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Pathfinder General /pfg/

How do you feel about the energy guns in Starfinder? Should they do more damage?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: https://pastebin.com/PeD1SMUZ

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>53462000

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>Huge tits in a button-up shirt

Oh my god this is a thing I never knew I liked.

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Laser rifles should be doing like, 1d12+Dex of force or something

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Should I gestalt Phantom Blade and one of the following?

>Brutal Slayer/Bushi Stalker
>Ordained Defender (NOT OD/ZS) Warder
>Warpath Follower Inquisitor
>Pathwalker Psiwar
>get up into shenanigans w/ a Soulknife Mindblade AND a Phantom Blade as a Warsoul

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Yes and Magic Missile should be doing 4d12+4

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You fucking imbecile. You had one job. Paizofinder General or Paizo Games General. Not Pathfinder.

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It's missing a lot of the information we already know about Soldiers, so it is either from an earlier version or it is an NPC.

Either way, it is not enough to start screaming about and is clearly not enough to make you claim Starfinder is a failure.

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Fuck off man, we all know what it means.

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To kill shit? What the fuck else could it be for? Greatswords deal 2d6+1.5Str, so my proposal is still weaker than just hitting someone>>53467584
>Hey guys I think that everyone should be required to wear seatbelts when driving

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Shut up, StarToad. We get it, you don't understand balance.

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kill yourself m8

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Change it for the times, dumbass.

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Starfinder isn't out

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How do you feel about Flower Court knowing what you know now?

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>taking the cyberknot

Different strokes, I guess

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Notable things:

- Unwieldy trait on the melee weapon, implying that the gun can make multiple attacks
- A "light" ranged weapon does 1d10
- The armor probably has separate EAC and KAC bonuses
- "analog" item trait
- HP is calculated in some unusual way
- Where's that extra +4 to Initiative coming from?
- Reduced skill check DCs - theme-based?
- Mobility may actually be useful if EAC/KAC are that low at 1st level
- Martials might get easy access to area attacks with grenades?
- "Common" is still the default language (blah)
- 1st-level armor can act as a spacesuit
- Potions are a thing, but the "mk 1" suggests they aren't directly based on spells

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What am I doing wrong? I just feel like shooting should be at least only a little weaker than stabbing/slashing/bashing
Also d12s are aesthetic as fuck and deserve more use, you got me

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>taking mobility ever
>at first level even

does Paizo even play their own games?

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It's Gloriana's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-granddaugher

What do I know now?

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d10 is my diefu

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Huh? Did something change recently?

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>What do I know now?
Only celebs will get in.

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Maybe Mobility is Elephant tax dodge but named Mobility instead of Dodge.

How do I know that? Broodie's app is still pretty shite and Wist's app is literally a bad guy.

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>It's Gloriana's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-granddaugher
>that disappointing bust

For shame

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considering how they use 15 pb, I'd say no

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Wist is shit, Broodie is shit, Disk hasn't finished his application. The only player with a quality is Sappy.

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>Wist's app is literally a bad guy

How do you figure? There is literally nothing wrong with telecommunications.

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Who's interested in some late neolithic/early bronze age vampire hunting?

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Gloriana was never about the tits, she was about the thick juicy ass.

After all, monsters and animals alike associate round, bubbly rears with fertile mates.

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It's not telecommunications it's literally the Blorg.

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Nice ass, wide hips, powerful thighs, and bountiful tits are all needed to be good breeding material. In other words, she gotta be thicc, boi.

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That girl doesn't have that either! Somebody fucked up going down that family tree and started hooking up with skeleton bitches.

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Fuck off Succula / Slow

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Where could I expect to find pineapples on Golarion?

How hard do you think they would be to import.

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Actually, I don't think that's 15 PB. If you do the math, with a +2 Str bonus. that's 16 PB by Pathfinder rules.

I don't think they'd do a 16 PB system, so it's probably using some different kind of point buy.

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We don't know what penetrating does yet. For all we know it is actually better than melee weapons.


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You were right the first time. ;^)

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All the non-celeb players will get their characters instantly dominated by Wist's character so she has a ton of mooks to fling against the celeb players.

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Literally nothing wrong with that. It's not like Rintanet means death and galactic genocide. It just means harmony and easy communication. What's not to like?

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Penetrating makes it do one more damage against objects.

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I want Wist to dominate my character!

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>the only player
But Giancarlo and Cornelia are unequivocally good?

>It was practically by accident that she discovered how to force unwilling targets into her collective and keep them there. This wasn't unwelcome: now she could make people listen to her, when she really needed to. A nagging shadow formed at the back of her mind.
>Training and research continued. Rintaƫlle could manifest nonstandard powers over her collective. That was good. She learns that there's the potential to use the collective link to bypass a target's resistances against spells and powers. The shadow grew heavier. She could share her mind's processing power with allies to let them enact split second movements on reflex. Good, good.
>It would be so easy to overload a member's mind with hostile impulses, forcing them to suffer, or creating crippling weaknesses for other members to take advantage of.

DC 16 isn't that hard to save against.

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That might be something like "+(level) damage" rather than a static 1, though.

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>Where could I expect to find pineapples on Golarion?

Sargava canonically grows them.

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I said instant, and I meant it. DM fiat will have them auto-fail because they aren't celeb players.

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>Thinking Glory Hole is lacking in any part of being bodacious
I still have her non granblue NSFW art saved~ The one where a naked woman is standing in a lake!

