasty shapes hit hardest by the nerf, but at levels 8+ they become a worthy 1-rank investment since damage scaling is frontloaded, and they end up doing more damage than before at later levels
>Barrage and Blade both suffer immensely from OM change, but are still respectable on account of remaining touch attacks meaning you'll basically always get every hit
>Channel is still a gorillion damage if done "correctly", and it still doesn't account for Flurry of Blows, despite calling out TWF in the 3rd rank

>> No.53517569

Lady-knight or knightess get the point across better. Japan just does that awkward shit where they say "female [profession]" because they can't fathom women actually doing anything that isn't specifically a female role (female teacher, female lawyer, etc.).

>> No.53517583

Fox spirits should be fey shapeshifters.

Remember, they're foxes.

>> No.53517597

Overwhelming soul: Let's see if I got this right:

-Exchange CON for CHA
-Exchange Burn HP loss for Negative Levels
-Lose 1 damage per overflow grade compared to standard
+Cannot take burn except unwillingly
+Diplomacy and bluff are now class skills
+No Burn requirement for overflow bonus

>> No.53517619

>When you have so many concepts for Flower Court you don't know which to focus on.

>> No.53517625

No, they use lady all the time.
"Female Knight" has a... particular connotation.

A lady knight leads her allies into battle
A female knight is being forcefully bred by orcs.

>> No.53517654


It's a semantic distinction that only people who engage profusely in really bad Japanese pornography would make.

>> No.53517662

Try PM'ing Protag and asking him for pointers

>> No.53517684

Me too anon, me too. Most are some flavour of knight, but each is different enough that I can't compromise them without getting to !Robin Hood and fist wizards.

>> No.53517689

>TFW you get Protag to write your app for you because you asked nicely
>TFW everybody shits on your app because they don't know the truth behind it
>TFW jaws hit the floor when the app is picked
Abusing Protag's overly nice nature is the only winning move here, isn't it?

>> No.53517706

>!Robin Hood
Witch I'd guess, but who's Fist Wizard?

Everyone has a limit.

>> No.53517707

That's what makes it even worse, anon! When you've got all these delicious flavors of knight, and each is a path you want to wander, but you can only pick one!

>> No.53517739

What are the best level 1 sorcerer spells for combat? 3pp allowed!

>> No.53517749

No, you got a few things dreadfully wrong.

First you don't exchange burn. You're simply no longer to do anything that would let you gain it, not willingly. So you can't push yourself beyond your already shitass limits. That 1-4x per day "it's cheaper by 1" is a pathetic sliver of a replacement that doesn't even keep up with higher level costs. You will, literally, never be allowed to use a non-infusion wild talent that costs more than 1, and you will ONLY be allowed to use one that costs 1 using that x/day affair.

That means no overflow and no boosting your defensives by the way. Those temporary HP your force shield would have given you as Aether? Yeah no you're fucked.

Plus, negative levels, while they themselves explicitly won't kill you, are in every way worse than burn damage. Additionally they make you way easier to kill: At LEAST if nothing else Burn was non-lethal damage, so you were taken out of the fight easily but if your allies won you were fine. This literally makes you easier to kill instead.

The archetype did not protect or prevent you from taking burn in any good fashion. It simply slapped "YOU ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED TO DO THE THINGS THAT WOULD GAIN YOU BURN" on you, and then has the fucking gall to make you fucking pay for that.

Plus now you need THREE stats to survive, rather than just two.

>> No.53517753

He isn't dumb. If he's going to write your character it may as well be an NPC.

>> No.53517758


They certainly have the charming smile of a fey.

>> No.53517776

I'm making a few rules for myself this app period. I'm going to make zero edits to my app after posting and not ask for reviews or feedback, it seems like a fun challenge.

