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Last one hit the picture limit. >>53414508

Post some more of that shit.

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source op?

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Was written in the last thread. Some blog. I think the comic name is Trash Knight, but don't quote me on that.

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I'm not a furry but some of those girls are cute

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What does he take over the slime?

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how is this /tg/ and not just some h-doujin you wanted to post

does she turn into a whale, and polymorph is D&D, and... no really what the fuck is your logic here

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This thread is fucking shit. The OP isn't even a proper filename joke, it's just a labelled file. For fuck sake.

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Can we derail this thread too? I want to discuss tight, shallow pussies and cervical fucking like in the last thread.

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>he doesn't know

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Why would you screencap that, it happens like 5 times a day

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That's why I asked, faggot

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I love those screencaps.

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He's fishing for (you)s that ask for source. Just ignore him.

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Trip Dungeon Ch. 1-2 [English]
There's the sauce you faggot.

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you motherfucker

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It would be even less work to carve the cube into a cylinder.

It would be even less to carve it into an n-sided prism, where n was large enough to be similar enough to a curved surface.

Carving it into a sphere probably took a huge amount of time compared to just pushing the damn cube.

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what if the job when they reach the end destination is to stack all the cubes?

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Gonna need that source

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That's a >>>/v/ appropriate filename. This is /tg/.

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Even better; you can still stack a cylinder, but you can't stack a sphere.

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I think it's this http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082933/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

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Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

I should have come up with a clever filename.

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This is adorable.

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>not prolate spheroid

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Why were those girls trying to kill Mark Hamill?

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By the gods of stylized violence, what is is this from?

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The fuck? That pic is so ludicrous I had a laughing fit for a bit.

Ya got me anon. You got me good.

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American Gods.

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They made a movie out of American Gods?

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TV Show.

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Stop injecting your horrible fetishes into this thread.

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Are my fetishes cool tho?

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You don't stack spheres in the same way you stack cubes, though. Likewise, spheres require a conical or pyramidal stack, while cubes and the like don't need a progressively wider base.

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How is it?

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I can't stand over the top violence, not to the level it is in the show, so I do not know, I just know what it is and that it exists.

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They're supers dude. A bit sturdier than regular folks.

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Captain America ladies and gents

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Needs a /tg/-related name.

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Then when you reach the end, you cut off the round bits until you have a cube, dummy.

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Who gets the kill for having a guy's disembodied arm fly across the battlefield and impale a dude through the throat? The guy whose arm it is, or the guy who sent it flying?

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Okay, that was clever, yet I still hate you for it.

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>level 0 pc battle

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Damn, she's just pulling that fucking weave out.

Is this a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu exhibition for toddlers?

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An amazon in a star spangled one piece hits an armtrap overhead belly to belly suplex on a dominatrix and you're concerned about that? Come on mate.

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Nogs did 9/11

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Funny, but not /tg/.

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>Trust nobody, not even your gun

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>Queen neckbreaker
>Not being her objective

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Underrated as fuck.

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>Sniper Slayer in Halo

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Man I remember that.
The death of Blue Beetle hit me hard

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Yeah it really was sad the way he shot himself. That's a good picture of Wonder Woman up there though. Really shows off her heroic nature. PCs should strive to Diplomat like Wondy.

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So far surprisingly good - prior to the show starting i'd have called the book unadaptable, but they've been knocking it out of the park so far.

They've been pretty faithful to the book so far, and the casting's top notch - Ian McShane as Wednesday and Peter Stomare as Czernobog are both fantastic.

They went off-script from the books in the latest episode, but that was mainly fleshing out the Laura/Shadow backstory, which was handled surprisingly well. It does detract from the whole 'blank slate' thing Shadow has in the books, but IMO it works - TV isn't literature and you need characters with actual personalities to make it watchable.

My only real complaint so far has been how the handled Anansai's introduction, it seemed pretty out of character and quite frankly was disappointing. Hopefully they get him right next time he shows up.

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What about in Injustice where she said "we are not murderers" while murdering the Huntress?

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the longer you look, the worse it gets...

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And so, having defeated the nefarious COW, our hero, the COW wins back the heart of the lovely COW.

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I'm dying

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... the strap is on the wrong shoulder...

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No it isn't

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>the patrician delet_dis.png

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>2 dots in repair, 1 dot in video editing

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...I don't get it. I think I'm color-blind.

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Wait you don't see the face in the circle?

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"This cube's defective. Take it back and bring in a good one."

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OK, that's a good one. eat shit and die

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You fucked up anon.

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Wait, is that lovecraft?
Lovecraft would definitely be a "That Guy" DM

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Golf rule: Guy who makes it fly, not the ball, gets the par.

Who the fuck throws a taco at a dog?!

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Son of a bitch

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good try, satan

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How long does it take to learn and perform a german sublex?

