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>> No.53392528

So, I started from scratch and focused on improving basic shooting.
Here is what I came up with

>> No.53392565

I figure Ill move the staves around once I uprade a specialist

>> No.53393357

what is the play style of craftworld eldar?

as im new i cant figure it out my looking at the stats, equipment and point costs etc

>> No.53393418

You kinda run to close gun range. And murder everything with powerful death blasters. Then kite awaaaay!
Also, one guy hides behind a mini tank, that goes around massacring everything.

>> No.53393468

>one guy hides behind a mini tank, that goes around massacring everything.
seems pretty good

>> No.53393622

is the worth of guardian defenders that they get free equimpent? but at the cost of missing one mission or is it better to just do with dire avengers?

>> No.53393771

Even as a newbie, to me it looks like a pure gunline force. Your doods are all variants of the same general profile, with Dire Avengers being slightly better than Guardians. Your weapon options are exclusively Shuriken Pistols or Catapults, or if you're feeling creative, spending a minimum of 250 for a naked Gunner with a Scatter Laser Weapon Platform, whose costs go up astronomically fast. They have no CC options besides knives, little gear options, and you'll also have to be mindful of your Guardians, because each 3rd victory they achieve has them run off for a mission to return as Dire Avengers for the next.

Ironic how the faction who's normal style is 'everything plays a radically different role' is so samey in SWA.

>> No.53393879

Pistols are used in cc too.

>> No.53393916

Only the Exarch can actually take a pistol though.

>> No.53394125

well that just breaks my heart because i love having options or being versitile.

is there any kill team which operates like that? with versitility or more options?

>> No.53394206

Which is BS really, but it just highlights how absolutely shoed in Craftworld Eldar are in SWA.

>> No.53394273

Inquisition does everything. Chaos similarly has a ton of options. Nids and gray knights as well.

>> No.53394301

thanks now i just need to deside between nids or inq

>> No.53394351

Nids are all elites- near immune to pinning, great guns, great in combat, 3 wounds apiece and amazing wargear. You only get 5 though.

Inquisition let's you tailor each dude and has great opportunities for modeling as every person is someone the Inquisitor chose. And the Inquisitor themself has crazy wargear of course.

>> No.53394386

maybe i'll just get both eventually, but im leaning more on inqusition

>> No.53394863

what is the difference or point of tyranid new spawn and a tyranid warrior?

its 25 less and has 1 less WS

i guess unless you go CC the new spawn is better or what?

>im new

>> No.53394932

New spawn are recruits, which means they can earn no skills. Once they've survived 3 missions(finishing the mission while upright) they turn In to regular warriors, get the stats,and the ability to earn skills

>> No.53395055

They're New Recruits. They can't advance until they've completed 3 missions.

You go 2x scything talons on the new spawn to bring its WS back up to 5 and use him as a close combat bum-rusher.

>> No.53395154

Nids are more vulnerable to losing units than inq is. That said, nids are one of the most elite factions in the game as of now.

>> No.53395305

thanks guys i kinda missed the whole "recruits" thing kek

>> No.53395810

So as I read it, for my Necrons, all of my Warriors (including starting guys) are Recruits until a few missions in, at which point they can get Shooting skills only?

What's the benefit to taking them over Immortals? Cannon fodder that is not likely to drop because of Reanimation and free armor?

>> No.53396227

They're 30 points cheaper than immortals and are probably the best new recruits in the game except for tyranid new-spawn.

>> No.53396461

Are you sure?

The exarch looks pretty tasty in melee.
5 move base, ws 5, I6 with 2 attacks is really strong even if he's only s3.

>> No.53396609

You're probably better off saving for immortals for the gun and armor, but if you need bodies warriors are okay. No real stat loss.

>> No.53397674

Sure, the Exarch can go pseudo-rambo and murder the fuck out of people on his own, but a leader does not a CC kill team make. The CWEldar list is just so tiny, there's almost no room for creativity or different approaches. Hell, it would've been nice if they at least included Storm Guardian options.

>> No.53397985

Not a CC team maybe but not a "gunline" such as Tau being forced to avoid combat.

More like you want to get as close as possible and then use your leader to pounce on anyone who gets too close with his 10" charge.

>> No.53398213

So, did anyone manage to get a group going on table top sim?

Any good SW:A games on there?

>> No.53398652

Anyone have any experience with ogryns?

I was thinking about getting some but it just seems like they'd spend all their time pinned.

>> No.53398858

I did, but it's me and my bros so you can't come.

>> No.53399334

I'm running a prime, a warrior, and two spawn. All with 2x scytals, extended carapace, adrenals and flesh hooks.

There's a lot of weird stuff in the nid list. Rending claws aren't really worth taking. Going double scytals means toxin sacs are pointless. Flesh hooks are compulsory for melee nids. Giving anything but the gun-beast shooting weapons is a waste of time.

Nids aren't very flexible and they lack a lot of options, but if you kit them out right they're pretty lethal.

>> No.53399387

>Ork charges, choppin' an' shootin'
>Scout sergeant just cuffs him on the jaw
>Oi, sit down you smelly green cunt

>> No.53400540

So I know that you can't have more than half your fighters made up of New Recruits, but one of my opponents really wants to run a Chaos list consisting of an Aspiring Champion and then nothing but cultists. Do you guys think this would be broken or op? Personally, I think it'd be rather weak, as cultists have kinda shit weapon options and have to survive three missions before they can advance. Sure, he'd have a crazy tooled up leader, but I doubt that'd make up for the general weakness.
On the other hand, I think it'd be very flavorful so I'm inclined to say go for it, but I want to know if there is something I'm missing.

>> No.53400697

Just lurking a bit but is this skirmish style 40k again? If so, how fun are the Orks in it? What are they like?

>> No.53400836

Not great because y'know, you should be playing on multiple levels with ladders and shit.

>> No.53401075

keep them in range of a flak armored team leader's aura and they can use the leader's init to beat pinning early

>> No.53401315

Yes, basically Kill Team mixed with Necromunda.

Orks get to outnumber everyone with the largest possible kill team, a whopping 20 models.

Orks rely on outnumbering the opponent, their leadership gets higher the more you outnumber the opponent. From there, you get a bonus to charging and you're the only real force that gets sustained fire for all it's weapons (most team weapons are single shot and just get better at hitting at close range) However, your accuracy is abysmal and you need that ROF to ensure hits.

Other than that, your other main issue is abysmal Initiative. This means you fall off of ledges easily and lose ties with most enemy units.

I have a Blood Axe team and while they are fun, I've realized I need more dakka, as honestly my boyz are plenty good enough to take on most basic enemy units even without CQC weapons. That said, choppas make them S4 with a -1 to the enemy save for 10pts, which means you can easily afford to upgrade your shoota boyz to have choppas as well early on.

>> No.53402774

As of ever. It's very difficult to imagine a team conceptually more elite than three wound assjackers

>> No.53402833


Leader can shoot fine too. I've seen plenty of folks give him a death spitter and two swords

>> No.53402853

There's no benefit to gimping yourself like that. I'd say let the poor bastard do it if he wants.

