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Hypothetical Question:
What do you think would happen, if you were to slap pic related into the 40k universe?

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Would be neat, but would need a niche. Orks and Tyranids cover the myriad hordes, while Admech and Necrons have crazy tech. Really, the problem would be no unique play style.

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Nothing would happen because Skaven are incompetent

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They would unite as much as skaven can once they see how utterly tiny they are compared to the forces that are all around them and that can stomp them out without effort.

A fun idea for space skaven one anon created a while ago was that the skaven have infested the webway after the eldar's fall.

Expanding on that idea.......

The skaven are only now starting to bleed out into the materium/really set their plans into motion.

The webway skaven had been in the process of building a 13 member strong skaven pantheon of composed of cartoonishly evil things like spite, feralism, jealousy, thievery, ect. They all have cults following they but but all skaven are actually ruled their one true god however. The immensely powerful Horned rat/Galice...aka The mistaken "chaos" god malal.

Skavens are the ones who snagged the two missing primarchs way back then. The poor kids got collected and have been getting farmed for their gene-seed ever since.

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They couldn't conceal themselves like in fantasy

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Going further with this prompt.

The skaven leech their raw materials by tearing open rifts in the webway and having whole star systems fall into them so they can gorge themselves on material gained from it. Only recently have they started to actually started taking control of territory outside of the webway.

They do the same with starships in realspace, mostly them staeal away the wrecks of starships drifting in deep space but sometimes they attack fleets opening portals as an ambush, grappling ships mid flight and dragging the ship into the sea of snarling monsters on the other side of the portal.

The skaven have something of an open trade program with the inhabitants of commorragh, With dark eldar trading quality bulks to the skaven's raw material goods.The dark eldar's present to much of a challenge to dislodge without a good reason to attack and the dark eldar would be outclassed if they even made explicit foes out of the skaven webway


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Would certainly be better than space marine space marines

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They made a flashgitz parody flash come true.
Matt Ward and all.

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It would work out perfectly. I'd even call them ship's rats.

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pic related

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Or it wouldn't be punchy enough for GW and they don't want another insurgent army.

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I like this.

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Thanks. It's a comic I had my brother made for me to provide a story for my not!space-skaven army. They use the Haemonculus Covens rules.

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Do any conversion work for them? Pics?

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It would be tyranids but with less giant bugs and more doomwheel.

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I have much more, including the unit closeups, but thats all im gonna spam.

The rest is on my blog

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How would they survive? Even assuming you gave them high tech, what are they gonna do that another faction doesn't? Tech is already covered, as are hordes, and pretty much every other niche as another anon said. You'd have to put them in some vast unexplored expanse to even have them survive without being killed by everyone else. And aren't the slaugh supposed to be skaven in space anyway?

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All looks ace, anon, thanks for sharing!

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humans and rats,humans and rats,humans and rats,humans and rats,humans and rats,humans and rats,humans and rats,humans and rats,humans and rats,humans and rats,humans and rats.....X 40,000 years = RATHUMANS

It looks like a pretty natural evolution. Especially with space hulks, and hive cities, and all.

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>tfw no Squat, Rak Gol or Hrud

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>or demiurg

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Out fucking standing anon

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I've seen a skaven deldar army at a tourney before, even had a booklets like that. You based in the Great Northwest by any chance?

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Yep. Harvester of Souls in Spokane Valley? That's where I debuted this army.

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Yep that would of been it, when I saw this tread your army was the first thing I thought of. Great work and hope to see you out there.

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I like the idea that the skaven are holding up in the webway.

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lol isn't that just GSC? goliath rockgrinder is just a reliable doomwheel

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Thanks man. I do plan on attending the next harvester. I was going to bring my Tau again, but after seeing all the 8e stuff, I think I'm going to give these guys another shot! I am so excited.

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Mekboys would go on deep-strike.

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But wouldn't both be a niche that the skaven fulfill?

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>hordes with dangerous schizophrenic tech
You're describing orks.

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The way I always thought, skaven would be like orks, looting everything, but unlike orks they would actually understand the exact science behind the tech and be able to innovate on it.

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You forget that Skaven are rats and disperse far more quicker and are far more weaker than orks.

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They are also all infected with horrific plagues and have a fetish for collecting warp uranium that they use to pull off all kinds of nonsensical quackery.

Space skaven can totally work as seen >>53481802 >>53482981
Just retcon the webway to declare that the eldar are only skimming the surface of it and that ratmen are what actually inhabit it. They show up to attack and have recently began their own great crusade to overtake the surface galaxy.

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I mean, they did phone the eldar once

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No hell pit abomination?

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Fast, skinny Orks with better shooting?
...and shitty leadership?

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What was I going to use it as? It's too big for a talos or cronos. For those I used the skaven stormfiends with DE bits.

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I've just refined the fake skaven faction-lore i made yesterday and i gotta say....It looks pretty good.

The webway is far larger then the imperium once thought. The skaven's distant ancestors had been living down there ever since the old ones diapered and have been slowly evolving into the highly adapted creatures we see now. the eldar had only even been skimming the webway. A metaphorical ship over an immeasurably deep sea of screaming rats.

Skaven have only been intelligent for for around 100,000 years but their patron diety, the horned rat, aka the skaven god of malice, aka malal who has been crafting up a 13 member strong pantheon composed of things that skaven adore like spite, warpstone exposure, thievery, ect. Their new pantheon has only very recently been made and announced to the whole of skavendom.Now with an actually form of overall leadership Invasion of the galaxy at large is the logical next step.

As each of the new skaven gods (horned rat excluded) are practically newborns who are still growing in power They all seek to eventually eclipse each other which keeps each other in a delicate balance of power

Skaven Psykers are divided between the 13 pantheon members and skaven blanks are made into grey seers of the horned rat, The four primary clans from fantasy still exist by theme but they are not as overwhelmingly prominent as they were in fantasy as their own mini-factions. Warpstone is now a thing that skaven harvest from the deepest sections of the webway because warpstuff leeks into the webway and collects at the bottem (let's just go with that) and they use it to power all their stuff, to keep the lights on and as their primary source of food by using it to grow foods for them to eat.

When they're not coming out of the webway to strip inhabited star systems or to scour the ruins of a concluded battle they will be doing so to storm territory in realspace. to use as a stepping stone to do the same elsewhere.

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Their presence in space is composed of whatever starships they have been able to steal for the past couple millenium.
They have been stockpiling weapons for a very long time without anyone to use it on. The ban on using the stuff they steal is enforced by the hored rat and their engineers have been trying their very best to replicate everything and integrate what they get into their warpstone and merging it all with flashcrafts.

Skaven have something on an ongoing cold war with the dark eldar, neither side really gains enough the justify an incursion (skaven would face horrifically fierce resistance and the dark eldar would incur their own destruction if the war went hot) They both benefit nicely from nonaggression anyway. There is a trade cycle going on between advanced technology, slaves, abomonations, & warpstone.

That's all so far. I've gotta say...this loe writing is absolutely baler fun.

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How about you expand the who council of 13 gods idea and say that there are actually some more of them that they are planning to spawn more of them in the future.

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