>> No.53439987

It's Saitama, drawn by ONE

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What? That's quite good.
What's "That Guy" about it?

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Being Wrong never stops you, does it?

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The motion is relatively simple, provided you some basic level of fitness.
The hard part is making sure you don't hurt your partner.

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>The hard part is making sure you don't hurt your partner.
Isn't the point, hurting him?

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Chaplin's movies should be viewed at schools

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I mean on one hand, you're right.
But on the other, that would make future generations hate him because they *had to* watch his stuff.

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good one

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Beware fellow anons, contained within is the work of one who consorts with beasts.

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damn good

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I'm going to need a source on this.

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That's a rice cracker. There's nothing there.

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>Who the fuck throws a taco at a dog?!

This sounds like a non sequitur, even with context. "Who in their right mind would frost a cake with their butt?"

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next time don't forget to put the ... in brackets

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This is the best doujin i've read in a while.

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haha, what is this delightful animation?

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>filename hapa
>hapa means half asian, half white
>picture of a rice cracker
>cracker is a derogatory term for white people
>rice is obviously referring to asians

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Okay, but what's that got to do with /tg/?

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>not angryelvesabout.png

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nothing at all

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Buddy Thunderstruck. It's on Netflix.

>> No.53440709

Pretty sure that would actually sell.

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nothing at all

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Selling ridiculous food on which people will only buy for the absurdity of it, to say they ate it is the only reason the Texas State Fair still exists.
The market sure as shit is there.

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Are you retarded? No, it is never the point to hurt your opponent, and certainly not to that degree. Supplexes are used nearly exclusively in professional wrestling--staged entertainment--because they're flashy and look baller. Even if some tard tried to use it in an actual sports wrestling match, the point of those is to pin your opponent, not fuck up their neck and leave them paralyzed. Even "no holds barred" matches like MMA faggotry tend to look down on competitors that aim to permanently maim their opponent.

All that's left is actual fighting to defend yourself, in which case, yes, you're right: the point is to hurt the other guy. However, if you think a supplex is in any way an efficient or effective mode of self defense, then I am forced to conclude you are not only retarded but also fat, 14 years olds, and currently sporting a TAPOUT t-shirt, because only underage fuckups think WWE moves like supplexes are "real fighting" and not intense, physically demanding choreography.

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But... you'd never be able to fit it in your mouth. You'd have to run it over with a steamroller or something before you could actually make it into something a human being could eat.

>> No.53440829

>twig-arms lifts a steel rail like nobody's business
>is a foken humie, biologically unable to do shit like this and keep her sinews
>tard is sperging out about a suplex instead
Get on my level.

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Oh you clever bastard.

>> No.53440876

Isn't his from the Amanda Show?

>> No.53440967

Are you a savage that eats everything with their hands?

>> No.53440998

Tineye isn't giving me any results, do you know the name of the Manga?

>> No.53441017

Musuko ga Kawaikute Shikataganai Mazoku no Hahaoya

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>Hiding your Magical Realm in plain sight

>> No.53441647


Figures that would've come from Tumblr, and that the link would've achieved quints.

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Chaplin's films are too good for that to possibly happen.
Once kids get over the initial surprise of "wtf where's the colour" and "wtf why doesn't anyone talk" they're simply timeless.

>> No.53441943

Not really, numerous times people survive and make it out by sheer force of will, luck, or help from outside forces. Lovecraft would be harsh but fair.

>> No.53442110

Although his games would probably drift into the magical realm, despite him finding it horrific.

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>how is this /tg/ and not just some h-doujin you wanted to post

Don't mind if I do

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Second chapter of ShindoL's Cultural Anthropology.


>> No.53442853

I remember that one. It was a fucking wild ride.

>> No.53442876

>Avalon plays in the distance

>> No.53442885

Do you not know how you eat tacos?

>> No.53442916

Do all those male tags describe a single character?

Crossdressing undead dog shota dad that has a huge dick and wears glasses.

>> No.53443007

No, they're separate characters.


On the other hand, pretty much all the female tags apply to one character.

>> No.53443019

Except for the pain... I kinda want to be in place of that dummy.

>> No.53443084

Why is there a "tooth brushing" tag?

>> No.53443162

Is it, like... any good? I have to leave for work in 15 minutes, but is it worth a read tonight?
Shin is a good artist but his stuff normally leaves me feeling pretty shitty as a person.

>> No.53443173

There is sexual tooth brushing in it.

>> No.53443221

>Shin is a good artist but his stuff normally leaves me feeling pretty shitty as a person.
Cultural Antropology is probably one of his more vanilla stuff, more cartoonish and lighthearted than usual.

>> No.53443235

Actually, I'd say yes.

I mean sure it's got rape, terrible situations and such, but it's also got a developing plotline, interesting characters, and strangely enough, a happy ending.

