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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Fresh Start Edition:
How did your character wipe her slate clean and erase the sins of the past?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: https://pastebin.com/PeD1SMUZ

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>53419460

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Why haven't you played a Spiritualist with the Kindness Emotional Focus yet, /pfg/?

>A phantom with this emotional focus was a being with a generous heart in life and continues to remain that way well after death. The phantom’s intense generosity compels it to remain a phantom and continue assisting the living, especially relatives or those who had been its good friends during its living years. Kindness phantoms have pleasant and gentle demeanors and speak with a melodic cadence, putting most who see them at ease. Their auras are bright emerald green with occasional fluctuating scarlet or golden hues.

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His slate's clean for now, but that can change very soon.

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But there are things you're talking about in the discussions that you haven't written in the setting info.

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By getting married to a somewhat respectable man in a respectable family.

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Some more stuff about Starfinder: Starhips and FTL travel


The CR system is back, but I'm willing to give it a chance again if it can do the space ship fights well.

Also, the first enemy ship we see is a small racer. So you might be able to pilot stuff from Gradius and other SCHMUPS

Didn't we just have this OP?

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We did, but it appeared near the tail end of a big jumble.

Always nice to see more Starfinder news, though.

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Are Ifrit allowed?

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I'm thinking about indulging some players with a trip down memory lane running a campaign set in pic related.
>Starts at level 3
>Players start as a party of small time scrubs running low key gigs like dealing with culverts infestation/keeping the undead in payon in check, acting as caravan guards against hostile adventurers and monsters alike
>Help with the war effort against the orcs eventually getting a bit of a reputation
>Get sent on expeditions to investigate ruins like Glast heim
>Most of the low-mid level jobs will take place in Rune midgard
>As the players advance they get sent to different countries like Schwartzvald as Lighthalzen hires them to deal with the biolab murders
>High levels escalate to the Valkyrie crisis
>Maybe actually play till level 20 as they explore the new world?

Thoughts? I'm thinking maybe give the PCs partial gestalt, either letting them have free PRC advancement or 10 levels in a second class starting from level 6 with staggered progression.

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Is it wrong to want to use the same art+class build from a failed/bamboozled app on a newer game, assuming the backstory and such are different?

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No one could blame you. Just make sure to adjust it to the setting.

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Go for it, nobody will care unless the game was massively popular.

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You can even re-use backstories if it fits the current campaign.

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Not at all! Sometimes a lot of investment went into the character and it'd be nice to see it realized in another game. I know how that feels.

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Okay, good. I didn't want to feel barred from using that base concept, and kinda wanted to see the character actualized.

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Nothing is stopping you from doing so, but ask yourself this. How many copypasta apps actually got in or even get noticed at all?

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It worked for Rinka.

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Ouch. This is a good one to remember.

Recall how hard Vult got roasted for copypasting Aisha?

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Would never play your animu cat-ears shit.

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Rat is shit meta

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Who? Post link

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That's because Vult went about it all wrong. He just tried to slap Aisha into another setting whole cloth without making any adjustments to fit the tone of the new game and then bitched about how the DM didn't want to let him do anything fun like the crybully he is.

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Vult ignored all criticism and copy-pasted the character with no changes. If you're going to re-use an app you need to at least try to improve it.

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He was fairly pleasant when he applied to Overlewd, but I do recall him saying the GM was being mean about alignment restrictions. Which probably meant the GM said no to him at some point.

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Romulus got in Overlewd.

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I'm the guy that originally asked the question. I was planning on basically wholly rewriting the backstory, and likely some parts of the characters personality. The only things I'd be porting over would be the class/archetype and the art choice; the name would probably change too.

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Viviana got into Blingmaker, despite being a rehash from RotJR.

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Was he a copypasta app? I never heard of him before Overlewd.

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>Need to follow every overshilled app in every overshilled meme game
Sure is r/pathfinder in here

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>not knowing the [email protected] meme, that has been here since december
Sounds like you're the one not familiar with this place, redditor.

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Hello /pfg/.

Do you think it's better to apply to a game with a character that you're really passionate about, but is risky and possibly would not suit the DM's vision? Or would you rather apply with a character that you're meh about but is a super perfect fit for the setting, and that you know would pander to the DM's taste and really up your chances?

Assuming that these are your only two choices.

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I really wanna like him, but he gets needlessly mean when a GM doesn't let him get his way.

Like with whatever happened between him and pilgrimage gm. Real reason the game shut down?

>> No.53430277

He was initially made for BitF, but was significantly-reworked for Overlewd.

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Lemme guess, you're the player that constantly memed his app and now you're taking offense that people don't remember your shitty character?

>> No.53430286

How fucking DARE you don't recognize one of Broodie-sama's characters

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Ah, fuck it
Pick one
>Guile of the Diabolic
LE twist on WotR. An Asmodean oracle has predicted the assault on Kenabres with a couple months in advance, so you've been assembled by an Asmodean cleric to go and swoop in to save the day, earn Papa Asmodeus some positive PR, and probably sweep control of the crusades and Kenabres from Iomedae and her ilk. Level 4 start, 30 PB

>Hell's Saboteurs
LE twist on HR. You are a clique of self-interested noblemen, devil worshippers, and chelish loyalists (or maybe somewhat amoral mercenaries) in Kintargo. You've noticed that Bazzy Thrune seems to have lost a screw or two, and that there's a rebellion being brewed with all the subtlety of a blaster sorcerer and the cunning of a 7 WIS bard. This opens the perfect chance for you to play both sides, screw both over, and get some nice social and power advancement while at it. Level 3 start, 25 PB, vigilante gestalt (Legendary stuff allowed except for noble soul and exposed)


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If those are your two choices, walk away.


Which character and what game?

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Broodie is a piece of shit though

>> No.53430301

Damn, those are my only two choices? I would prefer to play a character that I'm almost as passionate about, but would also be something the GM can enjoy but isn't blatant pandering (IE "the GM likes the concept enough to overlook the fact that she's mechanically something he didn't want to deal with before, like a Pactmaker or a Vitalist").

>> No.53430309

Probably the first one unless you think the DM is stupid. Your quality of writing will be far better when you are writing something you are passionate about. The latter will have inferior quality and the pandering may very well backfire if the DM identifies it as such.

>> No.53430310

Then he's a good example. Re-working a character is good, and sometimes a recycled character is actually better if it fits the new campaign's tone and content better than the old one in its basic concept.

>> No.53430315

The former because why would I play a character I don't want to play?

>> No.53430326

Both of those are both too easy to make Evil, and too boring.
Why not run something with an interesting twist of being evil? Like Rise of the Runelords, or Carrion Crown?

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Fucking neither.

>> No.53430335

The one you're passionate about 100% of the time.

It's better for both your (potential) fellow players and for the GM for you to love what you're doing. If you're truly passionate about the subject, then that'll shine through in the writing, which is something that I, as a GM, look for.

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>constantly memed his app and now you're taking offense that people don't remember your shitty character?
So I'm all of /pfg/? :^)

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Between the two, I'd much rather apply with a character I like even knowing for a fact that I wouldn't get it. A campaign is only worth playing with a character you enjoy no matter how good it is otherwise, and I'm not willing to gamble on the odds that they'll grow on me later. In a lot of cases I'm more interested in making a build and writing the app than actually playing anyways.

That said, beyond those choices I like to shop for games and only apply if I come up with an appropriate concept I like. I can never really get behind the mindset of people who reuse apps or ask for a lot of exceptions, I find that chargen and setting are great tools to build with.

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Or Jade Regent?

>> No.53430351


A ratfolk who ended up in one of the Dragon games. First applied to Rise of the Jade Regent. Kind of a silly character, but they seem like fun.