>> No.53402902

Nids and Grey Knights also get sustained fire on everything. They're limited to five man teams though, so it's mostly to keep them relevant for volume of fire.

Honestly, Ork teams bug me. 20 dudes moving individuall, each with sustained fire, rolling shots one at a time... it just takes FOREVER

>> No.53402951

I said only real force. Nids realistically aren't taking guns on everthing and both nids and Grey Knights are limited to 5 models a team. They've just got nowhere near the raw firepower an ork team can put out.

>> No.53403095

Leader, 2x scytals, ext carapace, adrenals and flesh hooks 290pts


Leader, 2x boneswords, deathspitter 420 pts

So you're saying that a model that eats 42% of your total points allocation performs as well as one that eats 29% of your points allocation?

Someone get this hothead out of here.

>> No.53403260

>mfw couldn't make a full Flash Gitz force

Guess I gotta stick to Kill Team. I need to buy x3 Empire/Free Guild Engineer with Long Rifle, I want those fucking scopes to put on Transgalavic Arquebeus

>> No.53403262

You ever heard the phrase "strength in numbers"? It's completely irrelevant to compare powerlevel one model against another. Powerlevel is only relevant if you compare a full team against another full team.

>> No.53403331

I'm talking about long term, not out of the gate.

Lighten up, Francis

>> No.53404072

40 shots x1/3 accuracy X1/2 wounds = 13 hits, 7 wounds on t4, 4+ turns into 3 and change.
10 shots at x2/3 accuracy, x2/3 wounds = 6 hits, 4 wounds at -2 save, causing 3 and change (assuming psy ammo, reasonable against the cost of a mountain of boys)

You pin more with the boys, but the end wound count is pretty similar. There's a lot of intangibles too, but it's not as lopsided as you might think.

Except e Knights can have this for 1075 and the orks are paying 1500.

>> No.53404089

Yup. Skirmish, small, games with a solid rules system that is a lot of fun to play.

I've started playing Orks at my local league and it has been a blast. They're a bit odd, not great at shooting, mediocre at hand-to-hand unless they're charging, and yet primarily you're gonna want to be shooting. With high numbers of models with sustained fire, you can really overwhelm your opponents. Plus dem boyz is cheap so don't be afraid to sacrifice a few if it means keeping the Boss alive.

>> No.53404159

Anyone else think that Eldar Corsairs could make a very interesting kill team? A baron leading a squad of reavers, maybe with jetpack guys as specialists? I wonder if forgeworld will ever get around to doing rules for them.

>> No.53404203

If we add in extra variables, bonuses help the orks pull ahead, while penalties help the Knights win. If we're assuming a running target who is in light cover, a fairly common occurrence, and we give the orks red dots we're looking at the following:
1/6 hit, 1/2 wound, 1/2 save, giving us 6.33 hits, 3.16 wounds, 1.58 unsaved

Knights, for less points, can buy dots and visors.
We get the same number of hits, more wounds, and fewer saves.

But again, the easier the shot becomes, orks will pull ahead. The harder, the further they fall behind.

Oh, and the grey knight cost is wrong. Forgot to include the 150 points for the psy ammo. Still significantly cheaper.

But the costs after these new upgrades would be 1800 for orks, 1400 for Knights.

>> No.53404230

The pile of bodies is really the key to winning. You've got three models out of 20 you care about so never give up, never surrender. You might lose the first five boys attacking that Tyranid but boy 6 has a weapon skill of 9 and 7 attacks.

Weight of numbers is hilarious and throwing more and more dice at the problem tends to make it go away

>> No.53404238

That would be pretty perfect for this game. Sending in pirates to steal all the promethium and cackle as you rocket away.

>> No.53404342

Points values are theoretically the levelling factor.
You mention strength in numbers, how many more 'numbers' do you get by saving ~130 points on your leader?

Like the last guy I responded to, my opinions are what they are. Play the damn game with your own setup, I don't care.

>> No.53404486

Someone woke up with a dick in his ass this morning.

>Here's an alternate opinion I've seen bandied about

>> No.53405016

>how many more 'numbers' do you get
Again you save across the team. Not just on one unit.

>> No.53405405

Is there anything new for the Adeptus Mechanicus or are they just forgotten from GW?

>> No.53405445

The Skitarii have a Kill Team in SWA. Does that count?

>> No.53405524

They were due to get their entire 30k range in Imperial Armour 14. But 8th edition seems to have fugged that. Might simply have changed the fluff to "Girlyman orders them able to use it".

>> No.53406281

Finally I am almost done with my Inquisitorial Arbites. Just need to do the final details and edging.

>> No.53406378

Looking good.

>> No.53406449


Drill your barrels.

>> No.53406488

no u

>> No.53406608

Brill your darrels. Pin your thaints.

>> No.53406870

Congrats on confirming your argument has no validity.
>should I refute his point with my cogent and well thought out counterpoint?
>nah, I'll just call him a faggot, that's equally as valid

>> No.53406893

>save across the team
>by spending more on each individual unit

You're a special kind of retarded.

>> No.53407154

Do you even reading comprehension? I never said anything about spending more on one unit.

>> No.53407168

That's because he's not actually better at close combat than a regular warrior, but is better at shooting, so by not giving him a gun you're wasting the only advantage he has compared to a regular warrior.

When building a KT you obviously do not want to buy any melee weapon other than scything talons, since rending claws are trash and boneswords are far too expensive to be worthwhile. But later on when you have a spare rearm action it makes sense to give him either two boneswords or a lash whip and bonesword since the parry and -1 attack make him extremely competitive in close combat versus basically anything.

>> No.53407318

Look grea.....

>That undrilled barrel

Shit/10. KYS.

>> No.53408107

looks pretty sick man.

>> No.53408177


I do, they look great.

Unlike undrilled ones.

>> No.53408283

You haven't presented an argument to refute, simply flailed angrily and stomped your feet.

>> No.53410024

Page 9?

>> No.53410082

The pheasant has no agenda.

>> No.53411784

Solid projectile weapons have drilled barrels. Plasma pistols are getting a glow effect.

>> No.53412304


I'll reserve judgement until I see it but I usually prefer drilled barrels on plasma too.

>> No.53413566

I'm assuming we will see a shadow wars: xxx expansion down the line, no? Have it take place somewhere else awful.

Maybe Catachan? Every random event will be the planet eating your dudes.

>> No.53413642

I'm New to warhammer, but I got a decent deal on some catachan warriors. As a campaign starting list, how do you think this is?

>> No.53413689

Maybe someone will read your list if you don't post it as a PDF.

>> No.53413810

It's nice to dream. Maybe some more Kill Team lists for the factions that were ignored (Chaos Demons mostly, though a power armored Space Marine KT would be cool too). Also Sub-Faction Skill Trees might be nice.

I hope Shadow War will get more support. Unfortunately, I can't shake the feeling that GW is just going to forget about it once 8th Ed rolls out.

>> No.53413976

What times/zones do you play? Thinking of trying it out but no one at my store plays.

>> No.53415708

So who's building trashy home scenery for this?
I wanna see pictures of peoples tables.

