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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Grand Unified /pfg/ Setting/rules Edition: What elements from /pfg/'s games, home brews, and movies would you include in your games? Personally i think SEagle's Dragon Queen Culdranth and Culdranth's Demesne adds a great deal of things you could play off of. If nothing else it adds a common origin for tons of dragon-blooded humanoids a lot of people like.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: https://pastebin.com/PeD1SMUZ

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>53400153

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>enabling Rory to hook up with other characters from other games

You're a madman and you need to be stopped.

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Well for starters I wouldn't put it in Golarion

But a /pfg/ unified setting could be interesting

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I think Vult's setting is interesting if you don't take the lewd part into account.

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Well SEagle's Draconic Enclave is interesting because it canonically exists multiple places at once, and exits to different places depending where you exit from.

You could insert it anywhere and in different settings. It'll still work.

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The Draconic Enclave exits to different planes of existence
Rory could be tying the knot with Gloriana RIGHT NOW

I don't know about this unified setting, guys

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Re-posting from the other thread since it died shortly after posting it.

Well, finally finished the preparations. Here's hoping you guys like my idea for a campaign, it's a pet project of mine I've been working on for some time and finally decided to turn it into something.


In a gist, it's a floating island with a weak anti-magic aura. Big political drama split up the nation, and now we have religious freaks vs tech freaks vs angry nobles and traditionalists slapping each other and trying to put their own values above others.

Hope it's not too much of a read, and I'll stick around for questions if anyone has any.

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What is this hot new meme and where can I get more of them

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I actually really enjoyed Broodie's 'weird america' setting.

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I told you, I'll check it out when I get a chance and see if I can't app up.

Making a character is half the fun, the other half is meme-ing and talking shit, and I guess we can play too.

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Antipaladin||Mageknight; will it float, or will all that competition for swift actions be too much to handle?

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Seems like a waste to gestalt two full BAB lowcasters with the exact same good saves, exact same hd, and other things in common seems like a waste. The Mageknight basically acts as an anti/paladin replacement anyways with some archetypes

So it seems like just a shite gestalt.

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Hmm...so what do you tack onto an Antipaladin, then?

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If a character is attacked by someone invisible, does he still get his saves? Particularly disintegrate, my player used Invisibility -> Dimension Door -> Disintegrate and claimed the boss shouldn't get his fortitude save. I know he counts as flatfooted - 2 for his AC but is there anything that says you don't get a save?

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Anything charisma based that adds utility, oracle is a decent choice but you should probably take an archetype that drops spellcasting.

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No, your player is bullshitting, you always get saves.

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Yes, no penalty or anything either. (Other than to his AC due to being flatfooted)

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Thought so, thanks
This is the same for Reflex right?

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Flatfooted is on AC, not saves.

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Yes, but Reflex loses it's dex bonus.

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Yeah I know I was just wondering since it kind of makes sense


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No it doesn't.

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A character who has not yet acted during a combat is flat-footed, unable to react normally to the situation. A flat-footed character loses his Dexterity bonus to AC and Combat Maneuver Defense (CMD) (if any) and cannot make attacks of opportunity, unless he has the Combat Reflexes feat or Uncanny Dodge class ability.

Characters with Uncanny Dodge retain their Dexterity bonus to their AC and can make attacks of opportunity before they have acted in the first round of combat."

Reflex saves are NOT affected by being flat footed

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Seems silly that a character is able to react to, say, a fireball and move out of direct impact when completely unaware of it. But you got me there.

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Reflex saves are just QTEs

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Presumably you'd be more or less unaware of it anyway since it's a tiny speck flying out of the Wizard's finger before it fucking explodes next to you

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Yeah, the rules for reflex saves are kind of weird. You get to save with no penalties even if it's not possible to dodge or anything, such as being hit with a fireball in a narrow corridor.

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I guess it's like rolling backwards or something? Also what happens if you drop four Delayed Blast Fireballs in a tiny five foot cube and close the door?
>try to shove someone in the oven
>hear a defeaning boom and smoke rising out of the top
>open the door
>guy made all his reflex saves

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Welcome me to why blasting is shit

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Fireballs and Shouts and stuff should really do massive damage in enclosed spaces

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>Implying high level Nightwalkers wouldn't eat him alive
It's weird to steal elements from a setting that needed a universal homebrew

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Wouldn't he be MISTAKEN for one of the nightwalkers, considering
>Fluffy tail
>Dog ears

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He could bluff it for a while, but Keen Scent reveals Nightwalkers, and even half-trolls have that. Then he'd be targetted by people who want his power. Whether he hets shagged or eaten is up in the air though. Long enough timeline though....

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>By people who want his power

Refresh me on this, would that even be possible? You have to shag a corrupt creature or individual to get their power. Rory isn't "corrupt" in the PLD sense of the word. COULD he even be corrupted? Also, isn't he a skinwalker? They can disguise the animal bits, IIRC.

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It's in the realm of "a good enough possibility that people would eat his heart to find out", and besides, Nightwalkers can provide their own corruption.

Getting to PLD-verse probably entails piercing the Veil of spooky corruption anyways. People would probably assume his ability to heal without going insane is evidence enough.

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PLDverse could probably just be solved by taking the explosive death machines from Dragons2 and a few bodyguards and just utterly obliterating anything that came near them.

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Mean dragons1&2, blah.

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Is False Life useful for a squishy full caster or is it a waste of a spell slot?

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Its ok

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Currently recruiting games:

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whats this golden-chalice shit

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nice pitch

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Well I'm not the GM so it's not my job to pitch

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I had originally intended Mouse to be a sylvan sorcerer (the entire reason I got the magical beast companions allowed in the first place), but the build just wasn't panning out the way I'd hoped, and eventually she developed into the creature you see before you now, full of enthusiasm but with charisma as a dump stat. Hope that's okay.

The intention behind her - and the art I chose supports this - is she doesn't quite fit into standard fantasy paradigms. It's all modern-ish practical clothing rather than robes, brown skin among a bunch of white people, buck teeth and freckles among picturesque heroes, and mechanically speaking that she's a sorcerer reliant on intelligence and knowledge rather than force of will. I think the final result came out well.

EDIT: Added a personality blurb, since it was pointed out that that's something I didn't explain in the backstory.

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it didn't, your character is shit, nobody likes you.

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Aren't they full casters? One of the straight up banned things? You're not really proving anything by showing up to a swordfight with a nuke, except that you're a spoilsport.

