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We're currently working on Expansion 4

Growing up Edition

Here's the current worklog:

-It's Getting There

Discussion of the Towergirls CYOA, RPG, Setting, or Video Games welcome here!

Everyone is welcome.


Imgur Album - http://imgur.com/a/maXHJ
Tower Girls infinity Chan Board - https:// infinity ch.net/twgrl
Booru - http://tower-girls.booru.org/
Brushes, Fonts, and Templates http://www.mediafire.com/file/k83sgc5t5dfvv3s/Towergirls_Files.zip

Spreadsheet Princess - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12IcT_vwIHKAMz-ghvB3fgHTr7DkHvjrbu4Hzlw4XCIU/edit#gid=0

Games & Tabletop Rulebooks:


http://towergirlsquest.tumblr.com/ (Gats)
http://towergirlschivalryedition.tumblr.com/ (Eversor)

if you'd like access to the discord or have anything you wish to talk about privately involving towergirls, editing, etc, please contact Brumus here:

A) [email protected]
B) "Tired Knight" on Steam

Last Thread: >>53351405

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1st for Krieger chan

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>Growing Up edition

Is this like, fat-chested teenage witches and questionable dragon loli?

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>the TWG: Chivalry Edition cast
>Except for Dog Princess... so far
Oh no, not again.

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Since how many threads has this "It's Getting There" been there?

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Like.. a lot. Cause there just hasn't been that much main-gen progress.

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Is anyone still interested inthe tabletop rules (lewd adventures) i wrote some time ago, that are in the OP. I need feedback on what you like to be added, balance and eventual grammar errors i could have made

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I am but I lack anyone to play with and am an anti-social vampire with no free time.

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I did mention that you will see princesses from other generations in this quest....

Also wanted to post the picture here in this new thread.

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Core rules are for one player only, anon. Multyple players are optional, so you don't need to befriend no one, if you don't want to. I was also thinking to try to host a game for 1-4 players on roll20, that is basically a co-op mode untill you reach the princess, and then you have to duel the others ala Castle Crashers, to see which one gets her. The orher options is that all the knights will roll to seduce/charm the princess and one gets her.

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Do you get to physically keep those after they're made? The artist does some incredible work.

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Sorry for the slow pace, 4chans been fucky with me the past week

>> No.53461381

It's not a big deal, Brum. We got forever and a half to do shit. Plus, side content is fun too.

>> No.53462118

Yup she mails them, it takes like 3 weeks, the first batch i got were all in mint condition through the transport, they are typically rather durable!

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Did hacker ace since I'm out right now

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I think my wallet is in danger.

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Overall a good look I must say.

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Loving it, looks amazing.

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That's actually an awesome design. If you don't mind me asking, which aces are you planning to work on next?

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So has anyone looked through the Monstergirls Encyclopedia wiki? Do they have any good species that we could use in future for Princesses?

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>Ace with 4 votes.
>>Jedi Ace
>>Hacker Ace >done
>>Space Pirate Ace

>Ace with 3 votes.
>>Heroine Ace >done
>>Robot Ace I >done
>>Robot Ace II >done

>Aces with 2 votes.
>>X-COM Ace (either classic or modern)
>>N7/Spectre Ace
>>Marine Ace >done
>>Wasteland Knight in patchwork power armor

Dunno yet, but here is the list so far

also thanks mates

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Hello, friend. How can we help you here in this CYOA Thread?

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I would be extremely appreciative if you were to label TOWERS as "playtest pending" or something like that instead of "(Not updated in a while)".

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I feel like one every 3 months someone posts this

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That's going to have to wait until next thread so that I can remake the pastebin because the won't let me access my account

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fukin hell, there we go. so there are quite a few changes, though most of em are just wording, ill post the original version so yall can compare em to one another

typing em all out here would be a pain

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>> No.53469469

Or "playtesters wanted"

Pssst, Eversor, what if i wanted to invite you in the future to try the tabletop rules on Roll20, instead to wait for those shy anons to read it.
Maybe i'll invite also Brumus

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Looking back on old Fake gen hurts me on the inside.

>> No.53469579

So I did my best to look through each princesses side by side.

Some points you kept the same, while others you kept the same but just shortened them so that they would fit.

Then others you have just completely rewritten. Seems a little hit and miss on if they are improvements or not. If you need to rewrite to make formatting work, I think you need to work harder about staying true to the source material.

Do we get to have Serpent Princess back as a boss princess later on? Or can we get rid of Book for her?

>> No.53469589

Serpent is gonna be her own dragon princess later on

>> No.53469603

Fair enough, makes sense.

I still think Book should be replaced, or at least have her origami form as her main portrait

>> No.53469621

Kind of wish you kept them in the same locations rather than swapping them around. Kind of annoying to roam around to compare them.

That being said:
>Merrow Princess
Definitely an improvement.
Also an improvement.
The second positive should be shortened. Flexible and Slippery are enough.
Not feeling it. Old (Levia) felt better in terms of positives and negatives. She's got the glowing eyes still, as well as mighty big teeth. The new text just isn't as appealing.
Subtle yet substantial.
I like the changes. Makes her feel more fun.
Also subtle, but good.
The wording is better.
I prefer the "A big tasty lollipop" negative more than the new second negative. It gave him quite the humorous image.
Add the body language bit back in. Her not being able to explain what she wants to say is what made her so precious.
I like the new traits.
A minor change, but a good one.
More loveable than before, both in art and text. 100% upgrade, definitely the best change of this gen.
All I can say is "eh".
Much cuter than before.
I like it.
When did she get updated art? I like all the new light violet bits. The text is by far improved, especially with out the wooden "DRAGON" sign.

