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Will Dues EX HR ever get updated for Mankind Divided? I remember that being something the jumpmaker intended to do.

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Asked before last thread died, but does anyone have the WoW WIP?

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This is the latest version I have.

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What jumps offer pocket dimensions or anything similar?

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Had a bit of a hiccup for a few days because of trying to arrange things for summer practicum courses. You'd think that this sort of thing would be more organized considering the clientele, but I am continually surprised. It is what it is.

We're back on track, however.

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If I make a creation with the Kaleidoscope in mind and it makes it draw power from everything constantly then grant it the power of Wishcraft, would it be Grail-kun?

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>Traitor Edition

Have you ever been the TRAITOR?

>> No.53410143

But my Traitor fighting abilities have taken me places


>> No.53410160

I always die quickly as a traitor, unless I plant C4 everywhere and take them all with me.

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Yeah, once. Not really by choice but I think it counts.

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I got that reference

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How big are 40k titans? Its hard to tell considering how all over the place the numbers I've read but I want one.

>> No.53410219

All over the place, because there are many different kinds of Titans that are different sizes.

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I Joined the rebel Alliance when they were starting up and all of them were so surprised when I told them I was actually a grand moff in the empire and good bros with Emperor Sheev and Darth Vader, The were even more surprised that I was Force sensitive and knew how to use it

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Creepypasta has one.

>> No.53410232

I believe the biggest are 50 meters tall.

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What are the essential perks for combining technology with either machine or fleshy bits?

>> No.53410371

DC Occult
Marvel Magic WIP
Generic Creepypasta
SCP Foundation
World Seed (I think)
Exalted Infernals (I think)

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In the Overwatch jump, if I take canon companions and can convince them to be my BFFs, do they live in the warehouse after I'm done there?

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They become companions. If you want more than 8 active you need something like the island from Noblesse or the Netherworld from Disgaea

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Seriously though, apologies for not answering last thread, did you want to ask something?

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Not that anon, but I have a question I posted a few threads ago if you don't mind about A Practical Guide to Evil.

Does Heroes Training necessarily a great evil in the objective sense to work? Asking because I am a great evil in my own chain.
What would happen if you stole a name using OCP abilities?

>> No.53410690

>Great Evil
I... Hm. See, it's supposed to represent how the hero has a stupidly high growth rate when they're gearing up to face down a villain. So... I'm going to say fanwank it. I'm sorry, I don't really have a better answer than that.

>OCP Name Theft
That totally happened in Canon, end of Book 2. It just gives gives you the Name and takes it away from whatever poor shmuck you just depowered.

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BLARGH. Forgot my pic.

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Reminder that CPUs are to be bullied along with Makers.

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Megas XLR

>> No.53410848

qt on the left has some nice makers

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Okay, so, I've got perks for every origin besides Astronomer and I actually can't think of anything to give them that fits and doesn't overlap with the other origins right now, so I'm just going to solicit ideas from you guys and hope I get struck by inspiration while reading related quotes about it on google. Anyone have any suggestions they think are appropriate would be helpful and appreciated.

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take perk ideas from the equipment and tools they use.
There's a mathematical filtering technique they use to make coherent images from what's essentially white noise. it's practically magic.

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Pic related.

And Compa's hilariously adorable as well!

>> No.53410960

That's waifu material right there. Oh by the way, someone posted this the other day and I thought you'd get a laugh out of it:


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Hello, I would like a question from Worm_anon
For iteractive aptitude is it one enchantment per object or can you place multiple enchantment on an object but it must be in theme.

>> No.53411105

You can add more stuff on but you're basically starting from absolute scratch with new effects, so it's a better idea to expand already present capabilities to be capable of new stuff.

And with that I gotta go to work, somebody kill me.

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>kill me
Try giving Entities fiat-restriction to OOC powers and I'm sure the thread will help you out.

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Hey, for the Injustice jump, does anyone know if you have to buy the lower tiers of powers first?

Like, do you have to buy Enhanced Durability before you buy Extreme Durability? If not, is there any benefit to buying both?

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So what are the top 3 intelligence perks in the chain?

>> No.53411378

Generator Rex's Portal Creation gives you one.

>> No.53411416

How can I get a body made out of liquid and/or slime?

>> No.53411422

Jumpers tell me, what does it mean to be a Hero?

>> No.53411484

Overlord and be a goo.
Dragonball Tournament lets you be a Majin.
Slime Rancher, I think also has an option for it.

>> No.53411494

Adventure Time and Overlord can get you that as an altform, while Slime Rancher let you become a slime hybrid.

>> No.53411512

Genius from Rick and Morty
Assorted DC intelligence perks

>> No.53411555

Hm, that's a good question. I think a Hero is someone that does the right thing and helping people. Even if it's themselves. As long as it doesn't hurt anybody or push them down.

TOME, Free Avatar feature makes you gooey if you want. TOME's a pretty underrated jump.

>> No.53411562

To be a self righteous prick

>> No.53411598

Being in the winners side, with thigh pants.

>> No.53411631

What jumps do I need to go to in order to be able to kill gods and take their power?

>> No.53411659

To force your moral decisions onto others and the world itself if at all possible. What that means depends on who you want to be a hero to.

>> No.53411674

Helping others, being fangs for the fangless, protecting people who need protection.

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>> No.53411729

Doing what's right, no matter how much you suffer for doing so. But more than that, passing it on to others. Teach others to do right, so that they can help others when you aren't there.

Help those who need help, protect those who need protecting, shelter those who need shelter. But help them stand up on their own, no one deserves to constantly cower behind someone else, everyone deserves the right to be able to stand up by them-self.

>> No.53411736

My hero academy, its even free.

>> No.53411758


That's a bit too much for the free perk given it strays real far from human anatomy. Sludge Body is a Quirk though.

>> No.53411767

Helping those who need help.

>> No.53411781

Well, just looking like slime is free, but you'd probably want the Sludge Form quirk if you want to do slime stuff. If you have CP to spare, try marrying it to Fiber Body to pull off lots of crazy shit.

>> No.53411787


Well, it'd just be cosmetic. No slime powers, everything looks like goo but parts are still differentiated like they were organs.

>> No.53411826

Ah, comprende me amigo.

>> No.53411836

Used this for previous chain but it's a dumb combo more than a perk

Blood-based body form from Darkstalkers, first thing(which might already be enough for you)

Honey blooded from Fallen London

You are now honey, also blood, slime man.

>> No.53411846

>D&D (Order of the Stick, Ravenloft, Dark Sun, Forgotten Realms, Neverwinter Nights)
--Genesis (Learnable Spell)
--Astral Plane Fortress (Item) [Order of the Stick]

>DC Occult
--Dimension Lord (Perk)

>Generic Creepypasta
--Pocket Realm (Perk)

>Generator Rex
--Portal Creation (Power)

--MystCraft (Perk)

>Exalted: Infernals
--Inner World (Perk)

>Type-Moon (Tsukihime, FATE, Fate Stay Night)
--Reality Marble (Item)

--ATerritorytocallHome (Perk)

--Frequent Flyer Miles (Perk)

>Exalted Infernals
--The Inner World (Perk)

>Anon's Guide for how to become a living universe/multiverse

>> No.53411902

whats there to do in my hero academia?

>> No.53411931

You got infernals twice.

>> No.53411948

What did you do during the Clone Wars?

>> No.53411969

I was a good friend.

>> No.53411971

Save allmight, save hero killer, heal ingenium, punch the guy who disentigrates stuff, become a hero or villain, make and sell cool gadgets, act sexy on tv for money and fame.

Also pick up midnight, she may be christmas cake but shes hot.

>> No.53411981

The same as any jump.
Go on zany adventures; try wierd and wonderful cuisine, kill everyone, see new films and read new books, meet new and interesting people and kill them.
You know, the usual.

>> No.53412006

Care to elaborate?
Friend to whom: Anakin, Obi-wan, Palpatine, who?

>> No.53412038

Is there any reason not to make the Winchesters die permanently in Supernatural? I'm skimming through the wiki and I hate them already. It seems like most bad things are caused by them, either directly or indirectly.

>> No.53412052

Oh no, you literally make almost everything better if you just off them.

>> No.53412102

There are a lot of umps that allow you to kill immortal beings, like Banner Saga, but being able to take their power is just regular power stealing, unless you're specifically trying to take their divinity.

>> No.53412131

We had this discussion a few threads back actually and you are right you pretty much save everything by killing them permanently.

>> No.53412166

>save hero killer
>punch the guy who disentigrates stuff


>> No.53412191

Thanks, didn't notice that.

>> No.53412294

post pics

>> No.53412391

So what jumps let you get power from prayer? I know of Asura's Wrath, Kamigawa, and Hyperdimension Neptunia.

>> No.53412488

Populous, and I'm fairly certain that a couple of others have something, but it escapes my memory.

>> No.53412511

There's an item in Sidereals that makes every prayer to you and your companions become crystallized in this thing you can use to make most stuff with and its cool

>> No.53412524


>Invisigirl sleeps naked

>> No.53412568

She's also 15 you fucking creep.

>> No.53412589

Warhammer 40k:Sororitas- I'm not turning myself into a woman. I've remained a man for millions of years at this point, I like being male.
Rolled for 30
Orders Militant
Free The Emperor Protects
Free Basic Training
Free Sanctioned Xeno
Free Litany of Hate
Free Rotation With The Commmissariat
Discount Seraphim
Discount Shield of Piety
Discount Wrath of the Righteous
Discount The Unforgiving Blade
Mental Fortress
Living Saint
The Piety of Seth
The Josian Campaign
Free Reliquary Filled With Miniatures
Praesidium Protectiva
Convert 100CP into 200RP

Not Your First Crusade+0- So I've done Light of Terra, I burned Commoragh to fucking ash, and I spent time as a Clown-Eldar, avoiding Tzeentch and Eldrad plots. This is gonna be a weird timeline
The Black Stain+600 FUCK OFF MIRIAEL! I'm a god damn Solitaire! Your master/mistress/whatever can't do shit!
Voices of Chaos+300- GET OUT OF MY HEAD!
Extended Service+100

Army build coming....soonish?

>> No.53412613

She also doesn't wear panties, as seen when the girls were tricked into wearing cheerleading outfits and she jumped into the air, and you saw nothing under the skirt.

>> No.53412623

Would it be any less weird if she were in her twenties though? Most jumpers are at least hundreds to thousands of years old.

>> No.53412631

Hero killer kills false heros as he sees them, but he also risks his life saving deku who he sees as a real hero. He could be saved.

Heres one of her at the sports fest.

>> No.53412649

To be fair, in her case wearing panties shows something more lewd.

>> No.53412654

>getting weirded out by attraction to underage children
>on 4chan
Every day I die a little further.

>> No.53412733

>all 4chan is /a/

>> No.53412737

3 out of 4 origins allow you to be 14 at start. By time school starts you'll be 15. Her normal costume is her stripping to just wearing boots & gloves, so she's already a streaker.

>> No.53412760

Her suit is supposed to be so sheer its almost nonexistant. Because her power requires exposed skin and because decency laws require some form of covering.

>> No.53412821

Is there any reason to ever take the Arcane or Divine Capstones in NWN? It is a decent level of casting but nothing a jumper couldn't achieve on their own relatively easily.

>> No.53412827

>implying that it isn't an anime website
>implying that it isn't owned by the japanese
>implying that any boards other than /a/ aren't shit

>> No.53412892

1 Canoness-Relic Armor, Jump Pack, Melta Bombs, Trinity Pistol, Flaming Brazier
1 Palatines- Relic Armor, Jump Pack, Melta Bombs, Trinity Pistol, Flaming Brazier
1 Command Squad- One Hospitalia, One Dialogous, one Order Militant Banner, 5 Relic Armors, 5 Melta Bombs, 5 Trinity Guns, 5 Power Swords
2 Battle Sister Squads- Melta Bomb
1 Seraphim Squad- 5 Melta Bombs
1 Retrubutor Squad- Melta Bomb, 3 Multi-Meltas, 2 Trinity Rifles
1 Chevalier Squad, 3 Storm Shields

Total-30 Sisters

Not sure how I should feel about this army. I'm sure Warhammer vets will tell me I'm stupid though.

>> No.53412912

Master of Magic, all the Exalted jumps (but mostly Sidereals with a capstone and item, or Mortals Gauntlet if you ascend into a god), Okami (i think?), and Primal Rage

>> No.53412920

No, you do need a CP bought connection to either Divine or Arcane power though to make sure your magic keeps working when you leave. Luckily the jump has a number of cheaper ways to get that.

>> No.53412937

>These are Japanese 15 years old girls

>> No.53412948

I've let some people die even when I knew they would so the plot wouldn't bellyflop. I imagine that counts.

>> No.53412970

>No invisible girl
>Or she's going skinny dipping

>> No.53413012

>Hero killer kills false heros as he sees them, but he also risks his life saving deku who he sees as a real hero. He could be saved.

He is a killer with a good ideal. And he has been killing for quite some time, maybe around when the series starts, because he had been doing it for quite some time when Black Mist contacts him. On the other hand, we don't know of Shigaraki killing anyone until a few chapters ago, and he was kidnapped and brainwashed by AfO.

I have joined many organizations just to steal from them, so I guess that a lot.

>> No.53413024

Well, yes. The part of a 15 year old's brain that assesses risk (and makes active decisions) isn't fully developed. They instead rely on the part that produces emotional response far more. Adulthood isn't arbitrary, and there's a reason adults get to decide to run off and get in over their head while kids have to be held back that isn't just us protecting the next generation. It's that they're even less equipped than an adult with a similar level of experience to actual think about what they're doing.

Aka, a teenager will run off with some interdimensional hottie they just met because they want to, an adult will realize just how far they are in over their head and make a decision to do so anyway.

>> No.53413044

Charisma Overrules everything.

>> No.53413071

This assumes that everyone matures at a similar rate. I've met people who were insanely mature and rational at a young age, and I've met far more who never matured even into their 30s and 40s. People are strange.

>> No.53413085


That's not how biology works.

>> No.53413110

It's best to assume the average, than to assume everyone is an outlier.
I experience synesthesia on a "regular" basis, I have for most of my life. I'm just wired oddly, most people don't experience synesthesia.

There ARE outliers NuBee, but they are just that, outliers. Oddities. Abnormalities.

>> No.53413120

That's exactly how biology work; it's a crapshoot.

>> No.53413163

I've no idea what average is like, I've never met anyone who was average. Likewise with normal. I don't think they exist. I think some people may approach the statistical average, but on the whole average is rather mythical. If I met someone who appeared to be perfectly average, I would probably be muchly confused.

>> No.53413243

I don't think you know what an Average is.

5 and 10 together makes an Average of 7.5, neither of them is a 7.5

Likewise 5, 9, and 10 is an average of 8

>> No.53413253

How do Space Marines compare to someone advanced in the use of the Hercules Method?

>> No.53413287

Could Iterative Imrpovement be used to enchant a statue to be sentient and loyal to me?

>> No.53413288

Pfft. That's great.

>> No.53413297


Hercules Method is going to leave you significantly stronger than any non-Primarch.

Their power armour is going to make them very tough, and strong enough to fight back - but it doesn't give them the sheer agility possible.

Their weapons, of course, are easily destructive enough to kill a Method user.