>> No.53406878

Well yes, it is showing up to a swordfight with a nuke

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Rinka is a spherecaster, not quite the same as a traditional vancian caster, I have no idea what Astarte is all i know is she's really good at blowing stuff up

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I just quoted the guy's post from the LFG is all

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Reply still applies

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It's still stupid to say "I beat it! Its solved by bringing in something explicitly banned in the setting!" This is like fanfic wank.

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Well if there is some portal between the dragons and PLD universe, its really not and already fanfic tier.

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And the Enterprise could solo the Star Destroyer because they don't have teleportation shielding.

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>and the art I chose supports this
The art looks like fucking garbage. It's not even about brown skin (there's an indian-looking guy, a persian / arab - looking guy, and Kino the Asian already anyway), or the 'buck teeth and freckles', it's just bad fucking art on a technical level.

>it's all modernish
You now realize that the world in question is anything but modern, it's like insisting on people wearing archmage robes and chainmail in a victorian setting or people with laser rifles and stormtrooper armor in Caveman BC.

Robes WERE practical. They were cheap and light, protected you from sun, allowed for more freedom of movement if you didn't run 2fast4u. They aren't too cold in cold places but they're not that hot in warm places. They're easily donned in a hurry and even easier to make. The only thing they're legitimately bad for is highly inclement weather.

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Exactly, yes.

>> No.53407027

When you allow for crossovers between two worlds with different powerlevel one of them is going to be shitstomped
When we bring in full casters into the real world you don't get to say "b-but they don't GET to summon Dread Wraiths they don't EXIST here!"

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What are some good options for ooze characters? I've looked into the Squole race and the Mitotic Warrior/Slimelord from Gonzo, but if anyone knows of any more it'd be a big help to me.

>> No.53407122

Gelatinous Cube from DSP Monster Classes

>> No.53407148

Theres also In The Company of Gelatinous Cubes, but this is one of the few cases where Monster Classes is better than In The Company of.

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It's very far from productive though.

Also would probably just cause an escalation till they die, because the gods would take interest.

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You're on 4chan
Why are you fixated about being productive just have fun

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>The intention behind her - and the art I chose supports this - is she doesn't quite fit into standard fantasy paradigms

Oh, that changes things! It's not like that campaign is built around fitting into the standard fantasy paradigm

>> No.53407200

>she doesn't quite fit into standard fantasy paradigms
>The campaign will feature the party being sent on heroic quests by the princess, generally to slay some monster or lend aid to some distressed populace. In between such quests, there will be bouts of court intrigue. The tone of the court intrigue will be less "game of thrones" and more "King Arthur". Expect classic romance and high drama, not constant plotting and backstabbing. Ultimately, your character's aim, and the Princess' aim for them, is to craft themselves into a storybook character to extol some kind of lesson or value, or capture the populace's hearts through classical meanings of comedy, romance, or tragedy.
>applying to a game where the tone is EXPLICITLY High Fantasy heroics with a character who eschews that tone ENTIRELY

>> No.53407201

My copy of Gonzo II has a class listed as the Multiman, but the Spheres wiki lists it as the Multiple Master. It seems there are a few other renamed classes as well. Is my copy of Gonzo out of date, or is it some weird copyright thing?

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>, brown skin among a bunch of white people, buck teeth and freckles among picturesque heroes, and mechanically speaking that she's a sorcerer reliant on intelligence and knowledge rather than force of will
I don't see what any of these things have to do with standard fantasy.

Isn't it hilariously racist to suggest brown people don't fit into fantasy well. Along with being pretty fucking rude to people with freckles.

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So Super /pfg/ Wars?

>> No.53407231

I like neither "losing" nor going down the power wank path

That said, high level Nightwalkers are either dead, or running around with Die Hard and Fast Healing, basically a focus sash that resets every round. Trying to blast them down doesn't work so good.

>> No.53407232

>super /pfg/ wars

Fantastic, who would be your essential 5-waifu team to make extremely overpowered?

>> No.53407244

Disintegration is a thing.

And Diehard won't save you if you get blasted to beyond -20

>> No.53407271

2hu 2hu 2hu 2hu 2hu
Say what you will but his builds are monstrous

>> No.53407275

I don't get why he thinks brown people are somehow non-normal when there's an indian dude and some arab guy applying

>> No.53407294

Nonono, you're missing the point of super /pfg/ wars

you just choose 5 characters you really like

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Who would DM?

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No no, she's not a brown girl, she's a mulatto rape baby explicitly built around being the nappy-haired black accident!

>> No.53407404


As an actual brown person I can tell you that whoever is playing that fag is probably lily-white and HATES THEMSELVES for it.

>> No.53407418

I don't think anyone in Dragons 1 is a full vancian caster at all.

Astarte is a Titan Architect, Atolm is a Chronokineticist, Zev is a Maid, Lameeka is an Alchemist, Freyda is an Incanter, Celisse is a Princess.

>> No.53407421

its gestalt though

>> No.53407432

Yeah but their other halves are literally all "Dragon" aren't they?

>> No.53407437

I don't think so

>> No.53407464

Only Zev and Atolm really, Celisse is a bit of a technicality by archetype.

>> No.53407470


It's completely different power levels until you get into REEEEEEzerker mode and the Nightwalkers become unkillable. Vult was sketching out either Merla or Logan as just full healing every round for free.

>> No.53407480

Honestly I wouldn't even be vaguely surprised if a lategame Rinka couldn't 1-round basically anything thrown at her.

>> No.53407489

Lameeka's other half is just hidden blade rogue

>> No.53407491


>> No.53407493

Has it occured to you that Rinka may not be very fun to fanfic about?

>> No.53407503


The thing that tickles my jollies the most about that character is the player's trying to use the brown skin as a method by which she's ostracized by others, since Ms. Blackman in a country full of pale-skinned assholes is going to stand out.

Not only is this backfiring in a magnificent way, I do recall there's an easier way to do this... Hold on, the answer's coming... Brace yourself...

... Ever hear of the term "Red-headed Stepchild?" You know, two brown-haired or blonde-haired people have a baby, but it comes out all pale n' freckled n' fiery-haired? That was often assumed to be the result of an affair, hence why it's a byword for being seen with contempt by your family and society.

Hell, why didn't the player pounce on the chance to ACTUALLY be a stepchild? Does Halae even read fairytales, and recognize how she's in the prime position to get some "wicked stepmother" shit going on if her character's the child of a previous marriage?