Sorry for the wall of text.

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I dunno, old Levia pros and cons looked contradictive and boring in my opinion.
>cute smile but big scary teeth
>lights up but is scary in the dark
>is good at swimming
I mean, its the leviathan, and that just makes her sound like a boring fish woman

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Quick note to Brumus and the Anon who what makes the threads

We should post these potential changes as the first posts of new threads under the opening. That way they can get visibility over a bigger period and hopefully more feedback to avoid people coming in later and complain about a change after a short decision.

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Still don't like the fact we got Bear and Hare

>> No.53470554

What if we took this quest thread and made a CYOA out of it?

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>> No.53471862

Thats not an accurate doll.
Dont buy from chinaman!!!

You triggered me with your bait.

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>> No.53473496

I could be down, for sure

>> No.53473656

Very good. We could find a day, except for tuesday and wednesday, since i work.

There are still 3 slots open for others, so if you want to suggest someone, let me know it

>> No.53474171


I've never played a tabletop game before, how would it be?

>> No.53474647

Gonna critique the bits I feel could use some work or looking into. Anything I don't mention I either found fine or enjoyed (like the new Lotan).

The second positive should use the words "flexible" and "elastic" as opposed to "squishy" and "soft" as they better describe what her body can do, and having the second negative being her swallowing your boat rather than eating part of it both drives this further and has more comedic value.

It might be better to change the second negative from "frenzies" to "excited" to make it more ambiguous and open to interpretations both silly and serious. I also don't know if we need "surprisingly" in the third positive, but it's fine as is.

Shortening the second positive to "just plain fun to touch" should more than suffice. Not really sure where the third positive came from, but I think mentioning somewhere what she multitasks could make it work.

Grammatic error in first positive.

The first and third positives should be switched around so that there's a "sweet-to-sour" transition between them. I also agree with >>53469621 in that I felt the "big tasty lollipop" negative was humorously effective.

Grammatic error in second negative.

Again, it was stated by Photo Anon back around the end of 2016 that GMP wanted GM Princess to remain a trap. I'm not sure if this choice is being made to avoid having two traps in one chart, but I don't think that would be an issue for most players.

Not entirely sure about the first positive, but I think this card might work, even if it is a little predictable.

Honestly, I find only the first negative (which I recommend changing to "won't admit she likes you") seems to fit with her design. Everything else just feels empty and uninspired. Personally, I had felt that she would turn out to be a bit more of a rogue or maybe borrow some inspiration from the Viera from Final Fantasy.

Grammatic error in first negative.

>> No.53474866

Is a hare different from a rabbit? I never really knew the distinction.

You were throrough! It was fun to read this though!

>> No.53474914

Hares are usually bigger.

And generally 'rougher'.

>> No.53475637

Yea, we really don't want another squid princess debockle. The changes should always be among the first posts.

I generally agree with you, but I disagree on Lotan and Candy;

Lotan 'cause I feel the +'s and -'s are better then before and are more consistent.
And Candy because, while it is funny, it would be Inconsistent with how male princesses have worked in the past, as the only times having a dick is mentioned is either as a positive (Nomad), or in junction with some other negative (Djinn).

Generally, again, I agree with you, but I disagree on Merrow and Squid (Candy too, but I already explained that one.)

I personally think Merrow's great the way she is, and eating part of your boat is far more comedic then eating the whole thing.
And Squid because I feel the wording has this fun, bubbly feel to it that gives off a feel of how Squid would feel.

As for me? I generally like the chart, But GM princess just kinda feels out o place among all these fantasy creatures. I know that's probably the joke, but it loses it's luster almost immediately. But that's just me.

>> No.53475833

Well, depends mostly on what you play.

If you play alone you just need a pencil, a blank paper sheet and some d6, so you can sign stuff, like damage suffered, item found and else. (maybe i should do a character sheet) and mostly your immagination.

On Roll20 you have a lot of additional stuff, like the map, tokens, the chat like the picture related. Also you are not alone and have others who could help you, but remember that only one gets a princess per tower, so you have to fight off or else. or you can pass about the princess if the princess saved isn't the one you are interested into.

Or you can go on roll20, create a map, and play alone but at least you have some graphics, dice rollers and also music.
Reading the rules will also help you understand stuff about the game itself, but be warned that if you find some grammar typos or errors, is because my translation is never 100% perfect (sob)

>> No.53475924


This sounds neat, I would love to give it a try, I tried to join a game from an anon who was hosting a starwars game on roll20 but after almost 2 hours I couldn't find it and gave up. But I would love to try if nothing pops up in my schedule

>> No.53476408

How are angler fish meant to be flexible and elastic? Im actually asking because that pro seems weird to me.

>> No.53476455

Hive digger done

>> No.53476544

Im not gonna pick a dude, so it matters quite a bit to me. Though Id prefer GM to be the trap and Candy to be female so I could pick Candy

>> No.53476881

This is why we can try a game when everyone has some free time. meanwhile try to create a character with the rules (they are in the Op as i said -> Lewd Adventures) then let me know about it

>> No.53477803

"Did you just swallow my boat" should be added back in, has more impact

"Surprisingly nice for a demon" sounds better to me but I could see either working.
"Wants to be good, but is awful at it" makes it sound like she is at least making an attempt while "Not so good at being good" could be taken as a contradiction to her Pros

Any reason she went from Soft to Tough? Are Gnomes known for being tough
Why was kingdom named changed? I guess the traveling part did not make much sense but I am not sure how many non-kingdom names we want in the kingdom spot.