You could probably equate them to that old Viking practitioner in terms of durability.

>> No.53413305

I know what average is, it's a construct that is derived from reality. However, it isn't reality.

>> No.53413316


Alright, I think it's finished.

I've done work on Factorio, here is a WIP.

Can I get some ideas from anyone who's played the game?


>> No.53413320

Tell me jumpers... of your legend.
Give to me your story, your tale, the essence of the character you have built.

Where did they come from? What was their beginnings? Where did they end? And how did they eventually die or fade away?

Give me your story so I may record it forever more.

>> No.53413345

If you take Synesthesia and end up involved with the plot, I have to imagine interactions with her are consistently awkward.

>> No.53413357

Go away squiddy.

>> No.53413358

The Jumper has no beginning. The Jumper has no end. They exist as a paradox. They're endless and finite at the same time.

>> No.53413373

What's the reasoning for the mandatory drawbacks?

>> No.53413391


>> No.53413407

>Mandatory drawbacks that directly put you on grave danger for no reason

Yeah, good luck having anyone jumping that.

>> No.53413414

A fully armed and armored Astartes would be about even with a naked and reasonably "talented" student when it comes to the odds of victory against each other.

A bolter would be able to kill a student no question but if a student gets close power armor only means it takes a little longer for the student to kill them. The question of the battle is whether or not the space marine can hit the student before the student closes whatever distance lies between them.

Even weak students like Binder or Librarian can doge bullets though so the outlook might actually be worse than I expect for the astartes.

>> No.53413436

Destroyer of Worlds, Decade! What is reflected in his eyes as he crosses the infinite worlds?

Decade is a wanderer, a drifter who gave up his home in exchange for power. He is a man (and sometimes a woman) who chases the stars in the sky to reach out to the one who gave him this potential, reaching to heaven while she reaches for Earth.

He walks the Path of Heaven. All Jumpers are travelers and dreamers. He is, at once, a destroyer of 'what is' and 'what should be', fighting against whole worlds and their narrative to both survive and thrive in billions among billions of worlds.

The Destroyer of Worlds, Decade.

He's also a dork who has no idea what he's doing, but everyone who sees him from the outside is convinced he's either the harbinger of the apocalypse or a wandering hero.

>> No.53413448

Oh neat she has hair with those big curls on the end.

>> No.53413462

Okay no, the mandatory drawback thing is bad on two levels. One, unavoidable 300 CP worth of problems is a death-or-worse sentence for anyone taking this as their first jump. Two, it means you're functionally starting off with 1300 CP, and can only gain 300 CP in drawbacks which limits build variety.

Just...forget about the mandatory drawback thing as a concept, it really smacks of being too meta. They do work fine as ordinary 300 CP drawbacks, and the jump looks alright otherwise.

>> No.53413487

I'm going to eat that pumpkin

>> No.53413515

Those Mandatory Drawbacks are bad. Like, really bad. I can't believe you would think making power sealing or personality altering drawbacks mandatory is somehow acceptable.

>> No.53413595

Noice. Do you get the points for the mandatory perks?

>> No.53413632


>> No.53413645



>> No.53413665

Do not.

I will force the thread to accept potatoes just so I can punch you.

>> No.53413675

Why not make World limited and Laws of Narrative Drama non-mandatory for SUEs?

>> No.53413707

The sweet juicy taste of awoo running down your throat is delicious.

>> No.53413714

Then I too shall eat the pumpkin.

Purely to spite you.

>> No.53413734

Do it, and then everyone will eat them.

And even if you don't, I will still do it.

>> No.53413741

>implying I haven't been in the processs of eating the pumpkin while writing this very post
>implying cub-pumpkins don't have the tenderest flesh

>> No.53413754

I'm going to put my fingers inside of any pumpkins you happen to be near

>> No.53413762

I...am inclined to agree that choosing from a +300 mandatory drawback list for just existing is also bad. Also you should probably improve the formatting. The random spaces everywhere personally bugs the heck out of me.

What the fuck are you going to do with my life story? You can do a lot of dangerous stuff with someone's history if you have the right magic.

>> No.53413808

>Thinking you can hurt the pumpkin and get away with it

>> No.53413824

A God that comes from a world far away, descended onto the dying world to create a utopia.

But that God came too soon and was powerless, he brought no gifts nor knowledge of their fate.

One girl communicated with this God, and gave him companionship.

And so, the God was determined to answer their prayers as best as it can.

But he could do nothing, and so the planet was gone and with it, the hope of those aboard the Ark drifted into the vast void of space.

The girl too was gone along with the planet, but the God did not grieve, for he knows where she is.

He helped to ease the suffering aboard the Ark, but man was still divided by their differences.

The God later left the Ark and promised to one day return to save those aboard the Ark.

People call this God... Earthes.

Yes this is pretty bad, I'm aware.

>> No.53413840

>This summer the Lorax is back
>And he's ready to kill

>> No.53414004

So, there's these two groups of entities who can basically walk around the multiverse and peak into them. There's more than two groups, but they basically fall into two camps: Those that want to widen the multiverse and those that want to narrow it. They can manipulate some shit, but mostly they need permission from the universes themselves to make actual edits, and whose permission they need and what edits they can make varies widely depending on the universe. And both sides believe they're eventually going to fight.

So, what is a spark? It's a powerful energy source that lets you travel between multiverses. It can be shaped by the will of it's user to do any number of things. It's attached to a person. And a war needs soldiers that can act independently of their more-powerful-but-differently-limited masters.

Jumpchain is boot camp for something bigger later on. My jumper's legend hasn't even begun.

>> No.53414012

It's Garfield from Fist of the B0rf Star

>> No.53414033

"Oh, 'im? Been here near three seasons, he has. E don't say much, just kinda sulks in that corner over there. Sometimes disappears for weeks then comes walkin' back inter tha village. Never quite got a straight answer as to what's he do fer coin, but there's lotsa rumors. Most think he's some sort of adventurer. I'm not too sure a that, myself. Fer one, he don't drink. Fer second, he don't got armor or sword or nuffing. He could be one of them magic whatsits, but he don't wear robes, see? He do talk a lot of nonsense to some people sometimes, though. Thirdly and lastly, Adventurers come in groups, see? He don't. Day's end, we're not quite sure what he be, but probably armless enough."
- Patron at the local inn, Greenvale Village

>> No.53414277

I'll preface this by saying that the question from a few threads ago about hard math has prompted me to fully flesh out the process of making my matrioshka brain inspired computer system and its capabilities. As such I have a few questions.

First, do we have any material that is exceptionally good at being used as a processor?

Do we have anything that would help make machines grow like organisms?

Assuming I have things like the SimAnts School for Ants perk and a few intelligence perks, what would be a reasonable size for a miniature supercomputer on par with the best in the real world using mundane materials? I've been thinking something like 5 square feet.

Lastly, does anyone else have some hard math writefagging that I can look at?

>> No.53414370

Would it be worth trying to convince them to start using the Method?

>> No.53414402

Yes but you'll need to be careful with that, the method would probably increase the rate at which Astartes fall to Khorne.

>> No.53414516

>Moralfagging on 4chan.
She aint even a loli and you whiners are throwing a fit? Learn where you are.

Though people keep telling me that this community is mostly filled with off-siters, and I can believe it with posts like this.

>> No.53414574

>Hercules Method is going to leave you significantly stronger than any non-Primarch.
How stronk are Primarchs?

>> No.53414605

It varies. Primarchs like Magnus and Vulkan can wrestle with dragons and orks the size of Titans.

>> No.53414608

>Khorne learns about THE METHOD
>Suddenly misc. gifts of brass weapons, mutations and antimagic keep showing up whenever you go into battle
>His mortal champions show up on your doorstep demanding you train them into martial perfection or die trying
>His daemons start hailing you as Khorne's newest avatar in the materium

You have to be careful abuot using the Method in 40k, psychic meme magic is dangerous stuff

>> No.53414627

In Kotor I was a force-sensitive mandalorian and helped reestablish my clan in the Hapes Cluster, overthrowing the fledgling Hapes Consortium and sealing the borders ~960 years ahead of schedule.

3000 years later I return not long after the Mandalorian Civil War and reassume the mantle of Mandalore. Assembling the clans of the Hapes Cluster I launched an assualt on Mandalore Space while occupying the Brental system, holding the students of the Republic Futures Program hostage, and blockading the Perlemian Trade Route and the Hydian Way hyperlanes. Being pacifists the New Mandalorian security forces were quickly overwhelmed and their government dismantled.

The Old Republic was not prepared for conflict, it's defense forces were poorly funded and spread across the galaxy while a failing government scrambled with how to respond. In a round of negotiations I demanded that all of Mandalorian Space would become my sovereign territory in exchange for ceasing the occupation of Brentaal IV, the blockade, and letting the Republic claim they rescued the hostages in a rescue mission. It didn't take too long for them to agree to the terms.

The ramifications of the Brentaal Conflict were further loss of faith in the Old Republic government, a resurgent Mandalorian Empire on the doorstep of 2 of the 5 major hyperlanes, and large increase in military spending by the senate. Palpatine was able to use the fear of Mandalore to push military expenditures and build a defense force to guard the borders of our space. This resulted in higher taxes and costs on member worlds which created more discontent and helping the rise of the Confederacy. I

Much like in the canon Clone War the Mandalorians kept out of the war for the most part, mercenary groups being the exception. It wasn't until late in the second year that we sided with the Republic. Given our history of killing Jedi, Palpatine covertly hires us as Jedi Hunters and assassinate troublesome individuals.

Oya Manda!

>> No.53414635

Code Lyoko, Star Trek, 40k, Transformers, or Halo.

>Techno-organic machines
Star Trek or Ben 10.

>reasonable size for a miniature supercomputer
Get the miniaturization Tinker ability from Worm and/or SCP-914. You could probably make supercomputers the size of wristwatches.

Alternatively DC/Young Justice has Motherboxes and Reach Scarabs witch are incredibly powerful and compact computer devices.

>> No.53414657

Pumpkins really are great. They're really good for pastries and baked goods too, and the seeds are just as good as sunflower seeds.

>> No.53414692

Jumpers, which specific perks or powers would make each of the Chaos gods instantly adopt you as one of their champions?

>> No.53414701

>miniature supercomputer on par with the best in the real world using mundane materials?
No, full stop. It is an actual physical impossibility, transistors are already so small that you can't really get that much computing power into such a small device without fantastic materials or methods.

You would have to resort to physics defying super science, fantastic materials, tech miniaturization perks, or just flat out inventing a new and incomparably different form of computer to get what you want.

In the case of that last one you could certainly do it if you are smart enough but at that point it will probably be so far beyond what we have today that the comparison is pointless anyway, otherwise just go full scifi.

>> No.53414706

I think one of them got punted onto a planet and into lava as an infant.

>> No.53414721

Vulkan is literally unkillably immortal, so I dunno how much you want to lean on his feats of endurance. He's bullshit tough, that's part of who he is, but he also can't die at all so the line is hard to find.

>> No.53414728

I thought he was a giant nerd mage. He's also one of the physically strongest?

>> No.53414734

>specific perks or powers
Nothing specific but I get the idea that any late chain jumper would immediately have all 4 fighting over them unless the jumper has a way of hiding from them.

>> No.53414751

They came from somewhere long since lost to them, and began and ended in obscurity.
You might still see them, but only as a shadow of who they once were.

>> No.53414753

In addition to being a giant nerd mage, Magnus is also the tallest and physically largest primarch. He's completely /fitlit/, and in addition to that, he can use his powers to make himself grow even larger. Magnus can be as big as he wants and go all Attack on Titan on your ass.

>> No.53414771

When did fighting just become a tiresome hassle you had to deal with?

>> No.53414773

He is the second strongest individual psyker in the setting, he could easily use his power to augment his physical strength enough to rip an Emperor Titan in half.

Also he is fuck huge.

>> No.53414785


Calling it "The Khorne Method" wouldn't be inaccurate.

I don't see it going well, at least without a specific training regimen to specifically overcome the murder urge.

>> No.53414793

>I've been thinking something like 5 square feet.
You mean cubic feet?

Anyway, with the SimAnt perk. That's... pretty damn large for a single supercomputer, sized down to ant-scale.

I don't know the size of real world supercomputers, but I doubt they're something like more than a thousand feet high and wide on the sides?

He's... saying he's using a tech miniaturization perk. School For Ants, from SimAnt.

So yeah, physics defying.

>> No.53414803

>Thinking we won't discover superior materials as time goes on.

>> No.53414817

>at least without a specific training regimen to specifically overcome the murder urge.
It's not even that hard, though. The Librarian just shows up to try and fuck people over and ruin their lives to make them serial killers.

>> No.53414824

Isn't that the plot behind the BC jump?

>> No.53414852

I don't think so but someone should suggest that to Red, as a scenario if nothing else.

>> No.53414861

Just to make it clear, mundane doesn't mean transistors. We're already seeing a movement away from them now as we find more efficient systems, and quantum computing is only a few decades away, if even that.

I did indeed mean cubic, and also forgot just how bullshit powerful the SimAnt perk is. Modern supercomputers tend to take up spaces that are like, I don't know, 200x500x10 or something going on a rough estimate from just pictures I've seen, but most of that is empty space

>> No.53414878

Quantum computing is like nuclear fusion. We're oh so close to it, true. We have been for a long time. It's just that it turns out to be harder than we thought so we're moving in increments instead of leaps and bounds.

>> No.53414893


Throw in Pym Particles and you can basically scale it down to whatever size you want.

As for processor materials, I can't think of anything - ultimately you'd want some kind of reality warping. Because as another anon pointed out, we're already at the point where quantum effects are becoming a hard cap on traditional design.

The best material would probably be anything that enhances magic, for use in enchantments that boost computational power. Songstone compounds would also be good, because they don't technically care about quantum effects - they run on a totally different set of physics. Fiat probably makes that work out fine.

>> No.53414932

We already have them, anon. They're just prohibitively expensive

>> No.53414946

And we can create nuclear fusion, it's just unrealistic to contain it in a reactor.

>> No.53414984

Really after my second durability perk. After that, offensive capabilities be damned, anyone who wasn't pulling shonen bullshit out of their ass just couldn't do a lot to me. Which really did mean it was just a tiresome hassle, particularly because I couldn't do your pic related.

It meant every fight I didn't come pre-prepared for became like that one fight scene from They Live!

This is what happens when you focus solely on defense.

>> No.53414989


Luther was already well on his way to becoming a serial killer, even without the Librarian forcing the issue. As soon as he started that vigilante gig, it was inevitable.

If anything, the Librarian saved Luther. And it still took years for him to find a better way.

Space Marines are actively encouraged to murder and hate the enemies of man.

>> No.53415034

4chins has been getting less tolerant of lolis lately, even on /a/. No fucking idea why.

>> No.53415043

We don't even have anything to function as short term memory storage for qbits, until we have something to take the place of ram they'll be fairly pointless. Also quantum computers are likely to never be a consumer thing because they require a fuckload of radiation shielding, and super cooling.

>> No.53415051

What's that red thing?

>> No.53415061

IIRC we broke power-neutral with fusion reactors a couple years ago.

>> No.53415063

A headband.

>> No.53415066

Normalfags. They've been invading the site for a while.