>> No.53407517

Yes, high level Rinka would be insanely boring to fanfic about because she could basically destroy any possible threat in a single shot.

Unless its supposed to be a one-punch-man esque joke

>> No.53407529

>high level blasters one shotting anything at high levels
>when everything has inflated saves, evasions, SR, and resistance out the asshole.

>> No.53407533

The funny thing is that in medieval reality she wouldn't be orcastrized unless there was some shit going down and people were desperate for some sort of scapegoat. Nobody cared if you were black back then because black people were 'woah what the hell is this your skin looks so -weird-", it was a far bigger problem if you were an infidel.

>> No.53407548

Which is why her primarily (and most deadly) attack is a ranged touch attack

SR is easy to overcome, resistances even moreso

>> No.53407558

One Ray Woman!

>> No.53407559

>she wouldn't be orcastrized unless there was some shit going down and people were desperate for some sort of scapegoat

If I may play the Devil's Avocado for a moment, I do have to point out she's still a rape baby and bastard, which makes her swarthy skin all the more a Scarlet letter, NOT TO MENTION she was born and raised during a period of tumultuous political decay as an Empire collapses leaving instability and chaos in it's wake.

Being black technically works, it's just the lamest and lowest-hanging fruit for an Arthurian fairytale.

>> No.53407569

>Hell, why didn't the player pounce on the chance to ACTUALLY be a stepchild?
What's weird is that when I usually see people play brown folk in "generic europeland" settings this and "son/daughter of merchant that got fucked up later" is the route they go for and it works fine usually. Adopted from a foreign land. Maybe she's the daughter of an old, deceased adventuring buddy her step-dad traveled with. Why is rape the first thing they go for.

That's ignoring the fact that there is an entire fucking core PC race who are assumed to be the product of rape, but still.

>> No.53407590

Isn't Rinka a sphere caster? Single target ray attacks from a sphere casters aren't that deadly to high level enemies. And they don't have a named bullet like effect either.

>> No.53407591

That doesn't really work against her so much as working against her mother, and the thing about 'tumultuous political decay' is that it is SO massive that there is no way you can blame one person for it - at best she's a byproduct. Like, the village has been suffering nightmares - it's a WITCH! But if the entire empire is going down the shitter, people aren't going to blame one person for their scapegoat, at best you'll have something like I'T S DA JOOS

>> No.53407604

>single target destruction rays aren't deadly


>> No.53407608

>Unless its supposed to be a one-punch-man esque joke

Tatsumaki a shit, Fubuki a best.

>Adopted from a foreign land. Maybe she's the daughter of an old, deceased adventuring buddy her step-dad traveled with. Why is rape the first thing they go for.

Ooh! Ooh! Dad's a big-dick adventuring hero, right? What if Mouse was the daughter of an old swarthy, exotic southern partner... OR, the player pulled a Jon Snow and Dad simply came home with Mouse after a year or more away on Business.

Not only does she keep the bastard and dark-skinned bits, it adds mystery to her origins, conflict with the Hero's wife and any children she has with the Hero, and possible exotic bullshit powers!

>> No.53407614

They aren't past shank town tier levels against anything that isn't mook tier.

>> No.53407631

Dude, even unthinking optimization can easily have them blowing disintegrate levels of damage out.

>> No.53407633

>at best you'll have something like I'T S DA JOOS

>[I bet the Veiled Masters did this]

>> No.53407634

No Halae is just a fucking autist trying to bring retarded literal tumblr horseshit into the setting and to break every fantasy trope he can imagine in a game specifically about classic high fantasy

>> No.53407643

>it's a WITCH
>there's a witch applying to Ensoulment RIGHT NOW

>> No.53407648

>blowing disintegrate levels of damage out.
And Disintegrate isn't deadly against high level opponents.

>> No.53407659

yes, and its quite easy to go even further beyond that

And if you have Gear of Power stuff, you can take it even further.

>> No.53407670

Maximized to caster level * 12, Disintegrate is a pretty massive fucking deal no matter what level you sit at.

>> No.53407676

>yes, and its quite easy to go even further beyond that
And further beyond that still isn't enough to be "deadly" to high level threats. At best they're two -three shotting threats

>> No.53407735

my math shows more than capable of oneshotting equal CR

>> No.53407753


different anon, I'm curious about this. Mind posting the math?

>> No.53407790

Its not exactly complex, but it depends on level

Figure out reasonable level of destruction staff, and know greater blast has been taken when possible, as well as red dragon bloodline for more damage on fire blasts when applicable

Then its just math, with empowers at level 5, and maximizes at level 10, in the insane high levels theoretically there could be two blasts fired in one turn with quicken (we're talking crazy amounts of going nova at this point, but its possible.)

Also know that Rinka packs both the overcharge and metamagic master boons, which crank CL even more.

>> No.53407801

Really? Because almost all the math done on the destruction sphere done in these threads imply the opposite.

>> No.53407804

> as well as red dragon bloodline for more damage on fire blasts when applicable
Rinka doesn't have this I'm pretty sure.

>> No.53407812

2hus done analysis on it before, basically the level of the destruction sphere's power is completely dependant on what the GM allows, the more thats allowed, the stronger it is.

It can do a lot.

>> No.53407816

She does, VMC sorcerer.

>> No.53407847

>2hus done analysis on it before, basically the level of the destruction sphere's power is completely dependant on what the GM allows, the more thats allowed, the stronger it is.
And the threads done a lot too. I thought the conclusion was that destruction doesn't get really retarded until you allow people to use holy/unholy smite/start spamming shift time for extra actions.

>> No.53407862

Smite immediately makes it retarded, but there's a lot destruction sphere can do on its own, its basically straight superior to classic blasting in every way, and gets stronger still with gear of power

>> No.53407886

> but there's a lot destruction sphere can do on its own, its basically straight superior to classic blasting in every way
That's not a very high bar. And even "strong" Sphere Destruction isn't that strong compared to other, more traditional methods of damage dealing.

>> No.53407907

Well yeah, sphereblasting can't keep up with broken blade damage spewing, but it holds its own damage-wise.

>> No.53407925

How big are her tits?

Can't play a witch without a large bust.

>> No.53407932

> broken blade damage spewing
Sphere blasting can't even keep up with Paladin/Fighter arches/Barbarians.

It only holds it's own if you "cheese" the fuck out of it.