>> No.53416381

thankfully i wont have to but the poorhammer is real, im trying to scrap up an inqusition team

>> No.53416452

Alright fags, I'm making a cringey short-lived group on the steam forums to connect the lonely people who will use these games to bring back epic characters against their cats in Tabletop Simulator.

What should the link be named?

>> No.53416578



>> No.53416762


>> No.53417289


I have bets on this failing within a month. Enjoy!

>> No.53418228

How do the Tau kill teams for this game hold up?

>> No.53419406

Tau player since 3rd here. It's not very good and clearly phoned in. The description for the ion rifle mentions an overcharge mode that doesn't exist. The rail rifle has the same description. Both (yes, two) special weapons are kinda underwhelming for the points. The baseline weapon rocks an 18" range that you can pay points to extend by 6". Markerlights drop cover bonuses only. We cap at BS 4 so we're outranged, outshot, and outgunned by basically everyone. Drones don't have hover drone, they have to climb ladders. I2 does us zero favors, and our special overwatch abilities still happen at BS 2.

Upside is recon drones are hot shit. Use markers to strip cover and roll for fives (because drones are BS2). It can work, but I'm not going to put in the effort if GW clearly won't.

>> No.53419916

My argument is that it's a good idea to leave shooting to gun-beasts and have everything else as pure melee. This is on the basis that giving any other Nids a shooting weapon makes them less lethal in melee, while still not especially good at shooting.

The sole attempt at refuting this was the double sword/spitter combo, which while fairly effective, is also almost 50% more expensive, even without flesh hooks and adrenals. So you'd expect a sword/spit combo to be effective for that cost, wouldn't you?

>> No.53419940

My friends and I don't have a LGS, but I do have a decent sized table and (while not Hive-style terrain), a decent multi-level set of terrain that can be configured for all sorts of different fights.

>> No.53420830

I'm still working on my table. I have to go shopping for more PVC couplers, and I need to sit down and figure out where I need more stuff.

>> No.53420919

Here's my first attempt at a list for my Kriegers.

-V. Sarge, Camo, Carapace, Power Sword, Laspistol

- V. Guard, Camo, Carapace, Shotgun
- V. Guard, Camo, Carapace, Shotgun

- V. Guard, Camo, Lasgun
- V. Guard, Camo, Lasgun
- V. Guard, Camo, Lasgun
- V. Guard, Camo, Lasgun

- Spec. Weapons, Camo, Plasmagun, Reload, Red-Dot sight.

The idea is for the V. Sargeant and the Shotgun vets to provide charge/counter charge, the lasguns to fire support and the specialist to dump hot plasma up butts.

Nothing too exciting, I'm sure, but I'm curious if anyone has thoughts.

Anyone had luck with trying Grenade Launchers btw? Seem like they might be okayish in this gamemode.

>> No.53421108

Grenade Launchers are OK. The only issue is that normal plasma guns are criminally underpriced. They should be as expensive as Grenade Launchers to make sense given their awesomeness..

>> No.53421144

I'd honestly go two less Veterans for another plasma gunner. Also probably change shotgun dudes to New Recruits, they'll be expendable.

>> No.53421312

This seems to be the general consensus. A bit of a bummer that guard lists seem to rely so heavily on plasma.

>> No.53421356

Grenade launchers can be really good too, I had one shoot across the board on turn one, pinning two marines and two cultists.

>> No.53421458

Tau have some complaints but your BS isn't one of them. Your whole team ignores the CONSTANT cover bonus that everyone has to deal with, giving you a 4+ even when other teams are aiming for a 5+. You get to overwatch for free with multiple models when other teams have to give up their whole turn for it.

Tau have problems, like a lack of options for models, but their shooting stat is fine.

>> No.53421514

There we go!

I, personally, kitted my alpha with three swords and a lash by the end of the campaign. It's expensive but you'll be choking on points in a long campaign. Starting out with two talons is the most efficient by far.

The argument against is that you have BS 4 on the leader, making guns effective, and he's a dead Killy bastard in his own right, so aiming for gun and blades isn't a bad route to go. Every turn he's advancing he cold also be shooting, giving him a higher output Than if he's got double melee. It's not bad advice, even if the melee build is also strong. You won't be struggling for points forever.

>> No.53421566

As a Tyranid player, grenade launchers scare me more than plasma. Eating krak is a death sentence.

Orks also hate them. Large blasts make swarms cry. You'll pin whole piles of I2 boys and laugh.

Plasma is more efficient against most other lists. It's really a meta call. If you have a Tyranid player chewing folks up it's a solid answer. Otherwise it's probably not the way to go.

>> No.53421678

Tau can sorta counter stuff like being Wych charged. Oddly though, then they'll fail hard at shoot-outs against stuff like Inquisition, Admech or even Guard.

They really need those drones for more bodies and weapons.

>> No.53421735

The leader is also valuable because he has access to guerilla skills which include Scavenger, so it's beneficial for him to not eat overwatch from heavy flamers while trying to charge, or getting plugged with plasma pistols. Being able to contribute while being 18" away and without having to run into the middle of the enemy kill team is good.

>> No.53423976


Drop the camo, it doesn't do enough to justify spending 40pts on it and you can buy it back at your leisure once you start playing games. Same with the carapace.

Personally I'd say that Guard should buy all three of their specialist in their starting list, you won't be able to buy one with a special weapon during a campaign without spending a promethium cache and you want to avoid doing that.

I'd argue against making the shotgunners regular guard, yeah sure they are cheap but they won't be able to hit the side of a barn for at least 3 games and that's assuming they survive.

I actually really like the grenade launcher, it's a touch expensive and not being able to take sights on it sucks but it has a nice amount of utility. It's useful against every other list and doesn't run the risk of exploding like plasma.

My prefered special weapon loadout so far is one plasma, one grenade launcher with frag and krak, and one sniper with tox rounds. Served me well so far.

>> No.53424395

Maybe I will just use Chaos then. That is disappointing.

>> No.53425976


Thanks for the feedback. Anyone given flamers much of a shot?

>> No.53426018


No, never really liked them in necromunda so not bothered. Might give a heavy flamer a bash since it's d3 damage is pretty tasty.

>> No.53426575

Our local sisters player runs two heavy framers and is undefeated. She's pretty new as a player, too. Those framers, though, have been absolute murder, enough so that I've started bringing a regular flamer with my chaos to try it out.

Not rolling to hit is seriously obnoxious. You can also still give them a pistol or something so they can participate before you get in close.

>> No.53426875

Also keep in mind that flamers and heavy flamers are special weapons, mean you can get a skill to let you run and shoot them. They do serious damage.

>> No.53426887

All I can think of now

>> No.53426928


>> No.53427955

>female construction worker
They don't look like that.

>> No.53428118


>> No.53428305


They truly don't.

>> No.53428727

If I had photoshop skills, I'd edit the photo to have her remove her mask and have a titan underneath, followed by a "CREEEEEEEED!"