What I'm shocked by in this particular case is that they are complaining about a teenager, not even a loli.

>> No.53415083

Personally, I think that nanomechanical computers are likely to be the next big thing, not quantum computing. The reason transistors can only get so small is because of quantum tunneling making it impossible to keep electrons from jumping between circuits, short-circuiting is inevitable. But the stuff that's been done with carbon nanotube memory storage and computation doesn't have that limitation, if we can get the price of mechanosynthesis down (which people are working on for a bunch of other reasons, too) it could be a way to keep progressing with Moore's Law until we hit thermodynamic limits.

>> No.53415094

>I did indeed mean cubic, and also forgot just how bullshit powerful the SimAnt perk is. Modern supercomputers tend to take up spaces that are like, I don't know, 200x500x10 or something going on a rough estimate from just pictures I've seen, but most of that is empty space
Yeah, the SimAnt perk is hilariously bullshit when you stop and think about it. I love it.

Using your numbers, we get a supercomputer size of only about 0.0035 cubit feet.

It's tiny.

>> No.53415106

To be fair, BC part 1 is basically their sales pitch to see which one you tag in with or if you go Undivided. It's better than blowing up a bunch of resources before they even know which one you're going to go with. Plus I'm shitty at scenario writing.

The sheer RAGE will be if you went Loyalist.

>> No.53415122

Pretty early, I suppose. I had too many regeneration, durability perks and inmmunities to be harmed in anyway and had enough variety on belt to push OCP through any enemy.

That's why I started focusing on Charisma perks after that, and let my techy companions work their magic on me to work on the durability and combat power.

>> No.53415135

Yeah, the National Ignition Facility got positive net power out of fusion reactions back in 2013. The problem is that the temperatures you need for net power production cause the reactor to break down pretty fast. So it's not viable as an energy source yet. At this point the goal isn't power production, it's sustained power production.

>> No.53415136


Are you going to include that army thing that val has in her war hammer jumps, please?

>> No.53415141

Huh. Cute.

I wonder if she can see herself. If you go with invisibility you can see one another.

>> No.53415183

Time to start spamming Assimilation from Worm now.

>> No.53415199

Let me think about that.


>> No.53415239

You could say it in a less mean way, Red.

>> No.53415245

Probably after Generic Xanxia to be honest. I spent the entire jump getting attacked by Fook Yu constantly and having to defend a nature preserve from other cultivators. Shit helped make me pretty strong, but now I'm just so irritated at the concept of people becoming stronger for their own personal gain and fighting as a whole.

>> No.53415269

Well, if you're going to Worm anyway... why not stack Miniaturization & Efficiency onto it too, for even more ludicrous miniaturization?

>> No.53415284

Someone's feeling a bit sensitive.

>> No.53415295

> taking Chaos with you on multiversal adventures

>> No.53415302

I've been on 4chan over a decade. If you have an actual point, get off your high horse and make it. I have no problem with Manyfist jerking it to invisible teenagers, but saying that teenagers and adults are on the same mental level was inaccurate, even in the capacity of comparing them to someone who is a few millenia older.

I have perks that prevent things from being a tiresome hassle. I don't generally leave them on, though. It never really did, though. They're either serious or chances to play with people.

>> No.53415314

Probably around jump 4-ish?

When I got some durability enough that fighting was unlikely to get me killed. No struggle for survival anymore, and I usually don't enjoy it either, so... tiresome hassle it is.

>> No.53415315




I would have thought a follower of slanessh would be all over my idea

>> No.53415319

Through your companions, right? 'Cause as far as I know you can only have one 'parahuman' power per person in that setting. Am I wrong?

>> No.53415340 [SPOILER] 

I'm no hero. Heroes save people.

>> No.53415341

Eh, I can understand and somewhat agree with her decision, but you don't need to be passive aggressive about it.
I know thread can be a bitch sometimes and all, but still.

>> No.53415366

The point is not to moralfag about teenage anime waifus on 4chan. If you've been here for over a decade then I find it hard to believe that this is something that bothers you.

>> No.53415367

Correct on both counts.

>> No.53415368

Sacrificial Bestowment, anons have been using it to get all their favorite Worm powers for a while now. Takes a while but the results are well worth it.

>> No.53415380

It's not a moral point, it's a logical one.

>> No.53415391

Sacrificial Bestowment ?

>> No.53415437

Yes, your moral crusade on fictional characters is super logical, sure.

>> No.53415439

>Not getting Complete Arsenal and emulating all the powers at their starting level in a few hundred years
Doing things with Sacrificial Bewtowment always feels kinda dirty.

>> No.53415446

Kind-a sort-a. I mean, there's no reason why you couldn't manage to link your shard to a bunch of others to gain multiple powers. Shards are meant to connect together into something bigger, after all, the Entities are descended from colonial organisms. But you'd have to figure out how to do that yourself, somehow, they don't come pre-assembled.

>> No.53415456

Teenagers and adults aren't on the same mental level. Teenagers do not have a developed brain like adults do.

This is not a moral issue, I am stating basic biological facts.

>> No.53415463

>Plus I'm shitty at scenario writing.
How can this even be hard? It's literally just write a couple sentences and tack on a reward.

>> No.53415467

Perk from SMT, temporarily weaken one of your powers to permanently give it to someone else, give it to a companion whose powers you want (either through Sacrificial Bestowment or another power sharing perk) and then have them use it to give you their power.

Note that the recipient of a power given through Sacrifical Bestowment does not gain the power at full strength at first, it takes time for it to reach full power depending on the strength of the power being given and how often it is used.

>> No.53415475

Are you serious? How long have you been here for? Have you yet to see how rude people can be here? This is nothing in comparison to real rudeness.

>passive aggressive
You're being oversensitive.

>> No.53415486

They're not real, anon. You are on 4chan and arguing against 90% of all anime characters on a website where obsessing over cute anime girls is part of the culture.

>> No.53415508

A perk in Shin Megami Tensei. If you get the capstone booster it lets you share powers with people by temporarily weakening that power for a few months and budding the lost strength off into a little worm monster called a Magatama (after the amulet used in many practices of Shinto) that burrows into their brain. Over time and with repeated use, the Magatama will first fully integrate into them and dissolve away, and then the powers can slowly grow to the same strength as what you originally had. It takes a variable amount of time depending on the ability, though, and very strong ones can take decades or even centuries.

>> No.53415539

>Are you serious? How long have you been here for? Have you yet to see how rude people can be here? This is nothing in comparison to real rudeness.

Nigga you need to learn to take a joke. Would you have preferred me making a paragraph about it?, It's just a silly reply anon, nothing more nothing less

>> No.53415540

That doesn't make it okay. By your logic, unwilling human sacrifice by cultures that practice it makes it makes it okay.

>> No.53415555

Funny story, I don't know yet.

>> No.53415559

As I understand it, the primary problems with getting more than the fiat power from worm is the need for lots of infrastructure, the lack of fiat backing and the transportation.
If you have lots of reverse engineering, and pocket dimension or two, maybe some miniturisation perks, you have at least a foundation to work off of to get more. You can just copy or steal the existng shards, removing or reducing the reverse engineering need.
Although, i don't see anything like that as being practical for less than a late-jump jumper, who may not see parahuman powers as being much of a prize, and have better transhumanism options than entity-emulation and as such would have little motivation to do it.

>> No.53415564

>the capstone booster
No it is the basic form of the perk, the capstone booster is creating candles that temporarily give powers but they start out at full strength.

Which I just realized I could use to give Sacrificial Bestowment to companions without waiting for them to reach full power with it.

>> No.53415598

Just in case it wasn't obvious, this is me saying: thank you for being a cryptic mess and laughably expecting other people to read your thoughts instead of what you actually type. Dumbass.

>> No.53415623

So it is. Sorry, I got confused, I remembered it being the other way around with the temporary effect being the basic one. Which makes more sense, to me. Permanent transfer has greater utility, should cost more. Ah, well, I didn't take it anyway so it doesn't matter in the end.

>> No.53415634

First of all, that's not how you spell slaanesh. It's two a's, one s. I don't know why this bothers me.

Second, fooling with chaos is never a good idea. Never ever. You can still do it, but you'll always be a person who makes bad decisions.

Sometimes bad decisions are fun, tho.

>> No.53415657

How is correcting someone on an error they made in a comparison based on morals? Again, I don't care about who Manyfist's jumper is banging this week. They made a general argument on whether or not ten years made a difference in the context of fucking someone thousands of years older, and in this case it did, solely because the example they used was fifteen versus mid-twenties. You're the weirdo that seems obsessed with the morality of the situation.

>> No.53415668


>> No.53415679

>That doesn't make it okay
They're not real. You using a real life analogy just further shows you can't separate fiction from reality.

>Respond to a moralist point trying to support it.
>Totally not a moralist tho

>> No.53415698

But does it give you sweet glowing tattoos?

>> No.53415702

My personal plan is to assimilate the shards directly into my being. Not just having a connection to them, upload my mind into them (which will transfer my identity and consciousness instead of just make a copy thanks to various perks I have), take over the enormous chunk of alien crystalline biocomputer through substantial amounts of hacking and assimilation perks, and then draw more shards to me to repeat the process until I'm an Entity. Then just compact myself down into something human sized through The Idiot Magician Is Your Friend so I don't have to project an avatar like Zion or Eden do. I'll probably have to target Jack Slash and Glaistig Uaine to gain access to the Broadcast and Retrieval shards to get started, though, which should make this a hefty challenge even if I can manage the shard-assimilation part in the first place.

>> No.53415717

>a couple of sentences
Then it's not really a scenario, is it? It's just a condition or drawback. I'd consider a scenario to be longer than that.

>> No.53415741

Are the glowing tattoos part of the power you want to give/receive with it? If yes then yes if no then no.

>> No.53415747

The jump doesn't say anything about that, no. I don't think anyone will mind if you want it to replicate the Demi-Fiend's tats, though, those are awesome.

>> No.53415810

What jump are we talking about again?

>> No.53415824

>Just in case it wasn't obvious, this is me saying: thank you for being a cryptic mess and laughably expecting other people to read your thoughts instead of what you actually type. Dumbass

That's hilarious coming from you considering all I typed was one word and that got you upset because you overthought it


Get some anti corruption perks and have a ball playing in the warp maybe get some demon royalty perks and stack up on perks that make you good in bed and challenge slaanesh, Or maybe I was going to stay loyal. Eh whatever one allows me to fulfill my goals

>> No.53415829

Only if you give them demon powers from the SMT jump itself (demifiend tats come with a neck-horn too), or if the tattoos are part of the power.

>> No.53415848

>The Idiot Magician Is Your Friend
That overall sounds like a cool and sound plan to get powers for days. But could you remind me where you get this perk from, please?

>> No.53415859

Bartimaeus, probably.

>> No.53415924

You better stack some mind guard perks while you're at it if you're going that route. Slaanesh is canonically so beautiful that people who look directly at his face are mind raped into absolute loyalty.

>> No.53415957

>No Dark Messiah of Might and Magic with a free succubus waifu.

>> No.53415994

You are a irredemable idiot.
>Hurr da hurr, how funny you actually read what I typed and thought I meant what I typed, when in reality I'm actually a big liar.
>How funny you actually think I am a sincere human being rather than a piece of shit.
Do you even realise what a mockery your position is. You are trying to defend yourself to begin with by sayiing that you said something other than what you meant, and that I should have telepathically, or perhaps by a oujia board, divined your true meaning; and now you are descending into trying to mock me for actually daring to assume that you aren't full of shit.
I could not insult you worse than what you are doing to yourself. *slow clap* Bravo. Dumbass.

>> No.53416008

>demon royalty perks
Darkstalkers has an item for that, as does Demon Myouu (?) (The one about a big-ttied demon king with a lot of economics), Seven Deadly Sins. There are probably more, but those are off the top of my head.

I don't normally like tattoos, but that looks amazing.

>> No.53416044

>Then it's not really a scenario, is it? It's just a condition or drawback.
How is it not a scenario? The standard for a scenario is a paragraph at most. This has been the standard since Cats introduced scenarios in the Elder Scrolls and Harry Potter jumps.

>> No.53416045

>You better stack some mind guard perks while you're at it if you're going that route. Slaanesh is canonically so beautiful that people who look directly at his face are mind raped into absolute loyalty.

I was thinking about that as well as getting that perk from Rasario Vampire that makes it impossible for you to be seduced. And with all those bedroom perks and a few beauty perks combined with sweet sweet candy from futurama I'll give Slaanesh such a mind blowing one night stand that they'll never get over it and always come trying to crawl back to me

>Darkstalkers has an item for that, as does Demon Myouu (?) (The one about a big-ttied demon king with a lot of economics), Seven Deadly Sins. There are probably more, but those are off the top of my head.

Thanks anon



>> No.53416065

Argh, don't you just hate people like that?! Those who try to mock you for your understanding of their point , when that's what they damn well typed. But, no, it's something completely different and somehow /you're/ the idiot for not realising.
Don't let it get under your skin, anon, chances are you'll encounter it more if you stay on 4chan.

Would willpower perks do, or are there some dedicated perks for that sort of thing?

>> No.53416076

How did you go about assimilating all those shards?

>> No.53416083

Dude, c'mon. Don't emote on an imageboard. That's what images are for. Look, I'll even spot you one.

>> No.53416086


Maoyuu Hero and Demon King.

>> No.53416119

You could probably just do it with size-shifting, dimensional travel, and a perk that allows you to acquire biological abilities.

>> No.53416162

Oh yeah, I know. I was just asking which specific perks he used to absorb the shards. Like, I know that many of them exist, but with about 800 jumps it gets hard to remember in which jumps they actually are.

>> No.53416170

I would hate to assume that you actually meant 'rude' since according to you, it could mean so many other things. Please, translate. Not everyone can understand the language of contrarian stupidity.
While you're at it, what does 'thank you' mean. I wouldn't want to assume that you are actually thanking me, given how odd you are.

I really need to build up a little library of appropriate images, just for that. Thanks anon.

Thanks, that name escaped me. I could have sworn it started 'demon'.

Prototype I would imagine would be good for that. Phyrexia after it's finished probably would have somethign also.

>> No.53416171

If /a/ is better, feel free to head on back there

>> No.53416183


Again thanks anon



>> No.53416192

I really doubt willpower alone would cut it, seeing as it's known to fell even high end imperium soldiers at glance, and those boys got willpower if nothing else.

Nah you're definitely gonna have to shoot for straight up immunity perks, probably from three or four different sources just so you have a good spread of effects.

>> No.53416194

No problem. I'm a complete weeb, need to use my knowledge for good once in a while.

>> No.53416197


>The standard for a scenario is a paragraph at most. This has been the standard since Cats introduced scenarios in the Elder Scrolls and Harry Potter jumps.
>mfw a single paragraph is "standard"

>> No.53416216


>> No.53416253

Weren't "secret endings" proto-Scenarios? How far down does the rabbit hole go?

>> No.53416270


>> No.53416277

I am so sorry, I didn't realise I was arguing with someone with mental handicaps. You take care of yourself and I hope you get better soon (assuming your condition can get better).

>straight up immunity
I can't think of a single one of the top of my head. Any ideas?