>> No.53517796

I've done that a few times, and it's not as fun as it looks

>> No.53517808

To be fair, ask one person to read it over and make sure it is grammatically correct. Everyone has made the mistake of thinking they've got something perfect only to be called out on it within 3 nanoseconds

>> No.53517886

They make great daddy's too

>> No.53517961

>Flurry of Blows and Aether Channel
>mfw take Magical Knack and a one-two level dip in Scaled Fist Unchained Monk
>stick the rest of my levels in Self/Body Pact

I'm not fond of dips, but shit son

>> No.53517984

Foxy daddies best daddies

>> No.53518065

>Loophole found in Avowed
>Better nerf all damage except Aether Channel and not close the loophole

>> No.53518161

>say that Aether Channel should have kept its full BAB effect and instead have gotten the damage changed to something like "1/2 level to damage instead of base dice"
>"no that's too complicated we're taking the BAB away instead"
>Channel damage is STILL a problem to this day


>> No.53518163


>> No.53518192

>8 pages

>> No.53518212

Well, as far as I know, if you consider their very essence and concept, not only fox spirits but pretty much all youkai are fey beings. Except, maybe, ghosts (onryou, ubume, funayurei, zashiki-warashi, jikininki, etc) and other kinds of undead.

But this would be too vague and generic for Pathfinder standards. The only truly unmistakable Eastern fey are the apsaras (celestial nymphs) and the gandharvas (their husbands, celestial elf-like entities with wings and bird traits).

>> No.53518219

>12 pages

>> No.53518263


>> No.53518277

This is a novella. God bless Protagonist if you ever change it at all and she feels obligated to reread the whole thing.

>> No.53518280

>Izuna for Xrd never

Isn't the lore for him that he spent too much time in the Backyard and it mutated him? I seem to recall that being the explanation for why That Man had cat ears at the end of Rev1.

>> No.53518288


>> No.53518375

I'm trying to make sense of how you little rascals think.

What do you think is the most noble of animals in a European setting?

>> No.53518383

Fuck off.

>> No.53518391

And its only on of four external documents the final app will link to!!!

>> No.53518398

Are you making an Old Nan Henderson for this campaign?

>> No.53518434

Are you from the Lion King thread?

I'm going to say the Beaver. It literally reshapes and calims the land.

>> No.53518443

>Mouse has three votes
Nice meme

>> No.53518445

Found the Canadian!

>> No.53518460

The Boar.

>> No.53518469

Let's do this.

>> No.53518473

>Mouse's home computer
>Mouse's mobile
>Mouse's work/school computer
And there's still room for a public library if need be

>> No.53518474


>> No.53518491

But the campaign is going to come to a grinding halt when school starts up again!

>> No.53518494

It's exactly the opposite instead, magic items cost x1.5

>> No.53518524

Is there other ways to change bodies than Clone?
Didn't Sorshen do something like that?

>> No.53518526

You're saying you can't beat the apps of someone who's already busy with existing characters AND might have half or more of his schedule unavailable for play?

>> No.53518540

Only truths.
I'm not sure if that can be determined.

>> No.53518547

Yes. They have greater confidence due to already being in games, so they go further, etc. etc. that nogames people can't keep up with.

>> No.53518553

Magic Jar/Possession are the way that's usually done.

>> No.53518560


>> No.53518563

Does that really matter? Imagine what happens before that.

>> No.53518579

And a starbucks, and a tim hortons.

>> No.53518593

Being a player in a game takes remarkably little work, plus they get the celeb boost because they already had a successful app. Look at Sappy's app for TSS as a great example of this; Simi was a pretty crummy character, but because she's also Valeriya she gets mentioned over and over again.

>> No.53518619


>> No.53518631

>TFW Halae spends his time driving around town, leeching off of free wifi to try to keep his weak-ass character relevant

>> No.53518654

Anything more permanent?

>> No.53518659


>> No.53518677

>that smug ass grin
>that facial hair
>that total lack of a shirt
>that lack of pants

What a character design. Anyway, I misremembered. A quick skim of the GG wiki shows he's indeed a fox spirit/youkai. It also reveals that the lore for this game is kooky AF.

>> No.53518703

Sounds like a trainwreck

>> No.53518720

>Protag runs two games

But who will play King Vaseline?

>> No.53518722

>MFW Ceraphine ends up getting picked for both teams, stealing two slots from me

>> No.53518743

Rory, of course.