But alas, I am a scrub

>> No.53429453

Guard mould lines guy here. As I've previously said I am finally getting closer to finishing my team. I work full time and am in the middle of a move so painting time is sparse. Here's a wip pic.

>> No.53429503

You gave camo to all your guys? I don't see them, truly they must be masters of disguise.

>> No.53429538

And again with the picture. There's some highlighting and detailing left, but other than that they are done. Yes I run three snipers, because local meta. I'm preparing a launcher and a heavy flamer as well in case the meta changes.

>> No.53429550

I actually did lul

>> No.53429840

anyone got any tips on an inqusition kill team list, im new and im very unsure on what is actually worth spending the points on and what is even usefull

>> No.53430025

Deck your Inquisitor with a storm shield and either a needler or power sword for melee godhood. Digiweapons are great.

Everyone else either gets a toxin sniper, plasma pistol, or many many storm bolters.

Crusader takes point with a gun or grenades and his storm shield.

>> No.53430088

What's a good heavy weapon to include in a starting CSM squad mostly leaning towards melee? My Khorne Marines need someone to cover them.

>> No.53430102

i will look into it, its seems inqusition needs alot of convertion and bits to be relized on the board.

>> No.53430263

The autocannon is absurdly good for its cost. Definitely worth picking up in any CSM list.

>> No.53430492


Looks solid anon.

>> No.53430899

Thanks. I'll try to get some better pictures once they're done so people can give feedback.

>> No.53431208

b gentle
It's a work league.

>> No.53432389


A coat of primer and a sloppy dry brush on that terrain will go a long way. I also recommend investing in a cheap gray table cloth or something to make it blend a touch.

>> No.53432922


>> No.53433267

We got this guys! He just needs to roll a 3 to fail!


>> No.53433778

It's really bothering me, what's the middle model?

>> No.53434699

At least it's not just me

>> No.53435199

I've been playing a few games against my cat and I've come to realise I don't have enough terrain.

Anyone got any guides to jury rigging some terrain out of scrap cardboard and tape?

>> No.53435337

So for Chaos Terminators, I imagine Lightning Claws are the best loadout, but is there a second-best to be used situationally?

>> No.53435354

Holy shit!

You have ork in a spray can!?

>> No.53435424

Hot glue, a craft knife and a ruler to make stuff presentable but clearly poorhammer.

Scissors and tape if you need your scenery in the next 20 minutes.

You can dig around for some templates if you need them, but it's overkill for the most part. You're better off just looking at a building/piece of scenery you want it to resemble and working towards it.

You can steal this guy's ideas like I did and grab some plastic canvas- It's needlepoint shit that comes in a variety of shapes, and costs fuckall.

Other than that, toilet paper rolls/paper towel rolls, pop cans, tin cans, just abput anything can be brought in. Bendy straws make good pipes running from from crap to the ground, you can use the hot glue itself to make liquid drips and spills.

Only thing to keep in mind is a good mix of big pieces to throw scenery- Its not in the picture, but I've since built a pile of barrels, containers and roadblocks to clutter up the ground level and provide scenery on wide platforms.

>> No.53435434

Nobody's gonna let him get close.

Take the combi-flamer for swarms and the chainfist for elites.

>> No.53435476

nevermind, I forgot the other side of a combi-flamer is just a bolter without sustained fire.

combi-bolter / chainfist every day

>> No.53435576

Even with Mark of Slaanesh?

>> No.53435615

the Mark of Slaanesh actually helps him hit first with a chainfist in Shadow War.

Doesn't little else however.

>> No.53435675

Initiative doesn't do that is SW

>> No.53435734

Is that Mcree?

>> No.53435735

If combat scores are tied about rolling, charging, weapon skill, and other bonuses. the one with initiative makes one attack.

I guess it's mainly there to stop you from tripping over a railing or to stand back up in the opponent manages to pin you.

>> No.53435749

I royally fucked up that sentence and I'm not apologizing.

>> No.53435806

That's fair. My sentence was 5 words and an abbreviation and I still fucked it up.

I'd still argue that Nurgle or Khorne would be better. As long as you keep him outta sight from high impact, he'll wade through everything.

>> No.53435816

Anon asked me about Mark of Slaanesh, I wasn't defending it.

>> No.53435857

Kromlech Inquisitor >>53433778

>> No.53436004

If a termie can get up with his Initiative 5, though, doesn't that make it easier for him to get into combat?

>> No.53436179

Slightly? It gives him an inch of extra detection against hidden models.
His move already matches his initiative, so his charge and detection distance against models who aren't hidden is even.

>> No.53436262

He still needs a buddy to help him up.

Not falling off ledges could help him into combat faster, but just don't get close to the edge and avoid humpting off that wall much more reliably.

>> No.53436439

So I've been playing GSC, and have been consistently getting stomped. Other than the Heavy Stubbers, our shooting is shit. and we have measly CC. I get that I should be doing boys before toys, but my boys don't seem to ever do anything besides die.

>> No.53436484

If these threads are anything to go by, start exclusively farming Tau.

>> No.53436573

Who are you playing against?
What are they doing to win?

>> No.53436779

Google "cheap necromunda terrain tutorial" and you will find plenty of examples of how to build on a budget.

>> No.53436820

Oh and invest in a hot glue gun.

>> No.53436898

Played my first few games with Orks and managed to win both! After the first one, I set about giving all my yoofs red-dots, as well as 'eavy armour for my spanner boy. Now, after the second game, I'm not sure what to do. Should I just buy a single boy and kit him out, or spend a cache and get a kitted out boy and yoof?

>> No.53436916


>> No.53437058

Ok, where's that Snake miniature from?
I need him bad.

>> No.53437104

Play against your cat.

>> No.53437207

TTS 50% off humble bundle

>> No.53438048

Spam blasting charges, they're the best grenades around for mass destruction.

>> No.53439345

Four are done. Lining the armor is the most tedious thing.

>> No.53440032

Tale of War. They also do a not-Grey Fox.

>> No.53440054

McKinley from Klukva, is my guess.
It totally is

>> No.53442183

Thanks Anon.

>> No.53442240

I'm thinking of making a kill team with the Orks I have and I was wondering if I should give all my Boyz Choppas and Sluggas for more Choppy, or Shootas for more Shooty, or a mix of both?

>> No.53442521

Choppas for boyz
Shootas for yoofs

>> No.53442624

you should clear the mold lines

>> No.53443245

And drill out the barrels.

>> No.53443372

hello warhammer model police

>> No.53444046

Have some standards nigger.

>> No.53444237

Where i can find online roster creator for this mode?

>> No.53444254

Show some selfrespect.

>> No.53444340

I posted the Orks, but I'm not the one who posted >>53443372 and I think the problem isn't a lack of self respect, but rather that I asked for roster advice and not modelling advice.

>> No.53444691

I still think you should drill the barrels.

>> No.53444777

And clear the mold lines. Than we talk about lists and such.

>> No.53445191

Don't forget to thin your paints, too

>> No.53446125

Since no one has bothered to answer your actual question, it depends on how you want to play, really. Orks are okay at the hand-to-hand side of things and they're... well, they can potentially make a lot of shooting rolls. You could take either path, though personally I suggest something in the middle. Get some boyz with sluggas and choppas and arm your yoofs with the shootas.