Do Rust Monsters have a connection to Dragons at all? I have not heard that before.
Makes her miss out on "You are the only treasure she needs". Both give her some personality in different ways so I am half and half on the change.
"Growling Swarm kingdom's"

Also, the 3 Pros then 2 Cons format is just the general style. There are plenty of Princesses who change up the order, even from the earliest gens. So they do not all need to be changed back to that order.

Add back in "Sea Monster" cause why not

Add back in Body Language part, I agree with anon above
Lonesome orphanage is good but I am going to throw out that Homeless Orphan's Kingdom works pretty good as well because it makes her seem even more alone since she is only one there and it fits with her map item for having lost treasure.

Remove trap part because of actual GM's request and change back to "Too interested in your Princesses"
What was the Greyhawk Kingdom a reference to before? I am guessing Expansive Library is the better choice.

>> No.53477820

>Lotan / Leviathan
Biggest fish stuff sounds pretty stupid and this new version makes her sound gentle when she is supposed to be scary. From the original, I would only change cute smile and great swimmer if you want to add in more personality. Also, I wish her art had the big fanged smile. Last thing, kingdom name as Luminate Deep Kingdom fits her better I think maybe.

> Shark
"Likes the taste of your blood" sounds cuter as creepy as that sounds instead of frenzies. Also, her head seems huge and the nose lines make her face look bent, can that get fixed?

I think I see what you were going for but I think it needs another update. Vigilant guardian part is good but I think the rest from the original was good as is. She is supposed to be the dutiful unfeeling protector and adding "Soft and Caring on the inside" seems to go against that too much while just saying she is dutiful and vigilant gives her good non-contradictory qualities.

Adding in the Sour part does not make sense for multiple reasons, the main being the "As sweet as can be". Leave it as "Crashes Super Hard"
Add back in "A Big Tasty Lollipop" its there for a reason.

Wooden sign should be readded in the final version, gave her some charm. She is the "Dragon" of the fake gen, so she is not supposed to be super effective at it and a wooden sign shows that off.

Sheltered Jungle Kingdom's

Another kingdom name in non-kingdom format. This one works good in my opinion but just pointing out that I am not sure how many non-kingdom names we want

Another. Long-running with a dash fixes it though.

>> No.53477988

>it's another "penis tennis" episode

Look, there should always be one trap princess and this time it's candy. Let's not repeat this whole "b-but mai waifu shouldn't be a guy!" shit.

>not wanting to suck another dude's dick
what are you, gay?

>> No.53478185

Didnt GM request to be the trap? and dosent -overly interested in your quest fit better as a GM?

>> No.53478329

IIRC GM also requested that the opposite at some point later.

>> No.53478639

Second positive looks out of place, old one isn't much better though
Kingdom name sounds weird, should prolly be shortened like some of the others to Illuminated Abode's
I feel like her first positive could be something better, I'm not sure what though
Kingdom name seems off and I feel like she should be more rough around the edges, more hare like?

>> No.53479630

Mostly improvements, still don't like GM, but I guess photo's waifu is here to stay.

>> No.53480231

If they did, it wasn't in these threads.

>> No.53480528

Deep sea fish tend to be pretty elastic in that they can stretch their bodies to swallow prey several times their own size. And shile anglerfish aren't particularly flexible, dragonfish are, at least as far as their neck goes; they actually lack bones on their neck vertebrae so they can move their jaws in crazy angles.
"Soft and squishy" is more biologically accurate, though, as that description fits almost every deep sea fish (they're quite squishy). Although fetish appeal wise it might not be so good (squishyness is rarely considered a positive traits, now is it?).

>> No.53481111

The word "soft" appears pretty frequently in the Princess cards, and the positive "Soft and squishy" is Leech's third, word-for-word. I had suggested flexible/elastic because I saw her more like a dragonfish, myself, but "flexible" is also a word that appears frequently enough as it is.

Was basically aiming for rewording the positive so it didn't sound almost exactly like one found on another Princess while still accurately describing her.

>> No.53481175

Focus on the stretchy / malleable part?

>> No.53481210

I am confused on what is being worked on and what is finished.

Fan gen III was finished completely correct?

Fan Gen I is being redone now and is almost done looks like

Was anything put together for Fan Gen IV? I saw some art and things but I did not see it finished.

Gen V also had some new art for Flayer I think, was it just her or is an updated art of that one done soon?

>> No.53481509

Sorry, that is a bit of my fault. I am working all around the place.

A lot of projects. Just doing whatever is requested of me.

>> No.53481529

https://picarto.tv/Eversor streaming btw!

>> No.53481585

Maybe something not body related then?

>Has a real petty lure/crown to tie into the so alluring positive?

>> No.53481862

So what happens if you ate both the Magic Taffy and the Super Bubblegum?

>> No.53482016

You could be blown up like a balloon and float.

>> No.53482521

Prefect. Magic Taffy and Super Bubblegum for all the princesses.

>> No.53482891

Final on Goat Princess

>> No.53482963

>that tasteful upper wet toga
Now thats wonderful

>> No.53482970


Neat, What are you going to work on next?

>> No.53482982

This is the part where I applaud.

>> No.53484292

Yurei Princess is next up

>> No.53484379


Can't wait to see your take on her

>> No.53484776

Gonna post a WIP tonight, so keep an eye for that

>> No.53484866

Why haven't we updated the G1E with the new art for squid, Gargoyle, and Levia yet?