>> No.53430358

>Option 1
Baaically HV in a different place with outsiders.

>Option 2
A bunch of people bullying and shaming autistic Barney and friends.

>> No.53430369

Possibly. Early material about Minkai said the Regent was a popular hero of the people who was shaking up the status quo and driving the nobles toward rebellion, so putting the PCs on their side would be interesting.

>> No.53430391

Dragon games, yeah Didn't pay attention to that one since the GM and his dickriders shilled it a little too hard for my tastes.

>> No.53430440

Seems like Dragons 2 is crashing and burning anyway.

>> No.53430452

What happened?

>> No.53430456

Because that's how I roll

>> No.53430462

I would agree, though it's a bit amusing that this is the concensus when browsing pfg suggests that the board thinks the opposite.

>> No.53430466

Of those two? The passionate but risky one every time. Fuck trying to suck up and play something that I wouldn't enjoy, I had to do that once before and it was absolute torture.

>> No.53430487

There is a nuance to this and that is realizing what you may be passionate about may come off as obsessive if you don't word it correctly. If you have a good command of language, go for the passionate one. If you are worried you are coming off as obsessive and deliberately trying to play this character, go for the pandering.

>> No.53430511

It's only the consensus because there're two options presented. When the question is "how do you make your characters" or "what do you do when applying to a game" you'll get very different answers.

>> No.53430516

Doesn't surprise me in the least. Too many egos for one game.

>> No.53430525

>If you are worried you are coming off as obsessive and deliberately trying to play this character,
This doesn't make any sense.

Like who doesn't NOT deliberately try to play a character?

>> No.53430531

Will there be survivors?

>> No.53430549

I mean, the assumption behind my statement is that you're a decent writer and your character fits the game at least to some extent. If you're a bad writer and your character doesn't fit the game whatsoever, then your passion looks like obsession, which is incredibly off putting.

>> No.53430553

You mean you don't apply to all of your games with post-post ironic characters?

>> No.53430561

If I can't get passionate about a character concept, I won't apply to a game. It's just not worth trying to push yourself when you're not going to be able to get in character, feel good about your character, and have fun with it.

That's why I've passed on a lot of games, and been severely hurt when I didn't get into a game I really wanted to. But hey, what're you gonna do? It's not the end of the world, and you can always PM THEM.

>> No.53430566

deliberate as in they are considerably married to the idea and anything that suggests altering it, in their minds, completely ruins the character.

>> No.53430570


Some people are a bit too absorbed in their characters. Compromise between the GM and player is often necessary to make someone who is fully appropriate to a scenario.

>> No.53430582

>the pm them meme
Sometimes a guy wants the anonymity, you know?

>> No.53430624

Basically, he doesn't want to end up like pic related.

>> No.53430629

I only know what I've read here. It sounds though like they've had two weeks of awkward sessions, but the DM didn't show up last night, so three straight weeks of trouble.

Are they? I know Rory of course, Broodie likes to come in the thread and brag about his "win streak" with games. But I don't know anything about the other players.

>> No.53430662

Christ, the doxing has grown more intense.

>> No.53430673

I don't know what this is.

>> No.53430683

Egoraptor apparently.

>> No.53430698

If you are fool enough to leave a trail linked to your online identity then you are asking for it.

>> No.53430700

Nah, there's too much of a chin for it to be egoraptor

>> No.53430743

Believe me, you don't want to go down that rabbit hole.

>> No.53430782

It's weird how in less than a generation we've gone from "keep your E-life and Real life as separate as possible" to the "using your real name for accounts is practically the default".

>> No.53430807

No, too much chin, not enough looking like a worm coming out of a man's torso with a toupe on.

That would be an enthusiastic man who went camping with other people who shared his love for cartoon horses with wings and big eyes showcasing the proud product of his love for the franchise: Pornography depicting one of the characters either presenting or having oddly placed tits on her neck.

>> No.53430832

This is why I almost never use my real name for anything online, unless its for banking and uni, and instead use psuedonyms and fake names.

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>> No.53430894

Druvalia is cute. Cute!

>> No.53430930

Hell, I use like 5 different handles on the internet depending on where I am, and get really paranoid when one of them is linked to another.

>> No.53430955

She hasn't, at least not yet. Old habits die hard, and old sins cling like sap, but maybe protecting the party will give her a measure of peace.

>> No.53431041

It's a work in progress.
But my character won't let anything happen to their new friends, now--they've made up their mind following a recent scare that they will never lose another family, never feel as powerless as the last two times they were left alone.

>> No.53431133


The sin of existing and being a burden sometimes?

Gotta pull that much more weight, even if it's pretty suicidal sometimes.

>> No.53431156

>One-hander and crossbow
For its frequency of use in art and posing, you'd think this combination would have actual good support somewhere. Currently it's at like, multiple feats to just not provoke, not even gain anything.

What would be a cool thing that this sort of style should be able to do, that's actually worth a feat? I kinda wanna homebrew one.

>> No.53431166

aaaaaa time for wistposting

>> No.53431180

He grew up with bandits and he'd play the role of a frightened, injured child to pull travelers into a compromised position where they could easily be attacked.

Now he goes around trying to make the world a safer place for people.

>> No.53431185

aaaaaaalrighty then

>> No.53431232

I want to play as a punchy guy that uses a shield to deal with bladed weapons but otherwises uses unarmed strikes for everything. How do I translate this into game mechanics?

If I take twf, wield a shield for its AC bonus and use my twf to make multiple unarmed strikes do I still retain my shield AC bonus?

Pic related, I wish to emulate this man.

>> No.53431236

Be able to reload the crossbow and take a 5ft step as a free action after a melee attack, so you can fire it right after your step when you full attack?

>> No.53431253 [SPOILER] 

pls no bullyyyy

>> No.53431267

Shield Champion Brawler

>> No.53431279

You don't need TFW, since all Unarmed counts as the same hand since its all your body. So you technically keep your shield bonus to AC.

For other options you also bot the Interrupting Shield style for using bucklers and stuff, as well as that one Guantlet style tha allows you to use Guantlets as shields.

Sadly, I don't know who your pic is, so this is as far as I can help you

>> No.53431281

Brawler's Shield Champion should be good for the concept. Your unarmed strikes can be used with other limbs so you should retain your shield bonus.

>> No.53431336

It's pretty stupid if you ask me.
But I don't see why you wouldn't just 5ft step inbetween a full attack to get your strike and shot.

>Hit with mace
>5ft step away
>Shoot Crossbow

>> No.53431366


She absorbed a fraction of the essence of a foreign goddess, then started a very large family

>> No.53431383

Easily the first one, if I don't care about the character why would I care about the game?

>> No.53431495

>Wist is sweaty!
>Wist is buxom!
>Wist is beautiful!
>Wist is happy!
>Wist is wet!
>Wist is cute!
>Wist is flexible!
>Wist is an angel!
>Wist is lewd!
>Wist is sad!
>Wist is silly!
>Wist is for kisses!
>Wist is stylish!
>Wist is for sexual!
>Wist is awesome!
>Wist is sultry!
>Wist is pure!
>Wist is amused!
>Wist is quality!
>Wist is love!
>Wist is canon!
>Wist is an apricot!
>Wist is an actress!
>Wist is a model!
>Wist is Santa Claus!
>Wist is Cashmere, not Gloriana!
>Wist is best girl!

>> No.53431508


>> No.53431520

For the games I play withfriends, I usually choose the latter, because I just can't stand the idea of being the odd-man out who has no reason to even be there in the first place. I'd rather make a character that fits better, but is a bit open-ended so that I can eventually feel out the character more and have him develop organically as I get more used to him and how he interacts with the event of the story.

Hence the reason why I've so far only seem to play Humans anymore despite wanting to go with the crazier races, because I just can't justify to myself the crazier options and trying to shoehorn them in would just not sit right with me.