>> No.53446561

Alright, thanks for the actual advice.

>> No.53446642

The list I started with (after being suggested to me by someone else here) could be helpful. It's been pretty good for me:

Boss Nob 160 (240)
- Kombi-Shoota 40
- 'Eavy Armour 25
- Big Choppa 15

x3 Boy 60 (80)
-Slugga 10
-Choppa 10

x5 Yoof 30 (55)
-Shoota 25

Spanner Boy 70 (245)
-Big Shoota 150
-Clip Harness 10
-Red-Dot Laser Sight 15

>> No.53446830

Thanks, this will help me work things out.
I have a Mek I kind of want to put in my unit as well, should I try to fit him in or should I skip him?

>> No.53447205

A Mek has uses but any time you want to bring one along its going to cost a cache. He might be worth it if you end up playing against Tyranids or Harlequins where you'll need a high impact weapon to pin them.

>> No.53447303

Alright. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.

>> No.53447420

Mek boy is a special operative. You don't put them in your team. You hire them for one fight at the cost of one promethium cache. If you want him in your next fight you have to pay another prom cache and so on.

>> No.53447615

>Start campaign
>one guy shows up with a harlequin team
>plays 1st game
>uses his promethium cache to hire Solitaire
>Regular kill team never comes out again
Would you play this guy?

>> No.53448039

I'd play him once, then never come out again.

>> No.53448105

Absolutely. Just let him know you aren't happy with the terrain until there's nothing on the table. Because fuck Harlequins.

>> No.53448316

Can't possibly any mor eunpleasent to play than a regular harlequin team.

>> No.53448501

I played my first game yesterday so let regale you with the story of how I suffered my very first casualty. I had a Chaos Space marine (with the MoS) on the 2nd floor of a building, shooting his Boltgun into a gaggle of orks. Around Turn 2, the orks' position had shifted so my Marine had to move as well otherwise he had no Los. He has to jump down a level to get into a better position so I roll for initiative, I roll a 6....

It was a 3" fall so I roll to wound, I roll a 5.....

I roll for my armor save, I roll a 2....

I have to roll on the wound table, I roll a 6......

So my very first casualty was a clumsy marine that fell and snapped his neck. Feel free to discuss

>> No.53448505

Somebody in my meta insists Harlequins are UP and will easilly be shot off the table by bolter fire. He suggests giving them 2w. He plays Tau which is weird as well. What do?

>> No.53448645

Tell him he's full of shit. If he wants his Harlequins to have two wounds he can get them with advances. Harlequins are ridiculously good.

>> No.53448752

>harlies run
>his guys are hitting on 6s, drones on 7+, before cover modifiers
>basic 50% chance to ignore damage he deals, no pinning
They dont even need to charge hum, their sustained fire 1 pistols will blow bits in hit teams.

>> No.53449024

This is exactly why I don't jump unless it's absolutely necessary. But then I also play Orks so I try to avoid most situations that call for an Initiative test.

>> No.53449296

>If he wants his Harlequins
>He plays Tau

>> No.53449327

He owns Harlequins but plays Tau.

>> No.53449518

>He plays Tau which is weird as well.
The 'as well' caused me to assume he was playing both kill teams.

>> No.53450488

Any ideas on miniatures for female Chaos Cultists? I'm looking more for "feral cannibal savage" than "sexy punk rock girl". but I'm happy with anything.

>> No.53451239

He sounds like the waacfag to end all waacfags.
Harlies are one of the strongest armies in SWA.
Every single one of them ignores all terrain when moving, has an invulnerable save and causes fear on the charge. They're immune to pinning from everything but high impact, and get to double the running to hit modifier.
And all that is before they buy a single point of wargear.

>> No.53451495

Don't forget they can fly.

>> No.53451552

Get out of you... you double waacfag

>> No.53451656

Yeah I play harlies and Im now a boss battle for the league. I don't play in the normal campaign, but on weekends when a big narrative style battle is held Im playing as the pressure to make people engage. I've even won games where it was two 1500 kill teams vs my 2000 point team. Harlies are stupidly good, only tyranids are vaguely balanced against them.

>> No.53452215

Clearly he was not favoured by Slaanesh.

Next time, consider recruiting someone with a much heavier drug habit.

>> No.53452425

I was playing for the first time and my leader was eaten by monsters. First round.

>> No.53452461

What do you do about models with only one weapon? In my case, wyches without a pistol.

They have their wych knife, but I dunno what to do with the other arm. I'm magnetizing, so technically can just leave an arm off unless they've got something there, but it looks pretty odd. I'd like to throw the wych knife over there on guys with special weapons, but the arm bends the wrong way, so can't without it looking really gumpy.

>> No.53452567

Assuming you're planning to buy them pistols eventually, just model them with the pistols. Most people won't care as long as you make clear what you're proxying beforehand. Or wait to put the pistol arm on.

>> No.53453784

Makes sense.
As I said, I've got magnets in em, so I can have it on or off if people whinge.


>> No.53453795

Might not be the stuff you're looking for but worthy of checking.


>> No.53453952

Freebooter's Fate has a line of Amazons. http://www.freebooterminiatures.de/index.php/en/shop2-2/amazonen

Shieldwolf has a line of Lady Barbarians.

And there's always the option of Circle from Hordes.

>> No.53454205

Its double points for killing it, and you can literally never win unless you don't bring him.

And bringing a naked Harlequin squad against a decent team seven to ten games in is a slaughter

>> No.53454414

I played my first ever game of SWAG (Or any TT game for that matter) last night, I loved it. I won my first game but lost my second due to bad placement of my sniper/heavy bolter.

Heres my load out, how does it look to you guys? Any tips for a noob?


>> No.53454934

Ok so I am new to this Shadow war, but me and my friends have bought the rulebook together, so we are going to start playing real soon. We are going to start with 500p (I am not fully sure on how much points one should have for a game) of T'au Pathfinders. This is my list, is it any good?

>Pathfinder Shas'ui 205p (Carbine, photon grenades and markerlight)

>Pathfinder 100p (Carbine and photon grenades)

>Pathfinder Specialist 195p (Rail rifle and photo-visor)

>> No.53454959

1000 points per team for a game

The below is a good website for constructing kill teams.


>> No.53455220

>while not Hive-style terrain
The two best games I've had were on a Zone Mortalis board and a Wild West themed table for a completely different system. Hives are such huge places that you can really justify nearly ANY terrain. The Wild West got laughed off as a colony of low-tech scavengers living in the wasteland outside a Hive. Word got out they had tapped into a Promethium well and four factions all decided "it'll be easier to rob some yokel scavengers than fighting over riches in the Underhive." Shenanigans ensue when we all turned up at once.

>> No.53455236

Has anyone found homebrew rules for Templars and Crusader squads?

>> No.53455436

Would not Black Templars run exactly like Chaos, but with ATSKNF instead of a mark, and Scout Recruits instead of Cultists?