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Protag isn't a cunt

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Guys, guys! It's okay! Remember, armor as EAC and KAC, which means Energy and Kinect.

Kinect AC is only useful against things like arms and crowbars, while energy AC is for stuff like lasers.

Needless to say, EAC is always going to be extremely high compared to KAC because everyone is obviously going to be using lasers.

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>2hu LITERALLY asked about this exact same problem Flower Court has (reusing your character as an NPC/bit character and letting the player play them)
>/pfg/ called it shit then
>now they think Flower Court doing the exact same shit is good
What happened?

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>>It was practically by accident that she discovered how to force unwilling targets into her collective and keep them there. This wasn't unwelcome: now she could make people listen to her, when she really needed to. A nagging shadow formed at the back of her mind.
>>Training and research continued. Rintaƫlle could manifest nonstandard powers over her collective. That was good. She learns that there's the potential to use the collective link to bypass a target's resistances against spells and powers. The shadow grew heavier. She could share her mind's processing power with allies to let them enact split second movements on reflex. Good, good.
>>It would be so easy to overload a member's mind with hostile impulses, forcing them to suffer, or creating crippling weaknesses for other members to take advantage of.

Yes, and training to use a sword means I can kill my family. It does not mean I must kill my family or that I will kill my family eventually or ever.

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Defeatism at it's finest gents.
I bet you're fast food workers

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Are you sure? I wouldn't be if I were you.

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>EAC is lower than KAC on the sheet we have

Wist app isn't evil, she's just desperate and lonely. Desperate and lonely people do extreme things to stop being desperate and lonely.

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Maybe light armor has high EAC, heavy armor has high KAC?

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Go look at the picture
It could be +(level*10) damage, it still doesn't matter at all, how often do you shoot objects? The best use of this I could see being regularly used is shooting through cover but in melee there is no cover so it's still outdone by a fucking stick
So not only do lasers do less damage and have to reload, they also hit less often? Perfection

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>14 is somehow greater than fucking 16
It's pretty much touch with MAYBE a slightly higher bonus.

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I've hated the idea of this as long as Flower Court's been recruiting, and it's the only reason I haven't applied to a game that otherwise meets my interests.

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The deaded e-celeb memes started and defeatism has taken hold of the general.
some people can't admit they make bad apps

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>But Giancarlo and Cornelia are unequivocally good?

Cornelia looks unpleasant to play with, and the player acting like a shitter doesn't inspire confidence in the character actually being tolerable.

Giancarlo isn't bad, but seems to be lacking in depth.

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I'm imagining this is more of an NPC array rather than some sort of PB

>> No.53467847

My app has experience in comforting lonely girls...albeit the last one was more voluptuous.

>> No.53467849

>the player acting like a shitter
>looks on discord
>he's just discussing things normally
:thinking harder:

>lacking in depth
He's perfectly solid as is though, he's deep enough, the story's setup doesn't really need really super deep people.

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Anons I need good art of what a sword version of pic-related would look like, any help would be appreciated.

>> No.53467871

No one here has ever bothered pointed out bad apps beyond the blatenlty obvious Roll20 randos.

That's because by and large /pfg/ makes decent apps. It pretty much is just luck and celebrity.

>> No.53467874

My guess is that it's a standard array, but that it also corresponds to the point buy somehow. It would make sense for a pregen.

>> No.53467879

I think Cornelia would be fun to play with depending on your character type. She's either pleasant enough or insufferable.

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>> No.53467886

Cornelia's player was a bit much when they first joined the Discord, but they definitely got better quick.

>> No.53467887

Broodie's and Mouse's have gotten shat on plenty.

>> No.53467888


>> No.53467904

Will you play it in Starfinder?

>> No.53467914

People shit post about the apps they don't like / enjoy all the time my man. And it happens with the games pulling big numbers. Dragons, RotJR, PLD, and now EotFC. It happens all the time.

>> No.53467921

Do you think she'll ever get back with demon hubby, or is that relationship doomed to fail?

>> No.53467929

One is already a celeb, and the other is pretty obviously self-shilling to generate controversy and thus ascend into celeb status.

It all comes back to celebs.

>> No.53467940

But they're shit and we've shat on them anyway, meanwhile Giancarlo has gotten plenty of hype over Ichabod who's actually a celeb character.

>> No.53467944

>Fri 10 Jun 2016 07:19:44

>Do you recall the tales of Myth-Weavers being used as a farm for characters to copy and reuse as NPCs, /pfg/?

>I just had that fate befall me moments ago. The GM explicitly informed me that I was not good enough for the final cut of players. I was passed up in favor of the community's veterans who were already in at least eight other games each, and whose characters had minimal ties to the campaign hook, a phenomenon another has observed in this thread >>47705931.

>However, the GM mentioned to me that they would like to use my character as a minor NPC in their game, and that I would receive an opportunity to roleplay the character in a single scene to help with exposition. I was singled out for this offer.

>I am not sure how to feel about this. I was not good enough to be accepted as a player, yet my character was just interesting enough for the GM to have around as a minor NPC... played by me, for a single scene. Is this supposed to be simultaneous praise and condescension? What am I to do with this booby prize?

Wow, this sounds like /pfg/ games right now, down to the thing where only celebrity players get in.

Is this the fate of all communities that run lots of games? Celebrity players hog the lion's share of the games?

>> No.53467955

By and large /pfg/ makes decent apps, but there're always going to be stronger and weaker apps among those. Better writers aren't necessarily better players but maybe we should be thankful DMs aren't going around and asking each other for suggestions on who plays well.