>> No.53431533

Wait, two times?
Jesus dude, one family is unfortunate, but two seems like carelessness. How the hell did he manage that?

>> No.53431557

I wanted to play a character like that, then TSS was cancelled.

>> No.53431614

First his parents broke up and his mother took ill, so he had to go beg sanctuary from a temple in another town.

The second one was going well, but then a pack of trolls happened.

>> No.53431638

Shield Gauntlet Style?

>> No.53431680

feels bad man

>> No.53431682

So do I need to use Spheres of Might/Spheres of Power if I want to make Zatoichi?

>> No.53431690


>> No.53431699

I still feel shitty about having made a joke app for that game

>> No.53431718

oh hey QANON, how has life been?

>> No.53431723

Shit happens, but we're all gonna make it, brah.

>> No.53431746

>Been mistaken for Wist more than once per day this week

>> No.53431752

I'm pretty sure you could just refluff a sword.


>> No.53431767

Dubs confirm, private games recruited through the discord are the way to go

>> No.53431779

Its definitely one of the easier ways since you can just take that samurai archetype.

I think there are also more feat support for Blindfight as well, but I'm not sure

>> No.53431785

>implying you got to always be here to defend your family against dragons, demons and armies
Shit son

>> No.53431811


>> No.53431815

Rory was going to be an asshole with or without you, anon.

>> No.53431967

So I'm going to be using Bladed Brush as a Dex monk. How do I flurry with it? Is there some kind of weapon enchantment or feat that lets me treat it as a monk weapon?

>> No.53431985


Lua plz

>> No.53432009

You could probably dip Cleric to be able to get Crusader's Flurry. What's your build looking like right now?

>> No.53432016

If your GM is very generous with the wording of the style chain, go with Ascetic Style. If he's a hardass cunt about you doing something that's extremely feat-intensive and impractical, you'll have to hope for crusader's flurry.

>> No.53432056

>Use another weapon you can flurry with
>Get disguise self at all times magic item and make it look like a Bladed Brush


>> No.53432145

s talking about the feat Bladed Brush, which allows you to use a Glaive as a Dex weapon

>> No.53432277

Legacy of fire: Is it worth running or irreparably flawed? Kinda want to run it, but it's rarely discussed

>> No.53432452

Doesn't Wist say more things than aaaaa?
Can't we emulate her finer points?

>> No.53432488

>implying Wist has any finer points
Jesus christ you thirsty nerds are pathetic.

>> No.53432521

It exists.

That's about all you can say of it.

>> No.53432652 [SPOILER] 

She never wiped her slate clean, she killed 6 men in the arena for her freedom and walked away. Now she's trying to find some inner peace after having spent her more formative adult years in a blood rage half the time fighting for her life

>> No.53432733

Basic enabling of the style:
>Reload a crossbow with one hand and a knee/hard surface
>Don't provoke when using both in the same round
>TWF as with one-hander crossbow and one-hander melee as if using a light weapon

It needs to catch up to OTHER feat-investment styles (it's already requiring extra feats to do stuff like fire into melee and reload fast and then wield two weapons at the same time - you don't have a source of *making those things effective* and anything beyond these and your feat will be divided between melee and ranged feats, giving them half of what others have to work with).

It needs a way to deal damage and a way to make itself unique. Honestly, err on the side of gross excess. If you say to yourself while writing "but Power Attack/Deadly Aim with bows only do X amount..." punch yourself in the tits/balls because those are using stronger weapons, add far more from Strength, cost half as much gold, don't have even a quarter of the feat investment required to get to baseline, and have incredibly strong feats following them that actually benefit all their attacks. Everything for this style will be an uphill battle.

>> No.53432774

Honestly, I hope PLD goes well today. And by "goes well", I mean actually gets to do something. And by "something", I mean adventure and not getting railroaded into more rape scenes.

>> No.53432829

Can you stop complaining about railroading until the players complain about it?

>> No.53432831

>And by "something", I mean adventure and not getting railroaded into more rape scenes.
But rape scenes is literally why Vult made PLD, so he could get his rocks off forcing himself on others.

>> No.53432856

Is there any way to reliably create or otherwise obtain an advanced firearm in an Emerging Guns setting?

>> No.53432870

Is there anyone brave enough to give a quick rundown on the Flower Court apps? I did it already, but I want someone else to give it a go.

>> No.53432871

Sickle fighting is cool. It's just too bad there's no support for it.

>> No.53432877

*and his players can get their rocks off by it too

People keep forgetting that half

>> No.53432885

I'd also like to see this!

>> No.53432909

Is there a 3pp dev that release a fun Kobold fix for the players pfg?

>> No.53432930

I spent a lot of time defending Vult during app period because I thought for sure it was just Bloodborne with ERP, and not ERP with... something.

>> No.53432931

Suck off your DM, REALLY well. Then ask him if you can do it in his post orgasm haze.

>> No.53432937


With bestiality and monster childbirth?

>> No.53432942

Ask your DM out of character if it would be a possibility and say they occasionally appear in high-level treasure hoards. He'll add something in just for you if you try your best.

>> No.53432946

Can you shut the fuck up and stop shilling your shit nobody cares about?

>> No.53432994

What game should I apply to if I want to play Kamina?

>> No.53433007

New to pathfinder but I have some experience with D&D, a group invited me to start a campaign with them and so far they have no caster or healer, I'm thinking in creating a Cleric or a Wizard.

The DM allows only the basic books, which kind of build does this system allow me to do with Cleric and Wizard?

>> No.53433011

I hope the PLD crew have fun today!

>> No.53433016

Yeah, pretty much.

>> No.53433033

Ensoulment of the Flower Princess is probably your best bet. Just find a way to articulate his outlook on life into something that sounds lofty and philosophical, and you'll probably have a good chance, since he was all about high ideals and ambition.

>> No.53433036


I hope one of them Does something else memeworthy and that IKiD leaks it to stir up more controversy like she always does

>> No.53433042

Literally anything. Cleric and Wizard are the two most versatile classes in the game.

>> No.53433051

Enough to still be a huge boon to the team. Clerics can be upfront warriors who buff or backliners who support. Wizard's are more controllers, buffers, or debuffers (they can use spells for damage dealing but save that for sorcerers).

>> No.53433071

I like playing necromancers, but I heard they're evil in Pathfinder and that the basic book only doesn't have good options for it.

Since they doesn't have a healer or a full caster which one would you choose for balance the group? They have:

Barbarian, Fighter, Paladin, Rogue, Druid and Ranger

BTW: The other guys are inexperient with RPG in general.

>> No.53433104

>7 man party
mother of god

Also Druids are fantastic casters. You won't have to worry about putting the whole party on your back

>> No.53433121

Damn, this thread seems to be going super slow. How about some tales of bling, and the making thereof to lighten the mood?

The Cast:
Kyras Czarny, LN Cavalier – The feared Abyss Knight! A rude dude hellbent on taking what he wants, and sowing terror into the heart of his enemies. At least, that’s what he wants you to believe. Has an adorable tail, likes decorating his hair with flowers, and knows a (supposedly) world-famous recipe for Sweet Rolls!

Viviana D’Apparan, NG Mystic – An ex-thief on the run from justice, and her past. Soft spoken and gifted with keen insight, she’s doing her best to keep the peace and cool raging tempers, though not above getting in a few conversational barbs. Despite appearances, she’s got a mean streak a mile wide when provoked.

Andrik Kaminski, LG Warder – A simple farm boy, turned wandering Knight of the Realm and war--wanderer. A rock for the rest of the party to lean on, or occasionally hurl insults at. Cares deeply for his companions, perhaps a little too deeply.