>> No.53484894

Whoops didn't mean to quote. Sorry

>> No.53484896

You're lucky, because I originally just gonna do a plain cloth covering on the tidds, one anon gave me the idea for a sheer covering

>> No.53484970

Could I suggest an Ace Pilot

>> No.53485126

I counter-suggest an Ace Ventura.

>> No.53485268


>> No.53486048

What font is used in the charts?

>> No.53486108

04b_19 and Bebas Nueue Regular.

>> No.53486311


So about that character sheet you were talking about earlier, Please make it because I have no idea what I'm doing

>> No.53486474

Thoughts on this so far? First time making something for this and this is still a WIP.

>> No.53486964

finished ace list incoming

>> No.53486975

hacker and wasteland

>> No.53486992

and x-com psi and random gear based on n7

>> No.53487005

Pretty good

>> No.53487078

I assume King George commanded it and he obeyed

>> No.53487296

All of these are pretty great, and even though I requested the Wasteland and XCOM Aces, Hacker is easily the best one there.

>> No.53487322

Who did you comission these to? how much do they cost? what are they made of???? ?¿¿?¿?¿?¿?

>> No.53487439

Porcelain and each one's around 30-ish bucks. Plus the 30 dollar brazil tax.

>> No.53487810

Doing right now!

The emperor protects

>> No.53489114

stop being gay

>> No.53489161


>> No.53489213


Thanks Velgarn

>> No.53489630

No space pirate ace?

>> No.53490109

Here you go, anon.
- Character Sheet + Spelbook (just in case)

There is the .pdf and .odt document, so you need to have Open Office and, most importantly, the fonts that you can find in the OP.


>> No.53490402

Shit! Ok one more ace. It was late so I forgot, thanks for looking out mate

>> No.53490913

It's alright, we all make mistakes at times. Looking forward to Space Pirate Ace.

>> No.53490938


Thanks, I'll try to make a good one

>> No.53491255

I'll probably change how Traits work during character creation into:

you can choose a single Appearance Trait: A positive Character Trait cost one Character point to assign, while a negative grant an additional character point to assign

you can also just write here your stats and i'll compile the character sheet since i need to have a copy. so i need stats, equipment info and stuff, according to the ruleset.

>> No.53491356

>you can choose a single Appearance Trait: A positive Character Trait cost one Character point to assign, while a negative grant an additional character point to assign

I think that would be great

>you can also just write here your stats and i'll compile the character sheet since i need to have a copy. so i need stats, equipment info and stuff, according to the ruleset.

I'll try my best and if Evesor or Brumus wanted to be the wizard or cleric let me know and I can change my class

>> No.53491473


>I think that would be great
Remember tho that you will have a lesser effective Knight if you pick a positive trait. if you get a negative, seducing a princess would be a little harder

>I'll try my best and if Evesor or Brumus wanted to be the wizard or cleric let me know and I can change my class
There is no "class". you can pick perks and skills on how you prefer, but you can all be generic warrior knights.

I have no idea if brumus is interested but also 2 players are fine

Remember also that if you don't choose any race you are a generic Human.

If you don't choose the EVIL or GOOD Perk you are considered NEUTRAL
If you don't choose the PURE or CORRUPTED Morality, you are also considered Neutral.

Both you and Eversors should also decide which GEN 1 princess to rescue (so far i only covered Gen 1), since by your choice you will face different enemies (IE: if you save Kobold you will fight Kobolds, etc)

>> No.53493213

iv always wondered. In gen 1. do you have to save the princesses from the outer ring of towers first? or can you go straight to saving the mimic princess for dat sweet chest.....and also her brokenly OP dowery?

>> No.53494619

K now im actually done the ace list

>> No.53494834

>that Ace crossed out
Seems like that he should be tremendously upset if someone calls him anything that doesn't include the word King.

>> No.53494852

>A king without a crown
Truly, these are dark times.

>> No.53495012

>iv always wondered. In gen 1. do you have to save the princesses from the outer ring of towers first? or can you go straight to saving the mimic princess for dat sweet chest.....and also her brokenly OP dowery?

Save them in any way you want

>> No.53495056

Over the hills and far away

>> No.53496642

>> No.53497271

So I'm thinking of doing the following for his weapons and power.
> 1796 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Sword
Rifleman Knight's signature sword. Far too heavy to fence with but excellent for powering through blocks with brute force and inflicting massive wounds.
>Pattern 1800 Infantry Rifle
Also known as the Baker Rifle, this dependable and accurate rifle is nothing like the guns used in known lands. Rifleman Knight can fire three shots from this weapon in under a minute.

>The Chosen Men
Rifleman Knight can gift any person he deems worthy with a copy of his weapons and can call upon them in battle. Although starting out weak, these new companions can be trained to be as proficient in their the use of their weapons as Rifleman Knight is.

Not sure what his stats should be though.

>> No.53497295

Anyone remembers that CoC-like TowerGirls simulator? A WiP pic was posted in a thread.

>> No.53497500


Since it's basically ALL writing, I'm hoping someone snaps up that idea.

>> No.53499056

>> No.53499336

Pirate Ace and Pirate Princess meeting each other, when?

>> No.53499854

Oh shit Sun Eater's gonna die.

>> No.53501058


>> No.53501141

Sorry, wrong thread.

>> No.53502243

>> No.53504428

>> No.53506676

>> No.53508072

Sorry for not posting last night, but here's a WIP on Yurei Princess. In /tg/'s opinion, should I keep here accessory as a koto, or should I change it to something else? Also, would you like the wisps to be hitodama or onibi?

>> No.53508162

You're fine, man. Don't feel pressured to post constantly. We'll always be here.
As for the picture, I rather like the koto.