>> No.53467967

Celebrity players have the advantage of knowing that they're also good players, to be fair. Johnny nobody isn't necessarily a good player. We KNOW Wist is.

>> No.53467970

Succula isn't a celeb player.

>> No.53467972

>he's just discussing things normally

Oh you sweet summer child.

>He's perfectly solid as is though

I would disagree.
As I said, he's passable as-is, but PFG apps don't earn points for that any more; you have to be more than merely competent in order to stand out.

>> No.53467975

No, probably not.

I'm still ass-blasted about the level 12 bamboozle.

>> No.53467981

Celebrity, people will shit on them just to be spiteful.
Not great. But not bad either. No one would give a shit if it wasn't for rape babby.
Most of it is either shitposting about a Celeb or a roll20 rando. Also there are plenty of apps that don't get in that no one really says much of a peep about good or bad.

>> No.53467989

It's an anonymous thread man, nothing is "Obvious" when it comes to shills. I'm saying this as someone that has been shilled before.

Cynicism, Defeatism, and Shitposting are the only thing obvious, the idea of "celeb status" is a poison that deflects from the truth.
Others failings.

>> No.53467992

Nah, he's a obvious thread personality. Any "UUUNNGNGH muh thicc breeding pregnancy fetish OOGA BOOGA" post is 95% him.

>> No.53467995

>Oh you sweet summer child.
I'm lurking Discord right now though what the fuck? Did you have an argument with him personally or some shit?

>> No.53468005

Well he's the guy who keeps going UGHHH THICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC, it's either him or Slow.

>> No.53468007

We don't need too. The thread does that for them.

>> No.53468012


>> No.53468017

>It's an anonymous thread
No, not really. Not when discord and roll20 are all about identities.
>I'm saying this as someone that has been shilled before.
So you have even less credibility than you started out with. Good to know I don't need to bother reading past this sentence, you moron.

>> No.53468021

Then how would you improve Giancarlo?

>> No.53468025

I guess I'll go ping the 5e General.

>> No.53468028

Oh shit are the summerfags coming?

>> No.53468029

Yes. If you dare speak out you're called a "baiter" and summarily silenced.

>> No.53468030

>ughhh thicccc
>pregnancy/breeding fetish
Those are probably some of the most fucking common fetishes known man.

Shit, I wouldn't even call breeding a fucking fetish. That's what sex is fucking for.

>> No.53468034


whats your problem

>> No.53468041

Are you the summerfag?

>> No.53468045

Fuck off.

>> No.53468049

>A rape victim knows nothing about being raped
And just like that you seem less credible then a bumbling street hobo.

>> No.53468060

>been shilled
This implies that you've been promoted over others. You act as if that's rape-worthy...?
The fuck?
Your credibility crumbles with every post you make.

>> No.53468062

t. CountSuccula

>> No.53468068


It would explain the fascination with sun gods early cultures often had.

>> No.53468075

>Any shmuck can pick up a gun that deals 6d4 damage
Who would want this and why

>> No.53468076

I'd give him some actual flaws and internal conflicts.

Being angsty wouldn't fit the character, but as-written he's got nothing interesting going on inside him. No real hook to make us care about his story.

>> No.53468077

Don't reply to him, lads, the rules state that Diplomacy is useless against anyone of Int 3 or less

>> No.53468082

>broodie's is still shit


>> No.53468084

Did you mean to reply to my post?

>> No.53468087

Are we sure it's not SwimmingEagle or Sleep this time?

>> No.53468089

Dude ask protag for help he's literally telling you to ask for help if you have problems

>> No.53468090

Bitch I'm 24, I haven't had summer vacation in years.

>> No.53468102

Did you not go to university?

>> No.53468103

What character class would be the best at shit posting?

The most likely to shitpost?

>> No.53468105

I'm 24, and took a summer vacation because fuck that last semester. holy shit was that bad.

>> No.53468112

Hatemonger Mesmerist

>> No.53468115

I have been i'm dying squirtle.

i just don't get a sense of why the thread doesn't like it

>> No.53468126

That was one idea I was going to explore.

That and an order of hunters who guard a sacred silver mine or spring or some shit.

>> No.53468127

Not a "main character", also a little flat compared to the other apps. If Protag likes it then there's nothing to worry abou.

>> No.53468135

She can't be a main character, she's a foil to someone else, I know that about the app, its the only way the character makes snse

>> No.53468147

I do summer classes between university semesters. I don't want to be in school any longer than I need to be.

>> No.53468150

Bard has the most knowledge and good CHA for bait and the right amount of truth mixed in, so I'd say them barring some 9th level spell hax that makes wizards the gods of dimensional shitposting of course.

>> No.53468156

>I have been i'm dying squirtle.
What did he mean by this?

>> No.53468157

Well does Protag say that can work? Then go for it. But also tell us more about what she is in relation to herself. See >>53454196, make it so I can write something for Ryoko.

That's still break, you're just taking classes during the break like some kids do projects over summer.

>> No.53468189

I mean I feel like my rewrite did that, she views herself as a criminal and stuff, but eh.

>> No.53468193


Sounds neat. A spring turned holy because some ancient divinity bathed there would be quite the treasure in a world where vampires don't have to worry about half the shit in equipment lists.

>> No.53468206

What if it's some Lesser Cabalist?

>> No.53468209

How do you become a celebrity player WITHOUT having been a celebrity player from the start?