Branwen Gwas Ddraig Du, NE Witch – The servant of a powerful black dragon, now unleashed to sate her greed upon an unsuspecting world. Shares the title of resident snarker with Antoinette, constantly spouting caustic epithets, usually responsible for the party’s problems. Only opens up to Franze, but is actually a sweet, if rather selfish, kid.

Franze Voigt, LE Gunslinger – A straight-laced cop from Port Ice, banished to the Greenbelt after kicking the proverbial hornet’s nest. Actually a sweetheart, providing advice, insight, a shoulder to lean on, and tea to any who ask for it. Bodyguard for…

Antoinette Hearthsley, NE Wizard – A waifish wizard, exiled from her homeland, and now trying to make a name in the River Kingdoms. Possibly in a relationship with Franze. Also, a super lightweight. Hasn’t been around much, seems to be more interested in sleeping, raising undead, and spending alone time with Franze rather than chatting.

>> No.53433138

Session 4 – In Which Our Heroes Learn the Value of Subtlety
>When we last left our heroes, their “spirited” debate about the merits of necromancy was so rudely interrupted by a barrage of arrows. Which did… basically nothing, either plinking off armor, or missing by a mile. However, one of them did manage to deafen Franze and Antoinette with a well-placed Thunderstone.
>Our heroes charge forward through the undergrowth, coming upon the bandit camp, and taking cover behind trees from several archers.
>The bandits were ready for them, opening fire on the party, while their leader, a vicious woman with dual axes, leaps from her perch to engage the party in melee.
>Franze returns fire, wounding one of the archers.
>Antoinette orders her zombie companion to engage a particularly angry looking badger, before throwing an enchantment upon their leader. Which did nothing.
>Branwen calls upon the plant spirits to entangle their foes, only catching one of the archers.
>Viviana positions herself behind the axe wielder, ready to strike at her flank the moment she’s exposed.
>Andrik barrels forward through the undergrowth, and brings his blade down upon the axe wielder; the sword clanging off her armor.
>This gives Viviana the opening she needs, striking home with an empowered Spark Strike, inflicting a wound that would have killed any in the party.
>Yet still the axewoman lives. And she has a new target.
>An arrow thuds against Franze’s shield, an arrow, a dagger, and several axe swings bit into Viviana, dropping her to single digits. The entangled ruffian struggles against the plants, and manages to free himself.
>THE ABYSS KNIGHT makes his presence known, charging into battle and slicing into the bandit leader.
>Franze wings one of the archers, dropping them.
>After a bit of debate, Antoinette drops a Glitterdust atop two of the enemies, and the rogue, who shakes it off.
>Everyone lays into the blinded bandit leader, dropping her unconscious.

>> No.53433141

>they doesn't have a healer or a full caster
>Paladin and Druid
Paladin has some of the best healing in the game, and Druid is on par with the Cleric and Wizard for most versatile class in the game, purely because Druid is a full caster

I would recommend a crowd control/buff/debuff Wizard, since they don't have any arcane casting

>> No.53433154

>With their leader down, the remaining bandits either surrender or flee.
>Franze begins firing upon one of the deserters, but is unable to take him down before he escapes. While THE ABYSS KNIGHT runs down the other one, killing him.
>Meanwhile the Zombie formerly known as Happs is having a merry old time fighting the badger, before being destroyed, much to Andrik’s relief. Once the party turned their attention to the animal, it quickly fell.
>With the battle over, Andrik and Viviana rushed to stabilize the survivors, while the rest of the party began stripping their bodies and hunting for loot. There’s a silver amulet, identical to the one Happs bore, on the bandit leader.
>About a minute afterwards, once the adrenaline begins to fade, the pain from Viviana’s wound flares up, causing her to collapse. (Player’s Note: I’ll roll higher than a 3 against that damned drawback someday…)
>Cursory examination shows she’s probably not going to die, but Andrik continues to fuss.

>> No.53433158

I would recommend a Cleric, frankly, since it's your first character and Clerics are fairly hardy. Just pick whichever Domain you want and go nuts.

>> No.53433160

I thought about wizard because the party doesn't have someone with high INT, but I think the lack of a healer will be traumatizing for them haha.

That's the point for me, I love playing Wizards that aren't focused in DPR but instead CC, illusions and stuff.

Is it possible to make a good illusionist with only the basic book?

>> No.53433177

>Branwen and Kyras search the camp for valuables, and find a large cart. The witch is about to rush forward, when the Tiefling catches her, noting a tripwire stretched across the path in front of them.
>With a snap of his fingers, Kyras channels his abyssal power to shatter the mechanism, rendering it inert.
>Franze goes to check on the deafened Antoinette, who just seems to want to be alone.
>After finding nothing of interest on the wagon, the pair separate. With Branwen searching the firewood pile, and Kyras digging around in suspicious-looking stump.
>Both end up finding treasure chests!
>Andrik goes to help Branwen clear the firewood, while Viviana, feeling much better after a stiff drink, goes to help Kyras.
>Antoinette continues sitting by the river, while Franze rests near the fire pit, nursing a nasty headache.
>They retrieve the chests, and search the treehouse that the leader had claimed for herself, finding a much smaller chest inside.
>Eager to find out what this powerful bandit considered important enough to hide, the group pops the chest open and finds something… odd.
>Six nodules of gold… putty? Infused with rubies and diamond dust. Cursory examination reveals it’s extremely magical, with no obvious triggers or schools. Everyone takes a minute to examine it, but finds nothing. That is… until Andrik touches it.
>The putty begins to flow up his arm, gemstones biting into his flesh, as the party tries to pull it off him to no avail. Whatever it is solidifies into a second skin, and Andrik hears a voice in his saying, speaking in a language they don’t understand.
>Panicked, they put the rest of the nodules back in the chest, and lock it; at least until Antoinette is no longer deafened and can properly identify it.
>Andrik has a vision, seeing figures moving through caverns, a caravan traveling through the forest, an explosion, the bandits they’d just slain, and finally a horde of gold; more than any man could spend in a lifetime.

>> No.53433178

Healing is something that should be a secondary concern unless someone is at risk of death (not unconscious, just straight up death.)

Since you have a background in D&D, you probably know that tabletop shouldn't be treated like an MMO. So I wouldn't focus on a "healer" but on someone who can hea if that's what you want.

>> No.53433193

Illusions and Necromancy are, by far, the weakest schools of magic to specialize in. Period.

There's nothing in later books which really makes them any better.

>> No.53433207

What about the buff/debuff?

>> No.53433219

Great, could they stop bringing that shit into the thread then since the rest of us don't?

>> No.53433223

What about it?

Illusion's buffs are almost all personal, and Necromancy's debuffs are trash.

>> No.53433231

>Is it possible to make a good illusionist with only the basic book?
It's possible. Shadow illusions are your best option, and they're great, but you'll have to keep in mind that they're easily countered.

>I think the lack of a healer will be traumatizing for them haha.
Paladin should have that covered with Lay on Hands/Channel Energy if you need it

>What about the buff/debuff?
Buffs and debuffs are spread pretty well throughout the schools, but if you want to invest really heavily into buffs, go for Transmutation. For crowd control, Conjuration. For debuffs, probably also conjuration, just don't blacklist necromancy.

>> No.53433233

And which school would be a good CC/Support for Wizards?

>> No.53433247

Transmutation, Conjuration

>> No.53433251

Conjuration, Transmutation, Divination.

>> No.53433271

An important thing to remember is that your specialized school isn't the only one you can use. You just get an extra spell per day in that school.

What's really important is to not restrict good schools. Generally you won't suffer too much for restricting Enchantment or Abjuration as a support caster. Needing two slots to prepare Dispel Magic is a little painful, but that's pretty much the only Abjuration spell that matters

>> No.53433292

Who prepares Dispel Magic? That's like preparing Fly, you get a wand of that shit unless your GM never throws casters at you.