>> No.53407955

Speaking of cheesing the fuck out of stuff, how's Avowed doing lately? Are the weaponlike shapes still overloaded to fuck?

>> No.53407969

>gears of power
How IS that anyway. I know they nerfed the fuck out of entropic gloves. Is the ring that basically gives X2 Casting Ability Modifier spell points still in?

>> No.53407972

it is it is

>> No.53407997

Hey guys I just joined a 5th level PF game. I'm playing a female Sorceress, draconic bloodline going into Dragon disciple.

This is what I've built after talking with the DM and another player in private. Any suggestions to improve the build? I wanted to build a Melee Gish with claws and bite.

>> No.53408003

There's an elf witch and then there's someone literally named Witch

>> No.53408040

Hey, nothing wrong with that.

>> No.53408041

Play a draconic bloodline bloodrager instead

Go bloodrager 12/DD 8, its far better.

>> No.53408046

you're not gonna be able to gish as a sorcerer due to BaB and terrible HD.

Ask if you can be a bloodrager instead with the primalist archtype. trade out the shitty dragon claws for lesser beast totem and the bite rage power and then at level 12 get regular and greater beast totem for better claws and pounce.

>> No.53408146

Looked it all up. I love it. the flavor is better for my idea anyway. The only bite i see for rage is animal fury and it deals only 1d4. Dragon bite deals 1d6 >.>

>> No.53408173

Yeah, and all of them got itty bitty titties.

>> No.53408186

Dice size literally matters nothing. Difference between 1d4 and 1d6 is average of 1 damage. In exchange you get 2 rage powers for 1 bloodline power which is a massive value deal.

Also, you'll eventually need to pick up magic items to increase your total number of attacks to keep up with manufactured attacks

>> No.53408214

This is my biggest issue with nat attack builds. You basically have to become a big cluster fuck of teeth, hooves, claws, tentacles, etc to stay competitive instead of sticking with one thematic pair.

>> No.53408245

What's the closest you can get to a PoW character using no 3pp content?

Flowing Monk with Snake Style?
Some kind of Combat Patrol Magus build?

>> No.53408256

You can't.

>> No.53408323

What's your favorite 1pp gestalt combo? One that just feels great, like the two classes click together perfectly.

Hard mode: no wizard or arcanist.

Dante must die mode: no 9th level casters.

For me, Druid and Monk really fit together. The flavor is wonderful, and you can become a literal kung-fu panda if you so choose.

>> No.53408346


>> No.53408417

Arcanist Witch for unlimited power -
>hard mode
CaD -
>Dante Must Die
oh look actually meaningful questions
Barbarian + Bard and Paladin+Inquisitor are both fun flavorwise

>> No.53408443

>Barbarian + Bard
skald exists :U

>> No.53408459

Gunslinger monk is pretty badass, and they complete eachother well.

>> No.53408483

Thinking about running a /pfg/ game, but not set in Golarion. I have a homebrew setting in mind, but it's sorta expansive and scattered at the moment. What key aspects of setting should I have prepared to give to players during the application process?

>> No.53408488

I mean Arcanist and Skald are both just class'd versions of popular 3.5e gestalts

>> No.53408495

I have many favorites, but among them:
>(Any) Magus||(Empiricist) Investigator
>UMonk||Inquisitor (Huntmaster preferred, but any will do)
>(Invuln) Barbarian||Oracle (any Cha-to-AC mystery)
>Anything at all||some kind of Vigilante; you can do all kinds of dumb bullshit with Vigilante

>> No.53408497

So what settings would get jammed together into a unified pff setting?

>> No.53408500

Look at https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/77814/ensoulment-of-the-flower-court, https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/77201/essentia-forgotten-home for examples

>> No.53408512

Pathfinder is already 'jammed together', Golarion is such a dumpster fire because it has like every classic setting in one world.

>> No.53408581

It's fine if it's expansive. Where the campaign starts and where it's going is where you need to focus.

For example, no one cares about the World Wound in golarion when you're doing a Katapesh campaign.

>> No.53408608

That is one of the parts I like about it though. Plus that's basically the case for every classic D&D setting.

>> No.53408615


>> No.53408632

That's some fine advice. Thanks.

>> No.53408650

Rock on, anon

>> No.53408674

Can you at least tease us with the campaign location you had in mind?

>> No.53408711

How does that work?

>> No.53408721

I could, yeah.

I sorta want to run a campaign based heavily on exploration- particularly of ruins with strange creatures and constructs roaming the broken halls. Imagine a nation built entirely on Dwemer ruins, but only recently discovered and with nothing that points to who made them as of yet. The players would be part of a guild that focuses on delving these ruins, but probably start out as flunkies or fresh recruits, having to claw their way up the ranks for the real good missions.

I know it's kinda generic, but I adore ruins so.

>> No.53408739

I imagine it only works thanks to either Scaled Fist or the one shitty Wis-based paladin archetype

>> No.53408745

>but I adore ruins so.
Well I hate ruins. All there is in it is dungeon crawling, traps and monsters. Nobody to talk to.

>> No.53408766

Doesn't seem particularly great.

>> No.53408770

Talk to the monsters, they could use the company.

>> No.53408786

Zen archer paladin maybe?

>> No.53408797

That's why the guild is there. Ruins will be a rather large aspect, yes, but that's not all that exists.

In order to maneuver through guild ranks, you'll pretty much have to know who to talk to and who to buddy up to. There's also probably going to be a few surprises in the ruins themselves. I'd say the game would be projected to be about 40% ruin delving- still a massive portion to be sure, but there's going to be a lot more to it than that.

I mean, people have just discovered the ruins with strange magical and technological devices being recovered on the reg, most of which are starting to change society (for the better or worse!) Without giving too much away, there's going to be a /lot/ of people to talk to.

>> No.53408800

What should I gestalt with Fighter to become the ultimate swordsman?

No wizardry please thanks

>> No.53408824

I don't doubt it's a mediocre use of gestalt, but it's going to be very good at beating the shit out of people and not dying. I see what the guy's going for, at least.

>> No.53408829

>no wizardry

Well just fucking kill yourself I guess because if you're unwilling to cast any spells, you will forever be shite.

>> No.53408841

Name the top three worst Paizo NPC's, from any adventure path

>> No.53408851

There's spells other than arcane ones, anon.

>> No.53408854

Iomedae, Iomedae, and Iomedae

>> No.53408862

Impossible, because the bad ones are forgotten.