>> No.53518753

>Mouse now has FIVE votes
I am seriously surprised Kino has 6 votes, just below the top four with eight each.

>> No.53518758

How smooth is he?

>> No.53518767

Make that six

>> No.53518787

Derrin's climbing rapidly too.
I guess Disk was done writing so he decided to spam votes for his character

>> No.53518807

>Not SSHing into your College's workstations one at a time to spam votes
What is this, amateur hour?

>> No.53518834

>Slow hasn't applied because he's in cahoots with Protag to play the King

>> No.53518842

My Magus from Jade Regent left to become a Linnorm King. He died, but was resurrected after failing to kill a Linnorm. He then went to find his son (my character from Council of Thieves) only to find Westcrown had become rubble because of a super powerful Devil being unleashed on the city, and then went to find his brother (my character in Carrion Crown) only to find that it's basically either retconned or stuck in time because that GM had to leave the group. I've never completed any other AP, and I've played almost all of them.

>> No.53518843

>the King let the Princess do whatever she wants because she's Thicc

>> No.53518877

>Fight a Linnorm


>> No.53518879

>TFW NPCsupreme Serena and Self-Shill Mouse are at five votes and mine only has the two I placed myself
Why do I even try?

>> No.53518909

If you can samefag why do you think other people can't? Mouse is almost certainly either samefagging or ironic votes.

>> No.53518918

Is she? I mean, extremely attractive sure, but not in the "THICC" meme way.

>> No.53518932

We can't tell what's going on under that bustle

>> No.53518939

Start preparing for the revenge bout when we have another week of apps that need to be added.

>> No.53518946

Serena is actually at eight somehow, the current top 6 are
Ceraphine - 10
CCC - 9
Rintaelle - 9
Itsuko - 8
Serena - 8
Ryoko - 8

>> No.53518950

Why do you do this?

>> No.53518970

Pretty much everything about that looks right except for Serena.

>> No.53518973

If you didn't samefag her she's actually getting some ridiculous support, if we pretend the poll is legit then you'd actually make the cut.

>> No.53518998

I only voted once, man. I've been revising her for the past two days.

>> No.53519000

Found a bigger version.

>> No.53519010

>tfw we might be able to bully DHB into withdrawing his app
What a beautiful timeline we live in.

>> No.53519012

It's not. Vote totals are going up pretty rapidly for some less popular characters. Some shitposters are manipulating votes undoubtedly because they don't like the game.

>> No.53519020

I believe in you! I put in a vote because I appreciated the writing and I think she's the strongest classic hero concept. Just get in your rewrites for the sake of my horse racing.

My condolences that you're fighting in the hardest mechanical spot and flavour spot though.

>> No.53519031

She's got womanly hips and an ample bosom. She's nowhere near as busty as she could be, likewise with the hips or thighs. She's attractive but otherwise simply "womanly" in figure.

What's the skinny with Slow and thicc, anyway? Is it unusual for a man to be attracted to fat tits and wide hips?

>> No.53519045

Not only he is an actual youkai, but he also has a whole horde of youkai servants. Including a nekomata, a tengu, a kappa, a yuki-onna, a kirin and a daidarabochi.

>> No.53519049

Is Alexander this popular?
Honestly see I think the current top seven are all good apps so it's not really that bad. Mouse is pure shitposting though FUCK OFF HALAE

>> No.53519057

https://pastebin.com/T9203Zkg is what I got right now.

I don't know what you mean by mechanical spot or flavor spot though.

>> No.53519058


I had originally intended Mouse to be a sylvan sorcerer (the entire reason I got the magical beast companions allowed in the first place), but the build just wasn't panning out the way I'd hoped, and eventually she developed into the creature you see before you now, full of enthusiasm but with charisma as a dump stat. Hope that's okay.

The intention behind her - and the art I chose supports this - is she doesn't quite fit into standard fantasy paradigms. It's all modern-ish practical clothing rather than robes, brown skin among a bunch of white people, buck teeth and freckles among picturesque heroes, and mechanically speaking that she's a sorcerer reliant on intelligence and knowledge rather than force of will. I think the final result came out well.