>> No.53433298

In 5e we get some benefits with ths school choosed, there is such thing in Pathfinder?

>> No.53433316

People who actually need to make caster level checks to dispel things

The only bonuses for your chosen school are an extra spell each day in your specialized school and a slight bonus to the check to identify and learn spells of that school

>> No.53433319

Wand of Dispel Magic...?

You mean the spell that is entirely based on having a high CL to be effective?
Put on a magic item that locks it at CL 5?
That Dispel Magic?

>> No.53433338 [DELETED] 

One of my players wants to play a Half-Doppelganger Unchained Rogue, detailed in Bloodforge. Basically, +2 WIS, CHA and CON, Alter Self 2/day, Natural Armour and the Empathy wilder power.

I'm fine with it, but I wanted to check if it would break anything. Unchained Rogue needs all the help it can get, after all, and some bonuses are nice.

>> No.53433367

Wizards get Staff-Like Wand.

>> No.53433383

Why bother if you can just dual wield crossbows and be effective in melee and ranged combat?

>> No.53433386

At 11th level, as a feat, after spending a feat on Craft Staff.

>> No.53433409

Anyone got art of cute drow assassins?

>> No.53433431

Two feats for a huge discount and making wands worthwhile.

>> No.53433438

Sure, anon, here's one! I'm doing my part!

>> No.53433444

Would you sell out your pirate comrades for her?

>> No.53433447

>Implying there's a caster level limit on wands

>> No.53433452

living drow, not dead drow please

>> No.53433462

Sure, by multiplying the price.

>> No.53433468

Drow Ranger is living
Though she isn't a Drow

>> No.53433492

And crafting it for a fraction of it, or just getting Staff Like Wand

>> No.53433497

he asked for cute drow and so i gave him cute 'drow'

>> No.53433513

I heard someone needed a cute assassin, which drow am I killing?

>> No.53433532

Why do you idiots insist on living in a fantasy land of games that start at a high level?

>> No.53433541

>Implying the GM lets you craft
>Implying the GM gives you the massive amount of time required to craft.
>Implying Implications

Truly, waiting until 7th level, taking 3 feats, spending gold, and relying on a broken-ass sub-system just to save a spell slot is a superior method of play.

You've really activated my almonds.

>> No.53433594

>tfw trying to develop a philosophy for flower court
How did you guys do it for your apps?

>> No.53433625

I picked a simple ideal, and a problem those who hold said ideal commonly face.

Then I "solved" the problem, and built a framework to support that solution.

>> No.53433626


>M-muh GM wun let me!

Jealous, bitch? At least I know who the fuck prepares Dispel Magic now? lol

>> No.53433650

I gave up. Might go back in with something like "sportsmanship" or just "personal excellence" as an ideal and go with that, but the game's tone doesn't really feel conducive to playing a scrappy, up-and-coming type of character as opposed to a high-minded courtly one.

>> No.53433655

What do you mean?

>> No.53433660

Even if the resources and feats are available, I would rather spend a spell slot than 2 feats.

>> No.53433707

I just picked science and had my character do the talking!

>> No.53433714

It's kinda hard to write a character that is this focused on ideals. I've been trying for a while to come up with something that sounds like an ideal I can both play and not hate.

>> No.53433723

I always start with a mechanical concept, then work backwards to find why a character would want to reflect the build.

>> No.53433735

Hell yeah I would.

It's too bad the AP never discusses what would happen if Druvalia succeeds in wiping out the pirates.

>> No.53433739


>> No.53433755


>> No.53433761

Assumingly, she probably gets handed a promotion and maybe a cushy gig running things in the region, if not a place back at the Chelish court. Perhaps she finds some time to shack up and tie the knot with her hellknight waifu.

>> No.53433786

Sooooo...why's Kyras not Lawful Good again? He hasn't done thing one to demonstrate why he's not a straight-up good guy besides laughing a little too loud.

>> No.53433815

The problem is that it is NOT effective or useful and should be, since it's sort of an iconic fantasy weapon style.

>> No.53433849


Im running a devil campaign. They start as imps and can get promoted, politics of hell happen.

Non-devils characters are extraplanar mercenaries, one weirder than the last

>> No.53433876

But it's clear that the Hellknight is only a devoted follower, not her waifu.

>> No.53433911

I'm rather pressed for time, but I'll try to explain it.

(For reference, my character is Derrin Kline)

My first draft of the statement was a simple ideal that basically no one could have an objection to. Something along the lines of:
"Goodness is serving those in need."

After that, I asked myself what issues people could have to the philosophy, or what prevents them from acting upon it. Which brought me to the "problem" statement, something like:
"Good good people are sometimes too concerned with themselves to truly make a difference."

Now that I had an ideal and a problem, I put them together, into the core belief statement for the character:
"Righteousness means nothing when divorced from action."

With this foundation in place, then I built upon it. Trying to figure out what a group of people truly devoted to that statement would like like, what their lives would be like, what codes/beliefs they'd need in addition to the core statement. Thus the Order of the Boundless Sky, and their Paladin's Code came to be.

However, I wasn't really content making a character whose entire identity was based on their order. After all, in an organization as loose as that, there's bound to be variations from person to person. So, after hammering out a rough draft of the backstory, I latched onto Derrin's anti-authoritarian bent, and put the last piece of the philosophy in place:
"Evil gains a foothold, when good is content to cloister itself in garish cathedrals, and rest upon its unearned laurels."

Convoluted? Certainly, but it's what worked for me.

>> No.53433917

Zethian Kobolds from Worlds of Power

>> No.53433953

She's a sex toy. A devoted sex toy.

>> No.53433964


>> No.53433991


>> No.53433996

Is it still possible for Avowed to get cha to hit/damage or was that totally nixed?

>> No.53434116

What spells give multiple melee touch attacks? Chill Strike is one example of what I'm looking for. I'm thinking about ways to combine Magus with a PoW class.

>> No.53434133


>> No.53434172

I'm going to be playing a Greek/Roman theme game and I want to do a Leonidas style over the top Hoplite style character that scares the hell out of everyone.

I'm thinking this means Spear and Shield somehow or other, Cornugon Smash, plenty of Intimidate and Bluff. It would be nice if there was some way to do some friendly buffing and general utility, but I'm not sure how to fit it in there.

I'm undecided on whether to go Fighter (Vanilla), Fighter (Phalanx Soldier), Slayer(for the Ranger fighting feats), some flavor of Ranger or even something a little more out there like Warpriest.

This campaign is destined for Mythic as well.

>> No.53434175

Nixed, unless you go Aether Channel and use a starknife and worship Desna for the CHA-to-hit-and-damage feat she has.

>> No.53434210

Man, that sucks. Oh well, one less class to worry about.

>> No.53434280

Firstly: Is ANY third-party allowed? If any is at all, that makes decision-making more interesting.
Secondly: Barbarian is probably your best bet for Intimidation and the like, plus a shield helps mitigate the penalties inherent to your AC due to rage. If you're alright with just a pinch of magic, consider an Arcane Steelblood Bloodrager; great AC, high CHA and STR for intimidation, you can use any armor you want, and you'll still have enough room for the feats you'll be wanting.

>> No.53434307

I need pictures! Pictures of Genki Sword Girls!

>> No.53434330

No third party.

The GM has also said that he'd rather we don't multiclass, which is a shame.

Hadn't really considered Bloodrager. I wouldn't mind a pinch of magic. I kind of worry however as I am not really looking to roleplay a rager.

>> No.53434345


For what purpose?

>> No.53434363

What does Genki mean?