>> No.53443322

Well then, that's a relief. Compared to his other stuff...

>> No.53443368

Yes it's lovecraft, I think he was writing about the degradation of the east coast due to ethnic whites.

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>> No.53443413


The whole fucking point of realising wrestling is fake is that you realise just how much technical and physical artistry it takes to fight like they do. It looks dumb as shit real, but fake... that's impressive.

It's like expecting theatre dialogue to read like human conversation. What's the fucking point.

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>> No.53443631

Then Wonder Woman should have put her THROUGH the floor, no?

>> No.53443679


>> No.53443703

The floor is also super.

>> No.53443713

> The floor is also super.

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>> No.53443795


>> No.53443808

I have reached through time and space to convey this message.

No, you moron, it's a fucking Kirov.

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>> No.53443890


>> No.53443904

Ha, I worked on that one! The contestant couples were a colorful bunch.

>> No.53443958

Well what of the ShindoL stuff isn't?
pretty much just Barrier Free and Fragile & Tough

>> No.53444056

>> No.53444238

There should be like, a guideline to his work, reader's digest of sorts rating story quality, the content of classical lewdness, degenerate lewdness, and how heartwarming or depressing the overall work comes across. Hell, if I every lose job and have too much free time on my hands, I might as well make one.

>> No.53444256

>Fragile & Tough
Thank You!
I've been trying to remember the name of that one for freaking months! Didn't know it was ShindoL and wouldn't have guessed by the general lack of horribleness.

>> No.53444512

Oh you should see the rest of them. sadly i don't have them.

>> No.53444553

Do you at least have a title?

>> No.53444565


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>> No.53444774

>Trust nobody, not even nobody

>> No.53444882


>> No.53445075

>> No.53445240


>> No.53445258

I might get the reference if I was familiar with the source material.

>> No.53445335

I'm not sure how a picture of cannonballs proves your (incorrect) belief that watermelons' natural shape is that of a sphere, instead of a prolate spheroid.

>> No.53445362

>hapa means half asian, half white

>> No.53445373


>> No.53445422

fuck i forgot about this comic. is it still running?

>> No.53445426

>1/10 would decimate
I chuckled

>> No.53445448

In wrestling, yes, but also in elevators.

>> No.53445530

annoys me though.
Isn't the average user here aged around 30? You'd think we'd have a better understanding of the English language.

>> No.53445574

>> No.53445639

I--don't get it.
Who is the Girls supposed to be?
Is this supposed to be a mashup of Rincewind and Terry?

>> No.53445838

>> No.53445941


>> No.53445963

you son of a bitch

>> No.53445993

Pedazo de mierda

>> No.53446110

I've tried those. Way too oily.

>> No.53446257

>And that's when I learned hugs can be bad

>> No.53446323

O I am laughin'

>> No.53446365

Earthworm Jim?

>> No.53446415


I don't get it

>> No.53446419

>> No.53446558 [DELETED] 


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>> No.53446791

>> No.53446823

Could use a better name.

>> No.53446942

The eggplant emoji is often used as a euphemism for dick.

>> No.53446988


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>> No.53447214

>> No.53447318

>designated healer

>> No.53447328

How many calories is this

>> No.53447372

we just don't know

>> No.53447411

I'm so glad I stopped watching game of thrones.

>> No.53447569

>> No.53447945

That is vile

>> No.53447953


>> No.53447963

>1/10 would decimate
Oh top kek.

>> No.53448002

>> No.53448096

Terry Pratchett had a daughter. She did a bit of writing of her own in the vein of Discworld, and did some of the story and script for Overlord.

>> No.53448143

Probably fake, but I chuckled anyway.

>> No.53448159

Okay, guess I was reading too much into it...

>> No.53448371

Look up the potato rolls story, it's straight up fucking gold.

>> No.53448568

Do anyone have the "Clerics in a classless system" pic?

>> No.53448598


>> No.53448706

>> No.53448787

>> No.53448857

That's American Gods, not GoT

>> No.53449504

I don't know why, I kept my face straight until this one, but fuck.

>> No.53449680

>> No.53449820

How is that supposed to change anything that anon said? The over-the-top violence is pointless and completely immersion breaking whether they be gods or men.

>> No.53449851

>> No.53449863

I... what?
You are right, but what are you arguing?

>> No.53449907

>> No.53449913

I don't know what the point of making the distinction between GoT and AG was, in this case.

>> No.53449949

Honestly this made me proud that the world views Americans as gun toting, wise cracking people.

>> No.53450163


>> No.53450236


>> No.53450243

>the world views Americans as gun toting, blood-hungry retards


>> No.53450244

DM asks players for advice

>> No.53450274

wait that was not supposed to be linked.