>> No.53519068

Alexander had an early surge, keeping himself in the top 4, but hovered around 6 votes until a few minutes ago.

>> No.53519070

You're bringing this up, why?

>> No.53519072

Is Starfinder going to be good?

>> No.53519073

The influx of fresh new reaction images to this General pleases me.

When we hit bump could we have a dump?

>> No.53519091

I think Serena's biggest liability is that there's just too much overlap between her and Ceraphine, the clear crowd favorite for some time (with celeb status to boost that even more).

>> No.53519093

It's going to be good, Sci-fi is more custom campaign forgiving than fantasy and this is going to use Pathfinder's system right down to the feats.

>> No.53519097

True but it looks like people are getting on in Europe or something after work? A lot of votes are being cast period, some for popular characters too.

>> No.53519100


So a wizard.

>> No.53519112

Trying to justify his manipulation of the poll.

>> No.53519119


Looks alright from what we've seen so far. We'll learn more when they put out the early release.

>> No.53519131

>suddenly at 11 votes
fuck off
>inb4 falseflagging othr popular characters

>> No.53519135



>> No.53519138

How would you say the potential updates in >>53519057 are? I'm not particularly worried about celeb status, or overlap with others. I just want the app to come off clearly.

>> No.53519142

>It's going to be good
>going to use Pathfinder's system right down to the feats
So it's not going to be good?

>> No.53519143

You're just getting Mouse more votes, dude.

>> No.53519170

Her, for one. And secondly, you're just being a shitposter-and-a-half. Fuck off already, nobody cares about your crusade, your witchhunt.

>> No.53519171

Mouse deserves to win, she's sorely needed diversity and quirkiness in a sea of pasty white faces.

>> No.53519182

>Those leggings
Connoisseur of fabrics indeed hnnnng
I just want to touch them

>> No.53519186

I think he's trying to say that that was Halae?

>> No.53519191

This shit happens with every single opinion poll. It's why Maar always topped the Molthune Knights polls, too. I'm not going to point the finger at Halae, it's just shitposters getting their jollies by fucking with something they don't like.

>> No.53519192

Actually, I went over the livestram combats with a fine-toothed comb a little while ago.

Diode lasers are weak. You know what a diode laser is? It's smaller than a pistol.

Damage was fine for every other weapon.

>> No.53519200

Yes, I know. Halae's a chick. A large population of /pfg/ are women, actually.

>> No.53519213

Who is Halae even, isn't it a rando
>a large population are women
I know.

>> No.53519220

Someone tell me again what made Ensoulment so popular and why it's basically 20% of ALL discussion in these /pfg/ threads lately?

>> No.53519228

>My character isn't even an option.
Well I was probably asking for it with that stupid name.

>> No.53519231


>> No.53519238

It's a /pfg/ game, and it has basically no competition.

>> No.53519240

Nah, she's been here since the days of Lewdity.

>> No.53519248

Unsuccessful applicant for many /pfg/ games. Tried rory-tier self-shill this time and it backfired.

The vote manipulators aren't laughing with you, Halae, they're laughing at you.

>> No.53519259

Ryoko fucking SURGE in the polls

Garbage tier app thats been improving every time its updated

>> No.53519260

>isn't it a rando
No, they posted for RotJR with an unchained summoner, and have done homebrew for Magical Beast companions because "hurr can't take an owlbear as a companion" is retarded game design.

>> No.53519277

Who is it, pollster probaly just forgot.

I think I have a vague recollection.

>> No.53519280

>11 votes
Meme supreme

>> No.53519297

>Ryoko fucking SURGE in the polls
Ryoko surged earlier and was literally ahead of Ceraphine, she's actually falling behind now.

>> No.53519299

It's a legitimately fascinating premise that hasn't really been seen before and sound like a lot of fun with a legitimately good person for a GM that people generally trust to not fuck it up and to not fuck with them.