>> No.53434374

If you must use 1pp only, then you want to stick to Vanilla Fighter, since Phalanx means you lose out on AMT.

As for Intimidate, you're going to need to use AMT to get free ranks in either it or other skills, then take Dazzling Display and the like

>> No.53434394

Potential art for a flower court app. And because they can be cute.

Energetic or happy looking

>> No.53434404

Yeah, my initial plan was Versatile Training into Intimidate, get Cornugon Smash and have Dazzling Display.

I'm not really sure where to go to continue making that effective after level 6 however. Something something Mythic Vital Strike I guess.

>> No.53434465

I want pictures! Pictures of brown genki-girl tomboy bronze dragons who get embarrassed when they're forced to dress up for special occasions!

>> No.53434488

That sounds really specific.

>> No.53434512

Okay just go to the drawing requests thread for something that specific, unless it's a particular picture you've seen before and can't find.

>> No.53434529


>> No.53434536

Does your DM care about the campaign, /pfg/?

>> No.53434548


>> No.53434645

Okay forget the drow now; does anyone have pictures of bruised and bloodied MAGE BOYS? I guess girls are okay, too.

It's just that it's always warriors that get those injured-yet-determined or broken-and-defeated style pieces. Like mages are exempt from getting the shit kicked out of them when they lose somehow. I need those.

>> No.53434648

Almost Forgot, there are a few feats that may help.

Weapon Trick and Shield Brace may be useful for being able to use reach weapons (like Longspears) with your shield, especially if you get a good Mithral Shield. and Equipment Tric can aid a little with combat versatility with shields if you really want to invest in using a shield.

Further, there are many Style Feats that can help with using a shield. Mobile Stronghold can help if you would rather make a Macedonian/Parthian, especially if combined with appropriate Fighter archetype. And if you absolutely have to use a buckler, there ar worse options than Upsetting Shield Style

However, I'm guessing you wanna keep the Hoplite aesthetic and stick with a Heavy Shield, in which case you may as well take either Improved Shield Bash and Shield Slam if you would rather smack people with a shield than using your choke-grip option

I know this is a lot of feats, but sadly thats the nature of Pathfinder to feat tax the shit out of martial playstyles

>> No.53434678


I still haven't gotten one I want to use

>> No.53434700

Look through Fire Emblem Heroes art, there's plenty of mages-with-their-shit-kicked-in art there.

>> No.53434710

I don't really care about it any more. I like the idea behind it, but at this point it's just become the adventure of me and... me. I'd be fine with it being a story about me and my bumbling sidekicks, but for the main character I sure do feel underdeveloped.

>Hey GM I designed a character with complex, and somewhat incomprehensible motivations and emotions
>Here's a bunch of plot hooks you can use to engage him, and some anchors to tie him to the world
>All these things are ignored, forcing me to drop aspects of my character, otherwise It'd just be anime-tier monologue
>Party just sits back and makes zero attempts to engage in the game, making me feel like an asshole hogging the spotlight
>Nobody seems to have any over-arching goals or motivations
>Realize if I couldn't make it to a session I would have missed literally nothing because it would not have gone anywhere

>> No.53434724

This good? I may have one or two more though

>> No.53434780

Hey /PFG/.
What's the best way to get a character with lots of short range teleport? I hope it's obvious I mean something that isn't just standard Dimension Door in a spell slot.

>> No.53434792

1st party? Dimension Door in a spell slot.
3rd party? Path of war.

>> No.53434806

3pp allowed? Holly's Dimensional Ripper has at-will dimension door at level 8 along with goodie like always-deny-dex attack. Downside is you have to play a kineticist.

>> No.53434808

Unchained monk's abundant step

>> No.53434817

Finding art of girls that are not only sword, but also genki is hard.

3pp or 1pp? If 1pp only, then sadly the only option is a UC Monk who took Abundant Step ki power

>> No.53434833

Well, fighter has a ton of Feats so it's not too bad. I'll probably focus a bit on the Heavy shield, but slamming is always going to be mostly crowd control I imagine. I was planning on Brace at least as well.

How can I pump the damage output decently? Just rely entirely on Power Attack and then Mythic Vital Strike once I can get it? Try and get some Crit going?

>> No.53434842

Not genki, but will smug do to?

>> No.53434862


>> No.53434867

and that was my last vaguely genki swordgril.

Any of those help anon?

>> No.53434903

All these people asking for Genki and nobody's posted this.

>> No.53434904


>> No.53434951

ugh. Between the SRD dying and archivesofnethys made of fucking garbage , there is no good reference site anymore.

>> No.53434952

They had a warning plastered up all day.

>> No.53434963

The only things that come to mind is Focused Weapon stacking onto Power Attack.

But yeah, aside from that what you just said already works

I haven't been on all day.

>> No.53434970

isn the Archive of Nethys guy is fucking dying or something?

>> No.53435016

..I had no idea Focused Weapon was a thing.

There are too many damn feats in this system.

>> No.53435051

Its not a feat, its a AWT option that lets you apply Warpriest focused weapon damage to a cosen weapon

>> No.53435059

No 3pp?

>> No.53435069

SoP Warp Sphere

>> No.53435072

What would you expect to see from a non-standard archetype for a Lich, such as perhaps a Magus or a Warpriest?

>> No.53435101

Varying/different motivation for achieving his immortality, such as desiring to wage war/campaign against his hated enemy state even after the fighting had ended.

Basically, imagine if Hannibal had become a Lich, and had somehow learned to take his time and not be incompetent

>> No.53435133

They'd probably end up as Deathknights rather than Liches.

>> No.53435141

Not if they would rather play the long game instead of just being war juggernauts

>> No.53435169

Why do I imagine a character like this ending up being a variant of the guy from Overlord?

>> No.53435206

As in the animu, or the old vidya? Because either works well enough

>> No.53435220

Something that lets a player choose how it happens and how they present themselves. There's a lot more variance in "magically holding myself together" concepts than just the boring skeleton with glowy eyes. In fact, liches just don't fucking make sense in Pathfinder because wizards, oracles, druids, elans and others have readily accessible sources of immortality.

Those need to go, and lichdom - of various flavors - needs to be the thing casters achieve by taking the options that replace them.

If you made a phylactery, you achieve the new lich status and get its traits (which don't need to be of the same magnitude as current ones but that's up to design and balance). You can be evil.
If you become like Darth Sion, who'll literally fall apart if he stops focusing on keeping his unhealed body together, you get that same lichdom. You can be neutral.
If you made a fountain of youth, which you have to return to often, you get lichdom. You can be benign.

>> No.53435240

I've only just recently watched the anime so I can't comment on the game. That said, in the anime it seems like at least half of his subordinates are not some form of undead, how common would y'all estimate living servants of all-powerful undead masters are?

>> No.53435244


One hell of a villain song.

>> No.53435259

No, that's the Lich Skald.

>> No.53435263

Anybody know where I can get the occult adventures playtest?
I want to see the medium before that took a fat dump on it and the page on paizo's site gets stuck in a redirect loop when I try to use it.

>> No.53435272

are there any 1pp or 3pp methods for me to boost charge / mounted charge damage?

I already have Rhino Hide Armor.

>> No.53435280

But anon, the Horned King never had a song

>> No.53435296

With a Lich Bard in the back providing the instrumentation.


Now I want to see a "council of undeath" with a representative of each class having been turned into a lich, with martial classes there repping as Deathknights.

>> No.53435329


>> No.53435369

Yo, the Psychic Lich also exists, which I admit is a pretty damn cool concept

>> No.53435425

I had an idea for Flower Court, but nobody wants to see a horrible elf-like dwarf man.

The image is scary fan art of Wario, it's out and out freaky.