>> No.53468212

make a memeworthy app

>> No.53468219

you funpost in the discord to make friends and grab mad rep

>> No.53468220


Be Rory

>> No.53468222

It's like getting a job. You need experience to get a job but a job to get experience.

>> No.53468225

>Lesser Cabalist

>> No.53468229


1. Shill yourself nonstop.
2. Get into a high profile game.
3. Repeat.

>> No.53468237

Just make an app or two that cater to people's fetishes, and let the thread take care of the rest.

Periodically shitpost, shill, or otherwise generate buzz if it isn't generating on its own.

Boom, you're famous.

>> No.53468238

You know! Like RgPl, or Adam, or AnonMD, or Argentum.

>> No.53468240

ERP with a celebrity and post logs. It's venereal fame.

>> No.53468247

Or make a popular homebrew, or make REALLY autistic builds.

>> No.53468251

What even moves someone from /pfg/ player to cabalist if those people aren't even memes.

>> No.53468252

Be Wist presumably

>> No.53468267

Does DHB fit the normal celebrity player mold?

>> No.53468269

>He doesn't know how to become a cabalist

>> No.53468275


>> No.53468276

DHB fits the cute player mold

>> No.53468288

I wanna get filthy with a celebrity!

>> No.53468302

You know what to do, Anon

>> No.53468334

Looks like they're including the modifiers for the ability scores, like they do with 4e and 5e.

>> No.53468337

But there's so many, who's got the greatest chance of shooting my name to stardom?

>> No.53468346

I'd put Sleep more in this category. He doesn't shitpost quite enough to be a major-league asshole.

>> No.53468357

I hear Slow's easy and I think you'd be the first daddy leaker.

>> No.53468359

I'd also like to play with the properties of Orichalcum.

Also arms and armor forged using focused sunlight instead of fire.

>> No.53468369

If you can ensnare DHB, you'll be a Tier 1 Celeb in no time, but that's quite the tall order.

Consider aiming for several lower tier celebs, and using the relationships you build to work your way up the ladder, typefucking progressively more and more powerful celebs until you conquer the King Himself.

>> No.53468378

Harem anon can't even get Rory, what makes you think they'll get any further?

>> No.53468380

How the fuck are people still making this assumption? Protag has stated multiple times that he never meant to use failed apps as NPCs, he means to invite the players of failed apps to play for short periods as cameos if the player wants to and they and Protag can work something fun out for it.

>> No.53468385

Well, you could probably typefuck Slow, but that's basically only really going to get his fanclub read: himself sucking his dick even harder.

Rory is even thirstier than Slow, but he's Rory. And Sleep is straight-up running a game called Overlewd, so you know he's easy

>> No.53468395

Culture is a new knowledge check for Starfinder.

You can play a traveler trying to catalogue strange new worlds.

>> No.53468410

Shit, really?

>> No.53468420

Oh no, I understand that. That's the part I dislike.

>> No.53468424

What if I ensnare 2hu?

>> No.53468433

Harem Anon is a hack. If they can't PM the thirstiest of us who are most likely to accept, who do you think they WILL PM?

>> No.53468463

>No Bestiary 6 yet

>> No.53468465

For what reason? The entire thing is optional and based around communication. He isn't under any obligation to pull characters in, and players aren't under any obligation to be pulled in. Players can try to communicate with him to help with or even provide antagonists for short arcs and if Protag thinks he can make it work to contribute in a good way to the campaign, it can happen. How is this any different from any other decision a GM might make about a campaign?

>> No.53468466

I wanna breed IKiDs woman!

>> No.53468473

The people who are HARDEST to lewd.
What glory is there in lewding a slut, compared to despoiling a virgin?

>> No.53468476

Why do you think they haven't gotten him yet? Did you ask him?

>> No.53468493

So basically aim for DHB, 2hu, and arguably Wist or QANON, since they seem pretty exclusive.

>> No.53468509

Newbie DM, running his first Pathfinder game ever. (Prior experiences; Shitty Scion campaign, shitty Part Time Gods campaign, Short VTM campaign, short Werewolf the Apocalypse campaign, one shot All Flesh Must Be Eaten game.)

Got a few questions for y'all;

Making an undersea dungeon for my upcoming campaign.

Closest thing to mobs i have is Deep Ones & their Hybrids vs Skum.

The dungeon is a Halfling palace that sank to the bottom of the ocean as part of a curse apon the King and his subjects. However, most of the palace is air pockets due to luck and magic. Think BioShock but medieval.

Aside from Deep Ones and Skum having a turf war. What would be a good set of monsters to throw at my players and their band of Level 10s?

Whats the opinion of having bosses and sub bosses in dungeons? Too vidya?

What do you guys think about underwater dungeons and such?

Thanks in advance.

>> No.53468510

>Wist or QANON


>> No.53468512

Well, why don't you ask him? You know how to get to him. Maybe Harem Anons are JUST BAMBOOZLES

>> No.53468523

>want to play pathfinder
>doesnt matter how good or bad my pc is because the other four players are metagaming minmaxing fucks
>just get carried along the entire campaign while being made fun of as the joke character

should i just stop going, talk to the GM and see if i can get help with being more useful, or git gud somehow? I'm not having fun right now and its suffering

>> No.53468527

Crab swarms are fun. pinchy pinchy! use them paired up with other bigger threats. dunno if they would be appropriate for level 10's though.

>> No.53468533

Wait, what? Ask who what? Rory?

>> No.53468540


Baka, you're dense.