>> No.53408866

Why specifically not arcane spells?

And then I guess be a warpriest, faggot.

>> No.53408874

>Ensoulment has 20 apps in one week.
What are the odds we'll reach the 50s again?

>> No.53408877

Because arcane spells are really fucking boring and overdone, perhaps?

>> No.53408889

>Ironic answer: The sword-using Arcanist
>Less ironic answer: the cat-themed wildsoul Vigilante
>Practical answer: (Empiricist) Investigator
>Shitpost answer: Elf or Half-elf URogue with elven weapon training

>> No.53408890

... What?

How are arcane spells any more boring and overdone than divine spells? Or psychic spells?

>> No.53408912

That's because you have no imagination.
>Monster tribes with inner quarrels
>Monster tribes with outer quarrels
>Negotiations between those and the outside world
>other adventuring groups both in and out of the groups
>shop keepers

>> No.53408924

I've got some time for lunch, may as well post some homebrew. Please try to view this as putting a new engine in the magus chassis, not retooling the magus engine. I didn't try to "fix" it, like so many if you seem to want. I'm planning to slap this on an npc and see how it performs, but I can't do that quite yet.

I already know the wording isn't perfect, that'll get fixed eventually


>> No.53408937

>No Wizardry
That being said, if you're restricting yourself to Paizo only that's not half-bad. Too bad I've taken a zero tolerance policy on Vanician castes nowadays.

>> No.53408976

To keep OP's question going, what would you guys look for in a /pfg/ Starfinder setting

>> No.53408982

>Alchemy is somehow Wizardry
>Ignoring the fucking Arcanist suggestion to complain about fucking INVESTIGATOR???

Are you daft
>Zero tolerance on Vancian...
Just use the Sphere investigator then, it works with Empiricist.

>> No.53408988

Waifus and daddies

>> No.53408996

>what would you guys look for in a /pfg/ Starfinder setting

Anime and furries, aka Starfox and Macross with a bit of Gurren Lagen.

>> No.53409003

Catgirls with a strict warrior caste system that demands they serve anyone who beats them loyally until they are able to challenge them fairly and win their freedom back. Ir saxrifice one of their nine reincarnations.

>> No.53409019


Enemies I can base an entire campaign around. Just massive, flavorful threats with crazy abilities.

Uchuu kaiju tier shit.

>> No.53409023

Overlews had about 22 by this time, so pretty decent.

>> No.53409030

Space Hellknights
Then port in OD ZS Warder

>> No.53409052

Ensoulment is going to go crazy in its last week. I guarantee it.

>> No.53409057


>PC with magnificent golden/amber hair
>mfw he inadvertently forms a Pride because lion-girls associate lustrous locks with virility

>> No.53409067

>Formulae based prepared casting
>not Wizardry
I assume when anon said no wizardry he meant, no casting.

On another note, I really hate that Sphre Investigator gives up Trap Sense for a shitty ritual that doesn't even fit the fucking fluff of investigators.

>> No.53409080

>Planet Devouring Space Kaiju
>Disguises itself as an asteroid or something
>It has ticks/fleas, which are roughly horse-sized not-zerg/tyranids
>Can travel through the drift

>> No.53409093

Well, hope I don't fuck this app for Flower Court up. I hate it when people mess up redemption arcs, and I don't want to end up making somebody worse than Mouse.

>> No.53409126

>ensoulment jumped from being even views with pilgrimage to 100 over in the span of 24 hours

What happened? Thunder stolen? Is this the effect of celebrity players?

>> No.53409129

Alchemy is the only time "Prepared Vancian" is tolerable and actually makes any goddamn sense. If the guy doesn't want magic, then I hope he likes vigilante, because that's gonna be the best he'll get.

>> No.53409131


Kinetic Knight//Barbarian (the one that uses heavy armor)


>> No.53409176


I wanna FUG the mousey mulatto sorc dork!

>> No.53409179

Tolerable no. Makes sense. Yeah, I whole heatedly agree.

>> No.53409183

But anon, if you put her in the family way than she'll be a pregnant mousey mulatto sorc dork with an Octoroon double-bastard!

>> No.53409184

I want to teach that yummy mummy to love again.

>> No.53409191


I want Mouse to be transported to the PLD world where Vult can have his way with her!


>> No.53409205

Humanoid Insectoids, typically seen as vermin, that can only attain sentience after eating a sentient brain

A bunch of people who decided to upload their brains into a giant supercomputer space station/ship to escape their ruined planet. They might welcome new recruits, and use cloned/robotic bodies if they want to interact in meatspace

How bad are these, on a scale of 1-10?

>> No.53409210

She doesn't look that fugable to be honest. The body is alright but that face is bloody terrible.

>> No.53409226

Is Apocalypse a good Oracle Mystery to gestalt with?

>> No.53409229


That only enhances the eroticism of violence.

>> No.53409236

Im honestly concerned that all the mouse bullying is going to cause them to get into the game just because Protag will feel bad for them and be unable to turn them away after all the abuse

>> No.53409239

>The body is alright but that face is bloody terrible.
That's what doggy style's for, the reprieve of butterfaces everywhere.

>> No.53409255

>with an Octoroon double-bastard!

I don't know why that's making me laugh as hard as it is.

>> No.53409263


I'd put them around 7, raising or lowering depending on how they're handled.

>> No.53409275

>yummy mummy


>> No.53409277

I'm about 75% sure that's the game Halae's playing since just applying hasn't worked for him.

>> No.53409285

Well, lopping her head off would do the trick.

>> No.53409287


Is protag as much of a doormat as people make him out to be?


Pic related?

>> No.53409290

How would you write the perfect character to get into a /pfg/ game?

>> No.53409298

Ceraphine AKA Fem!Casimir

>> No.53409300


Male character, or female character?

>> No.53409302


Just make Calsicahedrix again.

>> No.53409331

Not enough muscle to be Fem!Casimir.

>> No.53409354

Male or Female. How would you raise your chances of entering to the max? This is more of a thought exercise.


>> No.53409381

>How would you raise your chances of entering to the max?
Find out what fetishes the GM has.

Make a char that hits all those buttons.

Unless your GM is Vult. Then just be female IRL and you're guaranteed a slot.

>> No.53409394



Hyper-Lewd art without fetishes: Be conventional but have big tits and wide hips.

Include an F-List. Include no lewdity in background story but be very blatant in what you want to happen to your character.

