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So... My friends just invited me for a dnd session and they want me to DM. The thing is, neither me or my friends had ever played any /tg/ games, our situation is not the best, I'm scared it will go to shit because of my inexperience but took the burden anyway since we live on a country where it's a really rare hobby and they would not have any other choice. I'd like to know if there is any way I could quickly learn about a system I have no knowledge of. Any new players and new GM tips are welcome.

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These are more midlevel than beginner tips, but here, have this screencap.

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Basically, just make sure everyone understands that you're new and you're going to make mistakes, but the point of getting together is for everybody to have fun.

If you get in a situation where you can't see a way out, it's fine to ask the group if they're OK with rewinding the game to before that situation occurred.

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Thanks dudes but really where can I learn about stats and charts and stuff? I'm more worried about that than the story telling itself, I think I will be able to build it just fine

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Chances are your best bet would be to check /tg/ and see if it has a general up.

What system are you playing, if I can ask?

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5e as far as I know

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gotta grab quick start rules pdf then.

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In general, remember a few things:

>You're there to describe the world and set up challenges, not to beat the players
You set up the antagonists and enemies, but ultimately your job is not to kill or beat the players. Your job is to create something fun, and have some fun yourself in doing so. Don't get locked into thinking you need to beat the players. Nobody will have fun that way.

>You are in charge of the world. Don't let it go to your head.
You get to decide who the king is, how towns are set up, what monsters the party will encounter, etc. You decide what rules will do, if magic works in this area, etc. Don't let that power go to your head. You're all there to have fun, not to participate in the DM's megalomania. Controlling DM's are no fun. You want to use a light hand on the party - guide 'em and point them in a direction, but don't drag them.

>You don't need a big story.
Don't bother starting with something grandiose, like sending the party to destroy the One-Ring. Start with something small. A bandit problem, a small undead infestation, a missing family.

>Story hooks are your bread and butter.
Story hooks are little tidbits you can drop that give them something to do. The farmers are complaining in the tavern about goblin raids. The gossip mentions the mayor has had his prized golden watch stolen. The townsfolk speak in hushed tones about the haunted mansion near the old graveyard. These are all little things that COULD lead to an adventure, but the party will pick which one interests them and chase that one. You will bait many hooks, and your party won't bite all of them.

>Link adventures.
As they have a little adventure, you can drop another story hook on them. The thief they catch has a letter saying to steal the watch because it's magic. Who sent the letter? What does the watch do? Now they can explore new adventures that are linked to the first. You don't even have to have the endgame plotted out, you can build this as you go.

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Like >>53433677 said, the quick start rules are the best way to start, when the full ruleset intimidates you. Because learning rules and stats takes time and reading effort.

Also try to divert some of the burden to your players. They should know how their own character works, so you don't have to learn every detail of every class present in their party.

If rules are unclear and can't be looked up quickly for whatever reason, take a note and make a quick call. You can search for the answer during breaks or after the session.

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