>> No.53508316

I was mainly apologizing because I promised I'd post, also because I spent last night trying to come up with good designs but failed. Glad to hear to koto is fine, though. What is your opinion on the hitodama/onibi question though?

>> No.53508317

I think it adds flavor to the piece. That said, I think hitodama would fit it better

>> No.53508343

Awesome! I'll add that to the final piece

>> No.53508773 [DELETED] 

>Hanging out in a vertical shaft in the underground Crimson
>Firing an Onyx Blaster straight down, drop to get loot every so often
>Hear enemies die/get hurt off screen
>Suddenly a "tink" sound
>Something moving straight up at high speed

Why is the sound of hitting a mimic by accident so terrifying?

>> No.53508911

The perfect girl

>> No.53510229

That looks promising.

>> No.53511567

>> No.53512059

I was thinking to un-censor some images inside the rules of my Tabletop Game, since it's "Lewd" Adventures it would make more sense. I will also write a warning on the manual that you will get PROMOTIONS if you read the rules to work.

Still i have to ask: even if this is a blue board we also have a link to external stuff that is nsfw. it will be okay if i do that? (Uncensor some images)
Since i post just the Mega url where you can find the manual, but not directly the manual or the relative images. Also probably write (Warning contains some nsfw) every time i post the link.

What you guys think

>> No.53512167

Go for it. If your worried just post it on imgur

>> No.53513136


go for it

>> No.53513870

I has a question about endgame sheet. Tower princess. Is she just like a larch mech composed of all the "towers/castles" the princesses were held captive in, or is it your entire harem "kingdom" inside multiple non-eulcidian demi-planes for each of the princesses "kingdoms"????? can you have entire farm fields and lakes inside her? when she moves does everyone inside experience the motion or does she have her own gravity inside?

>> No.53514775

I love this so far

>> No.53514865

Never any concrete rules about her, those all sound like great ideas.

>> No.53516353

I'm always happy to see some love for the stationgirls.

Yes, I'm still alive.

>> No.53517216

Ayy, nice to see ya back

>> No.53517499


Hey Velgran, it's me again about the Character sheet. I'm a little confused about the stats going across with numbers at the top but having everything below each other and I don't know which way to put the stats, Also what is type thing at the top, did you mean class?

>> No.53518903

I love it.

>> No.53521267

So what is Goat princesses stats? like whats her main appeal?

>> No.53521380


>> No.53521783

fill the empty boxes with some red. The numbers are for when you need to perform a caracteristc check. Like a mind vale of 2 means you need to roll 5 or more.

Type is what kind of character you have, like Warrior Knight, Barbarian Knight, Guild Mage or Fisherman.

>> No.53522297



>> No.53522711


Okay sorry for being a pain, I'm going custom mode for my knight's stats and I wanted to know, It says that stats have a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3 so do we add from there or what?

>> No.53523258

But like what are her fetishes? whats her pros n cons?

>> No.53523495


>> No.53523546

Its like a Toriel but for lewd, I love her!

>> No.53523587

still find it funny that one of the most popular /trash/ gals is one of most vanilla

considering what trash was made for in the first place

>> No.53523598

You have 10 points.
Every stats must have at least 1 point and maximum 3.
So for example you put 2 3 2 1 2 = 10

Also we should give you the Discord link, since we are all there and you can ask me directly

>> No.53524073

Now I want to see Toriel and Goat Princess taking care of an unwell Sir Knight at the same time.

>> No.53524133

Personally I just want to see her in Tori cosplay

>> No.53524657


>> No.53525219


Thanks, also do you have a recommended viewer because I just noticed that wordpad can't view the entire document

>> No.53525855

.odt files are for Open Office

>> No.53525925


Dang, the computer I am on doesn't have that installed so I can't use it properly and I can't install it myself because it isn't my computer and mines isn't working right

>> No.53526166

You can just write the necessary here and i'll compile the sheet for you. Also contact the email in the OP so they can give you the discord invite

>> No.53527531

Update on Yurei Princess. Final linework, color to come

>> No.53529677

Color WIP

>> No.53529746


I think that would be best and thanks in advance Velgran

Name:Chronicler Knight l Gender:Knight l Alignment: Neutral
Type:Cleric l Race:Human l Morality:Good


Appearance Traits Positive:Beautiful Eyes,Exotic Appearance,Stylish Hair
Appearance Traits Negative:Skinny,Visible scar

If I read it right that means we get to choose 2 perks

Perks:Magic User,Unarmed Combat

I'll let you compile the rest and I'll ask Brumus for the link tomorrow


looking nice

>> No.53529818

Hmm. That's looking quite pleasant actually.

>> No.53530778

I'm having a lot of ideas now:

- i will add the AGE and Generation as "descriptive stats" (like name, race, gender).
- i will add the fact that when you end a generation, the knight can marry one princess and have a son/daughter or to simply continue his adventure for the next generation. Passing from a GEN to another takes 20 years, so the eventual daughter/son can became adult or the previous Knight to turn middle age or even old.
- Having a child can allow to unlock a new race based on the mother of father's race.
- if you want, you can also reroll a new knightand be able to choose from some races of the previous Gens.
- Undeads and similar Princesses are unable to have child, guess why.
- first son/daughter starts with an additional perk. son/daughter of the relative son/daughter will start with an additional perk and skill. fourth son will have skill+perk+1 stat point

Those changes are made for a long term campaign.

Also, adding the Deep Sea Terror as expansion for the NpC compendium, with monsters based on sea/cthulhu stuff.