>> No.53468587

I'm sure he has some good idea in mind but I can't personally picture how this would work out functionally. I can stand to be proven wrong, but we're basically looking at 7+ player sessions of Pathfinder where the take-in is trying to coordinate with the DM towards a goal. It feels like the extra player wouldn't have much to reasonably do and things would be worse off for the regulars who need to adjust to new players every so often when an NPC would've worked fine.

I can stand to be proven wrong but from my point of view this is a decision that'll likely weaken the campaign so that reject apps can feel better about themselves. I'm not a Discordian or anything but the DM, from the looks of the LFG, seems way too nice.

>> No.53468591

Wait, but what if he doesn't know? What if it happened without him realizing it? Like he assumed it was innocuous typefucking, but it was actually something sinister?

>> No.53468595

Who even is on the notch list at this point? Have they posted it?

>> No.53468597

/pfg/, as of right now who makes your EotFC dream team?

>> No.53468609

Who are they? Are they even real? Is it like four different shitposters that just jerk us around?

Fuck, what if it IS Rory?

>> No.53468621

Vult, Rory, Wist, and Captain Slow

>> No.53468628

Sleep seems to be still unclaimed, but he's a slut so big he started a game--no, two games--based on that fact.

>> No.53468631

>some other losers to be her mindslaves

>> No.53468634

>Fuck, what if it IS Rory?
There's a good chance it is. We know he's shitposted about other games like FotJR. He's probably trying to create a sadder character than himself so people stop making fun of him nonstop.

>> No.53468655

It's probably just 4 different shitposters, anon, trying to get a rise out of /pfg/.

>> No.53468668

I know this is a shitpost, but Vult and Wist would actually create a neat contrast

And you know for a fact that they like each other and wouldn't turn it into a problem

>> No.53468671

My favorite /pfg/ meme conspiracy is that EVERYTHING is Rory's fault. Everything.

>> No.53468676

Consider PMing them.

>> No.53468677

>he doesn't know about the secret erp collective working to destroy the cabal by mass dumping logs to discredit every /pfg/ game at once

>> No.53468693

Play something better.

>> No.53468696

Even the things that happened Pre-Rory times? The RotJR->F/SotJR thing? Even the Fluffy Tale bamboozles? Even Kineticist being bad?

Is he jewish?

>> No.53468701

As Harem Anon, I can attest that I am not in fact Rory

>> No.53468704

Are you friends with them outside of game night, or do you just put up with them for the sake of PF? And if the latter, do you know of other gaming groups in the area?

Thinking about those two questions should help you decide whether to try and salvage it or not.

>> No.53468706

Get your glory by lewding lots of people at once. Group ERP scenes are a nightmare to set up and execute! The more people at once, the higher your score! Go for Wist, QANON, Wubu and IKID, at minimum!

>What would be a good set of monsters to throw at my players and their band of Level 10s?
Underwater combat sucks if your PCs don't have Freedom of Movement and water breathing, so you can make them struggle with that for a while before giving them rings of Freedom of Movement. Don't forget you can put class levels on Deep Ones and Skum.

>Whats the opinion of having bosses and sub bosses in dungeons? Too vidya?
Nah, it's fine. If the dungeon is really big you can try to tie sub-bosses into exploration of the dungeon, like having certain paths off of a main hub that will only open up after dealing with a boss/getting an item guarded by the boss.

Just because they do it in video games doesn't mean it's not fun.

>> No.53468717

Rodrick, Rintaelle, Ceraphine, Giancarlo, Cornelia, and whoever Captain Slow applies with.

>> No.53468730

fuck off rory

>> No.53468731

But that's exactly what Rory would say.

>> No.53468735

Whoops, wanted to quote >>53468509 too.

>> No.53468738

but who's Sappy and GitGuzzler?

>> No.53468739


What if Captain Slow is applying under a different account in order to throw off the trend?

>> No.53468748

I'd rather not add my app, but I think Harwell, Dorag, and maybe Cornelia would be neat to party with character wise.

>> No.53468751

Everything is Rory's fault. PLD shitposting, RotJR getting two groups then getting run out of the thread, everything about Fluffy Tail, the birth of Kitsuneposter, Harrow Medium being scrapped, Spheres of Might being terrible, Jolly not coming to the thread anymore, Forrest splitting off from DSP and abandoning us, Avowed getting gutted, 2hu's autism, and Gareth's depression.

>> No.53468752

Sappy is pretty well known by her other name Valeriya

>> No.53468769

/pfg/ "e-celeb" discussions provide all the downsides of namefags, with none of the upsides

>> No.53468771

Rory is legitimately a shitty person

>> No.53468775

He admitted he was going to work on his app in the general yesterday, why would he hide it now?

>> No.53468779

>only the adjacent names in that order know each other

That will be awkward.

>> No.53468797

Yes but what if it's a bamboozle?

you got proof of that buddy?

>> No.53468804

They're just apps popular enough to get memed, anon.

>> No.53468815

Dude's just retarded, not necessarily malicious

>> No.53468816

You really think a good and caring daddy would just bamboozle us like that?

>> No.53468826

>the thread will never come to a consensus on whether Vult's app is good or not, without seeing it only through the lens of REEE

>> No.53468827

I hear Slow has been consorting with bamboozlers these days

>> No.53468837


>> No.53468855


>> No.53468879

You gain bamboozouf
You gain bamboozouf
My app is a MEME...
You gain bamboozouf

>> No.53468882

It's almost as if in an RPG, the person playing the character matters as much as the character.