>> No.53519303


>> No.53519308

This is what happens when we don't have any other memeable game. Please make a custom campaign set in Golarion so we can have genuine system and setting discussion.

>> No.53519313

Wait, isn't she the same person that did an initiating Hunter too?

>> No.53519317

Still, higher than I expected since the thread thought it was an awful app at first.

>> No.53519333

The real surprise is Kino desu

>> No.53519340

How much damage does a laser rifle do? We saw a light repeater Cannon only do 1d12 so I'm wary.

>> No.53519350


Trannies don't count.

>> No.53519352


>> No.53519369

Reminder that Mouse voters are trolling

>> No.53519379

>Mouse gets in
>You don't

>> No.53519382

Looks like the last character there is the one before yours.
I really like the creation of an actual mouse desu

>> No.53519383


Why would anyone run a game for you circlejerking faggots?

>> No.53519386

It had a major rewrite and was quickly placed in the top 5.

>> No.53519391

Frontliner and face are probably the most contested spot if mechanical composition is being taken into consideration for the party. To my memory there're several characters going for a regal imperialist kind of tone.

Yours is one of the characters I'm cheering on so I'd like to autism over your post a little bit if I may. I'll start by nitpicking that it should be capital and not capitol here.

Your current write up paints a better image of the character than your last one, emphasizing that she's been victim of failures out of her scope, I'd like to know if she was actually in any position that she could've feasibly impacted things though or if her characterization. The choice of this would create different space in regards to what the DM can do with her development and how she interacts with other characters.

I believe you're also competing for a philosophy a few characters are representing, which is fine if you're confident in your ability to sell it. I like the character so I won't suggest big rewrites, but finding aspects to emphasize in the original philosophy and expanding on that will do good. There's solid work been done on the backstory, so I think you're capable of finding ways to expand the philosophy, which should be the most important part of the app.

Perhaps in regards to both sections, I might like to know just a little bit about how Serena came to her current worldview. Some DMs really don't care about that kind of fluff though.

>> No.53519396

Here's the thing; We know that damage dice is dependant on level now, rather than size or whatever. We know this, for instance, because every weapon the goblins used in the playtest did a d4 damage.

This includes a large size loader-mech. It did 1d4+4 damage to someone. Because of these, until we see details on how weapon scaling works, we just don't know, as everything we did know is apparently out the window.

On the other hand, mechs confirmed.

>> No.53519406

I don't see you on Discord.

>> No.53519421

Please don't I fucking can't do this I'm strugging with Ryoko so much still I'm trying to make her letter not suck utter dick kill me.

>> No.53519435


What is this mystery Discord server?

>> No.53519448

>more votes than last time

>> No.53519460

I haven't joined the Discord. Every time it's mentioned it sounds like a trash fire.

>> No.53519461

Someone post the link

>> No.53519478

I mean you give discord contact info though so you may as well and just mute it.

>> No.53519481

Because we're fun!

>> No.53519504

Fame, ERP and dank ass memes.

>> No.53519510

We're all getting in, brah. It's the glory of being an NPC.

>> No.53519514

>CCC, Rina, and Ceraphine get to 11 votes
>Mouse immediately goes to 12 literally three seconds later
Now this is a meme and a half

>> No.53519520


>> No.53519531

Ryoko sucks dick, therefore her letter should reflect the cat.

>> No.53519538


>> No.53519547

It still feels mechanical, generic and uninteresting to me. There's nothing of Serena in it that wouldn't have been true of former centurion turned knight errant #1842104. Look at Ceraphine's app for a good example of what you're missing. It has heart and touches on her individual past and her direct relation to the empire beyond just being a loyal soldier.

>> No.53519553


What if I don't like any of those and I just want people who will take a game at least semi seriously and play within existing archetypes and aesthetic tropes?

I don't post very often but a few threads back I mentioned wanting to run or play in a game like record of the lodoss war. It's depressing how few games actually match that sort of feeling.

>> No.53519570


>> No.53519577

I tried, anon. I didn't know he'd be immune to electricity ;_;

>> No.53519582

Are... Are you saying my favorite laser rifle at level 1 will do 1d8 damage at level 1, but 4d8 at level 10?