>> No.53455464

1. That's real fuckin' heretical.
2. No ATSKNF sucks.
3. Cultist stats are just too shitty. 5" move, WS/BS of 3, 4s everywhere else, 4+ armor.
4. That's really fuckin' heretical.

>> No.53456046

Found the SM waac fag

>> No.53456766


>> No.53457012

Guys what is better for imperial guard kill team, grenade launcher with frag grenades or a Sniper rifle?

Currently I've got 1 sniper, 1 flamer and 1 Grenadier. I was going to get rid of the Grenadier and get 2 snipers both with toxic rounds.

>> No.53457033

I like frag for it's ease of pinning a bunch of models at once. Been a lifesave against Orks.

>> No.53457075

Thanks Senpai, never played with or against Imps before so your advice is appreciated. I'll go Flamer/Sniper/Frag grenadier

>> No.53457116

Two plasma guns and a melta/grenade launcher/heavy flamer.

>> No.53457143

Depends on your local meta. If your opponents run teams with multiwound units a toxic sniper won't be enough. I run three snipers in my team. :)

>> No.53457168

>hur dur plasma is the best weapon

>> No.53457198

No, there's also snipers ;^)

>> No.53457215

Don't sniper rifles have a pretty generous to-hit bonus? I like being able to reliably pin my opponents.

>> No.53457828

Please rate my Wolf Scout team, I used it last night and won my first game but lost my second.

I suspect my second loss was due to my own shitty placement of my troops. I put my Sniper in a really bad position which pretty much took him out of combat for 3 or 4 turns, and I moved my heavy bolter to a position where he got flanked and melee'd.

>> No.53457842

Oops forgot the link


>> No.53457946

>I suspect my second loss was due to my own shitty placement of my troops
Or possibly the fact that you only have five units.

>> No.53458003

Wolf Scouts can't take Neophytes, they do get access to plasmas instead but I don't have any plasma models PLUS I don't want that unreliability.

I'd of taken a flamer but I don't have any flamer models either, I get paid this week so I'll probably pick up a couple specialists and maybe revise my team.

>> No.53458027 [DELETED] 

In reference to this post, would you guys recommend quantity over quality? I could drop some gear (red dot sights, photo visor etc) to get another trooper with a boltgun into my squad.

>> No.53458040

Would you recommend dropping the heavy bolter and taking another Sniper or a Boltgun trooper instead?

>> No.53458484

Putting together a guardsmen team. A friend knew I had some cadians and gave me some stuff he never used from an old forge world order, it's actually pretty cool, the respirators and back pack bits along with an almost entirely complete hardened vets with shotguns upgrade pack.

Shotguns worth it for guardsmen?

>> No.53458588

It's like a .05 percent chance of blowing up for an unreliable gun. You need to roll a 6 and then double 1s.

>> No.53458624

Those are sick. Guardamen bodies and sm scout legs? Where'd you get the mauls and helmets?

>> No.53461503

Forget what I said. Didn't know you play wolf. I even looked for a clue to what faction.

>> No.53461513

Maybe. I run all las on my cadians tho.

>> No.53461538


>> No.53462003

I'm not the guy who made them, but it's Skitarii Vanguard heads and what looks like Genestealer Cult arms and mauls, at least based on the straps on the wrists. The pauldrons look like Custodes stuff.

>> No.53462801

Guard and Scion torsos, Scion arms and legs, Skitarii heads, Sisters of Silence pauldrons, GSC and Skitarii mauls, Custodes shields.

>> No.53464327

I've always liked the idea of Corsairs, but never really had the drive to make a whole army, If I were to make some which existing Eldar rules do you folks think fit best?

>> No.53465299

Guard mould lines guy here. Finally done with my team sort of. The cloaks of the snipers are getting a very complex camo pattern that will take me some time and as such will have to wait. Enjoy. Feedback and criticism very much welcome.

>> No.53465322


>> No.53465342


>> No.53465355


>> No.53465368


>> No.53465746

That's fantastic, what did you use for him?

>> No.53466243


>> No.53466344

space marine sniper scout cloak and gun, elf hooded head (?) I'm guessing

>> No.53468450

I picked up a box of Skitarii rangers today, so I was planning on turning them into a killteam for my LGS's next big SWA event. How does one make an effective Skitarii team?

>> No.53468780

Good solid work.

>> No.53468987

r8 my terrain /tg/

>> No.53469228


Been running a fun team, after seven games here's what we're looking at:

+ Leader +

Aspiring Champion [365pts]: +1 Initiative, +1 Move, +1 Strength, +1 Weapon Skill, +1 Wound, 2 - Scavenger, 3 - Feint, 3 - Gunfighter, 4 - Block, 4 - Evade, 5 - Counter-attack, Mark of Tzeentch, Power sword
. Bolt pistol: Red-dot laser sight
. Bolt pistol: Red-dot laser sight

+ Troopers +

Chaos Space Marine [220pts]: Mark of Tzeentch
. Boltgun: Inferno Bolts, Red-dot laser sight, Telescopic sight

Chaos Space Marine [220pts]: Mark of Tzeentch
. Boltgun: Inferno Bolts, Red-dot laser sight, Telescopic sight

Chaos Space Marine [180pts]: Mark of Tzeentch
. Boltgun: Inferno Bolts

Chaos Space Marine [180pts]: Mark of Tzeentch
. Boltgun: Inferno Bolts

Chaos Space Marine [175pts]: Mark of Tzeentch
. Boltgun: Red-dot laser sight

Chaos Space Marine [175pts]: Mark of Tzeentch
. Boltgun: Red-dot laser sight

Chaos Cultist [60pts]: Autogun, Upgrade to Troop after 3 missions

+ Specialists +

Chaos Gunner [360pts]: Bolt pistol, Clip harness, Heavy bolter, Mark of Tzeentch, Photo-visor

Chaos Gunner [170pts]: +1 Move, 4 - Hip Shooting, Flamer, Mark of Tzeentch

Going the fluffy route where I'm not giving anyone skills except my leader, as he's a badass sorcerer and the rest are empty husks. The specialist with advances picked those up from What doesn't kill you rolls.

I started with five cultists as bullet catchers, but they slowly died off. The only one to ever get trooper is the one survivor. Three more games to go until the end of the campaign.

>> No.53469250

The leader has inferno rounds in both guns but BattleScribe isn't having it.

The name of the team is "Rubric Cube." I, not sure if I should name the rubric marines though. They used to have names, sure, but does it matter anymore?

>> No.53469312

Use Shadow-war.zone

It's better than battlescribe IMO, it's made exclusively for Shadow War team building.

>> No.53469321


If I have a scout with

Assault blade
Combat blade (Comes with scouts by default)

Do I get the 2 melee weapon bonus in close combat? Or do I have to lose my gun on an ammo roll first?

>> No.53469374

>Shooting targets the nearest enemy

Wat. I played a game the other night and we only applied this rule if two enemies were grouped up next to each other. Is this right or does this rule apply for everyone over the entire board? Kind of dumb if so desu, especially for snipers

>> No.53469420

Ammo doesn't matter. If you're carrying a gun besides a pistol you lose your bonus attack.