I will also add a DUNGEON system, who allows to explore a dungeon before the tower tiself, where you can find more stuff but it will be also more dangeous.

Add also some scenarios/quest that can be triggered depending on wht the player/s do, who will also allow to have access to princesses from other GEN, unless have been already Married/Slain.

More Stuff Incoming.

I have to admint that when i read Gender -> KNIGHT i chuckled a lot.

some notes:

1) beign good/evil/pure/corrupted requires the relative perk
2) you have to pick 3 perks and 1 skill
3) forgot to mention that now, you can choose only a single positive and/or negative trait. A positive trait costs 1 stat point while a negative one grants one additional.

Remember also to roll the coins and to sell the equipment you don't use, like the light armor, shield and sword, unless you acquire the perk to use them (except sword).

>> No.53532663

>> No.53532694

Quest update btw! Refer to OP

>> No.53532756

Holy shit that is actually adorable.

>> No.53533587


>> No.53534905

Rolled 1, 4 = 5 (2d6)

>I have to admint that when i read Gender -> KNIGHT i chuckled a lot.

But that's what the booklet told me to pick If I wanted to be male. It was Knight for male and Shield Maiden for Female

1)Well I'll just be neutral then so that I won't take up perk spots then
2)I'll assume I'll have to pick the previous perk from the list, So I'll add Apprentice spellcaster and for my skill I'll pick tough skin
3)Well I won't pick any traits then because I need stats more

Rolling for coins and I'll keep the equipment for now until I can get some proper Healer equipment

>> No.53535217

shit you're right. Sorry when i read it i had jist finished my night shift so i didn't realized you followed the rules since i was just writing male/female. However, pick an age from 20 to 39

>> No.53535312


Just put 25 for my age then

>> No.53536412

>> No.53536854

New Character Sheet v 0.2


>> No.53538294

>> No.53538385

Probably FEMO or the like, from the looks of it?

>> No.53538473

Good 'ol Yven

>> No.53539200

So i'm a autistic shitter and need this explained, how do lust gifts work. are they like dowries or are they different? i know the cart can only hold four things excluding the very first dowrie, i just can't figure out how the lust gift fits into that, or if there's something else that determines if you can even choose the lust gift. send help

>> No.53539301


It's simple anon, you get lust gifts from your chosen princess after you raise the lust meter to max which happens slowly over time or more quicker if you raise their love level

>> No.53539353

I see, i was just confused by the instructions which mentioned them but not whether they counted towards your carts total item limit the way dowries do.

>> No.53539358

Lust gifts are usually down the line for most princesses and don't take up any space regardless.

>> No.53539374

Alright, thank you

>> No.53540447

Thread seems to keep speeding towards page 8 a lot quicker

>> No.53540551

Boards movin a bit faster today

>> No.53540666


Because of the new warhammer rules came out today right?

>> No.53541530

Probably for the leaks about 8 edition

>> No.53542743

Brumus I sent you a email

>> No.53542946

>you have just won 10,000 tiny babies

honestly thought that was spam at first, now im bustin my gut laughing

>> No.53542996

My curiosity is piqued. Why is Goblin Princess sending you children-related pyramid schemes?

>> No.53543823

Wuot happend?

>> No.53544119

ah >>53542743 sent me an email requesting access to the discord but it was titled "you have just won 10,000 tiny babies"

>> No.53544148

Oh, lol.

>> No.53544542


Thanks Brumus, I got in famm also I would have attached a goblin and Sir knight pic but I didn't save any so that doughnut one had to do and it was 1,000,000 tiny babies,

Also using this discord thing is hard

>> No.53545860

>> No.53546927

>> No.53547548

yall think her nose should be bigger? This is just off the base ref

>> No.53547569

I think it should be a bit bigger.

>> No.53547581

I like it subtle but still there

>> No.53547594

I'm partial to heart shaped piggy noses.

>> No.53547626

It just needs a touch up to where the nostrils don't look like lines cutting the nose into thirds. The size is just fine.

>> No.53547681

>fat-chested teenage witches

Tell me more senpai!

>> No.53547712

God damn. I wanna cum on those drills.

>> No.53549071

sup mates, so i did a title card for the 40k chart just need to know which looks better

so i got blu smurf

>> No.53549086

and sir vers

>> No.53549099

and this ones just for me because salamander bros. not a real choice

>> No.53549110

sir for sure.

>> No.53549216

This is way better than the ultrasmurf.

>> No.53549824

This is /tg/
Nobody likes ultrasmurf. Go with sir

>> No.53549896

Sir blends in with the background. Clearly smurf is the only option.

>> No.53550793

Buy her mixtape

>> No.53550942

i did, but it was just firestarter over and over again

>> No.53551749


Looks great Red

>> No.53552754

>> No.53553485

Should there not be a real knight than just a marine?

>> No.53553610

How about being a guardsmen instead of a sphess mehreens

>> No.53553766

Marines are more knight like, if not just straight up knights in terms of the Grey knights

>> No.53553847

Only if its a knighlty marine

>> No.53553940


>> No.53555414

>> No.53556532

>> No.53557597

actually they are more like warrior priests or overly zealous warriors but not knights because grimdark.
Also they sre more interested to kill enemies of the perium than else

>> No.53557939

You heard me. Teenage girls granted arcane might by esoteric patrons, with breasts as large as their head.

>> No.53558432

Absolutley fantastic! We need more forward thinkers like you.

>> No.53559356

So her magic ressources are stored in her booby fat?