>> No.53435426

How about "The Circle of the Freed" who name themselves as such for having freed themselves from the shackles of mortality? Together, they divy up influence and control of the different aspects of the world amongst eachother, and are the secret rulers of all

>> No.53435439

What about a lich who achieved it by being mummified - with or without his permission? What would that be?

Would a body-hopper count as a lich after a certain point?

What if I want to become a lich through oats, squats and cardio? What can I be?

>> No.53435441

an Inquisitor Lich would be badass.

Imagine being way too into your job that you become a literal harbinger of death just to continue purging heretics and nonbelievers.

>> No.53435453

Druid Lich is a thing

They let their bones be consumed by fungi or plants and they're wickedly harder to kill because an entire forest becomes their phylactery.

>> No.53435455

What 1st Party Vigilante Archetype stacks are possible?

>> No.53435465

I like it! Especially since with the release of Bestiary 6 we now have Blight Druids which are basically liches we can literally make an entire array based on the various classes.

Oh God. Just imagine.

What would an Alcemist-themed lich be like?

>> No.53435509

>What about a lich who achieved it by being mummified
A mummy, which have their own template

>Would a body-hopper count as a lich after a certain point?
No, but they'd certainly be up there in terms of creepy immortal bastards

>What if I want to become a lich through oats, squats and cardio? What can I be?
That's not a lich, because you aren't undead. You're just super healthy aesthetic who has reached peak health and become an Ultimate Lifeform

An Alchelich would have basically picked his wole being in so many toxins and preservatives, they'd essentially be the Hostess Twinkie of Undead. You're essentially just a highly functional form of Alchemical Zombie, like those poor people experimented on by Herbert West

Basically, have you ever read Sankarea?

>> No.53435540

I have not, what's it about?

>> No.53435567

>Incredibly powerful (ie high level) warrior cursed to guard something or carry on a quest eternally
>keeping going by sheer force of will to protect someone precious at all costs, even his afterlife
>keeping going by sheer force of hatred
>by literally not even knowing he's Bruce Willis

Achieve 20 BAB and 34 Strength or Constitution without increasing size at all, and you become Fitness Lich. The alignment of such lich status is chaotic though because you become either a solitary monk or a gymrat brah.

>> No.53435591

>A mummy, which have their own template
Which would not continue to have their own template, under the adaptived unified lich status anon is proposing. It would be a subcategory like the others proposed.

>> No.53435642

Bascially, kid comes across the notes his great-grandfather left behind on how to make a zombie serum using a specific species of hydrangea. This girl who's his kinda friend wants to kill herself, so she asks to be his test subject, and it actually works. It then follows a slice of life formula, until Not!Umbrella comes around and fucks everything up.

Also, Zombies made in this way have a sort of shelf life bfore their minds degrade and they turn into the mindless flesh devouring kind we're familiar with.

Also it turns out his the kid's grandfather is actually his Great Grandfather who figured out a more perfected formula that, when taken in very small doses, reduces aging and necrosis with little risk of zombification

The ending is a huge asspull, but a touching one nonetheless

The idea of the "adaptive lich template" seems kinda stupid, especially since the vanilla one is already mostly fluff agnostic enough. Plus you don't really need to have "good/nuetral" alternatives, since Lichdom should already be considered the shitty shortcut that either impatient mages or unscrupulous fools madly afraid of death would take

>> No.53435686

>The putty begins to flow up his arm, gemstones biting into his flesh, as the party tries to pull it off him to no avail. Whatever it is solidifies into a second skin, and Andrik hears a voice in his saying, speaking in a language they don’t understand.

Wait a minute... Golden arm?
>Golden hair
>Green eyes
>Knightly and dashing
>Golden frickin' arm

Andrik isn't Sir Duncan, he's Jaime fucking Lannister.

>> No.53435687

Well, how many routes to immortality are there in PF, aside from becoming a deity or undead?

>> No.53435705

>aside from becoming a deity or undead?
One Mythic tier.

>> No.53435708

Why should everyone have a chance, ability, or reason to become immortal?

>> No.53435720


You can get turned into a demon, bypassing the whole "turn into a grub and lose your memories" route of the afterlife.

>> No.53435757

Good, good. What about Sun Orchid Elixir?

>> No.53435768

>Lichdom should already be considered the shitty shortcut that either impatient mages or unscrupulous fools madly afraid of death would take
I think that's the main point we disagree on. Lichdom is just really dumb with low plot-weight if it's not one of the ways a mage can show their ultimate mastery over magic - like the Wizard discovery Immortality currently is.

>> No.53435776

>s. In fact, liches just don't fucking make sense in Pathfinder because wizards, oracles, druids, elans and others have readily accessible sources of immortality.
Except none of the things you listed are readily available at all. You don't CHOOSE to become an Elan or an Oracle. Someone or something decides for you.
Non lichdom Immortality requires you to level 20 compared to Lichdom which you can do at 11.
I suppose you could find another druid buddy and someone who can cast restoration and reincarnate each other constantly. But that has a lot of room to fuck up and die for good.

>> No.53435792

>What about Sun Orchid Elixir?
Doesn't give immortality, just turns your biological clock back to young adult.

>> No.53435796

>, bypassing the whole "turn into a grub and lose your memories" route of the afterlife.
Isn't that how demons are made in the first place? Or was that devils? In either case I think most forms of getting turned into an outsider involve death of your personal ego unless you make contact with a certain artifact before you croak.

>> No.53435807

Many people would consider that to be a form of immortality as long as you can keep up the supply.

>> No.53435818

Except historically in terms of literaure Lichdom and other forms of unliving have always been used to show the folly and foolishness of those who would cheat their way to power and eminance, as well as show a craven attitude to seek immortality at the selfish cost of the life of others and your own immortal soul.

Lichdom is supposed to be a bad thing that is only used by villians who lack the morales and discipline to live an honest life the other way. The only fools who believe Liches to be the hight of magical might are the fool liches themselves who are so puffed in their own hubris that they realize not their their power is false and borrowed, and that a true master who took the hard way is superior to him in every way concerning the arcane arts, for he actually took the time to learn and master his craft and gather his power rather than just haxing his way into a rotten senile corpse

>> No.53435825

Isn't it like minor artifact tier? Probably a bitch to keep up anything resembling a supply.

>> No.53435841

>Probably a bitch to keep up anything resembling a supply.
Its enough to maintain the economy of an entire nation and keep the place afloat despite constantly being attacked by Dhivs

>> No.53435860

Yeah, but chances are if a Wizard could get to level goddamn 20 he was better than me in everyway anyway.
From who? Liches are usually arcane spellcasters.

>> No.53435873

Meh, you've got an entire lifetime to get the next one, and after a couple of times you'll probably get it down to a science.

>> No.53435878

>From who?
Lichdom usually requires performing massive sacrifices to gain the blessing/favor of an Archfiend to turn them into a Lich

>> No.53435897

In what setting. Literally the only rules for Lichdom I'm aware of is being a 11th level Caster, crafting a phylactery worth X gold. Everything else is fiat.

>> No.53435900


When someone's soul is consigned to the Abyss, it's turned into a grub, purging it of all memory and personality, until one day it may mutate into a demon.

However, if you've gotten the attention of a demon lord, there's a series of rituals and horrible acts you can perform to prove your worthiness, after which, the demon lord will turn you into a full demon with your mind, memories, and personality intact.

The precise kind of devil depends on your patron and your level of power-the GM is discouraged letting you turn into something with more than double your HD, so it's an offer that gets better the later you take it.

>> No.53435913


*Demon, not devil, plegh.

Anyway, the details are listed under "Becoming a Demon".


>> No.53435926

I mean, there are only six sold a year. The flowers only grow in one part of the world. And the secret to their creation is HEAVILY guarded by like 3 countries worth of armies.