>> No.53468897

As someone who thinks Vult a shit, Aisha a shit, and he's shilling himself: I think Rodrick is good and I'd like to play with him.

>> No.53468912

Someone needs to do a shitpost summary of all the apps so far!

>> No.53468926

Should Tieflings have 80s hair to hide their horns?

>> No.53468936

You know....

They should!

>> No.53468942

What single day of the week should I list my schedule to ensure that I won't be picked for a game if I'm not familiar with the DM's schedule?

>> No.53468950

Monday mornings, starting at 4 AM EST

>> No.53468952

80s hair is a bigger crime than horns.

>> No.53468966

Yes I do, he leaked logs without the other party's permission

There you go champ

>> No.53468974


A helpful/constructive summary would be refreshing to see for once.

>> No.53468977

And he got chewed out and has been witch-hunted and shit on to this day.

>> No.53468984

>8 Int

Really makes me think

>> No.53468992

>Rory plays low-int characters because he is low-int himself

durr-hurr-hurr what a meme

>> No.53468998

If they're presentable otherwise, but some tieflings just aren't salvagable. For one example at least, 80s hair wouldn't help him much.

Onryou could do with a big ol' kabuki wig though.

>> No.53468999

Well deserved, he's lucky he was allowed to stay in the game

>> No.53469031

I wonder who would have gotten in if he was kicked for that stunt.

>> No.53469032

I've legit tried but I'm admittingly not great at putting together broken characters that can compete with what the other players have been doing.

>one caster can speak over a dozen languages so they half jokingly converse with the enemy to focus me in Aquan
>martial somehow has bionics given by gm and now can use cha for hit/dmg so all the gear so he can effectively be the face and martial at the same time, eliminating the need for me to do anything anymore
>another caster uses ranged aoe to wipe everything else out while relying on me to pass reflex checks so my evasion can keep me alive

It's like, why am I even here?

I'm friends with all the PCs and the GM outside of game, although admittingly I've had less opportunity to hang out with everyone in the past few months because of job and personal commitments. I like them all outside of game, i like the setting the GM made, and I don't have other opportunities to play outside of game because I'm from a small town that more or less still believes table top is the devil, but all the PCs act like elitist fucks in game and I'm getting sick of being the butt of it all for the entire campaign.

>> No.53469054


>> No.53469073


>> No.53469083

Who was his app for Dragons2 again?

>> No.53469097

I think the lakeside firedude

>> No.53469106

some shitty punchboy

>> No.53469131

There are upsides?

>> No.53469133

Basically a more exagerrated and anime version of Kyras.

>> No.53469140

Take that back you hussy!

>> No.53469176

When I said "Play something better" I meant "Play a better system".

>I don't have other opportunities to play outside of game because I'm from a small town that more or less still believes table top is the devil,
Play online.

>> No.53469177

Reminder that those two can change their size by dehydrating and rehydrating themselves.

>> No.53469249

That's what I'm doing right now I mean. Playing with online friends I've known for awhile, rather than playing irl since there are no such opportunities here. I realllly don't want to play with random people from the internet but it looks like I have almost no choice now.

>> No.53469256

So DHB's app changed a lot. Can someone give me a new summary of it because fuck if I want to read that wall of text. It keeps getting longer.

>> No.53469260


>Catgirls with poofy 80s hair stripping before launching an armed assault

So it's true what they say about rolling for new fetishes on /tg/.

>> No.53469274


Not going to lie, you're selling some pretty intriguing stuff there, anon.

>> No.53469284

What is the most criminally underrated weapon in Pathfinder?

>> No.53469291

So.. did anyone have fun with their latest session?

>> No.53469297

who is this goomba

>> No.53469302

One of my players was the MVP of the two short combats of mine. Instantly dropped two enemies to negatives.

Weighted Spear

>> No.53469305

I did! We killed a giant worm and passed our entrance exam!

>> No.53469338

>all your attacks land, and you get a two sick crits in a row
>the pace is starting to pick up and shit's about to go down

feels good, feels real good

>> No.53469342


Yyyep. Apparently the NPC who'd been helping us is actually the long-abandoned simulacrum of a mad wizard, and he has nefarious plans for the party huntress' little sister. Shutting that shit down is now our top priority.

>> No.53469350

The source is Dominion Tank Police, which is actually a pretty okay B-tier 80s anime.

The sequel is pure trash though, don't watch it

>> No.53469362

An abomination that /pfg/ has long since forgot.

Sounds like a riot! We had a small swarm of little dragons assault our airship, but in hindsight I feel a bit silly for alerting the rest of the party when the Gunslinger and I managed to handle them ourselves more or less.

>> No.53469384

>long since forgot

I'll never forget that cutie patootie

>> No.53469388


Forget Geliche? Never. She's too much of a goober.

>> No.53469399

I wanna boop her snoot!

>> No.53469417

I almost tpk'd the party with encounter design but quickly dialled back their tactical competence a bit, and the party started to gain the upper hand.

Game stopped before they finished but they've got the upper hand now and I think it feels like a well earned narrow victory. Maybe.

>> No.53469421

why is she so T H I C C /pfg/?

>> No.53469429

Literal goddess of beauty and aesthetics. She is always perfectly thicc.

>> No.53469439


All part of her insidious plan to give nice hugs.

>> No.53469464

I want to see Erastil impregnate Shelyn

>> No.53469466

She's a goddess of beauty. It's only fitting she'd be thicc.

>> No.53469475

Shelyn is cute! CUTE!