>> No.53416297

Don't hate me. I wanted to like the cool kids.

>> No.53416301

Great detective. Blunt object

>> No.53416307

>Phyrexia after its finished
one day, anon
One day
I'll get back to it next week once exams are over

>> No.53416311

Should I go maximum sisters of battle and then corrupt them all to chaos when BC comes out?

>> No.53416320

They can't steal your soul if you don't have a soul.

>> No.53416331

Not meaning to put you under any pressure.
But I won't lie: I am super looking forward to it.
Good luck on your exams.

That would be terrible.
Do eeiit
Maximum Heresey!!!

>> No.53416333


Thank you red, Your name as well as the others will be given to the Emperor as one who helped me lay a chaos god and having them groveling at the feet of one of the Emperor's Angels



>> No.53416345

Hey all, just wanted to put a link up her to get feedback: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c5BszBgGkqsh41cOYzFUn3Va2kPx-HBokjYnSkeLJjU/edit?usp=sharing

this is my mostly done Bastard!! Jumpchain. I think an Anon posted it here a few days ago. I want to get some of your feedback so I can post it on the /tg/ Jumpchain Google Drive.

>> No.53416373


>> No.53416377

Where is your name from? It sounds like the MC of that RR fic.

>> No.53416382

/tg/ drive is for /tg/. Put it on your own drive.
wait a second, am I being rused?

>> No.53416401

Anon, being racist is no longer popular. Now you are supposed to fuck young boys.

>> No.53416419

Well, right up there >>53416045 suggests a perk from Rosario Vampire that makes you immune to seduction. Definitely pick that up. I know there are immunity perks for mind control, though I can't remember where they're picked up offhand. Maybe pick up one of those soul guard perks like from Ghost Rider or Castlevania while you're at it.

One of the big problems is that I'm not aware that there's any focus on how that happens. It's just "you looked at his face" and bam, you're done.
Which, granted, you're probably not meant to actually face Slaanesh under normal circumstances in the actual game.

So other than some obvious picks, what it ultimately comes down to in the end is, "At what point do you feel confident walking up to a god who passively mind rapes the people who look at him into turbosluts?"

>> No.53416453

You already know the answer. It's heresy. Delicious, delicious heresy.

So of course you should! ...Don't bother waiting for BC to start on the corruption though. Corrupt your sisters today.

>> No.53416457

Okay, here's the next version of A Super Mario Thing. I tried to address all of the concerns brought up the last time. Please let me know where to go from here.

>> No.53416482


>> No.53416488

So... can we get a changelog?

>> No.53416496

Well, yeah, but then you wouldn't have a soul. Seems like a steep price for a situational benefit.

Thanks, anon.

>"At what point do you feel confident walking up to a god who passively mind rapes the people who look at him into turbosluts?"
I hate to say it, but if there is any perk that deals with this, I'd bet money it's in a lewd jump, like a QQ lewd jump.

You poor dear.

I'll be honest, it needs some work.
Great on the whole, but there are some bits that need work. Some of it just wierd formatting, like the ranks being a little jarring where they are; I'd recommend them going into the notes rather than the main body. Also, I felt the items and whether they were in any way blocked by the whole Portions-business wasn't clear. A little comment just making that clear would be good.
Thanks by the way for making this, I love Bastard! and have been looking forward to someone making one for a while. Ifmy plate hadn't been full with RL and other projects, I might have given a stab at it myself. Probably would have made a mess of it though.
Good work, Statera.

We are all /tg/. One big happy family. Come, let me give you a cuddle...

>> No.53416539


more people see tg. It is the main repository for jumps and I want my jump to be there b/c I think people will like it.

>> No.53416557


>> No.53416574

Looks alright. Definitely needs some formatting. You tripped me up with the insect man thing though, since it is more prominent in the notes than where you buy it. So I think you should put some more text for it in the perk, just to make it more obvious.

I'm also not too sure on the pricing of things but I'll let someone else take that one.

>> No.53416588

>more people see /tg/

Why the fuck is this mindset a fucking thing.

this is a goddamn power-fantasy point-build setting-ruining e-peen-measuring argumentative reject of a hobby.


>> No.53416602

Get fucked, /tg/-anon who claimed it.

>> No.53416612

pride in making something? Even if it's as you say a "reject of a hobby" it's still fun and some of us put A LOT of work into it. Mostly since we're jackasses but regardless.

>> No.53416633

was there one?

>> No.53416644

It's the kind of hobby that makes even your D&D-playing father shake his head in disappointment.

>> No.53416650

Honestly I had trouble with the insect man b/c it is sorta weird and not well explained in the manga.

it's a thing b/c the tg drive has 99% of all of the jumps

>> No.53416680

yup, basically I made a thing, and I hope people enjoy it

>> No.53416685

Calm down, Timmy. Your hateboner for all we are and stand for is showing.
We are you even here if you think like this? Oh, yeah, because you are pathetic, hateful and worse, incompetant. You've tried for years to bring us down and we are atill here and growing. You fuckup.

Don't lie. Alternatively offer proof.

>> No.53416714

Hey Red can companions use the customization tables in your jumps?

I don't mean the virus customization in RE, but stuff like the weapon customization in Bayonetta and the armor customization in MCU part 2.

Can companions import weapons into Bayonetta? The import cost 50 CP and it says that companions can only spend there's on perks, but my companions each have there own unique weapons and it feels kind of lopsided that I'm the only one to get an import.

>> No.53416728


>> No.53416731

Let's see...

I changed some of the item prices, and I moved the Koopa items into the right place of the list.

I adjusted Time Out to covering only 1 second of immunity.

I adjusted Super Demo 128 to make it more reasonable for the given price.

I changed Heir to the Munchiness so you can only stay in the immune form for 24 hours at most, and then you'll have to wait a month before using it again. Plus, I specified that you can use no attacks when in that form.

I made it so that targeted people know about the screen barrier in Screen Cap and only suffer damage when out of bounds.

I changed One Touch to make it tougher to depower/armor stronger opponents.

I clarified that both Similar Powers and Enemy Swap are limited to Mario levels of power.

I made it so that especially aggressive individuals might still target you with Harmless NPC, and I switched around the CP levels for a couple other perks in that branch.

I got rid of the joke price for companions and made it more reasonable. I gave a +600 CP limit to Drawbacks except for the last couple biggies.

There's a few other things, but I think that's about it.

>> No.53416737

He didn't even put a name to identify himself or had a WIP. And he clearly knew that there was one in the making.

I wouldn't be surprised if he just wanted to stir some shit. A Bastard!! jump has been called impossible for the power levels for quite sometime, but the second someone claims it in SB with a WIP, he appears to claim it as well.

There are quite a number of crossposters in both forums, and people usually refer to the drive that we use here in other communities.

It could use a lot more of fluff. Specially with the End-game scenarios.

>> No.53416745

Not valid.

>> No.53416761

Well, I can sort of relate to the reasoning. A big motivation I have for making some jumps is to make people more aware of those series. After all, going through the jumps is how I learned about Golden Sky Stories.

>> No.53416764

You should be looking for the original claim and see if it was claimed earlier than >>53416345 started their work.

>> No.53416786

And yet you guys continuously bitch and complain about how /tg/ does things. And don't tell me it doesn't happen, because one of our crossposting assholes loves to post examples of it and

There's a solution if you want to avoid the "dumb bullshit," quoting Record, of trying to get your jump on the drive. A solution that'd make multiple parties happier in the long run.

>> No.53416805


Still not valid? Wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't, considering this place on the best of days.

>> No.53416806

>And yet you guys continuously bitch and complain about how /tg/ does things

It's not like there are people that bitch constantly about things in this very same thread.

And you should know by now that a single person does not equal the entire community.

>> No.53416820

Still not valid.

That guy can get fucked.

>> No.53416826

So everyone on SB is literally the same? I don't think you realize how dumb you sound. Just because Record and a lot of other regulars there are morons doesn't mean he is one too. He's been nice so far.

>> No.53416866

D'n'd, what a freaking nerd. Hah.
~kicks Lost Empire of Faerun under the bed~

I'm liking it alot. My only real problems with are formatting issues, nothing substantive.

~harumphs pompously~
By the power invested in me by no-one in particular, I dub thee an honorary /tg/er. Go forth and multiply (your jumps).

Did you think no one would follow the links?
Also that guy claiming he claimed it said he did so a week or so ago, with no proof he did, and both posts are after the inital offering of the bastard! jump from SB. Not valid. Do better.

Multiple parties being you, right?

Same thread; post 53213368
>Some twit on SB is making one but that's over there and they haven't said anything for here, so feel free to give it your best shot. Love that series.
So.. he took a claim after Statera and knew that Statera was making it at a time when it was common knowledge.
Not fucking valid!

Considering that he knew full well Statera was working on it and now pops here acting like he didn't: yeah, he can get fucked.

>> No.53416876

look I really don't say anything bad about /tg/. I was scared away from 4 chan when I was younger and ended up on /r/ by accident
stumbled across horse bestiality.

>> No.53416882

TOME has An entire tree for that.

doing the right thing even when it's not the popular thing , and especially when it's not the safe thing.

>Where did they come from?
>What was their beginnings?

in the time before time he was a man like any other, but he gained the attention of a patron powerful beyond all others when she saw his mind was like no others,and seeing great potential for stories. She began slowly, empowering him until He became one of the stargods of old,and with this power returned to guide us into a new Golden age By sharing his blessings

>>Where did they end?
>>And how did they eventually die or fade away?

hasn't happened yet but We are two decades into sweeps century so expect things to get worse/more dramatic.

>> No.53416893


>> No.53416906

Who is the best Fire Emblem waifu?

And why is it Tiki.

>> No.53416915

>like no others
Well, that's one way to describe your condition.

>> No.53416916

All I am going to say is that you got off lucky

>> No.53416917

You're a moron but I believe it.

>> No.53416926

You have my condolences. no one should have to see that.
~stares into the distance, traumatised, remembering terrible things~

>> No.53416929

thanks Anon. Anybody have formatting suggestions? I am open to changing stuff around, it's kind of a difficult jump to do properly.

>> No.53416957


>> No.53416991

I figured 7-8 years later and in /tg/ should be safe

>> No.53416993

Alright, thanks. Sounds good.

Let's see...

Is there a lot of instantly fatal stuff, or stuff that doesn't care about durability here? The importance of the extra lives seems to point to that.

>Second Chance
So... which one is the "real" jumper? The future one?

>King Charles’ Crown
Says the "perk" won't operate. Which is kinda weird for an item.

Also, could I import a crown?

Are they supposed to /give/ you CP to take them? Also, any idea how smart these things are?

>No Demos
Does this block 1-up perks from other jumps?

>> No.53417001

Yeah, as I was thinking in >>53416737 . He saw it in SB and quickly went here to stir some shit.

He probably hasn't written anything yet, not even notes.

>> No.53417028

Rinkah. She has a fiery personality which is hot. Plus she has washboard abs.

>> No.53417034

Forgot to remove the note about the old companion pricing.

>> No.53417090


Golden taste anon. In FE:A Tiki was my waifu with Anna coming second and all other games Anna is number 1

>> No.53417103

There's some irregular spacing between paragraphs, you might want to clear up to make it easier to read.
Regarding Portion 2, is it possible to avert the fight, prevent Uriel from falling?
Weren't there descriptions of the elemental weapons in the previous version? Why are they gone now?
Otherwise, seems fine to me.

Ignore what I said earlier about the ranks, i was thinking about an older version of your jump. This version looks quite good, although some of the items could do with fleshing out their descriptions, also in the rankings some of the levels have nothign against them, is there really nothing known about those levels? Not even something that can be inferred?

>> No.53417108

Was Anna in fates? I don't remember

>> No.53417128


>> No.53417153

>Was Anna in fates? I don't remember

Yes she was anon, in fact the fates jump even has a not Anna companion for the villager who has the witch class

>> No.53417176

Honestly in order to write the jumpchain I reread the entire manga. I wrote EVERYTHING you could find on angels in the manga in the rankings. Although Angels & Demons only show up for maybe 30ish chapters? with the majority of that focusing on Seraph's/Devil King's and nothing else.

>> No.53417185

With the Synesthesia quirk, you can "see" her with your other senses. And her lack of panties.

>> No.53417188

Tiki is pretty cute, but I like a more solidly built lady. Effie is my favorite out of the ones I've drawn so far. Beruka comes in a close second though.

>> No.53417206

Love the jump so far so thanks for this. I hate you though since there are so many options and now I need to pick between Adam of Dark or Adam of Light.

>> No.53417209

Ah, thanks!

Crown: Thanks, I'll edit that. And yeah, I guess you could import a crown for the job.

Yukkuri: They give you extra CP, since I sort of envision them like giant, crazy Tribbles. I don't really know about their intelligence, as they just appear in one level where you eventually have to run for a swarm of them, so I was guessing animal intelligence.

No Demos: I assume it would, so I'll make that clearer in the description.

>> No.53417211

Still working on the the this thing >>53414277 and now I need energy. Like, shit tons of it. Any suggestions?

BTW, does SupCom give any hard values for how much energy its generators produce? I was thinking about using them before but it doesn't seem feasible now, so I was just wondering.

>> No.53417232

I think there is just an Adam of Balance, not of Light or Darkness.

Would be a cool addition.

>> No.53417246

no Adam of Dark or Light, only Adam of Balance. Although you can choose how you want to play it.

>> No.53417262

Claims made on SB are not valid, fucko

>> No.53417269


>You are an Adam, a human being that has >been gifted with a fragment of God or the >Demon Devil God.

from the way it says it, it sounds like a choice that would effect everything.

>> No.53417281

Thanks for clearing it up in the jump now.

>> No.53417306

Sudden anon claims made in pure spite that are not going to lead to anything are better than having a jump already made wasted?

When people make a claim they put a name so they can be identified or simply drop a jump. Claiming it as anon amounts nothing right now but stirring shit.

>> No.53417320

No problem, that is why I like getting feedback, things that seem clear to me may not be clear to others.
Why the anger Anon, I'm just trying to be nice.
Beside being an SBer do you have any criticism for the jump itself?

>> No.53417349

Sorry, I forgot to reply to a couple of the other things yous aid.

Second Chance: I really don't know; point is, it doesn't count as failing the jump.

And yeah, it's a pretty dangerous world. Leaving aside how in at least one set of the games the universe is annihilated, a lot of levels are super challenging to the point that you need to play again and again and again before you'll ever complete some levels.

>> No.53417383

I'm a pleb, but I don't really care. There's just something about her.

>> No.53417386

>it's a thing b/c the tg drive has 99% of all of the jumps
This isn't true, but you're obviously trying to push your opinion, so there's really no point in arguing otherwise.

>> No.53417391

Pic related. She's nice and sweet but isn't afraid to put up a fight, plus she has a really nice deep voice.

Camilla and Sonya come into a close second.

>> No.53417392

If you wanted to make a claim then you should have made it here. You didn't make your claim here and someone else has. It's as simple as that.

You have no idea whether it was spite or not. Regardless of whether it was or not, the claim was made first here so that claim is valid.

>> No.53417422

she looks pregnant.

>> No.53417423

who made the claim? There is no way to know who made it, and they haven't posted any progress(or even a start). Thus the supposed claimant has no ground to stand on.