And I am sure if you keep snapping them up, someone very power will want to put you under for good so they can have a shot.

>> No.53436101

Which is better, Daring Champion, Dervish of Dawn or Swashbuckler?

>> No.53436134

Not swashbuckler.

>> No.53436144

Daring Champion

>> No.53436258

>In what setting.
Literally every setting that has an Archfiend associated with Lichdom, which means generally every setting ever used for D&D and PF

Virtuoso Bravo

>> No.53436292

Daring Champion gets you the most bang for your buck. You're basically getting 2x your level for damage against a challenge target, or 3x if you spend a panache point. That's on top of still being a decent Cavalier with your banner, teamwork feats, and order abilities.

Virtuous Bravo gives up too much to get too little. Spells are worth far more than deeds, and this is from someone who likes swashbucklers.

>> No.53436301

Can't you just use a Wish to make yourself a lich?

>> No.53436352

Its still abetter Swashbuckler than the Swashbuckler in just about everyway

Or you could just Wish yourself to be Immortal and not have to deal with all the crap and nonsense that being a Lich would net you, like losing your dick, being unable to be healed by any Good deity, having your life force tied to a shitty trinket, and all that other baggage

>> No.53436356

"I wish I could die"

>> No.53436369

Currently coming up with my first character ever and rolled a 5 on one of the stats.

What would be better? A dwarven barbarian with 3 cha, who's whole story is that he's such a massive fucking cunt that adventuring is the only job he can find or a 5 int 16str dwarven monk that's basically a silverback gorilla with a drinking problem, who murders elves on sight, because an elven bandit shooting him in the head is what caused the 5 int thing?

I'm kind of leaning towards the gorilla, but 1 skill point per level doesn't sound too good.

>> No.53436379

>rolling stats

how horrifying.

>> No.53436389

>Rolling for stats
>in the year of our lord ((10^3)*2)+(34/2)

>> No.53436402

If I didn't roll, I wouldn't have this 5, so I'd say it has its benefits.

>> No.53436409

How's this sound for a Flower Court application?

>Not!Dane obsessed with making a name for himself, as a name woven into song by the Skalds is a name that will echo for eternity
>Absurdly religious, pays homage to the Gods and believes strongly in augurs, portents, and fate
>In fact, his Flower Court philosophy is "Destiny is Everything."

>> No.53436416

"no science necessary" was a yellow flag right from the start. Because it tells us right away that FTL is not the domain of technology, it is the domain of supernatural creatures who all will be better at it than any ship can ever hope. They SAY it's only through technology, but I'd bet some hard cash that all that will change within one AP or at most an actual splatbook like the APG.

Mages will fly through it faster than the finest hyperdrive, and just as fitting for a return to the CR system, anything capable of killing you will also be faster than you are in drift.

That article was also probably the last time we'll ever even hear of absalom station, just like the city on golarion.

>> No.53436445

Well yes, we've established that Swashbuckler is crap.

But would you take a Virtuous Bravo over a Daring Champion?

I wouldn't, fuck being locked to Lawful Good

>> No.53436475

Can't you just Restore Corpse on yourself to give yourself your dick back? Besides, needing positive energy to get healed is for losers that don't want to be edgy and get healed by negative energy.

>> No.53436509

>A dwarven barbarian with 3 cha
This man is incapable of interacting with other sapient life forms completely.

Seriosuly, did nigga has half the Cha of a fucking Walrus! Ants have more Cha than him

>not wanting to be best alignment
>not wanting CHA TO ALL SAVES!

You're still a corpse, so you don't have any bloodflow and jizz/pre production, meaning its still a useless lump of flaccid flesh even with Restore Corpse. You're essentially a pointlessly edgy eunich who is also incapable of tasting, smelling, and properly touching anything. You're better off just using that Wish to just ask for immortality straight up, especially since immunity to disease/curing is basically dirt cheap by that point

>> No.53436529

Cha to saves is worth a dip in Paladin, and you're no less knightly for just dipping. Or taking the Irrepressible trait, for that matter.

But going straight Virtuous Bravo costs too much vs. the benefits of being a Daring Champion.

>> No.53436577

I'm definitely not the first to ask this, but does anyone still have those 'Darkest Timeline' posts saved anywhere? I'm interested in running a game like it, but I'm not sure if I want to do it in Golarion or just homebrew up a dark souls-esque world.

>> No.53436578

There are a lot of benefits of being a lich even without the stuff you mentioned, and even then I'm pretty sure you can magick yourself up the ability to be able to taste/feel/smell things again if you so choose.

That said I'm more suprised that there's not more of a way to gain just straight up invulnerability since immortality is so easy to attain. Or is doing that just as simple as gaining immunity to elements and then gaining high regeneration and some heavy DR?

>> No.53436596

>even then I'm pretty sure you can magick yourself up the ability to be able to taste/feel/smell things again if you so choose.
Considering that the loss of being able to enjoy physical stimuli is one of THE most common aspects given to liches due to losing their senses, I highly doubt that.

Being a lich sucks brah, you may as well turn yourself into an immortal toilet

>> No.53436629


>> No.53436644

Nobody cares Vult

>> No.53436654

What's the closest option I have to play as a Goliath or Half-giant?

>> No.53436659

The Half-giant race.

>> No.53436670

There's a half-giant race from DSP. It's kinda powerful and has psionic flavor but it should fit what you need.

>> No.53436718

They're actually not

>> No.53436729


>> No.53436741

has anyone fucked the thicc dragon yet

>> No.53436752

Can an assassin be played as true neutral?

>> No.53436756


Everyone has been fucked. They just aren't advertising it.

>> No.53436783

>Literally every setting that has an Archfiend associated with Lichdom, which means generally every setting ever used for D&D and PF

That's not the only way to become a Lich though. Literally nothing about "becoming" a Lich on the template page or the occult ritual for becoming one mentions an archfiend.

>> No.53436787

>Everyone's gotta eat, everyone has a job. Sadly this one is mine. Orders are orders bud, no hard feelings

>> No.53436788

IIRC, there were 4e 'Avengers' who were good aligned assassins. A neutral one shouldn't be a stretch if that was the case.

>> No.53436797

Pssh nothing personnel kid

>> No.53436805

>Orders are orders bud, no hard feelings

That's not Neutral, that's still Evil.

"I was only following orders" has been the excuse of everyone from SS Officers to Pol Pot's death squads.

>> No.53436814

And this is surprising.... Why?

>> No.53436835

i don't believe you

>> No.53436852


>> No.53436857

If by assassin you mean someone who kills stealthily for a cause, then yes. Just make him Lawful Neutral and be under orders from a legitimate authority. "I do what must be done for the good of the kingdom" etc.

If you mean assassin as just a guy who kills for money, then he should refuse to take contracts against anyone except total scumbags.

>> No.53436866

I've been informed that there are spells that can cancel regeneration. In that case what's the closest we can get to invulnerability within RAW?

>> No.53436874


>Do people actually care about your feelings when you murder them? Because I'm not sure they do.

>> No.53436877

Royal Assassin who kills targets for an LG empire/state to eliminate evil-doers.

>> No.53436915

Actually, I'm pretty sure this is any alignment. I think it comes down to how much the assassin enjoys the contract, and why they work in the field.

It's all about intention and history. Which is, of course, why alignment causes so much chaos among players.

>> No.53436926

For Starfinder classes, magic tops at 6th level spell equivalents. Higher ones are in the books, but only for ported Pathfinder classes which every GM will find suspect.

Also, it's hard for Wizards to be superior in a setting where the GM is well within his rights to say "the Gnoll takes it his Surface to Air missile and shoots you down."

>> No.53436974

New Thread

>> No.53436982

Speaking of assassins, is Legendary Assassins in either of the troves?

>> No.53437427

never heard of it

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