>> No.53519607

That's what I want as well, and every time I apply to a game it's with the hope that happens.

>> No.53519616

That's just plain humiliating.

>> No.53519618

Then run it, man. Get that app up

>> No.53519626

We're in a similar bag. My personal preference is more mundane archetypical characters, just one or two quirks that set them up for further development. The trend of /pfg/ is unique concepts or characters who start developed though, which I think is perfectly fine but really isn't my taste.

I'm always rooting for apps that other people call boring and it's a shame.

>> No.53519631


>> No.53519639

Next time we make a poll can we just not have Mouse on it

>> No.53519653

>It's a legitimately fascinating premise that hasn't really been seen before

"The princess puts out a call for heroes and wants you to inspire the people with heroic deeds and heroic ideals!"

That, uh, that sounds pretty generic to me.

>> No.53519660

You're welcome! Honestly, the letter is fine. People will meme about her being used goods but there's nothing wrong with a little experience.

>> No.53519663

That's actually the beauty of it. Not even Paizo APs are willing to just play things straight.

>> No.53519676

It's so generic you haven't seen it in forever
Seriously, when was the last time you just went and delved dungeons to slay dragons?

>> No.53519678

>Both apps have climbed incredibly fast since they were pointed out
Just because ironic shitvoters are pumping your numbers doesn't make your app any good.

>> No.53519692

>Thread bitches about Brevoy being a generic medieval land

>> No.53519709

I'm not happy with her letter in its current state, its too rawly emotional and angry and scary.

>> No.53519728

Serena was already at five
Mouse was at like 5 and went to thirteen.

>> No.53519730

Yes, anon. That is exactly what I'm saying.

I also have it on good authority that weapons that only fire single shots will be worth it in other ways, such as firing in a line effect, or just dealing a fuckload of damage with its one shot.

>> No.53519733

Probably best to leave both Mouse and Serena off the list at this point.

>> No.53519735

She wrote it raw at a delicate point in her life, it works.

>> No.53519743

>I'm always rooting for apps that other people call boring

>> No.53519761

This also means laser weapons with Rapid Shot will be incredibly deadly.

>> No.53519771

Probably best to just not have lists.

>> No.53519774

I mean there seems to be at least a couple of people who liked Serena.

>> No.53519778

What will the next great /pfg/ game be?

What's our running list of "great games" starting with RotJR anyway?

I'm guessing PLD, Blingmaker, and Overlewd are on the list.

>> No.53519788

>wist runs a game for wubu, RgPI and IKiD

>> No.53519800

This. Putting aside the fact that it's transparent shitpost bait, it just isn't efficient when we had a goddamn Rory app go up meanwhile.

>> No.53519804

>What's our running list of "great games" starting with RotJR anyway?
Molthune Knights (RIP)
Dragons 2
Pilgrimage (RIP)

>> No.53519810

[email protected] the [email protected]

>> No.53519817

The picture wouldn't even tick me off so much if the horrid background was removed.

>> No.53519827

The rat is actually pretty good, but Mouse is terrible.

>> No.53519836

I don't actually know if Rapid Shot is going to remain a thing. the only "multiple attacks per round" thing we've seen thus far was the dwarf solarion doing two attacks in a round (at level 2) with a single sword, in exchange for a -4 modifier on both attack rolls.

>> No.53519843

Maybe a few, but middling numbers at best that put her squarely in the middle of the pack. Not worth baiting the shitposters.

This is probably true.

>> No.53519845

There isn't anything even really wrong with Serena, she's just lacks punch. She needs to be more interesting as a character.

>> No.53519848

Rocket Rat Goon?

>> No.53519857

Do you have a link for that? I was looking around but could not find

>> No.53519862


>> No.53519892

Pilgrimage never got to the point of being a big one, though I think it might've been if it didn't abort so early.

Raunchy is in a weird spot because it got a lot of apps but almost no discussion in thread. I might still count it.