ERP the GM before the game has begun. Cater to their fetishes.

Optimize your character.

>> No.53409404

-4 STR

>> No.53409409


Demesne Dragons/Dragon Royalty/Kobolds/Dragonblooded are now in your game, Wat do?

>> No.53409417


Drop out of the game.

>> No.53409419

I like the uploading idea. Bonus points if their original body really is out there

>> No.53409422

That's a pretty ridiculous comparison, anon. The only similarities between the two are that they're widow(er)s.

>> No.53409434

Drop them again because I'm the DM.
If player: Genocide.

>> No.53409438

Ceraphine's gorgeous and a genuinely good character, don't bully!

>Male or Female. How would you raise your chances of entering to the max? This is more of a thought exercise.

Generally you need to appeal to the DM on more than one level; your character has an obvious arc, they're written well, they present exactly enough backstory to leave the DM wanting to see their story, and the sheet's crisp and clean.

>> No.53409445

>There's already a draconic, roman-esque empire in my game

>> No.53409471

A red dragon in dragons 2 that was a Jessica rabbit lookalike.

>> No.53409478

Wouldn't a dragon empire be closer to the Holy Roman Empire or Byzantine Empire?

>> No.53409487

They're also swarthy, older foreigners with pasts that haunt them, desperately looking for a new love to bring them back from the shadow of what they once were.

>> No.53409507 [SPOILER] 


Imperialist dragons vs a literal extended family dragons ruled by great grandma.


Observe the character art.

>> No.53409509

I am a big dumb baby and I need to be spoonfed what the fuck a Zealot is.

What is it?

>> No.53409519


Make it so and if I get in I will spoil the heck out of that mouse. I'll start diverting skill points into craft cooking and dressmaking and carry an entire pavilion to rest in.

>> No.53409530


....is Mouse actually a high tier waifu despite being retarded?

>> No.53409533

>How would you raise your chances of entering to the max?

In the words of my spirit animal Viper from Titanfall 2, you need GOOD TONE.

Figure out what the DM is doing with the campaign, and make a character that fits it.

>> No.53409540

PoW:E Class

>> No.53409545

No it's all shitty irony for the sake of irony and octoroon memes.

>> No.53409548

No, because the player is shit

>> No.53409565

The worst part of Calsi is that the memes are apparently she and the rat are lezzing out.

Just fucking cuck my shit up.

>> No.53409567

Wasn't Halae the one who wrote the RotJR app that was so edgy that a r20 rando edgelord wanted to play it?

>> No.53409572

PoW:E class
>Boosts the party's survivability
>Flexible build
>Incredibly solid for Bodyguard builds
>Terribly unintuitive
>You absolutely NEED a saving throws replacer, moreso than any other PoW class.

>> No.53409575

shame racial feats are banned. I could end the game with claws tail and a bite.

>> No.53409577

Who knows and/or cares

>> No.53409579


Yeah but if given the opportunity would you ERP her?

I would

>> No.53409584

No, the character isn't attractive in any way.

>> No.53409588

Not that was Anja, which people where actually dick riding pretty hard.

>> No.53409594

Get that shit outta here

>> No.53409605

Is there any way for a Sorcerer to gain the wizard school specializations? Mostly the powers.

>> No.53409619

wizard VMC i guess

>> No.53409694

How do I bring myself happiness

>> No.53409704


Leave /pfg/ and be free from the autism.

>> No.53409727

What's my best shot at being Geralt?

>> No.53409734

This man speaks wisdom.

>> No.53409742


>> No.53409748

Play a better system.

>> No.53409749


>> No.53409750



>> No.53409764

Buy the Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition from Gamestop! Power to the Players! Now selling Mountain Dew soft drinks at select locations near you! Do the Dew!

>> No.53409770

>completely ignored

>> No.53409774

Are there any cheeky shenanigans one can pull with prestige classes on gestalt characters?

>> No.53409784

Well, duh. If you want people to actually look at your shitty homebrew, you should try the IRC channel, or maybe discord.

>> No.53409787


I'm probably really lenient, but I think it could kind of work if the app talked more about what she does than what she is. That cuddle bandit could be more interesting as a character that always got screwed over in life but holds out in a cinderella type way if she has already shown extraordinary action in line with what she's a champion of, like I dunno if she ran a small school for disabled war orphans or something.

>> No.53409797

It's a fate worse than being torn to shreds for homebrew posted to /pfg/.

>> No.53409817

Personally, I'd say Slayer|Alchemist (Grenadier).

>> No.53409819


Yeah, sounds about right.

>> No.53409838

It's cool and definitely flavorful, but it feels as though it falls kind of flat for some reason I can't put my finger on. I'd probably still play one though, all things considered. That said, the Int-to-deflection part is the only thing that sticks out as just being weird, but that's on account of rings of deflection being a standard pickup.

>> No.53409844

That, and you need a Template for Human that gives Dex, Con and Str bonuses along with Low Light Vision, disease immunity, poison resistance and a form of fast healing activated through eating.

>> No.53409856

I'd say more like Mutation Warrior Fighter||Investigator, but that's mostly because the double study of Slayer||Investigator aggravates me.

>> No.53409862

I think thats because nothing changes in style as you level up.

I think this might be a prime target for VMC?

Also its Cha to deflection?

>> No.53409869

Nothing else eh?

>> No.53409941

Continuing my question
>Character died. Making a new one for Reign of Winter Campaign. About level 9ish.
>Any suggestions?
>Level 9... You're in the Caves, or are you somewhere else?
I guess?
>What's the rest of your party look like?
Cleric - Necromancer
-Rogue Companion
Arcanist - Transmuter
Dual-Sword Fighter

>> No.53409956


>> No.53409985

How much better is Unchained Monk compared to chained Monk?
The fact it can only take like 2 archetypes even WITH GM fiat seems kind of bad to me.

>> No.53410040


>> No.53410047

I saw the words "magus" and "casting modifier" and my brain defaulted to Int, but the point still stands.

Some kind of proper scaling to Spellsmite would be nice, possibly something that encourages you to use higher level spell slots beyond "it lasts longer". The capstone also also needs to just be totally redone, as making Spellsmite a permanent effect looks like a complete copout when you had that cool spell consumption mechanic in place. I like the concept overall though. Hell, if you just handed me an archetype that was nothing but the spellsmite, I'd probably use it over the base magus, though I'd probably ask for some way to replicate the effect of Bladed Dash when using Spellsmite. Probably as an arcana.