>> No.53469436

Alright cheers bro

>> No.53469611

It's for everyone. Honestly it's why having chaff works. Run a cheap, naked recruit to the front and have him catch buckets for the guy you want to save.

I was playing against an ork mob the other day and his whole band runs up with his leader n the middle and takes cover. His leader, being dead center in the mob, was the closest model without cover. Heavy bolter made short work of him.

>> No.53469614

>Going the fluffy route where I'm not giving anyone skills except my leader, as he's a badass sorcerer and the rest are empty husks.

To be fair, there's an equally fluffy underexplored avenue of Tzeentch Marines without Thousand Sons Rubrics, because unlike any of the other Cult elites, they can't exactly recruit new members and Tzeentch's gifts are supposed to be more generally mutations and sorcery. So IMO there ought to be more shit like two headed fireball wizard marines with even more grotesquely mutated entourages even if the Tzeentch rules only basically do Thousand Sons.

>> No.53469955

Thx Senpai

Picking up my rulebook tomorrow after playing my first 2 games the other night at my local gaming club, until then I've got one question I'm unsure of.

If I've got a guy armed with a combat knife (comes with all scouts free) and a heavy bolter, when he gets into melee he can use the combat knife right as his weapon right?

>> No.53470022

Her. It's the sniper parts from the cadian command, some parts from shocktroopers, a wood Elf head and some greenstuff to make it all fit.

>> No.53470052


>> No.53470057

Bretty good home made terrain, I spy a water bottle and some empty spray cans.

>> No.53470100

Shadow war zone doesn't have an app for mobile tho

>> No.53470118

Ah I spend a lot of time behind a PC so it's not a big deal for me (48 hours a week at my security job)

>> No.53470516

I work full time behind a pc too, but being able to bring my list digitally to the gaming table and being able to update it while playing is convenient.

>> No.53470581

Do you guys go for fluffy names for your team/characters, or just kinda ignore it.
Outside stealing names from codexes, any good places to get em from?

>> No.53470718

Fluffy ish here. I make names inspired by names and nicknames of soldiers from movies and games for my guard.

>> No.53470793

My Skitarii have five-digit numerical designations with a Greek letter appellation like 10157-Sigma.

>> No.53470856

So after painting up my guard (above), I realise I have spent so much energy learning to paint dark skin tones that I've forgotten how to paint light tones. :)

>> No.53470872

>Mob Boss is informally known as "Da Yoofinator" because of tendency to seriously injury or kill at least one Yoof per mission

>> No.53472629

That's a cool route, but I'm personally not a huge fan of mutations. I like my guys looking like guys. It's why despite acknowledging the new nurgle stuff is technically cool, I'll never even consider playing it.

>> No.53472648

Yeah. A dude can carry as many weapons as you feel like modeling (or not, as your players decree). He just shoots with one on any given turn, and he fights with two hands worth in any given combat.

He can switch between weapons as he sees fit.

>> No.53472815

>I started with five cultists

>> No.53472890

It's doable; 1 champ, 4 marines, 5 cultists. Leave everyone virtually naked for the first game, then bottle for the first couple of games against your cat and spend your free prometheum on wargear.

>> No.53472896

Sounds dumb as shit.

>> No.53472905

I said it was doable, not smart.

>> No.53473211

Unless he's carrying a special, heavy or basic weapon in which case he can only use one melee weapon or pistol in cc.

>> No.53475143

He can still use two, dividing his wound and damage rolls, but he doesn't get the bonus attack.

It's corner case, but if you're engaged with two enemies with different stats you might want different damage profiles against each of them, and once you're engaged you can't swap weapons. Like, I have a power maul and a needle pistol, and I'm engaged with a tyranid and a dark eldar. The needle pistol is better against the witch as it doesn't have to roll to wound, but the maul has a chance to one shot the nid.

But it's super corner case.

>> No.53475390

>He can still use two, dividing his wound and damage rolls, but he doesn't get the bonus attack.
You better provide a source for that, because that sounds an awful lot like "it doesn't say I can't" reasoning.

>> No.53475949

Don't get me wrong here. I get where you're coming from. You only get "the benefits" of the rule if you're exclusively armed with pistols and/or melee weapons. And the part about alternating between two weapons for hit resolving isn't even covered under the rule for fighting with two weapons so could be considered not being a benefit of said rule. I am of the opinion, however, that it is, in the way that you only get to fight with two weapons if you're armed exclusively with pistols and/or melee weapons. Being allowed to use the rule being the benefit you get for arming a character with just melee/pistols.

>> No.53477050

Is an arquebus worth taking in a Skitarii kill team if my LGS uses tables densely packed with a lot of terrain? We had our first store series yesterday and the guard team that someone brought got thrashed two out of their three games because there was just too much cover for them to get a clear shot before the ork and dark eldar teams charged them and cut them to shit in CQC.

>> No.53477925

Sorry for the idiotic question, I don't intend to start a shitstorm. How does GW justify Nids, Necrons, Eldar, Dark Eldar and the like, being on Armageddon when there is no fluff mentioning them there? Is is mentioned anywhere is the rulebook?

>> No.53477984

The rulebook only covers SM, AM and orks. The rest of the factions were released separately as fan service for those who want to play the game but don't have any of the three main forces. So basically it's up to you and your gaming group to come up with a reason for them being there storywise. But there is no fluff explaining why they're there.

>> No.53478049


Ah, gotcha, now that seems more plausible. Thanks for the reply.

>> No.53478387

They justify it with it not being on Armageddon.
Many "shadow wars" rage wherever "the shadow of war falls".

>> No.53478414

>Many "shadow wars" rage wherever "the shadow of war falls".
Interesting. Where did you find that phrase?

>> No.53478647

In the "shadow wars" section of the expanded rulebook.

It just tells you that the battles on Armageddon are not unique to the imperium and can take place anywhere there is promethium.

>> No.53478718

Ah right. Page 114-115. I forgot about that.

>> No.53480056

Remember that while the game is NAMED Shadow War Armageddon, the rules themselves needn't be trapped there and are equally serviceable for any protracted guerrilla campaign in any conceivable environment.

>What are Nids, Necrons and Eldar doing there?

That's easy, you aren't in an Armageddon Hive, you're in a Space Hulk now, fighting for fuel enough to escape.

>> No.53482591

Which is the most fun faction to play?

>> No.53483005

That depends on what you derive fun from.

>> No.53483159

Melee is a must but shooting is a bonus.
I don't like small elite teams that rely on no one getting hurt but I don't like teams that brings tons of meat shields that exist to get gunned down.
I like mobility and having enough team members to split up.

>> No.53483416

Wyches or Halequins, then. Mobility and melee are in short supply.
Nids are also an option.
Wyches get 3-10, Harlies 3-6 and nids 3-5.
Harlies and nids ignore cover and downgrade it to difficult, in that order.
Everyone else is MOV 4, and usually more focuses on Shooting.

>> No.53485006

Ya no shit, it's like someone forgot about scouts. Out of all the lists this one looks the worst. It's hard to imagine how you could make anything terrible with Eldar but they sure pulled it off in SWA.