>> No.53417424

Robin is a cute! A CUTE!

>> No.53417428

It was made by an anon. I can say that I was that anon and you couldn't prove that I wasn't.

>> No.53417429

Claim's invalid when the WIP's posted, bitch.

>> No.53417445

Tell me, how many non-tg drive jumps are used out there? Ten, maybe?

>> No.53417454

>/jc/ doesn't have 99% of jumps
Well if we're being specific 90% is /jc/, 9% SB, 1% elsewhere (either unlisted lost or part of smaller drives)
If you're arguing against this guy not being specifc that's just you being a pedantic ass. Otherwise he means /jc/ is the most popular. Which I guess that's the reason why he wants the jump on the drive.

>> No.53417458 [SPOILER] 

But anon, that's literally you.

>> No.53417472

Well, she is the Earth Mother Mila. Also I think that's just her big sweepy dress making her look that way.

Hidari's art is fucking top tier mate.

>> No.53417481

>spoiler image
W-where did you get that picture of me?!

>> No.53417493

You have to tell me who does your hair.

>> No.53417495

>Crown: Thanks, I'll edit that. And yeah, I guess you could import a crown for the job.
Alright, nice. The Flames Upon The Brow gets another fun effect added then.

>Yukkuri: They give you extra CP, since I sort of envision them like giant, crazy Tribbles. I don't really know about their intelligence, as they just appear in one level where you eventually have to run for a swarm of them, so I was guessing animal intelligence.
Fair enough. Do you get one of them, or a set of different ones? I'm assuming you can't just take a whole bunch of them for a ton of CP, right?

>Second Chance: I really don't know; point is, it doesn't count as failing the jump.
I guess. Would be useful to know which of them will continue jumping though.

>And yeah, it's a pretty dangerous world. Leaving aside how in at least one set of the games the universe is annihilated, a lot of levels are super challenging to the point that you need to play again and again and again before you'll ever complete some levels.
Hm... Fair enough then. Would sufficiently tanky jumpers still be able to survive (barring universe annihilation)?

>> No.53417522

What are the chances of leaving comfy as a Seraph for the duration of the second part without having to do anything? I just want my FTL and Dispel Bound without messing with anyone dangerous.

>> No.53417523

>Well if we're being specific 90% is /jc/, 9% SB, 1% elsewhere (either unlisted lost or part of smaller drives)
If you wanted to be specific there are drives out there several times larger than SB's drive. SB is one of the smallest non tg drives.

I don't think he's arguing against this guy being specific, I think he's arguing that it's a stale meme argument from when SJ-Chan first used it to argue why she continued to use this drive even though she wanted to field criticism from SB. He's definitely not the first person to throw that logic out there.

>> No.53417592

Where's a good jump to completely ignore the plot, and turn the planet into a harem?

>> No.53417600

Should be less than ten but there are definitely several jumpmakers who use their own drives. Getting the links is a bit of a pain unless you know the jumpmakers personally.

>> No.53417616

Any relevant jumps in the black jumpmarket?

>> No.53417617

What places have bigger drives than SB?

I'd say the Room or Food Fight, but I bet the surrounding world is just as nonsense

>> No.53417636

Now I want links to the drives.

>> No.53417638

So wait /jc/ isn't the largest drive? Where is this other mythical major drive? Are those drive getting nearly the same traffic as the one as this? No? Oh ok then.

Also I have yet to see a bigger Alt jumpchain drive bigger than SB yet. But if there is please let me know.

>> No.53417648

Divinity: Original Sin WIP 0.45

I'm not just showing off Well, okay, maybe a little. I was hoping to get a hand generating a few ideas for Perks. Specifically for the Drop-In Background, but I could use Capstone ideas.

Ignore the Hero of Time Background. That's getting moved to Drawbacks.

I'd also be interested in any comments or suggestions on the completed sections or for anything else people would like to see that isn't already in here.

>> No.53417682

Pretty damn good with the right build. Dodge the plot for Portion 1, and then get your power up for Portion 2 and dodge the plot again. Honestly just turtle up in your warehouse nothing says you can't except your personal beliefs/rules.
Although for ultimate survivability take Eternal Atom too.

Yūsha Gojo Kumiai Kōryūgata Keijiban
~Hero Cooperation Union Exchange Bulletin Board

>> No.53417684

As far as I know everyone with some amount of power is affected by collateral damage barbie syndrome so being comfy anywhere is pretty slim, unless you have your own pocket dimension and seal it up tight.

>> No.53417699

It's the mythical Golden Drive, rumored to contain more than 10000 jumps. Though there are only rumors about its existence in a forest in South America.

>> No.53417719

I...volunteer you to go and liberate it from the evil trees and claim it in the name of 4chan.

>> No.53417720

Yukkuri: You would get a set of the different types (Reimu, Sanae, etc.) with the purchase. Of course, the number won't stay small for long.

Second Chance: I think I'll just simplify it to you going back in time; it's not quite the same as in the game, but then again, the game babble was kind of confusing.

I think that especially tanky jumpers would probably be able to survive, especially if they just find a safe place they can stay for the whole jump. On the other hand, there's still the risk that you'll run into a level that's too dangerous for you, and it just takes one death to ruin things for you if you take the No Demos drawback.

>> No.53417736

Gonna spoil this out of a futile attempt to hide my shame, but: Naruto, if you have a few other perks. Specifically, you'll want The Path of Heaven from Kamen Rider Kabuto, and You're Gonna Wake Up The Rest of the Bitches from Black Dynamite, and Toggle from Young Justice. Some protection against mind control would be useful. Now, in Naruto, take the 0CP version of the fanfiction drawback and choose the smut-fic "Icha Icha World", toggle off The Path of Heaven, then stay in the background until near the end of the Fourth Ninja War. At this point, toggle The Path of Heaven back on so that you're the main character and the story revolves around you. You will now take Naruto's place as the person the Infinite Tsukuyomi revolves around giving a planet-wide harem to. You're Gonna Wake Up The Rest of the Bitches gives you the prowess to see your way to the resolution of the plot where Naruto (now you) sexes Kaguya so hard that she cancels the Infinite Tsukuyomi, uses the Ten-Tails' vines to turn everyone into their appearance in the illusion instead of a White Zetsu like normal, and transfers all her power to you.

>> No.53417755

If there were any people would have argued for them to be added to the /tg/ drive, not even the SB drive has any relevant jumps.

Dirge's drive is larger than SB's because he's made more jumps than SB jumpmakers combined. Now that his jumps are invalid on /tg/, they don't count towards /tg/ jumps either.

>> No.53417768

That is actually a pretty cool plan and I hate myself for never thinking of something similar.

>> No.53417778

do you have the link? I need this drive in my life

>> No.53417781

I am simultaneously disappointed and impressed. Good job Jumper.

>> No.53417783

He's only given out the link to his complete folder though, not the full drive.

>> No.53417817

ULTIMATE POWER (But not really), and a harem?

I'm impressed.

I mean, I can't do it because I already have plans for Naruto, but I'm impressed. Thanks for the suggestion.

>> No.53417819




>> No.53417822


>> No.53417850


>> No.53417853

It's literally on SB, it's just hidden because he stopped showing up on SB several months ago. Go ask your own people.

You're not really missing all that much, last time I saw the full drive it was just a couple more jumps and his long as shit writefagging.

>> No.53417857

Not just porn, but insane amounts of power too. I find myself rather impressed.

>> No.53417866

It seems like this should split into two jumps, with the second having the endgame scenario. The powerlevels and pricing differ astronomically anyways. The way it's set up now it kind of just encourages saving cp from part 1, since you only get 500 in part two.

>> No.53417894

Steal the Infinity Gems and turn them into batteries.

Get the Song Tower from AR Tonelico that has built in white hole generator.

>> No.53417901


>> No.53417936


>> No.53417944

So let's say I wanted to disrupt plots by making everyone me. Where do I start?

>> No.53417949

>Ignore the Hero of Time
But I want to be Link.

>> No.53417955

>Thinking 'bout Harry Potter
>The bad guy is wizard Hitler, and his plot is basically ethnic cleansing
>Fair enough, I accept the premise


>Wizards are the master-race
>Wizards are flat-out superior to muggles
>Anything a muggle can do can also be theoretically done by a wizard, plus wizards have magic
>The only thing muggles have on wizards is a less stagnant culture, which is totally fixable with some competent reform
>If you are born muggle, you are objectively inferior to someone who was born magic
This occurred to me and it's bothering me a lot more than it should.

>> No.53417963

I would try to break it up, but there isn't enough info post time skip to actually make its own jump. Like 50 chapters? Maybe not that many. Besides I kinda made the jump for game breaking powers b/c I thought it was fun, and I love the setting.

>> No.53417993

It depends on whether you consider magic or common sense to be more important.

I mean, you'd say magic... but Harry Potter wizards make some /stupid/ decisions.

>> No.53417997

Oh, that's simple. You just have to remember that Voldemort doesn't care about exterminating Muggles, he cares about exterminating Muggleborns. No one is arguing that wizards aren't superhuman, in Harry Potter, they're arguing that those superhumans that arose from the lower class of baselines should be given the same rights and consideration as those whose parents were themselves superhumans. Actual Muggles can go hang, they have value only so far as they relate to a wizard that cares about them for their own personal reasons.

>> No.53418000

Reminder: Being superior doesn't mean you need to be abusive.

>> No.53418010

There is a perk in Kingdom hearts to corrupt others into a version of you I believe,

>> No.53418011

If anything, superior beings should be held to a higher standard.

>> No.53418021

What always bugged me about the whole "we are clearly better" attitude wizards ahve going on is they don't even realize there are quite a few areas muggles have them beat in.

Like while they're sending letters by owls and crap, muggles are just emailing. Plus they didn't even have anime.

>> No.53418027

Exactly. This is why humans bother with animal welfare and conservation. Because as greater beings, we have a higher responsibility for our actions.

>> No.53418041

>Implying Japanese wizards aren't behind all the magic school anime.

>> No.53418045

If you're not a shitposter then you should learn not to associate yourself with that SB-er or his drive. The jumps on there are rejects from this drive.

>> No.53418068

Thing is, in this case the clearly best option is to spread the magic genes around, the only difference between a muggle and a wizard is genetic, and easily solved in a generation via sex. Some wizards just need to work on this issue with the female muggle population.

>> No.53418081

As a sister of battle how good would having my gear consist of Sacred Banner of Ordo Militant, Cloak of saint aspira, Armour of Saint Katherine, and a bunch of standard sisterhood weapons and purity seals be? I dont really know 40k lore so Im not sure where on the scales of pretty vs useful they all fall. I did take living saint though.

>> No.53418085

to be frank I don't even who it is. He was before my time i think. For me it's more of, I want to be able to see ALL of the jumpchain related content no matter where it is.

>> No.53418105


>> No.53418106

>obligatory "no wizard made it to the moon"

>> No.53418119

Wait until you learn about human biodiversity.

ho boy. we'll make a nazi out of you yet!

>> No.53418131

>there are quite a few areas muggles have them beat in.
But, if they took their heads out of their asses, there's nothing stopping a wizard from using a computer. Magic can gum up electronics, but I could totally believe that no one has ever tried to fix it, there might be a simple solution. Wizards don't know enough about electronics to try, and muggles can't try because they don't know magic exists.

The wizarding world's lack of knowledge about muggles is inexcusable negligence, especially since half-bloods and muggle born are a thing.

>> No.53418144

That makes too much sense. They're preparing the local (Japanese term for non-wizards here) for the moment they break the Statue of Secrecy first.

>> No.53418158


Ok, the mandatory drawbacks have been removed, I added a note for age in can drop-ins are too old, and added a note at the end so people can choose their preferred level of meta.

And I still need feedback on factorio!

>> No.53418176

Just get enough wizards to accept something and it will magically work better than normal, it is why radios work without even needing to be plugged in for them and why whats his name camera still works with no batteries (according to J K at least)

>> No.53418192


>> No.53418195

So, hogwarts electrical engineering classes when?

>> No.53418221

He's a shitposter who was famous for starting a lot of shit, and when people didn't want to put up with it anymore he went over to SB as a regular there.

>> No.53418222

>Just get enough wizards to accept something and it will magically work better than normal
>hogwarts electrical engineering classes when?
Isn't that literally orc tech?
>Make your flying car go faster by painting it red

>> No.53418234

Pretty much. Wizards are weird.

>> No.53418242

You left the mandatory drawbacks in the companion option. Switch to a "companions can take drawbacks"?

>> No.53418250

>These transistor bits do thing thinking thing for the computer. So when you want a smart computer put a lot of triangles in them.

>> No.53418260

Is that good or bad? I did not take my own army, I dont need to drag that many people along with me.

>> No.53418273

>Flowers and the Benefactor
>For extra !!FUN!!, it's up to you if having a terrible review at the end of the jump is the same as failing to keep your benefactor entertained, with whatever consequences that come as a result.

>PPC Agents
>liked by the Flowers

>> No.53418287

>Killing sues in horrible ironic ways
Why are these people so awful?

>> No.53418292

Our shitposter likes to blame him for all of our problems. Just ignore anyone calling him one.

>> No.53418307

damn okay, I see where the frustration comes from then.
This is awesome, all of the orky goodness with none of the orky frustrations

>> No.53418316

If you somehow managed to turn the entire planet into your own personal polycule, you could probably solve a lot of problems in any of the Fire Emblem jumps.

>> No.53418329

I find it weird how they do not realize they are sues as well.

>> No.53418348

He who fights monsters.

>> No.53418361

>damn okay,
He's lying to you. Do not believe him. The shitposter uses dirge as a scapegoat and as a shitposting vector ever since he chased him out. Do not listen to our shitposter you fool.

>> No.53418400


>> No.53418417

Dirge showed up a couple days back and admitted to being Timmy, so you might be out of the loop.

>> No.53418428

Why haven't you killed yourself yet?

>> No.53418442

Well when some people take their vicarious hatred of poor writing too far, they assume that they would be righteous and just for venting that same hatred on 'real' people in the 'real' situation. They also do not pay any mind to the fact that something capable of killing any sort of sue must be a sue themselves because they have to be even better.

>> No.53418474

First quote is more dramatic.

>> No.53418500

It's too bad how poorly done the jump for that is. It's barely better than a Wakfu jump.

>> No.53418507

Yeah I couldn't find one fast enough with just the first part, I didn't even glance at the 2nd to be honest.

>> No.53418540

Must you be so transparent?

You know, the worst part of all of this is you killed his idealism. He'll never be able to do anything for anyone again without thinking they'll be as entitled about it as you.

>> No.53418550

Just wait for another addition to the series that's not covered in the current jump. Then you could do something like Chrono Cross, Persona 5, or Madoka and justify your replacement jump as a "sequel".

>> No.53418551

They're meant to be comedy with psychopaths, with the comedy more than the psychopathy. Like if the cast of Black Lagoon did MSTY3K.

Then people missed the bloody point and came in with shit like Time Lord agents and a metaplot and all sorts of other bullshit. Jay and Acacia's stuff is the only canon, fite me.

>> No.53418557

They're lying. One Anon has a massive hateboner for Dirge and makes up as much stuff as they can to make him look bad.

He was just a regular jumpmaker who got tired of the shitposting and went to another site.