Unchained Monk has like, 5+ archetypes my dude. It is also MASSIVELY SUPERIOR in almost every way to base monk, unless you look at niche cases like Zen Archer or something.

>> No.53410057

"Dragons don't live in places this cold!"

>> No.53410089

Anybody got a collection with ALL the Ironfang Invasion .pdfs in them? I'm planning a game for a few buddies.

>> No.53410093

Can I get a full rundown on who this dragon queen is? And what this Demesne is?

I know that it has something to do with thicc

>> No.53410110

Say I wanted to be a total asshat and play a stealth-based Coup-de-Grace character, what would I gestalt with Witch for really big crits but also overall combat capability?
I'm thinking Barbarian is a great choice mechanically for really big CDGs and combat in general, but it doesn't fit my idea of a spooky assassin putting people to sleep and then butchering them.

>> No.53410150

Well, our Horn of Wyrm Calling just got a whole lot more useful.
Storm Tyrant is now officially fucked

>> No.53410152

>big CDG
>gestalted with an Int caster

So an Unchained Rogue or Serial Killer Vigilante? What content do you have available to you?

>> No.53410157

I'll ponder it when I get home.

Also, every spell level is another 2d8 to the smite.

Truth be told, I didn't think about the capstone much, since who gets to level 20?

>> No.53410171

Sanctified slayer inquisitor

>> No.53410204

Rogues or anything with good sneak attacks and a x4 weapon would make good Coup-de-grace character. Mainly because sneak attack dice apply to coup-de-grace, and if you are a ninja, then the ninja assassinate applies sneak attacks too

>> No.53410209

No 3pp.
Was thinking about URogue, yeah.
Haven't looked into Vigilante, but that might work.

This is a very interesting suggestion. I'll think about it, thanks.

>> No.53410218

>Have Witch grab Prehensile Hair
>Grab Improved Grapple, Greater Grapple, and Throat Slicer
Razor-Hair Garrote enemies from 15ft away with your Pinned CDGs

>> No.53410229

>sneak attack dice apply to coup-de-grace
Oh, damn, I didn't know that. That's a big deal.

>> No.53410245

It's based on the Tower Princess stuff.

Someone around here has the Homebrew sheets for the Dragon Prince/Princess you can play as.

>> No.53410262

That's a great idea in theory, but in practice...

>> No.53410267


Ancient draconic entity who spent most of the past however many centuries eating, napping, and dramatically increasing the population of her domain-the Demense.

Apparently she woke up somewhat recently and decided to take a swing at the whole "take over the world" bit, and has enough demigod/half-dragon children/grandchildren/etc. running around to make an honest effort of it.

>> No.53410274

Even without Grapple, Throat Slicer is a must have for CDGs

>> No.53410276

Protagonist is actually getting people to write NPCs for him because he's already chosen the group

>> No.53410301

Psionic stuff only.

>> No.53410321

Itsuko is for waifu
Mouse is for deletion
Elf is for RAPE

>> No.53410334

So, moving on from Mouse, what are people's thoughts on Fenix?

>> No.53410357

>Elf is for RAPE
Has there ever been an elf that isn't for rape?

>> No.53410369

>There is no one-handed/light x4 crit weapon that does slashing damage
My heart, she weeps.

>> No.53410380

I want to snuggle a large-busted witch while she tells me I'm handsome and compliments my tail!

>> No.53410389

>my tail

>> No.53410397

Its a little too soon for that particular shitposting strategy, dont you think?

>> No.53410437

Are Nagaji suitable to be bards? If so, what kind of bard would fit a Nagaji?

>> No.53410440


Sera from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

No right-minded sapient would be willing to touch that, and even non-sapients would need to be breathtakingly horny to consider it.

>> No.53410452

Elves that aren't for rape aren't real elves

>> No.53410459

Reminder to abuse your elves

>> No.53410470


They can certainly work as bards, but the INT penalty isn't helpful for a skillmonkey. However, with their STR bonus, being a skald seems like a pretty solid choice.

>> No.53410475

Nagaji make great bards just like every other +Cha race. -Int isn't a huge deal because of their 6 skill ranks per level

>> No.53410483

Anybody got the screencap with the Blingomancer from Heroes of the High Court?

>> No.53410515


This dude?

>> No.53410535

Yes, that dude

>> No.53410692

What do dragons eat? Is there any prey big enough for them?

>> No.53410701

What was that magic item that gave you Improved Unarmed Strike?
I think it might've been a headband?
I can't find it, please help.
I remember it being relatively cheap, too.

>> No.53410715

Large livestock, lots of medium livestock, lots of people, as long as they get a lot of biomass in their stomach, they should be okay

>> No.53410729

Its an ioun stone iirc

>> No.53410737

They eat literally anything. In the draconomicon they said they can digest even stones and earth to get nutrients from them, in pathfinder its the same pretty much, but they being dragons prefer flesh, and there are plenty of creatures large enough to satisfy them, even if not then livestock, people, trees, whatever.

>> No.53410746

They eat lots of dick because dragons are massive fags.

>> No.53410770

What are common lubricants used for sexual purposes on Golarion?

>> No.53410778

Saliva, semen, and blood.

>> No.53410779


>> No.53410784

THey just take a short jaunt over to the REalm of the Mammoth Lords and braba mammoth off the ground.

Afterall, if Eagles can range across from California to Montana, I think the distance to grab some Mammoth, or Dinosaurs from Mwangi if living in Garund, wouldn't be too hard.

And if they're lazy, Kobolds make for okay-ish junkfood

Tears to Wine

>> No.53410813


Baykdoyre’s Ultimate Lubrication. When attempting to crossbreed halflings and ogress, accept no substitutes.

>> No.53410829

>You can't eat just one

>> No.53410830


Grease spell.

>> No.53410852

What, like swallows flying all the way from Garund to Brevoy? Next you'll be telling me they carry coconuts, too!

>> No.53410882

Well, an Garundi Swallow would be strong enough to carry a coconut

>> No.53410977

But at what airspeed?

>> No.53411113

Why do players take an NPC trying to force them to do anything ever as 'railroading'. Like they told me it was railroading when they became wanted criminals and people stopped selling them shit (if they knew who the party was) and people were after them. Apparently that took away agency from the party. I mean yeah, but fucking conflict is the point of the entire game. The thing is though they didn't even try to figure things out/clear their name or even flee the country. They just got buttmad and sulked.