>> No.53560104

Nope, she's just got tremendously large tits! Think of it as a combination of all the classic Seductress tropes sprinkled with some acknowledgment that a voluptuous young woman is brimming with magic due to her vitality and fertility.

>> No.53560440

Something's a little off with her eye...

>> No.53560483

The eye looks like it's being viewed orthographically from the side, but the head/mouth is rotated at more of an angle.

>> No.53561063

Photo Anon here. Stopping in for a quick minute after Brutus contacted me on Discord.

My specific request to Brutus was pic related. I understand if people don't like the princess or think it selfish of me, but this is all I ask.

As for GMP's sentiments on the matter, she understands and distinguishes that GMP (The character) is not her, and thus leaves the decision as to whether or not it is a trap or fully female up to the community. That being said, she (as I sit in a Skype call with her) has said she would like if the "In to your princess too much" line would stay.

As for the Kingdom name, and this only comes up because it is discussed in the image, she liked "Make Believe Kingdom", if it counts for anything.

>> No.53561138

Nah, it's fine mate. Just glad to know you're still around.

>> No.53561699

This is someones birthday present? Yes you are selfish. I hope a lot is changed honestly.

>> No.53561915

And it's summer

>> No.53561969

Not sure what the - into your princess is supposed to get at, and I kinda agree with >>53478185 in that quest seems more appropriate. And yeah I'm not sure how to feel about denying any changes just cause it's your waifu OC.

>> No.53562048

Sorry Miah but you kinda come off as the ass here, Im honestly surprised GM stayed in after some of the other princesses got dropped

>> No.53562211

>GM is actually photo's waifu
Well fuck I was actually denying it for a while color me disappointed in you

>> No.53562386

Seems a bit spiteful, but fair enough. Yes, before this project EVER came back to /tg/ after Gats left, I made the original fake gen stuff for my friends and I. (NOTE: I am not claiming I made ALL of those princesses. I merely put the initial thing together and made SOME of them.) GMP was my birthday present to that person. As a broke college student, I couldn't afford anything, but it was a nice gesture, I feel. She appreciated it, certainly.

I'm surprised you're surprised. I stated it quite honestly years ago. Hell, the person I based it on hung around these threads quite frequently back when I worked on stuff. Sorry to have caught you off guard with that, I suppose.

Not sure you can call her my OC since it's based off a person, but fair enough. As for the "into your princesses" thing, it was meant to imply threesomes and general flirtatiousness with the other members of your harem. (Though she specified herself she'd never cuck the player. Threesomes would be at their discretion.) Though, looking at that "interested in your quest" thing, I think it certainly works as both a GM and to fit the generally flirtatious thing. (You succeeding means more girls to play with.)

If I do, then I guess I do. I can't control what others think or believe so I merely present the situation as it is. I do not hold my work to the same standard as many hold Gats, that it is entirely unchangeable, excepting this one princess. If the community believes that too much to ask, then there is little I can do about it.

Thank you for the kinder sentiment among the replies.

>> No.53562689

Are you the same guy who was working on the chart/compiling everything, and said you'd walk away if GM Princess was changed at all or removed?

>> No.53562840

I feel that all these requests are reasonable. They fit regardless of if the person knows the reference or not. The changes did not seem that great to begin with for me.

>> No.53564023

calm down my bois, GM is still open for changes, its just a matter of wanting to keep her in the same area of "a GM" and not change her to be something completely different

only changes I gave her were the - quest one since she already has a fetish dedicated to group sex, and her kingdom name. Though that will prolly be changed to "Make believe Kingdom's" separating her from Book

As "trap" status, I guess thats up to yall, we asked some time ago but ill reiterate

would you prefer GM to be the trap? Or Candy to be the trap?

>> No.53564072

why mist they stay on the chart?

>> No.53564838

Yeesh, one step forward and two steps back.

>> No.53565277

Thanks for the clarification on all of that.

If we have to choose just one, my vote is going towards Candy being the trap. GM's desired sex by the community seems to be somewhat divided, whereas the desired sex for Candy has appeared to be fairly consistent in leaning towards being a trap.

>> No.53565436

Do people not remember when "she" was around and posting?

>> No.53566832


I remember when he used to post,

>> No.53568307

Its obvious we need more milf GP to save us

>> No.53568398

hobgob sfw version

>> No.53569083

Good shit dude

>> No.53570180

why not both?

>> No.53570433

Why not neither?

>> No.53571189

Tradition. There's always a trap on the chart.

>> No.53571594

When are we starting Gen 5 exp?
And is Goblin Princess 2 still being shoved in it?

>> No.53572656

>> No.53573158


>> No.53573171

I want to bury my face in her tummy chub and blow a big, messy raspberry!

>> No.53574474

I want to grab her by the love handles and jiggle them mercilessly.

>> No.53576419


>> No.53576801

Hp is cute

>> No.53577846


>> No.53579352

>> No.53580679

Thts a cutie
Could be humn princess younger sister.

>> No.53580895

spose your right, thanks for the info

not for a long, long while. We still need to finish Gen1exp, then Gen4exp

though youll be happy to know that Gen4exp has had all its sprites fixed so thats another task off the list

its a long process, but I wana be able to have a straight shot from Gen 1-5 in terms of whole princesses, sprites, stats, and items. Something we can be proud to post at the head of each thread

>> No.53581156

Small update on Yurei Princess

>> No.53581430


I like it, you should post the finished version at night for maximum spooks

>> No.53582487

So, when's the fighting game?

>> No.53582515

Human Princess's breasts should be popping out of that dress, or obviously trying to.

>> No.53583192

As much as an actual candy princess would be nice, I think it's been fairly clear he was a trap since the beginning so I'd go with him.