>> No.53418569

I'm, quite frankly, completely fucking ashamed of you thinking Chrono Cross, which is literally an alternative timeline future, is comparable to a replacement. I know you're samefagging, I know you're shitposting, but in this case you are just so fucking WRONG it's unbelievable. Pick a better thing to accuse.

>> No.53418571

>massive hateboner for Dirge

And Red, and Wakfu, and OAA, and Lycoris, and Digger, and Valeria, and this thread in general.

He wants this thread to die.

>> No.53418585

>and OAA

Except he doesn't count, because everybody hates that guy.

>> No.53418589

Hey, so all this talk about whether or not claims are valid is getting me a bit worried about my 5D's claim, so I'm posting a WIP for the jump I'm working on.

I didn't expect to post a WIP this week, and I've been super busy with school, so none of what I'm going to post is edited. I'll definitely be reviewing everything before I post an actual draft, but I just want to make sure there's some evidence of me working on my claim.


>> No.53418605

>implying people can't have valid reasons to dislike people on the internet
>assuming one guy is autistic enough to make up every instance of any slightly negative comment against them

>> No.53418628

Maybe he is an AI?

>> No.53418648

There are a lot of people who won't accept that Dirge is a shitposter because if they do, they won't be able to justify why the jumps still haven't been removed from the drive.

>> No.53418658

He's in hardcore samefag mode right now. His ego must have been wounded.

>> No.53418664


>> No.53418672


>> No.53418685

It fits so well.

>> No.53418687

So what would the Malefic perk do post-jump, would it allow us to steal the card spirit equivalent in a setting, like a BitBeast in Beyblade, or whatever it is in Cardfight.

Could it be used on things other than that?

>> No.53418713

>>Metroid (1000) (125)
1000>Corruption +000 Going full force, 40% of my power copied into a clone. 60% stronger plus my powerset plus the clone's lack of gear nets me a higher drawback cap for a chore.
1100>Fire and Screams +100 From the horrors of my past, present, and future in this jump.
1200>Remember Me? +100 Adds to the psychological stress. Keeps me uninvolved mentally not actions.
1300>Collect Them All +100 Because I'm in Metroid, and I like game mechanics. Otherwise, this might be too easy.
1600>Coveted +300 Tear those fuckers down! scrap all their tech and resources.
1800>A Ravenous Abyss +200 Adds more psychological stress, keeps combat interesting.
2000>Other J +200 Additional psychological stress, keeps self either emotionless or overly emotional, with heightened psychic ability as an additional factor.
2000>NO DATA FOUND -000 Because i don't want a history in this world, given my drawbacks.
2000>Found My Way (Free NO DATA) -000 Free, keeps me involved.
2000>Justice Will Prevail (Free NO DATA) -000 Free, always good to stack these.
1900>Noise in the Void (Discount NO DATA) -100 Because FUCK surveillance and being hunted.
1700>An Open Book (Discount NO DATA) -200 Mental capacity, processing speed, and scan ability. Additional bonus.
1400>To Touch The Stars (Discount NO DATA) -300 Finally. An actual reverse engineering perk. bless. This will keep me busy for years, minimum.
1100>Assemble a Team -300 Companions coming later. Also, I'm like Opera but with power armor!
1100>Starship, Recharge System -000 Free, incorporate spaceship as detachable onto Light. That makes now, I believe.
1100>Masked ID Signal (Free NO DATA) -000 Meshes well with Noise in the Void, and negates most of the drawbacks of being a drop-in.
0000>Convert CP to SP x11 -1100 Coming in later post. This is going to be pivotal for some major plans later in my chain. And, it's fun! (i already done just not posting yet)

>> No.53418714

Looks good so far, though I'm a little confused about the Drop-In capstone. So this basically gives us a new or improved fusion technique to summon stronger cards/monsters? Do we have these cards already, or do they show up when we use the fusion method, or what? Also, what do a lot of these card related things do post-jump? Does Malefic allow you to target spirits? Do the capstones allow you to summon actual monsters to help you in battle?

>> No.53418721

Too bad it seems like your railroaded into working for the Flowers-that-be; I'd rather work independent and try to find a more peaceful way to handle the Sues.

>> No.53418730 [DELETED] 


Damn, Mir is getting BTFO.

>> No.53418732

Jump when? I want to take this guy down a peg.

>> No.53418746

Eh, it's definitely more of a gauntlet.

>> No.53418758

What is it from? I've head it quoted before, but never got the source.

>> No.53418761 [DELETED] 

Go away, no one here cares.

>> No.53418765

>Go to Alan Wake, get champion of Light which allows you to kill beings of darkness with light, increases the intensity of light as well.

>Get a Imperial standard flashlight.

>Go to Kingdom Hearts and laugh as you insta-kill every non boss heartless with one shot. For added lolz just kill them with a regular flashlight.

>> No.53418770 [DELETED] 

>Lord Statera like this
Doesn't that pretty much invalidate his claim?

>> No.53418772

I have no mouth and I must scream.

>> No.53418774

Totally possible to do that in the PPC, a chunk of agents are ex-SUEs.

>> No.53418777

Hey guys, random questions

What perk combination would be enough to steal Gilgamesh' shit from Babylon? Or is it banned? 8-Bit i have plus a Level 100 theif from Overlord Anime/LN that can steal from space pockets (inventories).

Also, is Knight of onor in the servant supplement? I couldn't find it on it nor the banned list. Its the one ability that causes everything Lancelot touches to become metal as fuck.

Also, does magic still work as if Gaia was eroding it in other worlds? Are other supernatural perks affected by the Nasuverse?

Also, is Acreuid's Marble Phantasm dependent on some external factor like Gaia? For that matter, do True Ancestors really need blood? Suppose I managed to make a (Ghost Rider's) Magic bargain where I get that ability from her (plus maybe other stuff like some upgrade in circuits/mana/etc). Would it be possible to use Dresden's Rule Breaker to get rid of the need/compulsion to drink blood?

>> No.53418798

>Not killing them wit h your radiant smile.

>> No.53418836

If it's a gauntlet it would need a toggle to let you keep your perks/powers because otherwise all there would really be to do there is get tortured by AM, instead of fighting him and freeing everyone, which is kinda the whole reason I'd want a jump for it.

>> No.53418861

>gif related

>> No.53418862

>What perk combination would be enough to steal Gilgamesh' shit from Babylon

Just make your own shit that's better.

>> No.53418863

Use Any Magic Item and THE POWER IS JUMPER's? I'm sure that last perk would be useful even if it doesn't exactly interact in that manner.

>> No.53418885




Since every other response seems to deal with the setting itself, I'll fiddle with the pdf and upload it later.

>> No.53418888

AM's kind of pathetic, in all honesty. For all of the power he has, he's unable to use it for anything besides war and destruction and torture. This is even stated by AM himself in the game, with his Id crying out over his inability to use his strength and intellect for creative purposes. He's still pure evil, it's just pathetic that he's only capable of doing evil, because no one thought to program him for anything else and he himself can't do anything about it.

>> No.53418891

How would the danger level of Marvel Magic/Comics be compared to any of the Fate and/or other Nasuverse jumps?

>> No.53418896

The issue with stealing gilgamesh's shit is that it's spiritual, and doesn't really continue to exist without him. So rather than stealing you may have a better chance if you try eating his soul or trying things along those lines.

Knight of Honor is fine, the servant supplement doesn't specifically name every noble phantasm you could buy or create.

I'm pretty sure magic will continue to work in other worlds as you can expect it to in nasuverse, and that the powers of other settings will work in nasuverse as they would in their own world. It'ed be rarer for a power to work differently in one world to another because it gets way to complicated to explain or even just come up with every interaction.

I don't know about the Marble Phantasm. True ancestors don't need blood, they just desire it, though the desire can be very strong and grows with time.

>> No.53418909 [DELETED] 

Pretty much, yeah. By liking something that's shit-talking a jumpmaker, he might as well be saying it himself. And anyone who insults a jumpmaker in these threads is a shitposter, so his "contributions" aren't welcome.

>> No.53418916

You mean they're still sues, just tolerated.

>> No.53418929

Makes you almost feel sorry for him, huh?

>> No.53418935

Reminder that you don't pay just eight galleons to get your wand. You also pay with all your common sense.

>> No.53418936

Depends on the drawbacks taken and your level of involvement.

>> No.53418944

Should I embrace the SUE, /jc/?

>> No.53418986

Is it possible to combine Dragon Knight Lucifer and Augoeides? I understand one was made to counter the other, but just curious.

>> No.53418993

Indeed. He's still a nasty piece of work, though.

>> No.53418997

Don't encourage the shitposter.

>> No.53419014

>Also, is Acreuid's Marble Phantasm dependent on some external factor like Gaia? For that matter, do True Ancestors really need blood? Suppose I managed to make a (Ghost Rider's) Magic bargain where I get that ability from her (plus maybe other stuff like some upgrade in circuits/mana/etc). Would it be possible to use Dresden's Rule Breaker to get rid of the need/compulsion to drink blood?

First Yeah I believe the Marble Phantasm is reliant on Gaia. Now if you manage to acquire her or it somehow you could say it still works by jumpchain fiat but that is the only way it would still work without Gaia.

As for blood... it's not that she needs blood it's that she has a mental compulsion to drink it that is so strong she has to use most of her power (70%+) to contain it. Blood is very bad for her it drives her crazy. If you could manage to break the compulsion she likely would gain a lot of power.

>> No.53419028

I agree completely. I read their shit years ago, enjoyed it thoroughly, tried to read some of the fan stuff, and just couldn't get into it.

>> No.53419032

I keep seeing people talk about marvel magic, did a WIP or something get released and I missed it?

>> No.53419048

Not that anon but any ideas on how to get rid of the compulsion?

>> No.53419078

It would work on regular monsters (e.g. random dragon in a fantasy setting), as well as card spirit equivalents like you said. It would not work on non-monstrous people unless they were also a card spirit equivalent.

It's not an all-powerful ability, but Paradox manages to use it on Cyber End Dragon. Burning Soul, the not-yet-written City background capstone perk, is a similar ability that is more powerful but only works on demons.

>Drop-In capstone
Yeah, it gives you a new summoning technique and basically an entire new bunch of monsters. Like the ace monsters in 5D's, they'll be real spirits that you can summon.

To summon a monster with a physical body, you'd need some kind of way to enhance the summon, such as the Drop-In capstone (for those monsters only), Clear Mind (for Accel Synchro only), Malefic (for Malefic monsters only), out of setting magic, or some of the perks I haven't written yet, such as Psychic Duelling (Aki's ability), Burning Soul (Jack's ability), or Dark Tuning.

For example, Yusei can't summon Stardust Dragon as a physical dragon on his own. He does manage to do this with Savior Star Dragon and Stardust Dragon, but he has the Crimson Dragon's help for the former and Clear Mind's power for the latter.

I'm still thinking about this though. I'll definitely try to write up a good explanation for the complete draft.

>Do we have these cards already, or do they show up when we use the fusion method, or what?
Everyone gets a deck with cards based on the options they chose, so choosing the Drop-In capstone would get you a bunch of monster cards of that type as well as reasonable support cards. Clear Mind will let you start off with an Accel Synchro monster. The Drop-in, Satellite, and City capstones will definitely let you discover new monsters in the future.

>Malefic and spirits
I think so, within its limits.

>Usefulness post-jump
I will try to make everything as useful as possible.

>> No.53419098

The Dresden files ability would work for certain. I would also imagine things that heal minds/souls would at least help since the problem she has was brought on by someone slipping her blood. She still had the compulsion but it was so slight no one knew it before that. I am sure there are more stuff but I can't think of it at the moment.

>> No.53419124

>regular monsters

Is it possible to do this on more unique monsters, but that it would require more 'power', for the lack of a better term?

>> No.53419149

What do you think?

>> No.53419165

Yeah. Add in the community elitism and I wonder why I didn't leave earlier.

>The two Slashers trailed along behind the marching Sue Assassins, looking pole-axed.
>"Are we going to let them kill Kivan or not?" Jay asked quietly.
>"They haven't actually got weapons," Acacia pointed out. "He'll just shoot them." She grinned. "Which means, obviously, that we let them."
>"Acacia!" Jay managed to suppress a grin long enough to look horrified. "Shilly person."
>Acacia smiled thinly. "What, you thought I was joking?"
>"There's a shortage as it is. S.O. would have you for fertilizer..."
>"No it wouldn't, there's a shortage," Acacia pointed out. "Okay, okay, fine."

God, rereading them is a blast from the past.

>> No.53419170


>> No.53419192

I think it's time for death in the face of this revelation.

>> No.53419222

Do it. Bonus points for being a Sue Agent and posting your writing to their board.

Well yeah, that's what happens when "suddenly become a Time Lord to escape death because consequences are for other people" is a valid thing for normal agents to do.

>> No.53419236

He's a petty, worthless being beneath even the meanest of humans.

>> No.53419241


>> No.53419261

Alright, good. Pretty sure Dresden's perk only work on arbitrary things. If they were actually powered by blood it would be harder.

So I may be better off just asking for a fraction of her true power. Eh good enough i guess
Check the dresden Outsider perktree one of those breaks magic,up to and including compulsions, curses, and system rules. So long as it is not a weakness or has an actual reason it should work.

>> No.53419264

Super bonus points if the SUE agent is even less sueish then the "Normal" agents.

>> No.53419291

Personally, my plan is going to be picking up that one Sidereal Capstone (So the "plot continuum" will repair itself) and purging the place and then going full Sue.

Fuck the PPC in all honesty.

>> No.53419295

Let's assume no drawbacks then.

>> No.53419319

Marvel generally has more world-spanning incidents, but the jump easily gives enough to survive if you don't act foolishly.

>> No.53419335

What are some adventures that went terribly wrong for your jumper?

>> No.53419340

It's not hard to be less Sue than a fucking human-turned-Time Lord.

yes I will never stop being angry

>> No.53419365

All of Hero BBS and Fate/Zero.

I've talked about them too much, though.

>> No.53419366

If things go right, it can hardly be considered an adventure.

>> No.53419373

>human-turned-Time Lord

>> No.53419378

Yep. When I said regular, I meant not a trading card. But it would work on trading card monsters too.

>> No.53419390

That one time I traveled to the center of Grail-kun on a dare. It was so bad I erased the memory from existence.

>> No.53419436

Fuck yeah, I know straight after the 5D's jump I'm going to Monster Hunter.

Malefic Shagaru Magala, fuck yes.

>> No.53419443


Two of them, and one Werepenguin Borg turned Time Lord. I'm not fucking joking about him.

Fucking Whovians.

>> No.53419445


>> No.53419453

well you are unable to buy both as they are race restricted in Portion 2. However, if you could steal one from where the angels have them sealed in hell, or have some way of stealing one from a Demon. C-C-C-Combo would allow you to combine them.

>> No.53419457

Ravenloft... my family died because I stacked too many appearance perks. Well actually I caught the wrong persons eye then killed them and Azalin sent out a bunch of stuff in retaliation, we tried to flee but it didn't' work out.

>> No.53419458

>Werepenguin Borg turned Time Lord
That sounds like it could potentially be funny if it was well written, but I want to guess that it wasn't.