It isn't that they just plainly forgot that this game is supposed to be "skirmishy" and built on scouts (There is a profile for an Eldar Scout in the Necromunda book for Christ sake!). Its that they just plainly forgot about the equipment versatility on 2nd editon guardians? Old skool Guardians had crazy tricks up their sleeves and didn't fit into the silly defender silo that they were later forced into.

And WTF, if you going to limit Eldar to shurikens at least give us the 2nd edition stats and range 24'. You could even give us the reach around while you fucking us and bring back the lasgun for Eldar.

Bunch of assholes made this list. Scorpions,Warp Spiders, Warlocks, Corsairs, Banshees, Scouts,where is all the ninja shit that Eldar are known for?

>> No.53485012

Well, Chaos Space Marines and Eldar participated in the Third War for Armageddon, or at least in the global campaign GW did. Tyranids could be advance scout organisms, and Dark Eldar can show up just about anywhere to raid.
Necrons weren't really a thing back then, but they're weird an mysterious and might be in the Underhive looking for something they buried a million years ago. Really, 40k is pretty flexible for justifying the presence of various factions all over the place.
Yeah. My Iron Warriors all have Phoenician names with some sort of title ("The Reaver", "The All-Seeing", etc), while the cultists have standard Imperium names. It makes keeping track of them more fun.
Fun! I'd consider adding railings or some other little bits of cover along some of the ramps and walkways. Some should be exposed and vulnerable, others should be usable defensive positions.

>> No.53485053

>Scorpions,Warp Spiders, Warlocks, Corsairs, Banshees, Scouts,where is all the ninja shit that Eldar are known for?

They don't have plastic kits, so as far as GW is concerned, they might as well not exist. Ultimately, that's all SW:A is. An excuse to sell more plastic infantry boxes to people who might not otherwise have bought them. It was written with that objective in mind, and everything else was secondary.

>> No.53485077

You can just play a Necromunda gang in SWA. It has the most options of all but its income sucks.

>> No.53485133

Now I'm pissed. That still doesn't even account for lack of classical equipment diversity.

GW is terrible. People have been in open revolt against the shitty British company for years. Can the Germans, Canadians, Swedes, or Japanese please take it over and clean house.

>> No.53485550

Orks can pump out a stupid amount of firepower for not that much cost. This is enough to keep everyone's head down as your choppas are running forward. The rub is that everyone is forced to shoot at those boys running forward with a -1 to hit. The chance that your shottas and big shoota will actually have to take any fire during a game is small and the whole time they will be pumping out shots (if they don't fail an ammo roll).

I call it the slow green fist or the congo line of death. It is a choppa boy leading a line of three yoffs constantly moving and firing.

>> No.53486196

It's worse for the guy 99 times out of a hundred, so I definitely don't see it as "benefiting from the rule." You'll almost always want to use he weapon with a better profile.

I'm not gonna get into a rules argument over something that will almost certainly never, ever matter.

>> No.53486337

Well, the rules explicitly state that you can choose which weapon you attack with at the start of each combat, even if the unit has two cc weapons.

>> No.53486510

My point here is that if you want to be a raw fag there is more in the rules telling you to choose between your cc weapons than it is saying "use all of them".

>> No.53486525

It doesn't matter if it's worse.

>> No.53486625

The rule explicitly states that if you are using two weapons in melee then you gain an extra attack, following that with a caveat stating that if you're using a standard or bigger gun that you don't.

Elsewhere, there is a separate rule stating if you have more than one close combat weapon equipped you cycle wounds between them evenly.

Certain weapons, like the big choppa, hava rule specifically stating that you can't use it with another weapon.

The rules saying "you don't benefit from the extra attack" and "you can't use this with another weapon" are discreet, in different parts of the book, and contain no overlap suggesting that they are similar in any way.

Don't read a rule, apply your baggage to it, then get mad when someone points out the flaw in your logic.

>> No.53486843

Um yeah? I already presented that exact interpretation here >>53475949 and explained a different way of interpreting it. Reason for that is that in Necromunda you didn't sling weapons, but rather you were assumed to be holding your non-cc-weapon in your other hand leaving you with only one hand to wield a cc weapon.

>> No.53487709

The worst thing about it is that most of the Aspect Warriors could easily be made with double unit kits of the kind GW was making at least for Fantasy through 8th.

I struggle to see how making Dragons/Reapers and Scorpions/Banshees would be harder than the Wild Rider or Shadow Warrior kits and their female build options.

>> No.53488820

>they lack a lot of options
>Literally half a page full of options
A lot of the kill teams have like 10 options in total, including guns, misc and everything.

You sound like a whiny bitch.

>> No.53490091

What am I missing here?

The Avenger catapult is 45 points and only available to Dire Avengers (the Trooper)
The basic one is 40 pts, and available to the Guardian Defender (the New Recruit)

They're the same except the Avenger has slightly longer range (0-9-18 versus 0-8-16), but then the basic has +1 ATK in Short.

Is the +2" of long range really worth that +1 to-hit and 5 pts less?

>> No.53490643

The CW Eldar and Tau teams are probably the worst designed in the game.

Eldar just get nothing interesting to play with, and Tau get shitty easy to break guns and don't even get to use their shotgun equivalent.

>> No.53490818

Avenger catapults are worse than regular ones but avengers are forced to take them.

>> No.53491940

Wow, yeah, the Tau list really is lacking too. I'm surprised they were even nice enough to grant them drones and markerlights.
A pity, considering Tau and Eldar are my preferred factions.

And here I was impressed they used a different melee combat system.

Does a 4+ Ammo roll really qualify as "easy to break", though? 1/6 * .0833 = 1.38% of a gun failing an Ammo Roll every time it fires. Or are you referring to something else, or just comparing them to Lasguns with 3+?

(Math: 1/6 chance of rolling a 6, then 8.3% of rolling a <= a 3 on 2d6)

So there's no mysterious rule that makes them not seemingly worse? That's what I figured. Baffling.

>> No.53492634

Tau's basic guns are good, but their special weapons with 8+ ammo roll suck.

>> No.53492678

Because the rule simply says "if you are equipped with a basic, special or heavy weapon you can never get +1 Attack for using two close combat weapons." No preclusions on how many weapons you can or can't use in combat. It in fact implies you CAN use two weapons in combat and would otherwise be able to claim +1 attack if not for the rule.

>> No.53492729

Finally finished my starter team. Learning and adjusting my scheme as I go. Now to finish up a plasma gunner and some Cultists.

>> No.53493788

That AC doesn't look nearly as weird now that everything's painted up. Kudos.

>> No.53493908

Looks good, makes me ashamed my leader looks so shit.

>> No.53493974

The other day, someone posted a whole bunch of terrain making stuff. Like foam core templates, terrain making books, a PDF with propaganda posters, etc. does any have a collection of these things?

>> No.53495783

>Does a 4+ Ammo roll really qualify as "easy to break", though?

I meant their special weapons. Rail Rifle/Ion Rifle both get 8+ and the Ion Rifle doesn't even get it's secondary fire mode.

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