Also, we should save the Make Believe Kingdom for a theoretical Cardigan Princess. They make excellent neighbors to your own kingdom.

>> No.53583558


>> No.53584517

Will it be like Mortal Kombat or Rumble roses

>> No.53584527

I like GM being close to book princess, it works better in my opinion.

>> No.53584572


>> No.53584629

It'll be like a cross between CvS2 and The Rumble Fish.

>> No.53584926

Jokes aside I would love a TG fighting game on the Skullgirls engine, it's the best one out there.

>> No.53586388

Yinglet merchant that dosent hurt to look at, thanks to Eversor!

>> No.53586668

Naw, it does hurt to look at because she looks like one of those raspy-voiced truck stop women who chain smoke. Reminds me too much of someone I met a long time ago that always made me feel uncomfortable. All that eyeliner and blonde hair just looks frighteningly similar.

What's she sellin? Any good stuff, like chocolate and gummy worms? And what is a Yinglet?

>> No.53586767

>And what is a Yinglet

>> No.53588212

Heading off to bed now keep the thread alive boyos

>> No.53588557

thats an oddly specific description

>> No.53589672

>> No.53590708


>> No.53591903

Nothing useful, unless your into trap disease rat-birds

>> No.53592511

Its nearly time for a new one.

>> No.53593105

>> No.53593541

I don't know what's lewder...what she's saying or what I'm thinking she's saying.

>> No.53593559


It's a dude, anon. Rat-birds have floofy tails if their females.

>> No.53594062

Have the new update for the Towergirls: Lewd Adventure (Tabletop Game), and remember to update the PASTEBIN

Be aware that from now on there will be nsfw drawings inside the .pdf (so far only the kinky succubus in the NPC compendium)

I've added a lot of stuff and fixed others, and i'm quite tired to re write all the changelogs.

The two major changes are the new combat system and the fact that now knighs can generate a Heir with a Princess (by having SEX)

Obviosuly those who are not able to have one, will not have heirs, unless you manage to do tricks with the dowries.

New Core Rules (03/06/17)

Character Sheet v0.2

>> No.53594299

Does not change my reaction and does not answer my question.

>> No.53595257

You forgot the feather!

>> No.53596610

>> No.53596745

/trash/ thread died. It's back up.

>> No.53596841

Should get curvier the more money you have.

>> No.53597115

It's time to go on an adventure, only 3 spaces on the cart this time though. I wanted to fit mantis princess in but this group was more balanced.

>> No.53597168

>drawing a nose
lol wtf why would this even possibly occur to someone how incompetent can you even get my god

>> No.53597884



>> No.53599384

>> No.53600451

>> No.53601521


>> No.53601683

Finished first session ever of Towergirls: Lewd Adventures, and here's the result:

While the Knights have managed to reach the top of the tower and Save the Dwarf Princess, none was lucky enough to impress her, but still, it was an intense duel between the Guild Wizard and the Staccato knight who where deling for her favor while she was observing them.


Eversor as Gibard the Enduring Knight (who had to go do stuff near the end but is still included in the screenshot)
Xemposacez as the Staccato knight (who managed to be punched in the face by almos everything they fought, to trigger all the traps but in the end put an awesome fight) he is the one with the pelt on the back
Chronicler as Chronicler (The man with the red book), who litterally punched to death the vast majority of enemies even if he was supposed to be a Healer. Rage incarnated.
Patch as Vaze, the Guild Mage who came late but not too late and managed to give to the Staccato knight a Hard time.

Thanks again to everyone, and also remember that it was the first game, so it's obvious that there is still need a lot of stuff to be polished and fleshed out.

As i always say, feel free to ask question, point out errors and even suggest stuff.

>> No.53601746

>A healer punched everything to death

>> No.53601891


I had a lot of fun man and I'll make sure the OP gets updated

>> No.53601971

Gif related is the typical encounter with Chronicler and a random enemy (to be onest he usually always hit enemeies who where already injuried by the others, still he also managed to punch down by himslef 3 or 4 of them)

>> No.53602875

Boards are movin fast tonight

>> No.53603287

With a vengeance.

>> No.53603358

Just 3 more posts

>> No.53603584

I'll kill this thread my self

>> No.53603608

Nah, Man, I"M gonna kill the thread

>> No.53603631


No I did, and with that the next thread will start at page 8

>> No.53603640

Hey, so if we still need an image for the next thread, can I suggest Kawma's recent jester princess?

>> No.53603669

Post 310 doesn't actually bump the thread. The system updates like this:
>Post has a number generated and attached to it
>Post is posted
>Bump count is incremented by 1
>If an Image is tied to it, Image count is incremented by 1
>If it's the first post from a specific IP, IP count is incremented by 1
>We're focusing on Bump Limit for now
>Next, Bump count is checked
>If the number of Posts, which was just incremented up by 1, meets or exceed a Bump Limit (310), the thread is not moved back up to the first unpinned spot on page 1
So in-fact, this Anon, >>53603608 , killed the thread.

>> No.53603700


You win this time anon

>> No.53603748

Hey, you were one off, man, good try. You'll get it next time.

>> No.53604445

So, if /trash/ finishes their gen, will anyone else add it to their builds?

>> No.53604490

Probably, yeah.

>> No.53604540


>> No.53604946

wait, there is another tower thread? on /thars/? i'm quite scared

>> No.53604986

New Thread


>> No.53605010

If it's finished? Hell yeah.

Kinda surprised you've managed to evade it so far, especially considering how popular Goat has been.

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