>> No.53519898 [SPOILER] 

Hey fa/tg/uys, I think I found a final solution for Halae's self-shilling of Mouse!

>> No.53519910

How is it that Dragons 2 completely overtook Dragons 1 in popularity?

>> No.53519914

That's three players, they need a 4th.

>> No.53519920

The multiple attacks thing with the solarion? Third fight of the big paizo livestream for starfinder. Let me grab you a link

Sadly, I don't know at what time the third fight starts.

>> No.53519928

Rory. Pure and simple.

>> No.53519932

Vult obviously

>> No.53519937

Does Fluffy Tail count? It didn't get THAT much attention, but the salt was huge.

>> No.53519939

Because they were straight up having sex pretty quick.

Dragons 1 also just has more reserved characters overall and has been tied up in intrigue for a while.

>> No.53519944

Captain Slow obviously

>> No.53519954


>> No.53519959

What do we know about solarions so far? its the most interesting class to me on premise alone.

>> No.53519964


>> No.53519970

Notoriety, more like. Every week, people want to know if Rory's been kicked yet, because his pre-game bullshit should have got him kicked.

Apparently he's been a good boy since then, but the fact that he's in the game (and that he's an attention whore) means that all the attention for any other game in the same time slot is going to go to him.

>> No.53519973

Rory obviously

>> No.53519991

Wist is probably a thin asian grill

>> No.53519996

Next to nothing. without a class preview, all we have is what we can go off with with the livestream

they attune over time to different energy, and they can make totally-not-mindblades

>> No.53520002

Hmm...Sleep might work. He's about as degenerate as them, and he's in the same RotJR group as Wist.

>> No.53520039

Congratulations, Halae, Mouse is now Boaty McBoatface tier garbage.

>> No.53520040

QANON obviously

>> No.53520045

>17 votes
Bow to your queen.

>> No.53520073

This but unironically

>> No.53520084

I kind of hope she gets into EotFC now because any chance of getting into another /pfg/ game are pretty much zero after this fiasco.

>> No.53520088

Party consists of

Not counting Mouse, then you'd have Giancarlo instead.

>> No.53520089


Hm. Sounds like it could be kind of fun.

>> No.53520096

How many votes did Alexander have before he suddenly jumped to fif-fucking-teen?

>> No.53520109


>> No.53520113

She's getting in because every non-shit app is getting in.

Protag is like Merkel and the campaign is Germany.

>> No.53520127

GM literally didn't give me a chance to. We just said I found one.

>> No.53520141

>Protag is like Merkel and the campaign is Germany.
Does that make Rory Trump?

>> No.53520148

Is it safe to say all but maybe one or two are fake news?

You know what people mean

>> No.53520150

Jesus dude. Even when my GM dropped an Ice Linnorm on us out of nowhere it was a matter of "You fucked up, better start running".

>> No.53520162

The entire poll is a fiasco

>> No.53520186

So Seeking Man, Smugelf, MAKEUSWHOLE, Goodman, Kino, and Pimp? Sounds about right

>> No.53520199

Anon... I got some bad news for you.

Even if you killed that Linnorm, you wouldn't have become a King. It's not enough to kill one and drag the corpse back to town, you need to actually call a hunt as a reasonably famous regional hero and have people watch.

To give an example of how important that is, the leader of Jol(?) called a hunt, refused anyone's observation, and came back to town a week later with a heavily rotten Linnorm head that might've been scavenged.

He got the kingship, but he's mocked by everyone in the region.

>> No.53520206

Yeah but writing something like that to the princess likely will get her on the list of 'not getting in because she is possibly evil'

>> No.53520247

Ryoko is not evil, she's used goods!