>> No.53469485


The last divinity Erastil knocked up gave birth to dire bears, anon. I think he's decided against trying anything with non-giant goddesses.

>> No.53469487

>Fucking his insane friend's cute daughter

He would never do something so immoral! That would require an alignment shift!

>> No.53469514

>"The Whisperer of Souls is too dangerous for a woman to be holding. Give it here. What's this? Painting? That's all fine and good but these are pursuits you should make time for -after- homemaking."

>> No.53469526

>tfw misogyny erastil is a thing

I really find it funny that a good god is a misogynist for reasons that make sense

Meanwhile apparently Papa Asmodeus is also a misogynist, but his is completely nonsensical and has nothing in the fluff supporting it.

>> No.53469537

No! He wouldn't do it, Anon. He would plead with her and someone her age to get together, but he's not a monster. He slays monsters!

>> No.53469543


Well, apparently it's okay to worship the literal fucking devil if you think he's a woman.

>> No.53469563

I mean it wouldn't bother me if there was anything in Asmodeus that made sense as him being a misogynist, but he seems to be a misogynist because misogyny is evil and thus as evil he is also misogynist

>> No.53469571

I critted a Greater Barghest!

>> No.53469584

Are alchemical items considered magical or mundane for the effects of crafting features?

>> No.53469586

Honestly, he seems to be a misogynist just as a subset of hating everyone. He hates women pretty much for the same reason he hates mortals--they're not him, and so he sees them as inferior.

>> No.53469597

Unless otherwise noted, I think they're supposed to be mundane. Depends on what you mean by "crafting features" though.

>> No.53469604

>Making my world
>Start of with dwarves
>End up deciding that they're all seperated enough for distinct cultures and stuff
>End up statting each kind
>End up making a subrace for each kind
>End up making a generic kind for people who don't care or don't want to be specific
I have Hill Dwarves (nomads with the only actual horses, basically super Mongols) Mountain Dwarves (mostly just forge workers and miners who like to use full plate, tower shields and war hammers, they live in a mountain so filled with forges that outsiders think it's a volcano) and Forest Dwarves (they eat bark and fallen tree limbs and sprint around naked ambushing outsiders in their forest, may be fey "blessed"). Their respective subtypes are Sea Dwarves (pirates and shit, good swimmers and they have guns), Deep Dwarves (mostly Duergar, necromancers and ancestor worship) and Cosmopolitan Dwarves (non intentional Jewery, they trim their beards short and do trading stuff).

Send help

>> No.53469607

Ok but if you hate everyone thats not misogyny, thats just hating everyone

If he hated women more than literally everyone, then like.. Maybe?

I dunno it just frustrates me because it doesn't make sense.

>> No.53469615

Yes--a lot of info just got dropped on the PCs, and now they're basically being told that they've got to fight the whole world for control of some font of ancient power, when all they've got on their side are some cave-in survivors and a bunch of sickly monsters.

And RotJR was fun too!

>> No.53469616

Stuff that reduces crafting time or crafting cost, for example.

>> No.53469622


What, no Sky Dwarves?


>> No.53469626


>> No.53469632

I guess he might hate women *slightly* more on account of them being more markedly different from him. Like, a male human is closer to him in form and so it feels more flattering to engage with the insignificant supplicant, but a female human disgusts him on a deeper level since she doesn't even have the decency to look like him.

But he's smart enough to at least cover up that disgust and manipulate both genders equally, since they can both serve as pawns.

>> No.53469638

Maybe? It just seems like poor characterization

Like I don't object at all to having an evil misogynist god, for all i care pathfinder could have an evil god of misogyny, I just want it to make sense and not be tacked on.

>> No.53469639

If it explicitly refers to magical items, it probably wouldn't apply to alchemical items.

The exception would be if you're using something like Brew Potion or Craft Construct that you got as a bonus feat from Alchemist, since those are still the same in function but not fluff.

>> No.53469642

Ah Wrath of the Righteous, a fickle game with high expectations of its players.

>> No.53469645


>> No.53469652

Surprisingly close, but they're going to be in these caves for far less time. And they're not fighting cultists.

>> No.53469664

I more bothered by the implication that the male/female sex division is appearently an universal rule, down to it's very core, so that even angels and devils are affected.
Asmodeus shouldn't have a real gender, only a preferred one for the stupid mortals; similar with all the other bigshots and demons and angels and everything that's spawned from souls, with no bodies as we have them and whatnot. Because it feels weird otherwise.

>> No.53469677

Also, here's all my notes on humans compared to the 9 stat blocks and multiple paragraphs I made for Dwarves
>Humans own most land and the best land, most of their dishes involve corn, no other race can grow it like they can.

>> No.53469686

Can't doublecheck on account of Pathfinderwiki being trash.
Wasn't the lore that Asmo and his brother crafted the first man and that some other deity crafted women later, so his reasoning is "Why should I give a shit about your DA tier OC gender?"

>> No.53469722

Maybe it's more a Kill Six Billion Demons situation, where Asmodeus just hates the idea of gender, and since he looks vaguely masculine he focuses his hatred on the gender(s) that are different from himself.

He doesn't hate females, he hates the idea of something as chaotic and "insipid" as gender division itself. It doesn't gel with his vision of the universe.

>> No.53469800


>> No.53469817


>> No.53469839

Sounds ok but it better have enough natural attacks to be good at it

Ultimately I doubt it'll be as good as the spheres shifter, and 5 more BAB wont change that

>> No.53469864

Finally, a shifting-focused martial my GM's will let me play!