>> No.53450460

>> No.53450551

she aint a humie shes a clay golem animated by divine magic

or possibly a double demi god empowered by Purple Radiation and magic weaponry

>> No.53450645

>> No.53450894

It's a meme my boy.
>tfw to Intelligent too get bothered by memes
And all that.

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>> No.53451151

>> No.53451262


>> No.53451300


>> No.53451305

I've had one of those nights
>only did damage once the whole session and was due to dealing half damage from Barbarian Rage

>> No.53451339

>> No.53451409

>> No.53451446

Fucking hell anon.

>> No.53451482

Fucking magnets.

>> No.53451501

Why are American's so stupid

>> No.53451503

That's a mighty orky throne.

>> No.53451530

>> No.53451531

Is it some implied rule that bards have to fuck bitches?
Can't they just be neat and do parlor tricks and engage in sing-song and merriment?

>> No.53451547


Lack of adequate public education due to corrupt politicians cutting funding towards education in order to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires.

>> No.53451641

I get it

>> No.53451729

You realize the US is #5 in the world for education spending per student, behind just Austria, Luxembourg, Norway and Switzerland?

The problem is clearly more complicated than just throwing taxpayer's dollars at it.

>> No.53451752

>> No.53451781

Honestly a lot of it is that teaching isn't seen as a legitimate profession, other countries treat it as a much more serious job.

>not just money

you clearly haven't seen what starting teachers make, maybe we spend more but that isn't getting to the people at the bottom doing the actual teaching.

>> No.53451826

>> No.53451842

>> No.53451882

>my ancestors are smiling at me can you say the same.jpg

>> No.53452140

Nice one.

>> No.53452309

Keep crying Euronigger

>> No.53452447

>just remember that someone could be mere feet away bathing in your waste fluids

Fuck, how I am supposed to piss in public without getting a boner now?

>> No.53452501


>> No.53452545

>> No.53452550

>> No.53452796

>> No.53452924

Dear god what in the name of the infinite layers of the abyss is that. I have seen horrors on the internet, I have seen things no man should see, and yet THIS. This is what fills me with horror and disgust. A big-mac in fucking ice cream. With Mcnuggets for garnish. This is legitimately something that no sane mind should ever have considered making.

>> No.53452997

Welcome to cooking with zero sanity. Please enjoy your stay, as leaving is no longer an option.

>> No.53453085

OH FUCK I didn't even make it to the Nyquil chicken yet.

>> No.53453161

>> No.53453184

>> No.53453248

I get it.

>> No.53453799

ERP begins

>> No.53453862

>Plot advances in 40k

>> No.53453930

>> No.53454026


>> No.53454028


>> No.53454060

I'm sure you're mature enough to realize that it, like almost everything else, ultimately comes down to personal taste. Personally, I love it.

>> No.53454071


>> No.53454087

Holy fuck you're right! what the fuck?!

>> No.53454091

Yeah, it just breaks my suspension of disbelief, and that's just from the few webms I've seen, it might be different with the actual show but i doubt it.

>> No.53454121

The edit of the last two panels with the second speech bubble being blank is my favorite.

>> No.53454199


>> No.53454276

>> No.53454376

>> No.53454388

>> No.53454425

>> No.53454826

21284552 has a good approach though.
>In this setting, the Grim Reaper works off of Santa Clause rules
>If you manage to stuff the Grim Reaper into the bag, congratu-fuck-ulations! You are now the Grim Reaper
>Oh, you don't want to do the job? No problem.
>Because no one's stuffing people in the bag, the in-between life where he gathers souls is a place where you can hear everyone whose there
>People just keep screaming and crying about how unfair it is that they're now dead
>Eventually you go "Fuck 'em" and start shoving everyone in the bag because god fucking damn it you can't even hear yourself think anymore

>> No.53455301

Someone tell me what anime this is now.


>> No.53455438

>Not Shang Tsung's Ireland
So close to perfection

>> No.53455644

>> No.53455806

>> No.53455834


>> No.53455967


>> No.53455981

>> No.53456332

>> No.53456633

>> No.53456791

So, did they fuck?

>> No.53456981

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

basically super ecchi lesbians who turn into weapons by orgasms. A classic for the whole family to enjoy.

>> No.53457123

That 22 second webm will still be better than the entire live action Wonder Woman movie.

>> No.53457196

>A classic for the whole family to enjoy.
thinking about it, ecchi anime air on tv in japan. I wonder if people gather to watch something like that together

>> No.53457279


>> No.53457470

To be fair, most articles displayed here were revised since then, and some figures changed.

>> No.53458030

Because GoT didn't start out with this cartoony style of ultraviolence and thus would have completely changed. Which would make stating your apparent contentment with no longer watching the show make sense. American Gods started out this way and is going beyond even more. I personally would hate a show changing its style halfway through, but find no fault in one starting out with a set style in mind.

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