>> No.53520259

>Evil: Evil characters are fine. A character's whose dream of an ideal new culture is just them ruling it is fine. Just be self-aware of the reality of their situation, you aren't going to conquer the setting through personal power, obviously, but you could politic your way into a position of power in the court, convince people that following you is in their best interests, and generally use the ensoulment project as a stepping stone in your own advancement. What is important is just that your app doesn't make your character motivations run contrary to the ensoulment project, or motivate you to sabotage it. As long as you can play nice in the context of the campaign, your endgame can be as selfish as you want.
>Lewd: I find characters who totally avoid the subject of sex stranger than ones who include it. Obviously most characters can contain no reference to anything remotely sexual without it feeling like they are avoiding it, because sexual topics are just one part of life and may not be a part relevant to the character. But they are a part of life, and likewise they are part of this setting, don't be afraid to write seducers, lechers, ingenues or whatever else. Eroticism is a powerful motivator to plenty of people, and a powerful tool for many others, and that's fine and perfectly workable in any setting with an adaptable GM. This is not a lewd campaign, eroticism will always be circumstantial to some situation or person where it logically follows, but it doesn't not exist, and there is no reason to avoid it so long as you can be somewhat mature about it.
Nope. Protag making it clear there's nothing wrong with Evil is actually what's making Rinta and CCC basically guarenteed picks (schedule aside), Ryoko doesn't need to worry about that how is Wist even available how many goddamn game-cocks is she on right now

>> No.53520261

Who has actually fucked in Dragons 2 though? I thought the Rory x Aurora thing was non-canon.

>> No.53520268

New thread

>> No.53520283

Page fucking 7.

>> No.53520286


>Rory, Captain Slow, Sleep and Vult in one group
>Sappy, Wubu, RgPl and IKiD in another
>Wist runs two campaigns in parallel

>> No.53520297

Fuck off, Halae.

>> No.53520307


>> No.53520316

>Who has actually fucked in Dragons 2 though

Calscihedrix has been choking on cock and rival muff, while all the men were fucked in the ass by a serial killer.

>> No.53520325

It's quite clear that it's a different shitposter.

>> No.53520330

P A G E 7
A G E 7 P
G E 7 P A
E 7 P A G
7 P A G E

>> No.53520352

Should we make a new thread or just jump ahead into this one?

>> No.53520366

>Calscihedrix has been choking on cock and rival muff, while all the men were fucked in the ass by a serial killer.

>> No.53520370

Might as well jump in and ignore the troll OP. No need to get all /pfg/s wiped for nothing.

>> No.53520379

Just use that one so we don't get nuked

>> No.53520408

Ah, let me make it clear, she can be 'evil', but I feel like coming off as evil to the princess is a very bad idea.

>> No.53520447

Well you could look at Rinta or CCC's letters as examples since CCC is basically textbook 'greater good' LE and Rinta might qualify as NE simply because she doesn't get how big of a deal this is, both of their letters don't have any real indication of that.

>> No.53520732

Wow, that is wildly inaccurate!

>> No.53520785

Yeah I just need to make it less out there

>> No.53520931

>9th level are available, just not to core classes
>9th level are available

And the full casters will be better at everything than even a fully crewed capital ship once more.

Probably hit harder too.

>> No.53521003

Dragons 1 is actually advancing their plot and doesn't devolve into bondage orgies every other session.

So it's of no interest to /pfg/ but it does appear to be going strong. I could be wrong but I'm sure the players or GM can confirm?

>> No.53521053

We're advancing our plot! We're gonna go hunt down a duder tomorrow!

>> No.53521094

Actually, from what we've seen, the only thing the wizard is better at than any other class was buffing. It was in fact much, much weaker than the others for anything else.

Whether that'll hold true at higher levels remains to be seen.

>> No.53521195

Wizards are better than any other class at buffing, debuffing, and crowd control. They are also gods out of combat.

>> No.53521250

Rinta is CG dummy. Learn to read.

>> No.53521273

Yeah and CCC is LG.

>> No.53521292

What would Ryoko's alignment be

>> No.53521314

LN maybe?

>> No.53521371

Probably not, she explicitly operates outside of the law

CN, worryingly close to CE.

>> No.53521374

And Kino's?

>> No.53521389

Righto but she's looking to be a professional who does things other people aren't willing to. CN if you look at it one way, LN another way.

TN, no question.

>> No.53521625

As she should be. A Kino that is not TN is a terrible Kino.

>> No.53522243

>page 7
>it's page 9

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