>> No.53469888

Don't expect to have many natural attacks if they are balancing for PFS. Also incoming nerfs for ways to get them.

>> No.53469900

Right, what're some good +Dex +Wis races? Anything below 20 RP without a fly speed baked in works, but I'll need to clear Aerieborn with my GM.

>> No.53469909

Tiefling, Aasimar, Dhampir variant. Undine

>> No.53469917

So basically something that should've just been a Ranger Archetype, and in fact I'm pretty sure there's already a ranger archetype that's just a shittier version of this already?

Because last I checked, Rangers were already the "Paladin equivilent to Druids".

Seriously, fuck you Paizo. Just give us Wildshape Archetypes for other classes you fucktards

>> No.53469921


I literally forgot that existed, thanks.

>> No.53469927

Watch paizo makes shifting an extremely limited resource instead of at-will like it should be.

>> No.53469939

I hope that at least the Iconic's ackstory is kinda interesting.

Then again, its probably a 50/50 chance between it being good or being shite

>> No.53469940

Tengu, Grippli too but they are niche

>> No.53469950

Yeah, I'm on the same boat

>> No.53469966

I wish games just chose a date instead of scheduling later. I don't mind being dropped because my app was shit but I'd be bothered if it looked like I might've missed due to schedule.

>> No.53469971

Are they gonna lock alignment the class like Paladin? Chaotic Neutral?

>> No.53469983

Probably just "Any Neutral" like they do for Druids and Hunters

>> No.53469990

Hunters have that to? Never noticed.

>> No.53469991

What's the funniest way to play a muscle wizard?
Orc witch
Esoteric magus
Or human oracle

Also what personality and backstory?

>> No.53469994

... Wait, Hunters have to be Neutral?

>> No.53470017

I like this idea, making Asmo into Michael 2 interns of character.

But if Asmo is Michael 2, who is Juggy and who is White Chain?

Yeah, hence why Divine Hunter tends to be the only way to play it for some character ideas, since they don't have the restriction, instead they just get the normal Cleric alignment restriction

>> No.53470024

Any nuetral. I.e. Neutral good/evil,and lawful/chaotic neutral are what they're locked to.

>> No.53470048

Where're these images coming from?

>> No.53470068

White Chain would probably be Sarenrae, since she's the only deity who's anywhere near Asmodeus in terms of either power, credibility, or age. She's the one who sticks up for humanity and still holds to something nearer to Ihys' vision.

Juggernaut, now that's hard to call. I wouldn't say it's Rovagug, since I'm not entirely sure he's sapient. It'd have to be someone more like the Oinodaemon or one of the Horsemen, someone who works towards total oblivion but has a thinking, philosophical attitude about it rather than just doing it because [angry apocalyptic noises].

>> No.53470069

hell if I know

>> No.53470079

>Rovagug's actually a really coherent, philosophical guy with a crush on Shelyn
>But nobody ever wrote down his side of the story.

>> No.53470178

Considering the flavor text about being bound and chained to the wheel probably refers to him, as well as having let slipped his beautiful form underneath his chains, I'd say he's more like either Zon Kuthon, or Zyphus

>> No.53470247

>Dimensional Ark Abyssia
>Dimensional Ark
This is screaming at me to make a mech pilot, but no partner.

>> No.53470324

Zyphus is closest in attitude, but he's a punk bitch who attained Godhood just by being cosmically butthurt.

Zon-Zon is probably a better fit for the kind of godly chops he's got, but he's too Lawful and constructive in his own insane way to really match up with Juggernaut Star's ideals. Zon-Kuthon wants to remake the universe as it is, Juggernaut is more interested in tearing it down.

>> No.53470445

Dead game

>> No.53470550

Is Saving Shield any good for early game?

Feat retraining is in so I'm not worried about whether or not it's good at higher levels, like 1-7 is what I'm looking at if the game even goes that long.

>> No.53470641

I need to make a new character in case my main dies.
Any character build you guys had fun with recently?
I'm not looking for anything in particular just something fun to roleplay

>> No.53470649

Make an Inquisitor!

>> No.53470660

What race/archetype/personnality/backstory senpai?

>> No.53470668

Bounty Hunter-Sniper Slayer for ranged dirty tricks! Inconvenience enemies on opening rounds you'd be much better off killing!

>> No.53470675

monk/druid, way of the angry bear

>> No.53470708

1pp only or Nah?
If 1pp only, Occultists are pretty fun to play RP wise and mechanically speaking

>> No.53470733

Human Warpriest of Sarenrae.

Go fight for the religion of peace.

>> No.53470814

Hungerseed Tiefling
Vanilla Inquisitor
Stoic, gruff, shrewd
Raised by Relevant Monster Hunting Church to Hunt Monsters after being found as an abandoned baby in this important trade city that's successful enough to justify someone being there who might have a Hungerseed baby. Grows up tough, trained by stern but caring masters who teach him or her all about fighting, finding monsters, and killing monsters in the name of DEITY. Eventually nears the age where Proper Hunting can begin. Meets a cute Love Interest. Unfortunately, Love Interest is brutally slain/kidnapped/embarrassed/assaulted/offended/insulted by Plot Device, leading Inquisitor to discover the plot. Once such plot is uncovered, there's a whole mess of things for Inquisitor to slay, and so they valiantly help PCs get the job done.

>> No.53470850

New Thread: >>53470847

>> No.53471385


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