>> No.53411147

Why did DHB ask if he could use his unchained fighter than make a vigilante?

>> No.53411174


I don't mind railroading but my character WILL sulk.

Is that fine? Because what I find are that shit gms and players get mad if my CHARACTER is unhappy with being on rails.

>> No.53411303


>> No.53411351


>> No.53411363




>> No.53411383


>> No.53411387

>If you should, by some chance, fall in love with a peasant woman, be careful to puff her up with lots of praise and then, when you find a convenient opportunity, do not hold back but take your pleasure and embrace her by force. For you can hardly soften their outward inflexibility so far that they will grant you their embraces quietly or permit you to have the solaces you desire unless you first use a little compulsion as a convenient cure for their shyness. We do not say these things, however, because we want to persuade you to love such women, but only so that, if through lack of caution you should be driven to love them, you may know, in brief compass, what to do.

Does your character conform to the chivalric code when he dallies with common folk?

>> No.53411398

Who do you think he chose?

>> No.53411411


>> No.53411425

>[Vanara Waifus Intensify]

>> No.53411486

I wanna tie the knot with Gloriana!

>> No.53411503

Every game is a chance to advertise. He rarely asks for his own build, but having it be available on the explicit whitelist increases the chances that anybody at all will use it so he can get feedback.

>> No.53411515

Currently brainstorming an idea for a Natural attack zealot.

How bad is this idea compared to something like nat attack brutal slayer or nat attack warlord?

>> No.53411527

Okay, on a scale from Blacksad to Sparkledog, how furry are Monkey/Sun Wukong grils?

>> No.53411531

It's working. I've been messing around with builds for it and I'm pretty sure it's better than Myrmidon at least.

>> No.53411535

Mommy memes
Disk's character if he ever gets around to posting a backstory
Captain Slow's inevitable application

>> No.53411538

It's doable, but Zealot doesn't have much in the way of huge full attack enabling, nor as many feats.

>> No.53411558

Have you PMed him with your thoughts on it?

>> No.53411564

I think I can beat Slow! I'm going to try my best!

>> No.53411572

Pretty furry since even without much fur, they are pretty much monkeys anyways.

But thats okay anon since monkey girls are cute, and there are a full planet of tribal monkeys on a jungle moon in starfinder

>> No.53411576

Kyras needs to read this. Is Sleep awake?

>> No.53411583

About as furry as Goku

>> No.53411586

New thread

>> No.53411594

Are you a handsome hunk, a vile temptress, or Cashmere?

>> No.53411596

>shilling your pre-bump thread

>> No.53411600

I'll message him tonight actually. He's probably still at work.

>> No.53411601

Remember one of the fighter archetypes is a 9 level caster with no spell slots.

>> No.53411630

>being this mad you didn't have a chance to post another animethread
Try being a little less transparent, kitsuneposter.

>> No.53411632

Yes, no, no

>> No.53411634

>What are common lubricants used for sexual purposes on Golarion?

The same kind of lubricants medieval people used, mostly olive oil.

>> No.53411641

>its another "15 IPs must be Kitsune because they disagree with me episode
You'd think you would've learned after the last time we abandonded your shit thread through 3 different generals

>> No.53411644

Why do you need a saves replacer? Is it because of the fort saves when a collective member dies?

>> No.53411662

Both of you butthurt idiots can just fuck right off. There is no need to compete, you're both cancer.

>> No.53411665

Slow might not even apply to Ensoulment, you should PM him and ask for story advice!

>Just fuckin' read Game of Thrones, dork.

>> No.53411668

Probably just incompetence, it's Multiman in mine as well.

>> No.53411676

You've got a chance! Just shitpost about it for several threads, or PM THEM

>> No.53411692

No, I'm aiming older with my literary ripoff

>> No.53411695

I already PM'd them, and have PM'd them even before this

>> No.53411707


>> No.53411708

Are you making a daddy to develop a cute relationship with yummy mummy?

>> No.53411720

>excusing making a thread before bump limit

>> No.53411721

Your Will saves are shit, and no save replacer nor save boosting features. Warlord has Unbreakable gambit, Force of Personality, and presences to boost their saves.
Warder is either OD or might still manage to afford some Wis since cha gets dumped (and then it can manage to prevent enemy spellcasters from pulling shit out via armiger's mark/Defensive focus)
Stalker and Mystic have strong Wills
Harb can get out of the way as an immediate action and block LoS or step out of range.
Also, unlike all the other classes, you don't start with a discipline that has a save-replacer or spell-blocker counter.
Fort saves only really get dangerous lategame and by then you'll probably end up packing +CON on your belt so you'll be fine.

>> No.53411752

What, like Arthurian or something?

>> No.53411773

>Franze will never be your yummy mummy

There's mundane pain and then there's this.
Wubu, why have you forsaken me? Was it the memes? I just wanted to make bling...

>> No.53411775

I'll just make a new thread once this is is about page 8. Ignore this inane page 4 bullshit.

>> No.53411795

Deets you fuck

>> No.53411802

Aww man, I've got one ready for page 8 too, with his as the OP image.

What's your?

>> No.53411811

My copy of PoW:E lists Zealot has having good Will progression, did that get errata'd?

>> No.53411812

Which character was yours?

>> No.53411832 [SPOILER] 

no bully

>> No.53411845

It ain't good enough. With PoW in place you'll end up facing bigger, nastier foes regardless, which means that saving throws are more important in comparison.

>> No.53411849

Its shit. Stop justifying the retarded autism of no-animefag.

If the two of you would just stop existing, it would be a better place

>> No.53411853

It involved handholding

>> No.53411865

Muh Dick/10

>> No.53411868

But Zealot is a full-BAB and the others are filthy 3/4ths.

>> No.53411872

No fucking dueling generals. Just use the one that was posted you mongoloids.

>Captcha reads: dicks visitors

>> No.53411888

>using the sht thread that was made before the bump of last thread, which is only being kept alive by OP and other retards not knowing how to sage
That's just as bad as posting in a Kitsune thread!

>> No.53411889

New Thread:


>> No.53411900

I'd use either of those threads over the one that was posted because they picked out an actual fucking image.

>> No.53411910


>> No.53411917

>a 4th OP slides in ahead
Now we got enough for a fighting game!

>> No.53411936

It's all bad, we're completely rotten to the core because of the grudges that noanimeposter and kitsuneposter retardedly cling to.

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