>> No.53419461

Honestly, the Doctor Who jump is pretty great. It even stops the insufferable fans from wanking their setting raw.

>> No.53419471

Awesome Thanks.

>> No.53419476


>Jumper arrives in Protectors of the Multiverse.
>Is insultingly called a sue a lot.
>The hypocrisy pisses him off.
>Pic Related.

>> No.53419496

Hans, Are We The Sues? Perk/Drawback when?

>> No.53419514

Reminder that if you go God there's a magic bomb that almost kills every god throughout time.

Reminder that all magic users are currently being hunted down by a group of hyper advanced interdimensional witch hunters.

Reminder that there's a divine abomination hiding in the sun that wants to eat all the gods.

Reminder that the entire multiverse was recently destroyed by omnipotent aliens except for a small shard of reality that Doom ruled as God.

Reminder that Hydra recently convinced a sapient cosmic cube to rewrite reality.

Reminder that Thanos occasionally kills half the universe.

Reminder that Galactus will probably try to eat the planet at least once during your stay.

>> No.53419554

>Boku no Hero
>Sing songs that twist and shape human flesh
I had this idea and now I'm in love with it. It's damn powerful, but it also costs 700 cp. I'm not sure if this is acceptable.

>> No.53419580

A: Going god is generally a bad choice

B: So less experienced jumpers?

C: See A

D: You should really have a protection for that

E: Then fix it, shouldt be impossible considering what else has been happening "I'm looking for home"

F: Except he's not too bullshit without the full power infinity gauntlet, and even then he's beatable

G: Galactus generally avoids inhabited planets, depending on his characterization. Don't worry about it.

>> No.53419592

I'm sorry anon but I think you should keep this on SB. I claimed it on here a few days before your friend posted it here.

No, mine isn't as far progressed as yours but I did claim it here first and I've kept people updated on my progress since.

>> No.53419602

Well where the fuck have you been, and who have you kept updated? and wheres your work?

>> No.53419604

So you'll be fine if you're on Doom's good side?

>> No.53419608

As I explained before, I claimed mine several days before someone even posted that anons WIP here. I don't know why that is not considered a valid claim.

>> No.53419611


>> No.53419626

Short answer: SupCom doesn't give hard values.
Longer answer: Lorewise, SupCom armies throw around high-kiloton to low-megaton per second weaponry (including directed energy beams) like candy pinatas. The fans have tried crunching the numbers based on various estimates, and the results range from gigawatts to "we're gonna need more zeroes".

One of the saner low-end calcs I've seen placed rated the T3 plant at 2.5 TW (or 1 GJ per energy unit which is a nice coincidence if you want to keep things simple), while likewise one of the saner mid-end calcs got not quite 480 GJ per energy unit.

And then there's the T4 Paragon, which in lore is "nearly limitless" and in-game caps at 1000000 energy (and 10000 mass) compared to the 2500 energy of a T3 generator.

>> No.53419641


Why am I not given even the slightest amount of trust? I kept people updated on what I was doing across several threads and claimed it before the SB jump was even posted here by someone else entirely.

Why am I getting my claim taken from me because someone else has a more complete WIP and get insulted for it?

>> No.53419647

I'm not sure I got the quote right, but it turns out that the cosmic cube was not as thorough as it should have been and the REAL Captain America is still around and kicking. He appeared at the end of a recent issue and said something along the lines of "i'm looking for home" or " I want to go home"

>> No.53419657

I do not know much of anything of the companions you can buy, is it possible to put a short description in the notes of some of them?

>> No.53419667

>D: You should really have a protection for that
Where can I get something like that from?

>> No.53419668

Would probably help if you'd taken a name and if you post your WIP instead of just whining.

>> No.53419673

The evidence does not seem to agree with your statement.

>> No.53419687

I've posted multiple times over the past few threads about how I would be handling it and talked it out with several anons. I was asked on how I would handle certain things and posted several times with the possible ways I would/

>> No.53419693

Because the SB'ers are out of school. Your claim is more valid, keep working on it, m8.

Not a requirement and you know it

>> No.53419695

TLDR, before visiting Marvel, pick up sufficient Luck and Plot Armor perks that all the horrible apocalyptic stuff gets derailed and/or happens off-screen?

>> No.53419697

Fuck off.

>> No.53419700

Don't remember honestly. I know that theres at least one perk that works to protect you from reality re-writing/destroying incidents. Someone should be able to idenitfy it.

>> No.53419702

What are some good resistance Perks?

>> No.53419705

Look, for the record, when did you claim Bastard!! over here? Like what date?

>> No.53419709

Fine, i have my name on. I claimed this jump. I have posted in multiple threads about it. I even asked the thread about what was going to happen when someone revealed the SB jump a few days ago and they said it was fine for me to make a tg one. Now suddenly people are calling me a liar and a shit poster.

>> No.53419716

About a week ago, maybe a bit more. It was days before anyone posted anything about a SB Bastard jump. The first time that even showed up was when some anon posted it to try and cause an argument.

>> No.53419725

Couldn't you basically just say that about any mildly dangerous jump?

>> No.53419728

Sorry, I said it in a much more spirited manner than I wanted to. Was busy replying elsewhere in anger and it flooded over.

We're all a bunch of salty assholes, so don't take any of this permanently. With the shitposters and stuff around we have to watch out for when their just trying to destroy content.

>> No.53419732

People have been calling you a shitposter from the start because you'be been posting as anon and it frankly just looked like you were bringing up the topic in a way as to deliberately stir conflict.

>> No.53419733

how can we even tell that this is the same guy that made a claim? That's why some form of identifier and proof of progress are important.

>> No.53419739

>Now suddenly people are calling me a liar and a shit poster.
You're not posting anything, that's why.
Show us something instead of just saying that you claimed it and we should trust you.

Since it sounds like you don't have anything besides ideas right now, and the other guy has a wip, you might want to consider just cutting this one.

>> No.53419740

>Not a requirement and you know it

This is true, but if you were to do this it would avoid shit like this in the future.

Find the archives in which you claimed it at least anon, or shut up.

A little too late. Link the archived post.

>> No.53419746

Good. Now post your WIP.

>> No.53419747

I remember the thread in question, and I specifically remember you being told to keep working on it since there had been no claim made here. Hell, the jump maker didn't even post about it it was just some random asshole posting SB links again.

He can keep his version on his site; keep working on yours.

>> No.53419754

seriously , when did you first claim Bastard!!? I'm kinda curious now, like what date?

>> No.53419756

That's pretty interesting, thanks. I actually assumed it would be around 1 GJ per unit by chance (god knows I wouldn't have been able to actually figure it out). Still doesn't come close to my energy needs, sadly, but that's still pretty damn impressive.

>> No.53419771

there are links earlier in the thread after your initial drop. only 4plebs links in the thread.

>> No.53419777

>Find the archives in which you claimed it at least anon, or shut up.
Not him, anon. I just don't want to see his claim trampled because of some stupid SB shit.

>That's why some form of identifier and proof of progress are important.
That has never been a requirement to date. Anon claims have happened numerous times in the past and those claims were respected. There is zero call to change that now because SB has a jump they want on our drive.

>> No.53419778

How strong can someone be/what kinds of feats do they need before you consider them "bullshit?"

>> No.53419779

No. I want to make this.


I don't have a full WIP. I can explain the origins I'm making and a lot of the format if you want.

I'm doing two sets of origins. One based on the characters and one based more on your powers (Sorcerers, clerics, ninjas etc). People get to choose one of each.

There's lots of magic styles so those are going to be general perks instead of filling out an entire origin.

This is all just the part 1 jump, the latter half of the series will be a second full jump of it's own.

>> No.53419787

>seriously, when did you first claim Bastard!!?
This sounds more dramatic if you don't know what the name of the jump is

>> No.53419796

It doesn't matter if it's done, just post what you've got. Proof of progress is important.

>> No.53419800

>No. I want to make this.
Then do it, write something up that you can show to the thread.

Because until you do, you're going "nuh uh, ignore them let me do it" while they've got something much farther along.

>> No.53419808

>Power Armor Customization (2600)
2500>What's Old is New Again -100 Praetor Suit, obviously.
2500>Life Support, Internal HUD -000 Going to have infinite energy anyways, so i only need one tank. HUD is good.
2300>Suit Up + Upgrade -200 Transform ability plus tied to armor, so it doesn't count as a perk.
2200>Make It Yours -100 Redesign. Get the weebshit off it, streamline and simplify. Black, Army Green, and Brown by default, my automated color system will allow me to change it practically at will.
2200>Power Insulation System (Free NO DATA) -000 Sustainability.
2100>Ego Guardian Protocol (Discount NO DATA) -100 Especially useful with my drawbacks. Gives room for significant storytelling and intricate tipping points.
1900>Energy Transfer Module (Discount NO DATA) -200 BOOOM. Pump more energy -> Get more boom.
1600>Light (Discount NO DATA) -300 See: 40k Warp
1400>Gravity -200 Because it could happen! and this would be a pain to replicate. Also the raw strength of this is incredible.
1400>Thruster System -000 Fssshhhhh
1200>Flight Module -200 Apparently I didn't have this. Will boost later once I have a better flight system, but this is incredibly neat and why I didn't take the infinite jumpy thing.
1000>Speed Booster -200 Again, self-explanatory. This is a superpower.
0900>Grapple Beam -100 Webspinners get replaced, can still swing around, no cleanup.
0400>Morph Ball +Spider Ball +Super Bomb -500 Mobility is the most valuable asset you have. Super bomb allows more versatility to this.
0300>Intel Connection Visor -100 Instant Internet. Not easily found everywhere, this enables some form of augmented reality. Google Glass BTFO
0200>Dark Visor -100 Esoteric fuckery shall be known to me. This covers what the insight perk from bloodborne does not.
0200>Arm Canon System +Laser Beam -000 Arm canon for a basis, laser for fun
0100>Ice Beam -100 Fiat backed. Not easily replaceable.
0000>Nano-Repair System -100 I had 100cp and wank that this can be turned off.

>> No.53419809

About a week ago, maybe a bit more. It was days before anyone posted anything about a SB Bastard jump. The first time that even showed up was when some anon posted it to try and cause an argument.

Look, regardless of anything else I would like to post my Bastard!! jump on the /tg/ drive . For the record, and you can go to spacebattles and find my profile Lord Statera. under content, if you search for the keyword Bastard you will find that I said tha t I am working on a Bastard jump on April 13th, 2017.

I don't mind there being mutlitiple jumps to a setting personally, BUT I would like to post my jump on the /tg/ drive as April, 13, 2017, is far before , "About a week ago, maybe a bit more" that was posted on the 24th of May 2017.

>> No.53419814

Except I haven't just claimed it and not said anything. I've kept posting to let people know I am working on it.

Why is there suddenly a requirement that I have a pdf to post when I have been clearly keeping at work on it?

>> No.53419818

>while they've got something much farther along
That the thread was never made aware of, that the jump maker didn't bother posting until after Rose made his (her?) claim

>> No.53419826

Usually things that make no in universe sense.

>> No.53419828

we also accept pastebins and google docs.

>> No.53419830

I don't care. I want to make my jump. I don't care that you claimed it on SB. You guys have your own drive, why are you doing this to get it on this one?

>> No.53419836

>I've kept posting to let people know I am working on it.
But, you haven't been.

You've been kicking ideas around, you don't have anything written down.

>> No.53419840

>For the record, and you can go to spacebattles and find my profile Lord Statera. under content, if you search for the keyword Bastard you will find that I said tha t I am working on a Bastard jump on April 13th, 2017.
Oh, FUCK NO. Claims made on your site have absolutely zero fucking validity here. Your'e the one that's trying to push your shit on us, we are under no obligation to go to your site or abide by whatever your thread has rules-wise.

Fuck that and fuck you.

>> No.53419855

>Look, regardless of anything else I would like to post my Bastard!! jump on the /tg/ drive
Why are you this insistent that the jump shows up on an archive for a community that you aren't even a part of? Are you using this on your resume or something?

>> No.53419862

If it was always your intention to post it on the /tg/ drive, why did you do all the work on SB? That just seems really odd to me.

>> No.53419864

Dude, /tg/ content takes priority over SB content for the /tg/ drive. Just like how SB content takes priority over SV or QQ content for your context. This is simple shit.

>> No.53419871

I dunno, I'd give it more credit than "I'm working, honest. I've got like concepts and ideas and stuff. Nothing that resembles actual product but I'm working on it."

>> No.53419872

look, like I said, I don't mind there being multiple copies of the same jump. I would like to post on the /tg/ drive without my jump being booted off so that I can get more people to see it and get their reactions.

>> No.53419880


So it's now a question of do we want a jump from an SB faggot. I'm tempted to get tribalistic.

>Not him, anon. I just don't want to see his claim trampled because of some stupid SB shit.

From all appearances the SB claimed it first. So it comes down to who does /jc/ want to support. One of ours or someone from SB who wants it on the /tg/ drive.

I'm leaning towards fuck SB, but that's just me.

>> No.53419886

Here is my claim, from 12 days ago.

This was the first time the jump was ever even shown here, not even by the author.

>> No.53419896

But I don't want multiple copies. I don't want to compete. You can have yours on SB. Why do you care so much about getting it here when you have your own community?

>> No.53419899 [DELETED] 

Fuck off. Go back to SB you piece of shit, we don't want your garbage on our drive. Claims made here hold precedence over those made anywhere else by anyone else, even if you have a wip, you might as well throw it the fuck out because we will not accept it.

>> No.53419904

because muh publicity

>> No.53419906

>I can get more people to see it and get their reactions.
>get their reactions
I don't know what you're expecting, but if you're going into this with expectations you should expect to be disappointed.

>> No.53419909

The only reactions you'll see will be on the SB thread anyways, so it's irrelevant anyways.

>> No.53419911

Because I'm new to jumpchain. I didn't realize that the main jump drive was /tg/ until after I already had a spacebattles account and participated on their thread. So I just stuck around.

>> No.53419918

>Muh publicity

Fuck off

>> No.53419920

If it's any help, you have my word that Rose is working on it and has made progress, even if she doesn't feel able to share it right now. I'd know given I've been correcting her spelling on it.

>> No.53419925

>look, like I said, I don't mind there being multiple copies of the same jump.
See. This is why you have no business over here advocating for your jump. You know our community standards but you come over here peddling your shit. Fuck no.

>I would like to post on the /tg/ drive without my jump being booted off so that I can get more people to see it and get their reactions.
If you taint polishing thunderfaggots have such a hard on for putting things on our drive because ours "is the real one" and jumps on other drives "don't get as much exposure" and whatever your whiny shit of the week is, stop making them in your hugbox, come over here and work with our processes.

It's not that fucking hard.

>> No.53419931

I mean, on the one hand if Statera is telling the truth, he did claim it first, which usually means that he has first dibs. However, he made the claim on SB, instead of on here, so thus his claim is only valid for SB. On the other OTHER hand, he's being surprisingly polite about this, and according to this >>53419911 he only found out about /jc/ a while ago, and he's new to this, so I want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

>> No.53419935

Look, you're going about it the wrong way. It has never been accepted to have multiple jumps for a setting. And claims made on other sites cannot, in any kind of common sense, expect to hold sway here.

And if you cannot post your current progress on the Jump in question, your claim holds little value. So hop to it if you want a snowball's chance of garnering support.

>> No.53419936

and that is my jump.

>> No.53419938

Man, I hate you guys. Just accept the finished jump once it's posted here when ever it gets done regardless of who makes it or where the claim was made. I couldn't give less of a fuck about your /jc/ supremacy bullshit, stop being retarded and done reject the content that's made for you on the basis of where it's fucking made in preference of something which doesn't even fucking exist yet.

>> No.53419948

What I wanna know is, where's the caveman jumps?

>> No.53419950

There, that's all that was needed. All is well. Sorry Statera but /TG/ has precedence. That's unfortunately the end of it.

>> No.53419952

I ain't got shit, same as you. I'm just a simple anon. Of course this supposed claim has no progress, vs. the sb joint that has a descent start on something.

>> No.53419955

I've been looking at the dates and I'm kind of suspicious that the tg claim was made on the same day that the Bastard jump on SB was brought up and started being worked on after a month.

Hopefully it's a coincidence or it's that they didn't think SB would do a good job and wanted to do a better one for tg rather than trying to block it out of spite.

>> No.53419956

It's not all of SB. Most of their jumpmakers like SJ-Chan and Dirge have learned that we don't want their jumps on our drive and stuck to their own community. It's just some people that can't get over their complex.

>> No.53419960

Val confirmed for grammar Nazi?

>> No.53419963

Hi sb. Any good stories lately?

>> No.53419972

>It has never been accepted to have multiple jumps for a setting.
It was for Metalocalypse.

>> No.53419974

I guess I can understand where your coming from. Honestly I didn't realize there was bad blood between /tg/ and SB until this past week with an off hand post by record. Otherwise I would have made sure to tell you guys. I thought that it was a more Global Jumpchain community with people just popping over to different forums when wanted.

>> No.53419977

>come over here and work with our processes.
Isn't that what he was doing? He asked for input on the jump in this thread?

>> No.53419983

Val confirmed for every Nazi

>> No.53419986

I claimed it because I started rereading the series that day. It's nothing bad a bad coincidence that has caused all this mess.

>> No.53419987

>I want to give him the benefit of the doubt
It's nice to want things, but no. If he made a legit mistake then he can learn from it.

Lurk. More.

Yeah, that seals it. It's being worked on by /tg/ so the /tg/ jump is the real deal.

Keep working your jump; yours is the real claim and you're doing it the right way. Sorry that your first go has to be this explosive, but hey, you're part of /jc/ history now!

>> No.53419991

Metalocalypse was both from /tg/, so /tg/ agreed to having two jumps. This is one jump for SB and one jump for /tg/.

>> No.53419999

He did it after a claim was made on here. So he can still make his jump but it doesn't get posted here and doesn't get put onto the /tg/ drive.

>> No.53420003

That basically got ruined when you guys made a MLP jump.

>> No.53420005

Okay. That's what I'll keep doing. I'[ll continue to post about any decisions I make.

>> No.53420010

dude, even the IRC is considered trash here(despite being created here by the creator of jumpchain). We just love to hate everything here. It's kinda the local culture.

>> No.53420013

In an ideal world, this would be the case. I would actually adore cooperation between SB (for those who can't keep up with the thread and longer stories) and /tg/ (for the Jumper on the go and more rapid discussion). But sadly the water has long since been polluted beyond redemption. Sad, but true.

So while I applaud your efforts thus far, might I suggest finding a new Jump to focus your efforts on?

>> No.53420015

Statera's not going to stop making there jump. Rose is going to make theirs. At the end of it, If Rose's is great all the better. A good new jump. If it's not so great someone's going to post Stat's and we're going to go through all this again.

Let Rose do their work, and leave it for now.

>> No.53420022

I get wanting to keep your stuff close to the vest, I never like letting anyone see something I'm not done with. Just pop in and ask questions from time to time. Don't be discouraged, don't give up, new content creators are vital to what we do.

>> No.53420032

>4chan getting along with any other community

>> No.53420033

...shit, that's a good question.

Evo: Search for Eden is the only one coming to mind, and it's not even the focus of the whole thing.

What about jumps where I can swooce right in?

>> No.53420036

Yeah, I just don't want to show a bunch of embarrassing notes. I have stuff but it's not ready. I'll keep in touch with everyone so they know I'm not just being a shit poster.

>> No.53420040

>Honestly I didn't realize there was bad blood between /tg/ and SB until this past week with an off hand post by record.
If you don't understand the community, then why keep trying to force yourself in as a part of it?

>> No.53420042

Man, 4chan can't even get long with itself.

>> No.53420043

Sounds like you've got a handle on it. Good luck!

>> No.53420045

>tfw you're just eating homemade cookies and on the sidelines while making Tzeentch perks

Just as planned.

...what kind of cookies do jumpers like, anyway?

>> No.53420051

Is Skooks different enough from Scooby Doo to warrant a jump?

>> No.53420052

White chocolate macadamia nut. The best of all cookies.

>> No.53420055

That's only because "people" from /v/ and /vg/ are utter faggots and they refuse to recognize it

>> No.53420071

Chocolate chocolate chip, and oatmeal raisin are my two favs

>> No.53420073

Maybe because they just want to get as much feedback as possible to they can continue working on and improving their craft? Christ, how narcissistic can you get. Are you sure you're not the one that belongs on SB?

>> No.53420078

and /k/ and /a/ and /d/ and /tg/ and etc...

Basically all of us.

>> No.53420079

Fuck you and fuck your cookies.

I'm angry about life right now.

>> No.53420081


>> No.53420083

Gotta go classic chocolate chip

>> No.53420086

Peanut butter.

>> No.53420089 [DELETED] 

>but muh feedback
Go back to SB Dirge. Haven't you gotten tired of being BTFO here yet?

>> No.53420095

I'm between oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies respectively.

>> No.53420101

Peanut butter and jelly bean. Fucking delicious.

>> No.53420105

Don't be mad. Here, have this:

>> No.53420110

The ones that are still dough.

>> No.53420119


Seems pretty nice.
Drop In seems to be styled after Paradox/ that thing that allowed the protags to overcome the anti synchro of Illaster.

Satellite seems to be styled just after Yusei.

City should probably be styled after the Twins, perhaps a you "possess and can see Duel Monster spirits". Jack with a "Can pump up crowds as is a great showman, gains increased willpower,luck, ability the more people cheer your name. And as a side effect you can easily attract the romantic attention of others similar to Jack..

Cultist is (obviously) based on the Dark Signers. Perphaps have a 100CP perk that makes you good in sticking to the shadows/ makes you look even better when wearing a cloak. For the 400CP perhaps have a counterpart to The Satellite 400CP perk in that you can create the brainwashing bugs that turn people into Shadow Drones, They will follow your will, but if they are defeated, in a duel or in combat, they will come to their senses + a your better a manipulating people to do what you want. The 600CP perk should obviously transform you into a Dark Signer with your own Earthbound Immortal, maybe also a increase in your plotting skills similar to Godwins level.

I really don't know anything about Iliaster enough to suggest perks.

Will there by a perk that would allow you to summon the cards as actual monster post jump?

And more importantly will their be an unique option to companion best girl Akiza?

>> No.53420123

Damnit Dirge, stop calling everyone Dirge and Dirge Dirge Dirge.

>> No.53420130

Chocolate chip cookies and snicker doodles are my favourites.

>> No.53420132

Classic chocolate-chip
Preferably straight from the oven pilfered from a neighbors windowsill

>> No.53420133

Cookies made with cake mix! They're yummy.

>> No.53420140

Chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin.

>Peanut butter and jelly bean
That's bad and you should feel bad.

>> No.53420143

God damn it Dirge, stop telling Dirge to stop calling people Dirge. You're acting way too much like Dirge right now, Dirge.

>> No.53420144


I could have sworn I clicked that. Here.

>> No.53420153

This got ignored and it's a damned shame.

>> No.53420158

Strike Sempai. I made my Sisters build.


I have no idea how viable my army is. Please help.

>> No.53420159

Macedonian cookies, they're the best.

Also question at >>53416714

>> No.53420161

If someone made a Ghost Stories jump, would you prefer that it be the dub by default, since that's the only version anyone cares about, with a 0 CP drawback to make it the original, or the other way with the original being the default and the dub being the 0 CP option?

>> No.53420162

Snickerdoodle Cookies

>> No.53420163 [DELETED] 

It doesn't matter now. You started on SB, you're there forever, we will never tolerate your jumps on our drive. Leave and never come back, we don't want your content.

>If it's not so great someone's going to post Stat's and we're going to go through all this again.
Wrong. SB jumps are always categorically worse than /jc/ jumps because they were made on SB, we would never accept their content even if our own was garbage.

>> No.53420164

True, but I had no real feedback.
And hey, it's better than the shitposter latching, eh?

>> No.53420167 [DELETED] 

If we delete all traces of Dirge from /jc/, we will finally be free of shitposting.

>> No.53420175


This is /jc/, we can never be free from the shitposting

>> No.53420180

Collect Phazon for replication, as well and any other neat tech.

Infiltrate and degenerate the federation, murderhobo and fracture the pirates. Both are out to ger me, so there is no real reson not to. Sanity sustaining perks and raw willpower will keep me sane, but this place will be hell. Planning on podding samus.

my non-power armor will evolve into my version of the Zero Suit- Lower power yet a staple. though i may not have the tits for it
Assimilating entire planets, i'm going to strip this setting clean. Crust, Mantle, Biomass, it's all going to disappear. This will have a massive, blank area of space by the time i'm finished, and i'll have the equivalent of 620 Datatrax full of raw materials alone. Certainly enough to be considered "infinite" for the next 25 jumps, minimum.

I'll also be working on reverse engineering all the things I couldn't before. Energy shields from HALO, HALO ring analysis sheets, Psi emiters, even my own weapon will become more efficent as i never threw out all of the trial-and-error crap, giving detailed records as to the evolution of my beloved weapon. The reverse engineering mght take a backseat to the crippling PTSD and contant warfare, though.

Oh, and the portal 'ME' companion maker will help me with the "tell me what to do' drawback via tulpa.

>> No.53420186

Man your really working your SB hateboner tonight, Give your wang a rest.

>> No.53420194

If we delete all traces of /jc/, we still won't be free from the shitposting.

>> No.53420195

I didn't say we would accept, just that we would have this argument again if it is.

>> No.53420199

You make a good point there. A sad but good point.

>> No.53420200

No, because that in itself would be shitposting. So it's actually impossible to rid ourselves of it, because the shitposters aren't an infection or an rot, they are the most natural, most basic component of /jc/. Jumpchain, in itself, is shitposting.

>> No.53420201

Dirga Dirga Dirga

>> No.53420207

I learned about jumpchain here, but actually got into it through SB (easier to find stories). Took me a while to find out about the bad blood too, but I just tune out hatemongers on principle... Honestly, Rose's claim is stronger here, and it would be unfair if yours got on the drive (no chances for both here man). Post it on the SB folder... folks here know it's there, some are bound to check it out, plus there are plenty who participate in both communities (even if we all tend to interact more with one or the other)

>> No.53420228

Fuck off. You don't speak for the thread. Your personal dislike for SB doesn't mean everyone is invested in your stupid site rivalry.

>> No.53420229

Not him, but if this is his first jump, I doubt it'll really be anything all that amazing. Even if you compare him against Dirge, one of the worst SB jumpmakers, he's still got a hill to climb.

>> No.53420240

He's so fucking robotic and same-y in every one of his posts. It's amazing how autistic you people are that you continue to fall for it.

>> No.53420275

Why do you even bother shoehorning your Dirgehate boner into every post you make when all it does is make you more obviously the shitposter? You did this with Red for the longest time to, and it did just as much to invalidate and blunt your shitposting then as it does now. Why do you do it? Genuinely curious, because it honestly only serves to weaken your shitposting game. We've had stronger and more vicious shitstorms, you've made a few yourself, how have you not learned when to restrain yourself so that people don't catch on to it?

>> No.53420283


There's an actually good MLP jump?

>> No.53420286


>> No.53420287

Why? It happens enough that people NOT falling for it would be something amazing.

>> No.53420301

His entire post was bullshit you tard. Rose hasn't made a single jump and Dirge was prominent here long before on SB. Just fucking ignore it until Rose posts a wip, so we can compare the two and see if this was a waste of time or not.

>> No.53420304

well better late than never I guess. I just wanted to say my piece and that there are literal records of me claiming it on SB on April 13th. I thought a time stamp would carry more weight than it apparently does.

>> No.53420319

There isn't anything that's even close to hateboner in that post anon. If you're going to call wolf then at least make the effort to understand what you're reading.

>> No.53420331

>Will there by a perk that would allow you to summon the cards as actual monster post jump?
Psychic Duelling (400 cp City perk) will work for all monsters. Otherwise, enhancing the summon with out of setting magic or one of the special summoning perks (Malefic, Drop-in capstone, Burning Soul, Dark Tuning) will be fine, though the special summoning perks only work for their respective monsters.

>And more importantly will their be an unique option to companion best girl Akiza?
There will be a canon companion option.

>> No.53420332

Too many melta bombs. You go up against anti infantry armour the only squad thats going to be able to deploy them in a good trade will be the Seraphim.

I also think you're a little weak against infantry. You should give your battle sister squad a few flamers.

Finally, you're not really mobile. Unless you've got some IFVs that you can convince the admech are above board you're poor sisters will have to bum rides with the IG or march every where. I went with Mitsubishi Type 89 IFVs from GuP updated by Orokin tech

>> No.53420337

A timestamp carries weight in the community it is in. Not in a mostly separate community where few people cross over.

>> No.53420340

You claimed it on SB, a separate community. I get why you were confused, but if you want to get it on our drive, you'll have to claim it here as well, and if someone already has the claim, then that's just how it is.

>> No.53420345

About the only cookies I don't like are ones with chocolate. But even those are okay if the cookies are warm and soft.

>> No.53420353

my argument was that it took like 3 minutes to go and view my profile on SB, anybody can do it, whether they have an account or not.

>> No.53420357

Why doesn't that sister's helmet have the standard-issue panties on it? Isn't it heretical not to have panties on their helmets?

>> No.53420362

I was planning on building my own Rhinos, and bluffing it, using Sup-com tech.

I'll remove most of the melta bombs, and get flamers.

>> No.53420373

And how would anyone know to do so when most people do not go over to your community? In case you forget, you're the parasites leeching off of us. The only people here who go to your site are shit posters and people who are already users over there anyway.

>> No.53420379

No, cunt, we recognize him plenty. That little scrum about the spacebattles twat was honest grievance. He fucked up, Rose had the right of it. It's just that simple.

>> No.53420381



Relic armour, I unno

>> No.53420389

Man, this is just reminding me of that minor shitstorm a few threads ago when someone from SB posted some WiPs for feedback and all you did was screech like banshees that you didn't want anything to do with it until he left and decided he didn't want us to have anything he makes, to which you all decided it was somehow to your benefit that you drove him away and celebrated the loss.

The fact that this place has content creators at all anymore is fucking astonishing, you people hate them so much and do whatever you can to get rid of them. It's even more amazing how goddamn productive this community is despite the fact that it's so fucking awful overall. It really boggles the mind how it's lasted so long.

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